15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna


15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

23 YEARS OLD http://www.23pack.com/ SOUTH KOREA BRAND PHILOSOPHY 23 Years Old is a premium homecare cosmetic brand. Its products can be easily applied at home, and help you maintain healthy skin. Nurture Skin Back to Health In 23 Days The brand aims to nurture skin back to its most optimal state after using any product for 23 days. 123 Tests for Each Product 23 Years Old strives to make the safest product by putting products through 123 tests, while receiving in-depth feedback from 30 customers every month. This ensures that the product is completely safe for the skin.

Philosophy - Subtract Irritations, Add Active Ingredients The brand stays away from various harmful ingredients to minimize skin irritations, while maximizing the use of active ingredients to help the skin PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: Aqua Bab Modeling Mask, Black Paint Rubar, Rosegold 24 Mask STAR PRODUCT Aqua Bab Modeling Mask : A two-step hydrating mask formulated to treat and prevent dehydration and moisture loss, while combating damage caused by environmental stressors. Various nutrients from Hibiscus Flower, Lanolin Oil, and Mulberry Root Extract will sink deep into skin to make skin more healthy and supple.

The product consists of Crystal Gel and powder, that is mixed to create a gel-type peel-off mask. It is effective for soothing skin, delivering hydration, smoothing out textured skin, balancing pH levels.


15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

66°30 www.66-30.com FRANCE BRAND PHILOSOPHY 66°30 is the angle of inclination of the Earth and the origin of the seasons. It is also a French brand of certified organic skincare products dedicated to men: A comprehensive line of multi-functional products very easy to use A unique concentration of active ingredients (up to 80%) Very high concentration of ingredients from organic farming The Urban Shield®, an exclusive patented combination of plant extracts, which provides daily protection against the aggressions of modern lifestyle....

PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: Skincare line STAR PRODUCT EXTREME CYCLE HYPER-HYALURONIC ANTI-AGING SERUM This unique anti-aging serum contains an exceptional concentration of vegetal low molecular-weight sodium hyaluronate. Applied morning or night, it deeply revitalizes the skin and provides optimal results, effectively fighting wrinkles. COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: France, Canada, UK, Germany, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Korea, Romania, Luxembourg TARGET COUNTRIES Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East,

15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

A DrBrand Pte a-drbrand.com / drgl.com Singapore BRAND PHILOSOPHY DrGL® is an Asian cult beauty skincare brand by celebrity Dr Georgia Lee.

The proprietary skincare range infuses science into effective skincare and is dedicated to different skin types. Eschewing the mass for a carefully crafted selection of premium quality products, DrGL® offers the modern busy individual maximum efficacy, minimum fuss. PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: Anti-Aging Range, Brightening Range, Sensitive Range, Acne & Oil Control Range, Solutions, Hair, Man and Skin Supplements STAR PRODUCT DrGL® Skin Repair - Exceptional serum that lives up to its name – and more. Penetrates deep within to deliver intensive age-defying, skin-revitalizing benefits.

Skin regains an incredible glow, looks remarkably younger, feels irresistibly smooth and supple. DrGL® Collagen Essence - Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, this superbly hydrating formula penetrates deep within to deliver and retain moisture beyond skin's surface. DrGL® Skin Supplement -No ordinary multivitamin, this unique all- natural formula promotes both general health and the health of your skin. Look beautiful, from the inside out. DrGL® Solution Anti-Hairloss - A proprietary concoction of cutting-edge peptides and powerful growth factors treats and protects hair thoroughly from shaft to root.

COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: Singapore, Thailand , China TARGET COUNTRIES US, UK, Australia, EU, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines

15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

ALL SINS LUXURY 18K INT. www.allsins18k.com SPAIN BRAND PHILOSOPHY ALL SINS 18K LUXURY COSMETICS, new benchmark in the world of intelligent hair care and skincare cosmetics. ALL SINS 18K & ALL SINS ALL SKIN 18K have been created having as its Project cornerstone the GOLD and other last generation ingredients. Since its creation, we make all our products with highly effective and tested ingredients so that both hair and skin are able to recover and preserve the memory of its youngness. Do you want results? Do you like exclusivity? Are you demanding? Looking for something different? ALL SINS 18K is what you need, you will feel unique, as you deserve.

HAPPY BEAUTY Ultra effective products with refined and glamorous textures, surprising and stylish packaging and simple rituals of treatments for essential products that go beyond the daily beauty routine.


15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

ARVAL www.arvalcosmetici.com Italy BRAND PHILOSOPHY Arval’s mission is to improve and support beauty and different needs of the skin through the research and development of cosmetic products and specific treatments; Arval’s Swiss Laboratories assure their quality, efficacy and safety.

PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: we’ll present our premium line SUPREME CARE , while in Cosmoprime we’ll present SENSILIA STAR PRODUCT Arval Laboratories have created a new range dedicated to total radiance: Supreme Care. Cosmetic specialties designed to give new vitality and beauty to the face. Supreme Care helps skin to rediscover the radiance of youthful skin.

Royal Gold Essence is the ideal treatment for normal to dry skin, dehydrated skins, with marks and expressions lines. • Royal Gold Eye Contour is the ideal treatment for the delicate area around the eye. • Royal Gold Serum is the ideal intensive, concentrated treatment for normal to dry or dehydrated skin with marks and expression lines. • Royal Gold Foundation SPF 20 COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: Italy, Spain, Greece TARGET COUNTRIES Europe , Asia

15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

AYRES www.ayresbeauty.com USA BRAND PHILOSOPHY We bring a Latin touch to the beauty world. Create a unique aromatherapy experience for everyone who is passionate about life and does not compromise on quality.

All products are made in the USA and formulated with naturally derived raw materials. The brand consist of five collections: Midnight Tango, Pampas Sunrise, Patagonia, Sweet Nostalgia and Bohemian Falls PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: Body Lotion 354ml, Shower Cream 354ml, Body Butter 208ml; Body Polish 208ml, Bar Soap 180g, Hand Cream 40 ml.

STAR PRODUCT Bohemian Falls Collection COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: USA, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Korea and Ukraine TARGET COUNTRIES Argentina, Mexico and Russia

15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

BACHCA www.bachca.com FRANCE BRAND PHILOSOPHY BACHCA, the first exclusive collection of make-up and hair brushes designed in France, innovative and with affordable prices. The products are understated, made of high quality materials and pure lines. Bachca combines simplicity of the shapes and authenticity with technical innovation. Raw wood, soft colors and mineral shapes give the range natural and authentic look.

Combined with the name Bachca, this range is a real journey in the Russian Toundra, in the deep North... where the land authenticity has been protected. Made of beech wood, very resistant and nonpolluting material, BACHCA accessories stand the test of time. Because the beauty of each woman is unique, BACHCA brushes are carefully hand shaped in the best factories.

PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: Hair brushes, cosmetic brushes, hair accessories STAR PRODUCT The boar bristle combined with the nylon pins detangle while smoothing the hair. The nylon pins, thanks to their flexibility, gently detangle and reduces the static electricity from the boar. Porcupine boar seals the hair cuticle to enhance shine. The ball tips together with the rubber cushion protect and gently massage the scalp. Very resistant beech wooden handle. COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: France, Spain, UK, Italy, Germany, US, Japan TARGET COUNTRIES Worldwide

15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

BAIJA PARIS www.baijacollections.com FRANCE BRAND PHILOSOPHY BAIJA Paris offers a unique concept of natural and sensory cosmetics creating emotions, a concept which shakes up the traditional codes of cosmetics thanks to our sensory offering, our trendy and lifestyle codes, made in France.

Our offering is composed of 7 collections of body & bath care with home fragrances, 1 hammam line and 1 skin care collection with antioxidant and shine booster ingredients. We are proud to introduce 10 news collections of Unusual Creations of Home Perfumes “Les Créations Insolites”.

Each collection has a unique sensorial, olfactory and visual atmosphere. We have an assortment of retail products as well as cabin treatments in professional sizes. PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: 8 Body & Bath collections 10 Collections of Unusual Creations : “ Les Créations Insolites” with unique compositions of premium Home Perfumes. COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: France, Netherlands, Austria, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Qatar TARGET COUNTRIES Europe, Middle East, Asia

15-18 march 2018 hall 19 cosmoprime - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

BATHORA HANDMADE COSMETICS www.bathora.com The Netherlands BRAND PHILOSOPHY Natural 100% Handmade Cosmetics.

Made in The Netherlands PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: Cake Bath Fizzers, Bathballs Fizzers, Batmelts and many more . COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: Europa TARGET COUNTRIES Usa, Asia

BEAUTYLAB www.beautylabinternational.com UK BRAND PHILOSOPHY We define the concept of beauty through ongoing and meticulous research and development, offering pioneering anti-ageing formulations that re-activate and re-educate the skin's functions, to unveil healthier, younger looking skin and a flawless complexion, instantly and into the future. PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: SKINCARE, ANTI-AGEING, BLACK DIAMOND, YOUTH ELIXIR, HAIRCARE AND BODYCARE STAR PRODUCT From peptides to gemstones, Beautylab’s innovative and intelligent approach to skincare is a firm favourite of celebrities, editors, top-tier influencers and consumers alike.

Our Iconic Black Diamond range of products and beauty treatments are regularly used at red carpet events, on the catwalk and revealing HDTV. BeautyLab was selected as the official skincare supplier at the MTV European Music Awards 2017 providing talents backstage with Black Diamond Facials and luxury skincare products COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, USA, CANADA, AFRICA TARGET COUNTRIES USA, SOUTH AMERICA, BALTIC STATES, ASIA

BENAMÔR www.benamor1925.com PORTUGAL BRAND PHILOSOPHY BENAMÔR has been making original beauty recipes with care and love in Lisbon since 1925. PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: Range of 27 SKUS (hand creams, bath & body products) COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: PORTUGAL, SPAIN, FRANCE, GERMANY, NETHERLAND TARGET COUNTRIES NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA, GLOBAL EUROPE, ASIA

BIOSALIS www.biosalis.com ITALY BRAND PHILOSOPHY Biosalis presents a line of cosmetic treatments made with unique mother water, pure sea salts and precious mud for a forever young and radiant skin.

To choose Biosalis is to love yourself; because only nature can give you the wellness you need, inside and out PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: BODY MUD – MUD MASK – BATH SALTS - BODY OIL – ENERGISING WATER - MUD SOAP – SALT SOAP – SALT SCRUB – ISTANT FOAMING - CANDLE STAR PRODUCT MUD SOAP: Our mud soap is cold-processed from entirely natural ingredients, with the addition of naturally matured thermal mud, rich with mineral and vegetal components. SALT SOAP: Our sea salt soap is cold-processed, as it is fully handcrafted with natural ingredients such as Mediterranean Sea salt and vegetal oils.


CAMELIA BEAUTY www.leminimacaron.com SPAIN BRAND PHILOSOPHY We are a brand new line of gel nail kits inspired by the French macaron! DIY gel nails when you want, where you want… in only 15 minutes! We wanted to create a new brand that would make gel nails accessible to girls everywhere, removing the perception that gel manicures must be complicated, expensive, or done at a salon. Gel polish – with its brilliant shine and chip-free lasting – is the new way to do your nails! And the benefits of gel should be enjoyed by everyone: easy to use, fun to do, affordable to own…and with a range of adorable colors that are quick and easy to apply.

PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: Gel Manicure set STAR PRODUCT THE GEL MANICURE KIT: Everything you need to DIY at home: LED lamp with USB cord, 1 Bottle of 3- in-1 gel polish, Mini nail file and cuticle stick, 10 remover pads (for 1-time removal) COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: Usa, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, HK, Taiwan, New Zealand, UAE TARGET COUNTRIES Usa, Canada, Mexico, Uk, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Australia ; middle East, Russia, Japan, Korea

CLARE BLANC www.clareblanc.com Poland BRAND PHILOSOPHY “Care About You” is not just a meaningless motto. Our mineral and professional cosmetics really do care for the condition of the skin. We take extra care to make sure that our raw materials are of the highest quality, researched in the best laboratories, not tested on animals and imported from only the most honest and reliable American and European manufacturers. All of our Mineral Cosmetics are fully natural, environmentally friendly, and good for the skin. They do not contain nanoparticles, parabens, preservatives, or scented substances.

It is a new life style. Respectful to nature without resigning from a sense of luxury and a perfect appearance. We want each woman to look gorgeous and feel good in her own skin. Thanks to Claré Blanc, your makeup will be exquisite, long lasting, while at the same time so light and natural. PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: mineral and professional makeup and accessories STAR PRODUCT Star Dust and Oh Glow! COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: POLAND, FINLAND, ITALY, GERMANY, GREECE, JAPAN TARGET COUNTRIES Worldwide

CLEM www.clem.fr FRANCE BRAND PHILOSOPHY CLEM company is the French leading expert of home fragrances.

For more than 20 years, the company has developed the brand and style GOA. More than 300 references, 350 000 liter of perfumes, a palette of over 60 made in France fragrances and a recognized know-how. Innovation quality research, “Origine France garantie” certification PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: Diffuser, candles, spray, perfumed flower, ceramic STAR PRODUCT: New collection of personalized perfumed ceramic COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND, ITALY, GREECE, POLAND, ROMANIA, ESTONIA, LETTONIA, HONG KONG TARGET COUNTRIES SPAIN, ITALY, UK, JAPAN, RUSSIA

COMBRAY www.combray-skincare.com The Netherland BRAND PHILOSOPHY Combray is a revolution in skin care. We developed a new patented antioxidant which is designed to mimic and supplement the skin’s own protection methods. We believe in using only those ingredients which are beneficial to your skin, and to avoid the use of other ingredients. That is why Combray consists of only 2 ingredients: the antioxidant Oxofulleram combined with a natural oil (grape seed or argan), nothing else. And that’s what makes Combray unique. We have the mission to apply science to aid the improvement of human health and appearance and the environment.

Combray helps keep your skin looking young and healthy.

PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: Combray regenerating facial oil 30ml, Luxury set regenerating facial oil 3* 5 ml, Travel pack regenerating facial oil 2* 3 ml , Combray repairing facial oil 30 ml, Luxury set repairing facial oil 3* 5 ml, Travel pack repairing facial oil 2* 3 ml STAR PRODUCT Combray regenerating facial oil. Apart from its outstanding effect, the other key stars are: no added perfumes, colors, preservatives, or other chemicals. And, Combray has not been tested on animals. COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: The Netherlands, USA TARGET COUNTRIES Europe, USA, Canada, UAE, Latin America and Asia

COMMON LABS http://commonlabs.co.kr/ SOUTH KOREA BRAND PHILOSOPHY COMMON LABS is a Vitamin-oriented Home Aesthetic Beauty brand in Korea. We started observing the people who use these products, before starting on the product itself. COMMON LABS aims for a 3-value balance for their customers - Accumulated expertise, Premium vitamin ingredients, and the most fittable and sophisticated skincare routine! PRODUCTS DISPLAYED AT COSMOPROF 2018: Honey- Vitamin C Real Jelly Mask, Honey- Vitamin B Real Jelly Mask, Honey- Vitamin E Real Ampoule Mask STAR PRODUCT GGULTAMIN (Honey-Vitamin in Korean) B/C /E Real Jelly Mask is a two step mask that will change the sheet masking game! An exciting skincare innovation, Common Labs Honey-Vitamin Sheet Mask delivers fresh nutrition by infusing Vitamin B, C, E deep into your skin.

With the finger pad (step 1), clear and prep your skin for maximum essence absorption. This mild exfoliating pad might become your go-to item, so don’t miss this step! Then with our gel-type mask (step 2), get a visible hydration boost + essential vitamins to address your skin concerns. Your skin will have a glow and smooth feel you’ve probably not seen in a while, so treat yourself. COUNTRIES WHERE ALREADY DISTRIBUTED: South Korea, USA, China TARGET COUNTRIES Europe