2022 Cou rse Gu i de

- Bioinformatics                 - Cyber Security           - Marine & Freshwater Science
- Chemistry                      - Data Science             - Mathematics
- Computer Science               - Environmental Science    - Physics
- Conservation Biology           - Horticulture             - Software Engineering
- Counter Terrorism Security &   - Information Technology   - Sustainability

W              O                 R       L           D                  R             E     A   D   y

world ready
at ecu.

Science at ECU                                      3    Bachelor of Science (Cyber Security)                             14
Highlights                                          4    Bachelor of Computer Science                                     15
Work Integrated Learning at the School of Science   6    Bachelor of Counter Terrorism Security
Bachelor of Science                                 7    and Intelligence                                                 16
Science at ECU South West                           10   Bachelor of Information Technology                               18
Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Commerce          11   Postgraduate Courses                                             19
International Dual Degrees                          12   Admission Pathways to ECU                                        20
Bachelor of Environmental Science                   13   Applying to ECU                                                  22
Bachelor of Science (Cybercrime, Security                Facilities, Services & Support                                   23
and Intelligence)                                   13

                                                         ECU is committed to reconciliation and recognises and respects
                                                         the significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’
                                                         communities, cultures and histories. ECU acknowledges and
                                                         respects the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,
                                                         as the traditional custodians of the land. ECU acknowledges
                                                         and respects its continuing association with Nyoongar people,
                                                         the traditional custodians of the land upon which its
                                                         campuses stand.
Science at ECU
be world ready.
When it comes to studying computing, security, science and the environment, ECU’s teaching and
research facilities are world‑class. You’ll find a range of practical degrees that can lead to distinctly
different careers in fields such as biology, bioinformatics, cyber security, counter terrorism security,
physics, information technology, environmental science and management, chemistry, mathematics,
data science, sustainability, and more.
Our flexible courses and world‑class teaching, combined with our Work Integrated Learning
program and close industry links, will provide you with endless possibilities in Australia
and internationally.


 Choice                                    Industry                                International
 A range of courses                        & career                                reputation
 and majors across                         networking                              ECU is one of just two
 diverse fields.                           Students get the                        Academic Centres of
 You’ll have the option to study           opportunity to meet and network         Cyber Security Excellence
 degrees focusing on a specific            with prospective employers,             in Australia and the only one in WA,
 area, or broader degrees which            industry representatives and            and two of our Cyber team are
 cover multiple areas within a             professionals at the Science            members of the INTERPOL Global
 single discipline.                        Annual Careers Events.                  Cybercrime Expert Group.

 Scholarships                                                              Industry
 A range of scholarships valued up to $15,000,                             STANDARD
 including for high performing school leavers and                          FACILITIES
 women wanting to become cyber security experts.                           Students have access to labs
                                                                           equipped with the latest
                                                                           technology, from state‑of‑the‑art mass
                                                                           spectrometry analytical equipment to the
                                                                           latest in computer technology, including the
 Work integrated learning                                                  only multimillion dollar Security Operations
 Students receive real world experience through                            Centre at an Australian university and
 placements, internships, industry projects                                a brand new Science building containing
 and volunteering.                                                         multiple super laboratories.

In the 2021 Good Universities Guide, ECU received a 5 Star rating for teaching quality. This rating has now been achieved
        for 14 years in a row. ECU has also received the following rankings for its science and computing disciplines:


                                                                 SCIENCE at ECU
                                                                 ECU offers a unique Bachelor of Science degree covering
                                                                 a broad range of disciplines that give students the
                                                                 opportunity to specialise in specific fields or multi‑skill
                                                                 across a combination of majors creating a unique
                                                                 graduating skillset to increase their career options.
                                                                 Students will get the opportunity to learn in a brand new
                                                                 Science building containing multiple super laboratories,
                                                                 the facade of which features the largest permanent
    Computing and Security at ECU
                                                                 periodic table in the world.
    ECU is recognised as a leader in cyber security.
    Our computing and security courses offer a range of
    majors to choose from, studying in world class facilities.
    Our cyber security research and education team is one            LabRats 2020
    of the best in Australia and highly respected globally.          200 Year 9 students got the opportunity to
    ECU has been recognised by the Australian Federal                explore the exciting world of science and
    Government as one of just two Academic Centres of                mathematics at ECU at the annual LabRats
    Cyber Security Excellence in Australia, and the only one         event. Students got to participate in several
    in WA. ECU plays a key role in the $139 million Cyber            hands-on science workshops in the areas of
    Security Cooperative Research Centre, which has its              biological science, chemistry, mathematics
    Head Office at the ECU Joondalup Campus.                         and cyber security and also experienced our
                                                                     brand new science SuperLabs. Speak to us
                                                                     to find out how to register your School for the
                                                                     next Labrats event.

Women In Stem                                                Get Connected with Science
ECU is proud to be a member of the SAGE Pilot of the         Careers EVENTS
Athena SWAN charter in Australia. This initiative promotes   Students get the opportunity to meet and network
gender equality and encourages opportunities for girls       with prospective employers, industry representatives
and women in STEM.                                           and professionals at the School of Science Annual
                                                             Careers Events. An exciting event, students meet industry
The Girls’ Programming Network (GPN) is run by a group of
                                                             professionals, explore the range of career pathways
female computer science students from ECU. GPN provides
                                                             available with representatives from Australia’s top
an opportunity for high school students to learn more
                                                             employers, and speak to Graduate Program recruiters.
about programming, career opportunities and to improve
their software development skills.

                                                                          Science Excellence
                                                                          High performing Year 12 students can
                                                                          now take advantage of ECU Science
                                                                          Excellence Scholarships valued
                                                                          at $15,000. These scholarships are
                                                                          available for qualifying students, based
                                                                          on their ATAR, wishing to undertake
                                                                          ECU’s science or computing and security
                                                                          courses. Successful students will receive
                                                                          $15,000, paid as $5,000 per year over
                                                                          3 years, once they become an enrolled
                                                                          student at ECU.
                                                                          For further details and conditions, please
                                                                          visit ecuworldready.com.au/science

Campus key
JO   Available on the Joondalup Campus
ML   Available on the Mount Lawley Campus
BU   Available on the South West (Bunbury) Campus           Please note accreditation or professional recognition
OL    Available online                                       details are correct as at time of production.
+     Cross Campus attendance requirement                    For latest information please visit ecuworldready.com.au
Work Integrated Learning
    at the School of Science
    Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is described in any number
    of ways across the university sector in Australia, but at
    its core WIL is any learning activity or program that
    provides students with industry experience. ECU’s School
    of Science provides a number of WIL opportunities for its
    students including:
    y Short term placements
    y Industry embedded placements or internships
    y Industry suggested projects completed on-campus
    y Industry or community volunteering
    Students who meet eligibility requirements can spend
    their final semester in a full-time placement with an
    industry partner, including commercial, government or
    not-for-profit employers.
    Eligibility requirements vary from course to course and
    students are encouraged to check with their course
    coordinator to find out how to avail themselves of WIL
                                                                        ECU student Claudia worked with us as an
    opportunities and to make sure they are eligible.
                                                                        intern on security aspects of national threat
    This opportunity prepares you for industry. It will also            levels within Australia. The experience has been
    allow you to get your foot in the door on your path to              invaluable on both sides.
    your dream career and introduces you to networks and
                                                                        Andrew Ling
    potential employers.                                                Property Works Manager, Western Power

    New City Campus in 2025                                                                -

    Our new campus will represent the future of university education
    — urban, connected, integrated with business and community —
    and part of the lifeblood of a thriving city.
    This exciting development will transform the city of Perth
    and will deliver a world-class Creative Industries, Business
    and Technology precinct.

    From its opening in 2025 the ECU City Campus will be home to:
    y Technology and Cyber Security
    y The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)
    y Arts, Design and Communications
    y WA Screen Academy
    y Broadcasting and Digital Journalism
    y K
       urongkurl Katitjin, our Centre for Indigenous Australian
      Education and Research
    y Business and Law
    To follow future developments, please visit

                                       Image courtesy of Tourism Western Australia
Bachelor of Science                                                                            PLANNED FOR 2022

Indicative ATAR: 70                                               students to gain specialised discipline knowledge in their
Duration: 3 years full-time or part-time equivalent               chosen field, with additional study in a secondary field to
Availability & Campus:                                            prepare them for the current cross disciplinary demands
                                                                  of the job market. The inclusion of a work integrated
                 JO           ML          BU           OL
                                                                  learning placement provides the opportunity for authentic
Full-time                                                       real-world learning and experience. Students benefit from
Part-time                                                       a learning environment inspired by world class research
                                                                  academics with strong industry and government links.
Students studying on the South West (Bunbury) Campus can
select a major/minor combination from the Conservation Biology    Careers
or Environmental Management disciplines. Units undertaken on
the South West (Bunbury) Campus will be delivered as a series
                                                                  Environmental/Scientific Consultant, Conservation Officer,
of lecture or laboratory intensives, supported by technology      IT Consultant, Nature Conservationist, Analytical Chemist,
enhanced learning and digital content.                            Marine Biologist, Ecologist, Data Analyst, Physicist

This course provides students the opportunity to engage           Available Majors                      JO    ML    BU     OL
in high quality studies across a range of science and
mathematics disciplines. Students specialise in a single          Chemistry                             

major discipline aligned to their interests and aspirations,      Conservation Biology                              
and select a secondary minor area of study to broaden             Data Science                          
their skills and knowledge base. Students also have a
great opportunity to gain real world experience through           Environmental Management                          
a semester long work integrated learning placement,               Horticulture                          
the only one of its kind in Australia. This course also
                                                                  Marine and Freshwater Science         
provides a strong pathway into a postgraduate teaching
education course for those aspiring to becomes science or         Mathematics                           
mathematics teachers.                                             Physics                               

Admission Requirements                                            Sustainability                        

One or more of the majors in this course has admission            Minors are also offered in Biology, Chemistry, Conservation
requirements. Refer to the major for more information.            Biology, Data Science, Ecology, Environmental
                                                                  Management, Horticulture, Marine and Freshwater Biology,
Employment Opportunities
                                                                  Mathematics, Physics and Sustainability.
Graduates of the Bachelor of Science have a diverse
range of career opportunities spanning across biological            See more course information
or environmental sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics          ecu.edu.au/courses/Y83
and data science. The structure of the course enables

                                                   Vanessa’s story
                                                   From Western Australia to Washington State, USA, ECU science graduate
                                                   Vanessa has had an interesting journey and an exciting career. Soon after
                                                   graduating from ECU, Vanessa started working at an Environmental
                                                   Consultancy called Astron, based in Perth but working mainly out of Newman
                                                   and Karratha. Since then, she’s worked for an Environmental Consultancy in
                                                   the state of Utah (USA), identifying and delineating wetlands and streams and
                                                   managing groundwater and soil contamination cleanup, as well as for the
                                                   US Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources doing water
                                                   quality analysis and advising on water quality standards and regulations.
                                                   Vanessa credits her ability to excel in different disciplines in environmental
                                                   science to the breadth of units she studied during her degree. “There isn’t
                                                   a single unit I completed at ECU during my undergrad which hasn’t been
                                                   valuable to me in some way throughout my professional career. I’ve worked in
                                                   Australia, the United States and the Caribbean in a myriad of environmental
                                                   management roles.”
                                                   Vanessa now works as a Project Delivery Environmental Specialist for the
                                                   Washington State Department of Transport. Her advice for prospective
                                                   students? “Environmental Science is an incredibly competitive, but also
                                                   rewarding career path. Be utterly relentless in the pursuit of real-world
                                                   experience whilst working on your degree.”


    Chemistry                                                       Data Science
    This major provides students with a thorough grounding          This major focuses on the numeracy and analytical
    in chemistry with a strong emphasis on developing               repertoire of graduates. Graduates will gain statistical
    industry relevant laboratory and instrumentation skills.        expertise in analysing and visualising simple and
    Students investigate the chemical nature of substances          complex data sets from a variety of sources and
    applicable to a range of industries including mining,           programmatically manipulating and storing the resulting
    food, environment, forensic and medical settings.               data to allow for informed decision making. Graduates
    The strong laboratory program supporting this major             will be highly competitive in the data science job market
    ensures graduates have the skills to be competitive in the      as it is implemented in computing, business and the
    job market.                                                     natural sciences.

    Conservation Biology                                            Environmental Management
    This major focuses on the knowledge and skills required         This major focuses on the multidisciplinary nature of
    to understand the significance of biodiversity and why          environmental management. Students gain a grounding
    it is in decline worldwide. Students develop the ability        in the biological and physical aspects of the environment,
    to analyse complex interplays between humans and                and the knowledge and skills used in its management.
    the natural world, and devise approaches to tackle              This major would be of relevance to students wishing to
    important conservation issues. Students taking this major       develop a specialisation in the area of environmental
    in combination with a minor in Biology, Ecology or Marine       management that includes sustainable management of
    and Freshwater Biology will be particularly well-skilled in     natural and rehabilitated areas and urban landscapes.
    the science of conservation.

                           “During my studies I found that the units I studied were closely aligned to real world applications.”

                           For instance the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) unit required us to review a live project
                           proposal that was up for public review to assess whether it met the environmental regulations.
                           It was as if we were acting as the governing body. This gave me invaluable knowledge of the
                           approval process, which I’ve brought to my current role. I also completed a number of practical
                           assessments for the Department of Parks and Wildlife that gave me first-hand experience. Now as
                           an Environmental Advisor, I am responsible for the completion of audits, environmental inspections,
                           monitoring programs (i.e. surface water, soil, groundwater) and report writing, ensuring my
                           company’s ongoing compliance with environmental obligations.
                           Scott Hazelden
                           ECU Environmental Management graduate

This major focusses on the science of plant production for
food and products for human consumption. Students will
learn plant physiology and the theory and practice of
propagation, yields, crop management and postharvest
biology. Students will study contemporary scientific
methods for maximising nutritional content, increasing
disease and insect resistance in plants whilst maintaining
a sustainable approach to crop production.

Marine and Freshwater Science
The major is designed for students with an interest
in aquatic environments. Students study biological
and physical processes that occur in both marine and
freshwater systems and develop skills to enable them
to contribute to the management of water-based
ecosystems. There is an emphasis on the continuity of
these environments across the transition from fresh water
to estuarine and marine systems. Students combining
this major with a minor in Biology will be well-placed
in understanding the biological aspects of the aquatic
realm, while those studying a minor in either Conservation
Biology or Environmental Management will have a skill set
suited to management of marine systems.
                                                                well-developed analytical and problem-solving skills
Mathematics                                                     and a sound theoretical knowledge in physics. The major
This major has been designed to provide students with           gives students a hands-on and practical understanding
a broad base of mathematics skills across the core              of physics with laboratory-based programs and projects
areas of applied mathematics, including calculus,               included in all units to encourage practical learning.
statistics, mathematical modelling and linear algebra.
The applied flavour of the major provides the necessary         Sustainability
background for students wishing to pursue employment            This major presents students with a unique opportunity
or higher studies in areas of applied mathematics and           to contribute to an emerging challenge that we all
statistics. Students undertaking this major have the            face – how to make our lives, livelihoods, communities,
flexibility of choosing two electives from a wide range of      environments and spaces sustainable. To meet this
complimentary science units.                                    challenge society will need graduates, those with an
                                                                awareness and understanding of disciplines from across
Physics                                                         environmental, social and economic domains. Students will
Physics is the fundamental science that underpins               receive practical and theoretical guidance in a set of skills
research and development in Engineering and Technology.         that are essential for solving problems: systems thinking,
This major provides students with a thorough background         critical thinking, and decision-making, and will build
in fundamental and advanced physics with a strong               personal attributes that will enable them to work in teams
emphasis on scientific instrumentation, measurement             to generate new ideas, and new solutions. Studies will
and analytical skills. It is designed to meet industry need     include an emphasis on field-based exercises and
for capable, dynamic and innovative graduates with              workplace learning.

                       “I’ve always had an interest in the environment and chose ECU because it offers hands-on,
                       job ready degrees.”

                       I learnt so much from being out in the field and putting lecture content into practice. I was lucky
                       enough to get the opportunity to go on a two week study tour in the Gascoyne region of WA.
                       I was also involved in a number of volunteering opportunities with fisheries and parks and wildlife
                       and these were valuable learning experiences. I found the lecturers really passionate and
                       knowledgeable about their study area. As part of our third year of study, we had fieldtrips with
                       government departments such as Department of Parks and Wildlife. This experience was very
                       useful when applying for jobs.
                       Kendra Campbell
                       ECU Marine and Freshwater Biology graduate

               The Bachelor of Science (Environmental
               Management and Conservation Biology) is now
               also being offered at ECU’s South West Campus
               in Bunbury.

               This course focuses on the multidisciplinary nature of
               environmental management and the conservation of
               biodiversity. It offers a balance between theory and
               practical learning with many fieldwork opportunities
               available in the environmentally diverse South West region.
               In addition, the internships and work integrated
               learning opportunities prepare graduates for careers in
               government agencies and other organisations that deal
               with the conservation of biodiversity, environmental impact
               activities, planning and management, many of which
               already have a presence in the region.
               With state-of-the-art equipment and a course
               structure that mirrors what is offered at ECU Joondalup,
               South West students are guaranteed a quality tertiary
               education, with the ability to easily transition between
               campuses if desired. Scholarships are available for those
               interested in studying this course in the South West.
               See ecuworldready.com.au/southwest for details.

Bachelor of Science /
Bachelor of Commerce
Indicative ATAR: 70
Duration: 4 years full-time or part-time equivalent
                                                                  Students can also choose from the following
Availability & Campus:
                                                                  double degrees:
                 JO           ML           BU           OL
                                                                  Bachelor of Arts /
Full-time         
                                                                  Bachelor of Science
Part-time         
                                                                  (Course Code W58)
This double degree allows students to graduate with               For more information please refer to
qualifications in both Science and Commerce. The four             the Arts and Humanities Course Guide
years include concurrent study in both disciplines,               or visit ecu.edu.au/courses/W58
with students choosing one major in science and another
in commerce. The course provides multiple possibilities
for international study and/or exchange, and a choice of
electives to broaden knowledge and skills.
                                                                  Bachelor of Engineering Honours /
Please refer to the website for a full list of available majors
and availability.
                                                                  Bachelor of Science
                                                                  (Course Code W32)
Admission Requirements
                                                                  For more information please refer to the
One or more of the majors in this course has admission
                                                                  Engineering and Technology Course Guide
requirements. Refer to the major for more information.
                                                                  or visit ecu.edu.au/courses/W32
Employment Opportunities
Graduates of this double degree will contribute to the
development and marketing of products and services
which utilise and extend Australia’s strong scientific and        Bachelor of Engineering
technological expertise.                                          (Computer Systems) Honours /
Careers                                                           Bachelor of Computer Science
Scientific Consultant, Government Scientist, Scientific           (Course Code Y64)
Adviser, Business Manager, Business Consultant/Adviser,           For more information please refer to the
Marketing Officer                                                 Engineering and Technology Course Guide
                                                                  or visit ecu.edu.au/courses/Y64
 See more course information


                                                                      Science Facilities,
                                                                      University of Portsmouth
     ECU has partnered with England’s University
     of Portsmouth to provide dual degree
     options giving you the opportunity to study
     at home and abroad, while working towards
     individual degrees from each university.

     You’ll spend two and a half years studying in Australia
     and a year in the UK. You’ll gain valuable international
     experience and insights, meet people from around
     the world and graduate with two degrees in less time
     than it would take to complete them separately.

                                              Computing Facilities,                                      Computing Lab,
                                           University of Portsmouth                              University of Portsmouth

                                                                                                  Aerial view of Portsmouth

INTERNATIONAL Dual Degrees                                                                        PLANNED FOR 2022

Bachelor of                                                          Bachelor of
Environmental                                                        Science
Science                                                              (Cybercrime,
Indicative ATAR: 70                                                  Security and
Duration: 3.5 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Availability & Campus:
                  JO            ML           BU           OL         Indicative ATAR: 70
Full-time                                                           Duration: 3.5 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Part-time                                                           Availability & Campus:
Secondary Location                                                                     JO            ML           BU           OL
The first two years are delivered by Edith Cowan University on the   Full-time          
Joondalup Campus. The third year is delivered by the University
of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom on campus, and the final         Part-time          
semester is delivered by Edith Cowan University.                     Secondary Location
This course is designed for students interested in                   The first two years are delivered by Edith Cowan University on the
                                                                     Joondalup Campus. The third year is delivered by the University
environmental studies who wish to study and get
                                                                     of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom on campus, and the final
experience overseas while obtaining two degrees from                 semester is delivered by Edith Cowan University.
ECU and the University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom).
Students gain a grounding in the biological, chemical,               This course is a dual degree program in partnership with
physical and social aspects of the environment, and the              Edith Cowan University and the University of Portsmouth
knowledge and skills used in its management. The course              (United Kingdom).
draws on the cross disciplinary knowledge and skills across          The course prepares graduates to work across the broad
ECU and the University of Portsmouth to facilitate the               security and crime prevention employment domains at
pursuit of a career across the broad employment domains              the national and international levels. Students will be
of environmental science and management and takes                    introduced to the concepts of security risk management,
advantage of the specialisations each university offers.             security technology in the protection of assets,
Students will spend their third year at the University of            counterterrorism, crime prevention and cybercrime.
Portsmouth undertaking fieldwork in the Mediterranean                The degree draws on cross disciplinary knowledge and
amongst other subjects, developing resilience,                       skills from both universities to develop graduates for
independence and an international outlook.                           careers across the broad employment domain of security,
Employment Opportunities                                             crime prevention, law enforcement and community safety
                                                                     (community security).
The strong management focus of this course prepares
graduates for careers in government agencies and                     Employment Opportunities
industries which deal with conservation of biodiversity,             Graduates can access careers in national security,
environmental impact assessment, environmental planning              corporate security, defence, intelligence, government,
and the management and rehabilitation of specific                    policing and law enforcement, homeland security, justice,
ecosystems such as wetlands, forests, coastlines and                 criminology, critical infrastructure protection, threat and risk
arid regions.                                                        assessment, security consultancy, corporate intelligence,
Careers                                                              counterterrorism, and security analysis.
Sanctuary Manager, Catchment Officer, Ecotourism Officer,            Careers
Natural Resource Officer, Environmental Management                   Security Analyst, Security Manager, Intelligence Analyst,
Officer, Conservation Field Officer, Land Management                 Counter Terrorism Consultant, Security Consultant,
Officer, Environmental Consultant, Landcare Officer,                 Security and Risk Manager, Intelligence Officer, Strategic
Environmental Educator, Coastcare Officer, Environmental             Risk Analyst, Security Profiler, Intelligence Profiler
Officer, Marine Park Ranger, National Park Ranger,
Bushland Crew Leader, Park Planner                                    See more course information
 See more course information

Bachelor of Science
     (Cyber Security)
     Indicative ATAR: 70                                             Professional Recognition
     Duration: 3 years full-time or part-time equivalent             Australian Computer Society (ACS) have accredited
     Availability & Campus:                                          this course.
                     JO          ML          BU            OL
                                                                     Employment Opportunities
     Full-time                                            
                                                                     This course prepares students for careers in the field of
     Part-time                                                     cyber security, including areas such as network security,
                                                                     digital forensics, vulnerability assessment, security risk
     Focuses on the practical and theoretical dimensions             assessment, penetration testing, threat hunting,
     of cyber security across a range of fundamental                 and incident response.
     areas, such as network security and vulnerability
     assessment, information security policy and governance,         Careers
     digital forensics, and ethical hacking. Students will gain      Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Officer, Technical IT
     a solid grounding in conventional computer and network          Security Officer, Network Security Engineer, Digital Forensic
     security concepts and skills. In addition, the course is        Practitioner (Acquisition and Analysis), Information Security
     designed to meet the changing landscape of secure               Auditor, Information Security Analyst, Security Consultant,
     computing, which involves not only computers, but               Software Auditor
     also network enabled devices such as smartphones,
     tablet devices, and Internet of Things (IoT).                    See more course information

                            “The lecturers provide insight on what actually goes on in industry.”

                            The lecturers are always happy to help – they provide feedback, give ideas on how to tackle
                            problems and point you in the right direction, which is a great help. We receive a solid grounding
                            in what actually goes on in the industry as the lecturers provide a lot of insight on how things work
                            or situations they’ve come across during their careers, so you know what to expect when you
                            graduate. A lot of the units focus on preparing you for working on group projects, which is great,
                            because teamwork is a very valuable skill, especially in the IT industry. I’ve gained strong industry
                            standard skills which will allow me to go even further in my career.
                            Scott Anderson
                            ECU Science (Cyber Security) graduate

Bachelor of
Computer Science
Indicative ATAR: 70                                                 Careers
Duration: 3 years                                                   Computer Programmer, Computer Support Officer,
Availability & Campus:                                              Application Developer, Mobile Application Developer,
                 JO           ML           BU           OL          Systems Analyst, e-Commerce Developer, Software
                                                                    Engineer, Software Designer, Project Manager
Full-time                                               

Part-time                                                         Available Majors                        JO     ML    BU     OL

Focuses on the practical and theoretical dimensions of              Cyber Security                                              
computer science, and prepares students for careers in the          Software Engineering                                        
fields of computing and software development. The course
emphasises critical thinking and problem solving alongside            See more course information
discipline knowledge and skills, providing students with              ecu.edu.au/courses/U65
the opportunity to undertake complex computer science
projects both independently and in teams.
Students are introduced to concepts including                          MAJORS
programming, mathematics, networking, databases and
security in their foundation year, before specialising in an        Cyber Security
area of computer science. Advanced topics in computer
                                                                    Provides a number of study streams, focusing on both the
science, including artificial intelligence and distributed
                                                                    practical and theoretical dimensions of cyber security
computing, are studied alongside the chosen area of
                                                                    across a range of fundamental areas. These include
                                                                    network security and vulnerability assessment,
Professional Recognition                                            information security, digital forensics, cryptography and
                                                                    ethical hacking as well as advanced technical, policy,
Australian Computer Society (ACS) have accredited
                                                                    governance and managerial skills in this area.
this course.
                                                                    This major can also be studied in the Bachelor of Counter
Employment Opportunities
                                                                    Terrorism Security and Intelligence.
This course prepares graduates for a range of careers via
practical experience in analysing and solving real world
                                                                    Software Engineering
problems in computer science and related disciplines,
underpinned by strong theoretical concept knowledge.                This major reflects the modern engineering approach to
Over the course of the degree students have the                     developing software. It covers all areas of the systems
opportunity to undertake international study tours, work            development life-cycle, including analysis, design,
integrated learning and internships in their chosen field.          implementation and testing.

                         “The government placement that I participated in enabled me to practice my technical skills within
                         a professional setting.”

                         During high school while researching courses and universities in my area of interest (Computer Science),
                         I came to realise that ECU offers a great combination of theoretical and applied coursework and had a
                         really good reputation when it came to their collaboration with industry. This led me to enrol for this course.
                         During my final year of study I undertook the WIL (Work Integrated Learning) program and was able to
                         participate in a government placement, an experience that completed my studies perfectly and was the
                         perfect introduction to the industry. It developed my professional persona, introduced me to important
                         connections within the industry and enabled me to practice my technical skills within a professional setting.
                         Joseph Dowden
                         ECU Computer Science graduate

Bachelor of Counter Terrorism
     Security and Intelligence

     Indicative ATAR: 70
     Duration: 3 years
     Availability & Campus:
                       JO           ML            BU            OL
     Full-time                                                 

     Part-time                                                 

     Brings together the key aspects of national and
     international security with an emphasis on contemporary
     security issues. By studying the core elements of terrorism,
     security and intelligence in the foundation year, students
     are able to undertake specialised study in how to
     counter the terrorist threat, apply intelligence gathering
     techniques, think critically, analyse and understand
     criminal motivation.
     Students will learn to utilise suitable technology to secure
     assets, protect critical and national infrastructure and
     employ security management techniques to achieve
     desired security outcomes.

     Employment Opportunities                                            Aviation
     Graduates can access careers in national security,                  Recommended for students who wish to enter the
     corporate security, defence, intelligence, government,              aviation industry in non-flying roles. This major provides
     policing and law enforcement, homeland security, justice,           a broad professional education and introduction to the
     criminology, critical infrastructure protection, threat and risk    core industry activity of flying people and freight from
     assessment, security consultancy, corporate intelligence,           point-to-point.
     counter terrorism, and security analysis.
                                                                         This major can also be studied in the Bachelor of Science
     Careers                                                             and related double degrees.
     Security Analyst, Security Manager, Intelligence Analyst,
     Counter Terrorism Consultant, Security Consultant,                  Biological Sciences
     Security and Risk Manager, Intelligence Officer,                    Designed for students with a strong interest in the living
     Strategic Risk Analyst, Security Profiler, Intelligence Profiler    world. Students study cellular and molecular biology,
                                                                         genetics, physiology, ecology and evolution, with an
     Available Majors                        JO    ML      BU       OL   emphasis on the diversity and interactions of organisms
     Aviation                                                           with their environments.

     Biological Sciences                                                This major can also be studied in the Bachelor of Science
                                                                         and related double degrees.
     Criminology                                                    

     Cyber Security                                                 
     Historical and Political Studies                                  Recommended for students with an interest in criminology
     Law in Business                                                   and justice. This major will provide an understanding of the
                                                                         criminal justice system, offenders, policing and corrections
     Management                                                     
                                                                         in a contemporary environment. It also includes skills
     Professional Studies                                              required for employment, such as Indigenous cultural
      See more course information
      ecu.edu.au/courses/Y14                                             Cyber Security
                                                                         Provides a number of study streams, focusing on both the
                                                                         practical and theoretical dimensions of cyber security
                                                                         across a range of fundamental areas. These include
                                                                         network security and vulnerability assessment,
                                                                         information security, digital forensics, cryptography and
                                                                         ethical hacking as well as advanced technical, policy,
                                                                         governance and managerial skills in this area.
                                                                         This major can also be studied in the Bachelor of
                                                                         Computer Science.

Historical and Political Studies                                  While this major does not qualify students to become
History and Politics address some of the most important           practising lawyers, graduates will qualify for entry to
and contentious issues facing humanity. In this major,            ECU’s Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry) after completing
students will examine the ideas, structures and processes         the first year core units with a credit transfer for the
that drive society at both the national and international         professionally accredited law units already studied within
level. One of the primary focuses of this major is the            the last 10 years.
historical and political processes and patterns that              This major can also be studied in the Bachelor of
have structured the relationship between individuals              Commerce and related double degrees as well as the
and communities. The major explores the nature of                 Bachelor of Commerce Professional.
contemporary political challenges and the role of
leadership, the media, corporate interests, public opinion
and grassroots political movements in framing and
addressing these challenges. In addition there is a focus         This major is for students who want to take the lead
on the role understanding our history can play in informing       in any business by providing a modern and practical
solutions to these issues.                                        understanding of a career in management. Students will
                                                                  graduate with a theoretical and practical understanding
While the focus is global, thematic and interdisciplinary,        of organisational behaviour, leadership, general
specialist units are offered in Australian, European and          management, strategic management, human resource
Chinese politics. The major offers students the opportunity       management and business ethics along with vital
to build links between pressing contemporary issues               employability skills which employers are looking for
that are impacting on global politics and international           in graduates.
relations. These are contextualised through a
historical lens that situates the discipline as a rigorous,       The major is relevant for all line managers and
evidence-based approach among multiple narratives that            professionals aspiring to be in managerial positions.
helps frame our understanding of politics and history.            This major can also be studied in the Bachelor of
This major can also be studied in the Bachelor of Arts and        Commerce and related double degrees as well as the
related double degrees.                                           Bachelor of Commerce Professional and Bachelor of Sport,
                                                                  Recreation and Event Management.
Law in Business
                                                                  Professional Studies
No industry can escape the legal context in which all
businesses and organisations must operate. Having a               Aimed towards enhancing students’ employability upon
sound understanding of commercial law and the ability             graduation by augmenting core security knowledge and
to manage legal risk is a skill valued by employers both          academic skills with professional employability requisites.
in the private and public sector. Students will study             Students undertaking this major will study units relating
the foundations of law including legal framework,                 to the corporate environment, including management,
legal process, legal writing and research, torts and              business analytics, governance and project management.
trade practices, competition and consumer protection              They will then be placed with one of ECU’s business and
law. Students can then tailor the major to suit their             industry partners for a semester to undertake a real
area of interest with three electives including property,         world project that will meet specific corporate security
employment, banking, mining, international trade and              objectives, consequently enhancing employability
intellectual property, among others.                              opportunities post-graduation through the delivery of a
                                                                  real-world security project/projects.

                       “I chose to enrol in the Bachelor of Counter Terrorism Security and Intelligence at ECU because
                       its offering was unique from that of its competition in that it was the only one for which all units
                       were niche and specific to this area of study.”

                       The lecturers for this course are world-class. They’ve each had successful careers in intelligence
                       and/or security, and are truly passionate about their subject areas. During my final year I
                       undertook a Work Integrated Learning placement at Western Power as part of their Security team
                       where I had many opportunities to assist on unique projects.
                       Claudia Muller
                       ECU Counter Terrorism Security and Intelligence graduate

Bachelor of
     Information Technology
     Indicative ATAR: 70                                           Professional Recognition
     Duration: 3 years full-time or part-time equivalent           Australian Computer Society (ACS) have accredited
     Availability & Campus:                                        this course.
                     JO          ML           BU           OL      Employment Opportunities
     Full-time                                                   This course prepares graduates for a range of careers
     Part-time                                                   via practical experience in analysing and solving real
                                                                   world problems in information technology and related
     Focuses on the practical and theoretical dimensions of        disciplines, underpinned by strong theoretical concept
     information technology, and prepares students for careers     knowledge. Over the course of the degree students
     in the fields of information technology, IT management        have the opportunity to undertake international study
     and cyber security. The course places an emphasis on          tours, work integrated learning and internships in their
     critical thinking and problem solving alongside discipline    chosen field.
     knowledge and skills, providing students with the
     opportunity to undertake complex information technology       Careers
     projects both independently and in teams. Students are        Computer Support Officer, Systems Analyst, IT Consultant,
     introduced to concepts including programming,                 Systems Administrator, Software Support Officer,
     mathematics, networking, databases and cyber security in      Project Manager, Systems Integrator, Data Analyst
     their foundation year, before developing advanced skills in
     information technology, including web development, data        See more course information
     management and visualisation in an enterprise context,         ecu.edu.au/courses/U67
     IT security management and project management.

                                “My work placement
                                 in my final semester
                                 helped get my career
                                 off to a great start.”

        I knew that ECU had an excellent reputation
        in the field of cyber security and technology
        studies, and so coming here for my Information
        Technology degree was an easy decision to
        make. I love everything about ECU: the campus,
        the knowledgeable and approachable lecturers,
        and the friends that I’ve made here. All the tutorials
        are really hands-on which is very useful. As a part
        of my last semester of my bachelors, I was able
        to complete a 12-week work placement at a very
        reputable company. This was a very beneficial part
        of my degree and helped me get my career off to a
        great start.
        Paige Chapman
        ECU Information Technology graduate

We offer a range of research and coursework postgraduate courses.

RESEARCH                                                       We offer a range of entry pathways into these programs
For researchers we offer:                                      including a new cognate entry for students who already
                                                               have a related undergraduate degree, allowing you to
Honours programs (1 year*)                                     complete your Coursework Masters program in just 1.5 years.
A mixture of some specialist coursework units and a major
                                                               COURSEWORK POSTGRADUATE COURSES
research thesis.
                                                               The following postgraduate coursework courses are on offer:
Masters programs (2 years*)
                                                               y Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security
A major research project resulting in a thesis, plus some
specialist coursework units.                                   y Graduate Certificate in Data Science
                                                               y Graduate Certificate in Environmental Assessment
PhD programs (3 years*)                                          and Management
A substantial research project and thesis, available for any   y Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science
research in a range of fields.
                                                               y Master of Bioinformatics
PhD programs – Integrated (4 years*)                           y Master of Computer Science
A substantial research project and thesis, available           y Master of Cyber Security
for research in a range of fields. ECU encourages
                                                               y Master of Data Science
interdisciplinary research that may span multiple research
fields and Schools.                                            y Master of Environmental Science
                                                               For further course information visit
y Bachelor of Computing and Security Honours
y Bachelor of Science Honours
y Master of Computing and Security by Research
y Master of Science by Research
y Doctor of Philosophy
y Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated)

For those with degrees in any discipline (or the required
amount of relevant work experience) seeking to upgrade
skills or gain qualifications in a new discipline, we offer
Graduate Certificate (0.5 years*), Graduate Diploma
(1 year*) and Master (2 years*) courses. These flexible
courses have been designed to meet the needs of
industry, government and consulting sectors.

                                                                                             *Full-time or part-time equivalent.

                       “Being recognised for your hard work and dedication to your studies is very rewarding.”

                       I chose ECU because it is recognised as a centre of excellence for cyber security and the course
                       was based in Perth. The experience has been amazing and my research skills and report writing
                       have improved tenfold. I’ve met some really nice people during my studies that I will definitely keep
                       in contact with post studies. My greatest achievement was getting an award for being in the top
                       100 students at ECU in 2018 and 2019, out of nearly 30,000 students. Being recognised for your
                       hard work and dedication to your studies is very rewarding. It also reaffirmed that choosing to
                       study something you enjoy makes it easier to learn. I received the NAIDOC Education Achievement
                       of the Year Award 2019 which was a pleasant surprise after being nominated by ECU. I think
                       my grades at ECU opened up doors for new work opportunities and an example of this was my
                       workplace integrated learning with Chevron.
                       Lance D’Antoine
                       ECU Cyber Security graduate

     TO ECU
     We believe everyone should have the opportunity to access a university
     education. That’s why we’ve created a range of entry options.

     The admission process can vary, based on whether you       y Alternatively, you may apply for consideration via our
     are in Year 12, your educational qualifications and the      Experience Based Entry Scheme pathway
     course for which you are applying for.                     y Or, you can search for another course with a lower
     Please note there are minimum academic and English           ATAR requirement
     requirements for all courses at ECU, and some also         y Or, you may be eligible for our UniPrep course which
     have additional prerequisites and/or special admission       we recommend you include as a preference on
     requirements. Please refer to the Course Entry               your application.
     requirements for your course at ecuworldready.com.au.
                                                                You can use the Experience Based Entry Scheme pathway
     Another component to entering into an ECU course is
                                                                if you’re currently in Year 12 and:
     meeting English competency of which applicants have a
     variety of options. To view these please see our website   y You had a near-miss ATAR for your chosen course; or
     ecuworldready.com.au/english‑competency                    y You haven’t generated an ATAR but you’ve passed
     If you are unsure we recommend you contact us for a          3 ATAR subjects + 1 General subject
     personal consultation about your options with one of our   And
     experienced Future Students staff.
                                                                y You’ve completed WACE
     School Leavers                                             y You meet the English competency requirements
     For all Year 12 students applying for ECU courses, you
                                                                y You satisfy any prerequisites for the course you want to
     will need to meet English competency as well as achieve
                                                                  apply for
     WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education).
                                                                If you are a current Year 12 ATAR student seeking admission
     If you are unsure of your pathway, our Future Students
                                                                for Semester 1, please submit your course application
     team is available to discuss course requirements and
                                                                via TISC. If you are also applying through our Experienced
     entry options specific to your interests.
                                                                Based Entry Scheme pathway then please apply direct to
     ATAR Students                                              ECU as well.
     Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is a ranking     If you don’t have an ATAR, but satisfy English competency,
     based on eligible subjects studied in Year 12. If your     please submit your application and documentation at
     ATAR doesn’t meet entry requirements for the course        ecuworldready.com.au/apply
     you’ve chosen, you have some options:
     y If you’ve attended a school on our ECU Access
       list, your selection rank may be adjusted upwards
       and you may meet entry requirements for an
       undergraduate course. Please search ECU Access list
       at www.ecu.edu.au for more information

     VISIT ecuworldready.com.au/apply

Things to
                                                      Are you studying
                                                          at an ECU
                                                      Access school?
                     4 or more          Apply
                        ATAR           via TISC           Consider
                     subjects                         applying through
                                                      Experienced Based
                                                        Entry Scheme
                                                         pathway as

                                                        direct to ECU

                                        Are you
     Year 12        Completing        completing
     student       Certificate IV        ATAR

                                                        direct to ECU
                                                        Based Entry

                                     direct to ECU
                       3 ATAR
                                    via Experienced
                                      Based Entry
                    + 1 General

                    Completing           Apply
                      General        direct to ECU
                     subjects        for UniPrep

FOR INFORMATION ON early offers, VISIT ecuworldready.com.au/early-offers
     TO ECU                              -

     The following admission                                      Experience Based Entry
     information outlines additional                              Scheme pathway
     pathways for applying to ECU                                 ECU’s Experience Based Entry Scheme pathway
     University Preparation Courses                               assesses an applicant on a variety of measures
     (UniPrep)                                                    including academic history, relevant experience
                                                                  including work and life skills.
     Our range of UniPrep courses provide an admission
     pathway to many of our undergraduate courses                 As an applicant, you are asked to provide:
     and are available to all prospective domestic
                                                                  y Your academic records
     students. Australian citizens, holders of a Permanent
     Humanitarian Visa, Permanent Residents and                   y Two written references with at least one being a
     New Zealand citizens are eligible to study in a                recent professional/work/school reference
     Commonwealth Supported place, making the UniPrep             y An introductory letter
     course FREE. Visit ecuworldready.com.au/uniprep for          y Your resumé
     more information.
                                                                  You may be offered a place in the course of your choice
     Higher Education Student                                     or the UniPrep course.
     Applicants                                                   Our Experience Based Entry Scheme pathway is only
     (includes study at a university or a non-university higher   available to domestic applicants and is not available
     education provider)                                          for all courses.
     You may meet the minimum admission requirements              Aboriginal and Torres Strait
     for study at ECU. International university qualifications    Islander Students
     may also satisfy academic requirements; however you
                                                                  At ECU, we help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
     may be required to successfully complete a recognised
                                                                  people and their communities to achieve their dreams
     English test.
                                                                  and aspirations through further education. Our Centre
     Apply direct to ECU via our online Applicant Portal at       for Indigenous Australian Education and Research,
     ecuworldready.com.au/apply                                   Kurongkurl Katitjin, is committed to assisting students
                                                                  with choosing a university entry pathway and in
     VET Study Applicants                                         understanding and adapting to university life.
     If you have completed a Certificate III from a registered
     training organisation (RTO), you may be eligible to          Aboriginal University Readiness
     commence your ECU studies starting off with our              Assessment (AURA)
     UniPrep course. This is a great option for those who         Administered by Kurongkurl Katitjin, AURA aims
     have had extended time away from studies or wish             to provide a holistic and personal approach to
     to build their confidence in university-level study by       commencing the university journey. By establishing
     teaching them the required skills for academic success.      important support networks early, the transition for
                                                                  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into an
     Alternatively, if you’ve completed a Certificate IV,         enabling or undergraduate course at ECU, ensures that
     you can apply direct to us for an undergraduate              you are well supported and well connected right from
     course. Applicants must also meet English competency         the start.
     dependent on the course they are applying for.
                                                                  ECU’s Aboriginal Recruitment Coordinator will discuss
     Special Tertiary Admissions Test                             your entry options and course application process,
     (STAT)                                                       including any further assessment of core skills if you
     Available to anyone who is 20 years of age before            don’t meet minimum entry requirements.
     1 March in the year in which they wish to commence
                                                                  Kurongkurl Katitjin’s Student Success Team will also
     studies. The STAT is a national test for mature age
                                                                  reach out with tailored support and information once
     people designed to assess aptitude for learning in a
                                                                  you have made the decision to join us here at ECU.
     tertiary environment. For more information and to book,
     please visit tisc.edu.au                                     For more information, visit ecuworldready.com.au/

                                                                  FOR MORE INFORMATION ON APPLYING,
                                                                  VISIT ecuworldready.com.au/apply

Facilities, services
& support                                                     -

       Resources                                                        Learning

   – Fully-equipped               – Free Wi-Fi                       – Academic Mentoring
     modern libraries             – Hairdresser    JO                – Learning Advisers
   – e-labs available 24/7        – ATMs                             – Career, Volunteering, Mentoring
                                                                       & Leadership Services
                                                                     – Equity, Diversity & Disability Services
                                                                     – Study Abroad & Exchange Program
                                                                     – Kurongkurl Katitjin (Centre for Indigenous Australian
                                                                       Education & Research)
                                                                     – LGBTIQ supportive environment

      Student Hub

   – Course information & advice
   – Enrolment assistance                                                Social
   – Advice on how to resume a course
     following deferral / discontinuation                            – Student Guild                – University games
   – Advice on extension of time                                     – Clubs and societies          – Taverns    JO ML

   – Graduation eligibility

                                                                     – 24/7 security service        – 3258+ parking bays
   – Medical Centres     JO ML                                       – Well-lit pathways              across campuses
   – Free Counselling service                                        – Emergency phones             – Night security escort
   – Fully-equipped sports, recreation                                                              – Security app
     & fitness centres JO ML
   – Mini-gym & playing courts    BU


                                                                     – Childcare
         Food                                                        – Parenting rooms
                                                                     – Crèche
   – Cafés and other food outlets                                    – Kids Holiday Program     JO ML

Equity, Diversity & Disability
ECU’s Equity, Diversity and Disability (EDD) services support students whose studies may be affected by a range
of circumstances including a medical condition or disability, either their own or that of a family member that they
care for, cultural or religious practices and other situations on a case-by-case basis. EDD staff can assist with liaising
with academic staff, arranging alternative assessment conditions, access to some aids and equipment, note taking,
AUSLAN interpreting and transcription services. Every campus has a specially-designed Accessible Technologies
Room that provides students with access to adjustable chairs and desks, specialised software, computers and other
adaptive technology. All ECU locations have access for people with disabilities.

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