2 5 September 2020 - Global Gate

2 - 5 September 2020 Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta Indonesia www.indoprintpackplas.com The 12th Indonesian International Plastics Exhibition The 11th Indonesian International Processing and Packaging Exhibition The 11th Indonesian International Printing Exhibition application Jointly organized by:

  • We wish to participate as: q Exhibitor q Co-exhibitor of _ _ Registered company name _ _ Address _ _ _ _ City/Postal Code _ Country _ _ Tel _ Fax _ Email _ _ Contact Person _ Job Title _ _ A1 Space Application Please complete and return to: Indonesian Exhibitors PT. WAHANA KEMALANIAGA MAKMUR Komplek Graha Kencana Blok CH-CI Jl Raya Pejuangan No 88, Kebon Jeruk Jakarta 11530 - Indonesia Tel : +62 21 53660804 Fax : +62 21 5325890/87 Email : info@wakeni.com International Exhibitors Messe Düsseldorf Asia Pte Ltd 3 HarbourFront Place, #09-02 HarbourFront Tower Two Singapore 099254 Tel : +65 6332 9620 Fax : +65 6337 4633/6332 9655 Email : indoplas@mda.com.sg | indopack@mda.com.sg | indoprint@mda.com.sg _ _ Company stamp and legally binding signature Date _ _ Name of signatory Job Title To be completed by Organizer Stand Allocated : Area: Dimensions: In submitting this space application form, the exhibitor agrees to all points of the Conditions of Participation of the Organizers and confirms to have received them. Failing other arrangements subject to the prior consent of the Organizers, place of jurisdiction (venue) is Singapore or, at the discretion of the Organizers, the registered office of the exhibitor. This also applies to complaints arising from cheques or drafts. Cost of Participation We hereby apply for: q INDOPLAS q INDOPACK q INDOPRINT
  • Cost of Participation is subject to 10% VAT according to Indonesian Government Tax – PPN.
  • Exhibitors who wish to build their own booth must take a min. of 18 sqm.
  • Shell Scheme package (min. 12 sqm) includes: Wall paneling, fascia with company’s name, lighting, carpet, information desk and chairs, wastepaper basket, power point.
  • We agree to pay 25% down payment on confirmation of admission and the balance of 75% by 1 June 2020.

Please note that product codes are not automatically listed in the catalogue! Company’s name (Co-exhibitor charges US$ 500.00) 2 - 5 SEP 2020 Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia Code nos. of products to be exhibited according to the List of Exhibits (Form A2) Billing Address PLEASE COMPLETE ONLY IF BILLING ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT FROM REGISTERED COMPANY’S ADDRESS Company _ _ Address City/Postal Code _ _ Tel _ _ Fax _ _ Email _ _ Contact Person _ _ Compulsory Cost Total Cost Space Rental: US$ 90.00 per sqm Participation Fee: US$ 225.00 per sqm Total: US$ 315.00 per sqm _ sqm _ m x _ m) US$ q Optional Cost Shell Scheme Package: US$ 63.00 per sqm _ sqm _ m x _ m) US$ Subtotal US$ VAT (10%) US$ Total Cost US$

  • Please indicate on Form A1 A2 A1. Machinery and Equipment A1.1 Machines and Equipment for preprocessing, recycling A1.1.1 Compounding Lines A1.1.2 Melt Filters A1.1.3 Mixers A1.1.4 Mills A1.1.5 Pelletizers A1.1.6 Powder Compactors A1.1.7 Recycling Lines A1.1.8 Screen Changers A1.1.9 Size Reduction Equipment (Crushers, Shredders, Grinders) A1.1.10 Others A1.2 Machinery and plant for processing A1.2.1 Blow Moulding Machines A1.2.2 Calenders A1.2.3 CV Systems A1.2.4 Extruders and Extrusion Lines A1.2.5 Extrusion Blown Film Machines A1.2.6 Injection Moulding Machines A1.2.7 Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Machines A1.2.8 Machinery for Belt Making A1.2.9 Machinery for Foam, Reactive Resins or Reinforced Plastics A1.2.10 Machinery for Tyre Making and Retreading A1.2.11 Other Processing Machines A1.2.12 Presses A1.2.13 Rotational Moulding Machines A1.2.14 Others A1.3 Post Processing Machines A1.3.1 Bag and Sack Making Equipment A1.3.2 Bending, Folding and Edgetrimming Machines A1.3.3 Cutting Machines A1.3.4 Deflashing Equipment A1.3.5 Die Cutting Equipment A1.3.6 Milling Machines A1.3.7 Pipe Belling and Socketing Machines A1.3.8 Powder and Talc Application Equipment A1.3.9 Punching and Perforating Machines A1.3.10 Slitter Rewinders A1.3.11 Splitting Machines, Peeling Machines A1.3.12 Stretching Lines for Film, Filament, etc A1.3.13 Vacuum/Thermoforming Machines A1.3.14 Winding Machines A1.3.15 Others A1.4 Machinery and Plant for Finishing,Decorating, Printing and Marking A1.4.1 Coating Plant A1.4.2 Embossing Equipment A1.4.3 Equipment for In-Mould Decoration (IMD) A1.4.4 Flocking Plant A1.4.5 Laminating Plant A1.4.6 Laser Cutting and Marking Equipment A1.4.7 Marking Equipment A1.4.8 Metallizing Plant (Vacuum Deposition) A1.4.9 Printing Equipment A1.4.10 Others A1.5 Welding Machines A1.5.1 Extrusion Welders A1.5.2 Friction Welders A1.5.3 Heat Impulse Welders A1.5.4 High-Frequency Welders A1.5.5 Hot-Gas Welders A1.5.6 Hot-Plate Welders A1.5.7 Laser Beam Welding Machines A1.5.8 Ultrasonic Welders A1.5.9 Others A1.6 Moulds and Dies A1.6.1 Blow Moulds A1.6.2 Extrusion Dies A1.6.3 Hotrunner Systems A1.6.4 Injection and Compression Moulds A1.6.5 Mould and Die Cleaning Equipment A1.6.6 Mould Clamping Systems and Energy Couplings A1.6.7 Standard Parts for Moulds A1.6.8 Others A1.7 Auxiliary/Ancillary Equipment A1.7.1 Automation/Robotics and Parts Handling A1.7.2 Belt Conveyors A1.7.3 Degassing Systems A1.7.4 Dehumidifying Dryers A1.7.5 Driers for Bulk Materials A1.7.6 Dosing and Metering Equipment A1.7.7 Dust and Fume Extraction Systems A1.7.8 Equipment for Gas Injection A1.7.9 Gravimetric and Volumetric Blenders A1.7.10 Handling Equipment for Loading Inserts or Unloading Moulded Parts A1.7.11 Heating and Cooling Units for Moulds and Dies A1.7.12 Loaders and Conveying Systems A1.7.13 Materials Loaders A1.7.14 Melt Pumps A1.7.15 Metal Separators A1.7.16 Mould Changing Systems A1.7.17 Mould Temperature Controllers A1.7.18 Pneumatic Conveyors A1.7.19 Screw Conveyors A1.7.20 Silos and Silo Discharge Devices A1.7.21 Spiral Conveyors A1.7.22 Sprue Separating Equipment A1.7.23 Surface Pretreatment Equipment A1.7.24 Others A1.8 Measuring Closed Loop Control and Test Equipment A1.8.1 Accelerated Weathering Equipment A1.8.2 Colour Testing Instruments A1.8.3 Coloured Light Measuring Equipment A1.8.4 Edge and Center Sensors A1.8.5
  • Hot Runner Temperature Controllers A1.8.6
  • Measuring and Test Equipment A1.8.7 Measuring and Closed Loop Control Equipment for the Tensile Stress of Film Sheet A1.8.8 Measuring Equipment for Melt Pressure/Temperature A1.8.9 Precision Measuring Instruments A1.8.10 Precision Weighing Equipment A1.8.11 Temperature Control Thermometers A1.8.12 Thickness Gauges (On-Line) A1.8.13 Others A1.9 Parts and Components A1.9.1 Barrels A1.9.2 Customised Plastic Parts A1.9.3 Heating Elements A1.9.4 Machine Blades A1.9.5 Nozzles A1.9.6 Rolls A1.9.7 Rotary Unions for Liquids A1.9.8 Screws A1.9.9 Others A2. Raw Materials and Compounding Ingredients A2.1 Additives A2.1.1 Master Batches A2.2 Adhesives and Glues A2.3 Coating Compounds A2.4 Fillers A2.5 Foams and Intermediates A2.6 Industrial Oil Lubricants A2.7 Paint Resins A2.8 Reinforcing Fibres, Materials A2.9 Rubbers A2.10 Starting Materials, Intermediate, Polymerisation Auxiliaries A2.11 Synthetic Fibres, Bristles, Tapes A2.12 Thermoplastics A2.13 Thermoplastics Elastomers A2.14 Thermosets A2.15 Others A3. Services A3.1 CAD/CAM/CAE Software A3.2 Contract Manufacturing/ Asembly Services A3.3 Material Formulating/ Compounding A3.4 Plastic Injection Moulding A3.5 Professional Literature A3.6 Research Development and Consulting A3.7 Trade Associations A3.8 Trade Directories/Publications A3.9 Others List of Exhibits The 12th Indonesian International Plastics Exhibition 2 – 5 SEP 2020 Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia

Please indicate on Form A1 A2 B1. Machinery and Equipment for the Manufacture of Packaging B1.1 Auxiliary Machinery and Equipment, Rollers and Tools B1.2 Finishing Machinery for Packaging Materials B1.3 Machinery Devices for the Manufacture of Packaging Materials B1.4 Machines for the Manufacture of Glass Packaging B1.5 Machines for the Manufacture of Labels B1.6 Machines for the Manufacture of Metal Packaging B1.7 Machines for the Manufacture of Paper, Carton and Cardboard Packaging B1.8 Machinery for the Manufacture of Packaging Aids B1.9 Machines for the Manufacture of Plastic Packaging B1.10 Machines for the Manufacture of Textile Packaging B1.11 Machines for the Manufacture of Wood Packaging B1.12 Packaging Manufacturing Machinery B1.13 Package Printing Machinery B1.14 Safety Systems for Packs B1.15 Others B2.

Packaging Machinery and Equipment B2.1 Accessory Equipment B2.2 Aseptic Packaging Equipment B2.3 Bag-In-Box Equipment B2.4 Bag Loading and Sealing Machines B2.5 Bag Making Machines B2.6 Blister Pack Machines B2.7 Box/Carton Forming Equipment B2.8 Box/Carton Making Machines B2.9 Can Manufacturing Machinery from Paper, Card, Cardboard B2.10 Capping Equipment and Systems B2.11 Carton Erecting and Sealing Equipment B2.12 Carton Formers B2.13 Cartoners and End-of-Line Packaging Machines B2.14 Case and Carton Loading, Sealing and Strapping Equipment B2.15 Case Packer, Stacker and Unstacker B2.16 Casing Equipment B2.17 Checkweighing Devices B2.18 Chub Packaging Machines B2.19 Closing Equipment, Flexible Film B2.20 Coding and Marking Equipment B2.21 Conveyors and Accessories B2.22 Cosmetics Packaging Equipment B2.23 Cup Making Machines B2.24 Filling and Closing Machines B2.25 Folding Box Making Machines B2.26 Gas Packaging Equipment B2.27 Labelling Equipment B2.28 Label Making Machines B2.29 Netting and Tying Machines B2.30 Overwrapping Machines B2.31 Package Decorating/ Printing Equipment B2.32 Packaging Machines for Liquid and Semi Liquid Dosage Forms B2.33 Packaging Machines for Solid Dosage Forms B2.34 Packing Machinery B2.35 Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment B2.36 Portioners/Portioning Equipment B2.37 Pouch Packaging Equipment B2.38 Rigid, Semi-Rigid Package Equipment B2.39 Sealing Machines B2.40 Shrinking Equipment B2.41 Shrink Wrapping Machines B2.42 Stretch Wrapping Machines B2.43 Thermoform Fill and Seal Machines B2.44 Thermoforming Machines B2.45 Vacuum Packaging Machines and Equipment B2.46 Weighing Equipment B2.47 Wrapping and Overwrapping Machines B2.48 Others B3.

Processing Machinery and Equipment for B3.1 Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages B3.2 Basic Food and Feed B3.3 Confectionary and Bakery B3.4 Dairy Products B3.5 Fish and Seafood B3.6 Fruits and vegetables B3.7 Ingredients and Additives B3.8 Meat B3.9 Oils and Fats B3.10 Quality Control B3.11 Safety and Hygiene B3.12 Waste Management B4. Packaging Materials, Packaging Means, Packaging Aids B4.1 Adhesives and Tapes B4.2 Ampoules B4.3 Bag-In-Box Packages B4.4 Bags B4.5 Barrel, Drums B4.6 Baskets, Buckets B4.7 Bins B4.8 Blister Packaging B4.9 Bottles B4.10 Boxes (Folded Boxes, Rigid Boxes, Cut-Outs) B4.11 Cans B4.12 Cardboard B4.13 Carton Packaging for Liquids B4.14 Cases B4.15 Cheese Packaging B4.16 Composite Materials B4.17 Containers B4.18 Crates B4.19 Cups B4.20 Deep-Freeze Packaging B4.21 Display Packages B4.22 Films B4.23 Flacons B4.24 Flexible Tubes B4.25 Foam Plastic Packaging B4.26 Folding Boxes B4.27 Frozen/Novelty Packaging B4.28 Gas Packaging Materials B4.29 Gelatine Capsules B4.30 Hard Film Packages B4.31 Jars and Jugs B4.32 Labels and Label Supplies B4.33 Lining Materials B4.34 Marking Auxiliaries B4.35 Metal Materials and Packages B4.36 Nets (Plastic, Textiles) B4.37 Package Design and Creation B4.38 Packaging Glass B4.39 Packaging Inserts B4.40 Packaging Straps B4.41 Packaging Threads (Strings, Cords) B4.42 Packing Materials B4.43 Pallets B4.44 Paper, Carton, Cardboard B4.45 Plastic Foil B4.46 Plastic Raw Materials B4.47 Push-Out Packages B4.48 Resins B4.49 Sacks B4.50 Shrink Packaging Materials B4.51 Spray Packages B4.52 Stainless Steel Container B4.53 Tablet Tubes B4.54 Tear-Off Packages B4.55 Tear-Open Packages B4.56 Textiles and Woven Materials B4.57 Transparent Packaging B4.58 Trays (Deep Drawn or Pressed) B4.59 Vacuum Packaging Materials B4.60 Others B5.

Casings B5.1 Casings B5.2 Collagen B5.3 Fibrous B5.4 Manufactured B5.5 Natural B5.6 Shrinkable Plastic B5.7 Others B6. General Packing-House Equipment B6.1 Branding, Identifying and Stamping B6.2 Counter Balances B6.3 General Packing-House Equipment B6.4 Maintenance, Sharpening and Overhaul Equipment B6.5 Scales B6.6 Spray Chill or Shrink Control Systems B6.7 Others List of Exhibits 2 – 5 SEP 2020 Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia The 11th Indonesian International Processing and Packaging Exhibition

Please indicate on Form A1 A2 B7. Tools and Equipment to Assist Manual Packaging B7.1 Adhesive-Tape Applicators B7.2 Equipment for Foam-Filling Packaging B7.3 Equipment for Lifting Heavy Products B7.4 Hand Rollers for Stretch Films B7.5 Manual Nail and Staple Guns B7.6 Price-Marking Machine B7.7 Shrink Guns B7.8 Others B8. Services B8.1 Business Support B8.1.1 Assembly, Maintenance and Repair Services B8.1.2 Consulting and Project Planning Of Track & Trace Solutions B8.1.3 Contract Packaging and Fulfillment B8.1.4 Leasing/Rental Services B8.1.5 Operating (Co-Packing) B8.1.6 Packaging Consulting B8.1.7 Packaging Design B8.1.8 Packaging Waste Disposal and Recycling B8.1.9 Project Planning and Implementation Of Packaging Lines B8.1.10 Recycling Operators B8.1.11 Remote Diagnosis/Teleservice B8.1.12 Retrofit B8.1.13 Software Solutions For The Packaging Industry B8.1.14 Trainings B8.2 Trade Press B8.2.1 Online Media B8.2.2 Trade Books B8.2.3 Trade Magazines B8.3 Associations and Branch Organizations List of Exhibits 2 – 5 SEP 2020 Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia The 11th Indonesian International Processing and Packaging Exhibition

Please indicate on Form A1 A2 List of Exhibits C1. Bookbinding - Print Finishing C1.1 Binding Machines C1.2 Cardboard Cutters C1.3 Die-Cutters for Bookbinding and Print Finishing C1.4 Embossing Forms and Dies C1.5 Embossing Presses for Bookbinding C1.6 Foil Sealing Machines C1.7 Gluing Machines C1.8 Hole Punching and Eyeleting Machines C1.9 Jacketing Machines C1.10 Label Manufacturing Machines C1.11 Labeling Machines for Printed Products C1.12 Laminating Machines C1.13 Perfect Binding Machines C1.14 Perforating Instruments and Equipment C1.15 Perforating Machines C1.16 Stacking and Piling Machines C1.17 Stitching Machines C1.18 Wire and Plastics Binding Machines C1.19 Wire Stitchers C1.20 Others C2.

Consumables C2.1 Additives and Concentrates (Ink) C2.2 Adhesives, Foils and Glues C2.3 Boards C2.4 Cartridge Boxes C2.5 Chemicals C2.6 Films C2.7 Inks for Graphic Design and Retouching C2.8 Knives (Circular, Photogravure, Straight) C2.9 Layout Materials C2.10 Machine Tapes C2.11 Papers C2.12 Photographic Materials C2.13 Printing Plates C2.14 Screen Printing Aids and Forms C2.15 Self-Adhesive Materials for Printing C2.16 Toner C2.17 Wire and Plastic Bindings C2.18 Doctor Blades C2.19 Others C3. Converting C3.1 Automatic Printing, Folding and Closing Machines C3.2 Bending Machines C3.3 Box Lining and Covering Machines C3.4 Cardboard Lining Machines C3.5 Cardboard Plate Making Machines C3.6 Circular Knives and Shears C3.7 Coating Machines and Devices C3.8 Corrugated Board Converting Machines C3.9 Corrugated Board Machines C3.10 Cross Cutting Machines C3.11 Die-Cutting Machines C3.12 Edge Gluing Machines C3.13 Embossing Plate and Machinery C3.14 Foil Laminating Machines C3.16 Reel Sitting and Rewinding C3.17 Paper Converting Machines C3.18 Winding Machines C3.15 Others C4.

Prepress and Premedia C4.1 Bending Devices for Printing Plates C4.2 Blankets for Printing Down Units C4.3 Coating Machines for Printing Plates C4.4 Color Management Systems C4.5 Computer to Film Systems C4.6 Computer to Plate Systems C4.7 Computer to Press Systems C4.8 Desktop Publishing Systems (DTP) C4.9 Embossing Forms and Dies C4.10 Engraving Machines for Embossing Plates C4.11 Engraving Machines for Gravure Printing Plate Production C4.12 Film Processing Equipment C4.13 Film Processors for Printing Plate Production C4.14 Image Processing Software and Systems C4.15 Layout Auxiliary Equipment C4.16 Photo Setting Systems C4.17 Printing Down Equipment C4.18 Programming Units for Reproduction C4.19 Reproduction Equipment C4.20 Others C5.

Printing Machinery and Equipment C5.1 Adhesive Applicators C5.2 Anilox Rollers for Flexographic Printing C5.3 Banding Machines C5.4 Blanket Washing Equipment C5.5 Colour Care Systems C5.6 Colour Measuring and Testing Equipment C5.7 Conditioning Equipment C5.8 Continuous Stationery Printing Presses C5.9 Cooling Equipment for Inks Units C5.10 Cutting, Punching and Scoring Rules C5.11 Die Stamping Machines C5.12 Digital Colour Printing Systems C5.13 Digital Large Format Printing Systems C5.14 Digital Printing Presses C5.15 Doctor-Blade Grinding Machines C5.16 Dryers for Printed Products C5.17 Dust Removing Equipment for Printing Presses C5.18 Embossed Foil Printing Presses C5.19 Embossing Machinery C5.20 Flexographic Printing Presses C5.21 Flexographic Machines for Package Printing C5.22 Foil Printing Presses C5.23 Foil Stamping Machines C5.24 Gravure Presses, Sheet-Fed C5.25 Impression Cylinders, Gravure and Flexo Printing C5.26 Ink Formulating Systems C5.27 Ink Jet Printing Systems C5.28 Label Printing Machines C5.29 Letterpress Platens C5.30 Letterpress Sheet-Fed Presses C5.31 Letterpress Web-Fed Presses C5.32 Offset Presses, Sheet-Fed C5.33 Offset Presses, Web-Fed C5.34 Palletising Equipment C5.35 Printing and Embossing Presses, Combined C5.36 Rotogravure Presses, Web-Fed C5.37 Screen Printing Machines, Sheet-Fed C5.38 Screen Printing Machines, Web-Fed C5.39 Security Printing Machines C5.40 Stationery Imprinting Machines C5.41 Printing Machines for Special Printing Applications C5.42 Others C6.

Information Technology and Networking C6.1 Accessories and Peripherals C6.2 Broadband Networks C6.3 Computer Components C6.4 Copying Machines C6.5 Digital Cameras C6.6 Digital Media Storage Devices C6.7 Education and Training Electronic Media C6.8 Entertainment Software C6.9 Graphic Workstations C6.10 Internet Providers C6.11 Mobile and Wireless Communication C6.12 Online Resources C6.13 Personal Data Storage C6.14 Teleconference Equipment C6.15 Wi-Fi Technology C6.16 Wireless Data communication C6.17 Others C7. Services C7.1 Advertising/Promotion Agency C7.2 Consulting C7.3 Data Processing Service C7.4 Financial Services C7.5 Industrial Associations C7.6 Trade Directories C7.7 Trade Magazines C7.8 Graphic and Arts C7.9 Others The 11th Indonesian International Printing Exhibition 2 – 5 SEP 2020 Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • B 1. Joint Organizers Messe Düsseldorf Asia Pte Ltd 3 HarbourFront Place, #09-02 HarbourFront Tower Two Singapore 099254 Tel : +65 6332 9620 Fax : +65 6332 9655 / 6337 4633 Email : indoplas@mda.com.sg indopack@mda.com.sg indoprint@mda.com.sg Url : www.indoprintpackplas.com PT. WAHANA KEMALANIAGA MAKMUR Komplek Graha Kencana Blok CH-CI Jl Raya Pejuangan No 88 Kebon Jeruk Jakarta 11530 - Indonesia Tel : +62 21 53660804 Fax : +62 21 5325890/87 Email : info@wakeni.com 2. Venue Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran Arena PRJ Kemayoran Jakarta 10620, Indonesia www.jiexpo.com 3. Timetable
  • Erection of booths (the “Build-up-Period”) 30 Aug – 1 Sep 2020
  • Duration of the Exhibition (the “Exhibition Period”) 2 – 5 Sep 2020 Opening hours : 10.00am – 6.00pm
  • Dismantling of booths (the “Dismantling Period”) 6 Sep 2020 4. Catalogue Entry The participation cost includes a free entry of your company’s full contact details in the official catalogue. The Exhibitor will be forwarded separate forms in due course for catalogue entries with costs. The above provisions also apply to co-exhibitors participating in the exhibition.

5. Costs of Participation The costs of participation to be paid are as set forth in the participation options described under Clause 5.2. The general services and facilities (5.1) are included in all options under 5.2. Participation Options: 5.1 General services and facilities - Provision of net fair space (stand area), not for co-exhibitors - Pro rata charge for collectively used area (difference between gross and net area) - Air conditioning of halls during Exhibition Period as well as last day of Build-up Period. - Entry in the catalogue - Stand number panel with pictograph - Cleaning of aisles and passages in halls (exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their stands) - General security service (no individual surveillance) - Fire protection service during Build-up Period, Exhibition Period and Dismantling Period.

Design of open-air space and halls (flags, inscriptions). - General illumination during Build-up Period, Exhibition Period and Dismantling Period. - Equipping and operating a service centre (telefax and telephone exchange, forwarding agents, technical facilities office and organizers’ office) - Comprehensive visitor promotion - Visitor registration system - Information stands for visitors - Such insurances that the organizers are by law required to take up - Cost of Participation is subject to 10% VAT according to Indonesian Government Tax – PPN 5.2 Compulsory Cost (Space Rental + Participation Fee) US$ 315.00 per sqm Optional Cost: Shell Scheme Package US$ 63.00 per sqm Services and facilities under “Compulsory Cost“ include: - Hall area without structure, stand number Services and facilities under “Shell Scheme” include: - Stand assembly and dismantling, include all ancillary costs, comprising: see Form A1 under “Shell Scheme Package” 5.3 Co-exhibitor Charge Per Company US$ 500.00 per co-exhibitor Any additional technical services required, e.g.

power, security, connection of water, local labour are to be provided exclusively by the Organizers at an extra charge and can be ordered using special order forms. Fees for additional stand assembly services supplementary to those included in the participation fee, and any orders for services shall be agreed or charged according to the Organizers’ price lists valid at the time of the event. The fees published by the Organizers are fixed prices and are binding on both parties once the Exhibitor has been admitted.

In the event of any change in the initial conditions agreed between local contractual partners and the Organizers or any amendment to legal provisions and fees after admission, the Organizers shall be entitled to charge these to the Exhibitor at the current rate. 6. Registration Registrations must be submitted using the enclosed form, acknowledging the acceptance of these Conditions of Participation. The completed registration form bearing a legally binding signature of the Exhibitor should be mailed to: International Exhibitors Messe Düsseldorf Asia Pte Ltd 3 HarbourFront Place #09-02 HarbourFront Tower Two Singapore 099254 Tel : +65 6332 9620 Fax : +65 6332 9655 / 6337 4633 Url : www.indoprintpackplas.com Indonesian Exhibitors PT.

WAHANA KEMALANIAGA MAKMUR Komplek Graha Kencana Blok CH-CI Jl Raya Pejuangan No 88 Kebon Jeruk Jakarta 11530 - Indonesia Tel : +62 21 53660804 Fax : +62 21 5325890/87 Email : info@wakeni.com No account shall be taken of conditions or reservations specified by the Exhibitors contained in the registrations. Requests for specific sites do not constitute a condition of participation. Only upon receipt by the Organizers shall the registration be deemed to be submitted. In consideration of the Organizers agreeing to consider the registration of the Exhibitor the Exhibitor agrees that it shall not at any time during the Relevant Period withdraw its registration.

Particulars given shall be stored for automatic data processing and shall be made available to third parties upon implementation of the contract. Registrations shall be processed in the order received. Any registrations received after the start of space allocation can only be considered if sufficient space is available. Any services offered by companies having exclusive rights in the fair grounds must be ordered through the Organizers.

For the purpose of this clause - Registration - the relevant period shall commence from the date the Exhibitors submits his registration to the Organizers and shall end on the last day of the exhibition. 7. Admission In principle, only those Exhibitors whose product range is covered by the title and remit of the event shall be admitted in the Exhibition. There is no legal right to admission. The Organizers shall have sole and absolute discretion to decide on the admission of exhibitors and exhibits. Any firm which has failed to meet its financial obligations owing to the Organizers or affiliated companies (from previous fair participation and/or under the terms of these Conditions of Participation, or Item 8) may be rejected.

Exhibitors will be informed of admission in writing and admission shall apply only to the Exhibitor stated therein. The mailing of the notice of admission gives rise to a contract between the Organizers and the Exhibitor.

The Organizers shall be entitled to revoke any admission if such admission was based on a misunderstanding, false information or if the preconditions for approval no longer apply. Should the Organizers be compelled to relocate or change individual stands, entrances, exits or aisles at a later point in time, this shall not give rise to any claims. If through no fault on the part of the Organizers the space allocated is no longer available, the Exhibitor shall be entitled to a refund of the participation fee, free of interest, as agreed liquidated damages. No claims for further damages may be submitted.

Following admission by the Organizers (conclusion of the contract), the obligation to pay the participation fee shall remain legally binding even if, for example, the authorities in the exhibiting country do not approve, in whole or part, the Exhibitor’s import requirements, or if exhibits for any reason whatsoever fail to arrive in time or to arrive at all (e.g. owing to loss, delays in transit or customs), or if the Exhibitor or his agent is delayed or even unable to attend. Should the Exhibitor or his agent fail to take over the allocated stand area two days prior to the beginning of the Exhibition, such area may be otherwise disposed of in such manner as the Organizers shall determine in its absolute discretion.

This shall not release the Exhibitor from his contractual obligations or entitle him to demand for refund or lodge any other claims against the Organizers. 8. Terms of Payment The currency of invoice is in US (US$). 8.1 Participation costs set forth in item 6 shall be due upon approval of the registration. The exhibitor shall be billed for such amounts. 25% of the participation costs must be paid upon confirmation or allocation of space. The balance shall be paid not later than 1 June 2020.

Conditions of Participation 2 - 5 SEP 2020 Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia

B Conditions of Participation 8.2 Charges for other, separately ordered services or deliveries shall be payable at the time of performance or on the date of receipt of the invoice at the latest. 8.3 All remittance are payable to PT. Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur, in the currency inclusive of remittance and beneficiary bank charges and must be made by draft or direct transfer to: PANIN (PAN INDONESIA) Komp. Perkantoran Graha Kencana Blok CJ Jl. Raya Pejuangan No.

88, Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11530 Account : PT. Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur Account name : 175.6000.123 (USD) Swift Code : PINBIDJA Important Note: Payment is subject to 10% VAT according to Indonesian Government Tax – PPN 8.4 For failure to meet any and all commitments on the part of the Exhibitors, the Organizers shall be granted a right of lien in respect of the exhibitors’ stand equipment and exhibits (the “Lien Items”) on the understanding that the Organizers are entitled to realise and/or sell the Lien Items in order to meet such commitments. The Organizers cannot be held liable for damages to/loss of the Lien Items arising from such realisation and/or sale.

8.5 If invoices are sent to a third party on the Exhibitor’s instructions, the latter shall still remain a debtor of the Organizers. 8.6 In case of default by the Exhibitor of payment of any sum due to the Organizers, interest shall be charged on the outstanding sum at a rate of 7% p.a. Where payment dates are not met, the Organizers shall be entitled to rescind the contract or otherwise dispose of the stand area and the Exhibitor shall be responsible for all losses suffered by the Organizers. Item 10 of the Conditions of Participation shall apply.

9. Withdrawal or Non-Participation The Exhibitor shall not be entitled to withdraw his registration or reduce the fair space after submission of the form of registration.

Following approval, the Exhibitor is no longer entitled to withdraw his registration or reduce the fair space. Both participation fee and any other costs actually incurred by the Organizers must be paid. Withdrawal by the Exhibitor or any waiver of the allocated stand area shall only become effective upon receipt by the Organizers of a written declaration to that effect. The Organizers are entitled to rescind the contract in the event of an application for composition or bankruptcy proceedings in respect of the Exhibitor’s assets or where such an application is rejected on the grounds of insufficient assets.

The Exhibitor shall inform the Organizers thereof at once.

10. Exhibits All exhibits must be listed individually on the registration form giving an exact description. Any display of inflammable or pungent exhibits or exhibits whose demonstration entails noise requires the prior written consent of the Organizers. Exhibits may not be removed during the course of the event. The operation and demonstration of exhibits is only admissible within the scope of accepted standards. The Organizers are neither in charge of nor responsible for questions of licenses, quotas or transfers of sales proceeds. 11. Technical Guidelines The Technical Guidelines are a constituent part of these Conditions of Participation and must be adhered to.

The Technical Guidelines shall be handed over to the exhibitor at the latest with the order form for services. 12. Fair Insurance and Exclusion of Liability The Organizers have concluded a general trade fair insurance contract covering the usual insurable risks such as fire, burglary, theft, breakage, leakage and water damage, including the risks of transportation to and from the fairgrounds. On application, each Exhibitor can have his participation risk covered at his own expense under this general insurance contract. On request a corresponding form will be sent to the Exhibitor under separate cover together with the service package offer.

Exhibitors who do not avail themselves of the insurance cover offered by this general insurance contract in time, acknowledge in respect of the the Organizers that they waive all right to asserting any claims for damages which would have been covered, had they taken out the insurance protection offered. All damages incurred must be reported in writing to the police and to the insurance broker (also by telex or telefax). Incidences of fire, theft and burglary must be reported to the trade fair management and the police within 24 hours of such occurrence. The Organizers and her affiliated companies are liable for personal injury and damage to property only in the case of wilful intent or gross negligence on its part or the part of its servants.

It accepts no duty to exercise proper care with respect to exhibits and/or stand fittings. This exclusion is in no way limited by the security measures provided or decoration services undertaken in individual cases. The Exhibitor is liable for all damages caused to third parties as a result of his trade fair participation, including damages to buildings on the fairgrounds and to the exhibition halls and/or their furniture and fittings, save where such damages are covered by a local third-party indemnity insurance.

13. Circulars Once the stand areas have been allocated, the Exhibitors shall receive circulars giving information on preparations for the staging of the fair. Any consequences arising from disregarding these circulars shall be borne by the Exhibitors. 14. Reservations Any rules and regulations of the host country or the local contractual partner differing from these Conditions or Participation or imposing additional restrictions shall have precedence at all times. The Organizers shall not be liable for any resulting losses or other disadvantages to the Exhibitor.

The Organizers shall be entitled to postpone, curtail, extend or cancel the event and to close individual or all sections of the fair temporarily or permanently due to Act of God, force majeure, orders/directives imposed by any Government authority or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Should it become necessary to postpone, curtail, extend or cancel the event, the Exhibitor shall not be entitled to withdraw from the contract or claim compensation; should he nevertheless waive his right to the stand area allocated to him, Item 10 of the Conditions of Participation shall apply. The Organizers shall not be liable for any losses sustained or disadvantages suffered by the Exhibitor as a result of postponement, curtailment, extension or cancellation. Rather, the Exhibitor shall in such case be required to bear a reasonable share of the costs incurred by the Organizers in preparing for the event.

Where the Exhibitor has placed orders with the Organizers for services supplementary to those covered by the participation fee (Item 6), he shall be billed for the costs incurred until this point in time.

15. Copyright The Exhibitor gives permission to the Organizers to publish before, during and after the Exhibition any and all press releases, photographs, product information, and brochures sent to them for the purpose of obtaining publicity for the Exhibition and/or Exhibitor. The Exhibitor guarantees that all graphic elements, designs and photos are either: 1) original material, 2) paid for by the Exhibitor or, 3) already in the public domain such that the Organizers cannot be sued for copyright violation.

16. Final Provisions In submitting the registration, the Exhibitor agrees to be bound by these Conditions of Participation.

Any other agreements, individual permits or special arrangements shall require written confirmation by the Organizers. Should any of the above items be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms. The resulting gaps shall be filled in such a way as to maintain the sense and purpose of the contract. Any claims of the Exhibitor as against the Organizers shall be barred after six months. The period of limitation shall commence with the end of the month in which the event closed. All costs and expenses (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) incurred by the Organizers in the recovery of any monies payable to it by the Exhibitor or in the enforcement of any terms of these conditions shall be borne by the Exhibitors.

Time shall be of the essence of the contract in relation to all provisions of these conditions as shall relate to the payment of any monies from the Exhibitor to the Organizers. All notices, demands or other communications required or permitted to be given or made under these Conditions shall be in writing and delivered personally or sent by prepaid registered post of by facsimile addressed to the intended recipient thereof at its address specified in these Conditions or in the Application Form (as the case may be), or such other address notified by such party. Any such notice, demand or communication shall be deemed to have been duly served (if delivered personally or given or made by facsimile) immediately or (if given or made by letter) two days after posting and in proving the same it shall be sufficient to show that the envelope containing the same was duly addressed, stamped and posted.

These Conditions and the contract arising therefrom shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore. The parties hereto irrevocably submit for all purposes of or connection with any matter or issue relating to these Conditions and the contracts arising therefrom (including disputes relating to the cheques and drafts issued in payment of any sum due to these Conditions) to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Düsseldorf, Germany or the courts of the country in which the registered office of the Exhibitor is situated. The parties hereto irrevocably waive any objection which it may have now or hereafter to the laying of the venue of any proceedings in such court as is referred to herein and any claim that any such proceedings have been brought in an inconvenient forum.

2 - 5 SEP 2020 Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia

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