2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

2015 Checklist DECEMBER - Getting Started Online training live at vipetraining.littlebrownie.com Page 8 Materialsand forms arrive for volunteers and families Page 9 JANUARY - Setting Goals Join us for a Cookies 101 - LIVE Webinar to get the latest updates (register at www.girlscoutcsa.org) Page 2 Hold a cookie meeting and collect Parent Agreement forms Page 10 Attend a cookie rally (or hold one of your own!) Page 11 Set a troop goal Page 12 Sign up for cookie booth sites Page 22 Sign into eBudde at ebudde.littlebrownie.com Page 28 User name: email - Password: 0996@RahRah JANUARY 15 - Troop Agreementsand ACH FormsDue Page 8 JANUARY 16 - It’sCookieTime! CookieSaleStarts Page 19 FEBRUARY 1 - Opt-Out Form Due Page 14 FEBRUARY 2 - InitialOrderTaking Ends Page 25 FEBRUARY 4 - InitialOrdersDuein eBudde Enter girl orders and reward selections, sign up for a delivery time and print a delivery confirmation from eBudde Page 29 FEBRUARY 21-27 - CookiesArrive Page 25 FEBRUARY 27-MARCH 1 - National Girl Scout CookieWeekend Page 10 FEBRUARY 28 - Booth SalesBegin Page 22 Review guidelines and safety tips with your girls and families Page 18 MARCH 11 - InitialACH Collect and deposit funds from parents Page 33 MARCH 15 - DigitalOrderCard GirlDeliveryEnds Page 20 MARCH 22 - CookieSaleEnds! LastDayfor Booth Sales MARCH 27 - eBuddeClosestoTroops Make sure eBudde is up to date! Page 36 MARCH 30 - Outstanding DebtCollection FormsDue Page 33 APRIL 3 - FinalACH Page 34 APRIL 30 - Bling Your Booth EntriesDue Page 24 MAY 18-22 - RewardsArrive Page 37 JUNE 30 - ReturnUncollected RewardstoCouncil Page 37

2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

What’sInside This guide is a tool for troop volunteers involved in the 2015 Girl Scout Cookie Program and encompasses information available in the following online trainings for volunteers: Cookies 101, Product Sale Safety, Product Sale Finance and The 5 Skills. All volunteers, adults and girls must adhere to the requirements outlined in this guide to be eligible for participation in the Cookie Program. HINT: Look for the word NEW in front of any new information. All sections are colorcoded for easy reference.

Contents The Girl Scout Cookie Program 3 Cookies & the GSLE Living the Girl Scout Promise and Law Volunteer Responsibilities Getting Started 8 Setting Goals Girl,Troop & VolunteerRewards Earning Troop Funds GSUSA Badges& ActivityPins Cookie Safety 16 Girl Safety Cookie Booth Guidelines It’s Cookie Time! 19 Meet the Cookies Taking Orders Cookie Booths (and booth contestdetails!) Your Cookie Inventory UsingeBudde 28 Cookie Finance 33 It’s a Wrap! 36 For Service Units 38 Resources & Forms 43 Contents 1

2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

Thank you! Welcome to the 2015 Cookie Program! Thank you for volunteering your time to make this sale possible for the girls of the Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians (GSCSA). Although the girls will be marketing, selling, and earning during the 2015 Cookie Program, your support is the key to their success. We are here for you! We don’t expect you to go it alone, so we have staff and resources here to help you. Please reach out to us with any needs you may have. This guide is intended to outline all you need to know but you may still have questions – so we invite you to send us an email, give us a call, or join us for a Cookies 101 – LIVE webinar on January 6 @ noon and 6 PM.

These webinars are for all volunteers. We’ll share the most up to date info and be available to answer your questions! (The webinar recording will be available on our website by January 10). For details and to register, go to www.girlscoutcsa.org.

Your Girl Scout Product Team 1.800.474.1912 product@girlscoutcsa.org WHY COOKIES? In 2014, we asked each girl who sold cookies to complete a survey. The results? Girls LOVE participating in the cookie sale! Girls learn important skills while having fun with their troop. Check out quotes from the girls throughout this guide to get inspired! Thank you! 2 Girls love ... Earning prizes Meeting new people Being with their troop Having this experience with their mom Working cookie booths Meeting their goals ... selling cookies!

2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

TheGirl Scout Cookie Program The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the country, with sales of over seven hundred million boxes per year nationwide.

And, as the leading entrepreneurial program for girls, no university has produced as many female business owners as the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Council-sponsored product sales are an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE). With every season of cookies, another generation of girls learns five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. They gain confidence and put other important leadership skills into practice.

For troops, cookie sales are a great way to earn proceeds that support the things the troop wants to do. Troops rely on these proceeds to plan trips, purchase supplies or give back to the community. Through Girl Scouts, girls have the chance to do great things with their troops; the Girl Scout Cookie Program helps to make those things happen. Proceeds from the cookie sale make council programming possible. This includes council-supported events and program opportunities, year-round maintenance of our camps, print resources and council publications, financial assistance for girls, and staff support for the volunteers who deliver our unique and innovative programming.

100 % of all proceeds from the cookie sale benefit the girls in our local council. KNOW THE FACTS Girl Scouts work extremely hard during the Cookie Program to earn funds for their troops, service units and council; but where does all that money go? Here is the breakdown for the 2015 Cookie Program.

4.00 Price of One Box of Cookies $0.70 Troop & Service Unit Proceeds $0.20 Girl Rewards $1.00 Cost of the Cookies $2.10 Council Proceeds The Girl Scout Cookie Program 3

2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

Cookies & theGSLE LEADERSHIP KEYS The three keys to leadership, a vital component of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, or GSLE, are discover, connect, and take action. Girls discover how planning and innovation can equal success. Girls connect with others as they implement their plan and achieve their goals. Girls take action by implementing these skills and growing into future leaders.

Girls develop life-long skills on their leadership journey and during the Cookie Program THE 5 SKILLS We know girls gain five important skills through their participation in the Cookie Program. Many of these skills girls will learn on their own, but girls can also practice these as a troop. Girls succeed when troops incorporate the 5 skills into the Cookie Program.

Goal Setting: Goal setting is a vital part of the Cookie Program. Help each Girl Scout set her own goals and discuss what goals the girls would like to set as a troop. More on page 12. Decision Making: Each day is filled with decisions, big and small. The Cookie Program teaches girls to be smart decision-makers. By working with their fellow troop members, let girls decide how to best reach their goals. Money Management: The Cookie Program is often a girl’s first experience taking orders, counting money, and making change. But money management is about so much more! Let girls create budgets and prioritize what they should save, spend, and share.

People Skills: The Cookie Program gives girls the opportunity to interact with all different types of people. They work as a team with their troop mates, and learn to talk to customers. Practice is important, so allow girls to develop their skills in a safe space with their troop. Business Ethics: Girl Scouts learn to be honest and responsible when they’re Daisies, and are reminded of those values every time they speak the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Then they put these values into practice at cookie time. A Girl Scout who sells cookies will also learn the importance of earning money to support herself.

She will have the skills to run her own business. She will bring the values of honesty and responsibility to her chosen career, and she’ll be able to influence others in her work and in her community. The Cookie Program helps girls learn to use their talents and resources to make the world a better place! Cookies & the GSLE 4

2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

Living the Girl Scout Promise and Law Selling cookies may sound like a lot of work for both girls and volunteers, but it’s important to stay focused on the skills the girls will develop and the experience the troop will gain. Isn’t the handling of money a perfect occasion to be honest and fair? Can a girl learn to be courageous and strong by explaining her personal and troop goals to a family friend? Is a girl taking responsibility for her words and actions by delivering customers’ orders accurately and in a timely fashion? Absolutely! Adults should also use the time leading up to the cookie sale to get acquainted with the values in the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Volunteers should always model behavior that reflects a commitment to these values.

Living the Girl Scout Promise and Law 5 The Girl Scout Law I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout. The Girl Scout Promise On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

APPROPRIATE COOKIE BEHAVIOR The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches girls people skills, but it is also the public’s biggest opportunity to see Girl Scouts in action and learn about the skills and values that we teach girls.

For that reason, it is important for girls and adults to agree to the following guidelines for behavior while selling cookies: On my honor, I will followthese rules while participating in the Cookie Program. I will show that I am a Girl Scout. I will dress appropriately for the weather. I will always smile and be polite. I will stand quietly (unless I am speaking with a customer). I will tell customers about my goals.

I will stay out of the store’s walkway. I will follow any rules the store requires. I will always say, “Thank you!” Parents and volunteers agree to follow these rules. On my honor, I will followthese rules while participating in the Cookie Program. I will dress for success in attire that identifies I am with Girl Scouts. I will stand quietly and let my Girl Scout talk to the customers. I will let my Girl Scout tell customers about her goals. I will help ensure the safety of the girls and the money collected. I will follow any rules the store requires.

I will always say, “Thank you!” Just for TEENS Teen Girl Scouts let their curiosity and imagination lead the way as they try all kinds of new experiences.

They can travel to amazing places like Europe; explore exciting careers in a variety of fields, from science to the arts to education to government; take on big projects and help others in a big way. And the Cookie Program can help them achieve every dream! NEW: “Cookies, Money & More” is a webinar series just for teen Girl Scouts (Cadetes and up)! They may join us on January 5 or January 8 to discover some tips for getting the most out of the cookie sale and learning about all the cool things they can do as teens with the funds they earn. Register at our website, www.girlscoutcsa.org. Stay tuned for details!

Living the Girl Scout Promise and Law 6

2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

Volunteer Responsibilities Troop Cookie Volunteers agree to coordinate and conduct the 2015 Cookie Program for the troop, working with other volunteers, families and council staff to ensure that girls are given the opportunity to learn the 5 skills at the core of Girl Scout product programs. EXPECTATIONS, I will... Be a registered member of Girl Scouts of the USA Have on file a current (within 3 years), approved GSCSA Volunteer Application Have a troop bank account in good standing and an ACH form (10/2014) on file Comply with GSCSA Policies and Procedures Conduct myself with integrity thought out the Cookie Program RESPONSIBILITIES, I will...

Complete all required trainings for this role, collect Parent Agreements and distribute girl materials, following guidelines set in the 2015 Volunteer Cookie Guide Respect the deadlines set by the council and service unit volunteers Enter troop cookie and reward orders in eBudde and submit before the deadline Sign for all products received, maintaining accurate and complete records of products received using provided receipt system Distributeall cookies and girl rewards in a prompt and timely manner Deposit sufficient funds to cover the 2015 Cookie Program ACH withdrawals Collect all funds owed by parents and report parents that have an outstanding balance to council according to guidelines set in the 2015 Volunteer Cookie Guide ADDRESSING & MANAGING CONFLICT At times, issues revolving around cookies will pop up, and parents may come to you for guidance.

These might be simple personality conflicts, or more complex issues that involve money. We want you to know that you are empowered to handle these issues in ways consistent with Girl Scout policies and procedures ( just ask your Troop Coordinator). You can also turn to your local service unit team for advice and assistance, but be cautious: it is better to approach others for help when you can explain the issue in a calm, unbiased manner so that you will be more open to solutions that are mutually beneficial.

Many issues can be avoided by clearly communicating expectations and accurately following through with processes and procedures. Flexibility should not be granted to any parent when issues arise involving missed deadlines, misappropriation of funds, or jeopardizing the safety of girls. If you feel uncomfortable or unprepared to deal with an issue involving a volunteer or parent, please contact council staff at 1.800.474.1912. Volunteer Responsibilities 7

2015 Cookie Program Volunteer Guide

Getting Started To get your troop ready for the Cookie Program, Check that you and the girls in your troop are registered members of GSUSA .

Complete the required trainings for your volunteer role (online or with your service unit) and review all the available training materials. Sign the Troop Agreement & submit the form to a service unit team member. Have a troop bank account & an ACH Authorization form on file with council. Meet with your parents; collect a Parent Agreement for each girl participating in the Cookie Program and hand out the materials you receive from the service unit to each Girl Scout.

GIRL PARTICIPATION All girls who are registered members of Girl Scouts of the USA for the 2015 membership year (October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2015) may participate. TRAINING For the convenience of our volunteers, all the required trainings for the 2015 Cookie Program are available at vipetraining.littlebrownie.com (or follow the link at www.girlscoutcsa.org.) You should “request access” to the system to get started. NEW: We know not all service units train their volunteers in the same way, your service unit may choose one of three options, so ask your service unit volunteers for details.

More on page 39.

OnlineTraining Videos The VIPeTraining website has training videos on everything from how to use eBudde to the NEW Digital Cookie Program. However, the following are required for participation in the 2015 Cookie Program and can be found in the From the Council section: Cookies 101: All you need to know to lead your troop through the cookie sale. Product Sale Finance: Tips and guidelines for managing your troop’s funds. Product Sale Safety: How to keep your girls safe during the cookie sale, from the moment they receive their order cards to the last day of booth sales. The 5 Skills: How to incorporate the 5 skills into the Cookie Program.

Training for Parents We do have a training video just for Girl Scout Families! The video can be found at www.girlscoutcsa.org. This is not a requirement for parents, but helps them understand their role in the Cookie Program.

Getting Started 8

cookies sounded fun!” FORMS & MATERIALS Troop Agreements Once you complete the required training, you must read and sign the Troop Agreement (located at the end of this guide). This form acknowledges the additional responsibilities of a Cookie Volunteer. Once the form has been received, you will be given access to the eBudde. (eBudde is the online management system for the Cookie Program.) The email address you provide on this form will be your eBudde log-in. Troop & FamilyMaterials The signed Troop Agreement form should be given to the Service Unit Cookie Volunteer who will provide you with the Cookie Program materials: One Volunteer Guide One Family Guide for each girl NEW: One Girl’s Guide to Cookies for each girl One money envelope for each girl Receipt books Order cards and goal getter cards for each girl Most forms and guides (and other resources) can be found at www.girlscoutcsa.org.

ParentAgreements Troops will then be responsible for distributing the materials to girls and their families, and for collecting Parent Agreement forms. Parents must complete a Parent Agreement form for each child participating in the sale. This form not only allows the girl to participate, but demonstrates that the parent is willing to be accountable for sale deadlines, orders taken, cookies and monies received. If a girl has two families, make sure that each household receives a Parent Agreement to fill out. All forms are due by January 15.

Getting Started 9 ServiceUnits: Don’t forget to send your agreement form to the council by January15th!

TROOP BANKING & ACH FORMS All troops must have a bank account in good standing. Additionally, each troop must have an ACH Authorization form on file with the council. If your troop submitted an ACH form for the 2014 Fall Program, you will not have to submit a second time. This form authorizes electronic debits at specified dates during each sale in which the troop participates. A copy of the ACH Authorization form is available at the end of this guide.

FAMILY COOKIE MEETING Holding a family cookie meeting is critical to the success of the sale; set families' expectations and to communicate deadlines and key information. Consider combining this meeting with a cookie rally for your girls.

Tips 1. Collect Parent Agreement and go over the important role parents have. 2. Discuss all the dates and deadlines for parents 3. Distribute the Family Guides, Girl’s Guides and other girl materials. 4. Let parents review materials, ask questions and offer to help. 5. Review the Appropriate Cookie Behaviors and remind parents on what it means to be safe while participating in the Cookie Program and the importance of following all the guidelines set by council. NATIONAL GIRL SCOUT COOKIE WEEKEND February 27 - March 1 is National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! We’re celebrating in big ways this year.

Why not get your troop involved? Girls can also purchase this National GS Cookie Weekend Patch and joining the fun.

Look for more information as the weekend approaches. Patch available at www.girlscoutshop.com! Getting Started 10

COOKIE RALLIES Attending or hosting a Cookie Rally is an excellent way to introduce girls to the 5 Skills, set their goals for the cookie sale and have some fun! How toHost a CookieRally Most Service Unit Teams will host a Cookie Rally for their troops (see the requirements on page 40) to earn funds for their service unit. If your service unit does not host a rally, your troop can host one instead! Get inspired by our Cookie Rally Activity Guide.

Be sure to introduce the 5 Skills and let the girls practice together. Each girl that attends a Cookie Rally will receive a Rally Patch. Just submit the sign in sheet from your rally (you can find a template at www.girlscoutcsa.org) and we’ll send you a patch for each girl that attended.

NEW: We encourage our Teen Girl Scouts to join us for a “Cookies, Money & More” webinar to learn how this program is relevant for their experience! See page 6 for details. 2015 THEME GirlPower Girl Scouts can do anything! We believe there’s something AMAZING inside every Girl Scout – her Girl Power! What’s your super power? Well, we think selling cookies is pretty amazing and so we want each Girl Scout to channel her inner super hero! Happy Birthday,Samoas! We are celebrating our love of Samoas this year. You’ll see this delicious cookie pop up on many of our rewards. You could even throw a Samoas-themed birthday party cookie rally with your troop! What could be more sweet?

Getting Started 11 I was motivated by “getting to do more stuff.”

Setting Goals Did you know that girls and troops that set specific goals for the cookie sale will achieve greater success? It’s true! Establishing goals gives girls a clearer picture of the end result. Help girls set goals for money-earning that will help them have a fun, wellrounded year, but also ensure that those goals are realistic. Talk to your girls about what they would like to do with any money earned, and balance their wants with needs for the coming year (like membership fees)! GIRL REWARDS One way that girls can set a goal for the Cookie Program is to review the badges, pins and rewards they could earn.

Rewards are prizes girls receive for selling specified amounts of cookies, beginning with just a few boxes to over 2,000! NEW: Girl’sGuidetoCookies Each girl should receive a Girl’s Guide to Cookies! This guide shows girls all the items and rewards they can earn during the sale. A list of rewards is also on their Order Cards. Help girls set their goals by reviewing the guide together!

CumulativeAwards Please note that all rewards are cumulative (up to the 999 box level) – meaning a girl who sells 300+ boxes will receive the 300+ box prizes as well as the all the prizes for the reward levels she has surpassed. When a girl reaches the 1,000+ box level, she becomes eligible for a shopping spree. She is still eligible for all the rewards at each of the surpassed levels, but above the 1,000+ box level, the more boxes sold, the larger her shopping spree! Now what girl can argue with that?

NEW: FamilyAdventureDrawing But there’s more! Families work hard too, so each girl that sells 24 boxes, will be entered into a drawing for a Family Adventure to Disney World in Orlando! The drawing for one (1) family adventure in Orlando, Fl.

includes: a Walt Disney World gift card valued at the price of 4-nights lodging at a Disney Value Resort Hotel and 3-day Disney Park passes for 4 adults (10+). Details at www.girlscoutcsa.org. One entry per girl. Setting Goals 12

Program Credits Girl Scouts can also earn Cookie Dough and Adventure Cash. Cookie Dough is awarded in $10.00 increments and Adventure Cash is awarded in $25.00 increments. Both can be used for a variety of Girl Scout related activities. Credits can be redeemed in the council shops, for council-sponsored programs, troop camping, resident summer camp, and some Service Unit events. Some exclusions apply: these certificates cannot be used for sales tax, shipping or handling, GSUSA membership dues, or merchandise sold on the GSUSA website.

Initial, Digital and Final Rewards Girls can earn three sets of rewards: Initial Rewards based on the number of boxes she sells during pre-orders (Initial Orders are due on February 2), Digital Cookie Rewards based on the number of boxes sold through the new Digital Cookie Program and Final Rewards based on the number of boxes she sells total.

Review the Girl’s Guide to Cookies with your girls to find out more. Selecting Girl Reward Sizes in eBudde Some apparel rewards require a size selection in eBudde. Parents should indicate their Girl Scout’s size on the Parent Agreement form. Then select her preferred size in eBudde. All size selections must be made by February 4.

NEW: If a selection is not made, the Girl Scout will receive the default size of Youth Large. TROOP REWARDS SweetSellerEvents Congrats to all our 2014 Sweet Sellers! Sweet Seller VIPs (girls who reach the 650+ final reward level) gain exclusive access to any of our semi-formal Sweet Seller Events. Girls will get to walk the red carpet, enjoy tasty treats, and dance with their friends to their favorite songs. VIPs will also earn a charm bracelet and samoas charm! If they were a Sweet Seller last year, they can add this charm to their collection. All attending girls will earn a Sweet Seller Patch.

Troops with a final PGA of 228 will be invited to attend one of the three Sweet Seller Events! Each troop member who participated in the sale will be eligible to attend. Setting Goals 13 April 19, 2015 Crowne Plaza Hotel, Knoxville April 26, 2015 The Charles, Johnson City May 3, 2015 Stratton Hall, Chattanooga

EARNING TROOP FUNDS Troop Proceeds Girls can set goals as a troop by balancing all the things they want to do together with all the things they know they will need funds for. Ask girls to think about what trips or projects the girls want to do and also think about how much they will need for memberships and uniformsfor the upcoming year. Troops will earn $0.60 for every box sold. Troop Bonus Another way for girls to set goals is to agree on a PGA, for the sale. This number is calculated by dividing the total number of boxes sold by the number of girls in the troop participating in the sale.

Establishing a troop PGA can help girls gauge their earning potential; it can also show that, if they work together, they can achieve a common goal. Troops that reach a final PGA of 192 boxes will earn a bonus of $0.10 per box sold. Troop Opt-Out Program Junior, Cadette, Ambassador and Senior Girl Scout troops can also choose to “opt-out” of the girl rewards and earn extra funds. To be eligible for this program, each girl in the troop must sign the Opt-Out Form agreeing to forgo all rewards at each level, for Initial and Final rewards. Girls will still be eligible for the Digital Cookie Rewards.

The Opt-Out Form can be found at the end of this guide. Forms must be signed and returned to council by February 1.

Troops participating in the Opt-Out Program will earn an additional $0.05 per box sold. Setting Goals 14 Troop Goal Troop Funds Final PGA = 1 – 191 $0.60 per box sold Final PGA = 192+ + $0.10 per box sold Troop Opt-Out + $0.05 per box sold ServiceUnits can earn funds too... Check out page 40 for more details.

VOLUNTEER REWARDS NEW: We know that our volunteers work extremely hard during the cookie season, and it’s about time we had some rewards for you! This year, Troop Cookie Volunteers can earn a Cookie Clip Board if their troop hits a PGA of 204 when your initial order is submitted on February 4 (one per troop).

The Initial Order PGA is automatically calculated in eBudde and includes cookies ordered for booth sales. We also know how much you care about giving back to your community – so if your troop donates 60+ boxes to the Operation: APPRECIATION council Gift of Caring donation program will earn a volunteer t-shirt (one per troop). ACTIVITY PINS All girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program are eligible to earn the annual Cookie Activity Pin (available at www.girlscoutshop.com). When they earn the pin, invite girls to share their accomplishments in each of the 5 Skills. GSUSA BADGES Girls can also earn badges by completing the requirements outlined in The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting for COOKIE BUSINESS BADGES and FINANCIAL LITERACY BADGES (available at www.girlscoutshop.com).

The badges below have a NEW digital component available for girls to explore in the Digital Cookie Program. Setting Goals 15 Daisies Brownies Juniors Cadettes Seniors Ambassadors

Cookie Safety As volunteer and trusted adult, you have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the girls in your troop at all times. All volunteers involved with product sales are required to view the Product Sale Safety online training. Review the Safety Activity Checkpoints for Girl Scout Cookie/Council-Sponsored Product Sales and Chapter 4 of Volunteer Essentials, both available at www.girlscoutcsa.org. VOLUNTEER SAFETY Adults must follow these guidelines during any Girl Scout Activity and during the cookie sale. 1. Volunteers must follow the Safety Activity Checkpoints. 2. Arrange for proper adult supervision.

Always abide by the adult-to-girl safety ratios during product sale activities. If your activity includes girls of different ages, please use the ratio associated with the youngest age level in the group. 3. Volunteers must get parent or guardian permission by asking parents to sign the Parent Agreement before letting their Girl Scout participate in the Cookie Program. 4. Report abuse. Girl Scouts are more visible in the community during cookie time, so please report negative interactions of any kind to the proper authorities and to council staff.

5. Be prepared for emergencies. Always dial 911 if you or a Girl Scout are in any kind of danger. Immediate telephone access is vital. So it’s a good idea to have a phone close by and carry a first aid kit with you at all times. 6. Travel safely. Make arrangements in advance for all trips and confirm your travel plans before you leave. 7. Ensure safe overnight outings. 8. Role-model the right behavior. Review the Girl Scout Promise and Law for guidance on proper behaviors as well as the volunteer expectations set in Volunteer Essentials. Girls will model their behavior after you, and they hear and see more than you think.

9. Create an emotionally safe space. Always. 10. Ensure that no girl is treated differently. Be sure that all girls are included in each activities and that any special needs are addressed. 11. Promote online safety by helping your girls understand the Internet Safety Pledge. All online product programs require agreement with this pledge before girls can participate. 12. You can help keep girls safe when money is involved by handling funds for young Girl Scouts and depositing troop monies quickly. IN AN EMERGENCY Following all these safety guidelines will help make sure that girls are safe, but emergencies can still happen.

Call 911 and let the proper authorities know if anyone’s safety is compromised. Report any incidents to the council at 1.800.474.1912. Cookie Safety 16

Show You’rea GirlScout : Wear your Girl Scout membership pin, uniform, or other Girl Scout clothing (like a Girl Scout T‐shirt) to identify yourself as a Girl Scout. BuddyUp: Always use the buddy system. It’s not just safe, it’s more fun! BeStreetWise:Become familiar with the areas and neighborhoods where you will be selling Girl Scout Cookies. Contact your local police department if you’re unsure about an area or neighborhood. PartnerwithAdults:Adults must accompany Daisies, Brownies and Juniors when they are taking orders, selling or delivering product. Girls in grades 6-12 must be supervised by an adult when selling door-to-door and must never sell alone.

Adults must be present at all times during cookie booth sales.

PlanAhead: Be prepared for emergencies, and have a plan for safeguarding money. DoNot Enter: Never enter the home or vehicle of a person when you are selling or making deliveries. Avoid selling to people in vehicles, except at designated drive-thru cookie booths, or going into alleys. Sellin theDaytime:Sell only during daylight hours, unless accompanied by an adult. Protect yourPrivacy: Girls’ names, home addresses or email addresses should never be given out to customers. BeSafeon theRoad: Always follow safe pedestrian practices, especially when crossing at intersections or walking along roadways.

Be aware of traffic when unloading product and passengers from vehicles. BeNet Wise:Girls must have their parent’s/guardian’s permission to participate in all online activities, and must read and agree to the GSUSA Internet Safety Pledge before conducting any online activities. Additionally, in order to participate in Digital Cookie girls must read and abide by the Girl Scout Digital Cookie Pledge and parents/guardians must read and abide by the Digital Cookie Terms and Conditions for Parents/Guardians.

Girl Safety Guidelines Girl Safety 17

Cookie Booth Guidelines In addition to being safe while collecting and delivering orders, special care should be taken while at a cookie booth. stay INFORMED Tell your Girl Scout council and your girls’ parents about the booth, including details about safety precautions. Every booth site must be approved in eBudde prior to the booth sale. stay VISIBLE Set up your cookie booth in an open area. Girls should be dressed appropriately for the weather, and still be able to show that they are girl scouts. Ask your girls to make a sign, or purchase a table cloth for your booth, to let customers know the girls are selling cookies!

stay SAFE Make sure you have adequate space at the booth for a table, cookies, and girls - but still keep a safe distance from cars. The booth should not block a store entrance or exit and any store-specific requests should be honored. Each location reserves the right to ask Girl Scouts to leave at any time. Keep cash safe by keeping the cash box against a wall, behind a barrier of cookie boxes or in the safety of an adult volunteer. Girls can receive cash from buyers and make change, but should hand the money to the adult for safekeeping.

stay SUPERVISED At least one Girl Scout and 2 unrelated adult GSCSA volunteers must be present at all times at each cookie booth.

Always follow adult-to-girl ratios when participating at cookie booths. Never leave girls alone at a cookie booth. Some locations may also limit the maximum number of booth participants, so check with the store manager for guidelines. stay ACCOUNTABLE With so many girls and adults selling cookie each year, it is important to stay accountable and help each other when we can. It’s the Girl Scout Way! If you are ever concerned that a Girl Scout is in immediate danger, call 911. If you witness a situation that makes you uncomfortable or feel that another volunteer is not taking the safety of Girl Scouts seriously, call or email the Product Team.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our girls and will handle the issue immediately or with a private follow-up as needed. We never expect you to confront another volunteer or attempt to remedy the situation immediately. By doing so, you could jeopardize the safety of the girls present even further, or draw unnecessary negative attention to the situation. Cookie Booth Guidelines 18

It’sCookie Time! MEET THE COOKIES We have a brand NEW cookie this year: say hello to Rah-Rah-Raisin, a delicious hearty oatmeal cookie with plump raisins and Greek yogurt-flavored chunks. We also have our old favorites: Thin Mints, Trefoils, Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles, Samoas, and Do-Si-Dos. These 7 varieties of cookies must be sold for $4.00 per box. 5 for $20 Customers love getting a bundle of their favorite cookies, so why not offer them 5 boxes for $20? It’s easy to remember and customers will walk away with 5 delicious boxes of cookies. Encourage your girls to offer this deal to all their customers!

NEW: GlutenFreeCookie, Toffee-tastic! We also have the opportunity to be one of the test markets for a new gluten free cookie; a rich, buttery cookie with sweet, crunchy toffee bits. This is a pilot cookie, meaning that the cookie will not be on your order cards or available when you place your initial order. They will also be available in a limited quantity only – once they are gone, we will not be able to order more. Troops will be asked to reserve one, two or three cases to sell at their cookie booths. More information to come. Because of the unique ingredients in gluten free products, Toffee-tastic cookies will be sold for $5.00 per box.

Meet the Cookies 19

Selling Cookies The cookie sale begins on January 16! There are a variety of opportunities to sell cookies. Sale start and end dates are firm. Girls or troops who begin selling prior to the official start date will be penalized. NEW: THE DIGITAL COOKIE PILOT PROGRAM We are so excited to introduce the Digital Cookie Pilot Program to you! This is a brand new way for girls to learn 21st century skills, create her own Digital Cookie World, and expand her own cookie business experience. This is a pilot program for future cookie sales. All the details and information can be found in the specific training materials for this new program.

Girls will be able to collect orders from January 16 until March 22. All girls may participate and parents can sign up their Girl Scout after they receive a welcome email from us! Once they have created her account, their Girl Scout can send emails to her customers, collect orders to be delivered in person or shipped to the customer. Plus, she can work on a series of GSUSA Cookie Business badges. Customers will be able to purchase cookies online and choose to have cookies shipped to them. Or customers can choose to have their cookies delivered in person by their Girl Scout. The Girl Delivery Option will end on March 15.

Throughout this guide we will share info on the Digital Cookie Program and the Digital Order Card (DOC). The Digital Order Card is the Girl Scouts technology platform that Little Brownie councils use for 2015 cookie season.

As this new online program grows, so will a Girl Scout’s interactive experience. This is just the beginning! We are glad to have this opportunity to share valuable 21st century tech skills and to have fun at the same time! Check out the Digital Cookie materials on our website, www.girlscoutcsa.org. PRE-ORDER SALES On January 16, girls can start collecting pre-orders (or Initial Orders) on their order cards. Initial Orders End on February 2 and all girl orders are due in eBudde on February 4. Service Units should submit their orders by February 6. Cookies sold as part of your troop’s Initial Order will be delivered the week of February 21 – 27.

Selling Cookies 20 Digital Order Card Pre-Orders January16 March 22 January16 February2 February28 March22 Goal Getter Booth Sales Girl Delivery Ends, March 15

GOAL GETTER SALES After girls turn in their order cards for the Initial Order, they can still collect orders! Encourage girls to reach their goals using their Goal Getter Order Cards. They will be able to deliver these cookies once your initial order arrives! MOBILE SALES & WALK-ABOUTS Girls should have fun and get creative with their cookie sales! Mobile sales or walkabouts (for example, selling from a cart or wagon) may occur after cookies are delivered. Girls may also set up a “cookie-stand” in front of their place of residence. One note: If the girls are not mobile or walking around but rather have “set up” in a public place – this is considered a cookie booth and troops must follow guidelines for Cookie Booths if they are selling from a stationary public location.

Operation: APPRECIATION Operation: APPRECIATION is a council sponsored, virtual cookie Gift of Caring program. Through this program, cookies are donated to members of the U.S. Armed Forces. On the order card, customers can mark the number of boxes they would like to donate in the “Donate” column and pay for these boxes with the rest of their order. Customers who want to support the Girl Scouts and the U.S. Armed Forces can “buy” boxes but don’t have to take them home. Please remember that these boxes will not arrive in with the troops order. Instead, the council will send these cookies directly to recipients.

In eBudde, these cookies should be recorded in the Op: App column.

DOC customers can also donate to Operation: APPRECIATION online! In 2014, our Girl Scout troops donated over 13,000 boxes of cookies to our U.S. Armed Forces. Imagine how many more boxes we can donate this year! TROOP GIFT OF CARING Troops may also choose their own organization, like a senior center or food pantry, to donate cookies to. Troop volunteers should be careful to mark troop donations in the TGOC column in eBudde and not in the Op: App column. Selling Cookies 21

Cookie Booths Cookie Booths may only occur between February 28 and March 22. Whatisa CookieBooth? Cookie Booths are girl-operated direct-sale opportunities where customers from the general public can purchase cookies from troops.

Cookie Booths are primarily a troop activity. They must be organized by the Troop Cookie Volunteer. All Girl Scout grade levels are allowed to participate in booths. ServiceUnitArranged CookieBooths Cookie Booths are arranged by service unit volunteers. Service units should review the Booth Sale Managers Guide for details. Once booth locations are secured, the council will load the locations, dates and times into eBudde for troops to select. How toSignUp for CookieBooths Troops will not be able to select a Cookie Booth until the eBudde Booth Scheduler opens. Check out the dates, rounds and guidelines below.

Once the Scheduler is open, troops may pick the booths they would like on the Booth Sites tab in eBudde. Available time booth slots will show green. Please pay attention to any notes or specific store requests when selecting a location.

Booth SchedulerDates On the dates and times list below, troops may select their preferred booth locations. Each round lasts for 12 hours. All times are EST. Round 1 Tuesday, January 27 at noon Troops may sign up for four time slots, but are limited to one slot per location. Round 2 Wednesday, January 28 at 6 a.m. Troops may sign up for four additional time slots (eight slots total), but are limited to one slots per location (two slots total). Round 3 Thursday, January 29 at 9 p.m. Troops may sign up for four additional time slots (twelve slots total), but are limited to one slot per location (three slots total).

Open Friday, January 30 at 6 p.m.

Troops may sign up for any remaining time slots at any location Cookie Booths 22

Troop Arranged CookieBooths Troop volunteers can choose to arrange a Cookie Booth just for their troop to be held at businesses or events in the local community. Troop Arranged Cookie Booths may not be held at any locations arranged by service units and must be entered into eBudde for approval. Some great location ideas: Local sporting events Community or school events Car dealerships and car washes Places of worship Please review the Cookie Booth Safety Guidelines to make sure the location is safe for Girl Scouts.

Cookie Booths should not be set up at gas stations, convenience stores, truck stops, rest areas, liquor stores or other locations that may pose a threat to our girls.

Special safety precautions should be taken at a Drive-Thru Cookie Booth to ensure that girls and adults are safe. Consider asking parents for extra help supervising girls. Reach out to the Product Team for specific guidance if you are considering a DriveThru Cookie Booth. Steps for Organizing 1. Brainstorm potential troop-arranged booth locations with your troop. 2. Verify that the business at which you wish to hold a troop-arranged booth is not listed in eBudde as a council-arranged location. 3. Connect with the business manager or event manager for your desired location. 4. Receive permission and a confirmation from them of a date and time.

5. Enter your troop-arranged cookie booth information in eBudde. This is required. Entering a Booth in eBudde 1. Go to your troop’s Booth Sites tab 2. Select My Sales from the drop down menu 3. Click on Add a Location 4. Enter in the business information 5. Click Add. You will see a pop-up window that says “Success” if you’ve entered the proper information. Once you have entered your booth information, the Product Team will review the pending cookie booth within three business days. Check eBudde to see if your booth was approved. If your booth has been denied, please adjust your request appropriately and try again.

You may not hold the booth until you have received approval. It is your responsibility to keep your troop-arranged booth information up to date. You cannot make edits to previously entered requests, so if you must make a change, you must delete the old request and submit a new request for approval. Cookie Booths 23 Restaurants Playgrounds and parks Large employers or corporations Drive-Thru cookie booth*

CookieBooth Locator Customers are looking for you! Did you know that the information in eBudde is automatically loaded into the Cookie Locator App, the Cookie Locator at www.littlebrownie.com and on the GSUSA website, www.girlscoutcookies.org? Every booth slot selected in eBudde shows up in the Locator. So it is important to show up to your booth on time or to cancel your booth if you can’t make it. Otherwise, you might have some disappointed customers. Canceling a Booth If you need to cancel a Cookie Booth, please do so at least 48 hours in advance by going to the Council Sales section of the Booth Sites tab, locating the time slot that you’d like to cancel and removing your troop from that time slot.

This will give other troops an opportunity to sign up! It’s better to cancel a booth late than never. Virtual Booths Customers come to the council for cookies too, so you will notice virtual booths sites at each of the three council service centers for your troop to select. Neither girls nor volunteers need to be present at the booth, but the troop will be credited for any boxes sold at the office. The boxes that are credited to your troop should be divided equally among the girls in your troop who are participating in the sale. Any boxes that are sold during your troop’s Virtual Booth should be added to eBudde (and monies marked as “collected”) and they will show as a credit to the council proceeds owed by your troop.

Troops that sign up for Virtual Booths are asked to make a troop sign and thank you cards for customers. Signs and cards should be delivered to or dropped off at the selected council office no later than 5 business days prior to the Virtual Booth date.

NEW: Bling YourBooth Contest Want to help your troop earn a little extra? Girls can “Bling Your Booth” for a chance to win $500.00 for your troop! Ideas to Bling Your Booth Pick an original cookie booth theme. Use cool color combinations. Create fun posters with the troop’s cookie goals and lots of pictures! Dress up, and use colored lights to invite customers to a cookie party. Have fun with it! To Enter: 1. Take a photo of your troop in action at the booth. 2. Upload it to the Girl Scouts of the USA Facebook page using the entry form. 3. Submit your entry before April 30!

Patch at www.girlscoutshop.com Cookie Booths 24

Your Cookie Inventory GETTING COOKIES FOR YOUR TROOP When you place your troops Initial Order in eBudde on February 4, you should also place an order for Booth Sale cookies. You will notice that eBudde ‘rolls up’ boxes of cookies into cases of 12. When your Initial Order arrives, you will receive full cases of cookies. The extras needed to make full cases will be the start of your booth inventory, but don’t stop there! Troops should review the number of booths they have selected. Use the booth sale calculator tool at www.girlscoutcsa.org to help you decide how many cases to order.

You should enter any orders collected for the DOC Girl Delivery when you place your initial order.

Additional orders that are placed between February 2 and March 15 through the DOC Girl Delivery option will also come from your troop’s inventory, so consider having a few extra cases on hand for those customers. INITIAL ORDER DELIVERY Thousands of cases of cookies will be delivered to troops and service units the week of February 21 – 27. Your troop will be asked to participate in a council sponsored or a service unit sponsored delivery day, depending on your service unit. Stay for more details.

Your Initial Order will include the cookies from the girl’s order cards, DOC Girl Delivered Orders, any troop Gift of Caring cookies and the cases ordered for your booths. DELIVERY TIPS When cookies are transferred from service units to troops or from troops to parents, a delivery ticket should be signed. Once you sign this delivery ticket, you assume financial responsibility and cannot return cookies to the service unit or council. Count the boxes and check the variety of those delivered against those ordered before you sign so you don’t assume responsibility for more – or less– than ordered.

Then, distribute the cookies to each girl. Parents should sign for any cookies they receive. Encourage parents and girls to deliver cookies as soon as possible; it makes for happy customers as well as a greater opportunity for reorders!

Cookie Inventory 25 InitialRewards:When your troop picks up your cookies, you will also receive the initial order rewards earned by your troop! So take a moment to celebrate your girls’ hard work and let them enjoy the initial rewards they earned!

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