2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

2016-2017 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students


CATHERINE’S COLLEGE CENTRE FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING (CELT) CLAREMONT CAMPUS (3KM) TAYLORS COLLEGE CLAREMONT CAMPUS (3KM) “Welcome to The University of Western Australia. Our world-class course structure will see you graduate with a degree that will prepare you for success in our rapidly changing world. Whatever goals you may be pursuing, UWA is the right choice now to set you up for the careers of tomorrow. I look forward to welcoming you to our community.” PROFESSOR PAUL JOHNSON, VICE-CHANCELLOR BAYLISS BUILDING SCHOOL OF INDIGENOUS STUDIES WINTHROP HALL FACULTY OF MEDICINE, DENTISTRY AND HEALTH SCIENCES LAWRENCE WILSON ART GALLERY 2 study.uwa.edu.au GRADUATE RESEARCH SCHOOL STUDENT CENTRAL FUTURE STUDENTS

2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

The University of Western Australia acknowledges that it is situated on Noongar land and that Noongar people remain the spiritual and cultural custodians of their land and continue to practise their values, languages, beliefs and knowledge. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT UWA BUSINESS SCHOOL FACULTY OF SCIENCE (MAIN OFFICE) Stand out with a degree from UWA 4 Open Up a World of Opportunities 6 A Leading Postgraduate Institution 8 Postgraduate Study by Coursework or Research 10 The City of Perth 12 Student Life 14 Beautiful Campus and Outstanding Facilities 16 Finding a Home Away from Home 18 Money Matters 20 Scholarships and Sponsorships 22 How to Apply 24 Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts 26 Arts 30 Business School 36 Education 40 Engineering, Computing and Mathematics 46 Law 50 Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences 58 Science 66 Online and Multimode Coursework Degrees 77 Help with English Language Skills 78 Index 80 CONTENTS The University of Western Australia | International Postgraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 3

2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

Internationally recognised Globally connected Globally recognised course structure aligned with the leading European, Asian, and North American universities in Western Australia (ARWU 2015) 1st 1st in Australia and in the world for Life and Agricultural Sciences (ARWU 2015) 25th for Agriculture, Earth and Marine Sciences, and Psychology (QS 2016) 40 TOP Ranked in the world’s + for research, teaching, internationalisation, innovation, employability, facilities, and inclusiveness (QS Stars University Ratings) 1st 109,000+ graduates, 40,000 of which live overseas across 100different countries Membership to the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) and Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) 4000+ international students from 109+ countries Established the 1st Confucius Institute in Australia The information in this publication applies specifically to international students.

Information in this publication is correct as of May 2016, but may be subject to change. In particular, the University reserves the right to change the content and/or the method of presentation and/or the method of assessment of any unit of study, to withdraw any unit of study or course which it offers, to impose limitations on enrolment in any unit or course and/or to vary arrangements for any course. This publication was designed and produced in collaboration with UniPrint and the Brand, Marketing and Recruitment division. Photography by Matthew Galligan. Printed by BPO Intelligence. Stand out with a degree from UWA Ranked in the top of universities worldwide 1% 4 study.uwa.edu.au

2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

residential colleges close to campus 5 Vibrant student life clubs and societies 125+ Design your degree Choose from over 4000 course combinations, explore your interests and reach your potential Become the best in the world 3rd in Australia and 49th for graduate employability (QS 2016) graduate starting salary, research grants, research intensity, and student demand (Good Universities Guide 2016) World-class research All of UWA’s broad fields of research are rated world standard or above 6 highly cited researchers (highlycited.com) research institutes and centres 75+ World-class research facilities attracting of visiting international researchers each year.

hundreds UWA alumni become world leaders Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall Former Indonesian Vice-President Professor Dr Boediono Head of Marketing Innovation at Google (Asia-Pacific) Lee Hunter CEO Greenpeace Australia David Ritter Mecca Cosmetica founder Jo Horgan Decjuba CEO and owner Tania Austin Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke and many more... The University of Western Australia | International Postgraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 5

2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

Open Up a World of Opportunities Studying a postgraduate degree with UWA, you will be educated by worldrenowned academics, study with likeminded peers and create professional connections around the world.

The University has formal agreements with global institutions, as well as key institutional partnerships and strategic links with industry and government. This ensures UWA is responsive to industry needs, continually developing graduate courses to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. The University of Western Australia is recognised as one of Australia’s leading universities for postgraduate studies. With a high performance culture and a globally connected outlook embedded in teaching and research, UWA prides itself on preparing students to be future leaders with the skills and knowledge to succeed.

6 study.uwa.edu.au

2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

2018 From To SEMESTER 1 Orientation Week 19 February 23 February Weeks 1 to 5 26 February 29 March Study break 2 April 6 April Weeks 6 to 13 9 April 1 June Study break 4 June 8 June Examination period 9 June 22 June BREAK 23 June 29 July SEMESTER 2 Orientation Week 23 July 27 July Weeks 1 to 8 30 July 21 September Study break 24 September 28 September Weeks 9 to 13 1 October 2 November Study break 5 November 9 November Examination period 10 November 23 November IMPORTANT DATES 2017 From To SEMESTER 1 Orientation Week 20 February 24 February Weeks 1 to 7 27 February 14 April Study break 17 April 21 April Weeks 8 to 13 24 April 2 June Study break 5 June 9 June Examination period 10 June 25 June BREAK 26 June 28 July SEMESTER 2 Orientation Week 24 July 28 July Weeks 1 to 8 31 July 22 September UWA Open Day 14 August 14 August UWA Postgraduate and Honours Expo 21 September 21 September Study break 25 September 29 September Weeks 9 to 13 2 October 3 November Study break 6 November 10 November Examination period 11 November 26 November Why gain a postgraduate qualification?

Intellectual reward—postgraduate study is intellectually stimulating, personally rewarding and offers you the chance to pursue a specialised area of interest.
Enhanced career success and learning—postgraduate qualifications mean you are more likely to get promoted into higher paid positions.
A new career direction—yearning for a change of direction? Further study can open the doors to exciting and novel pathways.
Transferable skills—you will further develop analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are highly valued by employers. Why UWA?

A postgraduate qualification from a university in the top 100 will set you apart.

Benefits of studying a UWA postgraduate course include:
greater career opportunities within a global workplace
the chance to learn from recognised leaders in your field of interest
improved links with industry and professional practice
an advanced learning environment
development of your future professional networks. The University of Western Australia | International Postgraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 7

2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

A Leading Postgraduate Institution The University of Western Australia partners world-class lecturers and researchers with the teaching technologies of tomorrow to deliver students a leading learning environment. A strong focus on knowledge and research capabilities means you will be at the forefront of a rapidly evolving world and ready to succeed in your career of choice. High-class research As one of Australia’s Group of Eight research-intensive universities, UWA has a strong research culture, believing intellectual capital is the global economy’s most dynamic commodity. Spanning more than 75 research institutes and centres, UWA fosters links with local, national and international industries and governments so you can learn from those in the know.

The strength of UWA’s research output makes the University appealing to researchers of international standing, many of whom head major research centres with global connections. As a student this means you will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the University’s staff, with networking opportunities that can lead to career possibilities around the world. Together, UWA’s highcalibre researchers and students are solving some of today’s most critical and challenging problems, from spinal cord injury repair to ensuring the stability of large offshore oil and gas platforms.

research.uwa.edu.au Teaching into the future A commitment to outstanding academic offerings has seen the University invest in its staff and facilities to provide students with an environment that facilitates innovation, collaboration, engagement and entrepreneurship. The new Futures Observatory at UWA embraces our ever-changing technological world and enables ‘futures thinking’ among those who seek a more engaging learning atmosphere. The Observatory trains staff in the latest emerging technologies, allowing students to engage with hands-on, educational experiences. From robots to virtual reality and collaborative touch screens to 3D printers, you could work with state-of-the-art developments that are changing the way we teach and learn.

You could also get involved with the University’s Innovation Quarter (UWA IQ), which promotes industry innovation and student entrepreneurship. The multidisciplinary, multi-faculty program aims to assist and build upon student projects that have the potential to make a difference to the University and the wider community. Join the Bloom group to meet and work with like-minded classmates with a brain for business. worldclasseducation.uwa.edu.au Spotlight on UWA’S Nobel Laureate Studying at UWA gives you the opportunity to work alongside internationally recognised and award-winning staff and, at UWA, this includes a Nobel Laureate.

Professor Barry Marshall was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2005, along with colleague Robin Warren, for their revolutionary discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and its role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

In fact, Professor Marshall is particularly famed for his unusual and avant-garde method of proving his research—choosing to ingest H. pylori himself. This discovery was the first step in developing more effective treatments for ulcers and in understanding the link between H. pylori and stomach cancer. As a result, most ulcers can now be cured with antibiotics and the incidence of gastric cancer has been significantly reduced. Professor Marshall continues to treat patients and also leads UWA research teams within the Marshall Centre for Infectious Diseases Research and Training, of which he is a director.

8 study.uwa.edu.au

2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

Professor Peter Quinn Executive Director, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) The world’s biggest radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), commences construction in 2018, taking shape in the State’s Mid-West. Spearheading the Murchison region project is ICRAR Executive Director, UWA Professor Peter Quinn. The radio telescope will be sensitive and big enough to listen out for and collect signals from the first stars and galaxies in existence. Phase one of the SKA is set to be fully operational by 2023.

Professor Cheryl Praeger Professor, Teaching and Research Staff, School of Mathematics and Statistics Professor Praeger is in the top one per cent of highly cited mathematicians in the world and is best known for her work in group theory, algebraic graph theory and combinatorial designs.

Professor Praeger was elected Foreign Secretary of the Australian Academy of Science and elected as Honorary Member of the London Mathematical Society. Professor Praeger is also an Australian Research Council Federation Fellow and Director of the Centre for Mathematics of Symmetry and Computation. The researchers you could work with Professor Dongke Zhang Director and Professor, UWA Centre for Energy Professor Zhang has conducted extensive research into fuel processing and conversion, and combustion science and technology, with a specific focus on coal, natural gas and bioenergy. He was given the CEO’s Award for Excellent Environmental Services, BHP Billiton in 2008, and is a fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers in Australia and Australian Institute of Energy.

Professor Zhang has also been named in the Top 100 of Australia’s Most Influential Engineers, a list recognising senior engineers who have made significant contributions to the nation. Researchers UWA is home to six highly cited researchers. The research of these scholars is recognised as amongst the most highly cited in the world by Thomson Reuters.
Professor Harvey Millar
Professor Cristina Gibson
Professor Ian Small
Adjunct Professor Mark Chase
Professor Rajeev Varshney
Professor Richard Hobbs The University of Western Australia | International Postgraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 9

2016-2017 2017-2018 Postgraduate Course Guide International Students

GRADUATE CERTIFICATE Normal duration: one semester or six months SIX MONTHS 1 YEAR 2 YEARS An example of articulation between postgraduate degrees MASTERS: FOUR SEMESTERS OR TWO YEARS Normal duration after successful completion of Graduate Diploma: two semesters or 12 months GRADUATE DIPLOMA: TWO SEMESTERS OR ONE YEAR Normal duration after successful completion of Graduate Certificate: one semester or six months Coursework degrees UWA offers a range of postgraduate coursework degrees designed to help you develop a thorough understanding of an area of study, diversify your educational background or obtain specific vocational training.

Coursework degrees include:
Graduate Certificates
Graduate Diplomas
Masters by coursework
Masters by coursework and dissertation
Clinical Doctorates
Professional Doctorates Research degrees Students keen to contribute knowledge and develop important skills or explore an area of personal interest, may consider a research degree. These involve a project of supervised but independent enquiry at an advanced level, resulting in the submission of a research thesis (or equivalent) which is examined by experts in the field. UWA graduates are renowned for their initiative, critical thinking and skill levels, making them highly employable in a competitive global economy.

Postgraduate study is generally undertaken upon completion of an undergraduate bachelor’s degree. At UWA we offer the following types of postgraduate courses: Postgraduate professional degrees A postgraduate professional degree is a master’s or doctorate-level course, taken upon completion of a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) that, upon successful completion, qualifies the student to enter a profession. UWA’s postgraduate professional coursework degrees have replaced degrees that were previously offered at an undergraduate level.

Postgraduate Study by Coursework or Research With knowledge as the universal currency that underpins the performance and success of individuals, organisations and nations, postgraduate qualifications are rapidly becoming an expectation in an internationally mobile workforce. Architecture – Master of Architecture Audiology – Master of Clinical Audiology or Master of Clinical Audiology/PhD Dentistry – Doctor of Dental Medicine Engineering – Master of Professional Engineering Landscape Architecture – Master of Landscape Architecture Law – Juris Doctor Medicine – Doctor of Medicine Pharmacy – Master of Pharmacy Podiatric Medicine – Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Psychology – Master of Clinical Psychology/PhD; Master of Clinical Neuropsychology/PhD; Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology; Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology/PhD Social Work – Master of Social Work Teaching – Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) Teaching – Master of Teaching (Primary) Teaching – Master of Teaching (Secondary) Translation – Master of Translation Studies Research degrees include:
Masters by thesis and coursework
Masters by research
Professional Doctorates
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Articulation/ Articulated course Articulation may be available within certain sets of courses.

Articulation is a sequence of related postgraduate courses in a specific discipline area, offering progression from one course level to another with credit granted for all units passed to the appropriate standard in the previous level. Graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and/or masters degrees may form part of this sequence. See table below for more information. 10 study.uwa.edu.au

POSTGRADUATE APPLICATIONS For information on application closing dates and how to lodge your application for postgraduate study, visit uwa.edu.au/myapplication HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH For application forms visit studyat.uwa.edu.au/research RESEARCH ENQUIRIES Graduate Research School Tel: +61 8 6488 2807 Fax: +61 8 6488 1919 Email: pghelp@postgraduate.uwa.edu.au postgraduate.uwa.edu.au More information Leading the way In response to industry and society needs, UWA is continually developing new and innovative courses. To view our full list of postgraduate courses, visit studyat.uwa.edu.au.

GRADUATE CERTIFICATE Typically follows a bachelor’s degree and is equivalent to one semester of full-time study.

GRADUATE DIPLOMA Regarded as a higher qualification and offering greater depth than a graduate certificate and are generally equivalent to two semesters (or one year) of full-time study. MASTERS DEGREE (COURSEWORK) A masters degree by coursework is comprised of 100 per cent coursework. It is normally the equivalent of two years of full-time study after a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent). MASTERS DEGREE (COURSEWORK AND DISSERTATION) These courses involve both coursework and research, where the research component (dissertation) comprises less than 66.6 per cent of the course requirements. Typically requires two years of full-time study (or equivalent) after a bachelor’s degree.

POSTGRADUATE PROFESSIONAL DEGREE A masters or doctorate-level course, taken upon completion of a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) that, upon successful completion, qualifies the student to enter a profession.

MASTERS DEGREE (THESIS AND COURSEWORK) A mixed mode research degree with a research component that is equal to or greater than 66.6 per cent, but less than 100 per cent, of the total course. Typically requires two years of full-time study (or equivalent) after a bachelor’s degree. MASTERS DEGREE (RESEARCH) A course normally requiring the equivalent of two years of full-time study and including a supervised research component that represents 100 per cent of the course requirements. PROFESSIONAL DOCTORATES AND PHD (DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY) A doctoral degree, normally undertaken over a period of four years of full-time studies, consists of supervised research resulting in the preparation of a thesis that makes a substantial and original contribution to knowledge.

Terminology Graduate Research School (GRS) The Graduate Research School coordinates most of the graduate research training activities at UWA to ensure research training is of the highest quality, through well-designed and well-presented courses, appropriate induction programs, excellent research supervision and special services for international students. The University of Western Australia | International Postgraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 11

The City of Perth People from across the world are drawn to Western Australia, and our State has become the most culturally diverse, with around 30 per cent of the population having been born elsewhere and over 170 nationalities represented across the community.2 Perth offers an inspiring study environment with sunny weather, a relaxed outdoor environment and beautiful natural scenery. For several years in a row, Perth has been recognised as one of the top 10 most liveable cities in the world.1 ELIZABETH QUAY Fast facts POPULATION – PERTH 2.02 million TIME ZONE GMT +8 (same time zone as 60 per cent of the world’s population) LANGUAGE English GOVERNMENT Democratic (Westminster system) RELIGION Complete religious freedom CURRENCY Australian dollar ($AUD) WEATHER Western Australia has a warm climate, with temperatures climbing above 30 degrees Celsius for much of the summer and rarely going below 15 degrees Celsius during the day in winter.

SEASONS Summer: December – February Autumn: March – May Winter: June – August Spring: September – November 12 study.uwa.edu.au Globally oriented Over 820 Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed companies have chosen to locate their head office in Perth—more than any other capital city in Australia.3 Perth is a popular destination for international students as it offers a stimulating study environment that shares the same time zone with 60 per cent of the world’s population. It is also only a few hours’ flight time to several Asian cities, making it easy to keep in touch with family and friends.

Stunning scenery and an outdoor lifestyle Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital city, and the Mediterranean climate of warm, dry summers is ideal for sports and outdoor activities. Explore WA further to discover our State is blessed with precious natural phenomena, from the towering karri forests and pristine beaches of the South West, to the rugged ranges and spectacular gorges of the Kimberley.

A changing city Perth has had one of the most consistent rates of economic growth in Australia over the past decade. Perth’s economic and population growth is driven by a mixture of local and international firms operating in a range of industries, supported by a stable political environment and local demand. 12 study.uwa.edu.au

References 1 A Summary of the Liveability Ranking and Overview, August 2015, Economist Intelligence Unit 2 Celebrate WA Annual Report 2014, accessed April 2016, celebratewa.com.au 3 City of Perth, accessed April 2016 perth.wa.gov.au/business/key-industry/resources 4
QS Best Student Cities 2016, accessed April 2016 topuniversities.com/city-rankings/2016 ROTTNEST ISLAND KINGS PARK THE BELL TOWER UWA PERTH CITY FREMANTLE INDIAN OCEAN PERTH AIRPORT TRIGG BEACH COTTESLOE BEACH ROTTNEST ISLAND WESTERN AUSTRALIA NORTHERN TERRITORY QUEENSLAND SOUTH AUSTRALIA NEW SOUTH WALES VICTORIA TASMANIA UWA australian capital territory Safe and friendly Perth offers a high standard of living and has achieved positive rankings (35th) in the Best Student Cities 2016 published by QS Top Universities.4 Convenient facilities Perth is the first and only city in Australia to offer free public WiFi in the CBD—a great way to stay in contact with family and friends whilst out and about.

Getting around Perth’s public transport system makes it easy to get around the city and to the main UWA campus. International students receive a Western Australian Government-sponsored 40 per cent discount on all public transport. Perth also has free buses called CATs that operate around the central business district. Where is UWA? Located minutes from Perth city, UWA has a picturesque riverside campus in the suburb of Crawley that is easily accessible via frequent public transport with discounted fares for international students.

SWAN RIVER KINGS PARK Map not to scale. The University of Western Australia | International Postgraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 13

Studying overseas at an international university is about more than just classes. It is about discovering a new culture, meeting new people and having fun. As a UWA student you can expect to be stretched intellectually as you interact with some of the country’s leading researchers and teachers, while at the same time making friends with other students from around Australia and the globe. UWA Student Guild UWA has a bustling student life and the social activities on campus are organised through the UWA Student Guild which is the representative student organisation. The UWA Student Guild has a reputation for being one of the most active in Australia, and organises countless activities including festivals, workshops, end-of-semester parties, networking opportunities, the Guild Ball (formal dance), the National Campus Band competition and UWA’s wide array of clubs and societies.

facebook.com/UWAStudentGuild The Guild Village is a hive of activity and houses shops, food outlets, bookshops, a medical centre, copy centre, hairdresser, a bank and other useful student amenities. Market day is on regularly where you can buy inexpensive, clothes, jewellery and more.

uwastudentguild.com The Guild has over 125 affiliated clubs and societies that collectively run about 1000 events for you to connect with people who share similar interests. Some of our international clubs include the African Student Union, Asian Students in Australia (ASIA), Australia China Youth Association (ACYA), KAOS the UWA German Club and the Multicultural Students Union. In addition to the international clubs, there are groups related to study or career, hobbies, politics, religion, social justice and more.

uwastudentguild.com/clubs The Guild also provides student representation, with staff on hand to provide extra support on any academic, financial or welfare matters affecting their study.

Guild membership entitles students to great discounts on campus and at restaurants, shops, activities and services around Perth. The Guild Volunteering office helps students find their perfect volunteering role, whether it’s related to their degree or not. Many opportunities will be added to your degree transcript and you can choose from a range of fields (sports, education, arts, environment and health) and the time donated (one-off, drop-in sessions or semesterlong programs). The office also runs weekend volunteering trips which are fun and affordable ways to see more of WA.

If you need help along the way, you only need to ask. The International Students’ Service (ISS) is part of the Student Guild and looks after the welfare of international students studying at the University. ISS also puts on social and educational activities such as a trip to Rottnest and Spring Feast. uwastudentguild.com/iss facebook.com/ UWAInternationalStudentsService Student Life 14 study.uwa.edu.au

There is always someone to help at our staffed gym with extended opening hours, or visit the Water Sports Complex on the beautiful foreshore at Matilda Bay—home to the UWA Boat Club and Outdoor Club.

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) endorses UWA as a member of the national Elite Athlete Friendly University network, but you don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy sporting life at UWA. The University has swimming pools, tennis and squash courts and numerous social sports, clubs and fun programs including stand up paddleboarding, rock climbing and other environment-driven experiences. Don’t have a team? We’ll help you find one.

Nearby is the UWA Sports Park, covering 33 hectares of playing fields and facilities. Take on another faculty or college, or choose to represent UWA at high-level sporting competitions such as Western Uni Games and Australian Uni Games. Leadership courses, unique to UWA, are also available. sport.uwa.edu.au UWA Sport Whether you play sport to stay active or to socialise with friends, you can ‘find your fit’ at one of UWA’s many sporting facilities. Interested to see how current students enjoy life on campus? Visit our social media pages: FACEBOOK facebook.com/UWAstudents WEIBO weibo.com/u/2828997691 The Postgraduate Students’ Association (PSA) represents postgraduate students on campus as well as holding a number of events throughout the year including Research Week, Careers Week, sundowners, cocktail parties, afternoon teas, a quiz night and a sports day.

The PSA also runs a grants scheme for postgraduate small group activities. All postgraduate students automatically become members upon enrolment.

uwastudentguild.com/psa The Cultural Precinct The Cultural Precinct is UWA’s cultural hub, supporting the music, theatre, dance, literature and exhibition programs. It also supports broader arts and cultural events that take place throughout the year, including collaborating with the Perth International Arts Festival. The University of Western Australia | International Postgraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 15

UWA has a distinctive mix of grand architecture and contemporary buildings that house state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, lecture and performance theatres, tutorial spaces, studios and subject-specific laboratories for the perfect learning environment.

Western Australia’s most beautiful campus Located on a river bend in Crawley just minutes from the city of Perth, UWA is often described as one of Australia’s most picturesque campuses. Heritagelisted architecture blends with modern buildings and leading facilities in leafy grounds of open courtyards and beautiful gardens. Close to UWA’s Crawley campus is Kings Park, one of the world’s largest and most beautiful inner-city parks. Here you can enjoy over 400 hectares of nature, with sweeping views of the Swan and Canning rivers.

Adjacent to the Crawley site is UWA’s Nedlands campus that hosts the faculties of Architecture, Landscape and Fine Arts, and Education. A short minute’s walk to Hampden Road, this campus location offers students nearby access to a selection of cafés and a handy shopping centre, including a supermarket. Located only a few minutes from the main Crawley campus is the University’s Claremont site, home to the Confucius Institute and Taylors College which teaches the University’s Foundation Program.

Beautiful Campus and Outstanding Facilities 16 study.uwa.edu.au

World-class facilities
At the heart of the main Crawley campus is the Reid Library, Western Australia’s largest academic library, with more than one million volumes, complemented by several subject libraries around the campus.
The AUD$30 million Barry J Marshall Library (formerly the Science Library) offers a major focal point for student learning and scientific research.
The University houses the stateof-the-art AUD$73 million Bayliss Building, the most advanced biomolecular sciences facility in Western Australia.

UWA’s Clinical Training and Education Centre (CTEC), Australia’s premier medical and surgical skills training centre, is one of the most advanced medical technology complexes in the world.
In partnership with the Western Australian Government, UWA has a AUD$38 million oral health centre, offering the most modern teaching and clinical services available.
The UWA Business School educates tomorrow’s leaders in a AUD$50 million contemporary building, overlooking the picturesque Swan River.

In 2014, the AUD$122 million 10-storey Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research was opened on the campus of the QEII Medical Centre in Nedlands.
UWA will house the largest marine research capability in the Indian Ocean Rim with the Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre (IOMRC)—a AUD$62 million facility which will enable Australia to expand international research.
UWA’s Energy and Minerals Institute helps facilitate industry engagement with state-of-the-art research facilities and expertise.

The Crawley campus has centrifuge facilities for deep-water engineering (the only testing and modelling facility in the southern hemisphere that hosts both a beam and drum centrifuge), the National Geosequestration Laboratory, the ARC Training Centre for LNG Futures and the ARC Research Hub for Offshore Floating Facilities.

The Albany Centre UWA also has a regional high-tech education centre in the South West town of Albany—a five-hour drive from Perth. Here you can experience all that regional Western Australia has to offer while studying at university. For more information visit albany.uwa.edu.au/courses. The University of Western Australia | International Postgraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 17

UWA understands how important it is to international students (and their parents) to find good quality accommodation close to the campus. There are many accommodation options open to international students designed to suit different needs.

St George’s College stgeorgescollege.uwa.edu.au St Thomas More College stmc.uwa.edu.au St Catherine’s College stcatherines.uwa.edu.au Living on Campus Living on campus gives you an immediate sense of belonging and an instant circle of friends from across Australia and around the world. UWA’s five residential colleges— St Catherine’s College, St George’s College, St Thomas More College, Trinity and University Hall—each offer a unique and valuable dimension to your UWA experience. On-campus accommodation is located directly opposite the University and offers you a world-class living and learning environment.

The colleges provide academic support; a full calendar of sporting, cultural and social events; leadership opportunities; and fantastic facilities in a warm and welcoming home away from home. You apply to live at a UWA residential college through a central application portal via livingoncampus.uwa.edu.au.

Finding a Home Away from Home How to apply 1. Research the colleges via their websites to decide which suits you best. 2. Register your details with livingoncampus.uwa.edu.au. 3. Complete all required steps and submit your application. 4. Your application will immediately be sent to your first preference college. When to apply The portal will accept your application up to 12 months before you want to live on campus. We recommend applying as soon as possible and before receiving your offer from UWA. 18 study.uwa.edu.au

Trinity trinity.uwa.edu.au University Hall unihall.uwa.edu.au More information LIVING ON CAMPUS uwa.edu.au/colleges UWA Residential Colleges Admissions Office Tel +61 8 9488 0920 Email residentialcolleges@uwa.edu.au LIVING OFF CAMPUS housing.uwa.edu.au Housing Officer, Student Support Services Tel +61 8 6488 5573 Fax +61 8 6488 1119 Email housing-studserv@uwa.edu.au crawleyvillage.housing.uwa.edu.au Crawley Village Property Management Tel +61 8 9273 3348 Email crawleyvillage@uwa.edu.au The fees overview should be read in conjunction with each college’s fee schedule, located on their websites.

Weekly fees vary based on room and package type. Prices quoted are for 2016 and are meant to give an indication of costs only. 2017 fees will be available late 2016. Check the websites for this information.

Overview of 2016 residential college fees and charges St Catherine’s College St George’s College St Thomas More College Trinity University Hall Weekly fee AUD$460 AUD$492 AUD$3701 AUD$420 AUD$3551 2016 standard year fee2 AUD$18,400 AUD$19,200 AUD$14,800 AUD$16,800 AUD$14,352 Number of weeks in a standard year3 40 39 40 40 40 Additional one off fees (approximate only)4 AUD$2000 AUD$2150 AUD$1340 AUD$840 AUD$350 College numbers 400 220 400 375 750 1 The weekly fee quoted for University Hall and St Thomas More College is for 14 meals per week. Students are welcome to upgrade to 21 meals per week for an additional cost.

Twenty-one meals are included in the weekly fee for the other residential colleges.

2 The standard yearly fee is for accommodation, meals, utilities and cleaning. 3 The UWA academic year comprises 34 weeks with a five-week mid-year break between semesters. The number of weeks in the standard year fee varies from college to college. Students can apply to stay on for extra days/weeks for a nominal daily/weekly rate if they wish to stay during the mid-year break. All first-year college students undertake one extra week of college living – Orientation Week. See associated charges for each college’s Orientation Week. 4 Other annual fees apply such as a contingency fee, an internet fee, building and/or amenities fees and College Club membership.

For a full list please refer to each individual college websites.

Living off Campus You can rent an apartment, unit or house either on your own or share with others. When you rent, you will take full responsibility for the property and sign a rental contract. The average cost of renting or leasing an unfurnished one or two bedroom unit close to UWA is between AUD$285 and AUD$450 per week. Renting a house is a good idea if you’re a couple, family or would like to share with other people. There are also establishment costs to consider, such as a bond. Other costs such as electricity and/or gas, telephone and food are usually not included in the weekly rent.

It is important to realise that most rental leases will require a commitment of at least six months and you should bring character references with you to support your rental applications.

housing.uwa.edu.au/home/adviceinterstate-international-students The University’s Housing Office has an online housing database for UWA students. International students who have been offered a place at UWA, but have not yet enrolled, can still create an account and access the database. This searchable database includes lists of people looking to share a property or who have a vacant property to rent. housing.uwa.edu.au/housingdatabase Crawley Village is a group of properties owned and operated by UWA. These properties are situated within walking distance of the University and close to shops and other amenities.

crawleyvillage.housing.uwa.edu.au The University of Western Australia | International Postgraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 19

LOCATION: BUSINESS SCHOOL, UWA CRAWLEY CAMPUS Cost of living in Australian dollars2 ($AUD) studyat.uwa.edu.au/about/accommodation/costs On-campus residential (Calculated on 39 weeks) Off-campus shared (with two other people) Calculated on 52 weeks Off-campus full board Calculated on 50 weeks Week Year Week Year Week Year ESTABLISHMENT COSTS Bond, fees etc.3 n/a $1400 n/a $800 n/a n/a Two weeks’ rent in advance n/a n/a n/a $400 n/a n/a Telephone and utilities connection n/a n/a n/a $68 n/a n/a Furnishings, linen, crockery n/a $100 n/a $1000 n/a $100 Application/Placement Fee n/a $125 n/a n/a n/a $240 TOTAL 0 $1625 $200 $2268 0 $340 ANNUAL COSTS Books, stationery, equipment n/a $1000 n/a $1000 n/a $1000 Student Services and Amenities Fee n/a $290 n/a $290 n/a $290 TOTAL 0 $1290 $0 $1290 0 $1290 WEEKLY COSTS Rent/board (average) for academic year $4353 $16,9653 $200 $10,400 $245 $12,250 Food n/a n/a $150 $7800 n/a n/a Public transport $20 $780 $50 $2600 $50 $2500 Utilities (e.g.

gas, electricity, telephone and water expenses) $10 $390 $40 $2080 $10 $500 Spending money (e.g. medical, clothing and entertainment expenses) $100 $3900 $100 $5200 $100 $5000 TOTAL $565 $22,035 $540 $28,080 $405 $20,250 MISCELLANEOUS COSTS Expenses for holidays $430 $5590 n/a n/a $320 $640 GRAND TOTAL $30,540 $31,638 $22,520 Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) – Allianz quoted fees for 20161 Length of degree Single cover Dual Family cover Multi Family cover 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years $594 $1198 $1815 $2775 $3512 $4352 $1643 $3681 $5506 $9316 $11,876 $13,505 $2396 $5628 $8417 $13,344 $17,015 $20,169 1 This is a specially negotiated premium only available to international students and covers standard health requirements.

Payments are based on the length of the study program. The fees quoted above are not the fees payable if you obtain insurance from another provider. This is not applicable to students from Norway and Sweden who are covered under a separate arrangement.

Money Matters 2 Estimates only based on average expenses 3 Varies depending on college or accommodation type 20 study.uwa.edu.au

The cost of attending university involves more than just paying tuition fees. You will need to find accommodation, travel to and from campus, buy textbooks and stationery, and consider food and entertainment. Cost of living The annual cost of living in Perth depends on your lifestyle and the type of accommodation you chose, however AUD$450–$650 per week is generally sufficient for most single students to live comfortably (this does not include tuition fees or medical cover).

In addition you may need extra funds to cover various items such as airfares and textbooks. There may also be ancillary fees applicable to your course. To find your faculty information visit teachingandlearning.uwa.edu.au/ students/fees.

Tuition fees increase each calendar year and are not fixed for the duration of the chosen program. The comparative table gives an indication of the type of expenses and average costs you will need to meet. Students with a family (spouse and one child) should budget a minimum of AUD$1000 per week (AUD$52,000 per annum) for living expenses. Working in Australia as an international student Under the terms of a student visa, once an international student has commenced their course they may work up to 40 hours per fortnight while their course is in session and unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks.

The University has a Careers Centre to help you find part-time and vacation work, but it is important to be aware that work is not always available. You should not rely on earning sufficient income to support your studies and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection may decline a visa on this basis. immi.gov.au Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) A compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is payable for each year or part year of your study. The fee is used to improve the quality and quantity of services to students. The fee for 2016 is $290. An electronic SSAF Statement of Account notification fee will be sent to your UWA student email account each semester following your enrolment.

Further information is available at student.uwa.edu.au/ course/fees/ssaf.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) The Department of Immigration and Border Protection requires all international students applying for a student visa to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of their student visa. OSHC is offered by a number of providers. You may obtain OSHC from the provider of your choice. studyinaustralia.gov.au/global/livein-australia/insurance The University of Western Australia has a ‘preferred provider’ agreement with Allianz Global Assistance. On acceptance and payment of your offer, UWA will arrange health cover with Allianz Global Assistance for the duration of your student visa.

For information on the University’s agreement with Allianz Global Assistance, refer to international.uwa.edu.au/ newstudents/health. Scholarships studyat.uwa.edu.au/ international/scholarships International students can apply for financial support in their local country through sponsorship programs, and in some countries, with the Australian Government Australia Awards programs. Business School Scholarships Perth Energy Scholarship The Perth Energy Scholarship is available to international students after their first year of study of a Bachelor of Commerce at UWA, and is awarded on the basis of academic excellence.

The scholarship is valued at AUD$10,000. business.uwa. edu.au/scholarships SCHOOL FOR DEPENDANT CHILDREN OF POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS The dependant children of a masters by coursework, masters by research, doctorate or PhD student can be admitted into government schools that have spare capacity, free of charge. The dependant children must be physically in the country at the time of enrolment. The postgraduate student is responsible for meeting the full tuition costs of providing dependant children with an English as a Second Language program. You should make arrangements for schooling through UWA and not approach schools directly.

international.uwa.edu.au/ newstudents/family Education for dependant children The University of Western Australia | International Postgraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 21

The purpose of UWA scholarships and awards is to ensure equity and access for all students and to reward and acknowledge excellence in our community. Most UWA scholarships are applied for online. For detailed descriptions of individual scholarships, as well as comprehensive information on deadlines, entry requirements, eligibility and how to apply, visit studyat.uwa.edu.au/international/ scholarships and scholarships.uwa. edu.au/future-students/postgrad. UWA’s funding opportunities include: International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (funded by the Australian Government) The purpose of the International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) is to attract top quality international postgraduate students to UWA's research strengths to support Australia’s research efforts.

Successful applicants can expect to become members of a research team working under the direction of senior researchers and in areas which have attracted external resources. Applicants for IPRS at UWA are rated according to the following criteria:
Academic achievement
Research training achievement
Proposed research environment. Allocation of scholarships is the outcome of a competitive ranking and selection process in which applicants are scored and ranked by schools, faculties and the University Scholarships Committee, according to these common criteria and on the basis of evidence provided.

International scholarships (funded by UWA) These scholarships are awarded by the University to assist and encourage international students to undertake studies in a particular faculty or specific discipline at UWA. Scholarships are awarded to students who have achieved academic excellence in a subject or course. UWA offers a range of scholarships to international students. Scholarships and Sponsorships Australia Awards (funded by the Australian Government) Australia Awards aims to promote knowledge, education links and enduring ties between Australia and other nations through an extensive range of scholarship programs.

The programs consist of Australia Awards long-term scholarships, Australia Awards short-term scholarships and Australia Awards fellowships. Australia Awards aims to:
develop capacity and leadership skills so individuals can contribute to development in their home country
build people-to-people linkages at the individual, institutional and country levels.

Australia Awards brings the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT); the Department of Education and Training; and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) scholarships together under one program. More information including applicant eligibility criteria can be found at australiaawards.gov.au Postgraduate research scholarships support the position of The University of Western Australia as one of Australia’s leading research intensive universities and the premier research institution in Western Australia. There are also a growing number of scholarships for students in postgraduate coursework programs.

22 study.uwa.edu.au

Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships (funded by the Australian Government) Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships are the Australian Government’s internationally competitive, merit-based scholarship program, providing opportunities for citizens of the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia. Also available is the opportunity for Australians to undertake study, research and professional development abroad. internationaleducation.gov. au/endeavour Sponsorships (funded by international governments, universities and other organisations) UWA works with a broad range of governments and organisations in the provision of funding arrangements for international students at UWA.

Sponsored students receive financial assistance from government, an organisation or company to undertake studies at UWA. Funding of the sponsorship is usually from an organisation within the student's home country.

UWA welcomes sponsored students and encourages students to make enquiries within their home country about how to become an international sponsored student. “
The IPRS offered me a unique opportunity to undertake my PhD project at a university renowned for its high-impact research. The financial assistance made available through the scholarship has allowed me to focus entirely on my research project.
It has provided avenues for my personal and professional growth and the chance for a lifechanging experience.” Dilyara Nigmatullina PhD Candidate Law School To apply for a postgraduate scholarship, visit scholarships.uwa.

edu.au/future-students/postgrad. The University of Western Australia | International Postgraduate Course Guide 2017–2018 23