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Australia - AAT Kings

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      journeys            experiences         accommodations       sightseeing tours

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Australia - AAT Kings

Amazing destinations. Amazing experiences.
           We’ll take you there.
Australia - AAT Kings
Discover the enchanting beauty and soul of
Australia and New Zealand. Your unforgettable,
effortless exploration is brought to life by the
guided vacation experts, AAT Kings, who have
been sharing their passion, unrivaled knowledge
and exceptional service with guests since 1912.

Delve into the fascinating stories of the Anangu people
in Australia or explore the unique and captivating
culture of the Maori in New Zealand. Proud of our roots
and the traditions of our people, we enjoy showcasing
their spellbinding stories – made possible through the
strong relationships we have forged with indigenous
communities across these diverse lands.
Australia - AAT Kings
DARWIN   l           Kakadu
                                                                                                                                     Great Barrier Reef

                                         Kununurra l                        Katherine
                                                                            Gorge                                Daintree l
                                               Bungle                                                                        l   Port Douglas
                                            l  Bungle                                                                            Cairns
                                     El Questo l
                                                l                                                                 l
                                                 Geikie                                                  Atherton                l   Mission Beach
                                  Broome         Gorge                                                 Tablelands                       Hamilton Island
                                                            TERRITORY                                                                      l

                                                             Kings              Springs
                   l   Karijini                             Canyon              l
                                                                       l                           Longreach l
l   Coral Bay                                              Kata       l l   Uluru                                            Rockhampton l
                        WESTERN                                                                                                                               Fraser Island
                       AUSTRALIA                                                                         QUEENSLAND                                       l

                                                                                                                                                Noosa l
    Monkey Mia
                                                                 AUSTRALIA                                                                           l BRISBANE
                                                                                                                                           Gold Coast l
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Bay of Islands


                                                                                                                                            Byron Bay l
          The Pinnacles                                          Coober Pedy l            Flinders                                                                                                            ISLAND
            l                         l   Kalgoorlie                                      Ranges
                                                                                              l        NEW SOUTH WALES
    PERTH   l                                                                                                                    Hunter Valley                                                 Auckland   l
                                                                                        The Barossa
                           Wave Rock                                                          l                                                 l
                                                                                                                      Blue Mountains l
                Margaret                  l
                                                                                                  ADELAIDE                                     l SYDNEY                                  Waitomo Caves    l
                River               Cape Le Grand                                             l                        CANBERRA          l
            l                                                                                                                                                                                                  l
                  l                                                                       l
                  Valley of                                            Kangaroo Island                       Beechworth l                                                                                 Rotorua
                  the Giants
                                                                                Mount Gambier      l
                                                                                                                 l Melbourne
                                                                                        Great Ocean Road
                                                                                                         TASMANIA                                                                                         WELLINGTON
                                                                                              Cradle Mountain l          l       Launceston
                                                                                                                             l   Freycinet
                                                                                                                                                                  Franz Josef Glacier
                                                                                                 Gordon River l                                                                      l             Christchurch
                                                                                                                      l l Port Arthur                                    Mt. Cook    l         l
                                                                                                                                                               Milford            Queenstown        SOUTH
                                                                                                                                                               Sound          l
                                                                                                                                                                                     l   Dunedin

                                                                                                                                                                              Stewart Island
Australia - AAT Kings

 The AAT Kings Difference                 6          A Family Affair                        14          Travel Essentials              85
 Traveling with us                        8          TreadRight Foundation                  16          Booking Conditions             86
 2 styles of travel                      10          Smart ways to save                     18          How to book               back cover
 Where you’ll stay                       12          Pre & Post Hotels                      84

                                                 Guided Vacations
From 6 to 22 days, AAT Kings Guided Vacations fully explore                    FIRST CHOICE vacations offer premium hotels in central locations,
each destination, to immerse yourself in its landscape, history               more meals & sightseeing inclusions, plus Be My Guest dining
and culture. They feature quality accommodations, with                        experiences.
porterage and all breakfasts included, plus other meals. There                  BEST BUYS  vacations offer great value, comfortable hotels with
are 2 styles of Guided Vacation (see page 9 for more details).
                                                                              easy access to city centres and more free time.

Tour type Tour                                     Days       Code     Page   Tour type Tour                           Days       Code       Page
 FIRST CHOICE Highlights of Australia & New Zealand 22        IMZB      36      BEST BUYS   Western Wonderland          16       WEMP         52
 FIRST CHOICE Contrasts of Australia & New Zealand 18        QCANA      38     FIRST CHOICE Best of New Zealand         18     ZABC/ZCBA      54
 FIRST CHOICE Discover Australia & New Zealand      15       CANZQ      40     FIRST CHOICE New Zealand Splendour       15     ZAAC/ZCCA      56
 FIRST CHOICE Australian Highlights                 13        IMSE      42     FIRST CHOICE Contrasts of New Zealand    10       IZANB        58
 FIRST CHOICE Outback Adventure                    11/15   NUAD/NAAD    44     FIRST CHOICE Southern Spectacular        10     ZCQR/ZRQC      60
 FIRST CHOICE East Coast Islands and Rainforest 10/13       QBC/QSC     46      BEST BUYS   Kia Ora New Zealand         17     LABC/LCBA      62
 FIRST CHOICE Perfect Tasmania                    6/7/12 TLHH/THHL/THLH 48      BEST BUYS   New Zealand Marvel          14     LCCA/LAAC      64
 FIRST CHOICE Tastes of Southern Australia          11        ESMA      50      BEST BUYS   Southern Spotlight           9     LCQR/LRQC      66

     Inspiring Journeys                                                                     Short Breaks
On an Inspiring Journey we will take you off the beaten track with            Ranging from 2 to 19 days in length, AAT Kings Short Breaks
immersive experiences in a boutique small group setting of up to              combine the must-see highlights of a destination with your
20 like-minded travelers. You’ll travel in luxury coaches or 4WD              choice of accommodations standard, plus selected meals. Ideal
vehicles and stay in boutique retreats, lodges and resorts. Best of all       for the independent-minded traveler, travel with different Driver
our expert Travel Directors and/or Driver Guides will take care of            Guides each day to benefit from their combined experience.
everything else, so you can sit back and be inspired by the journey.

Tour                                    Days          Code          Page      Tour                                     Days       Code       Page
The Long White Cloud                  11/12/22   NZNI/NZSI/NZIJ      22       Sydney & the Blue Mountains                4        SS11        69
Inspiring New Zealand                    10          NZFLY           24       Melbourne & the Great Ocean Road           4        MM11        69
Inspiring Australia                      13          IJFLY           26       Best of Australia                         19        MS19        70
Victoria’s Hidden Gems                    7           IJVIC          28       Australian Icons                          13        MS12        72
Kakadu’s Ancient Secrets                  5          MNDD            30       Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef            4        CC11        74
Outback Australia – The Colour of Red     5       CRUA/CRAU          32       Port Douglas & Reef Retreat                6        PDCE        74
                                                                              Kakadu & East Alligator River              2        DK40        75
                                                                              Kakadu & Katherine Gorge                   3       DG42/52      75
                                                                              Uluru Highlights                           2        YY43        76

                     Day Tours                                                Uluru & Kings Canyon Explorer
                                                                              Uluru & Kings Canyon Discovery
                                                                              Alice Springs to Uluru Explorer            2        AK20        77
                                                                              Kangaroo Island Discovery                  2        ZZ22        78
Do you have a day or half a day to spare? See the must-see sights,
learn about a specific destination’s history and culture with our             Perth & Rottnest Island                    4        PP11        78
Day Tours.                                                                    Rotorua Discovery                          4         ZR5        79
                                                                              Bay of Islands & Rotorua Unearthed         7        ZBR5        79
Region/Tour			Page                                                            Fiordland Experience                       5        ZFE5        80
Field of Light			                             81                              Queenstown, West Coast & TranzAlpine       5        ZWC5        80
Red Centre Piti & Ochre Sightseeing Passes			 81
Sightsee ‘n’ Save Day Tours Pass			           81
Red Centre			                                 82
Sydney			                                     82
Melbourne			                                  82
Queensland			                                 83
South Australia			                            83

    Guided Vacations and Inspiring Journeys in this brochure are definite departures!*
                   *With the exception of Discover Australia & New Zealand (CANZQ) and Victoria’s Hidden Gems (IJVIC).
Australia - AAT Kings

                                                                 Indulge in an unforgettable voyage of
                                                                  discovery with AAT Kings. From the
                                                                   shimmering Blue Mountains to the
                                                                untamed Red Centre of Australia, and
                                                           from the majestic glacial fiords to the lush
                                                            rolling hills of New Zealand, our vacation
                                                               experiences ensure you encounter the
                                                             regions’ extraordinary sights and stories
                                                                    – including the ‘Hidden Gems’ you
                                                                       would not discover on your own.

    The AAT Kings Difference
    100 years
    of experience
    Crafting unforgettable vacations in Australia
    for over 100 years, AAT Kings’ story begins with
    the Pyke family, whose spirit for adventure and
    passion for their homeland saw them launch
    coach touring in Australia as far back as 1912.

    Starting with self-drive car hire 7-seater vehicles,
    we expanded to guided tours, becoming Sydney’s
    largest tour operator by the 1960s. In the 1980s, we
    joined pioneering adventurer Bill King’s Northern
    Safaris to create what has become AAT Kings today.
Australia - AAT Kings

AAT Kings has the inside track on Australia and
New Zealand and we delight in sharing it with our
guests. Join the thousands of guests who have
traveled these great countries, enjoying the life-
changing travel experiences we have created
with passion, focus and first-hand experience.

Our friendly and experienced Travel Directors and
Driver Guides delight in revealing their insider tips to
the real Australia and New Zealand – the characters,
the special spots and that inimitable Aussie and
Kiwi verve you’ll carry in your heart forever.

                                                           range of vacations
                                                           Enjoy an effortless, authentic holiday experience,
                                                           quality hotels and the best value-for-money
                                                           with over 35 unique itineraries packed with
                                                           easy adventure, great flavours, and some
                                                           surprises along the way – all finely crafted to
                                                           ensure you’ll never worry about a thing.

                                                           With AAT Kings, you have a friend in every
                                                           destination, sharing experiences that will make
                                                           your visit so memorable. Enjoy time to explore
                                                           the sights at your leisure – your Travel Director
                                                           is on hand to recommend the best in town.

                                                           See what’s on offer from page 20 >

Trust AAT Kings to guide your journey through
Australia and New Zealand. Our team of dedicated
and experienced staff have been delivering hassle-
free and unforgettable vacations for decades,
taking care of every little detail along the way.

With the perfect balance of sightseeing and
relaxation, your adventure through Australia
and New Zealand is made that much more
special with the knowledge that travelers have
been choosing AAT Kings to share mesmerizing
travel experiences for over a century.
Australia - AAT Kings

                      Traveling with us
    Our experts connect you to Australia & New Zealand.

                    Tony                                                           Nellie
                                                                     ‘I love the people you get to meet in this job!
       ‘My must-see place is the west coast of
                                                                       I love our history, culture and our ancient
    Tasmania. The region is truly Australia’s last
                                                                    landscape! I love the Australian sayings... it’s
    untamed frontier. It’s raw and rugged, yet so
                                                                    ‘just down the road’ which could be 100 yards
            mesmerizing and majestic.’
                                                                            or 1000 miles. You gotta love that!’

          OUR FLEET                                                   AIRPORT TRANSFERS
          With the most modern fleet in the business, you can         You will receive free transfers between designated
          relax in air-conditioned comfort. AAT Kings’ fleet of       airports and your AAT Kings hotel on scheduled start
          70 vehicles features reclining seats with footrests, an     and end days of your vacations and with pre and post
          on-board restroom, PA and road camera technology, and       vacation accommodations booked through AAT Kings.
          panoramic windows to ensure you won’t miss a thing.
Australia - AAT Kings

               Experienced. Friendly. Passionate.
       Let our talented Travel Directors take you on a life-changing vacation – a journey filled with fascinating tales,
     in-depth insights and fond memories made possible by a team of passionate local guides and operations experts
         who work tirelessly together to ensure your dream vacation is stress-free and seamless, from start to end.

                  Mark                                                           Manuela
 ‘I feel very proud being able to share with our                        ‘I’m deeply passionate about Australia’s
  guests a deeper understanding of our Maori                          beautiful, unique and ancient environment;
 culture. The evening at Tamaki Maori Village,                        its Indigenous people are the world’s oldest
where they get to experience, taste and feel the                      continuous culture. Sharing my knowledge
warm hospitality of our people, is truly magical.’                           with guests fuels this passion.’

          MORE WAYS TO TRAVEL                                           FREE WIFI & USB
          Leave the comfort of your coach behind and                    Stay connected and charged during your vacation as
          enjoy a scenic train ride and flight, helicopter,             our entire fleet is equipped with WiFi* and in-seat
          boat ride and river cruise, or see the sights over            USB ports. Charging facilities are also available in all
          the hump of a camel, depending on the itinerary               our off-road vehicles.
          or optional experience you have selected.                     *Speed and reception may vary in remote areas.
Australia - AAT Kings

     Breaking the boundaries of one-size-fits-all travel experiences,
     AAT Kings offers two unique travel styles to suit your dream
     vacation desires. Whether you wish to get under the skin
     of the destination, are traveling in a small group or simply
     seek a budget escape, our travel styles all reveal the must-see
     sights, sounds and flavours of Australia and New Zealand.

     2 styles of travel
                                        Guided Vacations
                                         6-22 day
                                        fully guided experiences
                                         Enjoy a rare opportunity to delve deeper into your vacation destination with
                                         AAT Kings’ 6 to 22 day fully guided experiences, immersing yourself in its
                                         fascinating culture, heritage and exquisite beauty. Our quality hotels with
                                         breakfast and porterage included, Welcome Reception and Farewell Dinner tick
                                         all the boxes, with two styles of Guided Vacations on offer to suit your needs:
                                         FIRST CHOICE Stay in premium hotels in central locations, and enjoy more
                                         meals and sightseeing inclusions, plus unforgettable Be My Guest dining
                                         experiences to indulge in delicious local flavours.
                                           BEST BUYS  Enjoy great value, comfortable hotels with easy access to city
                                         centres and more free time to explore and engage with the destination on
                                         your own terms.
                                         Start exploring on page 34 >

Inspiring Journeys
5-22 day
small group boutique journeys
Venture off the beaten track and into the depths of these diverse
lands in an intimate small-group setting where every detail
has been taken care of. Join AAT Kings’ 5 to 22 day small group
journeys by luxury coach or 4WD vehicle, staying in boutique
retreats, lodges and resorts and savouring gourmet cuisine.

Explore our portfolio on page 20 >

     Millbrook Resort
     Inspiring Journeys > Queenstown, NZ

     Where you’ll stay
     AAT Kings’ accommodations are selected for comfort,
     location and facilities. Our range includes brands
     like Crowne Plaza, Millennium, Mantra and Stamford
     Plaza, and feature resorts like Hamilton Island, Cradle
     Mountain Hotel, Te Waonui Forest Retreat and
     Voyages Ayers Rock Resort, to name a few.

                                                                                Hotel Grand Chancellor
                                                                FIRST CHOICE   Guided Vacations > Hobart, TAS

     The Langham
     Inspiring Journeys > Sydney, NSW

                                                                                          Stamford Plaza
                                                               FIRST CHOICE    Guided Vacations > Adelaide, SA

                                                                                         Crowne Plaza
                                                          FIRST CHOICE   Guided Vacations > Melbourne, VIC

Castaways Resort & Spa
FIRST CHOICE   Guided Vacations > Mission Beach, QLD

                                                                                     Hamilton Island
                                                       FIRST CHOICE   Guided Vacations > Whitsundays, QLD

Punakaiki Resort
FIRST CHOICE   Guided Vacations > Punakaiki, NZ

                                                                                   Copthorne Resort
                                                          BEST BUYS   Guided Vacations > Bay of Islands, NZ

Ayers Rock Resort                                                                     Cicada Lodge
FIRST CHOICE   Guided Vacations > Yulara, NT             Inspiring Journeys > Nitmiluk National Park, NT

                                     A Family Affair
                                      AAT Kings is part of The Travel Corporation (TTC), a 4th generation, family-owned business
                                      with over 100 years of travel expertise and passion. With a multi award-winning portfolio
                                      ranging from luxury hotels and boutique river cruises, to independent vacation package
                                      companies and a variety of guided travel experiences, TTC offers something for everyone.
                                      We are worldwide experts with 30 travel and tourism brands spanning over 70 countries,
                                      managed by 40 sales offices and over 10,000 team members, serving over 2 million customers
       a f a m i ly o f br a n d s
                                      annually. We pride ourselves on taking a long-term view, with an ethos of attention to detail
                                      in all areas of the company.

     Our Commitment                                                               Our Passion
     We are committed to establishing lasting relationships                       We show pride, energy and determination in
     with our guests by exceeding their expectations the first                    all that we do. We are committed to creating
     time and every time, through consistently delivering                         exceptional experiences for our guests,
     outstanding quality of service, experience and value.                        employees and Travel Directors.

              Discover the Travel Corporation.

Our Customers                                     Our Responsibility
We put our guests at the heart of everything we   Through our TreadRight Foundation, we strive to
do in order to secure their engagement, loyalty   enhance and protect the communities we work in
and recommendation.                               and to be a good corporate citizen.

          TreadRight Foundation
               Encouraging global sustainable tourism.

                 An initiative supported by The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands,
     the TreadRight Foundation is a not-for-profit working to ensure the environment and communities
             we visit remain vibrant for generations to come. The foundation has helped support
            some 40 sustainable tourism projects worldwide including Sea Turtle Conservancy in
              Costa Rica, Shark Savers in Ecuador and The Cape Leopard Trust in South Africa.
          Within Australia and New Zealand we are also proud to support a number of important
       projects with a focus on wildlife conservation. Inspiring Journeys and AAT Kings encourage
         the sustainable development of tourism in partnership with the TreadRight Foundation.

                     AAT Kings Cares
                                Our local projects

                              Kiwis              Rainbow Springs in New Zealand
                                                 Inspiring Journeys and AAT Kings support the
                                                 conservation of New Zealand’s iconic native bird,
                                                 the endangered kiwi.
                                                 • We contribute to the Kiwi Breeding Program in
                                                    Rotorua to hatch and raise chicks, perform health
                                                    checks and daily monitoring
                                                 • D onations assist with funding research into
                                                    incubation and rearing
                                                 • T he aim is to help raise awareness of the protection
                                                    of the kiwi and act as a pivotal role in their survival

     Tasmanian Devils                            Save the Tasmanian Devil
                                                 Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) threatens the
                                                 existence of this internationally-recognized icon.
                                                 • I n some areas, more than 80% of the Tasmanian
                                                    devil population has been wiped out
                                                 • T he threat to the devil due to DFTD continues to
                                                 • S ignificant advances in the Insurance Population
                                                    and protecting isolated populations, are enabling
                                                    a new phase in the species’ conservation and
                                                    recovery in the wild

                            Koalas               Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors
                                                 The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital at Australia Zoo
                                                 in Queensland, is dedicated to saving Australia’s
                                                 many native species.
                                                 • It is the largest and busiest wildlife facility of its
                                                    kind in the world
                                                 • Caring for one koala costs an average of $1,500
                                                 • The facility treats about 800 koalas each year
                                                 • T he hospital helps rehabilitate and care for injured
                                                    and orphaned koalas in addition to other animals
                                                 • D onations contribute to an eco-friendly facility to
                                                    house them

For more information and details on how you can support the foundation, visit   

     Smart ways to save
     Save by combining the discounts below:

      Early                          10% saving                       7.5% saving                       5% saving
      Payment                 when you pay in full by           when you pay in full by          when you pay in full by

      Discount                31 January 2018                   27 April 2018                    29 June 2018

      Available on selected Guided Vacations and Inspiring Journeys – see itinerary pages. Discount applies only
      to the land content portion of the vacation. Can be combined with other discounts where applicable. The full
      amount must be paid by the designated date. Subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

      For more info visit

                                                                             for returning
      Kings Club                                 5% saving                   AAT Kings guests

      Kings Club is for guests who have previously traveled with AAT Kings and our family of companies including Trafalgar,
      Insight Vacations, Contiki and Uniworld. It’s our way of saying thank you for your loyalty. Kings Club Membership is
      free and you’re automatically entitled to our Kings Club Past Guest Discount of 5% off your next Guided Vacation.

      Adds Ons                2.5% saving                       10% saving                         5% saving
                              When you book 2 or more           When purchasing an                 Book a triple room
                              vacations at the same time        AAT Kings operated                 and we’ll give you 5%
                                                                Short Break or Day Tour            off the twin price
                                                                with a Guided Vacation

And even more ways to save:

  Groups               5% saving                                  1 person free
                       When 5-16 people travel                    When 17 people travel together,
                       together, everybody saves 5%               one person travels for free

  AAT Kings can also tailor an itinerary for you and your group of 15 people or more. For more info email

  Young travelers
  Children 5-15 years get a discount when sharing a room with an adult (limit of one discount per room),
  and receive a discount off the adult price of AAT Kings operated Day Tours.

  Traveling alone?
  If you don’t want to pay the single supplement on Guided Vacations you can share with a guest of the same
  gender in a non-smoking twin room, at no extra cost. If we can’t pair you up, we’ll accommodate you in a
  single room.

Conditions apply. See page 86 for more information >

          Inspiring Journeys
       5-22 day small group boutique journeys

        On an Inspiring Journey we will take you off the beaten track with immersive experiences in a
       boutique small group setting. You’ll travel in luxury coaches or 4WD vehicles and stay in boutique
      retreats, lodges and resorts with gourmet cuisine to match. We offer the perfect balance of freedom
        from the stress of vacation planning, with the flexibility to shape your journey with a choice of
     optional experiences. You’ll share your vacation with a small group of up to 20 like-minded travelers.
                  Best of all our expert Travel Directors and/or Driver Guides will take care of
                     everything else, so you can sit back and be inspired by the journey.

Incredible Stories
Traveling has the power to enrich our lives in many ways.
It’s not just the places you go, it’s the people you’re with, the
experiences you share and the stories you write along the
way. Everyone has a story. Start your next chapter on an
Inspiring Journey through Australia and New Zealand.

                                                                    Creating moments
                                                                    Create moments you’ll remember all your life, by
                                                                    connecting with interesting people, amazing places,
                                                                    diverse cultures and unique environments.

                                                                    Cultural immersion
                                                                    We all dream of traveling the world and discovering
                                                                    ourselves in different cultures. But it’s one thing to
                                                                    hear someone else’s story and another to create yours.
                                                                    At Inspiring Journeys we don’t just show you places,
                                                                    we create immersive experiences you’ll never forget.

The 4 pillars
Our Inspiring Journeys allow you to enjoy a cross
section of exciting, interesting and enriching
experiences. This is why our itinerary highlights have
been grouped to cover a number of areas.

These experiences allow you to be observational, to take
a step back and take it all in.

These highlights are much more interactive and gives
you the opportunity to connect with your surroundings.

                                                                    Take your vacation to another level as you learn
                                                                    something new through active participation.

                                                                    Enjoy some down time to simply unwind and appreciate
                                                                    your destination or indulgent experience.

On an Inspiring Journey, you will stay in hand-picked
accommodations that are situated in both beautiful
and unique locations, where there is a real sense of
connection. Milford Sound Lodge, award-winning Royal
Mail Hotel and Cicada Lodge, feature in our itineraries.

     Lake Pukaki & Mt. Cook

     The Long White Cloud

     HIGHLIGHTS                                  Discover the scenic majesty of the North and South
     Discover                                    Islands of New Zealand with a small group of fellow-
     • Stunning Milford Sound in the heart       explorers, combining natural beauty with a touch of
       of Fiordland National Park                luxury as you overnight in the Franz Josef rainforest
     • New Zealand’s capital Wellington          in the foothills of Mount Cook, and in magical Milford
     • Experience Franz Josef Glacier            Sound, slumber amidst the treetops in the Coromandel
     • The Waitomo Glowworm Grotto               Ranges, and journey into the deep south to the wild
     Explore                                     and pristine landscapes of remote Stewart Island.
     • Journey on the iconic TranzAlpine Train
     • Historic goldrush Arrowtown
                                                 Day 1: Welcome to Christchurch              Day 5: Queenstown Free Time
     • Untouched Stewart Island                  On arrival in Christchurch you’ll be        Today is free for you to explore New
                                                 transferred by private car to your hotel.   Zealand’s adventure capital. Ride the
                                                 This evening meet your Travel Director      Shotover Jet Boat or venture out on a
     • A jade factory & see artists at work      for a welcome drink and dinner. Hotel:      Wine Tour. Tonight you’ll dine at Bob’s
                                                 Hotel Montreal, Christchurch. DW            Peak overlooking Queenstown. B HD
     • Walk the rainforest Treetop Walkway
                                                 Day 2: Christchurch – Punakaiki             Day 6: Queenstown Free Time
     • Experience the Agrodome Farm Show
                                                 This morning, take one of the world’s       Make the most of your extended
     • Gain an insight into Maori life at        great scenic railway journeys on the        stay in Queenstown. Why not sit
       Whakarewarewa Living Village              famous TranzAlpine train. Travel            back and enjoy a peaceful cruise
                                                 through the spectacular Southern Alps,      across Lake Wakatipu aboard New
     Relax                                       and spend the night in an eco-friendly      Zealand’s oldest steamship, the TSS
                                                 waterfront resort at Punakaiki. Hotel:      Earnslaw, to Walter Peak Station. B
     • Ride a gondola to Bob’s Peak
                                                 Punakaiki Resort, Punakaiki. B DW
     • Cruise the Bay of Islands                                                             Day 7: Queenstown –
                                                 Day 3: Punakaiki – Franz Josef              Milford Sound
     • Stay in chalets & cruise on               Visit Hokitika for a demonstration by a     Travel to Lake Te Anau, then Fiordland
       stunning Milford Sound                    greenstone (jade) carver, then ascend to    National Park to the Milford Sound.
                                                 a treetop walkway to view the canopy        Tonight, stay at magical Milford Sound
     • Cruise across Lake Wakatipu               of the lush nearby rainforest. Continue     Lodge. Hotel: Milford Sound Lodge,
       aboard the TSS Earnslaw                   to the mighty Franz Josef Glacier for       Fiordland National Park. B DW
                                                 a tour to the viewing area with an
     Taste                                       expert glacier guide. Hotel: Te Waonui
                                                                                             Day 8: Milford Sound –
                                                                                             Stewart Island
     • A BBQ at Morelea Farm                     Forest Retreat, Franz Josef. B DW
                                                                                             A breakfast cruise to the spectacular
     • A Maori Hangi with the Tamaki family      Day 4: Franz Josef – Queenstown             Tasman Sea begins your day. Later, at
                                                 Take an optional scenic flight over the     Invercargill, travel by ferry to remote
     • 21 Full buffet breakfasts B               glacier this morning, then travel along     Stewart Island, keeping a lookout for
     • 1 Be my Guest lunch BG                    the shores of Lakes Wanaka and Hawea.       seals, dolphins and albatross. Stewart
                                                 Explore the historic gold-mining village    Island is arguably the best place to
     • 1 Lunch L                                 of Arrowtown en route to Queenstown.        spot a kiwi in the wild. Hotel: Bay
     • 10 Dinners with wine DW                   Nestled on the shores of crystal-           Motel, Stewart Island, 2 nights. B
                                                 clear Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown’s
     • 2 Highlight Dinners HD                    scenery is inspiring. Hotel: Millbrook
                                                                                             Day 9: Stewart Island
                                                                                             A guided tour and cruise today reveals
     • 1 Farewell Dinner FD                      Resort, Queenstown, 3 nights. B DW
                                                                                             an unspoiled, a beautiful haven, steeped
                                                                     Bay of Islands
                                                                     2 l Russell
                                                                           l Whangarei                  From $9525 per person twin
                                                                                                                   share land only

                                                                                 1 Coromandel
                                                                                                        DEPARTURES & PRICES
                                                             Auckland l 1
                                                                                 l                      All dates are Definite Departures
                                                                                                        NZIJ: Christchurch to Auckland | 22 days
                                                         Waitomo Caves        l        2 Rotorua
                                                                                       l                $9525                 $10425
                                                                                                        Per Person Twin Share           Per Person Twin Share
                                                                          Huka Falls l                  $12705                          $14135
                                                                              Mt. ll1 Taupo             Single*                         Single*
                                                                         Ruapehu                        2018                            2019
                                                                                                        Start        End                Start        End
                                                                                                        Jan     15   Feb    05          Jan     14   Feb     04
                                                                                                        Jan     22   Feb    12          Jan     21   Feb     11
                                                                                                        Feb     12   Mar    05          Feb     04   Feb     25
                                                                                                        Mar     05   Mar    26          Feb     11   Mar     04
                                                                                                        Mar     19   Apr    09          Feb     18   Mar     11
                                                            Picton                                                                      Mar     04   Mar     25
                                                                            2 Wellington
                                                                            l                           $10425
                                                                                                                                        Mar     18   Apr     08

                                           Punakaiki l
                                                                                                        Per Person Twin Share
                                                                                                        $14135                          Per Person Twin Share
                                                                 l   Kaikoura                           Single*                         $14375
                                                                                                        Oct 15       Nov 05             Single*
                                    Hokitika l      l
                                                              TranzAlpine                               Dec 10       Dec 31             Oct 14       Nov 04
                     Franz Josef Glacier l   Mt. Cook             Train
                                         1                                                                                              Dec 09       Dec 30
                                                l       1l
                                                        l  1 Christchurch
                             Haast l      l1
                                                     Church of the Good Shepherd                        NZSI: Christchurch return | 12 days
                Milford Sound l
                              1          l Lindis Pass
                                                                                                        $5195                 $5850
                                   l                                                                    Per Person Twin Share           Per Person Twin Share
                                                                                                        $6785                           $7840
                      Te Anau l
                                       Queenstown                        l Start                        Single*                         Single*
                                                                               l End                    2018                            2019
                                                                                                        Start        End                Start 		     End
                                     l                                         l Overnight stays        Jan     15   Jan    25          Jan 14
                                                                                                                                        Jan 21
                 Stewart Island l
                                2        Bluff                                      Sightseeing stops
                                                                                                        Jan     22   Feb    01
                                                                                                                                        Feb 04       Feb     14
                                                                                l                       Feb     12   Feb    22
                                                                                                        Mar     05   Mar    15          Feb 11       Feb     21
                                                                                                        Mar     19   Mar    29          Feb 18       Feb     28
                                                                                                                                        Mar 04       Mar     14
                                                                                                        $5850                           Mar 18       Mar     28
                                                                                                        Per Person Twin Share
in stories of Maori legend. Stewart              Day 17: Rotorua – Coromandel                           $7840                           Per Person Twin Share
Island is a destination for those who            An exclusive 5-star Eco Glow Worm                      Single*                         $7975
yearn to go beyond the ordinary. B L             experience awaits you today in the                     Oct 15       Oct 26             Single*
                                                 famous Waitomo Caves. Later, travel                    Dec 10       Dec 21             Oct 14       Oct 25
Day 10: Stewart Island – Mt. Cook                through the dairy-farming district of                                                  Dec 09       Dec 20
Cruise back to the mainland and travel
                                                 Waikato to the Coromandel Peninsula,
though lush Southland pastures on                                                                       NZNI: Wellington to Auckland | 11 days
                                                 famous for pristine beaches and native
your way to Aoraki (Mt. Cook). Hotel:                                                                   $4495                 $5075
                                                 forests. Hotel: Grand Mercure Puka
Hermitage, Mount Cook. B DW                                                                             Per Person Twin Share           Per Person Twin Share
                                                 Park Resort, Coromandel. B DW
Day 11: Mt. Cook – Christchurch                                                                         $6140                           $6790
Travel to tranquil Lake Tekapo, visit the
                                                 Day 18: Coromandel – Auckland                          Single*                         Single*
                                                 Travel to Auckland, New Zealand’s                      2018                            2019
Church of the Good Shepherd.      Later
                                                 largest city. Take a city tour, and then               Start        End                Start 		     End
you’ll be welcomed to Morelea Farm by                                                                   Jan     26   Feb    05          Jan 25       Feb     04
                                                 explore, relax and dine at your own                    Feb     02   Feb    12          Feb 01       Feb     11
your hosts Angie and Stan Taylor for                                                                    Feb     23   Mar    05          Feb 15       Feb     25
                                                 pace. Hotel: Sofitel, Auckland. B
lunch in their 600-acre garden. Hotel:                                                                  Mar     16   Mar    26          Feb 22       Mar     04
                                                                                                        Mar     30   Apr    09          Mar 01       Mar     11
Hotel Montreal, Christchurch. B BG               Day 19: Auckland –                                                                     Mar 15       Mar     25

Day 12: Christchurch –
                                                 Bay of Islands                                         $5075                           Mar 29       Apr     08

Wellington                                       Travel north to the Waipoua Forest,                    Per Person Twin Share
Guest depart this morning in
                                                 home to the 2,000-year-old Tane                        $6790                           Per Person Twin Share

Christchurch (Code: NZSI). Explore
                                                 Mahuta. A Maori guide will explain the                 Single*                         $6900
                                                 legend behind the largest Kauri tree                   Oct 26       Nov 05             Single*
Christchurch at your leisure, then                                                                      Dec 21       Dec 31
                                                 in existence. Spend tonight at your                                                    Oct 25       Nov 04
you’re off to New Zealand’s capital                                                                                                     Dec 20       Dec 30
                                                 waterfront resort in the heart of the
city, Wellington. Enjoy a city tour and                                                                 Visit or nzsi or nzni for additional
                                                 glorious Bay of Islands. Hotel: Copthorne
visit Te Papa, the Museum of New                                                                        departure dates. *Single traveller must pay the single
                                                 Resort, Bay of Islands, 2 nights. B DW                 price. Note: Itinerary, departure dates & prices may
Zealand. Guest join this afternoon in                                                                   change from 01/10/18.
Wellington (Code: NZNI). Hotel: Sofitel          Day 20: Bay of Islands
Hotel, Wellington, 2 nights. B DW                Take a ferry to historic Russell for a
                                                 tour of the first European settlement
Day 13: Wellington                               in New Zealand. The rest of the day                    WAYS TO SAVE
Explore Wellington at your own pace. B
                                                 is free for relaxing or exploring. B                   Early payment discount
Day 14: Wellington – Taupo                                                                              Save up to $1050pp
Travel through verdant dairy country to
                                                 Day 21: Bay of Islands – Auckland
                                                 Experience spectacular scenery                         See page 18 for more great savings <
Tongariro National Park, a near-desert
                                                 today as you cruise through world-                     Kings Club discount          Save up to $525pp
with three active volcanoes, Mounts
Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe.
                                                 renowned game-fishing waters to                        DINING
                                                 Cape Brett and, weather permitting,                    21 Full buffet breakfasts B    10 Dinners with wine DW
Hotel: Hilton Hotel, Taupo. B DW
                                                 through the famous ‘Hole in the                        1 Be my Guest lunch BG         2 Highlight Dinners HD
Day 15: Taupo – Rotorua                          Rock’ formation. The return cruise to                  1 Lunch L                      1 Farewell Dinner FD
Travel to nearby Rotorua via the                 Paihia meanders through picturesque                    FLIGHT INFORMATION
spectacular Huka Falls.    Tonight,              islands – see deserted sandy beaches
an evening of Maori history, culture             and secluded bays and keep your eyes                   NZIJ: Christchurch to Auckland
                                                                                                        Day 1 – flights to arrive prior to 4.00pm into Christchurch
and traditional food awaits you at               peeled for the marine life. Celebrate                  Airport
the Tamaki Family Marae. Hotel:                  this evening at a Farewell Dinner with                 Day 22 – flights to depart anytime from Auckland Airport
Regent of Rotorua, 2 nights. B HD                your Travel Director and new-found                     NZSI: Christchurch return
                                                 friends. Hotel: Sofitel, Auckland. B FD                Day 1 – flights to arrive prior to 4.00pm into Christchurch
Day 16: Rotorua                                                                                         Airport
Enjoy the entertaining Agrodome                  Day 22: Farewell from Auckland                         Day 12 – flights to depart anytime from Christchurch Airport
Sheep Show and a visit to                        Say farewell to your fellow travelers                  NZNI: Wellington to Auckland
Rainbow Springs Nature Park.                     when your journey comes to an end                      Day 12 – flights to arrive prior to 4.00pm into Wellington
Gain an insight into Maori life at               this morning after breakfast. B                        Day 22 – flights to depart anytime from Auckland Airport
Whakarewarewa Living Village. B                                                                         Flights are not included in the vacation price

     Doubtful Sound

     Inspiring New Zealand                                                                     NEW VACATION


     HIGHLIGHTS                                  This epic New Zealand journey spans both islands revealing
     Discover                                    cosmopolitan cities, majestic snow-capped mountains, pristine
     • Stunning Doubtful Sound in the            coastlines, as you indulge your taste buds along the way.
       heart of Fiordland National Park          In the North Island, explore vibrant Auckland, experience
     • Beautiful Lake Rotorua                    the history and traditions of Maori culture in Rotorua, and
     • Stunning scenery in ‘Adventure            discover cosmopolitan Wellington. And in the spectacular
       capital’ Queenstown
                                                 South Island, let your hair down in alpine adventure capital
                                                 Queenstown and marvel at awesome Doubtful Sound.
     • Visit Rainbow Springs Nature Park
     • Historic goldrush Arrowtown
     • Queenstown Included                       Day 1: Welcome to Auckland                    at the home of Lance and Bridgette
       Choice experiences                        Upon arrival in Auckland spend some           O’Sullivan – New Zealand horse racing
                                                 time at leisure to relax or explore on your   royalty. Enjoy a sumptuous country
     Learn/Do                                    own. This evening meet your Travel            style lunch at the Red Barn on their
                                                 Director for dinner and a welcome drink.      beautiful Waikato Farm. After lunch we
     • Visit Te Papa the Museum of New Zealand   Hotel: Sofitel Auckland, 2 nights. DW         travel to Rotorua, for an orientation tour
     • Experience Maori culture at the                                                         with views of Lake Rotorua.      Tonight
                                                 Day 2: Auckland                               enjoy a Maori Cultural Experience at
       Tamaki Maori Village                      A city sights tour will start your morning
                                                                                               Tamaki Maori Village; you’ll gain an
     • Zealandia, the world’s first              in Auckland. Travel around the city
                                                                                               insight into local Maori culture and
                                                 waterfront to Mission Bay. Prepare
       fully-fenced urban ecosanctuary                                                         history with our special Maori show and
                                                 your camera for Bastion Point and
                                                                                               traditional Hangi. Experience the heart-
     Relax                                       the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial,
                                                                                               pounding wero (challenge) from a Maori
                                                 with stunning shots of Auckland,
     • In cosmopolitan Auckland & Wellington                                                   warrior during a Powhiri, a ceremonial
                                                 the North Shore and the Waitemata
                                                                                               Maori welcome. In the village, see
     • Rotorua Included Choice experiences       Harbour. Next up we take a ferry over
                                                                                               how Maori lived prior to European
                                                 to Waiheke Island. At Stonyridge
                                                                                               settlement. Experience customs like the
     Taste                                       Vineyard, enjoy a tour and tastings,
                                                                                               Hongi greeting, as well as learn some
                                                 plus a light lunch over views of the
     • On Waiheke Island sample olive            vineyard. Depart for Rangihoua Estate,
                                                                                               customary phrases. Feast on succulent
       oils & visit 3 vineyards                                                                meats and vegetables cooked in a Hangi,
                                                 which introduces you to Waiheke’s olive
                                                                                               the Maori method of cooking in the
     • Join the O’Sullivans for lunch            growing industry, including tasting
                                                                                               earth with geothermal steam. Hotel:
       on their Waikato farm                     award winning olive oils. A stop at
                                                                                               Princes Gate, Rotorua, 2 nights. B BG HD
                                                 Casita Miro will leave you enchanted
     • A Maori Hangi with the Tamaki family      with the tastes of the Mediterranean.         Day 4: Rotorua
     • 9 Full buffet breakfasts B                Your tour finishes with wine tastings         Included Choice
                                                 at the beautiful Mudbrick Vineyard,              Today choose one from a range
     • 1 Be my Guest lunch BG                    with spectacular views of the Hauraki         of Included Choice sightseeing
                                                 Gulf, before returning to Auckland by         experiences. Perhaps unwind with a
     • 2 Lunches L
                                                 ferry. Tonight enjoy a free evening; why      spa treatment at the Polynesian Spa,
     • 4 Dinners with wine DW                    not try one of the many restaurants in        take a tour of the Hobbiton movie
                                                 Wynyard Quarter or the Viaduct? B L           set, or why not try zip lining with
     • 1 Highlight Dinner HD                                                                   Canopy Tours. Tonight, dinner is at
                                                 Day 3: Auckland to Rotorua
     • 1 Farewell Dinner FD                         Follow the meandering Waikato
                                                                                               your restaurant of choice – ask your
                                                                                               Travel Director for more details. B DW
                                                 River to our Be My Guest Experience

                                                                            The Red Barn
                                                                                2 Rotorua

                                                                    2 Wellington

          Doubtful Sound   l
                                                                        l Start
                                                                        l End
                                                                        l Overnight stays
                                                                        l   Sightseeing stops

Day 5: Rotorua – Wellington                  your coach and travel to the delightful            From          $5810 per person twin
                                                                                                                    share land only
This morning visit Rainbow Springs           gold rush village of Arrowtown, on
Nature Park. Discover native flora that      the sparkling Arrow River, once one of             DEPARTURES & PRICES
grows around the crystal clear mineral       the world’s richest rivers. Afterwards
                                                                                                All dates are Definite Departures
water springs. You might even spot a         you’ll get a feel for Queenstown and
kiwi!    Next visit Whakawerawera            surrounds on an orientation tour.                  $5810                         $5810
                                                                                                Per Person Twin Share         Per Person Twin Share
Living Village, where a local guide          See Lake Wakatipu, the Remarkables
will show you New Zealand’s biggest          mountain range and home of the                     $7315                         $7315
                                                                                                Single*                       Single*
geyser, bubbling mud pools and thermal       Bungy Jump at Kawarau Bridge. Hotel:
springs before flying to Wellington.         Heritage Queenstown, 3 nights. B                   2018                          2019
                                                                                                Start       End               Start        End
This evening why not venture down                                                               Nov 18      Nov 27            Feb 17       Feb 26
to Courtenay Place or Cuba Street and
                                             Day 8: Doubtful Sound                                                            Mar 17       Mar 26
                                             Travel to an untouched world deep in
dine at one of Wellington’s tucked
                                             the heart of Fiordland National Park.
away bars or quirky cafés? Hotel:                                                                                             Per Person Twin Share
                                             The beauty and vastness of Doubtful
Sofitel Wellington, 2 nights. B
                                             Sound will take your breath away as you
Day 6: Wellington                            experience its deep wilderness. Your                                             Nov 24       Dec 03
This morning venture out into                day begins in Manapouri with a cruise
Wellington’s laneways, enjoy culinary        across the picturesque Lake Manapouri              Visit for additional departure
                                                                                                dates. *Single traveller must pay the single price.
experiences as well as the city’s history    followed by a trip across New Zealand’s            Note: Itinerary, departure dates & prices may change
and architecture. Discover fresh tastes      most expensive road over Wilmot Pass,              from 01/10/18.
in New Zealand’s cafe and culinary           pausing along the way to experience
capital, as we introduce you to local        the dense Fiordland rainforest and
tastes, products and people. With a          view Doubtful Sound glistening far
personal guide to tell the local stories,    below. In Doubtful Sound cruise
you will taste gourmet products such         through this pristine fiord; look out for
as coffee, chocolate, gelato, cheeses and    the varied wildlife you may encounter
other specialties in top food places the     like dolphins, fur seals and the rare
locals know. This afternoon we travel to     Fiordland crested penguin. Tonight
Zealandia, the world’s first fully-fenced    enjoy dinner at your hotel. B L DW
urban ecosanctuary. The 225 hectare
                                             Day 9: Queenstown Included
park is a ground-breaking conservation
                                             Choice                                             WAYS TO SAVE
project that has reintroduced 18 species
of native wildlife back into the area, six
                                                Today choose one from a range                   Early payment discount
                                             of Included Choice sightseeing
of which were previously absent from                                                            Save up to $595pp
                                             experiences. You have the option to join
mainland New Zealand for over 100                                                               See page 18 for more great savings <
                                             a wine tour, take a guided walk through
years. Tonight it is dinner of your choice                                                      Kings Club discount          Save up to $295pp
                                             native beech forest or travel on a 4WD
at one of the local restaurants – ask
your Travel Director for details. B DW
                                             minibus tour through spectacular                   DINING
                                             Skippers Canyon. Your Travel Director              9 Full buffet breakfasts B   1 Highlight Dinner HD
Day 7: Wellington – Queenstown               will assist you in booking all of your             2 Lunches L                  4 Dinners with wine DW
                                                                                                1 Be My Guest lunch BG       1 Farewell Dinner FD
A visit to Te Papa, the Museum of            chosen Included Choice experiences.
New Zealand will complete your time          This evening join your AAT Kings                   FLIGHT INFORMATION
here in Wellington. Discover New             Travel Director and your new-found                 Day 1 – flights to arrive prior to 4.00pm into Auckland
Zealand’s nature, history, art and           friends for a Farewell Dinner with                 Airport
heritage on a guided walk through            wine at a local restaurant. B FD                   Day 10 – flights to depart anytime from Queenstown
its many exhibitions. Later we travel
to New Zealand’s adventure capital
                                             Day 10: Farewell from                              Flights are not included in the vacation price
                                             Queenstown                                         Internal-vacation flights: Land Only price requires the
Queenstown. Airfare is not included                                                             following internal-vacation flights to be purchased
                                             Say farewell to your fellow travelers              separately in order to fulfil the vacation itinerary:
and must be booked by you or your
                                             when your journey comes to an end                  Day 5 – Rotorua to Wellington: NZ 8235
travel agent. Upon arrival you’ll board
                                             this morning after breakfast. B                    Day 7 – Wellington to Queenstown: NZ 605

     Kings Canyon

     Inspiring Australia

     HIGHLIGHTS                                    This classic Australian journey takes the traveler from the
     Discover                                      Tropical North to Central Australia’s spiritual heartland
     • The World Heritage listed Blue Mountains    and on to cosmopolitan Sydney. Pristine beaches, dense
     • Iconic Uluru (Ayers Rock) &                 rainforests, endless red desert and rugged coastlines await
       Kata Tjuta (the Olgas)                      you each day. Experience ancient culture and stunning
     • Spectacular Sydney Harbour & beaches        landscapes, gourmet produce and warm-hearted local
     • The Great Barrier Reef                      characters as you visit iconic highlights and venture off the
     Explore                                       beaten track to discover the magic of this vast continent.
     • Hike to the top of Kings Canyon
     • The 36 mystical domes of Kata Tjuta
                                                   Day 1: Welcome to Palm Cove             Day 4: Cairns – Alice Springs
     Learn/Do                                      This afternoon, join your Travel        Fly today from tropical Cairns to
                                                   Director for a Welcome Reception        remote Alice Springs. Visit the School
     • Enjoy an Indigenous experience              and dinner overlooking the stunning,    of the Air and Royal Flying Doctor
       in the Daintree Rainforest                  waters of the Coral Sea. Dine on        Service.     An exceptional Be My
     • Sail a yacht on Sydney Harbour              award-winning modern Australian         Guest dining experience in a natural
                                                   cuisine at the ultimate tropical        bush setting awaits you this evening.
     • Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef           beachfront restaurant. Hotel:           Enjoy a drink and take some time
                                                   Alamanda Palm Cove, 3 nights. DW        to explore your surroundings and
     Relax                                                                                 watch the sun set while your host
     • Toast an Uluru sunset with sparkling wine   Day 2: Daintree & Culture               cooks a delicious 3-course meal in
                                                       Today, enjoy an exclusive
                                                                                           a bush oven. Dine under the Milky
     • Taste your way through the Hunter Valley    journey to the World Heritage listed
                                                                                           Way as he shares his knowledge of
                                                   Daintree Rainforest. Your Aboriginal
     Taste                                                                                 traditional Indigenous bush foods
                                                   guide will share insights into the
                                                                                           and stories of the land. Hotel: Crowne
     • Experience an exclusive Be My               relationship between the local Kuku
                                                                                           Plaza Alice Springs Lasseters. B BG
       Guest dinner under the stars                Yalanji people and their land. Learn
                                                   about cultural traditions, bush         Day 5: Alice Springs –
     • Indulge your taste buds under               foods and medicine, and traditional     Kings Canyon
       the magical southern stars at the           hunting techniques. Enjoy lunch in      Travel off the beaten track later today to
       Sounds of Silence Dinner                    a tranquil rainforest setting. B L      the Henbury Meteorites Conservation
                                                                                           Reserve. This afternoon, enjoy a
     • Enjoy an indulgent dinner at chef Peter     Day 3: Great Barrier Reef               relaxed walk along the creek-bed of
       Gilmore’s iconic Bennelong Restaurant       Discover the magic of the Heritage
                                                                                           spectacular Kings Canyon, and gaze
       under the sails of the Opera House          listed Great Barrier Reef today on a
                                                                                           up at the sheer red rock walls that
                                                   cruise to three secluded outer-reef
     • 12 Full buffet breakfasts B                                                         tower above you. Hotel: Kings Canyon
                                                   dive sites, on the Quicksilver Silver
                                                                                           Resort, Deluxe Spa Room. B L DW
     • 1 Be my Guest dinner BG                     Series catamaran. Spectacular coral
                                                   formations and an underwater world      Day 6: Kings Canyon –
     • 5 Lunches L                                 of unique marine creatures await        Ayers Rock
                                                   you beneath the turquoise waters.       This morning at sunrise you have
     • 4 Dinners with wine DW
                                                   Snorkel through coral gardens or        the opportunity to take the iconic
     • 1 Highlight Dinner HD                       bask in the sun on deck. Enjoy a        6 kilometer Rim Walk around
                                                   delicious tropical lunch on board       magnificent Kings Canyon. Highlights
     • 1 Farewell Dinner FD                        your air-conditioned vessel before      include the domed ‘Lost City’ and
                                                   returning to Palm Cove. B L             Cotterill’s Lookout, for spectacular

                                                                                     l   Palm Cove
                                                                                       l     Great Barrier
                                                                                  Cairns     Reef Cruise
                      Springs                          1 Alice Springs
                      Station   Kings Canyon           l
                      Ayers Rock Resort l
                                             l l
                                Kata Tjuta     Uluru

                             l Start l Overnight stays
                             l End l Sightseeing stops

                                                                          Blue Mountains l
                                                                                         1 l

views across the plains. Travel on to              Hotel: Parklands Country Garden                           From $7225 per person twin
                                                                                                                        share land only
vast Curtain Springs Station, where                and Lodges, Blackheath. B DW
you can join a unique paper-making
                                                   Day 10: Blue Mountains –                                  DEPARTURES & PRICES
workshop, then sit down and chat
                                                   Hunter Valley                                             All dates are Definite Departures
to the locals over a barbecue lunch.
                                                   Good food, great wine and beautiful                       $7225                          $7225
This afternoon you’ll enter Uluru –
                                                   scenery await you today in the                            Per Person Twin Share          Per Person Twin Share
Kata Tjuta National Park to witness
                                                   renowned Hunter Valley, one of                            $9600                          $9600
the truly spectacular Uluru sunset.
                                                   Australia’s major wine regions.                           Single*                        Single*
Hotel: Sails in the Desert Hotel,
                                                   Experience exclusive private wine-                        2018                           2019
Ayers Rock Resort, 2 nights. B L
                                                   tastings at boutique vineyards, and sit                   Start        End               Start         End
                                                                                                             Apr 10       Apr 22            Feb 05        Feb 17
Day 7: Uluru & Kata Tjuta                          down to an exceptional lunch before                       Oct 09       Oct 21            Mar 05        Mar 17
Venture to the Uluru – Kata Tjuta                  returning to your country retreat                         Nov 06       Nov 18
Cultural Centre to gain an insight into            for an afternoon at leisure. Hotel:
                                                                                                                                            Per Person Twin Share
the history and culture of the Anangu,             Kirkton Park, Hunter Valley. B L DW
the traditional owners of this land.
Then, walk amidst the sheer rock-walls
                                                   Day 11: Hunter Valley – Sydney                                                           Single*
                                                   Take to stunning Sydney Harbour                                                          Apr 09        Apr 21
of Walpa Gorge, following the creek                                                                                                         Oct 08        Oct 20
                                                   this afternoon aboard an authentic                                                       Nov 12        Nov 24
bed between two of the largest domes.
                                                   America’s Cup yacht. You can take
This afternoon, explore the base of
                                                   the helm, work the grinders or simply                     Visit for additional departure
Uluru. Afterwards, meet the magical                                                                          dates. *Single traveller must pay the single price.
                                                   sit back and relax as you sail past the
stars of the Southern Hemisphere                                                                             Note: Itinerary, departure dates & prices may change
                                                   architectural marvel of the Sydney                        from 01/04/19.
this evening at the sensational
                                                   Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the
Sounds of Silence Dinner. B HD
                                                   Rocks district and the many secluded
Day 8: Ayers Rock – Sydney                         coves surrounded by multi-million-
Rise with the creatures of the desert              dollar waterfront homes. After an
to view the soul-stirring sunrise over             unforgettable day, this evening is free
Uluru. Afterwards, fly from Ayers Rock             for you to dine at your leisure. Hotel:
in the Red Centre to cosmopolitan                  The Langham, Sydney, 2 nights. B
Sydney. Easing back into city life upon
your arrival in Sydney, your Travel
                                                   Day 12: Sydney
                                                   Today, explore the cosmopolitan city
Director will be able to give you hints
                                                   of Sydney. Visit the Eastern Suburbs,
on the best places to eat this evening.
                                                   for a stroll along the coastal walk for
                                                                                                             WAYS TO SAVE
Hotel: The Langham, Sydney. B
                                                   magnificent views over the Pacific                        Early payment discount
Day 9: Sydney – Blue Mountains                     Ocean. Later, join a VIP guided tour
                                                                                                             Save up to $740pp
Today you’ll explore the World Heritage            of the iconic Sydney Opera House,
                                                                                                             See page 18 for more great savings <
listed Blue Mountains National Park,               followed by a Farewell Dinner at chef                     Kings Club discount          Save up to $370pp
a pristine environment extending                   Peter Gilmore’s iconic Bennelong
over a million acres. See the soaring              Restaurant under the billowing                            DINING
Three Sisters rock formation at Echo               sails of the Opera House. B FD                            12 Full buffet breakfasts B    4 Dinners with wine DW
Point, and spectacular Bridal Veil                                                                           5 Lunches L                    1 Highlight Dinner HD
Falls. Then, traveling off the well-worn
                                                   Day 13: Farewell from Sydney                              1 Be My Guest dinner BG        1 Farewell Dinner FD
                                                   Say farewell to your fellow travelers
track, you’ll discover secluded
                                                   when your journey comes to an end                         FLIGHT INFORMATION
lookouts and enjoy peaceful short                                                                            Day 1 – flights to arrive prior to 2.00pm into Cairns Airport
                                                   this morning after breakfast. B
bushwalks. Journey on this afternoon                                                                         Day 13 – flights to depart anytime from Sydney Airport
through spectacular landscapes to                                                                            Flights are not included in the vacation price
your hotel, where there’ll be time to                                                                        Internal-vacation flights: Land Only price requires the
                                                                                                             following internal-vacation flights to be purchased
relax before dinner, a delicious meal                                                                        separately in order to fulfil the vacation itinerary:
designed around produce sourced                                                                              Day 4 – Cairns to Alice Springs: QF1949
from local Blue Mountains suppliers.                                                                         Day 8 – Ayers Rock to Sydney: JQ661

     The Twelve Apostles

     Victoria’s Hidden Gems                                                                     NEW VACATION


     HIGHLIGHTS                                       Discover the secrets of Victoria’s charm on this eclectic sojourn.
     Discover                                         In cosmopolitan Melbourne, explore lanes and discover edgy
     • The eclectic village of Daylesford, with       cafés, while in quaint Daylesford uncover antique shops
       antique shops, bazaars & cottage industries    and unique cottage industries. Experience a Welcome to
     • The iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground            Country ceremony with indigenous people in the spectacular
     Explore                                          Grampians, and take one of Australia’s iconic road trips on the
     • Melbourne’s vibrant walkways & arcades         Great Ocean Road, while staying in boutique accommodations
     • Green Olive farm in the Mornington Peninsula   and indulging your taste buds with gourmet cuisine on the way.
     • Visit Creswick Woollen Mills, the last
                                                      Day 1: Welcome to Melbourne               beautiful Wombat Hill Botanic
       colored woollen spinning mill in Australia
                                                      On arrival in Melbourne there’s           Gardens overlooking Daylesford town
     • Call in at the high-tech Museum of             free time to relax or explore. This       for a lovely morning stroll, or take
       Australian Democracy in Ballarat               evening meet your Travel Director at      the ‘Peace Mile’ Walk around Lake
                                                      your hotel for a Welcome Reception        Daylesford. After exploring, you’ll head
     • Experience a Welcome to Country ceremony       before departing for a magical            to Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm for
       with indigenous people in the Grampians        evening aboard the famous Colonial        morning tea. See their manicured
     • Browse Torquay’s Australian Surfing Museum     Tramcar Restaurant. Hotel: Sofitel        vegetable, herb, lavender and olive
                                                      Melbourne on Collins. DW                  plots, set amongst stone farm buildings
     Relax                                            Day 2: Melbourne – Daylesford
                                                                                                dating back to 1850 and friendly farm
                                                                                                animals. Next stop, we visit the family-
     • Indulge in a relaxing mineral bath at the      After a leisurely breakfast at the
                                                                                                owned and operated Creswick Woollen
       historic Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa               Sofitel’s 35th floor restaurant
                                                                                                Mills, the only remaining colored
                                                      overlooking the city, explore
     • The Great Ocean Road & Twelve Apostles                                                   woollen spinning mill in Australia.
                                                      Melbourne’s vibrant walkways and
                                                                                                In a private tour, learn how luxurious
                                                      arcades with a knowledgeable local
     Taste                                            guide. Enjoy morning tea at one of the
                                                                                                natural fibers are processed into
                                                                                                designer garments. A little way down
     • Enjoy a magical dining experience aboard       local Melbourne cafés. You’re free at
                                                                                                the road is the historic town of Clunes.
       the famous Colonial Tramcar Restaurant         lunchtime, then we’re bound for the
                                                                                                Step back in time and wander along the
                                                      eclectic village of Daylesford, notable
     • Enjoy a Highlight Dinner &                                                               main street where you’re free to grab
                                                      not only for its mineral spring baths,
       Stage Show at Flagstaff Hill                                                             a spot of lunch in one of its cafés or at
                                                      but antique shops, bazaars and various
                                                                                                the country pub, the National Hotel.
     • Enjoy dinner at the acclaimed                  cottage industries. This afternoon
                                                                                                Because of its historic main street
       Royal Mail Hotel in the Grampians              enjoy a relaxing mineral spa at the
                                                                                                façade, the town has been the setting
                                                      historic Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa
     • Enjoy a Be My Guest lunch & wine tasting at                                              for well-known films including Heath
                                                      which has been welcoming visitors
                                                                                                Ledger’s Ned Kelly, Mad Max 1 and the
       the award-winning Jack Rabbit Winery           since 1895. Tonight you’ll stay at
                                                                                                1950s classic On the Beach. On our way
                                                      the beautifully appointed Peppers
     • Morning tea at Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm                                              to Dunkeld, we’ll visit The Museum
                                                      Mineral Springs Hotel. Dinner this
                                                                                                of Australian Democracy at Eureka
     • 6 Full buffet breakfasts B                     evening is at an award-winning
                                                                                                in Ballarat. Using the latest digital
                                                      restaurant, The Argus, in Hepburn
     • 1 Be my Guest lunch BG                         Springs. Hotel: Peppers Mineral
                                                                                                technology coupled with historic
                                                                                                iconic objects, visitors can immerse
     • 4 Dinners with wine DW                         Springs Hotel, Daylesford. B DW
                                                                                                themselves in a sensory experience
     • 1 Highlight Dinner HD                          Day 3: Daylesford – Dunkeld               on the birth of Australian democracy.
                                                      After breakfast, why not visit            Located at the base of the Grampian
     • 1 Farewell Lunch FL
                                         Clunes 1 Daylesford
                             Halls Gap      l   l                                l Start
            The Grampians
                              l                l
                                                                                 l End
                                                         1 l Melbourne
                                                         l                       l Overnight stays
                              1 Dunkeld
                              l                                                   l   Sightseeing stops
                                Torquay l l l l   1 Red Hill
                     1   Port
         Warrnambool l Campbell l   1        Sorrento
                  The Twelve  Apollo Bay

Mountains, enjoy dinner at the Royal               in Apollo Bay before arriving in                       From $3225 per person twin
                                                                                                                     share land only
Mail Hotel’s acclaimed restaurant.                 picturesque Lorne late afternoon. Enjoy
Hotel: Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld. B DW             a free night to dine wherever you wish                 DEPARTURES & PRICES
                                                   among the beachfront restaurants.
Day 4: Dunkeld – Warrnambool                       Hotel: Cumberland Resort, Lorne. B                     $3225       $3225
This morning you might like to sleep                                                                      Per Person Twin Share          Per Person Twin Share
in and enjoy leisurely breakfast. Or               Day 6: Lorne –                                         $4340                          $4340
for the early riser, join the ground’s             Mornington Peninsula                                   Single*                        Single*
gardener for a guided walk through                 We continue this morning along                         2018                           2019
                                                                                                          Start        End               Start        End
their kitchen garden, which supplies               the last leg of the Great Ocean Road,                  Sep     14   Sep    20         Jan     18   Jan    24
most of the hotel’s produce. Set on just           passing stunning coastline until we                    Oct     12   Oct    18         Feb     08   Feb    14
                                                                                                          Nov     09   Nov    15         Mar     01   Mar    07
over an acre, it’s Australia’s largest             arrive in the town of Torquay. It’s a                  Dec     07   Dec    13         Mar     22   Mar    28
and most productive organic kitchen                mecca for Australian surf life, so it’s
garden.     We’ll head to the top of the           only fitting that we visit the Australian              Visit for additional departure
                                                                                                          dates. *Single traveller must pay the single price.
Grampians today at Halls Gap for a                 Surfing Museum, for a guided tour to                   Note: Itinerary, departure dates & prices may change
Welcome to Country ceremony by the                 learn of the culture and much-loved                    from 01/04/19.
local indigenous people at the Brambuk             pastime as we leave the Great Ocean
Cultural Centre. The traditional people            Road behind.       Then onwards to the
of Gariwerd, the Djab Wurrung and                  Bellarine Peninsula a wine-growing
Jardwidjari, will teach you how to                 region where we’ll indulge our taste
throw a boomerang and then gather                  buds in a Be My Guest lunch and
local bush tucker for you to taste. See            wine tasting at the award-winning
spectacular natural rock formations,               Jack Rabbit Winery. A vehicle ferry
waterfalls and panoramic views over                will then take us from Queenscliff to
the Grampian Mountain range. Then                  the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.
we head down the mountain to coastal               Here we’ll visit the Green Olive farm
Warrnambool. Tonight it’s a Highlight              for some hands-on experience with
Dinner and Stage Show at Flagstaff                 assistance from the farmers, enjoying
Hill, where you’ll not only learn about            a taste of farm life and fresh produce
the region’s maritime history, but                 with a local guide before heading to
will experience it! Hotel: Deep Blue               our accommodations. Tonight enjoy a
Spa & Resort, Warrnambool. B HD                    sumptuous dinner together at Linden
                                                   Tree Restaurant at your hotel. Hotel:
Day 5: Warrnambool – Lorne                         Lindenderry at Red Hill. B BG DW
Our departure today will be leisurely,
so why not take advantage of the                   Day 7: Mornington Peninsula –
resort’s spa and massage services?                 Farewell from Melbourne                                WAYS TO SAVE
Be sure to have your camera ready as               This morning after breakfast we head                   Early payment discount
we take one of Australia’s most iconic             back towards Melbourne and the
road trips along the Great Ocean Road.             famous Melbourne Cricket Ground,                       Save up to $330pp
We’ll visit all the must-see sights and            the MCG, affectionately referred to                    See page 18 for more great savings <
                                                                                                          Kings Club discount          Save up to $165pp
stop at vantage points along the way,              by locals as the ‘G’. Explore its inner
including the Bay of Islands, London               sanctum, walk on the hallowed arena                    DINING
Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge and of course               and experience where legends play                      6 Full buffet breakfasts B    1 Highlight Dinner HD
the Twelve Apostles. There will be some            with your guide. Your Inspiring Journey                1 Be My Guest lunch BG        1 Farewell Lunch FL
free time for you to grab a bite for lunch         is now coming to an end. Enjoy a                       4 Dinners with wine DW
in the seaside town of Port Campbell               Farewell Lunch with your fellow travel                 FLIGHT INFORMATION
and for the adventurous, perhaps                   companions where you can look back                     Day 1 – flights to arrive prior to 2.00pm into Melbourne
a helicopter flight over the Twelve                on the past week and raise a glass or                  Airport
Apostles may appeal (own expense).                 two to the wonderful memories and                      Day 7 – flights to depart after 5.00pm (domestic) or
Stretch your legs this afternoon                   great friends that have been made. B FL                7.00pm (international) from Melbourne Airport
                                                                                                          Flights are not included in the vacation price
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