2018-22 Strategic Plan - Shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning - Austin Health

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2018-22 Strategic Plan - Shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning - Austin Health
Strategic Plan
Shaping the future through exceptional
care, discovery and learning
2018-22 Strategic Plan - Shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning - Austin Health

    We are proud to introduce Austin Health’s Strategic
    Plan 2018-22. Our plan provides a clear direction for
    Austin Health for the next five years and describes
    the six strategic priorities and initiatives that we will
    pursue to achieve our vision of shaping the future
    through exceptional care, discovery and learning. The
    plan also identifies a number of core organisational
    capabilities that will be strengthened to support the
    delivery of our strategy.
    There are many significant forces shaping Austin Health and
    transforming our delivery of care. Meeting the needs of the patients
    and community we serve in an environment of increasing demand and
    complexity, rising community expectation and advances in technology,
    requires us to think differently about the way we deliver care. Over the
    next five years we will deliver a bold new approach to care that we are
    confident will result in improved patient outcomes and experiences.
    Strong collaboration with our consumers, neighbouring, rural and
    regional health services, community providers and government will
    be integral as we strive to pursue person-centred, seamless and
    integrated care.
    These partnerships will result in better outcomes for our consumers by
    supporting people to keep healthy and out of hospital.
    They will also allow us to focus our specialist resources to strengthen
    our role as a provider of tertiary and quaternary care.
    The dedication of our staff and their pursuit of excellence is critical to
    the success of this Strategic Plan. To support our people to achieve our
    bold ambition, we will strengthen our capabilities, our organisational
    engagement, our culture of inclusiveness and leadership.
    On behalf of the Austin Health Board and Executive team, we would
    like to thank our staff, consumers, and our healthcare partners for their
    contribution to our plan and the development of our strategic priorities.
    We know that ongoing engagement with all of these stakeholders
    will be fundamental to delivering the plan, and we are committed to
    working together to realise our strategic objectives by 2022.

    The Hon. Judith Troeth AM           Sue Shilbury
    Board Chair                         Chief Executive Officer

2   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan
2018-22 Strategic Plan - Shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning - Austin Health
Executive summary                     4
Our ambition                          6
Our vision and values                 7
Our identity                          8
Our future                           11
Designing our Strategic Plan         14
Our strategic priorities             16
How we will achieve success          25
Implementing our Strategic Plan      26

Shaping the
future through
exceptional care,
discovery and

    Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan   3
2018-22 Strategic Plan - Shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning - Austin Health
Executive summary

    Austin Health has been very successful in delivering high quality healthcare, introducing
    workforce redesign and building an exceptional learning environment coupled with
    world-class research.
    The challenges in healthcare are however,      Over the next five years, Austin Health will   We aim to reinforce our role as an
    increasingly complex and will require Austin   aim to strengthen its role as a leader in      internationally recognised centre of
    Health to be more agile, innovative and        the delivery of highly-specialised tertiary    excellence in research and a health service
    function differently over the life of this     care in the north-east region of Victoria.     that delivers exceptional, consistent
    Strategic Plan. The growth of personalised     We will support other health services          patient care. We will mature our digital
    medicine, digital technologies, demand from    within our region to ensure their patients     capability and review our models of care,
    consumers for person-centred care and the      have improved access to specialist tertiary    linking them to infrastructure and other
    increasing health needs of our community,      clinical services and expertise. Austin        investment priorities.
    require us to develop smarter ways to          Health is committed to partnering with
                                                                                                  Our Strategic Plan 2018-22 sets the
    deliver better treatment and care. Having      community and other service providers to
                                                                                                  roadmap to achieve these goals. Central
    a clear view of our future is imperative to    ensure more of our patients are cared for in
                                                                                                  themes are innovation, specialisation, digital
    delivering sustainable healthcare.             the community.
                                                                                                  transformation and greater connectivity
                                                                                                  and collaboration with patients, current and
                                                                                                  future partners. The talent and dedication
                                                                                                  of our people underpin our successes to
                                                                                                  date and remain our most important asset.

4   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan
2018-22 Strategic Plan - Shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning - Austin Health
To achieve the ambitions set out in this         Austin Health is ready to meet the                In this document we set out the initiatives
strategy, we must support our workforce to       challenges ahead. Throughout the                  that we will pursue in each priority area.
thrive. Building the capability of our leaders   strategic planning process, our staff have        Collectively they will reposition Austin
will be central to this, as will leveraging      emphasised a need to be bolder in our             Health over the next five years.
our existing positive culture across our         aspirations for the future and to raise our
                                                                                                   Austin Health will concurrently strengthen
workforce of more than 8,500 staff and           profile as a leading healthcare organisation.
                                                                                                   the key organisational capabilities needed
500 volunteers. Ensuring we have the             As part of our Strategic Plan, we articulate a
                                                                                                   to deliver the strategy. We also know
right skills and knowledge to adapt to a         new vision which reflects our ambition and
                                                                                                   that boldness and ambition require
rapidly changing environment is critical. We     a statement of organisational values that
                                                                                                   an organisation to be sustainable, and
will achieve this by providing our people        captures our identity and beliefs.
                                                                                                   underpinned by effective governance and
with strong development support while
                                                 Our Strategic Plan for 2018-22 will involve       sound commercial management. We will
also enhancing our recruitment practices,
                                                 concerted action across six interdependent        continue to be a health service that listens
planning for critical role succession and the
                                                 priority areas. Over the next five years          to its people and utilises data to ‘get the
development of talent pipelines.
                                                 we will:                                          basics right’.
Austin Health cares for the health needs         1. Partner with consumers to create a             Developing the Strategic Plan has involved
of an increasingly diverse community, at             distinct approach to care that is reliable,   extensive consultation and contribution
almost every life stage. Like all communities        safe and puts patients at the centre          from across our organisation, community
we are diverse, incorporating relatively         2. Collaborate with local partners to             and our health system partners. Strong
advantaged residents and some of                     improve the lives of people in our            engagement with these stakeholders
Victoria’s most disadvantaged residents.             community                                     will be fundamental to deliver the plan
                                                 3. Transform Austin Health’s digital              effectively. Ultimately our success will be
                                                     environment                                   measured by the outcomes and experience
                                                 4. Advance the research and learning              we achieve for each person who entrusts
                                                     precinct in Melbourne’s north-east            us with their care.
                                                 5. Grow our delivery of specialised care in       A summary of our Strategic Plan is set out
                                                     regional and state-wide services              on the next page. Each element of the plan
                                                 6. Take our team to the next level with           is discussed in more detail on pages 16-24.
                                                     the right support and culture.

                                                  Our staff have emphasised a need to be bolder
                                                 in our aspirations for the future and to raise our
                                                     profile as a leading healthcare organisation.

                                                                                                       Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan       5
2018-22 Strategic Plan - Shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning - Austin Health
Our ambition

    Over the next five years, Austin Health will deliver a bold, new approach to care that delivers
    better outcomes and the best experiences for every person through the priority areas and
    initiatives set out below.
    Austin Health strategic priorities and initiatives

         PARTNERSHIPS                                                                                             TRANSFORMATION

                         person-                              Community
                                                                Community integration
                                                                             integration                          Digital
                  care                                        and
                                                                    collaboration                                 transformation
                         consumers to create
                                       to createa a           Collaborate
                                                                                                 to to            Transform
                           to care
                               to care
                                          is reliable,
                                               is reliable,   improve
                                                                                 of people
                                                                                     of people
                                                                                            in our
                                                                                                in our            environment
                                 at the
                                     at the
                                              centre          community
                                                                                                                  • Ensure
                                                                                                                     • Ensurewe we
                                                                                                                                       a single
                                                                                                                                            a single
       • Design
          • Designa person-centred
                      a person-centredmodelmodel
                                               of of          • Develop
                                                                 • Develop  an integrated
                                                                                an integrated
                                                                                                    planplan        viewview
                                                                                                                          of the
                                                                                                                              of the
                                           staff                withwith
                                                                                                       health     • Establish
                                                                                                                     • Establish
                                                                                                                               a centre
                                                                                                                                   a centre
                                                                                                                                          for health
                                                                                                                                               for health
       • Become
          • Become  the the
                                            service             services
                                                                                              practice              datadata
         in Australia
             in Australia                                     • Improve
                                                                 • Improve  access
                                                                                    to local
                                                                                        to local
                                                                                                       carecare   • Selectively
                                                                                                                     • Selectively
                                                                                                                                         in new
                                                                                                                                              in new
       • Facilities
          • Facilities
                             environment thatthat               for people
                                                                     for people
                                                                              in Banyule,
                                                                                  in Banyule,
                                                                                                     andand         emerging
                   our our
                               of care
                                   of care                      Nillumbik
                                                                                                                  • Strengthen
                                                                                                                     • Strengthen our our
                                                                                                                                      IT infrastructure,
                                                                                                                                           IT infrastructure,
       • Redesign
          • Redesign andand
                                    our our                   • Partner
                                                                 • Partner to deliver
                                                                               to deliver
                                                                                                        for for     services
                      models                                    all patients
                                                                     all patients


                       in in
                             research                         Innovation
                                                                Innovationin in                                   Talented,
             teaching                                         specialist
                                                                           care                                   engaged
                                     learning                 GrowGrow
                                                                                  of specialised
                                                                                      of specialised              TakeTake
                                                                                                                                  to the
                                                                                                                                      to the
                in Melbourne’s
                    in Melbourne’s
                                   north-east                 carecare
                                                                   in regional
                                                                       in regional
                                                                                        state-wide                withwith
       • Develop
          • Developour our
                                           learning                                                               • Leverage
                                                                                                                     • Leverage
                                                                                                                             our our
                         our our
                                         andand               • Strengthen
                                                                 • Strengthen our our
                                                                                        world-leading,              through
                        partners                                flagship
                                                                                                                  • Build
                                                                                                                     • Build
       • Grow
          • Growthe the
                                        of Austin
                                            of Austin         • Focus
                                                                 • Focuson clinical
                                                                            on clinical
                                                                                                  where             andand
                                           health               we we
                                                                         be most
                                                                             be mosteffective
                                                                                                                  • Support
                                                                                                                     • Supportpersonal
                      research                                  efficient
                                                                                                                        development of our
                                                                                                                                        of our
       • Embed
          • Embed a consistent,
                      a consistent,
                                     inter-disciplinary       • Improve
                                                                 • Improve access
                                                                                              for rural
                                                                                                  for rural
                                                                                                                  • Value
                                                                                                                     • Value
             approachto research
                         to research
                                           teaching             andand
                                                                                                                    to bring
                                                                                                                        to bring
                                                                                                                                        to our
                                                                                                                                             to our
       • Become
          • Become the the
                                        of choice
                                            of choice         • Lead
                                                                 • Leadthe the
                                                                                     of specialist
                                                                                          of specialist
                                                                                                   carecare         environment
         for students
             for students                                       for the
                                                                    for the

6   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan
2018-22 Strategic Plan - Shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning - Austin Health
Our vision and values

Our vision
Our vision is “shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning”. Our Strategic Plan is aligned with our vision. Together this
Our aValues
brings   clear, strong direction and priorities to boldly differentiate Austin Health.

Our values
Our  valuesdefine who we are, and shape our culture and the behaviours, practices and mindsets
of our people. They guide how we work with each other, and with consumers, the community
Our values reflect what is most important to us, what we care about and support us to deliver this Strategic Plan, by driving the qualities
and  our partners.
                that we will need individually and collectively to be successful. Our values define who we are, and shape our culture and
the behaviours, practices
Our values reflect what isand mindsets
                           most          of our
                                 important   to people.
                                                us, whatThey  guideabout
                                                         we care    how we
                                                                         andwork   withus
                                                                             support    each other, and
                                                                                          to deliver thiswith consumers,
                                                                                                         Strategic Plan, the community and
our partners.
by driving the qualities and behaviours that we will need individually and collectively to be successful. Our four
Our            values are
    four organisational    set out
                        values are:below:

                    Our actions show we care                                              We bring our best
                    We are inclusive and considerate.                                     We are guided by the needs of our
                    We appreciate one another,                                            patients, bringing commitment,
                    always listening and interacting                                      integrity and energy to everything
                    with compassion.                                                      we do. We are passionate about
                                                                                          delivering excellence.

                    Together we achieve                                                   We shape the future
                    Our culture of collaboration means                                    Through research, education and
                    we work openly with our people,                                       learning we innovate, exploring
                    our community and beyond to                                           new opportunities that will
                    achieve great outcomes.                                               change healthcare for the better.

                   Our values reflect what is most important to us, what we care
                    about and support us to deliver this Strategic Plan, b
                                                                          y driving
                   the qualities and behaviours that we will need individually and
                                                     collectively to be successful.

                                                                                                        Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan        7
2018-22 Strategic Plan - Shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning - Austin Health
Our identity

    Austin Health has a reputation as a leading specialist tertiary and quaternary health service.
    It is known for its delivery of high-quality, safe care, a strong record in research and a place
    where staff are proud to work.
    We are the state-wide provider for a range      The embedding of scientific research within      Our workforce provides safe,
    of specialist services. These include:          a clinical environment as recommended            high-quality care, and there is evidence of
    • Victorian Spinal Cord Service                 by the 2013 McKeon Strategic Review of           our commitment to a continual cycle of
    • Victorian Respiratory Support Services        Health and Medical Research is exemplified       improvement across Austin Health. This is
    • Victorian Liver Transplant Unit               by the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research        reflected in the outstanding accreditation
                                                    Institute, the Florey Institute and the multi-   results we achieved in the 2016 National
    • Acquired Brain Injury Unit
                                                    disciplinary research team in the Intensive      Safety and Quality Health Service Standards
    • Child Mental Health Inpatient Unit
                                                    Care Unit (ICU) at Austin Health.                where we ranked among the top health
    • State-wide Toxicology Services                                                                 services in Australia. In addition, the survey
       (including the Victorian Poisons             The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research
                                                                                                     team highlighted the priority put on great
       Information Centre).                         Institute provides our patients with
                                                                                                     patient experience across the organisation.
                                                    access to the best possible emerging care
    Austin Health is renowned for its specialist    though clinical trials, new treatments           Austin Health’s success is underpinned by
    work in cancer, infectious diseases, obesity,   and personalised medicine, including             the talent of our staff and also by virtue
    sleep medicine, intensive care medicine,        immunotherapies and targeted therapies.          of the fact that our workforce is highly-
    neurology, endocrinology, mental health         Specifically, it has led to the development      engaged. In the latest state-wide public
    and rehabilitation.                             of the licensing of a brain cancer drug          sector employment survey conducted,
    Austin Health is an internationally             now in global clinical trials, an integrated     95 per cent of staff who responded to the
    recognised centre of excellence in              translational bowel cancer research              survey agreed with the statement ‘My
    hospital-based research. We work                program and antibody-directed therapy            organisation provides high-quality services
    with our affiliated research centres and        for cancers including colon, breast, brain       to the Victorian community’.
    partnerships to deliver ground-breaking         and melanoma.
                                                                                                     In the same survey, 87 per cent of
    discoveries that benefit patients worldwide.    The relationship with the Florey Institute       respondents agreed that Austin Health is
    Austin Health has an extensive range of         has demonstrated how the intimate link           a safe place to work. We care deeply about
    research auspiced by Austin LifeSciences        between scientists and clinicians providing      the health and safety of our staff and it is
    (ALS). ALS brings together almost 1,000         care can lead to dramatic improvements           an area where we invest significant effort.
    researchers and a number of research            in the diagnosis and management of
    institutes in partnership with University                                                        Austin Health has been committed
                                                    people experiencing strokes, epilepsy and
    of Melbourne, La Trobe University and                                                            to improving the lives of patients and
                                                    Alzheimer’s disease.
    the Mercy Hospital for Women to achieve                                                          their families since it was founded by
    ongoing excellence in research and better       Our ICU research team is dedicated to            philanthropist Elizabeth Austin, as a
    health outcomes for our local, national and     providing and promoting evidence to              ‘hospital for the incurables’ in 1882. To
    international communities.                      support and improve patient care and has         achieve the best outcomes for patients
                                                    an extraordinary record of achievement.          in 2018 and beyond we are cognisant
    These include:                                  The team is led by Professor Rinaldo             of the need for consumers to be active
    • The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and      Bellomo, who in 2017-18 was recognised           partners in the planning and delivery of
      Mental Health (The Florey)                    for the fourth year running as one of the        care. We ensure that consumers are given
    • Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research            Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers.        meaningful opportunities to actively engage
      Institute                                     The award places him in the top 1 per cent       and that their perspectives are valued in the
    • Institute for Breathing and Sleep             of researchers in the world.                     planning, service delivery and evaluation of
    • Parent-Infant Research Institute                                                               our health service.
    • Spinal Research Institute
    • Austin Medical Research Foundation.

8   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan
2018-22 Strategic Plan - Shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning - Austin Health
95 per cent of staff who responded to the survey
agreed with the statement ‘My organisation provides
high-quality services to the Victorian community.’

                                                  Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan   9
2018-22 Strategic Plan - Shaping the future through exceptional care, discovery and learning - Austin Health
We are proud of our expertise and                 In 2017 we became the first health service       All these strengths – our people, clinical
     experience in the development and rollout         in Australia to introduce an oncology            care, research, innovation, education and
     of health technology, albeit we recognise         information system into adult cancer             our consumer relationships – are the
     we still have work to do.                         healthcare.                                      foundations of this Strategic Plan.
     We recently introduced Australia’s first          We are world-renowned in clinical teaching
     research clinical data warehouse and are          and training for doctors, nurses and allied
     establishing a Database Analytics Research        health professionals. In medicine, we are
     and Evaluation Centre in partnership with         the largest Victorian provider of training for
     the University of Melbourne. The Centre will      specialist surgeons and physicians.
     enable researchers and clinicians to work
     in one system and explore a vast amount
     of health data to support research and
     improve health outcomes. The partnership
     will also provide enhanced training in clinical
                                                               We are world-renowned in clinical teaching
     and population health informatics across
     the healthcare system.
                                                                and training for doctors, nurses and allied
                                                                                     health professionals.

10   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan
Our future

The needs of our community are growing and becoming more complex. The community we
care for is increasingly diverse and has growing and more complex healthcare needs.
Our primary catchment of more than              In particular:                                                   • Technological advancements will change
343,000 people covers three Local               • There will be an increasing shift toward                         the way we deliver care and interact
Government Areas and includes relatively           community-based care.                                           with patients.
affluent residents and some of Victoria’s       • Personalised medicine will see dramatic                        • Our service delivery model must change
most disadvantaged residents. Cultural             improvements in diagnosis and                                   and new partnerships outside the acute
diversity ranges significantly from only           treatment.                                                      healthcare system will be fundamental
8.3 per cent of people speaking a language      • A whole-of-patient approach will                                 to achieving this.
other than English at home and 0.4 per cent        increasingly replace the traditional
of people identifying as Aboriginal or Torres      approach of focusing on clinical specialities
Strait Islander in Nillumbik, compared with        and single diseases.
41 per cent speaking a language other than
English at home and 1 per cent of residents     Austin
being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander      AustinHealth
in Darebin.
                                                 Austin Health’s primary catchment varies significantly             Variability in socio-economic status brings variability
                                                 in terms of socio-economic disadvantage                            in population health
This diversity brings differing needs,
expectations and beliefs about health and
healthcare. Our community is also ageing,
and its healthcare needs are becoming               39      th
                                                                            67     th
                                                                                                   79     th
                                                                                                                        21%                     17%                       9%
more complex.
                                                    Darebin                Banyule              Nillumbik               Darebin                 Banyule             Nillumbik
Our strategic approach for the next
five years reflects this diversity and is        Ranking on the Index of Relative Socio-Economic Disadvantage       Percentage of people reporting fair or poor health.
                                                 (IRSD) out of Victoria’s 79 Local Government Areas.
particularly cognisant of the needs of our
most vulnerable populations. It considers
                                                 Austin Health’s catchment is ageing                                Population over the age of 70
the changes we need to make to continue
to provide high-quality care.

                                                         43%                                   2.2%                      10%                                 13%
                                                      70+ age group                       0-12 age group                  2018                                  2023

                                                 Predicted percentage of all hospital admissions by age group       Current and predicted population statistics for the
                                                 (by 2026).                                                         70+ age group.

                                                 An ageing population brings with it increasingly complex and chronic illness

                                                          66%                                 80%                       50%                66%                   80%
                                                           2003                                  2014                   45-65               60-75                   75+

                                                 Estimated percentage of patients with complex illness.             Percentage of patients with complex illness by age group.

                                                                                                                        Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan                    11
Our consumers expect and                        We need to think differently to                 Safety and quality remains
     need more from us                               provide better care                             fundamental to all that we do
     At the same time as our community               More complex health needs, increasing           Despite the rapid change that is taking
     is growing and their healthcare needs           expectations and advances in technology         place, our fundamental commitment to
     are becoming more complex, our                  are challenging the status quo at Austin        consistently provide safe, effective care to
     relationship with consumers is changing.        Health. These changes require us to think       every person remains unchanged. Austin
     Our consumers are better informed and           differently about the future of care.           Health is highly regarded for its clinical
     increasingly expect greater control over                                                        expertise and the safety of its services.
                                                     To fulfil our commitment to person-centred
     what, how and where they receive care.                                                          We also recognise a need to pursue
                                                     care, we must develop better ways to
     They want to participate in decision making                                                     further improvements and to be more
                                                     coordinate care and support each patient.
     and expect choice and value for money.                                                          transparent with the community about
                                                     This goes beyond hospital services to
                                                                                                     our performance, particularly when things
     In response to this, we are continuing          include primary health, aged care and
                                                                                                     go wrong.
     to increasingly focus on person-centred         community support services. An integrated
     care. Person-centred care is healthcare         approach to care will require Austin Health     Fulfilling the recommendations and
     that is respectful of and responsive to the     to re-think its role in many areas of service   ambitions of the Targeting Zero Review of
     preferences, needs and values of patients       delivery and develop new partnerships           Safety and Quality Assurance in Victorian
     and the community.                              outside the acute healthcare system.            Hospitals will remain a central focus of our
                                                                                                     work over the next five years. Equally we
     Our approach to person-centred care is          Enhancing ambulatory and community-
                                                                                                     recognise the potential for Austin Health to
     underpinned by effective communication          based care will become an increasing focus
                                                                                                     share the expertise of our clinical leaders
     – to develop a deep understanding of the        of our service delivery model. We know that
                                                                                                     with other health services to support
     needs and expectations of each person.          most people would prefer to have access to
                                                                                                     system-wide improvements.
     We are equally committed to working             care that includes service provision within
     in partnership with consumers and the           the ambulatory setting or in their home         The safety, health and wellbeing of our
     community to improve our services. Our          rather than stay in hospital.                   staff will also continue to be paramount.
     Patient Expectations was developed in
                                                     Community-based care is already part of         Austin Health recently implemented a
     consultation and written together with our
                                                     current service provision but technological     Workforce Mental Health Strategy to
     consumers. It clearly sets out what patients
                                                     advancements in telehealth, remote              support and promote the psychological
     want in their health care and informs what
                                                     monitoring, and the establishment of            wellbeing of our staff. This included
     success looks like in the design and delivery
                                                     greater partnerships with regional, rural       the implementation of a Doctor Health
     of care at Austin Health.
                                                     and community-based healthcare providers        Program, Peer Support Program and
                                                     will extend Austin Health’s role beyond         cultural change programs for our medical
                                                     the hospital. The roll-out of the National      workforce as well as an onsite counselling
                                                     Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and          service for all staff and training programs
                                                     the strength of other community providers       for managers on mental illness. Over
                                                     challenges us to reconsider our role as a       the next five years we will extend these
                                                     provider of some community services.            important initiatives across Austin Health
                                                                                                     and build leadership capability to support
                                                                                                     the health, safety and wellbeing of our
                                                                                                     people. This will be a key focus of our
                                                                                                     People Strategy.

12   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan
Our research is integral to                      Advances in technology are                   New digital technologies spanning
improving clinical practice                      transforming healthcare                      connectivity, mobility and big data are
The 2013 McKeon Review has resulted              Advances in medical and digital              creating innovative ways to plan and deliver
in changes in funding, philosophy                technology are transforming healthcare.      services and interact more closely with
and structure of Australia’s research            At Austin Health, these advances will        patients. Digital technology will enable
environment. The aim of these shifts is to       shape the way we provide care, conduct       better information sharing and multi-
enable the rapid translation of research into    research and teach our students. Game-       disciplinary collaboration, both inside Austin
clinical practice that will lead to improved     changing breakthroughs in genomics,          Health and across the health system. With
health outcomes nationally and reduce cost.      nanotechnology and big data are              established expertise and experience in
                                                 unfolding alongside rapid advances in        the development and rollout of health
This has led to significant changes to the                                                    technology, Austin Health understands
                                                 pharmaceuticals, surgical techniques,
structure of the National Health and Medical                                                  the potential opportunities created by
                                                 diagnostic testing, and nursing and allied
Research Council, the establishment of the                                                    technologies, big data and a strong
                                                 health interventions.
Medical Research Futures Fund and the                                                         data analytics capability. Our Strategic
introduction of the National Health and                                                       Plan ensures that those opportunities
Research Translational Centres (NHRTC).                                                       are pursued.
Austin Health is an important partner in
one of these NHRTCs — the Melbourne
Academic Centre for Health (MACH). As a
member of MACH, we are collaborating with
other health services and the University of
Melbourne to undertake research that will
improve health service delivery.
Our partnership with the Victorian
Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre will also
lead to research delivering better outcomes
for cancer patients, specifically in its focus
on more clinical trials and increased patient
participation in these trials.
Austin Health knows that research is
integral to improving clinical practice and
providing better care. To achieve this we                 An integrated approach to care will require
need to attract talented people to work at
Austin Health who are passionate about                     Austin Health to re-think its role in many
discovery. This will enable us to continue
to build knowledge that informs clinical
                                                                areas of service delivery and develop
practice, ensure what we do is evidence
based and leads to improvements in
                                                                 new partnerships outside the acute
healthcare, patient outcomes and patient                                          healthcare system.
experience. We also know that we need
to work collaboratively to leverage our
collective efforts.

                                                                                                  Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan         13
Designing our Strategic Plan

     Our strategic planning process was led by our Board and Executive, and developed in
     close consultation with our consumers, staff, our research and teaching partners and our
     community. The plan reflects the valuable input, contributions and feedback received
     throughout the process.
     To ensure everyone had the opportunity to      Consultation, particularly with our             • We need new skills to keep pace and
     participate and have their say, consultation   consumers and staff, was critical to              achieve our ambitions.
     occurred via a range of methods. We carried    ensuring that the plan reflects their needs,    • Improving our IT infrastructure and
     out face-to-face forums and meetings           expectations, collective ambition and vision      responding to the opportunities provided
     and staff were encouraged to share their       for Austin Health in the future. Staff and        by new technologies will be critical to our
     thoughts by posting on ‘strategy walls’ at     consumers told us that:                           future success.
     each of our three campuses, or through an      • They have an ambition to be bold and          • Research and teaching is important, and
     online tool.                                     progressive.                                    greater integration and support is needed
     We received direct input from                  • Having a strong culture where staff and         to ensure Austin Health maintains and
     approximately 1,000 people including             consumers feel valued and supported             strengthens its existing reputation in
     100 consumers, more than 700 staff, and          is important.                                   these areas into the future.
     other stakeholders, including neighbouring     • Innovation, technology and an integrated      The Strategic Plan reflects this important
     health services, universities, research          approach to clinical care should be part of   input. Our people were integral in the
     institutes, Better Health North East             what defines Austin Health in the future.     development of this plan and will be
     Melbourne and the Department of Health         • Our partners across the community,            fundamental to its delivery and successful
     and Human Services (DHHS). In particular,        local and primary health providers,           implementation.
     our Community Advisory Committee and             research institutes, the private sector,
     Clinical Council consultations provided          government and other health services,
     important insights on the consumer and           are important. Effective and transparent
     clinical staff perspectives.                     communication is key to the success of
                                                      those partnerships.

                                                                Innovation, technology and an integrated
                                                                      approach to clinical care will define
                                                                              Austin Health in the future.

14   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan
Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan   15
Our strategic priorities

     Change and innovation continue to be needed if we are to provide safe, outstanding care that
     fulfils the needs and expectations of each patient.
     We must also lift our contribution as a                  Twenty three specific initiatives                                   Clear measures of success will
     system leader in tertiary and quaternary                 provide a clear plan of action                                      be used to monitor our progress
     care, in research and in education. Austin               In this section we describe each of our                             For our Strategic Plan to be successful it
     Health is ready to meet this challenge.                  priority areas and the initiatives that will                        must also be measurable. Austin Health
     Over the next five years, Austin Health will             support their achievement. The initiatives                          measures, monitors and reports an
     become a more specialised, innovative                    provide an ambitious but achievable                                 extensive range of clinical and operational
     and better connected health service.                     program of work. However, they are not                              performance measures. Alongside this
     This ambition applies equally to our role                intended as a prescriptive roadmap and are                          reporting framework, a smaller number of
     as a local health service for Melbourne’s                not an exhaustive list of everything we will                        measures have been identified to track our
     north-east and our role as a leader in highly            do. We know that constant change is part                            progress in the priority areas. The measures
     specialised tertiary care.                               of our environment and we will be ready to                          will provide the high-level means by
     Our priority areas                                       adapt and respond to new opportunities                              which to monitor overall progress against
                                                              and challenges that emerge over the next                            the plan.
     A bold Strategic Plan requires a clear
                                                              five years.
     focus. Our priority areas establish our
     focus for 2018-22. The priority areas
     are interdependent. Success will require
     concerted action across all these areas.

                                                                                Reliable, safe, person-
                                                                                     centred care
                                                                               Partner with consumers to create
                                                                                a distinct approach to care that
                                                                                    is reliable, safe and puts
                                           Talented, capable,                         patients at the centre.      Community integration
                                            engaged people                                                           and collaboration
                                         Take our team to the next level                                           Collaborate with local partners
                                             with the right support                                                to improve the lives of people
                                                  and culture.                                                           in our community.

                                                                              Shaping the future
                                                                           through exceptional care,
                                                                            discovery and learning.

                                              Innovation in                                                                Digital
                                             specialist care                                                           transformation
                                        Grow our delivery of specialised                                             Transform Austin Health’s
                                          care in regional and state-                                                   digital environment.
                                                 wide services.

                                                                                  National leader in
                                                                                research and teaching
                                                                               Advance the research and learning
                                                                                   precinct in Melbourne’s

16   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan
Reliable, safe, person-centred care

Partner with consumers to create a distinct approach to care that is reliable, safe and puts
patients at the centre.
The way we provide care needs to change.         • Be linked to comprehensive teaching and       • Review our existing models of care
While we have always brought expertise,            research programs.                              against leading practices to ensure
commitment and compassion to the way             • Explore innovative new ways of achieving        they are evidence based and current
we care, over the next five years we will          better outcomes and experiences.                best practice.
develop a consistent model of delivering                                                         • Adopt an organisation-wide approach to
                                                 • Be informed and supported by our digital
care that is distinctive to Austin Health.                                                         designing new care models that involves
It will be innovative, evidence-based and                                                          consumers.
                                                 • Be collaborative, involving a coordinated
above all, person-centred.
                                                   effort from every team member.                2. Become the safest health service
Our new model of care will drive                 • Be connected to health professionals and         in Australia
improvements in patient safety, outcomes           services in the broader health system.        Austin Health has proven capability and
and experiences. It will create development      • Reduce variation in practice.                 a strong record in safety and quality. We
opportunities for staff and drive efficiencies                                                   care about and strive for more than just
                                                 Translating these principles into action
in how we use our resources.                                                                     compliance. However, our ambition is to
                                                 will be central to our strategy and the focus
The principles of our model                      of the key initiatives.                         go even further. It is to become the safest
of care                                                                                          health service in Australia, leading safety for
                                                 Initiatives                                     both consumers and staff.
A model of care defines how care is planned
                                                 1. Involve consumers and staff in the
with, and delivered, for each patient. While                                                     We will:
                                                    design of a genuine and consistent
our services are diverse, our new model of                                                       • Develop and support clinical leaders to
                                                    person-centred model of care across
care will be guided by common principles.                                                          drive quality improvements and culture
                                                    all our services
The way we provide care at Austin                                                                  change to achieve the highest levels of
Health will:                                     Austin Health’s new model of care will be
                                                                                                   consumer and staff safety.
                                                 developed in partnership with consumers
• Be developed in partnership with                                                               • Strengthen our safety and quality
                                                 and staff to ensure that it meets the
  our consumers.                                                                                   governance across the organisation.
                                                 distinct needs of our consumers and
• Be consistently warm and welcoming to                                                          • Accelerate the implementation of
                                                 community and is owned by our staff.
  our patients.                                                                                    evidence based and safe research
• Improve the patient experience and             We will:                                          findings into clinical practice to improve
  patient-reported outcomes (PROMS).             • Implement the principles of care                the safety and quality of healthcare at
• Be highly reliable.                              articulated in Our Patients’ Expectations       Austin Health.
                                                   across Austin Health.                         • Expand the transparent, public reporting
                                                 • Implement the Partnering with Consumer          of our performance.
                                                   Plan to ensure consumers participate in       • Undertake initiatives that drive a culture
                                                   and support new initiatives, including the      of respect and collaboration to enhance
                                                   development of models of care.                  staff safety and wellbeing.
                                                                                                 • Develop a Safety Scorecard for Austin
                                                                                                   Health that defines our measures of
                                                                                                   success for patient and staff safety.

                         Over the next five years we will develop a consistent model
                                of delivering care that is distinctive to Austin Health.

                                                                                                     Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan          17
3. Ensure our models of care are supported     4. Redesign and optimise our service          Measures of success
        by our facilities and environment              models to deliver care more efficiently    • Leading patient experience results.
     To provide great patient outcomes,             New models of care will substantially         • Leading clinical outcome measures.
     experiences, and efficient service delivery,   change our infrastructure requirements.       • Adoption of Patient Reported Outcome
     we require the right facilities, technology    In the longer term, this creates                Measures.
     and environment. Our environment has           opportunities for Austin Health to redesign   • Lowest incidents of preventable harm
     the potential to create a better experience    the way services are delivered.                 in Australia.
     for all consumers and staff, and it should
                                                    We will:                                      • Consistent achievement of system
     reflect our values.
                                                    Work with DHHS and the Victorian Health         performance targets.
     We will:                                       and Human Services Building Authority to:
     • Pursue the infrastructure priorities as      • Progress service master planning
       determined by the master planning              following our model of care redesign.
       process.                                     • Pursue feasibility and business case
     • Prioritise improvements to our existing        development to support service redesign
       patient environment to positively impact       and care delivery optimisation.
       patient experience.

18   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan
Community integration and collaboration

Collaborate with local partners to improve the lives of people in our community.
Focusing on our local catchment and             • Work in partnership with members of          We will:
enabling more care to be delivered in the         the BHNEM Collaborative to implement         • Explore the potential for new ways of
community will produce better health              the population health based strategic          providing support for evidence based
outcomes. Equally, it will enable Austin          priorities identified in the BHNEM             integrated chronic disease management.
Health’s specialist resources to be available     Strategic Plan                               • Work with our primary and community
to deliver better value care.                   • Develop innovative partnership initiatives     care partners to trial new approaches
Austin Health will work with primary              and population health strategies to            to community-based chronic disease
healthcare providers, community and               improve the health outcomes of our             management, which integrates primary
population health stakeholders — including        community.                                     care and secondary care expertise.
Better Health North East Melbourne              2. Improve access to local hospital care for   • Develop tools to predict which patients
(BHNEM) — to create a system of                    people in Banyule, Darebin and Nillumbik      are at risk so we can make the most
integrated, community-based care.                                                                difference through service integration
                                                At the same time, clear delineation of
                                                                                                 and connecting care.
Initiatives                                     our secondary services will enable us to
                                                continue to care for our local community       • Seek out new technologies that may
1. Develop integrated service plans with                                                         help patients better manage and monitor
   primary and community health services        while providing specialist tertiary and
                                                quaternary services.                             their care outside the hospital and help
   and general practice that help keep                                                           them navigate their way through the
   people healthy and out of hospital           We will:                                         health system.
Our approach to integrated care should          • Develop and promote referral pathways
                                                                                               Measures of success
be in collaboration with our community            for general practitioners, health services
partners, including primary and community         and community providers to standardise       • Increase in the number of healthcare
health services and general practice, as          and simplify the referral process and          pathways for secondary services.
well as neighbouring public and private           improve access to our services.              • Increased proportion of services provided
health services.                                • Work with our neighbouring health              in the community.
                                                  services and our primary and community       • Reduced potentially preventable hospital
We will:
                                                  health partners to better coordinate           admissions and unplanned re-admissions.
• Work with local primary and community
                                                  access to secondary care for people in       • Improved outcomes for patients with
  healthcare stakeholders, general practice
                                                  our local communities.                         multiple or chronic complex conditions.
  and our neighbouring secondary and
  tertiary health service partners to           3. Partner with primary care, community        • Stronger, more sustainable and beneficial
  develop integrated service plans for             health services and general practice to       relationships with partners.
  north-east Melbourne.                            deliver integrated care for all patients
• Work with local primary and community            with complex chronic disease
  healthcare stakeholders, general practice     By partnering with community care
  and our neighbouring secondary and            providers there is potential to do more to
  tertiary health service partners to           improve the population health of our
  promote an agreed regional approach           local community.
  to prevention, early detection and early
                                                People with multiple or chronic complex
  intervention strategies that improve our
                                                conditions frequently seek care in
  population health outcomes.
                                                hospital that could be avoided or better
                                                managed in the community.

                                                                                                   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan      19
20   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan
Digital transformation

Transform Austin Health’s digital environment.
Austin Health has been a leader in the            2. Establish a centre for health data           4. Strengthen our IT infrastructure,
application of technology to healthcare.             analytics to support clinical care,             services and functions to support our
We understand that technology has the                innovation and research                         clinical care, operations and strategic
potential to significantly advance the work       Austin Health has led the use of data and          priority areas
we do, the way we interact with our patients      analytics to improve the quality of patient     Austin Health’s IT environment is the
and enhance their experience at Austin            care and research. We have collected large      backbone of many operational and
Health. However, the pace of technology           volumes of data and established a research      financial systems and processes.
advancement and the rate of investment            data warehouse. These are important             A strong IT foundation will support us to
and adoption by other health services             assets that we must use to support clinical     deliver more efficient, safe and high-
demand a new level of strategic focus from        care, innovation and research.                  quality care, and be a significant enabler
Austin Health.                                                                                    for many of our strategic goals.
                                                  We will:
At the same time, we must ensure that             • Establish a health data analytics centre      We will:
our information technology infrastructure,          that delivers analytical outcomes.            • Identify and invest in IT infrastructure,
services and functions enable us to deliver our                                                     services and functions with the most
                                                  • Support the establishment and operation
core work and pursue our strategic priorities.                                                      potential to improve quality, safety and
                                                    of the centre with the right infrastructure
Austin Health has developed a Digital               and clinical leadership.                        operational efficiency or reduce risk.
Health Strategy 2018-22 that provides the         • Strengthen our data collection and            • Connect and integrate our IT
Strategic Framework for information and             analytics reporting systems, processes          infrastructure and systems so that they
communication technology (ICT) innovation           and tools.                                      make us more efficient.
across the organisation.                                                                          • Create an IT service delivery model,
                                                  3. Selectively invest in new and emerging
Initiatives                                                                                         including structure and policies that
                                                     technologies that improve outcomes
                                                                                                    supports our people, clinical care,
1. Ensure we have a single electronic view           for consumers, support clinicians
                                                                                                    operational efficiency and strategic
   of the patient record                             and advance our flagship clinical and
                                                                                                    priority areas.
A single electronic view of the patient              research programs
record is key to delivering more person-          The pace of change in digital health            Measures of success
centred care and improving safety and             means we need to be continuously                • Increase the use of data and information
quality. An integrated system increases           learning, trying new things and scanning          to improve care and research.
efficiency, improves patient outcomes and         the horizon for new and disruptive              • Provide the information and technology
experiences and reduces risk. We need to          technologies. New technologies have               for a single patient view.
have a single electronic view of the patient      the potential to substantially improve          • Embrace and harness contemporary
record across the whole organisation.             both the experience and outcomes for              technologies and new methods to more
                                                  consumers, as well as support our clinical        efficiently and effectively deliver our
We will:
                                                  care and advance our research.                    services.
• Integrate our systems, processes and
  workflows to create a connected and             We will:                                        • Strengthen ICT’s value to the
  coordinated system.                             • Partner with patients, community and            organisation through greater team
                                                    industry to support the development and         cohesion and collaborative approaches.
• Design and deliver our systems in
  collaboration with users to ensure that           testing of new technologies.
  they meet their needs and expectations.         • Adopt contemporary technologies that
• Provide our clinicians and other system           will improve outcomes for consumers,
  users with the education, tools and               support clinicians and advance our
  training required to maximise their use           flagship clinical and research programs.
  of our systems.                                 • Ensure our investments are evidence-
                                                    informed, deliver value and balance risk.

                                                                                                      Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan      21
National leader in research and teaching

     Advance the research and learning precinct in Melbourne’s north-east.
     Austin Health brings a distinguished history     2. Invest in translational and health service      4. Become the health service of choice
     of ground breaking research through its             research to grow its scale and impact              for undergraduate and postgraduate
     partnerships with the Florey Institute,          With the right support, our research                  medical, nursing, allied health and
     the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research           expertise has the potential to deliver greater        research students
     Institute and Austin LifeSciences. Equally, we   impact and influence for our patients and          Austin Health will build on its strong
     have a strong reputation as a teaching health    the health system. Austin Health is well           foundations in teaching to deliver great
     service. Our clinical education programs have    positioned to focus on translational and           learning outcomes and attract the best
     prepared generations of health professionals     health services research which aligns with         and brightest students. Excellence and
     to be leaders in clinical practice.              our existing areas of research strength and        leadership in education will benefit patients,
     However, we recognise there is an                flagship clinical services.                        students, staff, the health system, and
     important opportunity to do much more.                                                              be a cornerstone of our research and
                                                      We will:
     Our integrated and influential research and                                                         learning precinct.
                                                      • Develop a comprehensive research
     learning precinct in Melbourne’s north-            strategy with a focus on translational           We will:
     east improves clinical care, research and          and health services research that is             • Work with students to understand their
     teaching outcomes. It is also critical to          underpinned by high quality basic science.         expectations and develop and implement
     continuing to attract the best students,                                                              initiatives to ensure their learning
                                                      • Strengthen and diversify our research
     clinicians and researchers.                                                                           experience is maximised.
                                                        partnerships, including industry partnerships.
     Initiatives                                      • Increase our investment in research              • Explore opportunities for new,
     1. Strengthen our university and research          programs and facilities utilising a range of       complementary partnerships with our
        partnerships to support the development         funding sources.                                   university partners that can expand
        of our research and learning precinct         • Engage and mobilise our research                   the scale and breadth of our education
                                                        capacity into our areas of need.                   programs across all disciplines.
     Austin Health’s university partnerships
     are vital to the achievement of both our                                                            • Strengthen our communications
                                                      3. Embed a consistent, inter-disciplinary
     research and teaching ambitions. We need a                                                            about teaching at Austin Health to
                                                         approach to research and teaching
     more consistent, strategic approach to our                                                            help patients, future students and the
                                                         across all Austin Health services
     university partnerships that ensures they                                                             community understand the role and
                                                      Research and learning can take a more                significance of teaching.
     are strong, mutually beneficial and aligned
                                                      prominent and consistent role in the way
     with our strategic goals and priorities.                                                            Measures of success
                                                      we provide all our services at Austin Health.
     We will:                                         We will draw on the principles of the              • Increased impact and volume of Austin
     • Work with our research and university          Academic Health Sciences Centre model to             Health published research.
       partners to develop and maintain               more closely link our clinical care, education     • Measure and increase research
       the infrastructure needed to support           programs and research efforts.                       grant funding.
       excellence in clinical, laboratory and         We will:                                           • More senior clinical staff formally
       health services research.                                                                           involved in research and teaching.
                                                      • Develop a consistent structure and
     • Develop a recruitment strategy to attract        operating model to embed research and            • Increased undergraduate and
       the most capable and accomplished                teaching within clinical care.                     postgraduate placements and
       researchers to the Austin Health                                                                    appointments.
                                                      • Support more of our senior clinical staff
       research precinct.                                                                                • An increase in the amount of
                                                        to take a formal role in research and
     • Establish an ongoing scheme to track             teaching at Austin Health.                         translational research that results in
       research performance and benchmark it                                                               changed clinical practice.
                                                      • Increase alignment between our
       against other top institutions.
                                                        flagship clinical services and our areas
                                                        of research strength.

22   Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan
Innovation in specialist care

Grow our delivery of specialised care in regional and state-wide services.
We will further define our role as a             We will:                                        We will:
specialist provider of key tertiary and          • Review the scale, current capability and      • Identify priorities for the development
quaternary health services. Our future             future potential for each of our tertiary       of a tertiary and quaternary regional
role in the Victorian health system will           and quaternary services.                        service framework with our metropolitan,
be strengthened by leading the delivery          • Prioritise the further development of a         regional and rural partners, including
of these specialist services. We will use          select number of flagship clinical services     Eastern Health, Northern Health, Ballarat
our expertise to ensure patients from              and ensure that there is a strong link          Health Services and Bendigo Health.
metropolitan, regional and rural patients          between research, teaching and clinical       • Work with regional partners and
have access to specialist care.                    practice within each service.                   the DHHS to pilot a regional service
We will formalise links with our                                                                   framework in a key area of tertiary or
                                                 2. Focus on the clinical services where
neighbouring health services and rural                                                             quaternary clinical need.
                                                    we can be most effective and efficient
health services in our region. This will                                                         • Explore the potential to expand regional
                                                 To allow us to focus our resources in
establish a coordinated system where                                                               service frameworks across all our
                                                 those clinical areas where the evidence
patients have access to higher levels                                                              flagship services.
                                                 shows we can be most effective, we will
of specialist and complex care that is                                                           4. Work with our neighbouring health
                                                 review our role across our practices and
not available locally, within a clinically                                                          services to strengthen our partnerships
                                                 services. Transitioning our role in areas
appropriate timeframe. Our role as a                                                                to deliver specialist tertiary care for the
                                                 that can be more effectively or efficiently
specialist provider and a clinical leader                                                           north-east region
                                                 delivered by others will mean our work
will also include the provision of specialist
                                                 will complement rather than duplicate our       A coordinated and collaborative approach to
expertise and clinical advice to strengthen
                                                 health service partners.                        the delivery of specialist tertiary care in our
clinical decision making, and to ensure
                                                 We will:                                        region will ensure patients requiring access
patients are receiving the right care in the
                                                                                                 to a higher level of care will receive it within
right place.                                     • Identify activity and services with
                                                                                                 clinically appropriate timeframes.
                                                   potential for change or transition in line
While we already have several leading
                                                   with our new models of care and flagship      We will:
clinical services, we will continue to improve
                                                   services.                                     • Develop default referral pathways to and
our outcomes and patient experience by
further linking research and teaching to         • Review our role in areas of clinical care       from Austin Health for patients requiring
clinical practice. By 2022, Austin Health          no longer supported by new research             access to a higher level of specialist care.
will have a select number of world-                and evidence, or where the activity can       • Develop agreed time based metrics
leading flagship areas of specialist care          be provided more effectively and/or             for patient access to Austin Health for
and a more defined approach to health              efficiently elsewhere.                          specialist inpatient care and ambulatory
service partnerships.                            3. Expand and formalise strategic                 services.
                                                    partnerships in north-east Victoria to       • Establish arrangements for providing
                                                    provide improved access and care for           specialist clinical advice to supporting the
1. Strengthen our world-leading flagship                                                           collaborative management of patients
                                                    rural and regional patients
   clinical services, including cancer, liver                                                      referred for specialist care.
   and spinal services                           A regional service framework offers the
                                                 potential to improve access to tertiary         Measures of success
A proactive approach to the development
                                                 and quaternary services, creating better        • Increased scale and depth of tertiary
of flagship services will allow greater
                                                 experiences and outcomes for regional             activity.
expertise, delivering better outcomes for
                                                 patients. Greater collaboration between         • Increased proportion of regional
patients, greater efficiency and value for the
                                                 services will enable shared expertise and         tertiary activity.
health system.
                                                 foster new areas of collaboration across
                                                                                                 • Meeting agreed access KPIs.
                                                 research programs and teaching.

                                                                                                      Austin Health 2018–22 Strategic Plan          23
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