International Undergraduate Course Guide - The University

International Undergraduate Course Guide - The University
International Undergraduate Course Guide - The University
Welcome to our

                                                     “The University of Western Australia
                                                      believes in preparing our graduates
                                                      to be the change-makers in society.
                                                      Our high-quality courses and unique
                                                      course structure will equip you with the
                                                      multidisciplinary skills needed to succeed
                                                      and transform the world in which we
                                                      live, improving the lives of others and the
                                                      communities we serve.
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                     I welcome you to our community and
                                                     invite you on an exciting journey to turn
                                                     your ambitions into reality.”

                                                     – Professor Dawn Freshwater, Vice-Chancellor
  The University of Western Australia

International Undergraduate Course Guide - The University
                                           Why choose UWA........................................................................................4

                                           Life in Perth..................................................................................................6

                                           UWA’s location.............................................................................................8

                                           A unique campus......................................................................................10

                                           UWA student life....................................................................................... 12


                                           Kickstart your career................................................................................17

                                           Connecting you to industry................................................................... 18

                                                                                                                                                                2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
                                           Supporting you........................................................................................ 20

                                           Scholarships............................................................................................. 21

                                           Money matters.......................................................................................... 22

                                           Accommodation at UWA.........................................................................24

                                           Taking you global..................................................................................... 26

                                           Your degree, your way............................................................................. 30

                                           Bachelor of Arts........................................................................................ 32

                                           Bachelor of Biomedical Science........................................................... 44

                                           Bachelor of Commerce........................................................................... 50

                                           Bachelor of Science................................................................................. 56

                                           Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)....................................................... 68

                                           Pathways to professional careers........................................................ 71
                                                                                                                                                                 The University of Western Australia

                                           Postgraduate professional degrees.................................................... 72

                                           How to apply............................................................................................. 84

                                           Important dates 2019.............................................................................. 86

                                           Useful links................................................................................................ 87

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                            Entry pathways into UWA....................................................................... 88
The University of Western Australia

acknowledges that it is situated on        English language requirements............................................................ 90

Noongar land and that Noongar
people remain the spiritual and cultural
custodians of their land and continue
to practise their values, languages,
                                           Help with English language skills..........................................................91
beliefs and knowledge.
                                           Academic entry requirements.............................................................. 92

                                           Course major index................................................................................. 94

International Undergraduate Course Guide - The University
Why choose

2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                     Study at an       Ranked in the
                                                                       world’s Top
                                                     recognised        100                 Well-established
                                                     university        1st   in Western
                                                                             (ARWU 2017)
  The University of Western Australia

International Undergraduate Course Guide - The University
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
                                                             Ranked in • Agriculture and Forestry
                                                             the world’s • Anatomy and Physiology

5 stars for graduate             UWA is a member of          TOP          • Civil and Structural Engineering
                                                                          • Earth and Marine Science

starting salary – our            the Group of Eight –                     • Mineral and Mining Engineering
graduates are among the          a coalition of the best                  • Performing Arts
highest paid in Australia        research-intensive
                                                                          • Sports-related subjects
(Good Universities Guide 2018)   universities in Australia                  (QS 2018)

                                                                                                                The University of Western Australia

International Undergraduate Course Guide - The University
Life in Perth
                                                            Perth is Australia’s fourth-largest city and capital of the thriving state of Western Australia.
                                                            Voted as one of the top 10 cities in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the city offers
                                                            an inspiring study environment with sunny weather, a relaxed outdoor lifestyle and beautiful
                                                            natural scenery.

                                                            Perth holds international appeal for its safety, strong cultural diversity and urban
                                                            sophistication. The city’s cultural scene offers an array of activities, with plenty of festivals,
                                                            eateries, modern bars and weekend markets adding flavour to the city and its suburbs.

2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide


                                                     Cultural                               Perth’s population

  The University of Western Australia

                                                                                                                 million            government
                                                     More than   200 different                                                      (Westminster system)
                                                     nationalities live, work and
                                                     study in WA, speaking more
                                                            170 languages.
                                                                                             Complete                               FREE WiFi
                                                                                             religious freedom                      in the CBD

International Undergraduate Course Guide - The University



                                                                                                                       2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
                        Kuala Lumpur



                                            Perth                                                       Sydney
                                                      GMT +8                                       Melbourne
                                                      Same time zone as
                                                      60 per cent of the
                                                      world’s population                             Hobart

                                                                                                                        The University of Western Australia

     Weather             flights to                                        most affordable
                         London: 17 hours
      Summer: 18–32°C                                                      capital city

                         Beijing: 12.5 hours

      Autumn: 13–26°C    Shanghai: 12 hours
                         Hong Kong: 8 hours                                (Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2018,
GMT +8Winter: 9–18°C     Kuala Lumpur: 6 hours                             Economist Intelligence Unit)
      Spring: 11–23°C    Jakarta: 4.5 hours

International Undergraduate Course Guide - The University
UWA’s location
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

  The University of Western Australia

                                                     International students receive
                                                     a government-sponsored 40
                                                     per cent discount on all public
                                                                                       5km                   4.2km
                                                     transport. Free buses called      to Perth CBD          to Elizabeth Quay
                                                     CATs operate around the central   (11 minutes by car,   (7 minutes by car,
                                                     business district (CBD).          20 minutes by bus)    19 minutes by bicycle)

International Undergraduate Course Guide - The University
Perth CBD
Kings Park

                           UWA campus

                                                                                        2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
                                                                                         The University of Western Australia

     6.3km                         1.2km                  22km

     to Cottesloe Beach            to Kings Park and      to Perth International
     (11 minutes by car,           Botanic Garden         Airport (30 minutes by car)
     7 minutes by bus)             (16 minutes walking)

International Undergraduate Course Guide - The University
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                                                A unique campus

                                                                      Located by the Swan River and only minutes from
                                                                      Perth’s city centre, UWA is often described as one of
                                                                      Australia’s most picturesque campuses.
  The University of Western Australia

                                                     →→ Enjoy the scenery of Matilda Bay
                                                        and take part in kayaking, rowing or
10                                                      sailing on the Swan River
←← Socialise with friends at one of the many cafés
                                     →→ Enjoy an outdoor cinema experience at
                                        UWA’s Somerville Auditorium

                                                                                          ←← Relax in heritage-listed
                                                                                             gardens and open

                                                                                                                                 2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
                                                                                             Try different cuisines at our
                                                                                             many food trucks located
                                                                                             on campus

                                      UWA Claremont
                                      Just a few minutes from the main
                                      Perth campus is the University’s
                                      historic Claremont campus which
                                      is home to the UWA Centre for
                                      English Language Teaching (UWA
                                      CELT) and Taylors College which
                                      provides foundation courses for
                                      international students.
                                                                                                                                  The University of Western Australia

   Experience the atmosphere at                                                           UWA Albany
   Guild Village, home to shops,
   food outlets, a medical centre,                                                        UWA has a high-tech education centre
   hairdresser, bank and other                                                            in the southwest town of Western
   student amenities                                                                      Australia — a five-hour drive from
                                                                                          Perth. Here you can experience all
←← Discover the Cultural Precinct,                                                        that regional WA has to offer while
   UWA’s cultural hub which                                                               studying at university.

   supports music, theatre, dance,

   literature and art exhibition                                                

UWA student life
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                     A vibrant student life
                                                     with social activities
                                                     on campus
  The University of Western Australia

                                                                             Check out what our current students get up to:
                                                               uwastudents      uwa_students    uwastudents    uwastudents    uwastudents

UWA Student Guild                             Leisure and recreation                       If you’d like to try something new, sign
                                                                                           up for our Recreate Short Courses.
Student life at UWA is vibrant with social    The Cultural Precinct
                                                                                           With everything from salsa to surfing,
activities on campus organised by the         The Cultural Precinct is UWA’s cultural
                                                                                           trips to Rottnest and self-defence
UWA Student Guild, the representative         hub, supporting the music, theatre,
                                                                                           classes, there really is something
student organisation. The UWA Student         dance, literature and exhibition
                                                                                           for everyone.
Guild has a reputation for being one of       programs on campus. It also supports
the most active in Australia. It organises    broader arts and cultural events
                                                                                           We also support our elite athletes
countless activities including festivals,     that take place throughout the year,
                                                                                           in their academic and sporting
workshops, end-of-semester parties,           including collaborations with the
                                                                                           pursuits through the Student Athlete
networking opportunities, the Guild           Perth Festival.
                                                                                           Development Program.
Ball (formal dance) and the National
Campus Band competition, and runs
                                                                                           Your university adventure starts here.
more than 180 clubs and societies.            UWA Sport
                                                                                           Immerse yourself in the opportunities
                                              Becoming a Fitness Centre member
                                                                                           available to you through sport
The Guild also provides student               gives you access to more than 50 group
                                                                                           and make your time at university
representation, with staff on hand to         fitness classes a week, state-of-the-art
give extra support to you on academic,        equipment, multiple training zones,
financial or welfare matters affecting        qualified instructors and free tickets to

                                                                                                                                      2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
your study. The free Guild membership         our popular Masterclasses.
entitles students to great discounts
on campus and at restaurants, shops,          Kickstart your day with a run on the
activities and services around Perth.         treadmills, or take time out with a                          lunchtime yoga class.

                                              Practise your skills in squash,
The Guild Village                             basketball, or tennis on one of our
                                              many courts.
The Guild Village is a hive of activity
and houses shops, food outlets, a
                                              Up for some healthy competition? Join
medical centre, hairdresser, bank
                                              our interfaculty, intercollege, or social
and other useful student amenities.
                                              competitions, or represent one of our 27
A regular marketplace that’s held in
                                              sport clubs.
the Guild Village is the place to buy
inexpensive, locally made clothes,
jewellery and more.

                                                                                                                                       The University of Western Australia

     Learn a new                          Join one of

                                                                          Live in one of                     Experience


             or join                                                          colleges                    art and culture
   a           with
                                          clubs and
                                                                              close to                  UWA is the founder
      UWA Sport                                                               campus                    of the Perth Festival

2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide


                                                     UWA brings together heritage architecture and
                                                     state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities to
                                                     provide you with an ideal learning environment.

                                                     As a student, you can enjoy a range of recreational
                                                     amenities and modern facilities, including lecture
                                                     and performance theatres, tutorial spaces,
                                                     studios, laboratories and more, that ensure you
                                                     feel inspired to pursue your personal interests and
                                                     career goals while studying.
  The University of Western Australia

Indian Ocean Marine                           IQX
                                                 Research Centre (IOMRC)                       Launched in March 2018, IQX is
                                                 UWA houses IOMRC, the largest marine          Western Australia’s most exciting, new
                                                 research capability in the Indian Ocean       innovation and co-working space,
                                                 Rim — a multimillion-dollar facility          powered by the UWA Innovation
                                                 which will enable Australia to expand         Quarter and Business Foundations. IQX
                                                 international research.                       offers special access to UWA graduate
                                                                                               and alumni-owned enterprises.

                                                 J Robin Warren Library
                                                                                               Coming Soon
                                                 Named after Professor (John) Robin
                                                 Warren, co-recipient of the Nobel Prize       EZONE UWA
                                                 for Medicine in 2005 along with Professor
                                                                                               Featuring a network of flexible teaching,
                                                 Barry J Marshall, this facility is a state-
                                                                                               research and industry engagement
                                                 of-the-art hub where researchers,
                                                                                               spaces, EZONE UWA is designed to
                                                 students and medical practitioners can
                                                                                               deliver outstanding graduates and
                                                 collaborate, expand their knowledge
                                                                                               innovative solutions in the field of

                                                                                                                                              2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
                                                 and enhance research and teaching
                                                                                               engineering and mathematical sciences.
                                                 excellence in Western Australia.

                                                                                               It will provide students with an
                                                                                               unparalleled learning experience,
                                                 Oral Health Centre                            embrace new teaching and interactive
                                                 In partnership with the Western               learning models, support our
                                                 Australian Government, UWA has an             researchers to uncover solutions to the
                                                 oral health centre, offering students         world’s greatest challenges and create
                                                 the most modern teaching and clinical         a vibrant, innovative space for industry,
Barry J Marshall Library                         services available.                           community and alumni engagement.
This library is UWA’s hub for science                                                          EZONE UWA is expected to be in use
students and researchers. Named after the                                                      from 2020.
University’s Nobel Prize-winning professor,      Reid Library
it has soundproofed study rooms,                 With more than a million books in UWA’s       School of Indigenous Studies
multimedia suites and a café on site.            Reid Library, it’s the largest academic
                                                                                               A brand new purpose-built facility
                                                 library in Western Australia. If you can’t
                                                                                               for students and staff is in the works
                                                 find what you’re looking for here, there
                                                                                               for the School of Indigenous Studies.
Bayliss Building                                 are several specialist subject libraries
                                                                                               First established on campus in 1988
Home to the School of Molecular Sciences,        around campus, including law, music,
                                                                                               as the Centre for Aboriginal Programs,
this five-storey building is a thriving centre   medical and dental, and more.
                                                                                               increased enrolments over the past
for world-class research, with advanced
                                                                                                                                               The University of Western Australia

                                                                                               decade have caused the School to
labs on every level. It’s also the largest                                                     outgrow its current accommodation in
building on the UWA campus and features          Rosemarie Nathanson                           Shenton House.
an impressive DNA double helix design.           Financial Markets Trading
                                                 Room                                          Planning is now under way for a new
                                                                                               building in the southern precinct of the
                                                 As Australia’s largest university trading
Clinical Training and                                                                          UWA Perth campus, overlooking Matilda
                                                 room, this facility gives students access
Education Centre (CTEC)                          to more than 400 global markets
                                                                                               Bay. Once complete, the facility will assist
                                                                                               in achieving the School’s aim to achieve
CTEC is Australia’s premier medical and          and features 50 financial terminals,
                                                                                               excellence and equity in all aspects of

surgical skills training centre and one of       160 monitors and access to markets,
                                                                                               higher education for Aboriginal and

the most advanced medical technology             newsfeeds and even tweets in order to
                                                                                               Torres Strait Islander people.
complexes in the world. Students are             demonstrate and explore how these
taught in the interactive hospital-style         interact and affect prices.
setting using cutting-edge simulations.

What qualities do employers look for?*

                                                     Employers look for key qualities when hiring a candidate. At UWA, we provide a breadth
                                                     of opportunities for you to develop your soft skills, which are necessary to succeed in
                                                     the workplace.

                                                                   What qualities do employers look for?*
                                                                Interpersonal communication skills
                                                                These are the skills you demonstrate when communicating and interacting with other people.
                                                                When employers are hiring, these skills are one of the top criteria used to evaluate candidates.

                                                                Passion relates to your eagerness to learn about your industry and positive attitude towards your
                                                                work, how much drive you have and demonstrating commitment to your company’s values.
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                                Logical and technical skills
                                                                Your ability to think critically and analyse and solve problems are your logical skills. Technical skills
                                                                are the ability and knowledge you need to perform a specific task.

                                                                Academic results
                                                                Your academic performance while at university demonstrates your level of knowledge in your
                                                                chosen field of study.

                                                                Work experience
                                                                Gaining experience in a workplace allows you to put into practice the knowledge you gain at
                                                                university and develops your teamwork and communication skills.

                                                                Cultural alignment/values fit
                                                                Your personality is a big part of whether you are hired for a position. Employers are looking for a
                                                                candidate that will fit in with their teams and contribute to a positive working culture.

                                                                Emotional intelligence
                                                                Emotional intelligence is how you manage your emotions; in a workplace this could be how well you
                                                                work in stressful situations. It also refers to your confidence, motivation and self-awareness.

                                                                Teamwork skills
                                                                Teamwork skills are the skills you bring to a team. This includes communicating effectively,

                                                                listening and providing constructive feedback, conflict resolution and problem-solving, and being
                                                                respectful, trustworthy and supportive.

                                                                Being actively engaged with extracurricular activities is a good way to get noticed by employers.

                                                                This includes being involved with clubs and societies, participating in volunteer work, travelling
  The University of Western Australia

                                                                overseas or taking up hobbies.

                                                                Leadership skills
                                                                Demonstrating leadership skills involves using your initiative. This could mean a range of activities
                                                                such as being involved with the Student Guild, being a team leader in a workplace or team
                                                                environment, mentoring other students or volunteering your time.

                                                                *Data: Graduate Careers Australia. Graduate Outlook 2015. The Report of the 2015 Graduate Outlook Survey: Perspectives on
                                                                 Graduate Recruitment.

Kickstart your career
In addition to studying,                    UWA Careers and                           Use available resources
                                            Employability Award
it’s important to maximise
                                            The UWA Careers and Employability
networking opportunities and
                                            Award program recognises the              Here you can find employment
develop your employability skills           activities and hands-on learning          and volunteering opportunities,
during your time at university.             participating students undertake. On      networking and skills development
                                            completion of the program, the award      events, industry-aligned competitions
From providing career advice                will automatically appear on your         and resources to assist you with your
to developing your professional             supplementary transcript at graduation.   career journey.
experience, we have a range
of services to help you achieve
your career goals.                                                                    Preparing you for work
                                                                                      The Careers Centre offers a range of
                                            Gain work experience

                                                                                                                                2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
Ask for career advice                                                                 employability workshops, resources
                                            Internships and vacation programs         and online career tools including the
UWA Careers Centre                                                                    the Big Interview. The Big Interview
                                            These provide you with formal             is designed for you to learn and
The Careers Centre provides a range         supported opportunities to experience     practise your interview skills whether
of services to develop your skills, build   a workplace, and develop both your        you’re interviewing for a casual job or
self awareness of work interests and        technical and soft skills, helping        graduate position.
preferences, decision making and            you understand the importance of
career planning. If you’re unsure of your   workplace culture and dynamics.
career direction, our online program
New Directions provides you with
a printable report to help you with
your career path. Once completed, a                                                   Social Media Networking
follow-up session may be booked with                                                  Improve your employability by using
our professionally qualified Career
Development Consultants.
                                            Meet employers                            your social networking skills for
                                                                                      career development, depending on
                                            Careers Fair                              which platform is most frequently
                                                                                      used in your chosen industry. The
                                            As well as regular employer
                                                                                      Careers Centre runs regular LinkedIn
                                            recruitment seminars, the Careers
                                                                                      workshops throughout the year and
Develop your                                Fair is an opportunity to find roles in
                                                                                      you can even get your LinkedIn photo
                                            organisations and gain an insight into
employability skills
                                                                                                                                 The University of Western Australia

                                                                                      taken for free.
                                            what employers look for in graduates.
                                            This on-campus event is open to UWA
                                            students and recent graduates.
UniMentor is a voluntary leadership
role, assisting new students to settle
in to UWA and Perth. Being a Mentor                                                   Helpful links
is a great way to meet people and                                           
give back to the UWA community.
                                            Careers Boot Camp
You’ll develop your time management,        This student event provides access to
communication and interpersonal             industry professionals and alumni and


skills — qualities that are highly          helps you create your own brand to
regarded by prospective employers.          stand out from the crowd. You’ll gain                        access to resources and tools, and
                                            attend workshops and participate in
                                            hands-on activities.

Connecting you to industry

                                                     At UWA you’ll not only study towards a degree,                     Service learning units
                                                     but have the opportunity to gain valuable                          These units are another way to gain experience and they
                                                     experience towards your future career.                             involve unpaid work with not-for-profit, community or
                                                                                                                        government services. Some can earn you academic credit
                                                     For some degrees, such as medicine, engineering and                as well as the chance to put your degree skills to use.
                                                     architecture, you’ll be required to complete professional
                                                     placements, but we also provide the chance for you to gain         The McCusker Centre for Citizenship provides this kind of
                                                     work experience, even if your qualification doesn’t call for it.   learning. Established in 2015, the centre offers structured,
                                                                                                                        quality internships with not-for-profit, community and
                                                     We have strong partnerships with a range of organisations          government organisations locally, regionally and globally
                                                     to provide you with practical, real-world experiences,             to all UWA students. Students will be matched based
                                                     in addition to valuable professional networking                    on their application and the internship opportunities
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                     opportunities. This hands-on learning approach is highly           available, and you can gain academic credit.
                                                     valued by employers and ensures you’re career-ready.     

                                                     These partnerships enable you to take part in a number of
                                                     activities including:                                              Guild Volunteering
                                                                                                                        Guild Volunteering gets you off campus and into the real
                                                     Placements for credit                                              world to start making a difference. Broaden your mind,
                                                                                                                        meet new people and develop skills in an area you’re
                                                     For-credit placements or practicums are arranged as                interested in. You may also find that some volunteering is
                                                     part of your degree. They’re usually one day a week in             eligible for your supplementary academic transcript.
                                                     a supervised workplace, run between 80 to 100 hours      
                                                     in total and can be anything from getting a feel for a
                                                     legitimate working environment to participating in live
                                                     projects. These practicums are available through Arts
                                                     or Commerce degrees. If you’re a Science student, you
                                                     can get involved in practicums through Work Integrated             The Career Mentor Link program connects you with an
                                                     Learning (WIL) programs.                                           industry professional for one-on-one advice and helps
                                                                                        develop your skills so you can transition smoothly from
                                                                                                                        university into the workplace.
                                                     Not-for-credit work experience
                                                     If your degree doesn’t award credit for work experience,
                                                                                                                        Work placements for professional

                                                     you can still take advantage of our network of industry
                                                     connections to find uncredited placements, usually as              accreditation
                                                     internships or holiday work, for a set number of hours.            These professional practicums enable you to apply theory
                                                                               in practice and develop competencies which will assist
                                                                                                                        in your future career. Successful completion of these

                                                                                                                        practicums is required in order for you to graduate.
  The University of Western Australia

                                                     A community of entrepreneurs
                                                     Bloom provides support for young entrepreneurs through
                                                     mentorship, skill-focused events and providing an open
                                                     working space for entrepreneurs to flourish. UWA is proud
                                                     to be a Gold Member of Bloom.

“Opportunities like this are so unique, giving you a powerful insight into the
 lives of disadvantaged communities and a platform to make a profound
 impact in the community. It’s a truly memorable experience.”

Shaneli Dias
Bachelor of Commerce
(Finance, and Law and Society)
Intern with the Western Australian
Council of Social Service through
The McCusker Centre for Citizenship

                                                                                 2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
                                                                                  The University of Western Australia

Supporting you

                                                     Starting your journey                    Health and wellbeing
                                                     Moving to a new place is both an         The International Students’ Service
                                                     exciting and daunting experience. We     (ISS) is part of the Student Guild and
                                                     are here to help make your journey       looks after the welfare of international
                                                     to Perth as smooth as possible. Find     students studying at the University. ISS
                                                     out more about student visas, health     also puts on social and educational
                                                     requirements, bringing your family and   activities such as a trip to Rottnest and
                                                     airport pickup services.                 Spring Feast.
                                                     Here to help
                                                                                              LACE (Language and Cultural
                                                     The Transition Services team helps all
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                                                              Exchange) is an intercultural friendship
                                                     commencing students to connect to
                                                                                              program that runs regular social events
                                                     university life through comprehensive
                                                                                              and is open to postgraduate students
                                                     orientation activities and by meeting
                                                                                              and staff.
                                                     current UWA students through the
                                                     ConnectMe@UWA and UniMentor
                                                                                              If you have a disability or medical
                                                     programs. Staff members are also
                                                                                              condition, UniAccess ensures you
                                                     available to assist students with
                                                                                              can enjoy university life to the fullest,
                                                     timetabling issues and first-year
                                                                                              from sourcing assistive technologies
                                                     course advice.
                                                                                              to organising alternative examination

                                                     There’s no one better to help you
                                                                                              When health problems arise, UWA’s
                                                     through your first weeks than someone
                                                                                              on-campus Medical Centre is your
                                                     who has been in your shoes before and
                                                                                              destination for comprehensive
                                                     faced the same challenges. UniMentor
                                                                                              medical care.
                                                     can team you with a student who has
                                                     already been studying at UWA for a
                                                     year or two, and who can answer all                                                  Kick-start your career
                                                     your questions about university life.
                                                                                              The UWA community also provides             At the Careers Centre, you can find
                                                                                              a professional and confidential             help with long-term career planning or
                                                                                              counselling and psychological service       finding part-time employment while

                                                     If you’re looking for ways to improve
                                                                                              for students, offering referrals to         studying. Staff can also give advice on
                                                     your study skills and learn more
                                                                                              specialists on and off campus should        improving your résumé and interview
                                                     effectively, STUDYSmarter gives you
                                                                                              you need them. The service is free for      skills, or put you in touch with future
                                                     access to learning groups, workshops
                                                                                              all students.                               employers through career expos.
                                                     and online resources, as well as
                                                     coaching in research techniques,
  The University of Western Australia

                                                     time management, public speaking,
                                                                                              For students with family commitments,
                                                     assignment preparation and more.
                                                                                              the UWA Early Learning Centre can
                                                                                              provide either part-time or full-time
                                                                                              day care for children aged from six
                                                                                              weeks to five years.


We offer a number of undergraduate degree
scholarships to encourage international students to
achieve excellence in their studies and to support
them financially.

International students can apply for financial support
in their local country through sponsorship programs
and, in some countries, with the Australian Government
Australia Awards programs.

Business School Scholarships
The Perth Energy Scholarship is available to

                                                              2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
international students after their first year of study of a
Bachelor of Commerce at UWA and is awarded on the
basis of academic excellence. The scholarship is valued
at AUD$10,000.

                                                               The University of Western Australia

Compared to other major cities around
                                                                                                                                                            the world, living and studying in Perth
                                                                   Money matters                                                                            is a smart decision for international

                                                         As a student you are eligible to receive
                                                         discounts for experiences, food and drink,
                                                         entertainment and more.                                                                            Australia’s
                                                         Sightseeing Pass Australia                                                                         most affordable
                                                         15% discount on select tours and attractions around
                                                         Western Australia.1
                                                                                                                                                            capital city.
                                                                                                                                                            Perth is more affordable than
                                                         Boat Collective
                                                                                                                                                            Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                         50% off all Floating Sessions, departing from
                                                         Elizabeth Quay.1                                                                                   Sydney, according to the Economist
                                                                                                                                                            Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide
                                                                                                                                                            Cost of Living Survey 2018.
                                                         Segway Tours
                                                         20% off Segway tours in Perth, Fremantle and Rottnest.1

                                                         STA Travel
                                                         Receive student-discounted flights through STA Travel,
                                                         located on the first floor of the UWA Guild Village.

                                                         Discounted eats
                                                         Around campus you can receive 10% off food and
                                                         drinks at the Guild’s seven outlets.1

                                                         Boost Juice
                                                         Vibe member discounts through the Boost Juice
                                                         app only.

                                                         Luna Palace Cinemas
                                                         Student concession discounts on movie tickets
                                                         and cheap tickets on certain days of the week.

  The University of Western Australia

                                                         Student discounts
                                                         The UWA Student Guild currently has more than 100
                                                         Guild member discounts for various food, activities,
                                                         fitness, shopping and services around Perth.

                                                     1   Guild student discounts are available through the UWA Guild and are subject to change each year.
                                                         To see the full list of special offers, visit

Cost of living                             Student Services and                       This is not applicable to students from

The annual cost of living in Perth
                                           Amenities Fee (SSAF)                       Norway and Sweden who are covered
                                                                                      under a separate arrangement.
depends on your lifestyle and the type     The UWA Student Services and
of accommodation you chose, however        Amenities Fee (SSAF) is a compulsory       OSHC is offered by a number
AUD$400–$600 per week is generally         fee that directly benefits all UWA         of providers. You may obtain OSHC
sufficient for most single students to     students. The fee is used to develop       from the provider of your choice.
live comfortably (this does not include    and provide a range of recreational
tuition fees or medical cover). Please     facilities together with social,           health
consider extra funds to cover various      education and representation
items such as airfares and textbooks.      activities and services.                   The University of Western Australia
There may also be ancillary fees          has a ‘preferred provider’ agreement
applicable to your course.                                                            with Allianz Global Assistance. On
                                           Overseas Student Health                    acceptance and payment of your
Working in Australia as                    Cover (OSHC)                               offer, UWA will arrange health cover
an international student                   The Department of Immigration
                                                                                      with Allianz Global Assistance for the
                                                                                      duration of your student visa.
Under the terms of a student visa,         and Border Protection requires
once an international student has          international students applying for a
                                                                                      For information on the University’s

                                                                                                                                2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
commenced their course, they may           student visa to have Overseas Student
                                                                                      agreement with Allianz Global
work up to 40 hours per fortnight while    Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire
                                                                                      Assistance, refer to
their course is in session and unlimited   duration of their student visa.
hours during scheduled course breaks.

    Phone and                           Public                           Car                       Entertainment
     Internet                         transport                    (after purchase)
                                                                                                      $50 to $100
     $20 to $50                        $10 to $50                   $150 to $250                       per week
     per week                          per week                        per week

                                                                                                                                 The University of Western Australia

Accommodation at UWA
                                                     We understand how important it is to find good-quality
                                                     accommodation close to the UWA campus. There are many
                                                     options available designed to suit your individual needs.
                                                                                                                                                                      University Hall |
                                                     Living on campus
                                                     Living on campus gives you an immediate sense of belonging and an instant circle
                                                     of friends from across Australia and around the world.

                                                     UWA’s five residential colleges — University Hall, St Catherine’s College, St George’s
                                                     College, St Thomas More College and Trinity — each offer a valuable dimension to
                                                     your UWA experience.

                                                     On-campus accommodation is located directly opposite the University and
                                                     offers you a world-class living and learning environment. The colleges provide                                   St Catherine’s College |
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                     academic support; a full calendar of sporting, cultural and social events; leadership                  
                                                     opportunities; and fantastic facilities in a warm and welcoming home away
                                                     from home.

                                                     When to apply
                                                     The online portal accepts your application up to 12 months before you want to live
                                                     on campus. We recommend applying as soon as possible, and you don’t have to
                                                     wait until you receive an offer from UWA.

                                                        How to apply                                                                                                  St George’s College |
                                                        1. Research the college websites to decide which suits you best.
                                                        2. Complete and submit your application via the online portal at
                                                        3. You will be contacted directly by your first preference college
                                                           within two weeks.

                                                         Overview of 2018 residential college fees and charges1

                                                                        St Catherine’s    St George’s        St Thomas More    Trinity            University
                                                                        College           College            College2                             Hall2

                                                                                                                                                                      St Thomas More College |
                                                     Weekly fee2        AUD$465           AUD$490            AUD$365           AUD$434            AUD$365
                                                     Standard year
                                                     fee3               AUD$18,600        AUD$19,450         AUD$14,600        AUD$17,360         AUD$14,600
                                                     numbers            400               225                400               365                750
  The University of Western Australia

                                                     (1) The fees overview should be read in conjunction with each college’s fee schedule. Prices quoted
                                                         are based on 2018 standard single rates; additional room types are also available. Weekly fees vary
                                                         depending on the room type, length of stay and additional inclusions. Fees for 2019 will be available late
                                                         2018; check the individual college websites for the latest and most comprehensive information.

                                                     (2) The weekly fee quoted for University Hall and St Thomas More College includes 14 meals per week.
                                                         Students are welcome to upgrade to 21 meals per week for an additional cost. All other colleges’ rates
                                                         are inclusive of 21 meals per week.

                                                     (3) The standard yearly fee includes accommodation, meals, utiliies and cleaning. Other annual fees apply
                                                         such as a contingency fee, an internet fee, building and/or amenities fees and College Club membership.
                                                         Refer to the individual college websites for full fee schedules.                                             Trinity |

Living off campus
UWA owns and manages a group of houses, units and studio apartments,
                                                                                  Living on campus
collectively known as ‘Crawley Village.’ They are available for UWA students
to rent, and are offered either unfurnished or with partial furnishings.          Colleges Admissions Office
                                                                                  Tel +61 8 9488 0920
Properties are located within walking distance of the UWA campus, shops,          Email
cafés and restaurants, banks and other amenities, and are ideally suited to
postgraduate students or students with families.                                  Living off campus
You can rent an apartment, unit or house on your own or you can share with
others. Whether you choose to rent a UWA-owned property or one that is            UWA Accommodation Office
privately or commercially listed, please note that you take full responsibility   Tel +61 8 9488 0500
for the property and sign a rental contract.                                      Email

As a guide, the average cost of renting or leasing an unfurnished one or two-
bedroom unit close to UWA is between AUD$265 and AUD$500 per week.
There are also establishment costs to consider, such as a bond. Other costs,
such as electricity and/or gas, telephone and food, are usually not included

                                                                                                                         2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
in the weekly rent.

Housing Database
UWA Accommodation provides an online housing database for UWA
students. International students who have been offered a place at UWA, but
have not yet enrolled, can still create an account and access the database.
This searchable database includes properties listed by UWA students or
staff members who have a vacant property to rent, or other UWA students
looking to share a property.

                                                                                                                          The University of Western Australia

Taking you global

                                                     Do you love to travel? As a UWA student
                                                     you have the opportunity to discover new
                                                     cities and experience other cultures with
                                                     the UWA Student Exchange Program.

2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                     Financial assistance
                                                     If you’re interested in our exchange program, you
                                                     could be eligible to receive a UWA Study Abroad
                                                     Scholarship to help with the cost. You can also
                                                     apply for an OS-HELP Loan of up to $6665 to help
                                                     with costs while you’re away.

                                                                          Choose to study overseas
                                                                          for a semester or two,
                                                                          or choose a short-term

                                                       We offer more than
                                                       180 student exchange
                                                       partner universities

                                                                              Gain credit towards

                                                                              your degree while you
  The University of Western Australia


UK and Ireland                                               Asia and South Pacific
 Jacinta Cowan                                               Eloise Catlin
 The University of Leeds,                                    Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
 West Yorkshire,
                                                                                                           HONG KONG
                                                             “Going on exchange to South Korea
“The highlight of my exchange experience was                                                               City University of Hong Kong City
                                                              has been the highlight of my time            Hong Kong Polytechnic University
 meeting new people from all over the globe,
                                                              studying at UWA. I was immersed              The Chinese University of Hong Kong
 particularly my group of friends who I am still
                                                              in an entirely new country and               University of Hong Kong
 in contact with, despite us all living in different
                                                              culture for a semester, and it
 parts of the world.                                                                                       JAPAN
                                                              opened my mind to what’s really
                                                                                                           Akita International University
                                                              out there in the world. Meeting              Chuo University
The prospect of living out of home for an
                                                              friends from all over and going

                                                                                                                                                 2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
                                                                                                           Kansai Gaidai University
extended period of time, as well as being
                                                              through the exchange experience              Kobe University
away from my friends and family, was both                                                                  Kwansei Gakuin University
                                                              together was the best part for me.
daunting and exciting, but I encourage other                                                               Nagoya University
                                                              We shared so many memories,
students to step out of their comfort zones and                                                            Okayama University
                                                              from eating tonnes of Korean                 Osaka University
test their limits. I achieved a greater sense of
                                                              food, to shopping all over Seoul,            Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
independence, improved my communication
                                                              going on spontaneous adventures              Ritsumeikan University Kyoto
skills and opened myself up to new                                                                         Sophia University
                                                              and staying up late playing
opportunities I wouldn’t normally have had the
                                                              card games.”
chance to experience at home.”                                                                             MALAYSIA
                                                                                                           University of Science Malaysia
 UK and Ireland Partner Universities                          Asia-Pacific Partner
                                                              Universities                                 THAILAND
 UNITED KINGDOM                                                                                            Chulalongkorn University
 Bader International Study       University of Bristol
                                                              CHINA, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF
 Centre (Queen’s University)     University of Essex          Beijing Language and Culture University      SOUTH KOREA
 Cardiff University              University of Exeter         China University of Mining and Technology    Korea University
 Durham University               University of Glasgow        Fudan University                             Pusan National University
 Kingston University London      University of Leeds          Harbin Institute of Technology               Seoul National University
 Loughborough University         University of Liverpool      Nanjing University                           Sogang University
 Manchester Business School      University of Manchester     Peking University                            Sungkyunkwan University
 Queen Mary University of        University of Nottingham     Renmin University                            Yonsei University
                                 University of Sheffield      Shanghai Jiao Tong University
 Royal Holloway University of
                                 University of Southampton    Tsinghua University
 London                                                                                                    SINGAPORE
                                 University of Sussex         University of Science and Technology China   Nanyang Technological University
 University College London
                                 University of York           Xiamen University                            National University of Singapore
                                                                                                                                                  The University of Western Australia

 University of Aberdeen
                                                                                                           Singapore Management University
 University of Bath                                           Xi’an Jiaotong University
                                                              Zhejiang University
 IRELAND                                                                                                   NEW ZEALAND
 University College Dublin                                                                                 University of Otago

Taking you global

                                                     North and South America
                                                     Nicholas Pritchard
                                                     The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
                                                     Illinois, United States
                                                     “For me, the personal highlight was         CHILE
                                                                                                 Pontifica Universidad Catolica De Chile
                                                      experiencing campus culture in a
                                                      university town. This is a concept not     MEXICO
                                                                                                 Universidad Iberoamericana
                                                      really found anywhere in Australia,
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                      so it was very warming to live in          URUGUAY
                                                      a community where everything is            Universidad de Montevideo
                                                      aimed at campus life and the student
                                                      population. Life at UIUC was the
                                                                                                 Auburn University
                                                      quintessential college experience for      Bellarmine University
                                                      me: living in a dorm, weekend trips and    Boston College
                                                      spring break. But most importantly,        Colorado State University
                                                      wrapped around all these experiences       Indiana University
                                                                                                 Iowa State University
                                                      was a newfound group of friends,
                                                                                                 Kansas State University
                                                      heralding from every corner of the         Montana State University
                                                      globe to share them with. Exchange         North Carolina State University
                                                      was a hugely formative experience for      Pacific University
                                                                                                 Presbyterian College
                                                      me and stands out as a true highlight of
                                                                                                 Purdue University
                                                      my time at UWA.”                           State University of New York at Brockport
                                                                                                 University of Alabama at Birmingham
                                                     American Partner Universities
                                                                                                 University of Arizona
                                                     BRAZIL                                      University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
                                                     Pontificial Catholic University of Parana   University of Maryland
                                                     Universidade Estadual de Campinas
                                                                                                 University of Montana
                                                                                                 University of New Mexico
                                                                                                 University of Notre Dame du Lac
                                                     Carleton University
                                                                                                 University of Pennsylvania
                                                     Dalhousie University
                                                                                                 University of Rochester
                                                     HEC Montréal
                                                                                                 University of South Dakota
                                                     Laval University
                                                                                                 University of Texas at Austin

                                                     McGill University
                                                                                                 University of Vermont
                                                     McMaster University
                                                                                                 University of Washington
                                                     Queen’s University
                                                                                                 University of West Alabama
                                                     University of Alberta
                                                                                                 Willamette University
                                                     University of British Columbia
                                                     University of Calgary
                                                     Université of Montréal

                                                     University of Ottawa
  The University of Western Australia

                                                     University of Toronto
                                                     University of Waterloo
                                                     Western University

Europe and Middle East
 Brodie Bastian
 Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“The most rewarding aspect of studying        FRANCE                                    NORWAY
 abroad was the life skills I gained. I’m a   Burgundy School of Business               Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)
                                              Ecolé Nationale                           Norwegian University of
 much more confident and independent                                                    Life Sciences (NMBU)
                                              Supérieure d’Architecture Montpellier
 person. It’s very liberating to live on      ESC Rennes School of Business             Norwegian University of Science
                                                                                        and Technology (NTNU)
 your own in a foreign city. Being able

                                                                                                                              2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
                                              ESSEC Business School
                                                                                        University of Bergen
 to meet people from all over the world       Jean Moulin University Lyon 3
                                                                                        University of Oslo
                                              Sciences Po Grenoble
 was definitely an amazing part of the                                                  University of Stavanger
                                              Sciences Po Lille
 experience and I’ve made some really         Sciences Po Paris
 good friends along the way.”                                                           RÉUNION
                                              Université Grenoble Alpes
                                                                                        École Nationale Supérieure
                                              University of Limoges                     d’Architecture Montpellier
 European                                     University of Pierre and Marie Curie
                                              University of Strasbourg
 Partner Universities                                                                   SPAIN
                                              University Sorbonne Nouvelle              Autonomous University of Barcelona
 AUSTRIA                                                                                Comillas Pontifical University
 University of Vienna                         GERMANY                                   IE University
 Vienna University of Economics               Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg
 and Business Administration                  Eberhard-Karls University of Tübingen     SWEDEN
                                              Free University of Berlin                 Lund University
 BELGIUM                                      Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf      Mälardalen University
 Catholic University of Leuven                Humboldt University of Berlin             Stockholm University
 Ghent University                             Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich    Uppsala University
                                              RWTH Aachen
                                              University of Stuttgart                   SWITZERLAND
 Åarhus University
                                              WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management    Università della Svizzera italiana
 Copenhagen Business School
                                                                                        University of St Gallen
 Technical University of Denmark
                                              ITALY                                     University of Zurich
 University of Copenhagen
                                              Bocconi University
                                              Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
                                              Polytechnic University of Milan
 Aalto University                                                                       Middle East
                                              University of Ferrara
 University of Helsinki                                                                 Partner Universities
                                                                                                                               The University of Western Australia

                                              NETHERLANDS                               ISRAEL
                                              Leiden University                         Tel Aviv University
                                              Maastricht University                     The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
                                              Tilburg University
                                              University College Maastricht
                                              University of Groningen
                                              Utrecht University
                                              Vrije University

 *All partner universities as of 2018

Your degree, your way
2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide

                                                     At UWA we’re committed to helping you figure out your study path. Our course structure allows
                                                     you to personalise your degree and even change your mind along the way. We give you the
                                                     chance to study across a variety of fields before choosing your majors in second year, allowing
                                                     you time to discover what you’re really passionate about.

                                                     We offer five bachelor’s degrees: Arts, Biomedical Science, Commerce, Science or Philosophy (Honours). A bachelor’s
                                                     degree is your first degree and usually takes three years of full-time study to complete, depending on your course.

                                                     Majors                                     Core units                               within the knowledge area of your
                                                                                                                                         degree-specific major) and at least
                                                     You can choose to complete one             A core unit is one that must be taken
                                                                                                                                         two broadening units (Category A or
                                                     or two majors within your degree.          to complete your chosen major. Some
                                                                                                                                         B) must be undertaken from outside
                                                     Your first major is a specialty area for   majors have set core units while
                                                                                                                                         the knowledge area of your degree-
                                                     when you know what career you’re           others allow you to choose from a list
                                                                                                                                         specific major.
                                                     pursuing or if you want an in-depth        of core unit options.
                                                     understanding of a particular topic.
                                                                                                                                         Complementary units
                                                                                                Broadening units
                                                     Your second major allows you to                                                     These units go hand-in-hand with
                                                     pursue another interest and can be         Broadening units add a valuable
                                                                                                                                         your major/s and are designed to
                                                     anything you like. You can choose          dimension to your studies and
                                                                                                                                         give you extra knowledge to help you

                                                     a subject that complements your            provide you with knowledge beyond
                                                                                                                                         complete your major.
                                                     first major or something completely        the fields in which you choose to
                                                     different, such as a language or music.    specialise. Undertaking broadening
                                                                                                units is a requirement of the            Elective units
                                                     Maybe you’re passionate about sport
                                                     science but really enjoy history?          University’s undergraduate degree        Also known as ‘free choice’ units,
                                                                                                course structure.

                                                     At UWA you can try both — it’s                                                      these units give you a great
  The University of Western Australia

                                                     completely up to you.                                                               opportunity to explore other areas of
                                                                                                Broadening units fall into two           interest and expand your knowledge.
                                                     There are four types of units              categories: A and B. You are required
                                                     which make up your degree: core,           to take four broadening units of which
                                                     broadening, complementary and              at least one must be ‘Category A’
                                                     elective. A unit is a subject that you     (up to two ‘Category A’ broadening
                                                     study for one semester.                    units may be undertaken from

Study pathway
                                          Choose your degree

                              Arts    Biomedical Commerce       Science   Philosophy

                                          Study one or two majors

                                                                                       2019–2020 International Undergraduate Course Guide
                                            Select your core units and
                                                 additional units

                                                           Graduate with an
                                                           undergraduate degree
                                                           prior to honours and/or
                                     Honours               postgraduate study

                           High-achieving students
                           may choose to undertake an
                           honours specialisation

                                                                                        The University of Western Australia

Our Future Students team
is here to help.

Chat to us online
Monday to Friday
2.30–4.30pm (WST)

Call us                       Global career

Monday to Friday

8.30am–5pm (WST)
+61 8 6488 1000

Course Guide Bachelor of Arts

                                                                                                Bachelor of Arts
                                      Course Guide

                                                                             The Bachelor of Arts degree             Make a difference to your community

                                                                             at UWA offers you a unique              with a major in Psychology, Human             Career-ready
                                                                                                                     Geography and Planning or Work and
                                                                                                                                                                   As part of your Arts degree, you

                                                                             learning experience with the            Employment Relations. Or participate
                                                                                                                                                                   can choose to undertake the Arts
                                                                             flexibility and depth to pursue         in the innovative language programs to
                                                                                                                                                                   Practicum. This provides you
                                                                                                                     equip you with both linguistic skills and

                                                                             your passion while gaining the          an enhanced cultural understanding.
                                                                                                                                                                   with the opportunity to work on a
                                                                                                                                                                   supervised project in a workplace
                                                                             skills for a successful career in

                                                                                                                                                                   of your choice, while earning credit
                                                                             a diverse range of fields.              Studying the Bachelor of Arts at UWA
                                                                                                                                                                   towards your degree. You’ll gain
                                                                                                                     sets you on the path to becoming

                                                                                                                                                                   practical workplace experience,
                                                                             Studying the Bachelor of Arts at UWA    a true global citizen. You can study
                                                                                                                                                                   helping you gain the skills you
                                                                             allows you to take courses from a       abroad at a partner university for a
                                                                                                                                                                   need to launch a successful career.

                                                                             range of subjects, from the earliest    semester or choose from our range
                                                                             days of humanity and history in         of innovative short international
                                                                                                                     study units. You can also learn a
                                                                             Archaeology or Classics and Ancient
                                                                                                                     new language, with eight Asian and
                                                                                                                                                                 Beyond your degree
                                                                             History, to cutting-edge technologies
                                                                             of performance and creativity           European languages to choose from.          As an Arts graduate, you are equipped
                                                                             in Music Studies, Architecture or                                                   with a well-rounded education in
                                                                                                                                                                 addition to excellent communication,
                                                                             Communication and Media Studies.        Why study Arts?

                                                                                                                                                                 research and technical skills that allow
                                                                             Hone your knowledge and skills          Studying Arts equips you for every          you to enter many different careers.
                                                                             by selecting from majors spanning       aspect of life. It enables you to           You can also choose to complete
                                                                             the social sciences, humanities and     discover your talents, interests and        postgraduate studies to pursue a
                                                                             creative arts.                          abilities, and develop them fully. You’ll   professional career or to give you a

                                                                                                                     acquire skills such as critical thinking,   competitive edge in a rapidly changing
   The University of Western Australia

                                                                             Tackle the great challenges facing      communication, reasoning and                workforce. Successful UWA graduates
                                                                             society with a major in Philosophy,     problem-solving. These proficiencies        include politicians, ambassadors,
                                                                             Political Science and International     are all highly sought-after and valued      authors, composers, journalists,
                                                                             Relations or Anthropology and           by employers and will provide you with      anthropologists, historians, policy
                                                                             Sociology. Develop critical cultural    many future career opportunities.           advisers and teachers, to name a few.
                                                                             engagement with a major in History,
                                                                             English and Cultural Studies or our
                                                                             range of regional specialisations.

DURATION                                                    2018
                     UWA COURSE                                                                                INTAKE                    TUITION FEES

                                                                                                                                                        Bachelor of Arts 2019–2020
                                                   CRICOS CODE

                                                                                        3                    FEBRUARY
                       BP001                                                      YEARS                      AND JULY                  AUD  $31,100
                                                                                 FULL-TIME                                                  PER YEAR


    You can major in:
                                                                                                                 Our Bachelor of Arts
    •                                                  •

        Anthropology and Sociology                         Italian Studies
    •   Archaeology                                    •   Japanese Studies                                      graduates include:
    •                                                  •

        Architecture (co-requisite majors)1                Korean Studies
    •   Asian Studies                                  •   Landscape Architecture                                David Ritter
    •   Chinese Studies                                •   Law and Society                                       Arts and Law graduate and CEO

    •   Classics and Ancient History                   •   Linguistics
                                                                                                                 of Greenpeace Australia.
    •   Communication and Media Studies                •   Music: Electronic Music and
    •   English and Cultural Studies                       Sound Design                                          Michael Sheldrick

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Course Guide
    •   Fine Arts                                      •   Music General Studies
                                                                                                                 Arts and Law graduate and
    •   French Studies                                 •   Music Specialist Studies
                                                                                                                 representative to the UN
    •                                                  •

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Course Guide
        German Studies                                     Music Studies
                                                                                                                 for Global Citizen Advocacy
    •   History                                        •   Philosophy
    •   History of Art                                 •   Political Science and International                   network.
    •   Human Geography and Planning                       Relations
    •   Indigenous Knowledge, History                  •   Psychology in Society
        and Heritage                                   •   Psychology (double major)
    •   Indonesian Studies                             •   Spanish Studies
                                                       •   Work and Employment Relations
                                                                                                                                                          The University of Western Australia

    The Architecture co-requisite majors are two majors which must be taken together.

        TOP 100
                                                93%                                     $56k

                                                POSITIVE                           MEDIAN GRADUATE

        UNIVERSITIES 1                                                             STARTING SALARY 3
                                               OUTCOMES 2

1 For English Language and Literature, History, Performing Arts, Social Sciences and Management (QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2017).
2 Graduate Outcomes Survey, 2017.
3 Graduate Outcomes Survey, 2017. Expected salary may be higher on completion of postgraduate study.

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