Annual Conference - Global Association for Research ...

Annual Conference - Global Association for Research ...
​ 2019        Annual

    Sponsorship Prospectus
 Innovative Methods with Big Data & Artificial Intelligence
                      Dec. 6 - 7, 2019
              Pasadena Convention Center

Annual Conference - Global Association for Research ...
RMDS is an international corporation dedicated to developing ecosystems for
artificial intelligence and big data. RMDS offers ecosystem services and
specializes in developing innovative applications in data science and artificial
intelligence and accomplishes this in a number of ways, ranging from private
consultations to practical training courses to hosting the most revolutionary
technological conferences in Southern California.

RMDS has been successfully organizing data science events for over half a
decade, with speakers from many of the world’s top companies and institutions
such as N  ​ ASA/JPL​​, D
                        ​ isney​​, ​USC​​, and C
                                               ​ alTech​​. In the past, RMDS sponsored and
helped in organizing a few large conferences, including the ​Health Data 2017​​.
RMDS also hosts monthly events and has developed a local following of o            ​ ver
1,200​​ in the LA area.

Under the guiding hand of Dr. Alex Liu, a well-known pioneer of AI ecosystems
and a data science thought leader certified by ​IBM​ and OpenGroup, RMDS has
experienced rapid growth in recent years, to the point that the RMDS global
network has more than 3​ 2,000 participants​. Most of the members of this network
are passionate industry professionals or highly dedicated students, which is why
many companies reach out for recruiting services. The upcoming RMDS Annual
Conference is expected to have a significant turnout of these types of

Join us as we venture into never-before-seen territories of technological
pioneering and fundamentally transform research and analytics with artificial
intelligence. The future awaits.

Annual Conference - Global Association for Research ...
Theme:​ ​Innovative Methods with Big Data & AI

Location: ​Ballroom of Pasadena Convention Center ​(​PURPLE​ ​on diagram)

     300 E. Green St., Pasadena, CA                       ​↓

Date & Time: ​Dec. 6 - 7, 2019 ​   9AM - 4:30PM

Annual Conference - Global Association for Research ...
          George Djorgovski             Yves Bergquist                   Anna Farzindar

     Director, CalTech Discovery Center Founder & CEO, ​Corto​ ​          ​ SC Viterbi Professor

               Brian Griner            Vandana Mangal                        Rich Fox

     Data Science & Learning Systems       UCLA Professor          ​ VP of Analytics, ​Apex Parks

              Shahid Chishty                Alex Liu                     Jeanne Holm

              ​CEO, ​OmniX Digital            ​RMDS Founder & CEO        Sr. Tech Advisor to
Mayor of LA
Annual Conference - Global Association for Research ...
        Ethical Dimensions to Artificial Intelligence Research and Development
                                      1 Moderator
Philosopher & Bias Expert         Sociologist          (Engineer) Ethicist          STS Lawyer

                   Smart Cities: How to Use AI in Public Infrastructure
                                      1 Moderator
 Smart City Architect       City Planner        Smart Grid Developer Sr. Tech Advisor - Mayor of LA

                   Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
                                       1 Moderator
 Practicing Physician     AI Healthcare Expert          Research Doctor           UCLA Professor

                    Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Education
                                       1 Moderator
TAL Senior Employee         Company Founder            CalTech Professor        AI Education Expert

             Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Media & Entertainment
                                        1 Moderator
  Disney AI Scientist        Media Influencer            USC Professor          Instagram Influencer

               Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business & Finance
                                        1 Moderator
   USC Professor              Business CEO               MBA Student               Board Advisor

                Using Artificial Intelligence in the Fight for Social Justice
                                         1 Moderator
 Colombia Professor         AI Sociology Expert          UCR Professor               AI Lawyer

                        Industry Growth and Development Panel
                                     2 Moderators
Cal Tech Student    Recent Employed Graduate          IBM Senior Employee         CEO of Company

                          Recent Innovations in AI and Big Data
                                     2 Moderators
     Researcher                Researcher              Program Director           Project Manager

Annual Conference - Global Association for Research ...
 Methods in Big Data & AI                      Regression Analysis                         Spatial Data Analytics

Students will learn the fundamentals           The course is a friendly and          This course is designed around geospatial
     of machine learning and AI             step-by-step model-building guide        data modeling, analytics, and visualization.
 development with special focus on              to anyone who plans to use               Creating geospatial solutions allows
applications in business to improve         regression for conducting any kind       business analytics to be supercharged with
employability.We will not only teach        of high-quality empirical research.      a geographic component, driving real time
you about the basic knowledge and            This course is not for those who         insights into operations and systems. This
skills(e.g., R programming, Python)         want to think about or to talk about        program will be an interactive learning
but also about how to utilize them in          regression modeling. It is for          experience with mathematics, workflows,
       the real-world settings.               students and practitioners who              code, and discussions, as well as a
                                            need to use regression to analyze                       capstone project.
                                              some real data and to produce
                                             some insightful research reports.

             Causality                          Analytics Workflow                    Ethics & Artificial Intelligence

   Students will be taught about the        This course on analytic workflow is      Students will explore a multitude of ethical
    nature of causality via a course          based on the innovative research         dimensions to artificial intelligence and
  developed based on the work of the        methodology promoted by Dr. Alex         complete a capstone project for publication
   world’s top expert in the field, Dr.     Liu, namely, RM4Es.The course will         through RMDS. The course is split into
Judea Pearl. Dr. Pearl’s ​Causality h​ as   also cover useful techniques in data              three key components:
been one of the most influential books       preparation and processing based            1. An exploration of the ethics of AI
  on the subject, and it succeeded in        on different types of data, varieties          development
 explaining the mechanics of causality        of machine learning models, and            2. A section dedicated entirely to
in a way that is frequently used across     how to use the workflow mindset to              learning about bias in programming
 disciplines today, from programming             optimize the results of data               and AI
             to philosophy.                                analysis.                     3. A critical examination of key social
                                                                                            and legal questions to AI.

Annual Conference - Global Association for Research ...
Open Data                                China Data                    AI Applications in Healthcare

 This course provides the educational      This course prepares students to       Students will learn about how AI is currently
  tools for students to begin utilizing      gather, describe, and analyze            being used to change the healthcare
 open data for independent projects.      country-level data, which may help        industry, with special focus in emerging
 With a strong understanding of open        students to gain insights on the         applications. With contributions from a
data analytics, professionals can build       economic, political and social          variety of healthcare and AI industry
    powerful platforms and provide             development of a country.In          professionals, this course is targeted at
analytics services powered by ample,        addition, data visualization is an     those who work in the intersection of both
            real information.               essential skill required in today's          of these rapidly growing fields.
                                           data driven world. Practitioners in
                                          almost every field use visualization
                                          to explore and present data. In this
                                            class, we will also introduce and
                                           practice visualization analysis by
                                                     using R studio.

Annual Conference - Global Association for Research ...
      Upon the completion of the 2019 RMDS Annual Conference, there will be
 an anthology published entitled ​RMDS Presents. . . Innovative Methods in Big
Data and Artificial Intelligence​, which will contain roughly 50 essays that fit under
                                      this theme.

                The essays will be sorted via the following outline:

                        Anthology: ​RMDS presents…
         Innovative Methods with Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

                               Introduction by RMDS

                  Philosophical Problems in Artificial Intelligence
                                ● 5 - 10 essays

                        Applications of Artificial Intelligence
                                 ● Education [3 - 5 essays]
                                 ● Healthcare [3 - 5 essays]
                                 ● Media [3 - 5 essays]
                                 ● Business & Finance [3 - 5 essays]

            Recent Developments in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data
                            ● 5 - 10 essays

 Future Expectations and Potential Issues with Artificial Intelligence & Big Data
                             ● 5 - 10 essays

                               Conclusion by RMDS



Annual Conference - Global Association for Research ...
     In order to truly maintain the RMDS philosophy of developing
      a global community, we will be live broadcasting the entirety
       of our monthly events and our annual conferences moving
       forward. This means even more exposure and promotional
              opportunities for our sponsors and partners.

        If you can’t be here in person to witness the technology
       conference of the year, then make sure to join us via the

Online Location: ​Webex ​    Zoom     YouTube Live

Date & Time: ​Dec. 6 - 7, 2019 ​   9AM - 4:30PM

Annual Conference - Global Association for Research ...

RMDS is a well-known name in the data and AI industry and its founder Dr. Alex
Liu has previously held positions with several industry leaders, such as IBM,
Retention Science, as well as academic positions at USC and UC Irvine.

RMDS was formed in 2009, and has been a growing organization in the field of
data science and artificial intelligence applications. Previous seminars,
workshops, and conferences led by RMDS have seen high attendance and
exceedingly positive community feedback.


RMDS attracts many of the brightest young minds in the world and for our
sponsoring partners, we make sure that this is an opportunity to recruit the
perfect candidates for any position by providing 5 star recruiting services. Is your
company in need of forward thinkers, passionate leaders, or diligent team
members? Then consider partnering with RMDS to easily connect with the most
talented artificial intelligence and data science professionals across the globe.


The RMDS Annual Conference is one of the largest events of its kind in
Pasadena. With an expected attendance of multiple thousands of individuals -
most of whom will have spent hundreds to attend - the opportunity to draw in new
customers presents itself. For companies looking to move product or expand
their consumer base, joining the RMDS Conference as a sponsor is a surefire
way to interact with hundreds of potential customers and product users.


The RMDS community is unlike any other in the industry. Our online community
has been revered as a ​top 10 community for data scientists​. With over 30,000
followers on a single platform and thousands across other platforms, RMDS has
reason to boast. With this community, we have successfully put together
technology conferences since 2014, and our following continues to grow at a
rapid pace. Perhaps more impressive is the makeup of this following, as the vast
majority of our community possess graduate degrees and demonstrate high
levels of ambition. At RMDS, we are confident that we can continue to innovate
and improve the world through data science and artificial intelligence technology.
One of the most important ways we accomplish this is by making the information
increasingly accessible to our community and the young, bright minds that
comprise it.

    What’s included           DIAMOND     GOLD     SILVER   BRONZE
                               $30,000   $15,000   $7,500    $5,000

LOGO or banner display
   at exhibit hall

A table to exhibit products
       or solutions

    Names on lunch

Ad on our program book

       Expo booth

Branding on social event

Premium logo placement

   Conference passes               5        4          3      2

 Discount on additional           30%     20%        15%     10%

                      Founding Sponsors

 For sponsors that sign on before September 1st we will provide a
       20% discount on your selected sponsorship package.

Discounted Prices    DIAMOND          GOLD     SILVER       BRONZE
                      $24,000        $12,000   $6,000        $4,000

                           Early Birds

For sponsors that sign on before October 1st we will provide a 10%
         discount on your selected sponsorship package.

Discounted Prices    DIAMOND          GOLD     SILVER       BRONZE
                      $27,000        $13,500   $6,750        $4,500

                         Late Sleepers

 For sponsors that sign on before November 1st we will provide a
       5% discount on your selected sponsorship package.

Discounted Prices    DIAMOND          GOLD     SILVER       BRONZE
                      $28,500        $14,250   $7,125        $4,750



      Event           Location      Date          Est.
NASA Satellite        Pasadena     June 12     150 - 200
Data Analysis
Open Data in City    New School    July 17     150 - 200
Public Records       of Cooking
Evolution of           CalTech    August 20    150 - 200
Machine Learning
Monthly Meetup        Pasadena    September    150 - 200
Monthly Meetup        Pasadena     October     150 - 200
Monthly Meetup        Pasadena    November     150 - 200
Hands-On              Pasadena    December     250 - 400
RMDS Annual:       Pasadena       December    1,000 - 1,500
Innovative Methods Convention
with Big Data & AI   Center

Q: ​Which sponsorship option is recommended for recently formed
companies that lack the resources of larger sponsors?

A: ​For newer companies, smaller companies, or individual
sponsors, we recommend the Silver Sponsorship Package. This
package comes at a fair price and can make a massive impact for
a brand looking to expand its notoriety.

Q: ​What exactly is “premium logo placement” ?

A: ​“Premium logo placement,” which is only available for Diamond
and Gold Sponsors, allows for the opportunity to receive
preferential treatment on all logo-related benefits (top line,
centered, or first; larger than others). This includes the chance to
place your company logo on attendee badges.

Q: ​What kind of recruiting services does RMDS for event

A: ​Sponsors can ask RMDS to refer potential employees who are
in our community or attend our monthly meetups/annual meeting
by providing a detailed job description. RMDS will help our
sponsors seize the opportunity and match with the best candidates
within the fields of artificial intelligence and big data.

Q: ​Who will be in attendance?

A: ​We expect a large gathering comprised of mostly industry
professionals, such as high ranking engineers, data scientists, and
software developers who are interested in learning more about
artificial intelligence and building a powerful network. Professionals
in other industries that are looking to apply AI and machine
learning within their field will also be in attendance. Besides these
individuals, we presume that many academics will attend the event,
such as Master’s and PhD students from our neighboring and
partnered colleges, like UCLA and CalTech.

Q: ​Is there a limit on how many passes a sponsor can utilize their
conference discount towards?

A: ​Here at RMDS, we believe that changing the world only
happens when people work together. Due to this philosophy, we
proudly allow for ​unlimited uses​ of the percentage discount that a
sponsor receives. The future belongs to all of us!

Q: ​What is an “expo booth” ?

A: ​An expo booth is a small area that contains tables, posters,
pamphlets, and information about a sponsor’s company or products.
Sponsors will provide their own materials on the day(s) of the
event(s) and RMDS will provide tables, chairs, and other necessary
items upon request. Sponsor-provided materials may include
business cards, brochures, flyers, freebies, or similar items.


    To learn more about RMDS Lab, Inc. please visit:

 To learn more about the RMDS community, please visit:

With questions regarding sponsorships or the annual event,
                     please contact:​ or ​

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