2019 CATALOGUE - Dibleys Nurseries

2019 CATALOGUE - Dibleys Nurseries
2019 CATALOGUE - Dibleys Nurseries


Deepest velvety plum-red flowers with a beguiling white border. Very

Code F2 £4.20
free flowering on a compact plant. Height 22 - 27cm.

                                                            5.4cm                                                                      5cm
ZOE                                                                      LEMON SORBET
A very unusual combination of violet-blue flowers fading into a white-   The brightest, zingiest streptocarpus so far – the open face of these
yellow throat with a hint of orange at its base. Strong, upright stems   flowers sparkles in the sunshine. This variety is extremely floriferous

Code F4 £4.20
hold the multi-flowering blooms in a tight bunch. Height 17 – 23cm.
                                                                         Code F3 £5.00
                                                                         with months of continuous blooms; compact growth. Height 17- 22cm.

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2019 CATALOGUE - Dibleys Nurseries
What better way to brighten up a room or a shaded spot on the patio than
                        by adding a colourful streptocarpus or a lush growing begonia. The popularity
                        of houseplants continues to grow as everyone realises the benefits of having
                        a few plants to care for and to clean the air, absorb pollutants, let alone the
                        benefit to mental wellbeing.
                        Why bother with cut flowers? A potted flowering houseplant direct from our
                        nursery is a fantastic substitute, excellent value and will last in bloom for
                        months. (pages 53-55)
As always we have some new Streptocarpus and Begonias that we have bred. We have added a few
easy to grow Plectranthus this year, which are a relation to coleus, keep either as houseplants or
outdoors in the summer.
We are part of a decreasing number of ornamental plant nurseries in the UK who propagate all their
own stock, so when we say British Grown you know that all our plants have been propagated and
raised by us in our nursery in North Wales. Many of the plants have also been bred here and are unique
to us.

             Page                                                20-26 Saintpaulias
             2       New Dibleys
                                                                 31-32 Achimenes
                                                                 33-35 Other Gesneriads
             4       Plant Collections

             5-17    Streptocarpus                               36-43 Begonias
                                                                 44      Impatiens, Plectranthus
             8       Crystal Streptocarpus
                                                                 45      Solenostemon [Coleus]
             18      Fleischle Streptocarpus
                                                                 46      Tradescantia
             19      Plant Heritage
                     Streptocarpus                               47-51 Sundries

             19      Species Streptocarpus                       52-54 Potted Plants

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2019 CATALOGUE - Dibleys Nurseries
Plant Collections
If you are new to our plants or can’t decide which varieties to choose, then our Collections offer an excellent economic selection - all Collections include
first class post and packing.

   4 plants, our selection all different...............Code F4000...£12.30
   8 plants, our selection all different...............Code F4001...£18.50

                                                                                           CRYSTAL COLLECTION
   12 plants, our selection all different..............Code F4002..£24.80
   We are very sorry, but we cannot vary these
   collections to your requirements, as we make them
                                                                                                  6 plants. See p8 for details
                                                                                               Code F4003 £17.50 (inc p+p)
   up in large batches, hence the saving in cost. Multiple
   collections will be duplicates.

   HARLEQUIN COLLECTION                                                                  BEGONIA COLLECTION
               6 plants. See p12 for details                                                  4 plants our selection all different
            Code F4012 £20.00 (inc p+p)                                                        Code F4030 £12.80 (inc p+p)

 SAINTPAULIA COLLECTION                                                                     COLEUS COLLECTION
           5 plants our selection all different                                            12 plants your selection. See p45 for details
            Code F4007 £13.30 (inc p+p)                                                      Code F4017 £20.60 (inc p+p)

 4                                             Order online at www.dibleys.com
2019 CATALOGUE - Dibleys Nurseries
Streptocarpus Varieties
                                                             THREE SISTERS.
                                                             This beautiful plant has a combination of white, pink, blue and purple flowers. The three
                                                             plants which make up this plug are genetically identical
                                                                                                                        Check out our
                                                             except for the flower colour – they bloom at the
                                                             same time and over the same long period.

                                                             This is a very free flowering specimen,
                                                                                                                 for more varieties and
                                                             which will continue to bloom for over 8
                                                             months a year.
                                                             Code F6 £5.00


   6.7cm                                                                           4.6cm

ALBATROSS. A strong plant with pure white flowers and a                        ALISSA
Code F9 £3.30
yellow eye. A very beautiful plant, the flowers are ideal for cutting.         Wonderful primrose yellow on all 5 lobes of the flower with faint lines in

                                                                               months. Code F10 £3.30
                                                                               the throat. Multi branching and very free flowering. It can flower for 10

    5.6cm                                                                          7.2cm

AMY. A plant of small habit with deeply veined flat faced flowers, a           ANNE. Deepest purple and fully double; a very beautiful and
very free flowering variety which will reward you for 8 months with            distinctive flower. Code F13 £3.30

Code F12 £3.30
constant blooms. (Introduced 2016).

                                               Order now on 01978 790677                                                                                 5
2019 CATALOGUE - Dibleys Nurseries

BETHAN. One of the best varieties bred at our nursery. Sky blue upper lobes, lower lobes having a tracery of purple overlying the blue. Masses
Code F19 £3.30
of tightly clustered flowers above smallish leaves forming a nice neat plant.

      6cm                                                                     6.8cm

ANWEN. A softly coloured medium sized variety, very floriferous            BLACK PANTHER. An American variety with the most
from early spring through to the late autumn. This is a nice sized plant   deep purple flowers imaginable. Two thin yellow bars emerge from the

Code F14 £3.30                                                             Code F20 £3.30
that will reward for many months, a good show plant. (Introduced 2015).    centre of the throat.

  6                                         Order online at www.dibleys.com
2019 CATALOGUE - Dibleys Nurseries
6cm                                                                             4.4cm

BRISTOLS BLACK BIRD.                                                             CAITLIN. A sport of ‘Carys’ with the same excellent habit;
This plant produces a huge head of large deep purple double flowers. A           flowers have attractive rose lower lobes edged pink and the upper lobes a

Code F24 £3.30                                                                   Code F26 £3.30
very showy and noteworthy plant.                                                 similar pink. Very free flowering. (2005 introduction).


CARIAD. This variety produces up to ten blooms per inflorescence;
overall the proportions of the plant are very pleasing with compact leaves and
medium length flower stalks. The plant will flower from early April to late

Code F28 £3.30
October each year. ( Introduced 2015)

    4.8cm                                                                            5cm

CARYS. This plant has flowers with striking pale blue upper lobes CELEBRATION. Very early flowering, it will bloom
with rich pansy purple veining over the lower lobes. A neat upright plant        continuously from March to November; this variety has strong stems with a

Code F30 £3.30                                                                   Code F31 £3.30
with a tidy rosette of leaves. An excellent multi-flowering variety.             multi-flowering habit and a neat rosette of leaves. (2013 Introduction)

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2019 CATALOGUE - Dibleys Nurseries
The All Year Flowering ‘Crystal’ Series

    4.1cm                                                    3.3cm                                         3.2cm

CRYSTAL BEAUTY                                           CRYSTAL BLUSH                                CRYSTAL DAWN
Code F37 £3.30                                           Code F38 £3.30                               Code F40 £3.30

      4.1cm                                                  3.5cm                                         3.5cm

CRYSTAL ICE PBR.                                         CRYSTAL SNOW                                  CRYSTAL WONDER
Code F41 £3.30                                           Code F42 £3.30                                Code F43 £3.30

                                                                          STREPTOCARPUS COLLECTIONS
                                                                     We also offer collections of our selection of plants, all
6 plants for £17.50 (inc p+p)
Code F4003
                                                                     named, in a good range of colours; price includes post and
                                                                     packing (sent 1st Class).
This collection includes one plant each of the 6 varieties           4 plants, our selection all different...............Code F4000...£12.30
on this page.                                                        8 plants, our selection all different...............Code F4001...£18.50
                                                                     12 plants, our selection all different..............Code F4002..£24.80
                                                                     We are very sorry, but we cannot vary these
                                                                     collections to your requirements, as we make
                                                                     them up in large batches, hence the saving in cost. Multiple
                                                                     collections will be duplicates.

  8                                              Order online at www.dibleys.com
2019 CATALOGUE - Dibleys Nurseries

CHELSEA. This variety produces a tight ball of flowers on
relatively short stems, very free flowering with intense deep purple veins

Code F33 £3.30
over the inky-blue flowers. (2013 Introduction)

    9.5cm                                                                        6.5cm

DS-HORUS. This has huge flowers but also has stems strong                    CHARLOTTE. These flowers are pale cornflower blue around
enough to take the weight of all the blossom; the flowers initially open a   the edge with a very large yellow eye. The flowers are held on short stems over

Code F50 £4.00                                                               Code F32 £3.30
deep yellow but fade to a soft pink.                                         compact leaves. A very attractive variety.

    5.2cm                                                                        5.2cm

DWYNWEN. A medium sized plant with a tidy rosette of                         ELIN. The veined lavender flowers have a slight scent and are
leaves, the upper flower lobes have a hint of pink to complement the         produced for a long season of over six months; as the flowers age they take
cyclamen purple/pink on the lower lobes. This plant has upright stems with   on a pink tinge. A medium sized plant will have up to ten blooms per

Code F51 £4.00                                                               Code F53 £4.00
plenty of flowers over a long season. (2017 Introduction).                   flower stem. (2017 Introduction).

                                                 Order now on 01978 790677                                                                             9
2019 CATALOGUE - Dibleys Nurseries

                                                                               ELSI. A really spectacular colour; large flowers of the deepest purple
                                                                               Code F54 £3.30
                                                                               with a yellow throat and two small yellow flashes at the centre.

    4.6cm                                                                          4.5cm

FALLING STARS. This produces vast numbers of small                             FIESTA. This is a new colour break for streptocarpus, the lower
dainty sky blue flowers. Very spectacular, early flowering and easy to grow,   lobes have deep red-purple veins over a pale yellow background and the

Code F57 £3.30
making this introduction of ours one of the very best Streptocarpus.           upper veins are violet with a yellow edge. As the flower fades the yellow

                                                                               floriferous. (Introduced 2015). Code F59 £3.30
                                                                               becomes more dominant. A medium sized plant with a tidy habit, very

    5.5cm                                                                         4.6cm

FREYA. A compact plant with masses of white flowers held on                    GLORIA. A pale pink sport of ‘Falling Stars’ with the same
                                                                               Code F64 £3.30
short stems. This plant has a long season with flowers appearing for 10        lovely flowering habit i.e., masses of small dainty flowers.

(Introduced 2016). Code F62 £3.30
months of the year. The leaves are short, forming a neat rosette.

 10                                            Order online at www.dibleys.com
3.6cm                                                                       5.2cm

GOLD DUST. An exceptionally free flowering variety with                     GWEN. This is a white sport of ‘Bethan’, retaining all the
Code F65 £4.00
upright foliage and a long flowering season of over eight months.           excellent growing properties. The plant produces a large head of flowers

                                                                            Code F67 £3.30
                                                                            that almost smother the compact leaves. (2003 introduction)

    4.8cm                                                                       6.7cm

HANNAH. The flowers are pale pink when they first open,                     HEIDI. A lovely clear blue with distinctive deep purple markings on
                                                                            Code F80 £3.30
darkening to a mid pink after a couple of days. The throat is a strong      the lower lobes. Upright habit.
yellow which extends over the lower lobes, overlaid with 7 short purple

Code F68 £3.30
lines. The habit is very similar to its sister plant ‘Hope’.

    5cm                                                                         5.8cm

HOPE. The flowers are a rich velvety red/purple with two strong             JENNIFER. This variety has the excellent qualities of one of
yellow flashes in the throat. A medium/compact variety which is very free   its parents, ‘Falling Stars’. It has a mass of flowers that are slightly larger

reasonably compact. (Introduced 2009). Code F82 £3.30                       and it has white flight lines in the centre. Code F87 £3.30
flowering over 10 months of the year. The leaves are mid green and          and deeper than ‘Falling Stars’, the face of the flower has deep blue veining

                                                Order now on 01978 790677                                                                            11
The Bi-Coloured ‘Harlequin’ Series

    4.4cm                                          6.8cm                                             5.6cm

  HARLEQUIN BLUE PBR                               HARLEQUIN DAWN                                  HARLEQUIN DELFT
  Code F69 £4.00                                   Code F71 £4.00                                  Code F72 £4.00

   5.5cm                                           5.8cm                                              5cm

  HARLEQUIN LACE PBR                               HARLEQUIN ROSE                                  HARLEQUIN SAPPHIRE
  Code F73 £4.00                                   Code F75 £4.00                                  Code F77 £4.00

                                                                STREPTOCARPUS COLLECTIONS
                                                           We also offer collections of our selection of plants, all
6 plants for £20.00 (inc p+p)
Code F4012
                                                           named, in a good range of colours; price includes post and
                                                           packing (sent 1st Class).
This collection includes one plant each of the 6           4 plants, our selection all different...............Code F4000...£12.30
Harlequin varieties on this page.                          8 plants, our selection all different...............Code F4001...£18.50
                                                           12 plants, our selection all different..............Code F4002..£24.80
                                                           We are very sorry, but we cannot vary these
                                                           collections to your requirements, as we make
                                                           them up in large batches, hence the saving in cost. Multiple
                                                           collections will be duplicates.

 12                                          Order online at www.dibleys.com

JESSICA. A rose pink variety with flowers which are flat faced
and slightly upturned. An early flowering variety which will keep flowering

Code F88 £3.30
for 10 months. Short flower stems with mid-green leaves.

    4.2cm                                                                         4.6cm

KIM. A very compact plant, blooming early, with a multiflowering              KATIE. PBR. A strong variety which is very free flowering with
head of small deep inky blue flowers. Code F93 £3.30                          deep inky purple veins on a paler background. Very distinctly marked

                                                                              Code F92 £3.30
                                                                              flowers with about 8 flowers per stem. (2007 Introduction)

    4.6cm                                                                        5.6cm

LAURA. Pale pink with distinct deep pink veins on the lower                   LUCY. A very floriferous medium sized plant. The flowers are a
Code F94 £3.30
three lobes. A multi flowering variety with a similar habit to Gloria.        strong mid pink with ruffled edges. The central strong ruby red lines

                                                                              Code F96 £3.30
                                                                              emphasise the broad trumpet shaped flowers.

                                                  Order now on 01978 790677                                                                       13
4.6cm                                                                             5.2cm

MANON. A multi-flowering variety, the ruffled edged upper                         MARION. This is a white and blue flowering sport from ‘Katie’
lobes have a hint of violet-blue whilst the lower lobes are a deep violet. A      and has all the same excellent qualities as ‘Katie; an exceptionally long

almost 10 months annually. Code F100 £4.00                                        (Introduced 2015) Code F103 £3.30
medium sized plant with a long flowering season, providing blooms for             flowering season with a tidy habit. A great plant for the show bench.

    5.2cm                                                                             5.9cm

MATILDA. A violet-pink colour sport from ‘Katie’ which is very MINNIE. A compact plant with rich purple flowers suffused with
free flowering, one of the earliest varieties into bloom in the spring and then   deeper purple veining; two yellow ‘fangs’ define the lower throat. The many

(Introduced 2016). Code F104 £3.30                                                inflorescence. (Introduced 2018) Code F109 £4.00
continues to flower into the late autumn. An excellent all-round plant.           flat faced flowers make a short mound, up to 6 blooms on each

    6.6cm                                                                             4.5cm

NATALIE. A large flowered variety with a beautiful                                NIA. The flowers appear pale pink with a yellow eye but the pink
combination of colours; pale violet-blue lobes, a yellow throat and rich          gradually gets darker around the edge. This gives an attractive picotee edge

Code F114 £3.30                                                                   Code F116 £3.30
violet lines in the centre. Very free flowering. (2012 Introduction)              and a mixture of colour tones on the head of flowers.

 14                                             Order online at www.dibleys.com

PEARL. One of the most free flowering white streptocarpus we
have ever seen, with up to 10 flowers on each stocky upright stem. This is

year. A clear white flower with a yellow eye. Code F123 £3.30
also a variety which flowers over a long season, about 10 months of the



                                                                                POLKA-DOT PURPLE. PBR. The quantity and
PURPLE VELVET. The deepest of                          rich purple velvet is    quality of blossom on this variety is probably the finest we have ever seen;
                                                                                combining this with the beautiful and unusual markings on the flowers
the overriding impression given in the slightly cupped flowers of this plant.
                                                                                (2015 Introduction). Code F124 £5.00
                                                                                leads us believe this plant to be one of the best ever bred on our nursery.
Introduction) Code F126 £3.30
A very free flowering variety on a tidy medium sized plant. (2015
                                                                                Also available as a potted plant (see page 53)

    4.5cm                                                                            5cm

RHIANNON. Each flower stalk carries a large number of                           ROSE HALO. A sport from the ever popular ‘Roulette
                                                                                fuchsia pink ‘halo’. (2011 Introduction) Code F129 £3.30
white bell shaped flowers that have a yellow centre with purple stripes.        Cherry’. A strong growing variety with an amazing white round centre and

Code F128 £3.30
Grows to a large size.

                                                 Order now on 01978 790677                                                                             15

                                                                               RUBY. Beautiful rich red flowers, freely borne, forming a nice head
                                                                               Code F130 £3.30
                                                                               on a medium sized plant.

    4.8cm                                                                          4.4cm

SADIE. The shell pink flowers have short red lines in their throat,            SEREN. This is a new colour break. A strong yellow background
                                                                               flowers freely for 10 months. Code F137 £3.30
and from a distance give an overall appearance of soft peach in colour. A      with inky blue veins and violet-blue edging. A plant of compact habit which

Code F132 £4.00
medium sized plant with a free flowering habit. (Introduced 2018)

    3.9cm                                                                          7.5cm

SUPERNOVA. The flowers on this variety are sky-blue                            SUSAN. A well rounded plant of short habit. Many intense
                                                                               spectacular. Code F143 £3.30
and deep purple with unusual deep purple markings drawing the eye to its       magenta flowers with golden yellow centres produced on each stalk, very
centre. This is a small flowering variety but what it loses in size it makes

Introduction) Code F142 £3.30
up for in the abundance of flowers for up to 10 months a year. (2014

 16                                            Order online at www.dibleys.com
6.2cm                                                                           4.7cm

TELERI. A rich velvety deep purple /blue with strong purple/black               TEXAS HOT CHILI. This is a compact variety with
leaves. (2011 Introduction) Code F147 £3.30                                     Code F148 £3.30
veining over the lower lobes. A medium sized variety with dark glossy           unusual deep red flowers with a yellow eye. Small flat-faced flowers.

                                                                                   We also offer collections of our selection of plants, all
                                                                                   named, in a good range of colours; price includes post and
                                                                                   packing (sent 1st Class).
                                                                                   4 plants, our selection all different...............Code F4000...£12.30
                                                                                   8 plants, our selection all different...............Code F4001...£18.50
                                                                                   12 plants, our selection all different..............Code F4002..£24.80

TITANIA. The upper lobes on the flowers of this small, ruffled                     We are very sorry, but we cannot vary these
                                                                                   collections to your requirements, as we make
edged variety are creamy white, whilst the lower three lobes are a rich
cherry pink with two distinct yellow fangs dissecting the lobes. An excellent      them up in large batches, hence the saving in cost. Multiple

Introduction) Code F150 £4.00
free flowering variety that will bloom for over eight months a year. (2016         collections will be duplicates.


TINA. Upper lobes pale pink, lower bright magenta, with distinct veins. A compact free flowering plant. Highly recommended, still one of the best
varieties. Code F149 £3.30

                                                 Order now on 01978 790677                                                                               17
Fleischle Streptocarpus
             COLLECTION A The following 5 varieties £15.50 Code F4004
   We are pleased to be the sole agents in the UK for these beautiful free flowering Streptocarpus from the German growers, Fleischle Gartenbau.

               BIANCA                         AMBIENTE                    DENIM                 ROULETTE AZUR               ROULETTE CHERRY

              COLLECTION B The following 5 varieties £15.50 Code F4005
          T IO N A &rieties                                                                                                 All
        EC       va
    COLL - All 10 6
         0      400
                                                                                                                             and pa class post
    £26.8 Code F                                                                                                                    cking

                RUBINA                          TARGA                     RUBINA PINK                    PINK LEYLA                        LEYLA

AMBIENTE                                             LEYLA PBR                                           ROULETTE CHERRY
The flowers are burgundy-red in colour and have      A large flowered variety, Overall the plant has a   Scarlet red border around a sharp white centre.

                                                                                                         Code F177 £3.30
an upturned habit; a striking plant with a good      medium/ compact habit with mid-green leaves.        Compact stems on a medium sized plant.

                                                     Code F173 £3.30
balanced habit.
Code F170 £3.30
                                                     Flowers from March continuously for 10 months.
                                                                                                         RUBINA PBR
BIANCA                                               PINK LEYLA                                          A beautiful rich, velvet red flower with a thread
A plant with a good medium sized habit. The white    Very similar in habit to ‘Leyla’ but with very      work of deeper ruby-red veins. A medium sized

                                                                                                         Code F178 £3.30
                                                                                                         plant which is very free flowering.
                                                     Code F174 £3.30
flowers have a lemon yellow throat with a hint of    strong rose pink markings.

long season. Code F171 £3.30                         ROULETTE AZUR PBR                                   RUBINA PINK
pink when first opened. Very free flowering over a

DENIM                                                Fantastic markings on this plant make it stand      Very free flowering. Deep pink coloured

                                                                                                         Code F179 £3.30
                                                     out from other plants, a large white circle is      flowers, on a well-proportioned plant.
A very aptly named plant, the upper lobes are

                                                                                                         TARGA [STELLA] PBR
the colour of washed denim, whilst the lower         superimposed over rich royal blue edges. A free

                                                     Code F176 £3.30
section is a true indigo blue. Exceptionally free    flowering variety with compact leaves.

Code F172 £3.30
flowering on a medium sized plant.                                                                       A rich deep purple with a velvet sheen on flat

                                                                                                         Code F180 £3.30
                                                                                                         faced flowers. A medium sized plant.

 18                                             Order online at www.dibleys.com
Streptocarpus National Collection

    7.1cm                                   7.7cm                                   5.4cm                              7.2cm

 BRANWEN                                   FESTIVAL WALES                         FIONA                             WIESMOOR RED
 Code F23 £3.50                            Code F58 £3.50                         Code F60 £3.50                    Code F152 £3.50

                  Streptocarpus Species & Streptocarpella

    2.1cm                                                  3cm                                            2.5cm

S. KENTANIENSIS.                                      S. SAXORUM                                      'WHITE
A very unusual and desirable species as this is the
only winter flowering species. Under good growing
                                                      A small free flowering species. Ideal for the
                                                                                                      An upright stemmed Streptocarpus very similar
conditions this will flower all year, being           smaller space. Well worth growing, makes a
                                                                                                      in habit to S. saxorum. Very prolific, flowering
                                                      Code F236 £3.30
particularly floriferous during the winter. The       good hanging plant.
                                                                                                      Code F242 £3.30
                                                                                                      throughout the year.
to 20cm in length) Code F223 £4.00
leaves are narrow (12mm) and lance shaped (up

        STREPTOCARPUS                                         STREPTOCARPUS                                   STREPTOCARPUS
        F1 DRAGON SEED                                    F1 PINK BOUQUET SEED                                  SPECIES SEED

        Medium sized blue, purple                              Medium/small sized red,                   A range of wild species including
            and pink flowers                                    pink and white flowers                 rosette, unifoliate and streptocarpella
             (70 seeds per packet)                                (70 seeds per packet)                           (50 seeds per packet)
        Code F4023 £4.00 (inc p+p)                            Code F4022 £4.00 (inc p+p)                      Code F4027 £3.00 (inc p+p)

                                                    Order now on 01978 790677                                                                     19
Saintpaulias (African Violets)
Check out our website www.dibleys.com for up to date information regarding limited numbers of unusual and rare
varieties for sale.

                                                 A single crown plant of these varieties will measure less than

                                                 crowned. All miniatures £3.30 each.
                                                 15cms across when full grown. All the trailing varieties are multi-


 Chantaspring                                    Cupie Doll                                    Flashy Trail

One of the elusive saintpaulias that has        A sweet vintage miniature with single mauve Single lavender bell-shaped flowers with

                                                                                            Code F2116
truly buttery-yellow flowers. Tiny bells over   two-tone flowers that have a white edge.    some purple fantasy spots. Trailing.

Code F2055                                      Code F2071
very tiny, pointed, semi-trailing foliage.      Girl foliage.

 Indigo Ruffles                                  Little Bo Peep                                Lollipop

Semi-double or double dark blue flowers that Simple single light pink flowers appear          Double white flowers with a yellow eye.

                                               Code F2197                                     Code F2202
have a green frilled edge; the foliage is dark above girl foliage leaves.                     Medium green, plain foliage.

Code F2142
green and quilted with a red back.

                                                                                 NE                                             NE
                                                                                    W                                             W

 Mac’s Black Jack                                Midget Silver Fox                             Mikinda Girl

A variety with single dark red pansy-shaped     An extraordinary combination: Double dark     Single cerise flowers and crown variegated

leaves which have a red back. Code F2214        mosaic variegated foliage. Code F2229         Code F2232
flowers and dark green, pointed and serrated    blue flowers and dark green and silver        girl foliage: green and cream.

20                                         Order online at www.dibleys.com
Pixie Blue                                                   Pixie Pink                                     Rob’s Chilly Willy

Single purple-blue flowers with a darker                     Single light pink/rose flowers. Plain, ovate   An extremely pretty miniature with crown

Code F2274                                                   Code F2275
centre. Plain, ovate leaves. Trailing.                       leaves. Trailing.                              variegated leaves and double silver-white

                                                                                                            edge. Code F2303
                                                                                                            star like flowers that show a medium blue

                                                                                                                        Check out our
                                                                                                                   for more varieties and

                                                                                                             SB PLANT
 Toy Castle                                                   Vallarta Campanas Moradas
                                                                                                                                  Growth Stimulant
Double lavender bells. Variegated foliage:                   Single dark purple bell-shaped flowers. Dark                         and Pesticide, 500ml,

Code F2394                                                   Code F2399
green, pink and cream.                                       green foliage with a red back. Trailing.                             Ready to Use.
                                                                                                                                  A foliar spray which

               SAINTPAULIA                                             VARIEGATED
                                                                                                                               is an aid to pest

                                                                                                                          management and powdery

                                                                                                                         mildew control; use weekly
                                                                                                                          or fortnightly to strengthen

                                                                                                                            the plants’ natural
  Specially formulated for growing these dainty plants.                                                                         resistance to pests and
 There is enough in one 5 litre bag to fill 25 x 8cm pots.                                                                        diseases. The spray
           5 litres £9.00 (inc £5.00 p&p)
                                                                           5 plants for
                                                                                                                                   only works on direct
                    Code F456

                                                                                                                                    contact with the
        10 litres £10.00 (inc £5.00 p&p)
                                                                                                                                    pest, therefore to be

                  Code F457
                                                                                                                                    effective, large
                                                                                  (inc. p+p)
                                                                                                                                    infestations need
        15 litres £11.00 (inc £5.00 p&p)

                                                                                                                                    spraying every 2-3
                  Code F458                                                     Code F4009                                         days
                                                                                                                Code F486 £9.50 (inc p&p)
    Highlands, All islands & NI see p55 regarding postage

                                                            Order now on 01978 790677                                                               21
                                                                 A single crown plant of these varieties will measure between 15cms and
                                                                 20cms across when full grown. All varieties £2.70 each
                                                                 unless individually priced.


 Cupid's Jewel                                  Dawn Michelle                                 Jolly Prize

                                               foliage. Code F2073 £3.30                     Code F2171
A lovely semi-miniature with semi-double       Single bright pink flowers and dark green     Double yellow and white flowers.
or double pale plum-coloured stars with a

Code F2070 £3.30
darker centre. Quilted and serrated foliage.

 Jolly Texan                                    Little Axel                                   Lucky Ladybug

A sweet semi-miniature variety with double     A sweet semi-miniature variety with white     Impressive maroon-red, pansy-shaped,
dark red pansy-shaped flowers. The foliage     flowers that have large, lavender             single or semi-double flowers; the leaves are

Code F2173                                     Code F2196                                    Code F2207
is dark green and quilted.                     thumbprints on the petals.                    dark green and quilted.


 Mac’s Glacial Grape                            Ness' Sheer Peach                             Rebel's Amy

The flowers are semi-double or double          Semi-double/double peach-pink pansy           Single or semi-double pink flowers with

                                               Code F2246
purple with a white edge, a very free-         flowers. Medium green foliage.                some purple fantasy. Dark green, quilted

Code F2217                                                                                   Code F2293
flowering plant.                                                                             and glossy; girl foliage.

22                                        Order online at www.dibleys.com
 Rob’s Mad Cat                                  Rob's Vanilla Trail                           Leopard

Double pink and blue fantasy flowers with a Double flowers which are cream to blush          The semi-double white flowers make a

                                                                                             Code F2376
dark red-purple ruffled edge. Dark green    white. Dark green foliage which is quilted,      lovely contrast to the dark green foliage.

Code F2315                                     Code F2325
serrated foliage with a red reverse.        serrated and pointed. Trailing.

                    STANDARD                                     and 40cms across when full grown. All varieties £2.70
                                                                 A single crown plant of these varieties will measure between 20cms

                                                                 each unless individually priced.

 AE-Amur Elite                                  Beatrice Trail                                Bob Serbin

                                               flowers. Code F2029
Semi-double white frilled flowers with pink    This is a standard trailer with double pink   Semi-double red with a thin white edge.

Code F2003 £3.30                                                                             Code F2039
patches and blue fantasy.                                                                    Dark green serrated leaves with a red back.

 Buffalo Hunt                                   Candy Swirls                                  Halo’s Aglitter

Code F2048                                                                                   green pointed leaves. Code F2130
Beautiful deep ruffled red.                    Semi-double, large white and pink flowers.    Single pink with sparkle edge. Medium

                                               Code F2051
                                               Medium green, quilted foliage.

                                              Order now on 01978 790677                                                               23

 IAN-Minuet                                     Kosmicheskaya Legenda-II                       LE-Malachitovaia Roza

                                                                                              wide green border. Code F2185 £3.30
Semi-double or double light pink large         An intriguing Russian variety with single or   Pale pink large star-shaped flowers with
wavy flowers with a thin raspberry edge.       semi-double bright purple flowers that

Code F2139 £3.30
The foliage is pointed and quilted.            show impressive hot coral and sometimes

                                               Code F2177 £3.30
                                               also white fantasy splashes.

 Sumerki                                        Ness' Antique Red                              Ness' Cherry Smoke

‘Summer Twilight’ has delightful large         This is a standard variety which produces      Semi-double or double white flowers that
double flowers that are lavender/violet with   double dark red flowers. The unusual red       show a cherry-coloured ruffled edge. Light

                                                                                              Code F2239
a white eye and edge. Variegated foliage:      backed leaves are dark green, pointed and      green quilted foliage.

Code F2192 £3.30                               Code F2238
medium green and white.                        serrated.

 Ness’ Midnight Fantasy                         Okie Easter Bunny                              Optimara Myjoy

                                                                                              with an inky purple eye. Code F2259
A free flowering jewel among saintpaulias. Semi-double pale pink flowers with a wide          Unusual and beguiling single white flowers

                                           quilted foliage. Code F2253
The semi-double light pink flowers show    raspberry frilled edge. Medium green

green leaves with a red back. Code F2243
fascinating blue fantasy markings. Dark

24                                         Order online at www.dibleys.com
Pat Tracey                                      Rainbow’s Quiet Riot                         Rhapsodie Clementine

                                                                                             Code F2300
Frilly white flowers edged in purple and        Semi-double blue/purple flowers with white   A soft blue single variety.

Code F2266                                      foliage. Code F2285
green with dark green foliage.                  fantasy markings. Dark green rounded

                                   NE                                                                                            NE
                                      W                                                                                            W

 RS-Barbie                                       RS-kabaret                                   Ruffled Skies II

Large wavy reddish-purple flowers with a        A beautiful Russian/Ukrainian variety with   Double medium blue stars with a white

Code F2331 £3.30
white border and a white eye.                   semi-double dark fuchsia coloured flowers    ruffled edge. The foliage is dark green,

                                                                                             Code F2352
                                                that have a white eye; they contrast         quilted and ruffled.

                                                leaves. Code F2340 £3.30
                                                beautifully with the medium-green pointed


 Sharon's Way                                    Tiger                                        Tina's April Fantasy

Single or semi-double peachy pink frilled       Intense dark blue coloured, semi-double      An extremely rare and beautiful Swedish

                                                Code F2392 £3.30
flowers give a splendid contrast to the dark    flowers with variegated foliage.             variety. The single white flowers have

Code F2368
green, ovate and glossy leaves.                                                              blue fantasy streaks whilst the leaves have

                                                                                             Code F2393 £3.30
                                                                                             maroon specks.

                                               Order now on 01978 790677                                                                25
LARGE                        All varieties £2.70 each unless individually priced.
                                          A single crown plant of these varieties will measure over 40cms across when full grown.

 Anthoflores Edith                             Cathedral                                     Mountain

This absolutely stunning large plant has      This large plant has fascinating double vivid Double red star flowers with a white edge.
single or semi-double lavender flowers that   pink flowers that are covered in dark purple Dark green foliage with a contrasting red

                                              Code F2052                                    Code F2114
have a thin red and a wide white band. The    fantasy splashes. The foliage is dark green. back.

Code F2020
leaves are medium green and pointed.


 Pink Duchess                                  Powder Keg                                     Santa Anita

Semi-double/double medium pink flowers        Deep red semi-double with a white edge to     This large plant proudly presents an

Light green quilted foliage. Code F2271       large plant. Code F2279                       Code F2356
with a wide light pink edge, star shaped.     the flowers. Strong deep green foliage on a   abundance of semi-double pink flowers.

                                                         SAINTPAULIA COLLECTION
                                                        5 plants for                               10 plants for
                                                          £13.30                                     £23.00
                                                     (inc. p+p) Code F4007                       (inc. p+p) Code F4008

                                                 All collections are our selection and cannot be varied to your
 Wisteria                                        requirements. We will include a good range of varieties, from
                                                                  flower colour to style of plant.
quilted leaves. Code F2407
Double lavender flowers with medium green

26                                       Order online at www.dibleys.com
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                        NURSERIES                                                                                        For office use only:
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PRICE EACH                  TOTAL
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           54      One 12cm Potted Begonia                                          F     4      0      3        7      12            50

      o Curly Fireflush            o Fireworks                  o Namur                     o Pink Champagne             o Red Robin                  o Rocheart
     52            One 10cm Potted Plant                                            F     4      0      2        4      12            50
     52            Four 10cm Potted Plant                                           F     4      0      2        5      37            00

     o Alana                              o Cariad                             o Denim                               o Gwen                             o Pink Leyla
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Achimenes (Hot Water Plant)
Frequently called the Hot Water Plant, although warm water is not necessary to get the rhizomes to sprout. They come originally from Central and
South America. Supplied as plants or rhizomes as available from February to the end of August. At the end of the growing season leave the compost
to dry out. Keep the rhizomes dry and frost free for the winter before planting again into fresh compost in the spring. The xAchimenantha,
Kohleria and some Achimenes grow best with some support.

                                                    2.4cm                                             4.7cm

RHIZOMATOUS                                      A. ADMIRABILIS                                   A. ‘AMBROISE
GESNERIADS                                       Code F1401 £3.30                                 VERSCHAFFELT’.
All the plants on pages 31-33 grow from small                                                     Code F1402 £3.30

   4.8cm                                            5.8cm                                             5.1cm

A. ‘BALLERINA’.                                  A. ‘CRUMMOCK                                     A. ‘HARRY
Code F1406 £3.30                                 WATER’.                                          WILLIAMS’.
                                                 Code F1418 £3.30                                 Code F1428 £3.30

    7cm                                              4.2cm                                             4cm

A. ‘JAY DEE LARGE                                A. ‘LAVENDER                                      A. ‘LITTLE BEAUTY’.
WHITE’.                                          FANCY’.                                           Code F1438 £3.30
Code F1433 £3.30                                 Code F1437 £4.00

                                             Order now on 01978 790677                                                                      31

   4.5cm                                          3cm                                           5cm

A. ‘NOCTURNE’.                                A. ‘POIL DE CAROTTE’. A. ‘SUGARLAND’.
Code F1441 £4.00                              Code F1448 £3.30                              Code F1461 £3.30


   4.8cm                                          4.8cm                                         3.5cm

A. ‘SUN DANCE’.                               A. ‘SWEET AND SOUR’. A. ‘WEINROT ELFE’.
Code F1462 £4.00                              Code F1463 £3.30                              Code F1467 £3.30

           PLANT SUPPORTS AND POTS                                                             ACHIMENES
                                           Extremely useful plant supports which are
                                          ideal for growing Achimenes. The cages clip          COLLECTION
                                                                                             6 varieties for £18.00
                                            onto the pots and allow the plants to be

                                                                                                (inc p&p) Code F4014
                                                      supported on all sides.

                                                £6.50 (inc. p+p) Code F449
                                          Pack of 6 Supports & 6 Pots, 12cm diameter

                                                                                                This is a collection of 6 different
                                                £8.50 (inc. p+p) Code F450
                                          Pack of 4 Supports & 4 Pots, 17cm diameter
                                                                                                   Achimenes, our selection.

A cross between Achimenes and Smithiantha and has a habit similar to Achimenes. Supplied as plants or rhizomes as available Feb - Aug.

   4.3cm                                           5cm                                          4.6cm

xA. ‘COOL INFERNO’. xA. ‘GOLDEN                                                             xA. ‘INFERNO’.
Code F1469 £3.30    JUBILEE’.                                                               Code F1472 £3.30
                                              Code F1470 £3.30

32                                       Order online at www.dibleys.com
                                                                                                                         t our
                                                                                                                Check ou
                                                                                                                   we e
                                                                                                              for more ation
A gesneriad from the highlands of Colombia. The plants have exceptionally beautiful flowers produced               inform
over a long period from summer well into winter. Kohlerias are sent as plants or rhizomes as available.

   2.8cm                                            1.9cm                                             4cm

K. ‘AN'S NAGGING                                 K. ‘BRAZIL GEM’.                                 K. ‘CYBELE’.
MACAWS’.                                         Code F1477 £3.30                                 Code F1478 £3.30
Code F1475 £3.30

   1.3cm                                            3.6cm                                            3.6cm

K. ‘FLASHDANCE’.                                 K. ‘QUEEN VICTORIA’. K. ‘SILVER FEATHER’.
Code F1479 £3.30                                 Code F1483 £3.30                                 Code F1486 £3.30

                                                                                     NE          GLOXINELLA

   3.2cm                                            2.7cm                                             3.6cm

K. ‘SUNSHINE’.                                   K. ‘YF'S LOTTA’.                                 G. LINDENIANA.
Code F1488 £3.30                                 Code F1494 £4.00                                 Code F1499 £3.30

                                            Order now on 01978 790677                                                            33
Trailing Gesneriads
Fibrous rooted trailing plants – grow in warmth with a minimum temperature of 10C and a temperature over 18C contributing to more flowers.

In the wild they are epiphytes, i.e. they live on the surface of trunks or boughs of trees. The shape of the flower gives them their common name of lipstick vine.

A. ‘BLACK PAGODA’.                                     A. LONGICALYX.                                          A. ‘SCOOBY DOO’.
Code F871 £3.30                                        Code F874 £4.00                                         Code F875 £3.30

ALSOBIA.                                               xCODONATANTHUS

A. DIANTHIFLORA.                                       xC. ‘SUNSET’.                                          xC. ‘TAMBOURINE’.
                                                       Code F879 £3.30                                        Code F880 £3.30

                            Small Shrub / Rosulate Gesneriads
Code F876 £3.30

                                                       AESCHYNANTHUS.                                          NEMATANTHUS.
All the plants in this following section
are fibrous rooted and are very
tolerant to household conditions.
Position on an east or west facing
window to get continuous flowers over
several months. Plants will grow best
when in a temperature range of 15-

                                                       A. ‘HOT FLASH’.                                         N. GREGARIUS
25ºC except Petrocosmea which prefer

a cooler situation.
                                                       Code F887 £3.30
                                                                                                               Code F892 £3.30

 34                                             Order online at www.dibleys.com

                                      NE                                                                                                       NE
Alpine plants which flower prolifically in the autumn – grow with a temperature range of 7 - 15C in a moderately bright situation.

                                         W                                                                                                       W

P. COERULEA.                                        P. CRYPTICA.                                         P. ‘PAUL KROLL’.
Code F832 £4.00                                     Code F833 £4.00                                      Code F858 £4.00

PRIMULINA [CHIRITA] A genus of over ninety species native to the Himalayas and South East Asia. A little known genus of plants that
are very rewarding if grown in similar conditions to Streptocarpus. Chirita in Hindustani means gentian.

P. ‘AIKO’.                                          P. ‘CANDY’.                                          P. ‘HISAKO’.
Code F905 £3.30                                     Code F906 £3.30                                      Code F911 £3.30
                                          W                                                                      GESNERIAD
                                                                                                                 6 plants for £16.00
                                                                                                                         Code F4010
                                                                                                            Price includes 1st class post and packing.
                                                                                                               A mixed collection of easy growing
                                                                                                           gesneriads listed in the catalogue. This is a
                                                                                                           good beginners collection for those new to
                                                                                                            growing gesneriads. All collections will be

P. ‘PERIWINKLE’.                                    P. TAMIANA.
                                                                                                             our selection and we are sorry but they
                                                                                                             cannot be varied to your requirements.
Code F914 £3.30                                     Code F917 £3.30

                                                Order now on 01978 790677                                                                           35
CANE/CANE LIKE BEGONIAS All cane Begonias grow well outdoors during the summer and make excellent border or patio
plants. Varieties like ‘Little Brother Montgomery’, ‘Comte de Lesseps’ and ‘Luxurians’ are ideal to give an exotic and sub tropical effect in your garden.
Grow in a bright spot but sheltered from the midday sun. Feed with good slow release feed all summer. Group several plants of the same variety together
to make a strong impact. The temp should be kept to a minimum of 10°C.

‘COMTE DE LESSEPS’. An upright variety, when                                    ‘FLO’ BELLE MOSELEY’. Long dark angel wing
                                                                                Code F964 £3.30
fully grown reaching to 1.5m, the leaves are a mid-green with some white        leaves speckled pale pink. A compact plant with large rose pink flowers.

year. Code F954 £3.30
spots. The flowers are very prolific and present for many months of the

‘CONNIE BOSWELL’. This is similar in habit to                                   B. fuchsioides. (red). Small green leaves on upright
in the centre and around the edges Code F955 £3.30                              appearance of a fuchsia. Grow in a bright position. Code F965 £3.30
Little Brother Montgomery, but the leaves are silver with lilac pink shading    branching stems. The bright red flowers are found in large clusters with an

‘DOWN HOME’. A free flowering medium sized cane                                 B. listada. This is one of the most spectacular foliage
contrast to the deep peach coloured flowers. Code F960 £4.00
begonia. The purple/green foliage is narrow and lance like forming a lovely     Begonias. The leaves are an elongated oval, dark green in colour with the

                                                                                are white and covered in red hairs. Code F974 £3.30
                                                                                central veins being a striking yellow with a bright green border. The flowers

 36                                             Order online at www.dibleys.com
‘LITTLE BROTHER                                                                B.maculata ‘WIGHTII’. Narrow bat shaped olive
MONTGOMERY’. A tall growing variety. Leaves maple                              green leaves with well spaced splashes of silver polka dots. Large clusters

                                                                               Code F978 £3.30
                                                                               of white flowers. A very beautiful plant.
shaped (up to 25cm). Dark veins and edges covered in silver spots which

variety has been very popular on the nursery. Code F975 £3.30
merge together in the leaf margins. The young leaves have a pink tinge. This

‘LUCERNA’. One of the tallest cane begonias, growing to 2m                     B. metallica. This is a tall plant growing to 150cm in
within a couple of years, the flowers are a rich rose-pink and produced in     height, the young leaves start out red then gradually change to green. The

Code F976 £3.30                                                                Code F983 £3.30
large clusters. The leaves are about 15cm in length.                           large clusters of flowers are a lovely creamy white. Very easy to grow.

B. luxurians. A tall growing variety to 1.5m, with palmate                     ‘ORANGE RUBRA’. A semi-upright plant which
Code F977 £6.00
leaves and white scented flowers.                                              lends itself to growing in a hanging basket. The foliage is medium sized

                                                                               orange flowers. Code F987 £3.30
                                                                               and a bright mid-green which form a beautiful background to the vibrant

                                                   Order now on 01978 790677                                                                         37
B. serratipetala. One of the most rewarding Begonias                            ‘SNOWCAP’. Large green leaf with masses of silver white
serrated leaves with pink spots. Code F1003 £3.30                               by many to be the best of the stemmed varieties. Code F1011 £3.30
to grow. Originating in Malaysia, this bushy variety has bronze/green           spots. Makes a nice shaped plant with deep rose pink flowers. Considered

B. shepherdii. An upright plant with small dainty green                         B. solananthera. This is best grown as a hanging
Code F1005 £3.30
leaves freely marked with silver, having a continual supply of white flowers.   plant, and is a quick grower. The leaves are heart shaped and bright green.

                                                                                dot, and are highly scented. Code F1013 £3.30
                                                                                In the spring it has a cascade of flowers which are white with a central red

   Rhizomatous plants forming a dome shaped head of attractively coloured leaves.

‘SEA URCHIN’. Unusually shaped leaves, which are                                ‘SILVER JEWEL’. A lovely silver variety of Begonia. The
turned up at the edges. Bred at Dibleys. Code F1002 £3.30
                                                                                Code F1007 £3.30
                                                                                leaves have a beautiful reflective quality and a tidy habit.

 38                                            Order online at www.dibleys.com
LARGE RHIZOMATOUS                                                               CORM BEGONIAS
   BEGONIAS                                                                        At the end of the growing season, as the plants die down,
                                                                                   leave the corms to dry. In the spring plant the corm into fresh
   Begonias with long petioles (leaf stems) with a large leaf blade which
   is divided into several leaflets.                                               compost, water and move to a light warm situation.

‘BENITOCHIBA’. [syn ‘Benichoma’]                                                 B. boliviensis ‘FIRECRACKER’.
The foliage is cut up into serrated leaflets. Pink young foliage becoming        The name says it all! Long arching stems festooned with brilliant orange

attractive plant, shrub like in habit. Code F945 £3.30                           Code F949 £3.30
silver with age. The veins change from purple to green. It makes a very          pendant flowers.

B. carolineifolia. This variety makes a large specimen B. sutherlandii. This is the well known trailing Begonia
abundance during the summer. Code F950 £3.30
plant, growing to about 60cm. Small white flowers are produced in                with orange flowers. It makes an excellent plant for hanging baskets.

                                                                                 the end of August. Code F1018 £3.30
                                                                                 Supplied as bulbils or plants, as available, from March to

                                                                                            MIXED BEGONIA
                                                                                          4 plants for £12.80 (inc p+p)
                                                                                                                Code F4030

                                                                                          8 plants for £19.50 (inc p+p)
‘POLLUX’. This variety is low growing and shrub like in habit
                                                                                                                Code F4031
                                                                                     All collections are our selection and cannot be varied to your requirements.

is mostly masked by a dusting of fine white spots. Code F993 £3.30
with palmate leaves. The background colour of the leaves is beetroot red which                          We will include a wide range of varieties.

                                                  Order now on 01978 790677                                                                                    39
   These types of Begonias are grown for their multi-coloured leaves.

‘BLACK KNIGHT’. A large leaved begonia that is                                   ‘CHINA CURL’. The leaves have exceptionally well
                                                                                 leaves. Code F953 £3.30
deep burgundy in colour; on the leaf surface there is a ring of pale pink        defined spirals with chocolate brown and silver colouring. Medium sized

Code F947 £3.30
and white speckles defining the leaf shape.

‘BLACKBERRY SWIRL’. Deep red/purple edge                                         ‘CURLY FIREFLUSH’. Dark green leaves with
contrasts with a silver band and blackberry purple heart on a leaf with a        darker edges and centre with a spiral swirl at its heart. The whole plant is

A medium sized plant, bred at Dibleys. Code F948 £3.30                           beautiful plant. Code F956 £3.30
strong swirl at its centre. The young leaves are suffused with a silver sheen.   covered in red hairs, markedly so on the young leaves. An exceptionally

‘CASEY CORWIN’. Large swirled leaves of deep                                     ‘EMERALD GIANT’. This is a large leaved rex. The
green and plum which are covered in silver and white freckles. The leaves        central veins are dark green, the main area is silver and towards the edge

Code F951 £3.30                                                                  Code F961 £3.30
are up to 25cm long and edged with silver hairs.                                 is bright with silver dots becoming red right at the outside.

 40                                             Order online at www.dibleys.com

‘ESCARGOT’. One of the most beautiful Begonias. A large                         ‘GREEN SPARKLES’. A broad green band, covered
hairy stems. Quite large. Code F962 £3.30
swirled leaf of olive green and silver. The leaves are up to 30 cm long on      in silver spots, define the outer border of these medium sized, spiral leaves.

                                                                                compact, relaxed and perfectly proportioned. Code F967 £4.00
                                                                                The short stems are covered in white hairs. Overall the plant shape is

‘FIREWORKS’. Large leaves with deep purple veins and                            B. masoniana. The well known ‘Iron Cross’ Begonia, deep
Code F963 £3.30                                                                 about 15cm in diameter. Code F981 £3.30
silver and raspberry purple between the veining, a very showy plant.            green puckered leaves with a distinctive dark cross in the centre. Leaves

‘GREEN GOLD’. Spiralled bright green leaves mark this                           ‘PINK SPIRIT’. A compact variety with small, spiral leaves.
                                                                                The leaves are a shimmering red at their heart surrounded with a pewter
Code F966 £3.30
out as a very unusual foliage plant. The spiral is highlighted by a red band.
                                                                                Code F991 £4.00
                                                                                coloured band and a defining red edge. Bred at Dibleys.

                                                 Order now on 01978 790677                                                                              41
‘RASPBERRY SWIRL’. Red with dark red and                                           ‘SILVER LACE’. The silver leaves of this plant shimmer in
silver patches. The leaf is twisted into attractive swirls. The young leaves       light. The dark edging produces a filigree pattern hence the variety name.
Code F994 £3.30                                                                    stunning compact plant. Code F1008 £3.30
start silver and darken with age. Adult leaf about 25cm in size.                   The dark red underneath shows through in the leaf veins. Overall a

‘RED ROBIN’. One of the most compact rex types making                              B. sizemoreae. [syn. longiciliata] Roughly ridged
an excellent shape. The leaves are small, heart shaped, with contrasting           leaves with incredible 2 cm+ hairs covering the surface of the leaves and
Code F995 £3.30                                                                    leaves. Code F1010 £3.30
matt black centre and edge with a wide band of blood red between.                  stems. The young leaves are extremely hairy and tactile. Medium sized

‘SATIN STARBURST’. A multitude of colours                                          ‘VESUVIUS’. A medium sized red leaf. As its name suggests
                                                                                   A remarkable variety. Code F1020 £3.30
combine to cover the foliage of this new begonia. At the centre of each leaf the   the foliage is black with a bright dark red interveinal marking.
spiral at their heart. Bred at Dibleys Code F1001 £4.00
black star sits over the large splash of red. Leaves are medium sized with a

 42                                              Order online at www.dibleys.com
   These have the vibrant leaf colour of a typical Begonia rex but with the height of a cane begonia, growing to about 60cm in a season. Large
   leaved and quite outstanding, these varieties are produced from a new breeding line at Dibleys.


‘JOYFUL BLAZE’. The contrasting, black and glistening red leaves are the dominant feature of this tall growing begonia. A bushy
habit and quick growing will create a good sized plant within one season; early autumn brings a flourish of pink flowers. Code F970 £4.00

‘PINK GIN’. A bushy, upright variety with silver/pink                          ‘RED TEMPEST’. The leaf veins are painted dark green
shimmering leaves. The leaves are mostly flat with a slight puckering          and the leaf blade is pale in colour contrasting with a large red heart at its
Code F990 £4.00                                                                Code F996 £4.00
towards their edge and a background of deepest green on the edge.              centre. A tall variety growing with large leaves.

‘PINK TWIST’. A large leaved and majestic plant. The                           ‘SILVER SPIRIT’. A bushy habit sees this begonia
burgundy fringe. Code F992 £4.00
leaves have a pink central heart with a pale border finishing in a dark        growing to about 50-60cm in height. The mostly silver coloured leaves

                                                                               Code F1009 £4.00
                                                                               have a dark central star which is complemented by a dark picotee edge.

                                                 Order now on 01978 790677                                                                              43
Easy to grow upright in habit plants, very free flowering and can be grown as a bedding plant or kept indoors – 0.5 to 1m in
height after 2 years. Grow in part sun with a minimum temperature of 10C.

 I. auricoma x bicaudata                     I. keilli                                  I. niamniamensis
 Code F924 £3.00                             Code F925 £3.00                            Code F928 £3.00

 I. niamniamensis variegated                I. Repens                                   I. tuberosa
 Code F929 £3.00                            Code F930 £3.00                             Code F932 £3.00

Related to coleus, easy to grow as bedding plants or kept indoors; these 3 varieties are semi-prostrate and, although grown for
their attractive foliage, will also bloom towards the end of summer.
                               NE                                          NE                                         NE
                                   W                                         W                                          W

 P. ‘Easy Gold’                             P. madagascariensis ‘Lynne’                 P. oertendahlii
 Code F933 £3.50                            Code F934 £3.50                             Code F935 £3.50

44                                     Order online at www.dibleys.com
Solenostemon (Coleus)
Ideal for growing in beds or patio containers, this collection has been selected to give you vibrant colours throughout the summer months
and even through winter if the temperature is kept to a minimum of 10˚C (50˚F). Coleus will be despatched from April to August
only. Coleus may be sent separately to other plants and will only be despatched to the UK. Plants are sometimes grown to order
and may take up to 6 weeks for delivery.
Select collection code and place the variety number shown on the photograph in the allocated boxes on the order form.

 1                       2                        3                      4                     5                      6

  Angel of the North         Autumn Rainbow            Bronze Pagoda         Wedding Train          Chameleon              China Rose

 7                       8                        9                     10                     11                     12

        Combat                Crimson Ruffles          Durham Gala           Flirtin’ Skirts        Illumination           Kentish Fire

13                       14                       15                    16                     17                     18

     Lord Falmouth            Mrs Pilkington           Muriel Pedley         Peters Wonder          Pineapplette           Pink Chaos

19                       20                       21                    22                     23                     24

       Red Angel                Red Velvet              Roy Pedley               Saturn             Walter Turner           Winsome

     Any 6 varieties
     Any 12 varieties
                        £12.30 Code F4016
                        £20.60 Code F4017                   All 24 varieties £36.00
     Your selection (inc p&p)                                          Code F4018 (inc 1st class p&p)

                                                Order now on 01978 790677                                                                 45
Quick growing trailing plants, best grown in part sun with a temperature range of 12 – 20C.

 T. ‘Bridal Veil’.                          T. fluminensis                            T. zebrina pendula ‘Purpusii’
 Code F901 £3.00                            Code F902 £3.00                           Code F904 £3.00

                                                                                     This is an updated third edition
                                                                                               covering all aspects of
                                                                                      Streptocarpus, by Rex Dibley,
                                                                                     using his experience of over 40
                                                                                              years of growing these
                                                                                      wonderful plants. There is no
                                                                                             one else who has such a
                                                                                         knowledge of these plants.
                                                                                           This book covers topics
                                                                                       such as, Pests and Diseases,
                                                                                    Breeding, Showing, Cultivation,
                                                                                      History and much more. 128
                                                                                           pages in full colour with
                                                                                        detailed diagrams. A5 size.

                                                                                                £12.50 (including
                                                                                                         Code F396

                                                                                                  Available from
                                                                                                    March 2019

46                                   Order online at www.dibleys.com
The following sundry items will usually be sent separately by carrier – the listed price includes carriage. Only Food
Tablets and Seed may be sent throughout the EU and there will be an additional carriage charge, please contact
us for a quote.

          GROWING MEDIA                                                                           SAINTPAULIA
                                                                            Specially formulated for growing these dainty plants. There is

                                                                            enough in one 5 litre bag to fill 25 x 8cm pots.
                                                                            5 litres £9.00               (inc £5.00 p&p)        Code F456

                                                                            10 litres £10.00             (inc £5.00 p&p)       Code F457
                                                                            15 litres £11.00             (inc £5.00 p&p)        Code F458

  These plugs come highly recommended as they are identical to those

  £3.50 (inc p&p) Code F408
  which we use in our own propagation of plants.

 A naturally occurring non-toxic mica mineral. When mixed 50:50
 with our compost it makes an ideal medium for propagation of leaf

 £5.99 (inc p&p) Code F409
 cuttings and also for sowing Streptocarpus seed.

                                                                       SOIL FREE COMPOST

                                                                       As used throughout our nursery. There is enough in one 5 ltr bag to fill 10 x
                                                                       10 cm pots.
                                                                       5 litres £9.00 (inc £5.00 p&p) Code F491
 A naturally occurring, non-toxic neutral volcanic rock. Absorbs and

                                                                       10 litres £10.00 (inc £5.00 p&p) Code F492
 holds vast amounts of air and moisture. Impressive aeration and

 £5.99 (inc p&p) Code F410                                             15 litres £11.00 (inc £5.00 p&p) Code F493
 drainage. Speeds up rooting and reduces risk of damping off.

                                                                            Highlands, All islands & NI see p55 regarding postage

                                              Order now on 01978 790677                                                                         47
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