WELCOME To our valued Exhibitors, Welcome to the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival Australia. The team and I are very grateful for your presence and continued support. Without you, this event would simply not be possible. As many of you know, the Arnold Sports Festival has become the world’s biggest and longest running multi sporting festival. Our mission is to take Arnold’s Fitness Crusade to the world, by encouraging people of all ages and all abilities to participate in activities that promote their general fitness, health and well-being.

Last year we had over 70,000 attendees and over 10,000 athletes competing over the three-day extravaganza. Our live digital feed also reached over 1 million people worldwide and with new sports, more government recognition, more publicity, media and a host of new activations planned, we expect another year of even bigger, record breaking crowds in 2019. On behalf of myself, Arnold, and the entire Arnold Sports Festival Australia team - thank you again for your support and I wish you every success at our event.

Sincerely, Tony Tony Doherty Director Arnold Sports Festival Australia 2



How to use this document . . 4 2. Event Information . . 4 3. Key things you need to know and do before the event . . 5 4. Bump In . . 14 5. Your Exhibitor Booth Space . . 16 6. Bump Out . . 18 7. Security and OH&S . . 19 8. Copyright and Intellectual Property . . 19 Key Contacts . . 20 This table of contents is interactive. Click the heading to go straight to the relevant page. 3


1. HOW TO USE THIS DOCUMENT This exhibitor manual is a valuable resource in preparing for your participation in the Arnold Sports Festival Australia. Whether it’s your first time at our event or you’re an experienced exhibitor, this manual is designed to be an easy-to-use guide to help ensure your experience with us is as smooth and successful as possible. All the information and links you need leading up to the event, on event day and when the event is over are contained in this manual. You should use this document to help you: • Understand what your obligations are in terms of OH&S, venue and/or other statutory requirements at the event.

• Understand what services are available to you and whom to contact for exhibition services, your booth design and build, audio visual requirements, internet connection, extra storage, bump in, bump out, parking and all other information pertinent to your involvement at the event.

Should you need any clarification on any items in this manual, please don’t hesitate to contact our Event Operations Coordinator Pierrette Charbel on email: pierrette@arnoldsportsfestival.com.au or mobile 0408 188 104. 2. EVENT INFORMATION The 5th annual Arnold Sports Festival Australia will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre: 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf, Melbourne, Victoria from Friday 15th March to Sunday 17th March 2019. Information on location, how to get there and parking available here The Arnold Sports Festival Australia is open to the public for 3 full days from 10am - 6pm daily.



3. KEY THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW AND DO BEFORE THE EVENT CERTIFICATE OF CURRENCY - PUBLIC LIABILITY & INDEMNITY INSURANCE All Exhibitors must have appropriate Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance, also known as a Certificate of Currency. Whilst every precaution is taken to protect the public, staff, and your property during the Event, the organizer and venue are not responsible for any loss, consequential loss or damage to your products or people visiting or participating in activities on your stands during the Expo period, including Bump In and Bump Out. As such, please refer to the below processes choose the one appropriate to you and your business depending on your Insurance status: If you already have suitable insurance policy that covers you at the event: Please send a copy of your current appropriate ‘Certificate of Currency’ to Arnold Sports Festival Australia when you complete the Exhibitor Information Form.

If You Need Insurance: Please visit www.stallholders.com.au to obtain quotes and coverage for the duration of the event including bump in and bump out. FOOD PERMIT REQUIREMENTS Any exhibitors handling or serving food or drink items to the public (that are not served in sealed packaging) must complete the appropriate food safety paperwork prior to the commencement of the event. This includes all food samples or full portion serves. This is a statewide Victorian government requirement for every stall holder who is selling or sampling food and drinks . The process is quite simple and the required paperwork can be completed via an on-line system called ‘Streatrader’.

This is a mandatory requirement and must be completed to be legally permitted to operate at any event, including the Arnold Sports Festival in Victoria. Please visit their website Streatrader to complete your paperwork. Please note the Arnold Sports Festival team will require confirmation that your Streatrader paperwork has been successfully completed prior to commencement of the event. If this accreditation is not successfully submitted and received by the Arnold Sports Festival team, then you will not be able serve or sample food any food or drink products (that are not in sealed containers) at the event.

All Exhibitors are also required to complete MCEC’s Sampling and Selling request form. (This link will download the form through your browser) RIGGING Rigging at the event and in the MCEC is a high risk activity that impacts on various stakeholders. As a result of consultation with key industry representatives and the rigging companies, there are new safety requirements around rigging activities for compliance. For the purpose of the implementation of these safety requirements, rigging has been defined as high risk work involving the use of mechanical load shifting equipment and associated gear to move, place or secure a load including plant, equipment or members of a building or structure and to ensure the stability of those members.

The Arnold Sports Festival does not provide any rigging for stands. If you require rigging, you must organise this with a rigging company approved by both the Arnold Sports Festival and the MCEC. Our prefered two suppliers are Harry the Hirer, and Clifton Productions. Contact details for both can be found at the end of this document. A rigging plot must be submitted to the Arnold Sports Festival team for approval prior to the event.



3. KEY THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW AND DO BEFORE THE EVENT (CONTINUED) CUSTOM STANDS Custom Stand designs must be approved by the MCEC. Designs for all Custom Stands must be submitted to the Arnold Sports Festival office with your Exhibitor Information Form. UPGRADING TO A CUSTOM STAND If you currently have a shell scheme booth booking but decide that you wish to upgrade your area to a Custom Stand, please contact the Arnold Sports Festival Australia to discuss the contractual amendments of your booking. The team can also refer you to our recommended custom stand builders if required.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES - EXHIBITOR REQUIREMENTS Please note exhibitors are responsible for organising any additional services required and must cover any extra costs involved in activities including: • Compulsory testing and tagging of all electrical equipment. • Additional utilities beyond power supply that may be required for your area • Additional carpet or customised flooring • Additional security staff beyond that provided by the Arnold Sports Festival Australia • Fire warden, if your area requires a naked flame or smoke isolation • Storage of replenishment stock at the venue • Transport of goods to and from the venue • Additional off-site storage • Wireless or broadband Internet connection • Audio-Visual Equipment HARRY THE HIRER Harry the Hirer are the official exhibition services provider for the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival.

You may already have a company that can provide items to dress your stand, however if not, the Harry’s team can provide the following services for you upon request: • Additional Power and Lighting • Amendments to the Booth Shell Scheme • Custom Stand Proposals / upgrades • Audio Visual Equipment Hire • Plant (Flora) Hire • Furniture Hire 6


3. KEY THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW AND DO BEFORE THE EVENT (CONTINUED) NOTIFICATION OF STAFF NUMBERS AT THE EVENT We will need you to let us know the total number of staff members that will be staffing your booth /activations over the course of the weekend. This will need to be provided prior to the event so that we can supply you with the compulsory wristbands for entry into the event. Our team will be in touch with you prior to the event to obtain this information We will provide wristbands for every member of your staff that requires entry. For security reasons, and for ease of entry and exit from the event - it is compulsory that all staff wear their identification at all times during the open hours of the Expo.

It is imperative that staff members keep the wristbands on for the duration of their attendance at the event. These will strictly be only for event staff. All reasonable requests for amounts will be met however the Arnold event team will be in contact if the requested amount seems excessive.

Please note the wristbands are very durable and can comfortably be worn for the duration of the event without removal. Once attached however, they will not be able to be taken off without breaking. Although a limited amount of staff wristbands will be available from Event control during the event, it is requested that all exhibitors ensure their staff keep, care for and wear the wristbands at all times over the event. Only patrons and staff wearing the appropriate wristbands will be allowed access to the event.

COLLECTING YOUR EXHIBITOR PACK As part of your involvement in the Arnold Sports Festival you will receive an ‘Exhibitor Pack’ containing: • Entry wristbands for all staff working on your booth • Event Floorplan Guide • Schedule of Key events • Event Key contacts reminder Depending on the commercial arrangement and sponsorship level, you may also receive: • Additional tickets to the Expo • Tickets to the Arnold Classic Pro Show • Sponsor lanyards (required to attend certain special events) These packs can be collected from the VIP and Media Accreditation desk on the event concourse from 9am Thursday the 14th March.

(see maps overleaf) It is important to note that you and your event staff will not need wristbands for entry into the event during the bump in period. The wristbands will only be required during opening hours when the event is open to the public. Requirements for entry to the event during the bump in period (such as footwear and hi-vis vest etc) are outlined in detail in the relevant section of this document. 7


3. KEY THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW AND DO BEFORE THE EVENT (CONTINUED) COLLECTING YOUR EXHIBITOR PACK (continued) Please refer below map outlining where you can collect your Exhibitor Pack on the event concourse. EVENT MAP If you do have any queries in regard to collection of your Exhibitor Pack please do not hesitate to let us know. EVENT CONTROL OFFICE Should you require any assistance during the Bump In and Bump Out periods, or during the Expo opening hours. The Arnold Sports Festival Event Control Office is located in the suite at the Clarendon st end of the expo floor near the food truck park, and will be clearly signed as ‘EVENT CONTROL’.

(Although not highlighted in yellow, the location of the Event Control Office is specified on the EVENT MAP above).

Please note access to the Event Control Office is only from on the expo floor and is not accessible from the event concourse. 8


3. KEY THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW AND DO BEFORE THE EVENT (CONTINUED) STORAGE (EMPTY PACKAGING) There will be no on-site storage facilities for packing materials and boxes inside the venue. It is recommended that exhibitors consider their storage needs (of packing crates and freight forwarding materials) for the duration of the exhibition. Exhibitors may not leave boxes and packing material in the exhibition display area during the show.

Agility can arrange off-site storage at a cost of $66.00 per m2 including GST for empty packaging.

STORAGE (REPLENISHMENT STOCK) If you require replenishment storage (which is accessible during the opening hours of the show) you must complete the ‘On- site Replenishment Storage Form’ which will be sent out to you via Agility in the coming weeks. Cost for this extra on site storage is $228 including GST per pallet space for the duration of the Expo. PLEASE NOTE: If you are using your own transport company, Agility or the MCEC cannot sign for delivery of goods on your behalf. Please ensure you make specific arrangements with your transport provider and/or ensure you have a representative on-site at the time of delivery.

Agility Fairs & Events standard trading conditions apply for services provided – it is important that you are aware of these services including: transport, cranage, forklift supply, porterage, clearance, delivery, storage, positioning and all other on-site services.

TESTING AND TAGGING OF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT It is a legal requirement in all temporary Exhibition work sites that all electrical equipment used on site be tested and tagged. This applies to all contractors working on site and Exhibitors who bring in electrical leads and appliances for their stands during exhibitions. Prior to the event opening the MCEC will do a thorough check of all electrical items within the venue and they will inform the Arnold Sports Festival team of any that require testing and tagging. Please contact Harry the Hirer to book a time during Bump In to have all electrical equipment you are bringing to your stand tested and tagged.

TESTING AND TAGGING ITEMS BEFORE THE EVENT We recommend that you have your items tested and tagged prior to coming to the Expo by a reputable testing and tagging company. If your items are already tested and tagged, please ensure that the test and tag is within the in-date required for each item.

NOTE: Failure to test and tag may result in your stand being closed by the MCEC. ITEMS REQUIRING TESTING AND TAGGING - ON-SITE For items that require testing and tagging, MCEC will review and notify the ASF team of any sites requiring Tag and Testing services. The ASF team will then send a representative to refer the individual exhibitors to Harry the Hirer to arrange this service at your booth. You will incur an additional charge directly from Harry the Hirer, who will request payment prior to commencing the service. The direct charge from Harry the Hirer is $18.00 + GST per item. DILAPIDATIONS/DAMAGES Damages to any part of the halls, walls, pillars or other parts of the MCEC premises are to be fixed or replaced at the Exhibitors’ expense.



3. KEY THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW AND DO BEFORE THE EVENT (CONTINUED) PROVISIONS OF POWER USAGE & GENERAL UTILITIES All power used by Exhibitors via power points provided within Booth Shell Schemes or on Custom Stands whilst at the venue is covered by the Arnold Sports Festival. You will not be charged for power usage. PROVISION OF CLEANING AND WASTE MANAGEMENT The cleaning will be managed and facilitated during the event. This service is provided free of charge. Rubbish removal during the event During the 3 days that the Event is open to the public, Exhibitors can dispose of their rubbish in bins that will be placed around the hall.

Rubbish may be placed in the aisles up to 1 hour before or after the event opening hours. Disposal of large waste Any large items for disposal must be left in the aisles at the close of each day (not during the day under any circumstances) and these will be removed each night by the housekeeping team. We would request boxes are broken down prior to leaving for collection.

MCEC INFORMATION AND EVENT SERVICES The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is Melbourne and Australia’s destination for big ideas and inspirational events including the Arnold Sports Festival Australia. Showcasing an incredible range of spaces and innovative design, the MCEC has everything you need to help you access certain vital services for you exhibition space at the event. Please contact the MCEC regarding • any venue enquiries • IT & Communications connections for your booth • Catering for your stand • Melbourne Exhibition Centre (MEC) Kiosk Account Cards • Utilities (such as water) The links above will download forms through your browser.

MCEC guide for Exhibitors and exhibitor services available can be found here.


3. KEY THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW AND DO BEFORE THE EVENT (CONTINUED) BOOTH REGULATIONS The MCEC have very strict regulations that apply to ALL booths within the Exhibition. These are outlined within MCEC Exhibition Stand Regulations in the Exhibitor Services Guide. This includes important information regarding the following: • Height restrictions • Stand materials • Flooring • Lighting • Naked Flames • Flammable Liquids and Gases • Stands Requiring Approval • Rigging of banners above booths (limited to sponsors or at an extra fee for exhibitors) NOTE: Exhibitors are responsible for undertaking a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment with their contractors, specifically for the show.

If being supplied your booth as part of your arrangement with the Arnold Sports Festival, our exhibition services provider Harry the Hirer will guide you through the process and help you ensure all regulations are met. Please note, if provided a space only area - it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure all relevant specifications of your stand and activation comply with MCEC requirements. INTERNET ACCESS The Arnold Sports Festival does not provide internet connection and services to your exhibition space. The MCEC provide options for obtaining wireless internet whilst at the show.

You may also prefer to use services from your own provider however these options all incur an additional cost.

MCEC M Connect - Free WiFi Visitors and Exhibitors to the MCEC have access to FREE wireless internet however we do not recommend relying on this service if WiFi is important to the functioning of your booth, as it can often be slow. It also requires you to re-register for the service after every 100mb of data used which is both inconvenient and not practical for commercial use. The following is information about this free service: • Users are required to pre subscribe to the service prior to use via a registration page • Re-subscription is required every 12 hours or once you have reached the 100MB download limit .

• Maximum bandwidth is 512kbps ( Traditionally only suitable for very basic email and web browsing) For further information about the M-Connect service can be found on the MCEC website. 11

3. KEY THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW AND DO BEFORE THE EVENT (CONTINUED) Broadband Internet The MCEC also offer broadband packages. Customers who require a secure network to download continuous information over a longer period of time are advised to order a dedicated broadband (cabled) service. MCEC will not manage, monitor or support any third party devices connected to our network such as network switches, routers or wireless routers. Should it be discovered that these devices pose a security risk to the MCEC network or create network issues we will be forced to disconnect, remove or disable any such devices to ensure the integrity of the network for both the venue and for other customers relying upon the infrastructure (including MCEC wireless networks and M Connect).

Please note, wireless is a less secure service and download speeds vary depending on the number of users at any one time. Wireless signal strength can also vary depending on geographical location and other items interfering with the signal. For best results we recommend the use of 5GHz (IEEE 802.1 1n-2009 standard) wireless compatible devices. Previous standards are supported but results can vary in line with the limitations of these standards and associated devices. If you have any queries please touch base with MCEC Exhibitor Services or download the order form here. AGILITY FAIRS AND EVENTS Agility Fairs and Events are the official freight forwarder and on-site logistics provider for the 2019 Arnold Sports festival.

As such, they offer the following services: • All local, interstate and international transport services including delivery onto each exhibitors’ stand at the venue. • Storage of early consignments, packing materials during the exhibition and storage after the exhibition. • For international exhibitors, a comprehensive international freight forwarding service tailored to each particular exhibitor’s requirements.

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: Australian Border Force and Biosecurity have strict import procedures on some recreational items. If you intend to send any vitamins or proteins, your shipment may be subject to import permits. Permits to enter such goods can take over 22 days to obtain by the appropriate Government Agency. Agility Fairs & Events can provide international freight logistics along with import customs clearance. Our team of specialists can obtain the permits and advise you of the necessary steps needed to import your goods successfully to the event.

Contact details for Agility Fairs and Events listed on the final pages of this document.

We highly recommend using Agility, as their service is door-to-stand and they work outside normal business hours if required. LOAD BEARING RESTRICTIONS The exhibition hall at the MCEC has been designed to tolerate loads of up to 20Kpa, or two tonnes per square metre. If you anticipate heavy loads will be involved in your booth, please contact the Arnold Sports Festival team to advise them of the load to be brought in, as written approval from the MCEC Operations Manager is required to bring in any heavy or vibrating equipment which might cause damage to the floor or any part of the venue.


3. KEY THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW AND DO BEFORE THE EVENT (CONTINUED) SECURITY The Arnold Sports Festival will have security at the Concourse Doors for entering and exiting, as well as specific areas of the Expo. ADDITIONAL SECURITY If you require additional security or a physical presence in your area, such as independent security staff, this can be arranged at your own cost. FIRE WARDEN If you are planning to have naked flames on your stand for cooking or other purposes, please contact the Arnold Sports Festival team so we can arrange a Fire Warden.

Smoke or heat detectors need to be isolated for any of the activities below in addition to naked flames and fire wardens are required to action the following to ensure fire safety is maintained: • Cooking demonstrations • Pyrotechnics • Smoke and/or fog machines • Hazers • Any activity that may affect the smoke and/or heat detectors 13

4. BUMP IN Event Bump In begins on Wednesday March 13th, 2019 and is staggered over two days. There are different bump in times provided to exhibitors depending on whether you have a custom built stand, or are exhibiting using a shell scheme booth. You will be provided with a specific time to Bump In closer to the event, however bump in for all exhibitors using shell scheme booths begins at 9am Thursday 14th March. Exhibitors with custom builds or with peculiar items like vehicles or other bespoke activations will be contacted individually and have a time allocated as necessary.

Please note: The MCEC loading dock has a 30 min unloading limit.

As such, during bump in exhibitors are to unload goods from their vehicles and move off the MCEC loading dock within this time frame. All staff must wear closed-toe shoes during Bump In (no sandals or thongs) and must be wearing safety vests while on site during the bump in period. A Move In Move Out schedule will be devised by our logistics partner Agility Fairs and Events in conjunction with the Arnold Sports Festival team and our exhibition services provider Harry the Hirer. Exhibitors with pallet stock of goods or construction materials arriving on site must book a loading dock time with Agility via the Move In and Material Handling Form (provided by Agility).

All goods supplied on pallets MUST be receipted via Agility Fairs and Events. NOTE: Any person under the age of 15 is prohibited from accessing MCEC exhibition halls or Loading Dock during the Bump In period. This rule also applies to Exhibitors’ children. We have a responsibility to enforce this rule to comply with the safety regulations of the exhibition.

HI-VIS VESTS TO BE WORN It is mandatory for all Exhibitors and personnel on the event site during Bump In and Bump Out periods to wear a high visibility (Hi Vis) vest at all times. Please note all exhibitors must provide their own Hi Vis vests for use during bump in. They will not be provided by the MCEC or the Arnold Sports Festival. If required, a limited stock can be purchased from vending machines on the loading dock or event concourse. Any personnel on the expo floor site not wearing a high visibility vest will need to put one on immediately or alternately be asked to leave the expo floor.

There will be no exceptions to this requirement during bump in.

MOVE IN SCHEDULE & DOCK ACCESS Exhibitors or their stand-builders requiring access to the loading dock during the Bump-In days must pre book their access times in advance. Agility will be developing a Move In Schedule for the show, which will be circulated to everyone prior to the event. The schedule will be enforced on-site to ensure fair and smooth access for all. To submit your requirements, you must complete the ‘Move in and Materials Handling Form’ which Agility will provide you. Prior to the show, Agility will make contact to discuss and determine your individual freight and logistics requirements.

In the meantime, for any queries please contact Agility (details on the following page).

USE OF YOUR OWN LOGISTICS COMPANY TO TRANSPORT GOODS You may choose to organise a different logistics company, or simply use your own transport to move your goods to and from the venue. If you are using your own logistics company, neither the MCEC, the Arnold Sports Festival, nor Agility can sign for your goods. You will need to assign a company representative to be present at the time of your delivery to meet your consignment. This must be one of the representatives you list in the personnel section of your Exhibitor Information From.


4. BUMP IN (CONTINUED) ON-SITE MATERIALS HANDLING Agility will be operating a forklift service during bump in and bump out to assist exhibitors requiring forklifts, pallet jacks and flatbed trolleys.

This service for exhibitors and sponsors is provided free of charge. Please see the Agility staff at the loading dock for assistance. AGILITY CONTACT ON SITE The Agility Fairs and Events Service Desk will be located at Roller Door 2 on the loading dock. FOOTWEAR DURING BUMP IN AND BUMP OUT Due to an increased awareness from WorkSafe Victoria, it is mandatory for all Exhibitors and personnel during Bump In and Bump Out periods to wear enclosed footwear at all times. Exhibitors and contractors will not be allowed entry to the exhibition floor unless they are wearing enclosed footwear (no thongs or sandals).

LATE ARRIVALS You may only have hand-carried items delivered to the event after the roller door is closed. These items will have to be delivered through the concourse entry to the bays, and if being delivered by a courier will require a member of your staff to sign for them. The Arnold Sports Festival, the Security Company and the MCEC staff will not sign for your items. MCEC CONCOURSE Only hand-carry goods can be bought in via the Melbourne Exhibition Centre Concourse. No trollies are to be used on the concourse.

CLEARWAYS Please ensure that during the Bump In and Out, specific isles are kept clear at all times for OH&S requirements.

A clearways map will be provided prior to Bump In. ARRIVALS ON THE MORNING OF THE EXPO Roller Door 5 will be open briefly on the morning of the Expo. These doors will be closed at 9am. If you have any late deliveries please see the Event Control Office. Arnold Sports Festival Registration Desk on the main concourse. Only hand carry goods can be brought in via the Melbourne Exhibition Centre Concourse.

VALUABLE ITEMS We strongly advise you not to leave any items unattended on your stand at any time throughout the Expo, including Bump in and Out. The Organisers, the Venue or the Contracted Suppliers cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage. 15

5. YOUR EXHIBITOR BOOTH SPACE INCLUDED WITHIN THE BOOTH (SHELL SCHEME) Your Booth Shell Scheme booking with the Arnold Sports Festival includes: • Your allocated space for the duration of the event • The shell of the booth in the agreed dimensions • A custom fascia with your preferred brand or business name.

All open aisle frontages have a fascia signs. • 2 x 120watt spotlights mounted on the inside of the front fascia. • 2.4m high, velcro-compatible, fabric covered black walls. • 1x general-purpose outlet with a maximum 1200watt (5 Amps) loading per point NOT INCLUDED WITHIN THE BOOTH SHELL SCHEME Unless expressly agreed to in writing from the Arnold Sports Festival team, the following items are not included as part of your booking: • Carpet (available at additional cost. This can be arranged through Harry the Hirer). • Alterations to the Flooring. You are able to change the flooring if you wish, however this is at your own cost.

Please contact Harry the Hirer for further information and pricing as a wide range of surfaces are available upon request. • Audio-Visual Equipment. If you have Audio Visual requirements for your stand, you can organise this via our event partners Woohah Productions or Harry the Hirer. Contact details for both of these companies can be found in the final pages of this document.


5. YOUR EXHIBITOR BOOTH SPACE (CONTINUED) WALLS If you have booked 2 booths, the walls between the booths will be removed where applicable, however the poles to hold the fascia will remain as fascia is in 3m lengths. If you require the walls to be left in place or separated in a particular way, please ensure that you speak with Harry the Hirer, so that they build your stand as per your requirements. Wall colours cannot be changed. Additional walling is available at your own cost via Harry the Hirer. FASCIA SIGNAGE Fascia Signage will be provided for all open aisle frontage per Booth Shell booked.

This sign consists of up to 30 characters including spaces. If you have a corner booth which consists of 2 fascias, all signage printed will be the same. If you would like alternative signs on different sides, contact Harry the Hirer to submit your request. There will be an additional cost for alternate signage.

SUBLETTING BOOTH SPACE Subletting of booth space with other organisations is not permitted without prior written authorisation from the Arnold Sports Festival. If an Exhibitor is found to be subletting their stand without permission, a fee of $200 per m2 will be issued. Based on the m2 in question, this fee will be payable prior to the exhibition opening, or at the time of the noncompliance if the Expo has already opened. BOOTH SHARING Exhibitors who plan to share their booth must apply in writing to the Arnold Sports Festival. Note that the Company or Business who contracted the space will have the fascia name board provided for them as per your agreement.

The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to exhibitors that have not been authorised in writing to share their booth with other parties not specified in the exhibitor agreement.

ISLES BETWEEN BOOTHS Under no circumstances must any part of a booth, furniture, or exhibits project beyond the boundary of the booth into the gangways (aisles surrounding the stands) at any time during the event. Exhibitors should not engage in any activity or employ any person or device that will accumulate congestion in the gangways. 17

6. BUMP OUT Bump Out will begin at approximately 7PM Sunday March 17th There will be an hour following the Expo closing at 6pm that is reserved for Security to ensure that all visitors have been ushered from the venue.

Removal of exhibits and displays can only commences after 7pm on Sunday. Under no circumstances may any goods be removed or packed away from your stand before this time. There are no specific times being allocated during Bump Out however the Arnold Sports Festival team (in conjunction with Agility) will provide advice as to bump out order. This order will be determined by your booth or activation location in relation to the exit roller door, the ease or complexity of dismantling your activation and the needs of other exhibitors or sports around you. As with Bump In, clearways must be kept clear.

Please note: The MCEC loading dock has a 30 min loading limit. As such, during bump out exhibitors are to load goods from their vehicles and move off the MCEC loading dock within this timeframe. A detailed bump out schedule will be provided to you during the course of the event. NOTE: Any person under the age of 15 is prohibited from accessing MCEC exhibition halls or Loading Dock during the BUMP OUT period. This rule also applies to Exhibitors’ children. We have a responsibility to enforce this rule to comply with the safety regulations of the exhibition.

All staff must wear closed toe shoes during Bump Out (no sandals or thongs) and must be wearing a safety vest as required during bump in.

ELECTRICITY SUPPLY Electrical power to stands will be switched off 30 minutes after the show closes unless 24 hour power has been requested. BUMP OUT COMPLETION All Exhibitors must have completed their Bump Out by 3pm on Monday March 18th. 18

7. SECURITY AND OH&S 8. COPYRIGHT AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Safety and security can only be achieved with the full cooperation of all staff, clients and Exhibitors. Our official Security Services partner Securevent provide 24 hour security of the venue and First Aid support is provided by event partner Event Aid for those involved with the Arnold Sports Festival. Their contract complies with the parameters set out by the venue. The Arnold Sports Festival will have security at the Concourse Doors for entering and exiting, as well as specific areas of the Expo. This security will also be present during Bump In and Bump Out.

Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of personnel and equipment, we do not accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage which may befall your personnel and their property. We recommend that valuable items are not left unattended on your stand.

FIRST AID Event Aid are the official First Aid provider for the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival. First Aid stations are located in the Expo and are clearly marked on the floor plan. You are welcome to go directly to those stations if necessary. To report an incident, please contact one of the designated event volunteers in your area or the Event Control Office so we can arrange a First Aid team to attend. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES The MCEC have very specific Emergency procedures that you are required to be familiar with for your own safety. Please download and read the emergency evacuation document here.

USE OF THE ARNOLD SPORTS FESTIVAL AUSTRALIA LOGO AND ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER’S IMAGE Please be aware that all artwork containing the Arnold Sports Festival logo or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s image must be approved by Arnold Sports Festival Australia prior to its use in any marketing or other materials. Similarly no merchandise is to be printed using the Arnold Sports Festival logo or Arnold’s image. To have artwork approved for use, please forward your images to our graphic designer Simone Collins: simone@arnoldsportsfestival.com.au 19

KEY CONTACTS ARNOLD SPORTS FESTIVAL AUSTRALIA Event Operations / General queries Pierrette Charbel - Event Operation Coordinator m.

0408 188 104 e. pierrette@arnoldsportsfestival.com.au Accounts Payable or Receivables queries Brian Doherty - Chief Financial Officer m. 0418 149 216 e. brian@arnoldsportsfestival.com.au EXHIBITION SERVICES HARRY THE HIRER Shell scheme booth design, furniture, tag and test or power requirement queries Ali Halabi Event Site Manager m. 0447 778 510 e. alih@harrythehirer.com.au Jaeram (Jez) Richards e. jez@harrythehirer.com.au m. 0478 478 073 RIGGING HARRY THE HIRER Dave Emms Senior Account Manager - Productions m. 0425 781 163 t : 03 9425 8666 e: davidm@harrythehirer.com.au CLIFTON PRODUCTIONS Lewis Chase Exhibitions and Conferences Account Manager m.

0423 449 025 e. lewis.chase@cliftonproductions.com.au AUDIO / VISUAL EQUIPMENT WOOHAH PRODUCTIONS Arosh Fernando Event Manager t. 1300 966 424 e. info@woohah.com.au HARRY THE HIRER Dave Emms Senior Account Manager - Productions m. 0425 781 163 t : 03 9425 8666 e: davidm@harrythehirer.com.au LOGISTICS, TRANSPORT AND EXTRA ON-SITE EVENT ON SITE STORAGE Katharine Barraclough Domestic Event Logistics Specialist e. kbarraclough@agility.com t. +61 03 9330 9015 Louis Dodgson Key Account Manager e. ldodgson@agility.com t. +61 3 9330 9033 VENUE CONTACTS MELBOURNE CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTRE (MCEC) Tahlia Murphy Exhibitor Services e: exservices@mcec.com.au t: (03) 9235 81 10 20