2019 Program Listing

2019 Program Listing
                                                V4 April 2019
   Type            Presenters                 Title                                Summary

  Keynote   Dr Isabelle Arnulf       Parasomnia: A Window       NREM (sleepwalking) and REM (REM sleep
                                     Into Dreaming Process?     behavior disorder) sleep parasomnias correspond
                                                                to dream-enacting behaviors, thanks to
                                                                isomorphism between behaviors and later dream
                                                                recall. The gestures, speeches and facial
                                                                expressions of the dreamers render the dreaming
                                                                scenario “solid” and visible for external
                                                                observers. This fascinating window helps testing
                                                                hypotheses about dreaming.
  Keynote     Dr Stefan Klein        The Road to Reality:       For a long time, dreams were seen as an
                                     How the New Science of     expression of unconscious desires. But in fact,
                                     Dreams Explains Our        they are much more. As this talk based on the
                                     Mind                       recent findings of neuropsychology will show,
                                                                dreams are the key to solving the mystery of our
                                                                consciousness. They allow us to recognize how
                                                                our brains produce what we experience as
  Keynote     Dr Penny Sartori       Near-Death-Experiences     This paper will discuss hospital research into
                                     and Visitation Dreams      deathbed visions and near-death experiences
                                                                along with documented cases of visitation
                                                                dreams. These experiences are challenging to the
                                                                materialist perspective that the brain produces
                                                                consciousness, and the implications of this
                                                                research on the current understanding of
                                                                consciousness will be considered.
  Invited     Dr Kate Adams          The Hidden Worlds of       Children’s spiritual worlds often pass by
                                     Children’s Spiritual       unnoticed. Dreams can be an integral part of
                                     Dreams                     these worlds, offering them spaces to reflect on,
                                                                and find, meaning and purpose in life. This paper
                                                                presents such dreams, in children’s words, to
                                                                explore the impact they can make on their lives.

  Invited     Dr Francesca Siclari   The EEG Correlates of      In the present talk I will present a series of
                                     Dreaming                   studies in which we investigated the neural
                                                                correlates of dreaming using a serial awakening
                                                                paradigm and high-density EEG recordings. The
                                                                results I will present suggest that local EEG
                                                                correlates may account for the presence of
                                                                conscious experiences in behavioral states with
                                                                radically different global EEG signatures.
  Part #1   Robert J Hoss      Foundation Course:            An introduction to the basic foundations of
                               Dreamwork part1 –             dreamwork: a brief history of key contributors,
                               Intro, Jung, Gestalt,         ethical principles, and introduction to the work of
                               Ullman                        3 luminaries: Jung, Perls (Gestalt) and Ullman. A
                                                             comparative illustration of their methods will be
                                                             done with single dream example using all 3
  Part #2    Scott Sparrow,         Foundation Course:       5 Star Method; Listening to the Dream
             Michael Schredl        Clin/Dreamwork Part 2
  Part #3    Gayle Delaney,         Foundation Course:       Dream Interview;
             Robert Hoss            Clin/Dreamwork Part 3    Transformative Dreamwork

  MDG      Erin Amundson            Dreams as Storytellers   This morning group engages dream content in
                                                             the form of story telling. By engaging dreams as
                                                             story tellers, we allow our creative energy to
                                                             bypass intellectualism and resistance that often
                                                             accompanies work with dreams. Each participant
                                                             has a story and we experience them collectively
                                                             initiating a co-creative process with subconscious.
   MDG       Bhaskar Banerji        Dreams & The Energy      Explore ways to integrate Dreamwork with Reiki
                                    Body Morning Dream       using clarifying questions and energetic hand
                                    Group                    holds based on the Reiki Tradition. No prior
                                    (18 person limit)        knowledge of either is required; however,
                                                             participants must be comfortable lying on the
                                                             floor. Furthermore, there is no interpretation of
                                                             dreams involved. All insights emerge from within
                                                             the dreamer.
   MDG       Katherine R Bell       Experiential             Dreams are treated as experiences rather than
                                    Dreamwork: Dreams as     puzzles. I encourage dreamers to slow down to
                                    Emotional Immune         explore feelings and associations. Participants
                                    System                   may speak a dream each morning, but we
                                    (20 person limit)        highlight one dreamer each day, perhaps
                                                             embodying the dream to deepen the feelings
   MDG       Virginia Bennett and   Morning Dream Group:     This Dream Group focuses on understanding and
             David Cielak           Multi-dimensional        accessing our Multi-dimensional selves through
                                    Dreaming                 the dream state. We will employ specific Seth
                                                             Material exercises and pre-sleep incubations to
                                                             enhance dreamers’ recognition and utilization of
                                                             their multi-dimensional existences in order to
                                                             solve problems, grow spiritually and to enhance
                                                             health and well-being.
   MDG       Mark Blagrove          Ullman Dream             This dream group uses the group dream
                                    Appreciation morning     appreciation method of Montague Ullman,
                                    dream group              following his (2006) book Appreciating Dreams: a
                                    (12 person limit)        Group Approach, adhering closely to the stages of
                                                             the technique as described by Ullman, and
                                                             following his requirements for safety and
                                                             curiosity in the group.
MDG         Robert P Gongloff   Exploring the Heart of    Join with other group members as you
                                  the Dream                 collectively jump start your dream “aha’s” by
                                                            exploring the themes of your dreams. Quickly get
                                                            to the "heart of the dream" – that important
                                                            message your dream is attempting to bring to
                                                            your conscious mind, offering you a framework
                                                            for deeper dream study.
  MDG         Curtiss Hoffman     Developing the Intuition We will explore the ways in which intuitive
                                  in Group Dreamwork        perception can help in group dreamwork,
                                  (25 person limit)         following the Ullman technique as modified by
                                                            Taylor along with Jungian amplification methods.
  MDG         Helen Landerman     Morning Dream Group       Attendees will tell or read a dream and/or listen
                                                            to another's dream and then discuss it. Methods
                                                            used will be group projective, dream interview,
                                                            Gestalt and dream theater. Also, art materials will
                                                            be available to draw or paint the dream.
  MDG         David Low           Spirituality and Lucidity This group embraces all degrees of lucidity—
                                  Dream Group               including ordinary dreams—as manifestations of
                                  (12 person limit)         grace, meant to assist our journeys to
                                                            enlightenment. This process embraces the full
                                                            range of mundane issues, as well as choices of
                                                            action, that dreams may portray or offer. All faith
                                                            orientations (or none) are respected.
  MDG         Laura Payne         Radical Ritual –          This dream group will meet daily to experiment
                                  Exploring the Asklepion with and explore the ancient rituals of the
                                  Dream Incubation          Asklepion dream incubation techniques.
                                  Process – Ancient Myth Participants will experience the restoration of the
                                  as Healer                 creative imagination to the healing process and
                                  (10 person limit)         how our souls in dream state connect our bodies
                                                            to the flow of healing imagery.
 German       Michael Schredl     Listening to the dreamer Within the approach the dreamer is stimulated
Language                          (Language: German)        by open-ended questions to reflect on the dream
  MDG                             (16 person limit)         experience and its relationships to waking life.
                                                            Suggestions, interpretations etc. from group
                                                            members are discouraged.
First Timer   Bernard Welt        First-timers Morning      This morning workshop for first-timers at the
   MDG                            Dream Group: Tracking     IASD conference introduces time-tested practices
                                  Your Dreams               for recalling and recording dreams, exploring
                                  (16 person first timer    them in your dream journal and with others. It
                                  limit)                    provides participants with an opportunity to
                                                            share and reflect upon new knowledge and
                                                            insights gained during the conference.
Presentation Shanee Stepakoff     Dreams of Desire: What   Drawing on a qualitative analysis of more than
                                  Can A Long-term Dream    100 dreams recorded over a 35-year period, this
                                  Journal Teach Us About   presentation focuses on the ways that the
                                  the Complexities of      dreamer's sexual orientation was discernible in
                                  Sexual Orientation?      her dreams. Sexual orientation was
                                                           conceptualized as comprising a variety of
                                                           dimensions, including behavior, desire,
                                                           attraction, self-definition, and more.
Workshop     Cornelia J. Krikke   Understanding Dream      In this workshop you will practice embodying
                                  Mentors Through          dream mentors through various sensing channels
                                  Sensing Channel          (kinesthetic, auditory, visual and thinking /
                                  Method                   analytic). You will describe the perspective
                                                           through each of the channels then integrate the
                                                           strands to experience a magnified understanding
                                                           of the alternative view being offered by your
                                                           dream mentor.
Workshop     Steve Barrell        Dream-themed Music:      Attendees will listen to short dream-related
                                  Interpretation           music pieces by the presenter and connect with
                                  Workshop & Experiment    their visualizations of each as if it were their
                                                           dream, then share their experiences. The
                                                           question arises: what do listeners experience and
                                                           visualize when they hear a dream-related musical
                                                           piece without knowing the title of the piece.
Workshop     Fariba Bogzaran      Hermeneutic of           Integral Dream Practice (IDP) is a multilayered
                                  Creation and the         method of being with dreams that encourages
                                  Integral Approach to     two distinct phases or movements: Reflexive and
                                  Dreams                   Reflective. In this presentation using dream re-
                                  (40 person limit)        entry with a drum; automatic writing; creative
                                                           action and a poetic synthesis will explore the
                                                           Reflexive phase of IDP.
Workshop     Jean Campbell        DreamWork/BodyWork       DreamWork/BodyWork is a process-oriented
                                  Workshop                 therapeutic model. This workshop will provide
                                  (30 person limit)        tools for understanding trauma and accessing the
                                                           source of resolution. Workshop participants will
                                                           gain insight into how the body holds and records
                                                           information, how that information can be
                                                           accessed, how dreams and personal imagery
                                                           contain the information necessary to healing.
Workshop     Monique Dankers      Intuitive Day Dream      Dreams can answer our deeper questions. It’s my
                                  Workshop                 experience that answers from God/ our higher
                                                           self/ the friendly universe can also be received
                                                           during our wakening consciousness when we
                                                           manage to be silent. In this workshop we will try
                                                           this together and share our experiences to learn
                                                           from each other.
Workshop   Clare Johnson         Transformative Lucidity:   When we bring lucidity into dreamwork,
                                 Dreamwork Techniques       transformation can occur rapidly. Explore a rich
                                 for Everyone               variety of techniques for working lucidly with
                                                            dreams for healing and insight, including the
                                                            presenter’s Lucid Imaging Nightmare Solution and
                                                            Lucid Writing methods. We’ll bring soul dreams
                                                            into the body and explore the transformative
                                                            power of light.
Workshop   Dr Nigel Hamilton     Applying the Waking        The significance and therapeutic use of the
                                 Dream Process to           Waking Dream Process will be discussed. A
                                 Dreams and Lucid           demonstration of the Waking Dream Technique
                                 Dreaming                   using an audience participant’s dream will follow
                                                            along with questions from the audience.
                                                            Guidelines for clinicians in using this technique
                                                            will also be discussed.
Workshop   Marja Moors           Dreaming Together:         In this group, through associating with personal
                                 creating a group dream     dreams fragments, we use our group conscious to
                                 (30 person limit)          receive and see a collective dream, a dream
                                                            which shows what is happening to us socially, in
                                                            the IASD, in our culture, in our world. Meet the
                                                            yet unknown!
Workshop   Lauren Z. Schneider   Tarotpy®& Dreams:          This workshop demonstrates Tarotpy, along with
                                 Healing the Relationship   dream work, as an alchemical tool aimed at
                                 with the Archetypal        revealing the “authentic self” through imagery.
                                 Masculine                  Images can provide a roadmap for transforming
                                                            relationship dynamics and aligning with invisible
                                                            intelligences at work in the personal and
                                                            collective psyche. This presentation focuses in
                                                            particular on healing the relationship to the
                                                            Archetypal Masculine through Tarotpy and dream
Workshop   Nicola Wreford-       Exploring Patterns of      Social Dreaming is a method of sharing dreams
           Howard                Connection with Social     with the purpose of exploring patterns of dream
                                 Dreaming                   images and associations regarding the collective
                                                            social circumstances of groups, teams,
                                                            organizations, communities and society we live
                                                            in. This presentation outlines the art of hosting
                                                            Social Dreaming for social integration &
Workshop   Walter Berry          Merging Metaphors and      What happens when dream images intersect?
                                 Magical Moments            We will draw our dreams and work them and
                                                            merge those drawings into a mosaic that will
                                                            become a new composite dream which speaks
                                                            from multiple angles and multiple voices. We
                                                            then create a unified narrative that we act out
                                                            with dream theatre.
Workshop    Victoria Rabinowe    Dream Group                 Acting as facilitator, never as authority, a dream
                                 Leadership                  group leader is always mindful of the collective
                                                             wisdom that resides in the group. This
                                                             experiential group models a safe space for
                                                             respectful inquiry rather than analytical
                                                             interpretation while establishing techniques,
                                                             safeguards and principles of confidentiality, deep
                                                             listening, curiosity, humility and reverence.
Workshop    Johanna Vedral       Collage Dream Play.         A photocollage is like a dream on paper. Collaged
                                 Experiential Workshop       dream images lead us to dream narratives. In this
                                                             workshop the participants create a photocollage
                                                             and write down their personal dream narratives,
                                                             emerging from the photocollages. In dream
                                                             sharing tandems we focus on responding to the
                                                             core emotions of the dreams.
Workshop    Mark Blagrove and    An Ullman dream             Mark will discuss a dream of an attendee and
            Julia Lockheart      discussion with artwork     artist Julia Lockheart will create a painting of the
                                 produced so as to revisit   dream. Previous works can be seen at
                                 the dream with friends      http://DreamsID.com. An enlarged print of the
                                 and family                  artwork is sent to the dreamer afterwards to aid
                                                             revisiting the dream with friends and family.
Symposium   Sophie Verheij       Jungian tree of life        My dreams have everything to do with my
Part 1                           dreamwork                   mission. Since 2012 I have a mission: To work out
                                                             the 32 paths of the tree of life. Lately I have been
                                                             dreaming a lot and I feel that they are the pieces
                                                             of the puzzle that fit within the 32 paths.
            Monique Dankers      Dream Inquiry with The      A meditative process used to explore stressful
                                 Work of Byron Katie         situations that we experience when we are
                                                             awake. Byron Katie, the founder of The Work, has
                                                             indicated that this inquiry process is also valuable
                                                             to get dream situations clear. This is a report of
                                                             my experiences facilitating clients and myself.
            Katarzyna Kaminska   A Small Group as a          The application of Bion's concept of "container"
                                 Container for the Deep      to the small group dreamwork. The containing
                                 Dreamwork                   role of maternal reverie is indispensable for the
                                                             development of the individual. Can the small
                                                             group function as a container for unconscious
                                                             elements of participants and promote the growth
                                                             of their personalities?
Symposium   Ghazaal Bozorgmehr   Dreaming a better           A group five educators started a pilot project for
Part 2      & Sahar Mousavi      future: Working with        educating Afghan working children in bazaar area
                                 Aghan Migrant Children      of Tehran. During this project all five began to
                                 in Tehran                   share dreams about the project. Dreams have
                                                             helped us to face and overcome the challenges.
            Marta Aarli          Interconnected              Combining the dreams of five members of a
                                 Dreaming: Revealing the     treatment team - one client and four
                                 Unconscious Through         psychotherapists - over a five-year period, Marta
                                 the Combined Dreams         weaves their dreams and waking life experiences
                                 of a Therapeutic Team       together, to create new insights that inform the
                                                             clinical treatment and deepen the mutual
                                                             recovery of all the team members.
Workshop     Robert P Gongloff       Resolving Personal       By focusing on the dream as story, participants will
                                     Conflict through         learn how to identify the themes of their dreams
                                     “Theme” Work             and how to relate those themes to waking life
                                                              issues and conflicts along with a method for ways
                                                              to take positive action to help resolve those issues.
Workshop     Fred C Olsen            My Journey to Develop    I describe the evolution of the INNER IMAGE
                                     INNER IMAGE HEALING      HEALING method inspired in 1973 by Carl Jung’s
                                     as a Tool for Personal   quote: “The Inner Image is a complex function
                                     and Collective           made of many functions that represent the state
                                     Transformation           of the psyche?” and developed using the
                                                              principles of ‘active imagination,’ the
                                                              ‘transcendent function’ personal research.
Symposium    David Billington        From Dream to Reality:   Each presenter will introduce ways they have used
             (Chair), Debra          Inquiries into           dreams and dreamwork in structured
             Deaville, Judy          Dreamwork in Creative,   methodologies for their research and/or creative
             Pascoe, Nigel           Research, and Clinical   work. Billington and Hamilton will describe the
             Hamilton                Processes                influence of dreamwork on therapeutic outcomes.
                                                              Deaville and Pascoe will describe their individual
                                                              dream-led creative inquiries.
Symposium    Leslie Ellis            Navigating the           An exploration of questions without answers: Do
                                     Dreamwork Divide:        dreams represent aspects of our personal waking
                                     Unique experience or     lives that can be mined for meaning? Or, are they
                                     waking-life              an experience unto themselves, to be appreciated
                                     commentary?              but not owned, as one appreciates nature or art?
                                                              Maybe both, Is something lost if we compromise?
             Luigi Giovanni          Contents of dreams in    The present study investigates the relationship
             Manfredi                Parkinson’s disease      between Parkinson's disease, REM sleep behavior
                                                              disorder and contents of dreams in a population
                                                              aged 50-90 years. Secondly, gender differences
                                                              and the continuity hypothesis have been studied.

Workshop    Mies Bartholomeus        How Kinesiology can be   How can you guide people in knowing and
                                     a great help in          interpreting their dreams with the aid of
                                     recognizing and          kinesiology, the muscle test? Even if
                                     interpreting your        people/children can’t give words to their polite
                                     dreams                   dream, there is the possibility of making the
                                                              dream clear with the aid of the muscle test.
Panel        Martha Taylor; Angel    Empowering Children      How can we empower children through
             Morgan; Jayne           through Dreams           dreamwork, lucidity, and sharing dreams? This
             Gackenbach; Clare                                panel explores nightmare solutions, divine
             Johnson (Chair); Kate                            dreams, the impact of digital technology, rite- of-
             Adams; Jean                                      passage dreams, how to teach dreams in the
             Campbell                                         classroom, and the power of children's dreams to
                                                              create a peaceful world. Join the lively discussion!
Symposium       Kathryn Belicki     Understanding Dreams        Preliminary evidence suggests that dreams of the
                                    of the Deceased             deceased are common, yet little is known about
                                                                them. This presentation will summarize the results
                                                                of four studies of bereaved individuals who rated
                                                                and/or described dreams of the deceased, and
                                                                completed measures of traumatic grief,
                                                                attachment security, and continuing bonds.
                Ann Bengtsson       Heart operation, dream      From personal experience I suggest that a heart
                                    symbols and                 valve insufficiency can be detected through
                                    transformation.             dreams and that the dreams change character
                                                                after an operation. Besides psychological and
                                                                spiritual transformation can happen as a result of
                                                                the operation. A short medical overview will help
                                                                illustrate the symbolic relationship to the dreams.
                Art Funkhouser      NDEs and Dreaming           An on-line 10 question questionnaire has been
                                                                gathering data concerning the effects of near-
                                                                death experiences on dreaming. The results will
                                                                be reported.

Special    Fariba Bogzaran          On the Fringe of Lucidity   Opening to dreams from the place of not knowing,
Event                               and Epistemic               unexpected arises. This multimedia performance is
                                    Uncertainty                 an unfolding of several thematic dreams over
                                                                fifteen years and how creative action brought new
                                                                genre in art, inspired art-based research,
                                                                connected to social issues and brought healing
                                                                and personal transformation.
Special         Georjean Machulis   Visions from The Dream      45 Minute Art Presentation of: “Gift Of A Dream”
Creative Film                       World                       along with a Machulis introduction and a dialog
Event                                                           with participants. Includes 2 dream videos: Myriad
                                                                experiences, colors, images, verbal descriptions
                                                                from the realm of dreams “Visions from The
                                                                Dream World” “Premonition, Prophecy &
                                                                (foretelling and visitation dreams surrounding the
                                                                death of my daughter).
                Peter Maich         The Real Fountain of        A short film shot in Malaga, Spain discussing some
                Milo Alexander-     Youth                       elements of the lucid world based on the
                Travers                                         experiences of Peter Maich. Supporting dialogue
                                                                by Peter and Milo, impressions from the film
                                                                maker on his choices for inclusion and Q/A by
                                                                Peter for audience involvement.
Special         Misa Tsuruta        Try Dancing Your            In this special event, participants are invited to
Event                               Dream!                      dance/move in relation to their dreams (or just to
                                    (20 person limit)           dance and move!). A few musical pieces will be
                                                                provided and each can pick one to which they
                                                                dance to. No prior dancing experience is required.
Workshop   Keith Himebaugh          Mythic Drawing: Into       An immersive two-hour Mythic Drawing
                                    the Lion's Den             workshop. Delve into the soul of an artist with a
                                    (12 person limit)          live drawing demo, enhanced with animation.
                                                               Learn the key principles of Mythic Drawing and
                                                               use them to navigate your inner world and create
                                                               rich dream art
Workshop   Victoria Rabinowe        Poetry of the Soul:        Fill your dream journal with a variety of
                                    Conversations with         techniques to develop a DreamWriting practice.
                                    Psyche                     Dream images reveal complex messages as you
                                                               explore metaphors, symbols, paradoxes from
                                                               shifting perspectives, Provocative prompts will
                                                               guide you to write with passionate insight and
                                                               deeper understanding of your inner mysteries.
Workshop   Asha Sahni               Dream Haiku                Dreams invite writing, whether it be writing about
                                                               the dream itself or inspired by the dream. We will
                                                               explore dreams through the writing of haiku, a
                                                               short Japanese poetic form which can capture the
                                                               essence of a moment, an image, a dream….
Workshop   Ann Bengtsson            Mandala drawing            For thousands of years the Mandala has been used
                                    technique as a method      in different cultures to focus awareness. Jung used
                                    of understanding dream     the Mandala drawing technique to come closer to
                                    symbols                    the Self showing itself. This workshop gives you a
                                    (20 person limit)          method of revealing the meaning of your most
                                                               energy-laden dream symbols in a creative way.
Workshop   Harald De Bondt          Dreams and poetry in       Dream stories and poems have a similar affinity
                                    symbiosis through          with symbols and metaphors. I combined texts
                                    interactive storytelling   from both in an interactive story. The interactive
                                                               talk will elaborate on the creative process, invite
                                                               the audience to experiment with the medium and
                                                               conclude with a small performance.
Workshop   Loren Goodman            The Poem in the Palm of    Approaching dreams as a rich source for literary
                                    the Dream                  artistic production, this writing and teaching
                                                               workshop is designed to put into practice a variety
                                                               of theories and techniques for rendering dream
                                                               material into poetry.
Workshop   Mika Hadar-              Poetry workshop and        A poetry workshop to allow reflections on sub-
           Borthwick                dream symbols              conscious symbols
                                    (20 person limit)
Panel      Svitlana Kobets, Kelly   Visionary Dreams in Art,   This panel focuses on the visionary dreams of
           Bulkeley, Bernard        Religion, and History      three mystics and artists, from different historical
           Welt                                                periods. Each presentation focuses on a particular
                                                               individual with dream experiences that generated
                                                               new creative energy and spiritual insight, although
                                                               their communities reacted in quite different ways
                                                               to their visions.
Panel      Jayne Gackenbach         Science and Art: How       This panel, comprising both scientists and scholars
           (Chair), Fariba          Does Art Inform Dream      of art and the humanities, considers how dream
           Bogzaran, Bernard        Science and Dream          science has influenced the arts—and vice-versa.
           Welt, Kelly Bulkeley     Science Inform Art?        Both quantitative and qualitative methods of
                                                               study are applied; examples come from literature,
                                                               film, theatre, and visual art.
Panel       The names of 4            Dream Art Panel             Five Exhibition artists explain their creative
            artists plus Kim                                      process and how it is related to Dreams and
            Vergil will be                                        Dreaming. Each artist deep dives using visual
            submitted after the                                   presentations of their works and telling their
            final selection for the                               stories. Conference attendees who see the
            Dream Art                                             artwork get an in depth understanding of the
            Exhibition.                                           Dream Art explained by the artist themselves.
Symposium   Walter Berry (Chair),     The Artful Dodge of         A visual feast about the relationship of dreams and
            Kim Vergil, Willem        Dream Images: How           art. Dream drawings that reveal the unconscious,
            Fermont, Keith            dreams contain artful       an animated movie trailer of dream images from
            Himebaugh                 meanings in their           an animator’s dreams, amazing art works that
                                      metaphoric images.          influence dreams, and art that stimulates a
                                                                  conversation with our dreams will be shown and
                                                                  discussed. Don’t miss this!

Special     David Low            Mystical Objects in          IASD presenter and boomerang hobbyist David Low
Event                            DreamTime: Hike and          will demonstrate short and medium range throws in a
                                 Twilight/Gloaming            nearby field, and offer basic instructions to scattered
                                 Boomerang Throw              groups of three or four dreamers each. “Lite”
                                                              boomerangs suitable for inexperienced throwers will
                                                              utilized, and sold cheaply afterwards! Bring eyewear
                                                              and garden gloves for catching.
Special     Curtiss Hoffman      Dreaming A Web of            The Stone Beings, the most ancient ancestors, call to
event       (Chair),             Stone: Indigenous            us through dreams. If we are receptive to their call, we
            Rolf Cachat-         Stone Monuments of           can become more attuned to earth energy, and we are
            Schilling (via       the Eastern Seaboard of      also motivated to preserve these monuments. This can
            Skype)               the U.S. and Canada          be accomplished through a combination of scientific
                                                              inquiry and indigenous traditional knowledge.
Workshop    Jeanne M.            How Sleep State and          There is limited research on the societal and justice
            Anastasi, Marc       Dreaming Impact              perspectives of those generally more aware of their
            Hanlan               Perceptions of Empathy       dreams and sleep-state than the general population.
                                 and Societal Justice in      Attendees will share perspectives on empathy, societal
                                 the Real World               justice, and fairness. Their stories-insights may offer a
                                                              unique perspective on local and global challenges and
Symposium   Arnoud Sisselaar     How to turn your dream       An attempt is made to turn two modern dreams – one
                                 into a tragedy.              of a former colleague of the speaker and one of his
                                                              own – into literature according to ancient Greek
                                                              guidelines for an intended audience; thus to
                                                              contribute to a modern understanding of dreams.
            Yong Lu              Demonic Dreaming             This proposal introduces the limited scholarly research
                                                              heretofore on demonic dreams, which have been
                                                              theoretically interpreted as resulting from dreamers’
                                                              physical reactions, belief in “devil spirits”, daily
                                                              residue, will fuilfilment, inferiority complex, or culture-
                                                              related factors. Still, little progress has been made in
                                                              establishing an explanation with regard to its cause.
Symposium    Lilith Apostel     Death is Sleep:           In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, dreaming was
                                Instances of a            employed for predictions about the afterlife.
                                Conceptual Metaphor in    Corresponding notions were based on a metaphorical
                                Ancient Egypt and         equation of sleep and death, which resulted in the
                                Mesopotamia               idea that dream state and netherworld were
                                                          connected and in the incorporation of concepts of the
                                                          solar cycle into such beliefs.
             Lydia Nakashima    Memorable Dreams and      I will present the findings of an ethnographic research
             Degarrod           the Emotional             project on memorable dreams that I conducted from
                                Landscape of Cities       2013-2019 among contemporary residents of the San
                                                          Francisco Bay Area and analyze their role in the
                                                          recreation of the emotional landscape of cities.
             Misa Tsuruta       Two Giant Dreamers in     Two individuals who were prominent dreamers in
                                Japan: Myoe and           Japanese history are Myoe and Kumagusu. They lived
                                Kumagusu.                 in different times, but they shared common threads
                                                          such as dream journaling, influence by Kegon School of
                                                          Buddhism, and seeming belief in parapsychological

Symposium    Geoff Nelson,       Bringing Dreamwork        Offering dream education to Institutions (academic,
             Laurel Clark,       into Institutions         religious, medical, corporate) can boost morale,
             Sheila Benjamin,                              mental and emotional wellbeing, and improve
             Jaclyn Brown                                  employee performance, productivity and motivation.
                                                           How can we approach institutions to show them the
                                                           benefits of providing dream education and dream
                                                           work for their staff and the people they serve?

Film Event Clare Johnson        Lucid Film & Lucid       “Painting Doors: The Art of Lucid Dreaming” is a
                                Dreaming Discussion      wonderful special effects lucid dreaming documentary
                                                         that skillfully recreates the magic of lucid dreaming to
                                                         create a tense, exciting story. Featuring interviews with
                                                         international lucid dream experts, it’s followed by lively
                                                         discussion: overcoming fears, interactions with dream
                                                         figures, tips, healing, creativity.
Workshop     David Cielak       Dreams and               Seth's view that time is simultaneous and that we create
                                Simultaneous Time;       waking reality via the Dream State is provoking and an
                                Seth's View and the      expansion of Dream Theory. This presentation will
                                Benefits for Dreamers    provide a view of the pathway to understanding time
                                                         and how to use the dream state practically. Participants
                                                         in the workshop are welcome to share their dreams,
                                                         especially where there is a pre-cognitive element they
                                                         have noticed.
Workshop     Virginia G.        Das Grenzgebiet: The     This workshop explores the “Grenzgebiet” or border
             Bennett            Borderland               area between the waking and dreaming mind through a
                                (40 person limit)        process of free association and deep listening. In dyads,
                                                         people can experience both the reverie state of being
                                                         “waking” dreamers and also being listeners
                                                         simultaneously attentive to another’s “dream” and their
                                                         own internal stimuli.
Presentation   Paul Kalas        New evidence for precognitive     We present new evidence that a small fraction of
                                 dreams                            dreams are precognitive experiences. We discuss
                                                                   the possible correlates in physics and
                                                                   neuroscience, assess the evolutionary purpose,
                                                                   comment on the significance for the individual,
                                                                   and describe future research directions.
Presentation   Robert            How Lucid Dreaming Provides       Lucid dreaming allows for consciously
               Waggoner          Evidence for Jung's Second        experimenting and exploring in the dream state.
                                 Psychic System                    Many lucid dreamers report engaging a
                                                                   responsive separate awareness, when ignoring
                                                                   the dream figures and asking questions within the
                                                                   lucid dream. Jung proposed we may have an
                                                                   inner 'second psychic system'. Does lucid
                                                                   dreaming provide the evidence?
Symposium      Carlyle Smith,    Heads-Up Health Dreams: A         Examples of “heads-up” or precognitive health
               Donna-Marie       Scientific Exploration of         dreams collected from the practice files of a
               Newfield          Precognitive Health Dreams        medical intuitive, (dreams clearly helpful to the
                                                                   patients), will be presented. A possible scientific
                                                                   explanation will follow. It will incorporate recent
                                                                   developments in biology and physics, including
                                                                   DNA biophotons torsion fields and energy fields.
Symposium      Robert            The personal & therapeutic        Robert Waggoner. Lucid Dreams and the
               Waggoner          significance of moving and        Significance of Space
               (Chair),          interacting within the space of   Nigel Hamilton. The significance of directional
               Nigel Hamilton.   a lucid dream                     movements in Lucid dreaming,
Symposium      Barbara Koning    The holographic model of          In this presentation first some basic features of
                                 memory and the synchronistic      the holographic model for cognition and memory
                                 and transpersonal dimensions      are being outlined. It then will be explored in
                                 of dreaming                       what ways the model can contribute to our
                                                                   understanding of intrapsychic as well as
                                                                   transpersonal, synchronistic and psi dimensions
                                                                   of the dreaming awareness.
               Kimberly R.       Extraordinary Announcing          This presentation will explain the phenomenon
               Mascaro           Dreams                            known as an announcing dream, highlight the
                                                                   most extraordinary announcing dreams collected
                                                                   by the author, and examine these powerful
                                                                   dreams in light of the continuity hypothesis and
                                                                   extraordinary dream theories.
               Tony Hawkins      The Song of Songs at the          Psi dreams and creative synchronicities have
                                 Improbable Temple of Magic        trained me in natural super intelligence (‘God’,
                                                                   ‘Spirit’, ‘the Unconscious’) throughout fifty years.
                                                                   The drive to develop artificial super intelligence,
                                                                   currently based on conscious reason and science,
                                                                   needs to embrace and apply natural super
                                                                   intelligence if human beings are to thrive.
Workshop     Kiran Anumalasetty    Reincarnation Dreams      Reincarnation dreams help the dreamer to cross
                                   and Evolution of Soul     the boundaries of mind and time to glimpse one's
                                                             eternal nature. The workshop presents a
                                                             therapeutic method to explore the meaning of the
                                                             dream and lessons for this life time. Three stages
                                                             of method will be discussed. A practical session
                                                             will be conducted.
Workshop     Matt Thomas           Anima and animus          This presentation will focus on the role of anima
                                   dreams as predictors of   and animus dreams in previewing changes in mid-
                                   mid-life re-orientation   life. The presenter will draw on Jungian and post-
                                                             Jungian thinkers as well as his own dream journal
                                                             and life history. Participants will be encouraged to
                                                             share their own dreams and stories around the
Workshop     Linda Yael Schiller   Dreaming Our Way Back     Our dreams take us on journeys to both our
                                   Home: A Psycho-           psyche and our spirit. By utilizing an integrated
                                   Spiritual Approach to     mind/body approach to dreamwork, we can
                                   Dreamwork                 engage with multiple layers of our dreams and use
                                                             their wisdom to journey home to our highest and
                                                             best selves.
Symposium:   Dr Iain R. Edgar      Osama bin Laden’s night   Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda founder and leader, is
Cosmic,                            dream interpretive        known to have related to both his own and his
Divine and                         practices and worldview   followers night dreams as potential sources of
Initiatory                                                   divine revelation and guidance within the Islamic
                                                             dream theory and related interpretive practices.
                                                             This paper assembles and analyses his reported
                                                             dreams and interpretive practices.
             Lou Hagood            Dream Play with the       Ever since being introduced to shamanic-dream-
                                   Divine                    incubation questions at an IASD annual
                                                             conference, it has been my primary spiritual
                                                             practice. After reading A Course in Miracles I have
                                                             added waking questions and getting responses in
                                                             dream play with the Divine.
             Stephen Potthoff      Dreaming Cosmic           Intended for all audiences, this presentation will
                                   Rebirth: Trees as         examine a selection of ancient and modern
                                   Symbols of                otherworld visions featuring sacred trees as
                                   Regeneration in Ancient   symbols of hope, healing, compassion and
                                   and Modern Otherworld     regeneration.
             Sonia Lyra            Initiatory Dreams         The book O Elixir Vermelho (LYRA, 1999) present a
                                                             series of dreams which includes initiatory dreams
                                                             that herald a new psychic/spiritual evolutionary
                                                             stage of consciousness. These are rare dreams and
                                                             are not yet included in the Jungian classification of
                                                             dreams, which makes this presentation
Symposium     Jonas Mathes,          Dreams, nightmares and     This symposium begins with critical elements that
              Michael Schredl,       how they may be            turn dreams into nightmares and continues with
              Carolin Schmid,        treated with imagery-      data on the impact of nightmares in a longitudinal
              Annika Gieselmann,     based interventions        study. Thereafter, data of two randomized
              Reinhard Pietrowsky,                              controlled trials are presented that addressed
              (joint moderation),                               imagery-based nightmare treatment. The session
                                                                closes with a pilot on the impact of positive
Symposium:    Josie Malinowski       Thought suppression,       The presentation will present the results from a
Affect Load                          psychological well-        study investigating whether thought suppression
and                                  being, and nightmare       moderates the relationship between low levels of
Nightmare                            frequency/distress         psychological well-being and nightmares
Distress                                                        frequency and distress.
              Eugénie Samson-        Predicting the Affective   This online prospective study investigated a range
              Daoust                 Tone of Everyday           of predictors of the affective tone of everyday
                                     Dreams: A Prospective      dreams, including from daily measures of
                                     Online Study               perceived stress and emotions as well as measures
                                                                of personality and past trauma history.
              Louis-Philippe         Partially distinct brain   Nightmare distress (NMD) and retrospective
              Marquis                correlates for nightmare   disturbed dreaming frequency (retroDD) were
                                     distress and disturbed     negatively related to brain activity in frontal areas.
                                     dreaming frequency         When controlling for retroDD, NMD was
                                                                correlated with activity in right-hemisphere
                                                                regions; when controlling for NMD, retroDD was
                                                                correlated with activity in left-hemisphere regions.
                                                                This pattern of lateralization may have theoretical
Symposium:    Katja Valli & Monica   Posttraumatic              We investigated posttraumatic symptoms and
Dreaming in   Bergman                symptoms and dream         dream content in Polish Auschwitz concentration
Auschwitz                            content in Auschwitz       camp survivors. Data were collected in 1973 with
                                     concentration camp         open-ended questionnaire. Specific posttraumatic
                                     survivors                  symptoms were reported by over 90% of
                                                                participants, and their retrospectively recalled
                                                                dreams were emotionally negative, involving
                                                                realistic, severe and aggressive threatening
              Wojciech Owczarski     Dreaming in Auschwitz:     In this presentation I will summarize the final
                                     An interdisciplinary       results of the research on Auschwitz survivors’
                                     approach                   dream reports, conducted by my team from an
                                                                interdisciplinary perspective. I will try to
                                                                demonstrate how this research can contribute to
                                                                the development of dream studies, and how it
                                                                challenges some one-sided approaches.
Symposium:   Tadas Stumbrys         Dispelling the shadows    Lucid dreams are generally very positive
Lucid                               of the lucid night: A     experiences and it is little known whether they
Dreaming                            survey of possible        have any detrimental effects. A survey was
                                    negative effects of lucid conducted among a large pool of lucid dreamers
                                    dreaming                  to explore some possible negative effects of lucid
                                                              dreaming. Its findings will be presented and
             Kristoffer Appel       Communication with        I will summarize the current state of the art of
                                    lucid dreamers            how messages can be exchanged with lucid
                                                              dreamers, using technologies such as
                                                              electrooculography (EOG) or electromyography
                                                              (EMG) or electroencephalography (EEG). I will also
                                                              present the latest findings from my own research
                                                              on the topic.
             Karen Konkoly          Testing levels of control In this study, aim to test and enhance dream
                                    in laboratory induced     control within laboratory-induced lucid dreams.
                                    lucid dreams              We modify our recently developed lucid dream
                                                              induction procedure to encourage participants to
                                                              associate cues with both critical awareness and
                                                              cognitive control. We then cue participants during
                                                              REM sleep, and assess control with a fist-clenching
             Lana Sackwild          An Exploration of the     Analyze and distinguish the transformative healing
                                    Healing and               effects taking place within a lucid dream that
                                    Transformative Powers     enables an oneironaut to reconcile and ultimately
                                    of Lucid Dreaming for     eradicate depression. I will explore the positive,
                                    Overcoming Depression negative, physical, mental, spiritual, and
                                                              transpersonal dynamics surrounding the
                                                              relationship between lucid dreaming and
                                                              overcoming depression.
Symposium:   Katja Valli            Threat simulation in      To test the Threat simulation theory (TST), we
Threat and                          early and late night      analysed threatening events in early and late night
Social                              NREM and REM sleep        NREM and REM dream reports (N = 232). Our
Simulation                          dreams                    results support the prediction of TST that threats
                                                              are simulated across the night and in all sleep
             Richard Schweickert,   Aggression, Friendliness, We describe systematic appearances and
             Xiaofang Zheng         Sexual, and               interactions of people in dreams of an adolescent
                                    Cooccurrence Networks girl. Using the Hall Van De Castle coding system,
                                    In Dreams of an           we constructed social networks for characters
                                    Adolescent Girl           appearing together in dreams, and for their
                                                              aggressive, friendly and sexual interactions.
                                                              Systematic properties are manifest in the dream
                                                              social networks.
Symposium:   Mark Blagrove    Effects of dream and      This experiment addresses the effect of dream
Sharing                       event discussions on      discussions on state empathy. It hypothesises that
Dreams                        state empathy             individuals with whom dreams are shared and
                                                        discussed have increased empathy towards the
                                                        dream-sharer, in comparison to event-sharing or
                                                        dream recording without discussion.
             Chris Edwards    “Process analysis of      The presentation will describe a process analysis of
                              insight generation        the generation of insight within group discussions
                              within REM dream, N2      of REM dream, N2 dream and daydream
                              dream and daydream        discussions which followed Ullman's dream
                              discussions".             appreciation procedure.
             Rose Redding     Social Dream-Drawing:     Social Dream Drawing (SDD) is a facilitated group
             Mersky           Supporting those coping   methodology, in which participants going through
                              with big life changes     major life transitions offer free associations and
                                                        amplifications to the drawings of one another’s
                                                        dreams. Group reflection following the associative
                                                        experience leads to deeper insight.
Symposium: Michael Schredl    Who keeps a dream         Long-term dream journals are a very unique
Continuity                    journal? Socio-           resource for dream researchers. This is the first
and                           demographic and           empirical study to look into socio-demographic and
Discontinuity                 personality factors       personality factors that might be related with
                                                        recording dreams regularly.
             Xiaofang Zheng   Automatic Content         We tested consistencies between waking life and
                              analysis of Dreams:       dream in terms of gender differences, aging, and
                              Evidence for the          differences between the sighted and the blind with
                              Continuity Hypothesis     words’ frequencies from Linguistic Inquiry and
                                                        Word Count. Our study provides a stringent
                                                        methodology for studying dream reports. We find
                                                        evidence for continuity, and regularity in dreams.
             Willem Fermont   A new approach for the    The continuity hypothesis does not account for
                              comparison between        discontinuities in dreams. Furthermore,
                              dream content and daily   correlations between dreams and daily life are
                              life experiences          weak. Direct associations between dreams and
                                                        daily life experiences, provides additional insight in
                                                        the complexity of dreams. Time-separated daily life
                                                        experiences are mixed up in dreams and produce
                                                        entirely new creative imagery.
Symposium:     Jayne Gackenbach   Emerging Implications      A recent study on the use of virtual reality (VR)
Memory                            of Virtual Reality Video   technology on subsequent nighttime dreams
Reactivation                      Game Play on Dreams        compared the dreams of those who experienced VR
& VR                                                         versus those who did not. The game appeared
                                                             more in the dreams of those who played it in VR
                                                             and their dreams were higher in control.
               Anthony Bloxham    Reactivating and           This talk presents a Targeted Memory Reactivation
                                  Consolidating Memories     (TMR) experiment, which employs a novel
                                  in Sleep and Dreams        procedural memory Virtual Reality (VR) learning
                                                             task in 50 participants, with aims to investigate the
                                                             effects of external memory cueing on both
                                                             subsequent memory performance and dream
                                                             content related to the task, and relationships
                                                             between these variables.
               Claudia Picard-    Kinesthetic dreams and     Memory replays during sleep can be triggered by
               Deland             cued reactivation:         replaying an auditory stimulus associated with prior
                                  investigating memory       learning. This study assessed whether targeted
                                  replays of a VR flying     memory reactivation in different stages of sleep
                                  task                       influences procedural learning of a virtual reality
                                                             flying task and whether it is associated with
                                                             changes in dream content.
Symposium: Michael Schredl        Who keeps a dream          Long-term dream journals are a very unique
Continuity                        journal? Socio-            resource for dream researchers. This is the first
and                               demographic and            empirical study to look into socio-demographic and
Discontinuity                     personality factors        personality factors that might be related with
                                                             recording dreams regularly.
               Xiaofang Zheng     Automatic Content          We tested consistencies between waking life and
                                  analysis of Dreams:        dream in terms of gender differences, aging, and
                                  Evidence for the           differences between the sighted and the blind with
                                  Continuity Hypothesis      words’ frequencies from Linguistic Inquiry and
                                                             Word Count. Our study provides a stringent
                                                             methodology for studying dream reports. We find
                                                             evidence for continuity, and regularity in dreams.
               Willem Fermont     A new approach for the     The continuity hypothesis does not account for
                                  comparison between         discontinuities in dreams. Furthermore,
                                  dream content and daily    correlations between dreams and daily life are
                                  life experiences           weak. Direct associations between dreams and
                                                             daily life experiences, provides additional insight in
                                                             the complexity of dreams. Time-separated daily life
                                                             experiences are mixed up in dreams and produce
                                                             entirely new creative imagery.
Symposium      Remington Mallett   Flicker: a device for        During a lucid dream, the dreamer can control
                                   triggering audio from        their physical eyes by performing directed eye
                                   within a lucid dream         movements as the dreamer. We built a device to
                                                                be worn during sleep that monitors for intentional
                                                                horizontal saccades (i.e., “flicks”). Upon flick
                                                                detection, the device plays audio back to the
                                                                dreamer via bone conduction
               Adam Horowitz       Dormio: Automated            We present a pilot validation study (n=12) on
                                   Serial Incubation of         Dormio, a new sensor technology and novel
                                   Hypnagogic Dreams            methodology for incubation of hypnagogic dreams
                                                                is a wearable, mobile sensor using heart, skin and
                                                                muscle sensing to direct dreams present in early
               Simon Kern           iBand+: A novel             A wearable EEG-based sleep tracking device for
                                   wearable EEG sleep           sleep stage monitoring and personal sleep
                                   tracking headband            quantification. Using a single-channel frontal EEG
                                                                and an accelerometer we can accurately
                                                                determine the sleep stage. One aim of the device
                                                                is to facilitate lucid dream induction via light or
                                                                auditory stimulation.

Poster       Mark Blagrove         Experiencing in dreams       We describe two examples of complex social
Presentation                       the perspective and          cognition in dreams, in which the self-character
                                   emotions of individuals      experiences the perspective and emotions of
                                   empathised with in           individuals towards whom the dreamer has
                                   waking life                  shown empathy in waking life. We term this
                                                                the empathy dream.
Poster         Ceri Bradshaw       Comparing at-home            Prior research suggests cannabis use may be
Presentation                       sleep and dream report       associated with decreased REM sleep duration and
                                   measures in cannabis         anecdotal reports suggest use may also impact
                                   users and non-users          dream recall. This study aimed to collect dream
                                                                reports in cannabis users and non-users through
                                                                multiple awakenings across two nights of sleep,
                                                                recorded by portable PSG at-home.
Poster         Michelle Carr       Frontal brain activity and   We recruited 27 frequent nightmare sufferers and
Presentation                       subjective arousal during    18 control subjects to the laboratory and assessed
                                   emotional image viewing      subjective emotional arousal during a negative
                                   in nightmare sufferers       and positive picture-viewing task while measuring
                                                                changes in frontal cortical blood flow as recorded
                                                                by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS).
Poster         Chris Edwards       Pre-sleep cognitive          We present an attempt to induce lucid dreaming
Presentation                       training and REM-sleep       during laboratory naps, using pre-sleep critical
                                   stimulation in a morning     awareness thinking and audio-visual cueing during
                                   lab nap to induce lucid      REM sleep. 54% of cued participants became lucid
                                   dreams                       and were able to signal lucidity with eye
                                                                movements. These were Signal-Verified Lucid
                                                                Dreams. 17% of control participants had Signal-
                                                                Verified Lucid Dreams.
Poster         Elena Gerhardt,     The Student Initiative    As a student initiative we are doing research in an
Presentation   Simone Anthes       Sleep & Dream: How we     autonomous manner. We have successfully
                                   do Sleep & Dream          replicated a study concerned with an induction
                                   Research in an            technique of lucid dreams. Additionally we are
                                   Autonomous Manner         collaborating with other sleep scientists to do
                                                             further research as well as we are writing sleep
                                                             and dream related articles.
Poster         Karen Konkoly       Two-Way                   We report a novel approach to investigating
Presentation                       Communication Between     dreaming. We show that individuals in the midst
                                   Dreamers and              of a dream can perceive questions from outside
                                   Experimenters             that are presented by an experimenter, and that
                                                             the dreamer can answer such questions by
                                                             emitting eye-movement signals to the
Poster         Remington Mallett   Probing the               To better gauge the characteristics of dreams that
Presentation                       phenomenology if semi-    include “middle” levels of lucidity, we asked
                                   lucid dreams during       participants to describe in detail their reason for
                                   home induction attempts   such responses during a field induction study. We
                                                             present induction rates while focusing on the
                                                             detailed reports of semi-lucid dreams.
Poster         Alina Musiol        A Comparative study on    The study investigated a transcendent dream
Presentation                       mindsets towards          source which should be found in the Islamic
                                   dreams in Western and     culture, and an internal dream source, regarding
                                   Islamic cultures          the Western culture. Therefore, the study (N =
                                                             512) examined a German and Tunisian sample.
                                                             The findings showed that there are significant
                                                             culture-based differences regarding the attitudes
                                                             toward dreams.
Poster         Patricia Precin     Techniques for using      Lucid dreaming is currently being used as a
Presentation                       Lucid Dreaming in         therapeutic tool for an array of psychosocial
                                   Physical Rehabilitation   issues, yet its use in physical rehabilitation is not
                                                             well documented. This poster will present lucid
                                                             dreaming techniques that promote physical
                                                             healing during physical rehabilitation and their
                                                             neurological components.
Poster         Ashmin Singh        Dreaming and Emotion:     In many cultures, dreams have been (and still are)
Presentation                       The Neurophysiological    attributed to ancestral influences. Dreams have
                                   correlates of emotion     been adorned in a veil of the mysterious, albeit,
                                   during dreams             what has hitherto been unquestioned is the role
                                                             that dreams have in peoples’ lives. A point of
                                                             concurrence between the elders, who claim
                                                             ancestral influences, and, neuroscientists, is that
                                                             dreams are functional.
Symposium:     Joseph De Koninck   Proposal of a pyramid of   In the context of studies of the origin and function
The Function                       layers of dream            of dreams, a pyramid of layers of factors that
& Meaning                          construction and a         modulates the construction of dreams is proposed
of Dreaming                        typology of dream          followed by a typology that distinguishes between
                                   function theories          types of dream function theories depending on
                                                              their reliance on waking consciousness to achieve
                                                              their goals.
               Joshua Eichler-     A Suggestion for a New     Combining in-therapy experience and the latest
               Summers             Interpretation of          neurological studies, a new interpretation of
                                   Dreams: The Theory of      dreams is suggested where the focus is on the
                                   Maladaptive Belief         dreamer’s feelings and behaviour, rather than the
                                   Awareness                  events taking place in the dream. Joshua explains
                                                              how this method highlights misplaced
                                                              interpersonal anxieties (maladaptive beliefs) and
                                                              the resulting therapeutic value.
               Sue Llewellyn       REM Dreaming: The          Experimental evidence shows non-obvious
                                   Evolutionary Backstory?    associations occur more readily in REM
                                                              sleep/dreams than in wakefulness or NREM sleep.
                                                              I argue these remote associations identify non-
                                                              obvious patterns in events. But is there an
                                                              evolutionary backstory to REM dreaming- as
                                                              complex, visual patterns in past experience? I
                                                              think it’s: “To ensure survival”.
Symposium:     David Kahn          Are there Benefits to      The potential benefit of dream content comes
Dreaming vs                        Dream Content?             from continuity between wake and dream
Wake                                                          reactions and the introduction of new scenarios
                                                              through dreaming.
               Melanie G. Rosen    Controlling my dream       Despite the important role our experience of
                                   body: the experience of    agency and control over our movements plays in
                                   agency in sleep            our conscious lives, relatively little is known about
                                                              how this experience changes between waking and
                                                              sleep states. I analyse the sense of agency in
                                                              dreams and evaluate the implications for our
                                                              understanding of dream phenomenology.
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