2019 Summer Guide - Western University

2019 Summer Guide - Western University

2019 Summer Guide - Western University
Table of Contents                                                                           A Guide to Your
Program Planning/Counselling.............................................2                  University Program
      Academic Counselling................................................3
      Workload.........................................................................4    1) APPLY FOR ADMISSION
      Applying to Graduate..................................................4                  if you are not currently a Western student.............16
Distance Studies.......................................................................5
                                                                                            2) YOUR UNIVERSITY PROGRAM
Student Central.........................................................................7
                                                                                                a) Admission...........................................................2, 16
Services for Students..............................................................8
Student Experience.................................................................9          b) Program Planning................................................... 2
     Western Email Address...............................................9                  		 Academic Counselling.......................................... 3
Western Continuing Studies................................................10                    c) Distance Studies..................................................... 5
Student Financial Services....................................................11                d) Student Central........................................................7
     Tuition Fees...................................................................11
                                                                                                e) Student Services..................................................... 8
     Government Assistance Programs........................12
     Withdrawals/Refunds.................................................12                     f)   Course Registration..............................................14
     Bursaries/Work Study ...............................................12
                                                                                                g) Financial Aid and Tuition..................................... 11
Course Registration ..............................................................14
                                                                                                h) Dropping Courses.................................................15
     Web Registration Instructions..................................14
     Accessing Student Center Instructions.................14                                   i)   Examinations..........................................................15
     Creating a Timetable.................................................14
                                                                                                j)   Graduation............................................................... 4
Dropping Courses..................................................................15
Part-Time Admission..............................................................16             Important                                         SEE PAGE
Timetable Information.......................................................... .17             Summer Dates                                           43
     Distance Studies Course Timetable......................18
     Summer Evening Course Timetable..................... 20
     Intersession Course Timetable.............................. 23                             Student Central                                   SEE PAGE
     Summer Day Course Timetable............................. 27                                Information                                              7
Course Descriptions............................................................. 29
Dates and Deadlines............................................................ 43              Student Central
                                                                                                Helpline                                   519-661-2100
Campus Map........................................... outside back cover

Western University                                                                                                                                                                 1
2019 Summer Guide - Western University
Housing   Student Services Directory   Housing

2019 Summer Guide - Western University
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2019 Summer Guide - Western University
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2019 Summer Guide - Western University
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2019 Summer Guide - Western University
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2019 Summer Guide - Western University
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2019 Summer Guide - Western University
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Health                                      Student Services Directory                                                           Restaurants

Ozen is creating twice the innovative flavour for you to enjoy.
 With a second location now open at Oxford & Wonderland
          specializing exclusively in Korean Cuisine.
Original Ozen with fusion sushi                                                                   The new Ozen Korea featuring
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Newly renovated second level available for private                                                New second location with the same innovative
parties.                                                                                          flavour featuring exclusively Korean Cuisine.

607 Richmond Street                                                                               541 Oxford Street W
(at Central) 519.642.2558                                                                         (at Wonderland) 519.641.7997
        dine-in • take-out • delivery                                                                    dine-in • take-out • delivery
                Catering available.                                                                               Catering available.

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Close to campus - New patients welcome!
  • Check up & Cleaning                • Sedation Dentistry      • Laser Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry                 • General Anaesthesia     • Dental Hygiene & Gum Disease
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction            • Restorative Dentistry   • Invisalign & Fastbraces
  • Dental Emergencies                 • Implant Dentistry       • Zoom Teeth Whitening
  • Crowns & Bridges                   • Root Canal Therapy      • Children Dentistry

Compassionate & Personalized Dental Care
    We accept Insurance Plans including the University Student Dental
                   Plan- with Direct Billing available!
                                                                                                            551 Oxford St @ Wonderland Rd
                          www.albadental.ca                                                            Call 519-777-2020 to book your appt today!
Restaurants                         Student Services Directory                      Health

Taste our fusion of fresh Now Open, visit our new
Japanese - Korean Cuisine Oxford & Hyde Park location!
in our bold new setting.
Jun, owner of Gozen that opened at Central & Richmond, then Queen
& Clarence is now open again at our new location. Join us for our
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Gozen ... Winner - Best of London
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 Convenient Dental Care
 available on-campus!
    • All Dental Plans accepted*                                      • Complete dental care
    • Claims filed electronically                                     • Oral Surgeon on staff
      to your insurance provider
       *including Western Staff, Undergraduate & SOGS plans

    Lower Level, UCC Building
    Western University Campus
    519.850.2455 info@uccdental.ca
Housing                          Student Services Directory   Housing

  King’s Res Life is Waiting
• Live in a vibrant community for Western and
• Upper-year housing
        266 Epworth Avenue, London, ON • N6A 2M3

Campus Community Police Service
                     Campus Community Police support the
                     safety, security, and quality of life of the
                     diverse University community.
                     On campus, Special Constables have
                     Police Officer authority.
                     • Campus – 911     • Community Involvement
                     • Patrols          • Emergency Response
                     • Investigations   • Lost and Found
                     • Card Access      • RAD Training

                      Campus Police are available 24/7.
                      Lawson Hall, Room 1257

                      We Deliver to campus area!
                      the Barakat
                                        NEW ... Bubble Tea
                      ordering          location inside
                      app.              Barakat!

 Western Meal Plan Card accepted.
Housing   Student Services Directory   Housing

Housing              Student Services Directory   Housing

• 24 hr fitness centre • Secured underground park-
• Ground floor laundry     ing
• Study Lounge/library • Secured bike storage
• Games Room            • On-site Super &
• Party Room               Management Office
• Screening Room        • Guest Suite
• Medallion’s SOS (Superior On-Call Service)

700 King Street • London • rentrevo.com • 519-601-7386
      Whether you are a new student or a continuing one, we hope you will find courses of interest in these pages.

                APPLY FOR
               ADMISSION IF:
        1. You have never attended Western
        2. You have attended another post-secondary
             institution since last attending Western
        3. You were required to withdraw from Western

    If you do not know if you need to apply, please call Student Central
    at 519-661-2100. For Student Central's current hours, please visit

    Use the instructions on page 16 in this booklet only if you wish to
    attend part-time (3.0 courses or fewer at one time).

    If you wish to attend full-time, apply at ouac.on.ca/ouac-105.

Review the information at welcome.uwo.ca.
Contact us if you have questions and/or if you would like to book an appointment with a Liaison
Officer at welcome@uwo.ca, 519-661-2100.

                           Western University collects personal information under the authority of the University of Western
                           Ontario Act, 1982, as amended.
                           To view the complete Personal Information Collection Notice visit the online Academic Calendar at


2           PLANNING/COUNSELLING                                                                                           Summer Guide 2019
The Spring/Summer Session shall be comprised of three periods:                     3. Browsing through textbooks at the University Book Store can also
  ``Twelve-week period - May to August (Summer Evening and                            show you the range of ideas and concepts involved in subject areas.
    Spring/Summer Distance Studies)                                                4. Ask someone who has taken the course for an opinion, or contact the
  ``Six-week period - May to June (Intersession)                                      instructor to find out more about the course.
  ``Six-week period - July to August (Summer Day)                                  5. Department counsellors have valuable information about the courses
All university courses require constant attention to class preparation and            you may be considering and are usually the best resource to assist
review. Expect to spend at least 2-3 hours in studies outside class for               with specific course information.
every hour you spend in the classroom. Consult session timetables for              6. Your academic counsellor can advise you about appropriate course
complete information about course times and dates.                                    selection, especially as it relates to your program requirements and
                                                                                      appropriate course load.
Choosing the Right Course
Choose a course that reflects your interests, especially at the beginning
of your program. You will be more motivated if you take a course that
                                                                                  Selecting Senior Courses
interests you and the course experience will be more satisfying.                  Part-time students who have completed 1.0 first-year course are eligible
Gathering further information will help you to choose a course that will be       to register in senior courses (numbered 2000 - 4999) for which they have
manageable. You can obtain more information about courses in a number             completed the prerequisite(s). Part-time students who have a substantial
of ways:                                                                          background and interest in a particular subject area are eligible, on
 1. Start with reviewing the course description in the Academic Calendar;         written recommendation of the Dean of their Faculty, to register in a
    it will help you to determine what is required for the course. For            senior course pertinent to that subject prior to the completion of a first-
    example, in an English literature course, you would expect to do a            year course. All part-time students must complete successfully the 5.0
    substantial amount of reading and writing.                                    first-year courses within their first 10.0 courses attempted.
 2. Departments can provide you with detailed course outlines, including
    such information as commonly used textbooks and typical assignment
    breakdowns. Some of these outlines may be found on departmental

Arts & Humanities                                    Huron University College (HUC)                        Nursing
University College, Room 2230                        HUC W46                                               FIMS & Nursing Building 3306
Telephone: 519-661-3043                              Telephone: 519-438-7224 x244                          Telephone: 519-661-3395
Email: arts@uwo.ca                                   huronuc.ca/student-life-campus/student-               uwo.ca/fhs/nursing
uwo.ca/arts/counselling                              services
Brescia University College (BUC)                     Information & Media Studies                           Science (including BMSc)
                                                                                                           North Campus Building, Room 280
The Hive, Main Floor, Mother St. James Bldg.         FIMS and Nursing Building 2001
                                                                                                           Telephone: 519-661-3040
Telephone: 519-858-5151                              Telephone: 519-661-3542
                                                                                                           Email: scibmsac@uwo.ca
brescia.uwo.ca                                       fims.uwo.ca
Don Wright Faculty of Music                          Ivey Business School (HBA)
Talbot College 210                                   Richard Ivey Building 2200                            Social Science
Telephone: 519-661-2044                              Telephone: 519-661-4111                               Social Science Centre 2105
music.uwo.ca                                         ivey.uwo.ca/hba                                       Telephone: 519-661-2011
                                                                                                           Recorded Message: 519-661-2052
Engineering                                          Kinesiology                                           counselling.ssc.uwo.ca
Spencer Engineering Building 2097                    3M Centre 2225
Telephone: 519-661-2130                              Telephone: 519-661-3086
eng.uwo.ca                                           uwo.ca/fhs/kin
Health Studies                                       King’s University College (KUC)
Labatt Health Sciences Building 222                  Dante-Lenardon Hall, Room 104
Telephone: 519-661-4119                              Telephone: 519-433-3491 x4406
uwo.ca/fhs/shs                                       kings.uwo.ca/ADO

Western University                                                                                       PLANNING/COUNSELLING                                3
How Many Courses May I Take?                                                     2.5 courses, with no more than 2.0 courses to be taken simultaneously
                                                                                 (excluding Distance Education courses). In the case where 2.0 courses are
                                                                                 taken simultaneously, only 1.0 of them may be a laboratory course.
Students enrolled in 3.5 courses or more in Fall/Winter session are              How Long Will it Take to
considered full-time students. Students enrolled in fewer than 3.5 courses
in any term are considered part-time students.
                                                                                 Complete a Degree?
Students may not take more than 3.0 courses by distance studies during           There is no time limit for completing most Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor
Fall/Winter session. Students wishing to take more than the permitted            of Science degrees; therefore, you may choose the pace that best suits
number of distance studies course must receive permission from the               you. For example, part-time students who complete 2.0 courses in the
Dean of their Faculty before course selection.                                   Fall/Winter term and 1.0 course in the Spring/Summer term would take 5
All students may choose from courses offered during the day, evening, by         years to complete a 15.0 course (Three Year) BA, and 7 years to complete
Distance Studies, or a combination.                                              a 20.0 course (Four Year) BA. Although many part-time students spread
                                                                                 their degree over several years, some part-time students stay at the same
Spring/Summer                                                                    pace as full-time students by completing 3.0 courses during the Fall/
The workload for the Spring/Summer/Distance Sessions (i.e., May to               Winter term and 2.0 during the Spring/Summer term.
August) at this University or any other shall be restricted to a maximum of      Choose the pace that best suits you.

1. Academic Programs                                                             Applying to Graduate
In Year One, choose from either a Common First Year or a Specialized             An Application to Graduate must be completed through the Student
First Year.                                                                      Center by April 30 in the Winter term by each student who expects to
                                                                                 graduate at the Spring Convocation.
Common First Year:
     Register with one of the Faculties of Arts and Humanities, Science, or
    ``                                                                           An Application to Graduate must be completed through the Student
     Social Science                                                              Center by September 8 of each year by each student who expects to
                                                                                 graduate at the Autumn Convocation.
     Choose your module(s) after Year One
     Choose from Three Year (15.0 course) or Four Year (20.0 course)
                                                                                 The onus is on students to verify, on their Application to Graduate, the
     degrees                                                                     degree and program of study to appear on their diplomas and transcripts.
                                                                                 Applicants must inform the Registrar, in writing, if they wish to change
Specialized First Year Programs:                                                 their name, to question their degree designation, or to postpone their
     Bachelor of Management and
    ``                                          Media, Information and
                                               ``                                graduation. Candidates who meet the requirements for graduation in the
     Organizational Studies                     Technoculture                    degree and program of study specified on their Application to Graduate
     Bachelor of Health Sciences
    ``                                          Music
                                                                                 will graduate at the Convocation specified on the Application. Students
                                                                                 who fail to meet the requirements for the specified degree and program
    ``                                          Nursing
                                                                                 of study will not graduate at the specified Convocation and should consult
     Human Ecology
    ``                                          School for Advanced Studies in
                                               ``                                the Dean of their Faculty regarding alternative graduation possibilities.
    ``                                          the Arts and Humanities
                                                                                 The deadline to receive applications for graduation in February (i.e., at the
Begin in Year One or apply to transfer later                                     in absentia February Convocation) is set as January 22. The in absentia
                                                                                 February Convocation will be scheduled for the last Friday in February.
2. Second Level Entry Professional
Programs                                                                         Academic Calendar
Beginning after two, three, or four years of undergraduate study:                The official, up-to-date Western Academic Calendar is available online
  ``Business Administration               ``Law                                  at westerncalendar.uwo.ca.
  ``Dentistry                             ``Medicine
  ``Education                             ``Social Work

        You can obtain your final grades from                                           To view the Degree Structure Chart,
        student.uwo.ca. You require your                                                please visit the Academic Calendar at
        Western Identity user ID and password.                                          westerncalendar.uwo.ca.

4            PLANNING/COUNSELLING                                                                                                        Summer Guide 2019
General Inquiries                                                              To change your exam centre contact the Distance Studies office at 519-
                                                                               661-2111 x84879 or email distexam@uwo.ca. Any changes must be made
                                                                               at least three weeks prior to the exam date.
Student Central,
Western Student Services Building, Room 1120                                   There is a fee to have a make-up exam scheduled off-campus.
Regular Office Hours*                                                          Note: The final day to add a half (0.5) or full (1.0) Distance Studies
                                                                               course, for the Summer Term is May 10, 2019. If you encounter difficulty
Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri:               9:00am - 4:00pm                             registering, please contact Student Central at 519-661-2100.
Wednesday:                         10:00am - 5:00pm
*Hours are subject to change                                                   Course Information
Telephone:                         519-661-2100
Fax:                               519-661-3388                                Information about the general conduct of your course, textbooks,
                                                                               examinations, and submission of assignments is available online at the
Email: contact@uwo.ca                                                          Distance Studies website: registrar.uwo.ca/academics/distance_
Website: registrar.uwo.ca/academics/distance_studies.html                      studies.html
Distance Studies occurs when learners are separated from the instructor        For further information regarding fees, adding or dropping course(s),
and classmates, whether across the hall or across the province. Unlike         admissions, or any other administrative concerns, contact Student Central
the courses of the past, today’s distance courses may include multimedia       at 519-661-2100 or email contact@uwo.ca.
materials and often take advantage of web-based communication
technologies. Western’s Distance Studies online courses will let you
pursue university studies if you cannot attend regular classes. This form
of instruction allows you both time and place flexibility to meet your           Examination Centres*
educational objectives.
                                                                                 Barrie (701), Calgary (707), London (Western - 702),
Format                                                                           Ottawa (703), Sudbury (704), Toronto (705), and
                                                                                 Vancouver (706)
Each online course is mediated through OWL, now powered by Sakai.
OWL is a learning management system that provides a set of tools that            *These are the only exam centres for Western. For more information,
are all web based. You use a web browser to view and interact with other         please contact Student Central at 519-661-2100.
students and course material in a manner similar to viewing web pages on
the internet. In addition to OWL’s learning resources, many courses have
a textbook or collection of readings, which have been selected by your
instructor, to aid in your learning. Textbooks and collected readings may
                                                                               Register Early!
be purchased at the The Book Store at Western (bookstore.uwo.ca).
                                                                               Enrolment in each course is limited. Courses often fill on the first day of
                                                                               course selection. The University is unable to guarantee registration and
Online Courses                                                                 reserves the right to withdraw course offerings.
OWL is the primary delivery tool for most online courses and is a
supplementary resource in others. Online courses give you the same
                                                                               If a Course is Cancelled…
opportunity to learn as on-campus courses, except they are more
                                                                               The full tuition you paid will be refunded. Students enrolled in a Distance
flexible. Just as you would prepare yourself for an on-campus course,
                                                                               Studies course that has been cancelled will be notified.
preparing your computer is your responsibility. You will require an Internet
connection and are responsible for the cost of arranging the connection.
You can use Internet functions to search library catalogues and other
resources around the world. Students who take courses by this method
enjoy the stimulation of discussion, the social contact the system provides,
and access to worldwide resources. OWL can be found at owl.uwo.ca.

Examination Centres
When registering for Distance Studies courses, students must select an
exam centre. Once you have selected the centre, you must write the
midterms and/or final examinations at that location.

                                You are responsible for selecting courses that meet your
                                   degree and program requirements for graduation.

Western University                              NOTE: Not all classes are offered and are subject to change. - DISTANCE STUDIES                              5
Distance Studies Courses are Open to:                                          Technology Requirements
Distance Studies courses may be taken by students who reside in Canada         The protection of all home computers that have access to the Western
or by students abroad who are able to attend one of the scheduled              University network is the responsibility of the individual accessing
examination centres. These students may take a Distance Studies course         the network. Western Technology Services recommends that you
through Western when they obtain a Letter of Permission from their home        take precautions to protect your computer and electronic identity. It is
university. Contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.          imperative that you regularly update your anti-virus protection and your
                                                                               operating system. For more information please see security.uwo.ca.
The Book Store at Western                                                      For details on the minimum hardware and software requirements for
                                                                               online courses, see registrar.uwo.ca /academics/distance_studies.html.
Distance Studies Textbooks
Order your course textbooks at the Book Store at Western online or by
mail, fax, or phone at the earliest possible date. If you are ordering your
texts by mail or fax, send a letter clearly stating your name, address,
phone number, student number, course, and the date classes commence,
in addition to listing the author and title of each item that you wish to
order. Titles not immediately available will be sent to you as soon as stock
Western University, University Community Centre (lower level)
London, Ontario, N6A 3K7
Telephone: 519-661-3520
Fax: 519-661-3673

6           DISTANCE STUDIES - NOTE: Not all classes are offered and are subject to change.                                          Summer Guide 2019
Student Central,                                                                Third Party Forms
Western Student Services Building, Room 1120
                                                                                We complete a variety of third party forms to validate registration.
Regular Office Hours*
Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri:                9:00am - 4:00pm                             Western ONECard
Wednesday:                          10:00am - 5:00pm
                                                                                A Western ONECard is issued to every student when they first attend
*Hours are subject to change
                                                                                Western. Students are to keep their Western ONECard for the duration
Telephone:                          519-661-2100                                of their studies and the card is to be used only by the person to whom it
Fax:                                519-850-2590                                is issued. There is a fee charged to replace a lost or damaged Western
                                                                                ONECard. To obtain your Western ONECard, please upload a photo
Email: contact@uwo.ca                                                           by logging into your Student Center account at student.uwo.ca or by
Website: registrar.uwo.ca                                                       visiting Student Central in person. You will be required to present a piece
twitter.com/westernuReg                                                         of government-issued photo identification at Student Central when you
facebook.com/westernuRegistrar                                                  come to have your photo taken or to pick up your Western ONECard after
                                                                                uploading a photo.
Student Central offers a wide variety of services for current students,
future students, and alumni. Services are offered in person, online, and        Students taking only Distance Studies courses can request to have their
by telephone. Below is a partial listing of the services offered by Student     Western ONECard mailed. Submit the request and a photocopy of one
Central. For detailed information on the services offered by Student            piece of valid government-issued photo ID to Student Central by fax or
Central, visit the website at registrar.uwo.ca.                                 email (from your @uwo.ca email account). Western ONECards will be
                                                                                mailed to the “Home” address that Western has on file for you.
Transcripts                                                                     Release of Information
A transcript is a copy of a student’s permanent academic record at this
University, duly certified by the Registrar and bearing the seal of the         Through the online Release of Information service, students can give
University. Current and former students can order their transcript in four      permission to a third party to do specific tasks or to obtain specific
different ways: in person, by mail, by fax, or online. A student’s transcript   information on their behalf in the Office of the Registrar. To add a Release
is a confidential document. To ensure student records are kept secure,          of Information to your file, visit the Student Center at student.uwo.ca and
the student’s signature is required for verification purposes or, if ordering   select “Release of Information” under the Personal Information heading.
online, you must log in using your Western user ID and password before
copies of your transcript can be released.                                      Fee Payments
Official Western Letters                                                        Fee payments can be made in Student Central by Canadian debit,
                                                                                cheque, or money order.
An Official Western letter is a document that can be used for purposes
such as:                                                                        Course Registration Assistance
  ``Proof of current or past enrolment
                                                                                Contact Student Central if you have a special permission for course
  ``Statement of current fees or past fees paid                                 registration.
  ``Visa letters for international students
  ``Verification of a degree                                                    Diploma Pickup
  ``Verification of upcoming graduation
  ``Courses taken extra to a degree                                             Diplomas are retained for two years after Convocation. If a student did not
                                                                                attend Convocation, diplomas can be picked up in person from Student
Some letters can be ordered online through student.uwo.ca. Other                Central, with a valid piece of photo ID.
letters must be ordered using the paper form found at

                                           Drew Smith received the Angela Armitt Award for obtaining
                                           the highest average among part-time students graduating in
                                           June, 2018.
                                           "Returning to school to study anthropology part-time was one of the best decisions I’ve
                                           ever made. I exercised my mind, learned to view the world differently and improved myself
                                           both personally and professionally. Along the way to becoming a proud Western alum, I
                                           made some wonderful friends and had a lot of fun."
                                           - Drew Smith

Western University                                                                                                 STUDENT CENTRAL                         7
Career Counselling                                                            Leadership Experience
career.uwo.ca                                                                 success.uwo.ca/leadership
We offer job postings, classes and workshops, Western's Employment            Get involved on campus in one of the many leadership roles available
Resource Centre, career and education fairs, employer information             to Western students. For many Western grads, the most memorable
sessions, experiential learning opportunities, and individual counselling     university experiences and personal connections develop beyond the
and career assessments for all graduate and undergraduate students.           walls of the classroom.

Day Care at Western                                                           Learning Skills Services
UCC Flexible Child Care            usc.uwo.ca/flexcare                        learningskills.uwo.ca
Operated by the YMCA and accepts children ranging 18 months to 5              Learning Skills Services offers confidential individual counselling
years.                                                                        appointments to all students at Western. Counsellors help students cope
                                                                              with the demands of post-secondary learning, helping to identify strengths
Equity & Human Rights Services                                                and develop new skills and strategies for success. Counsellors also work
                                                                              with students to alleviate academic stress and anxiety, and to develop
uwo.ca/equity                                                                 positive motivation and confidence toward learning. This service is
Equity & Human Rights Services is a confidential service of Western           available for successful students wanting to maintain their already strong
University. EHRS offers training on human rights and equity-related issues,   skills and those having academic difficulties.
a resource centre and a variety of other services. We are responsible for
implementing the University’s policies on harassment and discrimination,      Library Information
with a focus on informal mediation. Additionally, we oversee and help to
implement the University’s policy on Employment Equity.                       lib.uwo.ca
                                                                              Through this website students have access to the Western Libraries’
Experiential Learning                                                         collections via the Library Catalogue alpha.lib.uwo.ca and various other
                                                                              electronic database products. Many of the materials accessible through
experience.uwo.ca                                                             these systems are provided full-text format.
As a complement to undergraduate and graduate students’ classroom             To access electronic resources from off campus you must log in through
learning, experiential learning activities — such as internships, co-op,      the Off-Campus Access on the Library home page: lib.uwo.ca. For current
community engaged learning and job shadow — ask students to apply             hours information please visit the library website: lib.uwo.ca/hours.
theoretical knowledge in real-world environments.
                                                                              For information on borrowing library materials see the Access Code at:
                                                                              lib.uwo.ca/policies/accesscode.html. For information on how to receive
Housing                                                                       assistance with your research please see our Help page: lib.uwo.ca/
Visit housing.uwo.ca for information about the following:
  ``  Residence Information             ``Housing Mediation Service
                                                                              New Students
  ``  Off-Campus Housing Service        ``Family Accommodation
  ``  On-Campus Apartments              ``Residence Education &               success.uwo.ca/new_students
                                                                              Western offers a variety of orientation events for new mature and transfer
                                                                              students, which include campus tours, registration assistance, campus life
Indigenous Services                                                           and how to be a successful learner. You may select which events make
                                                                              sense based on your experiences.
                                                                              Student Experience will send you an email inviting you to register for one
Indigenous Services is committed to supporting Indigenous Students in         or more events. We look forward to connecting with you!
reaching their highest potential through a culturally-responsive space,
programs and services that honour Indigenous cultures and languages,          Office of the Ombudsperson
foster Indigenous presence and inclusion, and increase Indigenous
access, engage Indigenous communities, and facilitate transition,
retention, graduation and advancement of Indigenous students at
Western.                                                                      The Office of the Ombudsperson acts as a liaison between the University
                                                                              and its students. The Ombudsperson is a confidential, free, and impartial
International and Exchange Student                                            office designed for guiding students through academic and non-academic
                                                                              concerns such as perceived unfair grading; accusations of academic
Centre                                                                        dishonesty, residence contract violations and code of conduct infractions;
                                                                              University recommended withdrawals; and readmissions. Check out their
iesc.uwo.ca                                                                   website, uwo.ca/ombuds to see if the Ombudsperson can help with any
The International and Exchange Student Centre (IESC) supports                 problems you may encounter over the course of your degree.
international students throughout their university career. The IESC
offers a range of programs and services including orientation, individual     Parking
assistance, advising and immigration services, social/cultural events,
English conversation program, peer guide assistance, transitions              uwo.ca/parking
workshops, income tax clinics, and many more.

8        SERVICES FOR STUDENTS                                                                                                      Summer Guide 2019
Propel (Entrepreneurship)                                                    practitioner. Services are accessed by appointment and require a valid
                                                                             provincial health card or UHIP for international students.
Propel is an on-campus resource for student entrepreneurs and those
                                                                             Western Email Address
interested in learning about entrepreneurship. Propel provides a co-         (Western Identity)
working space, mentorship, seed funding, retail opportunities, events,
a summer incubator program (PSI), and acts as an advocate for local          All registered students are issued a Western email address (also referred
startups in the community.                                                   to as Western Identity). All primary communications from the Registrar’s
                                                                             office, Dean’s offices, and departments will be addressed to your
Psychological Services                                                       @uwo.ca email. It is expected that you will keep your email in good
                                                                             working order. For more information on Western’s email service see
health.uwo.ca                                                                uwo.ca/its/identity/central_email_faq.html.
Psychological services provide professional and confidential services,       In order to obtain and activate your Western Identity go to:
free of charge, to students needing assistance to meet their personal,       uwo.ca/its/identity/identities_and_access/activation.html. Please
social and academic goals. Services include consultation, referral, groups   note that all access except for Western’s web mail client - myoffice.uwo.
and workshops, as well as brief, change-oriented psychotherapy.              ca - will be active within one hour after signing the Acceptable Use Policy
                                                                             (AUP). Access to the web mail client is active the following day. If you have
Sexual Violence Prevention Education                                         already activated your Western email access but have lost or forgotten
                                                                             the password go to uwo.ca/its/identity/resetpw.html to have it reset.
safecampus.uwo.ca/sexual_violence                                            Your Western email account is also used as a central authentication
Sexual Violence Prevention Education is a resource for individuals who       source for a wide variety of applications and services. If interested in the
have experienced sexual violence and those individuals supporting            other applications and services that are linked to your Western Identity go
survivors of sexual violence. It provides supports and options available     to: uwo.ca/its/identity/identities_and_access/activation.html.
to survivors, and helps prevent sexual violence on campus through
education activities, reporting, and compliance with new provincial
policies and initiatives.                                                      All registered Western students must activate and
                                                                               check their Western email account. This will be the
                                                                               primary mode of communication with students.
  Regional Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence
  Treatment Program (Emergency number):
  519-646-6100 x64224
                                                                             Student Email Directory
                                                                             Your email address will be put in a central Student Email Directory, which
                                                                             can be viewed on the web at uwo.ca/directory.html by anyone with a
  CMHA Crisis Centre & Reach Out:                                            Western Identity user ID and password. If you do not wish to have your
  519-433-2023                                                               email address published, log into your Student Center (student.uwo.ca)
                                                                             and click on the “Directory Removal” link under Personal Information.

                                                                             Wellness Education Centre (WEC)
Sports and Recreation Services
Sports and Recreation Services includes the Western Student Recreation
Centre (WSRC), intercollegiate Athletics (varsity teams and clubs),          WEC is the friendly drop-in desk of student wellness at Western. If you
intramural sports, and more. For WSRC summer hours and information on        don't know where to go, start here! We have a no wrong door policy for
summer intramurals, drop-in schedules, and group fitness classes, visit      ALL students because we know about the resources on campus and in
uwo.ca/campusrec.                                                            London that help you succeed. We will answer all of your questions. Drop
                                                                             in anytime for a personalized approach to mapping out your wellness
                                                                             journey. We are located in the basement of the UCC.
Services for Students with Disabilities
success.uwo.ca/ssd                                                           Writing Support Centre
Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) plays a central role in        writingsupport.uwo.ca
Western’s efforts to ensure that its academic programs are accessible
for all students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. SSD arranges      We assist writers regardless of their skill level or facility in English, at any
academic accommodation for classes, exams, internships and other             stage of the writing process, in any genre, across the disciplines. We
course or program activities. SSD also provides digital and Braille          are a teaching unit whose goal is to develop and enhance writing and
textbooks, accessible campus transportation, learning strategy instruction   communication skills at Western.
for students with learning disabilities, access to computer labs that are
equipped with assistive technology, referrals for assessments and other      Western Technology Services Centre
services, and bursaries for students who meet OSAP’s eligibility criteria.
                                                                             wts.uwo.ca | wts.uwo.ca/helpdesk
Student Health Services                                                      Western Technology Services Centre (WTS) offers a wide range of
                                                                             information technology-related services and solutions in support of
health.uwo.ca                                                                students, staff and faculty. They can be contacted online or in-person at
SHS provides medical, psychiatry and counselling services year-round.        the Support Services Building on Western Road.
It functions in the same capacity as your family doctor or general

Western University                                                                                     SERVICES FOR STUDENTS                                    9
wcs.uwo.ca                                                                        Non-Credit Registration
Western Continuing Studies offers a wide variety of personal and
professional development courses, post-degree diplomas and certificates           If you would like to attend the lectures of a class that interests you, you
and corporate training opportunities.                                             may do so with non-credit registration and written permission from the
                                                                                  instructor or department. Non-credit registrants do not require admission
Certificate and Diploma Programs                                                  to the University, and no credit or grade will be granted. Please contact us
                                                                                  for more information on how to register.
In partnership with several Western faculties, Western Continuing Studies
offers one-year diploma and certificate programs to complement your               French Immersion School
degree. Post-Degree Diploma Programs are designed for university
students and graduates wanting specific knowledge, skills and                     Campus Office: University Community Centre, Room 47
experience that today’s employers demand. These programs receive
a Western University Diploma or Certificate and include hands-on work
                                                                                  Telephone: 519-661-3637
placements that add valuable experience to your degree.                           frenchimmersion.uwo.ca
Diploma Programs                                                                  Western’s French Immersion School offers you the opportunity to take
                                                                                  credit courses in French (all levels are offered) from the University’s
   Clinical Trials Management
  ``                                        Occupational Health and Safety
                                           ``                                     curriculum, in an immersion setting. You also participate in general interest
   Human Resources
  ``                                         Management                           workshops (Co-Curricular Record approved) and benefit from a full range
  ``                                        Pedorthics
                                           ``                                     of social and cultural activities. Accommodation and meals are provided
   Not-for-Profit Management
  ``                                        Public Relations
                                           ``                                     by specially chosen host families. You may choose either the spring or the
                                                                                  summer five-week session. Full-time students (those taking at least a 60%
                                                                                  course load) may be eligible for a bursary through the Explore Bursary
Certificate Program                                                               Program to cover most of the costs. Contact the French Immersion School
   Clinical Trials Management
                                                                                  Office for details.
For an up-to-date full listing of all certificates and diplomas offered, please
visit postdegree.uwo.ca
For application deadlines and program information please contact us at
519-661-3658, or email post-degree@uwo.ca.

Professional Certificates
Western Continuing Studies offers many programs to supplement your
degree and help you build the knowledge and develop the skills you
need for career advancement. Professional and accelerated certificates
do not require current enrolment at the University.
   Advanced Leadership
  ``                                        Leadership
                                                                                         Advising students, staff, faculty and leaders on
   Business Analysis
  ``                                        Learning and Development
                                                                                                      matters relating to:
   Business Communications
  ``                                        Management
   Communications & Public
  ``                                        Marketing
   Relations                                Not-For Profit Management
   Conflict Management
  ``                                        Project Management
   Creative Writing
  ``                                        Risk Management

Accelerated Certificates
To meet professionals’ educational goals while addressing their need for
convenience, Western Continuing Studies has launched new certificates
that consist of just three courses, focusing on the skills employers want in
a format that takes less time to complete.
   Advanced Project Management
  ``                                        Digital Communications
   Agile Project Management
  ``                                        Innovative Thinking
   Business Essentials
  ``                                        Leading Through Conflict
                                           ``                                                                equity@uwo.ca

10         CONTINUING STUDIES                                                                                                            Summer Guide 2019
Student Financial Services -                                                    Tuition Fee Payment Deadlines
Office of the Registrar                                                         Students can view their Detailed Statement of Account at
                                                                                student.uwo.ca. You will need your Western Identity user ID and
Western Student Services Building, Room 1120                                    password to access this information. The deadline for payment will be
                                                                                included in the online statement of account. It is the responsibility of the
Regular Office Hours*                                                           student to pay fees without any notice from the University. A student
Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri:                     9:00am - 4:00pm                        who for any reason is unable to pay fees by the due date must visit
                                                                                Student Central or email reg-fees@uwo.ca.
Wednesday:                               10:00am - 5:00pm
                                                                                Failure to make payment in full by the due date on the statement of
*Hours are subject to change                                                    account or arrange a deferment will result in a late payment penalty being
Telephone: 519-661-2100                                                         assessed against your tuition account. For more information, refer to the
Email: contact@uwo.ca                                                           ACADEMIC SANCTIONS, DEREGISTRATION, and REINSTATEMENT
Website: registrar.uwo.ca                                                       sections of the Academic Calendar.
                                                                                NOTE: Summer tuition is due mid-May.
General Information
                                                                                Payment Options
NOTE: The fees policies and information contained in the Calendar are
reviewed annually and subject to change. Please visit the Registrar’s           Payment may be made:
website at registrar.uwo.ca for the most up-to-date information.                   By internet banking through major Canadian banks. Add University
It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with and understand all the      of Western Ontario-Tuition to your list of bank payees (there may be
University regulations contained in the Academic Calendar; to understand           variance in the way each bank lists Western as a payee). Your student
how adding and dropping a course or courses, withdrawal, etc., affects             number is your account for web payments. Enter it exactly as it appears
a tuition fee account; and to ensure that tuition fees are paid by the             on your statement of account to ensure accurate posting of your
due date without any notice from the University. Refer to the Student              payments. Please allow at least two business days for your payment to
Financial Services section of the Academic Calendar for detailed                   be received by the University.
information about tuition fees, compulsory ancillary fees, supplementary           By cheque or money order payable to The University of Western
fees and other charges. You may also access this information online                Ontario. Payment can be put in the drop box outside of Room 1120,
at registrar.uwo.ca.
                                                                                   Western Student Services Building or mailed to Western University,
Failure to pay outstanding tuition and other related fees will result in           Student Financial Services, Room 1140, Western Student Services
academic and financial penalties up to and including removal from                  Building, London, Ontario, N6A 3K7. Please include your name and
courses. For more information, refer to the ACADEMIC SANCTIONS,                    student number on all cheques or money orders. Do not send cash
DEREGISTRATION, and REINSTATEMENT sections of the Academic                         in the mail. Please allow enough time for your payment to reach the
Calendar.                                                                          University by the due date. Payments by cheque must be received by
A student’s registration is dependent upon payment of fees and                     the University by the due date. Post marks are not sufficient.
academic eligibility.                                                              By wire transfer. If arranging payment from outside of Canada,
Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status must                    please visit registrar.uwo.ca for detailed instructions. Students are
be submitted to the Registrar’s Office, WSS 1120, Student Central prior            encouraged to pay early and to use electronic forms of payment where
to registration. If this information is not received prior to registration,        possible. The University is not responsible for mail service. Payments
International Student fees will be charged.                                        received after the due date on the statement of account will be
Tax certificates (T2202A) for the tuition portion of fees will be available        assessed a late payment penalty.
online through your Student Center (student.uwo.ca) at the end of
February each year. Income tax slips for scholarships, awards, and              Late Payment Penalty
bursaries (T4A) will be available at the end of February to eligible
students.                                                                       Payments made after the due date specified on the statement of account
                                                                                will be subject to a late payment penalty. These fees are under review.
Course Cancellations                                                            Check our website registrar.uwo.ca/student_finances/fees_refunds/
                                                                                fee_schedules.html for updated information.
When courses are cancelled because a minimum enrolment quota has                Details and specific fee/refund tables can be found on our website:
not been met, the full tuition paid will be refunded to the student. Every      registrar.uwo.ca.
attempt will be made to assist the student in finding an alternative course     If the withdrawal or course drop results in a credit balance in your fees
of study. No interest is paid on refunded tuition.                              account: (i.e. payments are greater than charges), a refund cheque is
                                                                                produced. The University has been directed by the Ministry of Training,
                                                                                Colleges and Universities to return refunds to the National Student Loan
                                                                                Centre in instances where payment was received through a Government
                                                                                Student Loan. No interest is paid on refunded tuition.

Western University                                                                              STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES                               11
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