2019 Vegetable Production - Norseco

2019 Vegetable Production - Norseco

2019 Vegetable Production C ATA LO G U E Proud of our roots since 1928 SEASON

2019 Vegetable Production - Norseco

CARROT NAVEDO F1 65-1842 Long and cylindrical cross, for cello-jumbo use. Offers extra high yield thanks to its well-filled roots. Maturity: 63 days CARROT B3136 F1 65-6607 Cello-jumbo type with high quality roots, in both mineral and muck soils. High uniformity of straight and long roots, of a perfect shape! Maturity: 63 days ONION RED MOUNTAIN F1 65-6699 Earlier Redwing type, of similar colour, size and quality. Stood out in the 2018 trials for its long-term storage Maturity: 113 days ONION RED SPRING F1 65-6689 Earlier than Red Sky! Nice uniform round shape with an even darker red than Red Sky.

Red all to the centre. Maturity: 92 days SUMMER CABBAGE B3158 Y.R. F1 65-3511 Cambria maturity. Dark bluish heads, well wrapped, very heavy, of an excellent quality. Short core. Good field holding ability. Also tolerant to white blister rust.

Maturity: 55 days CONTROL VS B3158

2019 Vegetable Production - Norseco

S BASIL BONAZZA 67-1122 Genova type that shows a good tolerance to Fusarium and Botrytis. Excellent shelf life after harvest. Recommended for container production. PUMPKIN EROS F1 65-4026 Dark orange colour, strong handle and perfect uniformity are the main characteristics of this pumpkin. CELERY XP 266 65-2046 The comeback of an old classic. This widely adaptable celery variety is appreciated for its long holding in the field. LEEK FENCER F1 65-7687 Bluish green, main season leek. Very uniform large size. Long shank.

Remarkably easy cleaning shank. Exclusivities PAGE 25 PAGE 45 PAGE 17 PAGE 66

2019 Vegetable Production - Norseco

A Artichoke 63 Asparagus 63 B Beans 4, 5 Beet 6 Broccoli 7 Broccoli Mini 7 Brussels Sprouts 8 C Cabbage-Chinese 9 Cabbage-Savoy 9 Cabbage-Summer 10, 11 Cabbage-Winter 12 Carrot 13-15 Cauliflower 16 Celeriac 17 Celery 17 Chicory 8 Corn-Ornamental 29 Corn Salad 63 Corn-Sweet 18-20 Cress 63 Cucumber 21, 22 Cucumber-Pickling 22 E Eggplant 23 G Gourds 49 Greenhouse Vegetables 70-74 Ground Cherry 63 H Herbs 66-69 K Kale 24 Kohlrabi 24 L Leek 25 Lettuce 27, 28 Lettuce-Baby Leaf 26 M Melon 30 O Okra 63 Onion 32-35 Onion-Bunching 36 Oriental Vegetables 29 P Parsnip 37 Peas 38 Pepper-Hot 43, 44 Pepper-Sweet 39-42 Pumpkin 45-47 R Radish 48 Rapini 48 Rhubarb 63 Rutabaga 37 S Salsify 48 Shallots-French 36 Spinach 49 Sprouts and Microgreens 64, 65 Squash-Summer 50, 51 Squash-Winter 52-54 Swiss Chard 55 T Tomato 56-62 Turnip 37 W Watermelon 31 Index EVERGOL® PRIME A BETTER CONTROL OVER ONION SMUT Onion smut is caused by a soil-borne fungus and infects the flag leaf (cotyledon) as it grows through the soil.

Smut spores survive in the soil for many years, and even long crop rotations may not reduce disease incidence. In trial since 2009, penflufen, a powerful active ingredient, has shown consistent better control over onion smut than comparable active ingredients. EverGol® Prime is now homologated in Canada. Contact your sales representative for more information. Product Smut incidence (%) Marketable yield (T/ha) Penflufen 6,1 82,5 Progro 29,9 67 Pathology Team. Minor Use Pesticide Program. Pest Management Centre, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada.

2019 Vegetable Production - Norseco

3 Vegetable Production Catalogue | Norseco 2019 New introductions True value Organic Organic exclusive Untreated Untreated exclusive Recommanded for the production of miniature vegetables Recommanded for the production of trays, pots and multicell packs Patio Collection Relative maturity after transplantation Relative maturity after sowing Organic seeds are Ecocert Canada certified since 2008 Legend BACK ROW: André Morissette, Christine Ruckstuhl, agr., Michel Gratton, Gilliane Bisson, Ben Yurkiw, Warren Peacock, Martin Deslauriers FRONT ROW: Christian Chartrand, agr., Claudine Beauchemin, d.t.h., Yves Thibault, agr., Stéphanie Gosselin, agr., Mélanie Goyette, d.t.h.

Proud to grow with you «Les Exceptionnelles® »:THE 2018 WINNERS «Les Exceptionnelles® » is a selection program made up of a committee of experts paired with participants from the public with the mandate to select and target the best novelty vegetable plants. The winners must be accessible to the general public and easily found in garden centres across Québec. The main objective is to uncover naturally performant plants that make gardening fun and easy.

BASIL “PURPLE BALL” | 67-1165 This purple coloured crowded ball form of basil, makes it a unique decorative element. Drought resistant. TOMATO “PROFI FRUTTI CHERRY” | 65-9288 Selected variety for its excellent productivity. Sweet and flavourful. PEPPER “BIQUINHO” | 65-7386 Original shaped fruit, quite tasty and very crunchy, but not hot, may be eaten raw. Compact plant.

2019 Vegetable Production - Norseco

4 Norseco 2019 | Vegetable Production Catalogue Beans NECKARGOLD SUNBURST GOLD RUSH BA1003 GOLD DUST SERIN Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Fruit shape Length (cm) Sieve Colour Tolerances Description SHELL BEANS 65-5525 SORANO 80 — 13-14 — White to pale yellow — Replaces Impero Bianco.

Variety resistant to high temperatures. It’s green and flat pods will become pale yellow and round at maturity. 7-8 beans/pod. 65-5527 SUPREMO 80 — 16-17 — Cream-red — Compact plant that will produce even in difficult conditions. 6-8 beans/pod.

BEANS-POLE 65-5305 NECKARGOLD 65 Round 23-27 — Yellow 1 Consistent and reliable yield. For fresh markets and preserving. 65-5310 NECKARKONIGIN 65 Round 23-27 — Green 1 Consistent and reliable yield. For fresh markets and preserving. BEANS-BROAD 65-5410 EXPRESS (PRIMO) 65 — 16 — Medium green — Early. Medium size white seeds. Recommended for freezing. 5-6 beans/pod. 65-5420 MAJOR 75 — 18 — Medium green — Good pod setting, even under less favourable weather conditions. Heavy pods and a high yielder. 5-6 beans/pod.

65-5432 BROAD WINDSOR 75 — 18-20 — Pale green — Excellent yield of large, easy to shell pods.

For fresh markets. 5-7 beans/pod. BUSH BEAN-WAX 65-5105 ROCDOR 48 Round 18 Medium — 1, 7 Early season variety. Pick early to avoid it becoming fibrous. Manual harvesting. 65-5125 SUNBURST 55 Round 13-15 Medium — 1, 5 Appealing, high-yielding variety. Earlier than Gold Rush. 65-5161 GOLD RUSH 58 Round 13-15 Medium — 1, 4 Long, straight, yellow beans that are easy to pick. Beans are tender and stringless. Extended harvesting, good storage, and fine freezing potential. Suited for mechanical and manual harvesting. 65-5164 BA1003 58 Round 14-16 Medium — 1, 3 An improvement of the Gold Dust variety with its stronger yellow colour, its long and straight pods.

Good field holding. Tolerant to Brown Spot. 65-5165 GOLD DUST 58 Round 13-15 Large — 1, 3 High quality main season variety. Long and straight beans held on upright plants for easy picking. Improved tolerance to Brown Spot. FRENCH GOURMET YELLOW 65-5104 SERIN 55 Round 9-10 Fine — 1, 7 Short, upright plant that produces a uniform and attractive golden colour pod set. Adapted for mechanical harvesting. Specialty markets.

2019 Vegetable Production - Norseco

5 Vegetable Production Catalogue | Norseco 2019 Beans MASCOTTE BANGA BA0999 VALENTINO BA1006 BA0958 SYBARIS AFFIRMED TAPIA Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Fruit shape Length (cm) Sieve Colour Tolerances Description FRENCH GOURMET-GREEN 65-5202 MASCOTTE 50 Round 11-13 Fine Medium dark 1, 5, 7 Compact plant ideal for patio containers and window boxes, that can also be grown in garden beds. Beautiful white-blooming time followed by an abundant crop of small, fine, crunchy and good tasting beans. 2014 AAS winner. 65-5205 BANGA 55 Round 11-12 Fine Dark 1, 3, 5, 7 75 percent of uniform 1 and 2 calibre.

Upright and erect plant adapted for mechanical harvest.

BUSH BEANS-GREEN 65-5242 BA0999 52 Round 11-13 Medium Dark 1, 3 Very early bean, perfect to allow you to recover a few days of maturity, when adverse weather conditions prevent you from planting. 65-5249 VALENTINO 55 Round 14-15 Medium Very dark 1, 6 Concentrated production of round, straight pods well positioned on the plant to facilitate mechanical harvest. Sets well in hot conditions. Excellent yield. 65-5250 BA1006 55 Round 14-15 Medium Dark 1, 3 Easy to pick BA 1006 produces straight pods in an excellent dark green colour that snap off the plant easily. Under stressful heat conditions, it shows a significantly improved plant habit and it is comparable to Valentino in yield and performance.

Suitable both for fresh market and processing.

65-5251 BA0958 55 Round 14-16 Medium Dark 1, 3 The only bean in our selection that has intermediate tolerance to Bacterial Brown Spot. Long and straight pods. High yield potential even in hot conditions. 65-5256 SYBARIS 55 Round 14 Medium Dark 1, 6 Very good uniformity and exceptional quality. The pods set high in the plant and off the soil surface for a clean and easy harvest. Fresh or processing markets. 65-5248 AFFIRMED 56 Round 12-13 Medium Medium Dark 2, 7, 8 Compares to Caprice. Medium dark green beans at the top of a plant that does not lodge, for a higher percentage of marketable beans.

ITALIAN 65-5272 TAPIA 59 Flat 13-14 Large Medium 1, 6 Flat bean. A better version of the variety Ebro, thanks to thicker and less fibrous pod, and improved flavour. An excellent Romano type variety.

TOLERANCES: 1 = Common Mosaic Virus - 2 = Common Wilt - 3 = Brown Spot - 4 = Root Rot - 5 = Halo Blight - 6 = Bean Rust - 7 = Anthracnose - 8 = Beet Curly Top Virus

2019 Vegetable Production - Norseco

6 Norseco 2019 | Vegetable Production Catalogue Beet RED CLOUD F1 RED ACE F1 TAUNUS F1 GUARDSMARK TOUCHSTONE GOLD BOLDOR AVALANCHE F1 VULTURE F1 ROBIN F1 MERLIN F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Foliage colour Tolerances Description 65-0835 RED CLOUD F1 55 Bright green — Variety highly comparable to Red Ace. Dark red interior. Perfectly round and appealing with petioles grouped together.

High yield and high sugar content. 65-0840 RED ACE F1 55 Bright green 2 Uniform internal colour. Sweet and tender root. High yielders. 65-0842 MERLIN F1 55 Bright green — Same root quality as Red Ace, but with a higher sugar content (12-15 %) than other varieties. High yielders.

65-0843 ROBIN F1 55 Dark green — Perfectly round beet, well adapted for bunching or production of baby beets, due to its uniform globe shape at an early stage of development. It has a very fine tap root, and a strongly tied foliage. Can also be used for processing. 65-0845 SOLO F1 55 Bright green 2, 4 Monogerm variety that offers the ability to singulate for precision planting, which leads to more uniform beets and higher yields. It has a red, blocky globe-shaped root with mediumsized crowns and tap roots. It also has good bolt tolerance.

65-0855 VULTURE F1 58 Dark green — Semi-long cylindrical root with a small crown and a small tap root.

Mainly recommended for processing because it has a higher output potential than other beet varieties because of its longer shape. Good taste. 65-0850 DETROIT SUPREME 60 Dark green 1, 2 Long-time standard. Dark and smooth root, very little zoning. Good top attachment. Also good for pickling and canning. 65-0880 TAUNUS F1 60 Dark green — Replaces Rodina. Uniform, cylindrical root. Extremely smooth skin, easy to peel and clean, for uniform slicing.

65-0887 GUARDSMARK 60 Medium green — Improvement of the variety Chioggia by its better vigour. Same red-purple colouring with white zoning. 65-0889 TOUCHSTONE GOLD 60 Bright green 1, 2, 4 Round root with an orangey exterior and a vibrant yellow interior. Very sweet taste. Little zoning. Strong foliage. 65-0890 BOLDOR 60 Bright green 2 Interesting yellow beet. Bright yellow interior coloUr. Smooth skin, of good quality as the Touchstone Gold. Tops are tolerant to Cercospora and very healthy. Ideal for bunching. 65-0895 AVALANCHE F1 60 Green 2 White beet with round bulbs and a snow-white flesh.

Very sweet in taste. Healthy tops with good resistance to diseases. 2015 AAS Winner.

TOLERANCES: 1 = Downy Mildew - 2 = Cercospora - 3 = Powdery Mildew - 4 = Rhizoctonia

2019 Vegetable Production - Norseco

7 Vegetable Production Catalogue | Norseco 2019 CROP FAILURE FOR 2019 Broccoli BR 16 F1 LIEUTENANT F1 BC 1764 F1 GREEN MAGIC F1 DIPLOMAT F1 IMPERIAL F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Harvest season Head shape Use Description 65-1401 BLUE WIND II F1 70 Spring-Fall Semi-dome Bunching For the beginning of the season. Improvement of the variety Blue Wind because of its better field holding and heat tolerance. 65-1405 JET DOME F1 72 Spring-Fall Semi-dome Bunching For a nice season start.

Can replace Blue Wind II. Heads are high on the plant, with the same colour but a little more domed than Blue Wind II. Medium size beads. Can be bunched.

65-1406 BR 16 F1 75 Spring-Fall Dome Bunching, Crown Variety with a compact plant and a very good tolerance to heat. 65-1463 LIEUTENANT F1 75 SpringSummer-Fall Dome Bunching Produces a good head of medium green colour. Compact and robust plants. Good heat tolerance. 65-1408 BC 1764 F1 76 Spring-Fall Dome Bunching, Crown Variety offering a good heat tolerance. Good alternative to Green Magic, with a lower incidence of cat eye. 65-1450 GREEN MAGIC F1 80 Summer-Fall Dome Bunching, Crown Uniform variety with medium beads. Good tolerance to heat. 65-1470 CORATO F1 82 SpringSummer Dome Bunching, Crown Variety that stood out of the trials this last summer, due to its nice dark green colour, excellent weight and good heat tolerance.

Could be a good alternative to Emerald Pride.

65-1473 EMERALD PRIDE F1 82 Summer-Fall Semi-dome Bunching Very good tolerance to heat. Great stem colour. Tolerant to Downy Mildew. 65-1480 BELSTAR F1 83 Fall Dome Bunching, Crown Produces very heavy, high-domed heads. Better suited for cooler periods. 65-1477 EASTERN MAGIC F1 84 SpringSummer Dome Bunching 65-1472 DIPLOMAT F1 87 Summer-Fall Dome Bunching, Crown Replaces Decathlon. Excellent tolerance to heat. 65-1471 IMPERIAL F1 88 Summer-Fall Dome Bunching, Crown Diplomat type. Tolerates heat. Low percentage of hollow stem. 65-1474 EMERALD ISLE F1 89 Fall Dome Bunching Nice, solid, firm head with small beads.

Broccoli Mini APOLLO F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Harvest season Use Description 65-1498 APOLLO F1 50 SpringSummer-Fall Bunching Long thin and tender stems ending with tiny heads. The main head must be cut to let the side shoots grow. BLUE WIND II VS JET DOME

2019 Vegetable Production - Norseco

8 Norseco 2019 | Vegetable Production Catalogue Brussels Sprouts CAPITOLA F1 BRIGITTE F1 DIVINO F1 NAUTIC F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Plant size Sprout size Description 65-2847 CAPITOLA F1 110 Large Medium Round and dark green sprouts. For mechanical harvest. Used for fresh markets and processing. 65-2838 BRIGITTE F1 116 Medium Medium High yield of nice green sprouts, very uniform in size all along the stem. Adapts to mechanical harvest and processing. 65-2844 DIVINO F1 116 Large Medium Produces medium size sprouts, on a strong erect plant that will not lodge. Will become sweeter after a few frosts.

65-2850 NAUTIC F1 120 Large Medium Produces sprouts of 2.5 cm in diameter, that are more widely spaced than other varieties, decreasing the risk of disease spreading and making the harvest easier. High disease tolerance for a reliable crop. Chicory EROS SALAD KING INDIGO F1 Code Variety Maturity (days) Head size (cm) Tolerances Description CURLY 65-2426 SALAD KING 85 22-24 — Long, very uniform leaves, more intensely curled in the centre of the head. Large plant. Tolerant to bolting. ESCAROLE 65-2445 EROS 85 22-24 — Early. Large, well dented leaves. High tolerance to tip burn and to bolting.

ITALIAN-RADICCHIO 65-2235 INDIGO F1 70 — Dense, round, bright red heads. Good tolerance to tip burn.

9 Vegetable Production Catalogue | Norseco 2019 Cabbage-Chinese BILKO Y.R. F1 EMIKO Y.R. F1 YUKI F1 HAN JIANG F1 BRAVE HEART F1 PACIFIKO Y.R. F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Dimension heightdiameter (cm) Weight (kg) Colour Tolerances Description NAPA 65-2617 BILKO Y.R. F1 60 32 x 18 2.5-2.8 Medium green 1, 2, 3, 4 Large size cabbage shaped like a barrel with a yellow interior. 65-2615 EMIKO Y.R. F1 65 32 x 17 2-2.4 Medium green 1, 2, 3, 4 A more barrel shaped Mirako type with darker leaves. Pale interior. Tolerance to bolting.

65-2618 YUKI F1 65 32 x 18 2-2.3 Dark green 2 Uniform variety with yellow centres, especially used in the fall.

Shows a certain tolerance to Clubroot. 65-2624 HAN JIANG F1 65 30 x 18 2.3-3 Dark green 3, 4, 5, 6 The heaviest and most tolerant to bolting in the trials. Yellow interior. 65-2630 BRAVE HEART F1 65 32 X 18 2.5-2.8 Dark green 8 Large size Chinese cabbage, early and very uniform. Heavy heads with good bolting tolerance. An alternative to the variety Chorus. 65-2613 PACIFIKO Y.R. F1 68 32 x 18 2.3-3 Dark green 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Dense head with yellow interior. TOLERANCES: 1 = Fusarium Yellows - 2 = Club Root - 3 = Bolting - 4 = Tipburn - 5 = Soft Rot - 6 = Downy Mildew - 7 = Pepper Spot - 8 = Turnip mosaïc virus Cabbage-Savoy ALCOSA Y.R.


Maturity (days) Colour Head size Tolerances Description SAVOY 65-3010 ALCOSA Y.R. F1 62 Dark green Small 1, 2 To be used for the production of miniature cabbages. Compact and wellfilled heads. 65-3023 CLARISSA F1 75 Bluish green Medium 1 Round shape, of a medium size. Early, compact with dense internal structure and short core. Ideal for close spacing. 65-3030 MELISSA YR F1 75 Dark bluish green Medium 1, 2 Y.R. version of Clarissa. Holds well in the field. Very curly foliage. Dense and heavy heads. STORAGE 65-3085 WIROSA F1 100 Greengreyish blue Medium 1 Round cabbage, tolerant to cold weather.

Adapted for storage. TOLERANCES: 1 = Tipburn - 2 = Fusarium Yellows

10 Norseco 2019 | Vegetable Production Catalogue Cabbage-Summer TIARA F1 PANDION F1 BOURBON F1 FARAO F1 BAJONET Y.R. F1 BRONCO Y.R. F1 B3158 F1 CHECKMATE Y.R. F1 BOTRAN Y.B.R. F1 XTREME VANTAGE Y.B.R. F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Weight (kg) Quantity of heads per Box Tolerances Description GREEN 65-3508 TIARA F1 50 1.0-1.2 16-18 — Replaces Surprise. Better hold in the field at the start of the season. 65-3509 PANDION F1 55 1.2-1.4 16 — Very early variety with very dense and well-filled heads that hold well in the field. Small core. More wrappers than Tiara and very uniform in size.

Easy to harvest.

65-3510 BOURBON F1 55 1.2-1.4 16 5 Dark green, heavy and well-filled head that resists cracking. Heavier and bigger than Cambria. 65-3511 B3158 F1 55 1.3-1.5 12-16 2 Early cabbage, Cambria type. Dark bluish heads, well wrapped, very heavy, of an excellent quality. Short core. Good field holding ability. Also tolerant to white blister rust. 65-3514 FARAO F1 55 1.1-1.4 12-16 4 Replaces Cambria. Early cabbage for fresh markets. Dark colour, sweet taste. Good holding in the field. 65-3525 CHECKMATE Y.R. F1 60 1.2-1.5 12-16 1, 3 Very small plant frame that makes high-density planting possible. Excellent firmness, short core and good internal structure.

Round shaped head with a sweet taste. Tolerant to thrips.

65-3550 BAJONET Y.R. F1 60 1.5-1.8 12-16 1 Earlier Bronco type. Its bright green colour makes it a fresh and clean appearance. Very erect plant habits, good clearance from the soil. Produces heavy uniform heads. 65-3548 BRONCO Y.R. F1 65 1.8-2.2 14-16 1, 3, 4 A great choice! Bronco’s sweet and crunchy texture is very versatile in the kitchen. Well wrapped, uniform head. Also tolerant to black rot and tip burn 65-3549 XTREME VANTAGE Y.B.R. F1 65 1.8-2.2 14-16 1, 4, 5 New cabbage variety showing very good uniformity in the field. Heads have a nice blue colour and stand high above ground for an easy harvest and a clean plant.

Excellent wrappers. Very good disease package, showing a strong resistance against black rot and a strong tolerance to tip burn. Leaves are more tender than most comparable variety at same maturity. 65-3551 BOTRAN Y.B.R. F1 65 1,6-2 14-16 1, 5 Bronco/Grand Vantage type that combines the high quality of Bronco to the good wrappers of Grand Vantage. Stands out due to its high tolerance to black rot.

TOLERANCES: 1 = Fusarium Yellows - 2 = Black Speck - 3 = Thrips - 4 = Tipburn - 5 = Black Rot - 6 = Bacterial Spot - 7 = Black Leg TOLERANCES: 2 = Fusarium Yellows - 2 = Black Speck - 3 = Thrips - 4 = Tipburn - 5 = Black Rot - 6 = Bacterial Spot - 7 = Black Leg

11 Vegetable Production Catalogue | Norseco 2019 Cabbage-Summer SHOSHUDORI GUNMA Y.R. F1 CARAFLEX Y.R. F1 ALFARO Y.R. F1 KOSARO Y.R. F1 RANCHERO Y.R. F1 TYPHOON Y.R. F1 DRAGO F1 GRAND VANTAGE Y.R. F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Weight (kg) Quantity of heads per Box Tolerances Description GREEN 65-3553 GRAND VANTAGE Y.R.

F1 70 2.5-2.7 14-16 1 Bronco type with several bluish-green wrapper leaves. Dense interior, small core. Excellent vigour and good field holding. 65-3546 DRAGO F1 75 1.4-1.8 14-16 — Round and dense heads with short core. Very uniform in size for a perfect box count. Heads are high from the ground and well wrapped. Good field holding. 65-3560 TYPHOON Y.R. F1 90 3-4 — 1, 3 The size of a winter cabbage with a fall maturity! Large, dark green, dense heads on a clean, upright plant. Very good thrips resistance. Healthy look. FLAT 65-3580 SHOSHUDORI 65 1,8 — 5 Flat cabbage with a good tolerance to both heat and cold, making it a good choice for growing in spring as well as in summer.

Very good flavour. 65-3578 GUNMA Y.R. F1 85 1.8 — 1, 3 Flat cabbage with thin leaves that detach very easily. Excellent for cabbage rolls or wraps. Surprising sweet taste and tender texture.

POINTED 65-3570 CARAFLEX Y.R. F1 63 0.4-1.4 — 1 To be used for the production of miniature pointed green cabbages. Tender and sweet tasting. Its unique shape makes it an original choice. RED 65-3416 ALFARO Y.R. F1 62 0.9-1.4 16-18 1 Improved version of the Primero variety. Nice round heads, early in maturity, dense and well filled, with a short core. Good wrappers. Very uniform in size and shape and almost no in bred. Sweet taste. 65-3419 KOSARO Y.R. F1 62 0.9-1.4 16-18 1, 2, 4 Primero type that is tolerant to Fusarium Yellows. Well covered heads, very uniform. 65-3420 RANCHERO Y.R. F1 75 0.9-1.6 14-16 1, 4, 7 Better wrapper leaves than Primero.

Resistant to splitting. 65-3438 CAIRO Y.R. F1 85 1.4-1.6 14-16 1, 2, 4 Round, firm and heavy head. Well wrapped. For fresh markets.

12 Norseco 2019 | Vegetable Production Catalogue Cabbage-Winter EXPECT Y.R. F1 ZACAPA Y.R. F1 HAZELTON Y.R F1 ULTRA VANTAGE F1 KLIMARO F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Weight (kg) Quantity of heads per Box Storage Tolerances Description GREEN 65-3610 STORAGE # 4 Y.R. F1 92 2-2.5 12-14 Long term 1, 3, 4 Variety that produces a high yield of large cabbages. Excellent wrapper leaves. Holds well in the field under stressful weather. 65-3615 EXPECT Y.R. F1 92 2-2.6 12-14 Long term 1, 3, 4 Lennox type, for long-term storage. Holds its freshness appearance. Tolerant to thrips.

65-3616 ZACAPA Y.R.

F1 92 2-2,4 12-14 Long term 1,4 Improved Expect type that will be slightly smaller in size. More uniform and better tolerance to tip burn than Expect. 65-3618 HAZELTON Y.R F1 92 2-2.5 14-16 Long term 1, 3 Improved Loughton. Higher yield, better uniformity and better wrappers. 65-3619 LOUGHTON Y.R. F1 92 2-3 14-16 Long term 1, 3 Cabbage mostly used for the boxing market. Distinguishes itself with its wrapper leaves, nice round head and attractive blue-green colour. 65-3620 LENNOX F1 92 2-2.5 12-14 Short term 2, 4 Well-known variety for its sweet taste. Well suited for either fresh market or storage.

Round, solid heads with smooth wrapper leaves. Very productive, showing vigorous, uniform growth. Will hold its green colour very well in storage. Potential of large size cabbages. 65-3621 PARADOX Y.R. F1 92 2-2.25 12-14 Long term 1, 4, 6 Y.R. Lennox type. Good uniformity. Good wrappers. 65-3623 REACTION Y.R. F1 92 2-2.25 14-16 Medium term 1, 4, 6 Smaller size cabbage. Very well wrapped, with a small core. Can be used for the production of mini cabbages if sown at high density. 65-3644 ULTRA VANTAGE F1 100 2.5-3.5 14-16 Long term 1 Storage type cabbage with many strengths including large head size and a dense inner core.

Robust and hearty plant habit, strong stalk and a high head position for a clean and easy to harvest head. Excellent performer in the field.

65-3645 SHERRINGTON Y.B.R F1 100 2.5-3.5 14-16 Long term 1, 5 Big cabbage, similar to Loughton, only a little bigger. Long-term storage. 65-3650 BARTOLO F1 100 2-3 12-14 Long term 2, 4 Popular variety known for its quality and uniformity. Can produce large cabbages. Similar to Lennox with superior storage ability. 65-3640 SARATOGA Y.R. F1 104 2-3 12-14 Medium term 1, 2, 4 Excellent all-purpose cabbage. Maintains its deep green colour and crisp texture even after extending storage. Medium to large heads have a tight, dense structure and a uniform, round shape with a small core.

65-3653 AMTRAK Y.R.

F1 107 2.5-3 8-10 Long term 1, 2, 3, 4 Later Bartolo type. Heavier cabbage for a heavy yielder. Maintains a nice green colour in storage. Easy to trim. Potential of large size cabbages RED 65-3486 SUPER RED 115 Y.R. F1 115 2.5-3 14-16 Long term 1, 3, 4 Very vigorous plant, very good yielders. Good wrapper leaves. Tolerant to thrips. 65-3487 KLIMARO F1 110 2.5-3 14-16 Long term 4 Cabbage with a slightly elongated shape and a small core. Excellent yield. TOLERANCES: 1 = Fusarium Yellows - 2 = Black Speck - 3 = Thrips - 4 = Tipburn - 5 = Black Rot - 6 = Bacterial Spot - 7 = Black Leg

13 Vegetable Production Catalogue | Norseco 2019 Carrot ADELAIDE F1 LITTLE FINGER MOKUM F1 ADANA F1 ATLAS CARACAS F1 NAPOLI F1 NAVAL F1 YAYA F1 NANTES IMPROVED Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Length (cm) Neck diameter (cm) Foliage height (cm) Internal colour orange Description MINI 65-1804 ADELAIDE F1 50 4-6 1 18-20 Very dark, Small core Great for bunching and marketing as baby carrots 65-1805 LITTLE FINGER 50 10 2.5 20 Very dark, Small core A small root variety, perfect for baby carrots, preserves or pickling. Deep orange root with smooth skin. Great taste. 65-1807 MOKUM F1 50 14-16 1.5 25 Dark, Small core Very uniform Nantes carrot, perfect for the mini Nantes production.

One of the best-tasting varieties on the market. 65-1810 ADANA F1 50 14-16 1.5 25 Dark, Small core Small Nantes carrot with nice shape and excellent quality. Stronger foliage than other carrots in the same category. For mini Nantes production.

65-1801 ATLAS 56 4-6 2.5 20 Very dark, Small core Replaces Parmex. Mini, round “Paris market” type root, with strong foliage that makes harvesting and bunching easier. 65-1875 CARACAS F1 56 10 4 40-45 Dark, Medium core Chantenay type recommended for the production of cone shaped mini carrots. NANTES-TOUCHON 65-1815 NAPOLI F1 55 20-22 2-2.5 30-35 Very dark, Small core Good sweet taste. Ideal for bunching or cello. Early cylindrical root. 65-1817 NAVAL F1 55 20-22 2-2.5 30-35 Very dark, Small core A good alternative to Napoli and to Apache. Nice sweet taste and excellent yield because of its cylindrical shape and rounded tip.

Healthy deep green tops, perfect for bunching and cello. Remarkable uniformity.

65-1826 YAYA F1 60 16-19 3 20-25 Very dark, Small core Nantes type, smooth, crunchy and very sweet. A little shorter than other Nantes, Yaya redeems its little sin with a superior taste. 65-1830 NANTES IMPROVED 62 18-20 2.5-3 30-35 Medium, Medium core Popular variety. Known for its sweet taste.

14 Norseco 2019 | Vegetable Production Catalogue Carrot NAVEDO F1 CELLOBUNCH F1 B3136 F1 ENVY F1 ISTANBUL F1 SV2384DL F1 ENTERPRISE F1 SV7627 F1 MELLO YELLO F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Length (cm) Neck diameter (cm) Foliage height (cm) Internal colour orange Description CELLO-JUMBO 65-1816 NAVEDO F1 63 25-28 3-4 40-45 Very dark, Small core Very cylindrical roots that stand out for their excellent uniformity and their high yield potential.

Smooth and well filled roots. 65-1824 CELLOBUNCH F1 63 23-28 3-4 35-40 Very dark, Small core Early cello/jumbo type for muck soil. High yield potential. Tolerant to Alternaria.

65-1838 B3136 F1 63 25-28 4-4.5 35-40 Very dark, Small core Cello/jumbo type with high quality roots in both mineral and muck soils. High uniformity of straight and long roots of a perfect shape. 65-1839 SV4128 F1 63 25-28 3,5-4 35-40 Dark, Small core New cello/jumbo type carrot that is a good complement to the Envy variety. Smooth and straight roots that seem to perform better in mineral soil. Good yield potential. 65-1840 ENVY F1 63 25-28 4-4.5 35-40 Very dark, Small core Early Cello/Jumbo type. Earlier than Apache. Smooth and uniform carrot. High yield potential.

65-1842 ISTANBUL F1 65 23-26 3-4 35-40 Dark, Small core First Imperator carrot from Bejo.

Shows very good uniformity, both in mineral and muck soils. 65-1845 SV2384DL F1 65 28-30 3-4 40-45 Dark, Small core Good quality roots, for both mineral and muck soil. Very strong tops. 65-1837 SV7627 F1 70 25-28 3-4 40-45 Dark, Small core New cello/jumbo from Seminis. A complement to SV2384 and Enterprise, offering a higher ratio of jumbo size carrots. For both mineral and muck soils. 65-1871 ENTERPRISE F1 70 25-28 3-4 40-45 Dark, Small core Mid-season variety. Strong tops, outstanding for its quality and uniformity. Excellent storage ability.

COLOURED 65-1877 YELLOWSTONE 70 20-25 2.5-3 40-45 Pale yellow, Medium core One of a kind smooth yellow root. Appealing for retail and specialty markets. 65-1878 MELLO YELLO F1 72 22-25 2-2.5 40-45 Yellow, Medium core Smooth root, more slender than Yellowstone. For cello. Also suited for mechanical harvest. 65-1879 WHITE SATIN F1 72 23-25 3 40-45 White, Medium core Cello type with white roots. Strong tops for mechanical harvest. 65-1880 PURPLE HAZE F1 72 20 2-2.5 40-45 Purple, Medium core Purple carrot with orange core for fresh markets or processing. Slightly susceptible to bolting.

65-1881 RAINBOW MIX F1 72 20-22.5 2-2.5 40-45 Diverse colours, Medium core Cello type in different colours: orange, white, yellow and salmon.

For bunching or slicing. 65-1874 DEEP PURPLE F1 73 20-22 2-2.5 40-45 Deep purple, Medium core Carrot fully purple to the core. Produces uniform carrots of a darker colour than Purple Haze. Looks nice on a plate of cut vegetables. 65-1873 MALBEC F1 74 26 2-2.5 40-45 Red, Medium core Red carrot with the best tolerance to bolting on the market as well as the best root quality. Good uniformity.

15 Vegetable Production Catalogue | Norseco 2019 Carrot BERLIN F1 BELGRADO F1 BASTIA F1 FONTANA F1 CUPAR F1 CANBERRA F1 BLANES F1 BERGEN F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Length (cm) Neck diameter (cm) Foliage height (cm) Internal colour orange Description INDUSTRY 65-1884 ACHIEVE F1 75 20-25 4+ 40-45 Dark, Medium core Flakkee-type carrot. Strong top hold under adverse weather and disease pressure. 65-1885 BERLIN F1 80 20-25 4 + 40-45 Dark, Large core Early Belgrado/Bradford type. Very resistant foliage and better quality root.

65-1872 BELGRADO F1 85 20-25 4 + 40-45 Very dark, Medium core Bulky Berlicum type for jumbo production or processing.

65-1888 BASTIA F1 85 22.5-25 4-6 40-45 Dark, Medium core Fontana type with better foliage and smoother root. Good for storage. 65-1895 FONTANA F1 85 20-25 4 + 40-45 Very dark, Medium core Processing carrot for dicing, slicing and baby food. Heavy yield. Mainly for muck soil. 65-1896 CUPAR F1 87 20-22 6.5-7 45-50 Dark, Medium core The industry choice for dicing. Vigorous and solid foliage. Excellent for storage.

65-1898 CANBERRA F1 87 22-25 6.5-7 45-50 Dark, Medium core Chantenay type with longer roots. No green shoulders. Higher yield potential than Cupar. 65-1891 BLANES F1 90 20-25 4+ 35-45 Dark, Medium core Fontana type. Smooth and uniform. High yield potential 65-1892 BERGEN F1 92 23-25 4 + 45-50 Dark, Medium core Late variety. Strong tops. High yielders. Proven quality after storage.

16 Norseco 2019 | Vegetable Production Catalogue Cauliflower MINUTEMAN F1 FREEDOM F1 SYNERGY F1 JANVEL F1 FIORETTO 60 F1 CHEDDAR F1 FLAME STAR F1 GRAFFITI F1 VERONICA YR F1 Code Variety Form.

Maturity (days) Harvest season Head shape Plant size Description WHITE 65-3812 MINUTEMAN F1 68 Spring-Fall Dome Medium Exceptional, early, uniform and productive variety. Dense head. 65-3814 AEROSPACE F1 75 Spring-Fall Dome Large New high quality cauliflower that produces a tight head and is quite uniform in maturity. Good tolerance to hairyness and no riceyness.

65-3815 FREEDOM F1 75 Summer-Fall Dome Upright CMS version of Fremont. Very uniform and concentrated production. 65-3820 SYNERGY F1 77 Summer-Fall Dome Large Pure white, very nice high quality cauliflower, a little later in maturity than Freedom. Better self cover than Freedom. Very uniform in maturity. 65-3825 JANVEL F1 80 Summer-Fall Dome Medium Dense, well-filled curds make this an attractive variety for both fresh market and processing. Tall leaves of this vigorous plant provide excellent sunburn protection for curds.

65-3875 FIORETTO 60 F1 60 Spring-Fall Florets Large New long-stem cauliflower harvested as sticks.

Each stick weighs between 10 and 20 grams. Sweet taste with a smoother texture than with traditional cauliflower. COLOURED 65-3869 CHEDDAR F1 80 Fall DomeOrange Medium Orange colour. High content of beta carotene. For deeper colour, do not tie up the leaves. 65-3868 FLAME STAR F1 78 Spring-Fall DomeOrange Mediumlarge Superb, pastel orange cauliflower with better tolerance to heat and stress than the Cheddar variety. Medium-large plant. For spring and fall crops. 65-3871 GRAFFITI F1 90 Fall Dome-Purple Large Intense purple colour inside and out. To be eaten raw because it turns to a brownish colour when cooked.

ROMANESCO 65-3881 VERONICA YR F1 85 Fall Lime green Large Pointed head showing a nice uniformity. Tolerant to Fusarium.

17 Vegetable Production Catalogue | Norseco 2019 Celery VICTORIA F1 TANGO RIVALRY F1 TZ 6200 F1 SAMBA F1 BALADA F1 SABROSO XP 266 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Tolerances Description 65-2020 VICTORIA F1 90 — Early. Excellent quality. Very good taste, without bitterness. Slow to bolt, holds well in the field. 65-2035 TANGO 90 1 Good quality variety. For fresh markets. 65-2040 TALL UTAH 5270 95 — Medium green colour. High yield. Slow to bolt.

65-2034 RIVALRY F1 100 1 High quality celery with very long internodes. Medium green plants, healthy and heavy. Fusarium tolerant. 65-2036 TZ 6200 F1 100 1 Mid-season hybrid tolerant to Fusarium. Medium green, smooth petioles and long internodes. 65-2037 SAMBA F1 100 1 New variety with a compact plant but very productive, producing very smooth petioles of a lighter colour. Very high Fusarium tolerance.

65-2039 BALADA F1 100 1 Tall processing and fresh market celery, with intermediate tolerance to Fusarium. Tall and heavy compact plants. Good field holding ability. 65-2044 SABROSO 100 1 Especially suited for the processing industry. Produces long, thick, straight petioles of an average smoothness. Heavy head, super yielders. 65-2046 XP 266 100 1 Mid-size frame with appealing green colour. Upright with smooth petioles. Excellent taste and yield. TOLERANCES: 1 = Fusarium Yellows Celeriac ROWENA F1 BALENA F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Description 65-2109 ROWENA F1 105 Round and smooth root.

Very vigorous with a high tolerance to bolting. For storage.

65-2110 BALENA F1 105 Round, smooth and very white root. Higher bolting tolerance. For storage.

18 Norseco 2019 | Vegetable Production Catalogue Sweet Corn TRINITY F1 SWEETNESS F1 ALLURE F1 KRISTINE F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Cob height (cm) Number of rows Cob length (cm) Plant height (m) Description BICOLOUR SE 65-1127 FAST LANE F1 59 40 12-14 18-20 1.5 Well filled and well-covered husks. Good vigour in cold soil. Easy to harvest. 65-1130 EARLY SWEET F1 61 40-45 12-14 18-20 1.6-1.8 Good vigour. 65-1128 BON JOUR F1 62 50 14-16 20 2.0-2.2 Sure value.

Produces large husks for its earliness. Good husk cover.

65-1131 TRINITY F1 63 40-45 14 20 1.6-1.8 Compact plants, well covered husks. 65-1134 BON APPETIT F1 64 40-45 16-18 20 2.0-2.2 Large size ears, very heavy. Tolerant to Stewart’s Wilt. 65-1126 TEMPTATION F1 65 50-60 16 20 2.0 Excellent cold soil vigour. 65-1149 LUSCIOUS F1 69 40-45 18-20 20 1.9-2.0 Large, blocky ears with sweet kernels and good corn flavour. Ears are easy to pick. Adapted to a wide variety of growing conditions. Easy to harvest, high tolerance to Stewart’s Wilt. 65-1155 ACCORD F1 74 50-60 18-20 22 2.0-2.1 Well filled cob that maintains its taste. Finds its place in the end of the growing season.

BICOLOUR SESH2 65-1118 SWEETNESS F1 60 45 16 20 1.8 The most vigorous and sweet early variety on the market. Its emergence in cold soils is perfect and the taste is tender and very sweet. 65-1123 LATTE F1 60 40 12-14 19-20 1.4 An interesting alternative to the Fastlane variety. Darker plants, better vigour and more taste. 65-1139 SC1102 F1 66 50 16 20 1,80 Variety that stands out because of its vigour. Exceptional taste, ear quality and very high yield. Should be included in your program. 65-1150 PROFIT F1 68 55 14-16 20 2.1 Replaces Bojangles. Appreciated by growers because of the vigour of its emergence, its well-filled tip and its good ear cover.

Appreciated by consumers because of its sweet taste and the tenderness of its kernels.

65-1175 ALLURE F1 70 65-70 16 20-21 2.1 Variety recognized for its solid plant, good husk cover and great taste. Sweet and tender kernels. Needs a warm soil at the plantation. 65-1176 KRISTINE F1 74 50 16 20-22 1.8 Dark green husks. Clean plants without side shoots. 65-1140 UTOPIA F1 76 75 16-18 20-21 2.1 A variety similar to Montauk, with a better yield. 18-20 rows of small, sweet and juicy kernels. Excellent emergence. Tight husks and a lot of flag leaves. 65-1138 MONTAUK F1 78 50 16-20 20-22 2.05 A big ear with excellent eating quality and good vigour. Very sweet taste.

65-1189 ESSENCE F1 78 75 16 20-21 2.1 Refined ears with strong tip fill.

Very tender with high sugars. Similar to Providence. 65-1187 CAMEO F1 80 65 18 23 2.2 The best variety to end your season. Vigorous and rugged plants. Excellent yield of savoury ears. 65-1190 PROVIDENCE F1 82 45-55 18 20 1.8-2 Improved version of Serendipity, with high tolerance to rust.

19 Vegetable Production Catalogue | Norseco 2019 Sweet Corn SOLSTICE F1 MIRAI 301BC F1 NIRVANA F1 AMERICAN DREAM F1 AFFECTION F1 TEMPTRESS F1 NECTAR (14-773) F1 Code Variety Maturity (days) Cob height (cm) Number of rows Cob length (cm) Plant height (m) Description BICOLOUR SH2 65-1152 SOLSTICE F1 67 50 16 18-20 1.75 Earlier Nirvana type. Particularly sweet and tender variety. Strong emergence. Strong tip fill. Stands out by its quality, just like Nirvana. 65-1145 MIRAI 301BC F1 68 40 16 20 1.5-1.7 Robust plants. Exceptional taste, tenderness and quality. 65-1156 NIRVANA F1 70 60 16 20 1.9 Early variety competitor to Fantastic.

The cold soil vigour and extremely sweet and tender taste are two main characteristics of this variety. 65-1163 AMERICAN DREAM F1 77 55 16-18 20 1.8 American Dream produces vigorous, healthy plants with cobs that have good tip fill of bicoloured kernels. Very tender and super-sweet kernels. Excellent germination. 2018 AAS winner.

65-1161 AFFECTION F1 78 50 16-18 17-19 1,8 Outstanding flavour, texture and sugar. Strong plant and excellent husk cover. Great tip fill. BICOLOUR QUAD SWEET 65-1124 TEMPTRESS F1 65 50 16 20 1.9 Very sweet variety called “Quad Sweet” because of its high content in Sh2 kernels in the cobs. Same maturity as Temptation but the ears are bigger and sweeter, with an excellent germination and good stand in the field. 65-1174 NECTAR (14-773) F1 72 70 18 20 1.85 Second Quad Sweet introduction from Crookham. Sweet and creamy, full season corn. Very good germination. Well filled and well covered cob.

Sturdy plant.

20 Norseco 2019 | Vegetable Production Catalogue Sweet Corn SPRING TREAT F1 CAFÉ F1 HONEY SELECT F1 900Y F1 SC1336 F1 MISQUAMICUT F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Cob height (cm) Number of rows Cob length (cm) Plant height (m) Description YELLOW SE 65-1321 SPRING TREAT F1 63 40 12 20-21 1.4 Attractive dark green ears. Easy to harvest. YELLOW SESH2 65-1322 CAFÉ F1 65 53 14-16 20 1.75 First synergistic yellow variety of this early maturity. Good size ears, medium kernels and excellent taste. 65-1340 HONEY SELECT F1 74 60 16 20 1.9 Great sweet taste and tender kernels. For fresh markets.

YELLOW SH2 65-1391 900Y F1 78 40 16-18 19 1.9 Excellent germ and vigour. Very high-yielding variety of nice quality cobs.

65-1394 SC1336 F1 80 60 18-20 21-22 1.8 Very vigorous plants producing very well covered ears. A delicious sweet taste. Replaces the Passion variety. WHITE SESH2 65-1278 MISQUAMICUT F1 76 40 16-18 20-21 2 High yield potential of classy ears with excellent taste and kernel colour. Ears are easy to snap off the clean and sturdy plants. They have good tip cover, dark green flag leaves and shiny white kernels that fill the ears well to the tip. Superb eating quality. Intermediate resistance to common rust and Stewart’s Wilt.

21 Vegetable Production Catalogue | Norseco 2019 Cucumber BURPLESS 26 F1 BRISTOL F1 ROCKINGHAM F1 SPEEDWAY F1 DARLINGTON F1 PETICUE F1 MARTINI F1 Code Variety Form.

Maturity (days) Fruit size (cm) Flowering habit Tolerances Description ENGLISH 65-4250 BURPLESS 26 F1 65 38-40 x 4.6 Monoecious 3, 6 Digestible type. Tender non-bitter taste. Very productive. High yield. 65-4254 ENGLISH TELEGRAPH 65 38-45 x 4.5 Monoecious 4, 6 Digestible type. Pleasant, non-bitter taste. Open pollination variety. Recommended for retail sales.

SLICING 65-4229 LISBOA F1 50 18 x 5 Parthenocarpic 3, 4, 8, 6 Extra early, parthenocarpic variety, which means it doesn’t need bees for pollination, but should be isolated if grown outside (can also be grown in a high tunnel). Seed cavity does not contain seeds. Impressive yield of two fruits per internode. 65-4260 SWEET SUCCESS F1 50 30-36 x 6 Gynoecious 3, 7, 8 Similar to Japanese varieties said to be digestible, but resembling Marketmore. Tender, non-bitter taste. Adapted for greenhouses and outdoor cultivation. Parthenocarpic variety.

65-4214 BRISTOL F1 52 20 x 6 Gynoecious 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Early variety.

Fruits stay firm, straight and uniform all season long. Nice dark green colour. Incredible yield right at the beginning of the season. Very good disease packages and tolerance to Downy Mildew. 65-4217 ROCKINGHAM F1 54 21 x 6 Gynoecious 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 Variety that replaces Speedway favourably by its dark, smooth and uniform fruits. Tolerant to Powdery Mildew. 65-4218 SPEEDWAY F1 54 20 x 6 Gynoecious 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 High yield of dark colour cucumbers. Very uniform fruits on moderately vigorous vines. This variety is popular because of its earliness, yield and disease resistance.

65-4228 DARLINGTON F1 54 21 x 6 Gynoecious 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Multivirus variety that produces straight, dark green fruits throughout the harvest season. Excellent quality. 65-4258 PETICUE F1 54 18-23 X 6 Monoecious — Replaces Fanfare. Short vining/bush slicing cucumbers bred to stay compact with the vines using only 1/3 of the space of a standard variety. For the best tasting, crunchy-sweet cues, pick the green fruits at 18 - 23 cm. Harvest regularly to increase the yield. 65-4220 DASHER II F1 55 20 x 6 Gynoecious 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 High production of very dark first quality fruits. Keeps its shape and colour in high temperatures.

Constant quality and uniformity.

65-4266 MARTINI F1 55 13-15 x 4 Monoecious 6 Small cucumber characterized by its white exterior colour, early maturity and thin fruit skin. Sweet and crunchy fruit, without any bitterness, that do not need to be peeled. Tolerant to powdery mildew. 65-4238 MARKETMORE 70 63 23 X 6.5 Monoecious 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 Mid-early variety that produces long dark green fruits with white spines. Productive and flavourful. 65-4240 MARKETMORE 76 63 23 x 6.5 Monoecious 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 Straight, flavourful fruit. Very popular open pollination variety. Productive. Recommended for retail sales.

TOLERANCES: 1 = Anthracnose - 2 = Angular Leaf Spot - 3 = Cucumber Mosaic Virus - 4 = Downy Mildew - 5 = Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus - 6 = Powdery Mildew - 7 = Target Leaf Spot - 8 = Scab 9 = Watermelon Mosaic Virus - 10 = Papaya Ring Spot Flowering HABIT - Gynoecious: Refered to when having 100% female flowers on the same plant.

Monoecious: Refered to when both male and female are on the same plant.

22 Norseco 2019 | Vegetable Production Catalogue Cucumber MERCURY F1 MAGIC F1 MINI MUNCH F1 Code Variety Form. Maturity (days) Fruit size (cm) Flowering habit Tolerances Description LEBANESE 65-4247 MERCURY F1 53 14-16 x 3 Gynoecious 3, 5, 6, 9 Finally, a Lebanese cucumber with a better disease package. It’s earliness, dark green colour and crispy sweet fruits makes it a variety to grow without hesitation. 65-4230 MAGIC F1 55 14-16 x 3 Gynoecious 4, 5, 9 Beit Alpha type for the field and greenhouse. Slightly spiny dark green fruit. 65-4231 BABYLON F1 55 14-16 x 3 Gynoecious 3, 6 Cylindrical, ribbed fruit with fine white spines.

Babylon is unbelievably sweet, crunchy and thin-skinned. Superb quality.

65-4276 MINI MUNCH F1 55 10 x 3 Gynoecious — Parthenocarpic cucumber to be grown in a container or in the garden on a trellis. Early high yield, very thin skin and crispy texture. SPECIALTY 65-4280 MOUSE MELON 70 2 x 3 Gynoecious — Tiny little cucumbers (Melothria scabra) known in Mexico as “sandíita” (little watermelon) and branded here as mouse melons. They have a prominent cucumber flavour with notes of tartness. Pickling Cucumber PETIPIKEL F1 CORENTINE F1 SALT AND PEPPER EXPEDITION F1 EUREKA F1 CITADEL F1 Code Variety Form.

Maturity (days) Flowering habit Ratio length and diameter Tolerances Description 65-4420 PETIPIKEL F1 45 Monoecious 3.1-3.3 6 Short vining/bush pickling cucumber that has been bred to stay compact with the vines using only 1/3 of the space of a standard variety.

Pick the green striped, spined fruit at 8-13 cm (3 - 5 in) for the best results. Harvest regularly to increase the yield. Fruits can be left until 18 cm (7 in) long and used fresh. 65-4477 CORENTINE F1 50 Gynoecious 3.15 3, 6, 8 Replacement of Cool Breeze. Parthenocarpic variety that needs to be isolated but does not need any pollination to give loads of medium green fruits with small fine spines.

65-4480 SALT AND PEPPER 50 Gynoecious 3.15 — Eye catching white-skinned pickling cucumber with good powdery mildew tolerance. You won’t need to add salt and pepper to this unique miniature cucumber. It has just the right amount of natural flavours, quite delicious. 65-4427 EXPEDITION F1 52 Gynoecious 3-3.06 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 For those who like the variety Vlaspik, it must be tried. This variety produces a darker fruit and offers a higher yield. 65-4426 VLASPIK F1 54 Gynoecious 3.2 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 High yields of large, plump fruits. Suited for mechanical harvest. 65-4423 ARABIAN F1 55 Gynoecious 3.05-3.1 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 Short vine variety, darker colour than Eureka.

Fruit is also longer. 65-4424 EUREKA F1 55 Monoecious 3.1 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 Highly disease resistant variety. Outstanding for its dark green fruit that looks like a small slicer.

65-4425 CITADEL F1 55 Gynoecious 3.1 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 Citadel is part of a new hybrid line tolerant to Downey mildew. The combination of fungicides when pressure is too high and good tolerance to Downey mildew will help achieve its highest yield potential. 65-4422 ALIBI F1 58 Monoecious 3.1 3, 4, 6, 8 Straight, medium to dark green fruit with rounded tip. Hand or mechanical harvesting. Concentrated production.


Maturity (days) Fruit shape Fruit size (cm) Colour Tolerances Description 65-0620 PATIO BABY F1 PATIO COLLECTION 45 Oval 10-12 x 7-8 Dark purple — Unique, high yielding, almost thornless, compact variety that produces baby size eggplants very early with a wide harvest window. Equally suited for growing in containers or in the garden.

65-0603 GRETEL F1 55 Cylindrical 7.5 x 3 White — AAS 2009 winner. Sweet and tender fruits. Extended harvest period. Adapted to cultivation in pots. 65-0628 CHARMING F1 55 Cylindrical 19 x 5.5 Pink — Pink, chubby fruits with a pleasant lustre. Nice attractive fruit with white flesh. Two to three flowers-bearing fruits on one node. 65-0624 FAIRY TALE F1 58 Elongated oval 10 x 4 Purple with white stripes — Dwarf plant that produces loads of attractive miniature fruits. 65-0614 HARMONY F1 62 Elongated 15 x 3 Deep purple with white stripes — Short Italian type. Very productive. Plant reaches 40-45 cm in height.

65-0618 BELEN F1 62 Oval 20 x 12 Black purple — A variety that produces nice uniform fruits, very similar to Night Shadow. 65-0630 PURPLE SHINE F1 65 Elongated 30 x 4 Purple — Seedless Italian type. Excellent yield on a solid, upright plant. 65-0617 NIGHT SHADOW F1 68 Oval 20 x 12 Glossy black purple 3 Competes against Classic. Small blossom end scars. Very uniform fruits that resist wind and handling scratches. 65-0606 CLARA F1 70 Oval 15 x 8 White — Replaces Cloud Nine. Fruit slightly ribbed. White flesh. 65-0626 BIRGAH F1 70 Round 10 x 10 Pinkish purple — Sicilian type, firm and heavy. Productive plants.

Excellent sweet taste.

65-0629 TRAVIATA F1 70 Elongated oval 20 x 11 Dark purple — Vigorous and thornless plants producing fruits of uniform size throughout the season. For open fields and high tunnels. Good productivity. TOLERANCES: 1 = Tobacco Mosaic Virus - 2 = Verticillium Wilt - 3 = Tomato Mosaic Virus

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