2019 Western States Corvette Council

2019 Western States Corvette Council

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 2

2019 Western States Corvette Council

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 3

2019 Western States Corvette Council

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 4 Your WSCC Executive Board January 2019 through December 2020 President: Buzz Marston WSCC President PO Box 321445 Los Gatos, CA 95032 Ph 408- 221-6500 Email: President@wscc.net Vice President: Norm Rose WSCC Vice President 6915 Redwood Retreat Rd Gilroy, CA 95020 Email: vp@wscc.net Treasurer: Margie Zamora WSCC Treasurer PO Box 321445 Los Gatos, CA 95032 Ph: 408-891-8194 Email: treasurer@wscc.net Secretary: Howard Davies WSCC Secretary 2830 Highway 49 South Mariposa, CA 95338 Email: secretary@wscc.net WSCC Public/Sponsor Relations Director: Gary Nolan WSCC Public Relations 32904 Road 222 North Fork CA 93643 Ph: (559) 381-2947 Email: publicrelations@wscc.net Events: Helen Landis WSCC Events Director 1711 Milburn Dr.

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 Cell – (510) 220-0002 Email: events@wscc.net Publications: Don Herzer WSCC Publications P.O. Box 243 Long Barn, CA 95335 Ph. 209-586-3078 Email: corvdon@wsccpubs.net Webmaster: Andy Hoepfner WSCC Webmaster 3644 Warner Dr. San Jose, CA 95127 Ph.: 510-449-2639 Email: webmaster@wscc.net Special Events Coordinator: Bill Landis WSCC Special Events Coordinator 1711 Milburn Dr. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 Ph: 925-682-8608 Email: landisbill2@comcast.net

2019 Western States Corvette Council

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 5 Here we are in mid-summer and the Council clubs have been busy. We just finished up on the 2020 C8 Corvette Reveal Celebration in Tustin (Orange County) CA with about 150 people and their 75 Corvettes all there from the various WSCC clubs to help celebrate the new first ever mid-engine eighth generation Corvette. Ruth and I were at both the Thursday more sport coat and tie event at the Tustin Air Center hanger and then again with our group on Friday. Hopefully everybody had a great time. In case you missed the live stream on Thursday night, here is a link for you to replay that historic event.

https://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/nextgen-corvette.html We have a lot of other events going on this summer and into fall, the largest of which is the 25th Anniversary of the National Corvette Museum and the National Caravan – Pacific Central region led by our own Don Herzer. We are looking forward to being able to do this year’s Caravan and hope to see you on the route. You don’t want to miss the WSCC Track Day at the NCM Motorsports Park while you are there, these are rock bottom prices for an all day track day!

Additionally, right after that we have the annual Corvette Racing IMSA WeatherTech Race and Corral at Laguna Seca and the Corvette Racing Banquet.

All that information plus additional information that Don has on the C8 Reveal in this edition of Redline. Enjoy! On with the dance... Buzz Marston, WSCC President Buzz buzz@wscc.net Greetings. Summer is flying by. Lots of wonderful past activities with more to come. We had a great time at the first Coyote Concourse in July. Lots of Corvettes and classics. A number of winners from WSCC. Well done. Much interest at the West Coast GM C8 Reveal at Tustin in July. There were 75 cars registered through WSCC. Thanks, GM, for the tickets! The event was well attended with many folks from out of state.

I talked to folks from Ohio, Florida and Texas to name a few.

August will see many on the Corvette Caravan to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. That’s just a few of the activities scheduled by various clubs and organizations. If you have the time, there is an event somewhere! You never know who you will see. (I was going to say run into but that would not be good taste for this publication!) Look at Helen’s article and schedule of events. She does a great job of providing information on what is coming next. Membership is up to date with several new members. Find some enjoyment with your Corvette. It is waiting to get out of the garage! Take care, Norm I hope everyone had a chance to see the C-8 Reveal in Tustin – either in person or via the several on-line live streaming videos available.

The Mid-Engine design is sure to be one of the hottest discussions the remainder of the summer. There will be lots of coverage in this edition of the Redline!

Since we are talking about HOT – June was filled with lots of Corvette Stuff to do Car Shows, AutoX’s, Ballgames... and July had lots of Club stuff to do – Many of you took the trip and joined Southern Oregon Corvette Association in Grants Pass for a fun filled weekend (July 12 -14) – The WSCC presence was huge! Upcoming for August -  Northern California Corvette Association is hosting Vette Magic 44 (Type V Car Show) at Blackhawk Plaza; Saturday, August 3 –  Colorado Corvette Club is once again hosting their 10th Annual Mountain Madness Car Show (Type V Car Show) in Grand Lake, Colorado – August 17  Family and Friends Corvette Club is throwing their Annual Type V Car Show AND Party – Hot August From the President ...

Buzz Marston From the Events Director... Helen Landis From the Vice President ... Norm Rose

2019 Western States Corvette Council

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 6 Days – in the Applebee’s parking lot in Vallejo – Saturday, August 17  Santa Clara Corvettes – are hosting their 6th and 7th Type II AutoX of the season in Marina – Saturday and Sunday – August 10 & 11  Let’s not forget the National Corvette Caravan – Don Herzer will be leading the Pacific Central Caravan to Bowling Green, KY - kicking off at Abel Chevrolet in Rio Vista on Thursday, August 22 8:00am. Safe travels to all of you going to Bowling Green – We all look forward to fantastic stories and photos when you get back – don’t forget to post stuff on Facebook to share while you are traveling.

September Stuff – You should be looking at your September Calendars now and getting tickets for the IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship at Laguna Seca – September 13-15. The Corvette Corral is open and tickets are available (go to https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/laguna/EN/buy/quickbuy/3 35 to get your tickets) – don’t wait too long or they will be gone! The Corvette Racing Banquet is set for Saturday, September 14 – Contact the NCM - https://www.corvettemuseum.org/event/corvette-racingbanquet/?instance_id=728 for your tickets and reservations to the Banquet. If you have not been to this before don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Tadge Juechter, Kai Spande, Doug Fehan and the C7R Race Team.

They may even be able to talk about the mid engine C8 . Great evening!

There will be a Track Day at Laguna Seca - Hooked on Corvettes - presented by Hooked on Driving and WSCC, sponsored by Chevrolet of Steven’s Creek on Tuesday, September 3. Make it a long Labor Day weekend and head to Laguna for some seat time on this World Famous Track – maneuver the Corkscrew and brag about it to your friends with the slow cars. Good Times Corvette Club is hosting their Dealer Appreciation – Show Us Your Bowtie – Car Show in Broomfield, CO on September 14. Santa Clara Corvettes are hosting Corvette Spectacular in Los Altos on September 22 – Pre-Register now! They are also hosting AutoX #VIII & #IX in Marina – September 7 & 8.

North Bay Corvette Association is hosting their second twoday AutoX at Thunderhill - Nord Fjord 85 & 86 – the weekend of September 28 & 29. And the Year is still not over! – Check out the WSCC Calendar of Events online. I send an updated calendar of Events to the WSCC Reps. monthly as well – check with your Reps. for more information. At our last WSCC General Membership Meeting – we discussed the WSCC Convention to be held in 2021. We need Clubs to look at hosting this event – put your stamp on it and make it a standout event. It is not too early to plan – in fact, you will need to put your pedal to the metal to plan it now so that we can get it reserved and advertised in order to be successful!

I am looking for some volunteers to help me plan another Funkhana for next year (probably in the summer). We need to secure a location and set up some fun activities for our Corvette Enthusiasts! Please give me a call (510) 220- 0002) or send an email (events@wscc.net or hlandis@comcast.net ) if you are interested in helping to plan this fun family event. I have heard there may be a few suggestions for changes to the Competition Code. I am looking for interested volunteers to review the suggestions and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Membership regarding those changes.

Please contact me if you would like to be a part of that Committee. We need to meet – usually via phone, but can be in person – to discuss the recommendations before the October General Membership Meeting.

ANY SUGGESTED CHANGES TO THE 2020 COMPETITION CODE MUST TO BE SUBMITTED TO ME IN WRITING, BY AUGUST 15, 2019. Enjoy the rest of this SUMMER – get out and have some fun with your cars! Save the wave – Helen Helen By the time that you read this, I probably will have started packing registration packets for those going on the Corvette Caravan. Don't miss this exciting trip, Although pre-registration has closed, you can tag along with us to Bowling Green and register there. We will have the largest group leaving from CA to date. In addition to an exciting trip, you will have the option to join in on our WSCC exclusive Track Day at Motorsports Park!

I have put what info we have so far on the C8 in this issue. I am sure that we will learn more back in Bowling Green, so stay tuned. My impression is that C8 will be even more popular than the C7. Even before the C8 Reveal, I received many good natured prods whether I was going to trade the ZR-1 in on a C8. My answer was always an emphatic no - at From the Publisher ... Don Herzer

2019 Western States Corvette Council

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 7 least not unless they offer something mighty impressive. Based on what I heard at the Reveal, I believe that they aren't there yet, but it will probably be coming soon.

So now, my response is: not yet!; I'll wait for the C8 Z06 or ZR-1. Deadline Date for material to be included in the next Redline is Oct. 15, 2019. If you have an article, club profile, press release*, etc. that you want published, please send it to Don Herzer. The address is on the officer page or email: corvdon@wsccpubs.net * We reserve the right to edit the length of the articles due to space constraints. The WSCC EBoard also reserves the right to edit articles for inappropriate content and/or to refuse ads that pose a conflict of interest to existing advertisers. WSCC WEBSITE: = www.wscc.ws Links to other Club Websites may be found on the WSCC Website on the member clubs page.

Don * * CERV 1-3 were on display at the C8 Reveal

2019 Western States Corvette Council

WSCC Autocross 2019 Continues Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 8 Santa Clara Corvettes held their second autocross weekend on May 4-5. This event featured their popular, but challenging "Double-Double" layout. There were several newbies to autocrossing on both days, and they soon found that this course is not the best to learn on. Sort of like taking your first downhill ski run on a black diamond run. Thankfully, coaches were arranged to help them learn the path through the sea of cones. Even a few veterans lost their bearings. To complicate matters, on Saturday, the course had two directional slaloms, which several did not follow on the correct side, resulting in DNF.

On Sunday, the directional cones were removed to reduce the confusion factor. A good time to run this course was 59 seconds or less, so our announcer, Keith Mendia, congratulated drivers for joining the "59 second club".

The typical Marina weather was in play both days, rewarding folks who were smart enough to have multi-layer clothing, and punishing those dressed for warm weather, except for a small part of late morning.

2019 Western States Corvette Council

WSCC Autocross 2019 Continues Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 9 Some Action Shots Rick Bronner took Top Time Men & Mim Petersen captured Women Top Time

2019 Western States Corvette Council

WSCC Autocross 2019 Continues Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 10 The next Autocross on the calendar was hosted by North Bay at a totally new venue (and on totally new asphalt) - Thunderhill Raceway outside of Willows.

The sudden change to summer temperatures had many wishing for the cool Marina breezes we had become accustomed to. Shade was at a premium, and we could feel the heat from the very black asphalt working up through our shoes. North Bay provided water, which was much needed by participants.

WSCC Autocross 2019 Continues Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 11

WSCC Autocross 2019 Continues Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 12

WSCC Autocross 2019 Continues Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 13 Unfortunately they couldn't get the tire An example of the exotics that show up fixed in time to enter at a Type II event 3M Loves Steve

WSCC Autocross 2019 Continues Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 14

WSCC Autocross 2019 Continues Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 15 Going Through The Finish Sideways Is Not Recommended

WSCC Autocross 2019 Continues Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 16

DVC's Vette-O-Rama Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 17 As always, the Saturday prior to Father's Day was time for Diablo Valley Corvettes' Vette-O-Rama car show in Todos Santos Plaza, in the center of Concord.

DVC's Vette-O-Rama Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 18 A wide assortment of raffle prizes and trophies to be won

DVC's Vette-O-Rama Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 19

1st Coyote Creek Concours Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 20

1st Coyote Creek Concours Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 21 On Sunday, June 23, WSCC and Santa Clara Corvettes in particular, helped the organizers put on the first Coyote Creek Concours. The featured Marques were Corvette and Ferrari. Chevrolet of Stevens Creek was a major sponsor. There was only one C4 entered, but otherwise all generations of Corvette were represented. Buzz and Ruth manned the Chevrolet of Stevens Creek display and passed out microfiber towels. Two of their customers' ZR-1's were on display, one a convertible. Obviously, orange was the featured color.

1st Coyote Creek Concours Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 22 Awards were given to the first 3 places in each category.

Andy Hoepfner's Lamborghini There were even some historic/vintage motorcycles took first place in "Exotics"

HOD 15th Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 23 On June 8-9 weekend, Hooked On Driving hosted their 15th Anniversary celebration at Thunderhill Raceway outside Willows. The event included two days on the track and a BBQ dinner on Saturday evening with live music provided by the Derek Abel Band. This event was open to all cars, but as always, there were a significant number of Corvettes. Saturday's run was on the traditional 3 mile layout, and Sunday we were given the 5 mile layout, which I really enjoyed. The backside is tricky and technical, but once you get the lines down, it makes an exciting run. We were broken into run groups by experience and car capabilities, with coaching available for beginners and anyone else who wanted.

A & B groups had restricted passing areas, the C group had mandatory point-by passing (on either side), and the D group had open passing. Each group had five twenty minute sessions on the track. A bonus treat for everyone was that Ross Bently joined each after-session drivers' meeting with pointers on how to drive the course.

As part of the safety briefing we were warned to watch for rattlesnakes. The group gathered under the canopy to enjoy beer, BBQ, and DAB One of the more interesting entries Snowcapped Mt. Lassen made a great backdrop

HOD 15th Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 24

HOD 15th Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 25 Some Scenes Around The Track

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 26

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 27

Nevada Open Road Challenge Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 28 Snow capped mountains made a scenic backdrop to the participants' Car Show 

Nevada Open Road Challenge Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 29

Corvettes at Rivercats Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 30

Oregon Corvette Weekend Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 31 Every two years, Corvettes of Southern Oregon hosts a Corvette Weekend in Grants Pass. This event features a car show, a BBQ lunch, a Jetboat dinner ride on the Rogue River, and this time a Funkana was included along with other fun activities. It is so much fun, that WSCC was well represented. Car Show parking was well orchestrated Probably the most exotic Corvette there

Oregon Corvette Weekend Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 32 So. Oregon's Version of Funkana Contestants would line up at the start, and colorful details about the car and themselves would be announced to the audience They then would cross the start line and back into a stall, get out and complete at least 3 hula-hoop turns Grabbing 3 toilet paper rolls, they would back up into position to throw at a toilet (this shot went in, but bounced back out). Next challenge was to back in next to a mailbox and pick up a newspaper. If you didn't get close enough, you had to get out to reach for it After executing a tricky U-turn and delivering the newspaper to another mailbox, contestants would then have to back into another stall...

and putt 3 shots, getting a 5 second bonus if it went in the cup.

Oregon Corvette Weekend Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 33 Upon arrival, people were offered a free hand car wash. The volunteers got quite a workout Beef and Chicken was grilled to perfection, then sliced for consumption

Oregon Corvette Weekend Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 34 The highlight of this event is the Jetboat ride. Waterguns in hand, we wait for boarding. Soon, we are flying along the river, stopping to view Osprey and other wildlife We cruise through Hellgate Canyon (where several river movie scenes have been filmed), before turning around to stop for dinner

Oregon Corvette Weekend Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 35 Yes, you get wet, to various degrees based on luck and where you are seated

C8 Mid-Engine Revealed Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 36 The much anticipated unveiling of the C8 took place on the evening of July 18th at Tustin Hanger #2. The main event was a little pricey to attend in person, but huge numbers of folks watched via live streaming around the world. Selected members of WSCC were invited to a second event the next afternoon, so we filled a meeting room in our hotel to watch the reveal.

C8 Mid-Engine Revealed Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 37 The Reveal was tied into the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing, with lead-ins given by two former Astronauts.

The presentation given Friday afternoon was given by Phil Zak - Executive Design Director Global Chevrolet, and by an enthusiastic Chief Engineer - Tadge Juechter. Although they followed a good part of the script from the Reveal, they expanded on areas, and added detail that wasn't covered previously. Between the two exposes on C8, here are key features that I noted:  Probably the two most amazing aspects of this mid-engine car are the pricing and the storage capacity. Given the technical challenges of producing a midengine car, many expected the price tag to be at least $70K minimum, and more likely well over $100K, but the audience was shocked when Tadge announced that the base C8 Stingray will start at under $60K!

Also, amazingly, the C8 will have about the same storage capacity as C7. In fact, Tadge said that if you filled the storage compartments of C7 and C8 with water, they would take the same volume. This has been made possible by proprietary special fiberglass tubs for the C8. Obviously the space on C8 is a much different configuration, but it will still accommodate the benchmark two sets of golf clubs, or all 5 pieces of the Corvette Luggage set.  Another big shocker was that C8 will be offered in a right hand drive version. Tadge joked that there must have been more than a few beers raised in Australia when he mentioned that.

Of course, performance is a key consideration. Given the handling characteristics that have been achieved, and the new LT2 6.2L 494HP power plant, the C8 with the Z51 package will do 0-60 under 3 seconds! This brought excited gasps from the audience.  The nose lift feature brought cheers when it was announced. When approaching a low clearance area, the driver can raise the nose of the car 2". If told to, the C8 can remember up to 1,000 of these locations and will automatically raise when approaching again.

The rear view mirror can be either a traditional mirror, or a rear view camera, providing a wide field of view, eliminating blind spots, or if there is a particularly attractive body behind, you can zoom in on her.

The C8 does not have the passengers sit in a sunken tub as on most mid-engine offerings. C8 still has easy entry/egress.  GM had to develop their own high pressure die casting processing/tooling in order to produce the huge castings required to make the handling/stability of C8 possible.

Transverse leaf springs are gone. C8 has coil-over all four wheels.  The driver is positioned over a foot more forward vs. C7, putting them over the center of gravity, such that the car rotates around them when turning or twisting. This positioning also allows much greater visibility of the front of the car.  Michelin has produced a new tread pattern and composition specifically for C8, in both the all season tire and the summer tire.  The all-new premium Bose sound system feature 14 speakers. The LT2 has an all-new dry sump system This cut-away shows how low the engine sits

C8 Mid-Engine Revealed Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 38 Three seating options and several wheel options will be offered The new square steering wheel will be offered in leather wrapped or sueded 12 body colors and 4 caliper colors to choose from Attendees lined up to sit in the interior

C8 Mid-Engine Revealed Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 39 Between front and rear, cargo space equivalent to C7 The engine compartment as seen from above, and the rear view camera mounting

C8 Mid-Engine Revealed Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 40 Like C7, this rear end treatment will take getting use to by some Likewise, I heard some criticism of the interior layout. The intent is to surround the driver as in a cockpit. Several color/stitching options will be offered. The stitching will be more bold than on C7.

C8 Mid-Engine Revealed Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 41 Overall, I was most impressed by the sense of awe and the enthusiasm/pride conveyed by the engineering/design team in what they had achieved.

Tadge said that he warned Ron Fellows that folks would be clamoring for class space just to be able to feel what it is like to drive a C8.

C8 Mid-Engine Revealed Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 42 For Release: Friday, July 19, 2019, 3:00 a.m. PDT CHEVROLET TRANSFORMS THE CORVETTE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE  Customers can pre-order their 2020 Stingray starting today  New experience includes a 3D Visualizer, cross-country tour, content library and dedicated Corvette Concierge TUSTIN, Calif. — The first-ever production mid-engine Corvette revolutionizes the iconic vehicle, and the customer experience will be equally transformative. Starting today, interested 2020 Corvette Stingray shoppers will have access to unprecedented levels of information, as well as the ability to customize, visualize and pre-order their vehicle on Chevrolet.com or through their preferred dealer.

With the 2020 Corvette, the introduction of the new customer experience is just as important as the reveal of the actual car,” said Steve Majoros, director of Chevrolet passenger car and crossover marketing. “We will give customers unparalleled access to learn from and engage with Chevrolet, our dealers and enthusiasts on their terms, in a manner that’s convenient for them.” Visualize it, configure it, pre-order it A new digital tool, the Corvette Visualizer, allows people to design and customize their Corvette in extreme 3D detail through Chevrolet.com. The Visualizer is fully interactive, with available Corvette Stingray trims and custom combinations including exterior and interior colors, seats, wheels and even seat belt colors.

As customers build their Corvettes they can experience 360-degree, 3D exterior and interior renderings of their potential vehicle. They’ll be able to toggle the headlights and interior lights on and off, view the vehicle with the retractable roof on or off and change the exterior lighting so they can envision all angles of their new supercar. Users can save their build and share images of their personally designed Stingray on social media, facilitating more discussion and excitement among enthusiasts.

We want to be able to show customers what their ideal Corvette will look like before they order it,” said Majoros. “They’ll be able to experiment with different wheels, brakes, fabrics, color samples and much more as they craft their dream Corvette. This is the most extreme level of detail we’ve ever offered at reveal and it will only improve over time.” After building their personal Stingray on Chevrolet.com, customers can pre-order their vehicle through a certified dealership. The car that users create through the Visualizer can be sent directly to certified dealers who will work with the customer on final ordering information when vehicles go on sale.

Corvette hits the road Leading up to its on-sale date, the 2020 Corvette Stingray will be hitting the road for a cross-country consumer and dealership tour. Starting in late July, Corvette specialists, the vehicle and numerous parts and displays will make stops at more than 125 dealerships nationwide, as well as major consumer events such as the Concours d’Elegance of America, Woodward Dream Cruise, National Corvette Museum 25 th Anniversary Celebration, Petit Le Mans and more. Chevy experts will host customers to showcase the new supercar, display customizable Corvette parts (seats, wheels, accessories, etc.) and teach people how to use the new Visualizer.

The immersive experience includes several displays that highlight vehicle features and technologies.

All certified Chevrolet Corvette dealers will have to participate in extensive training before they can put the 2020 Corvette Stingray on their showroom floors. The training includes on-track driving at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Nevada, along with an intensive immersion on every detail

C8 Mid-Engine Revealed Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 43 of the 2020 Corvette. Corvette Signature dealers will also have special training on servicing the new supercar, reinforcing Chevrolet’s commitment to the complete ownership experience. Corvette Concierge A dedicated Corvette Concierge team will provide 2020 Corvette customers with answers to every question about the vehicle discovery, buying and ownership process.

Specially trained Corvette Concierges also have access to the executives and engineers who helped develop the vehicle. When appropriate, the Concierge team can connect customers directly with their preferred dealership to facilitate vehicle ordering. While customers can call a Concierge at any time, they can also schedule special one-on-one appointments for ordering consultations and vehicle information assistance.

The Corvette Concierge team, which is based at General Motors headquarters in Detroit, can be reached by calling 866-424-3892. Customers can also live chat with a Corvette Concierge online by visiting Chevrolet.com. The team is available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EDT Mondays through Fridays. Content for all Chevy’s most robust reveal website to date is highlighted by a new Corvette Academy video series. Twenty-three videos provide owners with entertaining and informative overviews of specific features and the 2020 Stingray’s background. The videos are hosted by the engineers and designers who developed the vehicle.

Video topics include Quick Tips, Short Answers and longform Tech Talks on everything from the advantages of the mid-engine to Corvette history and concepts. “This is the most thorough reveal site we’ve ever produced, with a variety of different videos, feature articles and photography all available,” said Majoros. “Whether you’re new to Corvette or have been driving one since 1953, we have content that will be appeal to you.” Within the site, interested parties can sign up to receive email updates when new vehicle content and offers are made available.

ABOUT CHEVROLET Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is one of the world's largest car brands, doing business in more than 100 countries and selling more than 4.0 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature engaging performance, design that makes the heart beat, passive and active safety features and easy-to-use technology, all at a value. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at www.chevrolet.com. # # # CONTACT: Kevin Kelly Chevrolet Communications 313-316-9742 Kevin.m.kelly@gm.com

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 44

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 45

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 46

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 47

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 48

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 49 The C8 will be on display at the Corvette Corral

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 50

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 51 WESTERN STATES CORVETTE COUNCIL Founded - July 1, 1965 - Incorporated-May 10, 1968- Thursday Friday Colorado Springs, Colorado Sacramento, California - W.S.C.C.

Voting Clubs (Representatives - - Cameron Park Corvette Club (CPCC) http://www.cameronparkcorvettes. org 6706 Skylane Drive Citrus Heights, CA 95621 Glenn Carlisle glennandmlc@surewest.net Diablo Valley Corvettes (DVC) http://www.diablovalleycorvettes.com P.O. Box 5824 Concord, CA 94524 Lorne Thompson lornelori@astound.net North Bay Corvette Association (NBCA) http://www.northbaycorvettes.org / P.O. Box 2012 San Rafael, CA 94903 Dan Divita dpdivita@gmail.com Southern High Sierra Corvettes PO Box 1715 Oakhurst CA 93644 Bill Mayhew wwmayhew@aol.com Central CA Corvette Club http://cencalcorvetteclub.tripod.co m/ P.O.

Box 582 Ceres, CA 95307 Alan Miller Alanmiller22@hotmail.com Discovery Bay Corvettes (DBCC) http://www.discoverybaycorvetteclub. com/ PO Box 1158 Discovery Bay, CA 94505 Dave Harris dhdisbay@yahoo.com Northern CA Corvette Assoc. (NCCA) http://www.nccacorvettes.org/ PO Box 6232 Hayward, CA 94544 Bruce Bourne wsccrep@nccacorvettes.org Team ZR-1 Motorsports – USA 15885 Descansa Ct. Morgan Hill, CA 95037 Buzz Marston Buzz@wscc.net Colorado Corvette Club http://www.coloradocorvetteclub.o rg/ PO Box 3002 Englewood, CO 80155 Jeff Livermore (303) 589-1625 jeff0319@comcast.net Family & Friends Corvette Club Vallejo, CA Hattie Jackson (707)704-6313 Msclassylady@comcast.net Red Line Corvettes http://www.redlinecorvettes.com/ P.O.

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O. Box 26223 Fresno, CA 93729 Alan Teixeira (559) 449-1505 representative@corvettesoffr esno.com Just for Corvettes http://www.justforcorvettes.org/ P.O. Box 255372 Sacramento, Ca. 95865 Melvin Clouser (916) 682-9030 mrclouserjr@frontiernet.net River City Corvettes http://www.rivercitycorvettes.org/ P.O. Box 67 Citrus Heights, CA 95611 Glenn Carlisle glennandmlc@surewest.net Corvettes of Lodi http://corvettesoflodi.com/ PO Box 811 Lodi, CA 95241 Paul Rodgers r0dgers@sbcglobal.net Mid Peninsula Corvettes http://midpeninsulacorvettes.com/ P.O. Box 984 San Carlos, CA 94070 Dave Zigal (650) 465 8110 (Cell) Santa Clara Corvettes (SCC) http://sccorvettes.org/ P.O.

Box 2634 Santa Clara, CA 95055 Jerry Banks j.lbanks@comcast.net Delta Corvettes https://www.facebook.com/peo ple/Delta-Corvette-Club/ 385 Stoneridge Circle Vacaville, Ca. 95687 Billy Lakes (707) 448-3910 AFBilly@hotmail.com zigal@earthlink.net or Jay Sethi Sethij@yahoo.com South Valley Corvettes http://www.svcorvettes.com/ P.O Box 43 San Martin, CA 95046 Norm Rose mailnormrose@gmail.com

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 52 - WSCC Non-Voting Clubs - - (At least one member of these clubs is a WSCC member) Columbia River Corvettes PO BOX 357 Kelso, WA 98626 http://www.columbiarivercorv ettes.com Corvettes of Bakersfield PO Box 22065 Bakersfield, CA 93309 Corvettesofbakersfield.com High Sierra Corvettes PO Box 2630 Nevada City, CA 95959 Monterey Peninsula Corvettes http://www. Montereycorvettes.com Corvette Club of Utah 2336 West 5650 South Roy, UT 84067 http://www.corvetteclubofuta h.org Corvettes of Lake County PO BOX 966 Lakeport, CA 95453 http://www.corvettesoflakecounty.org / Italian Racing Team - NorCal 5139 Quinn Rd.

Unit G Vacaville, CA 95688 joe@corvette-express.com National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) 6291 Day Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45252 http://www.ncrs.org Corvette Marque Club P.O. Box 1451 Everett, WA 98206 http://www.corvettemarqueclu b.com/ Corvettes of Sonoma County P.O. Box 1318 Rohnert Park, CA 94928 http://www.corvettesofsonomacounty .com/ Italian Racing Team – Arizona 10401 North Cave Creek Road Lot 299 Phoenix, Arizona 85020 Reno Corvettes PO Box 12546 Reno, NV 89510 http://www.renocorvettes.com/ Corvette Owners Club of Sacramento P.O. Box 601862 Sacramento, CA 95860 Corvettes Unlimited P.O.

Box 614 La Canada, CA 91012 Los Altos Corvettes 512 Palm Ave.

Los Altos, CA 94022 Sonora Corvettes P.O. Box 243 Long Barn, CA 95335 Corvettes Limited 10153 1/2 Riverside Dr., #174 Toluca Lake, CA 91602 http://www.corvetteslimited.o rg Desert Corvette Association 2918 E. Leland St., Mesa, AZ 85213 http://www.vette.org Lake Tahoe Corvette Club P.O. Box 6807 Stateline, NV 89449 www.laketahoecorvetteclub.org Utah Corvette Association 1926 Shadow Oak Ln. Sandy, Utah http://www.utahcorvettes.org/ Corvettes Limited Bowling Green, KY Golden State Corvettes P.O. Box 729 Byron, CA 94514 http://www.goldenstatecorvettes.com/ Midyear Stingrays 8413 Hidden Valley Circle Fair Oaks, CA 95628 Valley Corvettes, Inc.

P.O. Box 9244 Boise, ID 83707 http://www.valleycorvettes.org - WSCC Members at Large - - WSCC currently has 36 members who are not members of a club. Any Corvette owner is welcome to join WSCC independent of belonging to a club. Club membership is not required to be eligible for WSCC Year End Awards. # # WSCC Advertising and Sponsorship packages are available: Sponsorship Packages: Level I Sponsorship, starting at $2,500 and/or an amount that is greater than $2,500 for one year (due before December 31 st ). Level II Sponsorship, starting at $1,500 for one year (due before December 31 st ).

Advertising Only Packages: - Ad #1 - One full page “black & white ad” for four or more times a year in the Redline Newsletter (print edition, the online pdf edition is all in color) - A partial page (color) for one year with alternating banner on the WSCC Website and link to advertiser website - $700 for one year or divided into 4 payments per year at $175 for each quarter, or - Best deal if paid in full before December 31 st will receive a 20% discount or $560 for the full ad package.

Ad #2 - One half page “black & white” and a partial page on website with alternating banner, decrease above by $200 or $500 in four payments or best deal $360 if paid in full before December 31 st . WSCC website only - Alternate banner of logo and link to ad’s website at $100 for one year (paid in full by December 31 st ) For details, contact Buzz Marston or Don Herzer (see Board of Directors page)

Aug., Sept., Oct., 2019 53 * *

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2019 Western States Corvette Council
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