EDUCATION 2020 FOR EVERYONE - Ensemble Theatre

EDUCATION 2020 FOR EVERYONE - Ensemble Theatre
EDUCATION 2020 FOR EVERYONE - Ensemble Theatre

Ensemble Theatre is committed to supporting
teachers and students in developing an
appreciation of the Performing Arts. Theatre
opens up new worlds, triggers the imagination
and engages us in a way no other art form can.
We provide unique live theatre experiences                           TERM 1
which we hope stimulate discussions long after
                                                     BLACK COCKATOO
the curtain call and continue into the classroom.
                                                       By Geoffrey Atherden
From established classics to exciting new
                                                               4 Jan – 8 Feb
Australian works, this season we’ve highlighted
five extraordinary plays with strong curriculum
                                                           CRUNCH TIME
links and the propensity to spark creativity.
                                                        By David Williamson
                                                              14 Feb – 9 Apr
Mark Kilmurry
Artistic Director                                                    TERM 2
Ensemble Theatre
                                                     By Joanna Murray-Smith
                                                                9 Jun – 4 Jul

                                                        THE CARETAKER
                                                            By Harold Pinter
                                                              10 Jul – 8 Aug

                                                                    TERM 4
                                                    A CHRISTMAS CAROL
                                                          By Charles Dickens
                                                              27 Nov – 9 Jan
EDUCATION 2020 FOR EVERYONE - Ensemble Theatre
AN ENSEMBLE THEATRE PRODUCTION IN ASSOCIATION WITH   TERM 1 4 JAN – 8 FEB                                  Making: P1.3, P1.4, P1.6
SYDNEY FESTIVAL                                                                                            Performing: P2.4, P2.6
                                                     BLACK                                                 Critically Studying: P3.1, P3.2, P3.3, P3.4
                                                                                                        Stage 5
BY GEOFFREY ATHERDEN                                 COCKATOO                                           • Compulsory Study of Theatrical Form/Style
                                                                                                           (First Nations Story)

                                                     BY GEOFFREY ATHERDEN
                                                                                                           (Making: 5.1.3, 5.1.4
                                                     WORLD PREMIERE                                        Performing: 5.2.1, 5.2.3
                                                                                                           Appreciating: 5.3.1, 5.3.2, 5.3.3
                                                     Over 150 years ago, 13 brave Aboriginal men

COCKATOO                                             in Western Victoria picked up their cricket        ENGLISH
                                                     bats and embarked on a treacherous voyage          Stage 6
                                                     to England and into the unknown – all in the       • English Advanced Year 11 Module A:
                                                     name of sport. Risking illness and persecution,       Narratives that Shape our World
DIRECTOR                                             Australia’s first international cricket team –     • English Advanced Year 11 Module B: Critical
WESLEY ENOCH                                         including Australia’s first Indigenous sporting       Study of Literature
                                                     hero, Johnny ‘Unaarrimin’ Mullagh – amazed            Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
                                                     the English crowds with astonishing talent,
UNCLE RICHARD KENNEDY                                                                                   • English Standard Year 11 Module B: Close
                                                     personality and grit. They should have returned
                                                     to Australia as celebrated heroes. Instead they       Study of Literature
                                                     came back to find the world they once knew            Outcomes: 3, 5, 7, 8
                                                     was no longer there.                               Stage 5
                                                     This is not just a story about cricket – this      • Study of Drama
                                                     is a story of strength, resistance, hope and          Outcomes: 3, 6, 8
CHENOA DEEMAL                                        possibility. When a group of young present-day     HISTORY
AARON MCGRATH                                        activists sneak into the Wimmera Discovery         Stage 6
COLIN SMITH                                          Centre to expose the truth of what happened to     • Historical Investigation
DUBS YUNUPINGU                                       Johnny and his team mates, a hidden legend of         Outcomes: M11.2, M11.3, M11.4, M11.5, M11.6,
                                                     triumph and tragedy unfolds. At once funny and        M11.7, M11.9, M11.10
                                                     incredibly moving, BLACK COCKATOO is a new
                                                                                                        Stage 4 - Elective History
                                                     artistic collaboration between iconic Australian
                                                     writer Geoffrey Atherden (MOTHER AND SON,          • History, Heritage and Archaeology.
                                                     BABAKIUERIA) and Sydney Festival Artistic             Outcomes: HTE4-1, HTE4-2, HTE4-6, HTE4-7,
                                                     Director Wesley Enoch (BLACK DIGGERS).                HTE4-8
                                                                                                        Stage 4
                                                     RUNNING TIME APPROX. 90 MINS NO INTERVAL
                                                                                                        • Ancient to Modern World: Depth Study 6.
                                                     CONTENT WARNING: ABORIGINAL AND TORRES                Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples,
                                                     STRAIT ISLANDER AUDIENCES ARE ADVISED                 Colonisation and Contact History
                                                     THAT THIS SHOW CONTAINS DEPICTIONS OF
                                                     PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED.                              CROSS CURRICULUM LINKS
                                                                                                        •   Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander histories
                                                     SPECIAL PERFORMANCE DATES                              and cultures
                                                     FRI 17 JAN, 8.15pm – Q&A                           • Civics and Citizenship
                                                     THU 23 JAN, 11am – Audio Described                 • Difference and Diversity
                                                     SAT 25 JAN, 4.30pm – Audio Described               Key Competencies
                                                     THU 6 FEB, 11am – Q&A                              • Critical and creative thinking
                                                                                                        • Ethical understanding
                                                     CURRICULUM LINKS                                   • Collecting, analysing & organising information
                                                                                                        • Communicating ideas and information
                                                     SUITABLE FOR YEARS 7 - 12
                                                                                                        • Planning and organising activities
                                                     DRAMA                                              • Literacy
                                                     Stage 6                                            Issues and Concerns/Key Ideas
                                                     • Year 12: Australian Drama & Theatre              • Language, Culture and Representation
                                                        (Core Topic)                                    • Identity
                                                        Outcomes: H3.1, H3.2, H3.3                      • Colonisation
                                                     • Year 11: Theatrical Traditions and               • Class
                                                        Performance Styles (First Nations Story)        • Gender Relationships
EDUCATION 2020 FOR EVERYONE - Ensemble Theatre
DAVID WILLIAMSON’S       TERM 1 14 FEB - 9 APR                              CURRICULUM LINKS
                         DAVID WILLIAMSON’S                                 SUITABLE FOR YEARS 10 - 12

                         WORLD PREMIERE
                                                                            Stage 6
                                                                            • Year 12: Australian Drama & Theatre
DIRECTOR MARK KILMURRY                                                         (Core Topic)
                         Steve is the typical Aussie bloke, self-assured,      Outcomes: H3.1, H3.2, H3.3
CAST INCLUDES            social and sports-mad. Recently retired               Williamson’s THE REMOVALISTS is a
                         from a high-flying career, he’s passed the            suggested text in Australian Drama and
                         family business over to his son Jimmy – a             Theatre. Attendance at CRUNCH TIME
MATT MINTO               chip off the old block. But his eldest son            may provide Year 12 students with a
EMMA PALMER              Luke, an engineer with more of an interest            valuable experience of Williamson’s work.
JOHN WOODS               in algebra than AFL, has never quite seen          • Year 11: Theatrical Traditions and
                         eye-to-eye with his dad and they haven’t              Performance Styles (Australian Realism)
                         spoken in eight years. When Steve suddenly            Making: P1.3, P1.4, P1.6
                         falls ill, time is running out to repair their        Performing: P2.4, P2.6
                         broken relationship – and Luke and Jimmy              Critically Studying: P3.1, P3.2, P3.3, P3.4
                         will have to go to extreme lengths to fulfil       Stage 5
                         their father’s final wishes. Sparkling with
                                                                            • Compulsory Study of Theatrical Form/
                         razor sharp wit and humour, CRUNCH TIME
                                                                               Style (Australian Realism)
                         tackles pertinent social issues head-on in
                                                                               Making: 5.1.3, 5.1.4
                         this story of family and duty.
                                                                               Performing: 5.2.1, 5.2.3
                         Directed by Mark Kilmurry with a cast                 Appreciating: 5.3.1, 5.3.2, 5.3.3
                         including John Wood (BLUE HEELERS)
                         and Guy Edmonds (BETRAYAL), don’t miss             ENGLISH
                         Australian theatre heavyweight David               Stage 6
                         Williamson’s final play before retirement.         • English Advanced Year 11 Module B:
                                                                               Critical Study of Literature
                         RUNNING TIME APPROX. 2 HRS INCL. INTERVAL
                                                                               Outcomes: 3, 5, 7, 8
                         CONTENT WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE
                                                                            •  English Standard Year 11 Module B: Close
                                                                               Study of Literature
                         SPECIAL PERFORMANCE DATES
                                                                               Outcomes: 3, 5 and 8
                         FRI 28 FEB, 8.15pm – Q&A                           Stage 5
                         TUE 12 MAR, 11am – Q&A                             • Study of Drama
                         WED 25 MAR, 7.30pm – Q&A                              Outcomes: 1, 3, 5 and 8
                         THU 2 APR, 11am – Audio Described
                                                                            CROSS CURRICULUM LINKS
                         SAT 4 APR, 4.30pm – Audio Described                • Civics and Citizenship
                                                                            • Gender
                                                                            Key Competencies
                                                                            • Critical and creative thinking
                         “WILLIAMSON DELIVERS                               • Ethical understanding
                         YET ANOTHER HILARIOUS                              • Collecting, analysing and organising
                         AND INCISIVE THEATRICAL                                information
                         EXPERIENCE.”                                       • Communicating ideas and information
                                                                            • Planning and organising activities
                                ARTSHUB (for 2019’s THE BIG TIME)           • Literacy
                                                                            Issues and Concerns/Key Ideas
                                                                            • Family Relationships
                                                                            • Euthanasia
                                                                            • Class and Wealth
EDUCATION 2020 FOR EVERYONE - Ensemble Theatre
TERM 2 9 JUN – 4 JUL                          CURRICULUM LINKS
                         BY JOANNA MURRAY-SMITH                        SUITABLE FOR YEARS 10 - 12

                         HONOUR                                        Stage 6
                         Honor and George have been married for        • Year 12: The Voice of Women in Theatre
                         32 years, and, as in all good marriages,         Outcomes: H3.1, H3.2, H3.3
                         have made some compromises along                 Joanna Murray-Smith’s FEMALE OF
                         the way. While George forged his career          THE SPECIES is a suggested text in The
                         as a writer, Honor left her promising            Voice of Women in Theatre. Attendance
                         literary career of her own and dived into        at HONOUR may provide Year 12
                         motherhood – with no regrets. Their world        students with a valuable experience of
                         seems unshakeable – until young and              Murray-Smith’s work.
                         tenacious Claudia arrives on the scene and    •  Year 11: Theatrical Traditions and
                         disrupts the equilibrium of their seemingly      Performance Styles (Australian Realism)
                         perfect lives.                                   Making: P1.3, P1.4, P1.6
                         Fascinating, illuminating and funny,             Performing: P2.4, P2.6
                         Joanna Murray-Smith subtly cracks open           Critically Studying: P3.1, P3.2, P3.3, P3.4
                         the complexities of a modern relationship     Stage 5
                         from every angle, laying bare our capacity    • Compulsory Study of Theatrical Form/
                         to love, hurt and deceive those around           Style (Australian Realism)
                         us. Lucy Bell (MARJORIE PRIME) and               Making: 5.1.3, 5.1.4
                         Catherine Văn-Davies (STC’s GOING                Performing: 5.2.1, 5.2.3
                         DOWN) bring the intergenerational                Appreciating: 5.3.1, 5.3.2, 5.3.3
                         differences to light in this thrilling and
                         insightful modern Australian classic.
                                                                       Stage 6
                         RUNNING TIME APPROX. 90 MINS NO INTERVAL      • English Advanced Year 11 Module B:
                                                                          Critical Study of Literature
                         SPECIAL PERFORMANCE DATES                        Outcomes: 3, 5, 7, 8
                         WED 17 JUN, 8.15pm – Q&A                      •  English Standard Year 11 Module B:
                         THU 2 JUL, 11am – Audio Described                Close Study of Literature
                         FRI 3 JUL, 11am – Q&A                            Outcomes: 3, 5 and 8
                         SAT 4 JUL, 5pm – Audio Described              Stage 5
                                                                       • Study of Drama (at least 2 works)
                                                                          Outcomes: 1, 3, 5 and 8
                                                                       CROSS CURRICULUM LINKS
                         “PROFOUND IN ITS                              • Civics and Citizenship
BY JOANNA MURRAY-SMITH   EXPLORATION OF                                • Gender
                         HUMANS AND OUR                                Key Competencies

HONOUR                   CAPACITY TO LOVE.”
                                                      STAGE NOISE
                                                                       • Collecting, analysing and organising
                                                                       • Communicating ideas and information
                                                                       • Planning and organising activities
                                                                       • Literacy
CAST INCLUDES                                                          Issues and Concerns/Key Ideas
LUCY BELL                                                              • Family
TONY COGIN                                                             • Relationships
CATHERINE VĂN-DAVIES                                                   • Gender Politics
                                                                       • Intergenerational Conflict
EDUCATION 2020 FOR EVERYONE - Ensemble Theatre
TERM 2 10 JUL – 8 AUG                            CURRICULUM LINKS
                         BY HAROLD PINTER                                 SUITABLE FOR YEARS 10 - 12

                         THE CARETAKER                                    DRAMA
                                                                          Stage 6
                         In Harold Pinter’s extraordinarily               •  Year 11 Theatrical Traditions and
                         mischievous comedy, Aston asks down-                Performance Styles (Absurd Theatre)
                         and-out Davis to be a live-in caretaker.            Making: P1.3, P1.4, P1.6
                         Davis leaps at the chance to change his
                                                                             Performing: P2.4, P2.6
                         fortunes, but the trouble is he doesn’t know
                         what a caretaker should do, especially              Critically Studying P3.1, P3.2, P3.3
                         in a room filled with junk. When Aston’s         Stage 5
                         manipulative brother Mike shows up, Davies       •   Compulsory Study of Theatrical Form/
                         is wrong-footed and outmanoeuvred. Why               Style (Absurd Theatre)
                         does Aston collect all this stuff? Will Davies       Making: 5.1.3, 5.1.4
                         ever get a pair of decent shoes? And who
                                                                              Performing: 5.2.1, 5.2.3
                         will fix the drip in the ceiling?
                                                                              Appreciating: 5.3.1, 5.3.2, 5.3.3
                         In this famous contemporary classic, Harold
                         Pinter cranks up the tension, piles on the       ENGLISH
                         laughs and teases out the emotional foibles
                                                                          Stage 6
                         in three lonely men. Director Iain Sinclair
                         (A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE) teams up                •   English Advanced Year 11 Module B:
                         once more with Darren Gilshenan (WHO’S               Critical Study of Literature
                         AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?) for this                  Outcomes: 3, 5, 7, 8
                         explosive, compelling theatrical event.
                                                                          CROSS CURRICULUM LINKS
                         RUNNING TIME APPROX.                             •   Civics and Citizenship
                         2 HOURS 20 MINS INCL. INTERVAL
                                                                          •   Gender
                         SPECIAL PERFORMANCE DATES                        Key Competencies
                         FRI 24 JUL, 8.15pm – Q&A
                                                                          •   Collecting, analysing and organising
                         THU 30 AUG, 11am – Audio Described
                         SAT 1 AUG, 4.30pm – Audio Described
                                                                          •   Communicating ideas and information
                         TUES 4 AUG, 11am – Q&A
                                                                          •   Planning and organising activities
                                                                          •   Literacy
BY HAROLD PINTER                                                          Issues and Concerns/Key Ideas

THE                      “A DRILLING
                                                                              The outsider

                         PLAYS OF THE 20TH
                                                                          •   The cruelty and the state apparatus

                                         THE GUARDIAN UK

EDUCATION 2020 FOR EVERYONE - Ensemble Theatre
TERM 4 27 NOV - 9 JAN 2021                      CURRICULUM LINKS
                                          BY CHARLES DICKENS                              SUITABLE FOR YEARS 7 - 12

                                          A CHRISTMAS                                     DRAMA
                                                                                          Stage 6
                                          CAROL                                           • Year 11: Theatrical Traditions and
                                                                                             Performance Styles (Victorian Pantomime)
                                          ADAPTED FOR THE STAGE BY HILARY BELL
                                                                                             Making: P1.3, P1.4, P1.6
                                          WORLD PREMIERE                                     Performing: P2.4, P2.6
                                                                                             Critically Studying: P3.1, P3.2, P3.3, P3.4
                                          Visited by three strangers on the eve before
                                                                                          Stage 5
                                          Christmas, Ebenezer Scrooge sees his
                                          penny pinching ways revealed in all their       • Compulsory Study of Theatrical Form/
                                          terrible glory: from brushes with the past,        Style (Victorian Pantomime)
                                          to enlightenment in the present and                Making: 5.1.3, 5.1.4
                                          dreaded visions of the future. Will Scrooge        Performing: 5.2.1, 5.2.3
                                          repent and throw turkey to the wind, or            Appreciating: 5.3.1, 5.3.2, 5.3.3
                                          will he hold on to his purse strings, forever   Stage 4
                                          doomed like his poor dead friend Marley?        • Compulsory Study of Theatrical Form/
                                          Gather your mistletoe, hang your stocking          Style (Victorian Pantomime)
                                          and join the Crummles family in their home         Making: 4.1.3, 4.1.4
                                          as they bring to life this classic festive         Performing: 4.2.1, 4.2.3
                                          tale of villainy, injustice, transformation        Appreciating: 4.3.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3
                                          and redemption. This Victorian troupe           ENGLISH
                                          will immerse you in the magic of Dickens’
                                          ghostly world as they conjure up spirits        Stage 6
                                          with music, pantomime and other thrilling       • English Standard Year 11 Module B: Close
                                          surprises…                                         Study of Literature
                                          Playing the misanthropic Scrooge,                  Outcomes: 3, 5 and 8
                                          John Bell (DIPLOMACY) is joined by a            Stage 5
                                          magnificent ensemble cast in this delightful    • Study of Drama
                                          adaptation by Hilary Bell. A joyous family         Outcomes: 1, 3, 5 and 8
                                          event not to be missed!                         Stage 4
                                          RUNNING TIME: APPROX 90 MINS. NO INTERVAL       • Study of Drama
                                                                                             Outcomes: 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8
                                          SPECIAL PERFORMANCE DATES
              BY CHARLES DICKENS          FRI 11 DEC, 8.15pm – Q&A
                                                                                          CROSS CURRICULUM LINKS
                                                                                          • Civics and Citizenship

                                          TUE 22 DEC, 11am – Q&A
                                                                                          Key Competencies
                                          THU 7 JAN ‘21, 11am – Audio Described
                                                                                          • Critical and creative thinking
                                          SAT 9 JAN ‘21, 4.30pm – Audio Described         • Ethical understanding

                                                                                          • Collecting, analysing and organising
                                                                                          • Communicating ideas and information
                                                                                          • Planning and organising activities
                                          DICKENS’ WORKS...                               • Literacy
                     DIRECTOR JOHN BELL   A QUINTESSENTIAL                                Issues and Concerns/Key Ideas
                                          HEART-WARMING STORY.”                           • Injustice
                         CAST INCLUDES                         THE GUARDIAN               • Transformation
                             JOHN BELL                                                    • Redemption
EDUCATION 2020 FOR EVERYONE - Ensemble Theatre
                                          A POST-SHOW Q&A
Keen to find out more about your
plays or experience behind-the-scenes     Join our Q&A sessions for an engaging
development? Join us at our insightful    conversation about the play with the cast
audience events across the year.          and director. Simply purchase tickets to a
                                          Q&A performance and stay in your seats
                                          after the show. Dates are marked in the
                                          performance calendar and on our website.

As part of a small group, see how our
skilled directors work in rehearsal and
discover how a play is brought to life.
                                                                                                          OUTREACH                      LIVESTREAMING THEATRE TO
                                                                                                          PROGRAM                       REGIONAL AUSTRALIA
HONOUR                                    PLAY READINGS                                                                                 In 2019, for the first time Ensemble
                                                                                                         Since 2016 Ensemble has
with Kate Champion                                                                                                                      Theatre expanded the Outreach
                                          Be among the first                                             hosted schools across
Thursday 21 May                                                                                                                         program to a livestreamed
                                          audience to watch                                              Sydney enabling students
3.30pm – 5.30pm                                                                                                                         performance of THE APPLETON
                                          a rehearsed reading                                            to experience the magic
                                          of a new work in                                               of live theatre. Due to the    LADIES’ POTATO RACE straight from
THE WOMAN IN BLACK                                                                                                                      the theatre and into classrooms
                                          development or a                             success of the program, we’ve increased
with Mark Kilmurry                                                                                                                      across regional Australia. Ten schools
                                          rediscovered classic and                     our commitment to two dedicated
Thursday 23 July                                                                                                                        signed up to watch the livestreamed
                                          help shape its future                        education performances each year. In
3.30pm – 5.30pm                                                                                                                         performance from locations as
                                          by participating in a                        2019 students enjoyed a performance of
                                          lively discussion with                       THE APPLETON LADIES’ POTATO RACE                 remote as Broome, Griffith, Darwin
A CHRISTMAS CAROL                                                                                                                       and Launceston.
                                          the actors, director                         followed by a lively Q&A session as well
with John Bell
                                          and writer. Play readings are announced      as lunch and goody bags provided by our
Thursday 5 November                                                                                                                     This pilot program was proudly
                                          throughout the year. Sign up to our          partners Foodbank and Tip Top.
3.30pm – 5.30pm                                                                                                                         supported by Victoria and Ian Pollard.
                                          e-newsletter to stay in the loop.
                                                                                       “Many of our students would never be able to
Director at Work sessions are
                                                                                       attend live theatre if it weren’t for programs
$35 full / $25 student. Spaces are        INTRODUCE THEATRE TO A TEEN                  such as Ensemble Ed. We have recently had
strictly limited. To book, call Box       To give more young adults the opportunity    Drama running again and seeing live theatre
Office on 02 8918 3400 or head to         to experience live theatre, at select        is invaluable to building their abilities and
our website.                              performances we offer one complimentary      interest in the subject itself.”
                                          ticket for a 13 – 19 year old when booked
                                                                                       Yvette King, Head English Teacher,
                                          alongside one adult ticket.
                                                                                       Leumeah High School

                                                                                       This program is proudly supported
                                                                                       by the Clitheroe Foundation and
                                                                                       Victoria and Ian Pollard.
EDUCATION 2020 FOR EVERYONE - Ensemble Theatre
PRICING                                      HOW TO BOOK
                                                                                       CONTACT INFORMATION
MAIN STAGE SHOWS                             PHONE                                     SCHOOL:
Student / Teacher* tickets $25               Give us a call on (02) 8918 3400          SCHOOL ADDRESS:
DIRECTOR AT WORK                             EMAIL                                     SUBURB:					STATE:				POSTCODE:
Student $25 / Teacher* $35                   Download a booking form at                BOOKING TEACHER:								MOBILE:
                                    and email it to           DEPARTMENT/POSITION:
*One teacher attends for free for every 12
paying students.                                                                       EMAIL:						FAX:

                                             PAPER BOOKING FORM                        ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT CONTACT:					TELEPHONE:

                                             Just print out and fill in the attached   EMAIL:						FAX:
                                             booking form and post it to:              CHOOSE PLAYS AND DATES
                                             Ensemble Theatre                          PLAYS		        1st CHOICE  2nd CHOICE NO. STUDENT NO. TEACHER NO. FREE                         TOTAL
                                             78 McDougall Street                       $25 PER TICKET DATE & TIME DATE & TIME TICKETS      TICKETS   TEACHER                         TICKETS TOTAL
                                             Kirribilli NSW 2061                       										                                                    TICKETS
                                                                                       BLACK COCKATOO					                                            				                                     $
                                             or fax it to:
                                                                                       CRUNCH TIME						                                                                                       $
                                             Fax (02) 8918 3470
                                             Just be sure to give us a call on         HONOUR                                                                                                  $
                                             (02) 8918 3400 immediately                THE CARETAKER                                                                                           $
                                             after faxing to confirm receipt.
                                                                                       A CHRISTMAS                                                                                             $

                                                                                       DIRECTOR AT WORK SESSIONS 		 NO. STUDENT NO. TEACHER NO. FREE  TOTAL
                                                                                       						                       TICKETS $25 TICKETS $35 TEACHER TICKETS TOTAL

                                                                                       HONOUR with Kate Champion                                                                               $
                                                                                       Thu 21 May | 3.30pm – 5.30pm

                                                                                       THE WOMAN IN BLACK with Mark Kilmurry                                                                   $
                                                                                       Thu 23 Jul | 3.30pm – 5.30pm

                                                                                       A CHRISTMAS CAROL with John Bell                                                                        $
                                                                                       Thu 5 Nov | 3.30pm – 5.30pm

                                                                                       			 							                                                                         GRAND TOTAL: $

                                                                                       TERM AND CONDITIONS | DEPOSIT DUE 3 WEEKS AFTER CONFIRMATION
                                                                                       •   One teacher attends for free for every 12 paying students.
                                                                                       •   20% deposit is required within 3 weeks of making the reservation
                                                                                       •   Changes to student numbers must be in writing and no later than 3 weeks prior to performance.
                                                                                       •   Final payment is due 3 weeks prior to the performance
                                                                                       •   Changes to student numbers after this time are at the discretion of Ensemble Theatre and subject to
                                                                                       •   The booking is made on behalf of the school and the school accepts liability to make payments on due dates.
                                                                                       •   Completed forms to be returned to Ensemble Theatre.

                                                                                       SIGNATURE | I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS & CONDITIONS STATED IN THIS BOOKING FORM


                                                                                       NAME:							DATE:

                                                                                       COMPLETED FORMS & INQUIRIES TO:
                                                                                       CALL (02) 8918 3400
                                                                                       POST Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall Street, Kirribilli, NSW 2061
                                                                                       FAX (02) 8918 3470
EDUCATION 2020 FOR EVERYONE - Ensemble Theatre
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