2020 Tasman Secondary School Sport Directory and Events Calendar

2020 Tasman Secondary School Sport Directory and Events Calendar
Tasman Secondary School Sport
 Directory and Events Calendar

2020 Tasman Secondary School Sport Directory and Events Calendar

                                                Luke Frame

                   Physical Address:                                   Sport Tasman
                                                                       Sports House
                                                                   142 Saxton Road East
                                                                    Stoke, Nelson 7011

                    Postal Address:                                     Sport Tasman
                                                                        PO Box 3197
                                                                         Nelson 7050

                       Direct Dial:                                      03 546 3307

                         Mobile:                                        029 776 3307

                          Email:                                Luke.f@sporttasman.org.nz

                        Website:                                 www.sporttasman.org.nz

                       Facebook:                               www.facebook.com/TSSSport

Every attempt has been made to ensure the details and information in this directory were correct at the
time of publication. Details and information included in this directory are that which the Regional Sports
Director received upon request. As with all publication of this nature, changes will inevitably occur.
2020 Tasman Secondary School Sport Directory and Events Calendar

Message from Regional Sport Director Luke Frame                  4

Message from Sport Tasman Chief Executive                        5

Tasman Secondary Schools Contact Information                     6-8

School Terms / Holidays / Tournament Weeks 2020                  9

TSSSC Policies and Guidelines                                    10 - 12

NZSSSC Outline and Strategic Plan                                13 – 14

Event Information                                                15

Calendar of Events 2020 – TSS – NZSS                             16 – 25

Nelson Regional Sports Organisations and Clubs                   26 – 28

Marlborough Regional Sports Organisations and Clubs              29 – 31

Secondary Schools Sports Directors (North Island)                32

Secondary Schools Sports Directors (South Island /National)      33

Facilities Contact List                                          34

Media Contact List                                               35

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2020 Tasman Secondary School Sport Directory and Events Calendar

Kia ora koutou

Welcome to 2020, I hope this year presents you with plenty of challenges, some memorable sporting
moments and achievements

Tasman Secondary School Sport Council is excited to announce another year of Tasman Secondary School
events and tournaments, with 38 sporting opportunities to be held throughout 2020. With your feedback,
our events calendar is continuously changing to support your needs. Whether you play school sport to be
with friends, to stay active, or to push yourself and claim the champions title.

Secondary school athletes in the top of the South do outstandingly well on the national and international
sporting stage with a far greater representation than you would expect from a region of our size. This is
often put down to the great climate and facilities but is also a reflection of the involvement of so many
volunteers and supporters who freely give so much of their time. Add in the opportunities available and you
have a recipe for success.

School Sport is where you can create life-long friendships and learn skills that will help you throughout your
future both in and out of sport. I wish you all the best for your sporting endeavours throughout 2020, play
hard, play fair and represent your school with pride.

Nga mihi

Luke Frame
Regional Sports Director
Sport Tasman
2020 Tasman Secondary School Sport Directory and Events Calendar

Sport Tasman would like to congratulate all participants taking part in the events contained in this booklet.
Sport is an excellent way to connect with others, keep healthy and challenge yourself. We think it is
magnificent that you are taking up the challenge offered to you by this 2020 programme of secondary
school sport.

Our region is proud of the great facilities, superb weather and fantastic environment that we offer
participants when it comes to sport and recreation so if you are visiting us from outside of the district we
would like to extend a particularly warm welcome to you.

We also would like to thank the teachers, parents, umpires, sponsors and volunteers who give up their time
to make these many events possible. Without you there would simply be none of these events so again a
huge Thank You from all of us at Sport Tasman.

On a final note we would like to encourage all participants to compete hard, play fairly and honestly and to
represent their school with pride. Just by competing and trying to be at your best you are already all
winners. Good luck!

Kind regards

Nigel Muir
Chief Executive
2020 Tasman Secondary School Sport Directory and Events Calendar

        Principal                     Hugh Gully
        Postal Address                Lewis Street, Collingwood
        Street Address                Lewis Street, Collingwood
        Phone Number                  03 524 8125
        Fax Number                    03 524 8124
        Sport Coordinator             Lorna Abraham
        Email Address                 l.abraham@collingwood-area.school.nz

GARIN COLLEGE              (GARI)
         Principal                    John Maguire
         Postal Address               35 Champion Rd, Richmond
         Street Address               35 Champion Rd, Richmond
         Phone Number                 03 543 9488 or 03 543 9495 (Staffroom)
         Fax Number                   03 543 9489
         Sports Director              Martine McCabe ext 206
         Email Address                martinemccabe@cloud.garincollege.ac.nz
         HOD PE & OE                  Scott Healey ext 239
         Email Address                scotthealey@cloud.garincollege.ac.nz

         Principal                    Linda Tame
         Postal Address               12 Waitapu Rd, Takaka
         Street Address               12 Waitapu Rd, Takaka
         Phone Number                 03 525 9914
         Fax Number                   03 525 9067
         Sports Coordinator           April Crawford
         Email Address                aprilc@gbh.school.nz
         HOD PE                       Dan Padial
         Email Address                dan@gbh.school.nz
         Outdoor Ed                   Paul Skerton
         Email Address                paul.skerton@gbh.school.nz

        Principal                     Jeremy Marshall
        Postal Address                5 Stephenson St, Blenheim
        Street Address                5 Stephenson St, Blenheim
        Phone Number                  03 578 0119
        Fax Number                    03 578 0954
        Sports Coordinator            Bridget Gane
        Email Address                 bridgetg@mbc.school.nz
        Sports Coordinator            Fleur Hebberd
        Email Address                 fleurh@mbc.school.nz
        Head of Sport                 Hamish McKerrow
        Email Address                 hamishm@mbc.school.nz
        HOD PE                        Paul Molyneux
        Email Address                 paulm@mbc.school.nz

        Principal                     Mary-Jeanne Lynch
        Postal Address                21 McLauchlan St, Blenheim
        Street Address                21 McLauchlan St, Blenheim
        Phone Number                  03 520 8448
        Fax Number                    03 578 0196
        Sports Coordinator            Jan Gallop Ext 866
        Email Address                 jan.gallop@mgc.school.nz
        HOD PE                        Ian Thomas Ext 867
        Email Address                 ian.thomas@mgc.school.nz
2020 Tasman Secondary School Sport Directory and Events Calendar
TIC OE                     Catherine Williams
          Email Address              Catherine.williams@mgc.school.nz

        Principal                    Andy Ashworth
        Postal Address               Waller Street, Murchison
        Street Address               Waller Street, Murchison
        Phone Number                 03 523 9072
        Fax Number                   03 523 9588
        Sports Coordinator           Dyan Blick
        Email Address                sports@murchison.school.nz
        HOD PE                       Melissa Waite
        Email Address                mwaite@murchison.school.nz

         Principal                   John Prestidge
         Postal Address              Private Bag, Motueka
         Street Address              Whakarewa Street, Motueka
         Phone Number                03 528 9050 ext 8225
         Fax Number                  03 528 6906
         Sports Coordinator          Adrienne Fry
         Email Address               adrienne.fry@motuekahigh.school.nz
         HOD PE                      Andrew Dell
         Email Address               andrew.dell@motuekahigh.school.nz
         HOD OE                      Gareth Wheeler
         Email Address               gareth.wheeler@motuekahigh.school.nz

         Principal                   Daniel Wilson
         Postal Address              166 Nayland Rd, Stoke, Nelson
         Street Address              166 Nayland Rd, Stoke, Nelson
         Phone Number                03 547 9769
         Fax Number                  03 547 3498
         Sports Director             Brendan Crichton
         Email Address               brendan.crichton@nayland.school.nz
         HOD PE                      Athol Webster
         Email Address               athol.webster@nayland.school.nz

         Principal                   Cathy Ewing
         Postal Address              PO Box 842, Nelson
         Street Address              400 Trafalgar Street South, Nelson
         Phone Number                03 548 3104          Sports Office 545 9603
         Fax Number                  03 545 9601
         Director of Sport           Jon Routhan          Ext 854
         Email Address               jon.routhan@ncg.school.nz
         Sports Administrator        Sharona Gordon       Ext 854
         Email Address               sharona.gordon@ncg.school.nz
         HOD PE                      Shelley D’Arcy       ext 804
         Email Address               shelley.darcy@ncg.school.nz
         HOD OE                      Andy MacDonald
         Email Address               andrew.macdonald@ncg.school.nz

NELSON COLLEGE              (NELC)
         Principal                   Tim Tucker
         Postal Address              Private Bag 16, Nelson
         Street Address              Waimea Rd, Nelson
         Phone Number                03 548 3099
         Fax Number                  03 546 6932
         Sports Coordinator          Alethea Stove ext 852
         Email Address               se@nelsoncollege.school.nz
         Sports Coordinator          Peter Grigg ext 852
2020 Tasman Secondary School Sport Directory and Events Calendar
Email Address                    GG@nelsoncollege.school.nz
           HOD PE                           Jaime Brown
           Email Address                    bw@nelsoncollege.school.nz

         Principal                          Betty Whyte
         Postal Address                     PO Box 123, Picton
         Street Address                     173 Waikawa Rd, Picton
         Phone Number                       03 573 6558
         Fax Number                         03 573 6559
         Sports Coordinator                 Gary Timms
         Email Address                      gtimms@qcc.school.nz
         HOD PE                             Dave Nicholson
         Email Address                      dnicholson@qcc.school.nz

          Principal                         Maree Furness
          Postal Address                    Main Rd, Rai Valley
          Street Address                    Main Rd, Rai Valley
          Phone Number                      03 571 6016
          Fax Number                        03 571 6336
          Sports Coordinator                Stephanie Stuart
          Email Address                     steph.rai@live.com

        Principal                           Kelvin Woodley
        Postal Address                      Main Rd, Tapawera
        Street Address                      Main Rd, Tapawera
        Phone Number                        03 522 4337
        Fax Number                          03 522 4338
        Sports Coordinator                  Belinda Grice ext 821
        Email Address                       sportsco@tapawera.co.nz
        HOD PE                              Stephen Haunch ext 820
        Email Address                       shaunch@tapawera.school.nz
        HOD OE                              Krissy Odonnell
        Email Address                       kodonnell@tapawera.school.nz

Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Tuia Te Matangi (TKKM)
          Principal                         Anthony De Thierry
           Postal Address                    PO Box 8026, Nelson 7046
           Street Address                    61 Croucher Street, Nelson
           Phone Number                      03 928 0031
           Fax Number                       03 928 0032
           Sports Coordinator (Day School) Treena Shee
           Email Address                    treena@tuiatematangi.ac.nz

        Principal                           Scott Haines ext 813
        Postal Address                      Salisbury Rd, Richmond, Nelson
        Street Address                      Salisbury Rd, Richmond, Nelson
        Phone Number                        03 544 6099
        Fax Number                          03 544 1052
        Sports Director                     Karla Thurlow ext 878
        Email Address                       sport@waimea.school.nz
        Sports Coordinator                  Tara Hope
        Email Address                       tara.hope@waimea.school.nz
        HOD PE                              Nathan Chippendale ext 879
        Email Address                       nathan.chippendale@waimea.school.nz
2020 Tasman Secondary School Sport Directory and Events Calendar


             START DATE                         END DATE
 Term   1    Between Mon 27 Jan – Tue 4 Feb     Thursday 9 April
 Term   2    Tuesday 28 April                   Friday 3 July
 Term   3    Monday 20 July                     Friday 25 September
 Term   4    Monday 12 October                  No later than Friday 18 December


Nelson Anniversary        Monday 3 February
Waitangi Day              Thursday 6 February
Good Friday               Friday 10 April
Easter Monday             Monday 13 April
Anzac                     Thursday 27 April
Queens’ Birthday          Monday 1 June
Labour Day                Monday 26 October
Marlborough Anniversary   Monday 2 November


Week starting Monday 30 March


Week starting Monday 31 August

2020 Tasman Secondary School Sport Directory and Events Calendar

Tasman Secondary schools are guided by the constitution of the NZSSSC. This constitution is the basis of
the following policy and guidelines.

Tasman Secondary School Sports Council (TSSSC)
The TSSSC is headed by the RSD and consists of the Sport Coordinators/Directors representing each of the
secondary schools in our region on matters relating specifically to secondary school sport. The TSSSC
understands the importance of providing quality sport opportunities for secondary school students, the
promotion of sport and either to maintain or increase participation levels. The number of sporting
opportunities is increasing annually, placing schools under increasing pressure to support all sports. The
TSSSC consider a series of factors when scheduling events i.e. academic programmes, interschool
exchanges, school camps, etc.

In 2019 the TSSSC introduced the sanctioning of sports that wish to place their event or competition on the
TSSSC event calendar.

    1.1 Purpose
    Sanctioning of an event will ensure that it meets all requirements determined by the TSSSC.

   a) Provide opportunities for Secondary School students to be involved in organised, inter-school sport.
   b) Provide opportunities for students to qualify for South Island Secondary School and New Zealand
      Secondary School Events.
   c) Regional Sport Organisations can promote and showcase their sport to Tasman Secondary School

    1.2 Criteria for Sanctioning

   1. The event organiser will complete a health and safety assessment to ensure all reasonable and
      practicable measures are taken to ensure the safety of players, officials and spectators. A template
      will be provided by TSSSC. A copy of the Health and Safety plan must be provided to TSSSC
      at least eight weeks before the event.
   2. The Regional Sports Organisation (RSO) is responsible for delivering the event, or the RSO has
      delegated the event delivery and provided a letter of endorsement. Support and/or co-delivery
      from the Regional Sports Director is available if required and requested.
   3. Entry forms and the event programme will be provided to TSSSC at least eight weeks prior to the
      event. TSSSC Entry form and Event Programme templates provided by the RSD are to be used.
   4. Event dates and the confirmed venue will not change unless consulted with the RSD.
   5. An event report will be provided to TSSSC within four weeks of event completion. This includes a
      financial statement and injury / incident report. A template will be provided by TSSSC.

   1.3 Classification of event/competitions
   Applicants will need to ensure competition/events falls under at least one of the following categories:

        a.    Tasman Secondary School Championship
        b.    Regional/National Secondary School Qualifying championship
        c.    Participation only event (e.g. junior Y9/10 mixed indoor netball)

    1.4 Non – Sanctioned Event
    Events that fail to meet these criteria will not be sanctioned and will not be placed on the Tasman
    Secondary School Sport Council calendar of events

    1.5 Sanctioning application form
    The TSSSC Sanctioning form can be accessed from the Sport Tasman website

    The organisers of a sanctioned events will provide entry to all schools:
a.    schools must have entered before entry deadline
    b.    all teams/students participating in a tournament must be under the direct control of a school
          and have a designated adult in charge accountable to the principal. The designated adult
          must assume responsibility throughout the duration of the event.
    c.    schools must avoid defaulting teams and individuals. Schools defaulting within 2 days prior
          to tournament will be liable for the entry fee/ or penalty.

2.1 Registering Players

    a.    in the case of qualifying competitions school are to submit their full team list prior to the first
          match of the tournament.
    b.    teams that enter more than two teams may not change players between teams, unless
          special circumstance applies. Application for special circumstances is made to TSSSC or
          tournament organiser
    c.    no players can be added to teams for subsequent tournaments unless special circumstances
          apply and application is made to the TSSSC

2.2 Composite Teams
Composite teams will be admitted only if:

    a.    all other eligibility rules regarding age and attendance are met
    b.    when a qualifying tournament exists, a composite team cannot qualify above a single school
    c.    Tasman secondary schools are encouraged to form composite teams to ensure that all
          students have the opportunity to participate in Regional tournaments

2.3 Junior Competition
   A junior competition is defined as one that involves participants who are in year 9 or 10 and are
   under 15 years at the 1st January in that year.

2.4 Juniors in senior competitions

    a.    Students are encouraged to participate in their correct age group, with the primary objective
          of ‘putting young people first’.
    b.    Junior are permitted to take part in senior or open competitions, however, if a junior team or
          individual competed in a senior competition, they then cannot compete in the junior

3.1 Purpose:
    a.  To establish equitable eligibility criteria that can be applied for all regional secondary school
        sports events.
    b.  To define bona fide student status.
    c.  To establish consistency in age groupings which are recognized by all sporting bodies and
        member schools.

3.2 Guidelines:
A student eligible to compete in a regional secondary school event must:

    a.    Be enrolled as a bona fide student at the school of representation
    b.    Have a satisfactory attendance record at the school - the final decision will be at the
          Principal’s discretion.
    c.    The student must be under 19 years of age at the 1st January in the year of competition (or
          as specified by individual codes)

   Co-operation between TSSSC and RSOs is essential to foster healthy participation and achievement
   in secondary school sport.
4.1 Purpose:
    a.  To ensure understanding between TSSSC and RSOs to identify issues and resolution of issues
        facing secondary school sports.
    b.  To coordinate Regional tournaments in harmony and cooperation with the TSSSC and RSOs
        within the school year.
    c.  To foster Regional and local programmes for students/teachers/officials.
    d.  To assist RSOs to establish a policy of developing their sport within secondary schools.

4.2 Guidelines:
    a.  RSOs should demonstrate a broad base of participation by secondary school students.
    b.  TSSSC promote regular communication with RSOs.
    c.  TSSSC and RSO should develop co-operative strategies for the recruitment, retention and
        training of officials and coaches.

  All sports should be performed in an environment that is safe and all care should be given to
  minimise risk to competitors.

5.1 Purpose:
    a.  To ensure a safe and healthy environment in which students play and compete
    b.  To ensure injuries that do occur are treated appropriately
    c.  To ensure that those in charge of sports are aware of the importance of providing personal
        safety equipment as and when required
    d.  To raise the level of coaching expertise as a means of reducing injury

5.2        Guidelines
      a.     Where possible, students should perform in age/weight equivalent groupings
      b.     Safety equipment should be regularly checked, assessed and readily available
      c.     Opportunities should be given to coaches wishing to up skill and if possible gain accreditation
      d.     Provision of safe sporting facilities should be considered part of the schools development plan
      e.     RAMS and H&S plans are to be produced and available for TSSSC tournaments/events
      f.     All event/tournament volunteers/team managers should be given clear guidelines of their
             responsibilities prior to, during and after the event.

  All those involved in secondary school sport (students, teachers, coaches, officials, spectators) have
  the right to enjoy their sport in a healthy positive environment which values above all else, respect
  for fair play principals in sport

6.1 Purpose
    a.  To ensure that schools take responsibility for individuals participating in competition whether
        it is team sport or individual sport

6.2 Guidelines
    a.  All schools are encouraged to develop a FairPlay plan,
    b.  All schools will be encouraged to have a Code of Conduct, including disciplinary procedures,
    c.  All schools participating in competitions held by Regional Sport Organisations must abide by
        any rules set down by that sporting organisation,
    d.  Where a student is a representative in a secondary in a secondary school team the
        overseeing code/sports body have the right to impose their own sanctions in the case of
        inappropriate behaviour

PO Box 68, OAKURA 4345
   Executive Director: Garry Carnachan, Ph: (06) 752 7686, Mobile: 027 563 8000, e-mail: ceo@nzsssc.org.nz
   Events Manager: Mike Summerell: Mobile: 021 268 9931, e-mail: events@nzsssc.org.nz
   Administrator: Leece Gadsby, Mobile: 027 484 4849, e-mail: office@nzsssc.org.nz
   Website: www.nzsssc.org.nz

       Established 1992, the board is elected by Regional Principals’ Associations with up to 2
       co-opted members:
       2020 Board:
       Alec Solomon - Northland (Tikipunga High School)
       Mark Shanahan - Auckland (Waitakere College)
       Ngaire Ashmore - Auckland (Auckland Girls Grammar)
       Kelvin Whiting - Waikato/Thames Valley (Hillcrest High School)
       Peter Moyle - Bay of Plenty (Taupo-nui-a-Tia)
       Paula Wells - West Coast North Island (Sacred Heart Girls’ College)
       Robert Sturch - East Coast North Island (Hastings Boys’ High School
       Julia Davidson - Wellington (Wellington Girls' College)
       Jeremy Marshall - Tasman (Marlborough Boys College)
       Megan Cassidy - Canterbury/West Coast (Middleton Grange School)
       David Hunter – Otago/Southland (Taieri College)
       Nicki Paterson - Regional Sports Director Rep (OSSSA)
       Graeme Yule – Seconded Member (Scott’s College)

Providing co-ordination, leadership, advocacy and support to the school sport sector

      Co-ordinates a calendar of over 200 events at National or Island level, using a sanctioning
       process to ensure these meet the needs of both schools and National Sporting Organisations
       in regard to timing, safety, eligibility criteria and other conditions.
      Surveys participants and receive reports on all events to monitor the quality and cost of and
       provided feedback to enhance school sports events
      Leads, in partnership with SportNZ & other agencies, a Sport in Education project that will
       contribute to improved academic, social and sporting outcomes for schools and their
       students’ by using sport as a context for learning and student engagement.
      Leads the delivery of professional development for those who work in secondary school
       sport, including organising the NI & SI SS Sport Conferences for school sport staff and the
       annual Regional Sports Directors Conference & awarding School Sport Study Awards for 6
       Sport Co-ordinators to undertake professional development, looking a sport in schools in Melbourne
      Produces & distributes to all schools a DVD on the Value of School Sport where principals,
       teachers & students talk about contribution sport makes to their schools their classrooms
       and their lives.
      Recognises volunteer contribution by presenting national Service to School Sport awards
      Through membership of the International School Sport Federation, facilitates the involvement of
       NZ schools at World schools championships.
      Uses a Pennants system for selected National and Island Championships to promote, profile
       and develop a culture of history for school sport
      Produces and distributes the annual NZSSSC Sports Directory to all schools
      Maintains a website with Secondary School sport news, entry information, results and
       regular newsletters to all school principals and sport staff.
      Conducts the annual NZSSSC School Sport Representation Census & the National Survey of
       the employment conditions of Secondary School Sport Co-ordinators & uses the data to
       advocate & provide advice on behalf of secondary schools, their students and sports
       coordinators to Ministers, SportNZ, RSTs, and MoE
      Works with School Management Systems providers (MUSAC, KAMAR, PC Schools) to develop IT
       solutions for sport management in schools
      Responds to media as the authority on secondary school sport, and sport for young people
      Delivers presentations on current issues in school sport to over 50 forums annually,
       including Principals Associations, SportNZ, National Conferences, National Sporting Organisation’s,
       Regional Sports Trusts, Regional Sports Directors, School Sports Coordinators, teachers groups and

“Fostering healthy participation and achievement through quality
secondary school sport.”

New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council Inc. is the sports service
organisation that co-ordinates, promotes and protects secondary school sport for all

It has been established, by schools, to act as guardian of the heritage and the values of secondary school
sport and to deliver leadership and support for all involved in the provision of sport to secondary schools
and their students. It represents and is accountable to every New Zealand secondary school and to all

                                      NZSSSC Events Information

This sports schedule is prepared and provided by the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council Inc.
Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy at the time of going to print.

Only events in the calendar on the following pages have been sanctioned or endorsed. NZSSSC is not able
to support any events that may be planned but are not sanctioned or endorsed and expects schools not to
send teams to national or island events that do not appear on the calendar. It is not helpful to a planned
programme that NZSSSC works towards if schools attend un-notified events.

NZSSSC has made every effort to schedule national and island secondary school sports events at times that
meet the needs of the sports while ensuring minimum interruption to the learning needs of students and

For further information or comment please contact:

Mike Summerell – Events Manager - NZSSSC

Phone : 021 268 9931

Email : events@nzsssc.org.nz

                                       TSSSC Events Information

The office of the Regional Sports Director is reliant on support from Tasman Secondary Schools for major
activities. For the TSS Athletics Championships all schools are asked to assist as the event is now held in
Nelson annually. Previously, each year a host school would be assigned, now we ask all schools involved to
share the work load. We thank you for your continuous help.

                                 POSTPONEMENTS & CANCELLATIONS

Every attempt will be made to announce postponements and cancellations in time for traveling teams.
Announcements will be made on the Tasman Secondary Schools Facebook page:
www.facebook.com/TSSSport and all school contacts listed on entry forms will be informed or call your
Sport Tasman Regional Sports Director, Luke Frame: 029 776 3307

  This event calendar has been prepared by the School Sport New Zealand in partnership with the event organisers and
                                            National Sporting Organisations

  Every effort has been made in preparing this schedule to confirm dates and venues. Any changes due to extraordinary
    circumstances will be posted on our website www.schoolsportnz.org.nz so you should check regularly for updates.

  Endorsed: Two events, NISS Skiing & NISS Snowboarding, have made a case that they cannot run their events to the
standard that is expected by schools and their athletes within the timeframes set by School Sport NZ policies. The Board
        has accepted these positions and, without precedent, has approved the endorsement of these events.

Only the events in the Calendar on the following pages have been sanctioned or endorsed. School Sport NZ is not able to
 support any events that may be planned but are not sanctioned or endorsed and expects schools not to send teams to
national or island events that do not appear on the calendar. It is not helpful to a planned programme that School Sport
                                 NZ works towards if schools attend un-notified events.

   School Sport NZ has made every effort to schedule national and island secondary school sports events in weekends,
  holidays and Tournament Weeks times that meet the needs of the sports while ensuring minimum interruption to the
                                        learning needs of students and schools.

  For any information regarding the calendar of events, contact Mike Summerell, School Sport NZ Events Manager at
                                    events@schoolsportnz.org.nz or 021 268 9931

        EVENT                                    START      START      END      VENUE
        TSS Sports Coordinator Meeting (ALL)     Wed        5 Feb      5 Feb    Sports House, Sport Tasman, Nelson
        D’Arcy Cup                               Tue       18 Feb     18 Feb    Green Meadows, Nelson
        TSS Tennis – Div 1 & 2                   Thu       20 Feb     20 Feb    Richmond Club, Nelson. p/p date 21 Feb
        TSS Honours Volleyball Div1              Sat       22 Feb     23 Feb    Stadium 2000, Blenheim
        TSS Senior T20 Cricket                   Tue       25 Feb     26 Feb    Green Meadows, Nelson
    TSS Ki o Rahi                                Thu       27 Feb     27 Feb    Golden Bay High School, Golden Bay
        TSS Triathlon                            Tue        3 Mar      3 Mar    Rabbit Island, Nelson
        TSS Mountain Biking Champs               Wed        4 Mar      5 Mar    Silvan Park, Nelson
        TSS Futsal                               Tue       10 Mar     10 Mar    Saxton Stadium, Nelson
        TSS Volleyball Honours Div1/2            Fri       13 Mar     15 Mar    Saxton Stadium, Nelson
        TSS Athletics                            Tue       17 Mar     17 Mar    Saxton Athletics Track, Nelson
        TSS Touch                                Sun       22 Mar     22 Mar    Tahunanui Playing Fields, Nelson
        TSS Stand Up Paddle Boarding             Fri       27 Mar     27 Mar    Tahunanui Beach, Nelson
        TOSI Sailing                             Thu        Apr 2      Apr 4    Silvan Park, Nelson
        TSS Lawn Bowls                           Tue        7 Apr      7 Apr    Stoke Bowling Club, Nelson
        Sports Staff Meeting                     Tue        5 May      5 May    Sports House, Nelson
Sports Staff Meeting                Wed   6 May    6 May    TBD
       Junior International Students Day   Tue   12 May   12 May   Saxton Stadium
       TSS Indoor Cricket                  Thu   14 May   14 May   Action Centre, Nelson
       TSS Swimming Champs                 Sat   23 May   23 May   Stadium 2000, Blenheim
       TSS Badminton                       Tue   26 May   26 May   Motueka Rec Centre, Motueka
       TSS Squash                          Wed   3 Jun    3 Jun    Nelson Bays Squash Club, Nelson
       TSS Cross Country                   Fri   5 Jun    5 Jun    Golden Bay High School, Golden Bay
       TSS Equestrian                      Mon   8 Jun    8 Jun    Motueka Pony Club, Motueka
       TSS Table Tennis                    Thu   25 Jun   25 Jun   Nelson Table Tennis Club, Nelson
       Sport Staff Meeting                 Wed   29 Jul   29 Jul   Sports House, Nelson
    Sports Staff Meeting                   Thu   30 Jul   30 Jul   TBD
       TSS Hockey                          Tue   4 Aug    5 Aug    Nelson Hockey Pavilion, Nelson
       Senior International Students Day   Thu   6 Aug    6 Aug    Saxton Stadium, Nelson
       TSS Ski Champs P/p 13 August        Wed   12 Aug   12 Aug   Rainbow Ski Field
     TSS Senior Super Netball              Wed   19 Aug   19 Aug   Saxton Stadium and outside courts, Nelson
       Get2Go Challenge                    Mon   7 Sep    7 Sep    Tasman Region
       TSS Girl’s 7s                       Wed   19 Aug   19 Aug   TBD
    Sport Awards Nominations Close         Mon   23-Sep   23-Sep
       Sport Staff Meeting                 Wed   14 Oct   14 Oct   Sports House, Nelson
       Sport Staff Meeting                 Thu   15 Oct   15 Oct   TBD
       TSS Senior Rugby 7’s                Tue   20 Oct   20 Oct   Neale Park, Nelson
       TSS Junior Rugby 7’s                Thu   29 Oct   29 Oct   Riwaka Sports Fields, Riwaka
    Roy Titheridge (Volleyball)            Sat   31 Oct   1 Nov    Stadium 2000, Blenheim
       TSS Junior Touch                    Thu   5 Nov    5 Nov    Tahunanui Fields, Nelson
       TSS Junior Tennis                   Tue   10 Nov   10 Nov   Blenheim
       TSS Junior Volleyball Division 2    Fri   13 Nov   13 Nov   Saxton Stadium, Nelson
       TSS Junior Volleyball Division 1    Sat   14 Nov   15 Nov   Saxton Stadium, Nelson
       TSS Junior Ki o Rahi                Tue   17 Nov   17 Nov   TBD
       TSS Junior T20 Cricket              Wed   18 Nov   19 Nov   Green Meadows, Nelson
2020 School Sport New Zealand Calendar
    NZSS Beach Volleyball Championships       Sat   1-Feb    2-Feb    Main Beach, Mount Maunganui
    NZSS Kathmandu Coast to Coast             Fri   7-Feb    8-Feb    Various
    NZ Schools Triathlon Championships        Sun   16-Feb   16-Feb   Pembroke Park, Wanaka
    Get2Go Rogaine Series                     Fri   28-Feb   28-Feb   Bay of Plenty
    SISS Tennis                               Sat   29-Feb   1-Mar    Trust Aoraki South Canterbury Tennis
                                                                      Centre, Timaru
    NZSS TSNZ Shooting Challenge              Sun   1-Mar    1-Mar    Various Areas NZ Wide - All cards to be
                                                                      shot & scores returned to TSNZ by 31/08
    SISS Triathlon & Duathlon Championships   Sun   1-Mar    1-Mar    Friendly Bay, Oamaru
    Get2Go Rogaine Series                     Tue   3-Mar    3-Mar    Auckland (South)
    Get2Go Rogaine Series                     Fri   6-Mar    6-Mar    Hawkes Bay
    SISS Mainland Volleyball Championships    Fri   6-Mar    8-Mar    Pioneer & Cowles Stadium, Christchurch
    NZSS Keelboat Championships               Fri   6-Mar    8-Mar    RNZYS, Auckland
    Get2Go Rogaine Series                     Tue   10-Mar   10-Mar   Auckland (North)
    Get2Go Rogaine Series                     Fri   13-Mar   13-Mar   Waikato
    NISS Rowing Championships                 Fri   13-Mar   15-Mar   Lake Karapiro, Cambridge, Waikato
    SISS Rowing Championships                 Fri   13-Mar   15-Mar   Lake Ruataniwha, Twizel
    SISS Dragon Boat Championships            Sat   14-Mar   14-Mar   Lake Hood, Ashburton
    SISS Adventure Racing Championships       Sat   14-Mar   14-Mar   Central Otago, Cromwell
    Get2Go Rogaine Series                     Tue   17-Mar   17-Mar   Wellington
    NZ Schools Open Water Swim                Sat   21-Mar   22-Mar   Lake Tikitapu, Rotorua
    NZSS Aerobics Championships               Sat   21-Mar   22-Mar   Auckland
    Te Ika o Maui (NISS) 7’s & Quick Rip      Mon   23-Mar   24-Mar   Blake Park, Mt Maunganui
    NISS Senior AFL Championships             Wed   25-Mar   26-Mar   Harbour Stadium , Auckland
    SISS Senior AFL Championships             Wed   25-Mar   26-Mar   Burnside RFC, Christchurch
    NZSS Dragon Boat Championships            Fri   27-Mar   28-Mar   Lake Karapiro, Cambridge, Waikato
    SI School Mountain Bike Championships –   Fri   27-Mar   29-Mar   Methven
    SISS MotoCross Championships              Sat   28-Mar   28-Mar   Southland MX Park, Pit Road, Otatara
    NI School Mountain Bike Championships -   Sat   28-Mar   29-Mar   Wellington
    SISS Touch Championships                  Sat   28-Mar   30-Mar   Sheldon Park, Belfast , Christchurch
    NISS Senior Water Polo Championships -    Sat   28-Mar   31-Mar   Various, Auckland
    Div 1
    NISS Senior Water Polo Championships -    Sat   28-Mar   31-Mar   Water World, Te Rapa, Hamilton
    Div 2
    SISS Water Polo                           Sun   29-Mar   1-Apr    Moana Pool, Dunedin
    SISS Ultimate Championships               Mon   30-Mar   31-Mar   Nunweek Park, Christchurch
    NISS KiwiTag Festival                     Mon   30Mar     1-Apr   Mount Maunganui or Taupo (TBC)
    NZSS Tennis Championships                 Mon   30-Mar    2-Apr   Wilding Park and Nga Puna Wai Tennis
                                                                      Centres, Christchurch
NZSS Waka Ama Championships                 Mon   30Mar    2-Apr    Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake), Rotorua
      NZSS Volleyball Championships               Mon   30-Mar   3-Apr    Arena Manawatu, Massey University,
                                                                          Palmerston North
      NZSS Futsal Championships                   Mon   30-Mar   3-Apr    ASB Sports Centre, Wellington
      NZSS Junior Secondary Boys Cricket          Mon   30-Mar   3-Apr    Fitzherbert Park & Manawaroa Park,
      Tournament                                                          Palmerston North
      NZSS Softball - Division 1                  Mon   30Mar    3-Apr    Resthills Park, Hamilton
      SISS Sunburst Championships                 Mon   30Mar    3-Apr    Otago Yacht Club, Dunedin
      NZSS Rowing (MAADI)                         Mon   30Mar    4-Apr    Lake Ruataniwha, Twizel
      NZSS Lawn Bowls Championships               Tue   31-Mar   1-Apr    Carlton Cornwall Bowls Headquarters,
      SISS Satellite Volleyball Championships     Tue   31-Mar   3-Apr    Pioneer Stadium, Christchurch
      NISS Softball - Division 2                  Tue   31Mar    3-Apr    Akina Park, Hastings
      SISS Softball - Division 2                  Tue   31Mar    3-Apr    Saxton Fields, Nelson
      NZSS Basketball 3x3 Tournament              Wed   1-Apr    3-Apr    Pulman Arena, Auckland
      NZSS Ultimate Championships                 Thu   2-Apr    3-Apr    Owen Delaney Park, Taupo
      Blues U15 Girls Quick Rip Festival          Thu   2-Apr    3-Apr    TBC, Auckland & Hamilton
      SISS KiwiTag Festival                       Thu   2-Apr    4-Apr    Queenstown (TBC)
      Hurricanes Girls Quick Rip Rugby Festival   Fri   3-Apr    3-Apr    Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston
      NZSS Wrestling Championships                Fri   3-Apr    3-Apr    Katikati College Hall, 33 Beach Road,
                                                                          Katikati 3129
      NISS & NZSS MotoCross Championships         Fri   3-Apr    3-Apr    Digger McEwen MX Park, Miro Street,
      NZSS Canoe Polo Championships               Fri   3-Apr    5-Apr    Makino Aquatic Centre, Fielding
      NISS Athletics Championships                Fri   3-Apr    5-Apr    Porritt Stadium, Hamilton
      NZSS Senior Handball Championships          Sat   4-Apr    5-Apr    Pioneer Stadium, Christchurch
      SISS Athletics Championships                Sat   4-Apr    5-Apr    Nga Puna Wai, Christchurch
      NZSS White Water Kayaking                   Sat   4-Apr    8-Apr    Waikareteheke River, Tuai
      NZSS Tramp & Tumbling Championships         Fri   10-Apr   12-Apr   Rotorua
      NZSS Water Polo Championships - Div 2       Tue   14-Apr   17-Apr   Jellie Park and Taiora QE2, Christchurch
      NZSS Ki O Rahi Championships                Wed   15-Apr   17-Apr   Te Tii Marae, Te Kemara Ave, Waitangi,
                                                                          Kawakawa 0210
      NZSS Adventure Racing Championships         Fri   17-Apr   19-Apr   Mangarara Station, 298 Mangarara Road,
                                                                          RD2, Otane, Hawkes Bay
      NZSS Water Polo Championships - Div 2       Sat   18-Apr   21-Apr   Rotorua Aquatic Centre, Rotorua
      NZSS Water Polo Championships -             Mon   20-Apr   23-Apr   Huia Pool and WRAC, Hutt/Wellington
      Premier Boys & Girls
      NZSS Teams Sailing National                 Mon   20-Apr   26-Apr   Lake Hood, Ashburton
      NISS Orienteering Championships             Wed   22-Apr   24-Apr   Various, Pukekohe Area
      SISS Orienteering Championships             Sat   25Apr    27Apr    Various, Dunedin
      NZSS Artistic Championships                 Sat    16-      17-     Auckland
                                                         May      May
NISS Horse Trials Event                  Sat   16May    17May    NEC 114 Rapids Rd, Taupo
       NZSS Inline Hockey Championships         Sat   16May    17May    New Plymouth
       NZSS Hillary Challenge '6 Hour Race' -   Sun    17-      17-     Geraldine Area
       South Island                                    May      May
       NISS Synchronised Swimming               Fri    22-      24-     St Cuthberts College, Auckland
       Championships                                   May      May
       NZSS Rhythmic Gymnastics                 Sat    30-      31-     Auckland, TBC
       Championships                                   May      May
       SISS Synchronised Swimming               Sat    30-      31-     Jellie Park Sport & Recreation Center,
       Championships                                   May      May     Christchurch
       NZSS Multisports Championships           Sun   31May    31May    Lake Tikitapu, Rotorua

       SISS Badminton Cup                       Sat   6-Jun    7-Jun    Otago Badminton, Dunedin
       NZSS Shooting Championships (Triple S    Sun   7-Jun    7-Jun    (Round 1) Home Range, Nationwide
       NZSS Hillary Challenge '6 Hour Race' -   Sun   7-Jun    7-Jun    Rotorua Area
       North Island
       NISS Underwater Hockey - Northern Zone   Sat   13-Jun   14-Jun   West Wave Aquatic Centre, Auckland
       NISS Underwater Hockey - Central Zone    Fri   19-Jun   21-Jun   Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre,
       NZSS Cross Country Championships         Sat   20-Jun   21-Jun   Hawera A&P Showgrounds, Hawera
       NISS Underwater Hockey - Northern Zone   Sat   20-Jun   21-Jun   Bay Wave Aquatic Centre, Tauranga
       SISS Squash Championships                Sat   27-Jun   28-Jun   Timaru Squash Club, Timaru
       NISS Clay Target Championships           Sat   4-Jul    4-Jul    Waikato Clay Target Club, Hamilton
       NI School Road Championships - Cycling   Sat   4-Jul    5-Jul    Cambridge
       SI School Road Championships - Cycling   Sat   4-Jul    5-Jul    Christchurch
       NZSS Shooting Championships (Triple S    Sun   5-Jul    5-Jul    (Round 2) Home Range, Nationwide
       NI School & National Track               Mon   6-Jul    7-Jul    Cambridge
       Championships - Cycling
       SISS Junior Netball Tournament           Mon   6-Jul    8-Jul    Christchurch Netball Centre, Hagley
                                                                        Avenue, Christchurch
       NZSS Area Schools                        Mon   6-Jul    9-Jul    Edgar Centre & Bayfield Inlet, Dunedin
       NZSS Kartsport Championships             Fri   10-Jul   11-Jul   Stihl Shop Raceway, Tokoroa
       NZSS Rogaine Championships               Sat   11-Jul   11-Jul   TOPEC/Lake Mangamahoe, New Plymouth
       NZSS Orienteering Championships          Thu   16-Jul   18-Jul   Various, Napier/Hastings
       NISS Indoor Bowls Championships          Sat   25-Jul   26-Jul   Mount Sports Stadium, Mount Maunganui
       Get2Go Challenge - Junior - Northland    Tue   28-Jul   28-Jul   Whangarei Area
    Get2Go Challenge - Junior - Bay of Plenty   Thu   30-Jul   30-Jul   Rotorua
       NZSS Shooting Championships (Triple S    Sun   2-Aug    2-Aug    (Round 3) Home Range, Nationwide
       Get2Go Challenge - Junior -              Tue   4-Aug    4-Aug    Auckland
       Auckland/Counties Manukau
Get2Go Challenge - Junior -               Thu   6-Aug    6-Aug    Auckland
Waitakere/North Harbour
NZSS Squash Championships                 Fri   7-Aug    9-Aug    Cnr Devonport Road & 13th Avenue,
SISS Curling Championships                Fri   7-Aug    9-Aug    Dunedin Ice Rink, Dunedin
Get2Go Challenge - Junior - Waikato       Tue   11Aug    11Aug    Cambridge Area
Get2Go Challenge - Junior - Hawkes Bay    Thu   13Aug    13Aug    Hastings Area
NZSS Duathlon Championships               Sun   16Aug    16Aug    TBC
Get2Go Challenge - Junior -               Tue   18-Aug   18-Aug   Wellington
Get2Go Challenge - Junior -               Thu   20-Aug   20-Aug   New Plymouth
NZSS Swimming Championships               Thu   20-Aug   23-Aug   Waterworld, Hamilton
NZSS Gymnastics Festival                  Sat   22Aug    23Aug    Auckland TBC
Southern School Tour – Cycling            Sat   29Aug    30Aug    Blenheim
NZSS Postal Weightlifting Championships   Sat   29-Aug   30-Aug   TBC
NZSS Basketball Junior Premiership Zone   Sat   29-Aug   1-Sep    Auckland
NZSS Basketball Junior Premiership Zone   Sat   29-Aug   1-Sep    TBC
NZSS Basketball Junior Premiership Zone   Sat   29-Aug   1-Sep    New Plymouth
NZSS Basketball Junior Premiership Zone   Sat   29-Aug   1-Sep    Nelson
NZSS Indoor Bowls Championships           Sun   30-Aug   31-Aug   NW Indoor Bowls Hall, Porirua, Wellington
NZSS Golf Finals                          Mon   31Aug    31Aug    TBC (possibly Ngaruawhia GC), Hamilton
Crusaders U15 Girls Rugby Festival        Mon   31-Aug   31-Aug   Christchurch
NZSS Climbing Championships               Mon   31-Aug   1-Sep    Extreme Edge, Panmure, Auckland
Blues U15 Girls Winter Rugby Festival     Mon   31Aug    2-Sep    Auckland TBC
Chiefs U15 Girls Winter Rugby Festival    Mon   31Aug    2-Sep    Hamilton TBC
Hurricanes U14 Boys Rugby Festival        Mon   31Aug    2-Sep    Wakefield Park, Wellington
NZSS Table Tennis Championships           Mon   31Aug    2-Sep    Waikato Table Tennis Stadium, Hamilton
SISS Ice Hockey Tournament                Mon   31Aug    3-Sep    Dunedin Ice Stadium, Dunedin
NZSS Badminton Championships              Mon   31-Aug   3-Sep    Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua
SISS Netball Tournament                   Mon   31Aug    3-Sep    Aorangi Park, Timaru
NISS Curling Championships                Mon   31-Aug   3-Sep    Paradice Skating Rink, Langford Crescent,
                                                                  Avondale, Auckland
NZSS Football Boys Jim Wishart            Mon   31-Aug   3-Sep    Christchurch Football Centre, Christchurch
NZSS Football Boys Linwood Tournament     Mon   31-Aug   3-Sep    Turnbull Thompson Park, Invercargill
NZSS Football Girls Gary Sowden           Mon   31-Aug   3-Sep    A & P Park, Blenheim
NZSS Football Girls Lotto Sportswear      Mon   31-Aug   3-Sep    Logan Park, Dunedin
NISS Netball - Lower                      Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep    Hawkes Bay Regional Sports Park, 42
                                                                  Percival Road, Tomoana, Hawkes Bay
NISS Netball - Upper                      Mon   31Aug    4-Sep    Auckland
NZSS Football Boys Hillsdene Junior        Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Fergusson Park, Tauranga
     NZSS Football Boys Lotto Premier           Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Park Island, Napier
     NZSS Football Boys Malcolm Cowie           Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   McLennan Park, Papakura
     NZSS Football Boys Rex Dawkins             Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Tikipunga Sports Park, Whangarei
     NZSS Football Boys Trident Tournament      Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Wembley Park, Whanganui
     NZSS Football Girls Lotto Premier          Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Crown Park, Taupo
     NZSS Football Girls Kathy Seaward          Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Fred Taylor Park, Whenuapai
     NZSS Football Girls Maurice Hulme          Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Rotorua International Stadium, Rotorua
     NZSS Football Girls Grant Jarvis           Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Celaeno Park, Palmerston North
     NZSS Boys Rugby League Tournament          Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Pulman Park, Takanini, Auckland (TBC)
     NZSS Girls Rugby League Tournament         Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Pulman Park, Takanini, Auckland (TBC)
     NISS Hockey Mixed                          Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Whangarei
     SISS Hockey Mixed                          Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Gore
     SISS 4 Tier Girls Hockey Tournament        Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Invercargill
     NZSS Hockey Girls Rosemary O'Brien Cup     Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Ashburton
     NZSS Hockey Girls Mary Clinton Cup         Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Gisborne
     NZSS Hockey Girls Audrey Timlin            Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Christchurch
     NZSS Hockey Girls Chica Gilmer Trophy      Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Hamilton
     NZSS Hockey Girls Chris Arthur Cup 2ndXI   Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Taupo
     NZSS Hockey Girls Eveline Hankers          Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Palmerston North
     NZSS Hockey Girls Jenny Hair Cup           Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Wairarapa
     NZSS Hockey Girls Jenny McDonald Cup       Mon   31-Aug   4-Sep   Oamaru
     NZSS Hockey Girls Kate Trolove Cup         Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Levin
     NZSS Hockey Boys Coaches Cup               Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Greymouth
     NZSS Hockey Boys Founders Cup              Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Nelson
     NZSS Hockey Boys Galletly Cup 2ndXI        Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Blenheim
     NZSS Hockey Boys Johnson Cup               Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Cromwell
     NZSS Hockey Boys Mayhill Cup               Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Pukekohe
     NZSS Hockey Boys Olympic Stick             Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Auckland
     NZSS Hockey Boys Woolaston Trophy          Mon   31Aug    4-Sep   Stratford, Taranaki
     NZSS Hockey Boys Rankin Cup/India          Mon   31Aug    5-Sep   North Harbour
     NZSS Hockey Girls Federation Cup/Marie     Mon   31-Aug   5-Sep   Hawkes Bay
     Fry Trophy
     Hurricanes U15 Girls Rugby Festival        Tue   1-Sep    2-Sep   Playford Park, Levin
Hurricanes U16 Quick Rip Rugby             Tue   1-Sep    2-Sep    Playford Park, Levin
NZSS Football Boys 2nd XI Tournament       Wed   2-Sep    4-Sep    New Plymouth Boys High School
NZSS Basketball Schick Central Cup         Wed   2-Sep    4-Sep    Whanganui
NZSS Basketball Schick Northern Cup        Wed   2-Sep    4-Sep    Auckland
Hurricanes U15 Boys Rugby Tournament       Wed   2-Sep    5-Sep    St Patrick’s College, Silverstream and Fields
                                                                   in Upper Hutt, Wellington
NZSS Basketball Schick 'AA' Premierships   Wed   2-Sep    5-Sep    Harbour
Zone 1
NZSS Basketball Schick 'AA' Premierships   Wed   2-Sep    5-Sep    TBC
Zone 2
NZSS Basketball Schick 'AA' Premierships   Wed   2-Sep    5-Sep    Wellington
Zone 3
NZSS Basketball Schick 'AA' Premierships   Wed   2-Sep    5-Sep    Invercargill
Zone 4
NZSS Basketball Schick 'A' North Island    Wed   2-Sep    5-Sep    Palmerston North
NZSS Basketball Schick 'A' South Island    Wed   2-Sep    5-Sep    Dunedin
NZSS Basketball Schick Southern Cup        Wed   3-Sep    5-Sep    Christchurch
NZSS Underwater Hockey Championships       Thu   3-Sep    6-Sep    West Wave Aquatic Centre, Auckland
NZSS Girls Top 4 1st XV Rugby Finals       Thu   3-Sep    6-Sep    Sport and Rugby Institute, Palmerston
NZSS Rugby - 1st XV Finals Series          Thu   3-Sep    6-Sep    Sport and Rugby Institute, Palmerston
NZSS Rugby - Co-Ed 1st XV                  Thu   3-Sep    6-Sep    Sport and Rugby Institute, Palmerston
Championships                                                      North
Highlanders U15 Girls Tackle & U16 Quick   Fri   4-Sep    4-Sep    TBC, Invercargill
Rip Rugby Festival
NZSS Enduro MotoCross Cross Country        Fri   4-Sep    4-Sep    Taikorea MX Park, Glen Oroua, Palmerston
Championships                                                      North
NZSS Girls Lacrosse Championships          Fri   4-Sep    6-Sep    TBC, Waikato
NZSS Golf Croquet                          Sat   5-Sep    6-Sep    Heretaunga Croquet Club, Havelock North
NZSS 8 Ball Championships - FINALS         Sa    5-Sep    6-Sep    Massé Hamilton
Northern School Tour – Cycling             Sat   5-Sep    6-Sep    Auckland
NZSS Shooting Championships (Triple S      Sun   6-Sep    6-Sep    (Round 4) Home Range, Nationwide
Get2Go Challenge - Junior -                Mon   7-Sep    7-Sep    Nelson Area
Get2Go Challenge - Junior - Canterbury     Wed   9-Sep    9-Sep    Christchurch
Get2Go Challenge - Junior -                Fri   11-Sep   11-Sep   Dunedin
NZSS Cross Country Skiing Championships    Sat   12-Sep   12-Sep   Snow Farm NZ Limited, Wanaka
Get2Go Challenge - Junior - Central        Mon   14-Sep   14-Sep   Queenstown
NISS Skiing Competition                    Mon   14-Sep   16-Sep   Turoa/Whakapapa, Ohakune
SISS Ski & Snowboarding Championships      Sat   19-Sep   19-Sep   Cardrona Alpine Resort, Wanaka
SISS Canoe Kayaking Sprint                 Sat   19-Sep   20-Sep   Lake Ruataniwha Rowing Centre, Twizel
NZSS Cheerleading Championships            Sun   20-Sep   20-Sep   Eventfinda Stadium (North Shore Event
                                                                        Centre), Auckland
     NISS Snowboarding Championships            Mon   21-Sep   23-Sep   Turoa Ski Field, Mt Ruapehu, Ohakune
     TSNZ SS Inter-Island Target Shooting       Sat   26-Sep   27-Sep   Blenheim SRC, Athletic Park, Brewer St,
     Match                                                              Blenheim
     National School Road Championships -       Sat   26-Sep   28-Sep   Palmerston North
     SI & NZ Clay Target Championships          Sat   26-Sep   28-Sep   Canterbury Clay Target Club, Christchurch
     NZSS Curling Championships                 Sat   26-Sep   28-Sep   Maniototo International Ice Rink, Naseby
     NZSS Synchronised Swimming                 Sat   26-Sep   29-Sep   Waterworld, Hamilton
     NZSS Basketball Schick 'A' National        Mon   28-Sep   1-Oct    Palmerston North
    National School Mountain Bike               Sat   3-Oct    4-Oct    Waitangi
    Championships - Cycling
    NZ National Scholastic Surfing              Mon   5-Oct    9-Oct    Kaikoura
    SI School Track Championships - Cycling     Tue   6-Oct    7-Oct    Invercargill
    NZSS Netball Championships                  Tue   6-Oct    9-Oct    Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua
    SI Schools 7s Rugby                         Sat   17-Oct   18-Oct   Alpine Energy Stadium, Timaru
    NISS Junior AFL Championships               Wed   18-Nov   19-Nov Harbour Stadium , Auckland
    SISS Junior AFL Championships               Wed   18-Nov   19-Nov Burnside RFC, Christchurch
    SISS Lawn Bowls Festival                    Thu   19-Nov   19-Nov Aoraki (TBC)
    NISS Junior KiwiTag Festival                Mon   23-Nov   25-Nov Taupo (TBC)
    NZSS Softball Junior Championships          Mon   23-Nov   26-Nov Prince Edward Park, Papakura
    NISS Junior Volleyball Championships        Mon   23-Nov   26-Nov Trust Power Bay Park Arena, Mount
     SISS Junior Badminton Cup                  Tue   24-Nov   26-Nov Badminton Canterbury, Christchurch
     NZSS Junior Badminton Cup - Central        Tue   24-Nov   26-Nov Badminton Wellington Centre, 1 Ruahine
     Region                                                           Street, Wellington
     NZSS Junior Badminton Cup - Northern       Tue   24-Nov   26-Nov TBC, Tauranga
     SISS Junior Volleyball Championships       Tue   24-Nov   26-Nov   ILT Stadium Southland, Invercargill
     SISS Junior KiwiTag Festival               Wed   25-Nov   27-Nov   Nga Puna Wai - Christchurch ( TBC)
     SISS Junior Water Polo Tournament          Thu   26-Nov   29-Nov   Jellie Park and Taiora QE2, Christchurch
     NISS Junior Water Polo Championships       Thu   26-Nov   29-Nov   Various, Auckland
     SISS Junior Beach Volleyball               Fri   27-Nov   27-Nov   ILT Stadium Southland, Invercargill
     Blue Light U15 Games - Fast Five Netball   Fri   27-Nov   29-Nov Tauranga
     Blue Light U15 Games - Futsal Festival     Fri   27-Nov   29-Nov Tauranga
     Blue Light U15 Games - Golf Festival       Fri   27-Nov   29-Nov Tauranga
     NISS Junior Beach Volleyball               Sat   28-Nov   28-Nov Main Beach, Mount Maunganui
     NZSS Girls Gillette Venus Cup Cricket      Mon   30-Nov   2-Dec    NZC High Performance Centre, Lincoln,
     Tournament                                                         Christchurch
     NZSS Boys Gillette Cup Cricket             Mon   30-Nov   5-Dec    NZC High Performance Centre, Lincoln,
     Tournament                                                         Christchurch
    NZSS U15 Condor 7s Rugby      Thu   3-Dec    6-Dec    King’s College, Golf Road, Otahuhu,
     NZSS Condor 7s Open Rugby    Thu   3-Dec    6-Dec    King’s College, Golf Road, Otahuhu,
     NZSS Athletics & Road Race   Fri   4-Dec    6-Dec    Tauranga Domain, Tauranga
     NZSS Touch Championships     Fri   11-Dec   13-Dec   Rotorua International Stadium, Westbrook
                                                          Park, Ray Boord Reserve Rotorua

Archery         Murray            Sherwood Archery Club (Nelson     M:   021 457 663
                Irvine            Inc.)                             E:
Athletics       Brian             Tasman Athletics                  P:   03 544 4704
                Cockeram          8 Park Drive                      M:   027 223 7959
                                  Richmond NELSON 7020              E:   lorewadownes@hotmail.com
Badminton       Martin            Nelson Badminton Association      M:   021 147 9156
                Lubransky         PO Box 1120,                      E:   martin@nelsonbadminton.net.nz
                                  Nelson 7140                       W:   www.nelsonbadminton.net.nz
Basketball      Frances Tilly     Nelson Basketball Association     P:   03 547 6419
                                  PO Box 2141,                      M:   027 531 1925
                                  Nelson                            E:   gm@nelsonbasketball.co.nz
                                                                    W:   www.nelsonbasketball.co.nz
Biking (MTB)    Mel Schroder      Nelson Mountain Bike Club         P:
                (events)          PO Box 82,                        M:   027 203 2830
                                  Nelson                            E:   events@nelsonmtb.club
                                                                    W:   www.nelsonmtb.club
Biking (Road)   Mike              Tasman Wheelers                   M:   027 477 0834
                Rutledge          https://www.tasmanwheelers.co     E:   race@tasmanwheelers.co.nz
Biking          Geoff Lart        Cycling Nelson Secretary          P:   03 544 4772
(Track)                           www.cyclingnelson.co.nz           M:
                                  www.facebook.com/CyclingNelso     E:   admin@cyclingnelson.co.nz
Bowls (Lawn)    Allan Griffiths   Bowls Nelson                      P:   03 54 886 666
                                  C/- Kaye Brown                    M:
                                  PO Box 2405, Stoke,               E:   matchcommittee@bowlsnelson.co.nz
                                  Nelson 7041
Bowls           Jean              Nelson Indoor Bowls Association   P:   03 548 3457
(Indoor)        McKenzie          Secretary                         E:   k.j.mckenzie@xtra.co.nz
Boxing          Paul              Victory Boxing Programme          P:
                Hampton           Director                          M:   027 541 9015
                                  98-100 Vanguard St                E:   paul@victoryboxing.org.nz
Canoe (White    Mary              Nelson Canoe Club Secretary       M:
Water Kayak     Caldwell          www.nelsonkayakers.co.nz          E:   secretary@nelsonkayakers.co.nz
Canoe           Jo Kay            Nelson Canoe Club                 M:
(Sea                              PO Box 793                        E:   seakayaking@nelsonkayakers.co.nz
Kayaking)                         Nelson                            W:   www.nelsonkayakers.co.nz
Cricket         Ben Eder          Nelson Cricket Association        P:   027 326 0666
                                  PO Box 593                        E:   ops@nelsoncricket.org.nz
                                  Nelson                            W    www.nelsoncricket.org.nz
Croquet         Annie Henry       Croquet Nelson                    P:
                                  41 Croucher Street                M:   022 397 9303
                                  Richmond                          E:   annie58@ihug.co.nz
Equestrian      Karen Rhind       Marchwood Park,                   P:   03 528 7123
                                  Motueka, Nelson 7120              M:
                                  www.motuekaponyclub.co.nz         E:   k.j.rhind@xtra.co.nz
Football        Diarmuid          Nelson Bays Football              P:   03 547 5600
                Brazendale        PO Box 2105                       M:   027 642 4244
                                  Stoke, Nelson                     E:   diarmuid.brazendalemainlandfootball
                                                                    W:   .co.nz
Futsal          Ben Wright        Nelson Bays Football              P:
                                  PO Box 2105                       M:   022 0253314
                                  Stoke, Nelson                     E:   ben.wright@mainlandfootball.co.nz

Golf            Nick Loach     Tasman District Golf Association   P:   03 544 8482
                               PO Box 681                         M:   027 240 8821
                               Nelson                             E:   tasmangolfinc@xtra.co.nz
                                                                  W:   www.tasmangolf.co.nz
Gymnastics      Grace          Gymnastics Nelson                  P:   03 548 2513
                Houghton       PO Box 1139                        M:
                               Nelson                             E:    info@gymnast.co.nz
                                                                  W:   www.gymnast.co.nz
Hockey          Fabian Amor    Nelson Hockey Association          P:   03 547 9988
                               PO Box 3426                        M:   027 655 8411
                               Richmond 7050                      E:   manager@nelsonhockey.org.nz
                                                                  W:   www.nelsonhockey.org.nz
Inline Hockey   Alethea        Nelson Whalers Inline Hockey       P:   03 544 1867
                Stove          Assn                               M:   027 233 3222
                               PO Box 1748                        E:   leth10@xtra.co.nz
                               Nelson                             W:   www.skatenelson.nz

Marching        Nerolie        Marching Nelson                    E:   nelson@marching.co.nz
Motorcycling    Nic Stuart     Nelson Motor Cycle Club            M:   021 914 033
(off-road)                     PO Box 93                          E:   Nmcc1908@gmail.com
                               Nelson 7040                        W:   www.nmcc.org.nz
Multisport                     Nelson Triathlon & Multisport      M:
                               Club                               E:   info@nelsontriclub.co.nz
                               PO Box 906                         W:   www.nelsontriclub.co.nz
Netball         Jarrod Lock    Nelson Netball Centre Inc          P:   03 547 4450
(Nelson)                       Saxton Stadium                     E:   jarrod@nelsonnetball.co.nz
                               PO Box 2119                        W:   www.nelsonnetball.co.nz
                               Stoke Nelson
Orienteering    Martin Doyle   Nelson Orienteering Club           M:
                               405 Aporo Road                     E:   noc.secretary@gmail.com
                               RD 1 Upper Moutere                 W:   www.noc.org.nz
                               Nelson 7173
Outrigger       Charmaine      Maitahi Outrigger Canoe            M:    021 617 680
Canoeing        Payn                                              E:   Maitahi.president@gmail.com
                                                                  W:   www.maitahi-outrigging.org.nz
Paddle          Rod King       Nelson SUP Club                    P
Boarding                       Nelson                             M
                               https://www.facebook.com/groups    E    rjk@orcon.net.nz
Paddle          Toby Wild      Moana Standup Paddleboarding       P:   0508 662 626
Boarding                       9 Rangiora Tce, Moana              M:   027 285 0772
                               Nelson 7011                        E:   toby@moananzsup.co.nz
                                                                  W:   www.moananzsup.co.nz
Roller sports   Alethea        Nelson Rollersports Club           P:   03 548 6449
                Stove          PO Box 1748                        E:   nrscrink@gmail.com
                               Nelson                             W:   www.skatenelson.nz
Rowing          Tim Babbage    Nelson Golden Edge Rowing          P:   03 548 8699
                               Club                               E:   tim@beggsmusic.co.nz
                                                                  W:   www.nelsonrowing.co.nz
                                                                  F:   FB: Nelson Rowing Club
Rugby           Kahu Marfell   Tasman Rugby Union                 P:   03 546 3378
                               Trafalgar Park Lane                M:   027 249 2332
                               Nelson                             E:   Kahu.Marfell@tasmanrugby.co.nz
                                                                  W:   www.makos.co.nz
Vanessa Gay     Nelson Bays Youth Teams           M:   022 545 1163
Sailing                        Racing Secretary                  E:   Nbytra.secretary@gmail.com
(Youth Team)                   c/o 236 Collingwood Street        W:   www.nbytra.co.nz
                               Akerston Street Marina, Nelson
Shooting       Lyn Baigent     Target Shooting Nelson.           P:   03 522 4380
(Target)                       PO Box 25                         M:   027 522 4381
                               Wakefield Nelson                  E:   lyn.baigent@xtra.co.nz
Skiing         Peter &         St Arnaud Ski Racing Foundation   P:   03 540 2188
               Maureen         130 Aranui Road                   M:   027 229 4050
               Clinton-        Mapua                             E:   pcb@funpigs.co.nz
Skiing                         Rainbow Ski Field & Ski School    P:   03 521 1861
                               PO Box 76                         W:   www.skirainbow.co.nz
                               St Arnaud, Nelson Lakes           E:   info@skirainbow.co.nz
Softball       Dave Morel      Nelson Softball Association       M:   027 627 8015
                               PO Box 775                        E:   info@nelsonsoftball.org.nz
                               Nelson 7040                       W:   www.nelsonsoftball.org.nz
Squash         John Blakely    Nelson Squash Club                P:
                               Rutherford Park, Halifax St       M:
                               Nelson                            E:   nelsonsquash@extra.co.nz
Surf           Ed              Nelson Surf Lifesaving Club       M:   021 598 853
Lifesaving     Steenbergen     PO Box 7057                       E:   nelsonslsc@gmail.com
                               Nelson 7040                       W:   www.nelsonslsc.org.nz
Swimming       Lowri           Swimming Nelson Marlborough       M:
               McNabb          PO Box 165                        E:   registrar@snm.org.nz
                               Nelson                            W:   www.snm.org.nz
Table Tennis   Paul Op Den     Table Tennis Nelson               P:   03 544 1572
               Buysch          Saxton Stadium                    M:
                               Saxton Road East, Stoke           E:   tt.nelson@xtra.co.nz
                                                                 W:   www.sportsground.co.nz/ttnelson
Tennis         Alison          Nelson Bays Tennis Association    P:   03 544 2413
               McQuillan       PO Box 3805                       M:   027 389 1102
                               Richmond, Nelson 7050             E:   alison@tennisnelson.co.nz
                                                                 W:   www.tennisnelsonbays.kiwi
Touch          Secretary       Nelson Bays Touch Association     M:
                                                                 E:   nelsonbaytouch@hotmail.com
                                                                 W:   www.nelsonbaystouch.co.nz

Volleyball     Administrator   Tasman Volleyball Association     P:
                               PO Box 3280                       M:
                               Richmond 7050                     E:   tasman@tasmanvolley.org.nz
Volleyball -   Pam Brodie      Nelson Bays Volleyball            P:   03 923 2348
Indoor                         Association                       M:   021 286 5539
                               PO Box 3280                       E:   nelson@tasmanvolley.org.nz
                               Richmond 7050

Athletics    Tracey Sims      Marlborough Athletics Club     P:
                              Athletic Park, Brewer Street   F:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/
Badminton    Lindsay          Badminton Marlborough Inc.     P:   03 570 5443
             Dahlberg         P O Box 1196                   M    027 2310 0455
                              Blenheim                       E:   l.dahlberg@xtra.co.nz
Basketball   Stacey           Marlborough Basketball Assn.   P:   03 577 8300 EXT 3
                              PO Box 276                     E:   info@marlboroughbasketall.com
                              Blenheim                       W    www.marlboroughbasketball.co.nz
Bowls        Lindsay          Bowls Marlborough Inc.         P:   027 4322 361
             Thomason         PO Box 819                     E:   mauricesymes@xtra.co.nz
                              Blenheim                       W:   www.bowlsnz.co.nz
                              Blenheim Bowling Club          P:   03 577 9291
Bowls        Mike Woolley     Manager                        M:
                              PO Box 4019                    E:   info@blenheimbowls.co.nz
                              Bleheim                        W:   http://blenheimbowls.org.nz
Cricket      Ed Gilhooly      Marlborough Cricket Assn.      P:   03 577 9050
                              PO Box 667                     M:   027 439 8514
                              Horton Park                    E:   admin@marlboroughcricket.co.nz
                              Blenheim 7240                  W:   www.marlboroughcricket.co.nz
Croquet      Janet Ewing      Blenheim Croquet Club          P:   021 2346830
                              Secretary 61 Parker Street     M:
                              Blenheim                       E:

Cycling      Graham           Cuddon Cycling Marlborough     P:
(Road and    Henderson        16 Lybster Street              M:   027 821 2379
Track)                        Blenheim                       E:   Go.hendo13@gmail.com
Football     Andrea Smith-    Marlborough Football           P:   03 579 2387
             Scott            PO Box 461                     M    027 524 2387
                              Blenheim                       E:   marlborough@mainlandfootball.co.
                                                             W:   nz
Golf         Leanne Stowell   Marlborough Golf Club          P:   03 578 7646
                              Secretary                      M:   027 240 8821
                              74 Paynters Road, Blenheim,    E:   marlborough@golf.co.nz
                              Marlborough                    W:   https://www.marlboroughgolf.co.nz/
Harriers     Les Mckay        Marlborough Harriers Club      P:   03 577 8307
                              PO Box 16, Blenheim 7240       M    021463922
                                                             E:   les.mckay@xtra.co.nz
                                                             W:   www.harriers.net.nz
Hockey       Emma             Hockey Marlborough Inc,        P:   03 578 5550
             Sorenson-        Junior Development Officer     E:   emma@hockeymarlborough.org.nz
             Brown            PO Box 353, Blenheim           W:   www.hockeymarlborough.org.nz
                              Office upstairs at Stadium
Marching     Pam              Marlborough Marching Assn.     P:   (03) 572 9883
             Benseman         20 Kowhai Drive                M    027 448 8625
                              Renwick 7204                   E:   bencoltd@xtra.co.nz
Mountain     Lowri McNann     Marlborough Mountain Biking    P:   03 572 5190
Biking                        Club                           M    021 025 72845
                              PO Box 771                     E:   marlboroughmbc@gmail.com
                              Blenheim                       W:   www.marlboroughmountainbikeclu
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