2020 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts

2020 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts
2020 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts
2020 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts

                                                                                                                                              IMP O RTA NT DATES
This catalog is dedicated to Bill May. We have not previously done something of this kind but with Bill’s impending retirement, I want to     AT A G L A N C E
recognize his contributions to Arrowmont. Bill, from all of us — Board of Governors, students, instructors, and staff, we wish you the best
in your new endeavors and bestow upon you the title of Executive Director Emeritus.

“All people have the ability to be creative” Bill May, most anytime he speaks of Arrowmont.                                                   A R T I S T S - I N - R ES I D EN C E
                                                                                                                                              A P P L I C AT I O N D E A D L I N E
These last few years at Arrowmont have been both “exciting” and challenging:                                                                  February 1, 2020
• Exciting because so much has happened, from the forest fires that consumed two of our dormitories but led to the building of a new,

  larger, more modern and far better equipped one:                                                                                            E A R LY R E G I S T R AT I O N D E A D L I N E
• Challenging as a result of a $33,000,000 comprehensive campaign containing a 2:1 challenge that has so far enabled Arrowmont to             February 1, 2020
  successfully raise more than $30,000,000 of that total.                                                                                     Registration Fee of $50 is
                                                                                                                                              waived for Early Registration
Looking back even a little further, many predicted the demise of the school about the time we learned that we had to purchase the land that
we had been on for almost 100 years. But, with a lot of help and superior leadership, we met that challenge too.                              W O R K- S T U DY
                                                                                                                                              A P P L I C AT I O N D E A D L I N E
None of these successes just happened. People were and are the reasons for our tenacity and determination to make all these good things       March 1, 2020
happen. The combination of staff, Bill May’s leadership, and a committed Board of Governors are the principal reasons for the good fortune
that has come to Arrowmont. For the past eight years with Bill at the helm, supported by a competent staff, and extraordinary donors who      SCHOLARSHIP
believe in the school, Arrowmont has moved into the future equipped for the challenges that lie before us.                                    A P P L I C AT I O N D E A D L I N E
                                                                                                                                              March 1, 2020
As we were planning Moving Mountains, the campaign to secure Arrowmont’s future, Bill announced that at the end of the campaign,
he would retire. In anticipation of Bill’s retirement, a nationwide search was conducted for his replacement. We found that person among      Please check the website
Arrowmont’s student body — Jim Scarsella, a Michigan woodturner and corporate leader, was hired as deputy director.                           arrowmont.org for updated
                                                                                                                                              deadlines as some scholarships
Jim has a unique set of qualifications: From his award-winning woodturner experience to his more than twenty years’ professional              have a rolling deadline and
management experience including building and operating an anesthesia management and clinical services company. He has expert                  others may re-open mid-
leadership skills including finance, contracting, personnel management, and operations experience. Jim’s passion for arts and crafts and      summer for Fall applications.
woodworking were the reason he left his very successful business to devote himself to Arrowmont. For the past two years, Jim has worked
closely with Bill May and staff, learning about Arrowmont and leading the day-to-day operations. Upon Bill’s formal retirement,               A R R O W M O N T ’ S 75 T H
Jim will assume the executive directorship of Arrowmont.                                                                                      A N N I V ER S A R Y J U B I L EE —
                                                                                                                                              A C EL EB R AT I O N O F 75 Y E A R S A S
The Board of Governors and staff have utmost confidence in Jim and his ability to lead Arrowmont into                                         A SCHOOL OF ARTS AND CRAFTS
the future. We are all excited about the future and the opportunities and challenges it will bring.                                           March 21, 2020

You are an important, indeed, the most important piece of the future. Arrowmont is a school and as such,                                      U T I L I TA R I A N C L AY V I I I
its students and instructors play a vital role in creating the Arrowmont experience. As you peruse this                                       N AT I O N A L S Y M P O S I U M —
catalog and plan your summer, I encourage you to share it with your friends and family. We look forward                                       C EL EB R AT E T H E O B J E C T
to seeing you and your friends on campus this upcoming season.                                                                                September 9 – 12, 2020
                                                                                                                                              R E G I S T R AT I O N O P EN S
And to Bill May from all of us, a heart-felt well-done.                                                                                       A P R I L 1, 2 0 2 0

                                           Dr. Steven Gottlieb,
                                           President, Board of Governors
2020 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts
2020 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts


W ELC O M E                                          1   WOOD                                             59

S C H ED U L E AT A G L A N C E                      4   WORKSHOP BASICS                                  70

T W O W EEK S ES S I O N                             6   HOUSING & MEALS                                  71

W EEK EN D S ES S I O N                              6   R E G I S T R AT I O N & W O R K S H O P F EES   72

M A S T ER T U R N I N G S ER I ES                   7   S C H O L A R S H I P S , F EL LO W S H I P S
                                                         & R ES I D EN C I ES                             74

S P E C I A L TO P I C S                             9
                                                         ED U C AT I O N A L A S S I S TA N C E           75

C L AY                                              15
                                                         G A L L ER I ES & E X H I B I T I O N S          76
2D A R T S: D R AW I N G · PA I N T I N G ·
P R I N T M A K I N G · PA P ER & B O O K A R T S   27
                                                         COMMUNIT Y PROGRAMS                              76

F I B ER S · T E X T I L ES · B A S K E T S         37
                                                         A R R O W M O N T H I S TO R Y                   77

M E TA L S · EN A M EL S                            49
2020 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts

                                                     SPECIAL TOPICS                             C L AY                  2D ARTS: DRAWING, PAINTING, PRINTMAKING, PAPER, BOOK ARTS

M A R C H 2 6 – 2 9 ( W E E K E N D)          Maureen Aderman · Janet Link ·   Audry Deal-McEver                        Lisa D. Line
                                              Joel Zachry

M AY 2 4 – 3 0                                                                 Matt Repsher · Jamie Bates Slone         Kristina Arnold · Billy Renkl

M AY 31 – J U N E 6                                                            Mallory Wetherell · Xia Zhang            Greta Songe · Heinrich Toh

J U N E 7 – 13                                                                 Rebecca Hutchinson · Brenda Lichman      Gary Chapman · Matt Runkle

J U N E 14 – 2 0                                                               Mark Errol                               Ian Brownlee

J U N E 21 – 27                               Mason Cooley                     Israel Davis · Salvador Jiménez-Flores   Melissa Harshman
                                                                               & Casey Weldon

J U N E 2 8 – J U LY 11 ( T W O W E E K S )   Bill Thomas                      Doug Jeppesen · Curt LaCross             James Ehlers

J U LY 19 – 2 5                                                                Magda Gluszek · Kate Maury               Hollie Chastain · Carol Weber

J U LY 2 6 – A U G U S T 1                    Ana M. Lopez                     Thomas Lucas & David Todd Trost ·        Leslie Nichols
                                                                               Nan Smith

AUGUST 2 – 8                                  Paul Andrew Wandless             Joseph Pintz                             Jodi Reeb

O C T O B E R 4 – 10                                                           Anne K. Beyer · Stephanie Lanter         Christine Garvey · Gretchen Schermerhorn

O C T O B E R 11 – 17                         Peter Dellert                    Osa Atoe · Andrea Moon                   Susan Moss · Sarah Shebaro

O C T O B E R 18 – 2 4                                                         Taylor Robenalt · Bill Wilkey            Daniel Essig · Stuart Kestenbaum & Susan Webster

O C T O B E R 2 5 – 31                        Elyse-Krista Mische              Sandy Blain · Todd Pletcher              Lindsey Meyers Carroll

N OV E M B E R 1 – 7                                                           Brett Beasley                            Lynn Corsi Bland · Nicole Uzzell · John David Wissler

N OV E M B E R 8 – 14                         Doug Lowman                      HP Bloomer · Matthew Dercole             Rachel Simmons

N OV E M B E R 15 – 21                                                         Lynnette Hesser & Steve Loucks ·         Jiyoung Chung · Dietlind Vander Schaaf
                                                                               Lynne Hobaica
2020 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts

         FIBERS · TEXTILES · BASKETS                                  M E TA L S · E N A M E L S                     WOOD

Emily Nicolaides · Billy Ray Sims                   Emily Shaffer                                  Janice Levi

Jim Arendt · Amy Putansu                            John Cogswell · Abigail Heuss                  Teresa Audet · Chris Hoehle

Leslie Pearson · Ann Tilley                         Sue Amendolara · Mi-Sook Hur                   Joshua Almond · Barry Gross

Crystal Gregory · Kenya Miles                       Julia Harrison                                 Trent Bosch · Jackson Martin

Helen Geglio · Katie Grove · Jan Wutkowski          Angela Caldwell                                Nicholas Flaherty · Abby Mechanic

Gasali Adeyemo · Shana Kohnstamm                    Emily Culver · Ricky Frank
                                                                                                   David Ellsworth

Polly Jacobs Giacchina · Aaron McIntosh ·           Tanya Crane                                    Dan Tilden
Kim Mirus

Margaret Leininger · Laura Mongiovi                 Anne Havel · Deb Karash                        Beth Ireland · Kimberly Winkle

Katherine Diuguid · Julia Gartrell ·                Joshua Shorey · James Thurman ·                Michael Lee
Lynette Youson                                      Umut Demirgüç Thurman

Jovencio de la Paz · Beth Hester · Jillian Moreno   Jennifer Wells                                 Daniel Clay · Avelino Samuel

Jackie Abrams· Sonya Philip                         Anna Johnson                                   Wyatt Severs · Mark Sfirri

Christine Zoller                                    Mary Hettmansperger                            Donna Zils Banfield · Michael Cullen

Kathryn Clark · Akemi Cohn                          Rachel Shimpock                                Michael Hosaluk · Lisa York

Lanny Bergner · Clare Verstegen                     Lauren McAdams Selden                          Sally Ault · Lindsey Mulheron Liden

Pat Hickman · JoEl Levy LoGiudice                   David Jones                                    Heather Ashworth · Jim Scarsella

Joetta Maue · Lesley Patterson-Marx                 Tom McCarthy · Joshua Shorey                   Derek Weidman

Deborah Fell · Mark Hendry                          Rachel Kedinger                                Dixie Biggs & Betty Scarpino
2020 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts

                                                                                                                                            W EEK EN D S ES S I O N

                                                                                                                                            Arrowmont’s weekend sessions are perfect for those who only have a few days but want
                                                                                                                                            to learn and create. They are designed to offer ample opportunity to catch up with old
                                                                                                                                            friends, explore different media, and interact with artists and community members. These
                                                                                                                                            weekend workshops offer the opportunity to take advantage of the beauty of the Great
                                                                                                                                            Smoky Mountains and learn a new craft or hone existing skills.

                                                                                                                                            M A R C H 2 6 – 2 9, 2 0 2 0

                                                                                                                                            MAUREEN ADERMAN                                                   E M I LY N I C O L A I D E S
                                                                                                                                            P M C A N D F U S ED G L A S S J E W EL R Y              P.10     A L L T H I N G S C I R C U L A R W E AV I N G   P.3 8

                                                                                                                                            A U D R Y D E A L- M C E V E R                                    E M I LY S H A F F E R
                                                                                                                                            P L AY I N G W I T H PAT T ER N: C R E AT I N G                   A R G EN T I U M S I LV ER FA B R I C AT I O N   P.5 0
                                                                                                                                            O R N AT E S U R FA C E D ES I G N S O N C L AY          P.16
T WO W EE K S ES S I O N                                                                                                                                                                                      B I L LY R AY S I M S
                                                                                                                                            JANICE LEVI                                                       T R A D I T I O N A L S P L I N T W O V EN
In addition to one-week and weekend workshops, Arrowmont offers two-week sessions                                                           I T’ S N E V ER TO O E A R LY F O R O R N A M EN T S     P.6 0    F I S H C R EEL O R P U R S E B A S K E T        P.3 8
for those media, techniques and projects that need more than one week to complete or
to achieve proficiency. The two-week session instructors are masters in their disciplines,                                                  L I S A D. L I N E                                                JOEL ZACHRY
exceptional teachers, and are university professors and working professional artists. These                                                 F O L LO W I N G T H E PAT H O F L I G H T                        S P R I N G: T H E A R T O F N AT U R E          P.10
workshops offer the opportunity to take advantage of Arrowmont’s location at the gateway to                                                 I N O I L PA I N T I N G                                 P. 28
the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and to immerse yourself in a unique experience.
                                                                                                                                            JANET LINK
                                                                                                                                            ED I B L E D R AW I N G S: D E C O R AT I N G C O O K I ES P.10
J U N E 2 8 – J U LY 11, 2 0 2 0

TA N YA C R A N E                                                      CURT L ACROSS
S U S P EN D ED TO P O G R A P H I ES I N EN A M EL           P.52     C A P T U R I N G T H E H U M A N EL EM EN T I N C L AY     P.19

JAMES EHLERS                                                           A ARON MCINTOSH
E X P LO R AT I O N A N D I M P R ES S I O N                  P.3 0    Q U EER S T R AT E G I ES F O R T E X T I L E T H I N K I N G P.41

P O L LY JA C O B S G I A C C H I N A                                  KIM MIRUS
T H E M EE T I N G O F F I B ER                                        W O V EN E X P LO R AT I O N S                              P.41
T E C H N I Q U ES A N D M AT ER I A L S                      P.41
                                                                       DA N T I L D E N
DOUG JEPPESEN                                                          E X P LO R I N G N AT U R A L D ES I G N S
L I G H T I T U P : W O O D F I R I N G T H E T R A I N K I L N P.19   I N W O O DT U R N I N G                                    P.62

                                                                       BILL THOMAS
                                                                       B U I L D I N G YO U R O W N F OX D E C K ED C A N O E      P.11
2020 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts
M ASTER TURNING SERIES                                                                                       77


Arrowmont launched a new Master Class series of woodturning workshops in 2019.
Returning for the second year, a group of the world’s best turners and instructors will
teach a new series of in-depth and creatively challenging workshops geared to the
experienced turner.

TRENT BOSCH                                                 MICHAEL HOSALUK
J U N E 7 – 13 , 2 0 2 0                                    O C T O B E R 18 – 2 4 , 2 0 2 0
P ER S O N A L E X P LO R AT I O N O F T U R N ED           D ES I G N I N T U R N I N G             P.6 5
F O R M S A N D S U R FA C ES                       P.61
                                                            DIXIE BIGGS & BETT Y SCARPINO
DAV I D E L L S W O R T H                                   N OV E M B E R 15 – 21, 2 0 2 0
J U N E 21 – 27, 2 0 2 0                                    W O O D C A R V I N G: P O W ER P L AY   P.67
O P EN B O W L S TO H O L LO W F O R M S            P.62

AUGUST 2 – 8, 2020
C A R V ED V ES S EL S                              P.6 4

O C T O B E R 4 – 10, 2 0 2 0
G A M E H U N T I N G I N N O R T H A M ER I C A    P.6 4
2020 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts
“I was able to experiment, take risks, and create in a
community of artists and in an atmosphere that fosters
creative and critical inquiry. It was an invaluable
experience that I will cherish for a lifetime.”
— SARAH-ANNE            M A R R A F F I N O,

                       SPECI A L TOPICS

   At Arrowmont, we do our best to classify workshops by media. Increasingly, the
creativity of making eludes easy classification or exists between two (or more) media.
   Browse through this section to find those experiences that will expand your own
 creativity and that push the limits of disciplinary knowledge. From boats to bicycles,
cookies to craft theory — you may be surprised to find a topic that is special to you.

MARCH 26 – 29 · WEEKEND                             MARCH 26 – 29 · WEEKEND                           MARCH 26 – 29 · WEEKEND

M AU R EEN A D ER M A N                             JA N ET LI N K                                    J O EL Z AC H RY
PM C A N D FU S ED G L A S S JE W ELRY              ED I B LE D R AW I N G S:                         S PR I N G: T H E A R T O F N AT U R E
                                                    D EC O R AT I N G C O O K I ES
During this workshop students will learn                                                              What better time than spring to ramble
to work with precious metal clay (PMC)              In this workshop students are introduced          and enjoy the artistic wonders of landscape,
which is a unique form of clay that when            to the tools, materials and techniques            plant life and animal diversity in the
fired yields pure metal. It can be shaped by        to create elaborately decorated cookies.          Smokies? Students should bring to class
hand or by using molds like any soft clay.          Through demonstrations and practice you           a camera, cell phone and sketch pad to
One of its unique qualities is that it can          will explore the design potential of line,        record some of nature’s finest art forms
be fired with small pieces of fused glass.          texture, scale and color by decorating            for further study that include wildflowers,
Participants will begin by making multiple          a series of gingerbread cookies with              trees, and maybe a bear or two. You will
glass cabochons and using them to create            royal icing, sanding sugar and candies.           learn about critters and the forest while
jewelry pieces. During this course you will         Discussions include drawing, design and           making like-minded friends. Open to all
complete multiple pieces of jewelry while           planning layered compositions. Using              skill levels and prepare to hike a few trails
receiving personal attention and the ability        only round pastry tips, participants will         to see it all. C O U R S E F EE: $ 4 3 5
to work at your own pace. This class is a           practice flooding, piping and embellishing
great way to gain inspiration and express           to become familiar with the eccentricities        Joel Zachry is a noted photographer, writer,
your creativity. Open to all skill levels.          of the tools and medium. Students will            presenter and hike leader and a retired
C O U R S E F EE: $ 4 5 0                           leave class with a collection of cookies and      Tennessee Community College administrator
                                                    the foundation necessary to continue their        and biology professor. He has been with the
Maureen Aderman is from Clarence, New York          exploration of this unusual craft. Open to        University of Tennessee National Park Service
and is a full-time studio artist in East Amherst,   all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 4 0 0       Smoky Mountain Field School as an instructor
New York. She earned her BS in Studio Art from                                                        since 1980 and its co-director with his wife
Nazareth College of Rochester and a BA and          Janet Link is a full-time artist and resident     since 2013. Together, they own and guide for
MFA in Art Education from the State University      at Anchorlight in Raleigh, North Carolina.        Great Outdoors Adventure!, enjoy travel and are
College at Buffalo. She has taught and assisted     She has taught drawing at Louisiana State         authors of Bears We’ve Met, Short Stories of
classes at various art conferences and schools      University, Centre College, Meredith College,     Close Encounters. Zachry has hiked the 2,175
including Glass Craft and Bead Expo, Hot            North Carolina State University and Penland.      miles of the Appalachian Trail.
Glass Horizons, Pittsburgh Glass Center and         Every December she completes an edible            G O W I T H G O AT.C O M
Arrowmont. H A N D M A D EBY M O E.C O M            drawing project — a limited edition gingerbread
                                                    snowflakes decorated with royal icing and
                                                    sugar. J A N E T L I N K .C O M

J U N E 21 – 27 · O N E W E E K                          J U N E 2 8 – J U LY 11 · T W O W E E K S           J U LY 2 6 – A U G U S T 1 · O N E W E E K       AUGUST 2 – 8 · ONE WEEK

M A S O N C O O LE Y                                     B I LL T H O M A S                                  A N A M . LO PEZ                                 PAU L A N D R E W WA N D LES S
B A M B O O B I CYC LE WO R KS H O P                     B U I LD I N G YO U R OW N                          WHY CR AFT?                                      M O LD M A K I N G: C ER A M I C S
                                                         F OX D EC K ED CA N O E                                                                              A N D M I X ED - M ED I A
During this workshop students will                                                                           From the time of the Industrial Revolution,
build a custom bamboo bicycle frame                      In this workshop students will construct            individuals have chosen to create decorative     This workshop will introduce students
that they can equip to ride once all the                 their own fox canoe using stitch-and-glue           art objects with pre-industrial materials        to basic mold making, modeling and
components are built. The frame is built                 with planks glued to length so the boat             and technologies ranging from the personal       casting. The focus is on making small
in class. Students will need to complete                 can be fully assembled during class with            to the political. In this workshop students      molds and sprigs using a variety of
the wheels, etc. at home. You will learn                 the paint and varnish to be completed at            will explore examples of those who have          approaches. During class participants
the basics of frame geometry, frame size,                home. The fox canoe is a decked double              chosen craft and why they create it.             will create plaster molds, bisque molds
proper placement of bamboo poles on the                  paddle canoe that is paddled like a kayak           Through discussion, lecture, field trips         and rubber latex molds for use with clay.
jig, and techniques for constructing the                 with a more open cockpit. The canoe (a              and visual media you will learn about            You will use silicone rubber molds to cast
frame and final finish. The class includes               14' 7" long, 30" beam, and 80" cockpit              this process. There will be no making of         non-clay materials and positives will be
hands-on examples of components needed                   weighing just over 40 pounds) is intended           physical objects in conjunction with this        created with clay, plasticine, chipboard and
to complete building the bicycle. Open to                for exploring protected waters along the            class. Open to all skill levels.                 found objects appropriate for the different
all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 675                coast, lakes, backwaters and creeks. Each           C O U R S E F EE: $ 4 5 0                        mold making materials. Students will also
                                                         participant will leave class with their own                                                          experiment pulling forms from the molds
Mason Cooley operates a woodworking studio               boat and a deeper understanding of boat             Ana M. Lopez is an associate professor of        with casting slip, clay, white plastic, wax,
in Western North Carolina where he designs               construction. Please note that the boat kit         Metalsmithing and Jewelry at the University of   cement, paper pulp and pewter. Ceramists,
and builds custom furniture. He received his             and materials fee is $1485.00 to $1585.00.          North Texas. She holds an MFA in Metalsmithing   sculptors, 3D Design instructors and K–12
BFA and MFA from the Art Center College of               No boat building experience needed. Open            from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and an         teachers can benefit from participation.
Design in Pasadena, California. Aside from his           to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $115 5       MA in the History of American Decorative Arts    Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0
professional career, he is an avid cyclist who                                                               from The Smithsonian Associates and Parsons
also explores philosophy, science and design.            Bill Thomas is a designer, maker and teacher        School of Design. Lopez is the author of the     Paul Andrew Wandless is an artist, author,
Cooley’s interdisciplinary curiosities piqued his        who lives in rural Maine. He has been a             reference book Metalworking Through History:     educator and curator based in Chicago, Illinois.
interest in building bamboo bicycle frames.              self-employed custom woodworker and                 An Encyclopedia, as well as numerous other       Wandless authored Image Transfer on Clay and
B A M B O O - B I K E - B U I L D. B LO G S P OT.C O M   boatbuilder for 40 years. He designs kayaks,        scholarly articles and presentations.            500 Prints on Clay, Image & Design Transfer
                                                         canoes and other small boats. Thomas teaches        A N A M LO P E Z.C O M                           Techniques. He is featured in “Fundamentals
                                                         woodworking and boatbuilding in his own shop,                                                        of Screen Printing on Clay with Paul Andrew
                                                         at the WoodenBoat School, Arrowmont and                                                              Wandless.” He conducts workshops in clay,
                                                         across the U.S. B I L LT H O M A S M A K ER.C O M                                                    prints, sculptures, paintings and drawings.
                                                                                                                                                              S T U D I O 3 A R TC O M PA N Y.C O M

O C T O B E R 11 – 17 · O N E W E E K                 O C T O B E R 2 5 – 31 · O N E W E E K                N OV E M B E R 8 – 14 · O N E W E E K

PETER D ELLE R T                                      ELYS E - K R I S TA M I S C H E                       D O U G LOW M A N
R EU S E , R ECYC LE , R EG EN ER ATE:                G O B I G: FR O M S K ET C H B O O K                  H A N DWOV EN C H A I R CA N I N G
S C U LP T U R E FR O M R ECYC LE D                   TO WA LL
M ATER I A L S                                                                                              During this workshop students will discover
                                                      In this workshop students will learn to               the art and beauty of the handwoven chair
The goal of this workshop is to utilize               transform small drawings into large scale             caning craft. In addition to helping to revive
inexpensive recycled and found materials              artworks. Class begins with drawing                   what has been called “a dying craft,” you
to design and create simple sculptures and            exercises followed by participants creating           will rejuvenate your antique chair into an
models for larger ones. Students will begin           their own large canvas poster. You will               honored family heirloom for your home.
with drawings, then proceed to making                 discover various enlargement methods                  During class, beginners will learn the
models scaled to reflect their ultimate               including overhead and LED projection,                seven-step traditional chair caning method
sculptures. During class, armatures of                old-school artograph, grid methods and                while advanced students will expand their
foam, wood and wire are covered along                 free hand. Students will become familiar              knowledge with more complicated patterns,
with the use of various materials including           with preferred drawing and painting                   such as the daisy pattern. Moderate hand
papier mache, plaster, cardboard, tin cans            materials and will experiment with                    strength is required, and no recent shoulder,
and found objects. Shaping and forming                different masking and stenciling techniques           arm, or hand injuries are recommended.
these materials quickly and spontaneously,            to add flare to their compositions. The class         C O U R S E F EE: $ 675
participants will develop their artistic vision       will culminate in creating a collaborative
through simple assignments and their own              mural on the Arrowmont campus.                        Doug Lowman lives in Telford, Tennessee where
creativity. Hand tools will be used and               Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0   he began chair caning after retirement from the
may include a bandsaw and a welder. No                                                                      chemical industry. He is a member of the Seat
advanced tools or techniques are required.            Elyse-Krista Mische is a mixed media artist,          Weavers Guild, Tennessee Craft, Overmountain
Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0   Hospice caregiver and bird enthusiast from            Weavers Guild and the Holston Valley
                                                      Appleton, Wisconsin. She participates in              Woodworking Club. Lowman received
Educated as a biologist, Peter Dellert is a           residencies nationwide and was a 2017–18              Best of Show and an Honorable Mention
furniture maker, sculptor and artist living in        Arrowmont Artist-in-Residence. Elyse-Krista           at Tennessee Craft Exhibitions for
Holyoke, Massachusetts. He has operated               creates murals for Appleton businesses and            his handwoven caned chairs.
a woodworking business since 1983. His                has ongoing large-scale collaborations with           FA C EB O O K .C O M /A P P R I D G E C H A I R S
work has been shown at ICFF and across                Goodwill Industries of Wisconsin’s LGBTQ
the U.S. Dellert has taught at Arrowmont,             Youth and Neighborhood Partners.
Haystack, Snow Farm and North Country                 L I F EP R O PA G A N D A .C O M
Studio Workshops. P E T ER D EL L ER T.C O M
“I had never been to Arrowmont before the Utilitarian Clay Symposium.
I felt welcomed and immediately comfortable, from the very moment I
arrived at Arrowmont. I am compelled to say how grateful, appreciative
and downright happy I was to be a part such a special community of
makers and thinkers. We all know the life of a studio potter can be
quite isolating so having the opportunity to be surrounded by so
much positive energy and like-mindedness was inspiring and
refreshing. The future feels ripe with possibility and potential.”

                                                   CL AY

   Clay workshops continue to be one of Arrowmont’s most popular disciplines with 35 workshop
 offerings in 2020. Peruse these courses and you will be sure to feel inspired to experience wheel-
 throwing, handbuilding, functional and conceptual workshops with a focus on atmospheric firing,
surface decoration, narrative sculpture or figurative clay. And, mark your calendars! Arrowmont hosts
 the eighth Utilitarian Clay VIII: Celebrate the Object National Symposium, September 9 – 12, 2020.
       This symposium, held every four years since 1992, enjoys a national reputation in the
                  ceramics community. Visit Arrowmont’s website for more details.

             H I S TO R I C A L N OT E: Arrowmont hosted the 1972 NCECA Conference. An estimated 700 clay
                      enthusiasts attended — and it snowed that spring weekend in Gatlinburg!

MARCH 26 – 29 · WEEKEND                                   M AY 2 4 – 3 0 · O N E W E E K                  M AY 2 4 – 3 0 · O N E W E E K                      M AY 31 – J U N E 6 · O N E W E E K

AU D RY D E A L- M C E V ER                               M AT T R EP S H ER                              JA M I E B ATES S LO N E                            M A LLO RY W ET H ER ELL
PL AY I N G W I T H PAT TE R N: C R E AT I N G            T H E R E ’ S A PAT TER N H ER E                S C U LP T I N G T H E H U M A N FI G U R E         C L AY A S A CA N VA S: G R A PH I C
O R N ATE S U R FAC E D ES I G N S O N C L AY                                                                                                                 I M AG ERY O N P O R C EL A I N
                                                          During this workshop students will              In this workshop students will learn to
In this workshop students will explore                    develop pattern on vessel forms. Class          view the human figure objectively by                In this hands-on workshop students will
various ways to add rich surface pattern                  demonstrations include wheel throwing           breaking it down into parts. You will begin         experiment working with two- and three-
and design to clay through experiments                    and handbuilding techniques. Using these        by sculpting the eyes, nose, mouth and ears         dimensional objects. Participants begin
with carving, slip application and creating               techniques as a foundation, participants        creating multiple tiles and small vignettes.        by creating simplified functional and/
their own stamps. You will learn tricks to                will experiment with pattern to create          This exercise leads to creating a complete          or sculptural forms made from porcelain,
make the process less intimidating that                   multi-layered and creative surfaces. You        portrait out of clay. Class discussions             which will later serve as their canvas.
include producing stencils and guides                     will then move into surface treatments          include exploration of the anatomy,                 Then you will learn how to convert found
and developing underglaze transfer paper                  using inlay and stencil methods with            underlying bone structure, musculature,             imagery into stencils to be transferred
techniques. The presentation of historic                  colored slips on greenware. All work will       expression and surface. Participants will           onto bone-dry clay. Working with a
and contemporary ceramics slideshows                      be made in cone 5 clays and be glaze fired      also explore decorating their work with             variety of underglaze washes allows you
will provide participants with contextual                 using a clear glaze in the electric kilns.      underglazes using airbrushes and spray              to build surface to paint detailed and
understanding of the many ways to use                     Students are encouraged to bring sketches       guns. Open to all skill levels.                     realistic images on porcelain. Students are
surface design while creating opportunities               and source materials that relate to forms       C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0                           encouraged to bring to class a variety of
to discuss the elements of design. Open to                and patterns. Both wheel throwing and                                                               printed images as reference during their
all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0               handbuilding are encouraged. Open to            Jamie Bates Slone is an assistant professor         work. Open to all skill levels.
                                                          all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0     of Ceramics at the University of Oklahoma.          C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0
Audry Deal-McEver is a potter from Nashville,                                                             She received her MFA from the University of
Tennessee. She has a BFA in Ceramics                      Matt Repsher is a long-term resident at the     Kansas and a BFA from the University of Central     Mallory Wetherell is an associate professor
from Ohio University and studied at Burg                  Penland School of Craft. He earned his BFA in   Missouri. Her work addresses the fragility of the   and head of Ceramics at the University of
Giebichenstein Hochschule für Kunst und                   Ceramics from Pennsylvania State University     human spirit during physical and mental illness.    Nebraska at Kearney. She holds an MFA from
Design in Halle, Germany. Her work has been in            and an MFA from Indiana University. Repsher     J A M I EB AT ES S LO N E.C O M                     the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
exhibitions as diverse as the American Museum             has taught ceramics at Indiana University and                                                       and has been an Artist-in-Residence at the Tyler
of Ceramic Art, the Disjecta Contemporary Arts            the University of New Mexico and he was a                                                           School of Art and the Archie Bray Foundation.
Center, and the Nashville International Airport.          resident at Pocosin Arts in 2015.                                                                   In 2014, Wetherell was named an emerging
Deal-McEver has taught at Middle Tennessee                                                                                                                    artist by Ceramics Monthly and she exhibits
State University and at community education                                                                                                                   her work widely, with recent shows in Georgia,
and workshop centers. AU D R Y D E A L M C E V ER.C O M                                                                                                       Tennessee, California and Iowa.
                                                                                                                                                              M A L LO R Y W E T H ER EL L .C O M

M AY 31 – J U N E 6 · O N E W E E K             J U N E 7 – 13 · O N E W E E K                        J U N E 7 – 13 · O N E W E E K

XIA ZHANG                                       R EB EC CA H U T C H I N S O N                        B R EN DA LI C H M A N
A TER R A C O T TA T H AT G R OW S              DEVELOPING PERSONAL SCULPTUR AL                       “ S LI P ” I N T O S O DA FI R I N G
                                                FORM INSPIRED BY PLACE
During this workshop students will                                                                    During this workshop students
make their own chia form using terra            In this workshop students will explore                will discover approaches to creating
cotta. By learning and sharing tips and         sculptural handbuilding skills, personal              thrown and altered pottery using slip
tricks in handbuilding, participants            form development and the use of form                  techniques that enhance forms fired in
will be encouraged to create their own          inspiration from place. Demonstrations                an atmospheric kiln. You will learn how
physical terra cotta form around the idea       will include clay, fiber and paper clay               to alter forms by pushing, pulling and
of their own mythology. During class            preparation, along with fiber and clay                manipulating clay while adding slip
you will discover that you are a complex        building techniques. Participants will                decoration. The class will cover flashing
creature and the sum of many things,            be encouraged to develop individual                   slip techniques, in-depth discussions of
including beliefs, visual culture and your      conceptual directions exploring the                   the soda firing process and glazing for the
surrounding environment. This class             rigor of personal development and one’s               soda kiln. Students should bring three to
is for students with cross interests in         individual voice utilizing observed local             five bisque fired pots that will be glazed
clay, horticulture and experimentation.         form inspiration. The workshop will be                and fired to cone 10 using the instructor’s
Intermediate experience level is necessary.     balanced between harvesting content,                  slip and glaze recipes and engage in the
C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0                       demonstrations, discussions and studio                loading and firing of Arrowmont’s soda
                                                construction time. Open to all skill levels.          kiln. Throwing skills preferred but not
Xia Zhang is a multidisciplinary artist and     C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0                             necessary. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0
visiting assistant professor of Art at the
University of Tulsa. She earned her MFA in      Rebecca Hutchinson is professor of                    Brenda Lichman is a studio potter in Wichita,
2015 and has completed residencies with         Ceramics at the University of Massachusetts,          Kansas. Her work has been exhibited in
Sonoma Ceramics, Vermont Studio Center,         Dartmouth. Her sculptural work is shown               notable exhibitions, such as the 23rd
Arrowmont and The Growlery. Zhang is always     across the U.S. and internationally at                Strictly Functional National, 50 Women:
in search of a good process and is interested   museums in Taiwan, Italy and South Korea.             A Celebration of Women’s Contribution to
in biographical and historical narratives and   In 2015, she received the “Women to Watch”            Ceramics and Heartland Table, an exhibition
anti-racism. X I AY Z H A N G.C O M             recognition from the National Museum of               project pairing potters with chefs. Lichman’s
                                                Women in the Arts. Hutchinson has curated             work has been published in Surface Design
                                                and juried exhibitions and participated               for Ceramics and 500 Teapots, Volume 2.
                                                in residencies national and international             B R EN D A L I C H M A N P OT T ER Y.C O M
                                                residencies. R EB E C C A H U TC H I N S O N .C O M

J U N E 14 – 2 0 · O N E W E E K                   J U N E 21 – 27 · O N E W E E K                       J U LY 21 – 27 · O N E W E E K

MARK ERROL                                         I S R A EL DAV I S                                    S A LVA D O R J I M ÉN EZ- FLO R ES A N D CA S E Y W ELD O N
C L AY P O T S A N D C O LO R S P O T S            O B JEC T S A N D I M AG ES                           R A S C UAC H E / S O U T H ER N K I T S C H : N A R R AT I V E S C U LP T U R E

In this workshop students will create forms        This workshop explores the potential of               Incorporating personal stories, history, narrative, symbolism and found objects, this
on the wheel and through handbuilding              screen-printing to produce images that are            workshop parallels the resourcefulness and resilience of both Rascuache and Southern-
while learning ways to activate the surfaces       applied onto clay objects. Students will              kitsch cultures. Rascuache and Southern kitsch come with loaded histories, contradictions
through a variety of techniques. You will          use handbuilding and wheel-throwing                   and dichotomies. The goal is to reclaim, celebrate and study how these aesthetics make
learn about inlay, paper transfers, paper          to produce pottery and sculptural works.              the most of what is available to create fine art. Students will explore various handbuilding
masking, slip and underglaze layering and          Screen-printed newsprint transfer methods             methods, posting and stacking techniques, basic surface application, and assemblage.
gain knowledge on how these decorating             with slips and underglazes are covered.               Through demonstrations, slides, in-class activities, readings and group discussions, this
methods can join forces to bring high              You will discover the necessary steps for             course will be a constructive collaboration promoting a critical learning environment.
impact through low-tech methods.                   creating imagery in Photoshop, exposing               Class conversations will focus on the content and context of student work. By making
Ultimately participants will add complexity        screens and printing. Participants will also          sculpture, students with an interest in culture, storytelling and self-identity will gain or
to their work with easy-to-learn and               utilize screen drawing fluid and screen filler        enhance their handbuilding skills, ceramic surface techniques, and ability to design and
affordable techniques. Open to all skill           to produce images directly to screen.                 create a modular ceramic sculpture or installation. Open to all skill levels.
levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0                  Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0   C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0

Mark Errol is a full-time lecturer at Valdosta     Israel Davis is an artist and educator from           Salvador Jiménez-Flores is an interdisciplinary          Casey Weldon is an artist and lives in Chicago
State University in Georgia, where he teaches      Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has taught more            artist and assistant professor in Ceramics at            where she teaches at Lillstreet Art Center and
Ceramics and 3D Design. He is the co-owner         than 40 workshops on his techniques both              the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In his       the Chicago Ceramic Center. Her extensive art
of Plough Gallery in Tifton, Georgia where         nationally and internationally. Davis has been        work, he explores the themes of colonization,            education started at the Alabama School of
exceptional craft and fine art are showcased.      included in over 100 exhibitions at such venues       migration, “the other,” stereotypes and                  Fine Arts. She earned her BFA at the School
Errol is a ceramic artist who uses architecture,   as the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New              futurism. Jiménez-Flores is a recipient of grants        of the Art Institute of Chicago where she
interior design and fashion as inspiration for     Orleans, and at The Society for Contemporary          from the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters &             graduated with the James Nelson Raymond
his work that is often brightly colored and        Craft in Pittsburgh. His creative endeavors           Sculptors and the New England Foundation for             Fellowship Award. Weldon received her MFA at
utilitarian. He has exhibited both nationally      include new works that combine ceramics,              the Arts. S A LVA D O R J I M EN E Z F LO R ES .C O M    Kendall College of Art and Design with a full-
and internationally. M A R K S M U D.C O M         digital fabrication technologies and mixed                                                                     ride fellowship. KC W EL D O N .C O M
                                                   media. I S R A EL D AV I S .C O M

J U N E 2 8 – J U LY 11 · T W O W E E K S        J U N E 2 8 – J U LY 11 · T W O W E E K S            J U LY 19 – 2 5 · O N E W E E K                    J U LY 19 – 2 5 · O N E W E E K

D O U G JEPPES EN                                C U R T L AC R O S S                                 M AG DA G LU S ZEK                                 K ATE M AU RY
LI G H T I T U P: WO O D                         CA P T U R I N G T H E H U M A N                     B O DY L A N G UAG E                               O R N ATE O B JEC T S A N D T H E
FI R I N G T H E T R A I N K I LN                ELEM EN T I N C L AY                                                                                    EM B ELLI S H ED A S S EM B L AG E
                                                                                                      The body is an amazing vehicle for
During this workshop students will create        In this workshop students will learn                 emotional expression. Subtle gestures,             This workshop will explore ornate
their work and then fire it in Arrowmont’s       about the unconventional methods they                such as flexed toes or curled fingers,             surface embellishment and a variety of
train kiln. Through class demonstrations,        can use to fabricate life-like subjects in           can be used to communicate rich visual             construction methods through press molds
slide talks and class discussions, you will      clay. Techniques covered include how to              narratives. During this workshop students          and slip casting. Students will create press
explore the ideas of making work for a           build realistic subjects through various             will produce one full-figure sculpture             molds from objects they bring to class as
wood firing. Discussions will include glaze      surface techniques. During the first week,           with a solid building technique, which             well as assemblages from slip cast craft
and non-glaze surface treatments and             participants will explore the possibilities          they will learn to hollow and reassemble.          molds they own. The exploration of surface
strategies for placing work in the kiln for      of working on an armature. Discussions               Basic proportions and anatomy are                  through press molded textures enhances
a desired outcome. Post firing treatment         include anatomy, the construction process            demonstrated, as are the use of a simple           hand-built objects (and wheel thrown
of the kiln and the work will be covered,        and conceptual development. The second               armature. Small maquette studies will              work) and assemblages from slip casted
along with the allusive idea of “making          week will be spent refining your sculptures          be created and used for inspiration and            objects from hobby molds can be altered
it” as an artist. No prior wood firing           and delving into the post firing processes           surface experimentation. Participants may          or added to create a dynamic narrative.
experience is necessary. Open to all skill       to achieve strikingly cosmetic exteriors.            take their finished green-ware home. Bring         Participants will be encouraged to explore
levels. C O U R S E F EE: $10 5 0                Students will be introduced to new                   visual inspiration to class in the form of         and improvise. Open to all skill levels.
                                                 approaches on how to address surface and             images or sketches. Open to all skill levels.      C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0
Doug Jeppesen is an associate professor          discuss working with resins and various              C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0
of Art at Waubonsee Community College in         acrylics. Open to all skill levels.                                                                     Kate Maury lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota where
Sugar Grove, Illinois. He holds a BA and BFA     C O U R S E F EE: $10 5 0                            Magda Gluszek earned an MFA from the               she is a studio resident at the Northern Clay
from the University of Tulsa, and an MFA from                                                         University of Florida in 2008. She lives in        Center and teaches full time as a professor in
Northern Illinois University. Jeppesen has       Curt LaCross has a BFA from Central Michigan         Lakeside, Arizona, where she is on the Art         the School of Art and Design at the University
presented at the International Wood Firing       University and an MFA in Ceramics from               faculty and is gallery director at Northland       of Wisconsin-Stout. Maury received a BFA from
Conference at Northern Arizona University and    Michigan State University. While LaCross’ work       Pioneer College. Her hikes and travels inspire     the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from
the Second European Wood Fire Conference         focuses on the external figurative form, it speaks   her artwork. Gluszek has been a resident artist    the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred
at Guladagergaard International Ceramic          of the internal human psyche. His interest grew      at Arrowmont as well as in Greece, Spain and       University. Her work is featured in both juried and
Research Center in Skaelskor, Denmark. He also   after researching Carl Jung and the archetypal       Italy. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally   invitational shows at national and international
organized and hosted the 2016 International      image. He is particularly interested in the          and internationally. M I S S M A G D A G.C O M     venues and is an exploration of surface and
Wood Fire Conference at Waubonsee                shadow archetype and its presence in human                                                              assembled cast objects. K AT EM A U R Y.C O M
Community College. D O U G J EP P ES EN .C O M   nature. I N S TA G R A M: @T H EB U L L D OZ ER

J U LY 2 6 – A U G U S T 1 · O N E W E E K                                                              J U LY 2 6 – A U G U S T 1 · O N E W E E K               AUGUST 2 – 8 · ONE WEEK

T H O M A S LU CA S A N D DAV I D T O D D T R O S T                                                     NAN SMITH                                                J O S EPH PI N T Z
PR I N T A N D C L AY                                                                                   FI G U R AT I O N: S T Y LE A N D VO I C E               B I S Q U E M O LD B A S I C S

During this workshop students will experiment with drawing and printing images on                       In this workshop students will learn how to              In this workshop students will design
clay by hand using a range of techniques including screenprinting, relief and lithography.              create content and drama in a sculpted self-             their own bisque molds and create hand-
You will utilize simple tools to develop image and text compositions on both flat and                   portrait. The goal is to create a resonant,              built earthenware vessels with a strong
curved surfaces. Using low fire clays, drawing and transfer of images through printing will             anatomically correct likeness that reflects              emphasis on form. The focus is on the
allow for participants to create tiles, vessels and sculptural form. This can serve as a canvas         style and voice. Participants begin by                   creative exploration of form rather than
for color, shape, mark-making, photographic images and pattern. Participants will use                   making plaster body casts to be used as                  finished results. You will explore the use
different clay slips, stains, and modified underglaze and glazes on mainly low-temp clay                perceptual tools, along with photographs                 of terra sigillata and glaze on utilitarian or
bodies with the firing done in electric kilns. Expect a wide range of results. Open to all              and life drawings. Using various elements                sculptural work and get preliminary results
skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0                                                                 including depth, clarity and light, students             fired in the electric kiln. Participants will
                                                                                                        will use facial expression, gesture, clothing            also prepare a low-temperature soda firing.
Thomas Lucas is the founder and master                David Todd Trost is a ceramic artist and          and ornamentation to interpret personality,              Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0
printer of Hummingbird Press Editions and             educator based in Chicago, Illinois. He is        create mood and evoke content for their
is an assistant professor at Chicago State            the director of the Ceramics Department at        sculpture. Class discussions include                     Joseph Pintz teaches at the University of
University. He has taught at the Tyler School of      Lillstreet Art Center. He received his MFA at     sculpting style and narrative image                      Missouri in Columbia and earned his BA at
Art, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago,      the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and    making. Students will depart with a solid                Northwestern University and an MFA at the
the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, the        a BFA at Pennsylvania State University. Trost     modelled sculpture, color glaze tests                    University of Nebraska, Lincoln. His ceramic
Penland School of Craft, Arrowmont, and Ox-           has spent the last 18 years teaching at various   and life casts, plus an understanding of                 work explores the role that domestic objects
bow School of Art & Artists’ Residency. Lucas         universities and art centers throughout the       armatures, plaster and rubber molds. Open                play in fulfilling our physical and emotional
has had exhibitions at Chicago State University;      Chicago area. D AV I DTO D DT R O S T.C O M       to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0           needs. Pintz has been a resident artist at the
South Side Community Art Center, Chicago;                                                                                                                        Archie Bray Foundation and the Roswell Artist-
Elmhurst College; N’Namdi Contemporary,                                                                 Nan Smith is a figure sculptor and installation artist   in-Residence program. I C O N C ER A M I C S .C O M
Miami; and in Skopelos Greece, Isreal and                                                               in Gainesville, Florida. As professor emerita at the
Morelia Mexico. T H O M A S - L U C A S .C O M                                                          University of Florida, Smith has received numerous
                                                                                                        awards including the UF Doctoral Mentor Advisor
                                                                                                        Award, UF Research Foundation Professor and
                                                                                                        SEF Regional Fellowship in Sculpture. She is a
                                                                                                        four-time recipient of the Florida Arts Council Artist
                                                                                                        Fellowship and has served as juried Lark Books’
                                                                                                        500 Figures. N A N S M I T H .C O M

O C T O B E R 4 – 10 · O N E W E E K                O C T O B E R 4 – 10 · O N E W E E K               O C T O B E R 11 – 17 · O N E W E E K

ANNE K. BEYER                                       S TEPH A N I E L A N TER                           O S A AT O E
T R A I N A N D R ETA I N                           S LI PPE RY: A N A LO G 3 D                        LE A R N I N G FR O M C L AY ’ S
                                                    PR I N T I N G I N C L AY                          G R A D I EN T O F PL A S T I C I T Y
The focus of this workshop is on firing
the train wood kiln. Students will gain             During this workshop students will                 In this workshop students will discover
knowledge of systematic material testing            discover slip trailing, traditionally a            how to utilize each of clay’s phases of
and experimentation. Through each stage             decorative surfacing process in ceramics, as       plasticity from liquid to bone dry. This
of the process, you will document your              the foundation for building sculptural form.       will make your work easier and allow you
work through kiln logs and reference                Students interested in seeing linear drawing       to create more complex functional pieces
photographs. After the firing, the class            emerge from flatness or in exploring a             of pottery. Participants will learn how to
will examine the outcomes and reflect on            handmade, manual, low-tech version                 control moisture in their pieces and to
the results as a group. Discussions include         of digitally designed and mechanically             take advantage of the crucial phases of clay
glaze application, loading techniques and           produced 3D prints will enjoy this new-            such as the soft leather hard phase. During
firing strategies. Participants should bring        but-old technique. From making the                 class valuable information will be shared
cone 10 stoneware or porcelain bisque ware          paper clay slip, developing blueprints, and        including trimming, forming handles
pieces from home and be prepared to learn           making plaster matrices to engineering,            and spouts and clay skill vocabulary.
and burn. Open to all skill levels.                 construction, risk taking, coloring, firing,       This workshop is particularly helpful for
C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0                           and presenting small pieces, participants will     students who only have weekly access to
                                                    pause, learn between the lines, and examine        clay outside of class. Wheel throwers and
Anne K. Beyer is an adjunct professor of            their personal vocabularies. Open to all skill     handbuilders are welcome. Open to all
Ceramics at the Paducah School of Art and           levels, however basic knowledge of ceramics        skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0
Design. She earned her BFA from Albion              is helpful. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0
College and an MFA from Indiana University.                                                            Osa Atoe lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and
Beyer spent the years in between firing a           Stephanie Lanter is assistant professor of         is a musician turned ceramicist, making mostly
variety of wood kilns. She is currently designing   Ceramics at Emporia State University. She has      functional work for a living. She began taking
and building an anagama at her home studio in       an MFA from Ohio University and a BA from          community clay lessons in 2013 and completed
the countryside. A N N EK B E Y ER.C O M            Xavier University. Lanter has exhibited work       a post-baccalaureate program for ceramics at
                                                    internationally, published writings and taught     Louisiana State University in 2018.
                                                    since 2000. She has had residencies at the         P OT T ER Y BYO S A .C O M
                                                    Archie Bray Foundation, Red Lodge Clay Center,
                                                    Anderson Ranch, and more, and is an active
                                                    Artaxis member. S T EP H A N I EL A N T ER.C O M

O C T O B E R 11 – 17 · O N E W E E K                O C T O B E R 18 – 2 4 · O N E W E E K                   O C T O B E R 18 – 2 4 · O N E W E E K

ANDREA MOON                                          TAY LO R R O B EN A LT                                   B I LL W I LK E Y
F O R M A N D L AY ER                                S T O RY TELLI N G W I T H TE A P OT S                   R O U G H A N D R E FI N ED: A
                                                     A N D T I N Y S C U LP T U R ES                          G U I D E TO FI N D I N G F O R M
During this workshop students will
explore various handbuilding methods                 In this workshop students will discover the              During this workshop students will
constructing layered textures to form                basic components of handbuilding and will                focus on creations being made both on
sculptural structures. Coil building,                create unique teapots and tiny sculptures                and off the wheel. Demonstrations will
press-mold casting, the dowel method and             based on their personal narratives. You                  include sketching, designing molds for
pinching will be demonstrated to create              will explore conceptual ideas and the use                handbuilding tableware and throwing.
multiple parts. During class you will                of symbols in your work while learning                   Participants will use reductive processes to
construct an abstract, figurative or layered         to hand build, underglaze, glaze and                     refine forms while adding slips and glaze
small-scale sculpture with innovative,               luster. Demonstrations will include how                  that accentuate the soda firing process.
hand-built components. Discussions will              to construct in porcelain and navigate                   Bring to class your enthusiasm and love of
focus on different types of handbuilding             its intricacies. Participants will receive               making pottery. Open to all skill levels.
clay recipes, oxides, and slips and glazes           individualized instruction regarding                     C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0
related to firing schedules. Bring your              their work and goals throughout class.
sketchbook to engage in an exciting                  Be ready to sculpt with porcelain and                    Bill Wilkey is a studio artist living in Helena,
perspective on form and pattern. Pieces              create amazing, fun art that tells a story.              Montana. He received his MFA from the
will be bisque fired only. Open to all skill         Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0      University of Missouri, Columbia and a BFA from
levels, however some prior experience in                                                                      East Tennessee State University. Wilkey exhibits
clay is helpful. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0           Taylor Robenalt is a professional artist who             nationally and has been featured in Ceramics
                                                     lives in Sarasota, Florida and teaches at the            Monthly as an Emerging Artist, as well as a
Andrea Moon is the director of education at          Ringling College of Art and Design. Robenalt             cover article for Pottery Making Illustrated. He
Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design and a          won the International Residency Award from               was also the recipient of the Joan Lincoln and
studio artist. She received her MFA from Texas       NCECA to travel to Vallauris, France during              Lillstreet Fellowships as a long-term resident
Tech University and a BFA from Bowling Green         the summer of 2019. In 2020, she will show               at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic
State University. She lectures and exhibits          at NCECA and have a solo show at the Canton              Arts. W I L K E YA R T S .C O M
nationally and internationally. Moon believes        Museum of Art. She is represented by national
in supporting an active craft community and          galleries. TAY LO R R O B EN A LTC ER A M I C S .C O M
cultivating a creative environment for students
and emerging artists. A N D R E A L M O O N .C O M

O C T O B E R 2 5 – 31 · O N E W E E K                O C T O B E R 2 5 – 31 · O N E W E E K                   N OV E M B E R 1 – 7 · O N E W E E K                  N OV E M B E R 8 – 14 · O N E W E E K

S A N DY B L A I N                                    TO D D PLET C H ER                                       B R ET T B E A S LE Y                                 H P B LO O M ER
H A N D B U I L D I N G: I D E A S A N D              FI R I N G T H E WO O D K I LN                           I F I T ’ S N OT FU N , W H Y B OT H ER ?             S O DA FI R I N G: C O LO R FU L S U R FAC ES
F O R M S A N D S U R FAC ES                          During this workshop students will load                  In this workshop students will learn the              During this workshop students will
                                                      and fire the train kiln and learn how to                 fundamentals of wheel thrown pottery.                 learn about making, glazing and creating
In this workshop students will explore ways           prepare their work with glazes, slips and                During class you will also work through               decorated surfaces for the soda kiln.
to make functional ceramic pieces personal            wadding. When the work is prepped,                       technical issues that could impede your               The class will cover making forms that
and expressive. You will use hand built (slab,        participants will load and fire the kiln.                creative process. There will be guided                best work for the glazing techniques.
coil, press-mold) and wheel components                Demonstrations include making a variety                  exercises and participants will receive               Demonstrations concentrate on glaze
to construct composite forms. Surface                 of work for a wood firing with an emphasis               personalized attention. Works that have               application, masking, sourcing inspiration,
markings and textures may be developed,               on fluid forms. Class discussions cover                  been properly dried will be bisque fired.             firing and loading as well as some basic
altered, or enriched utilizing additive and/          various kiln designs, firing techniques and              Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0   making methods. Various firing methods
or subtractive processes. Class discussions           cooling cycles while firing the kiln. After                                                                    will also be discussed. Students should
will cover form, surface and appendage                the firing, you will have an opportunity to              Brett Beasley has taught Ceramics classes             bring their own bisque ware. This class
possibilities including handles, feet, and            make work alongside the instructor as the                ranging from formal academia to community             requires basic ceramic skills.
lips and their relationship to historical             kiln cools. No prior wood firing experience              cultural centers. He earned his BFA from the          C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0
and cultural pieces. Demonstrations will              is required for the workshop. Open to all                University of Florida and an MFA in Ceramics
include how to make cups, vases, pitchers,            skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0                  from East Carolina University. He has been            HP Bloomer is adjunct professor at Colorado
butter dishes, bowls and open weave forms.                                                                     an active member of the National Council on           Mountain College in Aspen, Colorado. He
Your pieces will be bisque fired only with            Todd Pletcher is the facilities development              Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) since          attended the University of North Texas and
discussions about slips, oxides and glaze             director at Clay by the Bay in San Francisco,            2011. Beasley exhibits his artwork at both the        received his BFA and an MFA in Ceramics. His
related to your firing temperature. Open              California. He received his BFA from Goshen              national and regional level.                          work focuses on highly decorated utilitarian
to all skill levels, however some clay                College in 2005 and was a full-time studio               B E A S L E YC ER A M I C S .C O M                    forms which draw inspiration from his interest
experience is necessary. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0    potter until moving to his current position                                                                    in architecture, painters and designers who
                                                      in San Francisco. Pletcher was a Ceramic’s                                                                     explore a relationship with the land and nature.
Sandy Blain is professor emerita of Ceramics          Monthly Emerging Artist in 2015 and his work is                                                                He has been an Artist-in-Residence at The
at UT in Knoxville, and director emerita at           shown internationally. P L E TC H ER P OT T ER Y.C O M                                                         Carbondale Clay Center, Arrowmont and at the
Arrowmont. She remains active at the Arizona                                                                                                                         Cobb Mountain Art & Ecology Project.
State University Ceramics Research Center. Blain                                                                                                                     H P B LO O M ER.C O M
serves as adjunct faculty at the Mesa Art Center
and as a consultant to national arts organizations.

N OV E M B E R 8 – 14 · O N E W E E K                 N OV E M B E R 15 – 21 · O N E W E E K                                                               N OV E M B E R 15 – 21 · O N E W E E K

M AT T H E W D E R C O LE                             LY N N ET TE H ES S ER A N D S TE V E LO U C KS                                                      LY N N E H O B A I CA
N A R R AT I V E A N I M A L S                        S E RV E W I T H FI N ES S E                                                                         O N T H E S U R FAC E / O FF T H E S U R FAC E

In this workshop students will create                 During this workshop students will learn to improve their throwing, handbuilding and                 In this workshop students will explore
animals with clay and use simple armatures            glazing skills while making unique dishes for serving. You will discover how to alter bowl           building narrative pots using various
to build solid clay forms. You will consider          and cylinder forms by darting, stretching, reforming and assembling them. This will be               handbuilding techniques including slab
pose and expression with the form, learn              followed by participants embellishing their creation with carvings, sprigs, lids, handles            building, coiling, pinching and bisque
techniques for adding detail, then hollow             and more. Various clay methods will be demonstrated, and discussions include design                  molds. You will begin the narrative by
out and examine finishing possibilities.              concepts and glazing techniques. Individual instruction is offered as well as assistance in          attaching sculptural elements that extend
Demonstrations will include glazing                   glazing student’s individual pieces. The serving dishes finished in time will be glazed and          off the surface of the form. The narrative
and coloring of eyes, animal anatomy,                 fired to cone 6 in the electric kiln while making wonderful serving dishes throughout the            continues by painting and carving on the
specialized tools and use of mixed                    week. Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0                                            surface and building up colorful imagery
media. Discussions will include the use                                                                                                                    through layers of underglaze and slip. The
of narrative elements of the sculptures.              Lynnette Hesser is a full-time artist working       Steve Loucks is professor emeritus from          class includes strategies and resources for
Previous experience with clay not required.           in the studio with husband, Steve Loucks, in        Jacksonville State University and a full-time    participants to develop ideas and build
Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0   Wellington, Alabama. She holds a BA from            studio potter and ceramic artist. He received    confidence in their ability to draw and
                                                      Denison University in Granville, Ohio, a BFA and    his MFA from the New York State College          encouragement to approach making with
Matthew Dercole works as an instructor and            MFA from the University of Florida, and an MSEd     of Ceramics at Alfred and his BFA from the       playfulness and curiosity. Open to all skill
technician in Ceramics at the University of           from Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville,   University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana. He   levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 6 0 0
Hartford. He received his MFA in Ceramics from        Alabama. She received the Alabama State             was the winner of the Alabama State Council
the University of Iowa. He has participated as        Council on the Arts Fellowship in Crafts in 2011.   on the Arts Craft Fellowship twice and the       Lynne Hobaica lives in the Blue Ridge
an Artist-in-Residence at the Lux Center for the      LY N N E T T EH ES S ER C ER A M I C S .C O M       Southern Arts Federation Endowment for the       Mountains of North Carolina. She received her
Arts, Lillstreet Art Center, Rebuild Foundation,                                                          Arts. S T E V ELO U C K S P OT T ER Y.C O M      BFA from Syracuse University and an MFA in
Arrowmont and Watershed Center for the                                                                                                                     Conceptual Ceramic Sculpture at the University
Ceramic Arts. Dercole has held instructor                                                                                                                  of Art and Design in Linz, Austria. Hobaica
positions in Ceramics at multiple art centers                                                                                                              has exhibited work in the U.S. and abroad,
and universities across the U.S.                                                                                                                           participated in national and international
M AT T H E W D ER C O L E.C O M                                                                                                                            residencies, interned at museums and worked
                                                                                                                                                           in galleries. LY N N EH O B A I C A . N E T
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