2020 YEARBOOK PANANIA DIGGERS SOCCER CLUB - Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020

2020 YEARBOOK PANANIA DIGGERS SOCCER CLUB - Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020


 Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020

                  Grade 17/18 A

                  Grade 17/18 C
2020 YEARBOOK PANANIA DIGGERS SOCCER CLUB - Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020
2020 YEARBOOK PANANIA DIGGERS SOCCER CLUB - Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020
                    2020 COMMITTEE
                                  Bob Bell
Jim Carroll                                                   Peter O’Shea

TREASURER                                                     SECRETARY
Jimmy Bowmaker                                              Dave McFadden

JUNIOR CLUB CAPTAIN                                         CLUB CAPTAIN
Harrison Walther                                             Drew Smithwick

COACHING CHAIRMAN                                             REGISTRAR
Jay Smith                                                     Greg Williams

OFFICER                        COORDINATORS                      OFFICER
Geoff Amy                        Sue Curtis                  Paul Edmunds
                               Sandra de Jesus
CANTEEN MANAGER                                       EQUIPMENT OFFICER
Jodie Lavin                                                 Anthony Martin

Drew Smithwick                   MANAGER            INFORMATION OFFICER
                                  Ian Loy                     Barry Morris

EVENTS COORDINATOR                                  SOCIAL MEDIA OFFICER
Julie Parsons                                               Amanda Pollock

RECORDER                       George Pizanis             Graham Williams
Jenny Beddoe                    Doug Walther               Richard Williams

Mike Millen                      Jo Ferguson               Brent Smithwick
Paul Lavin                      Damien Shears              Karoline Shears
Jason Williams                    Guy Serra              Simon Wedgwood
Daniel Mason                     Chris Basha            Shayne Puckeridge

2020 YEARBOOK PANANIA DIGGERS SOCCER CLUB - Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020
                                  Ronald Denis Trusty
                                         By Craig Trusty

It is my great pleasure to pen a few words about my father and Panania RSL Youth Soccer Club
Life Member, Ron Trusty.
Born in Kent, England in 1930 to a working class family, Dad enjoyed a simple life but the great love
of his childhood was Football / Soccer. Whether playing in the streets with his brother and other
neighbourhood kids or listening to broadcasts on the radio, it was a passion that never left him.
At the age of 19, Dad left England for Australia with the dream of a better life and future and upon
arrival in Sydney quickly obtained work in his trade at a tailor.
He met his future wife, Shirley, in that workplace and the Tailor and the Tailoress were married at
the age of 24 and purchased their first family home in Hinemoa St, Panania. As their three children
came along – Paul, Craig and then Susan, Dad went to night school and gained his qualifications as
an Accountant.
As we boys grew, Dad’s passion for ‘the game’ were passed on and about 1965 the family’s
connection with the Club began. Firstly, through Paul and I at the soccer club and later with Mum
and Sue at the Netball Club.
During those foundation years of the club, enthusiastic parents were the ones that kept things going.
Early mornings of ground preparations, line marking the fields, goal net installs, tent erections for
the canteen for soft drinks, pies, sausage rolls and lollies. Those were exciting times for our family
and our weekends were filled with sport and the socialising that comes with club involvement.
Dad, with his professional skills willingly took on the role of the Club’s Treasurer, counting the
takings from the canteen, raffles and other sundry funds, balancing the books, banking and auditing
records were all taken in his stride with the support of his loyal wife. These activities went on for
many, many seasons and with Dad’s involvement and many other dedicated like-minded men and
women, these were the solid foundations from which were built the successful Football Club it is
Ron Trusty lived his life well and was grateful for its outcomes. Dad always had time for others,
always interested in them more than himself. He was most humbled to be given the great honour of
Life Membership to Panania RSL Youth Soccer Club but like many during that time didn’t seek any
recognition for what he considered was ‘just doing his bit’.
He was a great role model to all and we were extremely lucky and proud to have him as our Father.
                          Regards and best wishes to all from Craig Trusty

2020 YEARBOOK PANANIA DIGGERS SOCCER CLUB - Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020
2020 YEARBOOK PANANIA DIGGERS SOCCER CLUB - Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020
1. While I remain an active member, I shall keep my mind and body active.
2. I shall conduct myself in an orderly manner and treat other members as I would like to
      be treated myself.
3. I shall, at all times, take proper care of the furniture and property of the Youth Club.
4. I shall respect the principles of good citizenship and encourage my associates to do
5. I shall endeavour to build friendship with my Club mates because friendship is one of
      the greatest assets that I can have and it is advantageous to my future welfare.
6. I shall follow my Youth Club leaders and respect and obey my instructors.
7. I shall be loyal to my Youth Club.
8. Finally, I shall remain loyal to my Queen and my country and love and respect my

                           CLUB SPONSORS 2020
  • I-Move Physiotherapy
  • Laurentide Mortgage Solutions
  • PKF
  • Double Jay Auto
  • Teenie Weenies Learning Centre
  • Calman’s Pharmacy Picnic Point
  •    Best Pest Solutions
  •    Charlie’s Liquor Barn, Panania
  •    Excel Logistics
  •    Fitbodz Pty Ltd
  •    Logical Freight Solutions
  •    Inline Joinery
  •    The Loan Wolf
  •    Mike Hughes & Partners
  •    VPH Lawns

PANANIA RSL YSC would like to thank all the sponsors for their support during the 2020 season.

2020 YEARBOOK PANANIA DIGGERS SOCCER CLUB - Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020
It is with pride and pleasure that I present my 12th report as President of this wonderful club.
This year was undoubtedly the most difficult, frustrating and draining of all. Here’s how it panned
• Our fields should have been rebuilt after last season but a series of delays resulted in the plans
      being put back a year.
• With a trial under our belt and the season about to start, the COVID-19 lockdown began and the
      season was put on hold.
• At that stage we didn’t know if there would be any season, and when Council offered the
      opportunity of an early start on the fields we took it, given it was almost certain we the fields
      would be ready for use at the start of next season.
• Council also offered to get started on our clubhouse renovations, using the Federal
      Government grant allocated to us last year. We met, they drafted plans, we made some
      alterations and work is under way, again due to be finished in time for next season.
• And then the season did start! We were hopeful of keeping our fields until September but come
      the first week of August we were out. This involved:
      o Relocating 54 teams for training across 5 grounds in the area
      o Moving equipment from Kelso to Kinch and Milperra Reserve to set up for our “home”
      o Operating from unfamiliar grounds and canteen without access to our usual clothing,
           equipment and supplies.
      o Catering for much smaller than usual crowds.
We are greatly appreciative of those clubs who shared their grounds and facilities, enabling us to
get through this most difficult of seasons. To Condell Park, Milperra, Revesby Workers, St
Christophers, Padstow Hornets and Bankstown Sports Stars – thank you!
In the end we lost a few teams due to the extension of the season, HSC, COVID fears, and sheer
disinterest. We ended up fielding 54 teams, comprising well over 700 players and over 100 officials,
still by far the largest club in the Bankstown district. We had 24 SSG Teams in Grades 6 to 11; 17
teams in the Junior Grades 12 to 18; and 13 Senior teams.
Of our 30 competitive sides 20 made the semis, of those 2 were successful in winning their
competitions and 3 were runners up. Not our best year result wise but this was far from a normal
season, winning really wasn’t the focus this year, just getting teams on the park was a bonus. Again,
we had minimal disciplinary and conflict issues, which is a credit to all involved with the club.
Our Joeys program was again run by Mike Millen and his excellent band of helpers. COVID knocked
these numbers around also, we’ll be recruiting hard next year to develop Panania’s “Next Gen”!
Your committee held its fourth dedicated planning session last December where we continued
development of our Operations Manual and discussed ways of doing things better. Some of these
were implemented, but we certainly didn’t plan for COVID!
Unfortunately COVID also stopped us having any functions this year, and sponsorships were well
down on previous years. However, the club remains in a strong financial position and will continue
to strive to provide our community with the best possible facilities and support.
Our AGM was held on November 9, combined with the Coaches & Managers Thank You Drinks,
and I’m pleased to say I was re-elected President so will serve my 13th year in 2021. Our Canteen
Manager, Jodie Lavin, has finally carried out her threat to stand down, Jodie has done an
outstanding job for the club over many years and deserves a break!
To the committee as a whole, who continue to work together to ensure the club operates effectively,
my sincere thanks and appreciation for all your efforts.
In addition to our committee there are innumerable players, officials, family members and friends of
the club who put their hand up to help whenever asked, and often without being asked. Thank you
to all those who have contributed over the year.
To everyone who was a part of our club this year, thank you for hanging in there for the tough times,
I sincerely hope you will be back with us next year to enjoy our wonderful fields and facilities – not to
mention the great people. 2021 is going to be big!
That’s it for this year, see you next season.
Bob Bell, President

2020 YEARBOOK PANANIA DIGGERS SOCCER CLUB - Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020
2020 YEARBOOK PANANIA DIGGERS SOCCER CLUB - Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020
   Numbers for the 2021 season are limited, the registration
   process should be the same – So ensure you get in early.
On line registrations will open in January 2021, information and
       start date will be on our website when available.
                       2021 SEASON
 MEN, BOYS & MIXED, 12’s TO ALL AGE, G35’s, G45’s
Small sided games for 6’s to 11’s and Ladies 6/7’s, 8/9’s.
                  SUNDAY COMPETITION
         WOMEN 11’s, 13’s, 15’s, 17/18’s, All Age
         On line registrations start late January.
           Dates for assistance - to be advised.
   Copy of proof of age will be required for all new players.
        Please ensure that you load a current photo.


2020 YEARBOOK PANANIA DIGGERS SOCCER CLUB - Congratulations to our Premiers for Season 2020
Ante Abramovic           Anthony Borg                Ethan Capes             Zack Carter
Andre Cipri              Christian Guajardo          Luke Hallowes           Brett Kelly
Rachel Lombe             Samuel Nakhla               Blake Pardey            Kim Pardey
Amanda Pollock           Gaetano Serra               Damien Shears           Noah Siddens
Ian Sinclair             Kayne Sorensen              Daniel Wilkinson
Thomas Butler            Zach Caddy-Kelly            Logan Hession           Justin Johnson
Peter Kovacs             David Mcfadden              Joel McNamara           Michael Millen
Zander Regan             Jarrod Stokehill            Bronwyn Torr            Harrison Walther
Craig Watts              Ryan Williams
Larry Brooks             Warren Gibson               Simon Wedgwood
Scott Hamilton           Gregory Williams
Ryan Perrin
Graham Williams
Checking club records for service awards is protracted and arduous, omissions are easily made. If
you believe that you are entitled to a service award and are not listed above, please contact the
committee so that your service records can be checked and amended as required.

                                  LIFE MEMBERS
Ken Anderson             Netta Anderson              Dawn Norris             Keith Norris
Frank Bosustow           Keith Smith                 Brian Pearce            Ken Judd
Rex Cox (senior)         Wal Furness                 Allen Pike              Dick Leach
Pat Carney               Kevin Finnie                Ron Trusty              Frank Price
John Essam               Peter Druce                 Bill Johnson            Russell Scott
Ray Newbery              Geoff Wise                  Lance Bartley           Bruce Petch
Graham Williams          Bob Brown                   Val Johanson            Mick Blatch
Mark Lidbetter           Craig Wise                  Jack Frazer             Peter O’Shea
Greg Williams            Wayne Roberts               Glenn Rufford           Richard Williams
Carolyn Pope             Bob Bell                    Dave McFadden
The corner of Tower St and Woodburn Ave Panania (near Chicken Wizard)
                 Phone 1300 ASK TSD (1300 275 873)
                 For all your safety and workwear needs

                                            Position in
Grade     Team           Coach                               Result
 12         1       Shannon Solomon             7th

 12         2       Terence Whitfield           3rd       Semi Finalists

 13        1A         Matt Daprossi            2nd        Semi Finalists

 13        1B          Riki Cannon              3rd        Runners Up

 13        2A        Gavin Johnson              3rd       Semi Finalists

 13        2B        David McFadden             7th
 13      Ladies     Shayne Puckeridge           6th

 14         1         Ludwig Rivas              4th       Semi Finalists

 14         2          Daniel Tait              5th

 15         1          Josh Collins            2nd        Semi Finalists

 15         2         Mark Roberts              4th       Semi Finalists

 16         1           Josh Bull               3rd       Semi Finalists

17/18      1A           Jay Smith               4th        PREMIERS

17/18      2B          Mark Houllis            2nd         Runners Up

17/18      2C        Anthony Martin             1st        PREMIERS
17/18      2D       Simon Wedgwood              4th       Semi Finalists

17/18    Ladies       Chad Bentley              6th

AAM        3A        Warren Gibson              4th       Semi Finalists

AAM        3B          Zach Caddy              2nd         Runners Up

AAM         4         Alex Hassett              5th

AAM         5         Trevor Maggs              5th

AAM         7          Amir Atme               2nd        Semi Finalists

AAM         8        Simon Masterton            6th

AAL        2A          Jim Carroll              3rd       Semi Finalists

AAL        2B          Brett Lombe              4th       Semi Finalists

 35        2A         Larry Brooks              3rd       Semi Finalists

 35        2B        Dave McFadden              4th       Semi Finalists

 45         1       Jimmy Bowmaker              5th

 PL      1 Firsts        Ian Loy                8th

 PL     1 Seconds        Ian Loy                7th

                                                           2019                 2020

Jack Samuelson Award
                                                          G14-1             G15-1 Collins
                        for Highest Goal Average

Barry Kermond Memorial Award
                                                         G12-2B             G15-2 Roberts
                        for Junior Sportsmanship

Ian Major Memorial Award
                                                          G16-1           G17/18-1A Smith
                          for Junior Achievement

Bill Wise Memorial Award
                                                    AAM-1B Caddy-Kelly     O35-2B Lombe
                        for Senior Sportsmanship

Sid Newberry Memorial Award
                                                    AAM-7B Puckeridge      AAM-3B Caddy
                          for Senior Achievement

Sharon O’Shea Memorial Award
                                                       AA Ladies 3       AA Ladies 2A Carroll
                          for Ladies Achievement

Jack Matthews Memorial Award                                                G17/18 Ladies
                                                        G16 Ladies
                        for Ladies Sportsmanship                              Bentley

                                                      Liam Sheridan       Logan Hession
Kevin Finnie Memorial Award
                                                         Josh Bull         Max Stephens
            for Premier League Players’ Player
                                                      Max Stephens       Christian Guajardo

Youth Club Junior Award                                Josh Collins          Mark Houllis

Bill Johnson Award
                                                       Nancy Rivas          Julia Lescesin
                 for Junior Manager of the Year

Bill Johnson Award
                                                       Jo Ferguson           Brett Lombe
                for Senior Manager of the Year

President’s Award
                                                        Jay Smith          Anthony Martin
                                 In Appreciation

Volunteer of the Year                                  Julie Parsons       George Pizanis

6 Blue
Coach:                Paddy Sharkey
Manager:              Cathy Torbay
Players’ Player:      Nathan Torbay
Season Summary:
                       Games          Won            Lost       Draw         Goals         Goals
                                                                              For         Against
                         14            12             1           1          Lots        Not many
The highlights of the season were:
• Our amazing team spirit.
• The fantastic coaching by the ever patient Paddy Sharkey.
• The cooperation and support of our parents and families.
The Team
    Name                  Commentary
 1 George Mahfoud         Winner of best attitude on game day for George he always gives 100%
2   Hannah Mahfoud        Won our best and fairest award. She is an awesome team player.
3   Jacob Braddick        Jacob won our best defender award, not a lot got past him at the back.
4   Hannah Kattou         Hannah is our best tackler, she is so determined and never gives up.
5   Max Bain              Max got an award for having the best attitude at training, he is always
                          smiling and having fun.
6   Patrick Sharkey       Patrick has so much energy he is hard to keep up with, he won our
                          fastest footwork award this year.
7   Nathan Torbay         Nathan is determined and hard working, he is our top goal scorer this
8   James Brennan         James took a few games to settle in and from then on impressed
                          everyone with his skills and growing confidence.

                                           6 Green
Coach:        George Morphis
Manager:      Samantha Chalhoub
Players’ Player:    Tyler Chalhoub
Season Summary:
                      Games        Won               Lost       Draw         Goals         Goals
                                                                              For         Against
                         11            4              6           1           26             39
The highlights of the season were:
• Watching the team get to know each other and learn the game.
• Listening to what a six-year-old comes up with on the field - PRICELESS.
• Their belief in themselves once they started scoring and winning, amazing growth.

.The Team
     Name       Commentary
1    Tyler      Our goal scoring machine to the point where he poached a couple of goals
                from his own players. Great running as well preventing plenty of goals.
2   Tristan     Great runner with the ball and good ball skills also managed to score goals
                and always encouraging his teammates to chase the ball.
3   Luka        Came into our season half way and made an immediate impact with his
                amazing running and never give up attitude you really pressured the other
                team all the time well done
4   Taliyah     Great little runner and definitely our most vocal player out there, she scored
                a goal and did plenty of running
5   Jethro      Great little runner, extremely vocal and always happy to substitute

6 Orange
Coach:                Kieren Frappell
Players’ Player:      Zac Morrison
Season Summary:
                        Games           Won            Lost       Draw          Goals         Goals
                                                                                 For         Against
                          12             8              3           1            60             24
The highlights of the season were:
• Seeing these five players in their first season of soccer always turn up to every training session
    and game ready to listen and learn and give their best effort.
• The improvement in the skills of all the boys throughout the season and their ability to start
    playing as a team.
• The joy on each of their faces (and their parents’ faces) as each player scored their first ever
The Team
    Name                   Commentary
 1 Zac Morrison            Zac is a hardworking end to end player who scored a bundle of great
                           goals but also displayed the ability to get back and makes important
                           tackles in defence. Scored an outstanding goal from over halfway that
                           wouldn’t look out of place on Fox Sports play of the day.
2   Wade Jalonen           Coaches vote as most improved player this year. Wade has grown in
                           confidence and demonstrates impressive skill and speed to beat players.
                           Scored some cracking goals this season.
3   Nicholas Plomarit      Nicholas grew in confidence as the year went on. A goal-poacher with a
                           natural instinct to get into the right place at the right time. Scored a bag
                           of goals this season and enjoyed celebrating every one of them.
4   Leonardo               Leonardo is a dangerous attacking player who demonstrates the ability
    Piol-Crawford          to make great runs and dribble past defenders. A natural right footer who
                           will be unstoppable as his left foot develops.
5   Liam Frappell          Liam is a natural defender who times tackles to perfection. He loves
                           shutting down the opposition’s attacking raids and winning the ball back
                           for his team.

6 Purple
Coach:        Nathan Pearson
Manager:      Nathan Pearson
Players’ Player:    Henry Corkin
Season Summary:
                      Games            Won            Lost       Draw        Goals          Goals
                                                                              For          Against
                          14            2             10           2        Not Many         Lots
The highlights of the season were:
• The excitement of winning our first game after many losses.
• Watching the boys becoming good friends and grow in confidence, none of the players ever
    having played before.
• Zach Mitas scoring his first goal after being bribed by mum with an Ooshie!.
The Team
    Name               Commentary
 1 Flynn Pearson       Solid team player all season, loves soccer and team environment,
                       constantly grew in confidence on and off field and improved ball skills.
2   Henry Corkin        Most consistent all season in offence and defence, always happy to play
                        and learn no matter what, improved weekly and always upbeat attitude.
3   Husayn Hallani      Most improved player through the season, loves team environment,
                        confidence grew through the season especially when he had breakfast.
4   Ronan Scott         Never a dull moment, solid defender, loves a chat on or off the field,
                        another team comedian.
5   Zachary Mitas       Team comedian, easily bribed, solid team player all season, grew in
                        confidence on field and ball skills.
6   Zakaria Tiriaki     Joined us mid-season, a very welcome addition to the team, was able to fit
                        in quickly and grew in confidence and skills quickly.

                                             6 Red
Coach:        Dean Arnold
Manager:      Jennifer Ballard
Players’ Player:     Jordan Ristevski
Season Summary:
                       Games       Won                Lost       Draw         Goals         Goals
                                                                               For         Against
                          10            7              1           2           71                44
The highlights of the season were:
• This is the first year the team have been together and it was great to see them all at the end of
    the season working as a team. All the boys played to the best of their abilities which grew
    stronger over the season with the help of our coach’s patience and the boys paying attention
    when on the field.
The Team
    Name                Commentary
1 Arthur Cross          Is a great defender and will be the team goalie in years to come.
2   Cody Ballard        Highlight for Cody was taking the ball from one end to the other to score his
                        first goal.
3   Rory Walker         Energetic and enthusiastic player, made himself and the whole sideline so
                        excited with his goal for the season.
4   Sonny Pringle       Had a great year and really worked on his ball skills towards the end of the
5   Rory Heagney        Was one of the leaders of the team with his goal scoring, with a goal at
                        every game he played.
6   Brody               Our animated player of the team, a good dramatic dive and tumble for the
    Puckeridge          ball at each game.
7   Jordan              Great ball skills and team leader, helping the team work together and
    Ristevski           another player who scored a goal at every game.

                                       6/7 Ladies
Coach:        Justin Blacker-Quin
Manager:      Justin Blacker-Quin
Players’ Player:     Sofia Cataldo
Season Summary:
                       Games       Won                Lost      Draw          Goals          Goals
                                                                               For          Against
                          10            3              7           0
The highlights of the season were:
• First game.
• Seeing what playing as a team can achieve versus not.
• Winning a game with only 4 players displaying grit, skill and truly working as a team to achieve
    the task.
The Team
     Name               Commentary
 1 Sofia Cataldo        Very talented beyond her years, great ball skills and will go far in the
                        seasons to come.
2   Addison Brown        Hard runner and kicked a few great goals.
3   Evanie Blacker-      Very skilful player, great passer of the ball and sees the game well.
4   Rose Hammoud         A real go getter and hard at it, great motivator/leader for the team and
                         always gave it her all.
5   Elyse Dunn           A very skilful player, really smart defender who sees the game really well.

6   Jaimee Murphy        Hard runner and a very in and under player, does not mind going in hard
                         to get the ball when required.

7 Green
Coach:           Chris Vigenser
Manager:         Jasmine Jovevski
Players’ Player: Kody Barton
The Team
    Name            Commentary
1 Thomas Larsen     Thomas is very energetic and demonstrates great ball skills and the
                    hunger to his very best in every game. He is always working on
                    developing his skill. Well done Thomas.
2   Klime                 Klime our team defender, Klime stopped many goals this season and had
    Dzeparoski            his hand in setting up goals and scoring himself. He is Always improving
                          and has one big right foot. Well done Klime.
3   Max Vigenser          Max would be our most improved player from last year. Max showed great
                          commitment and improved in every game. His hunger to hunt down the
                          ball and do his very best really stood out from last year. Well done mate.
4   Logan Jovevski        Logan is an all-round great player, he showed great commitment and
                          determination, Logan always puts in his very best at training and game
                          day. Well done Logan.
5   Marley                Marley is always looking for the ball and shows great skills. Marley always
    McComish              striving to do his very best and it’s been a pleasure to watch your skills
                          develop. Well done mate.
6   Kody Barton           Kody our goal scoring machine, Kody’s natural talent and passion for the
                          game really stands out. Kody is always looking to score no matter where
                          he is on field. Well done mate.
As a coach it has been a pleasure to be involved with this great bunch of kids and parents. I look
forward to future seasons, watching these young boys grow and having fun.
Thanks to all involved.

                                             7 Purple
Coach:        Michael Lescesin
Manager:      Julia Lescesin (lovely wife)
Players’ Player:     Oliver Naidovski
Season Summary:
                       Games         Won              Lost       Draw         Goals         Goals
                                                                               For         Against
                          12             7             4           1           54             28

The highlights of the season were:
• Individually and as a team, just got better with every game.
• The defending and goal scoring from the team was amazing.
A team that was put together at the last moment just before the season began and what a team they
turned out to be!
A team that never gave up and gave it all they had on game day. Plenty of goals, plenty of individual
and team highlights and most importantly, a team that played for each other.
A big thank you to Julia, our team's manager, for assisting with the season. Also a big thank you to
the parents for bringing your son to trainings, game days, washing jerseys and all the other
important duties - they are very lucky boys. Thank you for a great season.
The Team
    Name                   Commentary
 1 Zion Biggar             A player that always had fun on and off the field. A player that got
                           better as the season progressed and really enjoyed his football. Well
                           done, Zion.
2   Caleb Kitchingman      An all round player that can defend, dribble, pass and score goals. His
                           dribbling and control was a pleasure to watch. Great work, Caleb.
3   Harrison Gould         A player that was always determined and gave it his all. A solid player
                           with a great attitude and always willing to learn. Well done, Harrison.
4   Oliver Naidovski       The teams goal scoring machine. Lost count on the number of goals he
                           scored but would easily be a few dozen goals. Fantastic season and
                           congratulations on being players’ player, much deserved.
5   James Karavelas        A player that grew in confidence as the season continued. A player that
                           always tried his best and never gave up. Well done, James.
6   Adrian Lescesin        The back bone of the team. Loves playing from the back and then
                           making his runs to either set up a goal or score them himself. Fantastic
                           work, Adrian.

                                           7 Red

Coach:          Dan Moy & Sherif Mansour
The highlights of the season were:
• A big thank you to all parents for the year. I think a quote that Kathy Petrakis made during the
    year, really sums it up quite nicely… “The best soccer team to date.... and I've been soccer
    mum for past 16 years ... it was a pleasure guys... gorgeous adorable kids, all with their own
    little personalities and quirks... and the parents... well what can I say... tip top!”
• To all my little guys in the team – you guys are the best and Saturday mornings in soccer
    season is my favourite time of the year because of you! Thank you.
• Big shout out to Coach Sherif for helping out when there were a few conflicts towards the end of
    the year with the U11’s team that I was also coaching.
• Thank you once again to Bob and the committee, especially during the year that was and will
    always be remembered as the COVID year. Not an easy job at the best of times.!


The Team
    Name             Commentary
 1 Jabril Ismail     Jabril was switched on and determined from the start this year. He has
                     come a long way in this, his second year. Really turned on the pace
                     and showed us how fast he is. Well done Jabril and thank you.
2   Isaac Mansour    Really got stuck in this year and is always improving. Tackling more
                     and showing no fear. All that practice with Dad during COVID paid off!
                     Well done and thank you
3   Bailey Moy       Our rough and tough last line of defence more often than not. Made
                     some great tackles, took some big hits and kept on getting up. Well
                     done & thankyou Bailey!
4   Billy Petrakis   Billy’s second year and he just keeps on getting better and better and
                     with every game as it turned out. Great to see him getting more
                     confident with tackling. Great work Billy and keep the focus! Thanks for
                     the year.
5   Kobe Seledec     A smart and a naturally gifted soccer player and one to watch in the
                     years to come. Can score a goal from anywhere as we found out. Glad
                     you could join our team this year - we loved having you. Thank you and
                     well done.
6   Bradley Lees     If I am not mistaken this was Bradley’s 1st year of soccer and a great
                     one it was! Watch out for this little star next year – he is gonna blitz’em
                     with his dribbling. Thank you and great job.
7   Izaya Moustafa   Another player who came to soccer for the first time this year. This guy
                     has a massive heart and never stops trying. It paid off too with a goal or
                     two and some superb performances. Great job and thank you.

7 Yellow
Coach:          Alicia and Nick Kastrounis
Manager:        Cassandra Kalinderidis
Players’ Player:        Ava Martin
We had an adventurous year with a few new players and lots of parent enthusiasm.
We will all remember the game at Stuart Park where about 3/4 of the way through the season, the
mums screamed so loud after the kids scored a goal, that the guys in the canteen down the other
end of the fields could hear us.
It had been so long since we had scored we all thought it was our first goal of the season.
With all of our newbies scoring at least 1 goal through the season and many saved by our
defenders, it was a season of growth.
The Team
Abraham Wahhab            Anthony Kalinderidis Ava Martin                      Cooper Kumcevski
Ethan Forliano          Hayden Russo                Jayce Kastrounis


                                           8 Green
Coach:        Martin Folan
Manager:      Michael Smith
Players’ Player:     Mitchell Smith
Season Summary:
                      Games         Won             Lost       Draw        Goals        Goals
                                                                            For        Against
                         12            7              4          1          41            26

The highlights of the season were:
• The 3-0 come back to a nail biting 3-3 final 5 minutes against Bankstown Strikers. The shear
    determination of the kids to mount a counterattack was inspiring to watch!
• Vaughn and Alisa’s debut season goals!
• Charbel’s mad goal keeper skills! Saving multiple shots in a row and scrambling on the ground
    to save what looked like a sure thing for the other team!
The Team
     Name                   Commentary
 1 Mitchell Smith           Mitchell is our players player this year. He has become a defensive
                            powerhouse of the team, not only in his own positioning and awareness
                            but also in organising and communicating with his teammates. Mitchell
                            has also become famous for his fantastic LONG shots at goal, which are
                            a spectacular thing to see!
2   Ben Folan             Bens positioning awareness and increased ball skills made him an
                          exceptional asset to the team, particularly in defence and mid-field. He
                          always gives his all covering back and after winning the ball is quick to
                          attack and get the pass forward. When he scores goals, he kicks so hard
                          his boots sometimes follow!
3   Logan McKinley        Logan showed us his talents as a goalkeeper this season and in our first
                          game saved an unknown number of goals. His tackling and passing
                          skills have improved immensely this season and he is a key part of the
4   William Barbagallo    Will is a true sportsman, always supportive of his team mates as they
                          improve their skills and win or lose he is always respectful of other
                          teams. Williams’ speed on the pitch is hard to match, sometimes making
                          it difficult to change direction close to the sidelines, but when he gets
                          free with the ball at his feet he can really fly!
5   Charbel Barakat       Charbel puts a huge amount of himself into every game. His footwork is
                          off the charts and when he gets an opportunity at goal he takes it. As we
                          found this season, his talents are not restricted to that of a striker, he
                          also showed some great skill as a goalkeeper including under some very
                          high pressure moments!
6   Nikolina Barakat      Nikolina became our super sub this season. Opting to save her energy
                          at the start of the game, when she came on she would give her all and
                          get stuck into some goal saving tackles and clearance kicks. I think she
                          was taking the time to study the other teams weaknesses before making
                          her move.
7   Cooper Dale           Cooper’s skills on and off the ball continue to improve year on year. He
                          knows how to get into a good position, win the ball and how to score
                          goals! He has also grown to show some real leadership skills and is a
                          driving force within the team.
8   Vaughn Greenwell      Vaughn is one of our new players in the team this season and become
                          part of the team straight away. Always willing to learn something new at
                          training and have fun with his friends Vaughn has grown in confidence
                          and ability throughout the season. His first goal after all the hard work he
                          put in was a great celebration for the whole team!
9   Alysa Thompson        Alysa is our second new player to team for the season. As our second
                          girl on the team she helped to bring some balance to the force. Alysa’s
                          football skills have improved greatly over the course of the season,
                          particularly her tackling and passing. We saw some great long high
                          passes from Alysa that allowed the team to get straight back on the
                          offensive. Alysa’s goal in one of our final games was awesome and just
                          rewards for all her hard work.

8 Red
Coach:        Jamie Erkin
Manager:      Rachael Erkin & Robyn Eisenhuth
Players’ Player:    Tanapat Kheawkham
The Team
Blake Eisenhuth           Callan Thomas                Jackson Vaughan         Jacob Hepehi
Jayden Margi              Jonathan King                Mischa Erken            Nadia Cousins
Oliver Busby              Oliver Madarac               Tanapat Kheawkham
2020! The season I’m sure we’ll all never forget. One training session, one trial game and then the
dreaded Coronavirus graced us with its presence. Needless to say, when the season finally
officially kicked off we had 11 extremely excited kids to get on the field!
With a combination of increasing to a larger playing field, more players on the pitch and essentially a
brand new team from last season, it took a few weeks for the kids to find their feet (pun intended)
and settle in.
We didn’t get many wins under our belt this season, but this was by no means a reflection of the
effort and improvement the team made. We learnt how important it is to play as a team, to pass the
ball, to back up your teammates and that although everyone would like to be the goalie, there can
only be one!
Grounding down the fundamentals of the game and teaching the kids to be good sports win or lose
(with an elbow tap at the end of each game) was a huge aspect of the coaching this season and we
hope this sets the kids up for an even better season next year.
A special thank you to our families this year. It’s been a tricky season to navigate, but the effort was
all worth it!
A fantastic effort from all our girls and boys this year. I hope you’re all as proud of yourselves as
your coaches and parents are of you. Well done!

8 Yellow
Coach:        Tony Teres
Manager:      Trevor Campbell
Players’ Player:     Christopher Abi-Assaf
Season Summary:
                      Games        Won              Lost       Draw           Goals         Goals
                                                                               For         Against
                         11            6             5           0             42            17
The highlights of the season were:
• Understanding the transition from 4 a side to 7 a side.
• Individual Growth with each player improving over the course of the year.
• Improvement in playing as a team.
The Team:
    Name                     Commentary
 1 Anthony Teres             Moved from Defence to Right wing with great success.
2   Benjamin Bracken          All round team player who led from the front.
3   Bentley Campbell          Was relied on to successfully play any position with ease.
4   Blaine Fuller             Confidence improved with more involvement as season went on.
5   Christopher Abi-Assaf     All round player who could score or defend. Well-deserved players’
                              player award.
6   Christopher Teres         Youngest player in team at 6yrs old whose defence slide tackles
                              were a highlight.
7   James Bouranopoulos       Great to see his confidence grow from a shy kid to a regular starter.
8   Kaiden Wihongi            Keen student of the game who always push the boundaries and
                              never gave up chasing the ball.
9   Nicolas Mace              Quickest player on the team who could run the length of the field
                              chasing the ball while also being very handy at scoring goals.

8/9 Ladies A
Coach:        Sue Curtis
Manager:      Sandra De Jesus
Players’ Player:    Gracie Curtis
Season Summary:
                      Games          Won             Lost       Draw          Goals         Goals
                                                                               For         Against
                         13            13             0            0           105              3
The highlights of the season were:
• What a team and what a season! The challenges of 2020 did not affect this group of determined
    girls. With a mixture of new and existing families, we got off to a great start, convincingly
    winning our preliminary trails before the season was pulled to a halt!
• Surprisingly, the break had little impact on this group who took the field week after week with
    determination, grit and a will to win. The display of sportsmanship and comradery amongst
    these girls was second to none and I could not be prouder of their collective effort!
• Finishing the season undefeated, conceding only 3 goals was a testament to their character,
    skill and never give up attitude. Congratulations girls!
The Team
     Name                 Commentary
 1 Emma                   Emma likes to move around the pitch, displaying grit and determination,
     Williamson           particularly in defence.
2   Gracie Curtis      The powerhouse in the team. Gracie’s power and direction behind the ball
                       enabled her to slot goals from all over the pitch.
3   Hazel Curtis       Hazel is agile on the ball, often weaving in and out of players before
                       offloading a pass or striking for goal.
4   Indiana Glasby     Indiana has a never give up attitude and likes to play up front, waiting for
                       any opportunity that comes her way.
5   Ivy Vaccaro        Ivy has great technique on the ball. Her ability to change direction was
                       entertaining to watch.
6   Mia Petkovic       A natural defender. Mia was often our last line of defence, able to hold the
                       opposition out until her back up troops arrived.
7   Lauren Brophy      Lauren understands football, often purposely positioning herself for the
                       perfect crossover.
8   Lilly Brown        Lilly is a work horse in the midfield, both in attack and defence, always
                       looking for the ball.
9   Lillian Catling    Lily is determined and has no fear, taking on any player regardless of size.
                       A natural defender who was very reliable in the backline.

8/9 Ladies B
Coach:          Joe Busuttil
Manager:        Craig Lippett
Players’ Player:         Anika Ralevski
Coach’s Report:
This season was challenging, rewarding and exciting. My team of girls were a unique, diverse group
of players with either little to no soccer experience to others who kicked off their soccer journey from
the joeys. Playing on a larger field, learning new rules such as throw ins, fulfilling their new role as a
Goal keeper to understanding the fundamental rules of soccer were the many obstacles that this
team of superstars had to overcome.
Pre-planning training sessions incorporating a ‘player-centered approach’ facilitated the enormous
development of the girls. Fun, engaging training sessions combined with theme –based activities
had my team readily prepared and eager to kick-off the season.
As the season progressed, the remarkable development of these soccer stars was evident.
Fostering the love for the beautiful game, they learned to strike the ball, one touch pass, execute
positional play and most importantly to have fun in a positive, competitive environment.
As their coach, it brings me great joy seeing their beaming smiles after our training sessions and
matches even after a loss. Throughout the season, we competed against superior, older opposition
who tested the girls playing ability. With their enthusiastic attitude, team spirit and persistence they
held their composure. This team was a pleasure to coach and I hope I see them all return next
season to learn and excel playing soccer.
Thank you to Craig Lippett who managed the team, assisting with game day time-keeping and
player substitutions, purchasing of the player of the week trophies, creating the player of the week
certificates and training all the goal keepers in preparation for match day. This was vital in ensuring
the team were ready to compete and also be rewarded for all of their efforts.
Thank you to all the parents for your support, commitment and assistance throughout the season.
A big thank you to Panania Diggers Soccer Club President, Bob Bell and committee members for all
your tireless efforts in ensuring our season kicked off in such uncertain times.

Season Summary:
                         Games           Won             Lost       Draw

                            12             1              9           2
The highlights of the season were:
• Watching all the players learn, improve their skillset and have fun with each training session
    and match.
• Executing our match day theme ‘moving forward’ with success.
• The positive mindset shown by all players regardless of result.
• Witnessing the goal of the season with great team passing leading up to a one-touch strike to
    score a terrific goal.

The Team
    Name                  Commentary
1 Emily Busuttil          Emily is our super defender. Always keen to hold her position and
                          communicate to other players. Excelled as Goalkeeper sometimes chasing
                          the ball too far from the goals to challenge the opposition. Super keen! Well
                          done Emily.
2    Bethany              Bethany is our mighty striker. Dangerous when with the ball, her dribbling
     Busuttil             skills were a threat for any opposition. Our top Goal Scorer. She thrives
                          when in open space. Awesome effort Bethany.
3    Gabriella            Gabriella is our tenacious midfielder. Willing to challenge the opposition
     Moussa               when in defence, in attack she showed off her improved dribbling skills to
                          trouble any opponent. Excellent effort Gabriella.

4   Veronica Liang   Veronica is a new player to the team. She would use her speed and skill to
                     excel as a Striker. Her enthusiasm and energy on match day was a sight to
                     see. As Goalkeeper, Veronica was brilliant. She saved many goals even
                     against the strongest of oppositions. Terrific effort this season Veronica.
5   Talia Lippett    Talia is our hard working, quiet achiever. Always attentive at soccer training
                     and on match day. Ever so reliable, Talia excelled in the midfield, always
                     keen to play to her potential. A consistent performer! Exceptional season
6   Sienna Sollars   Sienna returned to the team from missing last season to dominant in our
                     When in attack Sienna used her excellent ball control and agility to score
                     many goals.
                     In defence, she was strong, often troubling the opposition. A dedicated,
                     team player who showed great potential. Brilliant season Sienna.
7   Savanna Rabadi   Savanna is a new player to our team. A consistent player in the midfield,
                     she improved as the season progressed. She often used her fast pace
                     when dribbling the ball to dominate in attack. A committed individual.
                     Always ready to play and try her very best. Great effort this year Savanna.
8   Abigail Wright   Abigail is another new player to our team. A hard-working team player who
                     had no fear when in defence. A midfielder when limitless energy. When
                     focused, she showed a lot of character and leadership, often passing the
                     ball to other players with accuracy. Always reliable when playing as Goal
                     keeper. Outstanding effort this year Abigail.
9   Anika Ralevski   Anika is a new player to the team. She possesses a strong work ethic and
                     showed tremendous promise. Ever reliable as our central defender she
                     would often challenge and steal the ball off the opposition and provide
                     opportunities for our attackers. She excelled as Goal keeper. Fantastic
                     season Anika.
10 Bzoyna            Bzoyna is another new player to the team. A motivated defender who used
   Vasudeva          her endurance to challenge the opposition. Her stand-out performances
                     were as Goal keeper. She may be the smallest in the team but was vibrant
                     when in goals often saving many shots on goal. Very courageous! Amazing
                     season Bzoyna.
11 Faith Moloney     Faith is our defensive midfielder. One of our strongest players who
                     possesses a powerful kick. Brave and ready to compete even against the
                     toughest of oppositions.
                     When challenged, this highly-spirited individual thrives. Tremendous effort
                     this year Faith.

                                       9 Green
Coach:        Juliana Naidovski
Manager:      Megan Waters
Players’ Player:     Jayden Hassan
Season Summary:
                       Games       Won             Lost       Draw         Goals         Goals
                                                                            For         Against
                       13           All             0           0          Lots        Not many

The highlights of the season were:
• Watching the team, play as a team. The boys supported one another in every game showing
    true comradery. As a coach, I couldn’t be prouder.
• Winning every game!
• John Psomas’s sideline coaching / commentary during the games.
The Team
     Name              Commentary
 1 Mikel Bayrante      This season was Mikel’s first season with the team and boy did he make an
                       entrance. What a player. You can tell this kid lives and breathes football in
                       the way that he plays. His skill and fancy foot work made the defenders
                       look like they were standing still. He has an amazing ability to read the play
                       for his age. Well done Mikel and thanks for being such a great sport.
2   Nathan Ferrier      Nathan has improved 10-fold this season. His fearless attitude when going
                        into tackles has made him an asset to the team. He’s established himself
                        as a great defender. Well done Nathan and thank you for all your effort this
3   Jayden Hassan       Jayden has been a standout this year. He listens, takes on board what he’s
                        taught and executes plays like a pro. Jayden always supports his
                        teammates by creating plays, and consistently showed up every game,
                        every week. Jayden you’ve had a great season and well done, your efforts
                        have been amazing. Thanks for all your hard work.
4   Jacob Ismail        Jacob was everywhere you needed him to be on the field this season.
                        Playing in the centre this year gave him a sense of purpose and he grew as
                        a player. Jacob’s ability to pass the ball and create plays shows he has a
                        good understanding of the game. Well done on another great season
                        Jacob and thanks for your efforts champion.
5   Nathaniel Jones     Nate is the team’s dominant left footer. He had a great season. He didn’t
                        shy away from tackles and scored his first goal near the end of the season,
                        which he was immensely proud of. The team cheered like they had won the
                        grand final when he scored. Well done on a great season Nate, you killed
6   Marco               Marco is the team’s primary defender, and he didn’t disappoint this season.
    Naidovski           He loves to control the back and ensure no one gets past him. If he wasn’t
                        the defender, he was in the goals. Well done Marco you’re a valuable
                        player, thanks for your effort this season.
7   George Psomas       George, what a gun. George’s kicks are like rockets. What makes him such
                        a great player is that his strike rate on target is near perfect. George
                        excelled this season by learning how to give himself space and opening up
                        the defence. A valuable player and a great kid, awesome effort George.
8   Harley Waters       Harley is always in the right place at the right time. He has a great ability to
                        read the play and find himself an opening so that the other players can
                        feed him the ball. So many goals scored, including an amazing header
                        during one of the last season’s games. Well done Harley on a great

9 Red
Coach:        Mario Favotto and Paull Walker
Manager:      Jackie Paul
Players’ Player:     Christian Lescesin
Parents’ Player:     Tamika Paul
Season Summary:
                       Games        Won                 Lost       Draw          Goals         Goals
                                                                                  For         Against
                            13            10             3           0
The highlights of the season were:
Our 2-girl strong defence was like a wall for our opponents, in particular, Tamika who often gave the
boys from the opposing team a rude shock of girl power when they bounced off her to find
themselves horizontal and embarrassed on the turf.
Harley, hungry, hungry goal scorer, although not his position of strength he continued to impress the
coaches with his determination and confidence to compete up front. All season he never gave up on
his dream to score a goal. The excitement of that first goal only motivated him to score more.
Annual kids vs parents match; parents have been happily undefeated for the last few years. The
rivalry was fierce with many unsuccessful attempts at goals as kids swarmed adults like annoying
locusts chopping us down to size. Many parents stepped up performing long forgotten soccer plays
of their youth. Sadly, we lost for the first time ever, either a sign of our age or our superior coaching
skills. Be prepared Diggers under 10’s for next year, parents are coming back with a vengeance and
more Dencorub® cream.
The Team
      Name                   Commentary
 1 Emily Walker              Emily’s achieved her goal from last year in defence and teamed up with
                             Tamika to become a formidable defensive powerhouse feared by those
                             who dared to attack. Great improvement, Dad’s proud!
2   Harley Kegg             Harley’s goal was to be more physical and chase the ball more from
                            last year, that box was ticked early, and his dashing runs forward paid
                            off with a cracking goal that wowed the crowd. GOAL!!!!!!!!!
3   Spencer Favotto         Once dubbed the jack of all trades but now is THE SPIDERMAN OF
                            THE GOALS. At times it was like Spencer had cast a web across the
                            goal mouth frustrating teams with his faster than light saves as
4   Angelo Karavelas        Terrier was his nick name, terrier he was both on and off the field.
                            Angelo’s goal is still the left foot but had vast improvement in this area.
                            When he plays tough our opponents back off and the result tends to go
                            our way.
5   Thomas Gemmell          ONE OF THE COACHES FAVOURITES, can be dazzling with his foot
                            work at times tricking the opponents and even himself sometimes they
                            are that fast. A great team player bringing plenty of laughs.
6   Tamika Paul             AKA “THE BULLDOZER” Tough as nails with courage of steel and the
                            other teams left the ground wondering what just hit them. Tamika’s best
                            year yet and she formed a great defensive partnership with Emily.
                            Crowd favourite!
7   Christian Lescesin      “BEWARE DEADLY” should be listed on the dangerous species list,
                            give him half a chance and you can expect a rocket-like shot with either
                            foot directly into the top corners. Looking forward to more physicality
                            which he showed glimpses of this year to become the total predator.
8   Harrison Hawkins        COACH OF THE YEAR, Harrison unfortunately due to illness was
                            unable to complete the year but took the reigns as coach. Harrison has
                            a 100% strike rate and showed great leadership qualities with picking
                            the team and positions. Thanks for your help.
9    Noah Aube              What an improvement this year, OUTSTANDING! The kicking
                            improvement was off the scales along with his involvement in general
                            play. He copped a few good knocks throughout the year but soldiered
                            on and never let his team down. Keep up the great work!
10 Jacob Abi-Assaf          When Jacob’s on his game WE WIN, SIMPLE. Can dribble with both
                            feet, strong on the ball and when he starts to look up before shooting
                            the goals will flow. The one to watch going forward.
11 Suriya Royal              “SECRET WEAPON” and so glad she returned this year. Suriya has
                             the ability to read the game better than most. With a little fine tuning I
                             anticipate she will be a leading goal scorer in the near future. You can
                             also tell she has a big brother, sure won’t let those boys push her
                             around. Love it!
Thank you, players, parents and coaches, for another exciting and successful soccer season
despite all the disruptions of the Pandemic.
Congratulations to you all for persisting and enjoying the game of soccer.
Go Diggers!

                                               9 Yellow
Coach:        Paul Bayley
Manager:      Paul Bayley
Players’ Player:    Kayla Peters
Season Summary:
                      Games              Won             Lost       Draw          Goals         Goals
                                                                                   For         Against
                            10             4              5           1            29             32

2020 was a season that was unlike any other. Pandemic aside, we only had 5 players this year and
a coach that was managing 2 teams. The team learnt a lot about resilience, determination and
The highlights of the season were:
• We won 2 of our games with only 5 players.
• When the draw accommodated it, we were lucky enough to grab some players from the other
    U9s teams. That always gave the team a boost.
• Our second last game against Bankstown Sports Stars for the 5th time was our strongest game.
    Not only did we all play our best, but we pulled together as a team and won the game 4-1.

Thank you to Julie and Paull from the other U9 teams this year. They provided us with additional
players when they could. The team appreciated being able to field a complete team when they
could. The players that filled in just slotted in where they were needed and felt like part of the team.
A huge thank you to the parents. Managing 2 teams that played at almost the same time each week
is not easy, but having parents jump in and assist when I had to be at another park made the
season possible. Your support throughout the season meant the team didn’t miss out.
Looking forward to another successful year in 2021.
The Team
    Name                Commentary
1 Nicholas Bayley       Nicholas was our resident Goalkeeper this year. There were times that
                        you couldn’t understand how a boy that small could stop so many shots
                        at goal. He improved his skills significantly throughout the season,
                        particularly his goal kicks and passing. Nicholas also had success up
                        the front scoring several goals. Great effort, Nicholas.
2   Zayd Darwich        Zayd was our resident striker and new to the team this year. He
                        managed to fit into the team well and throughout the season learnt how
                        to support the team rather than just play up the front. His effort up the
                        front often paid dividends resulting in several goals being set up or
                        scored by him. Well done, Zayd.
3   Benjamin Dzambic    Benji comes across as unassuming, but dot be fooled. He had a solid
                        year this year up front, in goals and in defence. Benji was a great
                        support to the team, setting up many goal-scoring opportunities and
                        even scoring some himself. His defensive game improved every week
                        and was overall a pleasure to watch. Keep up the good work, Benji.
4   Kayla Peters        Every week Kayla showed why she was this year’s players player. Her
                        sportsmanship is excellent, always putting the team first. Kayla’s
                        determination to win the ball is second to none whether in defence of up
                        front and she has a mean kick to boot. Her defence saved dozens of
                        goals, to the frustration of our opponents. Congratulations on an
                        amazing year, Kayla.
5   James Willis        James’ confidence improved throughout the season. He always has a
                        smile on his face and is keen to get on the field and get on with the
                        game. James often played goalkeeper and did a great job. He always
                        puts in his best effort regardless of the position he plays. Nice work,

                                       10 Blue
Coach:        Michael Petrakis
Manager:      Kathy Gow
Players’ Player:    Ayden McGrath
Most Improved:      Maya Campbell

The Team
Ayden Mcgrath          Dean Liolias                Declan Muldoon         Dion Petrakis
Eli Thanasuras         Hayes Gow                   Jade Dominis           Maya Campbell
Michael Morphis        Ryan Watters                Sam Lindsay            Sophia Liolias

The Team
    Name      Commentary
    Jade      Great team player, ran everywhere to help the strikers and defenders in
              her team, solid in defence as well.
              Best Part of her Game: Team player.
2   Hayes     Hayes had fantastic year, was very strong in attack and scored lots of
              goals for his team. Best Part of his Game: Goal Scoring.
3   Sam       Great year by Sam showing all his skills, could beat any defender with
              the ball. Best Part of his Game: Never gave up.
4   Michael   Michael’s best was seen in defence stopping the attack from the other
              team. Worked hard in defence helping his team.
              Best Part of his Game: Defence.
5   Declan    Declan’s year was filled with great passing with both feet. Worked in
              midfield very well with Ayden. Best Part of his Game: Passing.
6   Dean      What a wonderful year by Dean, he ran and ran and chased the ball
              everywhere, he finished the year a very confident player.
              Best Part of his Game: Defence.
7   Sofia     Had an awesome year as one of our Goal keepers. Stopped lots of
              shots on goal. Worked hard every game.
              Best Part of her Game: Goalkeeping.
8   Ryan      Ryan ran everywhere on the park, and never stopped. When he went
              into the defence no one could get past him.
              Best Part of his Game: Endurance.
9   Dion      Dion worked well with his team. His passing game when in the midfield
              was very good, set up a few goals with it. Strong in defence as well.
              Best Part of his Game: Took what we practised at training on to game
10 Eli        Eli had a great season, played in defence and attack. His best position
              was central defence, played hard to stop the attack.
              Best Part of his Game: Strong Defending.
11 Ayden      Players’ player, scored goals, set up goals and helped defence. He has
              a bright future ahead in soccer, if he applies himself at training and
              works on his game, the sky’s the limit.
              Best Part of his Game: Ran hard, played hard, helped everyone.
12 Maya       What a great season by Maya. This was her first year playing and she
              excelled in every part. She became our second goalkeeper and
              improved every game. She even went up front and scored a goal.
              Best Part of her Game: Never gave up.

10 Green
Coach:        Martin Whitear
Manager:      Tim Marsh
Players’ Player:     Ava Gaughan
Season Summary:
                      Games      Won                   Lost       Draw         Goals         Goals
                                                                                For         Against
                           11            2              7           2           20             41
The highlights of the season were:
• First time goal scorers for the Club – Jeremiah Smith and Matthew Williamson – both cracking
    goals. The looks on both the boys faces was GOLD.
• Converting to a larger field this season we started slow losing our first 5 games and conceding
    27 goals and only scoring 8, our backs were against the wall but, to the kids credit, the back
    end of the season was excellent. The team clicked and we saw some great results, we scored
    some excellent goals and had great team work from back to forward to set the goals up. The
    last 6 games we had 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses conceding 14 goals and scoring 12, so the
    improvement was very visible. The losses were against very very good teams, so the kids
    should be proud of the finish.
• This bunch of kids are well mannered and respectful to each other, the opposition and the
    referees. I’m proud of how the boys have grown as a team.
The Team
     Name                    Commentary
 1 James Mitchell            James is super competitive and energetic, he has a never say die
                             attitude and gives it 110% each and every week. James scored 4
                             goals this year but only 1 for us, in saying that, it was James who put
                             himself in defending positions to try and stop goals so he should be
                             proud of his season. It will reverse in 2021 mate, you will net lots for
                             us. ☺
2   Alexander Bova           Alexander had another solid season at left back, he has started to run
                             the ball out of defence and look for team mates to pass to, so
                             developing each year. Alexander finished the season in the goals and
                             was excellent pulling off some great saves.
3   Gemma Howard             Gemma finished the year with close to 3 best player of the game
                             awards. For a little figure, Gemma sure does pack a punch and never
                             gives up. She is fast across the field and can cover multiple positions,
                             she was dynamite at left back at the end of the season.
4   Michael Whitear          Michael had his best season. He moved back from striker and played
                             majority of the year in the midfield, which saw him get loads more
                             possession and he really grew in confidence, some great passing and
                             tackling so well done Michael.
5   Curtis Marsh             Curtis had a solid season, he was hampered by a leg injury but
                             persisted to play on and be out there with his team mates playing his
                             best game against Milperra, netting a brace. Curtis scored 3 goals
                             this year and was again solid at the right half position and slipping
                             back to cover defence when needed.
6   Zoe Chamakos             Zoe again this year was our rock at the back defusing attacking raids.
                             Zoe has a good presence of mind on the field and can read the play
                             putting herself in great positions to clear the ball and make crunching
                             tackles. Well done, Zoe.
7   Ava Gaughan              Ava was our Player of the Year. Ava scored 5 goals this season and
                             with some luck could have had 3 or 4 more, her speed, desire and
                             hunger to succeed was a real threat for all opposition teams matching
                             it against everyone. Ava has made the left side of the field her own in
                             defence and attack dominating the opposition. Great year, Ava.
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