2021Media Kit - IRJ - International Railway Journal

2021Media Kit - IRJ - International Railway Journal
International Railway Journal

2021                            Media Kit   The world’s railway
                                            magazine since 1961
2021Media Kit - IRJ - International Railway Journal
International Railway Journal - Setting the standard for 60 years
IRJ was founded in 1960 as the first truly global business-to-business publication for the railway industry, beginning
regular circulation in 1961. Since then, IRJ has set the standard for railway industry journalism; from reporting on
the key industry issues of the day, to taking the time to meet and interview leading figures from around the world.
The magazine is distributed in more than 140 countries to over 10,600 railway professionals.
IRJ has not stood still over the last 60 years. We now operate an industry-leading website, which is visited by more
than 250,000 unique users per month, and is the most reliable source of up-to-the-minute rail industry news on
the web. In addition, we offer IRJ Pro, a subscription service providing comprehensive databases of all known rail
projects and fleet orders as well as Global Rail Tenders, a live rail sector tenders service.
In 2021, as we celebrate our Diamond Anniversary, we are more than a magazine: IRJ is a railway information
provider, and we are your partner for success in the industry.

IRJ is a railway information
provider, and we are your partner
for success in the industry.”

                                                                                                  International Railway Journal

                                                                                                        2021 Media Planner // IRJ 2
2021Media Kit - IRJ - International Railway Journal
Brand Community

Millions of Touchpoints—The IRJ Brand Community

                                  4.5 million
                            page views per year2                                                                    35,000
                                                                                                                    Readers Per Copy3

Email Subscribers

                                                                                                magazine circulation1

  Average monthly circulation according to ABC Audit of IRJ, January to December 2019
  Annual figure based on Google Analytics of page views on www.railjournal.com, September 1 2019 - August 31 2020
  2017 IRJ Subscriber Survey

         Magazine                           Digital                            Events                           Services             Social Media
     • Special ad sections                • Website                        • Conferences                        • IRJ Pro               • LinkedIn
      • Extensive News                  • Newsletters                       • Webinars                   • Global Rail Tenders           • Twitter
          and Analysis                 • Digital Edition                                                • Training from Railway         • Facebook
     • In-depth Features                 • Podcasts                                                       Educational Bureau
     • Sister Publications:                • Videos                                                             • Books
    Railway Age and RT&S

                                                                                                                                  2021 Media Planner // IRJ 3
2021Media Kit - IRJ - International Railway Journal

Railjournal.com - The world’s leading railway news website
IRJ relaunched railjournal.com in September 2018, providing what was already the world’s leading source
of online news with a fresh contemporary look. IRJ editors upload 30-40 news stories to the site every week.
We also publish in-depth features and opinion pieces from IRJ editors and Thought Leaders from the industry.
The success of IRJ’s website is reflected in steadily increasing traffic throughout 2020. More and more of the global
rail community now rely on IRJ to provide them with up-to-the-minute news and insight from the sector.

                                                                     Month        Sessions   Unique Users   Page Views
                                                                 September 2019   260,364      183,826        354,802
                                                                    October       279,183      191,155        387,642
                                                                   November       246,658      171,781        352,932

             280,500                                               December       226,515      161,162        316,621
              Sessions                                            January 2020    271,919      193,422        385,473
             on average                                             February      272,749      192,805        380,905
             Per month
                                                                     March        230,894      160,655        313,477
                                                                      April       261,177      188,154        343,862
                                                                      May         263,852      186,331        348,937
                                                                      June        335,572      246,826        437,733
                                                                      July        391,931      286,007        508,577
                                                                     August       326,221      244,368        426,630
              Page Views
              on average
              per month

            unique users
             on average
             per month

    Source: Google Analytics of railjournal.com
       September 1 2019 - August 31 2020

                                                                                                      2021 Media Planner // IRJ 4
2021Media Kit - IRJ - International Railway Journal
Global Reach

IRJ: Unprecedented global reach
Of IRJ’s 10,600 average monthly subscribers, 85% actively request to receive the magazine each month, reflecting
IRJ’s value and importance to the industry. This figure compares with just 19.7% for our nearest competitor.
As well as appeal, IRJ also has unprecedented reach. The magazine is read in 140 countries while our
comprehensive ABC audit reveals the exact sectors in which our readers work. For example, the magazine
is read by 1541 subscribers working in passenger or transit operating companies, and by 1448 readers working
at equipment manufacturers. We also know the specific job functions of our readers - for instance, 2112
work in executive, finance or accounting roles while 1084 work in mechanical engineering and 1304 in
project management and consulting. This level of detail provides advertisers with the reassurance that their
marketing message is reaching their target audience.

       65                                           62
                                                                                           Minutes The average

                        %        Subscribe only
                                 to IRJ
                                                                                           time subscribers
                                                                                           spend reading each
                                                                                           issue of IRJ

         act on articles
           read in IRJ
                                                 3.4 93
                                                Readers per issue
                                                                                                      Act on ads
                                                                                                      seen in IRJ

       88                                                         80
                                 Are actively

                        %                                                               %
                                                                                                    Visit IRJ’s
                                 involved                                                           Website each
                                 in purchasing                                                      month

                                                                       All figures are based on the 2017 IRJ subscriber survey: 548 respondents

                                                                                                                2021 Media Planner // IRJ 5
2021Media Kit - IRJ - International Railway Journal
Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar                                              Ad Copy
January						                                                   Deadline
 • The Railway in 2021					                                     December 16
   IRJ looks ahead to the issues, events and trends that will
   shape the railway industry in the next 12 months.
 • Extra distribution: Middle East Rail 2021,
   Dubai, October 11–12

February						                                                  January 13
 • Spain and Portugal
 • Rapid Transit
 • Digital Technologies
   IRJ Insights: Smart Train Maintenance
 • Extra distribution: Eurasia Rail,
   Konya, Turkey, March 3-5

March						                                                     February 10
 • IRJ 60th Anniversary Special
 • Track: maintenance
 • Signalling and Telecoms
 • Extra distribution: UITP/MENA, Dubai, March 29-31;
   RailTech Europe, Utrecht, Netherlands,
   March 30-April 1

April							                                                    March 17
 • Germany
 • Benelux
 • Timetabling and Operations Management

May							                                                      April 14
 • Britain
 • High Speed
 • Track: rails
   IRJ Insights: Night Train Renaissance
 • Extra distribution: Railtex/Infrarail, Birmingham, May
   11-13; The Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail Conference,
   Cologne, May 26-27.

June							                                                     May 19
 • India and Southern Asia
 • Urban Rail
 • Passenger Experience
   IRJ Insights: Shift2Rail
 • Extra distribution: Rail Solutions Asia, Kuala Lumpur,
   June 16-18; Raillog Korea, Busan, June 16-19

                                                                                     2021 Media Planner // IRJ 6
2021Media Kit - IRJ - International Railway Journal
Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar                                       Ad Copy
July				                                                 Deadline
 • Central and South America                             June 16
 • Green Technology
 • Project Management
   IRJ Insights: Connecting Africa

August						                                             July 14
 • China and East Asia
 • Metros and Light Rail
 • Track: Welding and Fastenings
   IRJ 2021 Innovations Showcase:
   Track and Infrastructure

September     					                                      August 11
 • Italy
 • High Speed
 • North America
   IRJ 2021 Innovations Showcase: All other categories
 • Extra distribution: 7th Railway Forum, Berlin,
   September 7-8; Trako, Gdansk, Poland, September
   21-24; Railway Interchange, Indianapolis, September
   26-29; Expo Ferroviaria, Milan, September 28-30

October						                                            September 15
 • Nordic and Baltic Railways
 • Heavy Haul
 • Traction and Electrification
   IRJ Insights: Belt and Road
 • Extra distribution: Nordic Rail, Jönköping, Sweden,
   October 5-7; Middle East Rail 2021, Dubai, October
   11–12; Sifer, Lille, France, October 26-28

November						                                           October 13
 • Turkey and Middle East
 • Signalling and Telecoms
 • Education, Training and Recruitment
   IRJ Insights: The Wheel-Rail Interface

December       					                                     November 17
 • Australia and New Zealand
 • Transit Special
 • Track: Grinding and Milling
   IRJ 2021 Innovations Showcase Awards
 • Extra distribution: UITP Global Public Transport
   Summit, Melbourne, Australia, December 14-17.

                                                                               2021 Media Planner // IRJ 7
2021Media Kit - IRJ - International Railway Journal
The Railway in 2021

The Railway in 2021
This January IRJ will once again look ahead to the next 12 months in the railway sector. As the railway industry
continues its recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, we will speak with leading rail professionals from around the
world to get their assessment of how the sector moves forward and how they see 2021 unfolding.
Now in its sixth year, our special January issue offers a key snapshot of the industry which is not available
anywhere else. This year more than ever the insight is set to be fascinating. And with extra distribution at
events throughout the year, the January edition of IRJ provides extra value to advertisers.

                                                                                                        2021 Media Planner // IRJ 8
2021Media Kit - IRJ - International Railway Journal
60th Anniversary

IRJ 60th Anniversary Special Edition
This March we will commemorate 60 years of International Railway Journal through a special edition of the magazine.
Our Diamond Anniversary issue will feature interviews with key industry players, looking back on 60 years of
development in the railway sector, while looking ahead at how the industry might continue to grow over the next
60 years and beyond. We will go back through our archive of 720 issues and counting to reflect on 60 years of
IRJ’s reporting on the global railway industry.
It is an issue not to be missed. We look forward to celebrating with you this March.

                                                                                               The world’s railway
                                                                                               magazine since 1961

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Years of IRJ
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The world’s railway magazine
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      since 1961
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The world’s ra

                                                                                                                     The world’s railway magazine    The world’s railway magazine   The world’s railway magazine since 1961
                                                                                                                             since 1961                      Since 1961
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Years of IRJ                                                        The w
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The world’s railway magazine   The world’s railway magazine
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      since 1961                     since 1961

                                                                                                                                                    The world’s railway
                                                                                                                                                    magazine since 1961

                                                                                                      2021 Media Planner // IRJ 9
2021Media Kit - IRJ - International Railway Journal
Innovations Showcase

IRJ 2021 Innovations Showcase
IRJ’s Innovations Showcase will return in 2021 following the success of the inaugural 2020 edition.
IRJ 2021 Innovations Showcase is an opportunity for suppliers to present their latest products, technologies and
solutions for the rail sector to IRJ’s audience of global rail professionals and decision makers. With limited industry
trade shows and events expected to take place in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is the perfect
opportunity to present your latest offer to the market.
In Print
IRJ will dedicate two print issues - August and September - to IRJ 2021 Innovations Showcase.
August is a Track Technology, Maintenance and Infrastructure special. We will feature the latest technologies helping
to improve new project delivery and existing line and infrastructure upgrading and maintenance.
In September we will feature general innovations from across the sector; from the latest in rolling stock systems and
components, to the newest IT and digital technologies and services, diagnostics and measuring equipment, signalling
and communications technology.
In December, we will announce the winners of the second IRJ 2021 Innovation Showcase Awards, selecting the most
innovative solutions from the suppliers featured in a variety of categories.
IRJ 2021 Innovations Showcase coverage will extend to railjournal.com through the Innovations channel,
which is dedicated to the participants in Innovations Showcase.
A weekly IRJ 2021 Innovations Showcase email will be distributed every Tuesday throughout
September highlighting the nominees for the IRJ 2021 Innovations Showcase Awards.

                                                                                                           2021 Media Planner // IRJ 10
IRJ Insights

IRJ Insights: the best in railway industry journalism
Now an established section of the magazine, IRJ Insights is a place for IRJ editors to go in-depth and tackle a major
topic impacting the railway industry. Past reports have included an analysis of how railways are adapting to social
distancing measures, the industry’s approach to cybersecurity, and the future of diesel traction.
We want to push the boundaries of our coverage and present fresh perspectives from different sides of an
argument or issue. The goal is to offer our readers insight that they will not get anywhere else, reinforcing the
value of IRJ as the world’s leading source of quality railway journalism.

                                                                            IRJ Insights 2021
                                                                            February: Smart Train Maintenance
                                                                            May: Night Train Renaissance
                                                                            June: Shift2Rail
                                                                            July: Connecting Africa
                                                                            October: Belt and Road
                                                                            November: The Wheel-Rail Interface

                                                                                                       2021 Media Planner // IRJ 11
Subscriber Profile

Your guarantee to reach the right audience
IRJ has an average circulation of 10,641 railway professionals.1 84% of our qualified circulation is requested,
compared with just 19.7%2 for our nearest competitor. IRJ’s circulation is rigorously audited by ABC, which means
we can provide an accurate and detailed breakdown of our readership by country, job function, and industry sector.
Only IRJ goes the extra mile to ensure we know exactly who our subscribers are, so you can be certain of reaching
the right audience.

Geographical distribution
Europe                            Switzerland                   172   Uruguay                   11   Hong Kong              138    Nigeria                  99
Albania                     2     Turkey                        185   Venezuela                 26   Indonesia              112    Rwanda                    3
Austria                    57     Ukraine                        30   Total circulation        710   Japan                  144    Senegal                   3
Belarus (Belorussia)        7     United Kingdom                891                                  Korea (Dem.                   Sierra Leone              2
Belgium                   164     Unknown                         1   Australasia & Pacific          Peoples Rep.)             4   South Africa            148
Bosnia-Herzegovina          8     Total circulation            4842   Australia                775   Korea (Rep of)           84   Sudan                     8
Bulgaria                   22                                         New Zealand               61   Macau                     2   Swaziland                 4
Croatia                    27     North America                       Northern Mariana               Malaysia                150   Tanzania                 24
Cyprus                      1     Canada                        371   Islands                    1   Philippines              86   Uganda                   14
Czechia                   104     Mexico                        103   Papua New Guinea           1   Singapore               133   Zambia                   29
Denmark                    73     Unknown                         7   Solomon Islands            2   Taiwan                  107   Zimbabwe                 33
Estonia                     8     USA                           653   Tonga                      1   Thailand                100   Total circulation       470
Finland                    36     Total circulation            1134   Total circulation        841   Vietnam                  11
France                    465                                                                        Total circulation      1241   Middle East
Germany                   532     Central & South America             Asia                                                         & North Africa
Greece                     40     Argentina               104         Afghanistan                4   Africa                        Algeria               63
Hungary                   102     Bolivia                   4         Armenia                    2   Angola                   4    Bahrain                1
Republic of Ireland        72     Brazil                  366         Azerbaijan                 5   Benin                    4    Egypt                 63
Italy                     407     Chile                    51         Bangladesh                22   Botswana                 7    Iran                 103
Latvia                     16     Colombia                 48         Georgia                    2   Cameroon                 4    Iraq                   3
Lithuania                  14     Costa Rica                1         India                   1025   Congo                    5    Israel                35
Luxembourg                  5     Cuba                      3         Kazakhstan                20   Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory          Jordan                11
Macedonia                  14     Dominican Republic        2         Maldives                   1   Coast)                   3    Kuwait                 6
Montenegro                 18     Ecuador                  13         Mongolia                  11   Ethiopia                10    Lebanon                5
Netherlands               171     Guadeloupe                1         Myanmar (Burma)            2   Gabon                    1    Libya                 10
Norway                     40     Guatemala                 1         Nepal                      3   Gambia                   1    Morocco               32
Poland                     61     Guyana                    3         Pakistan                  46   Ghana                   17    Oman                  14
Portugal                  183     Haiti                     1         Sri Lanka                 49   Guinea                   1    Qatar                 37
Romania                   104     Jamaica                   2         Turkmenistan               1   Kenya                   17    Saudi Arabia          89
Russian Federation        203     Montserrat                1         Total circulation       1193   Liberia                  1    Syrian Arab Republic   6
Serbia                     30     Panama                    2                                        Malawi                  10    Tunisia               23
Slovakia                   29     Paraguay                  3         SE Asia & Pacific Rim          Mauritania               1    United Arab Emirates 101
Slovenia                   11     Peru                     63         Cambodia (Kampuchea)    2      Mauritius                4    Yemen                  1
Spain                     423     Puerto Rico               1         China (People’s                Mozambique               6    Total circulation    603
Sweden                    113     Trinidad & Tobago         3         Republic of)          168      Namibia                  7
                                                                                                                                   Total qualified      11,304

1 ABC January to December 2019
2 ABC - Railway Gazette International - January to December 2019

                                                                                                                                   2021 Media Planner // IRJ 12
Subscriber Profile

Reach an engaged audience of railway professionals

     Analysis by job function1                                                                Print edition   Digital edition         Total
     Executive, Finance, Accounting, Ministries                                                       1823               289          2112
     Operating                                                                                         627               169           796
     Commercial/Marketing                                                                              726               262           988
     Purchases & Stores                                                                                133                 43          176
     Mechanical Engineering                                                                            795               289          1084
     Civil Engineering/Track                                                                           633               319           952
     Electrical Engineering                                                                            433               233           666
     Signalling & Telecommunications                                                                   625               313           938
     Logistics                                                                                           94                63          157
     Project Management/Consulting                                                                     823               481          1304
     Planning/Strategy                                                                                 287               116           403
     IT                                                                                                128               122           250
     Education/Training                                                                                183                 89          272
     Librarian/Information Resources                                                                   107                 35          142
     Other job functions within the Railway/Transit and Allied Industries                              366                 80          446
     People not responding to the question                                                             185                 18          203
     TOTAL                                                                                            7968              2921         10889

     Analysis by business1                                                                    Print edition   Digital edition         Total
     Railway Operator - Freight                                                                        426                 90          516
     Railway Operator - Passenger/Transit                                                             1287               254          1541
     Railway Operator - Both Freight & Passenger/Transit                                              1080               107          1187
     Infrastructure Manager                                                                            653               295           948
     Railway Leasing Company                                                                             51                10           61
     Railway Construction/Engineering/Planning Company                                                1206               605          1811
     Freight Shipper                                                                                     82                52          134
     Railway Equipment Manufacturer                                                                   1030               418          1448
     Railway Consultancy                                                                               818               581          1399
     Regulatory Authority                                                                              240                 73          313
     University/Training Organisation                                                                  174                 97          271
     Railway Libraries or Associations                                                                 164                 38          202
     Railway Product/Service Supplier                                                                  448               238           686
     Other businesses and individuals within the Railway/Transit and Allied Industries                 212                 46          258
     People not responding to the question                                                               97                17          114
     TOTAL                                                                                            7968              2921         10889

1 ABC January to December 2019 audit based on an analysis of the December 2019 issue of IRJ

                                                                                                                          2021 Media Planner // IRJ 13
Website Advertising

Run-of-site Banners                                                                 Channels
Choose from one of four high-impact advertising units on railjournal.com.
These rotate throughout the IRJ website, including the homepage.

Above the fold, 728x90 pixels or 300x250 pixels
1 month     3 months  6 months  9 months             12 months
$3,102      $2,805/mo $2,494/mo $2,197/mo            $1,900/mo
Below the fold, 728x90 pixels or 300x250 pixels
1 month     3 months  6 months  9 months             12 months
$2,731      $2,420/mo $2,123/mo $1,811/mo            $1,514/mo

Channel Sponsorship
Become the exclusive sponsor of one of our channels, dedicated to key
topics in the rail industry. Channels allow advertisers to align their message
with highly relevant editorial content. In addition, to exclusive channel
sponsorship, banners rotate on the homepage and run-of-site article pages.
Minimum: 3 months sponsorship.
Two 728x90 pixels and two 300x250 pixels
                                                                                    Commuter Rail
1 month     3 months  6 months          9 months  12 months
                                                                                      Main Line
$5,759      $5,448/mo $5,151/mo         $4,839/mo $4,542/mo
                                                                                      Light Rail

                                                                                     North America
                                                                                      Central and
                                                                                     South America
                                                                                      Middle East

                                                                                        2021 Media Planner // IRJ 14

IRJ Rail Brief
IRJ’s flagship newsletter, delivering a digest of the top stories from
railjournal.com from the previous seven days.
Advertisers can access IRJ’s database of 28,000 email subscribers,
who receive IRJ Rail Brief direct to their inbox every Thursday.

Full banner
468x60 pixels: $1,893 per month
160x600 pixels: $2,271 per month
(one unit available)
728x90 pixels: $2,657 per month
(one unit available)

Rail Group News                                                          IRJ 2021 Innovations Showcase
RGN delivers a daily round-up of news stories from IRJ as                As part of IRJ’s 2021 Innovations Showcase
well as North American sister publications, Railway Age                  coverage, we will offer a weekly newsletter this
and Railway Track and Structures to an audience of 29,000                September. The newsletter will feature the nominees
railway industry professionals.                                          for the IRJ 2021 Innovations Showcase Awards, which
Your advertising message will appear approximately 10                    feature on railjournal.com and will be distributed to
business days per month, on an odd/even day rotation.                    IRJ’s database of 28,000 email subscribers.

                            Full banner                                                             Full banner
                            468x60 pixels:                                                          468x60 pixels:
                            $2,530 per month                                                        $2,500 for five days
         728 X 90                                                                728 X 90

                            Skyscraper                                                              Skyscraper
     468 X 60
                    160     160x600 pixels:                                  468 X 60
                                                                                                    160x600 pixels:
                            $3,614 per month                                                 X      $3,450 for five days
     468 X 60
                            (one unit available)                             468 X 60               (one unit available)
     468 X 60               Leaderboard                                      468 X 60
                            728x90 pixels:                                                          728x90 pixels:
                            $5,421 per month                                                        $4,350 for five days
                            (one unit available)                                                    (one unit available)

                                                                                                        2021 Media Planner // IRJ 15

Interactive Webinars
Demonstrate expertise and thought leadership to IRJ’s audience with an informative, co-branded webinar.
Tailored to your marketing objectives, a webinar allows you to create interest around a topic of your choosing
while generating qualified business leads. Your webinar will be promoted to our audience of railway professionals.
IRJ editors work closely with you to develop content for the webinar. All webinar materials are co-branded to align
your brand with IRJ.

                                                            What we offer
                                                              o-branded email invites, promotion, registration
                                                             page, webinar interface, and email confirmations
                                                            • Synchronised slide presentation with audio
                                                            • IRJ editor to act as moderator
                                                            • Live Q&A
                                                            • Ability to post assets and links in platform
                                                            • Speaker photos and bios
                                                            • Live polling with real-time results
                                                            • Social media chat option
                                                            • Technical support via chat and telephone
                                                              uto redirect to URL of your choice at
                                                             conclusion of webinar
                                                            • Customisable exit survey
                                                            • Comprehensive reporting with access to data portal
                                                            • Event archive of six months with registration page
                                                            • Option to add streaming video of speakers
                                                              (additional cost)

                                                                                                       2021 Media Planner // IRJ 16

Editorial Podcasts: Rail Group on Air
International Railway Journal’s editorial podcasts - part of the Rail Group On Air podcast series with sister
publications, Railway Age and Railway Track & Structures - cover the most timely issues facing the rail industry.
IRJ editors create the content for the podcast, which is up to 30 minutes in length, and often comprises an interview
with a leading company executive or official.
Rail Group on Air podcasts are available on via the Apple Store, Google Play and Soundcloud, and offer listeners a new
way of engaging with the best railway industry news and analysis.
The sponsor receives a 30-second introductory ad at the start of the podcast, aligning their messaging with highly
valued editorial content produced by IRJ, Railway Age and RT&S. In 2020, Rail Group On Air podcasts have received
over 22,000 plays. The podcast is promoted on the IRJ, Railway Age and RT&S websites, as well as through direct
Rate: $US 3000

Custom Podcasts
Let your voice reach IRJ’s audience through a custom podcast. The content is created by the sponsor, who can
craft the messaging to meet its marketing goals. Custom podcasts can be up to 10 minutes in duration. In addition
to the content messaging itself, 30-second intro and outro ads at the start and end of the podcast offer additional
opportunities to present your products and services to our audience.
The podcast is promoted on the IRJ website and through direct email.
Rate: $US 4000

                                                                                                       2021 Media Planner // IRJ 17
White Papers

Demonstrate thought leadership to the rail industry
Generate leads while building brand awareness by presenting a white paper or eBook hosted on railjournal.com.
IRJ’s website offers a dedicated space for our active digital audience to explore white papers. A white paper will
position your company as an industry leader and communicate your message to a targeted audience in a trusted
editorial environment.
The White Paper is actively promoted to IRJ’s audience through direct emails and banners in our weekly newsletter,
IRJ Rail Brief. The white paper landing page and all promotional materials are branded with the sponsor’s logo. In
addition to the inclusion of digital promotion, the White Paper’s gated registration form generates qualified leads
for the sponsor. You can specify up to three questions to help further qualify leads.
Rate: $4120/month; 2 months minimum recommended

                                                                                                      2021 Media Planner // IRJ 18
Custom E-mail Campaigns

Access our database of rail professionals
Leverage the strength of the IRJ brand as a trusted source of up-to-date railway information, and promote your
products, services, events and more through a custom e-mail campaign.
                                                   Email campaign includes:
                                                   • Tailored message to IRJ as well as Railway Age
                                                      and RT&S subscribers
                                                   • Your ready-to-deploy HTML
                                                   • Subject line
                                                   • Detailed metrics covering:
                                                     Open rate, and
                                                     Click-through by URL
                                                     end a fully assembled HTML file with all links and images in
                                                    place. All images should be uploaded to advertiser’s server and
                                                    linked by absolute URLs.
                                                   • All images should be resized prior to uploading to server.
                                                   • Recommended width of 500 - 700 pixels.
                                                     o avoid triggering SPAM filters and to increase deliverability,
                                                    avoid the following items: image maps, animated gifs, forms,
                                                    style sheets (CSS), background images, third party tags, words
                                                    in all caps, unusual punctuation, and excessive use of special
• Use proper HTML codes for special characters.
• Use basic HTML to allow for differences in email clients, as in no layers, rollovers, or CSS. Use inline styles only.
• Many email programs automatically block images in emails so please keep all essential information in the text of
  your file. The use of alt text on images is highly recommended.
Subject Line for the Message:
50 characters max suggested
Materials Due:
Please e-mail the HTML file seven days prior to deployment date to Leia Sills at: lsills@sbpub.com

                                                                                                         2021 Media Planner // IRJ 19
Sponsored Content

Establish your company as a thought leader
                                                 Tell a powerful story for your brand through content marketing on the
                                                 IRJ website. Sponsored content aligned closely with our highly regarded
                                                 digital content will help establish your company as a thought leader and
                                                 drive traffic to your website.
                                                 The seamless integration between your messaging and IRJ’s content
                                                 offers a unique opportunity to engage railway decision-makers
                                                 in a relevant editorial environment. A high-visibility post featured on
       Sponsored Content
       Faccatquam siminti bere evel int ma
       pori utati doluptat expedi rerferit id
       quiasped ea saectat qui officae volorib
                                                 our homepage and a relevant channel will promote the content.
                                                 The content is viewable across platforms on desktop, mobile and tablet
       erovit ma vent ducit ut magnimusdae
       lam facepre pernam di ditios dolum
       reptat rentibeatum, omnis ipitium
       voluptiatiat et omnis esciis conse-
       rum voloratur.

                                                 devices. Additional visibility will be provided through dedicated email
                                                 promotion to our audience of more than 30,000 railway professionals.
                                                 All sponsored content items carry the superscription
                                                 “Sponsored Content.”
                                                 Article text: up to 1,500 words including links and images
                                                 Net monthly rate: $6,200

                                                                                                          2021 Media Planner // IRJ 20

IRJ’s data subscription service gives you access to a comprehensive business intelligence toolkit for rail
professionals. The service comprises three elements: Fleet Monitor, Project Monitor and Global Rail Tenders.

        Project Monitor                         Global Rail Tenders                          Fleet Monitor
 Project Monitor is a comprehensive       Global Rail Tenders gives you access       Fleet Monitor provides data on the
 database of new railway and transit       to the latest railway equipment and       purchase of all types of passenger
     projects around the world.             services tenders from around the               trains and locomotives.
                                           world. The system is searchable by
                                          region or country, industry segment,
                                            keyword and publication or expiry
                                         date, with daily email alerts tailored to
                                               subscriber’s chosen criteria.

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