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Prices from $670pp
5 - SCENIC SCOTLAND 2021 VACATIONS Prices from 0pp - Brightwater Holidays
2   Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
5 - SCENIC SCOTLAND 2021 VACATIONS Prices from 0pp - Brightwater Holidays
Well, where to start. What a year it has been so far. We all know
that life can be unexpected, often changing at the drop of a hat,
but 2020 until now really has been unprecedented. For us here
at Brightwater Holidays, getting out there and traveling to new
places – along with returning to our beloved favorite destinations
– is what drives us. Having to put travel plans on hold has been
a challenge, as we’re sure it has been for many of you, but it has
given us ample time to think about where to visit next, what kind of
journeys we might like to offer you, and – more importantly – how
we are going to do that in what will undoubtedly be a completely
new era of travel.                                                            Carnell

In this brand-new brochure, you’ll find that our best-sellers along
with tried and trusted favorites will be returning for 2021, but we         NEW TOURS, LOOKING AHEAD
have also crafted a new series of trips that will showcase new
                                                                           Wondering what’s new for 2021? Well, there’s quite a lot! If you
parts of Scotland and the glorious gardens to be found among
                                                                           love wandering around a manicured garden, appreciating the
them. There are also new steam train vacations, walking vacations
                                                                           landscaping and flora on display, you’ll be interested in our new
and new historic houses to explore. You’ll also find detailed the
                                                                           Scottish vacations. From the country’s extreme north west to the
outstanding list of actions that we are introducing to minimize
                                                                           Isle of Skye, and from Orkney’s beautiful garden trail to seasonal
the risk of contracting COVID-19 on your travels. These include
                                                                                  visits in the West Highlands, this section will have something
face masks for every day of your vacation, social distancing
                                                                                        for you. Prefer a more leisurely approach? How about
measures, enhanced hygiene protocols and even
insurance options with COVID-19 cover.                         SAME                         a steam train vacation? We have three on offer for
                                                                                              Scotland, along with two for the rest of the UK,
Additionally, for your peace of mind, we have
reduced the time frame for paying vacation
                                                              PRICE AS
balances from 84 days to 70 days prior to
departure, and this can be reduced even further
if we feel that there is any chance that the
                                                               ON OVER
                                                                50% OF
vacation will not go ahead as a result of either
COVID-19 presence or restrictions in your chosen
destination. And, if you are forced to cancel as a result
of COVID-19 symptoms and cannot make an insurance
claim, we pledge to be as understanding as possible in
our cancelation fees and charge only what we cannot recover
ourselves. What’s more, you can secure your place on vacation for
only $50!
So, please enjoy this tempting range of vacations and book with
confidence, safe in the knowledge that no tour operator is doing
more to mitigate the risks of COVID-19. We look forward to the             but the new addition is a revamped version of our popular Classic
pleasure of your company again in 2021.                                    Scottish Steam Break. Perhaps you’re looking to stay active on
Best wishes,                                                               your next vacation? If this is the case, our new walking tours might
                                                                           be the solution. Discover the glorious Outer Hebrides on foot, with
Alison Wilson                                                              daily distances covered between 2 and 11.5 miles. Finally, we have a
Managing Director                                                          new addition to our historic houses range, which will take you to the
                                                                           castles of Aberdeenshire.

HOW TO BOOK                                                                 FULL FINANCIAL PROTECTION
Once you’ve finished browsing these pages at your leisure and               All our vacations are fully bonded and protected. The air vacation
when you’re ready to treat yourself to a place on one of our                packages in this brochure are ATOL Protected, since we hold an Air
vacations, just get in touch and we’ll do the rest!                         Travel Organizer’s License granted by the Civil Aviation Authority.
                                                                            Our ATOL number is ATOL 4498. ATOL protection does not apply
Give our friendly sales team a call, Monday to Friday between 9am
                                                                            to all vacation and travel services in this brochure. Vacations
and 3pm, on 1-866-391-7020. Alternatively, send us an email at
                                                                            without flights are protected by ABTOT. This means that in the
                                                                            unlikely event of our insolvency, your vacation would be completed
For further details on any of the trips mentioned, including                or refunded.
information on our day-by-day itineraries or full booking conditions,
please visit our website: www.brightwaterholidays.com
Finally, if you have any questions, do feel free to get in touch with
our customer care team on 1-646-802-1529.
Happy browsing, and we look forward to hearing from you!                      5020

                                                                  1-866-391-7020 | info@brightwaterholidays.com | www.brightwaterholidays.com      3
5 - SCENIC SCOTLAND 2021 VACATIONS Prices from 0pp - Brightwater Holidays

                                                  LOW DEPOSIT
                                                  Vacations up to $1500 = $50
                                                  Vacations $1501-$3000 = $125
                                                  Vacations $3001 and above = $425

                      $275                         EARLY BIRD OFFER
                                                              Book before 31 August 2020
                                                              and receive up to $275 off
                                                              selected tours

                                                          Terms and conditions apply (see website for details).

4   Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
5 - SCENIC SCOTLAND 2021 VACATIONS Prices from 0pp - Brightwater Holidays
  If you’re looking for more flexibility, independence and the chance to maintain social
  distancing as part of your vacations from now on, we are delighted to share that all our
  tours can be run as Independent or Self-Drive Vacations, to help get you on your way.

                              There are three options for guests who choose this vacation type, which we hope
                              will help you travel with confidence. Firstly, you can opt to join a set departure and
                              drive behind the coach yourself, re-joining the rest of the group at the visits and then
                              again at overnight accommodation. Alternatively, select any of our UK itineraries to
                              enjoy at your own pace in your own transport, choosing a departure date that suits
                              you outside of the usual group setting. We can also provide car-hire quotes for this
                              option if required. Finally, if you would prefer a touch of exclusivity, we can offer you
                              a driver or tour guide –
                                                     ­ or both – as part of a fully inclusive package, so that you can
                              indulge in a truly personal service on any of the itineraries featured.

Start your vacation early.
35 years, specialising in the essential extras that every
traveller needs for less hassle and more vacation:

     Airport hotels            Airport parking        Airport lounges

Less hassle. More vacation.                                                         Call Brightwater Holidays to book: 1-888-365-0229

                                                         1-866-391-7020 | info@brightwaterholidays.com | www.brightwaterholidays.com   5
5 - SCENIC SCOTLAND 2021 VACATIONS Prices from 0pp - Brightwater Holidays
Scenic Scottish Tours
     SHETLAND                                                                               HEBRIDES - 5 DAY

                                                   30   UNDISCOVERED ORKNEY
24   AN ARCHAEOLOGIST’S VIEW OF                                                        37   WALKING IN THE OUTER
     ORKNEY AND SHETLAND                                                                    HEBRIDES
                                                   31   INDEPENDENT AND SELF-DRIVE
26   UP HELLY AA - 5 DAY                                                               38   ISLAY AND JURA

                                                   32   GRAND TOUR OF THE INNER
27   UP HELLY AA - 7 DAY                                HEBRIDES                       39   MULL, STAFFA & IONA

28   KNITTING IN THE SHETLAND                      34   GRAND TOUR OF THE OUTER        40   COLL AND TIREE
     ISLES                                              HEBRIDES - 6 DAY

6    Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
5 - SCENIC SCOTLAND 2021 VACATIONS Prices from 0pp - Brightwater Holidays

                                          HEART OF THE HIGHLANDS

42    ARRAN, SCOTLAND IN MINIATURE                                                62        IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE PICTS
                                     51   LORD OF THE GLENS - 8 DAY -
                                          HEART OF THE HIGHLANDS                  63        A CLASSIC SCOTTISH STEAM
43    AUTUMN TINTS OF ARRAN                                                                 BREAK

                                     52   GARDENS OF DUMFRIES AND
44    SPRING AND AUTUMN IN THE            GALLOWAY                                64        A CLASSIC SCOTTISH STEAM

                                     54   GARDENS OF THE FAR NORTH
                                                                                  66        CALEDONIAN DAYS
                                     56   PRIVATE GARDENS OF
                                                                                  68        SCENIC SCOTTISH RAILWAYS
                                          CAITHNESS & SUTHERLAND
      THE FAR NORTH                                                                         HISTORIC HOUSES OF
                                          BEST OF ANGUS GARDENS                   70
                                     57                                                     ABERDEENSHIRE

                                     58   ORKNEY’S GARDEN TRAIL
                                                                                  71        HISTORIC HOUSES OF THE
                                                                                            SCOTTISH BORDERS
                                     60   PRIVATE GARDENS OF THE
                                                                                            AUTUMN TINTS OF PERTHSHIRE
                                          SCOTTISH BORDERS                        72

                                                                                  73        CHRISTMAS IN THE SCOTTISH

                                              1-866-391-7020 | info@brightwaterholidays.com | www.brightwaterholidays.com    7
5 - SCENIC SCOTLAND 2021 VACATIONS Prices from 0pp - Brightwater Holidays
                                                                                   YOU SAFE
                                                                                    A NEW WORLD OF TRAVEL
                                                                                    IN THE TIME OF COVID-19

T    he past six months have been difficult for us all, and also disappointing for those with travel plans disrupted as a result
     of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our guests have a passion for travel and a desire to appreciate the historic treasures of the
world, and they are reluctant to postpone vacation plans indefinitely. But, naturally, many are concerned about traveling
in the time of COVID-19, and we share these concerns. While the risk of contracting COVID-19 on your travels cannot
be eliminated entirely, here at Brightwater Holidays we are introducing an industry-leading series of actions designed to
minimize that exposure as far as possible for your peace of mind.

FREE ‘Travel Safe’ kits for every Enhanced Health and Safety
traveler                          audits
Other measures detailed on these pages try            We have always, in partnership with two
to allow for a measure of social distancing,          globally renowned organisations, applied
                   but there will be moments          rigorous health and safety checks to our         Distanced seating on coaches
                        on every tour where           hotels, airlines, cruise ships, coaches,
                           it is impossible           excursion transport and any other                The overwhelming majority of Brightwater
                               to maintain            significant aspect of a Brightwater vacation.    vacations do not exceed 25 guests. But
                                 the required         Now though, we are going even further, by        we will be using full-size coaches where
                                  distance from       requiring that these services pass COVID-19      possible, so everyone has the option of two
                                   other people,      hygiene and cleanliness tests as part of our     seats to themselves. That preserves the
                                    including         health and safety protocols.                     required distance across the coach, but as
                                    your fellow                                                        there may be guests in front and behind
                                    travelers.        COVID-19 insurance                               you, we would recommend that masks from
                                   In those                                                            your ‘Travel Safe’ kit are worn during coach
                                  circumstances,      Perhaps unsurprisingly, many travel              journeys.
                                the wearing           insurance providers are excluding COVID-19
                             of face masks            from their cover. However, we have sourced       Self-drive options
                          and regular                 a provider offering coverage in the event
                      sanitisation of hands           that you fall ill on your vacation as a result   We are in the process of arranging
                and surfaces reduces the              of COVID-19 and need to return home, in          self-drive options on UK and selected
risk of transmission considerably. Our kits,          addition to standard coverage. More details      European itineraries for those who wish
packed in a fully sanitized environment,              may be found on our website. If you have         to maintain complete social distancing
comprise a face mask for every day of your            independently arranged insurance, please         during travel. Simply follow the coach or a
tour, including travel days, flight-friendly          check its COVID-19 terms.                        pre-supplied map in your own car or a hire
bottles of hand sanitizer and packs of anti                                                            vehicle and join the rest of the group at
bacterial wipes. Every one of our guests                                                               attractions and hotels.
will receive a ‘Travel Safe’ kit in the weeks
before departure.

8       Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
5 - SCENIC SCOTLAND 2021 VACATIONS Prices from 0pp - Brightwater Holidays
‘Get me home’ service and                          arrangements we have with our suppliers
                                                   and the number of people opting out – let
                                                                                                     Testing and medical training
private airport transfers                          us know if you would like to opt out of meals     for tour staff
In the unlikely event that you are denied          at the time of booking and, if applicable,        When reliable ‘on demand’ testing becomes
entry to your destination as a result of           a deduction will be applied when your             available, it is our intention to test tour
airport temperature checks, or you are             vacation balance becomes payable.                 managers, guides and any other tour staff
forced to curtail your vacation as a result of
COVID-19 symptoms, you may wish to avoid           Flexible balance payment date                     within 72 hours of departure. We are also
                                                                                                     enhancing the medical training that our
public transport on your journey home. We          and COVID-friendly refund                         tour managers receive to include COVID-19
can arrange a private transfer service to
take you to your front door. This private
                                                   conditions                                        specific knowledge and actions.

home transfer service is also available to         If there are signs of COVID-19 in the area        Constant monitoring and
book if you simply wish to ensure social
distancing on your way to and from the
                                                   you are due to visit, we will contact you
                                                   with a change to your balance due date.
                                                                                                     post-tour tracing
airport. There will be an additional cost for      To give us more time to assess whether            Dedicated Brightwater Holidays staff
this service, but our option is competitively      it is possible to run your tour, we can           produce daily reports on the COVID-19
priced.                                            postpone the payment of your balance              situation in every one of our destinations,
                                                   from ten weeks before departure to six            along with any regulations or restrictions
Packed lunches and flexible                        weeks. Furthermore, if you are forced to
                                                   cancel your vacation close to departure
                                                                                                     specific to airlines, attractions and local
dining options                                     as a result of COVID-19 symptoms and
                                                                                                     authorities. We can therefore provide you
                                                                                                     with the most useful and up-to-date advice
Where possible and relevant, we will be            you are not able to claim through your            and plan contingencies in the event of
providing packed lunches (prepared in an           insurance provider, we pledge to be as            staff or guest symptoms and the closing
enhanced hygiene environment) in place             flexible as possible in our cancelation costs.    of a hotel, restaurant or other venue. In
of communal dining. We are also looking to         We pledge to be as flexible as possible           the event of a localised outbreak, we
offer opportunities to opt out of communal         in our cancelation costs – instead of the         will be able to change our itinerary and
dining on selected itineraries, so you can         industry-standard 100% cancelation fee,           arrangements swiftly to avoid possible
better control your social distancing at           we would negotiate with our suppliers and         exposure. We will also be in touch with
meal times by dining independently, if you         charge only those costs which we could not        you upon your return – if you show any
prefer. There may be a reduction in price for      recover ourselves.                                symptoms and need to self-isolate, we can
choosing to do this, but it will depend on the                                                       let all your fellow travelers know, so that
                                                                                                     they can do the same.

    COVID-19 protocols at our hotels and aboard our cruise ships
    We are working with every single one of our hotel and cruise suppliers to ensure minimal COVID-19 transmission risks. We expect
    the very highest standards of food hygiene, gloved and masked staff and lower floor rooms where possible to minimize lift usage.
    To give a few examples on the cruise side, our river cruise partners have already implemented numerous measures including the
    following (full details may be found at www.brightwaterholidays.com):

    A-ROSA CRUISES                                  CROISI-EUROPE CRUISES                           BACKWATERS CRUISES
    •    Infrared temperature screening upon        •    Infrared temperature screening upon        •    Pre-cruise screening and daily
         boarding                                        boarding                                        temperature checks for guests
    •    Adhering to relevant distances on          •    Adhering to relevant distances on          •    Adhering to relevant distances on
         board through ‘one-way streets’, floor          board indicated by floor markings               board in guest seating and food and
         markings, increased seating space etc           and directions, with furniture in public        bar service
    •    All crew and guests required to wear            areas arranged accordingly                 •    All food preparation staff to wear face
         face masks in interior public areas        •    Reserved seating, two sittings for              masks at all times
    •    New air refreshment and filtration              meals and lunch and dinner buffets         •    Anti-viral fumigation pre and post
         system for guest rooms                          replaced by table service                       cruise. Regular inspections and
    •    Mandatory hand sanitising on               •    Hand sanitizers available at every              increased cleaning of all lounge, galley
         embarkation/disembarkation and at all           entrance/exit                                   and bathroom areas
         entrances/exits                            •    Daily spraying of disinfectant and         •    Face masks for guests in public areas,
    •    No self-service food – two set sittings         multiple daily cleaning of ‘high touch’         on coaches etc
         for meals and all food and beverage to          areas                                      •    Cruise curtailment contingency plans
         be brought by staff                        •    High temperature laundry of bedding,            in the event of a positive test
    •    Guest luggage disinfection and                  uniforms and tableware
         enhanced hygiene measures for guest        •    Social distancing on excursions, in
         room cleaning                                   addition to the provision of masks,
                                                         gloves and gel

                         If you would like to discuss any of this information further please
                         don’t hesitate to give us a call on: 1-646-802-1529
                                                                 1-866-391-7020 | info@brightwaterholidays.com | www.brightwaterholidays.com        9
5 - SCENIC SCOTLAND 2021 VACATIONS Prices from 0pp - Brightwater Holidays

Having been based in picturesque Cupar – Fife’s small county
town – for over 25 years, we’ve seen our fair share of islands,        What makes our tours special?
gardens and ancient sites. The team here at Brightwater really
understands the restorative power of nature and feelings of awe         » We have over 25 years of experience and
that wandering around an archaeological treasure trove, enjoying          knowledge
a magnificent view or visiting a stunning garden can inspire, and
we have designed our tours with these factors in mind. We’ve been       » Unique and innovative vacations
visiting many locations for so long that our relationships with the
staff allow us to treat guests to special access.                       » Exclusive access to private gardens and visits
                                                                        » No hidden extras
          Best tour guide I’ve ever had on                              » Experts in Scottish travel, with our dedicated
          any vacation - his knowledge of                                 team having visited a total of 35 of its islands
          places, wildlife and history was
                   very extensive.                                      » Well-planned itineraries that are also perfectly
        Guest 2019, Grand Tour of the Outer Hebrides                      paced
                                                                        » Friendly and authoritative tour managers
We are proud of our country and passionate about the place we
call home. Between us, we have visited every corner of the land,
                                                                        » Professionally recognized partnerships
including a total of 35 islands, so we know these destination inside
and out, allowing us to create the very best itineraries. Whether
                                                                        » Welcoming and friendly service from first
you want to discover the ancient treasures or the fresh air in            contact
Orkney and Shetland, take a ride along the most scenic railways, or
discover Scotland’s finest castles, gardens, produce and wildlife –     » You can enjoy peace of mind with financial
we’ve got it covered.                                                     protection

10     Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
Departure points
Our Scottish vacations pick up from
Glasgow, Edinburgh (Marriott Hotel),
Dunfermline, Kinross and Perth.
Occasionally Montrose, Arbroath, Dundee,
Aberdeen or Inverness are available
depending on coach routing. Some tours
are circular in nature so it is not always
possible to return to your original pick-up
point. Pick-up points and approximate
departure times are detailed in our full day
by day itineraries, available by contacting
our office on 1-866-391-7020 or visiting our    Personalize your vacation
website: www.brightwaterholidays.com            Here at Brightwater Holidays, it is important to us that you enjoy every second of your trip.
                                                This is why we offer ways in which you can tailor your vacation to best fit your needs, and
                                                there are always things we can do to help:

                                                   Room and cabin upgrades                               Rail/air connections
Connecting travel                                  Whether you want to treat yourself to            Rail or air travel connections to get you
Most UK regional airports offer a wide             a sea view, a junior suite or an upper            to one of our pick-up points can be
range of domestic flights with low‑cost            deck cabin, just let us know and we’ll           arranged along with airport parking, if
airlines to the various Scottish airports,                      do the rest.                               required, for a supplement.
while the train from London to Edinburgh
takes a little over four hours. So, if you
live south of the border and want to join
our Scottish tours, do ask us to quote for
connecting travel. Why not treat yourself to
a first-class upgrade or enjoy the comfort
of an airport lounge? We can also organize           Extra nights either side                          Extend pre- or post-tour
airport parking, fast-track security or
priority boarding where available.                Overnight accommodation in Glasgow,                 If you want to explore more of what
                                                    Edinburgh and near other pick-up                 your destination has to offer, why not
                                                     points as well as at airports are              extend your trip with an extra week and
                                                        available at a supplement.                          later flights, for example.

What we include
Our program includes a host of tried and
tested favorites, a handful of vacations        British Travel Awards Winners 2018 and 2019
making a welcome return and a peppering         In November 2019, we were absolutely delighted to learn that Brightwater Holidays had won
of brand new tours to capture the               two prizes at the prestigious British Travel Awards. We brought home a gold prize for Best
imagination. As always we try and give our      Coach Holiday Company and we also won silver for Best Special Interest Holiday Company.
guests a wealth of experiences. Whether
it’s special access to gardens, or behind the   This is the second year running we’ve enjoyed success at the BTAs, as in 2018 we
scenes tours of historic houses, you can        brought home prizes in the very same categories. We’d like to extend a huge thank you
do it all with us. All our tours now include    to everybody who took the time to vote for us, and we can’t wait to make more of your
porterage (where available), taking the         vacation dreams come true in 2021.
weight off your mind.

                                                              1-866-391-7020 | info@brightwaterholidays.com | www.brightwaterholidays.com       11
tailor-made group travel
S    ince its inception over 25 years ago,
     Brightwater Holidays has provided
tailor-made travel arrangements for
                                                    On most occasions, we also provide
                                                    an experienced Tour Manager, who
                                                    will ensure the smooth running of the
                                                                                                   O    ur friendly and highly experienced
                                                                                                        tailor-made Private Groups
                                                                                                   Manager, Jenni Duncan, has been with
many private groups and societies, with             vacation, leaving the group organizers         Brightwater for over 20 years.
a dedicated Group Travel department                 free to relax and enjoy themselves.
                                                                                                   During that time she has worked in
providing a highly personal service. The
                                                    We aim to understand fully the                 every department of the company so
itineraries and packages have been
                                                    requirements of your group, so if you          knows the business inside out, and
as varied as the groups themselves,
                                                    are a group travel organizer or a group        having traveled extensively has a wide
ranging from a short city break to an
                                                    of friends and would like some advice          ranging knowledge of destinations and
extended tour of South Africa.
                                                    or a quotation for a tour, please contact      tour ideas.
Typically, tours include all                        our Private Groups Manager, Jenni
                                                                                                   No challenge is too daunting for Jenni
transportation, accommodation                       Duncan, who would be delighted to
                                                                                                   and with a host of contacts to call on
and entry costs, visiting gardens,                  help tailor make a package for you.
                                                                                                   she will always produce fully costed
stately homes, art galleries and other
                                                    Remember it’s your tour, and we will           and attractively presented proposals.
specialist attractions depending on
                                                    try and supply the perfect vacation to         With her pleasant manner and patient
the group’s individual requirements.
                                                    match your requirements and budget.            approach she is very easy to work
                                                                                                   with and the large number of repeat
                                                                                                   customers we have is testament to

                                                                                                    The gardens were beautiful
                                                                                                        and our guide was
                                                                                                       absolutely excellent.

                                  Hardwick Hall                                  Senso-ji Temple

                                                                                                      I found the Brightwater
                                                                                                       office service excellent
                                                                                                               as usual.

                                        Valletta                                   Bantry House

12    Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
Popular group itineraries
can do
for you
                                                                                             Floriade                                   Cardiff’s Bute Park

» Group size                                    Floriade 2022                                           South Wales
                                                On a purpose-built site close to                        The valleys of South Wales offer a host
   A small group of friends, a club of 50, or
                                                Amsterdam, Floriade will be one of the                  of interesting visits from gardens and
   anything in between — no matter the
                                                horticultural high points of 2022 and, if the           historic houses to outdoor museums
   number, we’ll find the visits and hotels
                                                previous event in 2012 is anything to go                and scenic coastlines. As such it is the
   that offer the perfect fit.
                                                by, a very popular destination for private              ideal destination for private groups of all
                                                groups.                                                 interests.

» Transport
   Plane, train or coach — how will you get
   to your destination? We figure out the
   cost and itinerary implications so you
   can make an informed choice.

» Room and board                                                       North York Moors National Park                                    Coastal Scotland
   5* luxury accommodation and pre
   dinner drinks or comfortable hotels and      Yorkshire                                               Orkney and Shetland
   independent meals? You decide on the
                                                Yorkshire lies within easy reach of both                Best experienced in the long days of
   particulars, and we’ll factor it all into
                                                Scotland and the south of England and                   the summer months, the archipelagos
   your total price.
                                                offers a wide range of attractions. Take                of Orkney and Shetland offer a unique
                                                a nostalgic train ride across the North                 experience unlike anywhere else in the
                                                Yorkshire Moors, enjoy the splendors of                 British Isles. The archaeology is world class
»Tour destination                               Castle Howard or explore historic York.                 and the views are breathtaking.

   Let us know where you’d like to go, and
   for how many days, and we’ll do the
   rest. Multi-center trip around Scotland
   or three-week break to New Zealand
   – whatever you have in mind, we can
   make it happen.

»All inclusive                                                                           Lanhydrock                                       Blarney Ccastle

   All site and garden visits included, or a
   pick-and-mix of optional excursions —
                                                Devon and Cornwall                                      Irish Rover
   just how much you’d like to cover in the     Whether it’s for gardens or historic houses,            Our north to south tour of the island of
   cost of your tour is up to you.              literary connections or delicious cream                 Ireland’s beguiling gardens and lush, green
                                                teas, the adjoining counties of Devon and               pastures has been very successful over
                                                Cornwall are hard to beat. Spring comes                 the years. With ferry travel as an option to
                                                earlier and summer lasts longer here,                   flying, we have also arranged tours to other
                                                providing year-round travel opportunities.              popular areas such as Kerry and Donegal.

Get in touch and get started
O   ur friendly and highly experienced tailor-made Private Groups Manager, Jenni Duncan, would be delighted to hear from
    you. Give her a call on 1-866-391-7020, or send an email to groups@brightwaterholidays.com to get things started.
If you would like some inspiration, have a look at our website www.brightwaterholidays.com
No matter what stage of planning you’re at, our team will be able to work with you every step of the way.

                                                              1-866-391-7020 | info@brightwaterholidays.com | www.brightwaterholidays.com                     13
                                                                               Best of Scotland
                                                                               Even though we’ve been bringing guests to all parts of our beautiful
                                                                               homeland of Scotland for over 25 years now, there are still new
                                                                               places to be explored. With this in mind, we are delighted to share
                                                                               a selection of eight new Scottish vacations, all of which have been
                                                                               designed to showcase the beauty, history and heritage of this
                                                                               unforgettable country.
                                                                               From private gardens dotted around the Scottish Borders to
                                                                               Orkney’s very own Garden Trail; from scenic days spent on the Isle
                                                                               of Skye or in the atmospheric north-west to whisky tasting against
                                                                               the backdrop of the stunning Cairngorm Mountains – there really is
                                                                               something here for everyone.
                                                                               Whether you’re a seasoned visitor or a first-timer, a trip to Scotland
                                                                               is something you’ll never forget – and no two experiences are ever
                                                                               the same.

Best of Angus Gardens
The historic county of Angus in North-East Scotland is home to
rich, fertile soil that provides a fantastic environment for gardening.
On this new four-day vacation, we explore a selection of wonderful
gardens along with sites of interest, all of which offer a memorable
insight into both the history and landscape of the area. The first
visit of the trip takes us high into the Angus Glens and we also stop
at Glamis, which is known for being the childhood home of the late
Queen Mother, as well as the castles of Edzell and Gardyne. Where
gardens are concerned, guests will be in for a treat. At Logie House,
a herbalist’s garden awaits discovery, while at Pitmuies, lavishly
planted herbaceous borders bring the space vibrantly to life. And,
if this wasn’t enough, we will also open the gates to the attractive
private gardens of Torwood, Dunninald and Langley Park.

Spring & Autumn in
the West Highlands
 Explore the West Highlands in two of the best seasons to visit –
 spring and autumn. Garden visits on this unique new tour range
 from Ardkinglas Woodland Garden to Arduaine and we also visit
 Glenarn, one of Scotland’s best woodland gardens with many
 plants brought back specially from Asia.

                                                                               Orkney’s Garden Trail
                                                                               The windswept isles of Orkney may not be the first place that
                                                                               springs to mind when you think of a destination for a garden
                                                                               vacation but you will be pleasantly surprised should you venture
                                                                               north. Orkney is a surprisingly green and fertile place and its hardy
                                                                               gardeners have learnt how to make the most of the conditions.
                                                                               While we are here we will also visit some of the outstanding
                                                                               archaeological sites while enjoying those endless summer days.
                                                      Quoy of Houton, Orkney

14      Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
Whisky Trail
Journey to the heart of Speyside, where
some of the world’s best single malts
are produced. Distillery visits include
Dalwhinnie, Cardhu, Glenlivet and
Strathisla, and of course there will be
tastings along the way! We will also visit
Ballindalloch Castle, all the while enjoying
the magnificent highland scenery.                   Ballindalloch

                                                  Private Gardens of the
                                                  Scottish Borders
                                                  Nestled among the rolling hills of the delightful Scottish Borders, a host of eye-catching
                                                  gardens can be found – and no two are the same. From the grandeur of Floors Castle – the
                                                  largest inhabited castle in the entire country – to the tranquil Harmony and Priorwood
                                                  gardens adjacent to Melrose Abbey, a vacation here is nothing short of scenic. From our
                                                  base just outside of Peebles, we will follow the course of the River Tweed, stopping at a
                                                  carefully curated range of gardens, both privately owned and open to the public.

                                                                                                         Best of Ayrshire
                                                                                                         This new vacation explores the green
                                                                                                         fingered delights of the county of Ayrshire
                                                                                                         and the island of Arran, where Brodick
                                                                                                         Castle is a particular highlight, with its
                                                                                                         woodland gardens and mixed borders.
                                                                                                         There are visits to grand properties such as
                                                                                                         Dumfries House and Culzean Castle and
                                                                                                         we will also be opening the gates to some
                                                                                                         charming private gardens.
                                                                                        Culzean Castle

                                                                                                         Explorer -
                                                                                                         Skye & the
                                                                                                         Far North
                                                                                                         Board our comfortable coach, sit back
                                                                                                         and prepare for a classic tour of Scotland,
                                                                                                         traveling north into the Cairngorms and
                                                                                                         further still to the unrivalled wilds of Assynt.
                                    Achmelvich                                                 Assynt    We see the legendary Glenfinnan Viaduct
                                                                                                         as we travel to the coast at Mallaig and

Scotland’s Extreme North West
                                                                                                         enjoy a full day on the misty Isle of Skye.
                                                                                                         Elsewhere, there will be time to see the
                                                                                                         ancient pine forest of the Rothiemurchus
A visit to the atmospheric north-west coast of Scotland is filled with rugged and remote                 estate, visit the colorful Hebridean harbor
landscapes. This four-day vacation visits the magical Smoo Cave, a wonderful chocolatier                 of Portree and travel alongside Loch Ness,
in Durness, the stunning beach at Oldshoremore, and the vast, undulating moorland at                     home to the famous monster myth. Our
Assynt. Our evenings will be just as enjoyable, indulging in fine food, great company and                homeward journey at the end of this six day
even the odd fireside dram. What’s more, the coastal views and landscapes are even more                  tour takes us via the haunting beauty of
breathtaking and the warmth of our highland hotel even more welcoming at this time of                    Glencoe and tranquil Loch Earn.

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Steam Travel
There’s nothing quite like gliding through stunning countryside from
the comfort of a steam train, and it will come as no surprise that
this method of transport is often associated with the golden age of
travel. What’s even better is that we can still do this today!
In our modern era of immediacy and convenience, where we need
to get places as quickly as possible and must have everything now,
the notion of steam travel doesn’t quite seem to fit in. However, this
is the appeal. Slowing down is one of life’s joys, and what better way
to do it? Making the journey the focus of a vacation, rather than
the final destination, we give ourselves much needed time – time to
observe, to relax, to think and to just simply enjoy the experience.
If the sound of this is making you want to pack your bags and hop
aboard a steam train, we have a selection of vacations for you that
include the opportunity to do just that.
Why not embrace the beauty of Scotland and opt for one of our
northern steam train vacations? Choose between our beloved
Classic Scottish Steam Break, our Scenic Scottish Railways trip or
our new Caledonian Days vacation. If you want to explore England
by rail, how about our Steam Trains of Yorkshire tour or our new
Steam Trains of Wales vacation. The choice is yours!

                                                                           A Classic Scottish
                                                                           Steam Break
                                                                           If you’re looking for your first steam vacation or you want
                                                                           something tried and tested, our Classic Scottish Steam Break
                                                                           has been running for years and is among our most popular trips.
                                                                           Traveling aboard the Jacobite steam trail along the Fort William to
                                                                           Mallaig route, this vacation offers an 84-mile round trip through
                                                                           some of the most spectacular scenery in Scotland. Glide across
                                                                           the Glenfinnan Viaduct, immortalised on screen in the Harry Potter
                                                                           film franchise, and take a spin on the Falkirk Wheel, which was the
                                                                           world’s first rotating boat lift, as part of a journey by water. There is
                                                                           also a scenic cruise on Loch Katrine along with a chance to sail on
                                                                           The Waverley, the last ocean-going paddle steamer. What’s more,
                                                                           we have a revamped version of this tour on offer for 2021, which
                                                                           features accommodation at the luxurious Stirling Highland Hotel.

                                                           Falkirk Wheel                                                   Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

16     Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
Scenic Scottish
                                                                         Another wonderful way to explore the sights of Scotland is as
                                                                         part of our Scenic Scottish Railways vacation. This four-day break
                                                                         manages to pack in quite a lot, from an iconic rail route – the Fort
                                                                         William to Mallaig line – to the dramatically positioned Eilean
                                                                         Donan Castle. Imagine crossing moorland blanketed by heather,
                                                                         gazing out at the Cairngorm Mountains in the distance from the
                                                                         comfort of a classic steam train. What’s more, there’s a stop at
                                                                         Boat of Garten, which doubled as ‘Glenbogle’ in the popular BBC
                                                                         TV series, Monarch of the Glen.

                                                             Jacobite      PS Waverley

Caledonian Days
Indulge in a heady dose of nostalgia on this new for 2021 four-day
vacation. Starting at the Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway, home to the
largest collection of preserved steam locomotives in Scotland, a
short yet authentic steam-hauled train journey helps us to recall the
glory days of the Caledonian and North British railways. From here,
we take a train to Wemyss Bay and then a modern day ‘steamer’
across the Firth of Clyde to Rothesay. But the fun doesn’t stop
there. This trip also includes a full day excursion aboard the West
Highland railway line, a superbly scenic route that takes in lochs,
glens, moors and mountains, to the bustling town of Oban on the
west coast. Before we say goodbye, there is also a chance to board
the paddle steamer Maid of the Loch at her berth on Loch Lomond.

Steam Trains of
Yorkshire & Wales
If you wanted to enjoy a steam themed vacation outside Scotland,
we have two new trips on offer for 2021 that will take you either
around Wales or through Yorkshire. On the latter trip, travel along
both the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and the Wensleydale
Railway, visiting Whitby and the Brontë Parsonage Museum. In
Wales, take the train to the summit of Mount Snowdon, and ride
aboard both the Welsh Highland Railway and Ffestiniog Railway
(please refer to our Gardens and Special Interest brochure or our
website for full details).
                                                                           Loch Katrine

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NEW FOR                                                                       Walking in the Outer

                                                                              If you love getting out and about by foot, we have a brand new
                                                                              walking tour on offer for 2021 that will not only be invigorating
                                                                              and rewarding, but beautiful and wild, too. Join us in the Outer

Walking Tours
                                                                              Hebrides, for three enjoyable days of walking, with daily distances
                                                                              ranging from two to 11.5 miles. We will admire stunning views from
                                                                              Luskentyre Beach, there will be a circular walk to pass by the
                                                                              Dun Carloway Broch (dating back to around 100 AD) and we will
Many of us are seeking more from our travels nowadays than a                  also come face to face with the 5,ooo-year-old Standing Stones
chance to relax and merely observe. One of the most popular                   of Callanish. This new trip will showcase exactly why the Outer
activities that travelers want to do on their vacations is to walk. Not       Hebrides provides some of the best walking in the British Isles.
only does walking help to keep us fit, it also promotes good mental
well-being. That’s right, the benefits of walking are broad – from
helping to improve sleep quality and overall mood, to reducing
stress and supporting heart health! What better way to make the
most of a vacation?
         It goes without saying that you need a good degree of mobility
         to get the most out of these walking vacations. In the following
         pages they, and other tours where more than the usual amount of
         walking is involved, are marked with this logo

                                                                                                                                     Luskentyre, Harris

                                                                              Peak District &
                                                                              We also have two other walking vacations on offer, which can
                                                                              take you around the Peak District and Cornwall respectively,
                                                                              destinations chosen for their scenic landscapes and places of
                                                                              interest, such Chatsworth House and the glorious Lanhydrock and
                                                                              Marsh Villa gardens in Cornwall (please refer to our Gardens and
                                                                              Special Interest brochure or our website for full details).
                                                               Monsal Trail

18     Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
Historic Houses and
Luxury Coach Travel
Do you love sneaking a peek at the interiors of other people’s homes? Are you enchanted
by buildings with magnificent architecture? Do stories of the past capture your
imagination? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we think you might enjoy our
exciting collection of Historic Houses vacations. In addition, selected tours also include
travel aboard our exciting new luxury coaches, featuring leather seats with three-point
seatbelts and arm rests, air-conditioning and heating throughout, a kitchen area and
refrigerator, curtains, privacy glass and air suspension, all of which will make your journey
that much more comfortable - tours with this feature included are marked by a coach logo.
Please refer to our Gardens and Special Interest brochure or our website for full details.              Fyvie Castle

                                                                Includes Luxury Coach Travel

                                Abbotsford House                                            Balmoral                                     Penrhyn Castle

Scottish Borders Aberdeenshire                                                                         North Wales
Often overlooked in comparison with the             From Drum Castle with its 700-year-old             Encompassing a broad sweep of Welsh
Highlands and Islands, the Scottish Borders         history to the elaborate Z-plan Fraser             history, the houses we visit on this four day
have their own understated appeal. Visit            Castle, and from the ghost stories and             vacation range from the Jacobean Plas
Manderston House, described as ”the                 folklore of Fyvie Castle to Craigievar and         Teg to one of the oldest datable medieval
swansong of the stately home”; Traquair             the royal residence of Balmoral, this tour         properties in the country – Aberconwy
House, the oldest continuously inhabited            shines a spotlight on the stories behind the       House. Other visits include Erddig Hall and
house in Scotland; and Abbotsford, home to          walls. Impressive architecture, ancient tales      Bodhryddan Hall, one of the few remaining
Sir Walter Scott.                                   and truly awe-inspiring landscapes await.          family-owned stately homes in Wales.

                               Grimsthorpe Castle                                 Athelhampton House                                        Lanhydrock

Lincolnshire                                        Dorset                                             Devon & Cornwall
Historic halls, mansions and castles await in       With a special tour of Minterne House led          The neighboring counties of Devon and
Lincolnshire and we take time to explore a          by none other than the owner himself –             Cornwall have a broad expanse of history,
stunning array of them. We visit Gunby Hall,        Lord Digby – and with visits to Kingston           which is reflected in the houses dotted
a homely country house with a fine garden;          Lacy, Thomas Hardy’s Max Gate house and            around, from the Georgian Killerton House,
Grimsthorpe Castle, where we enjoy a                Forde Abbey, this charming new vacation            with its amazing collection of 18th-19th
private tour of the castle; and Belton Hall,        shines a spotlight on beautiful Dorset along       century costumes, to the Elizabethan
often cited as the perfect example of an            with the many unforgettable tales that it          Prideaux Place, lived in by the same family
English country house estate.                       has to tell.                                       since 1592.

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Best Sellers
 5 DAYS FROM                                                                           GRAND TOUR OF THE
 $940                                                                                  OUTER HEBRIDES
                                                                                       A tour so popular that we have two versions on offer! That’s
                                                                                       right, you have the option to choose between a five day and
                                                                                       six day iteration of this trip. The longer vacation offers a unique
                                                                                       opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the Western
                                                                                       Isles, taking in all the beauty and diversity of this very special
                                                                                       environment with 10 different islands and four ferry trips included.
                                                                                       Two comfortable hotels ensure that this vacation is as relaxing
                                                                                       as possible, while at the same time offering great variety. The
                                                                                       shorter version of our Grand Tour begins with a scenic drive via
                                                                                       Fort William, Glenfinnan and Mallaig, and then we take the ferry to
                                                                                       Lochboisdale in South Uist and continue to our hotel in Benbecula.
                                                                                       From here, we visit Barra, Vatersay Bay and the Standing Stones
                                                                                       of Callanish. Whichever version of our Grand Tour you choose,
                                                                                       you will be treated to some breathtaking landscapes, visits to both
                                                                                       archaeological and historical sites of interest, and a chance to
                                                                                       explore as much of the Outer Hebrides as possible in one tour.
                                                                           Vatersay    See pages 34-36.

  A CLASSIC                                                                                                                                             4 DAYS FROM

  SCOTTISH STEAM BREAK                                                                                                                                 $805
  Journey back to the golden age of travel and treat yourself to a
  place on our Classic Scottish Steam Break vacation. We will spend
  four days gliding past glorious scenery and revelling in the stunning
  landscapes that Scotland has to offer. Not only will you enjoy a
  trip aboard the Jacobite steam train, traveling from Fort William to
  Mallaig, you will ride over the iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct, through
  rugged mountains, past sea and inland lochs and on to the shores
  of the Atlantic. There will be time on the water as well, because
  this vacation features a memorable cruise on Loch Katrine, which
  serves as Glasgow’s water supply and is also one of the most
  attractive fresh water lochs in Scotland, along with a ride aboard
  the world’s last sea-going paddle steamer, The Waverley. What’s
  more, we have now created a new version of this itinerary for 2021
  for those who are looking to really spoil themselves.
  See pages 63-65.

                                                                                                                                            The Jacobite steam train

6 DAYS FROM                                                                            HIGHLIGHTS OF
$1615                                                                                  ORKNEY & SHETLAND
                                                                                       Discover the remarkable islands of the Simmer Dim – Orkney and
                                                                                       Shetland. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or you want to return,
                                                                                       this six day tour takes in a variety of sites, from archaeological
                                                                                       hotspots to areas of outstanding natural beauty. Pay a visit to the
                                                                                       Prehistoric and Norse Settlement of Jarlshof, with over three acres
                                                                                       of remains that span 3,000 years since the days of the Stone Age.
                                                                                       Observe the mighty stone circles of Brodgar and Stenness, to the
                                                                                       north side of the Orphir Hills, and explore the chambered tomb
                                                                                       at Maeshowe. Elsewhere, we will cross the Churchill Barriers and
                                                                                       enter a beautiful little Italian Chapel, which was built on the site
                                                                                       of a former prisoner of war camp. For the bird-lovers among us,
                                                                                       there is a chance to see thousands of sea birds including puffins
                                                                                       (May-August only), guillemots and razorbills at the RSPB reserve
                                                                                       at Sumburgh Head. As you can see, these islands are filled with
                                                                                       surprises, from natural wonders to historic treasures. All that’s left
                                                                                       to do is decide when you would like to join us.
                                                        Neolithic site of Skara Brae   See pages 22-23.

  20      Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
Our Tour Managers
O    ur Tour Managers are on hand to sprinkle their magic on your vacation and are a vital part of the service we provide.
     They have your health and safety in mind at all times, but also your comfort and enjoyment. They make the tours come
alive with their knowledge of the destination, their sense of humor, advice and patience, and they are there to ensure the
smooth running of the tour from start to finish. Most are specialists in their field and are chosen to fit our tours perfectly –
having a horticultural background, archaeological expertise or due to their knowledge of a particular destination.

           Alastair Walker                                    Alison Reid                                   David MacLennan
      A native of Inverness with a rural           One of Brightwater’s most popular tour          Since retiring from full time employment,
    background, Alastair’s knowledge of         managers, Alison has a particular interest in        David has worked as a tour manager
 Scotland is wide-ranging, spanning from         the early and medieval history of Scotland.       and guide, specialising in history and the
   the Northern Isles and the Hebrides to        A native of Glasgow, she studied Medieval         ramifications of WW1, so you can expect
 Perthshire, Galloway and the Borders. His      History and Archaeology at the University of      to find him on many of our Historic Houses
specialist subjects include Scottish military    St Andrews and spent 30 years working in         tours. Other favorites include Highlights of
 history and the railways of Scotland, both      museums in Edinburgh, Perth and Kinross,          Orkney & Shetland, Arran and our Classic
   past and present, though he is equally       Wigtownshire, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire         Scottish Steam breaks and he always looks
  happy showing you parts of the country          and Glasgow - before finally becoming a         forward to sharing his knowledge of these
    many miles away from railway tracks.          Scotland-wide Blue Badge tourist guide.                    corners of the country.

            Peter Yeoman                                     Colin Crosbie                                     Sue Pomeroy
   Peter Yeoman was, until recently, Head        Colin Crosbie was the Head Gardener to               Having studied horticulture in places
  of Cultural Heritage at Historic Scotland,    Her Majesty The Queen Mother in Windsor             ranging from New Zealand to Chile, Sue
with responsibility for the archaeology and      prior to taking up the position of Curator        now lives in the north-west Highlands. Her
 the knowledge base for the estate of 345          at RHS Garden Wisley. His extensive            personal garden is open to the public and it
 properties in their care. He wrote the new      horticultural knowledge and experience           has featured in Country Life and Gardeners’
 official guidebooks for Iona Abbey, Stirling       coupled with his good humor have               World. Previously, she worked at Inverewe
 Castle and Edinburgh Castle, contributed        established him as one of Brightwater’s              Garden for 14 years as a propagator
to the Lonely Planet guide to Scotland, and                most engaging guides.                      and indeed won the rare accolade of
          teaches blue badge guides.                                                                        ‘Propagator of the Year’.

                                                               1-866-391-7020 | info@brightwaterholidays.com | www.brightwaterholidays.com   21
                                                                                                                  6 DAYS FROM


                                                                                                                    Whale bone,?????

S   ail away to lands steeped in history, wildlife and stunning scenery – the Orkney and Shetland isles. Many people have
    landed there before us, some as early as 3,000 BC. Most famous of all were the Vikings, but they were not alone and all
around you historical treasures can be found. Both Orkney and Shetland have their own identities. Orkney is green and fertile,
while Shetland has rugged cliff and sea loch landscapes. However, both share a colorful history of Picts, Norsemen, ancient
antiquities and seafaring legends – bound together with an independent spirit that sets them apart from the rest of Scotland.
We sail with Serco Northlink Ferries aboard their modern, purpose-built vessels overnight from Aberdeen to Lerwick, and
then there are two full days to tour Shetland. After rejoining the ship for an evening sailing to Kirkwall, we have two days to
explore Orkney.

22    Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
  Ring of Brodgar                                                                                                              Neolithic site of Skara Brae    D

Your Itinerary
Day 1 We depart from our designated            Day 4 We have a full day excursion
departure points and travel to Aberdeen.       around mainland Orkney, visiting the many
We take an overnight ferry to Lerwick          archaeological sites including the great
and once on board, we shall check in to        stone circles of Brodgar and Stenness,
our comfortable twin-berth cabins, which       which lie to the north side of the Orphir
all have en-suite facilities. The ship has     Hills. To this day, the monuments’ ages
a delightful restaurant, where dinner is       remain uncertain. We then continue to
served this evening. (D)                       Maeshowe, the finest chambered tomb
                                               in Western Europe. Built before 2,700 BC,
Day 2 After breakfast, we leave the ship
                                               Maeshowe was raided by the Vikings in
and commence our tour of Shetland. Our
                                               the 12th century, and it houses the largest
first stop is Scalloway, where we visit the
                                               collections of runic inscriptions to be found                                                       Puffins
ruined castle built in 1600 by the infamous
                                               in any one place in the world. A visit to
Earl Patrick Stewart. We then continue
                                               Skara Brae is also included, with its new
north to the spectacular cliffs of Eshaness.
                                               visitor center depicting the history of this
Look out for the ‘Otters Crossing’ sign, and
                                               world famous monument. (B & D)                      Your Tour Includes
indeed the otters themselves, at the narrow
isthmus known as Mavis Grind, where it is      Day 5 This morning, we have free time               » One night’s dinner, bed & breakfast at
said to be possible to throw a stone from      to explore Kirkwall at leisure. Places of             the Busta House Hotel, Shetland and
the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. From      interest include St. Magnus Cathedral,                three nights’ bed & breakfast (plus two
                                                                                                     dinners) at the Kirkwall Hotel, Orkney
here, we transfer to our accommodation at      one of Europe’s greatest architectural
the historic and characterful Busta House      masterpieces, its red and yellow sandstone          » All ferry crossings, including one night’s
Hotel. (B & D)                                 still vibrant after 861 years, and the                accommodation in two-berth inside
                                               adjacent Bishop’s Palace. In the afternoon,           cabins on Serco Northlink Ferries
Day 3 Today we start with a visit to                                                                 MV Hrossey/Hjaltland on the outward
                                               we depart on a tour of the south end of
the outstanding Prehistoric and Norse                                                                sailing (outside cabins available at a
                                               mainland Orkney, crossing the Churchill               supplement of $55pp)
Settlement of Jarlshof, with over three
                                               Barriers, which were built after the sinking
acres of remains, spanning 3,000 years                                                             » One breakfast and two dinners on board
                                               of the HMS Royal Oak in October 1939. We
since the days of the Stone Age, including                                                           ship
                                               also stop off at the beautiful Italian Chapel,
oval‑shaped Bronze Age houses, an Iron
                                               built on the site of a former prisoner of           » All visits as outlined in the itinerary
Age broch and wheel houses. From here,
                                               war camp. The marvelous paintings in the            » Comfortable coach travel throughout
we travel to nearby Sumburgh Head and
                                               interior were done by one of the prisoners
visit the RSPB reserve, home to thousands                                                          » Services of a professional tour manager
                                               who returned several times to restore and
of seabirds including puffins (May-Aug),
                                               repaint parts of the building. (B & D)
guillemots and razorbills. This afternoon we
travel through small communities before        Day 6 After breakfast, we check out of the          Departures & Prices
we have free time in the island’s capital of   hotel and transfer to St. Margaret’s Hope
Lerwick and an opportunity to visit the        to catch the Pentland Ferries sailing to Gills       May 3               from $1750pp
state of the art Shetland Museum. This         Bay. We then return to our original pick-up          May 17              from $1680pp
evening, we rejoin our ship and sail south     points. (B)
                                                                                                    June 7              from $1885pp
to Orkney. Dinner is served on board and
upon arrival in Orkney we transfer to our                                                           August 2            from $1750pp
hotel. (B & D)                                                                                      Sept 20             from $1615pp
                                                                                                   Single Supplement $510
                                               Inc. meals: B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner

                                                              1-866-391-7020 | info@brightwaterholidays.com | www.brightwaterholidays.com                 23
                                                                                                                  6 DAYS FROM


                                                                                                             Standing Stones of Stenness

T    he islands of Orkney and Shetland are littered with archaeological remains. People first came here over 5,000 years ago
     and many of their remains survive. Research is ongoing here and excavations by archaeologists continue to uncover new
information. The islands are therefore of enormous interest to anyone who enjoys first-hand contact with ancient settlements
and buildings, and the people who once lived here.
During our time on Shetland we will visit the uninhabited island of Mousa with its 2,000-year-old full size broch, the
Prehistoric and Norse Settlement of Jarlshof, St. Ninian’s Isle with its 6th century church, and also the ruined castle of
Scalloway. We then travel to Orkney where we visit the Italian Chapel; the Tomb of the Eagles, which offers a unique ‘hands-
on’ experience - an opportunity to handle 5,000‑year old artifacts excavated from an extensive cliff-top site; Maeshowe, the
finest chambered tomb in Western Europe; and Skara Brae as well as Skaill House. En route to Aberdeen, we will stop for a
photo opportunity at Dunnottar Castle, a clifftop fortress dating back to the 3rd century.

24    Brightwater Holidays | 2021 Scenic Scotland
  Mousa Broch                                                                                                                            Italian Chapel    D

Your Itinerary
Day 1 We depart from our designated            campaign, were sent here to work on
departure points and travel to Aberdeen,       the Causeways and converted two huts
via the dramatic coastal ruins of Dunnottar    into a chapel. The marvelous paintings in
Castle, and board the Serco Northlink ferry    the interior were the work of Domenico
for our overnight sailing to Shetland. (D)     Chiocchetti, one of the prisoners who
                                               has returned several times to restore
Day 2 Arriving in Lerwick, we take a
                                               and repaint parts of the building. We
scenic tour of the island, passing through
                                               continue to the Isbister chambered
the communities of Gulberwick and
                                               tomb (otherwise known as the Tomb of
Cunningsburgh. Weather permitting, we
                                               the Eagles for the number of talons of sea
cross to Mousa to visit the 2,000 year
                                               eagles found there) and the Liddle Burnt
old Mousa Broch, an Iron Age tower
                                               Mound – two exceptional sites discovered                                                        Jarlshof
still standing at its original height of
                                               by the same farmer some 50 years ago.
13 meters. Returning to the mainland,
                                               We return to Kirkwall for free time this
we visit Hoswick Visitor Center, before
                                               afternoon, where you may choose to visit
heading to the outstanding Prehistoric and
                                               the magnificent St. Magnus Cathedral.               Your Tour Includes
Norse Settlement of Jarlshof, where three
                                               (B & D)
millennia of history may be traced in the                                                          » One night’s dinner, bed & breakfast at
remains and buildings, from oval-shaped        Day 5 Today we enjoy an excursion to                  the Brae/Busta House Hotel, Shetland;
Bronze Age houses to Viking longhouses         the heart of Neolithic Orkney’s UNESCO                three nights’ bed & breakfast (plus two
and medieval farmhouses. Finally, we visit     World Heritage Sites. We visit Maeshowe,              dinners) at the Kirkwall Hotel, Orkney
the nearby cliffs at Sumburgh Head before      home to the largest collection of runic             » All ferry crossings, including one night’s
transferring to our hotel. Please note: on     inscriptions to be found in one place in              accommodation in two-berth inside
31 May and 23 August we will be staying        the world, the evocative Ness of Brodgar              cabins on Serco Northlink Ferries
at the Brae Hotel and on the other dates       and the world-famous prehistoric stone                MV Hrossey/Hjaltland on the outward
at the Busta House Hotel. (B & D)              settlement of Skara Brae. Later, we visit             sailing (outside cabins available at a
                                                                                                     supplement of $55pp)
                                               the iconic Standing Stones of Stenness
Day 3 We travel down to St. Ninian’s Isle,
                                               and Neolithic village of Barnhouse. (B & D)         » One breakfast and two dinners on board
with its church dating from the 6th century,                                                         ship
when Christianity first came to Shetland.      Day 6 We check out of the hotel and
We travel to Scalloway, Shetland’s former      transfer to St. Margaret’s Hope to catch the        » All visits as outlined in the itinerary
capital, where we visit the ruined castle of   Pentland Ferries sailing to Gills Bay before        » Comfortable coach travel throughout
the infamous Earl Patrick Stewart before       returning to our original pick-up points. (B)
                                                                                                   » Services of an archaeological expert as
continuing through Tingwall Valley, site                                                             tour manager
of the old Norse parliament. We return to
Lerwick to explore the town before sailing
to Orkney. (B & D)
                                                                                                   Departures & Prices
Day 4 This morning we depart on a tour of
southern Orkney, crossing the Churchill                                                            April 26            from $1750pp
Barriers built after the sinking of the HMS                                                        May 31              from $1615pp
Royal Oak in October 1939. We stop first                                                           July 12             from $1950pp
at the Italian Chapel, built on the site of                                                        August 23           from $1885pp
a prisoner of war camp. Several hundred
Italians, captured during the North African                                                        Single Supplement $510
                                               Inc. meals: B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner

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