2018 Fall Product Program Troop Plan Book - Girl Scouts of Orange

2018 Fall Product Program Troop Plan Book - Girl Scouts of Orange
Service Unit:                              Troop #:

Volunteer Network: ID       622gsoc                       Password       622gsoc

UNIFY: ID                                          Password

    Check the Fall Product Website often for the latest information regarding the Fall Product program.
2018 Fall Product Program Troop Plan Book - Girl Scouts of Orange
Your Service Unit Product Team are volunteers in your local community who will be your primary
contact persons during the Fall Product program. They can answer any questions you may have or
help you resolve problems. Service Unit Rosters with contact information can be found on the
Volunteer Network.
SU Product Manager Name:
(Appoints and Supports Troop Product Coordinators)

Phone #:


Service Unit Materials Coordinator Name:
(Receives and passes out troop materials)

Phone #:


SU Nut Distributor Name:
(Coordinates SU initial order delivery—will provide date, time and location)

Phone #:


   Delivery Date, Time and Location
   Our Troop pick-up day is:
                                                                    (Date & Time)


SU Booth Sale Coordinator Name:
(Acquires booth sites and runs booth sale lottery)

Phone #:


Service Unit Girl Rewards Coordinator Name:
(Receives and passes out girl rewards)

Phone #:

2018 Fall Product Program Troop Plan Book - Girl Scouts of Orange
Page                                             Page

Dates and Quick Checklist                1-2     Open a Store or Go Door-to-Door         19-20
                                                    Guidelines for Booth Sales
Ashdon Farms Nut Products and Pricing    3
                                                    Parent/Daughter Booth Sales
Online Products and Program              4          Door-to-Door, Nut Stands, Walkabouts
Virtual Care to Share                    5       Manage the Money                         21-24
    Troops Own Care to Share                       Guidelines for Collecting Payments
59 Minutes Quick Start                   6         Entering Girl Payments in UNIFY
                                                   Counterfeit Bills
Getting Started                           7-9
                                                   Troop Bank Account
   Becoming a Troop Product Coordinator
                                                   Troop Payments
                                                   Uncollected Funds
                                                   Extra Product
   Partnering with Troop Leaders
                                                 Wrap-Up the Program                      25-26
   Verifying Girl Information in UNIFY
   Accessing UNIFY                                  End of Sale Processing
   Accessing Links to Plan Book, Training           Troop Final Reports Due
   Videos and more                               Celebrate and Reward Girls               27-29
   Modify Your Information in UNIFY                 Girl Rewards
   Access Girl Roster in UNIFY                      Top Seller Reception
Inspire Girls to Lead (5 Skills)         10         Special Troop Patches
                                                    Troop Bonus Reward
Hold a Family Meeting                    11         Troop Proceeds
Place Your Initial Nut Order             12-15      OC Bucks
   Fall Program Begins                              Pick-Up and Distribute Girl Rewards
   Troop Bank Information Upload                    Submit Troop Paperwork
   Girl/Parent Enters Initial Order                 Final Rewards Adjustments
   Troop Initial Order Process                   Resources                                30-31
   Troop Initial Order Submitted                    Customer Returns
   Late Initial Order                               Burglary/Theft/Robbery
Pick-up Your Initial Order               16         Damaged Product
    Pick-Up Troop Initial Order                     Online Marketing for Girls
    Distribute Orders to Girls                      What to Do About Selling Issues
    Pick-Up Late Initial Orders                     Tax-Deductible Products

Re-Stock and Re-Energize                 17-18   Websites                                 32
   Placing Cupboard Orders                       Additional Support                       33
   Ordering Additional Virtual Care to           Position Description                     34
                                                 Notes                                    35-36
   Picking Up Cupboard Orders
                                                 Dates to Remember                        Back
2018 Fall Product Program Troop Plan Book - Girl Scouts of Orange
Before the Program Begins
September 5-15 (pages 3-9)    Meet the products
                              Qualify for Troop Product Coordinator position
                              Connect with Service Unit Product Manager and Materials Coordinator
                              Attend Training
                              Partner with Troop Leaders to prepare for Family Meeting
                              Visit www.GSCookiesETC.org/fall product for updates and links
                              Verify Girl Information in Unify
                              Accessing Unify
September 6 and beyond        Inspire Girls to Lead
(pages 10-11)
                              Hold a Family Meeting
                              Collect completed Parent Responsibility forms (last 2 pages of the
                                Family Guide)
                              Distribute materials only after Parent Responsibility form is collected
September 13 (page 7)         Participate in the Getting Started webinar (optional)
September 21 (page 8)         Troop Launch Emails begin

                                 During the Program

September 22 (page 12)        Fall Product Program Begins
                              Girl Launch Emails begin
October 4 (page 12)           Upload of troop bank information into UNIFY begins
October 4 (page 14)           Participate in the How to Place Initial Order webinar (optional)
October 5-7 (pages 12-14)     Place initial order
Oct. 5-Nov. 4 (page 12)       Girls continue to make direct, Care to Share and online sales
October 7 (page 15)           Troop Initial Order Submitted in the UNIFY by 9:00 AM
October 19 (page 15)          Late Initial Orders Due

2018 Fall Product Program Troop Plan Book - Girl Scouts of Orange
October 20-23 (page 16)        Pick-up and Distribute Nut Products
                                 Girls turn in money as sales are made
Oct. 22-Nov 8 (pages 21-22)    Collect product money from girls throughout the program
                               Count money and give a receipt to the parents
                               Record payments in UNIFY
                               Deposit money into Troop bank account

October 23 (pages 17-18)         Cupboards begin to open
                               Contact Cupboard for additional product as needed
                               Allocate late initial, additional nut orders and booth sales to girls in the
                                  UNIFY including Care to Share
October 26 (pages 19-20)       Booth Sales begin
November 1 (page 25)           Participate in the End of Sale Processing webinar (optional)
November 2 (page 21)           Girls’ final balance due to Troop
November 4 (page 30)           Last day to exchange damaged product at cupboards

                                   After the Program
November 5-7 (pages 25-26)     End of sale processing
November 6 (page 23)           Make final deposit into Troop bank account
                               Payment Adjustment form submitted by 3:00 PM if needed
November 7 (page 26)           Final troop reports due to Service Unit by 9:00 AM
November 8 (page 23)           ACH debit of Troop final balance begins
January (page 29)              Pick-up girl rewards from the Service Unit Rewards Coordinator
January 21 (page 29)           Final girl reward adjustments due

                       Throughout the Fall Product Program

Aug. 15-Nov. 11 (pages 30-34)    Resources
                                 Websites
                                 Additional Support
                                 Position Description

2018 Fall Product Program Troop Plan Book - Girl Scouts of Orange
Troops receive 90¢ for
                                                                     every Ashdon Farms
                                                                        Product sold.

                                                        $8.00 Holiday Tin with
     $8.00 Girl Scout Tin with                          Chocolate Covered Pretzels
     Mint Treasurers                                     A favorite sweet and salty snack.
     Creamy milk chocolate with a                        Crunchy pretzels covered in
     refreshing mint filled center.                      smooth milk chocolate.

                                                       $8.00 Chocolate Covered
$8.00 Salt and Pepper                                  Almonds
Cashew Halves                                          Crunchy almonds covered in milk
Cashew halves with a classic salt                      chocolate will have you wanting
and pepper seasoning.                                  more.

                                                       $7.00 Dark Chocolate
$8.00 Whole Cashews                                    Caramel Caps with Sea Salt
A classic favorite roasted and                         Dark chocolate covered caramel
salted to perfection.                                  topped with sea salt.

$7.00 Chocolate Covered                                 $7.00 English Butter Toffee
Raisins                                                 Crunchy toffee handcrafted in
Plump raisins covered in smooth                         small batches and drenched in
milk chocolate that is sure to satisfy                  milk chocolate.
any chocolate lover.

                                                      $6.00 Dark Chocolate Mint
$6.00 Peanut Butter Bears                             Penguins
Milk chocolate bears with a smooth
                                                      Rich dark chocolate penguins
peanut butter filing.
                                                      bursting with frosty mint.

$6.00 Cranberry Nut Mix                                $6.00 Salsa Mix
A tasty mix of peanuts, raisins,                       Peanuts, salsa corn sticks, toasted
cranberries, cashews, banana                           corn, soy noodles, almonds and
chips, almonds, and walnuts.                           pepitas.

$5.00 Honey Roasted Peanuts
                                                      $5.00 Butter Toasted Peanuts
Peanuts roasted with a touch of
                                                      Lightly roasted peanuts with a
honey to make this a perfect
                                                      buttery flavor.

                              $6.00 Care to Share
                              Customers purchase 1 or more
                              cans or magazine vouchers to
                              donate to the Care to Share
                              community service project. This
                              purchase is tax deductible.

2018 Fall Product Program Troop Plan Book - Girl Scouts of Orange
Look for this
                                                                                                    button to login
                                                                                                    to the UNIFY
                                                                                                     online sales
 Girls may send text messages or emails inviting friends and family to order                          program.
 products online using the UNIFY Online sales program!

   Online Magazine Orders                    Online Nut Store
          (QSP Items)                     (Ashdon Farms Items)
                                      As part of the QSP/Nut Online       Online Tumbler, Organic Veggie
  Give subscriptions as gifts,                                               Plants and New! Candles
renew existing subscriptions or         Program, emails or texts to
                                      friends and family will include                 (QSP Items)
order new subscriptions! There                                                 Customers now have the
 are over 600 magazines both           the option for them to order,
                                           pay for and have nuts           opportunity to purchase stainless
  print and digital versions to                                              steel and Tervis tumblers, 8
  choose from and customers               delivered to their home/
                                                 business.                 varieties of organic veggie plants
   can save up to 90% over                                                     and premium candle jars.
       newsstand prices!

      Troop Leaders and parents will receive an email from QSP which will include key details about
       participating in the UNIFY online sales program including quick links, their ID and password and
      Girls can track their online sales from their Dashboard on the UNIFY online sales system.
      Girls can choose to offer an online girl delivered option to customers in the local area where the
       customer pays for nuts online with a credit card (small convenience fee applies for order) and then the
       girl delivers the online girl delivered order with the rest of her in person nut, candy orders. Girls earn
       credit towards girl rewards, Troop earns proceeds for every item sold online and all sales are
       automatically reported in UNIFY.
      All online sales of nut, snack and Care to Share product count towards girl rewards for Ashdon
       Farms. Online sales of magazines, tumblers and organic veggies count towards girl rewards for
      Deadline: The last day girls receive credit for online orders is November 4, 2018. Be sure to
       personalize your email to customers, encouraging them to place an online order before November
       4th. Online orders placed after November 4th will continue to help the Council to provide program for
       all girls, but will not be counted towards girl rewards or troop proceeds.
Special Online Girl Rewards:

      Online Patch
                            2018-2019 Patch           Girls who reach $200 in       Girls who reach $450 in
     send 15 emails
                            Send 30+ emails           ONLINE sales will earn        ONLINE sales will earn a
    using the UNIFY
                            using the UNIFY            their own customized          t-shirt customized with
       online sales
                           online sales system              online patch!                their first name!

2018 Fall Product Program Troop Plan Book - Girl Scouts of Orange
Care to Share is virtual, simple & easy!
 Virtual Care to Share, a Girl Scout community service project, allows girls the opportunity to participate by
 selling virtual “Care to Share” magazine vouchers, nut and snack items that are distributed to our nation’s
 military and to the Second Harvest Food Bank. What a great way to help your Girl Scout Troop, community
 and Council!
       Before orders begin, discuss virtual Care to Share with your troop. Explain how to take orders,
        collect payment and provide receipts. Explain who will be receiving the donations. Make posters for
        your Door-to-Door and booth sales.
       Encourage girls to ask every customer if they’d like to participate in the virtual Care to Share
       Care to Share purchases are tax deductible! Girls should print out Care to Share receipts
        (www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/forms) for customers.
       Girls collect $6.00 cash for each virtual Care to Share order. Do not worry about choosing the variety
        of nuts or magazine, or organization. The Council will handle this for you.
       Girls record virtual Care to Share purchases on their order card including the magazine vouchers.
       Enter virtual Care to Share from each girl’s order card as you would any other variety. The troop will
        NOT receive any virtual Care to Share product. Council will deliver it for you.
       After initial orders, Troop places orders with Cupboard for additional or booth sale virtual
        Care to Share purchases.
       Allocate additional and booth sale virtual Care to Share units to the girls in the UNIFY online sales
       Deposit all money, including virtual Care to Share, into your troop bank account.
       Girls earn credit towards Ashdon Farms rewards for each virtual Care to Share sold (magazine
        vouchers, nuts and snack items) and Troops earn 90¢ proceeds on all virtual Care to Share sales
        (nuts and magazine vouchers).

                           Girls who sell 8+ virtual magazine vouchers, nut or snack items for
                           virtual Care to Share earn the Care to Share patch. The Care to
                           Share patch is for the virtual Care to Share program only.

Troops Own Cookie Share
Girl Scout troops may choose their own organization to receive Care to Share donations provided they
follow the guidelines on the Donation Agreement form found on www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/forms.

        Patches for Troop’s Own Donation/Service Project can be ordered from our Girl Scout Shop.

          The girls in the Troop make the decision if they would like to participate in the Council’s virtual
          Care to Share program or to do a Troop’s Own Care to Share project. Service Units who do their
          own Care to Share project may invite Troops to participate, but cannot make it a requirement.

2018 Fall Product Program Troop Plan Book - Girl Scouts of Orange
59 Minute—Quick Start is an easy way to supercharge your troop’s early start-up
funds! Girls talk on the phone with friends and family and earn money at the same
time. It’s fun! It’s easy! And it only takes 59 minutes!

How the 59-Minute Quick Start Works

   1. First, visit the 59 Minute Quick Start website for resources at

   2. Second, girls register for the UNIFY online sales program, click on Text & Share and send themselves
      the text payment link.

   3. Third, girls call friends and family and forward the text link for payment. Girls have fun on the phone
      offering a $20 gift card that can be used to purchase items on the QSP’s website.

Sales count towards QSP girl rewards and the Troop will earn $3.00 for each gift card sold.

To receive free patches for each girl who sold one or more magazine or military gift card, complete the 59
Minute form on the Product Sales website (www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct) by November 4, 2018.

          Sample $20 Magazine Gift Card                             Sample $20 Military Gift Card
                                                                   customers can purchase to be
                                                                    donated to a military family.

2018 Fall Product Program Troop Plan Book - Girl Scouts of Orange
Becoming a Troop Product Coordinator
Qualify for Troop Product Coordinator position (check off as you go!)
  Complete your registration for the 2018-2019 Girl Scout Membership year
  Select Troop Product Coordinator role in MyGS, sign Volunteer Agreement and pass background
     screening (once every 5 years)
  Ensure Banking form with voided troop check has been submitted online (must be done every year)
  Connect with your Service Unit Product Manager and Materials Coordinator for:
     One copy of the Troop Plan Book
    Girl Packet with Family Guide, order card, and girl money envelopes (1 per girl)
    Receipt books (minimum 2 per troop)
  Complete Troop Product Coordinator training (classroom or online)

         You must complete all steps by November 1 for your troop to earn proceeds!

   Troops will receive training materials in the mail the week of August 27, 2018 (one per troop).

September 5 and Beyond           Welcome to Training
Troop Product Coordinator trainings are available both online and in person. Dates, times and how to
register for the in-person trainings as well as the link to the online training can be found on the Council’s
calendar located at www.GirlScoutsOC.org/events.

Remember to bring your Fall Troop Training Packet to in-person training. If your Troop did not receive a
Fall Training Packet in the mail and/or you need more materials, please contact your Service Unit Materials

Participate in a webinar covering the UNIFY Online System (optional)
        Thursday, September 13 at 10am and 7pm—Getting Started
        Thursday, October 5 at 10am and 7pm—How to Place Initial Order
        Thursday, November 2 at 10am and 7pm—End of Sale Processing
Webinar information can be found on the Product Sales Website www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct

Partnering with Troop Leaders
Partner with your troop leaders to:
  1. Create your Troop Product Program Team (more information at www.GSCookieETC.org/fallproduct)
  2. Ensure that you and all girls selling are registered for the 2018-2019 Girl Scout Membership year. All
     adults who handle troop funds must be registered and have cleared background screening.
  3. Determine if your troop is willing to take on the risk of accepting checks. (see page 21)
  4. Have a goal setting session with the girls. Assist the girls in determining their troop and individual goals
     (See www.GSCookiesETC.org/FallProduct for more information about setting goals)
  5. Determine plans to earn the Booth Sale and Goal Achiever Patches. (see page 28)
  6. Schedule Family Meeting to review the Fall Product Program, talk about troop goals, collect signed
     Parent Responsibility forms and pass out materials.
  7. Prepare girls for their role in the family meeting.
  8. Set-Up Troop page in Unify.

Verifying Girl Information in UNIFY
Beginning in September, UNIFY (our Fall Product Program software) will be uploaded on a weekly basis
with all registered girls from our Girl Scout Membership database. See the instructions on page 9 to check
that all of the girls in your troop are listed in UNIFY.
If girls are missing in UNIFY, please complete the following steps to ensure that all of your troop girls are
     Work with troop parents, Leaders, and Service Unit Data Management Coordinator to ensure
      registrations are submitted online for any missing girls
     Submit transfer requests to CustomerCare@GirlScoutsOC.org for girls who have transferred into your
      troop or for girls who are no longer participating with your troop. Be sure to put “Fall Product-Girl
      Transfer” in the subject line of your email. These need to be submitted no later than October 1st .

           If a wrong girl’s name is listed or a girl’s name does not show up in UNIFY a week after she has
           registered, please contact CustomerCare@GirlScoutsOC.org. They will check to see if the girl’s
           registration was completed. Be sure to put “Fall Product-Girl Missing” or “Fall Product-Wrong
           Girl” in the subject line.

Troops and Service Units will NOT be able to add, edit or delete girls in UNIFY.

September 21 and Beyond            Accessing UNIFY
Beginning September 21, a launch email with the link for registering as a volunteer will be sent to you
once your Service Unit Product Manager enters your information into the UNIFY online sales program.
Contact your Service Unit Product Manager if you do not receive an email.

         Sample Launch Email

                                                            Step 1
                                                                                  1. Click Go to Troop
                                                                                  2. Complete the registration
                                                                                     process with your User
                                                                                     Name located in the
                                        Step 2                                       launch email.

To Access Links to the Plan Book, Training Videos and More
                                                         1. Click on the Trefoil Icon.
                                                         2. Click on Program Info.
    Step 4                                               3. Click on the button for the information
                                                          - Nut Order Card-electronic version of the
                                            Step 2          girl order card
Step 1                                                    - Program Info & Activities-access Troop
                                                            Plan Book and other resources
                                                          - Online Training-review online videos
                                                            about UNIFY
   Step 3                                                 - Nutritionals-access to product nutritional
                                                         4. Click the Calendar Icon to view important

To Modify Your Information in UNIFY

                          Step 1                                            1. Click on the Burger
            Step 2
                                                                            2. Click My INFO.
                                   Step 3
                                                                            3. Update your
                                                                            4. Click Save.

                                                                         Step 4

To Access Girl Roster in UNIFY:

                         Step 1

                                                                                  1. Click on the
                                                                                     Burger Menu.
                                                                                  2. Click Rosters.
                     Step 3                                                       3. Verify Girls on
            Step 2                                                                   roster.

They “earn and learn”—they earn funds for their Girl Scout activities while learning key skills that will help
them in business and life. The 5 Skills apply to all Girl Scouts who participate in the Fall Product program—
regardless of how they participate in Girl Scouting.

      Girls set sales goals, and with their item create a plan to reach them. This matters because girls need
      to know how to set and reach goals, how to succeed in school on the job and in life.

      Girls decide where and when to sell product, how to market their sale, and what to do with their
      earnings. This matters because girls must make many decisions, big and small, in their lives. Learning
      this gives them the skills to make better decisions.

      Girls develop a budget, take orders and handle customers’ money. This matters because girls need to
      know how to handle money, from their lunch money, to their allowance, to (someday) their paycheck.

      Girls learn how to talk (and listen!) to their customers, as well as learn how to work as a team with other
      girls. This matters because it helps girls do better in school on group projects, on sports teams, on the
      playground, and later, at work.

      Girls act honestly and responsibly during every step of the Fall Product Program. This matters
      because employers want to hire ethical employees—and the world needs ethical leaders in every field.

Learning these valuable skills poises Girl Scouts to excel in life. Many successful business women and
community leaders say they got their start selling Girl Scout products.

            Encourage girls to set two types of goals:
                  What they would like to learn?
                  How much they want to sell?

Girls participating in the Fall Product Program are likely to complete some Financial Literacy badge
requirements. See front cover of the Family Guide for badges. Consider having your leader add these
activities into your Volunteer Toolkit.

                          Go to www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/5-skills to learn
                           more about the 5 skills and how to set goals with girls.

Family Meeting—How to keep it Girl Led!
Use the Family Guide for training girls and parents. Encourage the girls to assist with the Family Meeting
presentation. Ideas for girl involvement include:
      Passing out materials
      Sharing their troop learning goals (5 Skills)
      Sharing their troop sales goals and their plans for troop
       proceeds                                                       When activities are girl led, involve learning
      Sharing individual goals                                        by doing, and cooperative learning, girls
                                                                     achieve the desired outcomes of the Girl Scout
      Chanting important due dates                                             Leadership Experience.
Other items to discuss with the families:
      Let the adults sign-up to help during the Fall Product Program. Parents can assist in picking up
       product, at booth sales, collating girl rewards when they arrive and so much more! Don’t do it alone,
       ask for support!
          Girls may want to give Girl Scout pins to adult family members who join the Troop as GSOC Troop
          Helpers (or save this as a surprise for your investiture/rededication ceremony)!
      Establish a system for communicating with everyone
      Share the Troop’s decision if Troop will or will not accept checks
      Explain Booth Sale Guidelines and required training
      Review Online Marketing for Girls and the Online Safety Pledge (see page 31 of this book)
      Talk about patches girls plan to earn (such as Booth Sales)
      Notify families to watch for the email from QSP which will include key details about participating in the
       UNIFY online sales program including a quick link to the UNIFY online system, their ID and password
       and more!
      Discuss how girls and parents can enter their initial order into the online program, UNIFY
Exchange a signed Parent Responsibility form for a Girl Order Packet. Be sure that the form is completed,
the girl has made reward choices, and signed by the parent/guardian.
End the Family meeting with a fun closing involving the girls and their families. For instance:

                     Daisy, Brownies and Juniors may want to end with a Friendship Circle with girls
                     shouting “Be Fearless! Unleash the Hero Inside!!” as they turn out of the circle.

                     Have Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors form a closing reflection circle
                     including the family adults and ask each adult to give a “flair” (share a trait that
                     girls have exhibited) that will help in the product activity. For example an adult
                     might say they have observed “leadership” in the group.

Saturday, September 22           The Fall Program begins
     Girls receive Launch emails from GirlScout-sale@qspgao.com with registration information for the
      UNIFY online system.
     Girls send emails to family and friends using the UNIFY online system.
     Remind girls they may offer girl delivered option to online customers where customer pays online
      with a credit card from September 22 through October 5.
     Girls with adult supervision take nut and Care to Share orders using their order card.
     Remind girls and parents not to collect money except for Care to Share donations
     Girls with adult supervision register online and send emails and texts to family and friends.

October 4      Troop Bank Information Upload into UNIFY Begins
     GSOC will upload troop banking information (e.g. bank name, routing number, and account number)
      into the UNIFY online sales system) beginning October 4, 2018.

October 5      Girls/Parents Enter Initial Orders
     By October 5 (with parent supervision) girls should submit their initial orders, including Care to Share
      nuts and magazine vouchers, into the UNIFY online sales system or email to you to enter for them.

October 5-7       Troops Process Initial Orders
The only way to GUARANTEE having the product you want is to place an initial order.
All orders are entered in the UNIFY online sales program.
    Remind girls to continue taking orders both online and with order card through November 4.
    Enter orders for nuts and Care to Share in the UNIFY online sales program for girls who have NOT
     entered their orders.
    Enter order for booth sales by the unit (not the case) in the UNIFY online sales program.
    Submit the nut orders for your troop in the UNIFY online sales program after girl orders & troop’s booth
     sale order have been entered.

           Wondering how to place your troop’s orders? Tune in to the How to place Initial Order webinar to
           be held on Thursday, October 4 at 10am or 7pm. See www.GSCookiesETC/FallProduct for

To Enter Girl Initial Orders including Care to Share in UNIFY

                                                                          1. Click Manage Orders on the Troop
                                      Step 1
                                                                          2. To access a girl’s order form, click
                                                                             the Pencil next to her name.
                                                                          3. Enter the number of items sold in
 Step 2                                                                      the Order Card Quantity column.
                                                                             Do NOT include online sales in
                                                                             this total. Online sales are
                                                                             automatically added to girl totals.
                                                                          4. Click Save and Continue.
                                                                          Continue process for each girl who
                                                                          has NOT entered their initial order into

                                         Step 3
                                                                                       Step 4

                               See the training videos on how to place girl
                              orders by clicking on Program Info tab under
                                        the Trefoil Icon in UNIFY.

Selecting Girl Rewards

                                                        1. Click Manage Orders on the Troop
                               Step 1
                                                        2. To access a girl’s order form, click the
                                                           Pencil next to her name.
                                                        3. Click the Select Rewards tab.
Step 2                                                  4. Select the rewards for each level
                                                           where there is a choice using the
                                                           reward selections the girl made on the
                                                           back of the Parent Responsibility form.
                      Step 3
                                                        5. Click Save and Continue.
                                                        Continue process for each girl who has
                                                        NOT preselected their girl rewards in
           Step 4                                       UNIFY.

                                                                 Step 5

To Enter Initial Booth Order

                                        Step 1
                                                                1. Click Manage Orders on the
                                                                   Troop Dashboard.
                                                                2. Click Cupboard Order.
                    Step 2                                      3. Enter your Troop’s initial
                                                                   booth order in the Order Card
                                                                   Quantity column.
                                                                4. Click Save.

                                          Step 3

                                                                  Step 4

October 7 by 9:00 AM           Initial Nut Order Submitted in UNIFY
        NO PAPERWORK is due to the Service Unit at this time.
Troops are encouraged to run the T-2 Nuts/Candy & Magazine report to use when picking up product from
their Service Units and for your Troop records.

To Submit Troop’s Nut Order

                                            Step 1
                                                                           1. Click Manage Orders on
                                                                              the Troop Dashboard.
                                                                           2. Click Submit Troop Order
                                                                              once all girl and troop
                                                                              cupboard orders have been

                                         Step 2

To run the T-2 Troop Order-Nuts, Candy Mags & More report:
         Step 1
                                                                               1. Click the Burger Menu icon.
                                                                               2. Click Reports.
                                                  Step 4
                                                                               3. Click View Reports to get to
                                                                                  the report listing.
Step 2
                                                                               4. Click the T-2 Troop Order-
                                                                                  Nuts, Candy Mags & More
                                                                                  report in the Troop Reports
                             Step 3                                               section.

October 19         Late Initial Orders
Troops missing the deadline for placing their initial order online may to order items through their nearest
cupboard. Cupboard orders are not guaranteed and are filled on a first come, first served basis.
On Friday, October 19, 2018, email your troop order to a cupboard using the Cupboard Order Form located
at www.GSCookiesEtc.org/fallproduct/forms. You will be able to pick-up the troop’s order on Tuesday,
October 23, 2018 or soon after, depending on the hours kept by the cupboard. (See pages 17-18 for more

              Cupboard orders are not guaranteed and are filled on a first order received, first order
              served basis.

Pick Up Troop Initial Order
    The Service Unit Product Manager will schedule a date and time for each troop to pick up their product
     from the service unit.
    Carefully check and count the product you receive before signing the receipt. Damaged product can be
     replaced through a cupboard.
    The troop is financially responsible for all product received on the signed receipt.
    Take the troop’s order directly home. Keep away from direct sun or excessive heat, water leaks, pets
     and ensure product is not placed on floor of garage.
Products are insured against fire and theft through the point of delivery to the service units. However, once
they have been distributed to the troops, the products and related funds are the responsibility of the troop,
parents, and girls.

Distribute Orders to Girls
                                                                             Damaged product can be
    Sort each girl’s order prior to pick-up.                                 replaced at a cupboard.
    Fill in money envelope for each girl.
    Distribute product to the girls with their money envelopes.
    Have parents and girls count and sign for their product. Use receipts for all transactions.
    Give parent the yellow copy of signed receipt and save the white (original) copy with troop records.
    DO NOT use the girls’ initial order product for booth sales—you may not be able to get it replaced.
    Instruct girls to deliver orders and collect money immediately. Remind them to deliver all items ordered.
    Remind girls and parents to turn in money as quickly as possible. Emphasize the date that final payment
     is due (Friday, November 2, 2018).
Instruct the girls to notify you at once if a customer has moved or refuses to accept the items ordered.
Everyone in the troop can help sell those items. Since the nuts are part of the troop’s order, they are a troop
If there is a large quantity of refused product, notify the Service Unit Product Manager for assistance in
locating a booth or neighborhood in which to sell. They may also know of a troop that needs extra product.

Pick Up Late Initial Orders
    Pick up late initial and/or additional orders from a cupboard and distribute to girls.
    Have parents and girls count and sign for their product. Use receipts for all transactions.
    Collect money from the girl’s initial order and deposit into troop account.

For your convenience, additional product will be available from cupboards. A Cupboard is a volunteer who
stores Fall products in their garage and distributes to Troops. Cupboard orders are not guaranteed and are
filled on a first come, first served basis.
The Cupboards will:
      Open on Tuesday, October 23 or soon after
      Will not be able to fulfill call-in or drive-up orders
Locations of the Cupboards will be posted on www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/forms but you will need
password to access. This listing will be updated as locations may close gradually throughout the program to
consolidate inventory.

    Cupboard Managers are Volunteers Just Like YOU!
    Cupboards are run by VOLUNTEERS and they deserve courtesy and gratitude. All Girl Scout Troop
    Helpers who pick-up troop orders should always be kind and polite towards our volunteer Cupboard

Placing Cupboard Orders
      Email the cupboard volunteer at least 48 hours ahead
       of the desired pick up time using the Cupboard Order
       form located at www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/
      Products can be ordered by the unit or by the case (1
       case = 12 units).
      If you are the Troop Product Coordinator for more than
       one troop, you must place a separate cupboard order
       for each troop. Make sure you place the correct order
       for the correct troop.
      Cupboard Manager will confirm order, pick-up date and
       time via email.
Note: Requested pick-up days are not guaranteed until
confirmed by Cupboard Manager.
      Please email the cupboard if you need to cancel or
       reschedule the pick-up time.
Cupboards cannot accept returns or make exchanges except
for damaged products.

                                            Troops may not return or
                                           exchange unless damaged.

Ordering Additional Virtual Care to Share (Nuts and Magazine Vouchers)
Troops place an order with a cupboard for any additional and booth sale virtual Care to Share products.
Here’s how:
    Place the order via email in advance with any cupboard using the Cupboard Order form located at
      Include your Service Unit and Troop # in the subject line of your email.
      The Cupboard Manager will confirm the order (no signed receipt necessary) and
       enter it into UNIFY) within 24 hours of confirmation.
The Troop will not receive any virtual Care to Share product. Council will deliver it for you.
(see page 5)

                                   All virtual Care to Share purchases count
                                            towards girl nut rewards.

Picking Up Cupboard Orders
     Only Troop Helper adults who pass background screening are allowed to pick-up and sign
      for product. Usually this is the Troop Product Coordinators or Troop Leaders. If you
      authorize another member of the troop to make the pickup, they must be a registered and
      screened Troop Helper who is authorized to drive and handle money for Girl Scouts. Please give
      the cupboard volunteer the person’s name when the order is placed. Minors may not sign for
     Do not put the order in your car until after the entire order has been pulled, counted, and signed
      that it is correct. Troop is financially responsible for all product listed on signed receipt!
     Check the troop number and service unit information at the top of the cupboard receipt is correct
      before signing for the items.
     TROOPS DO NOT ENTER CUPBOARD PICK UPS. The Cupboard Manager will enter all the
      product picked up from their cupboard into the UNIFY within 48 hours.
     Troop orders not picked up on confirmed pick-up date will be deleted and troops will have to
      submit a new order.
     Distribute late initial and additional orders to girls using receipts.
     Allocate late initial, additional orders (including Care to Share) and booth sales to girls in the
      UNIFY online sales program (see page 25 for instructions on allocating product).

                                             Count your order BEFORE
                                               you sign the receipt!

A booth sale is a Nut Stand placed in front of a business, on a street corner or in any public space. Only
Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinators or their designees may arrange for booth sale locations and assign
troops. Booth Sales are only permitted October 26-November 4, 2018.

Guidelines for ALL Booth Sales including Parent/Daughter:
  All adults participating in booth sales must complete online Booth Sale training, even for parent/
     daughter booth sales. Troop Product Coordinator assigns adults and collects training certificate.
    A permission slip is required for ALL booth sales even if you will be there with your own daughter.
    ALL booth sales sites must be secured and scheduled through the Service Unit (SU) Booth Sale
    Have permits on hand if required by the city - check with the SU Booth Sale Coordinator.
    Be at your booth sale location, ready to set up, at your reserved time.
    If you must cancel a booth sale, be sure to cancel it with your SU Booth Sale Coordinator immediately.
     This will open the time slot to other troops and we will not advertise an empty location to customers.
    Follow store guidelines for number of girls, placement of booth, etc.
    Ensure that girls and table don’t block traffic going into or out of the store.
    Do not bring friends or siblings.
    Settle all disputes politely and calmly in the Girl Scout manner. DO NOT involve the store manager.
     Contact your SU Booth Sale Coordinator immediately if there is a problem.
    Only accept cash from customers and remember to bring change. Money should be safeguarded by an
     adult. As money accumulates, place in a locked trunk of a car.
    Use a counterfeit detection pen and light. DO NOT accept anything larger than a $20 bill.
    Remove all boxes and trash before leaving booth site and dispose at home.

Additional Guidelines for Troop Booth Sales:
    Divide booth sale times into shifts and adjust shift length as needed to fit girls’ attention spans.
    Two Troop Helpers who have completed online Booth Sale Training are required at Troop
     booth sales to supervise girls.
    Make deposits into troop’s account immediately after booth sales to ensure the money is safe.
    Divide the number of items sold at a booth sale fairly among the girls participating.

Additional Guidelines for Parent/Daughter Booth Sales:
      Parent/daughter teams consist of one legal adult guardian and their Girl Scout daughter(s). Legal
       adult guardian must complete the online training and be briefed by Troop Product Coordinator or
       Troop Leader before they assist their daughter with booth sales. Permission slips are required.
      Parent/daughter teams may run a booth sale for their troop provided it is reserved by their Troop
       Product Coordinator. Allow for time between shifts for rest and meal breaks. Girls or adults may not
       be alone at a booth at any time.
      Troop Product Coordinator & parent must determine in advance if the product being sold are to be
       girl additional sales where the family is responsible for all product taken or troop booth sale units
       which can be returned to the troop. If using troop booth sale products, parent must be a Troop
      Anything beyond one parent and their daughter(s) booth sale is a troop activity and must meet safety
       guidelines requiring at least two screened & briefed Troop Helper.
      Parent/Daughter booth sales will be held to the same etiquette standards as troop booth sales.

             Adults or girls not following Girl Scout guidelines could result in negative
                                  consequences for the entire troop.
        The consequences could consist of one or more of the following:
              Loss of girl rewards
              Loss of troop rewards
              Loss of future booth sales
              Troop not being able to participate in future booth sale lotteries

                Go to www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/forms for more about booth sale including:
                      Booth Sale Checklist
                      Tips for a Better Booth Sale
                      How to Create a Booth Sale Display

Door-to-Door, Nut Stands, Walkabouts
Direct sales are permitted throughout the entire product period.
      Door-to door sales are just as effective as booth sales and sometimes even better!
      Girls, with adult supervision, may sell door-to-door in Orange County residential areas only.
      Nut Stands are permitted on Orange County residential property only. A stand on the sidewalk or
       corner needs permission from the Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator.
      Walkabouts, where girls go door-to-door in groups, are permitted with two Troop Helper adult

Guidelines for Collecting Girl’s Product Money (November 2 final balance due)
Troops should:
    Collect product money from girls throughout the program.
                                                                                       Troops make
    Count all money received in the presence of the parent/guardian or another     deposits into troop
     adult. Troops give adult a signed receipt and keep a copy for troop records.    account promptly
    Record girl payments in UNIFY.                                                   and frequently.
    Make all bank deposits into the Troop account .
          Accepting checks is highly discouraged, but may be unavoidable from family and friends. Partner
          with your Troop Leaders to determine if the troop will accept checks and instruct the girls and
          parents of troop’s decision at your family meeting.
More information about accepting checks and accepting Credit Cards can be found on

To Enter Girl Payments in UNFY:

                                                                         1. Click Manage Orders on the
                                                        Step 1
                                                                            Troop Dashboard.

                                                            Step 2       2. Click the blue button under
                                                                         3. Enter transaction information.
                                                                         4. Click Save.

                     Step 3

                              Step 4
Editing Girl Payments in the QSP/Nut Online Program:

                                                                                1. Click Manage Orders on
                                                                                   the Troop Dashboard.
                                                                                2. Click the blue button under
                                                         Step 1                    Payment.
                                                                                3. Click the pencil next to the
                                                              Step 2               transaction to be updated.
                                                                                4. Update the information.
                                                                                5. Click Save.

                                                Step 4

       Step 3

                                                   Step 5

 Counterfeit Bills
 While it doesn’t happen too often, a troop may receive a counterfeit bill and not even know it. To better
 protect your troop from receiving a counterfeit bill, we recommend the following:
       Do NOT accept bills larger than a $20
       Take time to look at and feel the money you receive                       More tips can be found on
       Check for obvious things like duplicate serial numbers                    www.GSCookiesETC.org/
       Check for the security stripe and watermark by holding the bill up to        fallproduct/forms
        the light
       Use a Counterfeit Detection Pen with UV light
 If your troop receives a counterfeit bill, please follow the steps on www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/
           If counterfeit bill was received from a parent, it is the troop’s responsibility to collect
           reimbursement from the parent. Council will reimburse up to $20 per troop for counterfeit bills

Troop’s Bank Account Information
      Troop submits an online Troop Banking form with scan of voided troop check attached. A link to the
       Troop Banking form is at www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/forms
GSOC will upload troop banking information (e.g. bank name, routing number, and account number) into the
UNIFY online sales program beginning October 4, 2018. Please complete a new online Troop Banking form
immediately if your troop banking information has changed.

           Failure to notify GSOC of bank account changes may result in a $15 processing fee.

Troop Payments
All Council proceeds will be collected from troops via ACH (Automatic Clearing House) debit. ACH is a
nationwide electronic funds transfer network which enables banks to distribute electronic charges (debits) to
bank accounts and to settle such entries.
Beginning Thursday, November 8, 2018, Council will automatically withdraw the amount owed from each
troop’s account.
     Make final deposit into troop account by Tuesday, November 6, 2018.
     The full balance of Council proceeds will be debited from troop accounts beginning Thursday,
      November 8, 2018.
     Debits may not show-up on troop account for several days. Notify GSOC only if debit has not shown
      up by December 13, 2018.
     If the amount due is more than the balance in the troop bank account, you must complete the online
      Payment Adjustment form to reduce the troop payment amount due to insufficient funds. This
      form can be found on the Product Sales website (GSCookiesETC.org/productsales/forms). Completed
      form must be submitted by 3:00 pm on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.
Please have the following information ready when completing the Payment Adjustment form:
         Troop #
         Service Unit Information
         Contact Name and number
         The amount owed
         The amount that can be taken from troop bank account on Thursday, November 8, 2018
         Payment Plan—A payment can be reduced but cannot be waived all together.
  If a payment plan is requested:
         Payment must be made by cashier’s check or money order (Troop or personal checks will not be
         Troops missing payment plan deadlines are subject to a $15 fine per week and may be sent to
Council will upload the troop’s payment into the UNIFY online sales program after the bank has completed
the ACH debits.

           If you do not notify us in time, and the payment is not honored by your bank, the ACH debit will be
           rejected and the Troop will be charged for all NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) fees incurred by the
           rejected transaction.
Note: The Council will mail a check to troops who do not sell enough nut product to retain their
magazine proceeds. These checks will be sent in December provided Troop Product Coordinator has been
appointed and Troop has entered address information into the UNIFY online sales program.

Uncollected Funds
  Call the family to discuss the problem and make payment arrangements.
  Document all contacts with parents, date of contact, and results for any outstanding money.
    Alert the Troop Leader and the Service Unit Product Manager.
  Do not hold up final reports or payment of balance due to council because of delinquencies.
  Complete a Delinquency report online and upload a written record of the situation, noting dates and
   contacts made regarding the delinquent funds. Include copies of all receipts given and the signed
   parent responsibility form. Form must be completed online by 9 am on Wednesday, November 7,
See the Delinquency Report on the Fall Product Website (www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/forms) for
more information regarding uncollected funds and a link to the form.

           If a delinquency report is not submitted by 9 am on Wednesday, November 7, 2018,
           Council will not be able to assist the troop with collection and the troop will have to absorb
           the loss.

Extra Product
Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances happen, illness of girls, orders refused by customers, cancelled booth
sales, etc., that cause a troop to end up with extra product. Here are some proactive suggestions to avoid
this situation:
  Schedule additional booth sales to replace the cancelled one(s)
  Conduct a rolling sale or walkabout as a troop outing
  See if another troop is in need of extra product
  Contact your Service Unit Product Manager
Note: Cupboards cannot make exchanges or accept returns except for
damaged items.

          Should you have an excessive amount of leftover product near the end of the sale, email
          CustomerCare@GirlScoutsOC.org and notify your Service Unit Product Sale Manager
          immediately. Do not wait until the Fall Product Program has ended.

To Transfer Product Between Troops:
                                                                                    1. Click the Burger
        Step 1                                                                         Menu icon on the
                                                                                       Troop Dashboard.
                                                                                    2. Click Transfers.

                                                                    Step 3          3. Select the troop
                                                                                       who received the
                                                                                    4. Enter transfer
                                                           Step 4                      information per
             Step 2                                                                    variety under the
                                                                                       Transfer column.
                                                                                    5. Click Transfer.
                                                               Step 5

Have questions about the end of sale processing? Attend the End of Sale Processing webinar to
          be held on Thursday, November 1 at 10 am or 7 pm. This webinar will give you step-by-step
          instructions on how to close out the Fall Product program for your troop. See
          www.GSCookiesETC/FallProduct for details.

November 4-6         Troop End of Sale Processing
    Record girl final payments in UNIFY.
    Make final deposits into TROOP account.
    Make final entries for additional nut sales, booth sales, and Care to Share in UNIFY.
    Ensure all units have been allocated to girls.
    Verify rewards, make corrections as necessary in UNIFY.
    Complete online evaluation survey. (See link on www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct)

Allocating Additional Nut Sales, Booth Sales and Care to Share to Girls:

      Step 1                                                                  1. Click on the Burger Menu
                                                                              2. Click Transfers
                              Step 3                         Step 4           3. Verify your Troop
                                                                                 Number is listed in the
                                                                                 From: field
                                                                              4. Select the your Troop
                                                                                 Number and Girl in the
                                                                                 To: field
                                          Step 5
            Step 2                                                            5. Enter the order in the
                                                                                 Transfer fields by the unit
                                                                              6. Click Transfer when
                                                                              Follow the same process for
                                                                              each girl.
                                                           Step 6

Verify Final Girl Rewards:

                                                                      1. Click Manage Orders on the
                                                                         Troop Dashboard.
                                Step 1
                                                                      2. To access a girl’s order form,
                                                                         click the Pencil next to her
Step 2
                                                                      3. Click the Select Rewards tab.
                                                                      4. Select the rewards for each
                           Step 3                                        level where there is a choice
                                                                         using the reward selections the
                                                                         girl made on the back of the
                  Step 4                                                 Parent Responsibility form.
                                                                      5. Click Save and Continue.
                                                                      Continue process for each girl who
                                                                      has NOT preselected their girl
                                                                      rewards in UNIFY.

Troop Final Reports Due to Service Unit on November 7 at 9:00 AM
    Completed Delinquency and/or Counterfeit Bill reports with back up paperwork if needed.
    Email a copy of the T2 Troop Order—Nuts, Candy, Mags & More Report to your Service Unit Cookie
     Manager, cc your troop treasurer and leaders. Put “Troop XXXX End of Sale Processing Complete”
     in the subject line. State " Processing Complete" OR " Unresolved Issue” in body of
     email. Note all details for any problems in the body of the email and attach documentation (signed
     receipts, communications, etc.). Be sure to note if a Delinquency and/or Counterfeit Bill Report was
     submitted online.
    Complete online Fall Product Program Evaluation Survey.
The full balance of Council proceeds will be debited from troop accounts beginning Thursday, November 8,
2018. Debits may not show-up on troop account for several days. Notify GSOC only if debit has not shown
up by December 13, 2018.

To run the T-2 Troop Order-Nuts, Candy Mags & More report:
                                                                            1. Click the Burger Menu icon.
         Step 1
                                                                            2. Click Reports.
                                                                            3. Click View Reports to get to
                                                Step 4
                                                                               the report listing.
                                                                            4. Click the T-2 Troop Order-
Step 2                                                                         Nuts, Candy Mags & More
                                                                               report in the Troop Reports
                             Step 3
                                                                            Keep a copy of all Troop
                                                                            reports and receipts for Troop
                                                                            records for 1 year.

Through their Fall Product Program activities, girls are able to earn unique rewards. Prizes are cumulative
 and provide tangible goals for the girls to reward their participation and effort. See girl order card and/or
 www.GSCookiesEtc.org/fallproduct/Rewards for photos.

Girl Rewards for Ashdon Items (order and online sales)

                                                                           Super Seller Patch    Small Dalmatian Plush
   Speak Up Patch          Labrador Charm         Dog Tag Necklaces
                                                                             AND Erasers           OR $5 OC Bucks
  15 Ashdon Items         21 Ashdon Items          27 Ashdon Items
                                                                           32 Ashdon Items        37 Ashdon Items


   Magic Sequin Journal        Reversible Dog Pillow                                              PLUS
                                                            Clipboard with Notepad
    OR $5 OC Bucks               OR $5 OC Bucks                OR $10 OC Bucks
    45 Ashdon Items             55 Ashdon Items                75 Ashdon Items                     100 Club Patch
                                                                                                PLUS Clay Charm Set
                                                                                                 OR Girl Scout Knife
                                                                          Trail of the Hope      OR $15 OC Bucks
                                                                       Diamond Experience        100 Ashdon Items
               Large Labrador Plush
                OR $25 OC Bucks                                         (Girl and Guardian)
                150 Ashdon Items                                         OR $50 OC Bucks
                                                                        200 Ashdon Items

 Girl Rewards for QSP Items (online sales only)

                                                     Jelly Slime with Glitter   Mags Super Seller Patch   Paw Print Socks
 Lead the Way Patch       Multicolor & Scented Pen     OR $5 OC Bucks               AND 2 Pencils         OR $5 OC Bucks
   4+ OSP Items                 6+ QSP Items             8+ QSP Items              10+ QSP Items          12+ QSP Items

Photo Clip String Lights Clipboard with Notepad      Large Labrador Plush           Paw Blanket        Inflatable Lounger
  OR $10 OC Bucks           OR $15 OC Bucks           OR $25 OC Bucks             OR $35 OC Bucks      OR $50 OC Bucks
   16+ QSP Items             20+ QSP Items              25+ QSP Items              35+ QSP Items        45+ QSP Items
Additional Girl Rewards

                                                                                 Online Patch
                    Care to Share Patch
                                                                           Complete the goal setting
                     For selling 8+ virtual                               activity and send 15 emails
                      nuts or magazine                                     through the UNIFY online
                    vouchers for donation.                                  sales program website.

              2018-2019 Patch
                                                 MyCreation Patch
               For sending 30+                                                       Backpack Key Chain
              emails through the                  For $200 in online                 For selling 5 QSP and
                UNIFY online                            sales.                         20 Ashdon items.
                sales program

                                                                    Adult MyCreation Patch
                                                        When your troop reaches $500 in online sales, the
                    Custom T-Shirt
                                                          Troop Product Coordinator will earn their own
                     For $450 in                        MyCreation Patch. Maximum of two adult patches
                     online sales.                      per troop. Troops will be charged for any patches
                                                             created beyond the two patch maximum.

Top Seller Reception
A special reception will be held to honor the top 10 Ashdon sellers and the top 10 QSP sellers in the 2018
Fall Product Program. Plus, GSOC’s #1 seller in each category will receive an iPod!

Special Troop Patches

              Booth Sale Patch—Troops who hold at least one Troop booth sale will earn a Booth Sales
              patch for each girl who participates in a Troop booth sale (must have at least 2 girls and 2
              Troop Helper Adults to qualify as a Troop booth). Parent/Daughter booth sales do not
              qualify for the Booth Sale Patch but may order patches from our Girl Scout Shop.

               Goal Achiever Patch—Troops who have a per girl average of 15 Ashdon and 3 QSP
               items sold per registered girl in UNIFY will receive a Goal Achiever Patch for each
               participating girl in their troop.

Troop Bonus Reward
Troops who gross $2,500 or more (QSP & Ashdon combined) in the 2018 Fall Product Program will get 24
hours early access to the Booth Scheduler for 2019 Cookie Program.

Troop Proceeds
        Ashdon Items—Troops receive 90¢ for every nut, chocolate and Care to Share (nuts & magazine
         vouchers) items sold
        QSP Items—Troops receive $3 for every magazine, veggie pair, candle and beverage tumbler sold

OC Bucks
How OC Bucks can be used:
        GSOC Council Service Fee
        Items purchased at GSOC Shop (Irvine or Yorba Linda)
        Girl Scout resident or day camp (GSOC or Service Unit)
        GSOC or Service Unit events (Events are defined as being on the GSOC Calendar)
        Approved Troop Travel or Girl Scout destinations
        Gold Award expenses
        Girl Scout Lifetime Membership submitted to Council office by Sept. 1
         (Girl Scout Ambassadors who are graduating high school only.)
        Fund Her Success donations
Reimbursement Checks cannot be made directly to girl and/or her parent/guardian
OC Bucks belong to individual girls, not a Troop or Group, so each girl makes individual choices on how to
use her OC Bucks. Troop/Groups benefit from the proceeds earned for each item sold.

January        Pick Up and Distribute Girl Rewards
   Pick up troop’s rewards from the Service Unit Girl Rewards Coordinator at your pre-arranged time. The
        Service Unit Girl Rewards Coordinator will arrange a time with each troop to pick up their Fall Product
        program rewards once they have been received and sorted.
   Compare the quantities received to your report from UNIFY. Note any discrepancies before signing.
        Your Service Unit Girl Rewards Coordinator will order any missing or damaged rewards and will notify
        you when they are ready for pick up. Please allow 2 weeks.
   Distribute rewards to the girls in your troop right away! They will be excited to receive the items they
        have earned in the sale. Do not hold them for end of year ceremonies.

Submit Troop Paperwork
   Submit all print or electronic copies of troop’s Fall Product program paperwork (reports, receipts,
        parent responsibility forms, and delinquency reports) to Troop Treasurer to retain for one year.

Final Reward Adjustments
   Submit any reward adjustments to your Service Unit Product Manager as soon as possible, but no later
        than January 21, 2019.

Customer Returns
There may be times when a customer decides to return product. Troops should follow these steps:
      Accept the returned product from the customer even if you did not sell to
       that customer.                                                                  Troops should accept
                                                                                       returned product and
      Offer the customer an even exchange for the same or other variety of             make exchanges or
       product.                                                                        issue refunds for any
      If the customer does not want product replaced, give the customer a                   customer.
       refund from the troop funds. Do not give a refund without first getting the
       unwanted product from the customer since you will need to exchange returned product for
       new at a cupboard.
      Complete the Damaged Product Report, giving as much detail as possible. This form is available on
       the Resources & Forms page at www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/forms.
      Exchange product by placing a Damaged Product order via email to a cupboard. Be sure to put
       “Damaged Product” in the subject line of your email.
      If a foreign object is found in the product, notify your Service Unit Product Manager as soon as
       possible. The product must be picked up from the person reporting the foreign object. Fill out the
       Damaged Product Report immediately.
      In the case of an injury, notify your Service Unit Product Manager immediately!

Products are insured against fire and theft through the point of delivery to the service units.
Once the items have been delivered to the troop, the items and related funds are the
responsibility of the troop, parents, and girls. Product must be distributed to the girls quickly,
delivered to the customers immediately, and funds deposited frequently for their own
In the event that product or funds are stolen, the police must be called and a report taken
within 48 hours of the incident. The number of cans and/or money stolen must be specified on
the police report. The police report number should be submitted with an explanation in writing with the
troop’s final reports. A copy of the police report is to be submitted to the Council office as soon as it
is available. In some cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover the loss.
Product that is damaged due to improper handling (such as melted chocolate left in a car) is the finanacial
responsibility of the volunteer/parent, and may not be sold.

Damaged Product
Sometimes product received may be damaged (dented, crushed, etc.). Please follow these steps:
    Email a Cupboard to make arrangement for a replacement.
    When placing your replacement order, be sure to:
      a. Type “Damaged Product” in the subject line of your email
      b. Enter the number of units needed by variety to be replaced
    Complete a Damaged Product Report located on www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/forms.
    Give the damaged product along with the completed Damaged Product report to the Cupboard when
      making the exchange.
Damaged product replacement orders should be placed separately from other orders no later than
November 4th.
Product should be kept off the floor on a pallet or shelf. This will help prevent damage from insects or water.

Online Marketing for Girls
Girls can use electronic marketing, social networking, and group web sites to gather sale
commitments from family, friends, and previous customers. Please keep in mind that girls:
      Can market to and collect indications of interest from customers within Orange
       County zip codes. Family members, ABC Smart Cookies and the UNIFY online sales
       program sales are the only exception to this rule.
      Cannot have customers pay online (such as through a shopping cart function on a website) except
       through the UNIFY Online System. Absolutely no posting on e-Bay or Craigslist.
      Online marketing activities, especially those conducted through social media platforms, should always
       be done through accounts set to “private”.
      Friends and family or a girl must not market or share a girl’s contact information, sales links, or sales
       information on public-facing online sites.
      Must sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge (available at www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct on the
       Resources & Forms page) before doing any online activities, and all online activities must be under the
       supervision of adults.
      Cannot expose a girl’s email address, physical address or phone number to the public.
      Girl Scouts under 13 can use their parent or guardian’s online sites with their approval and supervision.
      Girls over the age of 13 may work in partnership with an adult to market products online, using the social
       networking sites of the adult. Posting on e-Bay or Craigslist type sites is NOT permitted.

What to Do About Selling Issues (Early Sellers, unauthorized booth sales, etc.)
Deal with the situation when it occurs. If early selling is widespread in the troop, a Court of Honor meeting
might be held to discuss the incident.
If someone reports that a Girl Scout or parent is selling early, you must:
       Take the name and phone number of the person reporting the girl(s)—no anonymous calls.
       Identify the girl by name and/or troop number.
       Notify the Troop Leader and the Service Unit Product Manager.
If another selling issue has been reported on a girl or parent in your troop, you and/or the Troop Leader
    Notify the parent as soon as possible. Explain the reasons for the rules as it relates to the Girl Scout
     Promise and Law and business ethics.
    Remind the girl/guardian not following the Girl Scout guidelines for the Fall Product Program can result
     in negative consequences for the entire troop.

Is the purchase of products tax-deductible?
Yes and No
No, if the customer keeps the product. Individuals who buy and take the product home
or consume it have purchased a product at a fair market value. For this reason, no part of the
price of a can of nuts or a magazine subscription used in this way is tax-deductible.

Yes, if the customer leaves the product with Girl Scouts. Many Girl Scouts ask customers to pay for
one or more cans of nuts for use in their community service project such as Care to Share. The customer
who did not receive any Girl Scout products will not benefit directly from paying for them and may treat the
purchase price of the donation as a charitable contribution. A receipt should be given for every Care to Share
purchase. Care to Share receipts are available at www.GSCookiesETC.org/fallproduct/forms.

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