A Plate of Poppadoms and the Parable of Prince Philip and the Prince of Peace - Sharing Jesus Through Storytelling Mark Roques

A Plate of Poppadoms and the Parable of Prince Philip and the Prince of Peace - Sharing Jesus Through Storytelling Mark Roques
A Plate of Poppadoms and
the Parable of Prince Philip
  and the Prince of Peace

              Sharing Jesus Through Storytelling
                   Mark Roques, page 16

                              August & September 2018
August - September 2018                                 Page 1
A Plate of Poppadoms and the Parable of Prince Philip and the Prince of Peace - Sharing Jesus Through Storytelling Mark Roques
August - September 2018

    In a large church like South Parade, it can be hard to find a place and
    to get to know other people. Small groups can really help with this -
    find out more about these in your Mission Community. This month
    in Intouch we meet two church members and find out about their life
    in and outside of South Parade in the new “Getting to Know You”
    feature (page 30). If you’re asked to take part in this column in future
    months, be prepared to share, to help everyone feel part of our
    Community in Christ. Enjoy the rest of the summer!
    Page 3    From the Ministry Team: When You’ve Just Had Enough
    Page 5    Around the Church
    Page 11   Debt Centre News: Opportunity Knocks
    Page 14   Jane’s Journeys: Re-entry Cycle
    Page 16   From Prince Philip to Jesus: Joy in Evangelism
    Page 19   Prayer Diary
    Page 23   In Touch - Really?
    Page 24   Postcard from Africa
    Page 26   Guiding the Ship: Church Administrators Network
    Page 28   One to One: A Man of Integrity
    Page 30   Getting to Know You: Ruth Moody & Ruth Hughes
    Page 33   Ford’s Focus: John’s Gospel: The Vine and the Branches
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Page 2                                                  August - September 2018
A Plate of Poppadoms and the Parable of Prince Philip and the Prince of Peace - Sharing Jesus Through Storytelling Mark Roques
From the Ministry Team
                               When You’ve Just Had Enough

I’ve just begun to read                 had enough!
2 Corinthians.
                                        Some speculate that he had a

   t’s not the New Testament’s          nervous breakdown and if the
   most popular read but it’s just as   exchange of letters with the
   well it’s not the letter that may    Corinthians (and maybe a “painful
have been between 1 and 2                    visit”) took place during the
Corinthians, which is variously               events of Acts 19, Paul’s
referred to as the angry,                     imprisonment and rough
painful or sad letter.                       handling at Ephesus, are we
                                            really surprised?
What on earth had
happened to the Apostle                 He was in trouble, in anguish and in
Paul that he writes he                       need of comfort. Was Paul a
despaired of life itself?                       closet Yorkshireman, so
We must take this at                                    honest and direct?
face value: Paul had                                    (Well no,
                                        Yorkshiremen don’t talk about their
                                        feelings do they?) To top it all off he
                                        was receiving criticism for not being
                                        able to make his mind up… was he
                                        going to visit them or not?!

                                               o how are you finding life as a
                                               Christian today? In your place
                                               of work or on your street?
                                        How do you feel about the church,
                                        its stance on some matters, its
                                        leadership. How do you feel about

August - September 2018                                                 Page 3
A Plate of Poppadoms and the Parable of Prince Philip and the Prince of Peace - Sharing Jesus Through Storytelling Mark Roques
the prospect of change in the future
and the difficulties of the recent                I for one need to
past? Have you like Paul, had
                                                 learn more about
                                                how to rely on God

   t was so encouraging to attend
   the celebration of Anne
   Morden’s life, to hear how many      Paul tells us it’s all in the context of
people could say that she had           learning to rely on God and not on
pointed them to Jesus and set an        ourselves (verse 9).
example to them. But even this is in
the context of the loss that the        This is perhaps the biggest test for
Morden family (and all of us) feel.     the Church in the West. We rely
Others have also recently lost close    on our bank balance, the car on our
family.                                 drive, our education, our methods,
                                        our holidays and even the people
What was Paul’s approach? Be            around us rather than rely on God!
more organised? Let’s pull together!
Look on the bright side of life?        I for one need to learn more about
                                        how to rely on God then I may
It seems that the sufferings of         know a bit more of His comfort!
Christ will overflow into our lives
(2 Corinthians 1 verse 5) but so will   How about you?
the comfort that comes by being
united with Him (verse 4). Mmm,
what does that mean?

      Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
            the Father of compassion and the God of all
        comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that
       we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort
        we ourselves receive from God. For just as we share
          abundantly in the sufferings of Christ, so also our
                  comfort abounds through Christ.

                                        2 Corinthians 1.3-5 (NIV)

Page 4                                                  August - September 2018
A Plate of Poppadoms and the Parable of Prince Philip and the Prince of Peace - Sharing Jesus Through Storytelling Mark Roques
Around the Church

South Africa Trip                         cooking project with the children
Taking love from Horsforth to             and on top of that the team will
children in South Africa                  take £8,000 raised during a Three
                                          Peaks challenge. That money will
A team from Horsforth will make           help the team with practical
their fifth biannual trip to the Valley   projects but also support children
of a Thousand Hills, South Africa         who are in acute need either with
this August. They will go to work         food parcels or with school
with a project called Sethani which       uniforms without which they cannot
seeks to empower a community              go to school.
and relieve orphan poverty in
KwaNgcolosi, a semi-rural tribal                 “The children we
area of KwaZula-Natal just north of
Durban. Duncan Stow, trip                     meet are amazing and
organiser, said “Horsforth has                always greet us with a
shown itself to be a very generous                 giant smile”
community. As we have talked
about the children we go to
support, lots of people have wanted       The team which includes a wide
to be generous.”                          range from 5 to 68 years will
                                          organise a Bible holiday club and
Students at Horsforth school made         run lots of fun play activities. Under
dresses as part of their year 9           the supervision of DT teacher
work, Featherbank school children         Graeme Collins they will undertake
are giving their school uniforms, and     practical jobs. On their last visit
students at St Mary’s school took         they built a couple of small
time to make friendship pompoms           playgrounds on the site and make a
to send out to the children in South      sheltered astro-turf area for
Africa. Horsforth Junk Food Café          children to eat their lunch on.
have given us a grant to run a

August - September 2018                                                  Page 5
A Plate of Poppadoms and the Parable of Prince Philip and the Prince of Peace - Sharing Jesus Through Storytelling Mark Roques
Hannah, a former student from             Headingley
Horsforth School who will be going        In the last issue of Intouch it was
back for a third time, says “the          highlighted that the Headingley
children we meet are amazing, they        Morning Leadership Team had
have very little, almost nothing in       recently and significantly reduced in
terms of material possessions but         number, effectively leaving Scott and
they always greet us with a giant         me to share the workload. We are
smile.”                                   happy to report that we will soon
                                          be joined by Nelly Dumenu, having
We go to go to give, ready to do          been unanimously voted for at the
whatever is helpful but we always         MC Meeting on 12 July.
end up being the ones who receive.
It is a special thing that the children   Before I report further on the MC
remember us from the last visit and       Meeting, it seems proper to
they are as pleased to see us as we       mention some highlights from the
are to see them.                          summer, beginning with the
                                          outdoor service that took place on
Duncan Stow                               Sunday 10 June. Pretty much all the
Cragg                                     credit must go to Sarah Newman
                                          for spotting the opportunity and for

                                              Pictures from previous
                                              Cragg South Africa trips

Page 6                                                  August - September 2018
There was a positive
                                          atmosphere of affirming
                                         the gospel message to the
                                            local community and

                           Outdoor Service at Headingley on 10 June

making the whole thing happened.      traffic control measures were
                                      themselves quite noisy! We have
For those not fortunate to have       had feedback, and I can add my
been able to attend, we set up        personal feeling, that there was a
some sound equipment and a few        positive atmosphere of affirming the
chairs in the courtyard.              gospel message to the local
Refreshments were available in the    community and passers-by,
Green House and an even more          compared to worshipping within
relaxed attitude than usual was       the confines of the church building.
adopted for the start time of the     Paul Rockley delivered an effective
service. This allowed for people to   message based on John 3.16, broken
mingle and chat to others, with       up into short sections with songs in
whom they may not ordinarily be       between.
engaged. Traffic noise should have
been much reduced compared to a       The following Sunday was another
normal Sunday, although the           chance to mingle and enjoy
vehicles involved in installing the   fellowship, this time at our post-

August - September 2018                                            Page 7
service bring and share picnic. As      planned for around 1 September.
advertised on several occasions,        Keep an eye on the notice sheet
both in print and on Sunday             and announcements on a Sunday,
mornings, these events are being        confirming the details. It would be
arranged with the intention that        really great to see people there
everybody involved with Headingley      from right across the cultural
MC (not just members, or regular        spectrum of Headingley morning
attendees, or those in well             congregation, building community in
established cliques) should make an     Christ.
effort to engage
with these                                               It’s Your Move is an
opportunities. The                                       initiative run by
book of Acts                                             Heather for schools
describes the early                                      around the local
church being                                             area. It is intended
involved with each                                       to be part of the
other “…and ate together with glad      transitional process as the pupils
and sincere hearts, praising God….”     leave primary school and move up
Being church together is in itself an   to high school. Heather reports:
act of worship.
                                          It was great this year with 120 kids
An opportunity arose on 15 July, in       coming along from 4 schools. Sadly
which we could help the under 5’s         2 schools had to pull out at the last
group set up for their summer             minute because of other things
parties and enabled us to join in         going on at school. For the first time
with the annual Friends and               we paired up with the Gideons, co-
residents of Beckett Park
picnic (see photo below).
Again it was promoted for
all the Mission Community
to get involved. On both
picnic occasions, it seemed
that new friendships were
started, games were played,
food was enjoyed and it
was good to see people
outside the usual environs
of the church building. The
next event of this type is          Picnic at Becketts Park on 15 July

Page 8                                                 August - September 2018
ordinated through Tim and Hazel          for children, the junior leaders and
  Rowe, and gave all the children a        for the adults involved. For some
  New Testament and Psalms. The            children, this weekend is the only
  schools were very grateful and one       contact they have with church, and
  school emailed after and said the        some children from church invite
  children were very excited about         their friends to come along too.
  receiving them. It’s great to see a
  real mix of people helping out at        The idea behind Redmire Sundays is
  these events, I think this really adds   for them to be run monthly on the
  to what we deliver to the schools.       first Sunday of the month from
  We are always open to new people         September, and to emulate the
  helping out.                             atmosphere of the residential
                                           weekend, but within the timeslot of
                                           the “normal” Sunday session. These
      Redmire Sundays will                 will give the kids a different kind of
    emulate the atmosphere                 session, fast moving with up front
   of the residential weekend              teaching, music, quiz and then age
    within the timeslot of the             appropriate groups for craft/
                                           discussion. This gives the Junior
     normal Sunday session                 Church leaders a week off from
                                           planning and we’ll need fewer
                                           leaders, as we’re all in the same
At the end of the Spring half-term         room. We will also be involving the
break, Heather and a group of              junior leaders we have at Redmire
leaders organise a residential             and getting them involved in helping
weekend, called Redmire. It is often       at junior church.
reported how beneficial the time is
                                           This initiative does not really
                                           alleviate the need for more support
                                           in running our valuable Junior
                                           Church sessions, which has seen a
                                           steady but significant decline over
                                           the last year or more. If you are
                                           able to help, (and why would you
                                           not be able?) please speak to either
                                           Heather or Greg for the
                                           opportunity to see our children
                                           develop their personalities and to
                                           engage with their spiritual growth.

August - September 2018                                                   Page 9
On Thursday 12 July we held our          •   A proposal received by email
most recent Mission Community                that we discussed as a
meeting. 11 people were present.             Leadership Team and thought
• As mentioned above, we                         would benefit from further
   unanimously voted in                          consideration at the MC
   favour of Nelly Dumenu                        meeting was the potential to
   joining the Leadership                        run an “English café”. It is a
   Team.                                         simple idea, using resources
• We discussed the idea of                       already present at Headingley
   having a service centred                      during the week and would
   around supporting people who              require just a few more
   have experienced significant life         volunteers to help out. There
   change, such as grief. It was             are refugees and asylum seekers
   positively received, with some            in the Leeds area who would
   thoughtful suggestions on                 benefit greatly from being able
   content and links to established          to engage in conversational
   resources.                                English. If we could run a
• We got feedback on recent                  session each week, to provide
   preaching subjects / preachers /          refreshments and access to
   service content etc, and                  willing volunteers for the
   gathered some suggestions that            conversation element, it would
   may be incorporated into the              be helpful to those in need.
   autumn preaching schedule.
• The potential to reach out to          Please do get in touch if you have
   the new student intake in the         any suggestions about the content
   local area was given some time,       above, if you would like further
   with group discussions and            information, or to get more
   feedback generating some useful       involved with the wider work of
   and interesting ideas. Following      our Mission Community. Scott and I
   the success of the open air           can be contacted directly or
   service in June, it was suggested     through the church office.
   to have a similar event in
   September.                            Richard Sykes
                                         Headingley MC Leadership Team

     Share news from your corner of the church by emailing

Page 10                                                  August - September 2018
Debt Centre News
                                            Opportunity Knocks

Bethany Cowling introduces             chance to build community in
the next update from South             Christ!
Parade’s CAP Debt Centre.
                                       Steve Fairhall, our Centre Manager,

    n the month of June alone, our     and a befriender (more on that
    CAP Debt Centre met with 6         later) have first visited these homes
    new individuals and families who   to find out more about their
are in unmanageable debt and           situations and explain how CAP can
approached us for help. In addition    help, before arranging further visits
to these new contacts, our             to get into the nitty gritty of the
volunteers carried out follow up       debts that need dealing with. They
visits with a further 4 clients.       have also introduced South Parade
                                       Baptist Church as a place where
In a month, our church has had the     everyone will receive a warm
opportunity to take the Gospel into    welcome, spoken about the God
10 homes that we otherwise had no      that we worship and offered prayer.
contact with. What a privilege and
                                       Last time, I promised to share some
                                       real-life stories from our Debt
                                       Centre, so here are the stories of 2
                                       of the new households we’re now
                                       working with:

                                       •   Client 1 is a single Mum with
                                           two school-aged children and a
                                           baby. She suffers from mental
                                           health issues and has been a
                                           victim of domestic violence.
                                           Isolated and with no family close
                                           by to help out, she has a 12 mile

August - September 2018                                             Page 11
round bus journey to her           there really is no “typical” CAP
    children’s school each morning,    client. There are many reasons why
    and again to collect in the        someone may be in debt. There are
    afternoon. Before she started      families, couples, single people, old
    receiving our help, she was        and young, employed, unemployed
    living in fear as she was being    – I could go on. But a common
    aggressively pursued for           theme is that debt is frightening,
    repayment of her debts. She        isolating and impoverishing.
    would ask the children to be
    quiet every time the doorbell
    rang so that it would appear             Thank you for praying
    that no-one was home. We                  for our Debt Centre.
    pray that through our CAP
    Debt Centre, Client 1 can
                                                Could you provide
    become debt-free, and find a               practical help too?
    loving, Christ-centred
    community at South Parade

    who will welcome her and her                 nd, of course, all of these
    children in, provide friendship              people need Jesus, their
    and practical support, and tell              only Saviour and hope. We
    her about the God who loves        can show him to them. “Come to
    her.                               me, all you who are weary and
                                       burdened, and I will give you rest. Take
•   Client 2 is middle-aged man        my yoke upon you and learn from me,
    who, through his financial         for I am gentle and humble in heart,
    difficulties, has lost his home    and you will find rest for your souls. For
    and is staying with various        my yoke is easy and my burden is
    friends to avoid living on the     light.” (Matthew 11.23-30)
    streets. We have met with him
    in our church building as he has   Thank you for praying for our Debt
    no home we can visit. How          Centre. Please could you prayerfully
    brilliant that we can invite him   consider whether you can provide
    to join our Rooted group and       practical help too? Every visit that
    use this as another way to         we make to a client needs a
    demonstrate God’s love for         befriender for safeguarding reasons,
    him.                               and also so that there are more
                                       faithful members of South Parade
Whilst these are only two              building relationships with the
examples, I hope you can see that      people we meet.

Page 12                                                August - September 2018
We currently have a very small pool       it sees our church stepping out of
of volunteers who generously give         its comfort zone and into the
their time to attend these visits,        homes of some of the most
but, if we want to continue reaching      marginalised in our local
6 new households a month (or              community.
more!) then we desperately need
more people to help out. Please           It’s in these faith-stretching activities
come and speak to me, or email me         that God loves to show us his
at bethanycowling@capuk.org with          power at work. Join us and come
any questions you may have.               and see for yourself!

Our CAP Debt Centre doesn’t only
throw open the doors of the
                                          Bethany Cowling
                                          Christians Against Poverty
church for new people to come in –        Headingley Morning Mission Community

    If you would like to receive regular prayer updates from the CAP Debt
    Centre, please email bethanycowling@capuk.org

                                       For service times, locations,
                                       Mission Communities, children’s and
                                       student work, the weekly notice
                                       sheet, sermon downloads, this
                                       magazine and much more, go to the
                                       church website!


       If Thou art my Shield and my Sun,
         the night is no darkness to me;
        and fast as my moments roll on,
       they bring me but nearer to Thee.
                                                    Augustus Toplady

August - September 2018                                                   Page 13
Jane’s Journeys
                                                       Re-entry Cycle

As Jane Waites further                   public, hoping to bring a smile and
develops her role with Teach             sunshine into their day.
Beyond and SHARE, here are
some highlights from her latest         The end of February found me in
newsletter.                             Budapest for my first taste of a
                                        Family Education Conference (FEC)

              ow! Phew, a…                         with SHARE. What an
              n…d rest! What                       absolute privilege to both
              a full few months,                   see this endeavour in
since I last wrote. Working                        action alongside my new
at Caring For Life, Christmas,                     colleagues and be a part of
Easter, a conference, a 70th                       supporting the families we
birthday, one team and one                         work with. I had the
operational planning meeting,                      chance to observe each
plus a couple of revolutions                       part of the conference:
further through the washing                        children’s work, seminars,
cycle Re-entry.                    Jane Waites the all-together meetings
                                                   and testing. It was an
Huge thanks go to Caring for Life,      honour to be allowed to sit in on
who have been fantastic in              some educational testing and family
facilitating my new work by             consultancy sessions.
supporting my requests for days off,

switching and then offering extra               his gift of time helped
shifts when I’m back. I very much               determine where I will fit
feel in partnership with the work               within SHARE and the teams
there. Not to mention the interest,     I will be joining. I am therefore
encouragement and support they          pleased to let you know I have
give. I love the opportunity to         joined the Education Testing Team
work in a community setting again,      and the Staff Development/Member
having regular contact with the         Care Team. My head is still

Page 14                                                August - September 2018
spinning from all I have to learn and   between. Remote working is a new
get my brain around.                    experience for me and one I have
                                        not found easy. Hearing the voice
At the end of April, I joined the       of a colleague in my head and
testing team for training in Serbia,    picturing them speaking as I read an
(for my birthday, with gorgeous         email or Skype without video makes
weather, I might add, what a treat!).   all the difference.

                                              referred earlier to the washing
   The time spent with my                    cycle I’ve renamed Re-entry. It’s
   new colleagues was very                   19 months since I left my last
     precious and hugely                company and place of work.
                                        Reflecting, I can liken the process to
  beneficial. I now feel much           “living in a washing machine cycle”.
       more connected                   The programme starts with a
                                        couple of gentle tumbles and then
                                        all is still, calm, for a while as the
From Serbia, it was on to Budapest,     water fills up and I start to feel a
for Operational Planning meetings,      little soggy! Then the tumbling
with the core of SHARE Staff.           begins… there is a lull for draining,
More information to process and         moments later the world begins to
dots to connect! A lot of work was      spin! Then a pause for refilling, and
focused on the new GDPRs and the        on we go. I think I am about three-
effect they have on the data            quarters of the way through, but
protocols SHARE already have in         I’m not sure about the final spin. I
place and how they                                        am hoping I’m in the
need adapting or                                          woollens cycle, so the
increasing, and on dates                                  spin is gentle!
and initial thoughts for
planning next years                                   Thank you so much
meetings and FECs.                                    for all your continued
                                                      encouragement and
The time spent with my                                support. I can’t do
new colleagues was                                    this alone.
very precious and hugely beneficial.
I now feel much more connected          With Love
and part of an organisation that only
meets four or five times a year,
connecting over the internet in
                                        Jane Waites

August - September 2018                                                Page 15
From Prince Philip to Jesus
                                                    Joy in Evangelism

Mark Roques explains how a                Fast forward to last November. I
story-telling approach, aware             am at a family do, scoffing sandwich-
of secular mindsets, is in keep-          es, sipping tea and I am talking to an
ing with how Jesus communi-               old friend, Elke from Sweden and I
cated 2,000 years ago.                    have never talked to her about Je-
                                          sus before. I told her a parable that

    t was the worst of times. It was      I had crafted for anyone who enjoys
    the best of times. Years ago I        talking about the royal family. Elke
    tried to tell a non-Christian                           loves chatting about
friend, Derek about                                          the Windsors so I
my Christian faith. I                                         said: “Did you
was walking along                                              know that there
a road in Bishop-                                               are people on
ston, Bristol talk-                                            the island of Tan-
ing football and                                              na in the South
suddenly I blurt-                                            Pacific Ocean who
ed out: “Derek,                                             worship the Duke
you need Jesus.” Derek                                  of Edinburgh as a god?”
said nothing. He just gave me a
withering look. We went back to           Elke looked intrigued and her body
our conversation about Bristol Rov-       language encouraged me to contin-
ers and their bitter rivalry with Bris-   ue: “The islanders used to be com-
tol City.                                 mitted cannibals and they ate the
                                          first two missionaries who came to
I’ve spent a lot of time since then       their island. More missionaries ar-
pondering my abject failure to com-       rived, told them about Jesus and
municate my faith to my friend.           many of the locals became Chris-
How could I witness in such a way         tians and stopped eating each other.
that the conversation would flow          Now they have exchanged the
naturally and engagingly? Without         Prince of Peace for Prince Philip.
evoking that cold contempt.               What do you make of that?”

Page 16                                                  August - September 2018
Elke started to giggle. “That’s a fas-     thankful as I took the train home. I
cinating story. It can’t be true?” “It     had sowed gospel seeds in their
is true”, I replied. “There are four       lives.
ways of looking at the Prince Philip
                                                I adopted a storytelling
“Go on, tell me more”, she said as            approach to sharing faith;
she nibbled on her cupcake.                    something I had learned
                                                      from Jesus
“Well, atheists would say that both
faith in Jesus and faith in Prince Phil-
ip is superstitious nonsense. Only         It’s helpful to compare and contrast
physical things exist!” Others say         these two encounters. With Derek
that there are no right or wrong           it was awful. There was nothing
answers; just go with whatever             natural or inviting about my God-
works for you. Prince Philip wor-          talk; it was clumsy and inappropri-
shippers would proclaim -                  ate. I didn’t engage with Derek at
“Worship the Duke of Edinburgh.            all. In my conversation with Elke I
He answers our prayers and when            had adopted a storytelling approach
he returns to Tanna, the fish in the       to sharing faith; something I had
sea will dance with joy.” The Chris-       learned from Jesus. First I asked her
tian faith has a different take on the     a question about the Duke of Edin-
story: Christians believe that Jesus       burgh; something that she already
is Lord! He can forgive sins because       knew about and found interesting.
He is the Son of God and He died           Then I told her a story which she
on the cross for us. Prince Philip         enjoyed. I then invited her to look
cannot forgive sins, nor can his           at the story from four different an-
wife.”                                     gles.

      lke smiled warmly and before         The tone and style of this approach
      you knew it, she, her husband        is invitational and non-threatening. I
      and I were sitting in an Indian      was comparing and contrasting dif-
restaurant chatting about the royal        ferent ways of understanding the
family, Frank Sinatra, Mafia hit-men       Prince Philip religion. To do this it’s
and the Christian faith for several        vital to understand two very popu-
hours as we munched on the pop-            lar secular mindsets. Secular people
padoms. At the end of the evening          live as if there is no God. Some are
they both thanked me for a great           materialists and others are relativ-
time together. I felt joyful and           ists.

August - September 2018                                                   Page 17
Materialists believe that physical          Philip and contrasting it with faith in
stuff is all there is. There is no im-      Jesus. Traditional evangelism often
material realm beyond physical de-          ignores secular mindsets and that is
tection (no spirit, soul, angels,           one reason why it fails to engage.
God). There is no intelligence, de-         The storytelling compare and con-
sign or purpose behind, or at work          trast method allowed me to spend
in the universe. American professor         two hours talking to Elke and her
Marvin Minsky put it like this: “A          husband about repentance, the
human-being is a computer made of           cross and resurrection hope. There
meat.”                                      was no disdain. No withering looks.

         elativists believe that there is   In conclusion I believe that this sto-
         no absolute truth. There are       rytelling way of communication is
         only individual preferences        exactly what Jesus did 2,000 years
that are subjective. Individual choice      ago. He got a crowd around him
is sacred. American artist Tom              and told parables and asked ques-
Friedman hired a witch in 1992 to           tions about God’s kingdom. Why
curse a space above a white block.          aren’t we doing this today?
His comments were relativist: “If
you believed it, it exists. If you did-
n’t, it didn’t exist.”
                                            Mark Roques
                                            Mark Roques preaches at Cragg Hill Baptist
I helped Elke and her husband to            church in Horsforth. He is the director of
understand these secular mindsets           RealityBites which is part of the Thinking
before unpacking faith in Prince            Faith Network based in Leeds. Find out
                                            more at https://thinkfaith.net/realitybites

      If you would like to know more about this creative,
      storytelling approach to evangelism read Mark’s new
      book The Spy, the Rat and the Bed of Nails:
      Creative Ways of Talking about Christian Faith.

                  “All Jesus did that day was tell stories -
                        a long storytelling afternoon.”
                               Matthew 13.34 (The Message)

Page 18                                                      August - September 2018
            August - September 2018


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   Sun     12 Preachers and worship leaders in all Mission Communities

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   Tue     14 Rooted

  Wed 15 Your friends and family who don’t know Jesus

   Thu     16 Students getting A level results

    Fri    17 The church office

    Sat    18 People getting married this summer

   Sun     19 All of South Parade’s Mission Communities
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                                                  Pull out and use!
Mon       20 Irene West
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 Sat    22 Megan Hobbs
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Mon      1   Tim Jackson in his new role in Austria
Tue      2   Leeds Faith in Schools
Wed      3   Ruth Moody & Ruth Hughes
Thu      4   CAP Debt Centre volunteers
 Fri     5   Caring for Life
 Sat     6   The Ministry Team

August - September 2018                                        Page 21
Anne Morden
  At Anne Morden’s Thanksgiving Service at South Parade on
  4 July the church came together with her family and friends
  to remember her, to thank God for her life, and to support
  the family in their time of grief. We continue to pray for
  Peter, Joe and Rachel and the wider family over the coming

  There is a higher throne than all this world has known,
  Where faithful ones from every tongue will one day come.
  Before the Son we’ll stand, made faultless through the Lamb;
  Believing hearts find promised grace - salvation comes.

  And there we’ll find our home, our life before the throne;
  We’ll honour Him in perfect song, where we belong.
  He’ll wipe each tear-stained eye as thirst and hunger die,
  The Lamb becomes our Shepherd King; we’ll reign with Him.

     Hear heaven’s voices sing; their thunderous anthem rings
     Through emerald courts and sapphire skies, their praises rise.
     All glory, wisdom, power, strength, thanks, and honour are
     To God our King, who reigns on high, forevermore.

                                                        Keith & Kristyn Getty
                                                          © 2003 Thankyou Music CCLI 1730

Page 22                                                    August - September 2018
In Touch - Really?

This magazine will give you            If you did not receive an email in
some information about what            May with a user name and initial
is going on, but for members           password it could be that we don’t
and friends there is lots more.        have a correct email address for
                                       you. Please contact me at

      unday worship, and a small       secretary@spbc.org.uk
      group during the week, usually
      in someone’s home.                         We know that some have
Prayer meetings and the                          had difficulty with logging
bi-monthly Church Meet-                          in to read the privacy poli-
ing for seeking God’s will                       cy. We now know that
for his church. And occa-                        this can occur due to in-
sional emails to inform                           ternet browser programs
and update you. And                                “remembering” incor-
online access to church                             rect, inappropriate or
documents etc.                         outdated information. There is a
                                       simple fix, telling your browser to
To have online access to the vari-     forget “history”, but if this applies
ous church documents you need a        to you then you will first need to
user name and a password, and to       ask me for a new initial password,
log in with these to read and          as these are time-limited and expire
acknowledge our “Privacy and Data      after 30 days whether used or not.
Protection Policy” online. If you      Further help will be given individual-
have received an email with a user     ly as necessary.
name and initial password but for
any reason did not use it, or failed
to log in please contact me, secre-    Charles Fletcher
tary@spbc.org.uk for a fresh initial   Church Secretary
password.                              secretray@spbc.org.uk

August - September 2018                                              Page 23
Postcard from Africa

    Everyone at South Parade
    c/o Intouch Magazine
    South Parade Baptist Church
    Kirkstall Lane
    Leeds LS6 3LF


Page 24                            August - September 2018
Dear friends

  A glass of tea… It’s interesting how so much of life gets
  lived around such a small thing. From the highest to the
  lowest, the richest to the poorest, it is a joy that everybody
  here shares.

  For us it has been a means of connecting with people,
  learning to make tea that our friends and neighbours

    appreciate, and the gentle tease when they say yet again
    that it isn’t sweet enough.

    We have been here for 6 months now and are starting to
    adapt to the language and culture around us.We have
    already been blessed with opportunities to share
    something of the Hope that we have.

    Lots of love and many blessings,


August - September 2018                                       Page 25
Guiding the Ship
                               Church Administrators Network

Ministry Team member Kate                us with a lovely lunch, seen as
Churchill reflects on her role           something of a highlight by the oth-
after the church recently host-          er churches present.
ed the UK Church Administra-
tors Network (UCAN) for
their area training day.                   This image of steering and
                                           guiding the ship is of great

    t was fantastic to meet other
    church administrators from the           encouragement to me
    local area and interesting to dis-
cover that we had as many com-
monalities as differences in our ex-     The theme was “Administration:
periences. I hope to get involved in     biblical and creative” and the train-
a local group, meeting others                   ing was delivered by John
about once a term to share                            Truscott. He is an
best practice, encourage                                amazing and inspira-
each other and pray for                                   tional speaker who
our respective                                              founded UCAN
churches.                                                    and works as a
                                                             church consultant.
Megan Hobbs came                                             One of the things
along with me: she has                                      he talked about
been supporting the                                       was the gift of ad-
activities of the church                                 ministration. The
office as part of her South                           word for administration
Parade Internship, particularly                  in the original Greek is ku-
thinking about ways we can develop       bernēsis, which comes from a verb
a communication strategy. Claire         meaning to steer or guide a ship.
Ginn was also there as she provided      This was such an interesting way of

Page 26                                                 August - September 2018
looking at my role and gifting at          opportunity to do some planning
South Parade in the church office, a       for future development. Last year,
place I have now called home for           we were all encouraged through
nearly three years.                        Rio’s Internship to use the Church
                                           Library in the Summer Reads initia-
I have sometimes wondered how              tive and this was brought back into
my administration tasks fitted with        focus this week in the Sent Weekly
being in the Ministry Team, espe-          News email. I will be attempting to
cially when I need to talk to them         read, reflect and consider what I
about GDPR, health and safety, and         should do next.
calendars while they talk about

much more exciting topics like Al-                ast year, I was fortunate to
pha courses, Christianity Explored,               attend the monthly School of
Barnabas Bunch, CAP and children,                 Theology sessions which were
youth and student work. At other           brilliant at improving my confidence
times, I have said that I feel like I am   and biblical knowledge. One of my
the Church Mum, trying to get eve-         options for more formal develop-
ryone sorted and out of the door           ment would be to undertake a dis-
on time for school. This image of          tance learning course in church ad-
steering and guiding the ship is of        ministration, run in collaboration
great encouragement to me, it felt         with UCAN and St John’s College,
like it married my two experiences         Nottingham. Please keep praying
of this role, giving me permission to      with me for our Ministry Team’s
bring people’s attention to our legal      professional and spiritual develop-
obligations and commitments but            ment.
doing so creatively and in God’s

The summertime is a great oppor-
                                           Kate Churchill
                                           Church Administrator
tunity for reflection and to seize the


   Discover more on the UK Church
   Administrators Network at
   Find more about speaker John Truscott at www.john-truscott.co.uk

August - September 2018                                                Page 27
One to One
                                                 A Man of Integrity

If you could have a “one-to-one”
with anyone in the world, dead                 He was a man of
or alive, who would you choose?              personal integrity who

        an you guess my choice from          “walked the talk” every
        the following clues? Choco-              day of his life
        late for anyone who gets it
before clue 3.                      crusades, became a household name.

•   He was the son of a dairy farmer,   Ordained, aged 21, at Florida Bible
    milking cows twice a day.           Institute, he went on to further study
•   He was converted, aged 16,          at Wheaton College, where he met
    through the ministry of Dr Mor-     his future wife, Ruth. They married in
    decai Ham.                              1943 and went on to have five
•   He preached to 215 million                 children and 19 grandchildren.
    people all over the world.                 In 1950 he founded the Billy
•   He preached to our Queen                   Graham Evangelistic Organisa-
    at Windsor and Sandringham.                tion, which sponsored his many
•   He counselled 9 presi-                      crusades around the world.
    dents of the USA.
•   He was voted one of                                This organisation en-
    the “ten most ad-                                   couraged churches to
    mired men in the                                    be proactive in prayer
    world”, 51 times.                   and witness before the crusade so
                                        that the ground was well prepared.
•   He died in February this year,
                                        Likewise, they expected nurture
    aged 99.
                                        groups to be ready and waiting for
                                        new converts; and this was the re-
The guy was Dr Billy Graham who,
                                        sponsibility of local churches.
through radio, TV and international

Page 28                                                 August - September 2018
In 1992, aged 74, he was diagnosed         Someone else at South Parade has
with an illness related to Parkin-         been similarly influenced. After
son’s disease and Franklin, his son        much soul-searching, Owen Carey
took over the reins. His wife, Ruth,       Jones visited Yeadon Town Hall to
predeceased him. His death, this           hear a relay of the 1985 Crusade.
year, was broadcast by the BBC             His heart was moved and he walked
and, indeed, all over the world.           forward to give his life to Christ.

        ersonally, if I had had the        Billy Graham was a man of personal
        chance to speak to him “one-       integrity who “walked the talk” eve-
        to-one”, I would have              ry day of his life. I suppose you
thanked him for the inspiration he         could say his mantra was “the
has been in my life. I first heard him     Cross”. He declared “Christ died
in 1966 at the Earl’s Court Stadium        on the Cross and the Cross be-
in London. Together with a crowd           comes the door which becomes the
from my college Christian Union,           gate to eternal life”. “Anyone who
we piled into a coach travelling           is in Christ is a new creation. The
down from Bromsgrove. Two of my            old has gone and the new has
special friends were converted and         come.” (2 Corinthians 5.17).
still hold firm to their faith to this
day. At Mission England 1989, in the
Crystal Palace Stadium, I was able
                                           Janet Jackson
                                           Headingley Morning Mission Community
to train as a counsellor and witness
our own son, Ed, walk forward to
give his life to Christ.

                     Better Than The Beach
  One day spent in your house, this beautiful place of worship,
        beats thousands spent on Greek island beaches.
  I’d rather scrub floors in the house of my God
        than be honoured as a guest in the palace of sin.
  All sunshine and sovereign is God, generous in gifts and glory.
  He doesn’t scrimp with his travelling companions.
  It’s smooth sailing all the way with God-of-the-Angel-Armies.
                                         Psalm 84.10-12 (The Message)

August - September 2018                                                   Page 29
Getting to Know You
                                 Ruth Moody & Ruth Hughes

This month we meet two peo-            and provide support to the Treas-
ple called Ruth in two different       urer.
South Parade Mission Commu-
nities.                                What do you do the rest of the week?
                                       I work part-time as the Financial
Ruth Moody                             Controller for a charity, Harrogate
What role do you have in the life of   International Festivals, which puts
SPBC?                                  on Literature and Music Festivals.

        lthough I don’t have a         Some of you may have seen recent
        named role at Cragg, as a      coverage on local TV. Which is also
        member of the mission          how I spend my spare time, going
community, I help out in different     to concerts and literature events
ways when needed. I occasionally       with my friends.
do the Bible reading or sing in the
                                       I am also a member of the Art Fund
worship group during the services. I
                                       and the National Trust and like vis-
also steward at Headingley for Sent
                                       iting Galleries, Museums and Stately
                                       Homes. And I volunteer once a
                                       month with Torch at their Leeds
                                       meeting. Torch is Christian fellow-
                                       ship where blind and sighted people
                                       meet on equal terms. Some 110
                                       Torch Fellowship Groups meet in-
                                       formally on a monthly basis across
                                       the UK, with many more interna-

                                       Who supports you as you live out your
                                       My house group and friends are my

Page 30                                               August - September 2018
main support as I live out my faith,      team (Nathan), mission community
because they are the people who           leader (Chris Dyson) and Megan
know me.                                  Hobbs.

    It is easier to get to know           What do you do the rest of the week?
                                          A large part of my week is spent at
    people at Cragg than in a             the university where I work as a
        bigger congregation               support scientist, helping people
                                          design experiments and image their
                                          samples on the microscopes as well
How can the church family cherish you     as developing new microscopy tech-
better?                                   niques. I’m very privileged to have

    like Cragg mission community          such a varied and interesting job,
   as it is smaller and it is easier to   and thank God for the opportunity,
   get to know people than in a           and the chances it brings to share
bigger congregation. Also, quite a        my faith.
number of the congregation live
nearby which means that I can meet        Outside of work I enjoy going for
people outside of church as well          walks and watching (too much) TV!
and Cragg also puts on social events
for everybody.                                 I’m fortunate to be a
I feel as a single person without any           part of a supportive
family in Leeds that Cragg suits me            homegroup, where we
best but sometimes feel my church               model to each other
family could encourage me better
by listening to me and remembering
                                                 living out our faith
what I say.
                                          Who supports you as you live out your
Ruth Moody                                faith?
                                          I’m very fortunate to be a part of a
                                          supportive homegroup, where we
Ruth Hughes                               explore together and try to model
                                          to each other living out our
What role do you have in the life of
                                          faith, even in the messy bits of life,

                                          through Bible study, prayer and
   ’m an Elder, with particular focus
                                          building relationships. Being a part
   for Sent and have the privilege to
                                          of the Eldership and the Sent LT is
   be a part of the Sent leadership
                                          also a great encouragement. Having
team, serving alongside the ministry

August - September 2018                                                 Page 31
so many people around who are              ing that, or hearing people share
generous enough to share from              what they think God might be say-
their own experiences is a great           ing to them or doing in their lives,
support.                                   is such an encouragement - so feel
                                           free to stop me and share, whether
How can the church family cherish you      you think its exciting or unsettling,
better?                                    it would be wonderful to have a

        he thing that always makes         better sense of where God is lead-
        my heart glad is when I see        ing and working.
        God working in people’s
lives and them stepping out to try
and explore more of what God’s
                                           Ruth Hughes
call on their life looks like. Just see-

                           BMS World News
  The children we meet need
  your prayers

  Please pray and help to transform
  the lives of children in countries all
  over the world. God moves in
  prayer. Please take a moment to
  join us.

  •    Pray for refugee children in Lebanon who are now getting an
       education thanks to you. Pray that they will feel safe in their
  •    Preschools across Bangladesh are being supported by you. Pray for
       the children, that they can concentrate on learning.
  •    BMS is working to transform the lives of children by improving
       teaching in Nepal. Pray for Nepali teachers that are receiving
       training, that they will continue to transform the lives of
       their students.

  For more prayer requests, head here:

Page 32                                                   August - September 2018
Ford’s Focus
 John’s Gospel Part 19: The Vine and the Branches

John 15                                  control and his disciples, along with
                                         us, the reader in the 21st century,
This chapter is a continuation           can rest assured that God knows
of chapter 14 and so is there-           what he is doing.
fore part of the same discourse
that Jesus is giving to his disci-       Jesus then says that the gardener
ples.                                    prunes the vine by removing the
                                         dead branches and cutting back

             hilst he is saying to his   those that do produce fruit in order
             disciples in John 14.30     that the vine will produce more
             “I do not have much         fruit.
time to talk to you” he reassures
them that he and the father know            Jesus is saying is that we
what they are doing and in John
15.1 he says “I am the vine and my          all need pruning in order
father is the gardener” immediately           for us to produce fruit
taking his disciples into a place of
security where the gardener is in
                                         It is the gardener’s job to ensure
                                         that the vine produces fruit, the job
                                         of the gardener is never-ending, he
                                         is required to prune, weed, water,
                                         care for and monitor the plants
                                         within the garden to ensure that
                                         the place is kept in a manner that
                                         pleases and provides a place of sol-
                                         ace and encouragement for the
                                         owner and onlookers.

                                         Pruning of a vine is a necessary part

August - September 2018                                               Page 33
of vineyard husbandry and is re-        dresser who Jesus tells us in verse 1
quired in order for the vine to pro-    is his Father.
duce a good quality and quantity of
grape, and also to ensure that ade-     In verse 3 Jesus begins to piece the
quate young shoots are being en-        picture together by saying “you
couraged for next season’s growth.      have already been pruned” (or in
Vines only produce fruit from           the KJV “you are already clean”)
shoots that are one year old and           “because of the word or message
so require removing once fruit-                   I have already spoken to
ing has finished.                                     you”. Jesus is speaking
                                                       here to the converted,

       o what Jesus is saying is                      his disciples. He is com-
       that we all need                              forting and preparing his
       pruning continu-                              disciples for life on earth
ally in order for us to                                without him. He has
produce fruit and for                                   already made it clear
us to be prepared for                                   that he is the vine and
fruiting year on year.                                 that every branch of
                                                      his that is unprofitable is
A vine has a stock and                              taken out by the father
branches but essentially                 and destroyed and every fruitful
they appear to be indistinguishable      branch is pruned in order to pro-
from each other, so when Jesus says      duce more fruit. So here he as-
in verse 5 “I am the vine and you       sumes a point in time where the
are the branches” what he is saying     pruning process has taken place and
is I am the vine, you are the vine, I   he makes it very clear that in order
am the branch, you are the branch.      for us to be fruitful we must remain
Essentially Jesus and me are one and    in the vine and the vine must re-
the gardener does not distinguish       main in us.
between them, he selects the un-

healthy branches and the branches               s I have already pointed out
that have already fruited he cuts off           a vine and its branch are
from the vine so that the vine will             virtually indistinguishable
continue to be fruitful year on year.   and Jesus is saying that one must
                                        remain in the other to produce
This pruning process is a continual     fruit, which is obvious, but probably
process that is applied to our lives    overlooked by most of us at some
to make us fit for purpose, the pur-    point in our lives. One without the
pose of producing fruit for the vine-   other renders both useless for the

Page 34                                                 August - September 2018
purpose it was intended, that of          to those who have been made clean
producing fruit.                          by Jesus, that life will work if we
                                          abide in the vine and the vine
The point that Jesus is also making       abides in us: it is together that we
about the importance of remaining         work life out.
in the vine is that he knows that his
ministry on earth has been divisive       This producing of fruit is all about
because he knows that essentially         remaining spiritual, it is not about
“everything is spiritual” and when a      how many souls we have influenced
person starts from that perspective       into accepting Christ or how many
their life will be at odds with the       people have joined our church or
world because it is so fundamentally      how many missionaries we support.
different to the selfish, sinful nature   It is all about knowing Christ and
of human desire that has been             him crucified and the power of his
brought about by the fallen state of      risen life intertwined and immersed
humanity, the state that Jesus came       into our innermost spiritual parts so
to restore to a right relationship to     that we are able to stand firm in a
God the Father and creator of all. It     turbulent and unstable world,
is in the remaining or abiding in the     knowing that life is safe and secure
vine that we find the true meaning        beacuse the vine dresser is fully
of life.                                  committed to tending his vine so
                                          that it produces good fruit for his
       Life will work if we
                                          Jesus’ call to action in this chapter is
      abide in the vine and               not that we strive to produce fruit
      the vine abides in us               but that we abide in the vine and
                                          remain indistinguishably joined to
                                          the root so that we can testify to
By ensuring that we remain in the         the ministry of Jesus and can know
vine, and as Jesus promises to re-        a place of security in a topsy-turvy
main in us by the power of the in-        world.
dwelling Spirit that has been given
by the Father, we will produce fruit,
fruit that will remain.
                                          Steve Ford
                                          Headingley Morning Mission Community

     o Jesus is saying here, to his
     disciples and to anyone
     through the expanse of time,

August - September 2018                                                  Page 35
Poetry to Ponder
                                                    Cleaning House

Pat Dalgleish finds another            so we can share it with the whole
poem to inspire and encourage          church.
                                             Cleaning House
This anonymous poem has been                   Last week I threw out Worrying,
widely shared on social media and             it was getting old and in the way.
encourages us to look at our lives,       It kept me from being me;
and in the spirit of Hebrews 12.1      I couldn't do things God's way.
urges us to “throw off every-
thing that hinders and the sin         I threw out those Inhibitions;
that so easily entangles               they were just crowding me out.
and… run with perseverance             Made room for my New Growth,
the race marked out for us”.           got rid of my old dreams and doubts.

If you have found inspi-               I threw out a book on MY PAST
ration or comfort in a                 (didn't have time to read it anyway).
poem or short piece of                 Replaced it with New Goals,
prose please send it to the magazine   started reading it today.

                                       I threw out hate and bad memories,
                                       (remember how I treasured them so)?
                                       Got me a NEW PHILOSOPHY too,
                                       threw out the one from long ago.

                                       Brought in some new books too,
                                       called I CAN, I WILL, and I MUST.
                                       Threw out I might, I think and I ought.
                                       WOW, You should've seen the dust.

                                       I ran across an OLD FRIEND,
                                       haven't seen him in a while.

Page 36                                                 August - September 2018
I believe his name is GOD,               Yes, I've got my house looking nice.
Yes, I really like His style.            Looks good around the place.
                                         For things like Worry and Trouble
He helped me to do some cleaning         there just isn't any place.
and added some things Himself.
Like PRAYER, HOPE and FAITH,             It's good to do a little house cleaning,
Yes, I placed them right on the shelf.   get rid of the old things on the shelf.
                                         It sure makes things brighter;
I picked up this special thing           maybe you should TRY IT YOURSELF.
and placed it at the front door.
I FOUND IT - it's called PEACE.          Author Unknown
Nothing gets me down anymore.

               Church Noticeboard

August - September 2018                                                  Page 37
This CartoonChurch.com cartoon by Dave Walker originally appeared in the Church Times.

                                                                                                                           August - September 2018
                                                                                                                                Page 38
South Parade meets as four distinctive Mission Communities across Leeds:
   in Headingley and Cragg on a Sunday Morning, and as Sent at
   Headingley on Sunday evenings. Connect meets in the community in
   Bramley. We run a CAP Debt Centre and run the ABC Coffee Shop in
   Holt Park, and have a partnership with the Arabic Christian Fellowship.
   To find out more, visit the website or contact the church office.

   Together, we have a shared vision to build community in Christ. We
   hope that all who meet us will be helped to belong to Christ and his
   people, will discover what it means to believe in him, and will become
   all that he invites them to be in character, lifestyle, witness and service.

       Senior Minister                 Peter Morden
       Minister                        Paul Rockley

       Associate Pastor for            Nathan Shipley
       Youth and Young Adults
       Children’s Worker               Heather McLeen
       Associate Pastor                Geoff King
       Church Administrator            Kate Churchill
       Under 5s Co-ordinator           Kate Burkett

       Elders                         Andrew Bedingham,
                                      Freeman Dumenu,
                                      Charles Fletcher (Church Secretary),
                                      Ruth Hughes, John Pelham,
                                      Sue Ricketts, Tim Rowe, Joe Walsh

       South Parade Baptist Church                         0113 275 4989
       Kirkstall Lane, Headingley                       www.spbc.org.uk
       LEEDS LS6 3LF                                    info@spbc.org.uk

August - September 2018                                                      Page 39
           Jesus spoke all these things to
               the crowd in parables;
          he did not say anything to them
              without using a parable.
                                Matthew 13.34 (NIV)

Page 40                                August - September 2018
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