A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

Welcome to the LSP Annual Newsletter. We have had a very busy and productive year. In this issue you will find information on all our newly developed pro- grammes, events and activi- ties during 2018. From partnering with UL PESS Department to conduct a re- search programme for adults over 50 to developing a junior Shelbourne parkrun —we pretty much have every age group covered!! The LSP are continuing to work in partnership with our Board Members, whose input is invaluable given the broad areas of expertise that exists around the table.

Under the Dormant Accounts Fund and through Sport Ire- land, the LSP were successful in applying for an ASPIRE Graduate for 2018.

Mark Cummins took on the role and has been involved in a number of programmes together with delivering a varied education and physical activity pro- gramme to a targeted group in Direct Provision in Limer- ick. It is hoped that these participants will join the newly formed Sanctuary Running group in Limerick. Details of the programme can be found in this edition. The LSP were also successful in obtaining funding to recruit a Community Sports Develop- ment Officer, Pádraigh Reale for the newly developed Gar- ryowen Sports Hub in partner- ship with Garryowen CDP. This will enhance the services already available in the area and also focus on using existing rec- reational amenities to encour- age physical activity which will lead to a more informed and physically active community.

The LSP would like to thank all those who participated in our activities in 2018.

We welcome recommendations and dialogue in helping to pro- mote physical activity across all communities. Phelim Macken, Coordinator Garryowen Sports Hub & Pádraigh Reale A Word from the Coordinator 1 Garryowen Sports Hub & Pádraigh Reale 1 Junior Shelbourne parkrun 2 Activator Walking Pro- gramme 2 Older Adults Community Sports Hubs 2 Mental Health First Aid 3 Move for Life 4 Physical Literacy Workshop 4 Intercultural Programmes 5 Disability Sports— Halliwick & Being Well Programme 5 SPEAK and Sport Ireland Support 6 Primary Schools Programmes 7 Safeguarding & Sports First Aid 8 20x20.ie Campaign 9 2019 Activities & Programmes 10 Calendar of Pro- grammes Jan to April 2019 11 2019 Activities & Programmes 12 LSP in Focus 13 What we Do 14 Inside this issue: 2018 A word from the Coordinator Garryowen Community Sports Hub was initiated in 2018.

In partnership with Garryowen CDP, the LSP applied to Dormant Accounts through Sport Ireland and funding was secured to develop a Sports Hub in Garryowen and also to recruit an “on the ground” Sports Development Officer for the Hub.

Pádraigh Reale was successful in securing the position and he is a key asset to the pro- ject. Having taken part in Limerick City Sports Partnership’s VIP programme, attending LIT, volunteering on the ground with a number of LSP programmes and then becoming a tutor with Limerick Sports Partnership, Pádraigh has a very good understanding of the challenges on the ground within the Garryowen community and surrounding areas. Through site visits and linking with services already available in and around Garryowen, a number of success- ful partnerships have already been created and the position isn’t even 6 months old!! Pádraigh has estab- lished programmes to cater for each school in Garryowen and a sportshall athletics programme has been planned for early 2019.

He has already completed “Ready to Go Orienteering” course and both schools will be mapped for orienteering in the new year.

As a representative on the Garryowen Youth Forum, Pádraigh has made primary contact with NGB’s and local sports specific development officers to establish the “Garryowen Sports Forum”. By linking with these Devel- opment Officers who are always out on the ground and in the Community, it is envisaged that a collaborative approach can be adopted where quality physical activity programmes, events/activities can be delivered to the whole community. Programmes will cater for all levels, ages, abilities and will enhance the services al- ready available in the area while also focusing on using existing recreational amenities to encourage physical activity.

The addition of a Community Sports Development Officer will lead to a more informed and physical- ly active community.

To contact Pádraigh please phone 0851691064. Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie

A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

In partnership with HSE, VHI and parkrun, the LSP developed the first ever junior parkrun in Limerick. All juniors aged between 4 - 14 are welcome to participate in this free 2k run at Shelbourne Park every Sunday morning. When is it? Every Sunday morning at 9.30am. Where is it? The event takes place at Shelbourne Park, Shelbourne Road, Limerick. What does it cost to join in? Nothing - it's free! If you would like to have your time recorded, you can register for free at parkrun.ie and bring a copy of your printed barcode with you every week.

You don't have to be registered to run with us, but your time won't be recorded without a barcode. When you register you can select Shelbourne junior parkrun as your home run, but your barcode can be used at any parkrun in the world. Only ever register with parkrun once. How fast do I have to be? The aim is to have fun. Please come along and join in what- ever your pace! We're friendly! Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in The Strand Hotel, Ennis Road, Limer- ick - please come and join us! All are welcome, you can run, jog, walk or volunteer. The run will take place every Sunday morning 9.30am and will be proceeded with a brief warm of for the juniors at 9.20am.

Contact Details: Email lavinia.duggan@gmail.com Tel +353 85 1111774 More Info www.facebook.com/Shelbourne-junior-parkrun If you are not a junior please try one of our weekly Saturday parkrun events instead that start at UL Boathouse, Mungret Park or the Demesne in Newcastlewest. See www.parkrun.ie/limerick The aim of the Limerick Sports Partnership is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get involved in physical ac- tivity as a means of promoting a healthy lifestyle while having fun and socialising with other people. Physical activity is a fundamental aspect of a healthy lifestyle and can help improve cardio fitness, muscular endurance and bone strength.

It can reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases, while also being attributed to positive mental and social well- being. Physical activity Adds life to years and years to life as up to half of the decline in function thought to be caused by ageing is actually caused by not being active. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend that people over the age of 55 years should be getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days per week.

The Limerick Sports Partnership has developed a versatile older adult programme that provides a wide range of activities to enable people of all abilities to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. Activities include swim lessons, aqua aerobics, walking programmes, Go for Life games, adapted circuit sessions, group information talks, seminars and health and wellness checks. The Limerick Sports Partnership is a non-for-profit organisation and therefore have subsidised a vast majority of programmes to ensure they are accessible to all. If you would like more information on the Limerick Sports Partnership, please visit www.limericksports.ie or call 061333600 Remember ‘It’s never too late to get active’ Junior Shelbourne parkrun Older Adult Sports Hub The Activator Pole Walking programme was delivered in several areas in Limerick during 2018.

Activator poles are now being used extensively instead of passive mobility devices such as canes, crutches and even walkers (under the assessment of an occupational therapist). The poles are a modified version of Nordic Poles and designed to safely accommodate the needs of people with stability issues, older adults, individ- uals with chronic conditions and rehabilitation patients.

The benefits of using ACTIVATOR poles have been identified as follows; improving posture, enhance bal- ance and stability, improve coordination, promote better gait patterns and speed, improve mobility / range of motion of shoulder/neck area, reduce impact and stress on hip and knee joints, increase re- sistance for arms and upper body, engage and strengthen core muscles, raise intensity and increased caloric and energy ex- penditure, build confidence and reduces fear of falling, increase exercise/walking tolerance, increase opportunities for social interaction and enhanced self-esteem and overall sense of well-being.

The LSP have made poles available in a number of local parks so that the wider community can avail of them. For information on where the poles are available or if you would like to join a group please see our website www.limericksports.ie or contact Kathleen at kkennedy@limericksports.ie Activator Walking Programme Page 2 Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie

A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

What is Mental Health First Aid? Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the initial help given to someone who is developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or a mental health crisis.

The first aid is given until appropriate professional support is received or until the crises resolves. The MHFA course is a 12-hour course (4 modules, each 3 hours) that teaches people how to assist someone who is developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. Participants will learn the signs and symptoms of mental health problems and what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective. They will learn a frame- work for communication, how to offer and provide initial help, and how to guide a person towards appropriate treat- ments and other supportive help.

Emerging mental health problems covered include: Depression ✓ Anxiety ✓ Psychosis ✓ Substance Misuse Mental health crises covered include: Suicidal thoughts and behaviours ✓ Self-harm ✓ Panic attacks ✓ Traumatic events ✓ Severe psychotic states ✓ Severe effects of alcohol or other drug use ✓ Aggressive behaviours Course Format: The course format caters for all learning styles with opportunities to participate, discuss scenarios and practice skills. Our instructors provide a comfortable learning environment and are trained to support your participation and learning. Course participants receive a copy of the MHFA Manual and a Certificate of Completion.


Mental health problems are common Many people are not well informed about how to recognise mental health problems, how to respond to the person, and what supports are available Many people with mental health problems delay seeking help or do not seek help at all There is stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems Professional help is not always immediately available Evidence that MHFA works Course content is derived from a number of consensus studies incorporating the expertise of hundreds of research- ers, clinicians, service user advocates and carer advocates across the English speaking western world.

The pro- gramme has been extensively evaluated and found to be effective in improving mental health literacy, reducing stig- ma, increasing helping behaviours and improving participants’ own mental health. These evaluations have been carried out in the workplace and community settings. The MHFA programme is available in 23 countries worldwide. IF YOU WANT MORE INFORMATION OR DETAILS ON UPCOMING COURSES PLEASE CONTACT LIAM OR CIARA ON 061333600 OR EMAIL info@limericksports.ie #mentalhealthawareness Page 3 #activelimerick Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie

A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

The purpose of the ‘Move for Life’ study is to investigate whether the reach of profes- sionals can be expanded through the addition of peer mentor support to four estab- lished physical activity programmes in eight physical activity hubs within the Local Sports Partnerships in Clare and Limerick in order to ultimately increase physical activity levels in people over 50 years. The Move for Life intervention involves four physical activity programmes with the addition of a peer mentor support within the groups by using a Cascading Model to teach behavioural skills and provide informational and social support to their peers.

The four physical activity programmes included in the study are: Men on the Move; Women on Wheels (in Limerick) / Bike for Life (in Clare); Go for Life (Clare and Limer- ick) / Older Adults Exercise Classes (Clare); and Get Ireland Walking.

The benefits for health and wellbeing that result from being physically active are well known but in most developed countries the majority of adults are not active enough. Consequently, many governments have implemented public health strategies aimed at increasing the time spent by the population in physical activity. Delivery of physical activity health promotion efforts can be hin- dered by staff shortages, particularly when professional instruc- tors are required to facilitate community-based physical activity classes. One solution that has been proposed to this barrier is to train members of the community in the skills needed to promote physical activity in peer groups.

Pre health checks and fitness tests were carried out in the 4 iden- tified hubs; Caherdavin, Claughaun, Newcastle West and Croom. Physical activity programmes were delivered in 3 hub areas to identify the benefits of agency delivered programmes, one area didn’t receive any programme to see if participants made their own decision to attend activities already available. This area re- ceived controlled programmes at a later stage. The full report is currently being compiled and will be available to the public shortly. The LSP will display same on our website. Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the theory underpinning physical literacy is required before we try to develop it in practical settings—how can we promote a concept if we do not know what it is?

“Physical literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical com- petence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for en- gagement in physical activities for life.” LEARNING OUTCOMES: · Considering the origins, definitions, elements and importance of physical literacy · Reflecting on whether individuals can be described as “physically literate” and whether physical literacy can be assessed · Identifying where and how physical literacy can be developed and by whom The LSP will be delivering a number of “Understanding Physical Literacy Workshops” throughout 2019.

If you are interested in attending please email info@limercksports.ie Alternatively, if a group of coaches or community members would like to receive this workshop in your local area please do not hesitate to contact us. Physical Literacy Workshop #activelimerick Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie Page 4 Move for Life

A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

Working with the guys from Mount Trenchard has been very challenging but extremely rewarding and enlightening. The guys from Mount Trenchard really have made a great effort to put aside the barriers they face. Their engagement has been second to none. Early mornings, long distances, vocabulary/ language barriers, bad weather and lack of suitable clothing didn’t phase them at all. They were enthusiastic in everything they participated in. They laughed, sighed, scratched their heads and took heavy breaths but still carried on and got every ounce of what was on offer.

All instructors really enjoyed their experience with the group and looked forward to work- ing with the group again.

They commented that they were “a great bunch”, “engaging”, “warm”, “interesting”, “friendly” and “knowledgeable”. This group are eager to volunteer and willing to learn and try new experiences/ opportunities given the chance. We here at Limerick Sports Partnership are constantly look- ing for partners to help . Munster Rugby and Sundays Well Mixed Ability Rugby team are two great examples who were part of this programme. Munster Rugby’s Euan Gee helped donate playing gear, Kenneth McNamara helped coach and Sundays Well agreed to travel up to play and train the group. It was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by the guys.

A number of certificates have been awarded to the group that vary from Safeguarding 1 to Active Leadership and Disability Awareness Training to name but a few. We would endeav- our to offer this programme to any group in Direct Provision. Contact Mark or the LSP Office at 061333600 for more information. Intercultural Programme with Mount Trenchard (a word from Mark Cummins) Halliwick & Being Well Programmes Page 5 Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie The Halliwick and Being Well Programmes have continued to be successful throughout 2018. Halliwick is a progressive programme of mental adjustment, disengagement and development of motor control, with an emphasis on rotational control and applies the programme to teach people with a disability balance con- trol, swimming and independence.

If your service is interested please contact the office on 061-333600. The Being Well Programme provides an ideal vehicle to enable people to help fulfil a goal of a healthier life- style. It is based on the principle that people are interested in their health ,want practical courses that are fun to do, simple in their approach and that help them make healthy lifestyle choices. The programme also recognises the need for group and community support enabling individuals to maintain these choices. The programme provides personal trainer type activities in a gym setting to give participants the confidence to attend local sports facilities independently.

If your service would be interested contact us.

A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

SPEAK SPORT IRELAND PARTICIPATION REPORT Page 6 #activelimerick Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie

A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

PRIMARY SCHOOLS PROGRAMMES 2018-2019 GLR Kids Run For Fun Four Week Training Programme delivered in school aiming to prepare children to participate in the “GLR Kids Run for Fun” in May 2019. Limerick Sports Partnership partners with Limerick Insti- tute of Technology Sports Coaching Students to provide this programme to your school. Fit “Kidz” Walking Challenge: This initiative involves school children and teachers taking up the walking challenge to complete distances of 10km or 21km.

Limerick Sports Partnership organise a “launch walk” in May and a “finishing walk” in June for participating schools. Each class in the school wishing to take part in this initiative will receive a Challenge Resource Pack.

Sports Hall Athletics: This indoor athletics programme consists of Track & Field Events and promotes multi skill develop- ment. Open to children from 3rd to 6th class, 1 hour of coaching sessions will be provided to the school children across venues in Limerick city and county. A blitz is held to draw the programme to a close and successful school teams on the day will go on to represent Limerick in the National Sports Hall Athletics Blitz held in March 2019. Be Active ASAP Teacher Training: The “Be Active After School Activity Programme” is an exciting initiative aiming to improve the physical activity patterns of school children by introducing them to a wide variety of activities in a fun and safe environment.

The programme offers a three-hour training course for teachers: On completion of training, teachers receive programme resources, including a folder of resource cards and a teacher handbook. For more info, see www.beactiveasap.ie Please be advised that there is limited availability on the above programmes, so early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

To book or for more information please contact Limerick Sports Partner- ship on 061- 333600 Page 7 Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie

A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

Page 8 #activelimerick Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie Safeguarding & Sports First Aid One of the LSP’s main aims is to provide Education and Training opportunities for sports clubs/coaches/ participants and volunteers in Limerick Sporting Clubs/Organisations. The Safeguarding 1, 2 and 3 course together with Active Leadership are our main Sport Ireland educational programmes.

These courses are delivered monthly in Limerick—one in the City and one County based so as to cater for all club coaches/ members etc.

There is now also a Safeguarding 1 online refresher course available and participants are encouraged to refresh after 2 years of completing SG1 course. Information and link to this course is available on our website. The Sports Partnership also deliver Sports First Aid courses. The course includes: For all upcoming courses please see our website www.limericksports.ie and click on “What we do” If your club would like any of the above mentioned courses delivered directly in-house please contact Kathleen directly at kkennedy@limericksports.ie

A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie Limerick Sports Partnership fully support and are a proud member of the 20x20 campaign.

ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN: (From 20x20.ie website) 20x20 is about creating a cultural shift in our perception of girls and women in sport. By increasing visibility of women’s sport it will become a greater part of who we are and what we follow. There is already so much to celebrate when it comes to women’s sport in Ireland but there isn’t enough noise. The initiative seeks to change the subliminal bias in the Irish psyche that exists around girls and boys, or women and men, when it comes to sport. The names of the initiative for 20% by 2020, there are the targets the campaign has set: • 20% more of women in sport by the end of 2020 • 20% more female whether at player, coach, referee or administration level by the end of 2020 • 20% more at women’s games and events by the end of 2020 This isn’t a ‘women for women’ initiative, it’s ‘all of society for all of society’.

If sport is good, which we know it to be, then more sport is better. If we all play, we all win. 20×20 is asking all sections of Irish society to show their stripes and pledge one small action to increase the visibility of women’s sport in Ireland because if she can’t see it, she can’t be it. Limerick Sports Partnership are driving female participation forward through a range of programmes such as Women On Wheels, Meet & Train, Community Activator Pole Walking and Mother of All Sport. These programmes cater for all ages, levels and abilities to increase physical activity, meet new friends and promote positive health and wellbeing.

The popular Women On Wheels programme not only increases physical activity but also creates an op- portunity for beginner cyclists to learn from previous beginners who are now qualified road captains and ride leaders. If your from Limerick and want to get involved visit www.limericksports.ie Page 9 20x20 Campaign #activelimerick

A word from the Coordinator - Limerick Sports Partnership

Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie Local Activities & Programmes 2019 Page 10 Operation Transportation Community Activator Programme Cool Movers This year’s Operation Transporta- tion Walk will take place on Satur- day January 12th at 11am —the LSP will be organising the annual OT walk and the venue is to be con- firmed.

Please keep an eye on our website for details and registration. The LSP offer an informative information work- shop on “The importance of keeping active as we age”. This workshop can be delivered at a venue that suits your group and is free of charge. Topics covered include why we should be active, the health benefits of being more active, how to incor- porate activity in retirement, ways to motivate and encourage a group to get active, grants available for clubs/groups and how to exercise at home—to name but a few.

If you have a group interested in receiving this workshop or are a company preparing retirees for retirement, please contact Tracy or Ciara. The ever popular Cool Movers will start again on Saturday 19th January for 5 weeks. Cool Movers is an hour of physical activity through fun games for 4 to 12 year olds. The cool movers get active and learn es- sential skills through games and activ- ities and have fun doing so. The club is a non sporty sports club where em- phasis is on fun rather than team sports. To register see www.limericksports.ie Indoor cycling programme for beginner and inter- mediate cyclists aged 16+.

Starting on Monday 21st January for 8 weeks. The programme helps im- prove cycling fitness, improve core strength and stability on the bike, increase knowledge of gearing and cadence and greatly benefit your overall cy- cling experience. Participants can then progress to road cycling in the Springtime if they wish to do so. Registration online is essential and if you have your own turbo please bring it—limited number of tur- bos available.

See www.limericksports.ie for information and to register #wow2019 Men on the Move The Men on the Move programme continues to grow across Limerick. The programme is geared towards men over 30 years of age who are looking to get back into physical activity. The programme is non competitive in nature and has a focus on physical activity for functional fitness. The feedback from past programme participants has been nothing but positive with men realising the im- portance of both heart fitness and physical activity but also the social aspect which makes the programme so enjoyable. Programme areas are available on our website or contact Mairead for information.

Older Adults Women on Wheels Turbo (WOW) The Community WALKING ACTIVATOR programme is an 8 week programme where a trained walking tutor comes out to a group of walkers to demonstrate how to get the most from their walk, albeit fitness, weight loss or strengthening muscles. The programme is offered by ourselves in partnership with Get Ireland Walking. The tutor will also introduce the use of Activator or Nor- dic Poles which further enhances the benefits of physical activity. The poles assist with coordination, balance, posture and gait but also assists with cardio vascular “workout” and burning calories.

If you have a group please contact Kathleen at 061333600

#ActiveLimerick Calendar of Programmes Jan—Apr 2019 Prog Name Target Group Location Contact Start Date Cost New Year New Start Males & Females over 16yrs UL Sport Arena Tracy 4th Jan (8weeks) €5 to register & €3 per session Older Adult Aqua Aerobics Men & Women aged 50+ Grove Island Swim- ming Pool Tracy 4th Jan (6weeks) €30 per person Older Adult Aqua Aerobics Men & Women aged 50+ Killeline Swimming Pool Tracy 7th Jan (6weeks) €30 per person Older Adult Aqua Aerobics Men & Women aged 50+ Brothers of Charity Bawnmore Tracy 7th Jan (7weeks) €35 per person Adapted Men on the Move Men aged 30+ Must Exercise Independently in a group setting UL Sport Arena Mairead Prog 1—8th Jan (6weeks) Prog2—26th Feb (6weeks) €20 for 6 weeks Activator Pole Walking Men & Women aged 50+ Southill Hub Tracy 10th Jan (4weeks) Limited number of poles availa- ble Men on the Move Men aged 30+ Na Piarsaigh GAA Clubhouse Mairead 14th Jan (12weeks) €30 per person Cool Movers Non sporty sports club for 4 to 12 year olds The Factory, Southside Youth- Tracy 19th Jan (5weeks) €15 per child Women on Wheels Turbo (WOW) Females aged 16+ Brothers of Charity Bawnmore Phelim 21st Jan (8weeks) €25 per person Men on the Move Men aged 30+ Abbeyfeale Mairead 29th Jan (12weeks) €30 per person Men on the Move INFORMATION EVENING Men aged 30+ Claughaun GAA Clubhouse Mairead 7th Feb Come along for cuppa & chat!

Older Adult Swim Lessons Men & Women aged 50+ Killeline Swimming Pool Tracy 18th Feb (7weeks) €35 per person Older Adult Aqua Aerobics Men & Women aged 50+ Bawnmore Swim- ming Pool Tracy 25th Jan (6weeks) €30 per person Older Adult Aqua Aerobics Men & Women aged 50+ Bawnmore Swim- ming Pool Tracy 27th Jan (7weeks) €35 per person Cool Movers Non sporty Sports Club for 4 to 12 year olds The Factory, Southside Youth- space Tracy 2nd March (6weeks) €18 per child Older Adult Swim Lessons Men & Women aged 50+ Grove Island Swim- ming Pool Tracy 15th March (7weeks) €35 per person IWS Assistant Swim Teachers Course Anyone aged 16+ UL Sport Arena Tracy 15th to 18th April €285 per per- son REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR PROGRAMMES AT WWW.LIMERICKSPORTS.IE

Upcoming Programmes 2019 #activelimerick Page 12

#activelimerick Page 13 Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie

What we Do #activelimerick Page 14 Phone: 061-333600 Email: info@limericksports.ie www.limericksportspartnership.ie Contact Kathleen to register — 061333600 or email kkennedy@limericksports.ie

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