Master of Data Science and Innovation - UTS Postgraduate Course 2022

Master of Data Science and Innovation - UTS Postgraduate Course 2022
Master of Data Science and Innovation - UTS Postgraduate Course 2022
Master of Data Science and Innovation - UTS Postgraduate Course 2022

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Master of Data Science and Innovation - UTS Postgraduate Course 2022
Postgraduate Course Guide

    Meet the
    course director

                                                   “The Master of Data Science
                                                    and Innovation is the first
                                                    course of its kind where data
                                                    science is integrated with
                                                    creativity and innovation”

                                              Meeting the challenges of the ‘data explosion’ requires
                                              organisations to find new ways to work with and think about data.
                                              Companies are increasingly looking for people who can make
                                              sense of data flows and then clearly translate this information to
                                              help feed innovation. However manipulating and interpreting data
                                              not only requires good technical ability, but also a strong creative
                                              element and a clear understanding of business goals.
                                              The Master of Data Science and Innovation (MDSI) is paving the way
                                              for the future of data science degrees. It is the first of its kind to offer
                                              coursework that integrates creativity and innovation, delivered
                                              through a blended mode of face-to-face and online learning.
                                              Students in the course learn how to connect data to business
                                              challenges by getting hands-on experience working in teams to
                                              solve real-life data science problems. They develop the skills to
    Associate Professor Tony Huang            visualise and communicate business outcomes and generate
    Course Director, Master of Data Science   creative data-driven solutions to help influence key decision
    and Innovation                            makers. And working closely with fellow students, they tap into
                                              an invaluable community of data science expertise from across a
                                              myriad of sectors and experiences.

Master of Data Science and Innovation - UTS Postgraduate Course 2022
Master of Data Science and Innovation

Why study the

WE’RE ONE OF A KIND                             REAL WORLD WORK FOR REAL                      TRANSDISCIPLINARY FOCUS
The Master of Data Science and Innovation       WORLD GAIN                                    The MDSI course provides flexibility
(MDSI) is a groundbreaking program              You’ll have the opportunity to explore        to shape your own data science path.
of study. This unique transdisciplinary         real-world projects and actual data           The design of the course structure
program is the first of its kind in Australia   sets with coursework and iLab projects.       provides students with the opportunity
where creativity and innovation are integral    During the course you will solve real         to select elective subjects from different
components. You’ll develop specialist skills    client problems provided by industry and      disciplines across UTS, allowing you to
to source, frame, analyse, visualise and        program partners or design your own data      pursue your own particular interests and
communicate business outcomes and               project. By the time you graduate, you        career aspirations.
generate creative data-driven solutions.        will have a portfolio of challenging and
                                                professional project experiences to share
DON’T JUST THINK. CREATE.                       with potential employers.
This comprehensive course challenges
students to gain essential knowledge in:        THE COLLABORATION
–    Core technical data science skills such    GENERATION
     as statistics, programming, machine        Data science is a collaborative discipline.
     learning and visualisation                 During the course you will collaborate and
                                                build a community with students who have
–    Creative thinking skills such as dealing
                                                a wide range of skills and backgrounds.
     with ambiguity, problem formulation
                                                Many of our alumni are now working at
     and future possibility states
                                                companies like Google, Commonwealth
–    Effective communication and                Bank, Atlassian and the Reserve Bank
     collaboration skills                       of Australia and continue to be active
–    Considering ethical concerns and           members of this community. Students
     human-centred perspectives in the          have found the opportunity to connect with
     analysis and use of complex data           this network of expertise one of the many
–    Skills to adapt and stay current           valuable aspects of the program.
     in a rapidly evolving field. With an
     emphasis on critical self-learning,
     we prepare our students to be
     lifelong learners.

                                                    This one of a kind program helps you
                                                    develop specialist skills to analyse,
                                                    visualise and communicate
                                                    business outcomes and generate
                                                    creative data-driven solutions.

Master of Data Science and Innovation - UTS Postgraduate Course 2022
Postgraduate Course Guide


                                 Chris Mahoney
                                 MDSI Student
                                “Studying the Masters of Data Science
                                 and Innovation course at UTS has been a
                                 phenomenal experience. Challenging at
                                 times, but it has been incredibly rewarding
                                 and educational along the way.
                                The thing that drew me to this course           Yogitha Mariyappa
                                originally was that it had no exams!            International MDSI graduate, 2018
                                Instead, it has very practical ways             Data scientist, Commonwealth Bank
                                of assessment, including reports,               of Australia
                                presentations, dashboards, code files,
                                blog posts, Kaggle competitions and             “What sets the MDSI apart from other
                                more. It has taught me to be dynamic and         Master’s degree programs is its
                                versatile in my own development as a             transdisciplinary, practice-based
                                Data Scientist, which has set me up for          approach to learning. There’s a large
                                success in the business environment.             practical component to the program to
                                                                                 ensure that students come out of their
                                Not only does the degree teach the latest        shells and develop crucial communication
                                Artificial Intelligence techniques along with    skills, collaborating with peers in the
                                the popular Machine Learning algorithms,         community. The iLabs that are part of
                                but it also teaches visualisation,               the MDSI program are also a fantastic
                                leadership, deep-learning, big-data              opportunity for students to work with live
                                engineering and data-based decision-             data and solve real-world problems.
                                making, along with changing your mindset
                                with innovative and statistical thinking.       Within a month of finishing the degree’s
                                The MDSI course pulls all this learning         coursework, I had 3 job offers from
                                together in the best classroom possible:        government, consulting and banking
                                real life. The iLab classes provided me         areas – and I hadn’t even started job
                                the opportunity to apply all my skills in a     hunting properly! MDSI helped me prepare
                                practical and realistic environment and I       well enough that, when the opportunity
                                learnt the most from this experience.           presented itself, I was able to make the
                                                                                most of it. I was at the right place at the
                                This course has taught me so many               right time with the right skills.”
                                skills; from technical to practical, from
                                conceptual to deliverable, from theoretical
                                to presentable. It has helped me to develop
                                into the best Data Scientist (and Innovator)
                                that I can be.”

Master of Data Science and Innovation - UTS Postgraduate Course 2022
Master of Data Science and Innovation

"Within a month of finishing the
 degree’s coursework, I had 3 job
 offers from government, consulting
 and banking areas – and I hadn’t
 even started job hunting properly."

                                                 Kelly Tall
                                                 MDSI Graduate, 2018
                                                 Data visualisation designer
                                                “The MDSI had a good mixture of practical
                                                 and critical engagement with the subject
 William de Azevedo                              matter. I loved that I was allowed to
 MDSI Graduate, 2018                             stretch my electives into the design and
 Data analyst, NSW Government’s                  communications faculties.
 Data Analytics Centre (DAC)                    In my role as a data visualisation designer
“The MDSI has a strong focus on the             in a large financial institution, I combine
 technical aspects of data science.             data understanding, with design and
 However, on the other hand, students are       communication to bring clarity and
 free to choose the elective subjects that      understanding for various internal
 fit best with their professional objectives.   audiences. Concepts that I learnt via the
 Therefore, the MDSI program is dynamic         MDSI have helped me work with internal
 and ready to attend to the varied demands      stakeholders to bring clarity to some
 of the industry.                               ambiguous problem spaces. It has taught
                                                me to think critically about the data
Also, the MDSI always challenges students       we work with, and not just take it as an
to try new approaches and techniques like       objective source of truth.”
blogs, podcasts, videos and hackathons.
Hackathons (which are events in which
students collaborate to develop a solution
for an organisation) helped me to get the
experience I needed to start working as a
data scientist. These approaches are more
interesting than the traditional duo ‘report
and presentation’.
The bottom line is that starting a new
career is always challenging, but the MDSI
has really tested our abilities and prepared
us to take on these challenges.”

Postgraduate Course Guide


                                                                   COURSE STRUCTURE

    Master of Data Science                                         Master of Data Science and Innovation

    and Innovation
                                                                   96CP       = 44CP + 32CP + 20CP
                                                                                    Core              Option        Elective
    Course Code:                 C04372
    CRICOS Code:                 084268K
    Duration:                    2 years full time
    		                           4 years part time                The following example shows a typical
    Location:                    City campus                      full-time program.
    Course structure:
                                                                   Year 1
    Student must complete 96 credit points (CP), comprising
                                                                                                                Machine learning
    44CP core subjects, 32CP specified data science related                  Data Science for    Data Science
                                                                   Autumn                                       Algorithms and
    optional subjects and 20CP elective subjects. Elective                   Innovation (8cp)    Elective 1**
    subjects can be selected from data science related subjects
    and from across the University’s disciplines.                                                Data Science   Data Science
                                                                   Spring    Thinking for Data
                                                                                                 Option 1*      Option 2*
    This flexible course structure enables students to pursue                Science (8cp)
    their own particular interests and career aspirations.         Year 2
                                                                             Visualisation       Data Science   Data Science
                                                                             and Narratives      Option 3*      Elective 2**
                                                                                                 Data Science   Data Science
                                                                   Spring    iLab 2 (12cp)
                                                                                                 Option 4*      Elective 3**

Master of Data Science and Innovation

Data Science Options (select 32cp)*                 –    Database 6cp
–   Big Data Engineering 8cp                        –    Data Science Internship A 6cp
–   Data Science Internship A 6cp                   –    Data Science Internship B 6cp
–   Data Science Internship B 6cp                   –    Data Science Internship C 8cp
–   Data Science Internship C 8cp                   –    Data Science Practice 8cp
–   Data Science Practice 8cp                       –    Deep Learning 8cp
–   Data and Decision Making 8cp                    –    Design and Analysis of Experiments 6cp
–   Deep Learning 8cp                               –    Fundamentals of Data Analytics 6cp
–   Leading Data Science Initiatives 8cp            –    Leading Data Science Initiatives 8cp
–   iLab 1 12cp                                     –    Multivariate Data Analysis 6cp
                                                    –    Optimisation in Quantitative Management 6cp
Data Science Electives (select 20cp)**
                                                    –    Project Management Principles 6cp
–   Advanced Bayesian Methods 6cp
                                                    –    Regression Analysis 6cp
–   Advanced Data Analytics Algorithms 6cp
                                                    –    Social and Information Network Analysis 6cp
–   Advanced Database 6cp
                                                    –    Special Subject 1 (FTDI) 2cp
–   Advanced Data Science for Innovation 4cp
                                                    –    Understanding Data and Statistical Design 6cp
–   Advanced Statistical Modelling 6cp
                                                    –    UNIX Systems Programming 6cp
–   Applied Data Science for Innovation 4cp
                                                    –    iLab 1 12cp
–   Big Data Engineering 8cp
                                                    –    + any postgraduate level subjects from across the
–   Cloud Computing and Software as a Service 6cp        University’s disciplines (up to maximum of 12cp)
–   Data and Decision Making 8cp

                                                     lease note the elective subject list is reviewed every year and is
                                                    subject to change according to student demand.

Postgraduate Course Guide

Master of Data Science and Innovation

Upskill for success
with flexible learning options in
data science
Not quite ready to take on the full Masters? We offer a range of flexible learning options in data science
and innovation, allowing you to focus on developing the specific skills you need, when you need them.

Graduate Diploma                                                     Graduate Certificate
in Data Science                                                      in Data Science
and Innovation                                                       and Innovation
Duration:                       1 year full-time                     Duration:                      0.5 years full-time
		                              2 years part-time                    		                             1 year part-time
The Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Innovation is a             The Graduate Certificate in Data Science and Innovation
part of nested qualifications for the Master of Data Science         is designed for students to gain data science skills in a
and Innovation. Taking a transdisciplinary approach, this            fast-paced mode. It has a flexible and comprehensive
course utilises a range of perspectives from diverse fields          course structure with a group of fundamental and
and integrates them with industry experiences, real-world            advanced subjects. This allows people with different
projects and self-directed study, equipping graduates with           backgrounds and learning objectives to take the course
an understanding of the potential of analytics to transform          either as a fast-track pathway into the data science
practice and core data science skills that they can take to and      industry, or to develop specialised skills to further
apply in a wide variety of industries.                               enhance their data science career.

FIND OUT MORE                                                        FIND OUT MORE         
diploma-data-science-and-innovation                                  certificate-data-science-and-innovation

Duration:                       6 weeks
Gain practical skills and explore university level learning in
small, flexible pieces with our microcredentials developed with
leading data science industry experts. Drawing on content
from the Master of Data Science and Innovation program, these
dynamic, innovative courses provide hands-on learning and
practice and are a perfect way to start your data science journey.
Best of all, microcredentials can also count towards
further degree courses if you choose to pursue further
postgraduate study.


Postgraduate Course Guide

     IN YOUR OWN TIME                               TEACHING STYLE                           FEES
     Designed to accommodate working                The MDSI is delivered via a blended      You can find out more about what your
     professionals, the MDSI can be as flexible     learning mode, integrating the best of   degree will cost at
     as you make it. You can choose how fast        online and face-to-face experiences.     fee-calculator
     you go through the degree based on the         Classes are held on campus, where
                                                                                             If you do have to pay a fee and you’re
     number of subjects you wish to take on in      students get the opportunity to
                                                                                             a local student, you may be eligible for
     any given semester.                            network and learn the latest methods
                                                                                             FEE-HELP, an Australian Government loan
                                                    and insights from academics and
     CLASS SCHEDULE                                                                          scheme. Using FEE-HELP means you don’t
                                                    industry experts. Students also
     Classes are usually held after 5.30pm                                                   have to pay for your tuition fees up front.
                                                    engage with online content outside of
     during the week and/or during the day on                                                More information can be found at
                                                    class working both independently and
     Saturdays. Students studying the course                                       
                                                    collaboratively in teams.
     full time can expect to be on campus                                                    You can choose to repay your FEE-HELP
     on average 6 or 8 times a month during                                                  loan simply by notifying your employer
     semester and may have some study                                                        who will then withhold your payments
     obligations during semester breaks.                                                     through the PAYG tax system. You can also
     To get an idea for what subjects are offered                                            make payments directly to the Australian
     next session and at what time,                                                          Taxation Office (ATO).
     visit the UTS Timetable Planner:

Master of Data Science and Innovation

At UTS, we care about making connections
that count. Industry partnerships and
engagement are a core part of the MDSI
program, preparing students to tackle
complex real-world challenges.
Here are just some of the industry partners we’ve worked with
in the course:
Atlassian, Batyr, Cancer Council NSW, CBRE, Huber Social,
International Convention Centre Sydney, Investible, Lion,
National Heart Foundation, Origin Energy, Rugby Australia,
NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority
                                                                BLAIR HUDSON
Students have the opportunity to participate in two iLab
                                                                Analytics executive, Macquarie Group
projects as part of the MDSI program, providing students with   “Strong ties between university and industry are so
opportunities to:                                                valuable and important in the rapidly changing field of
                                                                 data science. It’s really important for graduates to be
–   Design investigations utilising cutting-edge and advance
                                                                 equipped with both the skills (especially commercial
    techniques for large, complex, multi-structure data sets
                                                                 acumen and communication) to succeed after
–   Test new data analysis approaches from current               graduation, as well as interesting project experiences
    research and literature                                      to share with potential employers.
–   Propose new data studies, under the supervision of
                                                                As a MDSI partner, I like to think that by engaging
    transdisciplinary staff
                                                                students in real-world problems through competitions,
Final iLab projects can either be focused on students’ area     projects and discussion we can develop the data
of interest, their current work environments, or students can   science future leaders our world desperately needs.”
work on a project with an industry or program partner in a
discipline of interest.

“The iLab experience has been
 invaluable to us. The students
 came armed with practical
 skills across leading platforms.
 We were able to bring our vision
 to life and have full confidence
 in our chosen approach.”
 CEO & Founder, Huber Social

Postgraduate Course Guide


                                                     To learn more about MDSI, our student
         Data experts are in high demand in all
                                                     experiences and how to apply visit our
         manner of industries, from oceanography
         to health policy work to market research.
         The MDSI prepares students to work
         professionally in a variety of emerging
         fields, including:
         –     data science                          Did you know, Data analysts
         –     data analysis
         –     data art and visualisation
                                                     and data scientists are one of
         –     data journalism                       the top in demand jobs across
         –     mobile behaviour analysis
         –     data-driven policy work               industries?
         –     advertising and marketing             Source: Future of Jobs Report, 2020, World Economic Forum
         –     online community management

Master of Data Science and Innovation

How to apply

THE ACADEMIC YEAR                           LOCAL APPLICANTS                                 NON-AWARD STUDY
There are three teaching sessions at UTS:   Submit your online application via the           Do you want to study a single subject
                                            UTS Online Application System at                 without committing to a full degree? You
–    Autumn Session: February to May
                                                           can! It’s called non-award study and it’s
–    Spring Session: August to November                                                      a great way to upgrade your skills or just
                                            Find out everything you need to know
–    Summer Session: December                                                                learn more about something you enjoy.
                                            about upcoming MDSI information sessions
     to February                                                                             What’s even more exciting is that any
                                                                                             subjects you complete may be recognised
Did you know that taking available                                                           in future study.
subjects in additional short teaching
                                            BEFORE YOU APPLY:
                                            Keen to apply?                                   To apply, visit
sessions is a great way to reduce your
study load?                                 –    If you do not have a bachelor degree
                                                                                             ENGLISH LANGUAGE
                                                 or higher qualification in a relevant
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                           discipline, but you do have at least two
All applicants must address the                                                              There are English language proficiency
                                                 years full time work experience in data
following criteria.                                                                          requirements for all courses. These
                                                 analytics, database management or
                                                                                             requirements may apply to you, even
1.   Academic qualifications considered:         programming related fields, then you
                                                                                             if you are not an international student.
                                                 must also provide:
     –   Bachelor degree
                                                 –   a C.V. outlining work experience        Visit
     –   Graduate diploma
                                                     and education, as well as other         requirements to find out more.
     –   Graduate certificate                        relevant evidence and information
     –   Masters degree                              AND
                                                                                             ALUMNI ADVANTAGE
                                                                                             If you’ve already completed a degree at
     –   Doctoral degree                         –   an official Statement of Service,       UTS then you’re eligible for the exclusive
                                                     from your employer, confirming          Alumni Advantage program, which
2.   The above qualifications may be
                                                     the dates of employment, and a          offers a 10% saving on full fee paying
     in one of the following related
                                                     description of the position held        degree programs. Find out if you’re
                                                     within the organisation.                eligible for the Alumni Advantage at
     –   Mathematical Sciences
     –   Information Technology             COURSEWORK APPLICATION
                                            CLOSING DATES
     –   Physics and Astronomy
                                            If you want to start studying at UTS in either
     –   Engineering and related            the Autumn or Spring sessions, you need to
         technologies                       apply by:
     –   Accounting
                                            –    Autumn 2022 session: 31 January 2022
     –   Banking, Finance and related
                                            –    Spring 2022 session: 26 June 2022
     –   Business and Management            INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS
     –   Economics and Econometrics         If you’re an international student, head to
                                   to find the course
Applicants with other academic              information, fees and application details
qualifications may be considered on         relevant to you.
the basis of general and professional
qualifications that demonstrate their
potential in the Master of Data Science
and Innovation.


                  Connect with us
                  For advice or information
                  or call 1300 ASK UTS

                  Disclaimer: Courses and electives are offered subject
                  to numbers. The information in this brochure is provided
                  for Australian and New Zealand Citizens and Australian
                  Permanent Residents. If you are an international student,
                  please consult the International Course Guide available
                  from UTS International. Information is correct at time of
                  printing (June 2021) and is subject to change without notice.
                  Changes in circumstances after this date may alter the
                  accuracy or currency of the information. UTS reserves the
                  right to alter any matter described in this brochure without
                  notice. Readers are responsible for verifying information
                  that pertains to them by contacting the university.

                  Images: Toby Burrows, Unsplash Jannes Glas &
                  Getty Images Piranka.
                  UTS CRICOS 00099F
                  30128 JUNE 2021
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