Academic Policies and Procedures
Most Centennial programs are eight months to                    Connect with MyCentennial                                 TRANSFER CREDIT FOR
three years in length. Bachelor’s degrees take four             • myCentennial is a free web service that gives all       GENERAL EDUCATION
years to complete. Upon successful completion                     registered students personalized, online access         If you attended an accredited university or
of their program, all graduating students are                     to College announcements. E-mail, grades,               another college, you may be eligible to apply for
awarded a diploma, certificate or bachelor’s                      timetables and research tools from any Internet         transfer credit (OACs are not eligible for general
degree. This credential reflects the academic                     connection. myCentennial e-mail is a primary            education credit).
standards established by the College for our                      source of communication from the College.               A course-by-course match is required for the
programs, in conjunction with professional and                  • myCentennial can be accessed from the front             program-mandated course.
educational agencies.                                             page of the Centennial College website or
                                                                  directly at                    For electives, it is not necessary to have a course-
Student Number
                                                                Enter:                                                    by-course match. For more information about
The first time you apply to the College, a nine-digit
                                                                1. Your login ID, which is your nine-digit student        transfer credits, see page 15.
student number is assigned to you. It appears
on your admission and registration papers. That                    number
                                                                2. Your initial password which is your date of
                                                                                                                          Co-op Education
number is the key to accurately maintaining all                                                                           Most three-year advanced diploma programs in
your records and files as a Centennial student.                    birth (Note: you will be asked to change the
                                                                   password upon initial login.)                          business and engineering technology offer the
                                                                                                                          option of a co-op education. This arrangement
Academic Year                                                   For more information, call the Help Desk at               combines academic courses and related paid work
We divide the calendar year into three semesters:               416-289-000, ext. 5280.                                   experience with approved employers. In most
• Fall: September to December                                                                                             cases, your four-month work terms will alternate
• Winter: January to April                                      General Education                                         with academic terms (after semester 3), so you
• Summer: May to August                                         To graduate from most programs, you must take             won’t have the traditional summer break between
The academic year for most of our full-time,                    general education courses as described below.             academic years.
post-secondary programs is two semesters. Some                  General education courses are offered in four
                                                                                                                          Co-op education staff work closely with students
programs use a three-semester format. You may                   categories:
                                                                                                                          to make their work experience as meaningful as
get more information about the academic year for                • Arts in Society                                         possible. However, finding and arranging for the
your program from any Enrolment Services Office.                • Civic Life                                              job is ultimately the student’s responsibility. Staff
Each semester is typically 15 weeks in length.                  • Social and Cultural Understanding                       also work with a wide variety of organizations in
Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of              • Personal Understanding                                  business and industry to promote the program and
Individual Privacy Act, under the legal authority of the        • Science and Technology                                  locate appropriate available positions.
Ministry of Colleges and Universities, Act R.S.O. 1980,         In the first semester of most programs, your              As part of your co-op education, we will help
Chapter 272, S.S.; R.R.O. 1980, Regulation 640, Centennial      general education course is prescribed. This means        you with:
College is required to have written consent from applicants     your program requires that you take the assigned
                                                                                                                          • preparing your resumé
or students to release any information to a third party (e.g.   course.
                                                                                                                          • learning job search techniques
employers, relatives, Social Services, Worker’s Safety and
                                                                Here are the general education requirements you           • interviewing skills
Insurance Board or other government agencies).
                                                                will need to graduate:                                    • defining on-the-job expectations
                                                                Two-semester programs                                     • setting and achieving your objectives
MyCentennial: Your Academic
                                                                                                                          • developing your academic and career potential.
Record Online                                                   • one program-mandated general education
As a student of Centennial College, you have access               course                                                  To qualify for co-op work terms, you must
to myCentennial, the College student portal that                • one elective                                            complete 80 per cent of year one courses,
takes information access to a whole new level. Visit            Four-semester programs                                    achieve a minimum grade of C in COMM-
myCentennial at                         • one program-mandated general education                  170/171 and a minimum GPA of 2.500 in
and go to ‘Centennial Links’. You will be able to:                course                                                  Engineering Technology and Applied Science
                                                                • GNED-500 Global Citizenship                             and Business programs. An additional fee is
• pay fees including parking and locker
                                                                • one or two electives (depending on your                 payable to cover administrative costs (also
• register for your semester courses
                                                                  program of study)                                       see Co-op Education, page 18).
• view your grades
• view your unofficial transcript                               Six-semester programs                                     For more information, call 416-289-5000,
• degree/diploma audit (an evaluation of your                   • one program-mandated general education                  ext. 2524.
   academic record to determine if you are ready                   course
   for graduation)                                              • GNED-500 Global Citizenship                             Grade Report
• view ‘holds’ or restrictions on your registration             • two electives                                           Your grades are available to you online through
• access your personal information (view and                                                                              myCentennial ( at the end
                                                                If you are required to take additional English or         of each semester. Grade reports are not mailed.
   make changes to your address and phone
                                                                math courses due to your skills assessment results,
   number)                                                                                                                Because this is confidential information, we do not
                                                                or you must repeat prerequisites due to receiving
• view your fee statement                                                                                                 give out grade information by phone.
                                                                failing grades, you should note that this could delay
• check your registration status
                                                                the completion of your program, that it will likely       If you are enrolled in one of our degrees
• access and print your T2202A tax form(s)
                                                                require you to pay additional tuition fees, and that it   offered jointly with UTSC or Ryerson
                                                                might affect your eligibility for financial aid.          University, you will receive your grade report
                                                                                                                          from the university.

194 /Academic Policies and Procedures
Grade System                                                         Supplemental Exam                                         Academic Standing
                                                                     Students are often required to obtain passing             The standings are determined on the basis of a
 Letter Grade       Numerical Grade Point
 Grade Description Equivalents Equivalents
                                                                     grades in their final examinations as well as             full-time enrolment of a minimum of 70 per cent
 			                                (GPA)                            maintaining an overall passing grade in a course.         of the course load for a given semester and are
 A+     Outstanding achievement 90-100%                    4.5       However, there may be times when a student who            defined as:
 A      Excellent achievement          80-89%              4.0       has been passing all other requirements, fails a final
 B+     Very good achievement          75-79%              3.5       examination due to extenuating circumstances. The          Academic           Description
 B      Good achievement               70-74%              3.0       College will provide an opportunity for the student
 C+     Satisfactory achievement       65-69%              2.5       to raise the failing grade to the minimum passing          Good Academic      All school or program standards
 C      Acceptable achievement         60-64%              2.0                                                                  Standing (GS)      have been met or exceeded.
                                                                     grade. In this case, the student who is passing in
 D+     Pass**                         55-59%              1.5
                                                                     the course, but fails the course as a result of failing                       These include a minimum term
 D      Pass**                         50-54%              1.0
                                                                     the final examination, may be permitted to write                              average of 2.00 and a pass in all
 F      Failure                         0-49%                0
 FNA    Failure Non-attendance                               0       a supplemental examination as determined by                                   courses taken, but may be higher
 P      Pass (GPA neutral)                                           the faculty and the Chair of the department. The                              for some programs.
 I      Incomplete*                                                  supplemental examination should normally occur             Conditional (CS)   A student will initially be placed
 CIP    Course in progress
                                                                     within two weeks after the final grades are posted.                           on conditional academic standing
 AEG    Aegrotat standing
 AUD    Audit status                                                 Apprenticeship programs may have criteria and                                 if their term grade point average
 GNR    Grade not reported                                                                                                                         falls between 1.00 and 1.99 or
                                                                     processes for supplemental examinations that vary
 NR     Student currently enrolled in course, yet to be graded                                                                                     they have failed a course in the
                                                                     from general College policy.
 SUB    Substitution of one required course by another                                                                                             current semester.
 WNP    Withdrew without academic penalty                            Procedures for supplemental examinations may vary
                                                                                                                                Probationary       A student will be placed on
 NGR    No grade required                                            among School departments and may vary based on
 TCR    Transfer credit                                                                                                         (PB)               probationary academic standing
                                                                     accreditation requirements.
 EXW    Exceptional waiver                                                                                                                         if, while on Conditional Academic
* Satisfactory incomplete course work for reasons beyond
                                                                     Supplemental exam results will not be substituted                             Standing, their term grade point
   student’s control. The student has up to 12 calendar              for the entire previous course grade but will be                              average falls between 1.00 and
   months after the scheduled end of the course to complete          computed as part of the final grade calculation. The                          1.99, or they fail a course in
   requirements as determined by the instructor who assigned
   the ‘I’ and to thereby qualify for a passing grade. After 12      supplemental final examination will be designed                               the current semester. A student
   calendar months, an outstanding ‘I’ grade will be converted       to replace the final examination as described on                              will be placed on probationary
   to ‘F’ or ‘FNA’, and thereafter, the course must be repeated to   the course outline. The GPA will be calculated with                           academic standing if at the
   achieve a passing grade.
                                                                     the grade as usual to a maximum of 60 percent.                                conclusion of any semester their
** In some programs, these course grades may not be
   considered as a passing grade, and a higher passing grade         See your school program advisor or program                                    term grade point average falls
   may be required.                                                  coordinator for further details of the supplemental                           below 1.00.
 Note: A different grade system, using numerical grades,             exam process and grading.                                  Academic           Academic Suspension will result
 applies to the Bachelor of Science Nursing (BScN) degree
                                                                                                                                Suspension (AS)    when a student on Probationary
 program and grade reports are issued by Ryerson University at       Supplemental exams have a minimum fee of $35 for
 the end of each semester.                                                                                                                         Standing maintains a term Grade
                                                                     each supplemental exam administered to a student.
                                                                                                                                                   Point Average of 1.99 or lower or
Incomplete Grade                                                     Schools may determine a higher fee where costs
                                                                                                                                                   fails an additional course in the
                                                                     associated with the examinations require it.
You may have done satisfactory work throughout                                                                                                     relevant term. Such students will
a course, but were unable to complete all course                                                                                                   be suspended from their program
                                                                     Academic Continuance                                                          of study for a minimum of two
work for reasons beyond your control. In this
                                                                     Students who meet or exceed school or program                                 semesters and may be permitted
situation, your professor may agree to assign you
                                                                     academic standards are considered to be in Good                               to resume their program upon
an “I” grade, to allow you time to complete the
                                                                     Academic Standing (GS). It should be noted that the                           completion of the suspension.
missing work.
                                                                     minimum academic progress standards are higher
As part of the “I” grade, your professor will set                                                                               Academic           A second academic suspension
                                                                     in some programs due to external regulatory or
out what you need to do to get a final grade                                                                                    Debarment (AD)     from the same program will
                                                                     placement requirements. In such cases, students
in the course, and how much time you have to                                                                                                       result in a two-year debarment
                                                                     will be expected to adhere to those standards. Such                           from that program with the
complete the work (no more than one year after                       standards must be published and made available in
the “I” grade is posted). After one year the “I”                                                                                                   option of re-applying for
                                                                     writing to students prior to the beginning of their                           admission. During this period,
grade is converted to an “F” grade (failing grade)
                                                                     enrolment in the program or as they are modified.                             the student will be permitted
and students have to repeat the course to obtain
credit.                                                              Students whose academic record does not meet                                  to apply to another program
                                                                     school or program standards are subject to the                                at the College.
                                                                     following: Conditional Academic Standing (CS),
                                                                     Probationary Academic Standing (PB), Academic
                                                                     Suspension (AS), and Academic Debarment (AD),
                                                                     and may require the approval of their program
                                                                     Chair before being allowed to continue in the next
                                                                     semester or program segment.
                                                                     For unique conditions which relate to academic
                                                                     continuance, refer to your program’s official
                                                                     curriculum and/or the course outline.
                                                                     The Academic Appeal Application form is available
                                                                     from any Enrolment Services Office.
                                                                     Refer to: The Student Code of Conduct Policy
                                                                     and Procedures

                                                                                                                               Academic Policies and Procedures/ 195
Successful Completion of                                Withdrawing Or Reducing                                   Withdrawal Without Academic
Program Requirements                                    Your Courses? What are The                                Penalty
Students must successfully complete all                 Implications                                              (For students enrolled in full-time programs)
program requirements in order to be eligible for        Before you withdraw from your program, or drop            To withdraw from a program without academic
graduation, and may be required to complete said        one or more courses, make sure you are aware              penalty (i.e. without being penalized by a ‘F’
requirements prior to progressing from one level of     of the deadlines to withdraw and how it effects           or ‘FNA’ grade), you must submit an Intent
their program to the subsequent level.                  your academic record and fees and understand the          to Withdraw Form to the Enrolment Services
                                                        consequences of dropping one or more courses or           Office by the specified date in the semester. This
Academic Appeals                                        withdrawing from your program.                            deadline is noted in the Important Dates Calendar
Students have the right to appeal any action            Withdrawing or reducing (i.e. by dropping) courses        issued during registration and is available in the
or decision which may affect the ultimate               may have any of the following effects:                    Enrolment Services Office and on myCentennial.
evaluation of their performance in a course or
                                                        a. Change your eligibility for an OSAP loan.              Petitions (Late Withdrawal)
program. Academic appeals are limited to matters
                                                        b. Extend the duration of your studies, or delay
affecting evaluation or decisions on Admission,                                                                   In rare circumstances, the College may
                                                           your graduation.
Re-admission or Prior Learning Assessment &                                                                       allow students to withdraw after the relevant
                                                        c. Add to your expenses via additional fees (i.e.
Recognition.                                                                                                      deadline and receive either a partial refund or
                                                           the result of extending your studies).
To initiate a formal Academic Appeal of a grade,                                                                  withdrawal without academic penalty.
                                                        d. Affect your ‘sponsorship’ arrangements.
the student must submit the appeal form within          e. Affect your eligibility for inter-collegiate sports.   Contact the Enrolment Services Office at 416-289-
10 working days of the date on which the student        f. Impact prerequisites for upcoming semesters.           5300 for details about the petition process. Note
received notice of the final grade. Grades are                                                                    that you must submit:
released on myCentennial and this is considered to      Withdrawal From A Program                                 a. the Intent to Withdraw Form,
be notification.                                        Once registered, a seat in the class is reserved          b. a one-to-two page compelling letter of
The Academic Appeal Application form is available       for you. You are academically and financially                explanation as to why you are making the
from any Enrolment Services Office.                     responsible for your program unless you officially           request, and
                                                        withdraw by the given deadlines. To officially            c. supporting documentation (e.g. doctor’s note if
Course Changes (Add/Drop)                               withdraw, you must submit an Intent to Withdraw              you were ill)
You may add or drop courses during the first            Form to the Enrolment Services Office. You will
                                                                                                                  Withdrawal From A Course
10 days of the semester or class without                be given a date-stamped copy of the document
                                                        in return, and you should retain this as proof
                                                                                                                  Without Academic Penalty
academic penalty. To do this, you may use the
                                                        of withdrawal. The date your written notice of            (For students enrolled in Continuing Education
web registration system available through
                                                        withdrawal is received is your effective date of          courses in addition to full-time courses, if paid
myCentennial to add, drop or change sections. If
                                                        withdrawal. You are not officially withdrawn if           separately)
your program does not allow you to change via
myCentennial you must complete a Request for            you cease to attend classes, or verbally notify           To withdraw from a Continuing Education course
Academic Change (Add/Drop) form available from          your instructor, Enrolment Services staff, or other       without academic penalty (i.e. without a ‘F’ or
any Enrolment Services Office. Your form must be        College staff of your intent to withdraw. Should          ‘FNA’ grade), you must officially withdraw by
signed by a school advisor, program coordinator or      you cease to attend classes, and do not officially        the mid-point of the course. The mid-point is
other school designate, in order to have the course     withdraw, you will remain enrolled and will be            reached when 50 per cent of the scheduled classes
drop(s) processed by Enrolment Services.                assigned a ‘FNA’ (Fail Non-attendance) grade.             (meetings) are completed.
                                                        Note: You must submit an Intent to Withdraw
Be careful when trying to drop a course. You                                                                      Withdrawal From A CE Course
                                                        Form, even if you paid by Fee Deferral, RESP or
are not considered to have dropped the course
                                                        Instalment. Certain minimum non-refundable fees           With Partial Refund Of Fees
officially if you ceased to attend classes, or merely
                                                        may apply.                                                (For students enrolled in Continuing Education
notified your professor of your intent to drop the
                                                                                                                  courses in addition to full-time courses, if paid
course, or provided verbal notice to Enrolment
                                                        Withdrawal From A Full-time                               separately)
Services staff.
                                                        Program With Partial Refund                               To qualify for a partial refund of fees (i.e. the
Program Transfers                                       Of Fees                                                   tuition component, less a $25 administrative
Current and past students may request a                 (For students enrolled in full-time programs)             charge), you must officially withdraw by the
transfer into another program by completing an          To qualify for a partial refund of the tuition            following deadlines:
Application for Program Transfer form available         component of fees, you must submit an Intent to           • before the start of the first scheduled class, if
from the Enrolment Services Office. Program             Withdraw Form to the Enrolment Services Office               the course has four or fewer classes (meetings);
transfers are not automatic, however every effort       within the first 10 days of the semester. After           • before the start of the third scheduled class
will be made to accommodate your choice. Once           this deadline passes, fees will not be reduced or            (meeting), if your course has more than four
a transfer is approved, you will receive credit for     refunded. This deadline also applies to students who         meetings;
any courses you have already completed in the           have paid their tuition using a loan from OSAP.           • 30 calendar days after receiving print-
program that you are currently registered in, which     Your refund will consist of the tuition you have             based course materials. If you are enrolled
are common with the program you transfer into.          paid for the current semester, less $100 ($500 for           in online courses, please check our website
                                                        international students) ) plus other non-refundable          at Click on “Online
                                                        fees. A different refund process applies to the              Programs” and “Important Dates” for
                                                        BScN program (check with the Enrolment Services              withdrawal deadlines.
                                                        Office). You will also receive a 100 per cent refund
                                                        of any advance payment you’ve made for future
                                                        semesters. Note that fees such as the student
                                                        services fee, instalment plan fee, OSAP fee-deferral
                                                        fees, skills assessment fee, late fee, are non-
196 /Academic Policies and Procedures
How Are Refunds Issued?                                Academic Transcript                                     Photo ID
A refund cheque will be mailed even if you paid        The academic transcript is the official record of       Your Centennial College photo identification
by credit card. If you registered online, the refund   your academic activity at Centennial College.           card is used to access many College services, for
will be issued to the credit card. Please allow a      You may view your unofficial transcript by using        examination identification purposes, and is issued
minimum of two weeks for processing. A minimum         myCentennial ( To request      to full-time new entrants through the Enrolment
of two weeks is required for processing however        an official version of your transcript, you can use     Services Office. A $12 fee will be charged to
longer wait times may be experienced during peak       one of the following methods. A fee per copy will       replace any lost or stolen cards.
processing periods.                                    be charged.                                             To obtain your card, you must be enrolled in
                                                       1. Your fastest method: access your myCentennial        courses for the current semester and present
Tax Receipts (T2202A)                                                                                          one piece of official, government-issued photo-
                                                          and select “Order Transcript” and follow the
T2202A official information will be made available                                                             identification at the time of having your picture
                                                          steps to request a transcript for pick-up at the
                                                                                                               taken. Acceptable photo-ID includes: a valid
online through myCentennial by February 28 each           Progress Campus Student Services Hub or have         passport, age of majority card, valid driver’s
year. T2202A forms are not mailed.                        it mailed to a specific location. This service is    licence, your Canadian citizenship card, or the
                                                          expected to be available in Fall 2009.               certificate of Indian status card. The Ontario Health
Time Limit on Credits and                              2. Complete a Request for Academic Transcript           Card and the TTC Metropass will not be accepted
Graduation                                                form (available in the Enrolment Services Office     as proof of your identity. Check myCentennial for
You are usually expected to complete your                 and at and submit it to        photography dates and times throughout the year.
program within the following time limits, based on        the Enrolment Services Office. You must present      Students registered in programs at The Centre for
your original date of registration:                       photo identification (Student ID card or driver’s    Creative Communications campus must obtain
• one-year program – up to two years                      licence) when requesting your transcript.            student photo ID cards from this campus location.
• two-year program – up to four years                  3. If you are applying to another Ontario college
• three-year program – up to five years                   or university, order your transcript online at       Address or Name Change
• continuing education, post-secondary                                            Please be sure to tell us of any change in your
   programs – five years                               4. Mail or fax a written request to the Enrolment       address and home or business phone numbers
                                                          Services Office at 416-289-5232. The Enrolment       so we can make sure important information
You’ll need written approval from your program                                                                 reaches you. You can change your address through
                                                          Services Office will only service mailed or faxed
Chair or Director to extend the time limit.                                                                    myCentennial, or by notifying us in writing. You are
                                                          requests which contain the following required
If you have to take time off from your studies, you       information:                                         responsible to ensure your correct address is on
can re-enter your program without going through                                                                file with the College.
                                                          • your full name (plus any previous name)
the admission process again, as long as you are           • your Centennial College student number             Be sure to also change your address with the
still within the time limits listed above. Use a          • your date of birth                                 Student Financial Services Office if you are
Re-Admit/Program Transfer form, available from            • a legible copy of a valid photo identification     receiving OSAP. Include your student number, if
any Enrolment Services Office to start your course            (e.g. driver’s licence or passport) which also   possible, along with your old and new address and
work again.                                                                                                    phone numbers. If you change your name during
                                                              shows your signature
                                                                                                               your studies at Centennial, let us know so we can
                                                          • your handwritten signature on your academic
Re-admission/Program                                                                                           keep your student record complete and accurate.
                                                              transcript request letter                        Bring proof of your name change (driver’s licence
Continuance                                               • a daytime phone number                             or marriage certificate, for example) in-person to
Students are subject to the regulations of the            • your current return address                        any Enrolment Services Office.
College regarding probation, suspension or                • the person and address (e.g. institution,
expulsion from their program. Students may be                 college or university) to whom your              Confidentiality
denied permission to continue their studies, or to            Centennial transcript should be mailed.          Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection
return to their program, if they do not maintain the   Should you fax your request, there is no need to        of Privacy Act requires that the College protect
required academic standing.                            also send your request by mail. Kindly address          student privacy. This means we cannot give any
                                                       transcript-related mail to:                             information about you to anyone outside the
                                                            Enrolment Services Office                          College, not even a parent or guardian, spouse,
                                                            Transcript Services, Progress campus               family or friend. We cannot release, for example,
                                                            Centennial College                                 information on your:
                                                            P.O. Box 631, Station A                            • address and phone number
                                                            Toronto, ON Canada                                 • student status
                                                            M1K 5E9                                            • timetable
                                                                                                               • grades and academic record
                                                       Verbal requests (e.g. via the phone) for academic
                                                                                                               • attendance.
                                                       transcripts will not be accepted. Transcript
                                                       requests are normally serviced within five to 10        If you need proof of academic achievement for
                                                       working days after receipt of the request – longer      an employer, arrange for an official transcript
                                                       during peak service times. Centennial College is        (see Academic Transcript). We will not release
                                                       not responsible for transcripts which are lost or       information to you over the phone.
                                                       delayed in the mail. Should you owe fees or fines,      Under unusual circumstances (e.g. an international
                                                       transcripts will not be provided.                       student who names someone in this country
                                                                                                               to act on their behalf), you can make special
                                                                                                               arrangements, in writing, for the release of
                                                                                                               information to someone else. Contact the
                                                                                                               Enrolment Services Office for details.

                                                                                                               Academic Policies and Procedures/ 197
Policies and Procedures                             Resolution                                             Sanctions
There are a number of policies and procedures       It is not necessary to file a formal complaint in      Students of the College community who violate
that govern the way we behave at the College.       order to resolve a conflict. Where appropriate,        the College policies and procedures are subject to
These policies (academic and non-academic)          parties in a dispute will be encouraged to resolve     sanctions ranging from temporary dismissals (from
are available at our website and in offices such    their conflict through an informal, early resolution   class) and verbal warning to suspensions and
as Student Relations, Advising, CCSAI (Student      process. If you have questions about any policy or     expulsions. Many sanctions can be appealed on
Association) and Enrolment Services.                process, a good place to start is by contacting the    specified grounds.
All members of the College community have           Student Relations Office at 416-289-5000,              Policies which govern the behaviour and conduct
rights and responsibilities. It is important that   ext. 2499.                                             of students:
everyone in our College community be aware of       If you are involved in or wish to make a complaint     • Academic Honesty
these rights and responsibilities and adhere to     involving a dispute with any member of the             • Grade Appeals
them upon enrolment. Most importantly, everyone     College community, you can submit a complaint.         • Disruptive Student Behaviour in the Classroom
at the College has the right to work/study/learn    For information or assistance in making a                 and Other Learning Environments
in an environment that is respectful and free       complaint or resolving a dispute, consult with:        • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention
from discrimination, harassment and disturbance.    • Student Relations Office                             • Student Code of Conduct
Everyone shares the responsibility to educate       • 416-289-5000, ext. 2499                              • Violence Prevention Policy
themselves on College policies, procedures and      • Academic Department
                                                                                                           Other policies (such as College Posting Policy) will
regulations and ensure adherence.                   • CCSAI (Student Association) Office
                                                                                                           also be available through appropriate offices.

                                                                                                                    Board of Governors
                                                                                                                               Kim Brown
                                                                                                                             Abena Buahene
                                                                                                                          Ann Buller, President
                                                                                                                              Juan Carranza
                                                                                                                              David Garner
                                                                                                                              Delois Gittens
                                                                                                                                Alan Hare
                                                                                                                              Garth Jackson
                                                                                                                        Mary Catherine Lindberg
                                                                                                                        John Montgomery, Chair
                                                                                                                             Dr. James Norrie
                                                                                                                              Cheryl Phillips
                                                                                                                             Sharon Shelton
                                                                                                                               David Sloan
                                                                                                                               John Wabb
                                                                                                                              Debra Warren
                                                                                                                             Effective June 2009

198 /Academic Policies and Procedures
Graduation From A Program
To graduate from a Centennial College program,
you must do the following:
1. Satisfactorily complete all the required courses
   which comprise your certificate, diploma, or
   degree program with a GPA of 2.0 or greater.
2. Ensure that at least 25 per cent of the courses
   comprising your program are completed at
   Centennial College.
3. At the beginning of the semester in which you
   expect to complete all graduation requirements,
   submit an Application to Graduate form to the
   Enrolment Services Office. On this form, you
   must identify the name of the program (e.g.
   Computer Systems Technology – Networking),
   and the number of the program (e.g. CENT
   Code 3405) you are completing. Unless you
   signal your intent to graduate by submitting an      Diploma in a Second Major                              Curriculum and
   Application to Graduate form, the Enrolment          Some of our programs offer several options or          Regulation Changes
   Services Office will not act to audit your           choices of major. After you’ve graduated in one        Centennial College makes every effort to offer
   eligibility for graduation.                          major or option, you may study for a diploma           programs and courses as described in this
                                                        in another major in the same program without           calendar. However, the College reserves the right
Online Degree/Diploma Audit                             repeating the common courses. You will need            to cancel or change courses, programs, fees,
Use myCentennial (              approval from your program Chair to do this.           admission requirements, locations and regulations,
to conduct an online audit of your progression                                                                 where necessary.
                                                        The total courses required for you to complete
towards graduation.                                                                                            If a course is cancelled, we’ll refund your fees
                                                        the new option will be based on the graduation
                                                                                                               or you may transfer to another course in that
                                                        requirements (curriculum) in effect at the time        semester. Usually, we notify you by mail or phone,
Eligibility                                             you enrol in that option. Projects and field work      so be sure we have your current address and home
When you’ve completed all the requirements              may not be carried over and you must complete          and business phone numbers. In the event that a
of your program satisfactorily, you’re ready to         required general education electives.                  program must be suspended or cancelled, we’ll
graduate. Receiving your degree, diploma or                                                                    make every effort to enable students to complete
certificate means you have:                             Double Diplomas                                        their program.
• successfully completed a prescribed program of        A Centennial graduate may study for a diploma or       If this situation arises, your program Coordinator
   instruction                                          certificate in a different program without repeating   or departmental Chair will be able to give you
• been approved for graduation by the College           common courses, with the program Chair or              more information.
   Board of Governors.                                  Coordinator’s approval. The total courses required
You may receive only one certificate, diploma or        to complete the new program will be determined         Centennial College Alumni
degree at each level in your field. If you’re working   by its curriculum.                                     Association Inc.
towards a diploma, you ordinarily won’t be                                                                     The Alumni Association represents the more than
granted a certificate or diploma at a lower level in    Convocation and your DEGREE/                           85,000 graduates of Centennial College. As a
your field. To do this, you would have to withdraw      Diploma/Certificate                                    graduate you become a lifetime member and have
from the longer program and have completed all          A highlight of the Centennial year is our main         an opportunity to maintain your special ties to the
the requirements for a certificate or diploma at the    convocation and graduation ceremonies, held            College and your colleagues by participating in the
lower level.                                            in June. At this time, degrees, diplomas and           Association.
                                                        certificates are presented to students who have        The Association’s objectives are to facilitate
Honours Designation                                     successfully completed their programs. Graduates       fellowship and communication among members
Centennial College recognizes outstanding               may invite two guests to join them in the              and to provide a means for members to contribute
scholastic achievement by issuing Honours               celebration, which usually includes a guest speaker    to the betterment of the College.
and High Honours designations to eligible               and reception.
graduates of all programs. These designations are                                                              We sponsor many programs and services for
                                                        We encourage graduates to participate in this          graduates, and assist groups who wish to organize
noted on the student’s diploma or certificate, and      memorable occasion. If, for some reason, you
are based on the following criteria:                                                                           reunions and alumni events.
                                                        are unable to attend the ceremony, you may
• Honours – a cumulative Grade Point Average            pick up your certificate, diploma or degree from       Our board of directors is composed of dedicated
   (GPA) equal to or greater than 3.900, but less       the Progress Enrolment Services Office after           volunteers from various programs of study and all
   than 4.300 (> = 3.900, < 4.300) on a scale of        Convocation. Degrees, diplomas or certificates will    walks of life. If you would like to share your time,
   4.500.                                               be available for pick-up for one week after the        energy and expertise, or if you have simply fallen
• High Honours – a cumulative Grade Point               convocation ceremonies, after which time they will     out of touch and want to start receiving the alumni
   Average (GPA) equal to or greater than 4.300         be mailed.                                             magazine or your alumni card, please contact the
   (> = 4.300) on a scale of 4.500.                                                                            Alumni Office at 416-289-5218, fax 416-289-5237,
                                                        Should you require a replacement, a fee of             or e-mail: or visit our
                                                        $50 will be charged.                                   office located in the Student Centre at Progress
                                                                                                               campus or our website:
                                                                                                               Academic Policies and Procedures/ 199
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