AGENDA - Island Transportation Planning Organization

AGENDA - Island Transportation Planning Organization

AGENDA Island Transportation Planning Organization April 9, 2018 - 2:00 p.m. City of Anna Maria 10005 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria, FL 34216 Note: More than one Elected Official may be in attendance. 1. Call to Order 2. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag 3. Roll Call 4. Approval of February 12, 2018 Minutes 5. Review of February 26, 2018 MPO Board Meeting – David Hutchinson 6. Preview of April 23, 2018 MPO Board Meeting – David Hutchinson 7. Standardized Pedestrian Crossing Signage – Jesten Abraham 8. FDOT Report – Jesten Abraham 9. Appointment of CAC Advisory Member Sara Calhoun – Mayor Murphy 10.

Advisory Member Reports: a. CAC Report – Sara Calhoun b. TAC Report - Lynn Burnett 11. Member Comments: a) Bradenton Beach Mayor Chappie b) Holmes Beach Mayor Johnson c) Anna Maria Maria Mayor Murphy 12. Public Comment 13. Date of next meeting – June 4, 2018 @ 2:00 pm - City of Anna Maria 14. Adjournment (FSS 286.26) IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND FLORIDA STATE STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ASSISTANCE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEEDING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK FOR ASSISTANCE AT LEAST THREE BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE MEETING (941) 708-6130.


MINUTES Island Transportation Planning Organization February 12, 2018 - 2:00 pm City of Anna Maria 10005 Gulf Dr., Anna Maria, FL Note: More than one Elected Official may be in attendance. 1. Call to Order at 2:00pm by Mayor Murphy 2. Pledge of Allegiance to theFlag 3. Roll Call Present: Anna Maria Mayor Murphy, Holmes Beach Mayor Johnson, Bradenton Beach Mayor Chappie, MPO Executive Director David Hutchinson, FDOT Jesten Abraham, TAC Advisory Board Member Lynn Burnett, CAC Advisory Board Member Claudia Carlson. Also present: Anna Maria Deputy Clerk Debbie Haynes, Elected Officials Anna Maria Commissioner Carol Carter, Holmes Beach Commissioner Carol Soustek.

4. Approval of January 19, 2018 Minutes Motion to approve minutes from January 19, 2018 meeting. Action made by Mayor Chappie, seconded by Mayor Johnson. On roll call vote, motion passed unanimously. 5. Review of January 22, 2018 MPO Board Meeting - David Hutchinson Mr. Hutchinson reviewed the draft agenda and minutes from the January 22, 2018 MPO meeting and indicated the consent agenda items were approved, ITPO recommendation for realistic safety goals addressed, reports including MPO advisory committee, chair’s, FDOT, executive director. 6. Preview of February 26, 2018 MPO Board Meeting - David Hutchinson Mr.

Hutchinson reviewed the draft agenda for the next MPO meeting scheduled for February 26, 2018 at 9:30a.m.

7. Barrier Island Traffic Study Presentation - Bessie Reina, FDOT-Ms. Reina reviewed an island study power point presentation and noted the next steering committee meeting will take place at the end of March. A technical working group is being assembled and a meeting will take place by the end of February. Nancy Deal submitted questions at the Long Boat Chapel meeting and wanted to know if those will be answered. Ms. Reina and FDOT Traffic Services Engineer Nathan Cautz will look into. 8. Project Priority Adoption - Lynn Burnett. Ms. Burnett reviewed the project priority list and requested a motion to approve the list as presented or with any modifications.

Further discussion continued regarding adding the extension of the right turn lane at Gulf and Cortez to the list of priority projects. Ms. Burnett also provided a handout of the 2018 draft for tentative project priorities revised 2/9/18. Motion to approve the priority list as presented with an amendment to add another to the list, priority number 5 to extend the right turn lane on Gulf Drive at Cortez.

Action made by Mayor Chappie, seconded by Mayor Johnson. On roll call vote, motion passed unanimously. 9. FDOT Report - Jesten Abraham. Mr. Abraham provided an update regarding the Longboat Key bridge discussion from the previous meeting. He has verified the last few month’s work has been for maintenance. 10. Advisory Member Reports: a. CAC Report - Claudia Carlson-CAC meeting will be later this afternoon so nothing to update. 4

b. TAC Report - LynnBurnett-nothing more to add. 11. Member Comments: a) Bradenton Beach Mayor Chappie-no additional comments.

b) Holmes Beach Mayor Johnson-no additional comments. c) Anna Maria Mayor Murphy-no additional comments. 12. Public Comment. Mr. Hutchinson noted the flow of traffic has improved by lessening the number of bridge openings. He also noted that his contract will end in June. 13. Date of next meeting - April 9, 2018 @ 2:00 pm - City of Anna Maria. 14. Adjournment Motion to adjourn by Mayor Murphy at 2:42pm with unanimous approval. _ _ Mayor Dan Murphy ATTEST _ _ Debbie Haynes, Deputy Clerk

SARASOTA/MANATEE METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION 1 2 3 8009 15th Street East 4 Sarasota, Florida 34243 5 6 7 9:30 A.M. 8 9 MINUTES FOR FEBRUARY 26, 2018 10 11 Chair Commissioner Vanessa Baugh called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. and provided the 12 invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Nanette Eubanks, Clerk to the Board/Administrative 13 Coordinator, confirmed a quorum was present. 14 15 ABSENT City of North Port 16 City of North Port Vice Mayor Linda Yates 17 Mayor Vanessa Carusone 18 City of Palmetto 19 Sarasota-Manatee Airport Authority Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant 20 Commissioner Carlos Beruff 21 City of Venice 22 PRESENT Vice Mayor Bob Daniels 23 24 Town of Longboat Key Non-Voting Advisor 25 Commissioner Jack Daly L.K.

Nandam, FDOT District One Secretary 26 27 City of Bradenton MPO Staff 28 Councilman Patrick Roff David Hutchinson, Executive Director 29 Vice Mayor Gene Brown Leigh Holt, Strategic Planning Manager 30 Nanette Eubanks, Clerk to the Board/Administrative 31 Sarasota County Coordinator 32 Commissioner Alan Maio Others 33 Commissioner Paul Caragiulo Jesten Abraham, FDOT 34 Commissioner Nancy Detert Bessie Reina, FDOT 35 Kathleen Weeden, TAC Chair 36 Manatee County Kafi Benz, CAC Vice Chair 37 Commissioner Vanessa Baugh Danielle Blackshear, FHWA 38 Commissioner Stephen R. Jonsson Ray Chiaramonte, TBARTA 39 Commissioner Betsy Benac Lou Costa, Citizen 40 41 City of Sarasota 42 Vice Mayor Liz Alpert 43 Commissioner Willie Shaw 44 45 Island Transportation Planning 46 Organization (ITPO) 47 Mayor Dan Murphy, City of Anna Maria 48 49 50 51 52 5

MPO Meeting Minutes February 26, 2018 Page 2 of 9 1 2 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 3 4 Mr. Lou Costa, Citizen, expressed concern with safety due to the lack of sidewalks, traffic 5 signals and street lights, overgrowth, and large pot holes, particularly in the Myrtle 6 Street/Newtown area and asked who to contact regarding same. Commissioner Willie Shaw 7 stated Sarasota County and the City of Sarasota have the same concerns and the County will be 8 providing a report addressing those concerns. 9 10 11 I. MPO ADVISORY COMMITTEE REPORTS 12 13 1. Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), Ms. Kathleen Weeden, Chair, reported on the February 14 12, 2018 TAC Meeting.

15 16 2. Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), Ms. Kafi Benz, Vice Chair, reported on the February 12, 17 2108 CAC Meeting. 18 19 3. Public Transportation Task Force (PTTF), Commissioner Betsy Benac, Vice Chair, reported on 20 the February 26, 2018 PTTF Meeting. 21 22 23 II. FDOT REPORT 24 25 Secretary L.K. Nandam, FDOT District One, and Mr. Jesten Abraham, MPO Liaison, reported on 26 the following: 27 28 ~The University Parkway Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) has been selected for the 29 American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) “Engineering Excellence Award” at 30 the state and national level.

The FDOT will receive the state level award in May (in 31 Orlando) and on the national level the award will be presented April 17, 2018 in 32 Washington D.C. 33 ~ FDOT will be holding public meetings: 34 35 • US 41 and Gulfstream Avenue on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 from 36 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium, 801 37 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida. 38 • US 41- Blackburn, March 15, 2018, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Our 39 Lady of Mount Carmel Parrish, 425 South Tamiami Trail, Osprey, 40 Florida. 41 42 ~Resurfacing of US 301 and widening of SR 70 will be completed in the Summer (2018).

43 ~Design is under way for the Anna Maria Bridge but construction funding for the project is 44 not yet programmed. 45 ~FDOT is finalizing recommendations received from the Public Hearing on the Cortez 46 Bridge to present to the MPO Board at a future meeting. 47 48 49 50 51 52 53

MPO Meeting Minutes February 26, 2018 Page 3 of 9 1 III. MPO EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT 2 3 Mr. David Hutchinson reported on the following: 4 5 ~ Noted two Addendums to the Consent Agenda: #V-3 Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) 6 appointment; and #V-4 Resolution Recommending Sarasota County Government as the 7 Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) for Sarasota County. 8 ~ Pointed out Mayor Vanessa Carusone, City of North Port, had been incorrectly 9 referenced as an alternate to the MPO in the January 22, 2018 Joint Meeting Minutes. 10 ~ Distributed an Legislative Update from The Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization 11 Advisory Council (MPOAC) and the MPOAC Meeting Summary of February 1, 2018.

12 ~ 2018 MPOAC Weekend Institute flyer was distribute to Members. Two sessions will be 13 offered this year, April 27-29, 2018 and June 1-3. 2018. MPO Board Members that 14 have not attended the MPOAC Institute are encouraged to do so. 15 ~ Wished Commissioner Stephen Jonsson a Happy Birthday. 16 ~ Announced that former MPO Principal Planner, Collee McGue, is now the Chief 17 Transportation Planner with the City of Sarasota. 18 ~ Gulf Coast Safe Street Summit will be held tomorrow (2-27-18) at the Glazer Children’s 19 Museum in Tampa. Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant will represent the City of Palmetto and 20 the MPO on the Mayor’s Panel at the Summit.

21 22 23 IV. CHAIR’S REPORT 24 25 Chair Vanessa Baugh reported on the following: 26 27 ▪ Attended the MPOAC meeting in West Palm Beach on February 1, 2018. 28 ▪ Due to a scheduling conflict with the MPOAC meeting the first Thursday of the month 29 and Manatee County holding its Land Use meetings, discussions are being held to 30 possibly change the meeting date of the MPOAC. 31 ▪ Chair Baugh will be attending the MPOAC Meeting June 7, 2018. 32 33 34 V. CONSENT SECTION 35 36 Chair Baugh described the items included in the Consent Agenda and entertained a motion to 37 approve the Consent Agenda along with the two Addendums and correction previously noted by 38 Mr.

Hutchinson. 39 40 Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant: I move approval of the consent agenda with the two 41 addendums and noted correction. 42 43 Councilman Roff: I second the motion. 44 45 MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. 46 47 1. Approval of the Meeting Minutes 48 49 Approved the January 22, 2018 Meeting Minutes of the Sarasota/Manatee MPO Regular 50 Board and Joint Meeting Minutes with the Charlotte County-Punta Gorda MPO. 51 52 53

MPO Meeting Minutes February 26, 2018 Page 4 of 9 2. Appointments/Reappointments of Committee Representatives 1 2 • Appointments of Manatee Transportation Disadvantaged (MTD) Local Coordinating 3 Board (LCB) Representatives 4 5 Appointed Ms. Michelle Abercrombie and Ms. Kim Gonzalez to serve on the Manatee 6 LCB. 7 8 • Appointment of Sarasota Transportation Disadvantaged (STD) Local Coordinating Board 9 (LCB) Representative 10 11 MPO Board appoint appointed Mr. Joe Doss to serve on the Sarasota LCB. 12 13 ADDENDUMS 14 15 #V-3 Appointment to the CAC 16 17 Appointed Mr. Kevin Rouse representing the City of North Port to the CAC.

18 19 #V-4 Resolution Recommending Sarasota County Government as the Community 20 Transportation Coordinator (CTC) for Sarasota County 21 22 Adopted Resolution No. 2018-01 recommending to the Commission for Transportation 23 Disadvantaged (CTD) that Sarasota County Government be designated CTC for Sarasota 24 County beginning July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2023 and authorizing execution of 25 required agreements and related documents, pending receipt of required documents. 26 27 28 VI. BOARD ACTION 29 30 1. MPO Strategic Priorities (Leigh Holt, MPO) 31 32 Mr. David Hutchinson, MPO, explained that over the last several years, the MPO has 33 undergone significant changes due to both external and internal factors: 34 35 • Externally, Federal laws mandating performance measures are being 36 successfully integrated into MPO processes and will continue to impact the 37 organization’s way of work.

38 • Internally, the staff of nine has celebrated four retirements and one career 39 advancement outside the organization in the last five years. 40 41 Although change means the loss of institutional knowledge, it is also an opportunity for 42 reorganization and regrouping. The MPO planning team recently participated in a retreat to 43 look back at organizational accomplishments in order to preserve recent history. 44 45 Staff also looked forward, identifying key tasks and mandates for the next two calendar 46 years. The result of this analysis is the MPO Top Ten and the 2018 Strategic Priorities.

This 47 evaluation will be used to: 48 49 • Create an organizational structure and staff assignments to accomplish MPO 50 Board priorities, 51

MPO Meeting Minutes February 26, 2018 Page 5 of 9 • Develop the next two-year fiscal/operational plan, known as the Unified Planning 1 Work Program (UPWP), and 2 • Measure and evaluate staff performance. 3 4 Ms. Leigh Holt, MPO, provided an overview of the Top Ten MPO Board Accomplishments: 5 6 1. Advanced Regional Roadway Priorities 7 2. Supported Innovative Design 8 3. Continued Multi Modal Emphasis Corridor (MMEC) Improvements 9 4. Initiated Regional Mobility Studies 10 5. Integrated Performance Measures into Planning/Projects 11 6. Coordinated Bicycle/Pedestrian/Trails Activates 12 7. Strengthened Community Partnerships for Performance-based Planning 13 8.

Created New Public Outreach Program 14 9. Recognized for Noteworthy Practices by FHWA/FTA 15 10. Hosted Regional Training for MPO Partner Agencies 16 17 2018 STRATEGIC PRIORITIES: 18 19 Planning 20 • 20 safety assessments/4 safety audits 21 • All Hazards Recovery Plan 22 • U.S. 41 Multi Modal Emphasis Corridor gap analysis 23 • Active Transportation Plan for pedestrian/bicycling/transit 24 • Congestion Management Plan 25 • 2018 Project Priorities 26 • 2018/19 to 2022/23 Transportation Improvement Program 27 • 2019/20 to 2023/24 Tentative Work Program 28 • MAP-21 Safety target setting by February 27 29 • MAP-21 Mobility target setting by November 16 30 • 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan scope and organization 31 32 Implementation 33 • LRTP Priorities/Major Capacity Projects 34 • Central Manatee Network Alternatives Analysis 35 • Barrier Island Traffic Study 36 • ATMS Master Plan 37 38 Administration 39 • Federal Certification Review 40 • FDOT State Certification 41 • Charlotte/Punta Gorda and Sarasota/Manatee interlocal agreement 42 • 2018/19-2019/20 Unified Planning Work Program 43 • Sarasota/Manatee MPO Personnel Policies update 44 • Executive Director contract 45 • Consultant scopes and budgets for FY 2018/19 46 • 31 committee meetings and 6 board meetings 47 48 49 50

MPO Meeting Minutes February 26, 2018 Page 6 of 9 Public Involvement/Activities/Events 1 • Safe Streets Summit – February 27 2 • All Hazards Recovery Workshop – March 1-2 3 • Sarasota Roll and Stroll – March 24 4 • Volunteer recognition program - April 5 • Manatee Open Streets – November 6 • Sarasota/Manatee MPO Website update - 2018 7 • MPO Board and committee orientation program - December 8 9 Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant: I move to affirm 2018 Strategic Priorities. 10 11 Councilman Patrick Roff: I second the motion. 12 13 MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. 14 15 2. US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)/Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 16 Certification Report 17 18 Federal law requires the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit 19 Administration (FTA) to jointly review and certify the metropolitan transportation planning 20 process for each Transportation Management Area (TMA) every four years.

An urbanized 21 area with 200,000 or more in population is referred to, in federal legislation, as a TMA. 22 23 Ms. Danielle Blackshear, FHWA, presented an overview of the Federal MPO Certification 24 process and the recent certification review of the MPO’s planning process: 25 26 ▪ The review of the Sarasota/Manatee MPO’s planning process included a site 27 visit by representatives from FHWA and FTA on August 14-16, 2017. 28 ▪ Significant time was spent with the MPO staff, the Florida Department of 29 Transportation (FDOT) and representatives of Manatee County Area Transit 30 (MCAT) and Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT) to discuss the status of the 31 MPO’s continuing, comprehensive and cooperative (“3-C”) metropolitan planning 32 process.

33 ▪ The certification review evaluates the MPO’s compliance with numerous 34 statutory provisions of 23 U.S.C. 134, 49 U.S.C. 1607 and associated Federal 35 requirements. 36 ▪ Throughout the site visit, opportunities were afforded to local elected/appointed 37 officials and the general public to provide their insights on the MPO’s planning 38 process. 39 ▪ In addition to assessing the MPO’s progress in addressing findings from the 40 previous certification review, the recent site visit and review focused on the 41 MPO’s current and/or future implementation of Federal metropolitan 42 transportation planning requirements.

43 44 The presentation included an overview of the TMA certification review process and review 45 findings and the FHWA/FTA certification action issued as part of the TMA Certification 46 Review Report and cover letter; The Sarasota/Manatee MPO received 6 Noteworthy 47 Practices, 2 Corrective Actions and 2 Recommendations. 48 49 Ms. Danielle Blackshear, FHWA, stated that after performing site certifications for all MPOs 50 within the State of Florida that the Sarasota/Manatee MPO had the best Certification in the 51 State. 52

MPO Meeting Minutes February 26, 2018 Page 7 of 9 1 3. Executive Director Employment Agreement 2 3 At its June 2015 meeting the Sarasota/Manatee MPO Board voted to appoint David 4 Hutchinson as MPO Executive Director effective September 1, 2015. The MPO Chair 5 appointed and led a committee which negotiated an employment agreement covering an 6 initial term through June 30, 2018. The agreement was approved by the MPO Board in July 7 2015. The initial term will expire on June 30, 2018 unless extended through a written 8 amendment approved by the MPO Board. 9 10 Commissioner Betsy Benac: I move to appoint Chair Vanessa Baugh to review 11 and negotiate an amendment extending the 12 Executive Director contract.

13 14 Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant: I second the motion. 15 16 MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. 17 18 19 VII. REPORTS AND PRESENTATIONS (May Require Board Action) 20 21 1. Use of Federal Funds (Leigh Holt, MPO) 22 23 Ms. Leigh Holt, MPO Staff, explained that at the December 2017 meeting, Chair Baugh 24 directed staff to schedule a presentation on Federal transportation funding. The request 25 followed a discussion of the differing requirements for using federal and state funds and the 26 appropriate projects for each source of funds. 27 28 As discussed, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) budget includes both federal 29 and state revenues with only about 25% coming from USDOT.

The remaining 75% comes 30 primarily from state gas tax, motor vehicle fees, documentary stamps, and rental car 31 charges. 32 33 Some state and federal funds are distributed to counties or regions by formulas. However, 34 there are significant funds that are distributed by the FDOT districts or the Central Office 35 based on criteria established in state or federal law. Staff will be analyzing various funding 36 codes and reviewing with the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to make sure local 37 projects are being submitted for consideration for all major funding sources. 38 39 2. Barrier Islands Traffic Study (Bessie Reina, FDOT) 40 41 Mr.

Dave Hutchinson, MPO, explained he purpose of the Barrier Islands Traffic Study is to 42 accommodate increased traffic demand during peak tourist season in the three island 43 zones, and to and from the Barrier Islands. 44 45 Zone 1: Anna Maria and Holmes Beach 46 Zone 2: Bradenton Beach and Coquina Beach 47 Zone 3: Key, St. Armands and Lido Key 48 49 Ms. Bessie Reina, FDOT, present a PowerPoint presentation regarding the project status and 50 next steps for the Study. 51 52 53

MPO Meeting Minutes February 26, 2018 Page 8 of 9 Project recommendations to date are available at 1 2 3 4 TBARTA REPORT 5 6 Mr. Ray Chiaramonte, Tampa Bay Area Transit Authority (TBARTA), provided an overview of the recent 7 TBARTA activities: 8 9 ➢ Van Pool have increased due to partnerships with private sector: up to 112 vans from 89 10 vans 11 ➢ Regional school commute program is being expanded 12 ➢ Due to legislation that was adopted last year that made TBARTA a Regional Transit Authority, 13 TBARTA is now required to do a 10 year regional transit plan which will include Manatee 14 County as part of the region 15 16 17 VIII.

MEMBER COMMENTS 18 19 Councilman Patrick Roff complimented FDOT on the Manatee Avenue (SR 64) resurfacing 20 project; he stating it was quite impressive on how quickly the project was completed. 21 22 23 IX. NEXT MEETING DATE 24 25 The MPO Board will not meet in March; the next regular meeting will be held on April 23, 2018 26 at the Holiday Inn-Sarasota Airport, 8009 15th Street East, Sarasota, Florida. 27 28 29 X. ADJOURNMENT 30 31 Chair Vanessa Baugh adjourned the meeting at 11:44 a.m. 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54

MPO Meeting Minutes February 26, 2018 Page 9 of 9 1 SARASOTA/MANATEE METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION 2 3 NO STENOGRAPHIC RECORD BY A CERTIFIED COURT REPORTER WAS MADE OF THIS MEETING. 4 ACCORDINGLY, ANY PERSON WHO MAY SEEK TO APPEAL ANY DECISIONS INVOLVING THE MATTER 5 HEREIN WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE 6 AT THIS MEETING UPON WHICH ANY APPEARS TO BE BASED. 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 BY _ _ 14 Commissioner Vanessa Baugh 15 MPO Chair 16 17 18 19 20 21 ATTESTED 22 BY _ _ 23 Nanette Eubanks 24 Clerk to the Board/Administrative Coordinator 25 Notary Public State of Florida 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Dated this 23rd day of April, 2018 34 35 36

SARASOTA/MANATEE METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION 8009 15th Street East Sarasota, Florida 34243 9:30 A.M. AGENDA FOR APRIL 23, 2018 THE MPO BOARD WILL ACCEPT PUBLIC COMMENT ON ALL ITEMS ON THIS AGENDA Public input will be limited to two minutes per person per agenda item. Anyone wishing to speak on a specific agenda item or under the Open to the Public Section is requested to fill out a “Public Comment” card and provide it to MPO staff. Call to Order MPO Vice Chair Alan Maio, Commissioner Sarasota County Invocation Vice Mayor Gene Brown City of Bradenton Pledge of Allegiance Confirmation of Quorum and Introductions OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (Items not on the agenda) I.

MPO ADVISORY COMMITTEE REPORTS 1. Bicycle/Pedestrian/Trails Advisory Committee (BPTAC), Ms. Maika Arnold, Chair. 2. Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), Ms. Kathleen Weeden, Chair. 3. Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), Ms. Sara Calhoun, Chair. II. FDOT REPORT FDOT will provide the MPO with an update on projects and issues. III. MPO EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT MPO Executive Director, David Hutchinson. IV. VICE CHAIR’S REPORT MPO Vice Chair, Sarasota County Commissioner Alan Maio. 6

V. CONSENT SECTION All matters listed under the Consent Section are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items. If discussion is desired by an MPO Board Member, that item will be removed from the Consent Section and will be considered at the end of the section. 1. Approval of February 26, 2018 MPO Board Meeting Minutes 2. Appointments/Reappointments of Committee Representatives • MPO Board appointment of Mr. John Cable, City of North Port, to serve on the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) 3. Amend Current Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)/Deobligation of Funds 4.

Adoption of 2018/2019-2019/2020 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) 5. Approve DRAFT Active Transportation Plan Scope and Project Budget 6. Amendment to Executive Director Employment Agreement VI. BOARD ACTION 1. Amendments to the Fiscal Year 2017/18 Through Fiscal Year 2021/22 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) (Jesten Abraham, FDOT) VII. REPORTS AND PRESENTATIONS (May Require Board Action) 1. Safety Assessment Status Report (Wally Blain, Tindale Oliver) 2. 2018 Project Priorities (Leigh Holt, MPO) 3. FDOT Presentation • SR 72 at Ibis Road (Kevin Ingle, FDOT) and at Proctor Road/Dove Avenue (Ryan Lazenby, FDOT) • US 41 at Gulfstream Avenue Intersection Improvement (Joshua Jester, FDOT) 4.

Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority (TBARTA) (Commissioner Betsy Benac, Manatee County) VIII. MEMBER COMMENTS IX. NEXT MEETING DATE The MPO Board will not meet in May; the next regular meeting will be held on June 18, 2018 at the Holiday Inn-Sarasota Airport, 8009 15th Street East, Sarasota, Florida. X. ADJOURNMENT

All interested parties are invited to appear and be heard on each of the above items. Written comments filed with the MPO will be considered. Copies of all of the above proposed documents are available by calling the Sarasota/Manatee MPO Office at (941) 359-5772. THIS NOTICE is published pursuant to the requirements of the Federal Laws, Florida Statutes, and MPO Policy. NO STENOGRAPHIC RECORD BY A CERTIFIED COURT REPORTER IS MADE OF THIS MEETING. ACCORDINGLY, ANY PERSON WHO MAY SEEK TO APPEAL ANY DECISIONS INVOLVING THE MATTER NOTICED HEREIN WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE AT THIS MEETING UPON WHICH ANY APPEAR IS TO BE BASED.

Public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability, or family status. Persons who require special accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act or persons who require translation services (free of charge) should contact the Sarasota/Manatee MPO at (941) 359-5772 at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting. THE MPO’S PLANNING PROCESS IS CONDUCTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH TITLE VI OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964 AND RELATED STATUTES. ANY PERSON OR BENEFICIARY WHO BELIEVES HE/SHE HAS BEEN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BECAUSE OF RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX, AGE, NATIONAL ORIGIN, DISABILITY OR FAMILY STATUS MAY FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE SARASOTA/MANATEE MPO TITLE VI COORDINATOR LEIGH HOLT AT (941) 359-5772 OR BY WRITING HER AT 7632 15TH STREET EAST, SARASOTA, FLORIDA 34243

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