AGILE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP 4-DAY PROGRAM - Collective Impact - Simon Breakspear

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AGILE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP 4-DAY PROGRAM - Collective Impact - Simon Breakspear

Collective Impact

AGILE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP 4-DAY PROGRAM - Collective Impact - Simon Breakspear
Leadership               ENROL YOUR TEAM FOR 2020

development for          Registration is now open for the 2020 Agile School Leadership

teams                    Collective Impact program, where NSW schools will come together
                         for highly practical, job-embedded professional development.

                         The Agile School Leadership (ASL) Collective Impact program is
                         specifically designed to enable school leadership teams to
                         effectively design and implement evidence-informed strategies for
                         improvement by adopting agile ways of working together. All school
                         leadership teams have improvement plans with associated goals,
                         strategies and expected milestones. The key challenge is to
                         sharpen their improvement thinking and then effectively implement
                         in their unique local context.

                         This program provides a systematic process to animate and
                         accelerate the school improvement work that leadership teams are
                         already engaged in. By providing frameworks, skills and easy-to-
                         use tools, teams are enabled to move through iterative cycles of
                         action, feedback and refinement towards their intended impact for
     The Three Skills    students, teachers and community.
    of an Agile Leader

AGILE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP 4-DAY PROGRAM - Collective Impact - Simon Breakspear
Intended Learning                                               LEARN HOW TO
Outcomes                                                        • Embrace and model agile mind-sets during complex
                                                                  educational change work

The longitudinal design of the program enables leaders to       • Apply agile leadership frameworks and skills within their
build their individual and collective improvement capacity by     own roles
solving real-world challenges in their own unique school        • Refine their improvement priorities and plans, and clarify
setting.                                                          their precise intended pathways for impact

                                                                • Develop a clear process for leading an iterative
In this practical program, participants will be supported to      improvement journey that can adjust for the human
use the Agile School Leadership framework and be                  dynamics of change in schools
equipped with the knowledge of how to successfully lead
                                                                • Adopt and embed the plans, routines and norms of highly
and implement improvement plans in a complex and                  effective responsive teams
changing environment.
                                                                • Harness formative evaluation to monitor the progress,
                                                                  successes, failures and roadblocks in the improvement
Participating leaders will leave with practical approaches
                                                                  journey as it unfolds
and new agile ways of working together that can be
sustained beyond the scope of the formal program.               • Continuously refine and sharpen their strategies and plans
                                                                  for improvement based on their own ‘learning by doing’
                                                                  within their own context

                                                                • Rethink resistance and support the adoption of evidence-
                                                                  informed approaches and practices

AGILE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP 4-DAY PROGRAM - Collective Impact - Simon Breakspear
Should your
team participate?
To be eligible to join, schools must have:

• A commitment to engaging in evidence-informed
  practice school improvement

• The Principal and a core school improvement team
  consisting of 3-6 school/middle/teacher leaders
    who are committed to attending all workshops as a
    team unit

• The intention and commitment to explore and apply
    this new improvement approach in their own

•    A willingness to work in deep partnership with
    other schools to share ideas and provide feedback
    that can accelerate collective improvement

AGILE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP 4-DAY PROGRAM - Collective Impact - Simon Breakspear
4 days of intensive workshops

Design                                                   Engaging online videos and resources hub

                                                         Application of learning through an
We believe in ‘learning by doing’ in the context of
                                                         improvement project
leading authentic and meaningful school improvement
work. In this course, leadership teams learn using a
variety of methods including engaging video, in-person
intensive workshops, hands-on activities, sharing        Reflection and peer feedback exercise
insights from the field, and gathering feedback from

                                                         Leadership Toolkit

AGILE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP 4-DAY PROGRAM - Collective Impact - Simon Breakspear
DAY 1   Our program begins with a 2-day intensive workshop where
        teams build confidence in using the key models and tools of
        the Agile School Leadership framework.

        • Foundations of the Agile School Leadership approach

        • Engaging in Impact Thinking

        • Crafting pathways to impact

DAY 2   This day will focus on impact evidence, team health and
        developing an agile mindset. We will synthesise our learning
        and plan for action.

        • Harnessing formative evaluation

        • Embedding the norms, plans and routines of responsive

        • Developing our individual and collective mindsets

AGILE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP 4-DAY PROGRAM - Collective Impact - Simon Breakspear

DAY 3   Teams return to review the core concepts of the   DAY 4   During our final session together we will evaluate current
        Agile School Leadership framework and set                 progress, build confidence in the framework and tools and
        learning intentions.                                      develop a rapid action plan.

        • Engaging in iterative improvement                       • Reviewing and refining our improvement work

        • Sharpening our Impact Thinking and formative            • Amplifying our impact and overcoming resistance
                                                                  • Reviewing our own personal leadership impact across
        • Developing responsive teams and leadership                our core activities

Workshop                                         Financial
Details                                          Investment
The program kicks off with a 2-Day interactive   A minimum team of 4 people (including the Principal)
workshop, followed by 2 further workshop         from each school are required to participate.
dates in Terms 2 and 3.
                                                 Team of 4: $4,950 plus GST
March: Thursday 12th – Friday 13th               Additional team members: $950 plus GST
June: Tuesday 16th
August: Wednesday 12th

SMC Conference & Function Centre                       Click to Apply
66 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000

Agile School
  Alumni share
comments about
their experience

Thank you for one of the most high impact and paradigm shifting
                   professional learning and team development experiences of my

                   Changed the way I view leadership and how to lead within
                   complex schools.

2019 Participant   Absolutely loved this experience!! Thank you!!

Comments           Very valuable opportunity and experience as a leadership team to
                   dedicate time to being better leaders

                   This is the best PL in leadership I’ve ever experienced.

                   Lots of practical ideas tools and scaffolds that we can use
                   at our school to implement change.

                    It was fantastic! Learnt so much and can't wait to trial what I
                    have learnt in my own practises from leadership to classroom

                    Thanks for taking us on a great journey of inward reflection and
                    facilitating such valuable time for us together as an exec. We
                    leave with more clarity, tools, resources and enthusiasm for social

Both Simon and Ryan were superb and knowledgeable presenters
that understand the nature of the work we are doing and have
helped to give tools to assist us to make change in schools thank

By far the most useful PL for my executive team that we have had for
a long time.

Was an excellent motivating PL that made us deeply
analyse and evaluate where we are heading and WHY!

Loved it for a number of reasons - most of all being able to
have a professional discussion with my colleagues and be
able to encourage and support the same for them to do
the same. Thank you. I look forward the evolution of this
program in future.

Great practical PL. this has given us the HOW we’ve been looking
for. Brilliant.

Fantastic course. Was great to be given time to spend working in
teams, planning and having effective discussions.

Data: 99% agreed that
                                                       Agree                     Strongly agree
    they developed useful
    knowledge & skills
     Q. The sessions have provided me with practical
     skills and tools to support my work

                                                                 % of survey respondents

    Data: 99.3% would
    recommend this program
    to other leaders
     Q. Would you recommend other educators
     engage in this professional learning?                           99.3%

Source: Aug 2019 NSW Feedback Survey. n = 150
                                                               % of survey respondents
Meet Your Facilitators
           Dr Simon Breakspear is a researcher, advisor and speaker on educational leadership, policy and change. He is the
           Executive Director of the leadership development organisation Breakspear Learning, and Research Fellow at the
           University of New South Wales, Gonski Institute for Education.

           Simon is passionate about supporting school leadership development at scale. He is the creator of Teaching
           Sprints, an open-source teacher professional learning approach, and serves as an expert advisor to the NSW
           Department of Education School Leadership Institute and the AITSL Leadership Steering Committee.

           Simon earned his PhD in education from the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar, and a MSc in
           Comparative and International Education from the University of Oxford as a Commonwealth Scholar. Simon holds
           Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Teaching, and began his work in education as a high school teacher.

           Simon lives in Sydney with his wife and three young children.

           DR RYAN DUNN
           Dr Ryan Dunn has considerable experience within education and has advised and collaborated with schools and
           districts across Australia, the USA and Canada. As a Director as Breakspear Learning Ryan has worked
           extensively with leaders in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Alberta to support
           leadership development at a system, network and school level.

           Ryan is also lecturer at a leading University in Australia where his work focuses on teacher professional learning,
           educational leadership, practitioner research and primary mathematics. He is currently leading the Melbourne
           Catholic Education Office (CEM) School Wide Improvement Forums that is a partnership between Breakspear
           Learning, CEM and and over 50 Southern Region Primary School Improvement Teams.

           Ryan completed his PhD under the supervision of Professor John Hattie. His PhD focused on the effectiveness of
           educational design research as a form of teacher professional learning. He is a lead facilitator for Agile Leadership
           and Teaching Sprints programs across Australia.

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