Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

Air Source Heat Pump Product Guide & Price List - 2015

Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

Contents 4 - Contacts 5 - Why Heat Pumps? 6 - Planning Design and Support 7 - Training 8 - Heat Pump Training Dates 2015 10 - Prestige Heat Pump Packs 12 - Prestige Heat Pump Pack Components 14 - Other Accessories 16 - Unvented Cylinder 18 - Pre Plumbed Cylinder 20 - Buffer Tanks 22 - AEC 24 - Case Study 26 - Samsung EHS 28 - LG Electronics 32 - Hitachi

Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

For nearly a decade, installers have trusted SOLFEX energy systems to deliver their renewable energy products.

Heat Pump systems and components are an integral part of this. As part of the Travis Perkins PLC group of companies we offer our customers a solid, reliable distribution platform as well as heat pump expertise from a dedicated sales and technical division. SOLFEX energy systems can supply a range of renewable heat products and services for all applications, from domestic residential housing, utilising our renowned Prestige Heat Pump Packages, through to a bespoke system for commercial applications such as hotels, sports & leisure facilities and manufacturing plants. Our speciality is and always will be the integration of renewable and high efficiency products from the worlds leading manufacturers.

As well as heat pumps, we also offer market leading underfloor heating, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic products. Our product management, technical and procurement teams operate alongside our manufacturing partners in order to provide a homogeneous approach to product quality and service. Every component is carefully selected on its technical performance, longevity and warranty prior to being accepted within our portfolio. Company Introduction

Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

4 Contacts Head Office SOLFEX Ltd Energy Arena Units 3-5 Charnley Fold Industrial Estate Bamber Bridge Preston Lancashire PR5 6PS Tel: 01772 312 847 Fax: 01772 335 277 Email: Expert Heat Pump support Our Heat Pump sales team are always happy to help with any queries that you may have. Whether it be a sales order or a more technical question, our staff are highly trained in all aspects of heat pumps to ensure we give you the highest quality service. Internal Sales & Technical Team External Sales Team *On orders before 5pm Order Online Chris Higgs Product Manager Tel: 00 44 1772 317013 Email: Ben Perris National Sales Manager Tel: 07792315189 Email: Mary Colapinto Sales Office Manager Tel: 00 44 1772 317011 Email: Rik Whines Technical Sales Engineer Tel: 00 44 1772 317007 Email: Sean McSorley Technical Sales Manager London & Southern England Tel: 07807521766 Email: Tom Baines Technical Support Engineer Tel: 00 44 1772 317003 Email: Graham Furby Technical Sales Manager Eastern England Tel: 07792478420 Email: 24 hour shopping You can now order all of our heat pump products online.

Our webshop is quick and easy to use and allows you to order at a time and place that’s convenient. All orders before 5pm are eligible for next day delivery.

Browse our full product portfolio, with full descriptions, datasheets and pricing
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Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

5 Why Heat Pumps? Finally, you can control the cost of your own heating Heat Pumps, most notably air source heat pumps, are fast becoming the most popular renewable heating source in the UK. To date, around 30,000+ MCS accredited air source heat pumps have been installed in the UK since 2009. Though heat pumps require electricity to run, the way that they utilize this electricity means that they are a very cost effective and environmentally friendly way to provide your hot water and space heating requirements all year round.

Chances are, you already have a heat pump in your own home, in the form of a refrigerator. A common misconception is that a refrigerator makes things cold... What it actually does is to take energy from inside the fridge and transports it to the back of the fridge, hence why if you touch the coil on the back of your fridge, it will be warm, whilst the inside of the fridge is cold. If we reverse the operation, and apply it to an air source heat pump, you will find that the inside of the fridge now becomes your garden and the warmth on the back of the fridge is now the heat circulating around your pipework to your radiators / underfloor heating.

The area directly in front of the heat pump will be much cooler than the rest of the garden because that energy is being transported into your property via the vapour compression cycle. Essentially, what is happening is that unusable energy from outdoors is being transformed into usable energy for indoors.

Air source heat pumps require electricity in order to power the compressor, circuit boards, circulation pumps etc.. For every 1kW of electricity used by the heat pump unit itself, it will provide around 4kW of heat. That means that 3kW of heat is being provided completely for free so you could say that a heat pump is around 400% efficient. If you compare this with a traditional gas boiler you will see that for every 1kW of energy used by the boiler, only around 90% of the fuel is used for heating. The rest is sent to the atmosphere via the flue. If you combine a heat pump with a SOLFEX PV system in order to offset some of the heat pump electricity usage, the running costs of the heat pump reduce even further and if you can also install a SOLFEX Solar Thermal and Underfloor Heating system you truly have a whole house solution.

As well as being one of the most efficient forms of space heating available, an air source heat pump installation may also attract a government subsidy in the form of the Renewable Heat Incentive. For a 4 bedroom semi-detached property this could equate to around £1000 a year in guaranteed index linked payments *Based on an average 4 bed detached property Heat Pump Savings £0.00 Coal Savings per year RHI Income per year Gas Electric Oil LPG £700 £1,400 £2,100 £2,800

Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

6 EX 01 Project ID: Drawing no: Rev. Classification: Reviewer: Date: Sheet: S-0002 of Submitted: Approved for release: Drawn: CH Design: Date: 10/11/14 Checked: Training Room Mechanical Layout Description No Date Class Rev DWN VER CHKD SUB APP Flexi VA 07 V A 6 VA 05 VA 05 VA 06 VA 02 VA 05 Auto Bypass R a d ia t o r Bypass Loop PU 01 PU 01 Buffer Tank DHW Tank To Hot Water Services d Mains In MF 01 FS 01 FM 01 VA 06 VA 06 VA 07 Flexi VA 07 VA 07 Flexi Flexi VA 07 VA 07 Flexi Flexi VA 07 VA 07 Flexi Flexi Code Part VA06 Gate Valve VA02 Motorised 2 Port Valve VA05 Non Return Valve PU01 Circulation Pump EX01 Expansion Vessel MF01 Magnetic Filter FM01 Flow Meter FS01 Flow Switch VA07 Isolation Valve Planning Design and Support At SOLFEX energy systems we can specify, design & indemnify your proposed heat pump installation, from a standard small domestic installation to a commercial heat pump system.

When specifying a heat pump system for any building, key bespoke requirements of the building need to be taken into account such as:
Project Reference
Site Location
Floor Area
Age of Building
Number of Bedrooms ( If applicable)
Domestic Hot Water Requirement ( If applicable) The above are just some of the details we would require in order to approximately specify and dimension a heat pump system. In order to specify the system accurately, SOLFEX energy systems can assist you with the completion of the BS EN 12831 heat loss calculation in line with the requirements for RHI and MCS.

We have special tools and calculators built to assist with all aspects of the heat load calculation process. Heat Pump Engineering Support
Pre-installation & on-site installer support / consultancy by our trained professionals
Sample hydraulic and electrical layouts for many systems
Indemnity of the system design and specification
Commissioning & on-site installer support throughout installation can be provided. Enquire for further details.

Customer Service & After-sales Support At SOLFEX energy systems customer support & service does not end when you have purchased & installed your system. Our dedicated internal technical support team will ensure your enquiry will be dealt with professionally and in a timely manner. Dedicated On-Site Support Further to our dedicated internal team, we also have a team of external technical sales engineers who can provide on-site technical support to MCS accredited installers and consultants to ensure that projects are specified and installed as trouble free and as efficiently as possible.

Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

7 Training SOLFEX energy systems pride ourselves on the support and customer service we offer.

In order to ensure that the specification and installation of your new heat pump is as smooth as possible, we offer full training for our entire range of heat pumps at various locations in the UK. All training courses are divided into two very distinct parts and are always held over a single day so as to ensure that the impact on your business is kept to an absolute minimum. All training courses are delivered on live installations to make sure that your experience is as relevant as possible. Part 1 – System Design and Unit Specification Heat Pump design and specification is very different to traditional fossil fuel heating sources.

There are a number of different considerations which need to be taken into account prior to installation.

Part 1 of the heat pump training encompasses such topics as:
What is a Heat Pump and how it fits to a property
Heat Pump Location and Drainage Requirements
Overview of Circulation Pump Sizing
Heat Pump Optimized Domestic Hot Water Cylinders
Emitter Circuit Considerations for Radiators and Underfloor Heating
Alternative System Design including Hybrid Systems
Explanations of SPF and COP efficiencies
Available Incentives
What is MCS?
Calculating the Heat Load of a property to relevant standards
Electrical and Mechanical Considerations Part 2 – Installation and Commissioning The installation of a heat pump is very similar to that of a traditional fossil fuel boiler.

The most evident difference is in the controls and commissioning of the system. If these are not treated with the utmost care, a very efficient system can quickly become inefficient.

Part 2 of the heat pump training encompasses the below topics:
Live Installation Component Overview
Full Commissioning Walkthrough After Sales Support SOLFEX energy systems understand that training does not begin and end in the classroom. With this in mind, we provide an unparalleled level of after sales technical support to ensure that all topics learned in the classroom can be successfully implemented in the field. As you leave the classroom you will be given two points of contact for dedicated technical support meaning that should you require assistance it will always be available.

Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

8 Heat Pump Training Dates 2015 Preston Chertsey Preston Slough Leeds Preston Maidenhead Preston Jan 13th 16th 27th Feb 24th 17th 5th & 24th 26th 10th 3rd Mar 10th 5th & 24th 26th Apr 28th 21st 14th 7th May 12th 12th 26th Jun 30th 23rd 16th 9th Jul 14th 7th 28th Aug 25th 18th 11th 4th Sept 15th 8th 29th Oct 27th 20th 13th 6th Nov 10th 10th 24th Dec 29th 22nd 15th 8th Note - Dates are subject to change, please contact our Heat Pump sales team for confirmation of dates Mary Colapinto Sales Office Manager Tel: 00 44 1772 317011 Email: Booking For more information, or to book your place at any of the Heat Pump Training Courses, contact Mary Colapinto.

Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

9 Prestige Heat Pump Packs Prestige Packs Prestige Components Heat Pump Accessories Unvented Cylinders Pre Plumbed Cylinders Buffer Tanks

Air Source Heat Pump - Product Guide & Price List 2015

10 Prestige Heat Pump Packs All SOLFEX energy systems air source heat pump prestige packs are designed with the installer in mind. In order to ensure that installations are as simple and as straightforward as possible, many packs have been hand crafted to allow for around 95% of the components you will require on site. As we only use the highest quality components, which are engineered to compliment the heat pump they are applied to, you can be sure that ordering a SOLFEX prestige pack guarantees you a peace of mind installation.

To further add to your peace of mind, many packs are delivered on a single shipping pallet and packed so as to ensure that they are safe and protected in transit. SOLFEX energy systems has long held a deserved reputation for promoting only the worlds leading manufacturers in relation to the main equipment we supply. This reputation however does not end at main products. We have, and always will, ensure that only the most suitable and highest quality components are used to compliment our range of Heat Pumps.

11 When supplying around 95% of the equipment required by an installer on site, we have to be sure that the quality of the components will not negatively influence the installers perception of the main product, or indeed SOLFEX as a whole.

In order to ensure this confidence in our components is well placed, we only source our equipment from Europe. This ensures that we have full traceability back to manufacturer for anything as small as a single brass nipple through to something much larger like a buffer tank. Our involvement in components does not simply end at sourcing them. SOLFEX are also heavily involved in the design of many of our components. In fact, much of the equipment you will find in our prestige air source heat pump packs can only be purchased through SOLFEX due to our continued and trusted relationship with our existing supply chain.

12 Prestige Heat Pump Pack Components Heat Pumps Japanese, Korean and UK manufactured heat pumps from some of the biggest brands in the world. Each manufacturer possesses equipment which fulfils a specific requirement in the UK market. Pre Insulated Flexible Hoses When installing a monobloc heat pump, one of the biggest issues is ensuring that valuable energy is not lost from the pipework as it exits the heat pump and enters the building. This run may be no more than a metre, but it is extremely important that only the highest quality insulation and flexible hoses are used.

Anti Vibration Feet When mounting a heat pump on the ground, it is very important to ensure that it is sufficiently anchored and stable.

Providing a separation between property and heat pump is also extremely important to ensure that customers are not adversely affected by noise. 2 Port Valves 2 port valves perform a very simple function; to deny or allow flow. The beauty of our Spanish made valves is in their design. A very simple but effective motorised opening system ensures that unlike many other 2 port valves, these are flexible enough for a wide variety of heat pumps without the worry of unwanted flow related error codes. Control Kits In order for any of the SOLFEX supplied heat pumps to work correctly, they require a very specific set of controls.

Each control kit is designed to be as straightforward to set up and commission as possible Isolation Valves The means of hydraulically isolating the outdoor heat pump unit from the rest of the heating system is a task which should only be left to the highest quality isolation valves. SOLFEX full bore lever arm isolation valves ensure the absolute minimum resistance when open, and a secure leak free confidence when closed.

13 Flow Meter No heat pump can be accurately commissioned without the use of a specific flow meter. SOLFEX flow meters not only provide an accurate way to measure the flow through the system, but they also provide a means of correctly filling the system through the integrated ¾” flush and fill ports. Tyfocor Propylene glycol is very important in order to guarantee the continued operation and lifespan of your air source heat pump. For the manufacturers which require glycol to be added to the system as part of their warranty conditions, SOLFEX provide only the most trusted food safe propylene glycol.

4 pole isolator switch To protect yourself and your customers, it pays to ensure that electrical isolation is handled by a world leader in electrical switchgear. Our German manufactured isolator switches by Kraus and Naimer are among the best in the world. Brassware In order to ensure that small components are not the cause of negative perceptions towards the heat pump packs or SOLFEX in general, only the best Italian manufactured brassware is included in our packs. All brassware is manufactured to ensure the best possible seal.

Installation specific literature Together with around 95% of the components you require on site, we also provide comprehensive installation and commissioning instructions for a wide variety of installation types.

Whilst generally, installations will be very similar, having a dedicated manual which outlines the specific wiring and controller setup can make a huge difference to an installer in terms of cost and time. All literature is backed up by our internal technical support team should you have any questions.

Magnetic Filter Nothing will damage a heat pump’s plate heat exchanger quicker than metallic sludge present in the heating system. All systems should be power flushed prior to connection, but it only takes a few microns of metallic sludge to render a heat exchanger inefficient. SOLFEX magnetic filters are proven in the field to ensure that heat exchangers remain efficient and problem free. Buffer Tanks Many heat pump manufacturers now insist on the use of buffer tanks in order to ensure that the correct volume of water is available to the heat pump at all times. Where applicable, our prestige packs provide buffer tanks which are sized specifically in line with the manufacturers instructions.

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14 Other Accessories OWL is the UK’s premium brand of wireless energy monitoring and control products. The OWL team combines many years of commercial experience with an in depth knowledge of wireless hardware and cloud software development. Since their inception in 2006 they have designed and manufactured a broad range of high quality products which have become household favourites. Specifically designed to remotely control heating systems which incorporate a Heat Pump. OWL Intuition HPW remotely controls the heating system from any internet connected device from anywhere and anytime.

How does it work? Network OWL Gateway simply plugs into the home’s broadband router. This provides a secure connection to the OWL Intelligent Cloud software platform. The Network OWL Gateway automatically sends energy consumption and generation data to the cloud from the OWL Sensors and Transmitter. This can then be viewed via a clear, easyto-use web dashboard showing live and historic data from any Internet connected computer or device and from anywhere.

Bronz-Glow are a market leading company that specialise in the field of corrosion protection for heat exchangers. This covers a large field of applications and throughout 25 years of experience, they have been able to develop new techniques that make Bronz-Glow unique. Available Processes
Full Heat Pump colour change to any RAL colour
Anti-corrosion protection for high pollution or marine environments Features & Benefits
Remotely control your heating system
Access heat pump control via any internet connected device
View the amount of electricity consumed by your Heat Pump
Compare the Heat Pump energy consumption with overall energy consumption in your property.

15 Flexible Hoses When connecting from the heat pump to the property services it is always advised that a set of stainless steel EPDM lined flexible hoses are used prior to connection to rigid pipework. Our flexible hoses are manufactured in the UK specifically with air source heat pumps in mind. The bend radius of the hose is more than adequate to accommodate the installation dimensions associated with a heat pump. Pipe Insulation Poor insulation can considerably increase the running costs of an air source heat pump system. In order to limit these parasitic heat losses it is vitally important that high quality insulation from a trusted brand is used.

SOLFEX exclusively supply HT ARMAFLEX Foamed EPDM rubber insulation in many pipe sizes and thicknesses. Low Loss Headers In order to ensure that there are no flow issues between the heat pumps hydraulic requirements and the emitter circuit, in many cases it is advisable to employ a low loss header. One such instance is when utilizing a heat pump on an underfloor heating circuit which requires a difference in flow and return temperatures of 10 degrees, whilst the heat pump circuit will require a 5 degree temperature difference.

Hand Held Refractometer When commissioning many air source heat pump systems, it will be vitally important to ensure that the concentration of glycol in the system is at the level required to provide the expected protection down to a specific ambient temperature. The only accurate way to measure glycol concentration is through the use of a refractometer. SOLFEX provide only the highest quality refractometers to ensure an accurate reading. Through Wall Kit Running pipework from an externally mounted air source heat pump into a property requires the pipework to run through the exterior wall.

The hot pipework will be affected by cold bridging and heat loss if it is not insulated correctly. The Through Wall Kit provides both thermal insulation within the wall complete with elbow section to cover the copper connection.

Wall Mounting Brackets These flat-packed, self assembly brackets provide a professional finish to the installation of wall mounted outdoor condensing units and air source heat pumps. The Type 2 brackets have a crossbar allowing the uprights to be spaced exactly as required, and include wall spacers to help level the unit on uneven walls. 3 Port Diverter Valve Our Spanish manufactured 3 port diverter valves are specifically manufactured for use with heat pumps. Being a true diverter valve and not a mid position valve, there is no danger of supplying heating in the middle of summer when the hot water cylinder is being satisfied.

Filling Station When commissioning a system, it is imperative that a high quality filling and flushing station is used (in conjunction with an appropriate sanitizer solution) in order to ensure that pipework is bacteria and contaminant free prior to final filling. Once bacteria free, a high pressure fill is required to ensure that air does not remain in the system. The Solarcheck Mobilcenter from SOLFEX is perfect for this task.

16 Unvented Cylinders Solfex are proud to offer a complete range of unvented stainless steel cylinders specifically for heat pump applications providing mains pressure domestic hot water. Utilising an already well established stainless steel unvented hot water cylinder, this product has been developed to maximise the lower temperatures available from the heat pump. The heat exchanger is a totally new design. It consists of a multi-pass corrugated stainless steel tube in parallel to reduce the pressure loss whilst maximising the heat exchange. Many medium to large heat pumps need heat exchangers in the store that will cope with the higher flow rates associated with primary temperatures that are typically 50˚C or 60˚C.

Due to the fact that many heat pumps will not raise the stored water temperature to 60˚C, which is necessary to prevent the growth of legionella, the SOLHP range of cylinders are supplied with an immersion heater and a thermostat.

Duplex Stainless Steel The latest high specification Duplex stainless steel resists all forms of corrosion including crevice and stress whilst its high mechanical strength gives it durability. The very latest automated welding procedures along with full post weld treatments guarantee welds that are as strong as the metal. All cylinders are factory pressure tested to a full 12 bar which is four times the normal working pressure. Quality Standard All SOLHP cylinders are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12897 the specification for unvented water storage vessels. The cylinders have been tested by NSF-WRc and WRAS, and found to comply with Building Regulations G3 and Water Regulations.

In performance, it complies with the requirements of BS EN 806-1 to 5 and meets the NHBC criteria for domestic properties. Our manufacturing partner also operates a quality management system audited and accepted by the BSI in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Special features
The latest and highest quality Duplex Stainless Steel
25 year guarantee.
Fast reheat rate from its purpose designed low resistance coil.
One of the highest insulation ratings on offer today.
The Stainless Lite HP SOL is supplied with all the necessary connections including two dry thermostat pockets.

Corrugated Stainless Steel Coil SOLHP cylinders use a high heat transfer corrugated tube heat exchanger to give a 20% faster recovery than plain tube.

It is also lighter and stronger than plain tube making the vessel the lightest and easiest to handle on site. Heat Loss All SOLHP cylinders are manufactured using the very latest HCFC free EnviroFoam insulation. This has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero and an industry leading Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 0.7. Tests show that the 50mm of EnviroFoam insulation injected into the case and covering both domes achieves astonishingly low levels of heat loss, which ensures it is fully compliant with 2010 Part L requirements for both new build and replacement cylinders.

25 Years Guarantee The 25 year guarantee underlines the confidence the manufacturer has in its own products.

17 SOLHP180 SOLHP210 SOLHP250 SOLHP300 SOLHP400 SOLHP180 SLIM SOLHP210 SLIM Capacity - Total Volume Litres 180 210 250 300 400 180 210 Dedicated Solar Volume Litres 65 75 90 105 130 - - Standing Heat Loss Rate kWh/24h 1.48 1.7 1.85 2.04 2.82 2.01 2.23 Weight (empty) Kg 33 38 43 49 61 33 37 Weight (full) Kg 213 248 293 349 461 213 247 Pressure Regulating Valve Setting Bar Expansion Relief Valve Setting Bar 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 Temperature Setting (P&T valve) °C 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 Pressure Setting (P&T valve) Bar Expansion Vessel Size (Volume) Litres 18 24 24 35 2 x 24 18 24 Expansion Vessel initial charge pressure Bar Height mm 1305 1495 1745 1992 2030 1790 1970 Diameter mm 550 550 550 550 630 475 475 Surface Area of Solar Heater Coil m² 0.68 0.68 0.97 0.97 1.27 - - Solar Coil Pressure Loss* Bar 0.191 0.191 0.241 0.241 0.31 - - Heat Pump Coil Surface Area m² 1.36 1.56 1.94 2.04 2.91 3.01 3.01 Heat Pump Coil Thermal Rating* kW 24.3 26.2 27.5 34.2 47.2 32.8 31.2 Heat Pump Coil Pressure Loss* Bar 0.048 0.054 0.06 0.019 0.027 0.018 0.018 Model Selection Guide Number of Bedrooms in property Model 1 SOLHP180 2 SOLHP210 3 SOLHP250 4 SOLHP300 5 SOLHP400 6 SOLHP400 All cylinders are supplied with:
Combination inlet group incorporating pressure reducing valve, strainer, check valve, balance cold take off point, expansion relief valve and expansion vessel connection points.

Potable expansion vessels c/w flexible hose and wall bracket
Dual control thermostat and combined overheat thermostat (x2)
Two port (28mm) zone valve for primary circuit
Wiring junction box for primary system * Measured at 15lpm primary flow rate Notes 1. All connections are supplied with compression fittings for direct connection to copper pipework 2. When selecting a model to be used with solar thermal, it is important to look at over sizing the vessel by 30% to account for reduced input from the solar thermal between around March and October

18 Pre Plumbed Cylinders Special features
Manufactured in the UK
Exceptionally Low Standing Heat Losses
Industry Standard 3m² Heating Coil
Smart Attractive White Cased Unit
25 Year Warranty on Vessel
Slimline (550 mm diameter) option available
Highest quality components used
Around 80% of components required on site pre plumbed The Solfex Pre Plumbed Cylinder Provides all of your domestic hot water needs in a single extremely efficient packaged solution.

To create the simplest possible heat pump installation, SOLFEX energy systems, in conjunction with their UK manufacturing partner have created the SOLFEX Pre Plumbed Cylinder. Available in a range of sizes from 180ltr through to 300ltr and diameters from 575 mm to 650 mm, the pre-plumbed cylinder is one of, if not the most versatile heat pump specific cylinder on the market. All models come complete with around 80% of the components you would require in a sealed heating and hot water system already pre plumbed to the cylinder, effectively saving around half a day’s labour for a plumbing and heating engineer.

19 Pre Plumbed Cylinder Technical Specification HP-PP-180SLIM HP-PP-210SLIM HP-PP-250 HP-PP-300 Height mm 1790 1970 1745 1992 Approx Diameter mm 575 575 650 650 Weight (empty) kg 46.3 50.3 56.3 71.3 Weight (full) kg 226.3 260.3 306.3 371.3 Capacity Litres 180 210 250 300 Standing losses kWhr/24hr 2.01 2.23 1.85 2.04 Surface area of Heat Pump coil m² 3 3 3 3 Cylinder Warranty 25 Years 25 Years 25 Years 25 Years Cylinder Components & Electronics Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years Connections 1. Hot water draw off 2. Cold mains in 3. Secondary return* 4. Hot water flow 5. Central heating flow 6.

Heat Pump return 7. DHW thermistor location 8. Heat Pump Flow 9. Hot Water Return 10. Central Heating Return * Not present on 180ltr cylinders Component Kit supplied seperately
Potable expansion vessel(s) c/w flexible hose & wall bracket
2 Port (22mm) Zone valve for primary circuit energy cutout
Wiring junction box for primary system A. Temperature & Pressure relief valve B. Auto air vent C. 3 Port diverter valve D. Controls Mounting Plate E. Flow meter with flush & fill ports F. Tundish G. Filling Loop H. Magnetic Filter I. Overheat Thermostat J. Circulation Pump K. Cylinder Drain off L.

Auto Bypass M. Immersion Heater N. System Drain off Pre Plumbed Components 10 9 8 Model Selection Guide Number of Bedrooms in property Model 1 HP-PP-180SLIM 2 HP-PP-210SLIM 3 HP-PP-250 4 HP-PP-300 Notes 1. All connections are supplied with compression fittings for direct connection to copper pipework

20 Buffer Tanks Special features
Manufactured in the UK
Exceptionally Low Standing Heat Losses
9 Connections on vessel as standard
Smart Attractive White Cased Unit
25 Year Warranty on Vessel
Inspection Hatch for maintenance SOLFEX energy systems multi connection Buffer Tanks assist in remedying many heat pump installation issues. To increase the lifespan of key heat pump components, as well as to ensure that potential flow related issues are not applicable, SOLFEX Energy Systems in partnership with their UK based manufacturing partner are proud to offer a flexible solution to a multitude of installation types.

Many heat pump manufacturers have a specific requirement for minimum water volume in order to increase the lifespan of the units compressor. In some cases, this can be far above what would normally be present in a heating system. In this instance, a SOLFEX buffer tank can provide the much needed dedicated system volume.

As the name buffer suggests, these tanks are also extremely capable of storing energy for multiple uses. This energy may be required when the heat pump goes into defrost mode or even when it is serving domestic hot water. Every minute that a heat pump is serving domestic hot water is a minute that the heat pump is not providing central heating. A buffer tank can assist in tackling this problem. Buffer Tank Technical Specification SOLMB090 SOLMB120 SOLMB210 SOLMB250 SOLMB300 SOLMB400 Capacity - Total Volume litres 90 120 210 250 300 400 Height mm 745 930 1495 1745 1992 2030 Diameter mm 550 550 550 550 550 630 Weight (empty) kg 13 18 28 32 37 51 Weight (full) kg 103 138 238 282 337 451 Standing Losses kWh/24h 0.85 1.06 1.7 1.85 2.04 2.82 Max Working Pressure bar 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 Connections mm 28mm x 8 35mm x 8 Thermostatic Pockets 2 (1 x top & 1 x bottom)

21 Heat Pumps AEC Samsung LG Hitachi

22 AEC Special features
UK Designed, Manufactured & Distributed
Highest quality construction with corrosion protected evaporator coil
Remote Access as standard meaning no more blind attendances to site. You see what the heat pump sees
Three different colourways to ensure the heat pump matches the property. 100’s more on request
7 year warranty full parts and labour warranty as standard
All components wire back to internal auxiliary box to ensure that internal to external cabling is kept to an absolute minimum
Prefer the expansion vessel and circulation pump to be located outside? Choose the enhanced heat pump range for the quickest installation
Prefer the choice of where expansion vessel and circulation pump are located? Choose the standard unit for full flexibility For many years, the UK has been at the forefront of manufacturing.

However, up until now, there has been very little UK design and build representation for air source heat pumps. In 2015, Solfex Energy Systems released the AEC range of air source heat pumps. AEC or Ambient Energy Collector, does exactly what it suggests. The real beauty of this product is that it has been built from the ground up to be as simple and as easy to install as possible. Everything from remote access to all aspects of the heat pump, to on board installation of the circulation pump and expansion vessel, make the AEC range of equipment the new benchmark for air source heat pump design in the UK.

UK Manufactured

23 5 9 Standard 9 Enhanced Power Supply Phase = Single Single Single V = 220-240v 220-240v 220-240v Hz = 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz Nominal Condition Air 7ºC Flow 30/35ºC Heating Output: kW 5.5 9 9 Electrical Input: kW 1.22 2.55 2.55 COP: 4.52 3.45 3.45 Performance Air 7ºC Flow 40/45ºC Heating Output: kW 5 9 9 Electrical Input: kW 1.56 2.75 2.75 COP: 3.21 3.24 3.24 Performance Air -7ºC Flow 30/35ºC Heating Output: kW 4.5 8 8 Electrical Input: kW 1.32 3.11 3.11 COP: 3.4 2.57 2.57 Performance Air -7ºC Flow 40/45ºC Heating Output: kW 4.5 8 8 Electrical Input: kW 2.01 3.81 3.81 COP: 2.24 2.1 2.1 Water Side Heat Exchanger Type: Alfa Laval Plate heat exchanger Max Permissible Water Press.

bar 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar Nominal Water Flow Rate: L/min 15.72 25.12 25.12 Minimum Water Volume: l 20ltrs 20ltrs 20ltrs Pressure Drop at Heat Ex: kPa 0.23 Bar @ 27.2 (L/min) 0.19 Bar @ 35 (L/ min) 0.19 Bar @ 35 (L/ min) Pipe Connection: inch 1" BSP male thread 1" BSP male thread 1" BSP male thread Fan Info Quantity: - 1 Airflow Rate: m³/min 72.6m3/min (Max) Output Power: W 0.105 (kW) Refrigerant Side Compressor Type: - Hermetic twin rotary Oil: POE Compressor Power: kW 1.1 (kW) 2.9 (kW) 2.9 (kW) Refrigerant Type: - R410A Refrigerant Factory Charge: g 1.7kg 2.4kg 2.4kg Electrical Info Running Current: MAX, A 13A 23A 23A Starting Current: A 3A 5A 5A Recommended Fuse Size: A 16A 25A 25A Sound Info Sound Pressure Level dBA 45dBA @ 1 metre 48dBA @ 1 metre 48dBA @ 1 metre Sound Power Level dBA 54dBA 57dBA 57dBA Dimensions: HWD H,706mm D,395mm W,980mm H,1012mm D,395mm,W 1032mm H,1012mm D,395mm W,1300mm Weight: kg 65kg 85kg 100kg Operating Range Ambient (A2W): °C -15°C to +35°C Leaving Water: °C 55°C max 55°C max 55°C max AEC Technical Data

24 Case Studies Installation Company: EST Renewables Limited Property Type: 4 bedroom detached Retrofit Location: Hutton, Preston Suburbs Heat Pump: AEC 9e Design Temp: -2.2°C Insulation Levels: High (High Specification Cavity Wall Fill and Loft Insulation) Heat Load: 12kW (8kW Covered by Heat Pump) Hybrid Heating Fuel: Oil Boiler Solar Thermal Installed: 4 x FK250 Heat Emitter: Underfloor Heating The detached property in Hutton, Lancashire had already benefited from the installation of Solar Thermal a couple of years previous and with continually increasing oil costs, Mr Givens decided it was time to look at alternative central heating sources.

Because Mr Givens wasn’t 100% sure about completely removing his oil central heating boiler and replacing it with an air source heat pump system, the decision was made instead to utilize an AEC heat pump in conjunction with the existing oil boiler. The most cost effective way to treat this installation was to use the existing boiler to serve the domestic hot water, whilst the heat pump would serve around 80% of the heating requirements for the property. The intention is that the boiler will only ever be used for central heating when the temperature drops below around 0°C. This ensures that the lions share of the heating can be delivered from the heat pump.

The high specification radiators installed were already adequately sized for the lower flow temperature available from the heat pump.

25 Case Studies Installation Company: Smartohms Limited Property Type: 4 bedroom detached new build Location: Ribbleton, Preston Suburbs Heat Pump: Samsung RC090MHXEA Design Temp: -2.2°C Insulation Levels: Very High (Virtually Passive House) Heat Load: 5.5kW Previous Heating Fuel: No previous fuel. Mains Gas available Heat Emitter: Underfloor Heating Solar Photovoltaic Installed: 10x Kioto 225wp Black Monocrystalline Modules Solar Thermal Installed: 2x IFK 2.1 Solar Thermal Collectors In order to best capitalize on the opportunity available when building a brand new property, Smartohms Limited, both client and installer, decided that the knowledge and experience available from SOLFEX together with industry leading Photovoltaic Panels, Solar Thermal Panels and Air Source Heat Pump would produce the best possible integration of a multitude of technologies.

With aesthetics and panel performance being extremely important, Ten Kioto 225wp Mono PV Panels with black frames and black back sheets were selected which are complemented with two IFK 2.1 in roof solar thermal collectors coupled to a twin coil heat pump and solar thermal domestic hot water cylinder.

The centrepiece of the heating system is the Samsung 9kW RC090MHXEA Air Source Heat Pump, which, coupled to a wood burning stove, via a buffer tank with integrated coil can provide all of the heating and hot water requirement for the property at even the coldest times of the year. In order to ensure that the running costs are as low as possible, the heat pump has been integrated with underfloor heating upstairs and downstairs to create a very efficient heating system.

26 Samsung EHS Special features
Extremely quiet operation (50db(A) at 1 metre)
Internal MIM Control Kit significantly reduces electrical works required
Comprehensive installation specific literature provided (Hybrid, Standalone etc.)
Market leading calculation software (built to BSEN12831) available
Lightweight construction ensuring many mounting options
Flexible installation ethos with ability to incorporate many different fuel sources
7 year warranty available as an additional option Samsung, as the 8th most valuable brand in the world, have a deserved reputation for innovation and quality.

While they were a relatively late comer to the air source heat pump market in 2011, what they brought with them was a solution to many of the problems that earlier manufacturers had encountered. Innovations such as commissioning information designed around a specific type of installation and an extremely lightweight chassis meant that installation and commissioning was some of the easiest ever seen from a heat pump. The training and technical support available for the equipment is second to none and when coupled with the extremely competitive price point, ensures that the Samsung equipment is quick becoming the go to product for large scale installations.

27 RC090 RC160 Power Supply Phase 220-240V 220-240V Hz = 50 50 Nominal Condition Air 7ºC Flow 30/35ºC Heating Output: kW 9 16 Electrical Input: kW 2.09 3.81 COP: 4.3 4.2 Performance Air 7ºC Flow 40/45ºC Heating Output: kW 8.4 15.1 Electrical Input: kW 2.51 4.58 COP: 3.35 3.3 Performance Air -7ºC Flow 30/35ºC Heating Output: kW 7.54 12.28 Electrical Input: kW 3.35 5.64 COP: 2.25 2.18 Performance Air -7ºC Flow 40/45ºC Heating Output: kW 7.59 12.01 Electrical Input: kW 3.86 6.08 COP: 1.97 1.98 Water Side Heat Exchanger Type: Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Required Water Press. bar 2.8 2.8 Nominal Water Flow Rate: l/min 20 30 Minimum Water Volume: l 20 20 Pressure Drop at Heat Ex: kPa 10 15 Pipe Connection: inch 1" male 1" male Fan Info Quantity: - One Two Airflow Rate: m3 /min 50 100 Output Power: W 8.4 14.9 Refrigerant Side Compressor Type: - Rotary Inverter Rotary Inverter Oil: POE POE Compressor Power: kW 2.51 4.6 Refrigerant Type: - R410A R410A Refrigerant Factory Charge: g 1.4 2.2 Electrical Info Running Current: MAX, A 17.4 30A Starting Current: A 2 2A Recommended Fuse Size: A 20A 32A Sound Info Sound Pressure Level dBA 50 53 Sound Power Level dBA 66 70 Dimensions: HWD 998x940x330 1,420x940x330 Weight: kg 75 103 Operating Range Ambient (A2W): °C -20°C to 35°C -20°C to 35°C Leaving Water: °C 25 to 55°C 25°C to 55°C Samsung EHS Technical Data

28 LG Electronics The LG Therma V is designed for energy efficiency, comfort & ease of installation. LG’s inverter technology ensures the highest seasonal energy efficiency in combination with optimally designed components such as the water pump, heat exchanger and fan motor. Moreover, the pressure control technology provides stable heating capacity at low temperature and reaches target performance without difficulties, ensuring you get heating when it’s required most. Ease and speed of installation is obtained through factory fitted components such as A-class circulation pump, plate heat exchanger, expansion vessel & electric back-up heater.

Additionally, the units come gold-fin treated as standard, ensuring protection in areas close to the sea and user-oriented functions ensure end-users comfort and confidence in use. Special features
True “all-in-one” monobloc
Extensive warranty, 3 years as standard or 5 years with LG approved installer scheme
Simple to use selection program to select the right Therma-V for your project
Weather compensation included as standard for optimum efficiency
Pressure control reinforces heating performance by operating in stable condition even at low ambient temperature
Emergency back-up heating included as standard
Quiet operation through optimised fan
“Gold-fin” treated as standard for coastal regions & areas of high pollution
High efficiency A-class circulation pump

29 Cost* Efficiency Electricity cost: 0.135 £/kWh Therma V 7kW COP 4.3 (A7/W35) Natural gas cost: 0.042 £/kWh Therma V 7kW COP 3.12 (A-7/W45) Oil cost: 0.64 £/kWh Electrical heater COP 1 *based on EST prices 2014 Oil/Gas boiler COP 0.9 LG Electronics Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions invest heavily into research and development of their product portfolio. HVAC Equipment destined for the European market undergoes vigorous testing in LG’s Energy Lab based in Lille, France, the area chosen due to its challenging climate. The units are tested here for a minimum of a year before they are released into the market.

Many air-to-water heat pumps have been installed across the UK providing energy and financial savings for end users. Therma V is ideally suited to under floor heating systems and/or low temperature radiators as well as heating domestic hot water. The below graph demonstrates the cost saving advantages over traditional heating systems. Comparison of Energy Cost per 1kWh of Thermal Energy 0.15 £/kWh 0.10 0.05 0.00 Gas Boiler 48% lower running cost @ A7/W35 36% lower running cost @ A7/W35 Oil Boiler Electrical Heating Domestic Multi Residential Industrial Leisure 0.64 0.135 0.042 0.043 0.031

30 3kW 5kW 7kW HM031M.U42 HM051M.U42 HM071M.U42 Power Supply Phase 220-240 220-240 220-240 Hz = 50 50 50 Nominal Condition Air 7ºC Flow 30/35ºC Heating Output: kW 3 4.99 7 Electrical Input: kW 0.73 1.13 1.63 COP: 4.1 4.4 4.3 Performance Air 7ºC Flow 40/45ºC Heating Output: kW 2.75 4.58 6.41 Electrical Input: kW 0.85 1.33 1.9 COP: 3.24 3.44 3.37 Performance Air -7ºC Flow 30/35ºC Heating Output: kW 2.45 4.07 5.71 Electrical Input: kW 0.95 1.48 2.12 COP: 2.58 2.75 2.69 Performance Air -7ºC Flow 40/45ºC Heating Output: kW 2.17 3.62 3.62 Electrical Input: kW 1.04 1.62 1.62 COP: 2.09 2.23 2.23 Water Side Heat Exchanger Type: Brazed plate HEX Max Permissible Water Press.

Bar 3 Nominal Water Flow Rate: l/min 8.6 14.3 20.1 Minimum Water Volume: l 20 Pressure Drop at Heat Ex: kPa 8.25 10.18 11.54 Pipe Connection: Inch 1" Fan Info Quantity: - 1 Airflow Rate: m3 /min 32 50 60 Output Power: W 124 Refrigerant Side Compressor Type: - Hermetic, Brushless DC motor Oil: FVC68D Compressor Power: kW 1.5 2.1 2.1 Refrigerant Type: - R410A Refrigerant Factory Charge: g 750 1200 1450 Electrical Info Running Current: MAX, A 10 13 14 Starting Current: A 2 Recommended Fuse Size: A 20 20 20 Sound Info Sound Pressure Level dBA 47 51 52 Sound Power Level dBA 55 63 65 Dimensions: HWD 834x950x330 907x1239x390 Weight: kg 61 97 98 Operating Range Ambient (A2W): °C -20 ~ 30 -20 ~ 35 Leaving Water: °C 20 ~ 57 15 ~ 57 LG Electronics Technical Data

31 9kW 12kW 14kW 16kW 12kW 14kW 16kW HM091M.U42 HM121M.U32 HM141M.U32 HM161M.U32 HM123M.U32 HM143M.U32 HM163M.U32 220-240 220-240 220-240 220-240 380-415 380-415 380-415 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 9 12 14 16 12 14 16 2.2 2.67 3.15 3.81 2.67 3.15 3.81 4.1 4.49 4.44 4.2 4.49 4.44 4.2 8.25 11 12.83 14.6 11.28 13.16 15.41 2.44 3.18 3.8 4.45 3.31 3.92 4.62 3.38 3.46 3.38 3.28 3.41 3.36 3.34 7.34 9.8 9.8 13.01 9.82 11.41 13.26 2.72 3.55 3.55 4.93 3.56 4.22 5.29 2.70 2.76 2.76 2.64 2.76 2.70 2.51 6.51 8.73 10.31 11.48 8.92 10.38 12.13 2.96 4.02 4.7 5.16 4.11 4.77 5.65 2.20 2.17 2.19 2.22 2.17 2.18 2.15 25.8 34.4 40.1 45.9 34.4 40.1 45.9 20 11.71 14.5 16.2 18.52 14.5 16.2 18.52 1” 1 2 60 60 x 2 124 124 x2 Hermetic, Brushless DC motor FVC68D 2.1 4 R410A 1600 2200 15 25 11 2 20 32 20 52 53 65 67 907x1239x390 1450x1239x390 99 141 -20 ~ 35 15 ~ 57

32 Hitachi Hitachi are well known for developing well-engineered products across the world. The air to water heat pump range is no exception. The range consists of monobloc (Yutaki-M), split (Yutaki-S) and high temperature (Yutaki-S80) units with outputs from 5kW to 24kW and exceptional performance characteristics with the energy efficiency of the units ranging from 400% to 500%*. Hitachi can provide a heating and hot water solution to most properties in the UK whether it is for a small apartment or terrace house, larger detached houses or small commercial premises. The Yutaki range from Hitachi can save approximately 50% on fuel bills when compared to oil and LPG boilers.

Based on CoP at 7/35 and in line with BS EN 14511 Special features
Vast range of product options to include: 5kW to 24kW Yutaki-S 7.5kW to 14kW Yutaki-M 10kW, 12,kW and 14kW Yutaki-S80 (high temperature)
Industry leading efficiencies – CoP of 7kW Yutaki-M model is 4.42 (@A7/W35)
Low starting current on start-up – Only 1Amp
Water flow temperature range from 55°C, 60°C and 80°C depending on solution required
Hitachi DC high pressure scroll compressor
All units are inverter driven – Heat pump modulates the output to match heat load of property thus maximising efficiency
Energy efficient on and off periods utilising Economy 7 and Economy 10 tariffs
5 year Hitachi warranty, as standard
Operation down to -20°C

33 Installation Company: EST Renewables Limited Property Type: 4 bedroom detached new build Location: Buckshaw Village, Preston Heat Pump: Hitachi RHUE3.0AVHN1 Design Temp: -2.2°C Insulation Levels: High (New build insulation levels) Heat Load: 6.5kW Previous Heating Fuel: None Solar Photovoltaics Installed: 16 x 250wp Enhance Photovoltaic P60M Black Modules Case Study When Mrs O’Donnell was designing her new property, she decided that the perfect compliment to the PV system that was to be installed on her property would be a heat pump.

However, because of the lack of garden space, ground source was immediately removed from the equation.

This left an air source heat pump as the most viable piece of equipment to install. Provision had already been made to ensure that the radiators installed in the property were much larger than would be traditionally installed. This ensured that the heat pump installation would be able to run at a comfortable 45°C even at the coldest points of the year, without flow temperature back up from another heating source.

Whilst financial incentives were not the driving force behind looking at renewable heating, the renewable heat incentive payments were a welcome bonus. At the present time, without the benefit of inflationary percentages, the air source heat pump system will benefit Mrs O’Donnell by £670.00 per annum. Based upon fuel savings and RHI payments on the air source heat pump alone, the payback will equate to around 10 years which has far exceeded the customers expectations.

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