American Mathematical Society-Contributions

American Mathematical
         Dear Friends and Colleagues,

            During 2003 your generous support has helped the Society and our profession in many ways.
         I thank each of you for that support.

           The Young Scholars program supports summer workshops for talented high school students—
         the future of our profession. These programs are an investment in our future. We are now building an
         endowment, the Epsilon Fund, to support this program, and we hope to reach our goal of two million
         dollars over the next few years. Young scholars programs work; supporting them is important.

            The Centennial Fellowships continue to play a key role for outstanding young mathematicians at
         the formative stages of their careers, from three to twelve years beyond the degree. The fellowships
         are funded directly by contributions together with income from the Society's investments.

            We use contributions to the General Fund to support all of our activities, from employment
         services to public awareness and outreach to mathematicians in the developing world.

           Your generosity allows the Society to establish and maintain all these programs. Your generosity
         shows that mathematicians care deeply about our profession. Thank you for that expression of

                                                       John H. Ewing

Thomas S. Fiske Society

   The Executive Committee and Board of Trustees have established the Thomas S. Fiske Society to honor those who
 have made provisions for the AMS in their estate plans. For further information contact the Development Office at
 800-321-4AMS, or

      Roy L. Adler                   Ky Fan                   Joseph S. Mamelak         William and Theda Salkind
      Kathleen Baxter                Isidor Fleischer         Ralph Mansfield           Henry M. Schaerf
      Barbara J. Beechler            Ramesh Gangolli          Trevor McGinn             Maynard W. Shelly
      Shirley and Gerald Bergum      Rosalind Guaraldo        Cathleen Synge Morawetz   B. A. Taylor
      Shirley Cashwell               Jeffrey Joel             Moshe Rosenfeld           Steven H. Weintraub
      Carl Faith                     Yanguang Li

      Bequests Received

      Lowell I. Schoenfeld and Josephine M. Mitchell

558                                                NOTICES   OF THE   AMS                      VOLUME 51, NUMBER 5
AMS Contributions

Gifts in Memory and Gifts in Honor
   The American Mathematical Society welcomes gifts made in memory or honor of members of the mathematical com-
munity or others. Unless directed toward a special fund or program, such gifts are used to support the general mission
of the Society.

Gifts were made in memory of the following individuals:                            Irving Reiner by Irma M. Reiner
Maurice Auslander by Bernice L. Auslander                                          Gian-Carlo Rota by Sigurdur Helgason
Victor Babbit by Leonardo D’Attorre                                                Nina M. Roy by Frederic Cunningham
Barbara J. Beechler by Collins Painting                                            Gifts were made to honor the following individuals:
*George Berzsenyi by Susan Schwartz Wildstrom                                      Eugenio Calabi by Gerald J. Porter
    *See correction at                          Jerome L. Lewis by Badral S. Madani
    contribs-correction.pdf or
                                                                                   Charles Stanton - Anonymous
                                                                                   Michael Taylor by Robert J. Halk
Peter Flusser by Peter R. Flusser                                                  Michihisa Ukon
Leon Greenberg by Stuart S. Antman
Franklin Tepper Haimo by Deborah Tepper Haimo
Ralf Lane by Carl E. Harrell
Victor Linis by Daniel B. J. Tomiuk
Charles Loewner by Seymour Kass
Evgeniy Mikhaulyuk - Anonymous
Franklin P. Peterson by Sigurdur Helgason
Eugene A. Pflumm by Mollie Pflumm

Contributors to the AMS During 2003
   * The names of donors who have given for three years consecutively are marked with an asterisk.
   ε The names of donors who have given to the AMS Epsilon Fund, the endowment for the support of young scholars
   The names of those who have given $1,000 or more in a single year are affixed to a plaque that is prominently
displayed in the Society’s headquarters.

                               ε Michihisa Ukon                                                ε*David M. Bressoud               ε*Gerald P. Dinneen
PRESIDENT’S                                                     PATRONS
                               * Sally Whiteman – Albert Leon                                  ε*Robert L. Bryant                * James A. Donaldson
ASSOCIATES                        Whiteman Prize
                                                                (Gifts of $100 and above)
                                                                                               ε*Stephen S. Bullock              ε*Robert L. Druet
(Gifts of $5,000 and above)    ε*Timothy and Laurie             ε*Irving Adler                 ε*Donald L. Burkholder            ε*Peter L. Duren
                                                                * Roy L. Adler                 ε Arnold B. and Diana K. Calica   ε*Lincoln K. Durst
ε*Norman L. Alling                Francis-Wright
                                                                ε*Alfred Aeppli                ε James L. Calvert                ε Earl F. Ecklund Jr.
  Evelyn Hull Boyle              Anonymous (6)
                                                                  M. W. Al-Dhahir              ε James A. Carlson                ε Sylvan H. Eisman
  Sigurdur Helgason
                                                                ε J. Ralph Alexander Jr.       ε Alfred S. Cavaretta             * Jessie Ann Engle
ε*Harry Lucas Jr.
ε*Paul J. Sally Jr.
                               SPONSORS                         ε J. Thomas Allen III          ε Antony Chang                    ε*Kaspar Daniel Ernst
                                                                ε*Ali R. Amir-Moez
ε*Thomas R. Savage             (Gifts of $500 and above)                                       ε Jeff Cheeger                    ε Norman Feldman
                                                                ε*Kenneth I. Appel
* Robert and Maria W.          * Arielle and Jerald Brodkey                                    ε Horace Burk Cheng               ε Aurino Ribeiro Filho
                                                                  Dmitri Avenirovich
   Steinberg                      Philanthropic Fund                                           ε Jal R. Choksi                   ε*Richard J. Fleming
  Alan & Katherine Stroock     ε*Richard A. Askey                                              ε*Stuart Citrin                   * Peter R. Flusser
                                                                * Walter O. Augenstein
   Fund                        ε*William L. Duren Jr.                                          ε*Alfred Clark Jr.                ε*Gerald B. Folland
                                                                ε Pieter C. Baayen
                                                                                               ε*Edward T. Cline Jr.             ε Freed Family Foundation
                               ε*Stephen P. Gill                ε Donald G. Babbitt
                                                                                               ε*Daniel I. A. Cohen              ε*Nobuhiko Fujii
ASSOCIATES                     * Andrew M. Gleason                Charles R. Baker
                                                                                               ε*Donald L. Cohn                  ε*William Fulton
                               * Anna S. Henriques              ε*Donald H. Ballou
(Gifts of $1,000 and above)                                                                    ε*Pierre E. Conner Jr.            ε*Joseph M. Gani
                               ε*Robert V. Kohn                   Claude W. Bardos
ε*Richard D. Anderson                                           ε*Hyman Bass                   ε*Peter S. Constantin             ε*Richard L. Gantos
                               ε*George F. Leger
* Edward D. Baker                                               * Frances B. Bauer             ε*Thomas Carney Corrigan          * John B. Garnett
                               ε*William James Lewis
ε Felix E. Browder                                              ε*Patricia E. Bauman           * Louis J. Cote                   ε Irving E. Gaskill
                               ε Ralph Mansfield
ε*William Craig                                                 ε*John A. Beekman              ε*Stephen H. Crandall             ε Pedro J. Geraldo Cabrera
                               ε David B. Massey                                               ε Frederic Cunningham Jr.         ε*Anthony A. Gioia
ε*John H. Ewing                                                 ε*Gerald E. Bergum
ε*George F. Haddix             ε*M. Susan Montgomery                                           ε*Philip C. Curtis Jr.            ε*Richard P. Goblirsch
                                                                ε Leonard D. Berkovitz
                               ε*Donald S. Ornstein                                            ε*Everett C. Dade                 ε*Samuel Goldberg
  Phillis and Donald Kahn                                       ε*Martin Billik
   Philanthropic Fund          ε*Joel H. Spencer                ε Richard L. Bishop            ε*Jan W. Dash                     ε*Martin Golubitsky and
ε Greg Kuperberg and Rena J.   ε*Jean E. de Valpine             ε*Peter B. Bjorklund           ε*Paul L. Davis                      Barbara Lee Keyfitz
   Zieve                       ε*David A. Vogan Jr.             ε*Malcolm K. Brachman          ε Jane M. Day                     ε*Carolyn S. Gordon
ε*Jacques Neveu                ε*Steven H. Weintraub            ε James H. Bramble             ε*Morris Jack DeLeon              ε*Ronald A. Gove
ε Vladimir V. Piterbarg        ε*Susan Schwartz Wildstrom       ε*George U. Brauer             ε*Guy M. De Primo                   Ian Graham
ε*Samuel Murray Rankin III     ε*Hermann Zapf                     Raul Bravo                   ε*Robert L. Devaney               ε Ronald L. and Fan Chung
* Norton Starr                   Anonymous (2)                  ε Henry G. Bray                * Charles E. Dickerson               Graham

MAY 2004                                                         NOTICES     OF THE    AMS                                                              559
AMS Contributions

ε*William L. Green                 ε*Wallace S. Martindale III   ε John H. Walter               ε*Bernice L. Auslander          ε*William D. Blair
ε*Curtis Greene                    * Jacob R. Matijevic          ε Buck Ware                    ε*Roger A. Avelsgaard           ε Paul E. Bland
ε Barry Greenstein                 ε*Stephen B. Maurer           ε*Frank W. Warner III          ε*Sheldon Axler                 ε John D. Blanton
ε*Seymour Haber                    ε James W. Maxwell            ε*Seth L. Warner               ε Raymond G. and Christine W.   ε*Steven E. Blasberg
ε Mark Haiman                      ε*Donald E. McClure           ε*William E. Warren               Ayoub                        ε*Frederik Van Der Blij
  Deborah Tepper Haimo             ε*Michael J. McGraw           ε*Ellen Westheimer             ε*Edward A. Azoff               ε Patricia M. Blitch
  Thomas Haines and Sophia         * Robert F. McNaughton Jr.    ε*Thomas A. Weston             ε Kiyoshi Baba                  * David S. Bloom
    Vassiliadou                    ε Bruce E. Meserve            * Roger A. and Sylvia M.       ε Victor Adekola Babalola       ε Lisa Bloomer
ε*David J. Halitsky                ε*Michael H. Millar              Wiegand                     ε*Albert E. Babbitt Jr.         ε James V. Blowers
ε Brian C. Hall                    ε D. D. Miller                ε*Robert A. Wijsman            ε*George Bachman                ε Antonia W. Bluher
ε*Mary-Elizabeth Hamstrom          * Richard A. Moore            ε*John F. Wilkinson            ε William G. Bade               ε Harold P. Boas
ε*David Harbater                   * Cathleen Synge Morawetz     ε*Alfred B. Willcox            ε*Richard J. Bagby              ε*Gebhard Böckle
* Carl E. Harrell                  ε Alberto Cezar Moreira       * Clinton Curtis Williams      ε Paul M. Bailyn                ε*Istvan Bodnar
ε Joe T. Harris Jr.                  Yasuhiro Morita               Ruth J. Williams             ε Joni E. Baker                 ε*S. Elwood Bohn
ε*Adam O’Neill Hausknecht          * Paul S. Muhly                 Paul A. Willis               ε*Kirby A. Baker                ε Ranko Bojanic
  Carl A. Haverl                     Albert A. Mullin            ε*Peter John Wolfenden         ε Rangaswami Balakrishnan         Theodore S. Bolis
ε*David R. Hayes                   ε Masaomi and Mie Nakata      ε K. K. Peter Wong             ε Erik Jan Balder               ε Sergey V. Bolotin
  J. William Helton                ε*Peter E. Ney                ε Alan C. Woods                ε*John T. Baldwin               ε*Francis Bonahon
ε*Robert J. Hemstead               ε Eugene D. Nichols           ε*T. C. Wu                     ε Karen Teresa Ball             ε Joseph E. Bonin
ε*Leon A. Henkin                   * Paul J. Nikolai             ε*Masayuki Yamasaki            ε Richard Neal Ball             ε William Boos
ε*James B. Herreshoff              ε Louis Nirenberg               Genji Yoshino                ε*William R. Ballard            ε*William M. Boothby
ε*Gerald A. Heuer                  ε*Nobuo Nobusawa              ε Jean-Claude Zambrini           Catherine Bandle              ε*Leonard John Borucki
ε*Gloria C. Hewitt                 ε Kingsley Ifeanyi Nworah     ε Michel M. Zarka              ε*Paul J. Bankston              ε*Rupert D. Boswell Jr.
ε*Peter J. Hilton                    Peter P. Orlik                Anonymous (52)               ε*Eiichi Bannai                 ε Alexei V. Bourd
ε*Samuel S. Holland Jr.            * Robert Osserman                                            * S. F. Barber                  ε*Aldridge K. Bousfield
ε*Timothy J. Horrigan              ε*Scott C. Otermat                                           ε Carlo Bardaro                 ε*Ward D. Bouwsma
ε*Roger E. Howe                    ε*Taxiarchis Papakostas
                                                                 FRIENDS                          Henk P. Barendregt            ε Jerry H. Bowman
  Joseph A. Hughes                 ε*Wesley P. Petersen          (Gifts of less than $100)      ε*Julio Edgardo Barety          ε*Mike Boyle
ε*Craig L. Huneke                  ε Mollie Pflumm               ε*Johannes M. Aarts            ε Nikola Baricevic              ε Sylvia T. Bozeman
  Franklin T. Iha                  ε*Mark A. Pinsky              * Jean M. Abadie               * Bruce H. Barnes               ε*John S. Bradley
ε*I. Martin Isaacs                 ε*George Piranian             ε Ian M. Aberbach                David E. Barrett              ε*Richard C. Bradley
* Lloyd K. Jackson                 ε Everett Pitcher             ε*Clarence M. Ablow            * Jose Barros-Neto                Louis R. Bragg
ε*Hervé M. Jacquet                 ε*Thane Earl Plambeck         ε Brian Abrahamson             ε*Karl F. Barth                 ε*Kenneth A. Brakke
  David Copeland Johnson           ε Vera S. Pless               ε*William P. Abrams            ε*Philip R. Bartick             ε Roberto Branca
ε*Guy Johnson Jr.                  ε Martin E. Price             ε*Norbert A’Campo              ε*Alexander Barvinok              Emil R. Brandli
ε*James H. Justice                 ε*Paul H. Rabinowitz          ε Colin C. Adams                 Jürgen O. Batt                ε*Fred Brauer
ε Price Kagey                      ε*George N. Raney             ε*William W. Adams               Richard A. Baum               ε Richard P. Brent
ε Joji Kajiwara                    * M. M. Rao                   ε*Iain T. A. C. Adamson        ε Brad J. C. Baxter             ε James G. Bridgeman
ε*Herbert M. Kamowitz              ε*John Elton Rawson           ε*Alan C. Adolphson            ε*J. Thomas Beale               ε*Bruce G. Bridgman
ε Seymour Kass                     ε*Robert J. Reynolds            Evans K. Afenya              ε*R. Michael Beals              * Joseph Edward Brierly
* John F. Kellaher                 * John F. Richards            ε Max K. Agoston               ε*William A. Beck               ε Robert E. Briney
ε Harry Kesten                     ε*Marc A. Rieffel             * N. U. Ahmed                  ε*Edward Beckenstein            * Judith E. Broadwin
  Raymond B. Killgrove             ε Stanley A. Robinson         ε*T. Aikou                       David S. Becker                 John Bromback
ε Allan M. Kirch                   ε Guillermo Romero Melendez   ε*Michael I. Aissen              Frank S. Beckman              ε*Edgar H. Brown Jr.
ε*Joseph E. Kist                   ε Herman Rubin                ε Michael Aizenman             ε*William H. Beckmann           * Kenneth S. Brown
ε*Maria M. Klawe                   ε Daniel P. Runyan            ε Ethan J. Akin                * Barbara J. Beechler           ε*Lawrence G. Brown
  Shoji Koizumi                    ε*Leon W. Rutland Jr.         ε Yousef Alavi                 ε Michael J. Beeson             ε Robert Dillon Brown
  Hikosaburo Komatsu                 Dorothy S. Rutledge         ε*Michael O. Albertson         ε Robert Beig                   ε*Robert F. Brown
ε*Eric J. Kostelich                ε Jeffrey R. Sachs            * Kenneth S. Alexander         * Steven R. Bell                ε Russell M. Brown
  Thomas R. Kowalski               ε*Habib Salehi                ε Roger K. Alexander             Wolfgang Bell                 ε*Sharan Inez Brown
ε*Ralph M. Krause                  * Hans Samelson               ε*Stephanie B. Alexander       ε Katalin A. Bencsáth           ε W. Dale Brownawell
ε S. T. Kuroda                     ε*Robert W. Sanders           ε*Gerald L. Alexanderson       ε*Julius S. Bendat              ε*Robert R. Bruner
ε Gary J. Kurowski                 * Paul T. Schaefer              Charalambos D. Aliprantis      Thomas E. Bengtson              Barry W. Brunson
ε Jacques Labelle                  ε*Ernest C. Schlesinger       ε*Anne H. Allen                ε Carlos Benítez                ε Rogier Brussee
* Jeanne LaDuke                    * Joel E. Schneider           ε Ibrahim H. Al-Rasasi         ε Arthur T. Benjamin            ε*Billy F. Bryant
ε Jeffrey C. Lagarias              ε Jacob T. Schwartz             Henrique Mariano C. Amaral   ε*Georgia Benkart               ε*John G. Bryant
ε J. Halcombe Laning               ε Alejandro R. Scopelli       * Alain Amiouni                ε Fredricka T. Bennett            Alphonse Buccino
ε Mark A. Lau                      ε Ridgway Scott               ε Vrege Amirkhanian Jolfai     ε*Dave Benson                   ε*Nicholas P. Buchdahl
ε*Walter R. Lawson                 ε*George Seifert                Neal R. Amundson             ε*David Bernard Benson          ε*Joseph T. Buckley
ε Peter D. Lax                     ε*Norman E. Sexauer           ε Martin Sparre Andersen       ε*Alan E. Berger                ε Richard S. Bucy
  Alan C. Lazer                    ε Abdulalim A. Shabazz          Allan G. Anderson            ε*George M. Bergman             * Royce E. Buehler
ε Marc A. LeBrun                   ε T. Shintani                 ε*Douglas R. Anderson          * Salvatore D. Bernardi         ε Francis Buekenhout
ε*Cecil E. and Mary Louise Leith   ε Steven E. Shreve            ε Joel H. Anderson             ε Chris Bernhardt                 Joe P. Buhler
ε*Joan R. Leitzel                  ε Carol Ann Shubin              Marlow E. Anderson           ε Holly Ellen Bernstein         ε*Robert Bumcrot
ε*H. W. Lenstra Jr.                ε*John R. Smart               ε*Michael T. Anderson          ε Swanhild Bernstein              Daniel Willis Bump
ε*D. J. Lewis                      * Louis Solomon               ε*Peter P. Andre               ε*Geoffrey C. Berresford        * Krzysztof Burdzy
ε*Elliott H. Lieb                  ε Aruna and David Spencer     ε*George E. Andrews            ε*David S. Berry                ε*John Brian Burghduff
ε*Frederick W. Lipps               ε Saul Stahl                  ε*Michael Anshel               ε Edward A. Bertram             ε James E. Burke
ε Robert J. Lipshutz               ε*Ivar Stakgold               ε*Peter H. Anspach             ε*Vittorio Berzi                ε Mitchell Burman
ε*Sylvia Chin-Pi Lu                * Orestes N. Stavroudis       * Stuart S. Antman             * Edwin F. Beschler             ε*Warren T. Burns Jr.
ε*Milan N. Lukic                   ε*Wilhelm F. Stoll            ε*Myla M. Archer               * James S. Bethel               ε Vladimir P. Burskii
ε*Russell D. Lyons                 * Tina H. Straley             ε Richard F. Arenstorf         ε Gerhard Betsch                ε Francis E. Burstall
ε Saunders Mac Lane                ε*Richard W. Sullivan           Arturo Fernandez Arias       ε*Edward James Bevan            ε*Ralph Stevens Butcher
ε Yoshiaki Maeda                   ε*Margaret W. Taft            * Susumu Ariki                 ε*William A. Beyer              ε*Thomas R. Butts
ε*Joseph S. Mamelak                ε*B. A. Taylor                  Nakaaki Arisaka              ε Venkat Bhamidipati            ε*Charles L. Byrne
  Joseph F. Manogue –                Jean E. Taylor              * Martin Arkowitz              ε*Meempat Bhaskaran             ε*James S. Byrnes
    Waldemar J. Trjitzinsky        ε*Laurence R. Taylor          ε*Judith M. Arms               ε*Marilyn S. Bickel               Thomas E. Caldwell
    Memorial Fund                  ε John A. Thorpe              ε*Thomas E. Armstrong          * Klaus D. Bierstedt            ε*William C. Calhoun
ε Stefano Marchiafava              ε Heinz G. Tillmann             Richard M. Aron              ε Bryan J. Birch                ε James J. Callahan
ε*Eugene A. Margerum               ε John Todd                     William B. Arveson           ε Joan S. Birman                ε Massimo Campanino
  Gary A. Martin                   ε Harald Upmeier              ε Dan A. Ashlock               ε Alan A. Bishop                * L. Lorne Campbell
ε*George E. Martin                 ε*Karen Vogtmann              ε*Winifred A. Asprey           ε*Denis L. Blackmore            ε Eric Canel

560                                                               NOTICES     OF THE     AMS                                    VOLUME 51 NUMBER 5
AMS Contributions

ε*James C. Cantrell          ε*James N. Damon              ε Rod Elsdon                    ε Leendert J. van Gastel    ε*Andras Hajnal
ε Sylvain E. Cappell         ε*Martin P. Dana              ε John F. Elter                 * Keith O. Geddes           ε*David R. Hale
ε*Bengt G. Carlson             John P. D’Angelo            ε*Gérard G. Emch                  Frederick W. Gehring      ε*Alfred W. Hales
ε Bille C. Carlson           * Donald A. Darling           ε*Thomas J. Emerson             ε*Daryl Neil Geller         ε R. Stanton Hales Jr.
ε Jon F. Carlson               Boris A. Datskovsky         ε*Hans P. Engler                ε*Jean Raymond Genet        ε*Robert Joseph Halk
  James B. Carrell           ε*Leonardo D’Attorre          ε*Philip G. Engstrom            ε Constantinos Georghiou      Eloise Ann Hamann
ε*David W. Carter            ε Ingrid Daubechies             Martin Epkenhans              * John C. Georgiou          ε*Emily Hamilton
ε Paolo Casati               ε Fred Daum                   ε Benjamin Epstein              * Stephen R. Gerig          ε*David Handel
ε*Burtis G. Casler           ε*Robert J. Daverman          ε*Kumar Eswaran                   Noël Germay               ε*John L. Hank
ε Phyllis J. Cassidy         ε*David H. Davies             ε Leonard Evens                 ε Jean Jacques Gervais      ε*J. Ray Hanna
ε*Erio A. Castagnoli         ε*Chandler Davis              * Carl Faith                    ε*Margaret P. Gessaman      ε John Michael Harby
ε Afton H. Cayford           * Donald M. Davis             * Peng Fan                      ε Abraham Gill                Robert M. Hardt
ε*Gulbank D. Chakerian       ε Martin D. Davis             ε Edson de Faria                ε Tepper L. Gill            ε*Beverly Bailey Hargraves
ε*Richard A. Champion Jr.    ε Anthony T. Dean             ε William M. Farmer             ε*Richard M. Gillette         Bruno Harris
ε Hsungrow Chan              ε Richard A. Dean               Frank A. Farris               ε*David S. Gillman          ε*Steven Guy Harris
ε*Charles Clifton Chancey    ε Henry F. Defrancesco        ε*Ruth G. Favro                 ε Robert Gilman             ε*Fred F. Harrop
ε*Jagdish Chandra            ε Daniel G. Degiorgi          * George F. Feeman              ε*Maurice Eugene Gilmore    ε Kevin Lewis Hartshorn
ε Chao-Ping Chang            ε*Percy Alec Deift            ε*Solomon Feferman              ε*Samuel Gitler             ε Deirdre Haskell
ε*Sun-Yung Alice Chang         Herbert A. Dekleine         ε Howard D. Fegan               ε*Earl C. Gladue            ε*Harold M. Hastings
ε Paul Jackson Channell      ε Dominick Del Casale         ε*Mark E. Feighn                ε Sarah Glaz                * Morisuke Hasumi
ε*Ruth M. Charney            ε*Aristide Deleanu            ε Paul Feit                     ε Raoul F. Gloden           ε*Akio Hattori
  John E. Chavez             ε*Ralph E. DeMarr             ε*Walter Feit                   ε*J. D. Goddard             ε Jane Hawkins
ε*Pak Soong Chee             ε*Jochen Denzler              ε*Arnold D. Feldman               Kazimierz A. Goebel       ε Mary Stephanie Hawkins
ε*Concordia C. Chen          ε Thomas Dean Depperschmidt   ε*Rosanne M. Ferdico            ε Abraham Goetz             ε*George E. Hay
* Kwan-Wei Chen              ε*John E. Derwent             ε*Helaman Ferguson              ε Robert Gold               ε*Fumio Hazama
ε Patrick B. Chen            ε Dennis Des Chene            ε José Humberto Ferreira Rosa   * Seth I. Goldberg          ε*David A. Hecker
ε Herman Chernoff            * Dennis DeTurck              ε*Ian M. Ferris                 ε Dorian Goldfeld             Maurice H. Heins
ε*Nikolai I. Chernov         ε*Raoul A. De Villiers        ε*Victor G. Feser                 Lawrence Goldman          ε*Leo Hellerman
* Robert Chew                  Fred I. Diamond             * Maurice C. Figueres           ε*William Mark Goldman      * Henry Helson
  Peter H. S. Chiang         ε*Jeffrey A. Diller           ε*David V. Finch                ε Herman H. Goldstine       ε Robert L. Hemminger
ε*Jayanthi Chidambaraswamy   ε Glen Allen Dobbs            ε Benjamin Fine                 ε Daniel A. Goldston        ε*Erik Hemmingsen
ε Poon Chit                  ε Peter G. Dodds              ε Leib Finkelstein              ε*Michael Golomb            ε*John P. Hempel
* Choong Yun Cho             ε*Theresa K. Dodds            ε Gene Fiorini                    Anne O. Gomer             ε*Judson Hendelman
ε*Charles C. Chouteau        ε*Heinz Deitrich Doebner        Addison M. Fischer            ε*Kenneth R. Goodearl       ε*Francis McVey Henderson
  Paromita Chowla              Pierre E. Dolbeault         ε*Benji N. Fisher               ε*Roe W. Goodman            ε Christopher J. Henrich
* William E. Christilles     * Joanne M. Dombrowski        ε Marjorie Fitting-Gifford      ε Suzanne Dinga Goodrich    * Christopher M. Herald
ε Demetrios Christodoulou    ε*James P. Donaly             ε*Uri Fixman                    ε*Rudolf Gorenflo           ε Jose A. Hermida-Alonso
ε Tasos C. Christofides      ε*Joseph L. Doob              ε*Mary Elizabeth Flahive        * Richard P. Gosselin       ε Gerardo Hernandez
* Philip T. Church             Robert S. Doran             ε Harley Flanders                 Yasuhiro Goto             ε*James V. Herod
ε*Richard C. Churchill       ε*Jay Robert Dorfman          ε Leopold Flatto                ε*Rainer Göttfert           ε Diane L. Herrmann
ε*Paul Civin                 ε Alberto M. Dou              * Micah E. Fogel                ε*Claude Goutier              Patricia Lynn Hersh
ε Chester Dodge Clark        ε*Jim Douglas Jr.             * Susana F. L. de Foglio        ε Sidney W. Graham          ε*Georg Hetzer
ε Jeffrey W. Clark             Ronald G. Douglas           ε*Julie A. Fondurulia           ε*Kevin A. Grasse           ε Michael J. Heumos
ε*Robert A. Clark            ε Keith Dow                   ε Paul Fong                     ε Jack E. Graver            ε*Robert L. Hicks
ε Elly Claus-McGahan         ε*Martin J. Dowd              ε*Marc F. Fontaine              ε*Larry K. Graves           ε*Philip J. Higgins
ε*William A. Clee            ε*Robert E. Dowd              ε Robert A. Fontenot            ε Peter H. Greene           ε*Yasunari Higuchi
ε Belinda G. Clemence        ε Diane M. Dowling            ε John Michael Fox              ε*Frederick P. Greenleaf    ε*Hugh M. Hilden
ε Alan Cobham                ε*J. Scott Downing            ε*Walter L. Foxworth            * John Gregoriou            * James Porter Hill
  James A. Cochran           ε*Alex J. Dragt               ε Michael Lee Frame             * Stanley J. Greif          ε*Shirley A. Hill
ε*John C. Cock               ε*Ronald Lewis Drake            Theodore T. Frankel           ε Robert Louis Griess Jr.   ε*Stamford Hill
ε*James Wesley Cogdell         Alexander N. Dranishnikov   ε Simon John Fraser             * Helmut Groemer            ε*Neil B. Hindman
ε*Amy Cohen                  ε*Gerald C. Drew              ε Norman S. Free                ε*Leonard Gross             ε Nancy Hingston
ε Frederick R. Cohen         ε*Arthur A. Drisko            ε*Daniel S. Freed               * Edward H. Grossman        ε William R. Hintzman
ε Ralph L. Cohen               Bruce K. Driver             * Mark S. Freeland              ε Robert Andrew Grossman    ε James W. P. Hirschfeld
ε Paula Cohen-Tretkoff       * Thomas L. Drucker           ε Thomas Hall Freeman           ε*Edward A. Grove           ε*Peter David Hislop
  Charles A. Cole Jr.        ε Steve N. Dulaney            ε*Peter J. Freyd                  Gerd Grubb                ε Chungwu Ho
ε*George Cole                ε William Dart Dunbar Jr.     ε David Fried                   ε Gary Gruenhage            ε Robert H. Hobart Jr.
* Susan Jane Colley            Kanat Durgun                ε*Eugene M. Friedman            ε*A. F. Gualtierotti        ε Arthur M. Hobbs
ε*Daniel Comenetz            ε*John W. Duskin Jr.          ε*John M. Friedman Jr.          ε*Rosalind J. Guaraldo      ε*Gerhard P. Hochschild
ε Frank F. Connor            ε*Clifford J. Earle           ε Joyce B. Friedman             ε*Esther E. Guerin          * Harry Hochstadt
ε Brian D. Conrad            ε*Timothy R. Eaton            ε*Merwyn M. Friedman              Craig R. Guilbault          Melvin Hochster
ε*Bruce P. Conrad            * Patrick Barry Eberlein      ε Robert David Friedman         ε*Victor W. Guillemin       ε Scott H. Hochwald
  J. Brian Conrey            ε Ernest J. Eckert            ε*John L. Friese                ε*Michel Guillerault        * Richard E. Hodel
ε Filippo Contro             ε*H. P. Edmundson             ε*Daniel E. Frohardt            * Samuel L. Gulden          ε Wilfrid A. Hodges
* Thomas A. Cootz            ε David Albert Edwards        ε*Jurg M. Frohlich                Robert D. Gulliver II     ε*Jonathan P. E. Hodgson
ε Arthur H. Copeland Jr.       Harold M. Edwards           ε*Hisanori Fujita               ε*Gary G. Gundersen         ε Helmut H. W. Hofer
* Heinz O. Cordes            ε*Robert D. Edwards           ε*Koji Fukuda                   ε Thomas E. W. Gunnarsson   ε*Jerome William Hoffman
ε*Malcolm A. Coulter         ε Paul J. Eenigenburg         ε*Jeffry B. Fuqua               ε Susan C. Gurney           ε*Michael E. Hoffman
ε Michael G. Crandall        * Isaac Efrat                   B. A. Fusaro                  ε Martin M. Guterman        ε*Michael J. Hoffman
ε Bruce D. Craven            ε William I. Eggers           ε Lisl Novak Gaal               ε*Richard K. Guy            * William C. Hoffman
ε*Thomas M. Creese           ε David L. O. Ehren           * Richard F. Gabriel            * Wynne Alexander Guy         Detlev W. Hoffmann
ε Ernest S. Croot III        ε*Stanley J. Eigen            ε*Steven Allen Gabriel            Kwang Chul Ha               Finbarr Holland
* Helen F. Cullen              Stanley Mamour Einstein-    ε Andrei Gabrielov              ε Seung-Yeal Ha             ε Charles S. Holmes
* Donald L. Curlovic            Matthews                   ε*Peter Gacs                    ε Wolfgang Hackenbroch      ε*Philip John Holmes
ε Bradley N. Currey          ε David Eisenbud              ε Pedro M. Gadea                ε*P. Frank Hagerty          * Richard B. Holmes
ε*Albert W. Currier          ε Alexander S. Elder          ε Michael E. Gage               ε*Peter Hagis Jr.           ε*Fred B. Holt
  Charles W. Curtis          ε David Eliezer               ε Luis Gallardo                 ε James N. Hagler           ε Roger H. Homer
ε*Herbert J. Curtis          ε*Sigurd Elkjaer                Jean H. Gallier                 Susan G. Hahn             ε*Jennifer L. Hopkins
ε Robert Turner Curtis       ε*Joanne Elliott              ε*Shuhong Gao                   ε*William D. Hahn           ε Jean MacGregor Horn
ε Michael Cwikel             ε Steven P. Ellis             * Howard Garland                * John A. Haight            ε*John M. Horváth
ε*David Scott Cyphers        * Richard S. Elman            ε Frederick Stuart Gass         ε Ruth M. Hailperin         ε*John M. Hosack
* Marius Dadarlat            * Paul W. Eloe                ε*John E. Gassner               ε*Richard Martin Hain         Jim E. Hoste

MAY 2004                                                    NOTICES    OF THE    AMS                                                         561
AMS Contributions

ε Levere C. Hostler          ε*Jeffry N. Kahn            ε Earl S. Kramer                 Ming Chit Liu               ε*Thomas G. McKay
ε Philip K. Hotchkiss        ε Peter J. Kahn             ε*Jurg Kramer                  ε*Tsai-Sheng Liu              ε*Robert W. McKelvey
ε James E. Householder       ε Gerald Kaiser             ε*Raymond F. Kramer Jr.        * Xiaoyan Liu                 ε*Lionel W. McKenzie
ε*Fredric T. Howard          ε*Jerry Kaminker              Rick Kreminski               ε Albert E. Livingston        ε T. G. McLaughlin
* Henry C. Howard            * Yoshinobu Kamishima       * Soren Kristensen             ε*Stuart P. Lloyd             * Trevor J. McMinn
ε W. L. Hoyt                 ε*Richard A. Kanner         ε Claire E. Krukenberg         ε*William Lo                  ε*Robert C. McOwen
* J. S. Hsia                 ε*Stanley Kaplan            ε*Gary R. Krumpholz            * George W. Lofquist            H. Leon McQueen
ε Pao-sheng Hsu              ε*Wilfred Kaplan            ε Keisaku Kumahara             ε*Walter L. Lok               * Ralph D. McWilliams
ε Tiao-Tiao Hsu              ε Ioannis Karatzas          ε Wlodzimierz Kuperberg        ε*Charles J. Lombardo         ε*John C. Meakin
ε Wu-Hsiung Huang            ε*Martin Lewis Karel        ε*Robert P. Kurshan            * John M. Long                ε Paul Meier
ε James G. Huard             ε Julian R. Karelitz        ε*Herbert Kurss                ε*William C. Lordan           ε*Morris J. Meisner
ε*Verena Huber-Dyson         ε Janis Karklins            ε*John F. Kurtzke Jr.          ε Martin Lorenz               * Anders Melin
ε*Archibald Perrin Hudgins   ε*Johan Karlsson            ε Nosup Kwak                   * Michael P. Loss             ε*José M. R. Méndez-Pérez
* Denise Huet                ε*Yulia Karpeshina          ε Christian D. LaBudde         ε Benjamin A. Lotto           ε*David M. Merriell
ε*George A. Hufford            Brian J. Kasper           ε Donna E. Lalonde             ε Warren S. Loud              * Herman Meyer
ε Ruth L. Hughes             ε*Robert H. Kasriel         ε Daniel Y. Lam                ε László Lovász               ε*Jean-Pierre G. Meyer
ε*Mark E. Huibregtse         * Svetlana R. Katok         ε Susan Landau                 ε Thomas G. Lucas             ε Paul R. Meyer
  Gustavus E. Huige          ε*Victor J. Katz              Hermann Landes                 Miriam Laura Lucian         ε*Ernest A. Michael
ε*Birge K. Huisgen-          ε Robert M. Kauffman        ε Clifton A. Lando             ε*Eduardo A. Luna             ε John J. Michels
   Zimmermann                ε*Arthur Kaufman            ε Nicolaas P. Landsman         * Albert T. Lundell           * David Middleton
ε*George W. Hukle            ε Eric Roger Kaufmann       ε*Peter S. Landweber           ε*Gregory M. Lupton           ε*Marvin V. Mielke
ε*James E. Humphreys         ε Kazuhiro Kawamura         ε*Oscar E. Lanford III           Clement Henry Lutterodt     ε Hugh Miller
ε Thomas W. Hungerford       ε Anthony J. Keeping        ε William E. Lang              ε*Wilhelmus A. J. Luxemburg   * Jack M. Miller
ε Bruce Hunt                 ε James E. Keisler          ε*Leo J. Lange                   John S. MacNaughton           John C. Miller
ε*Karen C. Hunt                Charles Lewis Keller      ε Ray G. Langebartel           ε Moray S. Macphail           * Kenneth S. Miller
ε Robert W. Hunt Sr.         ε*Edward L. Keller          ε*Carl E. Langenhop              Badral S. Madani            ε Michael J. Miller
* Beryl E. Hunte             ε Wayne G. Kellner          ε*David C. Lantz               ε*Adolf Mader                 ε*Thomas Len Miller
ε*Marcel Hupperich           * John B. Kelly             ε*M. Lanza de Cristoforis      ε*Kenneth D. Magill Jr.       ε William V. Miller
ε*Michael G. Hurley          ε*J. H. B. Kemperman        ε*Arnold Lapidus               ε Richard B. Magruder         ε*Ray Mines
  Jacques Hurtubise          ε*Edward S. Kennedy         ε Glenda Lappan                ε Peter M. Magyar             * Milton A. Mintz
ε Taqdir Husain              ε*Gary P. Kennedy           ε*Peter A. Lappan Jr.          * Mehran Mahdavi              ε*Norman D. Mirsky
* Carol Hutchins             ε John F. Kennison          ε*Lawrence J. Lardy            ε Anne Mahoney                ε*Michal Misiurewicz
ε Edward L. Hutton           * George A. Kent            ε*Bruce R. Larson              ε*Athena Makroglou            * Guido Mislin
ε*Jang C. Hwang              ε C. David Keys             * Margaret M. LaSalle          ε*Peter Malcolmson            ε Emerson C. Mitchell
ε John Jew-Chen Hwang        ε*Efim Khalimsky            ε*Kee-Wai Lau                  ε*Joseph Malkevitch           * Stephen Ames Mitchell
ε Sunwook Hwang              ε Dima Khavinson            ε Richard Snyder Laugesen      * Dennis R. Malm              ε*Theodore Mitchell
ε*Tom Ilmanen                * Rudger W. Kieboom         * George Laush                 ε*David M. Malon              ε Nikolai V. Mitskievich
ε Arnold J. Insel            * Michael K. H. Kiessling   ε*Lorraine D. Lavallee           J. J. Malone                * Lothrop Mittenthal
ε Lynne Kamstra Ipina        ε*Jun Kigami                ε*John W. Lawrence             ε*Giles W. Maloof             ε Boris Mityagin
* Ron Irving                 * Wilfred M. Kincaid        ε*H. Blaine Lawson Jr.         ε*Kenneth L. Manders          ε Hisao Mizumoto
ε John M. Irwin              ε Stephen C. King           * Robert F. Lax                ε Alfred P. Maneki            ε Tadayoshi Mizutani
  Godfrey L. Isaacs          ε*Eberhard Kirchberg          Robert K. Lazarsfeld         ε Victor M. Manjarrez         ε Ismail J. Mohamed
* Eugene Isaacson            ε*Walter W. Kirchherr       ε William G. Leavitt           ε Kishore B. Marathe          ε Martin James Mohlenkamp
  Tadashige Ishihara         ε Alexander Kirillov Jr.    ε Joel L. Lebowitz             ε*Peter D. March              ε*Michael G. Molinsky
ε Noburo Ishii               ε Alexandre A. Kirillov       John M. Lee                  ε*Margaret O. Marchand        ε Raymond W. Moller
ε Sahidul Islam              ε*Kelley H. Kirklin           Jyh-Hao Lee                  * Scott A. Markel             ε*J. Donald Monk
  Mourad E. H. Ismail        ε Ellen E. Kirkman          ε Robert N. Leggett Jr.        ε*Charles Michel Marle        ε Paul H. Monsky
ε*Masanori Itai                Frances C. Kirwan         ε Shawn Pierre Legrand         ε*Jerrold E. Marsden          ε*Peter L. Montgomery
ε*Noboru Ito                 ε*Jane Kister               * J. Larry Lehman              ε Murray Angus Marshall       ε*Barbara B. Moore
ε N. M. Ivochkina              Jan Kisyński             ε L. Carl Leinbach             ε Maia Nenkova Martcheva      * Hal G. Moore
ε*Eric Robert Jablow         ε*Teruaki Kitano            * Manoel Jose M. S. Lemos      ε*Daniel Martin                 W. Keith Moore
ε Allyn Jackson              ε*Kouichi Kiyokawa          ε Marco Lenci                  ε*Donald A. Martin            ε Marjorie A. Moretz
ε*Henry G. Jacob             ε David S. Klatman          ε*Hernan Leon                  ε*Nathaniel F. G. Martin      ε*Frank Morgan
* William Burkley Jacob      ε*Peter H. Kleban           ε*Henry S. Leonard Jr.         ε Peter E. Martin             ε John W. Morgan
ε Clas A. Jacobson           ε Stanislav V. Klimenko     ε*James I. Lepowsky            ε John W. Marvin              ε*L. E. Morris
ε*Robert E. Jaffa            ε*Roland R. Kneece Jr.      ε*Raymond Leroide              * Robert M. Mason             * John A. Morrison
ε Melvin F. Janowitz           Frank B. Knight           ε Steven C. Leth               ε David K. Masunaga           ε Burt J. Morse
ε*James P. Jans              ε*Julia Knight              ε*Lisa Leung                   ε Attila Máté                 ε*Joseph G. Moser
ε*Trevor M. Jarvis           ε Ronald J. Knill           ε Randall J. LeVeque           ε John Norman Mather          ε Lawrence Stuart Moss
ε*George A. Jennings         ε*Marvin I. Knopp           * Robert J. Levit              ε*Jerold C. Mathews           ε John A. Mount
ε David Jerison              ε*John R. Knudsen           ε*Andrew M. Lewis              ε*Frank H. Mathis             * Benjamin N. Moyls
ε Richard P. Jerrard         ε*Donald E. Knuth             George M. Lewis              ε Ronald M. Mathsen           ε Andrew P. Mullhaupt
ε*Paul J. Johanson           * Donald I. Knutson         ε*H. L. Lewis                  ε Yasuo Matsushita            ε Matthew Douglass Mullin
ε Eugene C. Johnsen          ε Hai-Ping Ko               ε*L. Gaunce Lewis Jr.          ε Andrew J. Mauer-Oats        ε*Marvin G. Mundt
* Trygve Johnsen             ε*Yukio Kobayashi           ε Frederick W. Leysieffer      ε*Robert G. Maule               Mustafa A. Munem
ε*Charles N. Johnson         ε Richard M. Koch           ε*James E. L’heureux           ε*Farley Mawyer               ε James R. Munkres
* Dale Martin Johnson        * John G. Koelzer III         Yanyan Li                    ε John E. Maxfield            ε Nobuyuki Murai
* David Lee Johnson          ε Yoshiharu Kohayakawa      * Stephen Lichtenbaum          * Charles N. Maxwell          ε Hiroshi Murakami
ε David R. Johnson           ε*Joseph J. Kohn            ε*F. W. Light Jr.                J. Peter May                * R. B. Murphy
ε*Donald G. Johnson          ε*Kurt Siegfried Kölbig       Asvald Lima                  ε*John C. Mayer                 Janusz W. Murzewski
ε*Jon L. Johnson             ε*Yasuo Komori                Eduardo Lima de Sa           ε*Raymond A. Mayer Jr.        ε Takasi Nagahara
ε*Norman W. Johnson            Steffen König             ε*Shen Lin                     ε*Rafe Mazzeo                 ε*Alexander Nagel
ε*P. T. Johnstone            ε*Nicholas Jacob Korevaar   ε Ina Lindemann                ε*Stephen J. McAdam           ε Oleg N. Naikine
ε*Charles H. Jones             Antoni A. Kosinski        ε John E. Lindgren             ε Byron Leon McAllister       ε Hirotada Naito
ε*Vaughan F. R. Jones        ε*Daniel B. Kotlow          ε Charles E. Lindsey           ε*Michael J. McAsey           ε*Kuniaki Nakamitsu
ε*William B. Jones           ε Zdislav V. Kovárˇík       ε*Peter A. Linnell             ε Vincent O. McBrien          ε*Kazumi Nakano
ε*Kirk E. Jordan             ε*Yoshihiro Koya            ε Miriam A. Lipschutz-Yevick   ε*Robert A. McCoy             ε David H. Nash
ε*Troels Jorgensen           ε Erwin Kozakiewicz         ε*Sally Irene Lipsey           ε*Marjorie Frost McCracken    ε David A. Naumann
ε*Virginia V. Jory           * Irwin Kra                 ε*William G. Lister            * Dusa McDuff                 ε*Joseph Neggers
ε William Allen Josephson      David M. Krabill          ε Kay P. Litchfield            ε O. Carruth McGehee            Edward O. Nelson
ε Richard K. Juberg          ε*David P. Kraines          ε*John B. Little               ε*William D. McIntosh         ε Csaba Nemethi
ε*Daniel S. Kahn             ε Allan M. Krall            ε Chiu-Chu Liu                 ε J. K. McIver                  Umberto Neri

562                                                      NOTICES     OF THE   AMS                                     VOLUME 51 NUMBER 5
AMS Contributions

ε*Walter D. Neumann           ε Holger P. Petersson        ε*Mario G. Rodriguez          ε Norman L. Schryer           ε*Lee James Stanley
ε*John Dilwyn Ng Wong Hing    ε Giovanni Petris            * John Roe                    * John Schue                  ε Richard P. Stanley
ε James A. Nickel             ε*John W. Petro              ε Hartley Rogers Jr.          * George W. Schueller         ε*Robert L. Stanley
ε*Charles A. Nicol            ε Norbert Peyerimhoff        ε Vijay K. Rohatgi            ε Jennifer C. Schultens       ε Walter C. Stanley
ε*Lance W. Nielsen              Jean-Paul Pier             ε*David E. Rohrlich           ε*Paul E. Schupp              * Charles S. Stanton
ε Gerhard Niklasch            ε Jonathan S. Pila           ε*Judith Roitman              ε Shona Schwab                ε*Edmund Beauclerc Staples III
ε Seiki Nishikawa             ε*Steven Pincus                André Ronveaux              ε*Charles Freund Schwartz     ε*Michael Starbird
ε*Togo Nishiura               ε*Gilles Pisier              ε*William L. Root             * Gerald W. Schwarz           ε Thomas W. Starbird
  Zbigniew H. Nitecki         ε Harsh V. Pittie            ε Crispin M. Rope               Eric Schweitzer             ε*Christopher W. Stark
ε Ricardo H. Nochetto         ε Conrad P. Plaut            ε*Nicholas J. Rose            ε*Michael J. Schwietzer       ε James Stasheff
ε*Virginia A. Noonburg        ε Sergio Plaza               ε*Michael I. Rosen            ε*Dana S. Scott               ε*John Q. St Clair
ε John W. Norris              ε Daniel Plotnick            * Robert A. Rosenbaum         ε Leland L. Scott             ε*Arthur Steger
ε*Roger D. Nussbaum           ε John William Poduska Sr.   ε David Rosenberg             ε Leonard L. Scott Jr.        ε Sherman K. Stein
ε*Duane Q. Nykamp               John C. Polking            ε*Jonathan M. Rosenberg       * John F. Scott-Thomas        * Leon Steinberg
ε*Serge Ochanine              * Aleksey Popelyukhin        ε*Gerald Rosenfeld            * Anthony Karel Seda          ε*Charles I. Steinhorn
* Andrew M. Odlyzko             Gerald J. Porter           ε Andrzej Roslanowski         ε Howard A. Seid              ε*Ronald J. Stern
ε Donal P. O’Donovan          ε Kathryn Frost Porter       ε Kenneth A. Ross             ε*George B. Seligman          ε Glenn H. Stevens
ε Hajimu Ogawa                ε*Willis B. Porter           * Vladimir I. Rotar           * Stuart A. Seligson            Ernest L. Stitzinger
ε*Andrew P. Ogg               ε Tim Poston                 ε Adrian S. Roth              ε Bart Selman                 ε*Paul K. Stockmeyer
  Yong-Geun Oh                ε Richard C. Potter          ε*Richard L. Roth             ε*Steven O. Senger            ε Murray Marvin Stokely III
ε Jack E. Ohm                 ε Robert T. Powers           ε Linda Preiss Rothschild     ε Francesco Serra Cassano       William G. Stokes
ε Mayumi Ohmiya               ε Nirmala Prakash            ε Mitchell J. Rothstein         David H. Shaftman           ε Kenneth B. Stolarsky
  Benjamin Akrong Okang       ε Dipendra Prasad            ε Joseph J. Rotman              Freydoon Shahidi            * Alexander P. Stone
ε*Robert F. Olin              ε*Gopal Prasad               ε*Christel Rotthaus           ε Richard J. Shaker           ε*David A. Stone
ε*Paul D. Olson               ε Stanley Preiser            ε Cecil C. Rousseau           ε Daniel B. Shapiro           ε H. A. Stone
ε Peter J. Olver              ε*Dean L. Preston            ε*James Rovnyak               ε*Henry Sharp Jr.             ε*Lawrence D. Stone
ε*Philip J. O’Neil              G. Baley Price             ε Virginia G. Rovnyak         ε Guy B. Shaw                   Emil J. Straube
  Barrett O’Neill             ε*David S. Protas            ε Emilio O. Roxin             ε Desmond Sheeran             ε*Walter A. Strauss
ε*Hiroshi Onose               ε*Józef H. Przytycki           Ranjan Roy                  * Zhongwei Shen               * Robert S. Strichartz
* Yoshitsugu Oono             ε Lyle E. Pursell              George W. Roycroft          ε*Ching-Kuang Shene           ε*G. Ralph Strohl Jr.
ε*Edward T. Ordman            ε*Adbeel N. Quiñones         ε*Melvin Glenn Royer          ε John C. Shepherdson         ε Richard F. E. Strube
  Kent Orr                    ε*Eric Todd Quinto           ε Daniel Ruberman             ε Koji Shiga                  ε*Stephen E. Stuckwisch
* Martin Orr                  ε István Rácz                * Robert J. Rubin             ε*Kenichi Shiraiwa            * Mark A. Sturza
  Alejandro Ortiz Fernandez   ε*Cary Baker Rader           ε Irving Rubinstein             Vladimir Shpilrain          ε Mario Cézar A. Suárez
ε*Mason S. Osborne            ε Ralph A. Raimi             ε*Joachim H. Rubinstein       ε Warren E. Shreve            ε Ted J. Suffridge
ε*Steve G. Oslon              ε*Louis B. Rall              ε*Zalman Rubinstein           ε*Stanley R. Shubsda Jr.      ε Kondagunta Sundaresan
* Barbara L. Osofsky          ε*Melapalayam S. Ramanujan   ε*Mary E. Rudin               ε*David S. Shucker            ε*Lawrence A. Susanka
ε James M. Osterburg          ε Narcisse J.                ε*Walter Rudin                ε Frederic W. Shultz          ε Scott Sutherland
ε*James C. Owings Jr.            Randrianantoanina         * Wolfgang M. Ruess           ε*Stuart J. Sidney              Dragutin Svrtan
ε Michio Ozeki                * R. Michael Range           * Robert S. Rumely            ε*Martha J. Siegel              Srikanta M. N. Swamy
ε*Istvan Ozsvath              ε Louise Arakelian Raphael   ε*Bernard Russo               * Allan J. Silberger          ε Richard G. Swan
ε Cardenas Agustin Pacheco    ε Wayne Mark Raskind         ε Pat Ryan                      Aristoteles Antonio Silva   ε*James J. Swanek
* Joseph W. Paciorek          ε*Maxwell O. Reade           ε Patrick J. Ryan               Daniel S. Silver            * L. James Swank
ε Judith A. Packer              Douglas C. Reber           * David Ryeburn               ε Anastasios Simalarides      ε*Irena Swanson
ε Lowell J. Paige             ε*Don Redmond                  Alexander A. Rylov            Anne-Marie Simon            ε*William J. Sweeney
ε*Helen L. Paisner            ε Timothy Redmond            ε*Anthony Sacremento          ε*Lloyd D. Simons             ε Donna L. G. Sylvester
ε Jingyal Pak                 * Christopher L. Reedy         Salem A. Sahab              ε Charles C. Sims             ε George Szekeres
ε Bruce P. Palka              ε*David E. Reese             ε*Takashi Sakai               * Iakov G. Sinai              ε Roman Sznajder
ε*Diethard Ernst Pallaschke     Ernestine Reeves-Hicks     ε Michael Ezra Saks           * David Allen Singer          ε Alain-Sol Sznitman
ε*Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou    ε James D. Reid                Salim W. Salem              ε David B. Singmaster         ε*Earl J. Taft
ε*George D. Parker            ε*Michael Reid               ε*Luis C. Salinas             ε Dev Sinha                   ε Kazuaki Taira
ε*Alberto Parmeggiani         ε*William H. Reid            ε*William Salkind             ε Walter S. Sizer               William W. Tait
* Walter R. Parry             ε*Irma M. Reiner             ε*Laurent Saloff-Coste          Thomas Skill                * Lajos F. Takács
ε William Parry               ε*John H. Reinoehl           ε*Pierre Samuel               ε*Stephen Slack               ε Ziro Takeda
ε Vicenta D. Partridge        ε*Robert B. Reisel           ε Oscar Adolfo Sanchez-       ε Michael Slattery            ε*Shigeo Takenaka
ε Antonio Pasini              ε Tammo M. Reisewitz            Valenzuela                 ε Karen E. Smith              ε Dov Tamari
ε*Nicholas Passell              Peter A. Rejto             * Angel San Miguel            ε*Richard A. Smith            ε*Hisao Tanaka
ε*Henry J. Passerini          * Richard S. Rempel          ε*Ulderico Santarelli           Tara L. Smith                 Yoshihiro Tanaka
ε*Donald S. Passman           ε Simon Rentzmann            * Pedro Ferreira Santos       * Wayne Stewart Smith         ε Elliot A. Tanis
ε*John J. Pastor              ε*Guillermo Restrepo         ε J. M. Sanz-Serna            ε*Wilbur L. Smith             ε Peter Tannenbaum
ε Charles M. Patton             David G. Retzloff          ε Jose Saquimux               ε William H. Smoke            ε Horacio Tapia-Recillas
ε*Sandra O. Paur                Fazlollah Reza             ε Jose Cloves Verde Saraiva   * Joel A. Smoller             ε Leon H. Tatevossian
ε*Krzysztof Pawalowski        ε Bruce Reznick              ε*Donald E. Sarason           ε William F. Smyth            ε*Nicholas F. Taussig
ε Siegfried H. R. Pawelke     ε*Martin G. Ribe             ε*Chelluri C. A. Sastri       * Ernst Snapper               ε*John Tavantzis
ε*Lawrence E. Payne           ε Stephen J. Ricci           ε Ichiro Satake                 Andrew C. Snyder            ε Keith A. Taylor
ε*Robert G. Payton            ε*Nelson G. Rich             ε*Hiroki Sato                 ε Bruce Solomon               ε Michael E. Taylor
ε*Lorenzo Achille Peccati     ε Richard S. Rich            ε Ken-iti Sato                ε Baorui Song                 ε*S. James Taylor
ε Marta B. Pecuch Herrero     ε*Norman J. Richert          * Stanley A. Sawyer           ε Lee M. Sonneborn            ε*Paul M. Terwilliger
ε*Edward A. Pedersen          ε Alexander E. Richman       * Richard C. Scalzo           ε*Linda R. Sons               * Andrew J. Terzuoli
* Erik Kjaer Pedersen         ε*John H. Rickert            ε Fabio Scarabotti            ε*John R. Sorenson            ε Edward C. Thoele
  Lambertus A. Peletier       ε*Eleanor G. Rieffel           Richard D. Schafer          ε Ralf J. Spatzier            ε Erik G. F. Thomas
ε Richard P. Pembroke           Ronald Edgar Rietz         ε*Juan Jorge Schäffer         ε*Dennis Spellman               George B. Thomas Jr.
  Dennis D. Pence             ε*Robert D. Rigdon           ε Doris W. Schattschneider    ε*Stephen E. Spielberg        ε Jean C. Thomas
ε*John W. Pennisten           ε Pete E. Riley              ε Michelle Schatzman          ε Paul G. Spirakis            ε*Lawrence E. Thomas
ε*Sanford Perlman             ε*Jose Rio                   * Samuel Schechter            ε*John J. Spitzer             ε Ebenezer Amoh Thompson
ε*Peter A. Perry              ε Thomas W. Rishel           * Gideon Schechtman           ε*David H. Spring             ε Edward G. Thurber
  William L. Perry              Joel L. Roberts            ε Markus Schmidmeier          ε*Olaf P. Stackelberg           Jennifer L. Thurber
  G. E. Petermann             ε Joseph B. Roberts          ε*Wolfgang M. Schmidt         ε Ross E. Staffeldt           ε Myles Tierney
ε*Justin R. Peters            ε*Lois J. Roberts            ε David I. Schneider          * J. T. Stafford              ε James G. Timourian
ε Thomas Joseph Peters        ε James B. Robertson         ε Roberto H. Schonmann        ε James D. Stafney            ε*Kathryn B. Toll
* Troels Petersen             * E. Arthur Robinson Jr.     ε*Bertram M. Schreiber        ε*Friedemann W. Stallmann       Eugene R. Tomer
ε*Gary L. Peterson            ε Tom Roby                   ε Francoise Schremmer         ε*William L. Stamey           * Daniel B. J. Tomiuk

MAY 2004                                                    NOTICES     OF THE   AMS                                                           563
AMS Contributions

                   ε*Hing and Mary Powderly Tong   ε*Kathleen B. Whitehead
                   * Craig A. Tracy                ε Mladen Victor Wickerhauser
                   ε*Charles R. Traina             ε*Sylvia Margaret Wiegand
                   ε Francois Treves               ε*J. Ernest Wilkins Jr.
                   * Timothy Guy Trucano           ε Susan Gayle Williams
                   ε Tamotsu Tsuchikura            ε Alan Stephen Wilmshurst
                   ε*Takuya Tsuchiya               * Robert Lee Wilson
                     Kouzou Tsukiyama              ε*George Washington Wimbush
                   ε Yasuyuki Tsukui               ε*Eric J. Wingler
                   ε Ralph P. Tucci                ε*F. Wintrobe
                     Selim Tuncel                  ε*Heinz-Wolfgang Wissner
                   ε Joann Stephanie Turisco       ε*Louis Witten
                   ε*Edward C. Turner              ε*Dorothy W. Wolfe
                   ε James Michael Turner          ε*Elliot S. Wolk
                   ε*Johan Tysk                    ε Jay A. Wood
                   ε*Karen Uhlenbeck               ε*John W. Wood
                   ε*Tomio Umeda                   ε*George V. Woodrow III
                   ε Yasushi Unai Unai             ε Christopher T. Woodward
                   ε*John A. W. Upton              ε Dennis H. Wortman
                   * Jesús Urías                   ε John W. Wrench Jr.
                   ε Mavina K. Vamanamurthy        ε Jared Wunsch
                   ε Diederik T. Van Daalen          Bostwick F. Wyman
                   ε*R. Lee Van de Wetering        ε A. Wayne Wymore
                   ε H. N. Van Eck                 ε*Alun Wyn-Jones
                   ε Christian Joseph              * Hiroyoshi Yamaki
                      Van Enckevort                * Paul C. Yang
                   ε John A. Vano                  ε*Michael Yanowitch
                   ε*A. H. Van Tuyl                  Fawzi M. Yaqub
                   ε Joseph C. Várilly             ε*Mitsuru Yasuhara
                   ε*Werner Varnhorn               ε Joseph E. Yeager
                   * Wolmer V. Vasconcelos         * David H. Y. Yen
                     Nick H. Vaughan                 Hisashi Yokota
                   * William A. Veech                Ki-Jo Yoo
                     Anatoli M. Vershik            ε*Paul M. Young
                     Charles I. Vinsonhaler        ε*Noriko Yui
                   ε*Michael Voichick              ε*Ion Zaballa
                   ε*Dan Voiculescu                ε*Radu Zaharopol
                   * Paul A. Vojta                 ε*Nobuo Zama
                   ε Hans W. Volkmer               ε*François Zara
                   ε*Hidekazu Wada                 ε*Boguslaw Zegarlinski
                   ε*Diane M. Wagner               ε*Karl Zeller
                   ε Philip D. Wagreich              Meijun Zhu
                   ε Jonathan M. Wahl              ε*Allen D. Ziebur
                   ε*David B. Wales                  Jan Calahan Zijlstra
                   ε*Homer F. Walker               ε*David E. Zitarelli
                   ε Judy Leavitt Walker           ε*Steven M. Zucker
                   ε William Wallace               ε*John A. Zweibel
                     Nathan S. Wallach               Anonymous (270)
                   ε*John Thomas Walsh
                     Herwig Waluś
                   * Paul K. C. Wang
                   ε*Evelyn K. Wantland
                   * Lesley A. Ward
                   ε*Robert L. Warnock
                   ε*Bette L. Warren
                   ε Robert B. Washburn Jr.
                     Robert H. Wasserman
                   * Michiaki Watanabe
                   ε*Shôji Watanabe
                   * William C. Waterhouse
                   ε David S. Watkins
                   ε*Mark E. Watkins
                   ε Cary H. Webb
                   * Glenn F. Webb
                   ε Anthony A. Weidner
                   ε*Lawrence R. Weill
                   ε*Hans F. Weinberger
                   ε*Michael I. Weinstein
                   ε*Richard M. Weiss
                     Jon A. Wellner
                   ε*David M. Wells
                   ε Raymond O. Wells Jr.
                   ε*James G. Wendel
                   ε John C. Wenger
                   ε*Henry C. Wente
                   ε Aric J. Werly
                   ε*Elisabeth Werner
                   ε Peter Werner
                   ε*John E. Wetzel
                   ε*Mark W. Whisler
                     Charles M. White
                   ε*George W. Whitehead

564   NOTICES   OF THE   AMS                               VOLUME 51 NUMBER 5
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