Anthropology and Sociology       Geographical Science
Architectural Conservation       Heritage Studies
Architecture                     History of Art
Botany                           Human Geography and Planning
Building Information Modelling   Landscape Architecture
Environmental Science            Urban Design
Fine Arts                        Urban and Regional Planning
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                                     Welcome to
                                                                    our community

                                                          “The University of Western Australia believes
                                                           in preparing our graduates to be the change-
                                                           makers in society. Our high-quality courses
                                                           and unique course structure will equip you

                                                           with the multidisciplinary skills needed to
                                                           succeed and transform the world in which
                                                           we live, improving the lives of others and the
                                                           communities we serve.
  The University of Western Australia

                                                          I welcome you to our community and invite
                                                          you on an exciting journey to turn your
                                                          ambitions into reality.”
                                                          – Professor Dawn Freshwater, Vice-Chancellor


                                            Why study at UWA?                                            4
                                            Facilities                                                   6
                                            UWA student life                                             8
                                            Taking you global                                            9
                                            A world-leading course model                                10
                                            School of Design highlights                                 12
                                            Why choose the UWA School of Design                         14
                                            Bachelor of Arts                                            16
                                            Undergraduate majors
                                                Anthropology and Sociology                              18
                                                Architecture                                            19
                                                Botany                                                  20
                                                Environmental Science                                   21
                                                Fine Arts                                               22
                                                Geographical Sciences                                   24

                                                                                                             Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide
                                                History of Art                                          25
                                                Human Geography and Planning                            26
                                                Indigenous Knowledge, History and Heritage              27
                                                Landscape Architecture                                  28
                                            Pathways to professional careers                            31
                                            Postgraduate professional courses
                                                Master of Architecture                                  32
                                                Master of Landscape Architecture                        34
                                            Postgraduate courses in architecture, design and planning   37
                                                Graduate Certificate in Architectural Conservation      40
                                                Master of Building Information Modelling                41
                                                Master of Urban Design                                  42
                                                Graduate Certificate of Urban Design                    43
                                                Graduate Diploma of Urban Design                        43
                                            How to apply for an undergraduate course                    44
                                            How to apply for a postgraduate course                      46
                                            Alternative entry pathways                                  48
                                            Entry pathways for Indigenous undergraduate students        49
                                                                                                              The University of Western Australia

                                            Scholarships                                                51
                                            Undergraduate fees                                          52
                                            Postgraduate fees                                           53
                                            Supporting you                                              54
                                            Contact us                                                  55
                                            Course index                                                55


The University of Western Australia
acknowledges that it is situated on

Noongar land and that Noongar
people remain the spiritual and cultural
custodians of their land and continue to
practise their values, languages, beliefs
and knowledge.

Why study at UWA?

                                                          UWA’s suite of architecture, design and planning              Connect with industry professionals
                                                          focused courses provide you with the skills and               We celebrate strong industry partnerships, offering
                                                          knowledge you need to pursue your career.                     you practical, real-world experiences in addition to
                                                                                                                        valuable networking opportunities. Our network of
                                                          From architecture to urban design, there are many             industry placements also allows you to find uncredited
                                                          options to choose from.                                       placements and for-credit placements or practicums can
                                                                                                                        be arranged as part of your degree.

                                                          Set yourself apart with a UWA degree. Our courses in          Pursue postgraduate study
                                                          architecture, design and planning equip you with the skills   Pursuing a higher degree is one of the best investments
                                                          and knowledge to succeed in your career path. You will be     you can make in yourself. You’ll learn from experts in your
                                                          taught by world-class lecturers with real-world experience    field and make invaluable contacts before you graduate.
                                                          in state-of-the-art buildings and facilities.

                                                                                                                        Global networks of knowledge
                                                          Experience more than just study
                                                                                                                        and research
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                          University life is about so much more than just study.
                                                          We have more than 150 clubs and societies you can             UWA’s world-class lecturers and researchers are equipped
                                                          join to take part in activities you already enjoy or get      with the teaching technologies of tomorrow to deliver a
                                                          involved in something new. There are events throughout        leading learning environment for students. A strong focus
                                                          the year, including O-Day Festival during orientation,        on knowledge and research capacities means you’ll be
                                                          food fairs, regional trips, wellness sessions and themed      at the forefront of a rapidly evolving world and ready to
                                                          activity weeks.                                               succeed in your career of choice.

                                                                                                                        With more than 60 research institutes and centres,
                                                                                                                        UWA fosters links with local, national and international
                                                          Take your degree global                                       industries and governments. The strength of our research
                                                          As part of your learning experience at UWA, you can           output makes us appealing to researchers of international
                                                          undertake a semester or a year abroad. We have more than      standing, many of whom head major research centres
                                                          180 exchange agreements with tertiary institutions all over   with global connections. As a student this means you’ll
                                                          the world. If you can’t commit to a full semester away or     benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our staff,
                                                          want to build on your previous exchange experience, you       with networking opportunities that can lead to career
                                                          can complete an internship, practicum, short course or        possibilities around the world.
                                                          research program overseas.
  The University of Western Australia

Ranked in the
world’s Top 100
(QS World University Rankings 2020)

                                                 Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide
Highest ranked
university in
Western Australia
(QS World University Rankings 2020)

Best employer
reputation in WA
for Architecture
                                                  The University of Western Australia

and Art & Design
(QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019)

Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide


                                                          UWA Perth campus
                                                          UWA brings together heritage architecture and state-of-the-
                                                          art teaching and research facilities to provide an ideal learning
                                                          environment. As a student, you can enjoy a range of recreational
                                                          amenities and modern facilities, including lecture theatres, tutorial
                                                          spaces, laboratories and more, to ensure you feel inspired to pursue
                                                          your personal interests and career goals while studying.

                                                          Design Hub                               Cullity Gallery                               All School of Design students have
                                                                                                                                                 the opportunity to exhibit at the
                                                          The Design Hub is available for those    UWA’s home of art and design, the

                                                                                                                                                 Cullity Gallery. These experiences help
                                                          in design and architecture courses to    Cullity Gallery is a unique venue             prepare UWA students for a career
                                                          work collaboratively or individually     showcasing innovative works in the            in art and design, and for the rigours
                                                          throughout semesters. It is supervised   visual arts, architecture and landscape       of engaging directly with the public,
                                                          by current School of Design master’s     architecture.                                 collectors and industry professionals.
                                                          students, who run workshops
                                                          throughout semester and are available    Open to the public five days a week,

                                                          to provide support to students during    the gallery hosts three dedicated
                                                                                                                                                 Reid Library
  The University of Western Australia

                                                          business hours. Towards the end of       student exhibitions a year, as well as a
                                                          semester students are provided with      number of private displays. The clean,        With more than a million books,
                                                          24/7 access to the area. The space       modern space can house artworks of            UWA’s Reid Library is the largest
                                                          is used for exhibitions that highlight   all sizes, while its adjustable walls allow   academic library in Western Australia.
                                                          master’s coursework project work as      the creation of different exhibition          Recent works doubled the number
                                                          well as student workshops and alumni     experiences and atmospheres.                  of collaborative student spaces and
                                                          and networking events throughout                                                       improved the facilities, technology and
                                                          the year.                                                                              access available, as well as delivering
                                                                                                                                                 a new café.

Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide   The University of Western Australia   |

UWA student life
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                          Student Guild                               UWA Sport                                     UWA also owns a group of student
                                                                                                                                                    accommodation known as Crawley
                                                          We have a vibrant student life with         Immerse yourself in the opportunities         Village. This includes residential houses,
                                                          social activities on campus organised       available to you through sport                units and studio apartments that are
                                                          by the UWA Student Guild, the               and make your time at university              available to rent.
                                                          representative student organisation.        unforgettable. Become a Fitness
                                                                                                      Centre member and:                  
                                                          The UWA Student Guild has a
                                                          reputation for being one of the most        • Get access to more than 60 group
                                                          active in Australia and provides the            fitness classes a week, state-of-the-
                                                          following benefits for students:                art equipment, multiple training          The Cultural Precinct
                                                                                                          zones, qualified instructors and free     The Cultural Precinct is UWA’s cultural
                                                          • extra support for academic, financial         tickets to our popular masterclasses.     hub, supporting the music, theatre,
                                                              or welfare matters affecting study      •   Kickstart your day with a run on the      dance, literature and exhibition programs
                                                          • discounts on campus, at shops,                treadmills, or take time out with a       on campus. It also supports broader
                                                              and for activities and services             lunchtime yoga class.                     arts and cultural events that take
                                                              around Perth                            •   Practise your skills in squash,           place throughout the year, including
                                                          •   countless events including festivals,       basketball, or tennis on one of our       collaborating with the Perth Festival.
                                                              workshops, end-of-semester parties,         many courts.
                                                              networking opportunities, and the       •   Join our interfaculty, intercollege or
                                                              Guild Ball (formal dance) – not to          social competitions, or represent one
                                                              mention more than 150 clubs and             of our 27 sport clubs.
                                                              societies for you to join.              •   Sign up for our Recreate Short

                                                                                                          Courses. With everything from salsa
                                                                             to surfing, trips to Rottnest and         The Guild Volunteering office helps
                                                                                                          self-defence classes, there really is     students find their ideal volunteering
                                                                                                          something for everyone.                   role. Many opportunities will be added
                                                          The Guild Village                                                                         to your degree transcript and you can
                                                                                                                          choose from a range of fields.

                                                          The Guild Village is a hive of activity
  The University of Western Australia

                                                          and houses shops, food outlets, a
                                                          medical centre, bank ATMs and other
                                                                                                      Accommodation                                 Check out what current students
                                                          useful student amenities. A regular                                                       get up to:
                                                          marketplace is held every week and is       Enjoy the ultimate student experience
                                                          the place to buy inexpensive, locally       and live only a few minutes away                   UWAstudents
                                                          made clothes, jewellery and more.           from campus.
                                                                                                      UWA’s five residential colleges are located        universitywa
                                                                                                      directly opposite the University.                  uwastudents

Do you love to travel? As a UWA student you have the opportunity
                                 to discover new cities and experience other cultures with the UWA
   Taking you                    Student Exchange Program. You can study at one of our partner
                                 universities across Asia, Europe or North or South America for one or
     global                      two semesters while continuing to gain credit towards your degree.

                                                                                                         Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide
                                                                                                          The University of Western Australia

Study overseas for a semester            More than 180 student             Gain credit towards your
or two, or choose a short-term             exchange partner                 degree while you study
            program                           universities

A world-leading
                                                                        course model

                                                          The UWA course model is progressive, personalised and benchmarked against the world’s
                                                          leading universities.
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                          You can choose from five bachelor’s degrees: Arts, Biomedical Science, Commerce, Science and Philosophy – and you won’t
                                                          be limited to one major. Our course model means you can major in two areas. Choosing to complete two majors during your
                                                          three-year bachelor’s degree means you’ll broaden your knowledge across multiple disciplines.

                                                          You also don’t need to confirm your major, or majors, until the end of first year, so you can explore your strengths and
                                                          interests, without losing time or money. Once you’ve graduated from your first degree, you can go straight into the
                                                          workforce or continue on to postgraduate study.

                                                          A postgraduate degree gives you advanced knowledge and specialised skills, so you can take your career to the next level
                                                          and become more attractive to employers. When you complete a postgraduate qualification at UWA, you’ll enter your
                                                          career with a higher qualification than a double degree. Studying up to two majors in your bachelor’s degree – and raising
                                                          your expertise to postgraduate level – gives you the qualifications and skills to succeed anywhere in the world.

                                                          Glossary                                   Complementary units
                                                          There are four types of units that make    These units go hand-in-hand with
                                                          up your degree: core, broadening,          your major/s and are designed to
                                                          complementary and elective. A unit         give you extra knowledge to help you
                                                          is a subject that you study for one        complete your major.                         Our Future Students team

                                                                                                     Core units                                   is here to help.
                                                                                                     A core unit is one that must be taken
                                                          Broadening units                           to complete your chosen major. Some          Chat to us online
                                                          Broadening units add a valuable            majors have set core units while             Monday to Friday
                                                          dimension to your studies and              others allow you to choose from a list       2.30pm–4.30pm (WST)

                                                          provide you with knowledge beyond          of core unit options.
  The University of Western Australia

                                                          the fields in which you choose to                                                       Call us
                                                          specialise. Undertaking broadening                                                      Monday to Friday
                                                                                                     Elective units
                                                          units is a requirement of the                                                           8.30am–5.00pm (WST)
                                                                                                     Also known as ‘free choice’ units,
                                                          University’s undergraduate degree                                                       131 UWA (131 892)
                                                                                                     these units give you a great
                                                          course structure.                          opportunity to explore other areas of
                                                                                                     interest and expand your knowledge.

Study pathway
                 Choose your degree

    Arts   Biomedical Commerce       Science   Philosophy

              Choose one or two majors

                 Select your core units and
                      additional units

                                                               Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                     Graduate with an
                                     undergraduate degree
                                     prior to honours and/or
                                     postgraduate study

High-achieving students
may choose to undertake an
honours specialisation
                                                                The University of Western Australia

                                     Graduate with advanced
                                     knowledge and a higher
                                     qualification, making
                                     you more attractive to

 Global career

School of Design highlights

                                                          Tackling a real-world
                                                          In Semester 2 2018, Masters
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                          students in Urban Design Studio
                                                          2 were assigned the task of
                                                          developing ways to enhance the        Transforming the town
                                                          city harbour interface of Victoria
                                                          Quay, Fremantle. The studio           of Newman
                                                          culminated in a final exhibition      Architect and UWA School of Design
                                                          at the City of Fremantle office       senior lecturer Jennie Officer
                                                          and a presentation to the Mayor       designed the East Pilbara Art Centre
                                                          of Fremantle and other council        (EPAC) as a contemporary, flexible
                                                          leaders, along with guest critics     gallery and working space to provide
                                                          from Hassell and the City of          self-employed artists across seven
                                                          Fremantle. Each student received      Aboriginal communities with a
                                                          valuable expert feedback to round     purpose-built creative facility for
                                                          off this practical experience.        cultural expression, education, public
                                                                                                exhibitions and the sale of work.
                                                                                                                                         The inventiveness of Jennie Officer’s
                                                                                                The centre won the coveted               design has yielded benefits to the
                                                          Supporting excellence                 Sir Zelman Cowen award in                artists and community of Newman,
                                                                                                the 2017 National Architecture           and was awarded more than
                                                          More than $25,000 worth of
                                                                                                Awards for Public Architecture.          $8 million in funding.
                                                          scholarships per year are dedicated
                                                          to students within the School
                                                          of Design, and many others are
                                                          available to UWA students based on
                                                                                                                                              Urban design

                                                          academic excellence, leadership,
                                                          equity and other grounds.                                                           research in action
                                                                                                                                              Our Australian Urban Design
                                                                                                                                              Research Centre is working
                                                                                                                                              with the City of Cockburn
                                                                                                                                              to identify what housing

                                                                                                                                              options people in established
  The University of Western Australia

                                                          As seen on TV                                                                       suburbs might prefer as they
                                                                                                                                              move through different life
                                                          UWA alumnus, architect and
                                                                                                                                              stages, particularly as they
                                                          historian Stuart Harrison hosts
                                                                                                                                              age. We are investigating the
                                                          Restoration Australia on the ABC,
                                                                                                                                              values behind people’s housing
                                                          following homeowners around the
                                                                                                                                              choices and how planning and
                                                          country as they restore Australia’s
                                                                                                                                              design can help offer the right
                                                          greatest buildings.

School of Design staff have worked
on many prize-winning projects,
with multiple wins in the Australian
Institute of Architecture National
Awards and other honours
including architecture duo SMAR
(Associate Professor Fernando
Jerez and PhD candidate Belen
Perez de Juan) being appointed to
design the new National Science
and Innovation Centre of Lithuania
(in a collaboration with several
UWA architecture students).

Looking forward
Future West (Australian Urbanism) is
a biannual publication from the
School that addresses the need

                                                                                                                       Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide
for a conscientious debate about
architecture, planning, culture, and
society across Western Australia
and beyond. It looks towards
the future of urbanism, taking
Perth and Western Australia as its
reference point.

                                             Academic profile
Indonesian immersion
Travel to Bali over summer with the
unit International Studio for Arts
and Culture. This is unique cultural   Dr Julian Bolleter
program introduces language,
history, contemporary and              Taking on the challenges facing Australian cities
traditional visual art practices and   Dr Julian Bolleter has worked internationally as a landscape architect in
techniques in a studio setting and     Sydney, Dubai, Boston and London, and now brings his global experience
in the field. You will use drawing,    to UWA in his role as Acting Director at the Australian Urban Design
digital photography and video to       Research Centre.
record your experiences.
                                       With a focus on tackling issues facing Australian cities in the 21st century,
                                                                                                                        The University of Western Australia

                                       he delivers commissioned research for state government planning
                                       departments, writes books, conducts urban design projects, and teaches
Keep up to date with                   in our postgraduate courses.
the latest news from
the School of Design                   “I love that I have the freedom to dream up visions
    @uwaschoolofdesign                  for how cities could evolve in relation to the urban
    @uwa_design                         challenges we face. This work is important because
                                        Australian cities, despite their high liveability rankings,

                                        face many critical problems in terms of deepening

                                        socioeconomic stratification, vulnerabilities to climate
                                        change and the destruction of biodiversity.”

Why choose the UWA School of Design?
                                                          Explore, imagine and create cities, cultures                       All courses have strong creative and practical components.
                                                                                                                             You’ll have access to well-equipped facilities including
                                                          and communities.                                                   studio spaces; the dedicated Student Hub with senior
                                                                                                                             student mentors available for assistance; digital fabrication
                                                          The UWA School of Design offers a unique close-knit
                                                                                                                             equipment such as plastic extrusion 3D printers and laser-
                                                          community of creative thinkers and makers that includes
                                                                                                                             cutters; multiple computer labs with 24-hour access; a
                                                          landscape architects, urban designers, experimental artists,
                                                                                                                             printmaking studio with etching presses and spray booths;
                                                          art historians and architects.
                                                                                                                             multimedia production facilities; and the stunning Cullity
                                                                                                                             Gallery (where you’ll have the opportunity to exhibit
                                                          Our flexible undergraduate degree structure enables you
                                                                                                                             your work).
                                                          to combine your interests across architecture, landscape
                                                          architecture, fine arts and history of art with almost any other
                                                                                                                             Our strong industry and community engagement offers you
                                                          discipline taught at UWA. Choose a course that allows you to
                                                                                                                             the opportunity to work on real-world projects and take part
                                                          pursue your passions and career aims.
                                                                                                                             in national and international student competitions.
                                                          Following your undergraduate studies, you can enrol in a
                                                                                                                             And of course, you’ll be studying on one of the most beautiful
                                                          postgraduate course to enter the professions of architecture,
                                                                                                                             and inspiring campuses in Australia, with iconic architecture
                                                          landscape architecture and urban design or undertake
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                                                                                             and landscaping all around you.
                                                          advanced research in your chosen field.

                                                          Students receive strong support and are mentored by award-
                                                          winning staff who are internationally recognised for their
                                                          research and professional achievements.
  The University of Western Australia



                                                                                          Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                     1. Lachlan Jennings, ‘Electrical Forms’
                     2. Tami Xiang, ‘Family Portrait’
                     3. Tasmin Vivian-Williams, ‘Gatherings: Healing through Collecting
                        and Cooking’
                     4. Samuel Beilby, ‘Disrupture: an Exhibit’
                     5. Reegan Jackson, ‘Installation’


                  Academic profile
                                                                                           The University of Western Australia

    Dr Darren Jorgensen
    Exploring how art drives change
    Dr Darren Jorgensen is a Senior Lecturer in History of Art at the School of
    Design. He largely researches and publishes on visual art and rock and roll
    in Australia, China and New Zealand.

    “In the twenty-first century, art is largely seen in art

     galleries, or hanging on people’s walls. I am interested
     instead in the way art and ideas can drive people to
     change themselves and the world.”

Bachelor of Arts

                                                                               Bachelor of Arts
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                          Explore what it means to be human. The Bachelor of Arts can include study of the
                                                          humanities, social and cultural studies, languages, music and design.

                                                          The Humanities deal with the histories,      Why study a Bachelor                         Arts degree structure
                                                          literatures and cultures of human
                                                          civilisation, while the social sciences
                                                                                                       of Arts?                                     The Bachelor of Arts offers a choice
                                                          involve sociology, anthropology,             Studying Arts equips you for every           of 35 majors. You don’t need to
                                                          political behaviours and other forms         aspect of life. It enables you to discover   choose your final major(s) until your
                                                          of human behaviour and organisation.         your talents, interests and abilities        second year so you can try out two or
                                                          With a choice of four European and           and develop them fully. An Arts degree       three different subjects to see which
                                                          four Asian language majors in this           helps you develop highly sought              interests you most. You’ll also have
                                                          bachelor’s degree (as well as the            after skills such as critical thinking,      the opportunity to choose a second
                                                          option to undertake individual units         communication, reasoning ability and         major from within the Bachelor of
                                                          in Greek or Latin) you can learn a           problem solving. As an Arts student          Arts or from the majors available in
                                                          new language and study its related           you can choose to undertake the Arts         the Bachelor of Commerce, Science
                                                          popular culture, art, film and literature.   Practicum as part of your course. This       or Biomedical Science degrees,
                                                          The UWA Conservatorium of Music              provides you with valuable workplace         giving you the opportunity to pursue
                                                          provides opportunities for developing        experience. Many Arts students elect to      your interests, no matter how
                                                          performance skills in instrumental           study abroad for one or two semesters        different they seem.
                                                          or vocal studies, composition and            at one of the renowned universities with
                                                          the study of musicology and music            which we have an exchange agreement.
                                                          education. You will be engaged in a

                                                          broad range of learning styles, from
                                                          traditional lectures to interactive
                                                          tutorials and practical workshops
                                                                                                       Arts – highly cited alumni
                                                          involving digital media. Staff members       Bachelor of Arts alumni include:
                                                          are not only dedicated teachers but          • Sandy Anghie
                                                          renowned scholars and researchers              Project Manager, Historic Heart
                                                          who are international leaders and              Project

                                                          experts in their fields.                     • Jo Horgan
  The University of Western Australia

                                                                                                         Founder, Mecca Cosmetica
                                                                                                       • Michael Sheldrick
                                                                                                         Global Director, Policy and Advocacy
                                                                                                         at the Global Poverty Project
                                                                                                       • Stephen Smith
                                                                                                         former Federal Minister for
                                                                                                         Foreign Affairs
                                                                                                       • Iain Grandage
                                                                                                         Artistic Director, Perth Festival


                                                                                                                                 Bachelor of Arts
                                                                         80       1
                                                                                                                     AND JULY


                                                                                                                                 Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide
    Architecture student – Georgia Hunt
   “The School of Design campus is a small community
    within UWA and it makes me feel proud to be a part of
    this community.

    In July 2019, I went on a university trip to China in
    order to study bamboo and its potential for use in
    contemporary architecture. The experience was out of
    this world, like nothing I have ever done before! I am so
    lucky to have had this opportunity through studying
    at UWA.

    I have enjoyed the way in which the Architecture
    course at UWA allows students to explore their own
    style of design and to break the mould when it comes
    to producing ideas. I think this is what will distinguish
    UWA students from others when it comes to entering
    the workplace.”
                                                                                                                                  The University of Western Australia

1 75 ATAR for Broadway UWA, see page 48 for more information.
2 Four years if undertaking a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours). Visit for more information.

                                                                          and Sociology
Undergraduate Majors

                                                          PREREQUISITES: None                                                                          DURATION              LOCATION
                                                          RECOMMENDED: None                                                                                3
                                                          This major is available via the Bachelor of Arts
                                                                                                                                          80             YEARS
                                                                                                                                                                           PERTH &
                                                          or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

                                                          Ever wondered why the world                        Course structure                       Career opportunities
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                          is like is it is? Anthropology                     Level 1 core units                     A degree in Anthropology and
                                                          and Sociology offers ways                                                                 Sociology is useful for careers in
                                                                                                             • Being Human: Culture, Identity and   Australia and overseas focused
                                                          of understanding the                                  Society                             on social services and welfare,
                                                          complex social dimensions of                       • Global Change, Local Responses       Indigenous issues, social aspects of
                                                          challenges the world is facing                                                            health, community development,
                                                                                                             Level 2 core unit and options          social research, policy development,
                                                          by examining the contexts of
                                                                                                             • Social Thought                       advocacy, urban and environmental
                                                          human experience and social                                                               policy and planning, human
                                                                                                             Plus two of the following:
                                                          relationships comparatively                        • Aboriginal Art and Society           rights, international development,
                                                          across place and time.                             • Australian Society                   conservation planning and foreign aid.
                                                                                                             • Constructing Cultures Through        Graduates may proceed to specialised
                                                          The study of Anthropology and                         Media                               training in professions in law,
                                                          Sociology provides valuable skills for             • Environment, Power and Disasters     psychology, public policy, education,
                                                          living and working in a globalising and               in Asia                             publishing, journalism, industrial
                                                          inter-connected world by exposing you              • Popular Culture in Asia              relations, international development
                                                          to different systems of beliefs, values            • Refugees, Human Rights, Violence     or social research.
                                                          and practices found among the world’s                 and Fear
                                                          cultures. But it’s not just about other            • Religion in Society                  Further study options
                                                          cultures. A major in Anthropology                  • Sex, Gender and Social Life
                                                                                                             • Society, Law and Politics            A major in Anthropology and Sociology
                                                          and Sociology helps you understand
                                                                                                                                                    leads to further study at honours and
                                                          Australian society and its relationship
                                                                                                                                                    postgraduate level. You can choose to
                                                          to the world. At a personal level, it              Level 3 core unit and options

                                                                                                                                                    apply for courses such as the Master of
                                                          offers a perspective on challenges in
                                                                                                             • Ethnography: Methodological          Social Research Methods, Master
                                                          your everyday life, and encourages
                                                                                                                Perspectives                        in International Development and
                                                          you to question your taken-for-
                                                                                                             Plus two of the following:             Master of Public Policy or Master of
                                                          granted beliefs. We teach skills in
                                                                                                             • Contemporary Social Thought          Forensic Anthropology.
                                                          critical thinking, careful observation
                                                                                                             • Engaged Anthropology
                                                          and record-keeping, oral, visual and
                                                                                                             • Environment, Landscape and Place

                                                          written expression, research skills such
                                                                                                             • Indigenous Australia                   “I found Anthropology and
  The University of Western Australia

                                                          as interviewing, listening
                                                                                                             • Migration, Mobilities, Belonging        Sociology, with its study of
                                                          and critical reflection.
                                                                                                             • Mind, Body, Culture
                                                                                                             • Social Meaning of Money                 cultures and people, highly
                                                          Popular study combinations                         • The Social Worlds of the Indo-          engaging and relevant, and
                                                          • Anatomy and Human Biology                           Pacific                                a great complement to my
                                                          • Archaeology                                                                                other major.”
                                                                                                             Note: not all units are available
                                                          • History
                                                                                                             every year.                               Justin Pereira


                                                                                                                                                                  Undergraduate Majors
PREREQUISITES: None                                                                                                       DURATION
RECOMMENDED: None                                                                                                               3               LOCATION

This major is available via the Bachelor of Arts
                                                                                              80                            YEARS
or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

Architecture is the                                Level 2 core units                                                 Career opportunities

                                                                                                                                                                  Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide
conceptualisation and                              •        Design Studio                                             With further study, the two co-requisite
design of individual                               •        Architecture Studio 2                                     majors in Architecture can lead to a
                                                   •        Environmental Design                                      career in architecture, urban design,
buildings and urban                                •        Materials and Small Constructions                         architectural drafting, architectural
landscapes in response                                                                                                education/academia or government
to existing and emerging                           Level 3 core units                                                 policy. You could work in architectural
economic, technical and                            • Architecture Studio 3                                            and urban design practice, city
                                                   • Architecture Studio 4                                            and regional planning, government
social needs.                                                                                                         agencies, higher education, property
                                                   • History and Theories of the
                                                            Built Environment                                         development and architectural
The two co-requisite majors in                                                                                        illustration and modelling.
Architecture (Architecture A and                   • Construction
Architecture B) prepare you for
postgraduate studies by introducing                Complementary units                                                Further study options
you to a range of technologies and                                                                                    Choose a Bachelor of Arts with the
                                                   Students nominating Architecture
production methods in a manner that                                                                                   Architecture co-requisite majors to
                                                   as their degree-specific major in
encourages you to imagine a range                                                                                     begin your professional pathway.
                                                   the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of
of design outcomes and to create                                                                                      You’ll then complete a two-year
                                                   Philosophy (Honours) course must
drawings, models and prototypes. You’ll                                                                               Master of Architecture (MArch) which
                                                   also study:
also make investigations into design                                                                                  comprises an intensive program
communication, sustainable design
                                                   • Art, Technology and Society
                                                   • Techniques of Visualisation                                      in design, technology, theory and
and relevant historical, theoretical and                                                                              professional practice.
                                                   • Parallel Modernities in Architecture
                                                                                                                                                                   The University of Western Australia

ethical aspects of architecture. At the
end of your degree you’ll be able to
                                                   • Advanced Design Thinking
use your facility for creative and rational
inquiry to analyse design problems and
develop design propositions that engage                     Direct Pathway example (Architecture)
with global ideas and questions.
                                                                                               3                            2                 Bachelor’s degree
Course structure
Level 1 core units
                                                            92                               YEARS     1

                                                                                                                                              Master of

•   Design Studio – Groundings                              Graduate Pathway example (Architecture)

•   Architecture Studio 1

•   Drawing History
                                                                                              3                            2                  Bachelor’s degree
•   Structures and Systems
                                                            80                               YEARS
                                                                                                                                              Master of

                                                           Students need to achieve a WAM of at least 60 during undergraduate degree

Undergraduate Majors

                                                          PREREQUISITES: Mathematics Methods ATAR or Mathematics                                               DURATION
                                                          Applications ATAR with a mathematics unit taken in the first year
                                                                                                                                                                   3                 LOCATION
                                                          RECOMMENDED: Chemistry ATAR, Mathematics ATAR
                                                                                                                                            80                   YEARS
                                                          This major is available via the Bachelor of Science
                                                          or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

                                                          Botany is the scientific                              Level 2 core units                          Further study options
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                          study of plants – from their                          • Ecology                                   Plants underpin life on Earth.
                                                          structure and function                                • Plants in Action                          Honours in Botany allows you to
                                                                                                                • Plant Diversity and Evolution             conduct rigorous scientific research
                                                          to their indispensable
                                                                                                                                                            on various aspects of the taxonomy,
                                                          roles in ecosystems and                               Plus complementary unit:                    biology or functioning of plants.
                                                          the intricacies of their                              • Principles of Inheritance                 Your research could investigate the
                                                          cell function.                                                                                    exciting diversity and uniqueness of
                                                                                                                Level 3 core units                          Australian flora or focus on how plants
                                                                                                                • Australian Vegetation                     function and interact over all levels
                                                          Botany is an ideal major if you’re
                                                                                                                • Ecological Processes                      of biological organisation, from the
                                                          enthusiastic about Western Australia’s
                                                                                                                • Plant Physiological Ecology               plant cell to the role of vegetation
                                                          unique native flora or agricultural
                                                                                                                                                            in the functioning of ecosystems.
                                                          crops, and are interested in addressing
                                                                                                                Plus complementary unit:                    Other research may focus on the
                                                          current and future threats to plant
                                                                                                                • Soil-Plant Interactions                   ways plants adapt to environments
                                                          conservation and sustainability. You’ll
                                                                                                                                                            ranging from the Antarctic oceans to
                                                          study how plants evolve and adapt to
                                                                                                                                                            deserts of the inland. You might also
                                                          changing climates and environments                    Career opportunities                        study how we can overcome problems
                                                          and have a proactive role in mitigating
                                                                                                                Botany graduates are highly sought-         of environmental degradation
                                                          the loss of biodiversity.
                                                                                                                after and employed by environmental         such as those derived from mining
                                                                                                                consultants, resource industries,           and salinity. If you’re enthusiastic
                                                          Popular study combinations                            government departments (such as the         about plants across terrestrial and
                                                          •   Agricultural Science                              Department of Primary Industries and        aquatic ecosystems, this honours
                                                          •   Zoology                                           Regional Development, the Parks and         specialisation is for you.

                                                          •   Conservation Biology                              Wildlife Service, and the Department
                                                          •   Natural Resource Management                       of Water), botanic gardens (Kings Park)
                                                                                                                and research agencies (CSIRO) that
                                                                                                                either work in, or are interested in, the
                                                          Course structure                                      environment, conservation, restoration
                                                          Level 1 core units                                    and horticulture.

                                                          • Frontiers in Biology
  The University of Western Australia

                                                          • Plant and Animal Biology
                                                          Plus two complementary units:
                                                          • Science, Society and Data Analysis
                                                          • Communicating Science

Environmental Science

                                                                                                                                         Undergraduate Majors
PREREQUISITES: Mathematics Methods ATAR or Mathematics                                           DURATION
Applications ATAR with a mathematics unit taken in the first year
                                                                                                     3                 LOCATION
RECOMMENDED: Chemistry ATAR, Mathematics Methods ATAR
                                                                                80                 YEARS
This major is available via the Bachelor of Science
or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

Do you want to make a                                 Course structure                       Plus one of the following:
                                                                                             • The Climate System

                                                                                                                                         Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide
difference to help solve                              Level 1 core units                     • Geographic Information Systems
important environmental
                                                      • Environmental Science and
problems? Environmental                                  Technology                          Level 3 core unit
Science assesses the impact                           • Disasters!                           • Land Rehabilitation
of human activity on the                              Plus two complementary units:
                                                      • Science, Society and Data Analysis
global environment and                                • Communicating Science                Career opportunities
develops scientific, risk-based                                                              Graduates possess a diverse set
solutions to help secure a                            Level 3 core units                     of skills across earth, biological
                                                                                             and environmental processes and
sustainable future. This major                        • Land Capability Assessment           understand the role of humans in
encompasses both biological                           • Environmental Assessment             landscapes. You could find employment
                                                      • Environmental Dynamics
and earth sciences.                                                                          in the mining and resources sector to
                                                                                             manage environmental compliance,
                                                      BIOLOGY SPECIALISATION                 or work in state government agencies
Environmental issues are many
and varied, so the use of an                          Level 1 core unit                      as well as non-government agencies
                                                                                             to regulate and manage land and
interdisciplinary approach to problem                 • Plant and Animal Biology
solving is essential. You’ll develop                                                         water resources in natural and
techniques in scientific modelling                                                           agricultural landscapes as well as
                                                      Level 2 core units                     urban environments.
to achieve practical solutions to
these problems. Environmental                         • Global Climate Change and
                                                                                                                                          The University of Western Australia

scientists deal with issues such as                     Biodiversity                         Further study options
climate change, carbon trading,                       • Ecology
                                                      Plus one of the following:             Honours in Environmental Science
greenhouse gas emissions, water-
                                                      • Soil Science                         will prepare you with advanced
resource management, salinity,
                                                      • Geographic Information Systems       training in areas of land and water
land degradation and rehabilitation,
                                                                                             management, climate science,
flora and fauna, habitat destruction,
                                                      Level 3 core unit                      biogeochemical processes, ecology
deforestation, energy and mineral
                                                                                             and soil science related to natural and
depletion, air and water pollution,                   • Ecological Processes                 disturbed environments, enabling you
soil erosion, and groundwater
                                                                                             to successfully complete a research
                                                      EARTH SPECIALISATION                   project. The project usually consists of
                                                      Level 1 core unit                      fieldwork and will often involve industry

Popular study combinations                                                                   partners. You will learn how to manage

                                                      • The Dynamic Planet                   your time and interact with scientists
• Marine Science
• Conservation Biology                                                                       and stakeholders, and be trained to
• Political Science and International                 Level 2 core units                     communicate with confidence in both
   Relations                                          • Soil Science                         written and oral form.
• Natural Resource Management                         • Hydrology and Water Resource

Fine Arts
Undergraduate Majors

                                                          PREREQUISITES: None                                                                                 DURATION
                                                          RECOMMENDED: None                                                                                       3                 LOCATION

                                                          This major is available via the Bachelor of Arts
                                                                                                                                          80                    YEARS
                                                          or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

                                                          The Fine Arts major is an                          The structure and program of offerings       Popular study combinations
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                                                                             is highly distinctive and the only one
                                                          intensive studio-based                             of its kind in Australia. Following a        • Communication and Media Studies
                                                          course that prepares you                           foundational first year of study in which    • History of Art
                                                          for a successful career as                         you develop fundamental practical skills     • Indigenous Knowledge, History
                                                                                                             in tandem with a body of conceptual              and Heritage
                                                          a contemporary artist. By                                                                       • Landscape Architecture
                                                                                                             and theoretical knowledge, you then
                                                          working closely with nationally                    select from three specialist pathways.
                                                          and internationally recognised                     These focused areas of creative practice     Course structure*
                                                          practicing artists and with                        are (a) Film; (b) Art and Biotechnologies;
                                                                                                             and (c) Art and Environment. Over the        Level 1 core units
                                                          experts from related creative                      course of your second and third year of      • Fine Arts Studio: Record, Visualise
                                                          arenas such as curatorial                          studio-based practice you incrementally          and Imagine
                                                                                                             develop expertise in one of these focus      • Fine Arts Studio: Space, Time and
                                                          practice, art theory and the                                                                        Beyond
                                                                                                             areas with complementary studies in
                                                          history of art, you will explore                   the History of Art and elective studies
                                                          a range of artistic processes,                     in areas that align with your individual     Level 1 complementary units
                                                          techniques and technologies                        interests and support your creative work.    (take both)
                                                                                                                                                          • Drawing Foundations
                                                          that will help you to establish                    Within these cutting-edge focus areas        • Ways of Seeing: Themes and
                                                          your career in the field of                        we foster your artistic skills across            Theories in Art
                                                          contemporary art and culture.                      established and emergent mediums.
                                                                                                             And, by giving you the opportunity to        Level 2 core unit
                                                                                                             develop those skills within settings as      • Curatorial Practices
                                                                                                             varied as the science laboratory or in

                                                                                                             landscapes that are undergoing rapid         Level 2 options (select two)
                                                                                                             environmental change, the Fine Arts          • Art and Life Manipulation
                                                                                                             major gives you the opportunity to           • Art and the Life Sciences
                                                                                                             artistically articulate and debate the       • Art in the Environment: Deep-time
                                                                                                             most challenging and difficult issues            Performance and Socially-engaged
                                                                                                             facing our world.                                Art

                                                                                                                                                          •   Cinematic Spaces
  The University of Western Australia

                                                                                                                                                          •   Drawing, Painting and Print Studio
                                                                                                                                                          •   Earth, Water, Air and Fire: Material
                                                                                                                                                              Explorations in Environmental Art
                                                                                                                                                          •   (Inter)national Studio
                                                                                                                                                          •   Moving Images

Undergraduate Majors
Complementary History of Art unit               Career opportunities
                                                                                              “I chose UWA because of

                                                                                                                                 Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide
(select one)
•                                               UWA Fine Arts graduates are employed
    Art and Social Justice
                                                in influential positions within Australia
                                                                                               the flexible course study
•   Art and Urban Experience
                                                                                               plans, which meant I could
•   Caravaggio and the Baroque                  and internationally in a plethora of
•   Contemporary Art                            professions as entrepreneurial artists,        do Fine Arts units whilst
•   Contemporary Art and Tradition in           curators, designers, film-makers,              studying in a completely
    China                                       musicians, academics, writers,
                                                journalists, editors, publicists, within       different faculty. It felt like
•   Global Art Histories
•   Living Paris: Experiencing and              areas of gallery management, arts              a very instinctual decision
    Representing the Modern City                administration, cultural festival              for me to follow a practical
•                                               coordination, corporate public
    Introduction to Museum and
                                                relations, marketing, communications,
                                                                                               and creative study path.
    Curatorial Studies                                                                         After graduating I aim to
•   Italian Renaissance Art Now                 management, public service
•   Modernism and the Visual Arts               investigation and policy research.             launch creative storytelling
•   Rome                                                                                       workshops for Indigenous
•   The Art of Photography                      Further study options                          youth in the Pilbara, whilst
•   Zen Gardens to Manga Mania:
                                                                                               also maintaining a career in
                                                An honours level program of study
    A Survey of Japanese Art
                                                will provide a pathway into the                comics and illustration.”
                                                existing Master of Fine Arts, the
Level 3 core unit                               Master of Curatorial Studies and other        Gabriella Loo
Advanced Major Project
                                                postgraduate study opportunities. The
                                                rich resources of UWA’s Cultural Precinct,
Level 3 options (select one)
                                                                                                                                  The University of Western Australia

                                                the UWA Museum’s Student Placement
• Advanced Art and Biotechnologies              Program and the important collections
• Advanced Art and Environment                  of the University provide a valuable set of
• Advanced Film: Immersive                      resources for students to advance their
    Cinematic Experiences                       research into postgraduate study.

* Changes to the course structure were in
  progress at the time of print. The above is
  subject to approval and changes.

Geographical Sciences
Undergraduate Majors

                                                          PREREQUISITES: Mathematics Methods ATAR or Mathematics                                          DURATION
                                                          Applications ATAR with a mathematics unit taken in the first year
                                                                                                                                                              3                  LOCATION
                                                          RECOMMENDED: Mathematics Methods ATAR
                                                                                                                                          80                YEARS
                                                          This major is available via the Bachelor of Science
                                                          or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

                                                          Geography is the science of                           Popular study combinations             Career opportunities
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                          place and space, standing                             •   Natural Resource Management        The diverse skills and knowledge
                                                          at the intersection of                                •   Geology                            acquired by Geographical Sciences
                                                          natural and social sciences.                          •   Environmental Science              graduates results in them being chosen
                                                                                                                •   Conservation Biology               by employers such as government
                                                          Geographers study the Earth’s                                                                authorities, private-sector companies,
                                                          landscapes, peoples, places                           Course structure                       environmental consultancies, non-
                                                          and environments, and how                                                                    government organisations and many
                                                                                                                Level 1 core units                     other organisations concerned
                                                          these interact. Understanding                         • Geographies of a Global City         with managing the natural and
                                                          contemporary urban and                                • Disasters!                           human environment.
                                                          environmental problems
                                                                                                                Take the following                     Further study options
                                                          requires an appreciation                              complementary units:
                                                          of the interdependence                                • The Dynamic Planet                   Honours in Geography provides you
                                                          between human activities                              • Science, Society and Data Analysis   with the skills and knowledge to engage
                                                          and the natural and cultural                          • Communicating Science                in the advanced analysis of spatial
                                                                                                                                                       patterns and processes in natural and
                                                          environment.                                          Level 2 core units                     built environments. It provides you with
                                                                                                                • Coastal Processes                    training in conceptual methodological
                                                          The Geographical Sciences major                       • Geographic Information Systems       approaches to geographical inquiry,
                                                          provides you with these insights,                     • Reading Landscapes: People and       and develops an appreciation of the
                                                          focusing on the challenges facing our                     Processes                          links between theory and practice in
                                                          planet, such as population growth,                                                           geography. You will also engage in an

                                                          urban expansion and megacities, natural               Take one of the following              independent research project on a
                                                          disasters, environmental conservation                 complementary units:                   topic of geographical significance.
                                                          and climate change. Your degree                       • The Climate System
                                                          provides you with the opportunity to                  • Hydrology and Water Resource
                                                          participate in exciting field trips to a                Management
                                                          range of domestic and international

                                                          locations, with recent overseas                       Level 3 core units
  The University of Western Australia

                                                          destinations including Bali, Barcelona                • Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing
                                                          and Seattle.                                          • Environmental Change
                                                                                                                • Geographic, Environment and
                                                                                                                    Planning Fieldwork

History of Art

                                                                                                                                         Undergraduate Majors
PREREQUISITES: None                                                                           DURATION
RECOMMENDED: None                                                                                  3                  LOCATION

This major is available via the Bachelor of Arts
                                                                              80                YEARS
or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

The History of Art empowers                        Course structure                        • Picturing the Self: Portraiture in

                                                                                                                                         Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide
                                                                                              Nineteenth-century Europe
you to be a thoughtful                             Level 1 core units                      • Prints from Dürer to Toulouse-
and critical viewer of our                         • Great Moments in Art                     Lautrec
increasingly visual world.                         • Ways of Seeing: Themes and            • Rome
                                                       Theories in Art                     • The Dutch Golden Age and the Art
By examining the construction,                                                                of Exploration
reception, and circulation of art objects          Level 2 options (select three)          • The Northern Renaissance
across time and cultures, this major               •   Art and Social Justice              • Twenty-first Century Art
equips you with historical knowledge,              •   Art and Urban Experience            • Visual Culture and Art in America:
rigorous analytical skills, and the                •   Caravaggio and the Baroque             1900–2000
capacity to critically communicate                 •   Contemporary Art
about visual form. Through a cultivation           •   Contemporary Art and Tradition in   Career opportunities
of visual literacy, you will gain insights             China
into how artists have imaged and                   •   Global Art Histories                Graduates with a History of Art major
imagined politics, religion, identity, and         •   Introduction to Museum and          are well equipped to enter a range
                                                       Curatorial Studies                  of careers. Many go on to careers
culture, while also discovering how art
has shaped the history of ideas.                   •   Italian Renaissance Art Now         connected in some way with the arts,
                                                   •   Living Paris: Experiencing and      such as arts administrators, curators,
                                                       Representing the Modern City        museum administrators, gallery
The major covers a wide range of
historical periods and visual media,               •   Modernism and the Visual Arts       directors, art historians, art conservators
ranging from Renaissance painting to               •   Rome                                and arts festival administrators.
Contemporary performance art, with                 •   The Art of Photography
an emphasis on the visual traditions               •   Zen Gardens to Manga Mania:         Further study options
                                                                                                                                          The University of Western Australia

of Europe, North America, Asia,                        A Survey of Japanese Art
                                                                                           Students who complete a History of
and Australia.
                                                   Level 3 core unit and options           Art honours course to a high enough
                                                   • Art Theory                            standard could complete a Master of
Popular study combinations                                                                 Philosophy or PhD.
•   Fine Arts                                      Plus two of the following:
                                                   • Art and Games: from Dada to Data      This major lays the foundation
•   Landscape Architecture
                                                   • Australian and Aboriginal Art         for further study at honours and
•   Communication and Media Studies
                                                   • Breaking Art                          postgraduate level.
•   English and Literary Studies
•   Languages                                      • Contemporary Art and Tradition in
•   History                                           China

                                                   • Global Art Histories

                                                   • Living Paris: Experiencing and
                                                      Representing the Modern City
                                                   • Manet and the French Avant-Garde
                                                   • Materialist Avant-Garde Film
                                                   • Michelangelo

Human Geography
                                                                   and Planning
Undergraduate Majors

                                                          PREREQUISITES: None                                                                           DURATION
                                                          RECOMMENDED: None                                                                                 3                 LOCATION

                                                          This major is available via the Bachelor of Arts
                                                          or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
                                                                                                                                        80                YEARS

                                                          Expand your knowledge                              Popular study combinations              Career opportunities
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                          for creating liveable                              •   Anthropology and Sociology          Planners and geographers see the
                                                          communities, vibrant                               •   Environmental Science               world throughout their careers. UWA
                                                          economies and sustainable                          •   Geographical Sciences               graduates are employed by local
                                                                                                             •   Law and Society                     and state governments (such as the
                                                          places. Study Human                                                                        Department of Planning), in the private
                                                          Geography and Planning to                          Course structure                        sector, regional development, public
                                                          explore the complex interplay                                                              administration, public policy, social
                                                                                                             Level 1 core units                      research, teaching, and property
                                                          of environmental, economic,                        • Geographies of a Global City          and land development. Graduates
                                                          social and political processes                     • Disasters!                            with this major are also employable
                                                          that shape human activities                                                                internationally, helping to solve
                                                          on a range of scales from                          Level 2 core units                      social, economic and environmental
                                                                                                             • Geographies of Economic               problems in other parts of the world.
                                                          local to global.                                       Development
                                                                                                             • Social Geography and Planning         Further study options
                                                          To flourish, human and urban
                                                          developments must grapple with                     Level 3 core units                      Students with a Human Geography
                                                          ecological sustainability, cultural                • Environmental Policy and Planning     and Planning major can pursue further
                                                          diversity, changing demographic                    • Geographic, Environment and           studies at Honours level in Urban and
                                                          pressures, disasters and global                        Planning Fieldwork                  Regional Planning. A Master of Urban
                                                          markets. The conceptual foundations                • Regional Development and              and Regional Planning (by coursework)
                                                          of Human Geography and Planning,                       Planning                            may also be studied, and this degree
                                                          along with applied fieldwork based                 • Urban Planning and Design             is accredited by the Planning Institute

                                                          on real-world problems, enable you to                                                      of Australia.
                                                          develop highly valued skills by drawing
                                                          on and integrating knowledge from
                                                                                                             Complementary units
                                                          the related disciplines of geographical            Students nominating Human
                                                          science, economics, architecture,                  Geography and Planning as their
                                                          sociology and environmental                        degree-specific major in the Bachelor     “UWA Geography and

                                                          science. You will develop the relevant             of Arts or Bachelor of Philosophy
                                                                                                                                                        Planning students are
  The University of Western Australia

                                                          knowledge and skills to help resolve               (Honours) course must also study:
                                                          major urban and regional problems,                 • Geographic Information Systems           offered field trips to places
                                                          and ultimately have the ability to                 • Reading Landscapes: People and           such as Japan and Spain.
                                                          contribute to the creation of liveable                Processes                               They are truly memorable
                                                          communities, vibrant economies and
                                                          sustainable places.                                                                           and rewarding experiences,
                                                                                                                                                        while still contributing as
                                                                                                                                                        credit towards your degree.”
                                                                                                                                                        Alistair Ryan

Indigenous Knowledge,
         History and Heritage

                                                                                                                                      Undergraduate Majors
PREREQUISITES: None                                                                            DURATION
RECOMMENDED: None                                                                                  3                  LOCATION

This major is available via the Bachelor of Arts
or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
                                                                             80                  YEARS

How do Indigenous people                           Course structure                         Career opportunities

                                                                                                                                      Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide
view the world? How does                           Level 1 core and                         The broad skills base and adaptable
Indigenous knowledge inform                        complementary units                      approach of graduates from this
the world around us?                               • Aboriginal Encounters: Strangers in    major are valuable in areas such as
                                                      our Backyard                          legal and human rights organisations,
The Indigenous Knowledge, History                  • Boodjar Moort Katitjin: Introduction   government departments, business
                                                      to Indigenous Heritage and            and industry, education, trade and
and Heritage major comprises an
                                                      Knowledge                             tourism, health and the environment
multidisciplinary program that will
                                                   Plus:                                    and native title and cultural heritage.
provide you with an opportunity to
learn about the history, culture and               • Communication in Practice
philosophy of Indigenous peoples                                                            Further study options
in Australia. You’ll explore the                   Level 2 core units and options
                                                   • Indigenous Knowledge: Mind, Body       This major lays the foundation for
philosophical underpinnings of an                                                           further study options at honours
Indigenous worldview.                                 and Spirit
                                                   Plus one of the following:               and postgraduate level, and a
                                                   • Curatorial Practices                   range of vocational studies such
The units offered enable you to                                                             as journalism, museum curation,
critically engage with the issues                  • Indigenous Representation
                                                   • Indigenous Ways of Knowing 2           archive management, cultural
covered across a number of disciplines,                                                     heritage and tourism as well as other
and connect to contemporary                        • Knowing Country: The Dreaming
                                                      and Darwin                            postgraduate studies.
Australian social issues. Studying the
major will give you a strong grounding             • Looking North: The Wild West
in Aboriginal knowledge systems as                 • When Empire Strikes: Imperial
                                                      Expansion, Resistance, and Rights
                                                                                              “This course not only enables
well as Western disciplinary constructs
                                                                                                                                       The University of Western Australia

around Indigenous knowledges                          from Europe to Australasia               students to learn and
and peoples.                                                                                   understand Indigenous
                                                   Level 3 core unit and options               worldviews, but more
                                                   • Indigenous Research
Popular study combinations                         Plus two of the following:
                                                                                               importantly to know and
•   Anthropology and Sociology                     • Indigenous People and Global              feel those relationships
•   Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing                   Issues                                   that are integral within
•   Fine Arts                                      • Indigenous Ways of Knowing 3              Indigenous worldviews. It is
•   Landscape Architecture                         • Intimate Strangers: Journeys in
•   Law and Society                                   Australian History                       therefore not only a degree
                                                   • Sharing Space                             to understand the academic

                                                                                               perspective of Indigenous

                                                                                               Studies but also one of
                                                                                               public consciousness.”
                                                                                               Dougie Nelson

Landscape Architecture
Undergraduate Majors

                                                          PREREQUISITES: None                                                                                                     DURATION
                                                          RECOMMENDED: None                                                                                                            3               LOCATION

                                                          This major is available via the Bachelor of Arts
                                                          or Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
                                                                                                                                                     80                             YEARS

                                                          Landscape Architecture is a                        Level 3 core units                                              designer, landscape architectural
                                                                                                             • Landscape Architecture Studio –
Architecture, Design and Planning 2020 Study Area Guide

                                                                                                                                                                             draftsperson, environmental manager,
                                                          creative, design-based major                                                                                       government policy adviser, landscape
                                                          primarily concerned with                           • Landscape Architecture Studio –                               architecture educator or academic.
                                                          the quality of the outdoor                               Resolutions                                               Work is available in landscape
                                                          environment.                                       • Plants and Landscape Systems                                  architectural or urban design practices,
                                                                                                                                                                             city and regional planning, land-
                                                                                                                                                                             development companies, conservation
                                                          This major involves all aspects of                 Complementary units                                             agencies or higher education.
                                                          landscape and land-use planning,                   Students nominating Landscape
                                                          design and management, the                         Architecture as their degree-specific
                                                          restoration and rehabilitation of                  major in the Bachelor of Arts or
                                                                                                                                                                             Further study options
                                                          disturbed environments and the                     Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)                                Students who complete a
                                                          design and management of outdoor                   course must also study:                                         Landscape Architecture major to
                                                          spaces to create exciting, functional              • History and Theory of Landscape                               a high enough standard can opt to
                                                          and attractive environments which will                Architecture                                                 complete the Master of Landscape
                                                          contribute to the life of the community.           • Landscape Architecture Studio –                               Architecture. Completion of a
                                                          You’ll also develop essential skills                  Considerations                                               Landscape Architecture major
                                                          in critical thinking, providing you                • Structures and Systems                                        can also lead to further studies
                                                          with a strong foundation in the                                                                                    in a postgraduate Urban Design
                                                          practical, as well as theoretical, art of                                                                          course, Master of Architecture
                                                          landscape design.                                  Career opportunities                                            (requires additional conversion
                                                                                                             A major in Landscape Architecture                               units), Master of Building Information
                                                          Popular study combinations                         with further study provides a wide                              Modelling, Graduate Certificate
                                                                                                             range of employment options including                           in Architectural Conservation or
                                                          • Fine Arts

                                                                                                             working as a landscape architect,                               doctoral study.
                                                          • History of Art                                   environmental consultant, urban
                                                          • Communication and Media Studies
                                                                                                                   Direct Pathway example (Landscape Architecture)
                                                          Course structure
                                                          Level 1 core units                                                                          3                            2               Bachelor’s degree


                                                          • Design Studio – Groundings
  The University of Western Australia

                                                                                                                                                    YEARS     1
                                                                                                                                                                                 YEARS             Master of Landscape
                                                          • Techniques of Visualisation                                                           Undergraduate                 Postgraduate       Architecture

                                                          Level 2 core units                                       Graduate Pathway example (Landscape Architecture)
                                                          • Design Studio
                                                          • Site Manipulation
                                                                                                                                                     3                            2                Bachelor’s degree

                                                                                                                   80                               YEARS
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Master of Landscape

                                                                                                                  Students need to achieve a WAM of at least 60 during undergraduate degree

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