At Work 2019 edition - World Nuclear Association

At Work 2019 edition - World Nuclear Association
At Work
2019 edition
At Work 2019 edition - World Nuclear Association
At Work 2019 edition - World Nuclear Association
This year looks set to be an exciting one for nuclear         year the Bulgarian parliament mandated the country’s
energy, with the number of new reactor starts expected        energy minister to resume the process of attracting
to hit a 30-year high. Last year saw major advances           investors to a second nuclear plant at Belene.
for new nuclear generation, with more nuclear capacity
coming online than any time since 1990 and new reactor        Our World Nuclear Spotlight Poland event, organized
models starting up. Elsewhere, failing markets presented      in collaboration with Foratom, brought together more
challenging conditions for nuclear operators, but we also     than 125 international industry representatives, Polish
saw the first steps taken to address these issues with        government officials and decision-makers in Warsaw
measures such as the introduction of the Zero Emissions       to discuss opportunities for Poland to drive forward its
Credit scheme in several states in the US.                    nuclear power plans. A few days later, just ahead of the
                                                              COP 24 meeting in Katowice, Poland launched a draft
In 2018 more than 10 GW of new nuclear capacity was           energy policy document that envisaged 6-9 GWe of
connected to the grid, with seven reactors coming online      nuclear capacity in operation by 2043.
in China and two in Russia, exceeding the average
capacity addition required between 2016-2020 by our           Earlier in the year we organized Spotlight Indonesia in
Harmony programme. Including reactor restarts in Japan,       cooperation with the National Nuclear Energy Agency of
a total of 15 GW of nuclear capacity started supplying        Indonesia (BATAN). Government representatives from
electricity in 2018. Overall, nuclear generation supplied     Indonesia met with global industry experts to discuss the
more than 2500 TWh of electricity, meeting 10.5% of           requirements for the development of nuclear energy in
global demand and, after hydro, was the second largest        their country.
low carbon energy source.
                                                              To grow institutional support for nuclear energy we
Turkey began construction of the first of four reactors       have developed new relationships with key international
to be built at Akkuyu. And, one year after the start of       organisations. In November we took part in the United
construction of Bangladesh’s first nuclear reactor,           Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
construction of the second unit started at Roopur.            Ninth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable
                                                              Development in Kiev, Ukraine.
World Nuclear Association membership has continued
to grow over the course of 2018, with 185 member              Supporting the launch of the Nuclear Innovation Clean
companies from 40 countries. Our working groups have          Energy Future (NICE Future) initiative in May brought
been active, with new reports published on lesson-            nuclear into the Clean Energy Ministerial process
learning in nuclear construction projects, I&C architecture   alongside other low carbon technologies. It is vital that
and reforms proposed for the export control regime.           nuclear energy is included in these international forums
                                                              to be part of the response to meeting the world’s future
World Nuclear University continues to focus on developing     energy and environmental goals.
future industry leaders. The Summer Institute in South
Korea brought together people with the most potential in      We formed a new partnership aimed at encouraging
our industry to be trained and mentored by some of our        support for nuclear technology as part of the global
most experienced experts. The first Extended Leadership       energy transition at the 24th World Energy Congress taking
Development Workshop in Bariloche, Argentina, gave an         place in UAE in September 2019.
opportunity for past fellows to further their learning. WNU
also organized short courses in China, South Korea and        These are just some of the steps we have taken in 2018
Brazil, where a record 400 participants took part.            to bring nuclear to the forefront of the energy debate and
                                                              move forward with the actions needed to achieve the
By advocating for nuclear energy among key decision           Harmony goals. Our fruitful collaboration with international
makers we are promoting the continued expansion of            organisations has led to several joint projects that we will
nuclear capacity worldwide, in both established and           be developing this year. We are already planning events
emerging nuclear countries. In Bulgaria, we called on the     in Brazil and Kazakhstan, to name just a few, to continue
Parliament to make a strong commitment to a new nuclear       this mission. I look forward to 2019 and the work that it
build programme. I was pleased to note that later in the      will bring.

                   Agneta Rising                                                 Kirill Komarov
                   Director General                                              Chairman

At Work 2019 edition - World Nuclear Association

    In 2018 the Association                     March                                           May
    made great progress in                      Sustainable Energy Technology
                                                Asia 2018
                                                                                                Clean Energy Ministerial
                                                                                                Agneta is invited to the Clean Energy
    bringing nuclear to the                     Agneta speaks at the conference                 Ministerial meeting in Copenhagen,

    forefront of the energy                     about the challenges for, and roles of,
                                                government and industry in changing
                                                                                                Denmark where the Nuclear Innovation:
                                                                                                Clean Energy Future (NICE Future) initiative
    debate. Here are                            energy systems to attain sustainability.        is launched.

    the achievements                            New edition of Nuclear Energy in the
    that shaped a                               21st Century published
                                                The fourth edition of Ian Hore-Lacy’s book
    successful year.                            provides a valuable account of many
                                                aspects of nuclear technology, including
                                                other nuclear energy applications, and
    January                                     answers to public concerns.
    Working Groups
    148 participants from 70 organizations      WNU Extended Leadership
    participate in our Working Group meetings   Development Workshop                            AtomExpo 2018
    in London.                                  The World Nuclear University (WNU)              Agneta opens the exhibition in Sochi,
                                                workshop takes place in Bariloche,              Russia, alongside other leaders in the
                                                Argentina, in parallel with the International   industry. She also participates in a
                                                Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) where             roundtable discussion on “How clean and
                                                the Association is represented.                 green is nuclear?”

                                                WNU short course
                                                A record 400 participants gather in Rio         June
                                                de Janeiro, Brazil for ‘The World Nuclear
                                                Industry’ short course.                         MoU with the 24th World Energy
                                                                                                A new partnership is formed with the UAE
    Bulgaria                                                                                    Organizing Committee of the 24th World
                                                April                                           Energy Congress taking place in September
    Agneta Rising addresses the Bulgarian
                                                WNFC 2018                                       2019 to endorse progression in energy
    Parliament and calls on the country to
                                                World Nuclear Association and the Nuclear       transition and support nuclear technology.
    make a strong commitment to a new
    nuclear build programme.                    Energy Institute jointly organize the World
                                                Nuclear Fuel Cycle (WNFC) conference            Updated Reactor Database
                                                in Madrid, Spain, with 255 global nuclear       A new version of the Reactor Database on
                                                professionals. Ahead of the conference,         the Association’s public website launches
    February                                    165 participants from 79 organizations          featuring new country pages, a global
    World Nuclear Spotlight Indonesia           attend Working Group meetings.                  dashboard that shows the most recent
    Government representatives from                                                             construction starts, grid connections, and
    Indonesia meet with 90 global industry                                                      top performing reactors worldwide.
    experts to discuss the requirements
    for development of nuclear energy in                                                        WNU Summer Institute 2018
    Indonesia. Organized in cooperation with                                                    Fifty-nine fellows from 16 countries
    the National Nuclear Energy Agency of                                                       gather in Busan and Gyeongju, South
    Indonesia (BATAN).                                                                          Korea for the WNU’s six-week leadership
                                                                                                development course.

                                                Harmonized Regulatory Processes
                                                issue paper published
                                                The Harmony programme’s stakeholder
                                                consultation process commences with
                                                the publication of the first issue paper.
                                                The paper outlines the challenges faced
                                                in achieving one of the programme’s
                                                three objectives – Harmonized Regulatory

At Work 2019 edition - World Nuclear Association
July                                         September                                      November
EU strategy for long-term emissions          Symposium 2018                                 UNECE Ninth International Forum
reduction high-level event                   The World Nuclear Association                  At the United Nations Economic
Agneta presents the role of nuclear in       Symposium 2018 attracts 550 delegates          Commission for Europe (UNECE)
achieving the world global climate change    from around the world.                         Ninth International Forum on Energy for
targets at the European Union’s Vision for                                                  Sustainable Development in Kiev, Ukraine,
a Modern Clean and Competitive Economy                                                      Agneta participates in a panel discussion
event in Brussels, Belgium.                                                                 and the Association holds a workshop
                                                                                            on Nuclear Energy and Sustainable
New WNN website                                                                             Development: Role in the Decarbonized
The Association launches the new World                                                      Energy Mix together with the IAEA.
Nuclear News (WNN) website with
improved design and search function for                                                     IFNEC Week
easier access to more than a decade of                                                      The Association’s Chairman, Kirill Komarov,
nuclear-focused journalism.                  Working Groups                                 presents the role of nuclear energy and
                                                                                            other technologies in future energy systems
                                             The Working Group meetings draw 260
                                             participants from over 110 organizations       during International Framework for Nuclear
                                             ahead of Symposium.                            Energy Cooperation (IFNEC) week.

                                             IAEA Scientific Forum                          WNU short course
                                             Agneta appeals to the United Nations and       ‘The World Nuclear Industry Today’ short
                                             the nuclear industry to take decisive action   course attracts 150 participants in Abu Dhabi.
                                             to support clean energy at the International
                                             Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA’s) forum.         World Nuclear Spotlight Poland
                                                                                            Organized in collaboration with Foratom,
                                             Level Playing Field issue paper                Spotlight Poland brings together 125
                                             published                                      international industry representatives,
                                             The second Harmony issue paper, Level          Polish government officials and
                                             Playing Field, is published for stakeholder    decision-makers in Warsaw to discuss
                                                                                            opportunities for Poland to drive forward
                                                                                            its nuclear power plans.
WNU short course                             October
‘The World Nuclear Industry Today’
                                             MoU with WANO
short course is held in Shanghai, China,
                                             The Association signs a cooperation
attracting over 100 participants.
                                             agreement with the World Association of
                                             Nuclear Operators (WANO) to enhance
                                             support to the industry in emergency
August                                       situations.
Performance Report
The Association publishes the World
Nuclear Performance Report 2018, which
highlights the reduction in the median                                                      December
construction time for new reactors.
                                                                                            At the 24th Conference of the Parties to the
                                                                                            United Nations Framework Convention
                                                                                            on Climate Change (COP24) in Katowice,
                                                                                            Poland, Agneta speaks at a NICE Future
                                             Performance Report Asia edition
                                                                                            official side event.
                                             The World Nuclear Performance Report
                                             2018 Asia Edition is launched at Singapore
                                             International Energy Week where Agneta
                                             takes part in a panel on how the world
                                             could better integrate energy sources,
                                             systems and policies.

                                             Russian Energy Week
                                             Agneta moderates a session on Nuclear
                                             Energy – the Basis of Global Partnership
                                             and Current Development in Moscow.

At Work 2019 edition - World Nuclear Association
Introducing World Nuclear Association
    World Nuclear Association represents the global nuclear
    energy industry.

    Our mission
    To promote a wider understanding of nuclear energy among key international influencers by producing authoritative
    information, developing common industry positions, and contributing to the energy debate.

    Who we are
    We are an international trade body made up of 185 member companies from 42 countries, covering all aspects of the
    global nuclear industry, including:

     • Major reactor vendors.                                        • Nuclear engineering, construction and waste
                                                                       management companies, as well as R&D
     • Nuclear utility companies (responsible for 70% of the
       world’s nuclear energy production).                             organizations.

     • Uranium mining, conversion, enrichment and fuel               • Companies providing services to the nuclear industry
       fabrication companies.                                          in areas such as transport, law, insurance and finance.

    What we do
    World Nuclear Association is the only industry organization with a global mandate to promote nuclear energy and represent
    the companies involved in the worldwide industry. We are in a unique position to share and advance best practices, work
    alongside other organizations across the globe, and provide unrivalled business opportunities for our members.

    We work with industry
    We provide an invaluable forum and commercial meeting place for our members, who are leaders and specialists in
    all aspects of the nuclear industry. Through our Working Groups, our members shape positions on economic, safety,
    environmental and technical issues. Furthermore, we represent the industry and our members in key world forums that
    can influence the nuclear industry’s regulatory and policy environment.

    We inform and communicate on nuclear energy
    We pride ourselves on providing trustworthy, thoroughly-researched information on nuclear power via our website, which
    serves as the world’s most comprehensive nuclear information source, and through reports and other publications. The
    information we provide is influential and widely used within the industry and in news services and government. Our World
    Nuclear News service is the leading online news provider on developments related to global nuclear power. With a goal
    to increase global support for nuclear energy among key stakeholders and decision-makers, we identify important energy
    debates and strategically represent nuclear energy’s interests. By coordinating with our partners on key messages, we
    deliver targeted information to decision-makers and influencers, including media and international organizations.

    We train the leaders of tomorrow
    Through the World Nuclear University programmes, we work with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the
    OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, and the World Association of Nuclear Operators to enhance nuclear education and build
    nuclear leadership to contribute to the future of the industry.

    We drive global action towards the Harmony goal
    The Harmony programme is a global initiative of the nuclear industry, with a goal of 25% of global electricity in 2050 to be
    provided by nuclear energy. We drive global action towards reaching this goal through promotion and engagement with
    key stakeholders including policy-makers.

At Work 2019 edition - World Nuclear Association
A strong and growing global network of members

 Europe | 63 members
 Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France,
 Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia,           Russia and Central Asia | 13 members
 Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom                   Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan

                                                                                         Asia-Pacific | 52 members
 Americas | 47 members                Africa and Middle East | 10 members                Australia, Bangladesh, China mainland
 Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil,          Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Namibia,             and Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Japan,
 Canada, USA                          South Africa, United Arab Emirates                 Singapore, South Korea

185 members                            27 new members 5 new countries          Bangladesh, Bolivia, Egypt, Hungary, Kenya

At Work 2019 edition - World Nuclear Association
What will power our electric future?

    To meet the growing demand for sustainable energy,
    we will need nuclear to provide at least 25% of
    electricity by 2050 as part of a clean and reliable
    low-carbon mix.

    Achieving this means nuclear generation must triple globally by 2050. The Harmony programme is a global initiative of
    the nuclear industry that provides a framework for action, working with key stakeholders so that barriers to growth can
    be removed.

    The Harmony programme entered a new phase in                                                    40

    2018, with international companies and organizations
                                                                    Connection rate (GW per year)

    increasingly supporting its vision for nuclear. At the same                                     30
    time, a formal industry engagement process to develop                                                                                                       25
    common industry positions was carried out. Through
    strategic engagement and collaboration with international
    energy institutions, Harmony has positioned nuclear
                                                                                                                        10    10            10       10
    energy as an important partner in the energy dialogue.                                          10
    In 2019, Harmony has a new visual identity that reflects
    its values and which should further aid in achieving its                                             1984   2014   2015   2016   2017   2018   2016-20   2021-25    2026-50
    strategic cooperation and advocacy aims.                                                                                                        (Harmony target build rates)

    Harmony Position Development
    World Nuclear Association is carrying out a systematic engagement process with
    member companies and other leading nuclear energy experts to develop one
    issue paper on each Harmony objective. The aims of these papers and associated
    surveys, which are available on the Association’s members website, are to:

          Create harmonized regulatory processes to provide a more
     1    internationally consistent, efficient and predictable nuclear licensing
          regime, to facilitate growth of nuclear capacity and timely licensing of
          innovative designs.
          Create a level playing field in energy markets which drives investment
     2    in future clean energy. Nuclear energy needs to be recognized for its
          reliability and should be treated on equal terms as other low-carbon
          technologies as part of a robust low-carbon mix.
          Create an effective safety paradigm focusing on genuine public wellbeing
     3    where the health, environmental and safety benefits of nuclear are better
          understood and valued when compared with other energy sources.

    The next stage of the work will see the issue papers and consultation responses
    developed into position papers, eventually leading to global policy recommendations.

At Work 2019 edition - World Nuclear Association
Global Advocacy
The Harmony programme and its vision for the future
of nuclear energy were promoted through a variety of
activities. This included the creation of a video, a tool
kit for members, development of website pages, social
media activity and several presentations at nuclear and
energy and environment conferences. The global nuclear
industry continues to show strong support for Harmony
and is increasingly active in promoting it to third parties.

Strategic Cooperation
By advocating for nuclear energy as part of a low-carbon          Work with the Clean Energy Ministerial
energy mix, Harmony has created opportunities to develop          The Association participated in the launch event of the
collaborative projects with key institutions that can influence   Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future (NICE Future)
national and global policy-makers. This collaboration             initiative in May 2018 and in the COP24 side-event
has led to several further projects that will be developed        organised by NICE Future in collaboration with the
in 2019.                                                          Polish Ministry of Energy in December. This involvement
                                                                  represents important progress in the global energy policy
Work with the United Nations Economic Commission                  dialogue – giving nuclear a ministerial platform alongside
for Europe (UNECE)                                                other clean energy technologies.
A nuclear energy session was co-organised at the UNECE
Ninth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable               The Association is developing project proposals in
Development by World Nuclear Association and the                  collaboration with international partners as part of its
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The forum’s            ongoing involvement in the NICE Future initiative. Our
outcome document recognized that all energy sources,              goal is to make sure that the views and aspirations of the
including nuclear, should be considered to ensure that the        global industry are represented.
energy needed for sustainable development is available
and affordable.                                                   Work with the World Energy Council
                                                                  The Association has launched a joint project with the World
Following on from the forum, the Association is now               Energy Council (WEC) to produce a Nuclear Insights Brief.
cooperating with UNECE and the IAEA to develop a                  This will include interviews with energy leaders on nuclear
guide on Entry Pathways for Nuclear Energy to Support             developments, providing critical insights into potential global
Sustainable Development, and plans to reach out to new            nuclear energy scenarios. Harmony forms an important part
nuclear countries for input through workshops supported           of the project, which looks beyond WEC's existing scenarios
by UN Regional Commissions.                                       and considers pathways for a future of clean energy.

At Work 2019 edition - World Nuclear Association
Establishing Nuclear’s Place in the Energy Debate
    The Association represents the industry in key forums where the future of energy
    is being discussed. Participating in these high-level meetings provides an
    opportunity to place nuclear energy on the agenda and to demonstrate its
    important contribution to the energy system. In 2018, the Association increased
    its outreach into new spheres, built strong partnerships with other energy
    organizations and was called upon by governments to provide support for
    their energy programmes.

    Representing the industry and influencing decision-makers

    • Nuclear energy was high on the agenda of the United Nations Economic Commission for
      Europe’s (UNECE’s) Ninth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development in Kiev,
      Ukraine. Agneta Rising took part in the event’s plenary session on Energy for development
      – the new normal and the Association organized a workshop, in collaboration with the
      International Atomic Energy Agency, on Nuclear Energy and Sustainable Development:
      Role in the Decarbonized Energy Mix. In the event’s outcome document, UNECE

      highlighted that nuclear must be considered to ensure that the energy needed for
      sustainable development is available and affordable.                                             A dialogue on the
                                                                                                      energy transition is
    • The Association participated in the Clean Energy Ministerial’s launch of the Nuclear
                                                                                                     incomplete without
      Innovation: Clean Energy Future (NICE Future) initiative. The initiative, involving                      “
      United States, Canada, Japan, Argentina, Poland, Romania, Russia, United Arab                 considering nuclear
      Emirates, and the United Kingdom, plays a crucial role in multilateral dialogue and          power.
      engagement of policy-makers on the role of nuclear energy as part of a low-                                             Scott Foster,
      carbon mix contributing to sustainable development.                                                      Director of the Sustainable
                                                                                                               Energy Division of UNECE
    • At the invitation of the Polish government, Agneta participated in a COP24

      side event organized by NICE Future where she discussed the importance
      of nuclear energy in combatting climate. Speaking alongside other energy               We need a secure
      experts, she called on negotiators to enable all low-carbon technologies
      to fulfil their potential.
                                                                                           and sustainable energy
                                                                                          supply and I believe
    • The Association responded to a European Commission public
      consultation on its ‘Strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions
                                                                                         nuclear has an important
      reductions’, noting the important role that nuclear energy currently
                                                                                        role to play.
      plays in lowering emissions within the EU, as well as the technology’s                         Fatih Birol, Executive Director,
      importance for decarbonization out to 2050.                                                International Energy Agency (IEA)

Building a strong network
In 2018 we built partnerships with other organizations       • The Association signed an MoU with the World
in order to create an even stronger case for the use of        Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) to establish
nuclear energy as part of a low-carbon energy mix and to       cooperation between both organisations in four
enhance the support we provide to the industry.                areas: emergency response support; export controls;
                                                               the nuclear supply chain; and capacity building. By
• An MoU was signed between the Association and the            working with WANO, the Association will enhance its
  World Energy Congress Organising Committee aimed             support to the industry in emergency situations.
  at encouraging support for nuclear technology as part
  of the global energy transition at the 24th World Energy
  Congress taking place in Abu Dhabi in 2019. As a
  ‘Knowledge Partner’, the Association will contribute
  to the broader debate on the strategic role of nuclear
  energy to achieve sustainable transitions.

• The Association sits on the Steering Committee of
  the Nuclear for Climate initiative and was involved
  in developing and disseminating its position paper,
  Nuclear energy is a key part of the solution to climate
  change, ahead of COP24 in Poland.

Supporting governments
The Association works with existing and emerging nuclear
countries, demonstrating the international industry’s
support to their nuclear power programmes through
conferences and high-level meetings.

We held two successful events in Indonesia and Poland in
2018 and are planning more for the year ahead.

World Nuclear Spotlight Indonesia
• 90 global industry leaders and Indonesian decision-
  makers gathered in Jakarta for discussions about the
  specific requirements and opportunities for nuclear
  development in the country.
• High-level meeting with 20 key representatives.
• Held in collaboration with the National Nuclear Energy
  Agency of Indonesia (BATAN).

World Nuclear Spotlight Poland                               Upcoming World Nuclear Spotlights
• 125 international industry representatives, Polish
  government officials and decision-makers came
  together in Warsaw to help drive forward the country’s
  nuclear power plans.
• High-level meeting with 25 key representatives.
• Held in collaboration with Foratom.
• Following the Spotlight event, the Polish Ministry of
  Energy announced its strategy for 6-9 GWe of nuclear
  capacity to be in operation in the country by 2043,
  accounting for about 10% of Poland’s electricity                 3-5 April 2019             21-22 May 2019
  generation.                                                  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil        Astana, Kazakhstan

Key Provider of Nuclear News
     and Information
     The Association is uniquely placed, with its network of
     global members, to provide the latest and most important
     information about the nuclear industry. The World Nuclear
     Association website, with its Information Library and
     Reactor Database, and the World Nuclear News (WNN)
     service are vital resources for the industry, government,
     media and academia.

     World Nuclear Association
                                                                                           World Nuclear
     Reactor Database                                                                      Performance Report 2018
     We launched a new version of the Reactor Database in 2018, featuring                  We published the 3rd edition of
     country pages and a global dashboard that shows the most recent                       the World Nuclear Performance
     construction starts, grid connections and top performing reactors worldwide.          Report. The report provides the
     Combining data from the International Atomic Energy Agency’s PRIS                     nuclear industry, journalists and
     database with our own research, the Reactor Database highlights the                   other interested parties with an
     contribution made by nuclear energy worldwide. There were over 115,000                authoritative review of nuclear
     Reactor Database views in 2018.                                                       generation worldwide, with detailed
                                                                                           performance data and case
                                                                                           studies from member companies
     Information Library                                                                   highlighting new build successes.
                                                                                           Looking back at 2017, it reported
     The Information Library section of the website features over 180 detailed papers      that worldwide nuclear generation
     covering every aspect of the nuclear industry, including current projects, future     was 2,506 TWh – accounting for over
     prospects, technology, policy issues and country-by-country briefings. In 2018        10% of global electricity demand,
     there was a thorough update of a number of papers including: The Nuclear              and that the median average reactor
     Debate, Plans for New Reactors, World Energy Needs and Nuclear Power, and             construction time was shorter than
     Nuclear Power in the World Today (the third most viewed page on the website).         the previous year.
     The Information Library was viewed 4.6 million times in 2018.
                                                                                           An Asia edition of the report was
                                                                                           launched at Singapore International
     Nuclear Basics                                                                        Energy Week to provide information
                                                                                           on nuclear energy developments in
     Ahead of COP24, we published a new Nuclear Basics page on nuclear energy’s            the region as well as an overview
     current and potential contribution to mitigating climate change. This was the first   of nuclear reactor performance
     stage of a full revamp and relaunch of Nuclear Basics.                                worldwide.

                                                                                           Nuclear Energy in the
           2.8m                                           22k                              21st Century
                                                                                           We published the 4th edition of
                                                                                           Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century.
     Unique visitors to Association website       Twitter followers                        The book, written by Ian Hore-
                                                                                           Lacy, a widely-respected educator
                                                                                           about nuclear energy, provides
                                                                                           an authoritative resource for
                                                                                           educators, students, policy-makers
              9k                                          16k                              and interested lay-people alike. It
                                                                                           gets behind the controversies and
                                                                                           selective arguments, and presents
                                                                                           facts about energy demand and how
     LinkedIn followers                           Facebook followers                       it is met, in part, by nuclear energy.

World Nuclear News
                                                 In 2018 we introduced a responsive design for the WNN website based on
                                                feedback from a survey of WNN users. The new site is designed to work equally
                                              well on computers, mobile phones and tablets and its improved search function
                                             allows easier access to more than a decade of nuclear-focused journalism.

                                          We introduced a new LinkedIn page for World Nuclear News and the response from
                                         our audience on this social media channel has gone from strength to strength. We
                                        have seen a rapid increase in engagement and number of followers so we are making it a
                                       permanent channel in our social media portfolio.

       817k                     39k                         32k                      144k                        2.2k

Visitors to WNN website   WNN email subscribers     Twitter followers          Facebook followers         LinkedIn followers

Unique Business and Networking Opportunities
     World Nuclear Association runs events which provide a global forum and commercial
     meeting place for industry members and the opportunity to connect with other

     In 2018 we organized our World Nuclear Association Symposium, World Nuclear
     Fuel Cycle conference, Working Group meetings, as well as two Spotlight events in
     emerging nuclear energy countries.

     World Nuclear Fuel Cycle
     We run the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle (WNFC) conference annually in
     collaboration with the Nuclear Energy Institute. The event provides an international
     forum to discuss issues affecting the nuclear fuel cycle, with leading industry
     experts providing insights to help participants navigate the complex fuel
     marketplace. The conference takes place in a different location each year,
     enabling people from all continents to attend. WNFC 2018 was held in Madrid,
     Spain, and participants had the opportunity to visit ENUSA’s Juzbado nuclear
     fuel fabrication plant and Tecnatom’s facilities in San Sebastián de los Reyes.

     WNFC 2018 participation by region

      36% Europe

      35% Americas

      15% Asia

      6%       Russia
      5%       Middle East and Africa
      3%       Australia

World Nuclear Association Symposium
                                         The major annual event for the nuclear community takes place every
                                        September in London, UK. Organized in conjunction with the Association’s
                                       Working Group meetings, World Nuclear Association Symposium attracts
                                     leaders and experts from the industry from over 30 countries.

                                   Delegates hear from high profile industry leaders who present their views on
                                  important issues for the future of nuclear, network with hundreds of top nuclear
                                  energy professionals and executives from all over the world, and interact with
                                  our exhibitors. In addition, there are many fruitful side meetings and networking
                                  events such as the welcome reception and gala dinner which took place at
                                  Grand Connaught Rooms and was sponsored by Rosatom.

                                  Delegate positions

                                         CEOs, VPs and directors                                              39%

                                   Senior managers and advisors             			                   28%

                                          Executives and officers           		         17%

                                   Journalists, writers and editors           9%

                                  Engineers and technical experts           7%

                                  Working Group meetings
                                  The Association provides many opportunities for its members to interact and
                                  collaborate. Working Group meetings allow members to share best practice,
                                  conduct analysis, and develop consolidated positions on economic, safety and
                                  environmental issues. The meetings are often combined with social events to
                                  maximize opportunities for business networking.

                                  Working Group meetings are held throughout the year, typically in January, April
                                  (alongside the WNFC conference), and in September (alongside the Symposium).

                                  In 2018 a number of Working Group reports were published, including:
                                   • An Effective Export Control Regime for a Global Industry
Symposium 2018 key statistics
                                   • CORDEL Defence-in-Depth and Diversity: Challenges Related to
                                     I&C Architecture
                                   • Lesson-learning in Nuclear Construction Projects
       550               34       The reports can be downloaded from our website and printed copies are
                                  available on request.

Delegates        Speakers         World Nuclear Spotlight
                                  The Association works with existing and emerging nuclear countries to
                                  demonstrate the international industry’s support for their nuclear power
                                  programmes through World Nuclear Spotlight events. The events bring together
                             36   industry representatives, government officials and decision-makers to discuss
            11                    the global nuclear landscape, specific requirements for nuclear development in
                                  the host country and opportunities to drive forward its nuclear power plans.

Sponsors         Countries        For further information go to page 9.

Collaborating as an Industry
     Working Groups are exclusive forums that allow members to share leading practice,
     conduct analysis, and develop consolidated positions on economic, safety and
     environmental issues affecting the nuclear sector. Several Groups act as the interface
     for industry at policy-setting organizations, such as the International Atomic Energy
     Agency (IAEA), the International Commission for Radiological Protection (ICRP) and the
     Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) of the OECD. Advisory Groups support the Secretariat in
     seizing opportunities and addressing challenges for the nuclear industry. Each Group
     is chaired by an expert from a member company, and has a mentor assigned to it
     from the Board. Administrative and technical support is provided by the Secretariat.

     Working Groups                                                                            Advisory Groups
                                                • Fuel Report                                    • Advisory Panel
      Fuel Cycle Working Groups
                                                • Sustainable Used Fuel Management               • Communication Group
                                                • Transport
                                                • International Network for Safety Assurance
                                                  of Fuel Cycle Industries

      Plant Performance Working Groups          • Cooperation in Reactor Design Evaluation
                                                  & Licensing
                                                • Supply Chain
                                                • Capacity Optimization
                                                • Waste Management & Decommissioning

      Cross-Cutting Working Groups              • Radiological Protection
                                                • Law
                                                • Economics
                                                • Security

     Fuel Cycle Working Groups
                                Fuel Report
                                Co-Chairs: Thomas Cannon (Arizona Public Service Company) and Dauren Alybayev (Kazatomprom)

                                Staff Director: Olga Skorlyakova

     Published since the 1970s, The Nuclear Fuel Report: Global         of the Fuel Report Working Group cooperate on the report
     Scenarios for Demand and Supply Availability compiles data         through six sub-groups. Each focuses on different areas of
     from confidential surveys, international agencies and other        the fuel cycle and has ownership of different chapters. The
     public sources to produce an authoritative projection of           next edition will be published in September 2019 and will
     global nuclear fuel supply and demand. Member experts              look at scenarios to 2040.

     Demand                                      Primary Uranium Supply                        Secondary Supply
     Co-Chairs: Carole Marot (EDF)               Chair: Frank Hahne                            Chair: Rolf Kwasny (Consultant)
     Brandon Munro (Bannerman Resources)         (Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth)
                                                                                               Examines key trends and the
     Agrees on three scenarios (Lower,           Discusses classification of existing          contributions of various sources of
     Reference, Upper) for future nuclear        mines, projects under development,            secondary supplies. Information
     capacity out to a 20-year horizon           and anticipated uranium supply.               on secondary supplies is woven
     and the main assumptions (e.g. load                                                       throughout the report.
     factors) affecting future requirements.     Enrichment
     Conversion                                  Chair: Francisco Tarin (ENUSA)
                                                                                               Chair: Lawrence Mercier (Framatome)
     Chair: Nikko Collida (ConverDyn)            Focuses on key questions affecting
                                                 this area of the fuel cycle including:        Discusses this dynamic part of the fuel
     Analyzes future conversion supply           supply-demand imbalance,                      market, analyzing future prospects and
     capacities versus demand in this            underfeeding, tails re-enrichment, and        the impacts of new developments on
     concentrated segment of the fuel cycle.     various trade issues.                         the fuel cycle as a whole.

             Sustainable Used                                                  Chair: Russell Neely (Edlow International)
             Fuel Management                                                   Deputy Chair: Ian Mance (Urenco)

Chair: Mikhail Baryshnikov (TENEX)                                Staff Director: Serge Gorlin
Deputy Chair: Cecile Evans (Orano)
                                                                  This Group acts as a forum for communicating industry
Staff Director: Shah Nawaz Ahmad                                  developments, exchanging leading practice, and for
                                                                  identifying and resolving issues relating to the shipment
The mission of this Group is to shape industry positions          of nuclear material. The primary focus of the Group is to
with a view to engaging in the international debate on            address commercial topics relating to the transport of front-
sustainable management strategies for the back end of             end nuclear materials.
the fuel cycle. The Group also acts as a forum for experts
to share good practices and major developments in used            The Group is represented on the Transport Facilitation
fuel management.                                                  Working Group (TFWG), a multi-stakeholder initiative to
                                                                  preserve and open up new routes for the transport of
In 2018, four sub-groups were set up in the areas of:             radioactive material, and on the IAEA’s Transport Safety
• Lessons learned from research reactor management of             Standards Committee (TRANSSC). It also enjoys reciprocal
  used fuel.                                                      relations with the World Nuclear Transport Institute.
• Characterization of existing and emerging industrial
  infrastructures for used fuel management.                       In 2018, the Group:
• Identifying innovative processes for managing used fuel         • Worked intensively with the insurance community to
  and the constraints to their development.                         develop a new insurance product to improve coverage
                                                                    for transport operations.
• A long-term integrated step-wise system approach to used
  fuel management to mitigate risks and uncertainties.            • Produced a paper explaining how low-enriched uranium
                                                                    is packaged and transported, and how potential
Joint sessions were also held with the Law and the Waste            liabilities are managed, aimed at stakeholders in the
Management & Decommissioning Working Groups to                      supply chain.
address cross-cutting issues.                                     • Presented to the IAEA Technical Meeting on Security
                                                                    of Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material in Transport
This year, the Group will take part in the programme                (July), where it made the case for a more regional
committee and present papers at the IAEA Conference                 approach to transport security regulations to reduce
on the Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power                  operational constraints during trans-border shipments.
Reactors in June. It will continue to represent the industry at
                                                                  • Developed and piloted communication tools aimed at
international forums including on the Steering Committee for
                                                                    promoting understanding of movement of radioactive
the IAEA’s Status and Trends in Spent Fuel and Radioactive
Waste Management report.
                                                                  • Supported the TFWG in organizing a meeting on denial of
                                                                    shipments at the IAEA General Conference (September).

             International Network for                            In 2019, the Group will continue its work on insurance,
             Safety Assurance of                                  communications and on supporting the TFWG. It will
                                                                  present at the International Symposium on the Packaging
             Fuel Cycle Industries                                and Transportation of Radioactive Materials (PATRAM)
Chair: Antonino Romano (ENUSA)                                    conference in August on the work undertaken to develop a
                                                                  communications strategy.
Staff Director: Stephen Tarlton

The International Network for Safety Assurance of Fuel
Cycle Industries (INSAF) became a World Nuclear                                Fuel Cycle Members Forum
Association Working Group in 2018. The mission of the
Group is to exchange safety-related information in order to                    Chair: Tim McGraw (Cameco)
maintain and develop safety at nuclear fuel cycle facilities.
                                                                               Staff Director: Stephen Tarlton
It also encompasses informing the wider nuclear industry
about safety relating to fuel cycle facilities, providing         The Fuel Cycle Members Forum focuses on
assurance to stakeholders, and input in the development           developments in nuclear fuel and trade, typically
of global nuclear safety standards. Areas of focus for            attracting 80-90 people to its meetings. Sessions consist
INSAF are: safety regulation; safety design; safety control;      of reports from Working Groups in the fuel cycle area
training; accident/event information; support systems             as well as formal presentations and panel discussions.
between members in the event of an accident; and public           Participants at the forum are annually surveyed to
acceptance.                                                       support agenda-building at future meetings.

Plant Performance Working Groups
     Cooperation in Reactor Design Evaluation and Licensing (CORDEL)
     Chair: Zhou Fang (SNERDI)
     Deputy Chairs: Hae Ryong Hwang (KEPCO E&C), Don Hoffman (Excel Services Corporation), and Franck Lignini (Framatome)

     Staff Directors: Byung-Chan Na, Alexiei Ozeretzkovsky, and Mohammad Rababah

     CORDEL’s mission is to promote            analysis methods, and a workshop            IAEA Nuclear Safety Standards
     a worldwide nuclear regulatory            on this topic will be organized in
     environment where internationally         autumn 2019. The Task Force also            Chair: Frank Lignini (Framatome)
     accepted standardized reactor             made progress on comparison of              Deputy Chair: Robert Vesecky (CEZ)
     designs can be widely deployed            fatigue analysis. A report related to
     without major design changes at the                                                   This Task Force actively contributes
                                               this work is expected to be published
                                                                                           to the IAEA Nuclear Safety Standards
     national level. In practice, this would   in 2019. In 2018, the work of the
                                                                                           Committee (NUSSC), providing
     mean that generic design certification    MDEP Codes and Standards Working
                                                                                           consolidated industry inputs and
     and safety evaluations approved by a      Group (CSWG) was transferred to
                                                                                           feedback. In 2018, its focus was on
     recognized competent authority in the     the CSWG under the Committee of
                                                                                           the design of nuclear installations in
     country of origin would be acceptable     Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA)
                                                                                           relation to external events including
     in other countries.                       of the OECD NEA. The Task Force will
                                                                                           earthquakes. The Task Force maintains
                                               maintain cooperation with the CSWG.
                                                                                           close cooperation with ENISS and EUR
     CORDEL acts as the industry’s             The Task Force provided input to the
                                                                                           to avoid duplication.
     voice in the area of reactor design       common workshop of MDEP and
     standardization with the Multinational    CNRA on codes and standards.
     Design Evaluation Programme                                                           Digital Instrumentation & Control
     (MDEP), OECD Nuclear Energy               Design Change Management                    Chair: Johannes Pickelmann (Framatome)
     Agency (NEA), International Atomic
                                                                                           Deputy Chair: Alan Poole (Wood)
     Energy Agency (IAEA), European            Chair: Yan Jingxing (SNERDI)
     Nuclear Installations Safety Standards                                                The Task Force published Defence-in-
     Initiative (ENISS), European Utility      In 2018, this Task Force focused
                                                                                           Depth and Diversity: Challenges Related
     Requirements for LWR Power Plants         on revising its scope and work              to I&C Architecture in 2018 investigating
     (EUR), International Electrotechnical     programme following its hosting             the international differences between
     Commission (IEC), and the Standards       with the World Association of               authorities in defining key terms. The Task
     Development Organizations (SDO)           Nuclear Operators (WANO) of an              Force will continue to work on defence-
     Convergence Board.                        IAEA Technical Meeting on Roles,            in-depth and diversity aspects and I&C
                                               Responsibilities and Interfaces             modernization with a workshop on the
     In 2018, a new Strategic Plan for         between Design Authority, Responsible       latter topic being organized in 2019. The
     CORDEL (2019-2023), focusing on both      Designers and Technical Support             Task Force will maintain its collaboration
     new-build and long-term operation,        Organizations. From 2019, it will           with relevant SDOs and international
     was worked on by the Group, while a       facilitate sharing of design change         organizations (including IEEE and the
     five-year extension to the memorandum     information on common nuclear power         NEA-CNRA), and continue to interact with
     of understanding with ENISS and EUR       plant designs among different utilities,    the IAEA in the development of relevant
     was agreed and signed. A highlight        owners groups, and international            Technical Documents.
     was the holding of the third regional     organizations. The Task Force will also
     workshop on Technical and Regulatory      maintain its dialogue with WANO and         Small Modular Reactors
     Issues Facing Nuclear Power Plants        the IAEA.
     organized in cooperation with the Long                                                Chair: Tom Bergman (NuScale Power)
     Term Operation Task Force in Shanghai,    Licensing and Permitting                    Deputy Chair: David Fletcher (Urenco)
     China hosted by Shanghai Nuclear
     Engineering Research & Design             Co-Chairs: Vanessa Jakovich (Freshfields)   This Task Force promotes the application
     Institute (SNERDI).                       Claude Mayoral (Framatome)                  of the CORDEL model to global SMR
                                                                                           deployment at relevant international
                                               This Task Force has worked on the           forums such as the IAEA SMR
     The key achievements of the various
                                               concept of a reference plant which          Regulators’ Forum and the International
     CORDEL Task Forces in 2018, as well
                                               could be more easily licensed in a          Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors
     as planned tasks, are described below.
                                               given country by taking advantage           and Fuel Cycles (INPRO). It will continue
                                               of an acceptance of the reference           to work on topics such as: in-factory
     Mechanical Codes and Standards
                                               plant design by a competent safety          certification of modules; inherent safety
     Chair: Nawal Prinja (Wood)                authority. A report on the topic is to      features and passive safety systems,
     Deputy Chair: Frédéric Beaud (EDF)        be published in 2019. The Task Force        regulatory/licensing framework for
                                               continues to benchmark leading              non-LWR/advanced reactors; security
     This Task Force launched its              practice regarding licensing and to         approaches and non-proliferation
     benchmarks study on non-linear            improve efficiency.                         issues; and emergency planning zones.

Supply Chain
             Chair: Laurent-Olivier Coudeyre (EDF)

             Staff Director: Greg Kaser

This Group supports members in               on supply chain management in                  The revised report on An Effective
monitoring and identifying market            Paris in 2018. It continues to work            Export Control Regime for a Global
trends, providing guidance on                with the Nuclear Quality Standard              Industry was issued and presentations
timely, consistent and efficient plant       Association to help ensure that the            were made on its recommendations
construction, and in communicating           new quality management standard for            to the Nuclear Suppliers Group of
with stakeholders on industrial              the nuclear supply chain published             governments.
developments. In 2018, links with            by the International Organization for
WANO and the European industry               Standardization (ISO 19443) meets the          In 2019, the Group plans to undertake
association Foratom were strengthened        needs and aspirations of licensees and         a review of approaches and leading
to avoid duplication and help amplify        technology vendors. A MoU between              practice in risk management and
the industry’s voice.                        a number of operators and reactor              procurement along the supply chain
                                             vendors and the Association to devise          including localization. It will continue
The Group reports regularly to the           a road map for a strengthened system           to engage with the Nuclear Suppliers
Multinational Design Evaluation              for qualifying auditors in certifying to the   Group on export control issues and
Programme’s (MDEP’s) Vendor                  standard was agreed in late 2018.              to monitor and provide vendor input
Inspection Coordination Working Group                                                       to a European Union project on the
(VICWG). The Staff Director assisted         The report of the New Build Lesson-            procurement of lower safety class
the Nuclear Energy Agency and the            learning Task Force, published in 2018,        components from a wider range of
VICWG in organizing a workshop               attracted considerable interest.               suppliers.

                           Capacity Optimization
                           Co-Chairs: Mike Baron (Global Nuclear Associates) and Abderrahim Al Mazouzi (EDF)

                           Staff Director: Mohammad Rababah

This Group was set up as a forum for         reaching over 30 years, has been in the        and importance of continued operation
discussing the means by which nuclear        area of long-term operation (LTO). The         of the existing fleet. The Task Force
power plant operators worldwide can          LTO Task Force monitors existing work          will also be a forum for the industry,
improve the performance of their plants      performed by WANO, NEA and IAEA in             including vendors and utilities, to share
in areas such as maintenance and             this field, and will produce an industry       leading practice in this field.
availability. Its recent focus, prompted     position paper to support outreach to
by the average age of the global fleet       policy makers regarding the feasibility

             Waste Management & Decommissioning
             Chair: Mike Pieraccini (EDF)

             Staff Director: Charlotta Sanders

This Group monitors trends in waste          and the safe long-term disposal of             The Group published a methodological
management strategies on both the            radioactive wastes from nuclear sites          guide for managing waste from
international and local level, as it seeks   as prescribed in national regulations.         decommissioning in early 2019. The
to establish a consensus regarding a         Additionally, it cooperates with other         guide covers an array of strategic,
more effective system of nuclear waste       Working Groups on topics of mutual             technical and economic aspects of
management and decommissioning.              interest, such as the radiological             nuclear waste management.
The Group promotes resource                  protection of workers during
efficiency through the appropriate           decommissioning, or with regard to
re-use and recycling of material,            multinational repositories.

Cross-Cutting Working Groups
                  Radiological Protection
                  Chair: Marcel Lips (Kernkraftwerk Gösgen-Däniken)     Deputy Chairs: Willie Harris (Exelon) and Chewn Pham (BHP Billiton)

                  Staff Director: Charlotta Sanders

     This Group advocates scientifically-           Radiological Protection (ICRP) and the       RP-related committees and guidance
     based policies and practices supported         International Atomic Energy Agency’s         document processes, ICRP report
     by industry experience to provide              (IAEA’s) Radiation Safety Standards          reviews, and participation in other
     sufficient protection to workers,              Committee (RASSC).                           conferences. The Group will undertake
     the public and the environment. It                                                          a revision of the Association’s position
     channels the global industry’s voice on        The Group has developed an action            statements on Risks of Low-dose
     radiological protection (RP) questions,        plan for current and future activities       Ionizing Radiation and The Need for
     as it interfaces with institutions, such       throughout 2019 and beyond. These            Robust Justification for Radiological
     as the International Commission on             activities include involvement in IAEA       Protection Recommendations.

                  Chair: Chris White (Urenco)       Deputy Chair: Elina Teplinsky (Pillsbury)

                  Staff Director: Philippe Costes

     This Group was established with a              relationships with the legal offices of      In 2019, the Group will continue to be a
     mandate to raise awareness of the legal        the International Atomic Energy Agency       forum for the exchange of information
     issues and developments affecting the          (IAEA) and OECD Nuclear Energy               on contemporary legal topics, including
     global nuclear industry amongst the            Agency (NEA) as well as with other           the impact of nuclear cooperation
     membership of the Association, as well         relevant stakeholders.                       agreements on the nuclear industry.
     as to provide a forum to the members’                                                       It will forge greater connections with
     legal representatives. The Group also          The Group has focused in recent meetings     other Groups and cooperate on
     liaises with other Working Groups and          on examining the consequences of ‘Brexit’    subjects of mutual interest such as
     assists when necessary on ways to              for the nuclear industry, developments in    multi-national repositories.
     respond to specific legal challenges.          global nuclear liability and insurance, as
     It has developed mutually beneficial           well as issues in nuclear new build.

                  Chair: Milton Caplan (MZ Consulting)        Deputy Chair: Irina Skvortsova (Rosatom)

                  Staff Director: Philippe Costes

     This Group’s focus is on developing a          demonstrated that new nuclear is             electricity generation; conditions for
     better understanding of the economics          justified in many countries on economic      fair competition among low-emission
     and the capital costs of nuclear plants,       criteria alone and aimed at identifying      electricity generation; future changes that
     notably new plants. It also examines the       the key risks in a nuclear project.          will have an impact on electricity markets,
     competitiveness of nuclear energy in                                                        such as costs of storage, load-following
     the overall generating mix.                    With the objective of providing key          and demand-side management;
                                                    inputs to the Harmony programme, the         socio-economic benefits of nuclear
     Its 2017 report, Nuclear Power                 Group in 2019 will examine: system/grid      development; life-cycle analyses of low-
     Economics and Project Structuring,             costs associated with nuclear and other      carbon energy sources; and financing.

                  Chair: Roger Howsley (World Institute for Nuclear Security)
                  Deputy Chairs: Taisiya Afanasyeva (Rosatom) and Robert Rodger (National Nuclear Laboratory)

                  Staff Director: Greg Kaser

     The mission of this Group is to share          The Group supports the role of the           In 2019, the Group plans to review
     expertise and leading practice between         IAEA in marshalling international            leading practice and exchange
     Association members in the field of            cooperation in nuclear security              experience and ideas on a number
     nuclear security and establish the             and in publishing consensus                  of topics and issue industry position
     view of the industry on nuclear security.      recommendations which reflect                statements or recommendations.
     The Working Group supports the                 current leading practice. The Group          Among the topics to be examined are:
     Association’s mission to foster public         is represented on the Nuclear                mitigating insider threats; cybersecurity;
     confidence in the nuclear industry in the      Security Guidance Committee, which           the safety-security interface and culture;
     areas of security and the safeguarding of      is responsible for developing IAEA           and security oversight as part of good
     materials under industry control.              recommendations on security.                 corporate governance.

Advisory Groups
             Advisory Panel
             Chair: Tim Gitzel (Cameco)       Deputy Chair: Clark Beyer (Global Fuel Solutions)

             Staff Director: Virginie Ryan-Taïx

The Advisory Panel has a consultative         the Association should position itself in     activities and planning of World
function. It seeks to identify challenges     addressing these challenges.                  Nuclear Spotlight events. The Panel
facing the global nuclear industry,                                                         also reviewed the status of the industry
opportunities to advance its position         In 2018, the Advisory Panel met               worldwide, including a presentation
in policy arenas, and ways to improve         on three occasions to discuss the             on the situation in Japan, and
public acceptance of nuclear energy.          Association’s priorities, in particular       discussed how the international nuclear
It provides recommendations on how            with regard to its increasing outreach        community can contribute.

             Communication Group
             Chair: Jayne Hallett (Urenco)        Deputy Chair: Adrian Bull (National Nuclear Laboratory)

             Staff Director: Vaishali Patel

The role of the Communication                 In 2018, the Group provided input on an       provided feedback on the Association’s
Group is to support the Association           initial draft of the Harmony programme’s      proposal to revise the Nuclear Basics
by identifying communication                  Effective Safety Paradigm issue paper         section of the website.
opportunities and challenges facing           and on a promotional video about the
the industry and ways to address              programme. The Group initiated the            The Communication Group provides a
them. Its members also provide                idea of creating infographics with key        forum to share ideas and to benchmark
support to specific projects decided          messages, main facts and figures that         against other nuclear energy
by the Group and help disseminate             can be made available for all member          associations that are invited to the
key messages to the wider industry            organizations to use in presentations         meetings, including Foratom and the
and beyond.                                   and on social media. Members also             Nuclear Energy Institute.

Training the Leaders of Tomorrow
     The internationally recognized
     World Nuclear University (WNU)
     training courses provide a
     stimulating, multicultural and
     dynamic learning experience,
     opening a gateway to global
     networking for nuclear
     professionals. In 2018, WNU
     training courses attracted
     around 700 participants.

                                            Summer Institute
     The WNU was nominated                  The World Nuclear University Summer Institute has completed 14 successful
                                            years of enhancing nuclear education for future leaders and professionals.
     for the Atomexpo Award                 Organizations around the world rely on the WNU to provide leadership training
     in the Human Capital                   for their career development programmes.
     Development category                   The Summer Institute 2018 took place in Busan and Gyeongju, South Korea,
     for projects aimed at                  from 26 June to 3 August and welcomed 59 Fellows from 26 countries. The
     creating talent pools,                 programme develops a broad understanding of nuclear topics and essential
                                            skills for effective leadership. Topics include: global energy setting; nuclear
     improving qualification                industry and innovations; communication; and safety, security and safeguards;
     levels, developing and                 project management and leadership.

     strengthening corporate                Key invited leaders included: Mary Alice Hayward, Deputy Director General and
     culture.                               Head of the Department of Management, IAEA; Kirill Komarov, Deputy Director
                                            General, Rosatom; William Magwood, Director General, OECD Nuclear Energy
                                            Agency; and Jacques Regaldo, Chairman, WANO.
     Nuclear Energy in the
     21st Century                           Network for Nuclear Innovation

     In 2018, the WNU published the 4th     An initiative derived from the WNU Summer Institute is the Network for Nuclear
     edition of the Nuclear Energy in the   Innovation. Fellows discuss important current nuclear industry challenges and
     21st Century by Ian Hore-Lacy.         produce an original piece of work. The 2018 Network for Nuclear Innovation
                                            projects included:
                                            • Nuclear and renewables integration in a low-carbon grid.
                                            • Innovative solutions to leadership succession planning for the nuclear industry.
                                            • Changing the conversation – stories from the nuclear community.
                                            • Market-driven assessment to inform the development and deployment of
                                              small modular reactors.

                                            The Network for Nuclear Innovation magazine is available on the WNU website

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