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          Your High Net Worth
          Home Insurance Policy

          Excellence takes attention to detail.
          It takes Aviva.

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 1                   31/08/2021 13:49
                   3         About your policy
                   8         Complaints
                   9         How to claim
                   12        Definitions
                   17        General exclusions
                   20        General conditions
                   21        Your buildings
                   24        Your contents
                   27        Your valuables
                   30        Your liability
                   34        Your property emergencies
                   36        Your personal emergencies
                   41        Your travel
                   46        Your legal solutions
                   53	Your home breakdown
                       and emergency solutions

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 2                          31/08/2021 13:49
About your policy

         This policy wording details          The contract between us                         Reading this policy                              Telephone call charges and
         the protection we provide.           This policy is a contract of insurance          Please read this policy carefully and            recording
                                              between you and us.                             make sure that it meets your needs. If any       Calls to 0800 numbers from UK landlines
                                                                                              corrections are necessary, or you require        and mobiles are free. The cost of calls
                                              The following elements form the contract
         Defined terms used in this section                                                   clarification, you should contact your           to 03 prefixed numbers are charged at
                                              of insurance between you and us, please
                                                                                              insurance adviser who arranged this policy.      national call rates (charges may vary
         accident                             read them and keep them safe:
                                                                                              If you wish to increase or add elements          dependent on your network provider) and
         buildings                                 your policy wording;
                                                                                              of cover to this policy, you should also         are usually included in inclusive minute
         collectibles                                                                         contact your insurance adviser.
                                              ●●   information contained on your                                                               plans from landlines and mobiles. For our
         domestic employees
                                                   Statement of Fact document as              Please keep this policy in a safe place –        joint protection telephone calls may be
         endorsement                                                                                                                           recorded and/or monitored.
                                                   issued by us and any additional            you may need to refer to it if you have to
                                                   questionnaire(s);                          make a claim.
         fine art                                                                                                                              Alerting you to important
                                              ●●   your schedule;
                                                                                              Defined terms                                    information
         loss                                 ●●   any endorsements on your policy, as
         occurrence                                set out in your schedule;                  Certain terms, including ‘you’ and ‘we’,          Action alerts: these teal boxes draw your
                                                                                              have special meanings in this document.           attention to important actions you need
         period of insurance                       any changes to your home insurance
                                                                                              You can find them listed in Definitions           to take, either to maintain your cover or
         policy                                    policy contained in notices issued by us   (page 12). You can also find a list at the        in the event of a claim.
         residence                                 at renewal;                                start of each section, showing the defined
                                              ●●   your important information document.       terms in that section.
         subsidence                                                                                                                             Attention alerts: these orange boxes
                                              In return for you paying your premium,                                                            draw your attention to terms which limit
         United Kingdom                                                                       Accessibility
         valuables                            we will provide the cover shown on your                                                           your cover.
                                              schedule on the terms and conditions of         Please ask your insurance adviser who
                                              this policy booklet during the period of        arranged this policy if you need accessible
                                              insurance.                                      versions of this policy and its associated
                                                                                              documents, including Insurance Product
         See Definitions (page 12).           Our provision of insurance under this
                                                                                              Information Document (IPID). We can
                                              policy is conditional upon you observing
                                                                                              provide them in braille, audio or large print.
                                              and fulfilling the terms, provisions,
                                              conditions and clauses of this policy.

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 3                                                                                                                                                        31/08/2021 13:49
The right to cancel

         Personal information                           Your right to cancel                             Our right to cancel                             incorrect or incomplete information then
                                                                                                                                                         we may cancel your policy without notice
         If you have questions or concerns              During the cooling-off period                    We or any agent we have authorised to do
                                                                                                                                                         and backdate the cancellation to the date
         regarding the way in which your personal                                                        so may cancel your policy provided by Aviva
                                                        You have a statutory right to cancel your                                                        when this happened, which could be when
         information has been used, please contact:                                                      if we have a valid reason, for example if:
                                                        policy within 14 days from the day of purchase                                                   you first bought your policy.
         ●●   DATAPRT@aviva.com for all sections        or renewal of the contract or the day on         ●●   you don’t pay your premium when it’s due
              other than Your legal solutions and       which you receive the policy or renewal               (including non-payment of instalments).    Will I get a premium refund?
              Your home breakdown and emergency         documentation, whichever is the later.                If you don’t pay the first premium
                                                                                                                                                         If your policy is cancelled before the cover
              solutions; and                                                                                  your policy will not be valid. If you
                                                        If you wish to cancel and your cover hasn’t                                                      starts we’ll refund the premium you’ve paid
                                                                                                              miss a payment after that we’ll write
         ●●   dataprotection@arag.co.uk for             started you will be entitled to a full refund                                                    for the cancelled cover.
                                                                                                              to you giving a further date to pay. We
              Your legal solutions and Your home        of the premium paid.
                                                                                                              will give you at least 14 days’ notice     If your policy or an additional cover is
              breakdown and emergency solutions.
                                                        If you cancel after your cover has started            in writing if we intend to cancel due      cancelled after cover has started we’ll
         We are committed to working with you to        we’ll refund the full premium paid less               to non-payment of instalments. If we       refund you for any days left which you’ve
         obtain a fair resolution of any complaint      a proportionate deduction for the time                don’t receive payment by then we will      already paid for.
         or concern about privacy. If, however, you     we’ve provided cover.                                 cancel the policy from the date shown      You won’t get a refund at all if we cancel
         believe that we have not been able to                                                                on the letter;
                                                        If you don’t exercise your right to cancel,                                                      your policy because you acted dishonestly
         assist with your complaint or concern, you
                                                        your policy will continue, and you will be       ●●   we reasonably suspect fraud;               or fraudulently and/or we are legally
         have the right to make a complaint to the
                                                        required to pay the premium.                                                                     entitled to keep the premium under the
         relevant Data Protection Authority.                                                             ●●   you don’t co-operate with us or give
                                                                                                                                                         Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and
                                                        After the cooling-off period                          us information or documentation we
         For more information about how we                                                                                                               Representations) Act 2012.
                                                                                                              ask for, and this affects our ability to
         process your personal information, please      In addition to your statutory rights you can          process a claim or defend our interests;
         see our full privacy notice in the Important   cancel the policy provided by Aviva at any
         Information document provided by us.           time by contacting your insurance adviser
                                                                                                         ●●   you have not given complete and
                                                        at the address shown on your schedule.                accurate answers to the questions
         For the privacy notice in relation to Your
                                                                                                              we ask.
         legal solutions and Your home breakdown        There may be a charge for doing this, please
         and emergency solutions, go to                 see ‘Will I get a premium refund?’ opposite.     Where we cancel, we’ll always give you
         https://www.arag.co.uk/cookie-policy                                                            at least 14 days’ notice by post or email
                                                         If this policy is cancelled or not renewed      to the last address you’ve given us and
                                                         by either you or us, you should cancel          tell you the reason why. The exception is
                                                         any direct debit arrangements.                  where we have evidence that you have
                                                                                                         acted fraudulently or deliberately given us

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 4                                                                                                                                                                      31/08/2021 13:49
Information about us                                                                                                                         Other legal matters

         This policy comprises of different sections.     Details of the Temporary Permissions           You can check this information on the        Third party rights
                                                          Regime, which allows EEA-based firms to        Financial Conduct Authority’s website at
         ●●   Cover under Your buildings, Your                                                                                                        No third party will be able to enforce any
                                                          operate in the UK for a limited period while   www.fca.org.uk or the Central Bank of
              contents, Your valuables, Your liability,                                                                                               rights under this policy.
                                                          seeking full authorisation, are available on   Ireland’s website at www.centralbank.ie,
              Your property emergencies, Your
                                                          the Financial Conduct Authority’s website.     which includes a register of all the firms
              personal emergencies, and Your travel
                                                                                                         they regulate.
                                                                                                                                                      Law and jurisdiction
              will be provided, as set out in your        ●●   Cover under Your legal solutions
                                                                                                                                                      The parties are free to choose the law
              schedule:                                        and Your home breakdown and
                                                               emergency solutions is provided by
                                                                                                         Insurance guarantee schemes                  applicable to this policy. Unless specifically
         	Risks situated within the UK are                                                                                                           agreed to the contrary this policy shall be
                                                               AmTrust Europe Limited. ARAG plc          Where Aviva Insurance Limited and/or
           underwritten by Aviva Insurance                                                                                                            governed by English law and subject to
                                                               (or appointed agents on its behalf) is    AmTrust Europe Limited is your insurer
           Limited. Registered in Scotland, No.                                                                                                       the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of
                                                               authorised under a binding authority
           2116. Registered Office: Pitheavlis, Perth                                                    We are members of the Financial Services     England and Wales.
                                                               agreement (written under unique
           PH2 0NH. Authorised by the Prudential                                                         Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may
                                                               market reference 126187201500 or
           Regulation Authority and regulated by                                                         be entitled to compensation form this        Language
                                                               replacement thereof) to administer
           the Financial Conduct Authority and the                                                       scheme if we cannot meet our obligations,
                                                               Your legal solutions and Your home                                                     The parties agree that the language of this
           Prudential Regulation Authority and our                                                       depending on the type of insurance and
                                                               breakdown and emergency solutions                                                      policy and all communications relating to
           firm’s reference number is 202153.                                                            the circumstances of your claim.
                                                               on behalf of AmTrust Europe Limited.                                                   it will be in English.
         And/or                                                                                          Further information about the scheme
                                                               – A
                                                                  mTrust Europe Limited is
                                                                                                         is available from the FSCS website at        Currency
         	Risks situated within the EEA are                     authorised by the Prudential
           underwritten by Aviva Insurance Ireland               Regulation Authority and regulated                                                   All monetary amounts stated in this policy
           Designated Activity Company, trading                  by the Financial Conduct Authority                                                   are expressed in Pounds Sterling.
                                                                                                         Where Aviva Insurance Ireland Designated
           as Aviva, is regulated by the Central Bank            and Prudential Regulation               Activity Company is your insurer
           of Ireland. Our firm’s reference number is            Authority (Firm Reference No.
           No. C171485. A private company limited                202189). Registered office is Market    Depending upon where in the EEA you
           by shares. Registered in Ireland, No.                 Square House, St. James’s Street,       and/or the insured risk is located there
           605769. Registered Office: One Park Place,            Nottingham, NG1 6FG. Registered in      may be a local scheme that applies. Where
           Hatch Street, Dublin 2, Ireland, D02 E651.            England No. 01229676.                   a scheme is available in an EEA member
           Registered UK Branch Address: St Helen’s,                                                     state it may cover only limited types of
                                                               – A
                                                                  RAG plc is authorised and regulated   insurance (e.g. compulsory motor cover)
           1 Undershaft, London EC3P 3DQ.
                                                                 by the Financial Conduct Authority      although some jurisdictions have wider
           UK branch deemed authorised by the
                                                                 (Firm Reference No.452369).             schemes. If you have any questions, please
           Prudential Regulation Authority. Subject
                                                                 Registered office is 9 Whiteladies      contact us.
           to regulation by the Financial Conduct
                                                                 Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1NN.
           Authority (FCA reference No. 827591)
                                                                 Registered in England No. 02585818.
           and limited regulation by the Prudential
           Regulation Authority.

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 5                                                                                                                                                                  31/08/2021 13:49
Information you have given us

         Sanctions and export controls                  Take care to give us the right                  Where either applies, we will give you           If we exercise our right under 3 above:
                                                        information                                     notice that we will treat this policy and any
         We shall not provide any benefit under this                                                                                                     ●●   we shall not be liable to you in respect
                                                                                                        future claim in accordance with 2 and/or 3,
         contract of insurance:                         When we ask you any questions or ask for                                                              of a relevant event which happens
                                                                                                        in which case you may then give us notice
                                                        information, you must take care to provide                                                            after the time of the fraudulent act.
         ●●   to the extent of providing cover,                                                         that you are terminating this policy in
                                                        accurate and complete information.                                                                    A relevant event is whatever gives rise
              payment of any claim or the provision                                                     accordance with The right to cancel (page 4).
                                                                                                                                                              to our liability under this policy (such
              of any benefit where doing so would       This is because in deciding to accept this                                                            as the occurrence of a loss, the making
              breach any United Kingdom, European       policy, and in setting the terms including      If you were deliberate or reckless
                                                                                                                                                              of a claim, or the notification of a
              Union, United States of America or        the premium, we have relied upon the            If we establish that you deliberately or              potential claim); and
              United Nations sanction, prohibition      information which you have provided to us.      recklessly provided us with untrue or
              or restriction imposed by law or                                                                                                           ●●   we need not return any of the
                                                                                                        misleading information we will have the
              regulation; or                            What if you give incorrect                                                                            premium paid.
                                                                                                        right to:
         ●●   which relates to the supply or            information?                                    ●●   treat this policy as if it never existed;
              movement from one country to any          If you were careless                                 and
              embargoed territory listed by the
              United Kingdom, European Union,           If we establish that you carelessly provided    ●●   decline all claims; and
              United States of America or United        us with untrue or misleading information,       ●●   keep the premium.
              Nations of controlled goods, military     we will have the following rights:
              goods or dual use goods, including        1	If we would not have provided you with       Fraud
              rifles, shotguns and antique fire arms.      cover, we can treat this policy as if it     If you, or anyone acting for you, makes a
                                                           never existed, refuse to pay any claims      fraudulent claim, for example a loss which
                                                           and return the premium you have paid.        is fraudulently caused and/or exaggerated
                                                        2	If we would have provided you with           and/or supported by a fraudulent
                                                           cover on different terms, we can treat       statement or other device:
                                                           this policy as if it had been entered into   1	we will not be liable to pay the claim;
                                                           on different terms from those agreed.           and
                                                        3	We can reduce the amount we pay on           2 	we may recover from you any sums
                                                           any claim in the proportion that the             paid by us to you in respect of the
                                                           premium you have paid bears to the               claim; and
                                                           premium we would have charged you,
                                                           if we would have charged you more.           3 	we may by notice to you treat this policy
                                                                                                            as having been terminated with effect
                                                        We will notify you in writing if any of these       from the time of the fraudulent act.
                                                        options apply. It is possible that 2 and 3
                                                        may both apply.

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 6                                                                                                                                                                    31/08/2021 13:49
Changes we need to know about

                                                             Building work                                   ●●   £500,000 in respect of any other
          You must tell us as soon as practicably
                                                                                                                  valuable item.
          possible of any change in the                      Tell us about any building work that is
          information you have provided to us                intended to take place at a residence
          which happens before or during any                 covered by this policy, which is estimated
                                                                                                             How a change may affect your
          period of insurance.                               to cost more than £250,000. In these            policy
                                                             circumstances, you must notify us of            When we are notified of a change, we will
         What to tell us about                               the works at least 30 days before they          tell you if this affects your policy.
                                                             commence, or before entering into any
         Examples of changes you must tell us                                                                For example, we may:
                                                             contract in relation to the building work,
         about include the following:
                                                             whichever is earlier.                           ●●   cancel this policy in accordance with
                                                                                                                  the provisions in The right to cancel
         If your home is, or is likely to be,
                                                             Changes to security or fire protection               (page 4); or
                                                                                                             ●●   amend the terms of this policy so that
         Tell us if your home has not been
                                                             Tell us if any changes are made to the               the amended terms are effective from
         permanently lived in, or is unlikely to be
                                                             security or fire protection arrangements             the time of the change; and/or
         lived in, for 90 consecutive days, unless
                                                             relating to your residence.
         regularly attended by domestic employees                                                            ●●   require you to pay more for this policy
         or a property management company                    Criminal offences                                    from the time of the change.
         under a written contract. They must visit
                                                             Tell us if you are charged with, or convicted   If you do not tell us about a change, it may
         no less than once every 14 days. Their visit
                                                             of, any criminal offence (other than            affect any claim you make or could result
         must include both internal and external
                                                             motoring offences or spent convictions).        in your insurance being invalid.
                                                                                                             If you are in doubt about whether you
         If there is a change of use or occupancy            Deterioration of your buildings                 need to tell us about a change you
         at your residence                                   Tell us if the physical state of your           should contact the insurance adviser who
                                                             buildings deteriorates in any way, including    arranged this policy.
         Tell us if there is, or is likely to be, a change
         of use or change in occupancy at your               where there is evidence of subsidence.
         residence, such as the letting of a building
                                                             Loaning your valuables
         (either partially or fully).
                                                             Tell us if you intend to loan any of your
         Bankruptcy                                          valuables which collectively or individually
         Tell us if you are made bankrupt                    have a total value in excess of:
         and/or enter into an individual voluntary           ●●   £5,000,000 in respect of fine art or
         agreement.                                               collectibles; or

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 7                                                                                                                             31/08/2021 13:49

         We hope you won’t need this page, and         Customer Relations Department                    The Financial Ombudsman Service
         will do our utmost to make sure you don’t.    ARAG plc, 9 Whiteladies Road, Clifton,           can look into most complaints from
                                                       Bristol, BS8 1NN                                 consumers and small businesses. For more
         We are dedicated to providing a high
                                                                                                        information contact them on the above
         quality service and we want to ensure         Email: customerrelations@arag.co.uk
                                                                                                        number or address, or view their website.
         that we maintain this at all times. If you
                                                       Telephone: +44 (0) 117 917 1561
         have any questions or concerns about                                                           Whilst we are bound by the decision of the
         this policy or the handling of a claim,       Hours of operation are 9am-5pm, Mondays          Financial Ombudsman Service, you are not.
         please contact the insurance adviser who      to Fridays excluding bank holidays. For our      Following the complaints procedure does
         arranged this policy.                         mutual protection and training purposes,         not affect your right to take legal action.
                                                       calls may be recorded.
         Your buildings, Your contents,                                                                 Where Aviva Insurance Ireland
         Your valuables, Your liability, Your                                                           Designated Activity Company is your
                                                       Referral to ombudsman services
         property emergencies, Your personal                                                            insurer, please refer your complaint to:
         emergencies and Your travel                   If you remain dissatisfied or you have not
                                                                                                        Financial Services and Pensions
                                                       received a final decision within 8 weeks,
         If you wish to make a complaint in relation                                                    Ombudsman, Lincoln House, Lincoln
                                                       you can refer your complaint to the
         to your insurance policy, you can do so at                                                     Place, Dublin 2, D02 VH29
                                                       relevant ombudsman service:
         any time by referring the matter to your
                                                                                                        Telephone: +353 1 567 7000
         insurance adviser or by contacting Aviva      Where Aviva Insurance Limited and/or
         Insurance Limited at:                         AmTrust Europe Limited is your insurer,          Email: info@fspo.ie
                                                       please refer your complaint to:
         Complaints Manager                                                                             The European Commission also provides
         Aviva Insurance Limited                       Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange            an online dispute resolution (ODR)
         PO Box 78, Surrey Street, Norwich NR1 3EB     Tower, London E14 9SR                            platform that allows consumers to submit
                                                                                                        their complaint through a central site,
         Email: ukgiceo@aviva.com                      Email: complaint.info@financial-
                                                                                                        which will forward the complaint to the
         Telephone from within the United                                                               right Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
         Kingdom: 0800 092 7713 or, from               Telephone from within the United                 scheme. For more information about ODR
         outside the United Kingdom:                   Kingdom: 0800 023 4567 or, from outside          please visit http://ec.europa.eu/odr
         Telephone: +44 (0) 1603 606653                the United Kingdom: Telephone:
                                                       +44 (0) 207 964 0500 Fax: +44 (0) 207 964 1001
         Your legal solutions and Your home
         breakdown and emergency solutions             For Call Back Service, text 0786 002 7586.

         If you wish to make a complaint in relation   Website:
         to these sections, you can do so at any       www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk
         time by referring the matter to:

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 8                                                                                                                       31/08/2021 13:49
How to claim                                 Contacting us                              Submitting your claim

         If you need to make a claim,                 You can call us at any time.               You must tell us as soon as practicably       If you claim under the Your travel section
                                                                                                 possible of any incident or circumstance      of your policy, you must co-operate with
         you’ll have our full support at              Concierge Desk                             which may lead to a claim under this          any arrangements for medical advisers to
         every step. We’re open 24/7.                 Our dedicated Concierge Desk is open       policy, or if you need in-patient treatment   examine you.
                                                      24 hours a day, 7 days a week.             under Your travel (page 41).
                                                                                                                                                We may ask for independent medical
          This section does not apply to Your legal                                              You will need to provide us with a detailed
                                                      From within the United Kingdom:                                                           examinations in relation to any claim
          solutions and Your home breakdown                                                      account of what has happened including
                                                      0800 056 2579                                                                             under this policy.
          and emergency solutions. If you need                                                   details of any loss or damage or legal
          to make a claim under these sections        From outside the United Kingdom:           claim.
          please refer to page 51 and page 55.        +44 (0) 160 360 6635
                                                                                                 It will help if you make detailed notes at
                                                      Or email us at: conciergehome@aviva.com    the time, and take photographs of any
          There are important conditions set out
          within this section. If you do not comply   Emergency Medical Help Desk
          with them it may mean that your claim
                                                      The Emergency Medical Help Desk is open    Supporting the claims process
          is reduced or not paid.
                                                      24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
                                                                                                 You can support your claim in a number of
                                                      Telephone from within the United           ways, depending on the situation.
                                                      Kingdom: 0800 068 2340
         Defined terms used in this section                                                      You must make any damaged property
                                                      Telephone from outside the United          available to us for inspection as often as
         amount insured
                                                      Kingdom: +44 (0) 160 360 6712              we need.
         close relation
         contents                                      If a crime has been committed:            You must co-operate with us in your
                                                                                                 defence by:
                                                       ●●   call the police; and
         injury                                        ●●   get a crime number; and
                                                                                                 ●●   helping us to make settlements; and
         legal claim
                                                       ●●   give us the crime number.            ●●   attending hearings and trials.
         market value
                                                                                                 Where we request it, you must enforce any
                                                       If you do not comply with these           right of contribution or reimbursement
         medical practitioner
                                                       conditions, it may mean that your claim   against any person or organisation who
                                                       is reduced or not paid.                   may be liable.
         United Kingdom

         See Definitions (page 12).

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 9                                                                                                                                                         31/08/2021 13:49
If there is damage or injury

         As well as helping you with your claim,          ●●   allow us to inspect any damage           Injury to others or damage to their           Relevant documents
         we are also there to help you deal with                                                        property
                                                               before repair work starts, unless you
         the aftermath, whether this is damage to                                                                                                     Relevant documents we may need to
                                                               need to undertake urgent repairs.        You may be held responsible for injury or
         property, or injuries to you or injuries to                                                                                                  see under any of the above include:
         others.                                                                                        damage to someone else.
                                                          If you do not comply with these
         For immediate help, our dedicated                conditions, it may mean that your claim        After any incident or occurrence which          Invoices
         Concierge Desk is open 24 hours a day,           is reduced or not paid.                        may lead to a claim, you must:                  Receipts
         7 days a week.                                                                                  ●●   not admit liability;                       Notes from your medical practitioner
         Telephone from within the                       Injuries to you                                 ●●   not offer to pay for any damage;           Letters
         United Kingdom: 0800 056 2579                                                                   ●●   co-operate with us fully and provide       Legal documents
                                                          If you have suffered illness or injury, you
         Telephone from outside the United                                                                    all information that we require;
         Kingdom: +44 (0) 160 360 6635                                                                   ●●   obtain and provide to us names and
                                                          ●●   see a medical practitioner as soon
                                                                                                              addresses of any injured parties and
         Or email us at conciergehome@aviva.com                as possible;
                                                                                                              witnesses (if any were present);
                                                          ●●   follow all medical advice;
         Damage to property                                                                              ●●   as soon as is practicably
                                                          ●●   co-operate with us fully and provide           possible, send us every item
         The cover described in Your property                  all information that we require; and           of correspondence and legal
         emergencies (page 34) is designed to help        ●●   send us any records and documents              documents you have, as well as
         you to deal with damaged property in an               that we require, including notes               details of any conversations relating
         emergency.                                            from your medical practitioner in              to your claim; and
                                                               relation to your claim                         not appoint legal representation
           You must:                                                                                     ●●

                                                                                                              without our written permission.
           ●●   co-operate with us fully and provide
                                                          If you do not comply with these
                all information that we require
                                                          conditions, it may mean that your claim        If you do not comply with these
                including the value of any items that
                                                          is reduced or not paid.                        conditions, it may mean that your claim
                have been damaged;
                                                                                                         is reduced or not paid.
           ●●   take all practical steps to protect
                property after an occurrence,
                including urgent repairs that are
                needed to prevent further damage.
                You must arrange for these to be
                done as soon as possible. Keep all
                bills related to this work, since they
                may be included in your claim; and

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 10                                                                                                                                                            31/08/2021 13:49
Conditions relating to claims

         The conditions listed below apply to every        ●●     restore the pair or set or larger unit to   Reward
         section of this policy, unless otherwise                 their condition before the loss occurred
                                                                                                              At our discretion, and only as allowed by
         stated. There are additional specific                    and, if a valuable, we will pay the
                                                                                                              any applicable law, we will pay a reward
         conditions listed under particular sections.             difference between their market value
                                                                                                              of up to £25,000 for information leading
                                                                  immediately before and after the loss
                                                                                                              to a criminal conviction of anyone who
         Claims management                                        occurred.
                                                                                                              committed an illegal act which resulted in
         Acting in your name, we may take over the         If the loss is covered under Your valuables,       a payment under this policy.
         defence or settlement of any claim at our         you decide which option applies to your
         expense.                                          claim. If it is covered by any other section,           We will not pay any rewards to you, a
                                                           we will decide which option applies.                    close relation, or the police or other
         Your property                                                                                             authority.
                                                                We will not pay more than the amount
         Your property shall remain yours at all                insured for each occurrence or, where         Rights of recovery
         times. We will not take ownership of,                  the pair or set or larger unit is an
         accept liability for, sell or dispose of any of        unspecified valuable, we will not pay         Where we pay a claim under this policy
         your property unless:                                  more than the single item limit for           and you have the right to recover from
                                                                unspecified valuables.                        a third party, we may commence legal
         ●●   we agree with you in writing that we
                                                                                                              proceedings in your name to recover, for
              shall do so;
                                                                                                              ourselves, sums up to the amount of the
              you surrender your property as set out
                                                           Recovered property
         ●●                                                                                                   claim paid under this policy.
              under the Pairs and sets condition; or       If you recover any of your contents or
                                                                                                              You must:
                                                           valuables after we have paid your claim,
         ●●   your property is recovered as set
                                                           you must notify us as soon as possible. At         ●●     provide us with all the help we need to
              out under the Recovered property
                                                           your option you can either:                               recover such sums; and
                                                           ●●     repay us the same value paid under          ●●     do nothing to prejudice any rights that
         Pairs and sets                                           your claim for the item(s) recovered; or           may exist for your benefit against a
                                                                                                                     third party.
         Where loss occurs to a pair or set, or a part     ●●     surrender to us the item(s) recovered.
         of a larger unit, we will either:
                                                           If we recover any of your contents or
         ●●   replace the pair or set or larger unit       valuables after we have paid your claim,
              (on the condition that you agree to          we will notify you and you may buy the
              surrender to us the undamaged item(s)        item(s) back from us at the same value
              of the pair or set, or larger unit); or      paid under your claim.

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 11                                                                                                                               31/08/2021 13:49

         We have set out below the                     Business colleague means any person               ●●   restore the main services to your         ●●   racing of any kind other than on foot or
                                                       who works at your place of business and                residence; or                                  swimming;
         defined terms used in this                    whose absence, if you were both away
                                                                                                              alleviate any health risk to you,              more than 3 bungee jumps in any one
         policy. They will have the
                                                                                                         ●●                                             ●●
                                                       from work at the same time, would prevent
                                                                                                                                                             28-day period;
                                                       the business from running effectively.            under Your home breakdown and
         same meaning wherever they                                                                      emergency solutions (page 53).                 ●●   micro-lighting; and
         are used in this policy.                      Chauffeur means a person paid by you to
                                                       drive your motor vehicle(s).                      Couture clothing and designer clothing         ●●   off-piste skiing unless with a qualified
                                                                                                         means items of clothing and accessories             guide.
                                                       Close relation means your spouse,
                                                                                                         made by a couturier or fashion designer
                                                       partner, legal guardian, father, mother,                                                         Domestic duties means duties relating to
         In this section, all the defined terms are                                                      respectively which:
                                                       child (including adopted child, step child,                                                      your residence, your home office business,
         printed in bold, However, everywhere else                                                            have artistic or historical value;        incidental farming, your personal care or
                                                       and foster child), sibling, aunt, uncle, niece,   ●●
         in this policy, we have printed them in the                                                                                                    acting as your chauffeur.
                                                       nephew, grandparent or grandchild.                     are rare or unique; or
         regular font to make the policy easier to                                                       ●●

         read.                                         Contents means household goods and                                                               Domestic employees means any person
                                                                                                         ●●   are novel and of personal interest,
                                                       personal property all of which are owned                                                         working for you solely in respect of
         Accident means a sudden, unexpected,                                                            all of which are owned by you or for which     domestic duties and who is:
                                                       by you or in your possession.
         unforeseen incident which occurs at an                                                          you are legally responsible
         identifiable time and place and during the    This includes:                                                                                   ●●   employed by you under an employment
         period of insurance.                                                                            Damage means actual physical damage                 contract in the United Kingdom, Monaco,
                                                       ●●   food and drink;                              to, or destruction of, or the loss of use of        Switzerland or a country which is a
         Amount insured means the most we              ●●   home office business equipment;              tangible property.                                  member of the European Union; or
         will pay (as stated in the schedule) unless
         this policy wording states that a different   ●●   the cost of metered water that has           Dangerous activities means the following       ●●   self-employed and working on a
         amount may be paid.                                accidentally escaped from your heating       activities in which participation is known          labour only basis under your control
                                                            or plumbing system;                          to carry an increased risk of injury:               or supervision in the United Kingdom,
         Appointed adviser means the solicitor,                                                                                                              Monaco, Switzerland or a country
         accountant, mediator or other adviser         ●●   the cost of domestic heating fuel that       ●●   scuba diving to depths of more than
                                                                                                              30 metres;                                     which is a member of the European
         appointed by us to act on your behalf.             has accidentally escaped from your
                                                            heating or plumbing system or has                 hang-gliding or para-gliding;
         Bank cards means credit, charge or debit
                                                            been stolen.                                                                                Emergency costs means:
         cards.                                                                                          ●●   parachuting, unless tandem
                                                       Contractor means the contractor or                     parachuting;
                                                                                                                                                        ●●   a contractor’s labour costs, parts and
         Buildings means your home and other           tradesperson chosen by us to respond to                                                               materials; or
         permanent structures owned by you.            a sudden unexpected event which clearly           ●●   parascending other than over water;
                                                                                                                                                        ●●   alternative accommodation costs
         Buildings includes utility pipes, cables,     requires immediate action in order to:                 mountaineering or rock climbing
                                                                                                                                                             incurred under Your home breakdown
         domestic underground and over-ground          ●●   prevent damage or avoid further                   normally requiring the use of guides or        and emergency solutions – Alternative
         tanks supplying or serving the buildings           damage to your residence;                         ropes;                                         accommodation costs.
         and within the grounds of the residence.
                                                       ●●   render your residence safe or secure;        ●●   pot-holing or caving;

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 12                                                                                                                                                                    31/08/2021 13:49
Endorsement means a change in the                ●●   stamps, coins, medal collections, other     To qualify as incidental farming:               Journey means:
         terms and conditions of this policy that              collectibles and memorabilia;               ●●   your domestic employees must not           ●●   a trip outside the United Kingdom that
         can extend or restrict cover.                    ●●   wine and spirits; and                            work more than 1,000 hours in total in          starts and ends in the United Kingdom; or
         Excess means the amount for which you                                                                  any 12-month period;
                                                          ●●   any other item stated as a collectible in                                                   ●●   a trip within the United Kingdom
         are responsible as the first part of loss
                                                               the schedule.                               ●●   and no more than £50,000 in gross               (that starts and ends in the United
         arising from each occurrence for which we
                                                                                                                annual revenues can be produced in              Kingdom) that includes a flight or
         agree a claim as stated in the schedule.         Green generation system means a
                                                                                                                any 12-month period.                            boat ride that you have booked
                                                          solar, wind or geothermal electrical
         Fine art and Collectibles means individual                                                                                                             before commencing the journey or a
                                                          power-generating system, which solely or         Incidental motor vehicles means motor
         items, private collections and sets that:                                                                                                              minimum of 2 nights away from your
                                                          principally serves your residence.               vehicles, which are located at a residence
                                                                                                                                                                United Kingdom address in a hotel or
         ●●   have artistic or historical value;                                                           in the United Kingdom, whilst not being
                                                          Home means the main dwelling, other                                                                   other accommodation for which you
                                                                                                           driven on public roads but which are:
         ●●   are rare or unique; or                      liveable dwellings and attached buildings                                                             have paid.
                                                          at the residence listed in the schedule and      ●●   used at your residence for the purposes
         ●●   are novel and of personal interest,                                                                                                          Legal claim under Your liability means:
                                                          owned by you.                                         of domestic duties; or
         all of which are owned by you or for which                                                                                                        ●●   a written demand for monetary or
                                                          Home office business means office                ●●   designed to assist the disabled; or
         you are legally responsible.                                                                                                                           non-monetary relief;
                                                          clerical and administrative work, which          ●●   designed for recreational use off public
         Fine art means:                                  is carried out in your residence by you or                                                       ●●   any proceeding in a court of law or
                                                                                                                roads (including quad bikes and golf
              paintings, drawings, prints,                your employees, provided that you do not                                                              equity, or arbitration; or
              photographs and etchings;                   employ more than 5 people for such work.                                                         ●●   any regulatory or administrative
                                                                                                           provided that they are not required by law
              antique and designer furniture;             Home office business equipment means                                                                  proceeding.
                                                                                                           to be licensed, registered or covered by
                                                          office furniture, equipment, computers,
              tapestries and rugs;                                                                         motor liability insurance.                      Legal costs means:
                                                          office supplies and stationery, used to
         ●●   statues, sculptures, ornaments,             conduct your home office business.               Injury means identifiable physical bodily       ●●   legal costs and disbursements
              porcelain and glass; and                                                                     harm, caused solely by accidental means              reasonably incurred by the appointed
                                                          Home office business stock means
                                                                                                           and not resulting from sickness or disease           adviser on the standard basis and
              any other item stated as an item of         supplies, goods or merchandise kept at
                                                                                                           or intentional self-harm.                            agreed in advance by us. The term
              fine art in the schedule.                   your buildings and which are connected
                                                                                                                                                                ‘standard basis’ can be found within
                                                          solely to your home office business.             Jewellery means items worn, or intended
         Collectibles means:                                                                                                                                    the courts’ Civil Procedure Rules
                                                                                                           to be worn, made of or containing
                                                          Incidental farming means farming and                                                                  Part 44;
         ●●   books and manuscripts;                                                                       gemstones, silver, gold, platinum or
                                                          stabling of horses, carried out by you at
                                                                                                           other precious metals, all of which are         ●●   in civil claims, the other side’s costs,
         ●●   clocks and barometers;                      your residence.
                                                                                                           owned by you or for which you are legally            fees and disbursements where you
         ●●   gold/silver and gold/silver plated items;                                                    responsible. This also includes watches              have been ordered to pay them or pay
                                                                                                           and set or unset gemstones.                          them with our agreement;
         ●●   furs and guns;

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 13                                                                                                                                                                        31/08/2021 13:49
●●   accountancy fees reasonably incurred     		●	shock, mental injury or anguish;             Loss of speech means the total and              Money means bank notes and coins (that
              under Your legal solutions – Tax                                                           permanent loss of the ability to speak          are not part of a collection), cheques, bank
                                                       		●	invasion of the right of privacy;
              (page 50) by the appointed adviser and                                                     audibly and intelligibly.                       drafts, travel tickets, traveller’s cheques or
              agreed by us in advance;                 		●	libel, slander or defamation of                                                              savings certificates.
                                                                                                         Market value means the amount taking
         ●●   your basic wages or salary under Your                                                      the average value determined by two             Occurrence means:
              legal solutions – Loss of earnings       		●	malicious prosecution or                     independent valuers one selected by you         ●●   under Your buildings, Your contents
              (page 48);                                    humiliation; or                              and one by us.
                                                                                                                                                              and Your valuables, all loss arising
         ●●   the reasonable professional fees and     		●	unlawful entry or eviction.                  Main residence means the first residence             out of one event where the event first
              expenses of the appointed adviser to     Loss of hearing means the total and               as stated in the schedule.                           occurs during the period of insurance;
              reduce the actual adverse or negative    permanent loss of hearing in one or                                                                    and
                                                                                                         Medical expenses means expenses
              publicity or media attention directed    both ears.                                        incurred for medical and/or dental              ●●   under Your liability, any one event or
              towards you under Your legal solutions
                                                       Loss of limb means:                               treatment administered or prescribed                 series of events which is sudden and
              – Crisis communication (page 47); and
                                                                                                         by a medical practitioner, professional              accidental arising out of one original
         ●●   accommodation and/or storage             ●●   loss of a leg or foot means either that it   nursing services, physiotherapy, hospital            cause of loss which first occurs during
              costs for Your legal solutions –              has been severed at or above the ankle,      and nursing home charges and ambulance               the period of insurance.
              Accommodation and storage costs               or that you have permanently lost the        charges:
                                                            use of an entire leg or foot.                                                                Other permanent structures means any
              (page 47).                                                                                 ●●   in respect of Your personal                other permanent structures, owned by you,
         Let property means the residential property   ●●   loss of an arm or hand means either               emergencies – Emergency events (page       within the grounds of your residence but
         which you own and is located in the                that it has been severed at or above              38); or                                    not attached to your home.
         United Kingdom and which you let or                the wrist, or that you have permanently
                                                            lost the use of an entire arm or hand.
                                                                                                         ●●   outside the United Kingdom, in respect     Period of insurance means the period
         intend to let under a tenancy agreement.
                                                                                                              of Your travel (page 41).                  that this policy is in force as stated in the
         Loss means:                                   Loss of sight means:                                                                              schedule.
                                                                                                         They do not include:
         ●●   under Your buildings, Your contents,     ●●   permanent and total loss of sight in                                                         Personal digital data means music,
                                                            both eyes is evidenced by your name
                                                                                                         ●●   costs incurred more than 12 months after
              Your valuables and Your property                                                                                                           videos and photographs stored on your
                                                            being added to the Register of Blind              the occurrence of an emergency event in
              emergencies, loss or damage; and                                                                                                           personal computer, tablet or phone.
                                                            Persons on the authority of a fully               respect of Your personal emergencies –
         ●●   under Your liability:                         qualified ophthalmic specialist.                  Emergency events (page 38).                Pets means domestic pets.
              – damage; or                             ●●   permanent and total loss of sight in         Medical practitioner means a doctor or          Policy means this policy wording and the
                                                            one eye means that the degree of sight       specialist who is registered or licensed to     schedule and any endorsements.
              – personal injury, which means:
                                                            remaining after correction is 3/60 or        practise medicine under the laws of the
         		●	injury, and resulting sickness                                                             country in which they practise but does
                                                            less on the Snellen scale.
              disease and death;                                                                         not include you or a member of your
         		●	false arrest; false imprisonment                                                           family.
              or unlawful detention;

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 14                                                                                                                                                                     31/08/2021 13:49
Pollution means any pollution, seepage,         Schedule means the document entitled              Temporary residence means:                        Terrorism is defined as any act or acts
         discharge, dispersal, release or escape         ‘Your Policy Schedule’ that relates to and                                                          including, but not limited to:
                                                                                                           ●●   a private residence occupied by you; or
         of any solid, liquid, gaseous or thermal        forms part of this policy.
                                                                                                                                                             a) the use or threat of force and/or violence;
         irritant or contaminant including,                                                                ●●   the bedroom(s) or suite(s) occupied
                                                         Settlement means the downward                                                                           and/or
         for example, smoke, vapours, soot,                                                                     by you at a hotel, resort or on-board a
                                                         movement of the ground as a result of the
         dust, fibres, fungi, mould, fumes,                                                                     watercraft.                                  b) harm or damage to life or to property
                                                         soil being compressed by the weight of the
         acids, alkalis, chemicals and waste                                                                                                                     (or the threat of such harm or damage)
                                                         buildings within 10 years of construction.        ●●   Tenancy agreement means an
         (including, for example, material to be                                                                                                                 including, but not limited to, harm or
                                                                                                                agreement you enter into to let your let
         recycled, reconditioned or reclaimed)           Small Claims Court means:                                                                               damage by nuclear and/or chemical and/
                                                                                                                property to a tenant:
         or contamination of any kind of the                                                                                                                     or biological and/or radiological means
                                                         ●●   a court in England and Wales that hears
         atmosphere or of any water, land,                                                                 ●●   under an assured shorthold tenancy;              caused or occasioned by any person(s)
                                                              a claim falling under the small claims
         buildings or other tangible property.                                                                  or a shorthold tenancy; or an assured            or group(s) of persons, in whole or in
                                                              track in the County Court as defined by
                                                                                                                tenancy; as defined by the Housing               part, for political, religious, ideological
         Rebuild cost means the sum, as at the                Section 26.6 (1) of the Civil Procedure
                                                                                                                Act 1988 as amended by the Housing               or similar purposes including, but not
         time of the occurrence, which is required            Rules 1999; or
                                                                                                                Act 1996 and the Assured Tenancies               limited to, the intention to influence any
         to restore, repair, replace or rebuild a             a court in Scotland that uses the simple          (Amendment) (England) Order 2010 or
                                                                                                                                                                 government and/or to put the public
         building, whichever is less, using the               claims procedure as set out by the                the Housing (Scotland) Act;                      or any section of the public in fear, or is
         same design, quality of materials and                Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014; or
                                                                                                                in accordance with the Private                   claimed to be caused or occasioned in
         workmanship which existed immediately                                                             ●●

                                                              a court in Northern Ireland where the             Tenancies (Northern Ireland) Order               whole or in part for such purposes.
         before the occurrence.                          ●●

                                                              sum in dispute is less than £3,000; or            2006; or                                     United Kingdom means England, Wales,
         It does not include the costs of excavation,
                                                              the equivalent jurisdiction in the Isle of        to a limited company or business             Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man
         replacement or stabilisation of land.           ●●                                                ●●

                                                              Man and the Channel Islands.                      partnership for residential purposes by      and the Channel Islands.
         Repatriation expenses means the                                                                        its employees.
                                                         Subsidence means the downward movement                                                              Valuables means items of:
         additional costs incurred by our selected
         specialist partners in repatriating you         of the ground beneath the home where the          Tenants’ improvements means additions,            ●●   fine art and collectibles;
         to the most suitable hospital or to your        movement is unconnected with the weight           alterations or installations that you paid for,
                                                                                                                                                             ●●   couture clothing and designer
         United Kingdom address.                         of the home.                                      or are responsible for, at your residence.
                                                                                                                                                                  clothing; and
         Residence means any of the following            It includes:
                                                                                                                                                             ●●   jewellery.
         which are listed on the schedule:               ●●   heave – the upward movement of the
         ●●   any buildings and grounds in any one            ground beneath the home as a result of
              location owned by you; or                       the soil expanding; and

         ●●   any other property you own or reside in.   ●●   landslip – the downward movement of
                                                              sloping ground.

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 15                                                                                                                                                                         31/08/2021 13:49
Visitors means:                                     ●●   You/your means the person, persons or
                                                                  legal entity named as the policyholder
         ●●   domestic employees who work but do
                                                                  in the schedule and all members
              not live at your residence; and
                                                                  of your family (including adopted
         ●●   individuals you have invited to your                children,
              residence or temporary residence, not               step­children and foster children),
              including those persons who pay rent                spouses, fiancé(e)s, co-habitees or
              to live in your residence.                          partners who live:
         Watercraft means a boat or other vessel             ●●   permanently in your residence; or
         that travels on water (including its furnishings,
                                                             ●●   temporarily away from your residence
         equipment and outboard motors).
                                                                  while at school, college or university.
         We/us/our means:
                                                             It also includes domestic employees who
         ●●   under all sections other than Your legal       live permanently in your residence unless
              solutions and Your home breakdown              we state otherwise in this policy.
              and emergency solutions: Aviva
                                                             You/your does not include those persons
              Insurance Limited or Aviva Insurance
                                                             who pay rent to live in your residence.
              Ireland Designated Activity Company as
              set out in your schedule;
         ●●   under Your legal solutions and Your
              home breakdown and emergency
              solutions: AmTrust Europe ARAG plc
              (or appointed agents on its behalf) is
              authorised under a binding authority
              agreement to administer Your legal
              solutions and Your home breakdown
              and emergency solutions on behalf of
              the insurer, AmTrust Europe Limited.

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 16                                                                            31/08/2021 13:49
General exclusions

         These exclusions apply to            Communicable disease                         Dishonest, intentional acts and             Escape of water
         each and every section of            We do not cover any loss, damage,
                                                                                                                                       We do not cover any loss, damage, or
         this policy, unless otherwise        injury, legal claim, expenses or liability   We do not cover any loss, damage,           expense caused by or arising out of
                                              which is directly or indirectly caused       injury, liability, legal claim, costs or    escape of water from:
         stated. They apply in addition       by, contributed to or arising from any       expenses:
                                                                                                                                            any fixed domestic water or heating
         to any specific exclusions
                                              disease, virus or syndrome that can be       ●●   caused by or arising from:                  installation;
         listed under a particular            spread from one person to another or
                                              from an animal to a person.                       –	any dishonest act by you, or at     ●●   any fixed water tanks; or
         section.                                                                                  your direction; or
                                              This exclusion does not apply to the                                                     ●●   any water apparatus or pipes
                                              cover provided under Your travel and              –	any criminal act by you or at
                                                                                                                                       while your home has not been lived in
                                              Your home breakdown and emergency                    your direction, other than where
         Defined terms used in this section                                                                                            by you or by a person authorised by you
                                              solutions.                                           a criminal act is to be defended
                                                                                                                                       for a period of 90 consecutive days
         accident                                                                                  under Your legal solutions;
         contents                             Confiscation                                                                             This exclusion does not apply if:
                                                                                           ●●   deliberately or recklessly caused
         damage                                                                                                                             you keep your home and any other
                                              We do not cover any loss, damage,                 by you, arising from your actions or   ●●

         domestic employees                                                                                                                 permanent structure which contain
                                              injury, liability, legal claim, costs or          arising from the actions of a person
         injury                               expenses caused by or arising from the            directed by you; or                         fixed domestic water or heating
         legal claim                          destruction, confiscation or seizure of                                                       installations, fixed water tanks or
                                                                                           ●●   caused by or arising from
         loss                                 your property under the order of any                                                          water apparatus or pipes heated to
         occurrence                           government or public or local authority.     ●●   misappropriation by you or by a             a temperature of at least 5 degrees
         period of insurance                                                                    person directed by you.                     Celsius; or
         policy                               Cyber
                                                                                           For the purposes of this exclusion, the     ●●   you shut off and drain the fixed
         pollution                            We do not cover any loss, damage,            definition of ‘you’ does not include             domestic water or heating
         residence                            injury, liability, legal claim, costs or     domestic employees unless the                    installations, fixed water tanks, water
         we/us/our                            expenses caused by or arising from:          domestic employee is directed by you.            apparatus and pipes and you or a
         you/your                                                                                                                           person nominated by you inspect
                                              ●●   the use of or inability to use any
                                                                                           Erosion                                          the buildings at least once a week;
                                                   application, software or programme,
                                                                                           We do not cover any loss, damage,                and
         See Definitions (page 12).
                                              ●●   any computer virus; or
                                                                                           injury, liability, legal claim, costs or    ●●   you have notified us in accordance
                                              ●●   any computer related hoax relating      expenses caused by or arising from               with Changes we need to know
                                                   to the above.                           coastal or river bank erosion.                   about (page 7).

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 17                                                                                                                                                  31/08/2021 13:49
Faulty, inadequate or defective             Forgeries                                   Maintenance, renovations and repairs         ●●   the radioactive, toxic, explosive
           planning                                                                                                                                  or other hazardous properties of
                                                       We do not cover any loss, damage,           We do not cover:
                                                                                                                                                     any explosive nuclear assembly or
           We do not cover any loss, damage,           injury, liability, legal claim, costs or    ●●   the costs of maintenance or                  nuclear component thereof; or
           injury, liability, legal claim, costs or    expenses in relation to items insured by
           expenses caused by or arising from          us which are subsequently identified as                                                  ●●   radioactive, biological or chemical
           faulty, inadequate or defective:            being fakes or forgeries and have to be     ●●   loss or damage to your buildings             contamination due to or arising from
                                                       destroyed or relinquished by you.                caused by the process of                     terrorism. This includes poisoning,
           ●●   planning (including design, property
                                                                                                        professional cleaning; or                    or preventing or limiting the use of
                development, planning permission,
                                                       Frost                                                                                         an object, due to the effects of any
                setting specifications, siting and                                                 ●●   loss or damage to your buildings
                                                       We do not cover any loss caused by or            caused by alteration, repair,                biological or chemical agent.
                                                       arising from frost.                              renovation, restoration, construction
           ●●   compaction, construction, design,                                                                                               Pollution
                                                                                                        or decoration, unless:
                grading, re-modelling, renovation,     Insects, vermin or rodents                                                               We do not cover any loss, damage,
                repair, specifications and                                                              –	such building works cost less
                                                       We do not cover any loss, damage,                                                        injury, liability, legal claim, costs or
                workmanship;                                                                               than £250,000; or
                                                       injury, liability, legal claim, costs or                                                 expenses caused by, arising from or
           ●●   materials used in repair,                                                               –	you have notified us in              relating to pollution.
                                                       expenses caused by or resulting from
                construction, renovation or                                                                accordance with Changes we
                                                       the actions of insects, vermin or rodents                                                This exclusion does not apply to
                re-modelling; or                                                                           need to know about (page 7).
                                                       (other than squirrels).                                                                  the clearing-up of pollution at your
           ●●   maintenance of part or all of any      This exclusion does not apply to:           Nuclear hazard, radioactive, chemical        residence caused by any sudden,
                property whether on or off the                                                     or biological contamination                  unforeseen and identifiable oil leakage
                residence.                             ●●   the cover provided under Your                                                       from a domestic oil installation or loss
                                                            property emergencies - Nest removal    We do not cover any loss, damage,            to contents caused by oil, subject to all
           This exclusion does not apply to                 (page 35);                             injury, liability, legal claim, costs or     other terms, conditions and exclusions
           ensuing loss unless another exclusion                                                   expenses caused by or arising from or
                                                            the cover provided under Your                                                       within this policy.
           applies.                                    ●●
                                                                                                   relating to:
                                                            home breakdown and emergency
                                                            solutions – Vermin Infestation (page        the radioactive, toxic, explosive or    Prior accidents, losses or occurrences
           Fees                                                                                    ●●

                                                            53); or                                     other hazardous or contaminating        We do not cover any accident, loss,
           We do not cover any fees incurred in
                                                                                                        properties of any radioactive matter;   injury or occurrence which occurs or
           preparing or furthering any claim under     ●●   ensuing loss unless another
                                                            exclusion applies.                          ionising radiations from or             commences prior to the start of the
           this policy.                                                                            ●●

                                                                                                        contamination by radioactivity from     period of insurance.
                                                                                                        any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear
                                                                                                        waste from the combustion of
                                                                                                        nuclear fuel;

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 18                                                                                                                                                            31/08/2021 13:49
Unsuitable transportation and packing        is defined as any act or acts including,      ●●   warping or shrinkage, rust, bacteria
                                                        but not limited to:                                or other corrosion, wet or dry rot;
           We do not cover any loss to any item
           during transit which is not suitably         a) the use or threat of force and/or          ●●   exposure to climatic temperatures;
           packed and secured relative to its value     violence; and/or b) harm or damage                 or
           and materials used in its construction       to life or to property (or the threat         ●●   extremes of temperature, dampness
           and the method of transportation.            of such harm or damage) including,
                                                                                                           or dryness of atmosphere, or
                                                        but not limited to, harm or damage
                                                                                                           water vapour (loss arising directly
           War                                          by nuclear and/or chemical and/or
                                                                                                           from rain, sleet, snow or hail is not
           Any consequence whatsoever which             biological and/or radiological means
           is the direct or indirect result of any of   caused or occasioned by any person(s)
                                                        or group(s) of persons, in whole or in        This exclusion does not apply to
           the following, or anything connected
                                                        part, for political, religious, ideological   ensuing loss unless another exclusion
           with any of the following, whether
                                                        or similar purposes including, but not        applies.
           or not such consequence has been
           contributed to by any other cause            limited to, the intention to influence any
           or event: war, invasion, act of a            government and/or to put the public
           foreign enemy, hostilities or a warlike      or any section of the public in fear, or is
           operation or operations (whether war         claimed to be caused or occasioned in
           be declared or not), civil war, mutiny,      whole or in part for such purposes.
           rebellion, revolution, military rising,
                                                        Wear and tear and breakdown
           insurrection, civil commotion assuming
           the proportions of or amounting to an        We do not cover any loss, damage,
           uprising, military or usurped power.         injury, liability, legal claim, costs or
                                                        expenses caused by or arising from:
                                                        ●●   wear and tear, being a reduction
           Any consequence whatsoever which is               in value through age, natural
           directly or indirectly caused by nuclear          deterioration, ordinary use,
           and/or chemical and/or biological and/            depreciation due to use, damage
           or radiological means, or anything                by exposure to the light, lack of
           connected with those means, and                   maintenance or loss which happens
           which is the direct or indirect result            gradually over a period of time;
           of Terrorism, or anything connected
                                                        ●●   inherent flaw, latent defect,
           with Terrorism, whether or not such
                                                             mechanical or electrical breakdown;
           consequence has been contributed to
           by any other cause or event. Terrorism

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 19                                                                                                                   31/08/2021 13:49
General conditions

         These conditions apply to            Amount insured                                Improving your cover                            issued to you in respect of the same loss
                                                                                                                                            and/or occurrence and/or claim and/or in
         every section of this policy,        We will not pay more than the relevant        We may improve the cover provided under
                                                                                                                                            the aggregate shall not exceed the applicable
                                              amount insured or limit unless otherwise      our Private Client High Net Worth Home
         unless otherwise stated.                                                                                                           limits of any one of these contracts of
                                              expressly stated in this policy. Where more   Insurance product. If we do so, we will
         There are additional specific        than one of you is named in the schedule,     automatically apply the improved cover to
         conditions listed under              the total amount we will pay will not         this policy without charging an additional      Transferring the policy
                                              exceed the amount we would be liable to       premium. We will define a date for the
         particular sections.                 pay to any one of you (except under Your      improved cover to take effect.                  No person covered under this policy may
                                              travel).                                                                                      transfer or assign their interest in this
                                                                                            Other insurance                                 policy to anyone else without our prior
         Defined terms used in this section   Currency                                                                                      written agreement.
                                                                                            If any loss, damage, injury, liability, legal
         amount insured
                                              Any amount of money referred to in this       claim, cost or expense is covered by this       Taking care
         buildings                            policy will be converted to the currency      policy and by any other insurance policy
         contents                             used in the schedule at the exchange rate     under which you are insured, we will only        You must take practical steps to prevent
         damage                               that applies at the date of the claim.        pay our proportion.                              and mitigate all loss, damage, injury,
         excess                                                                                                                              liability, legal claims, cost and/or
         injury                               Duplicate cover                               Protection from inflation                        expenses covered by this policy. You
         legal claim                                                                                                                         must also take practical steps to protect
                                              If you are covered under one section for      We will adjust the amount insured for            your property.
         loss                                 your loss, we will not pay for that loss      buildings and contents each month to
         money                                under a different section.                    account for the current effect of inflation      You must keep and maintain your
         occurrence                                                                         based upon a suitable index chosen by            property in a good condition and state
         policy                               Excess                                        us. At each renewal, the premium will            of repair.
         schedule                                                                           be calculated on the adjusted amount
                                              We will not pay the amount of the excess
         we/us/our                                                                          insured.                                         If you do not comply with these
                                              as detailed in the schedule or as stated in
         you/your                                                                                                                            provisions, we may refuse to pay or
                                              this policy.
                                                                                            Shared limits                                    reduce any payment we make for a
                                              However, we will not apply the excess if                                                       claim, unless you show that your failure
         See Definitions (page 12).                                                         The total amount payable under the
                                              an occurrence covered under the Your                                                           to comply could not have increased
                                                                                            applicable limits of cover provided under
                                              buildings and/or the Your contents section                                                     the risk of the claim which actually
                                                                                            the contract of insurance underwritten by
                                              exceeds £10,000 in total.                                                                      occurred in the circumstances in which
                                                                                            Aviva Insurance Limited and issued to you
                                              No excess applies to any covered loss for                                                      it occurred.
                                                                                            combined with the corresponding limits
                                              food and drink.                               of cover provided under the contract of
                                                                                            insurance underwritten by Aviva Insurance
                                                                                            Ireland Designated Activity Company and

AV618297_BHHHG15769_0921.indd 20                                                                                                                                                      31/08/2021 13:49
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