Avonside Girls' High School 2021 - Sports Information - Avonside Girls' High School

Avonside Girls' High School 2021 - Sports Information - Avonside Girls' High School
Avonside Girls’ High School
    Sports Information
Avonside Girls' High School 2021 - Sports Information - Avonside Girls' High School
Sports Notices

                            T   he main noticeboard is situated on the inside wall of the gym-
                                nasium block opposite the outside QE2 entrance. All inter-
                            school sports information is posted here. Make sure that you get
                            in the habit of checking this board every day. Urgent information
                            will also be posted here.
                            Draws are also put on our website learn.avonside school.nz/
                            Parent Portal/Extra Curricula/Sports/Sports Draws.

Daily Sports Notices
All information regarding sports meetings, coaches, practices and upcoming
events is published in the daily notices. The notices are posted ion the school
website daily and you are expected to read and react to information that
concerns you. Often this is the only way you will find out about things happen-
ing at school. Please check yourself.

Sports Office
The Sports Office is situated in the Gymnasium Block and the office is well signposted. It is at
the main outside entrance to the Gymnasiums .The office is always open to students and
parents for any information.
Phone 389 7199 ext 743.
Email spaton@avonside.school.nz

                                     Sports Leaders
Sports Council
The sports council help the Sports Administrator with the organization of our school sports pro-
gram. The council consists of senior students interested in sport. The council take an active
role in the organisation of house and inter-form events, interschool visits, Wednesday sport,
the organisation of sports colours award assemblies and the athletics, swimming and cross
country activities.

Teachers in Charge of Activities
Most sports have a teacher in charge for administration and/or coaching purposes. If not
contact the Sports Administrator.

Avonside Girls' High School 2021 - Sports Information - Avonside Girls' High School
Coaching, Umpiring, Instructing and Managing
Many competitive teams participate in various sports. All
students are encouraged to sit umpiring/refereeing/
coaching awards. Courses can be organised to assist
you if you are interested in coaching or refereeing
teams. Please contact sports office.
Parent help would always be appreciated. Parents are
welcome to contact Mrs S Paton at school on
389 7199 extension number is 743
or you can contact her by email,
We need assistance with transport and/or managers of

Sports Uniforms
All teams now have a uniform that is hired at the beginning of the season. All our competi-
tive teams must wear the uniform. The hire rates are as follows:

                Term 1/4     $10 hire          Terms 2/3     $25 hire
Tracksuits are hired out to tournament teams only at a rate of $40 (winter season) or a one
day tournament or weekend costs $20. The hire cost covers replacement and dry clean-
ing costs. Our top teams will all be expected to wear tracksuits when competing away
and during tournaments. Students may purchase their own tracksuit. To do so please con-
tact the sports office.

Transport for Interschool Sports
Girls may walk, bike, drive their own cars or be transported by their parents or other stu-
dents. Taxis can be ordered for the students at a cost of $10 one way. We understand that
transport to sport is an added expense and, where possible, we do appreciate parents
collecting students and taking them to a game

•   Girls may not transport other students without a full drivers license
•   Girls driving must have permission from parents/caregivers
•   Girls being transported in other students cars must also have permission from their par-

                  Sports transport permission forms are available from the
                                Sports Co-ordinator’s office

Avonside Girls' High School 2021 - Sports Information - Avonside Girls' High School
Inter house sports competitions are organised by the house leaders and the Kaitiaki in
charge of houses.

Sports Contracts
All students are asked to take a sport contracts, fee payment slip home for parents and stu-
dents to read and sign when they are selected for a team. These need to be return before
the student hires and collects her uniform.

Fitness Centre
The Fitness Centre is a great facility equipped with a variety of weight training and aerobic
equipment. This is available before school, at lunchtime and after school. More information
regarding our fitness room will be available as we are now outfitting it with new equipment
and we will be setting more rules regarding this area.

Elite Sports Persons Program
Further information will be available as soon as the details are sorted, This is a
program that we are introducing this year so that students that are interested
may opt in to a term by term program of fitness and exercise programs that
will enable them to be self sufficient in their fitness goals. It is a term by term
program and will be restricted to the first 20 seniors and first 20 juniors that sign
up and commit.
More information will be available when it is available.

Swimming Sports
Venue: QE2
Date:         18th February
Age groups: Under 14 years     Under 15 years
    Under 16 years    Over 16 years

Championships are for the more advanced swimmers.
We are only holding Championship events this year due to
lack of facilities in Christchurch. Only A grade students will be
participating and they will be able to walk across to the venue. All students who can swim
should attempt to compete in this event.
Inter-secondary     Our inter secondary school team is selected from times recorded during
this event. The Canterbury meeting is March 31st at Jellie Park.
Regional championships are held later on in the year and we will enter if the students are

Cross Country Events/ Road Race Events
School Championships More information pending
Venue    Avonside Area. Course TBC
Date       last week of Term date will be announced when confirmed.
Age groups: Under 14 years        Under 15 years
     Under 16 years      Over 16 years
All races are 3km. All students are encouraged to take part in this event and they will earn
house points. Students compete in school PE gear. The top six students or more in each age
group will be eligible to go to the secondary school championships and national events. Can-
terbury Road Race Championships are on May 13th at Canterbury Agricultural Park . The
Cross Country Championships are on June 1st at Ascot Golf Club.


Venue    Avonside School site
Date     March 4th.
Age groups: Under 14 years     Under 15 years
     Under 16 years   Over 16 years
School Championship Athletic Events: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, , Long Jump, High
Jump, Shot Put, Discuss, , Javelin. The age group champion will be determined by the results
achieved in her top 4 events.

Inter-Secondary School Championships: Our team is selected from students placed at our
school athletics day. Students must be available for both days. Preliminary meeting at Te Pu-
na Wai March 16th and finals on Saturday March 20th.

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