BACKYARD CHICKENS - Hands of time being replaced

BACKYARD CHICKENS - Hands of time being replaced
WW2 soldier Jack Collis remembered... page 3

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  July 17, 2019

   Hands of time being replaced
   The clock tower at Main and Market Streets dominates the streetscape of downtown Port Dover in every direction. The clock was installed in July of 1906 -- 113 years ago this month.
The clock wasn’t ready for the July 1st celebration of 1906 and so the company reduced its price to $715 from the contract price of $740. The century old mechanism is now maintained by
volunteer Richard Dupp of Port Dover, at left. A few years ago, Richard noticed the clock’s wooden hands were deteriorating and got Tim Warris of Port Dover, at right, and his specialized
equipment at Fast Tracks Hobbyworks involved in the project to make new aluminum hands that should last forever. See full story about the clock inside on pages 12 and 13. Photo by Paul Morris

                                                        BACKYARD CHICKENS
                                                                    Two and a half years after his first letter to Norfolk Council,
                                                                    up to four backyard chickens now permitted across the County
                                                                        By David Judd                          chickens.”                               have a few chickens if they were le-
                                                                                                                  The next day, Andrew, 15, was         gal.
                                                                    ANDREW Moore is finally getting            scanning the Internet to buy four            So he wrote a letter to council lit-
                                                                    his chickens.                              hens for his newly built chicken         tle knowing it would kick off a two-
                                                                                                               coop.                                    and-a-half-year struggle for permis-
                                                                       The Simcoe teenager wrote to
                                                                                                                  Hens, depending on their age and      sion to keep hens.
                                                                    county council in February 2017,
                                                                    asking for permission to keep five         breed, sell for $20 to $60 each.            Andrew in 2017 thought it might
                                                                    hens in his family’s large backyard           Andrew has dreamed of having          take council a month or two to grant
                                                                    on Poplar Street.                          chickens ever since he was a toddler,    his request.
                                                                        Last Tuesday — two and a half          he said in a telephone interview.           “I thought it wasn’t allowed be-
                                                                    years later — Andrew got his wish             “Even as a toddler, I always want-    cause no one had asked,” Andrew
                                                                    as council approved backyard chick-        ed to be a farmer,” he said.             said.
                                                                    ens in Norfolk towns by a vote of six         “Something about chickens ap-            “The mayor and councillors
                                                                    to three.                                  pealed to me. I always just loved        would read my letter and see it was
                                                                       Andrew wore a shirt that said, “I       them.”                                   a good idea.”
   Andrew Moore has waited years for backyard chickens.             just really, really, really, really love      Andrew’s parents said he could           > See CHICKENS on page 4

                                                                        •270 Norfolk St. Simcoe•

BACKYARD CHICKENS - Hands of time being replaced
BACKYARD CHICKENS - Hands of time being replaced

                                       75TH ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY IN FRANCE

                 We will remember them
   By Donna McMillan                                                                                                                                       ceremonies,” Stephen said. There
                                                                                                                                                           was the playing of The Last Post,
                                                                                                                                                           a speech by a top Canadian Forces
TWO young Collis brothers fought
                                                                                                                                                           member, a special blessing by a
in France during World War Two.
                                                                                                                                                           padre, the delivery of Jack’s re-
   On July 25, 1944, John (Jack) Al-                                                                                                                       mains in a Canadian maple box,
bert Collis, 28, was with the Royal                                                                                                                        carried by a soldier to interment.
Hamilton Light Infantry fighting
                                                                                                                                                              “It made me proud to be Cana-
the German defence of Verrieres
                                                                                                                                                           dian,” Stephen said. The ceremo-
Ridge in Normandy when he was
                                                                                                                                                           ny was very emotional, he said.
                                                                                                                                                           The family was also taken to the
   Leslie Ernest Collis, a younger                                                                                                                         farm and location where Jack’s
brother, was a Corporal with the                                                                                                                           final remains were found by DND
Lincoln-Welland Regiment, also                                                                                                                             historian Carl Kletke.
fighting in Normandy, not too far
                                                                                                                                                              He suggested that Jack may not
away at Tilly-La-Campagne. He
                                                                                                                                                           have been killed by a land mine as
was wounded August 8, 1944 and
                                                                                                                                                           earlier reported, but rather by a
sent to London to recover. On his
                                                                                                                                                           Panzer tank round, causing the
return to Holland to rejoin his
                                                                                                                                                           hole in Jack’s helmet, Stephen
regiment, Leslie learned of his
                                         The Ascension Ceremony for Jack Collis’ newly discovered remains was held on June 7th in France.                  said. It was a moving and respect-
brother’s death.
                                                                                                                                                           ful ceremony.
   In June, Stephen Collis of Port
                                       ple Leaf.                              couldn’t be touched, Stephen said.       cension Ceremony of Jack Collis’       The message at all the cer-
Dover, the son of Leslie and neph-
                                          Jack Collis was buried in              Jack’s upper and lower jaw,           newly discovered remains.           emonies was “We will remember
ew of Jack, along with his brother
                                       the Canadian War Cemetery in           shoulder, left arm and right hand           “It poured rain in the morn-     them,” Stephen said. “The biggest
Peter, Jack’s grandson Daniel Gal-
                                       Bretteville-sur-Laize after the end    were also found. This triggered a        ing, but stopped in time for the    thing for me – we can’t forget.”
lagher and his family travelled to
France as VIP guests of the Ca-        of the war.                            search to identify the Canadian
nadian government to attend the            In 2017, with the permission       soldier by Veterans Affairs’ Pro-
D–Day 75th Anniversary: an emo-        of the French farm owner, a per-       gram Advisor Paulette Ryan and
tional journey of remembrance.         son scanning a linen field near        Sarah Lockyer, Forensic anthro-
                                       Verrieres with a metal detector,       pologist Casualty Identification
   Thirty-seven D–Day Canadian
                                       Stephen shared, found bone and         Coordinator for the National De-
veterans, families, Prime Minis-
                                       metal. The metal pieces included a     fence Department.
ter Justin Trudeau, politicians
and staff from National Defence        helmet with a hole in it, a canteen        Armed with DNA, the signet
and Veterans Affairs were also in      still holding water, a ring with the   ring and teeth, Stephen said, the
attendance.                            initials JAC engraved on it, buck-     government contacted Dodie Col-
                                       les and more.                          lis, who was registered with An-
   “There are no words to de-
                                          Even parts of a pencil and a
scribe the feelings and emotions
of the trip,” Stephen told the Ma-     pipe were found; all so fragile they       Dodie, the wife of Stephen, was
                                                                              the link to the government getting
                                                                              a DNA sample from Stephen that
                                                                              proved to be a 95% match. From
                                                                              there, Dodie provided more fam-
                                                                              ily members. Stephen said he met
                                                                              Daniel Gallagher, Jack’s grand-
                                                                              son, for the first time. It was a spe-
                                                                              cial family event. “It was like we
                                                                              had known each other forever,” he
                                                                                 On June 5, the family attended
                                                                              a memorial ceremony at the Ca-
                                                                              nadian War Cemetery Benys-sur-
  Stephen Collis, his brother Peter Collis, Jack’s great-granddaughter        Mer. “Like the country, all the
                                                                              graveyards were well-kept and
Meghan, Henri and Ann-Marie who owned the farm where Jack’s final
                                                                              beautiful,” Stephen said.
remains were found and Daniel Gallagher, Jack’s grandson at the 75th
                                                                                 The people were fantastic and
Anniversary of D-Day ceremony in France.
                                                                              appreciative of their liberation.
                                                                              There were Canadian Memorials
                                                                              everywhere, he shared.
                                                                                 On June 6, 1944, 14,000 Canadi-
                                                                              ans landed at Juno Beach as part
                                                                              of one of the largest military op-
                                                                              erations in history. On June 6,
                                                                              2019, the Collis family members
                                                                              were VIP guests at a special 75
                                                                              year D–Day memorial ceremony.
                                                                                 They were able to walk Juno
                                                                              Beach and visit bunkers. “Every-
                                                                              time they played our National An-
  The ceremonies surrounding the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in                 them, I teared up,” Stephen said.           Stephen Collis holding a gravestone rubbing of his Uncle Jack’s
northern France were very emotional for those in attendance.                                                           stone, prepared by a Canadian soldier.
                                                                                 June 7th was the day for the As-
BACKYARD CHICKENS - Hands of time being replaced

Norfolk’s CAO since April leaving for job in Grimsby
NORFOLK is losing its interim chief ad-              who resigned on Jan. 15.                      gion in 2013.                                    Just like Norfolk, the town’s voters last
ministrative officer.                                  By coincidence, Mr. Cribbs started as           Mr. Schlange became CAO in Brampton       year elected a new mayor and six of eight
  Harry Schlange will start a new job as             CAO for the Town of Pelham in Niagara         in 2016. He “parted ways” with Brampton       councillors.
CAO for the Town of Grimsby in Niagara               Region last week.                             last December after a new mayor and coun-         In a media release last Friday, Grimsby
Region right after Labour Day.                         Mr. Schlange grew up in Niagara Region      cil took office.                              Mayor Jeff Jordan said, “Harry will work
  Mr. Schlange has been Norfolk’s top                and resides there.                              During his brief time in Norfolk, Mr.       closely with town council to expedite coun-
manager since April 1.                                                                             Schlange has helped council set priorities.   cil priorities and actively engage our com-
                                                        He was CAO for Fort Erie for two years
                                                                                                                                                 munity in charting a course forward for
   He replaced former CAO David Cribbs,              before moving up to CAO of Niagara Re-           Grimsby has a population of 27,000.

Four backyard chickens allowed,
with rules, for all Norfolk homes

   > From page one                                Garfield Eaton spoke on behalf of
   But it wasn’t that simple.                  500 residents of the Villages of Long
   Andrew spoke twice to council as            Point in Port Rowan, who oppose chick-
council undertook a one-year experi-           ens.
ment allowing backyard chickens in                He said allowing chickens wouldn’t         Backyard chickens are allowed in
hamlets but not towns.                         work in the small spaces of the Vil-          town with these restrictions.
  The experiment was inconclusive              lages.
                                                                                                 County bylaw enforcement of-
and last year council let the issue slide.        “I don’t think real deep thought and
                                                                                             ficers will act on complaints only.
   Andrew spoke to the newly elected           research went into the bylaw,” he said.
council led by Mayor Kristal Chopp last           Port Rowan Coun. Tom Masschaele               o Maximum of four hens per
December and again last Tuesday.               lost his bid to exempt the Villages from      property;
   Always his message was the same.            allowing backyard chickens.
                                                                                               o No chicks less than four
    Chickens are allowed in many plac-            He noted that 55 people in Port Do-        months old;
es, including Toronto and Kitchener.           ver’s Pine Ridge Estates also signed a
                                               petition against chickens.                        o No roosters;
  Four hens won’t create noise or
smell and won’t attract coyotes.                  In an interview, Port Dover Coun.              o Feed to be kept secured from
                                               Amy Martin expressed doubt that the           rodents outside hen enclosure;
   They make great pets and provide
                                               county could exempt neighbourhoods
fresh, healthy eggs.
                                               from the bylaw.                                   o No slaughtering on site;
   People who oppose chickens lack
                                                  Coun. Martin said condominium                 o No sales of eggs, manure or
experience or education, Andrew told
                                               boards, such as in Dover Coast, could         other products;
The Maple Leaf.
                                               set their own rules against chickens if
   Andrew’s appearance at council last                                                          o Three-metre setbacks from
                                               they want.
December led to the Jan. 8 incident in                                                       side and rear property lines;
                                                  Coun. Martin said she does not ex-
which Mayor Chopp tore up a staff re-
                                               pect much demand for backyard chick-             o Minimum coop and run
port recommending against backyard
                                               ens in Port Dover.                            space for hens up to 10 square
                                                  However, there might be demand in          metres and three metres tall;
   Last Tuesday, as council held its fi-
                                               former Woodhouse township.
nal discussion on chickens, Andrew en-                                                          o Hens to be registered with
couraged council to pass a bylaw per-             Coun. Martin said many Port Dover
                                               properties aren’t large enough to ac-
                                                                                             the Ontario Chicken Marketing
mitting them with several restrictions.
                                               commodate chickens.                           Board small flock policy;
   He came to the meeting armed with
a petition signed by 70 people from Sim-          Norfolk’s bylaw requires coops and            o Manure to be disposed of
coe, Port Dover, Vittoria and Waterford.       runs be set back three metres from            properly as determined by a bylaw
                                               back and side property lines.                 enforcement officer;
    Four other citizens addressed coun-
cil — two in favour of backyard chick-             Coun. Martin said the Pine Ridge
                                                                                                 o Coops to be enclosed on all
ens and two opposed.                           Estates petition against chickens didn’t
                                               go unnoticed but “it’s not where coun-        six sides if not buried;
   Leslee Wilson of Simcoe said it rubs
                                               cil was at.”                                     o Owners must reside on the
her the wrong way when people aren’t
allowed to do things on their own prop-           Mayor Chopp, Coun. Martin, Char-           premises where the backyard hens
erty.                                          lotteville Coun. Chris Van Paassen, Wa-       are kept. Tenants must have written
                                               terford Coun. Kim Huffman and Sim-            consent of the property’s owner.
  Rick Dawdry of Vittoria said oppo-
                                               coe councillors Ian Rabbitts and Ryan
nents of chickens are fear mongering.
                                               Taylor voted for the backyard chicken
   He said chickens help teach chil-
dren to be responsible and to take care
                                                 Coun. Masschaele, Langton Coun.
of animals.
                                               Roger Geysens and Delhi Coun. Mike
   But Pat Cox of Simcoe spoke about
                                               Columbus voted against the bylaw.
her bad experience of living next door
                                                  Chickens don’t belong in urban ar-
to people with chickens.
                                               eas, Coun. Columbus said.
   She said the chickens’ feed attracted
                                                     They attract rats and flies, he said.
BACKYARD CHICKENS - Hands of time being replaced


                                                                                          Fred and Sharon Judd’s Meadow Lynn Farms have had five weeks of a bumper straw-
                                                                                       berry harvest this year. The season is expected to wind down this week. Shown above
                                                                                       are, left to right, Fred Judd, Bevin Mortley of Arthur, Sharon Judd, Leah Erwin of Water-
                                                                                       ford, Brenda Mortley of Arthur.

   These three brothers Gil Amaro Fernandez, Soledad Amaro Fernandez and Edgar
Amaro Fernandez are from Mexico and working at the Matz farm just outside Port Do-
ver this summer. They are shown here while picking the sweet pea crop.

                                                        PHOTOS BY
                                                        EARL HARTLEN
                                                                                         Cherries are in season and picking them on a farm outside Simcoe are, at right, Theo
                                                                                       Ampadu of Brantford with his children Malachi, 12, and Jada, 13.

                                                          You’re invited to an information session
                                                          to learn more about the demolition of
                                                          Nanticoke Generating Station.
                                                          Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is hosting an information session for you to learn about the
   Kiefer Binkley, 15, of Simcoe works at the Matz        upcoming demolition of the powerhouse at our decommissioned Nanticoke Generating Station.
Fruit Barn and is shown here with fresh peas.             Date:       Monday, July 29
                                                          Time:       Drop in any time between 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
                                                          Location:   Nanticoke Community Hall, 38 Rainham Rd, Nanticoke, Ontario

Musical offerings                                         OPG contracted DELSAN-AIM Environmental Services Inc. to remove existing equipment and buildings from
                                                          the Nanticoke site in preparation for developing the Nanticoke Solar Facility and for other industrial use.

at Riverfront Park
                                                          Come learn about the specifics of the powerhouse demolition and get an update on our progress.
                                                          For more information, please contact:
                                                          Jennifer Grossi, OPG Corporate Relations
PORT Dover Harbour Museum is gearing up to pres-          905-357-6940 |
ent a pair of unique musical offerings. First up is
the Jubilee Brass Band at Riverfront Park, located
beside the museum, on Saturday, July 20.
    The Jubilee Brass Brand was formed in 1996 and
is a 36 member brass ensemble composed of retired
men and women who have played in Salvation Army
Centres across southwestern Ontario. The evening

will showcase a variety of music from classical com-
posers to hymns and the toe-tapping marches and
contemporary sounds of today.
   The group has performed in both Canada and the
United States in a variety of community events in-
cluding London’s Centennial Hall, Western Fair, Pin-
afore Park in St. Thomas, and the St. George Apple
   On Wed., July 24, the museum will present an eve-
ning of old-time jigs, reels, and waltzes performed
by Norfolk County’s own Crooked Stovepipe Folk Or-
chestra at Riverfront Park. With the odd vintage pop
tune from the 1920s and ’30s thrown in, you’ll hear
everything from Don Messer to Fats Waller.
   The Orchestra is an amateur, community en-
semble that came together in 2014 and meets in Villa
Nova to rehearse. Members of the group hail from
both Norfolk and Brant counties, with a few from
the Oxford and Hamilton area. Their line-up boasts
fiddles, guitars, ukuleles, reeds, banjo, accordions,
and bass.
   The orchestra will be joined by local folk duo
Mike & Pat -- featuring Mike Hogg on the guitar vo-
cals and harmonica, and Patrick Campbell with gui-
tar and vocals.
   Riverfront Park is located beside the Port Dover
Harbour Museum. Please bring a lawn chair to enjoy
both concerts. Admission is by donation. For ques-
tions, please visit the Port Dover Harbour Museum,
44 Harbour Street, Port Dover, phone 519-583-2660 or
BACKYARD CHICKENS - Hands of time being replaced

                                                             Norfolk is biker and bicycler friendly community
                                                             PORT Dover is well known for its appeal       Bike Summit.                                 miere destination for cyclists in south-
                                                             to bikers. A motorcycle ride to this town        One of the biggest events locally for     ern Ontario. The municipality has
                                                             is popular in the good weather months.        bicyclists is Le Tour de Norfolk which       also improved area trails, encourages
                                                                This spring, Norfolk was also rec-         runs this weekend. It is for all ages and    new businesses to install bike racks,
                                                             ognized for its work encouraging bikes        all abilities. Riders are encouraged to      welcomes bikes on board Ride Norfolk
                                                             of another kind. The County has been          ride at their own pace. Registration is      buses, and includes “share the road” sig-
                                                             named a Bicycle Friendly Community            at Delhi Community Centre on Western         nage in all planned capital projects.
                                                             by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition.      Avenue. More information is at www.le-          For more information – including a
                                                               Norfolk took home the bronze level                            look at the county’s trail system – visit
                                                             community award during the Ontario               Norfolk County has become a pre-

  Becoming a cannabis cultivation manager

TO be clear, Jennifer Ayotte is
a cannabis cultivation manager
who happens to be a woman,
rather than the alternative.
   But Jennifer, who works at
Wayland’s Langton facility, is also
honoured to be among a signifi-
cant female minority selected to
the inaugural 15-member Jungle
Talks Pro Manager Medicinal
Cannabis Mastercourse held in
June in The Netherlands. An
international event, it recognizes
cannabis’s emergence as a horti-
cultural subsector.
   The interdisciplinary oppor-
tunity links medical cannabis
industry members with leading-
edge Dutch horticulturalists for
two-weeks of contemporary and
evolving best practices through             Wayland Cultivation Manager Jennifer Ayotte’s presence and performance in a male-dominated cannabis industry is backed up
presentations, site visits and              by a Langton-area female-majority cultivation team she credits as one of the hardest working, responsible - and fun - groups.
industry-leader peer interaction.
    A passionate believer in the        mused, adding with a smile, “let’s       head off issues before they arise.     wife concept development team         genuinely like.
efficacy of medical cannabis, Ms.       do cultivation manager.”                                                        Ed Smit and Renee Snijders,
                                                                                    “It’s experience and time,                                                   “You are looking at the newest
Ayotte is a focussed and driven                                                                                         Netherlands natives residing in
                                           Post Boone, Ms. Ayotte has            that’s what it equates to. Histori-                                          technology and thinking that
pioneering industry professional                                                                                        Costa Rica.
                                        been at the forefront of diverse         cal data and the subtle differ-                                              applies to your own company and
attracted to the mastercourse for
                                        global cannabis-industry prog-           ences that work for a grower and          “I find it very positive we have   sector,” Ms. Snijders concluded.
the singular accelerated growth
                                        ress including a consultation in         wouldn’t work for anyone else.”        three women,” said Ms. Snijders,         Typically, industry players roll
opportunity it represents.
                                        Hawaii’s particularly challenging           Although she feels there is no      clarifying their selection is         one of two ways says Ms. Ayotte,
    Ms. Ayotte came obtusely to         growth environment, overseen                                                    welcome, but based on merit. “We
                                                                                 major down or upside to being a                                              either unbelievably friendly and
cannabis’s contemporary green           development of a full grow in                                                   want women, but never because
                                                                                 female cannabis grow manager,                                                communicative or it’s the veil of
gold rush, following husband            Switzerland, and mapped out and                                                 of the fact they are women.”
                                                                                 (“Either sex, it’s a lot of hard                                             secrecy where somebody figures
Jeff ’s westward quest to Boone,        engineered a 165-hectare Ger-            work,”) Ms. Ayotte says the indus-        A collaborative team in their      they have the magic formula. But
Colorado to design a production         man hemp production operation            try definitely is a ‘boys club’ with   own right, Ms. Snijders and Mr.       for the most part, they are very
facility combining smart-tech-          from seeding through harvest             predominantly male growers.            Smit found affinity with Jenni-       friendly and communicative.
nology automation with resource         and drying, as well as creating
                                                                                     “I don’t think a lot of people     fer’s share of Canadian cannabis         “The industry doesn’t learn
efficiency and sustainability.          integrated Standard Operating
                                                                                 realize very few women are in the      power couple status, but empha-       and move forward unless we
   Her initial foray into agron-        Procedures (SOP) for each unique                                                sized her inclusion is based on
                                                                                 field,” she said. “And women have                                            learn together.”
omy was driven by crop issues           facility, reflective of their specific                                          individual qualifications.
                                                                                 a lot to offer.”                                                                In broader terms, Ms. Ayotte
jointly threatening harvest and         international jurisdictions.
                                                                                    Females are however becom-             “She has all the potential to      sees the cannabis mastercourse
the Ayotte family’s financial              Subsequently, she accepted the
                                                                                 ing an increasing presence she         become one of the leading figures     as an extension of that reality
commitment, met initially by a          supervisory position at Wayland’s
                                                                                 says, their population expanding.      in the world of cannabis,” Ms.        and welcomes her opportunity to
patronizing attitude containing         Langton-area purpose-built can-                                                 Snijders credited.                    both participate and contribute.
more than a hint of ’isn’t that                                                     “The industry is young and
                                        nabis production facility, where
                                                                                 growing — there is opportunity            Mr. Smit says previous master-         “I think it’s critical for the
cute.’                                  to date, she has more than tripled
                                                                                 everywhere to get involved and         course participants exited with       cannabis industry to co-mingle
   Jennifer’s interim perfor-           previous production benchmarks
                                                                                 advance.”                              a growth experience, business         with established agriculture and
mance exceeded that of the initial      while also creating her fifth set of
                                                                                                                        cards and personal connections to     become part of the team instead
and two subsequent contracted           tailor-made SOP.                            The mastercourse features
                                                                                                                        the decision makers from leading      of the outsider. And I think
growers, leading to official recog-                                              horticulture and medical canna-
                                           Her passion for excellence is                                                Dutch horticultural companies,        acknowledging cannabis is an
nition of fait accompli.                                                         bis components.
                                        driven by ‘love of the flower,’ her                                             exposure to business opportu-         agricultural crop is one of the
  “I hate ‘agronomist’, hate            approach keeping eyes on the                 The mastercourse franchise
                                                                                                                        nities and a network of global        first steps.”
‘master grower’, hate titles,” she      plants, striving to predict and          is the brainchild of husband and
                                                                                                                        peers they can consult, trust and

Haldimand Norfolk Housing Corp names Matthew Bowen new CEO
HALDIMAND Norfolk Housing               for 44 years. After provincial           Simcoe, Waterford, Port Dover,         lice, retired. She has held the top   be joining our team,” said Jeff
Corporation named Matthew               downloading in 2001, it formed as        Caledonia, Dunnville, and Hagers-      job since September 2016.             Miller, of Port Dover, the Presi-
Bowen as Chief Executive Officer        a municipally share-owned, arm’s         ville. HNHC also offers property          Mr. Bowen had been with the        dent of the HNHC Board. He
effective July 1.                       length corporation of Haldimand          management services for an ad-         City of Hamilton for the past         added, “with our goal to build new
   The Haldimand Norfolk Hous-          and Norfolk counties.                    ditional 153 homes in Port Row-        eight years as Manager of Hous-       affordable housing, we see Matt’s
ing Corporation (HNHC) is the              HNHC owns and manages 391             an, Dunnville, Simcoe, and Delhi       ing Operations, Manager of Part-      broad experience in the housing
largest housing provider in Hal-        rent-geared-to-income homes con-         owned by local non-profit housing      nerships and Director of Building     sector and his leadership skills
dimand and Norfolk counties.            sisting of 12 apartment buildings        corporations.                          Services.                             as key assets to help us make this
HNHC has been serving the area          and 99 family homes in Delhi,               The previous CEO, Deborah Fi-                                             happen.”
                                                                                                                           “We are pleased that Matt will
BACKYARD CHICKENS - Hands of time being replaced

Knights of Columbus
Dollier and Galinee Knights of Columbus Council held its 36th annual Charter Night recently
at St. Cecilia’s Church Hall. About 60 people were in attendance with Knechtel Foods catering
the event. Joe Czerlau introduced this year’s Knight of the Year Deacon John Doomernik, who
is Chaplain for the Council. Outgoing Grand Knight Dennis Blake introduced the newly elected
Grand Knight Michael Vanrooy.

   Joe Czerlau introduced this year’s Knight of the Year Deacon               Newly elected Grand Knight
John Doomernik.                                                             Mike Vanrooy.

  About 60 people enjoyed the special evening at St. Cecilia’s Church Hall catered by Knechtel Foods.

                 Steps to better animal
                  welfare enforcement
TOBY BARRETT                         complex issues. In addition to
                                     animal abuse and cruelty, an ani-
                                                                             the new long-term model. The
                                                                             stakes are too high. We will take
                                     mal welfare situation can involve       the time needed to get the new
                                     mental health, hoarding, domestic       model right. That includes mak-
                                     violence, puppy mills, pets in care,    ing sure the people have their say.
                                     dogfighting and cockfighting – to          Our government takes animal
                                     name a few. This is why many            welfare seriously. Following the
                                     partners are currently involved         withdrawal of the OSPCA from
Queen’s Park Report                  and why a model that has been in        enforcement of livestock and
                                     place for over 100 years cannot be      equine cases, our government act-
THE province has brought in          replaced overnight.                     ed quickly to ensure all livestock
interim animal protection mea-
                                        In March, the OSPCA informed         and equine welfare cases were
sures, which are a temporary
                                     the Solicitor General that it would     directed to the local police au-
solution until a better permanent
                                     no longer enforce the OSPCA Act         thorities across the province. The
system is in place by next Janu-
                                     as of April 1 of this year. This was    Ministry of Agriculture, Food,
                                     later extended to June 28, but with     and Rural Affairs and our farm
   Animal welfare legislation        exceptions. The OSPCA also indi-        organizations continue to provide
has been enforced by the Ontario     cated to the ministry they would        expertise to police authorities, as
Society for the Prevention of        no longer be enforcing livestock        needed, in partnership with our
Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) since     and horse complaints. The Solici-       local veterinarians.
1919, however, the OSPCA recently    tor General wrote to the OSPCA             Ontario farmers are already
decided to stop providing animal     asking they continue animal             world leaders in maintaining the
welfare enforcement services.        welfare enforcement until the gov-      highest standards of animal care.
   Ontario is taking action to       ernment introduces a new model          They rely on the welfare of their
ensure the laws we have in place     - unfortunately, they refused.          animals to make a living, just like
protect animals from abuse and           The ‘OSPCA Amendment Act’           they rely on taking sustainable
neglect, and hold people account-    is a temporary solution that will       care of the land and the environ-
able when they do not properly       help fill the gaps while we build       ment where their animals thrive.
look after animals under their       a new, permanent enforcement               Allowing animals to go un-
care. The interim ‘OSPCA Amend-      model and develop a legislative         protected is simply unacceptable
ment Act’ allows local humane        framework for the future. Animal        to our government. Since this
societies to continue the enforce-   welfare is complex. Its stakehold-      government was elected, we have
ment work they have been doing       ers range from veterinarians,           clearly stated the animal protec-
for many years.                      pet owners and animal advocacy          tion enforcement system across
   To ensure animals are protect-    groups to livestock farmers. We         this province can be and will be
ed in the interim, the public can    are talking to all of these groups      made better, and we are taking
report animal welfare concerns       as well as municipalities and           action to do so. The ‘OSPCA
by calling 1-833-9ANIMAL.            police services.                        Amendment Act’ is the first step
   Enforcement of animal welfare        For the sake and safety of our       along that path.
legislation has links to many        animals, we are not going to rush
BACKYARD CHICKENS - Hands of time being replaced

WHAT A DISH.                                                                                                      The Port Dover Harbour Museum presents:
                                                                                                             CONCERTS IN RIVERFRONT PARK
Flat-out in the front hall
and need of fall prevention
                                                     Gen’s Chicken Plus
                                                                                                             The Salvation Army JULY 20
                                                        I have no idea who Gen is or even what cook-
                                                     book I found this in but there doesn’t appear to be
                                                                                                                                6:30 pm
                                                     anything like it online.                                *in the event of severe weather, a smaller emsemble will perform inside the museum

                                                     My note:         I added the herbs and veggies          Crooked Stovepipe Folk Orchestra
MARY ETTA McGRAW                                     except the onion to the base recipe. Choose other                          featuring folk duo:
                                                     sautéed/cooked vegetables instead of those I have
                                                     used if preferred. I think chopped spinach or
                                                                                                                                Mike Hogg
Originally published May 2016
                                                     Swiss chard would be good with scallion and gar-                           & Patrick Campbell
                                                                                                                                                               JULY 24
    was on my way out last Friday night and in       lic. And how about a cup of grated Asiago or other
                                                     cheese when you add the broth and milk? Substi-

                                                                                                                                                               7:00 pm
    a bit of a dash so I flew down the stair case,
    spun into the hall and next thing… I was         tute thyme or marjoram and sage. The base recipe
rivalling supergirl! Airborne, arms and hands        is so bland it lends itself to many possibilities.
extended out front and on my supersonic way                                                                       Admission by donation. Please bring your lawn chair
                                                        1.5 kg boneless chicken thighs and/or breasts
to a crash with the closet door at the end of the
                                                        2 1/2 cups chicken broth                                  44 Harbour St.        519-583-2660
                                                        2 Tb butter, for greasing casserole dish
   I sideswiped a stool, as my left temple sort-        Salt and pepper to taste
of slammed into the floor. I yelped, “What the          5 Tb butter, divided
dickens just happened!!?” … Only I didn’t say           1 small onion, chopped fine
dickens.                                                1/2 lb mushrooms, sliced
   And then, being intact, I laughed. Why do            1 stalk celery sliced thinly on short diagonal
we laugh after that sort of thing? And after this       2 cloves garlic, grated or crushed
super-sonic spectacular fall, I get no bragging         1/4 – 1/2 crushed dried red chilies, optional
rights! I have only a small bruise under my left        Dried or fresh chopped basil to taste
thumb nail and my left arm gave me a little             1/4 cup flour
back-sass for about 24 hours.                           1 cup milk or light cream
   So what happened? I had left a wee bit of            2 thick slices bread, in 1/4 –inch cubes
quarter-round sticking out from the end of the          2 egg yolks beaten
baseboard at the bottom of the stairs. I should         2 egg whites beaten until stiff
have trimmed it back but – it was ONLY a half           Preheat oven to 325F. Bring broth to the boil for
inch.                                                poaching the chicken.
   I was reminded once again why I am taking            Cut chicken pieces in half or thirds and add to
the Stand Up – Fall Prevention Classes. Fo-          boiling broth. Return to boil, then reduce heat to
cussed exercises and discussions about strong        simmer and poach the chicken 8 minutes. Trans-
bones and safe spaces are included. We are           fer chicken pieces to buttered casserole dish.
advised to look around our home space with a         Reserve broth.
critical eye for potential problems. Like a half-       Melt 2 Tb butter in wide deep pan over medium
inch protuberance that will trip you up some         high. Stir in onions, mushrooms and celery cook-
day.                                                 ing until softened and mushrooms are lightly co-
   We were asked in class today if any of us         loured. Add salt and pepper to taste, garlic, chilies
had ever fallen. And of course we all had. Does      and basil, if using, and cook another minute. Add
anyone get through childhood and teen years          remaining 3 Tb butter; when melted stir in flour
without a few falls?                                 and cook for a minute.
   However, we were reminded that falls be-              Remove from heat and stir in 2 cups broth
come more frequent among seniors especially          and the milk; return to stove on medium heat
for those taking three or more medications and       and stir until it thickens. Stir a little of the hot
are more likely to have life changing conse-         mixture into the egg yolks to temper them; add
quences when they do happen.                         the tempered yolks to the veggie mixture stirring
    One day you are running your own life and        to thoroughly blend. Stir in the bread cubes and
the next you might need help with everything.        remaining broth.
Many falls are preventable and therefore many           Fold in beaten egg white and pour over chick-
life changing consequences might otherwise be        en. Bake for 1 hour in preheated 325F oven.
   My consequences were minor – a bad night’s
sleep followed and I had to reach across with my
right hand to wash the hair on the left side of
my head – awkward but minor! Lucky! Lucky!
Lucky! That was a pretty spectacular fall and
things might have gone down differently.
    Thinking about falling I went to soufflés
immediately. But I don’t make soufflés – not         Peas (or Edamame)
usually. On the other hand I do have one recipe      and Scallions
– a note on it says I discovered it during my last
year at Western U. , 1966-67. I was living in a      Serves 4
garret apartment with one of those funny little         Heat a skillet on medium high with 1 Tb each
stoves where you could use one element on high       water and butter (or non-hydrogenated margarine
or two on medium but if you wanted the oven,         like Becel).
no elements were available. Hah! The good old            Add the 2 cups frozen peas and 3 scallions
days.                                                sliced thinly.
   The recipe is really plain like many casse-          Cook until steamy giving things a stir once or
role recipes were in the sixties using only salt,    twice. The idea is that all the water will evaporate
pepper and onion to add flavour to the main          and you’ll have buttery peas to serve. Takes about
ingredients. A second, much later, note suggests     3 minutes.
“jazz it up” with the addition of garlic, mush-         Add a pinch of sugar and salt if desired while
rooms and some herbs.                                cooking.
   Mary Etta McGraw, PHEc.,                             Add a little sweet chopped red pepper or dried
   519-429-5823.                                     chilies for variation another time.
BACKYARD CHICKENS - Hands of time being replaced


Ian Bell
brings fishing, farming,
War of 1812 songs to life
   By Donna McMillan                                          He shared he was first smitten by folk songs he
                                                          heard at hootenannies he attended with his parents
                                                          in the very early ’60s, and later at the Mariposa Fes-
IAN Bell has performed across Canada and the Unit-        tivals of the early ’70s.
ed States since the late 1970s. He wrote and served
                                                             Along the way, he taught himself to play mando-
as musical director for five of Stuart McLean’s Vi-
                                                          lin, harmonica, button accordion, banjo, jaw harps,
nyl Café national concert broadcasts. He performed
                                                          whistles and pipes in addition to the guitar. He had
period music for and occasionally appeared in The
                                                          a little bit of help with learning the pipes from
Road to Avonlea.
                                                          friends, he added.
   He has performed in the Roots Festival at the
                                                             Ian often has stories to tell to bring life to his
Lincoln Centre. He and Dan Needles are continuing
                                                          songs. He was influenced by such artists as “Utah”
to perform “Confessions from the 9th Concession”
                                                          Phillips, he said. It all came about because he decid-
throughout Ontario playhouses.
                                                          ed a lot of Canadian and Ontario traditional music
   He recently released his latest CD “Saturday           required some context, he shared.
Nights in Villa Nova,” recorded live at The Crooked
                                                             Some of his program themes, often presented
Stovepipe in the hamlet of Villa Nova.
                                                          at schools or museums, include “From the Home
   And, Ian brought a revived historical awareness        Front to the Western Front”, “Hogmany”, The Scots
of Lake Erie shipping, fishing, War of 1812 and           or Irish in Ontario, “Songs of the Great Lakes”,
rumrunning through song and storytelling while            “The Music of 1812”, “ A Soldier’s/Sailor’s Life”,
a past curator of the Port Dover Harbour Museum.          “Farming and Rural Life”, “Tipplers and Teetotal-
   To quote Juno award winner David Francey, “Ian         ers” and many more. “Contextualizing became very
Bell writes with clarity and passion… beautifully         important,” he said.
crafted songs delivered in a strong, clear voice.”            Ian performs with many artists and can be found
    Ian first picked up a guitar while in grade six,      on such CDs as “Forget Me Not When Far Away”,
he recently told the Maple Leaf. But, he didn’t get       tunes about the days of sails on the Great Lakes;
“serious about it until high school when I realized       “My Pious Friends & Drunken Companions”; “Shal-
it was a vehicle for attracting girls,” he said. He was   low Water”, inspired by Port Dover and lakeside
in various bands during his Waterford High School         life; Muddy York “Scatter the Ashes”, music of old
years, sometimes playing rock, sometimes folk.            Ontario and other titles.                                Ian Bell outside The Crooked Stovepipe in Villa Nova.

               Now’s the Time
           to Make Your Move
            Call today or visit
             to arrange your personal visit and
                   be our guest for lunch.

            395 Cedar St, Simcoe | 226-484-6000
BACKYARD CHICKENS - Hands of time being replaced

                                                                                                                                    A market to celebrate the artisans of Norfolk County

                                                                                                                                    Saturday, August 3rd 11am - 5pm
                                                                                                                                    Sunday, August 4th 12pm - 4pm
                                                                                                                                    Burning Kiln Winery
                                                                                                                                    1709 Front Road, St Williams
                                                                                                                                    Local vendors, wine by the glass, live music,
                                                                                                                                    locally sourced food, and more! Free Admission.

   Pam Schneider is making reusable beeswax wraps.

Bee-Usable Wraps are eco–friendly
alternative to single use plastic
   By Donna McMillan                A friend suggested she        pre-Christmas sales there.     gifts and more.
                                 try these wraps a year ago,          Pam shared that they           She is estimating she
                                 she told the Maple Leaf. “I      are popular as an alterna-     will need 200 to 300 for this
LITTLE did Pam Schneider         first saw them at One of a       tive to single use plastic     year’s Port Dover Summer
know a year ago when she         Kind about five years ago        wrap. They work well for       Festival, happening in Pow-
started experimenting with       and thought they were a          wrapping cheese, vegeta-       ell Park the third weekend
making beeswax reusable          good idea… but had no            bles, the leftovers of ba-     in August.
wraps with a friend in her       thought of doing it myself.”     guettes, the top of bowls of       The wraps can be pur-
garage studio that they             The two tried some reci-      leftovers that are being put   chased by connecting with
would become one of the          pes and came up with one         in the frig and more. They     Pam through her website
hits of the season for her at    that comprised cotton ma-        are pliable, can be molded     at www.pamschneiderar-
Summer Festival and with         terial, beeswax, tree sap        to bowls and can be washed or e-mail pam2@
The Dover Cheese Shop.           and jojoba oil. Pam took         with soap and cool water, her St. George
   Pam, a Port Dover en-         about 80 Bee-Usable pack-        for regular reuse.             Street Studio by appoint-
caustic artist, started pro-     ages of four wraps each to           Pam’s package of four,     ment or at The Dover
ducing her stunning en-          Summer Festival last Au-         all colourful patterns, com-   Cheese Shop.
caustic art work five years      gust and sold out in the first   prise two 8 x 8, one 10 x 10       “What started off as a
ago. She has participated        three hours of the first day.    and one 13 x 14 beeswax        little afternoon project has
in the Norfolk Studio Tour,         From there, Jenny Ball,       wrap.                          turned into something big,”
Open Studio, Summer              owner of Port Dover’s Main          She uses Canadian bees-     Pam said.
Festival and has had her         street cheese shop contacted     wax from the Ottawa area
artwork featured in a solo       her, wanting to carry Pam’s      and Bear’s Treasure Honey
exhibition at Lighthouse         local product in the store.      in Vanessa. She buys cot-
Festival Theatre.                Pam was kept busy with           ton material from the Mill
                                                                  Store, she shared. She’s
                                                                  also been making beeswax
                                                                     Michael Barber of Bar-
                                                                  ber & Veri Design created
                                                                  her logo from one of Pam’s
                                                                  pieces of artwork, featur-
                                                                  ing a bee.
                                                                     Making the beeswax
                                                                  wraps is a time-consuming
                                                                  process, Pam explained.
                                                                  She needs to cut the cotton,
                                                                  wash and dry the material,
                                                                  wax them with her mixed
                                                                  formula, trim, fold and
                                                                    She is pleased people are
                                                                  buying them for environ-
                                                                  mental reasons and to give
   Reusable beeswax wraps.                                        as hostess gifts, teacher

          COMEDY BY                                                                       DIRECTED BY
      KRISTEN DA SILV                                                                   SARAH PHILLIPS

                                                                                                                                      JULY 3 - 20
                                                                                                                             247 Main St, Port Dover TEL 519-583-2221
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   For your home, your auto,                                                                                         Call for your Insurance
   your business, your farm... your life                                                                                   quote today!
  Community-minded brokers,
                   brokers, minding
                            minding the
                                     the community
                                          community                                      Simcoe
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                                                                             Health Unit
                                                                             online and
                                                                             IT’S now easier than ever
                                                                             to take part in free prenatal
                                                                             classes with the Haldimand-
   Ontario Electronic Vape opened recently at 416 Main Street.               Norfolk Health Unit.
                                                                                In addition to in-person

‘Vape Store’ offers                                                          sessions, expecting parents
                                                                             can now enjoy online classes
                                                                             as they prepare for their new

products and technology                                                      arrival.
                                                                                 This is a web-based, mo-
                                                                             bile-friendly program that
   By Jessica Tulpin                   themselves on new technology,”        includes audio voiceover,
                                       he said noting that the two staff     closed captioning, videos,
                                       members at the Port Dover store       quizzes, and more to help you
ONTARIO Electronic Vape set            are no exception.                     learn about healthy pregnan-
up shop at 416 Main Street at the                                            cy, labour and birth, breast-
                                          The store stocks everything
beginning of May. The special-                                               feeding, and taking care of
                                       one needs for their vaping sys-
ity shop carries a wide variety                                              your newborn.
                                       tem: batteries, coils, liquids, and
of electronic vaporizers that                                                   After registering, each
                                       chargers, in addition to kits, from
consumers use in lieu of tobacco                                             user will have access to the
                                       starter to expert. Although they
cigarettes.                                                                  classes for 365 days. Those in-
                                       do carry herbal vaporizers, they
   The Port Dover location is          are not a cannabis store and do       terested can register online
the fourth in the Ontario Elec-        not carry any such products or        at
tronic Vape chain. Owner Aidan         paraphernalia. He continuously        prenatal-classes/.
Wilkins feels that the new loca-       evaluates his stock to meet the           “We’re very excited to be
tion is a good fit for his business.   specific needs of his customers.      able to offer online prenatal
“For a small community, Port Do-                                             classes,” said Sheryll Brim-
                                          Mr. Wilkins stresses that all of
ver is well-diversified,” he said,                                           ley, Public Health Nurse who
                                       his stores, including the Port Do-
adding that he is impressed with                                             teaches prenatal classes with
                                       ver location, are intended strictly
the town.                                                                    the Health Unit. “This allows
                                       for adults and those under the age
   Mr. Wilkins has been in the         of 19 are not permitted into the      us to get our messaging out
“vape” business for the past five      building and he and his staff do      to even more parents and
years and says he has seen a tre-      not permit the sale of vape prod-     help them through a tremen-
mendous amount of growth in            ucts to minors.                       dous time in their lives.”
the market and technology. He                                                   Topics include comfort
                                          Mr. Wilkins said traffic at the
feels that his stores offer a better                                         measures, life with a new-
                                       store has been decent for a new
customer experience than a lot of                                            born, and coping skills for
                                       business and is optimistic that
corner stores that sell the same                                             new parents.
                                       the summer will bring in new
types of products.
                                       clientele. For more information          In-person classes are of-
   “My employees are very              about Ontario Electronic Vape         fered every month in Simcoe
knowledgeable in the product,          visit or call 519-583-    at the EarlyOn Centre. To
they are constantly educating          8665.                                 register, call 519-426-6170.

the town
   By Paul Morris

     ICHARD Dupp is the volunteer time-
     keeper for this town’s oldest and most
     recognized clock. Installed in July
1906 in the Town Hall building, now Light-
house Festival Theatre, the iconic town
clock continues to work using the same
mechanism that was installed a century
   Accessed through a small trap door and
a steep ladder, the climb to the top first
reaches the level where the 501-pound bell
is mounted one floor below the clock.
   The bell was made in Troy, NY, shipped
to Buffalo and from there brought to Port
   > Continued on next page

                                                      Richard Dupp, at left, and Tim Warris with the original century-old mechanism that
                                                  still keeps the time on the clocks in the tower. Long poles attached to gears reach out to
                                                  the four faces of the clock and turn the hands of time. Tim made new aluminum clock
                                                  hands to replace the failing wooden hands -- some of which are thought to be original.

   The 501-pound bell is a level below the                                                                                                        Richard Dupp keeps the clock mecha-
clock in the Town Hall tower. This bell ar-                                                                                                    nism working smoothly as a volunteer
rived in Port Dover on September 2, 1856            New clock hands were cut out of 3/8-inch aluminum by Tim Warris at his Port Dover          job with Lighthouse Festival Theatre, the
and was moved to the tower in 1904.              shop using a cutting tool guided by a computer program.                                       owner of the building.

   A close-up look at the gear mechanism and poles that extend out to the clock’s four faces and keep the hands of time running smoothly.

   > Continued from previous page               but owing to the failure of the contractor      and parts of a century of “goo”. The solid         To reduce their weight and make them
                                                to have it ready for July 1st, the price was    brass gears need no lubrication. A vacuum       perfectly balanced on their rotation point,
Dover on the schooner ‘Mayflower’ arriv-        reduced to $715.00.                             is kept handy to deal with the thousands of     the backside of each arm was carefully
ing here on Sept. 2, 1856. Originally in-          Over the decades various people have         tiny gnats attracted by the lights at night.    carved out.
stalled on a tower in Powell Park, the bell     maintained the clock and kept its mecha-           Some years ago, Richard discovered the          In May, the first set of new hands was
was rung for the first time on April 3, 1857.   nism working.                                   wooden hands on the clock face were de-         installed on the clock and a check after 24
   The first bell ringer had a salary of           In the 1980s, the bell ringing was stopped   teriorating. Some of the hands appeared         hours showed they kept perfect time. The
$50.00 per year and was required to ring        over concerns about vibrations causing          to be original while others were made of        new aluminum hands should last forever.
the bell each weekday at 7:00 a.m., 12 noon,    damage to the tower’s brickwork.                plywood. When they warped, the hour and         Richard and Tim did all the work as volun-
1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. During the summer                                                       minute hands would not pass freely and the      teers and someday, someone may discover
                                                   Today, Richard Dupp of Port Dover
months, it also rang at 6:00 a.m. The bell                                                      clock faces would not show the same time        that they’ve etched their names and the
                                                volunteers to keep the time ticking. He is
was also used throughout the year for fires                                                     and often the wrong time.                       date in small print along the side of the
                                                Program Coordinator and Professor of
and funerals as required.                                                                          Seeing a need for new clock hands,           clock arm.
                                                Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) Appren-
   The bell was moved to its present loca-      ticeship at Mohawk College in Hamilton.         Richard reached out to Tim Warris of Fast          The next major project for the clock
tion in 1904 after the tower was built. A                                                       Tracks Hobbyworks in Port Dover. Tim            involves the Roman numerals that create
                                                   Giving a tour of the clock, he speaks al-
bell hammer that is connected to the clock                                                      manufactures intricate model railroad           the clock’s four faces. Richard says they
                                                most lovingly of the mechanism. Over the
mechanism hits the bell to make the ring.                                                       parts using state-of-the-art equipment and      are made of cast iron and some parts are
                                                years, he has learned exactly what each
The original bell clapper still hangs inside                                                    immediately agreed to volunteer on the          brittle and they all need to be cleaned up.
                                                gear does and appreciates its simplicity
from its earlier time as a swinging bell.                                                       project.                                           While keeping the town clock operation-
                                                and harmony as well as its historical im-
   From the bell level, a second steep          portance to the community.                         Using the existing hands as his tem-         al is a constant project, Richard says “it’s
climb goes to the clock level at the top of                                                     plate, Tim used a cutting tool guided by a      the centre of town and marks Lighthouse
                                                   When repairs were completed to the
the tower. The four clock faces fill the room                                                   computer program to carve out new hands         Theatre. It’s big for townspeople. They no-
                                                brickwork, Richard worked out a way to
with light. In the middle sits the original                                                     from 3/8-inch anodized aluminum.                tice.”
                                                have the bell ring on a limited schedule.
E. Howard & Company of Boston, Mass.            August 27, 2015 was the world premiere of
clockworks.                                     the play ‘Ghost Island Light’ at Lighthouse
    As early as 1889, a movement had begun      Theatre and, as Richard says, “the first
to raise funds for a town clock. A number of    (regulated) ding of the dong in 36 years.”
concerts were held but the money was not        Today the bell rings out the hours at 9 a.m.,
used and practically forgotten about until      noon and 5 p.m. daily.
1906 when the sum of $600. was turned over         The clock works without electricity. A
to the village.                                 swinging pendulum and weights in a shaft
   A clock was ordered and put into opera-      that is almost three stories high keep the
tion in July of that year.                      time accurate.
   The clock was connected to the bell to          Richard found and contacted a clock-
automatically strike the hours and half-        keeper in the US with the same clock and
hours -- day and night. The contract price      exchanges tips on keeping everything in
for the clock and its installation was $740,    good condition. He has cleaned the gears

                                                                                                  The clock mechanism was built by the E. Howard Clock Company of Boston, Mass.
                                                                                                This small clock is attached to the main works. A century after it was built, the clock still
                                                                                                keeps accurate time without using electricity.

   Weights with blocks and cables at-              Once a week, the weights must be
tached sink down a shaft in a corner of the     cranked back to the top of the tower. This
building to power the pendulum and keep         was originally done by hand. Today, Rich-                                                                   Encased in a wooden box, the
the clock running. Two bricks were added        ard uses a power drill to do the job.                                                                    large bob on the end of the pendu-
to the weight shown at left to improve the                                                                                                               lum swings back and forth to keep
time-keeping.                                                                                      A view of Powell Park from the clock tower.           time ticking on the town clock.

    IN MEMORIAM                              IN MEMORIAM
                                                                                                                                                                     YARD SALE
                                               In loving memory of
                                                  Derek Skeldon
                                                    July 19, 1999
                                           Husband, dad and would have
                                          been granddad of six great-kids.
                                          Never more than a thought away,       THURSDAY, JULY 18                    meats, fish, baked goods, wine,
                                           Quietly remembered every day.        MEDITATION GROUP: Eck-               cheese, preserves, health and
                                                                             hart Tolle Meditation Group meets       beauty products, plants, flowers,
                                                                             11 a.m. each Thursday at Grace          kettle corn, etc. “Meet you at the
                                             Joanne, Debbie, Andrew
                                                                             United Church, Port Dover. Every-       Market.”
                                                and their families.          one welcome.
                                                                                                                        SUNDAY, JULY 21
                                                                                FUN DARTS. Each Thursday at             BAND ON THE PATIO at Port
                                                  In memory of               7:30 p.m., Branch 158, Royal Cana-      Dover Legion from 1 to 6 p.m. Info:
                                                   Betsy Soles
                                                   July 27, 2016
                                                                             dian Legion, 208 Market St., Port
                                                                             Dover. Join us.
                                                                                                                                                                 GARAGE SALE
                                           Always loved, never forgotten,                                               CONCERT IN POWELL PARK                    LET THE COMMUNITY KNOW!
                                                 forever missed.                 HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY               6:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 21 featur-
                                                                                                                                                                 ADVERTISE YOUR GARAGE SALE
                                               Barb, John, Linda,            of Port Dover and Woodhouse An-         ing “Trout Lily” performing light-
                                                                                                                                                                  IN THIS COLUMN EACH WEEK.
                                               Jeff, Megan, Liam,            nual Picnic at Silver Lake Park         hearted and fun quirk, roots, old
                                                                             Pavilion, 320 St. Patrick Street on     jazz/swing, traditional, funk and
                                            Michael, Tania, Margaret
                                                                             Thursday, July 18. Social 6 p.m.,       original music. Bring a lawn chair.
                                                   and Kenton                dinner 6:15 p.m. Rain or shine.         Next week: “Midnight Boogie”.
                                                                             Please bring your own dishes, cut-
                                                                             ler, lawn chair and a dish to share.       MONDAY, JULY 22                         SAT., SUNDAY, MONDAY
                                                                             Info: 519-583-9228.                        SHOW & SHINE hosted by Port             AUGUST 3, 4, 5
                                                                                                                     Dover Lions Club, every Monday             HERITAGE DAYS hosted by
                                             SUPPORT GROUP                       FRIDAY, JULY 19
                                                                                 FOREST FEST 2019 at Canada’s
                                                                                                                     from 4 p.m. to dusk at Silver Lake
                                                                                                                     Park, 320 St. Patrick Street, Port
                                                                                                                                                             Walpole Antique Farm Machinery
                                                                                                                                                             Association, 2050 Hwy. 6 South,
                                           BREAST CANCER SUPPORT             First Forestry Station, 885 Hwy         Dover. Featuring Classic Cars,          Jarvis. Featuring threshing dem-
           NOTICES                      Group in Port Dover. Meeting the
                                        third Tuesday of every month. For
                                                                             24 S. at Forestry Farm Rd. on Sat-
                                                                             urday, July 20 from 10:30 a.m. to
                                                                                                                     Classic Music, 50/50 Draw, Door
                                                                                                                     Prizes and Food Trucks. The Show
                                                                                                                                                             onstrations, antique tractor pulls,
                                                                                                                                                             trading post, petting zoo, lots
                                        more information, phone Susan at     4:30 p.m. Early Furniture Exhibit       and Shine runs weekly through           of tractors and displays. Lunch
                                        289-456-7754 or email smbond44@      open. Official opening ceremony         September 16th. Everyone is invit-      served daily 11:30 – 2 p.m. Barn
                                                          of Charlotteville and Walsingham        ed to stop by and enjoy the event.      Dance Saturday, August 3 at 8 p.m.
                                                                             Furniture makers 1850 -1900 at 2.00                                             Fun for the whole family.
                                                                             p.m. Outdoor displays of wood art-         PLAY POOL: Looking for some-
                                               THE MAPLE LEAF                ists and artisans. Family friendly.     thing to do Tuesday nights? Play           WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7
                                                      WELCOMES               Children’s activities. Food and         pool at the Port Dover Legion, 208         OUTDOOR MOVIE NIGHT on a

                                                                             drinks. Free admission.                 Market Street, E. Starts at 7 p.m.      Big Screen: ‘ET The Extra Terres-
                                                                                                                     Info: 519-909-8892.                     trial’, presented by the Port Dover
                                                                                CATCH THE ACE Jackpot                                                        Lions Club on Wednesday, August
                                                 on any subject of           Raffle at 7:15. Food available from        WEDNESDAY, JULY 24                   7 starting at dusk at Lions Silver
                                              a general local interest.      5 to 7. Each Friday at Port Dover          EUCHRE. Each Wednesday at            Lake Park Pavilion. Free admis-
                                                  Send them to               Legion, 208 Market Street. For info     1:00 p.m., Royal Canadian Legion,       sion, free parking. A pass-the-hat
                                                     news@                   call: 519-583-2001.                     208 Market St., Port Dover. Cost        will be taken with proceeds to the
                                                                                     $1.50 for 10 games. Everyone wel-       Todd Eaton Track Rehab Fund.
                                                                                SATURDAY, JULY 20                    come.                                   Rain date Thursday, August 8.
                                                                                DANCE to “ROUTE 6” from 7 to
                                                                             11 p.m. at Port Dover Legion, 208          THURSDAY, JULY 25
                                                                             Market Street E. Info: 519-583-2001.       FISH (or Spaghetti) will be
                                                                                                                     served at the Royal Canadian
                                                                                MEAT RAFFLE. Each Saturday           Legion auditorium, 208 Market                       NOTICE
                                                                             at 3 to 5 p.m., Royal Canadian Le-      Street. Serving 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. $10
                                                                             gion, 208 Market St. E., Port Dover.    per person ($6.50 for spaghetti).
                                                                             Everyone welcome.                       Children half price. Pie $2. Take-
                                                                                                                     out available (ordered prior to 4:30)
                                                                                SILVER LAKE MARKET. Each             $2 delivery charge. 519-583-2001.
                                                                             Saturday at 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. St. Pat-   Everyone welcome. Next fish din-
                                                                             rick Street, Port Dover. Seasonal       ners: August 8 and 22.
                                                                             fruits and vegetables, honey, nuts,

                                                                                                                                                               House Hunting
                                                                                                                                                                 Starts Here
                                                                                                                                                                ...each week
                                                                                                                                                                   Port Dover
                                                                                                                                                                   Maple Leaf

 CLASSIFIEDS                                                                   HOW TO REACH US                   Tel. 519-583-0112 e-mail
                                                                               In Person or by mail 351 Main Street, Port Dover N0A 1N0

   SERVICES OFFERED                                FOR SALE
                                            GAME CALLS: Custom made
                                                                                         FOR RENT
                                                                                  ADRIENNE’S GUEST COT-
                                                                                                                                  HELP WANTED
                                                                                                                             RIDE NEEDED to and from
                                                                                                                                                                           CHURCH NOTES
                                         goose and duck calls hand-crafted     TAGE: Small, open concept,
                                                                               vaulted ceiling, furnished, fully          work. I need a ride from Port Dover
                                         in a variety of native and exotic
                                                                               equipped kitchen, 3-pc. bath with          to Gardenview LTC in Townsend
                                         woods. Gift certificates available.
                                                                               shower, queen-size bed, pull out           2:30 p.m. and home at 11:00 p.m. ev-
                                         Contact Doug Schuyler, Port Dover
                                                                               couch, barbeque, satellite t.v., wifi,     ery two weeks. Will pay $25 per day.
                                         at 519-583-3324 or schuylers@kwic.
                                                                               gas fireplace, air conditioning,           Please phone Pat at 519-583-9759.
                                         com. ~
                                                                               walking distance to downtown
                                                                               and the beach. Daily, weekend,                HELP NEEDED with weeding
                                                                                                                          and trimming the garden. $15/
                                                     WATER                     weekly, Friday the 13th. 216 St.
                                                                               Patrick St., Port Dover. Contact:          hour. Would suit a student. Call
                                            LOOKING FOR quality drink-,         phone        519-583-3331.
                                         ing water? British Berkefeld /        519-583-0317.
                                         Black Berkey / Doulton. We offer                                                    YOUTH for lawn and garden
                                         premium portable and whole house        LIST YOUR for rent here. Call            jobs at Port Dover residence. Part-
   JANICE’S SEWING STUDIO:               systems for cottage, residence,       The Maple Leaf at 519-583-0112.            time, flexible hours, no grass cut-
Custom designs, mending and              business and travel (camping).                                                   ting. Phone 519-583-0345 at meal
alterations. Located just behind         Now in Port Dover. cleanwatercon-                                                times.~
Len’s Mill store, Port Dover. Please
call for an appointment Monday to
                                1-800-387-1743.                 WANTED
Friday: cell 647-473-6345, studio 519-                                            BRING OUT YOUR BOOKS:                             PERSONALS
583-2193, or email janicefaithj@
                                                REAL ESTATE                    Port Dover Summer Festival is
                                                                               now accepting donations of good               DRINKING PROBLEM? Call
                                                                               quality used books. Donations              AA’s: at 519-583-2251, 519-718-0458,
                                            11-UNIT BUILDING: all two-
                                                                               can be dropped off at the Board            or 519-752-5981.
    HAIRCUTS-On-Wheels:         In-      bedroom with balcony, new roof,
home hair cutting service for se-        11 fridges and stoves included, on    of Trade office, 19 Market Street,
                                                                               call 519-583-1314 for hours. Due to           SENIOR SUPPORT SERVICES
niors. For further info call Debbie      Hwy. 6 near Hwy. 3 Jarvis. $86K per
                                                                               a decrease in demand, we are un-           provides Meals-on-Wheels, Trans-
at 519-583-1410.                         unit. Financing available. Owner
                                                                               able to accept encyclopedias, Na-          portation, Diner’s Club, Adult Day
                                         may hold mortgage.
                                                                               tional Geographic magazines and            Programs, Telephone Reassur-
   HANDYMAN with truck: Ex-
                                                                               Reader’s Digest. Please help us out        ance, Volunteer Visiting, Emer-

perienced in all home repairs.
                                                                               by ensuring your books are mould-          gency Response Systems, Safety
Reasonable rates. All work guaran-
                                                                               free and in a durable box.                 at Home, Home Maintenance Bro-
teed. No job too small. Call Terry at
                                                 ADS                                                                      kerage and Hospice programs. Gift
                                                                                                                          certificates available. Volunteer
   NEED ELECTRONIC items                    A GREAT WAY TO                                STORAGE                         drivers wanted. Call 519-426-6060
                                                                                                                          for information. ~
repaired? I can repair nearly any         SHARE A SPECIAL DAY                     SECURED MINI-STORAGE for
electronics equipment. TVs and                                                 rent in Port Dover. Long term or              WOMEN living in fear? Shelter,
VCRs, home stereos, record play-             For more information              short-term. Phone 519-583-1242.            counselling, transportation avail-
ers, cassette tape decks, 2-way radi-           send email to:                                                            able for abused women and their
os and scanners, industrial control                                                      children. H-N Women’s Shelter.
equipment. Over 50 years experi-
ence. Please contact Gary White at
519-503-6961 or email witdoc2002@
                                                                                         WINNERS                          Confidential 1-800-265-8076. ~

                                                                                   SILVER LAKE MARKET week-                  DO YOU think you have a gam- I also have a large supply
                                                                               ly basket winner for July 13 is Lau-       bling problem? You are no longer
of electronic parts for sale.
                                                                                                                          alone. We meet every Friday after-
   LIST YOUR items for sale on
                                                VOLUNTEERS                     rie Mitchell of Port Dover. Meet
                                                                               your friends at the market, held           noon at St. James United Church
                                                                               each Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.        at 2 p.m. No stairs. 150 Colborne
this page each week and find local
                                                                               St. Patrick Street, Port Dover.            Street South, Simcoe. Information
buyers. Call The Maple Leaf, 519-
                                                                                                                          phone 519-718-2777.
                                                                                  COMMUNITY LIVING Access
                                                                               congratulates Tina Mifsud of Port             LIST YOUR items for sale on
                                                                               Dover, the Week 28 (Friday, July 12,       this page each week and find local
                                                                               2019) winner of Friday the 13th Lot-       buyers. Call The Maple Leaf, 519-

 HOW TO REACH US                                                               tery Calendar Winner of $100. See
                                                                               complete list of weekly winners at

 Telephone 519-583-0112                                              
                                                                               Your support helps Community                 In Loving Memory
                                                                               Living Access provide quality sup-
 In Person or by mail                                                          port to people with disabilities to            Place a In Memoriam notice
 351 Main Street, Port Dover N0A 1N0                                           live ordinary and extraordinary                 in memory of a loved one.
                                                                               lives.                                         Call 519.583.0112 for details.

                                                                                                      EXTEND YOUR REACH - ADVERTISE PROVINCIALLY OR ACROSS THE COUNTRY!
                                                                                                                        For more information visit

      FINANCIAL SERVICES                           MORTGAGES                            BUSINESS OPPS.                                   WANTED                                        HEALTH
                                                                                                                          CAR COLLECTOR SEARCHING ... I             GET UP TO $50,000 from the
                                                                                                                          want your old car! Porsche                Government of Canada. Do
                                                                                                                          356/911/912, Jaguar E-Type or             you or someone you know
                                                                                                                          XKE. Tell me what you have,               Have any of these Conditions?
  $$ CONSOLIDATE                                                                                                          I love old classics especially            A D H D , A n x i e t y, A r t h r i t i s ,
 YOUR DEBT NOW $$                                                                                                         German and British. Whether
                                                                                                                          it's been in the barn for 25 years, or
                                                                                                                                                                    Asthma, Cancer, COPD, Depression,
                                                                                                                                                                    D i a b e t e s , D i f f i c u l t y Wa l k i n g ,
                                                                                                                          your pride and joy that is fully          Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowels,
 HOME OWNER LOANS FOR ANY                                                                                                 restored. I'll pay CASH. Call David       Overweight, Trouble Dressing...
        PURPOSE!!                        LOWER YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENTS                                                      416-802-9999.                             and Hundreds more. ALL Ages &
                                                                                                                                                                    M e d i c a l C o n d i t i o n s Q u a l i f y.
Pay down other high interest debt!                      AND                      ATTN: ONTARIO INVENTORS!!
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Bank turn downs, Tax or Mortgage                                                       Need Inventing Help?                                                         1 - ( 8 0 0 ) - 2 11 - 3 5 5 0 o r S e n d a
arrears, Self-Employed, Bad Credit,      CONSOLIDATE YOUR DEBT NOW!!!                                                                                               Te x t M e s s a g e w i t h Y o u r
Bankruptcy - We Can Help! Even in                                                          Call Davison!!                                                           N a me a n d M a i l i n g Ad d re ss to
 extreme situations of bad credit.            1st, 2nd, 3rd MORTGAGES                                                                                               (647)560-4274 for your FREE bene-
                                                   Debt Consolidation                     Ideas Wanted!                                                             fits package.
    Borrow:          Pay Monthly:              Refinancing, Renovations
                                              Tax Arrears, No CMHC Fees              CALL DAVISON TODAY:
     $50,000             $268
    $100,000             $537                      $50K YOU PAY:
                                                  $208.33 / MONTH
  LARGER AMOUNTS AVAILABLE                                                               OR VISIT US AT:
  !!Decrease monthly payments
                                                                                                                          REACH MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS
                                                                                                                            IN ONTARIO WITH ONE EASY
                                                                                                                                                                            MAPLE LEAF
           up to 75%!!                          No Income, Bad Credit
     Based on 5% APR. OAC                      Power of Sale Stopped!!!
                                                                                                                                      CALL!                                       WELCOMES
                                                                                     FREE Inventor's Guide!!
                                            BETTER OPTION MORTGAGE
                                             FOR MORE INFORMATION
                                                                                                                            Your Classified Ad or Display Ad
                                                                                                                           would appear in weekly newspapers
                                                                                                                           each week across Ontario in urban,
                                                                                          PERSONALS                            suburban and rural areas.                     on any subject of
          1-888-307-7799                     CALL TODAY TOLL-FREE:
                                                                               ARE YOU READY for the                         For more information Call Today              a general local interest.                    1-800-282-1169
                                                                               summer when you have someone                          647-350-2558.
    ONTARIO-WIDE FINANCIAL                                                     you love to do things with?                                                                    Send them to
                                                                               CALL MISTY RIVER INTRODUC-
      FSCO Licence #12456
                                                  (Licence # 10969)            TIONS TODAY! (519)658-4204,                                                                       news@
   !! WE ARE HERE TO HELP !!                                                                                                
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