Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise

Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise

Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise

pitta bap roaste coleslaw rolls bacon cajun chicken bagel egg wraps pitta roasted coleslaw rolls aps ayonnais bag peri sandwich pitta tuna guac roasted roasted pickle pickle pepper pepper eslaw coleslaw coleslaw rolls bacon jackfruit bap caju chi hoagie egg pickle bagel APRIL 2019 THE COUNTRY RANGE GROUP MAGAZINE FOR CATERERS stacks of ideas for sensational sandwiches Super SanDwiches

Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise

To view our Sandwiches and Food-to-go Menu Trend Report visit https:// stiritupmagazine. 3 APRIL 2019 Our editorial partners...

THE COUNTRY RANGE GROUP MAGAZINE FOR CATERERS JAN/FEB 2019 Plant Part time Lovers Brilliant bakes RISING TO THE OCCASION WITH SPECIALITY BREAD As part of our environmental policy this magazine is printed using vegetable oil based ink and is produced to high environmental standards, including EMAS, ISO14001 and FSC® certification. Contact us... EDITOR Janine Nelson WRITERS Joanna Marshall SUBSCRIPTIONS Telephone: 0845 209 3777 DESIGN & PRINT Eclipse Creative FRONT COVER Photographed by Becca Mills Visit our website for lots more advice, inspiration and recipes! THE COUNTRY RANGE GROUP MAGAZINE FOR CATERERS Pie-eyed Lifting the lid on perfect pies Snooping around the kitchen FULLYEQUIPPED Non-foodessentials forprofessionalchefs MARCH 2019 Ingredients @stiritupmag Food 05 EAT THE SEASON - Jersey Royals 08-09 NEW FROM COUNTRY RANGE Features 07 CUSTOMER PROFILE - You heard it on the grapevine 11 HOSPITALITY - Revolutionary campaign to plug the hospitality skills shortage Favourites 04 READERS’ LIVES COOKS CALENDAR PLATE ARRIVALS 21 DICKSON’S DIARY 23 SIGNATURE DISH - Gemma Atkinson 13 HEALTH & WELFARE - A new era for texture-modified food 14-16 CATEGORY FOCUS - Fill ‘em up 25-28 New Country Range Fillings, Salads and Dips Range 33 FIVE WAYS TO USE - Bacon 39 COUNTRY CLUB - Win ASUS Chromebook Flip C101PA, Cuisinart 2 in 1 grill and sandwich maker and more...

19EDUCATION - Food for Life joins up with Jamie Oliver 41 THE MARKETPLACE 43 RAISE THE BAR - Tempting tequila 34-35 MELTING POT - Super sandwiches 37 ON THE RANGE with Antonio Lopez, Chelmsford Essex 20 MCA - Food to grow in 2019 31 SPECIAL FEATURE - FreeFrom worry 51 FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Inspirational recipe ideas for April menus 40 GREEN GAUGE - Responsible water use in foodservice 48-49 FOOD & INDUSTRY NEWS 45 ADVICE FROM THE EXPERTS - Preparing for the worst This issue we’re all about sandwich solutions. The food to go sector is booming with UK consumers munching their way through a whopping 4billion sandwiches out of home last year.This exceptional market performance means the humble butty is big business, with those who get their offering right reaping the rewards.

With this in mind, we’ve enlisted the help of several sandwich supremos to share their tips and recipe ideas (Melting Pot, page 32), plus we’ve got lots of advice and product information from branded suppliers in our Category Focus (page 14), along with news of some very exciting Country Range product launches on pages 8-9 and 25-28. So lots of information to help you ‘use your loaf’!

The sobering subject of security training is discussed by this month’s advice-giving experts Safer Edge (page 49), and our Health & Welfare page takes another look at the new IDDSI framework which launches this month with a globally recognised list of definitions for texture-modified foods (page 12). TV and radio star Gemma Atkinson shares her Signature Dish on page 23, and we’re giving away three copies of her latest book on our Country Club page – plus a host of other goodies. We’ve also got inspirational recipe ideas for cooking in-season Jersey Royals, Five Ways with Basmati rice and a fabulous smoked brisket dish.

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Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise

READERS' LIVES 1. NAME: Leon Wood 2. JOB TITLE: Catering manager 3. PLACE OF WORK: Treetops Residential Home, Rainhill, Merseyside 4. TYPICAL WORKING HOURS: 40 5. HOW LONG HAVE YOU WORKED IN THE CATERING INDUSTRY? 29 years 6. MOST INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOU: Living and working in Spain for six years with a mixture of foods and international chefs – a truly enjoyable journey 7. FAVOURITE CUISINE: Asian 8. SIGNATURE DISH: Beef Bourgignon and Basmati rice 9. MUST-HAVE KITCHEN GADGET: Good set of quality knives 10. TOP CULINARY TIP: Don’t burn it! 11.

WHO IS YOUR INSPIRATION AND WHY? My catering college teacher who had a wealth of knowledge and experience with calming influences 12 FAVOURITE COUNTRY RANGE INGREDIENT AND WHY? The ready-to-use sauces – such a wide variety to choose from COOKS CALENDAR APRIL MAY Delivering on-trend dishes from around the globe Senegal, known as the ‘Gateway to Africa’, surprises those who travel there with its seashell islands, surfing sheep and diverse cuisine. The nations of France, Portugal and North Africa have influenced the dishes of this West African country. Meals are commonly single -dish affairs, with everyone eating from one bowl or platter, using spoons or bare hands.

Bassi SalteThis is a couscous of millet, incorporating meatballs made from mutton, sweet potatoes, potatoes, white beans, cabbage, carrots, dates, raisins and a tomato sauce.

DomodaA versatile rice-based dish with a tomato and flour vinegar sauce, served with meat, fish or meatballs. FatayaThese salty, deep-fried snacks take various forms: parcels filled with spiced meat, or edible receptacles filled with chips, fried eggs and chilli sauce. MaféA spicy stew made with beef cooked in a tomato and ground-peanut base that’s thick, oily and rich in flavour. DibiLamb is roasted on large, wood-fired grills before being served in bite-sized chunks. Accompanied by grilled onions in a mustard sauce and fried plantain, manioc couscous or chips. Lakhou BissapWith a souplike appearance, this dish is made from semolina and meat, accompanied by dried fish, sorrel and tamarind.

PastelsAnother handheld snack consisting of deep-fried pastry pockets stuffed with fish and spices, sometimes soaked in a tomato sauce.

ThiéboudienneLiterally translating to ‘fish with rice’, these core ingredients are enlivened by a rich tomato sauce with vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cassava and aubergine. Yassa pouletA delicious blend of lemon juice, caramelised onions and garlic that’s served over chicken or fish, or even as a baguette filling. Yassa poulet Senegal April Fool’s Day INTERNATIONAL CARROT DAY NATIONAL GARLIC DAY BRITISH BEEF WEEK 29 – 3 Allergy Awareness Week 4 21 21 11 – 12 Hospital Caterers Association National Leadership & Development Forum, Celtic Manor, Newport 1 19 19 St George’s Day 23 23 1 - GOOD FRIDAY Easter Sunday NATIONAL TEA DAY EASTER MONDAY 29 – 5 UK COFFEE WEEK 22 27 19 26 - 11 18 - 6 World Hunger Day 1 – 31 NATIONAL ASPARAGUS MONTH Early May Bank Holiday (Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales) BRITISH SANDWICH WEEK Coeliac UK’s Awareness Week NATIONAL DOUGHNUT WEEK 13 – 19 National Vegetarian Week 27 – 4 English Wine Week SPRING BANK HOLIDAY (SCOTLAND, IRELAND, ENGLAND AND WALES) 28 13 19 - 4 APRIL 2019 COOKS CALENDAR

Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise

Eat the season crab cauliflower radishes sorrel watercress ALSOINSEASON: ByGeorgeMcIvor, chairmanof TheMasterChefs ofGreatBritain The Master Chefs of Great Britain was formed in 1980 to provide a forum for the exchange of culinary ideas and to further the profession through training and the guidance of young chefs. In addition, the association seeks to promote all that is best about British cuisine and produce. We are delighted to be working with Country Range and providing information and recipes for their Eat the Season feature. For more information on the association and the competitions and training opportunities we provide contact

Officialtastingnotes By New Covent Garden Market, the UK’s leading wholesale fruit and vegetable market Properties: Jersey Royal new potatoes arise from the unique growing conditions in Jersey where the earth is rich and fertile. The early season potatoes are smaller and more tender, while the later season are larger and more flavoursome. The season is short lived, with peak season being in May.

Usage: Jersey Royals can be used in stews or casseroles or as a side dish to meat or fish. Leave the skins on to make the most of the flavour and reap the health benefits. Make sure to give them a good wash before steaming or boiling for 15-20 minutes. Add butter and fresh herbs such as parsley, mint or chives. Notes: Often considered the ‘champagne of the potato world’, Jersey Royals are the only fresh vegetable to have Protected Destination of Origin status. Recipes supplied by: 1. Steve Smith at Bohemia, Jersey 2. France Atkins, FMCGB, of The Yorke Arms for www. and re-printed with permission from Visit recipes for full recipes.

spinach 3.Smashthem For a lovely side dish or healthy snacked try smashed Jersey Royals with oil -free aioli 1.Elevatethem Go decadent with roast Jersey Royal, with creamed potato, caviar and sorrell 4.Fondantfancy Jersey Royals fondants are an elegant addition to this Perthshire pheasant dish served with celeriac, kale, port jus and bread sauce 5.Head fortheMed Grilled sardines work beautifully with garlic roasted Jersey Royals and salsa verde 2.Chocpotato For a delicious but unusual pairing, try this Jersey Royal potato and chocolate pastry 3. Maggie Lister, roving chef for Vegetarian for Life 4.

Shaune Hall of Falcon Foodservice 5. Shaun Hill, FMCGB, of The Walnut Tree for www.greatbritishchefs. com and re-printed with permission from www. JERSEYROYAL POTATOES 1 2 5 4 EAT THE SEASON 5 APRIL 2019

Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise

F ERSAUCE ndchipotle chilli mokey flavour int of jalepeño gherkin relish RELISH with flavours of mildly spicy STICKY KO SMOKEYBA Mildly spice flavouredma AMERICA CAN DISHES RITISH DISHES BRITISH-ASIAN lt im rg r i lle ke n S al Eggs Benedict Loaded PotatoSkins Bacon Avocado Salad Appetiser Dip Chicken Bacon Carbonara Korean BBQ Ribs BBQ Wings Spicy Shrimp Korean-style Loaded Nachos BBQ Baked Tofu ib ir Fr y F is h F in ic k le Steak Accompaniment Chicken Burger Side of Plate Dip Vegetarian Burger Replace Gherkin Slices on Burger Chicken Mole Mexican Tortilla Bowls Spicy Tomato Salsa Mexican Chicken burger SmokyPork & Black BeanTacos ic ke n Q u e sa d ill a s Quality Assured: Carefully crafted using our expertise in sauces, you can be assured our 875ml World Flavour range has the quality of Heinz in every bottle.

Easy and Quick: simple on trend sauces with real ingredients delivering consistent results whilst saving you time and money. Versatile: 1 sauce, lots of applications from burger toppings to sandwich fillings, salad dressings, stir fries and much more. Pairing Guide @KraftHeinzFSUK Heinz World Flavours SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS

Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise

When your hotel is off the beaten track, you have to rely on your good reputation and word of mouth to attract a constant stream of customers. YOU HEARD IT ON the grapevine “I’ve stayed at a lot of hotels and rarely come across breakfasts as good as ours. We give that little bit extra. There’s nothing worse than a breakfast with cold, hard bacon. We use local sausages and bacon, homemade black pudding, fried bread, Country Range Hash Browns and Country Range Baked Beans.” Country Range Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce Pack Size: 2.62kg Those ‘in the know’ in Skegness head in the direction of The Vine Hotel, nestled in a quiet cul de sac away from the town’s busy thoroughfares.

It’s in the middle of nowhere,“ says Anthony Greenland, head chef at the busy, three-star hotel for the last six years. “In fact the first time I went, I couldn’t find it!” He continues: “We’re not your typical Skegness B&B. We’re off the beaten track and an upmarket, family-run hotel which is very popular with business people.” Prior to his arrival at The Vine, Anthony worked in a restaurant in Southport for 10 years, where he was headhunted by the hotel’s owner. His working hours are 10am to 3pm and 4.30pm to 10/11pm five days a week, and he prides himself on the standard of food on offer in the hotel’s restaurant, which he describes as “global cuisine”.

I would be very surprised if someone came to the restaurant and couldn’t find some thing on the menu they liked,” he continues. “Everything is cooked from scratch. We make four different pasta dishes daily and all of the pasta is homemade. “Our buffet breakfasts are freshly cooked and I use Country Range products in a lot of my dishes. As an own brand it’s really good quality – and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. We don’t cut corners in any way.

I use Country Range products in a lot of my dishes. As an own brand it’s really good quality – and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. We don’t cut corners in any way. Fish and chips caught at Grimsby Dock and served with Country Range Marrowfat Peas, homemade tartare sauce and watercress salad 10oz Ribeye steak served with roasted field mushroom and slow-roasted herb omato and hand cut chips Triple Piggy Bun (pulled pork, home-cured bacon, honeyroasted ham hock, hand cut chips, coleslaw, salad and apple sauce) BESTSELLING DISHES The hotel’s continental breakfast offering features Country Range Fruit Juices, fresh fruit salad, pastries and Country Range Prunes.

Visitors to the hotel can also take advantage of its outside dining pods, which feature Bluetooth speakers, indoor heaters and waitress service. They can be booked for free and are perfect for parties of up to 10 people. Freshly made pizzas are rustled up in The Vine’s wood burning pizza oven and topped with Country Range Grated Mozzarella and other delicious toppings.

We’re at 80% capacity every night so we must be doing something right,” says Anthony. “It’s what I’ve done all my life so, to me, it’s normal and to do it for this long you have to love your job. I’m lucky because I’ve got good owners who let me get on with it, so the job is easy. If you’re battling with them you’re not going to enjoy it. You’ve got to find a happy balance. I’ve also got a good team of chefs around me and I look after them like brothers.” fast facts CUSTOMER PROFILE 7 APRIL 2019

Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise

NEW FROM COUNTRY RANGE 8 APRIL 2019 >> This month, Country Range is launching 17 exciting products under the umbrella of our new ‘Fillings, Salads and Dips’ selection.

Busy lifestyles and longer commutes to and from work have fuelled the increased demand for delicious, hot food that can be eaten on the go with the food-to-go market set to be worth £23.5bn by 2022. For the humble sandwich, it’s bacon and chicken that top the list of the nations favourite fillings, and the range includes several chicken options, plus a delicious chicken and bacon combo. Healthy eating and an increase in plant-based eating are both huge trends which are influencing the category whilst the prevalence of global cuisines and street food are also having an effect on sandwich trends.

Our new fillings reflect this shift, with a delicious array of flavours and pairings to suit all tastes - for both meat-eaters and those following plant-based diets. >> Whilst our delicious new fillings, salads and dips taste brilliant between two slices of bread, they can also be used to create a host of fabulous appetisers and mains too. We let our development chef Paul Dickson loose in the kitchen with the new range – and here are just of few of his ingenious ideas... FILLINGS, SALADS AND DIPS Marinated Fillings 1. Marinated Cajun Chicken 2. Marinated Chicken Tikka 3. Marinated Piri Piri Chicken 4.

Pulled Pork & BBQ Sauce 5. BBQ Pulled Jackfruit V Salads & Dip 14. Houmous 15. Luxury Coleslaw 16. Potato Salad 17. Cous Cous and Roast Vegetables V V V V Mayonnaise-based Fillings 6. Supreme Chicken Mayonnaise 7. Supreme Coronation Chicken 8. Premium Tuna Mayonnaise 9. Supreme Chicken Tikka 10. Supreme Chicken and Bacon 11. Prawn Mayonnaise 12. Egg Mayonnaise 13. Mixed Cheese and Spring Onion V V Suitable for Vegetarian diet V Suitable for Vegan diet >> The Country Range Marinated Cajun Chicken Filling can bring life to any dish such as this quick and easy soup, full of flavour and just the right amount of spice.

y Have The full recipes are available online at /recipes.

Ful-filling ideas
Country Range Marinated Cajun Chicken Filling 1kg
Country Range Chopped Tomatoes 2.5kg & 800g
Country Range Crushed Chillies 400g

Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise

NEW FROM COUNTRY RANGE 9 APRIL 2019 >> Kids and adults alike will love these fish cake bites created using the Country Range Premium Tuna Mayonnaise, Country Range Frozen Mashed Potato and Country Range Panko Breadcrumbs. Simply make up the mashed potato as per pack instructions. Combine the tuna mayo in a bowl with some sliced spring onion, chopped dill lemon zest and lemon juice.

Add the mash, mix well and form into 4 x 50g balls. Shape into small cakes, panne in flour, egg then breadcrumbs and fry for 4 minutes until golden brown. Serve with a side of sriracha mayo for those who like a hint of spice! PREMIUM TUNA MAYO FISH CAKE BITES PULL THE Simple to make, this hearty, plant-based meal to a menu must-have for vegans and meat-eaters alike. It also features a host of other Country Range products: >> Paul created this tasty BBQ Pulled Chilli Non Carne, using NEW Country Range BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Filling as his base. OTHER ONE!

Country Range BBQ Pulled Jackfruit 1kg
Country Range Red Kidney Beans 2.5kg & 800g
Country Range Tomato & Basil Sauce 2.25kg
Country Range Whole Cumin 400g
Country Range Easy Cook Long Grain Rice 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg & 25kg your fill!
Country Range Premium Tuna Mayonnaise 1kg
Country Range Frozen Mashed Potato 2.5kg
Country Range Panko Breadcrumbs 1kg
Country Range Real Mayonnaise Made with Free Range Egg Yolk 2.5ltr, 5ltr & 10ltr kids’ favourite!

Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise

Available selection: Crispy Fries 6/13 & CrissCuts CrissCuts Crispy Fries 6/13 Sweet Potatoes An enjoyable twist on a familiar favourite Sweet potatoes are here to stay.

In all styles and cuts, they appeal to an ever-expanding audience looking to try something a little different. It’s the smart way to upgrade your menu while sweetening the bottom line. Sweet Potatoes do not contain gluten. Sweet Potato Crispy Fries Crumble*

The Apprenticeship Levy applies to all businesses with an annual PAYE bill of over £3million at the rate of 0.5% of their total pay bill. Businesses which fall under this threshold must pay 10% of the cost of apprenticeships, with the Government funding the remaining 90%. For more information on the ‘Don’t Waste: The Future of Hospitality’ campaign visit dont-waste-campaign. To pledge a percentage of your Apprenticeship Levy fund to the sector, please visit: HIT Training is calling on big businesses in the hospitality sector to pledge to fund at least one apprenticeship outside of their company.

The campaign – named ‘Don’t Waste: The Future of Hospitality’ - aims to bring the industry together to champion the varied career opportunities available and implement practical solutions to lessen the skills shortage. New research reveals that 65% of Apprenticeship Levy-paying hospitality businesses are currently unaware they can transfer 25% of their funds to SMEs or charities in the sector.

With £1.28billion of unspent Levy funding in the UK and less than half of hospitality businesses which have used their Apprenticeship Levy, there’s an untapped opportunity to use this capital to tackle the skills shortage and protect the future of the sector. The initiative is already gaining traction in the sector with a number of sector-leading companies signed up to the pledge and to support the campaign, including UKHospitality, the Institute of Hospitality (IoH) and The Springboard Charity. To assist Levy-paying businesses, HIT Training has created a pledge portal where companies can commit their support to transfer a percentage of their Levy fund or download more information on how the Levy transfer process works.

The team at HIT Training can also help form a partnership with an SME and oversee the process of taking both parties through the Levy transfer process, if required. Speaking about the campaign, Jill Whittaker, managing director of HIT Training, said: “Hospitality is one of the most vibrant and exciting sectors to work in, yet we continue to face multiple Revolutionary campaign to plug the hospitality skills shortage >> A leading training provider has launched a ground-breaking mission to help hospitality businesses to attract and retain talented employees.

challenges when it comes to dispelling the outdated and negative perceptions of what a career in the industry entails. “The year ahead is going to be a challenging one for everyone, so we need to do all that we can to protect our industry and provide aspirational career opportunities to the next generation of hospitality stars.” She continued: “We want to bring the industry together to utilise its combined resources and support businesses of all shapes and sizes to provide high-quality development opportunities through apprenticeship programmes. Together, we have the power to make real change and protect the future of our industry.” Peter Ducker, chief executive of the Institute of Hospitality, commented: “This is a clever and effective solution to create a sustainable pool of hospitality professionals – our future managers and leaders – for the greater good of our growing industry.

I congratulate the companies that have already pledged their support and encourage more to do the same. It is in all of our interests to invest in the large numbers of well-trained and motivated personnel that the UK hospitality sector will require going forward.” “This is a clever and effective solution to create a sustainable pool of hospitality professionals” We want to bring the industry together to utilise its combined resources and support businesses of all shapes and sizes to provide high-quality development opportunities through apprenticeship programmes. HOSPITALITY 11 APRIL 2019

Win £500* for your care home! GROW THE TALLEST SUNFLOWER AND YOU COULD Win £500* for your care home! PLUS £100* FOR THE RESIDENT WHO’S FLOWER IT IS! KEEP US UP TO DATE ON YOUR FLOWERS GROWTH BY POSTING PICTURES ON SOCIAL MEDIA USING #BISTOTOGETHER KEEP US UP TO DATE ON YOUR FLOWERS GROWTH BY POSTING PICTURES ON SOCIAL MEDIA USING #BISTOTOGETHER Register by 30th April 2019 to receive your sunflower growing kits at www. premierfoodservice. STEP ONE Plant your sunflower seeds in our retro planters STEP TWO Nurture and watch your sunflowers grow!

STEP THREE Measure it against your retro ruler, then send a picture of the sunflower, entrant and the measurement to by 31st August 2019 STEP FOUR A fun competition for the whole care home to take part in.

A Sunflower for every resident! GO TO WWW.PREMIERFOODSERVICE.CO.UK TO REGISTER GO TO WWW.PREMIERFOODSERVICE.CO.UK TO REGISTER Terms and Conditions on the website *The winning resident will receive £100 in High Street Vouchers. The winning care home will win £500 in High Street Vouchers. WHY NOT GET YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL / NURSERY INVOLVED? WHY NOT GET YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL / NURSERY INVOLVED? @PremierFoods_FS tr a t i on l

Allan Brazier is the director of hospitality services at brighterkind, a residential care provider with 70 care homes in its portfolio. brighterkind started planning for IDDSI 12 months ago and welcomes the new framework. “We realise how important it is that all of our residents can enjoy the same quality meals and dining experience, and we have revised all of our textured modified meals training to incorporate the new terminology. Within care homes there is still the potential for the current national descriptors to be confused with older terms, whereby lots of residents can potentially be classed as being on a “soft diet’.

To have the opportunity to launch these new guidelines is a fantastic opportunity for brighterkind to get all of our team members to a better level of understanding.

We’re very lucky to have Liz Brinksman who is a dedicated person out in the business training texture-modified diet training, and having a defined date for implementation gave us something to get behind and work towards. It was a great opportunity to re-focus everyone’s minds on texture-modified foods. “We organised 10 roadshows with interactive training sessions with the intention of having at least three IDDSI champions in every care home, and have produced our own training videos and pocket guide for team members to use. “From this month (April) our plan is to amalgamate these videos for everyone joining the business so that everyone will have an awareness of IDDSI as part of their induction to brighterkind.” Case study The IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) framework is a worldwide initiative which aims to improve the lives of over 590million people living with dysphagia.

The framework aims to improve clinical safety and efficiency by standardising the terminology and consistency of different food providers in order to reduce risk. It consists of a continuum of eight levels (0-7) and includes descriptors, testing methods and evidence for both drink thickness and food texture levels. Catherine Rabess, specialist nutrition support dietician for the NHS and media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, explains: “The new framework will ensure that patients are receiving the appropriate texturemodified diet. The terminology had changed over the years and had become quite confusing, the result being that there had been problems with clients not receiving the correct food and becoming quite poorly or experiencing choking episodes.

From this month a new global framework governing texturemodified foods will come into operation in the UK. A new era for texture-modified food “It’s a huge change. From a dietetic point of view, it’s really important that chefs ensure that the food looks palatable and appetising, and, if possible, use moulds. It needs to be full of flavour and have a range of colours as this will stimulate the tastebuds and saliva glands.” The National Association of Care Catering (NACC) is fully supporting IDDSI. National chair Neel Radia commented: “An internationallyrecognised framework that defines texturemodified foods and thickened liquids is essential for global consistency and the safeguarding of individuals with dysphagia, whatever their age, culture or care setting.

We’re supporting our members and the care catering sector to prepare for roll out. The NACC Training and Development Forum 2018 had a workshop dedicated to IDDSI, our Training Academy is providing specific IDDSI training and our website is regularly updated with the latest information. We urge everyone to use the resources available to them in readiness for implementation.” It’s really important that chefs ensure that the food looks palatable and appetising, and, if possible, use moulds. It needs to be full of flavour and have a range of colours An internationallyrecognised framework is essential for global consistency IDDSI framework HEALTH & WELFARE 13 APRIL 2019

When it comes to creating these fillings, products like the Major Mari Bases can help to make life easier as they can be used to marinade proteins or as a base for sauces and dressings,” says Fergus Martin, executive development chef for Major International. “For example, you could use the Major Mediterranean Mari Base to create an Italian-inspired Muffaletta sandwich, or you could create a Korean Chicken Wrap by using the Major Korean Mari Base to marinade your chicken and to create a sauce for your filling.” Why are they called sandwiches?

The modern sandwich is said to be named after Lord John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich.

A ‘dedicated’ gambler, he didn’t like to take time out from the game to have a meal and would therefore ask casino waiters to bring him slices of meat between two slices of bread. Have your fill Keeping a good range of the tried and trusted ‘favourites’ on the menu is a wise option, but the addition of some more on trend offerings is advised too. Street food influences provide a great source of inspiration for sandwich and snack updates. It can be as simple as using a tasty dressing or an exotic marinade to lift a plain sandwich to new heights. Nowadays, creating sandwiches with on trend fillings is relatively easy as there are new products coming onto the market all the time inspiring exciting flavour combinations that satisfy the tastes of the ever more adventurous consumer.

Sandwich stats Around 4billion sandwiches are purchased from UK retail or catering outlets each year We paid over £8billion for them – that’s as much as 36,500 brand new Ferraris or 74 Neymars!

The average price of a sandwich is almost £2.14 Britain’s biggest sandwich retailer by £value in the UK is the American franchise chain Subway. However, Tesco outsells them in the numbers of sandwiches sold by several million In the UK there are over 300,000 people employed in the sandwich industry The UK sandwich industry employs more people than the UK agricultural industry Consumer spending for the food to go segment in 2018 was €386million within the Republic of Ireland, and €71million in Northern Ireland Bread with pastrami and cauliflower piccalilli Why not try? Adding chutneys, gherkins and cocktail onions offer texture and crunch to sandwiches.

Sandwich piccalilli will add a crunchy kick to your sarnie. Sandwiches are as popular as ever, filling the void for convenient, lower-ticket products and, with so much varied and adventurous competition on the food to go front, operators need to maximise their sandwich offering to capture customers’ imaginations and keep them coming back for more. Today’s sandwiches have evolved dramatically from their humble beginnings, taking inspiration from global and street food trends, with carriers coming in a vast array of formats. 14 APRIL 2019 CATEGORY FOCUS

Hot off the press Craig Brayshaw, commercial director, Eurilait, comments: “We have seen further interest in hot eating cheese options and have developed a range of individually quick frozen cheeses suitable for fast serve scenarios, such as our breaded cheeses, which aid busy foodservice operators, offering ultimate convenience and ease of use – perfect for any catering environment.” Eurilait’s breaded cheese choices include mozzarella sticks and goat’s cheese discs and sticks make a great filling for a hot wrap or flatbread; try nestled in crisp salad leaves with a piquant dressing. Breakfast butties Breakfast is booming when it comes to eating out, so adapt your sandwich offering to this day-part with a tasty, substantial and exciting meal deal – and make it an all-day breakfast.

To have better quality food’ is the fastest growing consumer mission or primary reason for eating breakfast out of home. And there’s a big fall for toasted muffin at breakfast, compared to the same time the preceding year, which sees the sandwich steal 2nd spot behind full English (MCA Eating Out Panel October 2018). Capture breakfast fans on the run with an inspiring meal deal – a drink and a breakfast sandwich, accompanied by hot, tasty and substantial sides, such as Lamb Weston’s range of hash browns. Croissants work well as breakfast carriers. “They can be complemented with ontrend fillings such as egg, bacon and spinach for an all-day breakfast option, ham and cheese for a familiar favourite, or mozzarella, tomato and rocket for a classic Italian filling,” says Kate Sykes, of Lantmännen Unibake.

Or why not try chocolate spread and sliced fruit to appeal to those seeking a truly indulgent treat?” It’s a wrap!

A survey by Spitalfields Market at the end of last year revealed that wraps were the second favourite lunchtime option for UK consumers, following salads. Says Gordon Lauder, MD of frozen food distributor Central Foods: “Wraps are popular for a number of reasons. They suit a range of fillings, hot and cold, they look tempting and delicious when displayed on a counter, and they are easy to eat as a takeaway or grab-and-go option, as well as in a café or sit-down catering outlet.” Wraps come in a range of flavours too, with Central Foods’ KaterBake range including eye-catching pumpkin, beetroot and spinach varieties.

Get carried away “When designing a new sandwich, don’t just concentrate on the filling, think bread pairing,” says Simon Cannell of Speciality Breads. “Sandwich fillings are definitely becoming more adventurous but many caterers do not give proper consideration to the carrier. The right bread showcases the filling, which in turn improves the appearance, taste and ultimate enjoyment of the sandwich. Tuna 3% Pork 4% Chicken Cheese Ham 5% 25% Other 11% Beef 4% Top sandwich fillings on the market (British Sandwich and Food to Go Association) Prawn 2% Egg 4% All day breakfast 2% 20% Bacon 20% Ciabatta and pulled pork sandwich Luxury Coleslaw and Smoked Rib Pita Pocket Croissant sandwich with bacon and fried eggs for breakfast British Sandwich Week ( takes place from May 20-26, celebrating one of the most iconic British culinary inventions.


The carrier the caterer chooses needs to perform excellently and exceptionally with the filling. Over the last year, we have been working closely with a number of businesses to enhance their sandwich and sharing platter offer. The humble brie and red onion marmalade filling, joins another league when served in our Cranberry Pan Rustic. Likewise, roast beef, horseradish and rocket, paired with our Sourdough and Onion Roll is pure sandwich heaven.” Traditional white and brown bread recipes are being replaced with more elaborate flavours and textures, with the addition of seeds and grains supplied in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes, says Chris Dickinson, new business development director, Pan’Artisan.

The influence of world cuisines on flavours and styles is prolific, with breads such as Lebanese and Turkish flatbreads appearing as sandwich carriers and meal accompaniments with and without inclusions.” Meanwhile, the baguette has improved its share of occasions across breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking and is now the third most popular savoury bakery item accounting for 3.9% share of visits, says Kate Sykes, of Lantmännen Unibake. “Our range of Schulstad Bakery Solutions Rusticata baguettes and rolls are all made with extra virgin olive oil and semolina flour and are stone-baked for a fuller flavour.” Bloomers are also sought after, and last year Kara re-launched and expanded its range to include three new thick slice options and a new flavour – sunflower and oat - taking the total range up to seven.

Clever condiments The Opies’ professional range provides caterers with ingredients and accompaniments that complement dishes across the menu, which helps to save both time and money, explains Daniel Duprat, the company’s foodservice manager. “Our range of chutneys, which are all vegan friendly, are versatile and perfect whether used as a base of sandwiches set for carnivores, cheese fiends or flexitarians. For example, our red onion chutney with Balsamic Vinegar works just as well with artisan cheese as it does with tasty falafel. “Opies’ Bramley Apple Chutney with Real Ale or the Spicy Tomato Chutney would be great to act as an accompaniment to bitter foods like char-grilled meats, which are also supposed to soar in popularity this year.

The delicate flavours of Pear Chutney with White Wine and robust Bramley Apple with Cider complete this high quality range of savoury preserves.” Along with chutneys, gherkins and cocktail onions offer texture and crunch to sandwiches. Try adding gherkins to pepp up an ordinary egg and cress, and cocktail onions to a humble cheese and ham sandwich. Open sandwich toppe FreeFrom The FreeFrom market is huge so it’s important that your sandwich offering caters for diners demanding glutenfree, lactose-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Consumers, especially Millennials, seek clean labels and transparency of ingredients; this is top of mind when developing our range of products,” says Pan’Artisan’s Chris Dickinson. “For example, removing gluten alters taste and texture making the dough less elastic and harder to process; breads can become dry, with a poor crust and a shorter shelf-life, we strive to manage this for our operators and deliver against taste expectations.” CATEGORY FOCUS 16 APRIL 2019 Sprout sandwich with egg, avocado and red onions Baguette sandwich with roast pork fillet, bacon chutney, basil, mozzarella and chives Bagel with trout and daikon cress A poll of 2,000 consumers carried out by Warburtons has found that on average, a person will eat four sandwiches a week, with 82% citing the humble sandwich as their favourite lunchtime choice.

KraftHeinzFSUK The new Heinz Salad Dressings are available in six core and innovative flavours. In an easy to squeeze 800ml bottle, Heinz Salad Dressings are packed full of flavour and are a great way to elevate your salads this Summer. NEW HEINZ SALAD DRESSINGS Introducing NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES OR FLAVOURS strawberries, blueberries, blackberries garlic, tarragon, black pepper, dried bell pepper garlic, cheese, herbs red grapes lemon, lemon zest, thyme honey, mustard

Open to UK primary schools only. Opens: 9am on 2 January 2019. Schools may enter one baking team made up of one of their school caterers, aged 18+ and, three of the school’s pupils, who must be aged 7-11 years, at the date of the live final.

Schools may only enter pupils into its baking team with the pupil’s parent or legal guardian’s consent. School caterers may only enter with their employer’s consent. A panel of judges will select the five schools whose entries best meet their criteria (see T&Cs for detail) to compete in the live final. The five shortlisted schools’ baking teams will cook their recipe at the live final and a panel of judges will select one winner, based on their criteria (see T&Cs for detail), to win £1000 credit with the school’s selected catering equipment supplier. The four runner up schools will each win £250 credit with their selected catering equipment supplier.

Participants in the school’s baking team consent (and where participants are under 18, then the school must seek the participant’s parent or legal guardian’s consent) to the processing of the participant’s personal data by the Promoter and its agency, for the purpose of administering this competition. Promoter: Premier Foods Group Ltd, Premier House, Centrium Business Park, Griffiths Way, St Albans, AL1 2RE. Full T&Cs apply: * The winning school will receive £1,000 of credit with a catering equipment supplier of their choice, to spend on school catering equipment. Each of the four runner up finalist schools will win £250 of credit with a catering equipment supplier of their choice, to spend on school catering equipment.

McYBT TO REGISTER FOLLOW THESE Step 1 Step 2 Register at www. by 5th April 2019. Within 14 days, we will send you a competition tool kit, including a McDougalls Flour Based Mix Step 3 Submit your recipe and pictures of your creation to by 17th May 2019 Develop your recipe using a McDougalls Flour Based Mix and at least one ingredient sourced from within 30 miles of your school Live final to take place at LACA - The Main Event, Thurs 11th July 2019 @PremierFoods_FS of Kitchen equipment* Win £1000 Fourrunnerupfinalistswillwin£250’ofkitchenequipment* THREE SIMPLE STEPS TO REGISTER FOLLOW THESE

The TV chef is calling for a scheme to be rolled out in primary schools, promoting healthy food both in the dining hall and out, by supporting healthier eating, physical activity and the shaping of healthier habits. It would also be linked to Ofsted inspections ensuring that school food is a priority for school leadership. The scheme was promised in the government’s 2016 Childhood Obesity Plan but has yet to be implemented. For the past decade, Food for Life has been supporting schools to take a whole school approach to healthy eating and staying active. This includes supporting schools to organise farm trips, cooking and growing clubs for pupils and their families, and serving freshly prepared meals that make good food appealing.

Statistics show that pupils in Food for Life schools eat a third more fruit and veg than in comparison schools, and more vegetables at home. They are also twice as likely to be getting their ‘5 a day’ than children in comparison schools. Schools are struggling to help them meet their target – blaming rising costs of fresh produce. Hattie Shepherd, policy officer for food and health at the Soil Association, said: “School caterers have told us that they are already struggling to manage the rising cost of fresh ingredients, with some seeing the price of items of fruit and veg rising by 20% in 2018.

in campaign for schools healthy rating scheme Rob Percival, Food for Life head of policy, said: “The Healthy Rating Scheme offers a timely opportunity to fully involve all schools in the mission to halve childhood obesity by 2030, and to transform the way that children eat. “The Government must show its commitment to the scheme by convening an advisory group to bring together the ideas and evidence needed to ensure that the scheme is robust and effective.” A spokesperson for the Department for Education said: “We are committed to delivering a healthy schools rating scheme, which will recognise and encourage schools contributions to preventing obesity by helping children to eat better and move more.

We have listened to stakeholder feedback in our preparations and will continue to do so to make sure the scheme is effective for individual schools. More information will be available in due course.” She added: “We intend to deliver this scheme in a way that makes the most of existing resources available to schools. This is a complex and wide-ranging project, and we are taking the time necessary to ensure we deliver a successful resource.” The DfE confirmed it will be a voluntary scheme.

Food for Life has joined Jamie Oliver in campaigning for the introduction of a healthy rating scheme in schools.

Fruit and vegetables are an important source of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals - but fewer than 10% of children meet the 5 a day target. We intend to deliver this scheme in a way that makes the most of existing resources available to schools Food for Life joins “As a result, many are being forced to consider replacing hot, balanced meals with cold ‘pick and mix’ lunchbox options. In some instances, healthier items such as fresh fruit and salmon are being removed from menus altogether.” get their‘5a day’ Jamie Oliver Less than one in 10 children In some instances, healthier items such as fresh fruit and salmon are being removed from menus altogether EDUCATION 19 APRIL 2019

By Jill Livesey, managing director at MCA & HIM Shopper Research and Insights By Jill Livesey, managing director at MCA & HIM Shopper Research and Insights Food to go is the star for the eating out market; growing by 3.0% in 2019 to £21.2billion, according to the MCA & HIM Food To Go Market Report 2019. Incredibly, there are 148,992 FTG outlets in the UK. This is an increase of 1.4% in the last year, and up a staggering 12,721 outlets in the last five years. AVERAGE SPEND ON FTG AT LUNCH IS £5.29 IN THE YEAR ENDING SEPTEMBER 2018,THENUMBEROFFOODTOGO OCCASIONS ROSE TO 4.2BILLION THE FOOD TO GO MARKET IS FORECASTED TO GROW BY £2BILLION BY 2022 Growth in FTG is driven by consumers visiting more frequently and spending more.

FTG occasions are up 2% and spend is up 6% vs. last year. Furthermore, FTG accounts for almost a quarter of total eating out spending. FTG is the most intensively competitive sector within the entire eating out market, but has benefitted from the growing time-pressured workforce and widening accessibility. It continues to out-perform by delivering on the critical consumer needs for speed, great value and highly tasty food and drink. The MCA and HIM report forecasts a prize of £2billion to be fought over as the market grows to reach over £23billion by 2022. Winners will be operators and retailers who impress on the core needs of speed, value and quality, but we believe growing opportunities will also be presented through innovating around the emerging trends for more conscious consumerism and ultra-convenience.

With key younger adult consumers in particular looking to be more responsible their health and the wider environment, and also wanting technology-led timesaving solutions, the next few years promises to be an exciting period as the market adapts and evolves. FoodToGrowin2019 (MCA/HIM FOOD TO GO 2019 REPORT) 20 APRIL 2019 MCA

Fill Dickson’ s As Country Range development chef, I’ve been working on a series of recipes to show the flexibility of our brilliant new fillings, dips and salads. The foodservice industry has to be smart – the days of serving white triangles filled with cheese or ham are gone. Sandwiches have undergone an evolution and are now very much influenced by trendy street food styles. Regional Indian cuisine is a huge trend right now and I think one of the main reasons is that a lot of the recipes are vegetarian or vegan. To tap into this trend, try my onion bhaji and roasted squash stuffed naan bread with spiced houmous and lime pickle recipe.

I spiced up the Country Range Houmous with some Country Range Madras Curry Powder and toasted cumin seeds to give it that authentic flavour and served it with some cucumber and Greek yoghurt on the side. For a meat option, replace the houmous with Country Range Supreme Chicken Tikka filling.

I also created a delicious samosa using Country Range Mixed Cheese and Spring Onion filling, which can be eaten hot or cold. Even though the filling is mayonnaise -based, I found it to be heat stable and the cheese is really stringy and delicious! Jackfruit is a fibrous, ‘meaty’-textured vegetable which lends itself well as a vegan replacement for pulled pork. I used the new Country Range BBQ Pulled Jackfruit to create a vegan take on the American favourite ‘Sloppy Joe’ sandwich, so simple to make and will be loved by all.

On a TexMex theme, try making pulled pork chimichangas using Country Range Insauce Pulled BBQ Pork filling.

Use Country Range 10’ Flour Tortilla Wraps to encase the filling and fold like a sausage roll using water to ‘glue’ it, then fry in oil until crispy on the outside and serve with salsa and guacamole. it up! To view our Sandwiches and Food-to-go Menu Trend Report visit sandwiches-FTG-report/ Paul Dickson Country Range development chef DICKSON’S DIARY 21 APRIL 2019

Bagel - bap - peri mayonnaise