Berries bloom

Berries bloom

Berries bloom

Our magazine, exclusively for colleagues Summer 2018 WIN a summer glamping adventure Parent power We launch new parental leave rules The family tree Innovation and tradition at our newest cider supplier 8 things you need to know about Booker How our summer fruit goes from farm to store in under 24 hours berries British bloom in

Berries bloom

2 Hornsea Extra Nicola Squibb’s daughter, Scarlet-Louise, tucks into some toast from the Colleague Shop. Batley Extra Donations of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and some sweet treats being sent to a local homeless charity. Ellesmere Superstore Following correct waste routines for bakery, and fruit and veg in Ellesmere. Kensal Green Express From product rotation to following the reduction and waste processes, the team are aiming for zero food waste. Hornsea Petrol Filling Station Thumbs up from the team at Hornsea, who are working their way towards zero food waste.

Linlithgow Superstore The team making sure everything goes to the best place – bakery bag, produce bag or food donation? €×”«āöã׀ A representative from local charity SOLAS arrives to collect food ”É€ã«ÉÂÛ¢×ÉÁ ” « āƲ Rugeley Superstore Stocking the fridge in their Colleague Shop ready for everyone to bag some surplus food at Rugeley. We’ve got no time for waste at Tesco – as these photos prove!

TAKEOVER waste time for No

Berries bloom

3 WELCOME Hello. hatever the weather, summer’s the time for making memories with your friends and family. This issue I headed to the park with my partner and granddaughters to take part in our ‘great British picnic’ feature (that’s me above with  €  ” « ƿƲcè×ÂãÉԀ£˜ÛŲŲǂŲŷãÉĉ”Éèã˜ó˜×÷ɘNjÛ key ingredients for fun in the sunshine. It wouldn’t be summer without a big bowl of fresh berries, so I loved reading about how our suppliers work to get British berries from farm to store in perfect condition. See the feature on pages 40-46 to learn about the innovative techniques they use. Talking of farms, one of my Colleague Communications Panel colleagues, Alan Jones, headed to an orchard in Somerset to taste a tipple or two, thanks to Sheppy’s Cider. Turn to pages 10-17 to discover his verdict on one of our newest suppliers. Do you know all the facts about our merger with Booker to become the UK’s leading food business? On pages 19-20 we catch up with Charles Wilson, our new CEO UK and ROI, to ĉ”ÉèãÁÉטƲ/ÂÉ㨘טôÛƭã ¨ € 󘍘˜ÂÛÉÁ˜€Á€û«Â£ colleague heroics (Superhumans, page 8), celebrations for the third birthday of Community Food Connection (page 7) and don’t forget, you Ž€Âô«ÂÛÉÁ « € ÂãÔ׫û˜Û«Â㨫Û«ÛÛè˜NjÛ competitions on pages 48-49.

Fancy taking part in our autumn issue? Get in touch if you’d like to share your story. In the meantime, happy reading! Yvonne W Colleague Communications Panel Tesco Editor-in-chief: Amy Bowden; Editor: Deborah Hatch Sonder Managing Editor: Lucy Willcock; Content Director: Justine Ragany; Sub Editor: Kate Feasey; Art Director: Wayne Hayton; Designer: Natasha Lipinski Cox; Production Manager: Julia Fulford. Photography Roy Kilcullen, Simon Ridgway, Harry Chambers, Nigel Hillier, Jo Hanley. Get in touch with us by post Colleague Communications, Omega, Shire Park, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1GA Got a story?

If you’ve got an idea for a story or you’d like to share what you get up to in your spare time, get in touch Email us at

Berries bloom

Our magazine is printed on FSC® - Ž˜×ã«ĉ ˜”Ô€Ô˜× Please recycle after use Contents 10 Apple of our eyes Meet one of our newest cider suppliers 19 8 key things to know The Booker and Tesco merger – what’s next? 22 Perfect picnics Three colleagues share their summertime specialities 29 Footie fakers Get your facts straight with our World Cup guide 33 Parent power Introducing our new parental leave policies 40 Big on berries ,Éôô˜Éā ˜×㨘˜Ûã׫ã«Û¨ « ˜ Û€»»ÛèÁÁ˜×»É£ 6 Plant power We launch new meat-free product ranges 9 It’s showtime We’re at the summer’s «££˜Ûã « Ž è»ãè׀»Û¨ÉôÛ Tasters Features 10 pole dancing 4 Some people run, some go to the gym, but Adam Cooper from Dungannon Phone Shop has a more unusual approach to ·——ÓªÁ¢Ĉ â Fundraising and fun “I was introduced to pole dancing in 2010 when my cousin organised a male pole dance charity event for Cystic Fibrosis. Many of my family and friends took part and it really intrigued me.” MY LIFE IN…

Berries bloom

5 Got a story? If you or somebody you know would make a perfect candidate for My Life In… let us know by emailing &«ã˜ÛÛĉ ×Ûã Lj/NjÁÂÉã㠀 » 㨫˜ÛãÂÉ×㨘ĉ ãã˜ÛãÉ¢ԘÉÔ»˜ƭèã/Njó˜ ÂÉã  ¨ ÉôÁ莨ÔÉ»˜”€ÂŽ«Â£¨€Û¨˜»Ô˜”Á˜Éó˜×㨘 ÷˜€×ÛƲ»ÉãÉ¢ԘÉÔ»˜”ÉÔÉ»˜¢É×㨘ŽÉÁԘã«ã«ÉÂۀ” Û¨ÉôÛƭô¨˜×˜€Û/NjÁ«Â«ã¢É×㨘ĉ ã˜ÛÛ€ÛԘŽãƭ€Â”㨘 €ÁÉèÂã«ã¨˜»ÔÛÁ÷ŽÉÂĉ ”˜ÂŽ˜«Û«Âۀ˜Ʋlj D÷«ÂÛԫ׀ã«É Ljt¨˜Â÷ÉèNjטÉÂÛ〣˜«Â 㨘Á ˜  É¢€×Éèã«Â˜㨘 ÉèãÛ«”˜ôÉ×»””ɘÛÂNjãÁ€ãã˜×Ʒ ÷ÉèNjטŽÉÁÔ»˜ã » « ó«Â£«Â㨘 ÁÉÁ˜Âã€Â”㨘èûû÷É裘㠫Û荘»«˜ó€»˜Ʋ/ãNjÛ€¢è»»ǂÉ”÷ ôÉ׸Éèã㨀ã«ÁÔ×Éó˜Û÷Éè× ŽÉטÛãט£ã¨ƭŽÉÉה«Â€ã«É €Â » € Ž˜Ʋlj V»€Â«£¢É×㨘¢èãèט Lj/¨€ó˜ÂNjãŽÉÁԘ㘔«Â€Â  Ž ÉÁԘã«ã«ÉÂۍèãÁ÷ŽÉèÛ«ÂÛ¨€ó˜ Éã¨ôÉÂÁè»ã«Ô»˜ŽÉÁԘã«ã«ÉÂÛƭ«ÂŽ»è”«Â£㨘tÉ×»”VÉ»˜€ÂŽ˜ ¨€ÁÔ«ÉÂÛ¨«ÔƲE˜öã /  ô€ÂããÉÛã€×ãŽÉÁԘã«Â ˜  㨘ÁƲlj ¢€Á«»÷€ā €«× LjD÷ŽÉèÛ«Â ˜  Ûã€×ã ×  Éô ÔÉ»˜”€ÂŽ«Â£Ûã蔫É«ÂŲŰűű ”  ˜˜NjÛ » ˜ ۀ”«ãNjÛô¨˜×˜ô˜ €»»£ÉÂÉôãÉã׀«Â€Â”Ô׀Žã«Û˜ô«ã¨ Éè×ÔÉ»˜¢€Á«»÷Ʋ lj

Berries bloom

6 Tasters Little helps, Œª¢“ªĀ —Ö—Á— A food shop with the kids in tow is never easy, but we’re ahead of the rest as Tesco was voted Best Family Friendly Supermarket by 10,000 parents at this year’s Tommy’s Awards. We know our customers have diverse tastes and we want to make sure that everyone ó«Û«ã«Â£Éè×ÛãÉטÛŽ€Âĉ ”㨘«Â « ˜ ÂãÛ they need to match their lifestyle.

This summer, customers looking for vegan options will have even more choice thanks to new product launches including Nordic plant-based food sensation Oumph! and a new range of vegan steaks. Oumph! uses soya beans, herbs and spices and is already a favourite in Sweden and Norway, with its taste and quality. The new vegan steak from Dutch manufacturer Vivera is made from wheat and soy and has been described as ‘barely distinguishable from real steak’. All this follows on from the hugely successful launch of our Wicked Kitchen range earlier this year.

Derek Sarno, Chef Director of Plant- Based Innovation, says: “We’re thrilled ãɍ˜軘€Û¨«Â£㨘Á«£¨ã÷Č €óÉè×É¢ plants, making eating meat-free easy and accessible like never before.” The power of plants Market-leading new vegan products launch in our stores Our Little Helps Plan is about making €ÔÉÛ«ã«ó˜”«ā ˜×˜ÂŽ˜ã¨×É裨Éè× people, products and places. It helps us create a business where colleagues can get on; where customers can make healthier choices and enjoy good sustainable products at €ā É ˜  Ô׫Ž˜ÛƷ€Â”ô¨˜×˜ÂÉ¢Éɔ 㨀ãNjÛĉ ã¢ÉרèÁ€ÂŽÉÂÛèÁÔã«ÉÂ£É˜Û to waste. Community Food Connection and Free Fruit for Kids are two of the most well-known Little Helps Plan activities, but did you know: Shopping with us is child’s play 2,500 new apprenticeship places created last year 16,500 community projects supported with Bags of Help 120 ºªÁ—ÚÈ¡Ĉ Ú§—ÖâªĈ —“ as sustainable in our stores PEOPLE PRODUCTS PLACES

Berries bloom

7 TASTERS On the road with CRUK Over the summer we’ll be supporting a series of Cancer Research UK roadshows across London and north-east England. The roadshows will visit local communities, talking to people about the importance of diagnosing cancer early, as well as giving information on how they can make positive choices for their health and reduce their risk of the disease. Visitors can learn about screening, have their Body Mass Index (BMI) checked or take part in a Smokerlyzer® test, which measures the Ž€×ÉÂÁÉÂÉö«”˜«Â€ÛÁɸ˜×Njۍט€ã¨ƭÉā˜×«Â£ a visual way to encourage them to stop smoking.

Dr Helen George, Head of Health Community Engagement at CRUK, says: “We’re delighted Tesco is supporting our Cancer Awareness Roadshow, enabling us to reach thousands of people with health messages. By working together in the community we’re helping to Á ” « ā˜×˜ÂŽ˜ãÉԘÉÔ»˜NjÛ»«ó˜ÛƲlj Visit t˜Njט˜ÂŽÉè׀£«Â£ԘÉÔ»˜ãÉĉ”ÉèãÁÉט€Éèãט”莫£ã × « ۸ɢŽ€ÂŽ˜× ô«ã¨€ۘ׫˜ÛÉ¢ÛÔ  € Ž˜×Y˜Û ¨  h

Berries bloom

Harry Veal Driver at Trowbridge Extra James Shimbles Driver, Bradford Peel Superstore Harry rescued 50 cars and several buses from the heavy snow in Wiltshire. After ĉ «ۨ«Â£¨«ÛÛ¨«¢ãƭ  € ”¨«Û”€”D€×ã«Â ۘãÉèã«Âã > € ”YÉó˜×ô«ã¨€Č €Û¸ƭãÉô ×ÉԘ€Â”ÛÔ Ž » É㨘ÛƲ ÷  ۀ÷ÛƬLjD÷ ¨˜€×ãô€Û«ÂÁ÷ÁÉè㨀ãã«Á˜ÛƲ/¸Â˜ô/ had to help these people out or else they Á€÷¨€ó˜˜˜ÂÛã莸ã »  «£¨ãƲlj  Ž ÉÁÔ»˜ã » ˜ £˜ãɘ€ã¶èÛã ɀãÛƭô€ã˜×ƭ˜€Âۀ  ¢ É×ĉ 󘔀÷ÛãÉ ׀«Û˜€ô€×˜Â˜ÛÛÉ¢ô¨€ã«ãNjÛ ˜  ãÉ»«ó˜«Â ÔÉó˜×ã÷Ʋ ¸ ÷ NjÛ˜ā É×ãÛ€»ÛÉ׀«Û˜”ÁÉט 㨀ÂǒŲųŲ¢É×c˜€×&è”ƭô¨«Ž¨Ô×É󫔘Û ¢€Á«»«˜Û«ÂÔÉó˜×ã÷ô«ã¨ÛèÔÔÉ×ãƭÛ¸«»»Û€Â” טÛÉè׎˜ÛãÉŽÉÁ€ã¨è£˜×ƭ€Â £ ¨ 㘔 Éè׎ÉÁÁ«ãÁ˜ÂããÉט”莫£ô€Ûã˜Ʋ t¨˜Â:€Á˜ÛÁ » « ó˜×÷ãÉ ˜ £ 軀× elderly customer and found his front door €¶€×ƭ¨˜«Âó˜Ûã«£€ã˜”ãÉĉ ”㨘ŽèÛãÉÁ˜× èŽÉÂێ«ÉèÛƲ,˜×É:€Á˜Û ”  ŹŹŹƭ put the customer in the recovery position and stayed with him until paramedics arrived. He even put away all of the Û¨ÉÔԫ£˜¢ÉטŽÉÂã«Âè«Â£¨«Û”˜»«ó˜×«˜ÛƲ Our superhumans Meet our crew of extraordinary colleagues who are doing 㠍 « ããɨ˜»Ô«Â»ÉŽ€»ŽÉÁÁè«㫘ۀ”Á ” « ā ˜×˜ÂŽ˜ Becky Purdue Customer Assistant, Hessle Express 50 cars and several buses towed 5 days of rice, beans and oats 1 outstanding level of service t˜Njó˜¶èÛãÁ £ × ÉŽ˜×÷Û¨ÉÔԫ£ É»«Â˜˜ó˜Â˜€Û«˜×Ʋ/Â㨘ԀÛãƭԘÉÔ»˜ with special dietary requirements or ã¨Éۘ»Éɸ«Â£¢É € » ã  ¢ ÉɔŽ¨É«Ž˜Û ¨€”ãÉÛ  ¢ É×Ô×ɔèŽãÛƭ㨘 ¸  ã¨×É裨«Â « ˜ Â㻫ÛãÛãÉÁ€¸˜Ûèט they were suitable. But that’s now a 㨫£É¢㨘ԀÛãƭ€Ûô˜Njó˜Ԁ×ã˜ט” ô«ã¨]ÔÉÉÂ'è×èãÉÁ€¸˜ۘ»˜Žã«Â£ products much simpler.

>Éôǂ¢€ãƭ»ÉôǂÛ裀×ƭ»Éôǂۀ»ãƭ € » ƭ 󘣀€”¸ÉÛ¨˜×Ô×ɔèŽãÛŽ€Â˜ ¢Éè”Öè  € ”˜€Û«»÷è۫£㨘 ”«˜ã€×÷€Â ¢ ˜ Ûã÷»˜ĉ »ã˜×ÛƲc¨˜€ÔÔ also lists all the products that have ŽÉÁÔ»˜ã £ » èã˜Âǂ  «  « ˜ ÂãÛƭ €Â”ŽèÛãÉÁ˜×ÛôÉÂNjãĉ ”㨀ã €Â÷ô ˜ » ۘƲt˜NjטôÉ׸«Â£É ÁÉ « ˜ ã€×÷€Â ¢ ˜ Ûã÷»˜ĉ »ã˜×Ûƭ as well as the option to choose Áè»ã«Ô»˜ĉ »ã˜×ÛƭÛÉ»ÉɸÉèã ¢É×㨘ÁŽÉÁ«Â£ÛÉÉÂƲ Food choices made simple 8

Berries bloom

9 TASTERS Win £50! Send your funniest caption for this image from our cider feature and you could win a £50 Tesco giftcard. The winner will be shared on Our Tesco. Check out last edition’s caption competition winner on Our Tesco. Send your caption to captions@madebysonder. com by 2 August 2018. See terms and conditions on page 49 A big show of love We’ve got a busy calendar of agricultural shows »«Â˜”èÔô¨˜×˜ô˜Nj»»¨€ó˜€Č €£Û¨«ÔÔטۘŽ˜ at four of the most prestigious events: the Royal Cornwall Show (7–9 June); the Royal Highland Show (21–24 June); the Great Yorkshire Show (10-12 July); and the Royal Welsh Show (23-26 July). These shows are a perfect opportunity to celebrate and boost our relationships with farmers, and meet local ÛèÔÔ»«˜×ÛãÉĉ ”Éè」Éèã㨘«×Ô×ɔ莘Ʋ This year our stand will feature a test kitchen, which will use local ingredients to create some incredible dishes for hungry visitors. And we’ll be using Food Love Stories to connect the recipes demonstrated back to our in-store campaigns.

Why not pop along? The shows are a great family-friendly day out. 190,000 visitors each year to the Royal Highland Show 1827 ö—ÖÈ¡⧗Ĉ ÖÚâXÈöº Cornwall Show at Truro 250 acres of showground at the Great Yorkshire Show Q: What is the Better Cotton Initiative? A: The largest cotton sustainability programme in the world, providing training on sustainable farming practices to 1.6 million farmers in 23 countries. Q: Why does it exist? A: To provide training for farmers to adopt environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production methods.

Q: What’s the impact? A: BCI licensed farmers produce cotton in a way that cares for the environment and for water, soil health and natural habitats. We know customers love our denim, especially our skinny jeans, and part of that is because sustainability plays a vital role in our clothing ranges. We’re proud that our Contour range is now 100% BCI. Here’s more about this great programme. We’re proudly part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Better jeans Our plans for this summer’s major agricultural events

Berries bloom

10 family tree SHAKING THE

11 CIDER The Sheppy family has pressed cider for 200 years. With their products now appearing on shelves nationwide, Customer Service Assistant Alan Jones discovers how ÀªõªÁ¢âÖ“ªâªÈÁóªâ§ªÁÁÈòâªÈÁ§ÚÓª“ÈĀ

12 I (Below) The former Apple Bay 1816 Where it all began c¨˜ĉ ×Ûã × ˜ Ž˜ãÉ Ž«”˜×ǂÁ€¸«Â  : ɨ ]¨˜ÔÛÉÂƭô¨ÉŽ¨€Â£˜” ¨«Û€Á˜ãÉ]¨˜ÔÔ÷ 1845-1886 A generation game as the family tradition grows ’ve got to be honest,” admits Alan as the t magazine team arrive in a beautiful corner of Somerset, “cider and me, well, we’ve had some bad experiences.” With a grimace, Alan recounts a story that involves a lads’ holiday and some unorthodox breakfast choices. “It didn’t end well, let’s just say that. It has put me Éā ”׫¸«Â£㨘Ûãèā ۫Ž˜Ʋlj Given that we’re just about to spend the day with one of the oldest cider- making families in the world, are their award-winning beverages going to be enough to change Alan’s mind? Sheppy’s has been making craft premium cider in the heart of Somerset since 1816. The company has supplied some of its products to regional stores for a while èã㨫Û÷˜€×ƭ¢É×㨘ĉ ×Ûãã«Á˜ƭô˜ô ˜  stocking two varieties of 330ml cans around the country – Sheppy’s VAT 14 Classic and VAT 07 Cloudy.

t¨˜×˜ã׀”«ã«ÉÂÁ˜˜ãÛ«ÂÂÉó€ã«É We head into the Apple Bay, formerly the place where Sheppy’s apples were stored during harvest time, which has been recently converted into a stunning restaurant, bar, delicatessen and shop for (Right) 90 acres of orchards (Right) Alan Jones (Above) One of the farm’s longhorn cattle :ɨÂƾ//ƿ€Â”˜É׀¨ ]¨˜ÔÔ÷ãÉɸÉÂ/ôÉɔ &€×Áô  € Ž«˜Âã€ÔÔ»˜ ãט˜ÛÛã«»»Ûã€Â”ãɔ€÷ űŸŵŲųY'EYc/KE :€Á˜Û]¨˜ÔÔ÷ô€ÛÉ× űŸŸŶŴc,'EYc/KE ]ã€Â ¨ ˜ ÔÔ÷ô€ÛÉ× “Modern orchards are planted by tractor with GPS at up to 350 trees per acre”

13 CIDER 1932 Medal winner Stanley Sheppy won the Brewer’s Exhibition Gold Medal the thousands of visitors that make a pilgrimage to the farm each year. It’s been a tourist attraction since the 1970s when the parents of the current owners ۘãèÔ€㘀×ÉÉÁÉā 㨘ųŸãÉã˜ÁÔã passing travellers heading to the Devon and Cornwall coasts. David, the current owner, Master of Cider and sixth-generation cider-maker, owns 㠀 × Áô«ã¨¨«Ûô«¢˜ƭ>Éè«Û€Ʋ]¨˜Éā ˜×ÛãÉ take us out into the 90 acres of orchards ãÉۘ˜㨘”«ā ˜×˜Âãó€×«˜ã«˜ÛÉ¢ãט˜Û€Â” planting styles that have taken place over the decades.

“Traditionally, you’d plant around 50 trees per acre in an orchard and then allow cattle and sheep to graze underneath,” explains >Éè«Û€ƲLjÛÁÉטÁɔ˜×ÂÔ×ɔèŽã«É methods have taken over, we have orchards with 100-150 trees per acre and now up to 350 trees per acre, which are planted from a tractor with GPS.” It’s this combination of tradition and 1917 A new beginning James and Stanley Sheppy moved to Three Bridges Farm 1927-1930 Laying down new roots 5TH GENERATION Richard James Sheppy was born and an orchard was planted to mark his birth (Top) »€Â€Â” Louisa Sheppy (Above) »€Â examines the family history (Left) The renovated shop and deli


15 CIDER (Right) The modern stainless- steel vats (Above) Louisa shows Alan the oak vats innovation that gives Sheppy’s its standout appeal. Over the past 10 years Sheppy’s has Á€”˜Û«£Â«ĉ Ž€Âã«Âó˜ÛãÁ˜ÂãÛ«Âèԣ׀”«Â£ «ãÛÔ×ɔèŽã«É » « 㫘ۀ”טÂÉó€ã«Â£㨘 old Apple Bay buildings.

ÔÔ»˜Û £ × ÉôÂƭÔטÛۘ”ƭ¢˜×Á˜Â㘔ƭ blended and bottled right here on the site. h»«¸˜Éã ×  Ô×ɔ莘×Ûƭ]¨˜ÔÔ÷NjÛ ˜ó˜×èۘÛŽÉŽ˜Âã׀㘫«ãÛ ˜ × Ʋó˜×÷ ó€×«˜ã÷«Û»˜Â ¢ × ÉÁ׀ô¶è«Ž˜Ûã׀«£¨ã ¢×ÉÁã ¨ ˜ ÔÔ÷ó€ãÛƲ Lending a helping hand >Éè«Û€˜öÔ»€«ÂÛ¨Éôƭô«ã¨㨘«×Ûã€ã˜ǂÉ¢ǂ 㨘ǂ€×ã » « 㫘Ûƭã ¨ ˜ ÔÔ÷NjÛ㘀Á€»ÛÉ ”ÉŽÉÂã׀ŽãÉã㻫£ôÉ׸¢É׻Ɏ€»ÛÁ€»» ×  Ô×ɔ莘×ÛƲ ” ” ÛƬLjt˜¨€ó˜ã » « 㫘Û¨˜×˜ƭÛÉ «ãÁ€¸˜ÛۘÂۘãÉÁ€¸˜㨘ÁÉÛãÉ¢㨘ÁƲ /¢ô˜Ž€Â¨˜»ÔÉèã€ÂÉ㨘׻Ɏ€»Ô×ɔ莘× €ã㨘ۀÁ˜ã«Á˜ƭ㨘Âô¨÷ÂÉãƲc ×  ŽÉÁÁè«ã÷«Û « ˜ ”»÷Ô  € ”ô £ ˜ ã along very well.” “We have the facilities, so it makes sense to make the most of them” 1966 The sixth and current generation Master of Cider David James Sheppy was born 1941 For king and country Cider-making temporarily ceased so everyone could focus ÉÂ㨘ô€×˜ā É×ã 1950 Serious times for Sheppy’s Richard Sheppy began cider-making again after winning a prize at the Royal Bath & West Show Did you know? The craft-style packaging of Sheppy’s cans is inspired by the records chalked up by David Sheppy on the old oak vats in which the ciders ferment and mature.

16 Pressing issue We meet up with Jon Watling, Production Warehouse Manager, who shows us around the production area. The apples are harvested between September and ˜Ž˜Á˜×ƭô¨˜Â㨘Ûã€ā ¨ € ”Û on deck from 6am to 11pm six days a week to press that year’s crop – around 2,000 tonnes in total. In the pressing house, apples are washed, milled and then pressed to extract as much juice as possible. The residual ‘pomace’ is used for biomass and animal feed – the Sheppys have a menagerie onsite, including geese, chickens, donkeys, a horse and a herd of longhorn cattle. The raw apple juice ferments with naturally occuring yeast and matures in a mixture of modern stainless- steel and traditional oak vats. Some of the oak vats are more than a hundred years old. The farm has recently invested in ‘NASA’ – an impressive collection of stainless-steel storage units that look just like rockets, hence the name.

Over in the bottling plant, the semi- €èãÉÁ€ã«ŽÔ×Ɏ˜ÛÛŽ€Âĉ »»èÔãÉŲűƭŰŰŰ bottles each day. Jon explains: “It’s really important to us that we can provide jobs for people in the local community.” A busy team work alongside the machines, stacking bottles, monitoring outputs and Ô £ « £èÔ㨘ĉ «ۨ˜”Ô×ɔèŽãƲ ˜ » Û and caps are all checked carefully by eye and the essential taste testing is done here too.

(Above) The taste test gets underway (Below) Water and gravity do the hard work 1978 Visitors appear Rural Life Museum and Tea Room opened 2014 Sheppy’s starts to grow All new cider- production facilities were completed on the farm 1998 David takes over Sheppy’s David took control of the business when his parents, Mary and Richard, retired (Right) Alan explores the bottling plant Did you know? Tannins found in apples, grapes and other fruits are responsible for giving cider or wine its dryness and body.

17 CIDER Sheppy’s VAT 14 Classic A medium-sweet sparkling cider, VAT 14 is created from a blend of traditional cider apples for a full- É”«˜”Č €óÉè×Ʋ ALAN’S VERDICT “I really enjoyed this one; very drinkable and not too dry.” Get Alan’s inside track on those award-winning ˜ô ˜ × Û¨«ãã«Â£Éè×Û¨˜»ó˜ÛÛÉÉ Sheppy’s VAT 07 Cloudy ]ô˜˜ãƭ»«£¨ã€Â”ó˜×÷ drinkable, the Vat 07 has some pure apple juice added back in to create «ãÛŽ»Éè”÷˜ā ˜ŽãƲ ALAN’S VERDICT “This is a bit sweeter than the Classic but, again, really refreshing.” Tasting time Once our tour is complete, it’s back to the bar. David Sheppy arrives with some freshly drawn cider; right from the vats with nothing added. Alan pulls up a chair and the two get to work.

“Right then,” says David. “This is 2017 vintage and draught cider. It’s just been fermented, racked and matured. The draught is lighter and crisper, while the vintage is made from apples that contain a lot of tannin.” Alan looks nervous as he takes a sip. “What do you think?” asks David. “It’s… good!” A beam crosses Alan’s face. “I like it!” Phew! No awkward moments here. David takes Alan through a selection of the ciders, including the two new products hitting Tesco shelves. “So what do you think makes Sheppy’s stand out?” asks Alan. “It’s our heritage,” David says. “We’ve got long traditions, skills passed down through generations. We’re in a great location for growing apples with a perfect climate. But most of all, it’s our passion for what we do. We love cider and apple growing.” Looking around this impressive site, it really shows.

“We’ve got long traditions, skills passed through generations” Sheppy’s Original Cloudy and Vintage Reserve Cider ó  « ÂÉè×ÛÉèã¨ǂô˜ÛãÛãÉטÛƲc¨˜ Vintage cider is crafted from a traditional »˜Â”ƭô¨«»˜㨘»Éè”÷¨€Û Ž « ÉèÛ»÷ Ž×«ÛÔƭÛô˜˜ãČ €óÉè×Ʋ ALAN’S VERDICT “Another winner!” TASTING NOTES 2016 A year of celebration Six generations and 200 years of making cider – along with the ĉ ×Ûã]¨˜ÔÔ÷&˜Ûã 1 2 3 2017+ Future chapters The launch of Sheppy’s House of ×  ǰ&«Â˜&ÉɔÛ is completed

Subject to status and lending criteria. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED, AS A LAST RESORT, IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE. The Tesco Clubcard Scheme is administered by Tesco Stores Limited, Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1GA, who are responsible for fulfilling points. Use of this offer must adhere to general Colleague Clubcard terms and conditions. Little colleague helps. Colleague Clubcard holders collect 2,500 Tesco Clubcard points with a Tesco Bank Mortgage. You need to apply and receive a formal offer for a Tesco Bank Mortgage. Simply enter your active Colleague Clubcard number during application. Applies to first time buyers, home movers and remortgage customers who don’t already have a Mortgage with us. To receive a formal offer, a full credit search and assessment of details provided takes place, with a record of our search on your credit file for other lenders to see. And don’t forget, you’ll collect 1 Clubcard point for every £4 you pay on your monthly repayments and any regular or lump sum overpayment. Clubcard points collection rates are subject to change. You won’t collect Clubcard points on any fees or charges paid separately from your mortgage payment, or on any overpayment you make to pay your mortgage off in full.

T&Cs apply. Visit Mortgages Another little help from Tesco Bank. 2,500 Clubcard points

19 BOOKER key things to know about TESCO BOOKER merger and It’s complete In February, shareholders voted to support the merger between Booker and Tesco. The merger ÉĄ  Ž ÉÁÔ»˜ã˜” on 5 March 2018. 1 By coming together, Tesco and Booker – the UK’s leading food wholesaler – have created the UK’s leading food business. 2LEADING THE WAY » ˜ Ût«»ÛÉÂƭÉÉ   Kƭ«ÛÂÉôKÉ¢Éè×hÉ€×”Ʋ Charles has joined us 3 our

20 Q: Can you describe Booker in three words? A: Choice, price, service. Q: What makes Booker colleagues stand out? A: The best thing about Booker is the colleagues, which is repeatedly shown in our customer satisfaction scores. Booker stores feel like small businesses, where everyone is on ĉ ×Ûãǂ€Á˜ã˜×Áۀ”ôÉ׸ÛŽ»Éۘ»÷ to help our customers prosper. Q: What is Booker’s greatest achievement?

A: Helping hundreds and thousands of independent businesses thrive through improving choice, price and service for them. Q: What qualities have you seen in the Tesco colleagues you’ve met so far? A: Everyone has been very welcoming and I really admire that all colleagues are committed to and focused on serving Britain’s customers a little better every day. This is something that translates across both Tesco and Booker and shows that our cultures are very similar. XƬt¨€ã  ÷ Éè×ĉ ×Ûã«ÁÔטÛÛ«ÉÂÛ of Tesco and how will you be getting to know the business over the next few months?

A: It’s great – what has impressed me the most are colleagues. The most important thing to me is to get into stores and speak to as many colleagues and customers as I can and this is something that I’m really enjoying. There will be no big integration Ô×Ɏ˜ÛÛƲ×ɀ”»÷ƭט〫» and wholesale will be run ۘԀ׀㘻÷ô«ã¨«Â㨘è۫˜ÛÛƭ but we will work together on ˜ô£×Éôã¨ÉÔÔÉ×ãè«㫘ÛƲ 5GROWTH We’re combining our skills The merger is about growth, bringing together our complementary retail and wholesale skills. It opens up opportunities for us to provide food wherever it is prepared or eaten – across both retail and eating out locations. 4 A small Joining Forces team has been set up to focus on delivering these new opportunities for growth. For everyone else, across Tesco and Booker, it’s business as usual. .âŒÖªÁ¢ÚŒ—Á—Ĉ âÚ¡ÈÖ—ò—ÖöÈÁ— It will help us to continue to serve customers with competitively priced, good-quality products combined with excellent service, bringing ˜Â˜ĉ ãÛãÉŽèÛãÉÁ˜×ÛƭÛèÔÔ»«˜×ÛƭŽÉ»»˜€£è˜Û€Â”Û¨€×˜¨É»”˜×ÛƲ 7 t Ž ˜ Âã»÷ÉÔ˜Â × € ”ǂ ˜ôÉɸ˜×ŽÉŽ˜ÔãÛãÉטƭ  ˜ Âã׀»ƭ€ã »  öã׀«Â€Á £ ˜ Ʋc¨«ÛÛãÉט Ô׫Á ÷  ۘ×ó˜ÛÔ×É¢˜ÛÛ«É€» Ž€ã˜×˜×ۍèã«ÛÉԘÂãÉ€»» ŽèÛãÉÁ˜×ÛƲ/ãNjÛɘÉ¢㨘ĉ ×Ûã Ûã˜ÔÛãÉô€×”ÛÉèטöŽ«ã«Â£ ¶É«Âã¢èãèטƲ 8NEW IDEAS Introducing Charles Wilson Just months into our ŽÉÁ«Â˜”è۫˜ÛÛƭ we asked Charles for ¨«Ûĉ ×Ûã«ÁÔטÛÛ«ÉÂÛ 6 Business asusual

Only for Promotion Period: 29/05/18 at 9am to 11/09/18 at 9am (the “Closing Time”). GB 18+ only. To enter, purchase a Roald Dahl promotion pack at Tesco and, during the Promotion Period, visit (the “Website”) and enter the unique code printed on the inside of the pack to get access to the Design a Cake promotion. Follow the instructions to submit your contact details, design a Roald Dahl inspired cake online and tell us about the inspiration for your creation. Max 5 entries per person, per day (each unique code permits one entry). Within 15 working days of the Closing Time, one winner, with the most creative entry and which best meets the judging criteria (see T&Cs) will be selected by a panel of judges. Prize: A cheque for £500 and, a trip for the winner and up to 4 of their family and/or friends to visit Mr Kipling’s cake factory in Carlton, including up to £1000 for travel expenses. The winner’s guests must be aged 8+ years. No wheelchair access. Trip must be taken on a week day agreed with the Promoter, within 6 months from the date the winner is notified that they have won. Excludes Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and all bank holidays. The winning cake may, at Tesco’s discretion, be sold in certain Tesco stores and/or at, for a limited period. Retain pack and proof of purchase. Entries submitted after the Closing Time will not be valid. Promotion packs are subject to availability. Full T&Cs apply: see Website. Promoter: Premier Foods Group Ltd, Premier House, Centrium Business Park, Griffiths Way, St Albans, AL1 2RE. ©2018 RDSC / QB. Open to GB residents 18+ Find your UNIQUE CODE on pack Go online, GET CREATIVE and submit your design Look out for the WINNING PACK coming soon to Tesco 3 2 1

“ K e e p i n g the kids entertained is key to a happy d a y o u t ” “Savoury snacks are a m u s t w h e n it comes to our picnic ” 22 TO PACK?

“Always take s u n c r e a m - you never know when the sun m ay a p p e a r ” “ K e e p i n g hydrated is so important in the warm w e a t h e r ” 23 PICNICS OR NOT TO PACK? Scotch egg or salad? Wellies and waterproofs or sun cream and sandals? Our colleagues reveal how they’re going to be picnicking in style this summer

24 The family fun day Communications Panel member Yvonne Heaton, Dotcom Customer Assistant, and John Booth, Combined Fresh Food Manager, both from Chorley Extra, with granddaughters Heidi and Freya. Yvonne picks her granddaughters up from nursery so if the sun is shining, she heads Éā ãÉ㨘»ÉŽ€»Ԁ׸¢É×ÛÉÁ˜¢Éɔ€Â”¢èÂƲ Eat LjKèףɻ”˜Â×軘«Û˜ó˜×㠎 ¨ Ɏɻ€ã˜ É€ԫŽÂ«Žǁ«¢«ãNjÛô€×Á«ãô«»»Á˜»ãƲD€¸˜ sure you’ve got some money for the ice cream van instead! On the savoury front, we tend to go home-made – scotch eggs, Öè  € ”ۀ”ô«Ž¨˜ÛƲD÷Ԁ×ã˜×Á€¸˜Û ¨«ÛÉôÂێÉã £ £ ۀ”㨘÷Njט€»ô€÷Û€ ãÉ〻ô«Â˜×ƭÛÉ Ž « ÉèÛƲlj Drink LjÉã㻘É¢Č €óÉèט”ô€ã˜×«Û㨘Ԙע˜Žã ÉÔã«É境 £ ˜ ˜׀ã«ÉÂۀ”¸˜˜ÔÛ ˜ó˜×÷ÉÂ × € 㘔€Â”¨€ÔÔ÷Ʋlj Play Ljt˜»Éó˜€Â÷Ž¨€ÂŽ˜¢É×¢€Á«»÷ã«Á˜ô«ã¨ Éèף׀””€è£¨ã˜×ÛƲ ” « ƭ㨘÷É裘Ûãƭ «Û  ¢ Éɔ¢€Â€Â  » Éó˜ÛãÉÔ»€÷É 㨘Ûô«Â£ÛƲÛ㻘÷V€×¸«Â  ¨ É×»˜÷ «Û£×˜€ã¢É×ã « ” ÛƲt˜¶èÛ㨀ó˜ãÉÁ€¸˜ Ûèטô˜ã ÷ € NjÛV˜ÔԀV »  ô«ã¨èÛ ǁÛ¨˜ôÉÂNjã£É€Â÷ô¨˜×˜ô«ã¨Éèã«ãƯlj Scotch eggs D÷Ԁ×ã˜×ƭ :ɨÂƭ€»ô€÷Û makes his own – a bit É¢€ÔÔ»˜€Â” herbs in the sausagemeat makes them ˜ö㠎 « ÉèÛƲ Honey Top picnic tip for keeping wasps away ¢×ÉÁ÷Éè×¢ÉɔƬÉÔ˜Â ×  É¢¨É˜÷ €Â”ۘã«ã€¢˜ô¢˜˜ã€ô€÷Ʋc¨˜÷Nj»»£É ¢É×㨀ã«ÂÛ㘀”Ʋ Peppa Pig ball This is my granddaughter’s ¢€óÉè׫ã˜ãÉ÷Ʋt˜Ž€ÂNjã »˜€ó˜¨ÉÁ˜ô«ã¨Éèã«ãƲ My picnic disaster “We went to Blackpool Zoo for a day out. We were having a great time until a seagull swooped down and snatched some food straight out of my daughter’s hand. That did not go down well!” “We take any chance we can get for a bit of special family time. A picnic always brings people together” MY MUST-HAVES Salad A warm weather ˜ÛۘÂ㫀»ãɨ˜»Ô you get your ĉ ó˜ǂ€ǂ”€÷Ư Sandwiches/baguettes c¨˜è»ã«Á€ã˜Ô«ŽÂ«ŽÔ»˜€Û˜×€Û ˜ó˜×÷ɘŽ€Â”˜Û«£Â㨘«×ÉôÂƲ

25 PICNICS The festival- goers “We’ve got access to loads of open-air gigs in the city’s parks” Cat Richardson, Tesco Bank Fraud Vטó˜Âã«ÉÂKĄ  « Â'»€Û£Éô€Â” ÉÁÁ諎€ã«ÉÂÛV€Â˜»Á˜Á˜×ƭ ô«ã « ˜ ”ÛƲ Glasgow might be urban but there are plenty of parks for some picnic playtime. Eat “Living in Glasgow, I’ve got access to loads of great open-air gigs. Most of the events we go to are either in Kelvingrove Park or in the city centre, so we tend to eat a meal before we go and take some snacks with us. It has to be savoury for me; I love crisps and nuts. I have been known to end up dancing with a couple of breadsticks in my hands! After the gigs, there are loads of restaurants and takeaways in the city, so we’ll top up with a kebab or pakora on the way home.” Drink “My favourite drink is a classic gin and tonic and I love the fact that you can now get it in portable cans.” V»€÷ “The best gig I have ever been to is Bruce Springsteen. My older brother needed someone to go with him (many years ago) and I was made to go along. It turned out to be amazing and needless to say, I have seen Bruce every time he has come back to Glasgow!” D÷Ô«ŽÂ«Ž”«Û€Ûã˜× Ljc¨˜ĉ ×Ûãc«Â㨘V ¢ ˜ Ûã«ó€» ô€Û  € ã]ã׀㠘  V€×¸Ʋ EÉãÉ ”  ô˜¢É×£˜ããÉ ×«Â£Éè×”׫¸ÛŽÉÉ»˜×èãô˜ arrived to discover that the ó˜Âè˜ô€ÛÔ  €  €  Áè”Û»«”˜Ʋt˜»€Û㘔€Â¨Éè× ˜¢Éטô˜£€ó˜èԀ ”  ¨ÉÁ˜ãÉ × ˜ è«㘔ô«ã¨Éè× ŽÉÉ»”׫¸ÛƯlj Wellies In Scotland you can never predict the weather, so always play safe with your footwear. Wellies are a must. Breadsticks My ultimate favourite. I’ve been known to dance around with these in my hand!

Sun cream I’ve forgotten this and left looking bright-red when the sun popped out! MY MUST-HAVES Crisps Root veg crisps surely must count ãÉô€×”Û÷Éè×ĉ ó˜ǂ a-day? Mixed nuts I can’t resist savoury things like mixed nuts. They’re really good for energy too.

27 PICNICS The adventure seekers “Living in the Peak District, there are loads of beautiful picnic locations right on our doorstep” Mark Dignam, Communications Panel member and Produce Manager from Hattersley Extra, with his wife Danielle, daughter Nancy and dog Toastie. Mark and Danielle are new parents, so they’re introducing their daughter, Nancy, to the delights of eating al fresco. Eat “We live in the Peak District, so there are loads of beautiful locations on our doorstep. We often round up some friends and family to head out for a walk and some lunch in the fresh air. “We’re traditionalists when it comes to the food – sandwiches, savoury snacks and strawberries make up the perfect outdoor feast. Nancy loves slices of melon and sticks of cheese too.” Drink “One of my favourite local locations is Lyme Park; it’s only 30 minutes drive away from home and where Pride and Prejudice ô€Ûĉ »Á˜”Ʋt¨˜Â«ãŽÉÁ˜ÛãÉ”׫¸Û«ãNjÛ got to be a chilled bottle of prosecco or champagne to make the occasion an extra special one.” Play “With a little one in tow, it pays to be prepared! We always take something with us to keep Nancy entertained – a book or some toys for her to play with.” My picnic disaster “When our dog Toastie was little, we were training ¨«ÁãÉô€»¸Éā ã ÷  Éè×Û«”˜ƭè㨘ÛÔÉã㘔 another family having a picnic, ran over and started devouring their food! So embarrassing.” MY MUST-HAVES Waterproofs You can never count on the British weather, so these are always handy. Dog lead See below. You never know when temptation might strike! Prosecco Make the occasion extra special by taking a chilled bottle with you.

Strawberries A tasty summer snack and healthy too! You can’t beat British strawberries for a juicy treat. Savoury snacks Savoury snacks are a favourite in our house and this is a great selection.

29 SUMMER OF SPORT I f football bores you to tears, then the upcoming tournament in Russia promises to be a testing time for the uninitiated, unless you learn to shut down conversations quick sharp. So here’s a few party, pub or work pointers on how to either a) silence your inquisitors b) fake interest or c) shift the subject on to something more interesting. »èā ˜×Njۣ諔˜ We love the beautiful game, but if Kane, Messi and Ronaldo aren’t your thing, here’s our guide to winging it this summer Football Know your audience If you’re chatting with Scottish, Welsh or Irish colleagues, just remember, 㨘ۘ㘀ÁÛ¨€ó˜ÂNjãÖ耻«ĉ ˜”Ʋ Learn your stats Most fans reckon they know more than the next, so if you can hit them with a superstat they usually clam up. We’ve dropped a few hints later on.

˜Č ˜Žã If the chat has just become noise about Ronaldo’s pass completion rate, Á˜Âã«ÉÂ㨀㠻 € ”Á«”ĉ ÷ » ĉ  Sigurdsson’s was better, then reveal his country is the smallest to reach the World Cup. Never mispronounce If you’re using tip number 3, make sure you say the name right or you’ll blow your cover. Do your homework on player names: ¢É×㠘 Ž Éה«ãNjÛ'«»ǂ « £ ǂ˜×הǂÛÉÂƲ Rebrand yourself Colleagues might have you down as someone completely disinterested in football, but now’s your chance to shock and delight in equal measure. Paint yourself €Û€»É£ǂÛèā ˜×«Â£¢€Â€Â”×É»»Éèã㨘 line: ‘After all the agony I’ve been through watching [insert team name here], this is a tournament too far for me.’ Twin this with an anguished face as you walk away and you might have just made it a taboo topic for the duration. 'Éɍێèט Mention Jackson Martinez of Colombia or Iran’s striker Sardar Azmoun. Or adopt the technique of Ireland’s forgetful former manager Jack Charlton and call everyone ‘the big/little/quick lad’. óÉ«”Éā Û«”˜ Kā Û«”˜ƭ€Â”ô¨˜Â€Ô  « Û É׫ÛÂNjãƭ«Û€Á«Â˜ĉ ˜»”ƲóÉ«”€ã  Ž ÉÛãÛƲ When all is lost… If you’re counting down the days to normality, enjoy the light evenings with an impromptu picnic, perhaps trying a beverage from the nations playing that night. Veto the VAR That’s Video Assistant Referees – technology to check the referee’s decisions are correct. Say how you think VAR is ruining the game (never use its full name or you’ll be rumbled).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 17 million km Russia is the largest nation EVER to host the World Cup, but it means a lot of travelling around for the fans. Handy superstats Missing out Italy AREN’T there for the ĉ ×Ûãã«Á˜ in 60 years after failing to qualify. Final stages The 81,000ǂŽ€Ô€Ž«ã÷>èû¨Â«¸«]〔«èÁ in Moscow will stage the FINAL. History makers Brazil are the ONLY㘀Á to have played in every World Cup since it began in 1930. 9 10

30 CLASS ”«ā˜×˜Âã We’re improving quality right across our own-brand range

31 Our core Tesco range reveals the care we put into every product, as well as showcasing our high- quality credentials. Here are some example stories that you will start to see over the summer. Our core Tesco range 1 All Tesco berries are hand-picked for freshness. 2 All Tesco steaks are 21-day Á€ãèט”¢Éטöã׀ȀóÉè×Ʋ 3 All Tesco frozen peas are checked for the perfect sweetness. 4 All Tesco smoked salmon is smoked with oak and  ¢ É Ž € ã˜ȀóÉè×Ʋ rom suppliers getting up at the crack of dawn to tend to their crops, to store colleagues refacing our shelves multiple times a day, all across the business we’re working to make sure customers see our very best side.

Colleagues and customers have told us that we need to focus on our food quality and we know it’s important to get this right. That’s why we’ve made a long-term ŽÉÁÁ«ãÁ˜ÂããÉÉè×ÉôÂǂ×€Â”Éā˜×«Â£ƭ with a huge overhaul of everything, including selecting the right suppliers, redeveloping existing products, introducing new ones and refreshing our packaging. This has been in development for a while and you may have already seen some new products arriving in store. cÉĉ”ÉèãÁÉטƭô˜Ž€è£¨ãèÔô«ã¨ Brand Director Murray Bisschop. He says: “This project is a huge undertaking and goes right back to basics. It centres around two things: improved quality and better branding.

“We’re understanding where our quality lies, what makes us better than our competitors and working with our suppliers ãÉ«”˜Âã«¢÷€Â”«ÁÔ×Éó˜Ö耻«ã÷Éā˜×«Â£ÛƲ “There isn’t a category in Tesco that hasn’t had some involvement in the project – it goes right through the supply chain F to our packaging and how we present our products in store.

“Although this has been in development for a while, refreshed product lines began to appear in stores at the back end of 2017 and will continue throughout 2018. You will see lines gradually changing as we reset Ž€ã˜£É׫˜ÛãÉÁ€¸˜Ûèט㨘÷Éā˜×㨘˜Ûã range for our customers.” Our new adverts At the start of last year we introduced Food Love Stories – a campaign that celebrates the food we love to make for the people we love. In our latest TV advertising campaign, we’re going to bring to life all the passion and care that we put into creating the best quality food for our customers. From this summer, colleagues and customers can expect to see a return to a time when humour played a key role in our adverts, coupled with mouth-watering images of food that will have you wanting to lick the telly!


to beat cancer Help raise £135,000 *2p from the sale of Always Ultra Single Packs, Gillette, H&S, Olay, Oral-B, Pampers Sensitive 1 x Wipes, Pantene, & Venus in Tesco stores and between 9/5/18 and 19/6/18 will be donated to Cancer Research UK (registered charity number: 1089464 in England and Wales, SCO41666 in Scotland and 1103 in Isle of Man). 1 product = 1 donation* Our Partner

33 PARENTAL LEAVE Louise*, HR Manager, and her husband Alex*, a graphic designer, adopted a little girl called Mhairi* in September 2017. “My husband and I were approved to adopt in July 2016. On the same day we were told about a little girl whom we could possibly be matched with. Over the next few months we attended meetings with social workers ÛÉ㨘÷ŽÉ軔€ÛۘÛÛ«¢ô˜ôÉ軔ĉãô˜»»€Û a family. In the same way pregnant women are entitled to paid leave for antenatal appointments, these meetings were covered by Tesco’s parental policy, so I didn’t have to use holiday or take unpaid leave.

“Adoption is a long process and the decision to place a child has to be formally agreed by a series of panels. This means you can’t be sure it’s going ahead until the last minute. In our case, there were only 10 days ˜ãô˜˜ÂèÛĉ×ÛãÁ˜˜ã«Â£D  € Â ×  coming home with us. I didn’t know for sure that everything had been approved until Á÷»€Ûã  « Â㨘ÉĄŽ˜ƲE€ãè׀»»÷ƭ㨫Ûô€Û a really stressful time, but my manager and the People team were so reassuring. Ljt¨˜Âô˜ĉ×Ûã£ÉãD «  Û¨˜ô€ÛŲŲ months old, but she couldn’t speak. She’d never even been read a bedtime story.

EÉôÛ¨˜NjÛ€è”»˜É¢˜Â˜×£÷Ʋ  » Éó˜Û swimming, ballet, football and painting. She’s settled in brilliantly and the best bit? ,˜×ĉ×ÛãôÉהô€ÛNJÁèÁÁ÷NjƲlj LJCöÀÁ¢—Öóڧ碗ºöċ—õªŒº—Á“ªâ óÚÚÈ֗ÚÚçÖªÁ¢“çÖªÁ¢Ú獧 Úâ֗ÚÚ¡çºÁ“—ÀÈâªÈÁºâªÀ—Lj Three colleagues explain how parental leave made all the “ªĀ—Ö—Á—ªÁâ§ÈڗĈÖÚâ¡—óÀÈÁâ§Úóªâ§Á—󓓪âªÈÁ Parent power The primary carer can take up to 52 weeks of adoption leave and ĉ󘔀÷ÛNjÔ ˜ € ó˜ for appointments.

At a glance ADOPTION Primary carers with ãôÉ÷˜€×ÛNjۘ×ó £ ˜ ã enhanced adoption Ԁ÷ƬűŴô˜˜¸ÛNj¢è»» Ԁ÷ƷűŴô˜˜¸ÛNj ¢  Ԁ÷Ʒűűô˜˜¸ÛNj Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP). From 1 July 2018, ŽÉ»»˜€£è˜Ûô«ã¨ one year of service will also be entitled to enhanced adoption pay. Secondary carers are entitled to two unpaid days to attend pre-adoption appointments.

ƨE€Á˜Û¨€ó˜˜˜ÂŽ¨€Â£˜” ADOPTION

34 Georgina Thomas, Online Partnerships Manager, recently returned from maternity »˜€ó˜€¢ã˜×ã « × ã¨É ×  ĉ×Ûã » ” Ʋ “I was so excited about the birth of my daughter, but I had mixed feelings about maternity leave. I loved my job and I was ۀ”€Éè㻘€ó«Â£ƲÛ €  ô€ÛÁ÷ĉ×Ûã child, I didn’t really know what to expect. My manager was absolutely brilliant. She spoke to me early on in the process and asked me to think about the level of contact I wanted ô«ã¨㨘è۫˜ÛÛô /  ô€ÛÉāƲ “She said she was happy to communicate however often I wanted; it could be a phone call each week or nothing at all until I returned. I decided that an email each month would be perfect – an update on the team and big business news, just enough to keep me informed and still feeling part of things. I took three weeks of holiday before my due date and then she ended up being two weeks late, so I was waiting around for ĉó˜ô˜˜¸Û¢É ×  ãÉ€×׫ó˜Ʋ “Once we were into the swing of things though, I don’t think I spent a day at home! With all the baby groups and meet- ups, I’m sure Bella has more friends than I do.

“I came back to work three days a week and I’m just about to work an additional Friday morning from home. I love that c˜ÛŽÉÉā˜×ÛÁ˜Șö««»«ã÷ãÉŽÉÂã«Âè˜Á÷ career but still have time to spend with my daughter.” “Even though I wasn’t in the business, my manager was brilliant at keeping me informed” At a glance MATERNITY Colleagues can take up to 52 weeks of maternity leave. Colleagues with two years’ service get enhanced pay: 14 weeks’ full; 14 weeks’ half; 11 weeks’ Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP).

From 1 July 2018, colleagues with one year of service qualify for enhanced pay. MATERNITY

Find out more Visit ParentalLeave for full details on our parental leave policies 35 PARENTAL LEAVE “Tesco is great at allowing me to work ċ —õªŒºöÖÈçÁ“⧗Á——“ÚÈ¡Àö¡ÀªºöLj Available to parents of either sex and same- sex partners if they are in a ‘qualifying relationship’. At a glance PATERNITY Colleagues can take one or two consecutive weeks Éā ôÉ׸€ã¢è»»Ԁ÷ within 56 days of birth or adoption. Entitled to unpaid ã«Á˜Éā ãÉ€ãã˜Â” two antenatal appointments. Fraser Cunningham, Buying Manager, took two periods of paternity leave when his children were born. Lj/Njó˜£Éãã × ˜ ÂƬĉ ó˜ǂ÷˜€×ǂÉ»” ó€D  € ”ãô«ÂÛ  € ”Y€÷€ƭô¨É €×˜űŸÁÉÂã¨ÛÉ»”Ʋ Lj/ãÉɸãôÉô˜˜¸ÛÉā ¢É ¨  É¢ ã « × ã¨Ûƾ/ô€Û¸«Â”É¢¨Éԫ£ 㨀ã/Á«£¨ã£˜ã”É荻˜㨘 €ÁÉèÂãÉ¢»˜€ó˜¢É×㨘 ãô«ÂÛƭèãۀ”»÷ÂÉãƯƿƲ Ljt¨˜Âó€D€×«˜ô€Ûɨ˜×ô€÷ƭô ”  €«ãÉ € » Û € × ÁƲ/Á€”˜㠔  ”€Û¨ãÉ㨘¨ÉÛԫ〻«Â㨘ÁÉ׫£ƭèã /ô€Û  € ãÁ÷”˜Û¸«Â㨘€¢ã˜×ÂÉÉÂƲ Ljó€D  « ÛÂÉô€ãێ¨ÉÉ»€Â”㨘ãô«ÂÛ €ãã˜Â”㨘èÛ÷˜˜ÛÂè×ۘ×÷ÉÂ۫㘫 t˜»ô÷Âƭô¨«Ž¨Á€¸˜Û”×ÉÔǂÉā €Â”Ô«Ž¸ǂèÔ ˜ € Û÷€Â £ ˜ ã€űŵǫ”«ÛŽÉèÂãÉ¢˜˜Û ãÉÉƷ€Â   ÉÂèÛƯ Ljc˜ÛŽÉ«Û£×˜€ã€ã€»»Éô«Â£Á˜ãÉôÉ׸ Č ˜ö € × Éè”㨘˜˜”ÛÉ¢Á÷¢€Á«»÷ƭ ô¨«Ž¨Á€¸˜Û¶è££»«Â£㨘”˜Á€Â”ÛÉ¢ ¨ÉÁ˜€Â”ôÉ׸Á莨˜€Û«˜×Ʋlj Colleagues at Hove Superstore are supporting new parents at the local hospital by knitting hats, clothes and blankets for their little ones.

PATERNITY Nice knitters

36 Did you know that a small team of food surplus coaches are §֓âóÈÖ·ÚçÓÓÈÖâªÁ¢ººÈçÖ—Ā ÈÖâÚâÈ—ÁÚç֗ÁÈ¡ÈȓĈ â for human consumption goes to waste? surplus coach 09:00am As a food surplus coach for the central London region, I work with stores and charities to coach and support on preventing/tackling food waste. First thing this morning, I head over to Kings Cross Metro in North London, where I chat to colleagues about selecting the best types of products to go into donations. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FOOD OFF WE GO (Right) Roger (left) chats to a colleague at Kings Cross Metro (Above) Understanding best-before and use-by dates 10:00am Representatives from local charity Food Chain arrive at the store to check out what’s available for donation that day. Every store has access to an online app (shown right) where they can post details of the products available. It’s a good system that works well for everyone.

37 FOOD SURPLUS COACH 11:00am Once they’ve decided what they’d like to take, I help the Food Chain representatives out to their transport with the donations. Follow the rest of Roger’s day on the next page (Left) FareShare rep Maud Ragonnaud (centre) chats to the Food Chain reps 11:30am At the Food Chain premises, the team show me what’s on the menu for their clients that day. Strong relationships with our charities are really important.

38 Making sure today’s donations are safely stowed in the charity’s fridges 15:45pm At my desk, I meet with Maud Ragonnaud, FareShare rep, to discuss how we can reach out to more charities, improve positive responses from the groups we are working with, and grow relationships between stores and charities. Then I catch up with admin and emails before heading home. 14:30pm Back in store I work closely with colleagues on the correct food waste processes. Recently, I’ve been focusing on making sure everyone knows which products can go in the pink and green animal feed bags and ¨ÉôãÉŽÉ×טŽã»÷ĉ »»«Â㨘ÛèÔÔÉ×ã«Â£ documentation.

Back in the central >É”ÉÂÉĄ Ž˜ƭ Roger catches up on admin BACK ON THE ROAD (Above) Maud and Roger talk strategy 12:30pm I get stuck into some potato peeling to help out. Lots of colleagues volunteer their time to local charities in this way and it builds some fantastic bonds. The phone above shows the text messages that charities receive from us with details of donations available.


40 With berries being the star of our new TV advert, we take a look at the expertise and innovation that goes into their production fruit The of our labours rom snacks to smoothies and renowned as a superfood, berries are big business. Hitting screens later this summer, our latest TV advert focuses on our quality berry lines, highlighting to customers that our berries are handpicked and chilled within 60 minutes to maximise their freshness. To achieve this excellent quality standard, we work closely with growers from a wide geographical area, from Kent and Chichester ãÉ ˜ ¢ Éהƭ]ã€ā Éהۨ«×˜ƭt€»˜Û€Â”]ŽÉ㻀”Ʋ Our supplier relationships are carefully built up over several years to ensure that we can provide our customers with the very best British produce throughout most of the year.

F 40

41 BERRIES Did you know? at Berryworld, says: “It takes 5 to 10 years to select and develop the right variety of berry and during that time we collaborate with the farms to get feedback from every part of the supply chain, making sure we get the right end product for the customer.” One of the biggest soft fruit growers in the UK is Hall Hunter Partnership – a family business run by Harry Hall, part of the Berryworld group. The business includes six farms spread across Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex, specialising in strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. “Berries are Selecting top varieties Berryworld and Berry Gardens are the two largest organisations that oversee UK soft fruit growers. A large proportion of our strawberry volume is covered by these two suppliers. Berryworld carries out its own plant breeding programmes for strawberries, raspberries and blackberries and helps growers to market their fruit. Neil Donaldson, Head of UK Procurement 9 strawberries give you your whole daily recommended amount of vitamin C. LJ—ÖÖª—Ú֗“ªăçºââÈ ¢ÖÈóƭ⧗ċòÈçÖªÚÈ¡ ⧗§ª¢§—ÚâÕ纪âöLj (Above) Sabina meets Andrzej on the farm (Main picture) Strawberries growing (Left) Plants under the polytunnels 40 blueberries contain 7.5 times more antioxidants than a small banana. Blackberries have astringent tannins that are great used as mouthwash.

(Right) Bees pollinating Without the humble honeybee we wouldn’t get our berries anywhere near the standard we need for our ranges. Here’s why. ALL ABOUT BEES 㘎¨Â ” « Ą Žè»ããÉ£×Éôƭljۀ÷Û × ÷ ƲLj/ãNjÛ ó«ã€»ô¨˜ÂŷŰǫÉ¢Éè×Ô×ɔèŽãÛ  ¢ É×㨘c˜ÛŽÉ Ĉ Á—ÚâƧ׀£˜㨀ã㨘Č €óÉè׫Ûɢ㠨 ˜ Ûã Ö耻«ã÷€Â”ã « ˜ Û¨€ó » ˜ £ã¨÷Û ¢ ˜ Ʋlj The growing stages LjèÛãÉÁ˜×Ûۘ˜Éè « ˜ Û«ÂÛãÉטèãÁÉÛã É¢㨘ÁôÉÂNjã¸ÂÉô㨘ôÉ׸㨀㨀ۣɘ«ÂãÉ £˜ãã«Â£㨘Á㨘טƭlj¨˜ŽÉÂã«Âè˜ÛƲLjt˜¨€ó˜ãÉ £×Éô㠀 ¢ ƭ〸˜㨘Ô»€Âãã¨×É裨ÔÉ»»«Â€ã«É €Â”㨘«ÂãÉ¢×è«ã«Â£Û〣˜ô«ã¨Éèã«ã˜«Â£ ˜€ã˜Â÷«ÂۘŽãÛƲlj ]€«Â€t÷€ÂãƭÉè×c˜Ž¨Â«Ž€»D€Â€£˜× ¢É « ˜ Ûƭ€””ÛƬLj  « Û€ԫɘ˜×Ʋ'×Éô«Â£ »è « ˜ Û«Û€»˜Â£ã¨÷ŽÉÁÁ«ãÁ˜ÂãƷèÔãÉ űŰ÷˜€×ÛƲV»€ÂãÛטÖè«×˜˜Û」»«Û¨Á˜Âã€Â” Ô×è«£¢É×㨘ĉ ×Ûã㠀 × Û˜¢ÉטÔ×ÉԘ× ŽÉÁÁ »  Ô×ɔèŽã«ÉÂƲ ÷  ãÉɸ㨘׫۸ €Â”ÂÉô¨˜Ô×ɔ莘ÛÛÉÁ˜É¢㨘˜Ûã¢×è«ãƲlj Kè×£×Éô˜×ÛèۘÔÉ»÷ã蘻Ûãɘöã˜Â” 㨘ۘ€ÛÉ¢É×Éèã”ÉÉ׎×ÉÔÛƭ€Ûô˜»»€Û £»€ÛÛ¨ÉèۘÛãɎט€ã˜ã £ ¨ ãã˜ÁԘ׀ãèט Getting a buzz from the bees Harry’s farms have regular deliveries of honeybees from Holland because without them, life would be very dull. VÉ»»«Â€ã«É€ā ˜ŽãÛ㨘 colour, quality, shelf life and even shape of berries… and also makes them taste better. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating a third of the nation’s berries. Delivering deliciousness Every berry consists of tiny fruits, so bees are essential to deliver pollen to the hundreds of ovaries «ÂÛ«”˜㨘Č Éô˜×Ʋ Pollination stimulates plant hormones that promote cell division, growth and weight. A sweet hive of activity Around 100 hives of honeybees are dotted around Harry’s farm, near Godalming in Surrey, with a stream of deliveries to ensure the best possible product reaches our fruit bowls for most of the year. Sabina’s quest for perfection Everything has to be well planned and just right, ¢×ÉÁ㨘Č €óÉè× Ô×Éĉ »˜É¢Éè× berries to our ethical standards and the quality of the farm accommodation used by workers. 42

Always keep away from children © A.I.S.E. LEARN MORE *No1 liquitab based on IRI value and volume share, Laundry category, Total GB Major mults, P52W up to December 2017.

44 for early and late season production. Some growers also use LED lights and a couple of Scottish farms have invested in heated tunnels and plastic houses, which starts their growing ۘ€ÛÉÂÛ«£Â«ĉŽ€Âã  « Â㠀 × Ʋ “Our plants go into the polytunnels from January and we have rows of irrigated coir growing systems that have to be regularly weeded,” explains Harry. “We pick the fruit «ÂD€÷€Â”:è˜ƭ€Â”㨘ČÉô˜×Û¨€ó˜ãɍ˜ pushed to one side to make it easier for the pickers to collect the fruit without damaging it.” Picking the fruit At Harry’s farms, 95% of the berries are grown on tabletops at eye level to make it easier and quicker for the pickers, who can collect 30 kilos of fruit an hour, double the speed they can achieve with fruit grown at ground level. Fruit is picked several times from each plant, so it’s an extremely manpower-intensive business.

The picking process starts as early as 4am in the summer when the fruit is in perfect condition. The aim is to get each trailer of fruit to a nearby packhouse, where the temperature is reduced from 15 degrees to three degrees within 30 minutes. Harry insists that good people are the secret to his farm’s success and he has 3,000 employees, “It’s a manpower- intensive business” many of whom travelled over from Europe to work. Sabina says: “We select our growers carefully and work with them to make sure they  £ Éɔĉãô«ã¨Éè×ó€»è˜Û€Â”ô˜¨€ó˜¶É«Âã ɍ¶˜Žã«ó˜ÛƲ/ãNjÛ˜ÛۘÂ㫀»㨀ãôÉ׸˜×ۀט treated well. Harry’s pickers go on days out, and have great living areas, with shops and a gym, and €ô ˜  ÉĄŽ˜×Ʋc ˜  ã׀«Â˜”ãÉÔ«Ž¸ correctly so that no fruit is damaged. You can have the best berry there is but if you don’t treat

BERRIES 45 Feel good Blueberries increase the brain’s production of feel-good dopamine – a neurotransmitter that makes you cheerful. Fibre-full The tiny seeds in blackberries make them a £ÉɔÛÉè׎˜É¢ĉ×˜Ʋc¨˜÷ also contain salicylates – a group of anaesthetics that include the active substance in aspirin. Did you know? Rose family Blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are all part of the rose family. it with care, you aren’t going to satisfy the customer.” The chill chain Berries are fragile, so it’s essential to transport them from plant to store quickly and correctly. We plan our deliveries and which farms we use based on their proximity to distribution centres. Our target is one hour from picking to chilled and 24 hours from picking to store.

Antioxidants Flavonoids in raspberries are why they are red. These antioxidants help guard against cancers, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, cataracts, Alzheimer’s and age-related neurological diseases. (Above) Picking fruit at eye level (Left) Tabletop plants

46 Perfectly Imperfect We introduced our Perfectly Imperfect range a few years ago to highlight to customers that products that look a little wonky are still good enough to eat. Broken berry pieces on the production line are scooped up into our mixed frozen berry bags – perfect for a smoothie or used as a cereal topper. More than 68 million portions of fruit have been saved from going to waste through our Perfectly Imperfect range. What’s more, we often work with our suppliers to help them clear through bumper crops by selling fruit at great value prices. Not only ”ɘÛ㨫ÛÉā˜×ŽèÛãÉÁ˜×Û quality products at a great price but it helps us to reduce food going to waste in the supply chain.

Did you know? Andrzej Zygora works with Harry as a farm manager and says: “There is a lot of planning that goes into it because the berries have to be picked at exactly the right time. Once picked, they need to be loaded into a trailer and taken to the chiller corridor within half an hour, and to the fast chiller ideally within an hour, to ensure the longest possible shelf life. “When you’re collecting 600 tonnes of strawberries a week in the summer, 150 tonnes of blueberries and 50 tonnes of raspberries, it is a very fast-moving operation. “Sometimes we will have them out of the tunnel to the fast chiller and properly chilled, and they are on a lorry to Tesco two hours later ready for your breakfast, potentially the next morning.” Displaying to customers To Harry’s mind, how fruit is displayed in our stores is also critical. He says: “It should always be in abundance and in clear sight. Nothing looks quite as fantastic as a large bank É¢¢×è«ãô¨˜ÂŽèÛãÉÁ˜×Ûĉ×Ûãô€»¸«ÂãÉ㨘ÛãÉטƲlj In store, members of the fruit and veg team are specially trained in berries, so they understand their seasonality and are able to advise customers on our products. Harry’s ĈÁ—ÚâƧ raspberries With Berryworld’s support and Harry Hall’s partnership, Tesco was recently able to launch a new generation of raspberries. The ĈÁ—ÚâƧ Berryworld Jewell is twice the size of a normal raspberry, bursting with juice and ȀóÉè×Ʋ]€«Â€ۀ÷ÛƬLj:˜ô × € ÛÔ « ˜ ÛŽ¨€Â£˜” the raspberry market. They are a fantastic ŽèÛãÉÁ˜×Éā˜×«Â£€ã€ó˜×÷ŽÉÁԘã«ã«ó˜Ô׫Ž˜Ʋlj (Left) Checking for size (Below) Packaging the fruit (Far below) The end result in store

Maltesers® is a registered trademark ©2018 Mars or Affiliates. Available at from 13 June

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WIN WIN HOW TO ENTER Enter our prize draw by sending in your name and contact details to bottlecomp@ by 2 August 2018 49 COMPETITIONS Terms and conditions Entry to our competitions and prize draws is free. To enter, you must be a Tesco colleague and live in the UK or Northern Ireland. You can only enter each competition or prize draw ÉŽ˜€Â”É»÷㨘ĉ ×Ûã˜Âã×÷Ԙ׎ɻ»˜€£è˜Ԙ׎ÉÁԘã«ã«ÉÂÉ×Ô׫û˜”×€ôô Ž ˜ Ô㘔ƲV˜×Ûɘ»ô¨É  « Âóɻ󘔫€”Á«Â«Ûã˜×«Â£㨘ŽÉÁԘã«ã«ÉÂۀ”Ô׫û˜”×€ôÛÉ×”×€ô«Â£㨘ô« ˜×ÛŽ€ÂÂÉã take part. Late entries cannot be accepted. The prizes include products only and will not include additional costs, such as travel expenses – unless stated. Entries must be received by 23:59 on 2 August ŲŰűŸ€Â”㨘ô«Â˜×Û¢É  Ž ÉÁԘã«ã«É€”Ô׫û˜”×€ôô  « ”˜Ô˜Â”˜Âã»÷ۘ»˜Žã˜”€ã׀”ÉÁ¢×ÉÁ  ˜ Âã׫˜ÛƲ ¨  ô«Â˜×ô ˜  ÂÉã«ĉ ˜”󫀘Á€«»ô«ã¨«Âۘó˜Â”€÷ÛÉ¢㨘Ž»É۫£”€ã˜Ʋ/¢ 㨘ô«Â˜×Û”ÉÂÉãטÛÔÉ”ãÉ㨘˜Á€«»ŽÉÁÁ諎€ã«ÉÂô«ã¨«ÂűŰ”€÷ÛÉ¢ÂÉã «ĉ Ž€ã«ÉÂãÉÉ×£€Â«Û » « ó˜×÷É¢㨘Ô׫û˜ƭ€»ã˜×€ã«ó˜ô«Â˜×Ûô ˜  ۘ»˜Žã˜”Ʋc ” « ãÉ×NjÛ”˜Ž«Û«É«Ûĉ €»€Â”ÂÉŽ€Û¨ €»ã˜×€ã«ó˜ô ˜  Éā  ¢ É×€Â÷Ô׫û˜ƲV˜×ÛÉ€»”€ã€ô«»»É ˜  èۘ”¢É×㨘Ôè×ÔÉۘÉ¢€”Á«Â«Ûã˜×«Â£㨘ŽÉÁԘã«ã«ÉÂۀ”Ô׫û˜”×€ôÛƭ€Â” ÂÉã«¢÷«Â£㨘ô«Â˜×ÛƲc¨˜˜Âã×÷«ÂÛã×èŽã«ÉÂÛ¢É×ÁԀ×ãÉ¢㨘 ×軘ÛƲ÷˜Âã˜×«Â£ƭ÷Éè ˜  ãÉ€ŽŽ˜Ôã€Â   É蔍÷㨘×軘ÛƲ]¨˜ÔÔ÷NjÛÔ׫û˜«Û㠀 ” Á«ÛÛ«É€”㠎 € Áԫ£㫎¸˜ãÛ¢É×Éó˜×űŸÛÉ»÷ƲɘÛÂNjã«ÂŽ»è”˜Ž€ÁԘ×ó€ÂÛԀŽ˜É×€”Á«ÛÛ« ÉÂƲ Tickets to SheppyFest Summer, camping, music, cider… all the ingredients for a fantastic singalong under the stars.

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