A Personal Spiritual Journey In Collective Consciousness of Love BOSNIA PYRAMIDS 2019 SUMMER SOLSTICE CELEBRATING LIFE ON EARTH by The Sun Pyramid Included Summer Solstice Celebration Workshops, Sacred Sites, Lectures by Dr. Semir June 14 - 22 2019 5-Star Hills Hotel 4-Star Mostar Hotel ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM Co-Creating with Yantara Jiro Sarajevo / Visoko / Mostar / Kravica / Medugorije


Radiant Beautiful One~ ~The Light Within Welcomes You~ Experience 2019 summer with the Magnificent World Largest discovered Pyramid of Bosnia as we gather internationally to celebrate the Summer Solstice of the year! Bosnia Sun Pyramid discovered by Dr.

Samir Osmanagich in October 2005 soon gained worldwide attention and continues to draw interest from all walks of life and professions. The Bosnia Sun Pyramid is measured at 772 ft or 235metres in height whereas the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt measures at 450 ft or 137metres in height.

Physicists, scientists, geologists, archaeologists, spiritual practicing and explorers began visiting the tunnels and pyramids each documenting and sharing their amazing experiences to the world ever since. Yantara Jiro has lead sacred tours to the Bosnia Pyramids thrice on the Summer Solstice in 2012, 2013 and 2016 while the group aligned to the Solar Sun in celebration for world peace and honouring the Earth blessing all sentient beings through sacred ceremonies. Many participants have said to experience a heightened state of awareness in a positive collective consciousness environment. This has lead to the opening of a sacred heart space to greater self-love, releasing of painful emotions and deep healing on many levels of a being during the tours.

He had the privilege and honour to co-host the celebration event with many evolutionary leaders at the Pyramid Apex with over 300 people. He was also featured by TV News Channel of Bosnia while singing at the ceremony.

The transformations reported and articles shared are many and are easily available on the Internet. Yantara’s repeated visit to certain pyramids of the world such as Egypt, Bosnia, Mexico and China continue to inspire him as he witness the vibrational impact pyramids have on people. People’s mind, heart and body open up with ease and are in awe with the intuitive guidance and messages that flows into their life. Repeated visits to what many people label these places as “Power Spots” or “Vortexes” clearly emits a constant stream of attraction & magnetic resonance.

THE SUMMER SOLSTICE 2019 Once a year, during the Summer Solstice, the Sun’s rays shine perfectly upon the Sun Pyramid in Bosnia and cast a perfect shadow upon the Moon Pyramid at it’s back covering it completely in size.

It has been said and believed that on such a day, the powers of the Sun pyramid will be at its strongest peak capable of igniting our innate potentials within our DNAs and lightbodies. It is for this purpose of emotional empowerment, physical healing, spiritual upliftment, energy downloads and sound light activations that we shall gather in Bosnia to join in unity for this sacred ceremony and celebration!

Get prepared to sing, dance and meditate with more than a thousand people on this special once in a year COSMIC EVENT! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM


Energy Radiation: Bosnian V alley of Pyramids - (PIP) Polycontrast Interference Photography, also known as PIP, is an energy 6ield video Imaging System. This system was developed by Harry Old6ield, a respected biologist and an inventor from the UK. PIP provides a real time, moving image of the energy 6ield of any object, including the human body.

Harry Old6ield visited Visoko, Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2008 and in 2012 by group Serbian scientists and recorded images of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. He compared his recordings to images of natural hill formations of a similar size and shape.

The recordings displayed the energy 6ield above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun pointing vertically; The data analysis was done by a nuclear physicist, Prof. Dr. Ljubo Ristovski, who has years of Research so far concludes that the pyramids are radiating energy. Energetic radiation is a wave and a wave is information (for example, magnetic, electro magnetic, infra, and ultra waves). Many are speculating that the pyramids are a type of an arti6icial antenna used for sending and receiving information. For radiation of 30 kHz to occur top of the Pyramid of the Sun, there must be a source somewhere within the pyramid.

Scientists agree that it is necessary to have some sort of a generator with a changeable EM 6ield and antenna that is broadcasting the emissions.

To produce radiation of 30 kHz an antenna would need to be at least 1/4 of the size of the wavelength; in the case of Pyramid of the Sun, the antenna would have to be around 2.5km (10km / 4). In the military, mechanisms that work on this frequency are used to communicate with satellite radars. Frequencies in size between 30 and 150 kHz are used for astronautical radio communication. Here are some of the images recorded. Credit Source: Duh Rtnja


When all sacred monuments are unearthed, tuned and sung by the new light beings of this planet...The Earth Song shall once again emerge, through the heavens everyone shall hear the celestial musical spheres and its chorus across all lands...The Holographic Grid of this planet and all living consciousness shall stand tall and bright, liken to a brilliant column of infinite light blazing magnificently like a sun performing the greatest of the great ~ The Earth Song of the Golden Age.

This unimaginable song, all mighty filled with love and wisdom shall create rainbow bridges across time and space, celebrating galactic unity consciousness as a declaration that human beings, visitors of planet earth now welcome, and is ready to experience ‘The Unified Field’ through conscious living and awakening." Hermes Trismegistus through Yantara Jiro ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM The Earth Song of the Golden Age Bosnia 2016 with Yantara Jiro and Dr. Semir Osmanagich


3 ITINERARY 4 OUTER JOURNEY / INNER JOURNEY JUNE 14 - JUNE 22, 2019 Friday, June 14: Day 01: Arrival to Sarajevo / Hills Hotel GROUNDING, INTEGRATION, EXPLORATION, TUNING, NURTURE, COURAGE Arrive at Sarajevo Airport. Pickup and transfer to Hills Hotel. Group Gathering evening. ( Dinner ) Saturday, June 15: Day 02: Sarajevo / Visoko / Tunnel / Moon Pyramid ENVISIONING THE FUTURE, HEART COURAGE, COMMUNING WITH SOURCE Breakfast. Trip to Visoko. Visit pyramid of the Moon standing at 190m in height. Its design is terraced style. Age of Moon Pyramid is about 12,350 B.C - 50 years, much older than ancient Sumer, Babylon and Egypt.

Water accumulated beneath the Moon Pyramid is connected to the underground lakes below the Dragon and Sun Pyramid. We will be taking sometime here to meditate at the Moon Pyramid. Lunch at the restaurant in Visoko. Tunnel Ravne tour entrance about 2.9km from the Sun Pyramid. Meditation in the tunnel Ravne playing crystal bowls. Raven tunnels are found to have no negative radiations, natural radioactivity or even negative energy from underground waters. Back to the hotel, dinner and Dr. Semir welcome talk at night.

Dr. Semir in white top Powerful Megalith in Tunnel Moon Pyramid (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Sunday, June. 16: Day 03: Visoko / Pyramid Sun (North) / Workshop ACTIVATIONS, INNER-BEAUTY, EARTH-WISDOM, EXPANDING YOUR GRID Breakfast. Visit Pyramid of the Sun (north side). Lunch at Visoko City. Afternoon workshop at Conference Hall located at Ravne 2 Park. Back to the Hotel. Dinner at the hotel. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM



17: Day 04: Zavidovići Stone Spheres / Bascarsija NEW EARTH, SOUL AWAKENING, NEW LIGHTBODY, PHYSICAL WELL-BEING Early breakfast. Experience the archaeological Park Stone Spheres in Zavidovici. Meditate with the Magnetic Stone Spheres aligning to our inner feminine and masculine energies. Opening ourselves to receive and to give, aligning to the Megaspherulites Stone Spheres in the world such as Mexico, Costa Rica and New Zealand. Hermes has said through Yantara Jiro that the Stone Spheres work are capable of working with each chakras of the body bringing us to connect with the Pyramids of the world.

Its magnetic resonance field within the core of the sphere is natural due to the formation and when combined with the pyramidal structure will begin to emit distinct frequency. This though as yet to be proven but many who visited the stone spheres experience deep serenity and tingling sensations pulsing when they meditate near it. Lunch at Vranduk Old Town. Visit Bascarsija for shopping! Back to hotel. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Tuesday, June. 18: Day 05: Sarajevo / Visoko / Vratnica Tumulus / Ravne Tunnel INSPIRATIONS, CHANGE IS BEAUTIFUL, ANGEL GUIDANCE, LOFTY INTENTIONS Breakfast. Visit the Vratnica Tumulus.

It is about 5km from the pyramid site about 32m above road level. A team of Croatian physicists detected (2010) electromagnetic phenomenon - energy beam of 28kHz at the top of Tumulus. My experience at the apex of the Tumulus was simply amazing. Simply sit in silence and resonate your consciousness with the Tumulus and simply sit in beingness. Your vibrations will raise and naturally become in sync with the vortex frequency of this land. It is here that I received messages from the past ceremonies held here telling us that the future children is very important and we shall lead the new future towards sound and light.

Visit Ravne Tunnels for another hour of meditation and then followed by Lunch in nature. We will join Dr. Semir’s talk with his group in the afternoon for a powerful presentation! After which, we will return to hotel at Sarajevo for dinner! (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM


3 ITINERARY 4 OUTER JOURNEY / INNER JOURNEY JUNE 14 - JUNE 22, 2019 Wednesday, June. 19: Day 06: Sarajevo / Kravica Waterfalls / Mostar Hotel RELEASING, SIMPLICITY, WHOLENESS & FLOW, LETTING GO, BREATH & JOY Breakfast.

We will keep our rooms at Hills Hotel, bringing our one night bag, we drive to Kravica waterfalls, one of the most beautiful vortexes where great gifts from the Earth can be received there. We tune-in to the blessed positive energy and synchronise our energy bodies with the biosphere of the Earth. Meditate with the sounds of the alchemy crystal bowls by the magnificent waterfalls. Have lunch near the mouth of river Buna. Then followed by shopping and sightseeing famous Mostar Town!

We will check-in at Mostar Hotel for one night and our dinner. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Thursday, June. 20: Day 07: Medugorije / Apparition Hill / St. James Church OPENING THE HEART CHAKRA, MOTHER MARY, GIFT OF ROSE This early morning, we are especially blessed to be visiting the Apparition Hill where Mother Mary appeared and continued to give messages to the people till today. A place of deep serenity, peace, love and miracle healing. We will be on a personal pilgrimage while hiking up to the peak that takes an average of 30-45mins. Proper shoes and no shorts or revealing clothes are advised due to giving respect to the local community and guidelines while hiking this mountain.

After which, we will visit St. James Church and return back to hotel for breakfast and short rest. We will have more time around before having lunch in Mostar, and finally returning to Sarajevo by the evening. There will also be a night Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls playing and singing in energetic preparation before the Summer Solstice. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM


3 ITINERARY 4 OUTER JOURNEY / INNER JOURNEY JUNE 14 - JUNE 22, 2019 Friday, June. 21: Day 8: Visoko / Sun Pyramid / Summer Solstice FULL MOON, SOLAR MANDALA, ABUNDANCE PURE POWER, AMPLIFICATION After breakfast, we gather for our morning meditation and activation work.

We will then visit the Sun Pyramid in the afternoon and enjoy the green field at the pyramid foot. Relax and soak in the energy of this day through sharing, music, dance and laughters. We will have buffet dinner at nearby Pyramid Lodge before driving down the road to gather with all groups from around the world to celebrate the Summer Solstice through music, singing, meditation and dance, sending messages of Love and Harmony to the World. Experience the power of Unity Consciousness and blessings from the Sun Pyramid, the largest known Pyramid in the world! We will return to Sarajevo by about 9pm to prepare for departure the next day and integrate all the blessings we received.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Saturday, June. 22: Day 09: Saravejo / Airport REBIRTH, UPLIFTMENT, CLARITY & ENERGY, SHIFTS MANIFEST Breakfast. Check out. Gratitude and Appreciation to all. Transfer to airport and continue on to your journey. (Breakfast) (Itinerary’s schedule is subject to change due to reasons beyond our control) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM


Bosnia 14-22 June 2019 Summer Solstice Hotel & Tour Itinerary 5 Stars Hotel Hills June. 14th - 22nd June 8 nights 4 Stars Mostar Hotel June.

19th - 20th June 1 night Total 9 nights / 9 days EARLY SPECIAL 4100 EURO (TWIN SHARING) (PAYMENT BY 31 MARCH 2019) 4400 Euro (TWIN SHARING) (FROM 1 APRIL 2019) +225 Euro (SINGLE) For Chinese & Japanese Speaking Participants 4200Euro for Early Special Price or 4500Euro from 1 April 2019 WHAT’S INCLUDED: Greeting and Pickup at airport All touring and transfers in air-conditioned motor coach. Transfers from and to the airport / and as listed in itinerary Local Basic Travel and Health Insurance (We recommend your own comprehensive Travel and Health Insurance Private Visit 2-4 hours meditation in total in Healing Tunnel Ravne Tours in Mostar, Kravica Waterfalls and Medjugorje Tickets for the Archaeological Park Stone Spheres Summer Solstice Celebration Meditations at Sacred Sites Translator Fees (if applicable) Venues at Hotel Workshop Fees Entrance fees to all visits mentioned in the above itinerary.

9 nights hotel stay All meals as listed in itinerary All hotels taxes, service charges, and government sales tax (Itinerary’s schedule is subject to change due to reasons beyond our control) WHAT’S EXCLUDED?

Meals and drinks, laundry, telephone calls, etc, not specified in the itinerary Entry Visa to Bosnia (Please apply your visa at least 60 days before departure) International Flight Personal Comprehensive Travel & health Insurance and other items of a personal nature EXTRA DAY ROOM CHARGES FOR EARLY ARRIVAL: BEFORE 14 JUNE /LATE DEPARTURE AFTER 22 JUNE: Double Room: 140Euro per room/night including breakfast for two, taxes & sales tax. Single Room: 95Euro per room/night including breakfast for one, taxes & sales tax. No extra charges for transportation to and fro airport-hotel for early arrival or late departure.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If cancel before 22 March 2019, there will be a service fee of $100EURO If cancel between 22 March 2019 to 11 April 2019, cancellation fees will be $500EURO If cancel between 12 April 2019 to 21 April 2019, cancellation fees will be $1,000EURO If cancel after 22 April 2019 there will be no refund. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM REGISTRATION TO REGISTER: Kindly EMAIL Us At: or Whatsapp/Call +65 8822-1129 (Singapore)


Yantara Jiro connects deeply with the Star Nations, Ascended Masters and Multi-dimensional Beings of Light.

He speaks the Light Language that bridges and translates higher dimensional frequencies for the purpose of energy activations and healing. He is a visionary, singer and explorer of Sound and Consciousness. He is certified in Live Blood Analysis and Quantum Hematology, Nutritional Microscopy By Quest4Health Academy, Nu Life Sciences. He has over 15 years of experiences in Sound Medicine and Quantum Healing, 13 years of which active in consultations over 4000 sessions and reaching-out to more than 100,000 people around the world, and leading sacred tours since 2008. He has dedicated his life to self-development in consciousness and Sound Medicine.

Yantara Jiro is considered a pioneer in Asia in spreading an Art of using “The Light Language”, a Quantum approach where it translates supreme consciousness into vocal sounds that promotes the art of healing. In 2012, Winter Solstice, he was one of the panel speakers along with International Speaker Gregg Braden and esteemed colleagues at the Maya Conference, “Transform at the Source” with a gathering of several hundred people. Yantara Jiro, co-founder of Sound Universe International now distributes world-class sound healing instruments such as the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls from Crystal Tones® in over 6 Countries.

Yantara frequently performs with his Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls in major cities and power spots in the world.

He inspires to spread the message of love and harmony through music and the power of sound; creating platforms for people to step into their powers by expressing their inner voice. At present, Yantara Jiro is dedicated to integrate science and spirituality through the discovery and learning of Quantum Physics and Natural Medicine. Major Performances & Sacred Tours: 2018/2011 Egypt - Great Pyramid and Sacred Nile 11:11:11 2018/15/13 Japan - Yakushima Unesco World Heritage Sacred Tour 2018/16/15/14 Japan - Wesak Shakyamuni Buddha’s Ceremony 2017 U.S.A - Sedona Sacred Vortex & Light City Tour 2017 China - Wesak Shakyamuni Buddha’s Ceremony in Shanghai 2016/13/12 Bosnia - Pyramids Summer Solstice Sacred Tour 2014 Egypt - Stargates of Galaxies Sacred Tour 2014 Beijing - Forbidden City Flower of Life Summer Solstice Show 2014 World - Released “Crystal Rainbows” and “Gifts of Blessings” CD 2012 Mexico - Speaker at Maya Conference “Transform at Source” 2012 Taipei - Star Journey Album Debut Concert 2012 U.S.A Mt.

Shasta - Living Light Sacred Tour 2012 U.K. Glastonbury - Sacred Heart Tour 2012 Japan - Songs of Awakened Lands Sacred Tour 2011 Japan - Oneness Earth Sound Concert 2010 U.K. - The Earth Song Sacred Tour 2009 Japan - Journey of the Diamond Light Body Sacred Tour 2008 Egypt - The Great Central Sun Sacred Tour ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2016 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM Theo was a manager of a manufacturing company in Shanghai, China for 10 years. His dissatisfaction grew stronger overtime and was eventually led by the guidance of Source entered a huge life turning point in 2008; He then met Yantara Jiro. Since 2009, he has been supporting Yantara's expansion in Taiwan, and further extended to China and Japan by being his regional manager. Theo has extensive knowledge in alternative and spiritual practices which he wishes to share his experience in his long exciting journey of love and awakening.

His fun, joyous and warm-hearted qualities will support you by opening your heart along the tour. During the tour, Theo will be liaising with your respective tour leaders to assist in facilitating towards a successful and rewarding experience for all of you. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Science in Germany, and is multilingual, conversing in Mandarin, English, German and Japanese. Our Evolutionary Leaders THEO YEH Core Tour Leader Yantara Asia Regional Manager Sound Universe Taiwan Sarleia betty Singapore Tour Leader Sound Universe Singapore An enthusiast since young to serve others, Sarleia Betty grew up volunteering her services at various charity organisations. Her passion has evolved over years to offer counselling, sound & energy healing and meditation sessions to her family, friends and others. Sarleia Betty has been involved in Sound Universe Singapore established together with Yantara Jiro in 2012 - a sharing platform with the local community the Art of Sound Medicine and Vibrational Healing.

Besides the operations, Sarleia Betty is a holistic practitioner that specialises in nurturing and assisting people to align through acoustic harmonics.

A seasoned meditation, who loves to travel and an advocate of healthy living. She left her corporate job of almost 20 years in June 2017. Sarleia Betty is now dedicated to be in service to others and actively pursuing the study of quantum healing and consciousness. Sarleia Betty's joyous nature and fun company will bring you much love and joy during the trip. Fluent in English and Mandarin, she has graduated in Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting & Finance from Australia.

Wu Hai Dan China Tour Leader Co-Founder Sound Universe China Hai Dan is an explorer of life.

She started business at the age of 18 and entered into the car distributions industry by age 21. By the time she was 35, she had achieved the Top 500 distributor in China. Major transformation came at the age of 36 and she left the limelight rat race and began her inner spiritual journey. 2013, she met her teacher, Yantara Jiro and experienced a paradigm shift in consciousness and oneness. She is still in pursuit till today with her teacher and continues to learn and grow into greater heights.

In 2019, she co-founded Sound Universe China to continue in service to everyone, to share the wisdom on how to co-create effortlessly, to be more healthy, abundant and gain true freedom! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2016 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM Our Evolutionary Leaders Yuzuko Nishikawa Japan Tour Leader / English-Japanese Translator Sound Universe Tokyo Founder of YZ company, YZ works, co-partner of Sound Universe Tokyo. Brought up in England, Australia and Japan. With the support of the Divine cosmic beings, Yuzuko has been blessed to continue the Journey of joy and bliss, and is happy to share, with whoever that comes forth.

She is a very joyful being and loves to interact. And Yes, she sleep talks too ;) Her role is to help create spiritual bridges, accelerate and actualise the beautiful alchemy of Life on this Earth. During her overseas upbringing, she visited many sacred places, such as Athens, Olympia in Greece, Pompei in Italy and Egypt (in 1988!). She looks forward to visit the Bosnia pyramids (the experiences and the downloads), for the 6irst time in her life, in climbing an actual pyramid and exploring in the tunnels leading to the pyramids in Bosnia. Yuzuko has been translating for Yantara for the past few years in Tokyo for his seminars, workshops and concerts and now in Osaka.

She also helps in translating Yantara’s articles in Japanese Spiritual Magazine, “Anemone” and “Star People”. She has successfully contributed to the expansion of Yantara’s work in Japan over recent years and continues to strive with great positivity; growing the community of sound and light with joy and pleasure.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2016 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM Our Evolutionary Leaders Martha’s lifelong caring attitude has morphed into a career of working with many different healing modalities. One of her greatest passions is vibrational medicine and the ancient art of sound healing. She incorporates her voice, music, tuning forks and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls (Crystal Tones) Into her sessions and workshops at her Centre and abroad. Martha now holds the largest display of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls in Canada and distributes them from The Amaryllis Centre For Healing in Cochrane, Alberta.

She has travelled abroad working with a youth project in Indonesia and uses her skills as an Animal Communicator with such as elephants in Sumatra and Orang-utans in Borneo. Martha is certi6ied in: Body Talk Practitioner for humans and for animals; Electro Acupuncture Practitioner (Electro Dermal screening); The International Academy of BioEnergetic Medicine, which she also continues to study at. In the spring of 2012 she was certi6ied as a Body Talk Access for Animals Instructor. Martha has also completed and audited courses on Homeopathy Acute Care and First Aid both for humans and animals.

She is continually updating herself with the completion of many varied and applicable courses and ongoing seminars and Conferences. Martha Birkett Canada Tour Representative Sound Universe Canada Winnie Taiwan Tour Leader After connecting with Yantara Jiro in 2011, the transformative journey began. She is now the project manager of Serpentine Space in Taipei and active advocate of Alchemy Crystal Bowls in Taiwan. Winnie travels to many sacred places in the world, such as Yakushima Island - Japan, Sun Pyramid-Bosnia, StonehengeEngland, and co-creates with the power spots using Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

She practices the Hermetic Seven Principles in daily life and shares the energy and gift received from the sacred places in her sessions.

At the same time she provides session about how to co-create with Alchemy Crystal Bowls and support participants to manifest what they want in reality. She is a passionate Alchemy Crystal Bowls introducer and truly believe that sharing from the deep of heart will inspire more people to walk on their own spiritual path. “Life is 6illed with abundance in all aspects of living!”.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019 YANTARA JIRO ~ BE THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN POWER WWW.YANTARAJIRO.COM Our Evolutionary Leaders Teresa Lee English-Mandarin Translator Currently living in Taipei, Teresa Lee has been exploring selfawareness since 2007. In the past 8 years she has been working as an interpreter for spiritual growth workshops in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Nepal and various other locations. She is also a senior interpreter for O&O Academy, a worldrenowned philosophy and meditation school in India. After graduation from Columbia College (Columbia, Illinois), she worked as a full-time travel magazine/media photographer until she started her career as an interpreter.

Relationship”( Preethaji) and "Awakening into Love" (Amira Loo).

Since 2016, she has joined Yantara Jiro's sacred journeys in Bosnia, Sedona and Yakushima as the mandarin interpreter, journeying in the synchronicities of the universe. Dr. Semir Osmanagich, bosnian born in Zenica, about 20 miles north of Visoko, he earned a master's degree in international economics and politics at the University of Sarajevo. (Years later, he obtained a doctorate in the sociology of history) Dr. Semir left Bosnia in 1993 and lived 16 years in Houston, Texas. His views of world history—described in his books published in Bosnia—are unconventional. In The World of the Maya, which was reprinted in English in the United States, he writes that "Mayan hieroglyphics tell us that their ancestors came from the Pleiades...6irst arriving at Atlantis where they created an advanced civilization.” In April 2005, he discovered the Bosnian Pyramid and despite the challenges he faced, he overcome them with determination to share with the world.

Dr. Semir believes that the pyramids of bosnia belongs to the world and not to him. He is merely sharing it with the people in true heart believing that the discovery brings hope, love, harmony, light and blessings spreading beyond the land of Bosnia. Dr. Semir has continued to travel around the world bringing the awareness of Bosnia Pyramids and bridging science and spirituality as One. In just 10 years, so much work has been done with the help of volunteers and those who believed in importance of this time in sharing the pyramids with the world. Dr. Semir Osmanagich Founder of “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation”

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