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26 February 2019

The Honourable Grace Grace MP
Minister for Education and
Minister for Industrial Relations
PO Box 15033
City East Qld 4002

I am pleased to present the Annual Report 2018 and financial statements
for QUT.

I certify that this Annual Report complies with:
• prescribed requirements of the Financial Accountability Act 2009 and the

   Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009, and
•   the detailed requirements set out in the Annual report requirements
    for Queensland Government agencies.

A checklist outlining the annual reporting requirements can be accessed at

Yours sincerely

Tim Fairfax   AC

                                                        Pa g e 1 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
Introduction and review                                                        4

Organisation                                                                   6

Our vision, values and key priorities                                          8

QUT Council membership                                                         9

Governance                                                                   10

Key statistics                                                               15

Real-world graduates, learning and teaching                                  16

Real-world research                                                          20

Real-world people, culture and sustainability                                24

Summary of financial performance                                             29

Financial Statements
   Income statement                                                          34
   Statement of comprehensive income                                         35
   Statement of financial position                                           36
   Statement of changes in equity                                            37
   Statement of cash flows                                                   38
   Notes to the financial statements                                         39
   Management Certificate                                                    92
   Independent Auditors Report                                               93

Glossary                                                                     97

Campuses and facilities                                                      98

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                                                       Pa g e 3 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
and review
From the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor

Throughout 2018 QUT continued to                international students, however, QUT      have challenged the confidence of
live true to its identity as a university       was less exposed to these issues          the research sector in the open,
for the real world, adhering to the             than most across the sector, and our      transparent and merit-based allocation
highest standards in education and              positive long-term relationships with     of public research funding. Along with
research, and engaging with industry,           overseas institutions and government      our peak body, Universities Australia,
government and the community to                 agencies helped ensure we were not        and other universities, QUT continues
improve the lives of individuals and            impacted materially.                      to advocate for the preservation of a
society.                                                                                  stable, fair and rigorous peer-review
                                                The pause in growth of Commonwealth
                                                                                          system, in accordance with world’s
It has been a year of transition, with a        Supported Places mandated in the
                                                                                          best practice.
                                                Australian Government’s Mid-Year
new Vice-Chancellor, a new Registrar,
                                                Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO)       It became apparent during 2018 that
and a minor reorganisation in the
                                                in December 2017 caused an abrupt         QUT’s interests would be best served
university executive associated with
                                                reduction in enrolment against            by amicably departing the Australian
a new position of Vice-President
                                                forecast (of an estimated 10,000          Technology Network (ATN) in order
(Business Development). Yet it has
                                                places) and therefore revenue (to an      to maximise our opportunities to
also been a year of stability and
                                                estimated value of $2.2 billion) to the   collaborate more widely across the
consolidation, with the university
                                                Australian university sector in 2018.     sector and to put forward our own
community building on the remarkable
                                                Policy uncertainty about the basis        policy perspectives to government,
legacy of financial security, academic
                                                and timing of a resumption of growth      industry and international partners.
achievement and common purpose
                                                under the Commonwealth’s preferred        We continue to work fruitfully with
bequeathed us by former Vice-
                                                ‘performance based funding’ model         the remaining ATN members where
Chancellor Emeritus Professor Peter
                                                throughout 2018 has made forecasting      mutually beneficial, and are continuing
Coaldrake and his team.
                                                difficult for the out-years, hampering
                                                                                          to completion a number of ATN
Along with other higher education               confidence for planning. Years of
                                                                                          projects in which we collaborate.
                                                responsible financial management
providers, the structural environment
                                                and a prudent budget model for 2018       Despite these challenges in QUT’s
in which QUT operates continues to be
                                                – confirmed before the MYEFO freeze       operating environment, QUT had
challenging. Features of the operating
                                                was announced – enabled QUT to            significant achievements during
environment to which QUT responded
                                                weather the revenue shortfall, but it     the year.
in 2018 included geopolitical factors
                                                has had an effect on the underlying
and changes to the funding model.
                                                operating margin, as shown in the         QUT occupies a strong position in the
Geopolitical and diplomatic                     Summary of financial performance.         Top 20 Young Universities in the World
developments presented some                                                               in the 2019 QS Top 50 under 50, and
                                                Further cuts to research funding in       top 300 in the Academic Ranking of
challenges to international                     MYEFO 2018 in the order of $330
engagement during 2018, with                                                              World Universities.
                                                million nationally, hypothecated
potential to disturb student recruitment        to a distribution of supplementary        Rankings are not as illuminating
and research collaboration. With                funding to certain rural and regional     as stories, however, and 2018 has
relatively modest proportions of                universities, as well as revelations of   seen literally hundreds of stories of
                                                Ministerial intervention in Australian    individual and team accomplishment
                                                Research Council grant processes,         among QUT staff, students and alumni.

Pa g e 4 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
Our achievements across research,          True to our real-world identity, student   We have recently committed to a
learning and teaching, and                 learning takes place at QUT through        new Master Plan, with community
professional practice are neatly           a sophisticated blend of classroom,        engagement at its heart. Our campus
exemplified by accolades earned by         online, and work-integrated learning.      integration throughout the Kelvin Grove
QUT people at the intersection of          We opened access to high-quality           Village is unique in Australia, and the
all three domains. In April, Creative      education and are addressing               continuity of our campuses with the
Industries alumna Dr Emily O’Grady,        workforce needs through QUT                Brisbane CBD, State Parliament and
then a QUT PhD candidate, was              Online, QUTeX and free MOOCs in            the Herston health precinct positions
awarded the coveted Vogel Literary         partnership with FutureLearn. QUT’s        QUT as a core element of the state’s
Award for her novel The Yellow             work-integrated learning success is        knowledge corridor.
House, the fiction component of her        internationally recognised, ranking
practice-led doctoral thesis in creative   within the top 25 in the world for         This work of renewal continues
writing. In November, Professor            Employer-Student Connections in            at the strategic level as well, as
Dietmar Hutmacher was recognised           the 2019 QS Graduate Employability         we embark on an update of the
for pioneering the field of 3D printing    Rankings.                                  university’s guiding document, the
in medicine with the 2018 Ramaciotti                                                  Blueprint, to more clearly capture
Medal for Excellence in Biomedical         QUT contributed 16 athletes to the         the pre-eminence of our academic
Research.                                  Gold Coast Commonwealth Games,             purpose in everything we do at QUT.
                                           representing Australia, Papua New
QUT has long-standing research             Guinea and Malta and bringing              We are proud of the progress QUT
performance across a breadth               home an incredible haul of 12 gold         continues to make and the standing
of fields. This year Associate             medals, six silver and two bronze.         we enjoy in the community. We
Professor Makrina Totsika broke            We also launched Australia’s first         know they are entirely a function of
new ground in the study of novel           official university eSports program,       the quality and dedication of our
antimicrobial therapies for multidrug      the brainchild of two undergraduate        students and remarkable alumni,
resistant bacteria, and Professor                                                     as well as the energy, commitment
                                           psychology student founders—
Matthew Dunbabin was part of the
                                           Michael Trotter and Dylan Poulus—          and achievements of outstanding
Larval Restoration Project team
                                           who are daring to rethink the way we       academic and professional staff at
that undertook world-first coral
                                           learn through the process of ‘reverse      all levels across the organisation. We
restoration on the Great Barrier
                                           gamification.’                             wish to acknowledge in particular the
Reef. The Australian rated QUT’s
                                                                                      members of QUT Council for their
Entrepreneurship research number           Our commitment to equity and
one nationally in its Research                                                        guidance and support of the university.
                                           excellence can be seen in the
Supplement in September,                   continuing growth of the QUT               We commend this report to all
recognising our long-standing              Learning Potential Fund. Now in            colleagues, partners and stakeholders
commitment to research, teaching
                                           its twentieth year, the LPF has            in the university.
and nurturing Australia’s next
                                           contributed over 17 000 scholarships
generation of entrepreneurs.
                                           and bursaries to assist students in
Our teachers have continued an             financial need to access high-quality
enduring tradition of teaching             higher education. The LPF endowment
excellence, recognised time and            passed $58 million in 2018, thanks
again through national accolades and       in part to a successful inaugural
international plaudits. Indeed, close to   Annual Giving Day, which raised over
650 of our academic and professional       $1.6 million—including an incredibly
staff have been made Fellows of the        generous $1 million from our 2014
UK’s Higher Education Academy. The         QUT Alumni of the Year winner, Greg
Faculty of Law and QUT Business            Creed. The LPF is substantially driven
School were both named in the top          by the QUT staff giving program,
100 in their disciplines globally in       in which over 700 QUT staff make
this year’s Times Higher Education         routine payroll deductions to benefit
rankings, with the Faculty of Education    students in need, as well as a range of    Tim Fairfax   AC                Professor Margaret Sheil   AO
                                                                                      Chancellor                      Vice-Chancellor and President
featuring within the 101–125 ranking       other philanthropic causes. The long-
band, an achievement that will only be     standing generosity of our staff was
strengthened with the opening of the       recognised as the ‘Best Public Sector
new Kelvin Grove Education Precinct        Program’ at the 2018 Workplace
in 2019.                                   Giving Excellence Awards.

                                                                                              Pa g e 5 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018

                    Professor Margaret Sheil    AO

                    •   Chancellery
                    •   Assurance and Risk Management Services (operational aspects)
                    •   Strategic Intelligence Unit

                    PROVOST                                                                                DEPUTY VICE-CHANCELLOR
                    Professor Carol Dickenson    AM
                                                                                                           (RESEARCH AND COMMERCIALISATION)
                    •   Executive Deans of Faculties                                                       Professor Arun Sharma
                    •   Research institutes                                                                •   Office of Commercial Services
                                                                                                           •   Office of Research
                                                                                                           •   Office of Research Ethics and Integrity
                                                                                                           •   Research Students Centre

                    DEPUTY VICE-CHANCELLOR AND                                                             VICE-PRESIDENT (TECHNOLOGY)
                    VICE-PRESIDENT (INTERNATIONAL                                                          AND CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER
                    AND DEVELOPMENT)                                                                       Ms Judy Stokker #
                    Professor Scott Sheppard                                                               •   eLearning Services
                    •   Alumni and Development                                                             •   Information Technology Services
                    •   Confucius Institute at QUT                                                         •   Learning Environments and Technology Services
                    •   QUT International                                                                  •   Project Portfolio Office
                    •   QUT International College                                                          •   QUT Library
                    •   QUT Precincts                                                                      •   HiQ

                    DEPUTY VICE-CHANCELLOR                                                                 VICE PRESIDENT (RESOURCES)
                    (LEARNING AND TEACHING)                                                                AND CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER
                    Professor Suzi Derbyshire                                                              Mr Graham Fryer
                    •   Learning and Teaching Unit                                                         •   Corporate Finance
                    •   Oodgeroo Unit                                                                      •   Facilities Management
                                                                                                           •   Planning and Budget
                                                                                                           •   Reporting and Analysis

                                                                                                           VICE-PRESIDENT (ADMINISTRATION)
                                                                                                           AND REGISTRAR
                                                                                                           Ms Shard Lorenzo ^
                                                                                                           •   Equity Services
                                                                                                           •   Governance and Legal Services
                                                                                                           •   Health, Safety and Environment
                                                                                                           •   Human Resources
                                                                                                           •   Marketing and Communication
                                                                                                           •   Student Business Services
                                                                                                           •   Student Ombudsman’s Office
                                                                                                           •   QUT Medical Centre
                                                                                                           •   Student Engagement and Sport

# Ms Judy Stokker retired from this role on 5 January 2019.
^ M
   s Shard Lorenzo was on leave from 31 May 2018, and retired from this role on 2 July 2018. Mr Adam Williams was appointed to the role from
  1 June 2018 to 16 December 2018. Ms Leanne Harvey was appointed to the role on 17 December 2018.

Pa g e 6 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018

                    QUT BUSINESS SCHOOL                                                                       LAW
                    EXECUTIVE DEAN                                                                            EXECUTIVE DEAN
                    Professor Robina Xavier                                                                   Professor John Humphrey
                    •   Accountancy                                                                           •   Justice
                    •   Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations                                           •   Law
                    •   Economics and Finance                                                                 •   Legal Practice
                    •   Management
                    •   QUT Graduate School of Business

                                                                                                              SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING
                    CREATIVE INDUSTRIES                                                                       EXECUTIVE DEAN
                    EXECUTIVE DEAN
                                                                                                              Professor Gordon Wyeth
                    Professor Mandy Thomas                                                                    •   Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering
                    •   Design                                                                                •   Civil Engineering and Built Environment
                    •   Creative Practice                                                                     •   Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences
                    •   Communication                                                                         •   Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
                                                                                                              •   Information Systems
                                                                                                              •   Mathematical Sciences

                    EXECUTIVE DEAN
                    Professor Carol Nicoll   PSM

                    •   Early Childhood and Inclusive Education
                    •   Teacher Education and Leadership

                    HEALTH                                                                                    INSTITUTE OF HEALTH AND
                    EXECUTIVE DEAN                                                                            BIOMEDICAL INNOVATION
                    Professor Ross Young                                                                      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                    •   Biomedical Sciences                                                                   Professor Lyn Griffiths
                    •   Clinical Sciences
                    •   Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
                    •   Nursing
                    •   Optometry and Vision Science
                    •   Psychology and Counselling
                    •   Public Health and Social Work                                                         INSTITUTE FOR FUTURE
                                                                                                              EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                                                                                              Professor Bronwyn Harch ▲

     rofessor Bronwyn Harch left her role on 13 July 2018 after a period of leave commencing in May 2018. Professor Ian O’Hara has been the
    Acting Executive Director since 2 May 2018. Professor Kerrie Wilson was appointed to the role on 29 January 2019.

                                                                                                                                   Pa g e 7 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
Our vision, values and
key priorities
The QUT Blueprint is the university’s institutional strategic plan. The fifth
iteration of the plan, titled Blueprint 5, provided a planning framework
for the university in 2018.

Blueprint 5 sets out priorities,                In summary, QUT’s principles are to:           QUT contributes to the Queensland
strategies, targets and key                                                                    Government’s objectives for the
                                                •   focus on quality
performance indicators (KPIs) for the                                                          community by stimulating economic
university’s three spheres of activity:         •   solve real-world problems
                                                                                               growth and innovation, through
graduates, learning and teaching;               •   optimise opportunities provided            courses that increase the knowledge
real-world research; and people,                    by technology                              and skills of Queenslanders, and
culture and sustainability. Blueprint 5         •   use resources effectively and              research that makes a real difference
can be accessed at                  improve services                           to the people of this state and their
about/strategic-ambitions/blueprint-            •   cultivate organisational agility           economy.
for-the-future                                  •   foster a culture of community.
                                                                                               The government’s objectives can be
As a leading Australian university,                                                            accessed at
QUT’s overall vision for the future is:         In summary, QUT strategic goals are:

•   to provide outstanding real-world           •   to be bold and drive transformative
                                                                                               The following pages offer summaries
    education through physical and                  change
                                                                                               of achievements against the
    virtual learning environments and           •   to enhance QUT’s reputation
                                                                                               objectives and key performance
    innovative courses that lead to                 internationally as a ‘university for the
                                                                                               indicators of each of the key priorities
    excellent outcomes for graduates                real world’, facilitate engagement
                                                                                               of the Blueprint.
    living in a diverse and complex                 and connectivity with practising
    environment characterised by rapid,             professionals and select partners
    transformative change                           at local, national and international
•   to deliver solutions to the                     levels
    challenges of today and of the              •   to ensure QUT has a strongly
    future through high-impact research             performing workforce that achieves
    that spans discipline boundaries                exceptional results, and an agile
    and works in partnership with                   culture
    end users, leveraging our deep              •   to be inspired and shaped by
    technological strengths and                     talented students and staff from
    alignment to the human capital                  diverse communities
    and innovation needs of the                 •   to establish a visible whole-of-
    global economy                                  organisation approach to innovation
•   to strengthen and extend                        and entrepreneurship.
    partnerships with professional
    and broader communities to build            QUT’s values support Queensland’s
    our reputation as a source of               public service values.
    knowledge that is applied to real-
    world challenges.

Pa g e 8 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
QUT Council
CHANCELLOR (CHAIR)                            Dr John Puttick                              ELECTED STUDENT MEMBERS*
                                              DUniv QUT, FACS                              Mr Charles Harris
Mr Tim Fairfax AC
                                              (6/6)                                        Term concluded 20 November 2018
DUniv QUT, DUniv Sunshine Coast, FAICD
(attended 6 of 6 meetings)                                                                 (4/5)
                                              Ms Susan Rix AM
                                              BFin Admin UNE, FCA, FAICD                   Mr Robert Lucas
                                              Commenced 21 May 2018, additional member     Appointed 8 August 2018, term concluded
Professor Margaret Sheil AO                   1 January to 19 May 2018                     20 November 2018
BSc(Hons), PhD UNSW, FTSE, FRACI,             (4/6)                                        (1/1)
Commenced 12 February 2018                    ADDITIONAL MEMBERS
                                                                                           Ms Saskia Mathers
(6/6)                                         Dr Richard Ashby AM                          Term commenced 21 November 2018
                                              MBBS Qld, BHealthAdmin UNSW, FIFEM,          (1/1)
BOARD                                         Resigned 5 December 2018
                                                                                           Ms Isobella Powell
Professor Carol Dickenson AM                                                               Term commenced 21 November 2018
BBus (Mgt) QIT, PhD Qld, CMAHRI                                                            (1/1)
                                              Dr Darryl McDonough
                                              BBus (Acc), LLB (Hons) QUT, SJD Bond, CPA,
                                                                                           Mr Lachlan Spedding
                                              FAICD, FCPA
GOVERNOR IN COUNCIL APPOINTED                                                              Resigned 31 July 2018
MEMBERS                                                                                    (3/3)
Mr Wesley Enoch                               ELECTED ACADEMIC STAFF MEMBERS
BA(Hons)(Drama) QUT                           Dr Kerry Manton
Resigned 8 May 2018
                                                                                           Ms Shard Lorenzo
                                              BAppSc(Hons), Grad Cert Acad Prac, MEd,
                                              PhD QUT, FHEA                                BEd Flind, GradDipEd UniSA, GradCertMgt Adel
                                              (5/6)                                        Vice-President (Administration) and Registrar
Ms Teresa Handicott                                                                        Concluded 1 June 2018
LLB(Hons) QUT, GAICD, MCEW, SF Fin            Professor Paula McDonald
Resigned 28 February 2018                     BSocSc(Hons)(Psych), PhD QUT, AICD, FHEA     Mr Adam Williams
                                              (5/6)                                        MHlthSc, GradDipHlthSafety&Env,
                                                                                           GradCertHRM QUT
                                                                                           Vice-President (Administration) and Registrar
Mr Peter Howes                                Dr David Nielsen
                                                                                           2 June to 16 December 2018
BBus QIT, MBusAdmin Qld, FAHRI (Life), FAIM   BArch Wits, MTech TWR, PhD QUT
(5/6)                                         (6/6)
                                                                                           Ms Leanne Harvey
                                              ELECTED PROFESSIONAL STAFF                   BBus (Acc) MCAE
Professor Mary O’Kane AC
                                              MEMBERS                                      Vice-President (Administration) and Registrar
BSc Qld, PhD ANU, DUniv CQU, Hon DSc
Macq, DUniv Canberra, Hon DSc W’gong,         Mrs Gwen Amankwah-Toa                        Commenced 17 December 2018
FTSE, Hon FIEAust, CPEng                      BJourn James Cook
Resigned 29 July 2018                         (6/6)
                                              Ms Anne-Marie Lacaze
                                                                                           QUT Council serves a four-year term. The
Mrs Jenny Parker                              BBehavSc (Psych) QUT, Grad Cert eLearning
                                                                                           current term commenced on 21 November
Deputy Chancellor                             UNE
BCom Qld, CMIIA, FCA                          (4/4)
(5/6)                                                                                      * Student members serve a two-year term.
                                              ELECTED ALUMNI MEMBERS
Mr Mario Pennisi                              Dr Tim Baker
BAppSc(MedLabSc) QIT, MAICD, MBIO,            BA Qld, BEd EdD QUT, FAHRI, ILPF
MDIA, MACRP                                   (4/6)
                                              Mr Earle Johnston
Dr Lee-Anne Perry AM                          MBus(Philanthropy&NpSt) QUT, CFRE, MAICD,
BEd(Hons) MEd Syd, DipCL BIF, EdD QUT,        MFIA
FACE, FACEL, GAICD                            Appointed 26 February 2018
(5/6)                                         (5/5)

                                                                                                    Pa g e 9 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018

QUT values good corporate governance and seeks
to adopt best practice.

Management and oversight                             practical application of study,       of not more than two years). The terms
QUT was established on 1 January                     research or knowledge, belonging      of office for the current QUT council
1989 under the Queensland                            to the university, whether alone or   commenced on 21 November 2016.
University of Technology Act 1988.                   with someone else                     During 2018, elections were conducted
The university is constituted as a               •   to perform other functions given      for student members of QUT Council.
body corporate and has the general                   to the university under this or       Other casual vacancies in appointed
powers outlined in the current                       another Act.                          or additional member categories
Queensland University of Technology                                                        were addressed in accordance with
Act 1998 (the ‘QUT Act’).                        Financial reporting                       the requirements of the Act and QUT
                                                 arrangements                              Council’s procedures. At the close of
Functions                                                                                  2018, there were two vacancies in the
                                                 QUT is audited by the Auditor-General
The university’s functions are to:                                                         ‘members appointed by Governor in
                                                 and transactions are accounted for in
                                                                                           Council’ category.
•   provide education at university              the financial statements approved by
    standard                                     QUT Council each year.                    In 2018, QUT Council and other
•   provide facilities for, and                                                            committee members external to QUT
    encourage, study and research                Governing body                            were not remunerated.
•   encourage the advancement and                The university’s governing body
    development of knowledge, and                is the QUT Council and its chief          QUT Council business in 2018
    its application to government,               executive officer is the Vice-            QUT Council met six times in 2018.
    industry, commerce and the                   Chancellor and President. QUT
    community                                    complies with the Voluntary Code          During 2018 QUT Council considered
    provide courses of study or                                                            the following items in carrying out
•                                                of Best Practice for the Governance
    instruction (at the level of                                                           its role:
                                                 of Australian Universities, approved
    achievement the QUT Council                  by the Ministerial Council for Tertiary   •   approval of 2019–2021 Consolidated
    considers appropriate) to meet               Education and Employment in 2011.             Budget and 2019–2023 Asset
    the needs of the community                   In 2018, an annual review by QUT              Management Plan
•   confer higher education awards               Council of compliance with the            •   approval of the 2017 financial
•   disseminate knowledge and                    voluntary code confirmed that QUT             statements
    promote scholarship                          fully complies with almost all aspects
                                                                                           •   financial management reports
•   provide facilities and resources             of the code.
                                                                                               (at each meeting)
    for the wellbeing of the university’s                                                  •   corporate performance reports
    staff, students and other persons            Structure of QUT Council                      (February, June, October and
    undertaking courses at the                   QUT Council has up to 22 members              December)
    university                                   and is constituted in accordance with     •   corporate risk register and other
•   to exploit commercially, for                 the QUT Act. Appointed, additional            risk matters
    the university’s benefit, a facility         and elected members hold office for
                                                                                           •   reports relating to oversight of
    or resource of the university,               a term of not more than four years            QUT Enterprise Holdings and its
    including, for example, study,               (with the exception of elected student        subsidiaries
    research or knowledge, or the                members, who hold office for a term

Pa g e 10 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
QUT Council committees and committee chairs (number of meetings in 2018)

                                                                          QUT COUNCIL

    Chancellor’s                      Alumni Board (5)               University Academic           Planning and Reources              Audit and Risk
    Committee (3)                                                    Board (6)                     Committee (7)                      Management
                                                                                                                                      Committee (6)

    Mr T Fairfax   AC                 Mr Earle Johnston             Professor C Dickenson AM       Dr J Puttick                       Ms T Handicott
                                                                                                                                      (February, 1 meeting)/
                                                                                                                                      Ms Susan Rix AM
                                                                                                                                      5 meetings

                    University Research             University Learning          Curriculum Standards             Appeals Committee* (10)
                    and Innovation                  and Teaching                 Committee (15)
                    Committee* (5)                  Committee* (4)

                    Professor A Sharma              Professor S Derbyshire       Professor S Towers               Mr G Jenkins
                                                                                 (to June, 5 meetings)/
                                                                                 Associate Professor
                                                                                 A Stickley (10 meetings)

                                                  * reports through University Academic Board
                        Research Degrees
                        Committee^ (11)           ^ reports through University Research and Innovation
                                                     Committee and University Academic Board

                    Professor H Klaebe

•    reports on academic governance                       The summary report on QUT Council                 The university actively promotes
     activities undertaken by University                  as a government body is available at              the Code of Conduct and ethical
     Academic Board (all meetings                                 behaviours through a number of staff
     except February)                                     and-policy/annual-report                          processes and information resources
•    strategic reports on teaching and                                                                      throughout the year, particularly
     learning, course developments, and                   Ethical conduct and social                        performance planning and review.
     research matters                                     responsibility                                    In particular, staff must complete
•    reports on health and safety                                                                           online training on corruption and
                                                          QUT recognises its obligation to act
     matters                                                                                                fraud awareness and prevention
                                                          in a socially responsible manner.
•    reports relating to faculty reviews                                                                    which reinforces a culture of high
     under QUT’s program of corporate                     The QUT Staff Code of Conduct                     ethical standards and accountability
     reviews                                              has been prepared under the Public                in learning and teaching, research
•    appointment of a member to                           Sector Ethics Act 1994 and applies                and other activities. Other required
     QUT Council for the current term of                  to all employees of QUT and to other              training supporting ethical
     office, under section 20A(5)(b) of                   ‘officers’ such as external committee             obligations includes information
     the QUT Act                                          members, adjunct and visiting                     privacy awareness (completed on
                                                          academics, and volunteers acting                  appointment, thereafter biennially)
•    appointment of a member to QUT
                                                          on behalf of QUT.                                 and training on equal opportunity
     Council for the current term of
                                                                                                            principles for work and study
     office                                               The QUT Staff Code of Conduct                     environments. Staff are required to
•    approval of conferral of honorary                    outlines the ethical obligations of               complete these training activities
     titles                                               all staff for integrity, accountability,          upon appointment and then
•    approval of revisions to various                     and the efficient use of university               biennially.
     policies, including policies on                      resources. The university provides an
     conflict of interest, organisational                 online, required training module to all           QUT has a number of procedures
     structure, and elections procedures                  staff on ethical decision making and              and codes of conduct to guide and
     required under the Act                               behaviour. New staff must complete                assist individuals to discharge their
•    reports and relevant policy items                    this training within one month of                 responsibilities in an ethical and
     from QUT Council sub-committees.                     commencement and other staff                      responsible manner. They include:

                                                                                                                       Pa g e 11 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
•   the QUT Council Procedure 1—                 manage ongoing costs and revenues,          also includes a Register of Licences,
    Committees                                   through developing strategies and           which is reviewed annually to ensure
•   Conflict of interest policy and              implementing cost-saving initiatives,       that a record of all current licences
    associated procedures                        to reduce the risks associated with         and registrations held by QUT is
•   policy on staff gifts and benefits           changes in government funding               available at all times. In 2018, work
•   QUT Code of Conduct for Research             arrangements and external market            was undertaken to ensure compliance
                                                 factors. Examples include–though            with new legislative obligations, such
•   University Animal Ethics Committee
                                                 are not limited to–strategically            as labour hire licensing laws, and
•   University Human Research Ethics
                                                 increasing student load intakes across      to ensure that QUT’s compliance
                                                 international and domestic cohorts to       procedures for various obligations
•   University Biosafety Committee.              mitigate the risks of both the Australian   relating to teaching and research
                                                 Government operating grant freeze           activities, were robust.
The Conflict of Interest policy was              at 2017 levels and the impact of the
reviewed during 2018 with a revised              Queensland reduced school leaver            QUT planning and quality
policy approved by QUT Council.                  cohort forecast for 2020. Significant       frameworks
                                                 progress continues to be made in
QUT maintains a Register of Disclosed                                                        QUT’s policies around its planning
                                                 transforming the cost effectiveness
Interests to assist staff in recognising                                                     framework, corporate reviews, and
and declaring conflicts of interest.             of support services for students,
                                                                                             quality framework provide the overall
Policies on conflicts of interest,               information technology, human
                                                                                             structure to guide these activities at
including conflicts related to research          resources, finance and research.
                                                                                             university and organisational area
activities, have also been developed.            QUT has taken prompt action to              level. The policies are approved
Reports are provided to each university          address internal control deficiencies       by QUT Council and are published
committee on members’ disclosed                  to mitigate the risk of fraud or error,     online.
interests annually or more frequently            and resolved all issues from prior
if interests change.                                                                         Consistent with the corporate reviews
                                                 years including improved procedures
                                                                                             framework, in 2018, the university
In regard to external scrutiny, in 2018          for verifying bank account changes
                                                                                             centrally administered two corporate
the Queensland Ombudsman received                independent of change requests.
                                                                                             reviews of the Faculty of Health, and
concerns from a small number of QUT                                                          the Science and Engineering Faculty.
students. Following a review of these            Tertiary Education Quality and
student matters, the Queensland                  Standards Agency (TEQSA)
Ombudsman did not make any                       re-registration
                                                                                             The university’s strategic approach to
recommendations to the university                QUT’s TEQSA re-registration
                                                                                             recordkeeping is to capture records
that required action. There were no              preparations have occurred over 2016,
                                                                                             in electronic formats. Substantial
significant issues identified by the Fair        2017, and 2018 and the university’s
Work Ombudsman, the Crime and                                                                work has been undertaken to
                                                 current registration expired on
Corruption Commission or the Office of                                                       implement the corporate electronic
                                                 31 October 2018. QUT submitted
the Information Commissioner in 2018.            its re-registration applications in late    recordkeeping and documents
                                                 April 2018. TEQSA has undertaken            management system for critical
In May 2018, the following Queensland                                                        records, and to integrate it with
                                                 a completeness check and has
Audit Office (QAO) report was tabled                                                         corporate information systems
                                                 confirmed that QUT has provided
in the Queensland legislative assembly                                                       supporting key business processes.
                                                 all the requested evidence. TEQSA
‘Education: 2016–2017 results of
                                                 has extended the assessment period
financial audits (Report 15: 2017–18)’.                                                      This strategic approach is supported
                                                 to February 2019 in accordance
This report summarised the results                                                           by a recordkeeping program including
                                                 with legislation. QUT’s status on
of QAO financial audits of the seven                                                         policies and procedures documenting
                                                 the National Register has reverted
Queensland public universities and                                                           roles and responsibilities, and
                                                 to ‘registered’ with a clause that
their controlled entities, and other                                                         other resources such as a business
                                                 indicates that QUT is currently being
education sector entities. It provided                                                       classification scheme and training
an overview of the universities’                                                             programs which support records
finances at 31 December 2017 and                                                             management activities.
                                                 Compliance Program
any financial accounting issues that
arose during the audits.                         The university’s Compliance Program         During 2018, the recordkeeping
                                                 includes a register of obligations, an      program included the following
Reflecting upon the QAO                          annual compliance reporting process,        activities:
recommendations included within                  including risk assessment, and a
                                                                                             •   improvements to recordkeeping
their report Education: 2016–17                  communication strategy incorporating
                                                                                                 practices in certain key functional
results of financial audits (Report              targeted education and training
                                                                                                 areas of the university and for
15: 2017–18), QUT has continued to               activities. The Compliance Program
                                                                                                 business transformation activities

Pa g e 12 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
•   a major upgrade of QUT’s             ARMC’s main functions are to:               During 2018, ARMC addressed the
    corporate records IT system,                                                     following matters in carrying out its
                                         •   assess and contribute to the audit
    including the introduction of a                                                  responsibilities:
                                             process including evaluation and
    web client
                                             facilitation of the internal audit      •   review of the 2017 financial
•   integration to QUT’s approach
                                             function                                    statements and preparations for
    to recordkeeping in the
                                         •   oversee and approve financial and           the 2018 external audit, including
    implementation of IT business
                                             operational reporting                       review of the external audit plan
                                         •   review business risk as reported,           and significant accounting policies
•   approval of policies and                                                             prior to the end of the financial year;
                                             including compliance, corruption
    procedures for early disposal
                                             and fraud.                              •   endorsement of QUT’s corporate
    of temporary records following
                                                                                         risk register for submission to
                                         Committee membership                            QUT Council;
                                                                                     •   thematic risk discussions at four of
All staff using the corporate records    CHANCELLOR
                                                                                         the meetings, addressing key risk
system undertake mandatory online        Mr T Fairfax AC
                                                                                         for the university on matters such
training on recordkeeping and privacy    DUniv QUT, DUniv Sunshine Coast,
                                                                                         as cyber security;
principles before access to use          FAICD
                                         (attended 6 of 6 meetings)                  •   review of internal audit
the system is granted. In addition,
                                                                                         reports, and oversight of audit
face-to-face training sessions are
                                         Four external members with                      recommendations;
available to system users to promote
                                         professional accounting, financial or       •   review of reports on various risk
high-quality recordkeeping. The
                                         auditing expertise nominated from               matters such as health and
2018 upgrade also involved a major
                                         or by QUT Council:                              safety, legislative compliance
communication strategy promoting
                                                                                         and insurance.
the value of recordkeeping for           Ms T Handicott
business activities.                     LLB(Hons) QUT, GAICD, MCEW,
                                                                                     A review was undertaken at the end
                                         SF Fin
                                                                                     of 2018 and all business considered
Audits of recordkeeping compliance       (nominated as Chair by Chancellor,
                                                                                     by ARMC in 2018 was consistent with
are conducted annually in key areas      resigned 28 February 2018)
                                                                                     the terms of reference set out in its
such as decision-making committees       (1/1)
                                                                                     charter. The functioning of ARMC has
in faculties, and recordkeeping is
                                         Mrs J Parker                                due regard to the Audit Committee
also considered as part of university
                                         BCom Qld, CMIIA, FCA                        Guidelines published by Queensland
audits and reviews. Additionally,
                                         (3/6)                                       Treasury.
records user permissions are audited
annually.                                                                            Relationship with Queensland
                                         Ms S Rix AM
A records management services            BFinAdmin UNE, FCA, FAICD                   Audit Office (QAO)
unit is responsible for implementing     (nominated as Chair by Chancellor           Staff from the university’s Division
QUT’s records management program         from March 2018)                            of Resources and Assurance and
and for supporting faculties and         (5/6)                                       Risk Management Services worked
divisions in undertaking their records                                               closely with the QAO during the year
management activities.                   Mr D Hodges                                 to facilitate the university’s annual
                                         BCom Qld, LLB QUT,                          audit. Staff from QAO also attended
                                         GradDipAppCorpGov GIA, FCPA,                three meetings of Audit and Risk
Audit and Risk Management
                                         MAICD, MIIA, AGIA, CIA                      Management Committee in 2018
                                         (5/6)                                       and were given the opportunity to
Audit and Risk Management
                                                                                     meet with the committee without the
Committee (ARMC) advises                 Dr D McDonough
                                                                                     presence of management.
both QUT Council and the Vice-           (commenced 13 June 2018)
Chancellor, as accountable officer,      BBus (Acc), LLB (Hons) QUT, SJD
on the performance or discharge          Bond, CPA, FAICD, FCPA                      Assurance and Risk
of functions and duties under the        (2/3)                                       Management Services
Financial Accountability Act 2009,                                                   The primary purpose of Assurance
Financial Accountability Regulation      No members of the ARMC were                 and Risk Management Services,
2009, Financial and Performance          remunerated by QUT in 2018.                 mandated through the approved
Management Standard 2009 and                                                         Assurance and Risk Management
                                         The Vice-Chancellor and President,
the university’s Assurance and Risk                                                  Charter, is to add value to the
                                         the Vice-President (Resources) and
Management Services Charter.                                                         university’s operations and
                                         Chief Financial Officer, and the Director
                                                                                     assist the university to achieve
                                         Assurance and Risk Management
                                         Services, have rights of audience and
                                         debate but are not members of the
                                         committee.                                          Pa g e 13 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
its corporate goals by providing                 Recognising and
independent analysis, appraisals,                managing risk
recommendations, counsel and                     QUT Council through the ARMC is
information on the university’s                  responsible for ensuring there are
systems of internal control,                     adequate policies and procedures
effectiveness of risk management                 in relation to risk management,
and the quality of performance.                  compliance and internal control
The assurance and audit approach in              systems.
2018 involved:                                   The Vice-Chancellor and the senior
•   incorporating a blend of                     management team are responsible
    compliance, operational, strategic,          for the implementation of these
    and information technology audits            policies and managers at all levels
    and reviews to achieve a two-                are accountable for effective risk
    fold impact of internal controls             management.
    enhancement and business
                                                 The university’s risk management
    process improvements
                                                 framework provides detailed
•   supporting management through
                                                 guidelines on application of the risk
    proactive preventative auditing
                                                 management process, the roles and
    rather than ‘after-the-event’
                                                 responsibilities of key stakeholders,
    detective auditing
                                                 level of documentation and reporting
•   a focus on risk management to                requirements.
    assist management in embedding
    it into the day-to-day university            In 2018 the following initiatives were
    activities                                   implemented to further embed risk
•   providing management advice on               management into university activities:
    an effective and efficient internal
                                                 •   independent review of enterprise
    control framework
                                                     risk management framework
•   assisting management in                          including business continuity and
    responding to emerging issues and                corruption and fraud control which
    the changing environment.                        informed the update of relevant
                                                     frameworks and supporting
The annual Assurance and Risk                        procedures
Management Plan for 2018 was                     •   risk workshops were facilitated
achieved after additions and                         to identify key corruption and
approved deferrals.                                  fraud risks, their causes and
                                                     consequences in relation to main
Financial management and                             university activities including
accountability                                       assessment of the effectiveness
QUT has a number of policies                         of existing controls and establish
relating to financial management                     treatment action plans
and accountability, including                    •   risk workshops with the Primary
specific policies on balance sheet                   Risk Owners and selected Action
management, user charging and                        owners which informed the update
expenditure.                                         of the Corporate Risk Register and
                                                     the university’s risk appetite for
The university also has a financial
                                                     key activities.
management practice and
procedures manual and a project
proposal framework for the support
of significant projects or proposals.

Pa g e 14 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
Key statistics

STUDENTS                                           2014      2015      2016        2017       2018 a
Total enrolments                                  47 229   48 503    48 833      49 847      50 800
Commencing students                               19 297    19 301    18 854     19 202       19 456
Continuing students                               27 932    29 202    29 979     30 645      31 344

Full time                                         31 169    32 257    36 611     37 977      38 649
Part time                                         16 060    16 246    12 222     11 870       12 151

Undergraduate                                     34 294    35 304    36 480     37 792      39 039
Postgraduate coursework                            9379      9431      8939        8660        8525
Higher degree research                             2517      2604      2655        2652        2516
                                                                                                       a 2018 student data is preliminary and will be finalised
Non-award                                          1039      1164       759         743         720       after completion of annual report
                                                                                                       b Final data not available by completion of annual report
Female                                            25 600    26 212    26 451     26 955       27 351
                                                                                                       c Full-time/fractional full-time staff data is at 31 March
Male                                              21 629    22 291    22 361     22 852       23 391
                                                                                                          each year as per Australian Government reporting.
Other                                                                    21          40          58       Casual staff data is for the whole calendar year
Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander             589       636       711         759         824       (January–December) for each year
Domestic                                          39 247    40 285    40 986     41 489       41 857   d 2018 data not available by completion of annual report.
International                                      7982      8218      7847        8358        8943       2018 Casual staff FTE uses 2017 Casual staff FTE
                                                                                                          as an estimate
GRADUATES                                          2014      2015      2016        2017        2018
Total completions                                 11 098    11 674    11 543     11 942           b
Undergraduate                                      6834      7027      7143        7546           b
Postgraduate coursework                            3883      4223      3969        3971           b
Higher degree research                              381       424       431         425           b

STAFF c                                            2014      2015      2016        2017        2018
Total staff FTE                                   4700.6    4871.5   4802.3      4713.1      4678.5
Academic staff FTE                                2107.3    2157.5    2173.7     2110.9      2109.3
Professional staff FTE                            2593.3    2713.9   2628.6      2602.2      2569.2

Full-time/fractional full-time staff FTE          3751.5    3947.4   3929.6      3825.8       3791.1
Casual staff FTE d                                 949.1     924.1     872.7      887.3        887.3
Total staff including casuals (bodies)            12 983    13 107    12 859     12 856           b

FINANCE ($’000)                                    2014      2015      2016        2017        2018
Total revenue                                    907 008   955 854   992 519   1 063 605   1 059 016
Australian Government grants                     351 133   364 647   382 832    385 489     385 601
Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) including
                                                 233 807   243 912   254 762    265 045     268 186
upfront student payments
Fees and charges                                 203 244   220 250   219 490    239 161     264 504
Other revenue                                    118 824   127 045   135 435    173 910     140 725

Total expenditure                                873 121   922 127   940 928    963 185    1 026 415
Salary and wages expenses                        518 595   546 545   563 139    565 551     578 048
Other expenses                                   354 526   375 582   377 789    397 634     448 367

AUDITED RESEARCH INCOME ($’000)                    2014      2015      2016        2017        2018
Total research income                             91 474   101 090    93 431    100 114           b
Australian competitive grants                     39 825    39 476    32 871      32 112          b
Other public sector research funding              22 511    26 974    30 832     33 897           b
Industry and other funding for research           22 396    29 051    24 612     27 480           b
Cooperative research centre funding                6742      5589      5115        6625           b

                                                                                                          Pa g e 15 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
Real-world graduates,
learning and teaching
Our-real world graduates benefit from QUT’s distinctive learning experiences,
delivered by outstanding teachers. We produce highly skilled, enterprising
graduates who are well suited to 21st century employment and careers, and
who thrive in changing and complex working environments.

For the first time, QUT’s                            From 2014 to 2017 QUT’s share was         OP 1–6 percentage of OP 1–15
student population                                   higher than the sector average.

exceeded 50 000 students.                            The Indigenous Australian Science              60%
                                                     and Infrastructure Development
The 50 800 enrolments included                       (SID) School won the Gold Award                50%
2516 higher degree research (HDR),                   in the category of Corporate Social            40%
8525 postgraduate and 39 039                         Responsibility at the 2018 Consult
undergraduate students.                              Australia Awards for Excellence.               30%

                                                     SID was established in 2012 as                 20%
QUT’s share of domestic

                                                                                                                            Target 2018
                                                     part of QUT’s commitment to
undergraduate students                               increasing Indigenous Australian               10%

who are Aboriginal and                               representation in education, training           0%
                                                     and employment.                                       2016 2017 2018
Torres Strait Islander people
continued to increase in                             In 2018 QUT recruited a new Pro
2018, reaching 1.96 per cent                         Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy)
                                                     who will commence in February 2019        QUT’s 2018 mid-year campaign won
and exceeding the 2018
                                                     and provide leadership and direction      the Universities Australia Marketing
target.                                              to Indigenous initiatives in education,   Communication and Development
                                                     research and engagement. The              Best Marketing Campaign—Smaller
Share of domestic undergraduate
                                                     position will be responsible for          Budget award in October 2018.
students who are Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people                        institutional policy, strategy and
                                                     advice in relation to all aspects of      QUT increased its
                                                     Indigenous higher education.              international student
                                                                                               percentage again in 2018
       2.0%                                          QUT’s percentage of OP 1–15               to reach 17.6 per cent.
                                                     students who had an OP 1–6 and
                                                     accepted an offer through QTAC            In 2018, 10.6 per cent of QUT’s
       1.0%                                          decreased in 2018. This was due           international students were HDR
                                       Target 2018

                                                     to a surge in OP 1–6 acceptances
       0.5%                                                                                    students.
                                                     in 2017 in the final year of offering
         0%                                          a Graduate Diploma in Education
                  2016   2017   2018                 course, together with more OP 7–15
                                                     acceptances in some courses
                                                     in 2018.

Pa g e 16 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
International student share of                QUT won the 2018                                         QUT’s student service model, HiQ,
total population                                                                                       celebrated its first birthday on
                                              Australian Financial
                                                                                                       29 April. During its first 12 months,
                                              Review Higher Education
      18%                                                                                              HiQ received a total of 397 904 enquiries
                                              Employability award for                                  from students, staff and visitors. The
                                              Real World Learning.                                     service has consistently maintained a
      14%                                                                                              client satisfaction rating higher than
                                              This award is recognition of QUT’s                       four (out of a possible five) across
                                              Real World Learning 2020 Vision                          all delivery channels.
      10%                                     which has focused institutional effort
                                                                                                       A timetable planner app was developed,
                                              to effectively bridge the student
       8%                                                                                              which allows students to see when their
                                              classroom experience to the wider
                                                                                                       enrolled classes are scheduled and then
       6%                                     world.
                                                                                                       build and save a draft timetable that
                                              Percentage of students who have
                                                                                                       can be used to help inform preferences
                                Target 2018

                                              completed Work Integrated Learning                       during the class allocation process.
                                              units upon graduation
       0%                                                                                              QUT established an eSports
             2016 2017   2018                     80%                                                  (competitive video gaming) program.
                                                                                                       Unlike most eSport activities at
                                                                                                       Australian universities that are typically
                                                  60%                                                  run as student clubs, QUT’s program
For several years, QUT has maintained
                                                                                                       incorporates eSport into the university
an international student share of total           50%                                                  framework through oversight of QUT
population significantly less than the
                                                                                                       Sport. The purpose-built eSport
sector average.                                   40%
                                                                                                       arena at Gardens Point campus
QUT’s share of domestic                           30%                                                  opened in July 2018 and will facilitate
undergraduate students from                                                                            research, training of competitive teams,
                                                                                                       tournaments, engagement and events.
                                                                                 Target 2018

low socioeconomic status (SES)
backgrounds reduced slightly in 2018,             10%
                                                                                                       The ‘Respect and Safety’ initiative
to be 12.5 per cent. This included
                                                   0%                                                  involves on-going university-wide efforts
reductions in low-SES students                             2016   2017 2018*
                                                                                                       to prevent student sexual harassment
in 2018 for some courses which                          *Final data not available by
                                                                                                       and assault through student awareness
previously were offered at QUT’s                        completion of annual report
                                                                                                       raising (online and face-to-face training);
former Caboolture campus in 2017.
                                                                                                       to encourage higher levels of disclosure
                                              QUT’s overall quality of students’                       and reporting; and to improve the
Share of domestic undergraduate
                                              educational experience has been                          support for students who report their
students from low SES
                                              higher than the sector average over                      concerns. Part of a national approach,
                                              recent years.                                            the university’s Action Plan targets
                                                                                                       cohorts and places of higher risk, and
                                              Overall quality of educational                           the associated Working Party involves
                                                                                                       student leaders and staff in the
                                                                                                       implementation of the plan.
      10%                                           90%
                                                                                                       The VET in Schools project,
       8%                                                                                              implemented in partnership between
                                                    70%                                                QUT’s Confucius Institute and
                                                                                                       Yeronga State High School, exceeded
       4%                                                                                              expectations with strong enrolments
                                Target 2018

                                                    50%                                                in the innovative program. Chinese
                                                                                                       language is being taught using the
                                                    40%                                                Content and Language Integrated
             2016 2017 2018
                                                    30%                                                Learning (CLIL) approach with a
                                                                                                       hospitality technical theme.
                                                                                         Target 2018

                                                                                                       The number of student international
                                                                                                       experiences continued to grow, with
                                                     0%                                                QUT’s percentage close to the sector
                                                             2016 2017   2018*                         average in 2017.
                                                          *Final data not available by
                                                          completion of annual report

                                                                                                             Pa g e 17 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
Percentage of students who have                       QUT’s graduate and professional               The 2018 David Gardiner QUT Teacher
an international experience                           education income decreased in 2018            of the Year Award was awarded to
                                                      and was under the 2018 target.                Dr Deb Duthie. Dr Duthie was also the
        20%                                                                                         recipient of the Australian Technology
                                                      Graduate and professional                     Network of Universities National
        18%                                           education income ($ M)                        Teacher Award.
                                                                                                    QUT partnered with two other
        14%                                                                                         universities as organisers of the
                                                              25                                    inaugural Australasian Academic
                                                                                                    Development Good Practice Awards.
        10%                                                                                         The awards recognise the good
                                                              15                                    practices of academic developers,

                                                                                                    and enable them to share innovation,

                                                                                      Target 2018
         6%                                                                                         inspire others across the sector
                                                              5                                     and raise the profile of the role that
                                                                                                    academic development plays in
                                        Target 2018

         2%                                                        2016   2017 2018                 student success for all universities
                                                                                                    in the sector. QUT had three of the
                  2016     2017 2018*
                                                                                                    10 national finalists.
              *Final data not available by            QUTeX was established in 2018 to              Professor Abby Cathcart, Professor
              completion of annual report
                                                      provide professional and executive            Dann Mallett, Associate Professor
                                                      education delivered by the university,        Christy Collis and Professor
Commencing ex-QUT bachelor                            managed through QUT Business                  Larry Neale travelled to China
degree attrition
                                                      School.                                       with academics from three other
                                                                                                    Queensland universities for a teaching
        18%                                           In 2018 the university developed the
                                                                                                    excellence showcase. The showcase
                                                      QUT Online Strategy, which will be
        16%                                                                                         was part of a project funded by Trade
                                                      implemented in 2019.
                                                                                                    and Investment Queensland and led
        14%                                                                                         by QUT with the aim of enhancing
                                                      The university recruited a new
        12%                                           position of Pro Vice-Chancellor               Queensland’s reputation as a centre
                                                      (Digital Learning), who will commence         of excellence in university learning and
        10%                                                                                         teaching by providing opportunities for
                                                      in January 2019.
                                                                                                    academic staff in China to experience
                                                      QUT’s Learning and Teaching                   innovative professional development
         6%                                           Unit partnered with the Faculty of            aligned with a globally recognised
                                                      Education to develop a fully online,          professional standards framework.
                                        Target 2017

                                                      professional learning suite which aims
         2%                                           to have 12 new programs available by          Graduate and student
                                                      late 2020. Five ‘taster’ courses were         achievements
                  2015     2016 2017                  delivered on FutureLearn supporting
                                                                                                    With nearly 30 years’ experience
                                                      20 000 learners from more than
                                                                                                    as a legal advocate for Indigenous
                                                      100 countries.
                                                                                                    Australians, Tony McAvoy was the
The graph above shows the                                                                           2018 QUT Alumnus of the Year and
                                                      Teaching excellence
percentage of commencing                                                                            Faculty of Law Outstanding Alumni
bachelor degree students who                          Close to 650 QUT staff members                Award Winner.
neither complete their course in                      across all levels of the university
                                                      achieved international recognition            QUT alumni have won two awards,
the same year nor return to QUT in
                                                      as fellows of the Higher Education            including Alumnus of the Year, at the
the following year. The university’s
                                                      Academy (HEA).                                Australia China Alumni Association
2017 commencing bachelor degree
                                                                                                    (ACAA) event on 23 November
attrition decreased from 2016,
                                                      In 2018 Dr Colin Jones was awarded            to honour key Australian alumni
moving closer to QUT’s 2017 target to
                                                      the highest recognition category of           in a variety of award categories.
reduce to 15.1 per cent. For several
                                                      Principal Fellow of the HEA.                  Architecture alumnus Joseph Kwan
years QUT’s attrition percentage has
                                                                                                    was named the 2018 TOEFL Australia
been lower than the sector average.

Pa g e 18 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
China Alumnus of the Year. Tony Ip,      The QUT Enactus team won
also from Architecture, was named        the national Enactus Australia
the 2018 ACAA Arts and Creative          competition and represented Australia
Industries Outstanding Alumni winner.    at the Enactus World Cup in the
                                         United States in late 2018. Enactus
Nathan Jarro was appointed as            is an international organisation that
Queensland’s first Indigenous District   motivates university students around
Court Judge. A QUT alumnus, Nathan       the world to empower the lives of
was a member of QUT Council from         others and enable economic, social
2008 to 2012 and has been Chair          and environmental impact.
of QUT’s Indigenous Education,
Research and Employment                  QUT continues to have
Committee since 2013.
                                         strong employment
The eighth annual CareerTrackers         outcomes for its graduates.
Leadership Development Institute
forum took place from 31 January         Full-time employment rate for bachelor
to 2 February. Five QUT students         graduates available fo full-time work

received academic excellence awards
at the gala dinner.                           90%

QUT student athletes enjoyed                  80%
remarkable success at the Gold
Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.
Between them, QUT athletes won                60%
20 medals, 19 of these for Australia
and one for Malta. These included
12 gold, six silver and two bronze            40%

Seven QUT students were awarded               20%
                                                                          Target 2018

Westpac Young Technologists
Scholarships at an event in Sydney            10%
on 11 April. The scholarships are              0%
intended to foster innovators by                       2016 2017 2018*
supporting undergraduate students to                *Final data not available by
                                                    completion of annual report
bring about change through cutting-
edge technology.
                                         QUT’s full-time employment rate
QUT doctoral student Emily O’Grady
                                         for bachelor graduates available for
won the prestigious 2018 Vogel
                                         full-time work was better than the
Literary Award for her work The
                                         sector average in 2017.
Yellow House. The award is made for
unpublished manuscripts by writers
under the age of 35.

Christopher Stackpoole won a
Vinerian Scholarship—the most
prestigious law scholarship awarded
annually by the University of Oxford—
as the student who gave ‘the best
performance in the examination for
the Degree of Bachelor of Civil Law’.

                                                                                        Pa g e 19 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
Real-world research

Our real-world research priorities focus on being a globally leading university
that delivers solutions to the challenges of today and the future. This is achieved
through high-impact research that spans discipline boundaries and is pursued
in partnership with end users, leveraging our deep technological strengths and
responding to the human capital and innovation needs of the global economy.

QUT’s 2017 total research                            Discovery Projects, Discovery Early        A QUT research team received
income (reported in 2018)                            Career Researcher Awards and               $433 000 funding from the
                                                     Linkage, Infrastructure Equipment          Queensland Department of
increased to $100.1 million.
                                                     and Facilities round announced in          Environment and Heritage Protection
QUT continued to hold                                November 2018, securing 20 new             for a three-year project to trial the use
eleventh place of Australian                         grants worth over $10.8 million.           of bioreactors on sugarcane farms to
universities.                                                                                   reduce nitrogen pollution of the
                                                     In 2018 four ARC Future Fellows            Great Barrier Reef.
                                                     were awarded to QUT for 2019
The 2017 income was under the
                                                     commencement worth $3.5 million            In January 2018, the Australian
university’s target.
                                                     over four years. The university’s          Government announced a
                                                     success rate was 25 per cent against       $60 million investment over 18
Total research income ($ M)                          a national average of 20 per cent.         months in Great Barrier Reef
                                                                                                protection and restoration programs.
         140                                         Twelve QUT researchers were                This included $6 million to a
                                                     awarded a total of $2.82 million in the    consortium (including QUT) to scope
         120                                         Advance Queensland Fellowships.            and design a major new coral reef
         100                                                                                    restoration R&D program. QUT will
                                                     QUT led a $7.5 million research
                                                                                                provide engineering, robotics, social
          80                                         project to establish a pilot plant
                                                                                                impact assessment and modelling
                                                     producing hydrogen from renewable

          60                                                                                    capability to this program.
                                                     energy. The pilot plant will use locally
          40                                         produced solar energy to extract           A team led by Professor Lindy
                                       Target 2017

                                                     hydrogen from treated non-drinking         Willmott, Professor Ben White and
                                                     water, such as seawater.                   Professor Patsy Yates secured
           0                                                                                    a National Palliative Care grant
                  2015   2016 2017                   QUT was successful in the first
                                                                                                worth over $700 000 from the
                                                     round of the Australian Government’s
                                                                                                Commonwealth Department
                                                     National Landcare Program under
                                                                                                of Health, and an award worth
                                                     the Department of Agriculture and
In 2018, QUT was awarded four                                                                   over $650 000 from the Victorian
                                                     Water Resources. QUT is involved
new National Health and Medical                                                                 Government Department of Health
                                                     in two of the 15 Smart Farming
Research Council project grants                                                                 and Human Services.
                                                     Partnerships recently awarded:
for 2019 commencement, worth
                                                     one with total external funds of           Researchers from QUT’s Institute for
$5.28 million over five years.
                                                     $3.6 million over four years; and          Future Environments (IFE) and the
QUT performed strongly in the                        one with grant funding of $1 million       Queensland Alliance for Agriculture
Australian Research Council (ARC)                    over three years.                          and Food Innovation (QAAFI) joined
                                                                                                forces to map the DNA of the nation’s

Pa g e 20 | Q U T A n n u a l R e p o r t 2018
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