Broome High School - Spartanburg School District 3

Broome High School - Spartanburg School District 3
Broome High School                                                           March 2021
                                                                                                  Volume 1, Issue 3

                    College and Career Readiness
    Mr. Rodney Graves, Principal                    (864) 279-6700 -   381 Cherry Hill Road, Spartanburg, SC 29307

                Women’s History Month
                                        Did you know? Women’s Histo-           Delilah C. Goode, GCDF
                                        ry Month started as a Women’s          (864) 279-6790
        Guidance Staff                  History week. According to the
Gary Barnard, Director of Guidance
(864) 279-6715
                                        National Women’s History                 Museum, Women’s History               Inside this issue
                                        Month began as a local cele-
Janet Linder, Counselor, A-G
                                        bration in Santa Rosa, Califor-       Guidance Upcoming Events………2
(864) 279-6730                 nia. The Education Task Force         College Board …………………………..3
                                                                              Upstate Showcase…………………….4
                                        of the Sonoma County                  Scholarships……………………………..5-10
Erica Clary, Counselor, H-O             (California) Commission on
(864) 279-6733                                                                New College Guide…………………..11                 the Status of Women planned           College Information………………….12
                                        and executed a “Women’s His-
Gena Dachenhausen, Counselor P-Z        tory Week” celebration in             Special points of interest
(864) 279-6816                 1978. The organizers selected         • Make sure you check the newsletter
                                                                                often. It’s updated throughout the
                                        the week of March 8 to corre-           month.
Sherry Gilmer, Secretary                spond with International              • Juniors and Seniors take advantage of
(864) 279-6740
                                        Women’s Day. The movement               the College Board Scholarship Opportu-
                                        spread across the country as            nities. (page 3)

Alyssa Sparks, Register                 other communities initiated           • Upstate Showcase, please listen for
(864) 279-6707                          their own Women’s History               additional information about this event.                                                        (page 4)
                                        Week celebrations the follow-         • Take advantage of the Scholarships
   ing year. The theme for Women's History Month in 2021 captures               listed on pages 5— 10.
   the spirit of these challenging times. Since many of the women's           • College Information starts on page 12.
   suffrage centennial celebrations originally scheduled for 2020
   were curtailed, the National Women's History Alliance is extend-
   ing the annual theme for 2021 to "Valiant Women of the Vote:
   Refusing to Be Silenced.”
Broome High School - Spartanburg School District 3
College                   Upcoming Guidance and School Events:
    Navigation                             March 2021

Whether you are a      Event:                        Date :                  Time:
                       School Day SAT                3/3/2021
high school student
                       WIN Testing                   3/8/2021
wanting to research    BHS Registration              3/8/2021
your college options,
                       BHS Registration              3/9/2021
or a parent trying to
                       BHS Registration              3/10/2021
get ahead of the
                       Josten's Senior Delivery &
game, the college re- Sophomore Ring Makeup          3/10/2021               11:15 AM 12:30 PM
search and applica-    ACT School Day Makeup         3/10/2021
tion process can be    BHS Registration              3/11/2021
confusing. With
                       BHS Registration              3/12/2021
more than 4,000 de-
                       SAT                           3/13/2021
gree-granting institu-
                       Upstate Business Showcase     3/15/2021 - 3/19/2021
tions in the United
States, how are you    BHS Registration              3/15/2021

supposed to find out BHS Registration                3/16/2021
which one is the       First Day of 4th Nine Weeks   3/16/2021
right fit for you?     BHS Registration              3/17/2021
Luckily, The National 3rd Quarter GRADES DUE TO
                       GUIDANCE                      3/18/2021               8:00 AM
Center for Education
                       BHS Registration              3/18/2021
Statistics has a great
resource that makes BHS Registration                 3/19/2021

the process of find-   WIN Testing Makeup            3/19/2021
ing a college easier.  BHS Registration              3/22/2021
The College Naviga- BHS Registration                 3/23/2021
tor helps you find,    Parent/Teacher Conferences    3/23/2021               3:30 PM   6:45 PM
organize, and keep     BHS Registration              3/24/2021
track of the schools   SAT School Day Makeup         3/24/2021
that are best suited   BHS Registration              3/25/2021
for you. To get more BHS Registration                3/26/2021
help and info, visit:  BHS Registration              3/29/2021
                       BHS Registration              3/30/2021

Broome High School - Spartanburg School District 3
College Board Opportunity Scholarship
Juniors and Seniors are you looking           Open Through October
for scholarship opportunities? All            Students who start using Official SAT®   Action Steps for
juniors are now eligible to sign up and       Practice on Khan Academy® by com-
take action for College Board Oppor-          pleting a Timed Mini Section (if they
tunity Scholarships along with our            already have a PSAT-related assess-      Seniors should focus
seniors.                                      ment or SAT score) or Diagnostic Quiz    on completing the last
                                              (if they don't yet have a score) will    three actions in the
Action Steps for Juniors                      earn an entry to this scholarship.       scholarship program.
Build Your College List                                                                Last Call! The Improve
Open Through June                               “Juniors and Seniors are you look-     Your Score Scholar-
Students who create and save a col-            ing for scholarship opportunities?”     ship closes at the end
lege list on BigFuture™ with six or                                                    of January.
more schools will earn an entry to
this scholarship.
                                                                                       Complete the
                                                                                       FAFSA Closes End of
                                                                                       February Seniors who
                                                                                       fill out the Free Appli-
                                                                                       cation for Federal Stu-
                                                                                       dent Aid (FAFSA®) will
                                                                                       earn an entry to this

                                                                                       Note: Students who
                                                                                       are legally ineligible to
                                                                                       submit the FAFSA can
                                                                                       still earn an entry for
                                                                                       the scholarship by go-
                                                                                       ing to their My Action
                                                                                       Plan page on the pro-
                                                                                       gram website.

                                                                                       Apply to Colleges
                                                                                       Closes End of Febru-
                                                                                       ary Students who ap-
                                                                                       ply to two or more
                                                                                       colleges will earn an
                                                                                       entry to this scholar-

     Should you need additional information, please contact Mrs. Goode, GCDF.                                3
Broome High School - Spartanburg School District 3
2021 S.C. Education and
                                                         Business Summit
                                                               March 15—19, 2021
                                                 This year the 2021 S.C. Education and Business Summit
                                                 will be held in a virtual format. Our scheduled dates to
                                                 participate in this event this year is March 15—19,

                                                 Our “Live Friday” date is March 19, 2021. There will be
                                                 a live person on this date that will be available to an-
                                                 swer questions for students, teachers and parents.

March 15—18, each student will have a 2021 Upstate Business Summit Passport to use during this event.
On these dates students and teachers can explore each participating company’s booth virtually. They will
have videos, demonstrations and facts about their company. Students who complete their passport and
submit it to Mrs. Linder and/or Mrs. Goode
before the deadline will have a chance to
win one of our wonderful door prizes…...

Please note: All Broome High School
students have already been regis-
tered to participate in this event. You
do not need to register for this event again.
You will receive your login information and
additional detail as we get closer to the

To learn more about this event, click on the
link below.:

Broome High School - Spartanburg School District 3
Opportunity Scholarship                                            how to apply :

                                                                   Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship
                                                                   Deadline: March 9, 2021
                                                                   Submit original photo, artwork, or computer graphics for the
                                                                   front of a greeting card. Submit original photo, artwork or
Deadline: March 15th                                               computer graphics for the front of a greeting card. Must be
The South Carolina State Fair will award fifty (50) $6000 schol- 14 years or older at time of entry and be enrolled in High
arships to students across the state to be paid at the rate of     school, college, university or homeschool.
$1500 per year over a four year period. The fifty 2021 schol-
ars will be required to meet eligibility requirements deemed scholarship.htm
necessary by the South Carolina State Fair. On Monday, Feb-
ruary 1st, our 2021 scholarship application and eligibility re-    Horatio Alger Association –
quirements will become available on our website at
                                                                   Career & Technical Scholarship
                                                                   Interested in pursuing an associate’s degree or certificate pro-
The National Association of Federal Edu- gram?                             The Horatio Alger Association welcomes eligible high
                                                                   school seniors to apply for the Horatio Alger Scholarships,
cation Program Administrators (NAFEPA) which range from $2500 each. Complete the requirements
Must contact a state representative                                listed on the website to see if you are eligible to apply.
Offers four scholarships annually. The scholarships are  
named in honor of Iva McCants, Stanley McFarland, John Pfaff
and Elizabeth Pinkerton. All of these individuals contributed College Board Partners Scholarship
their time and talents to move NAFEPA forward as a profes-         The College Board partners with scholarship providers con-
sional organization. The NAFEPA Board of Directors estab-          nected to the SAT®, PSAT/NMSQT®, and PSAT™ 10. Through
lished these awards in honor of these individuals to recognize these partners, students can access over $300 million in schol-
outstanding contributions to the goals of NAFEPA and the           arship awards. Learn more at
students the organization represents. Scholarship winners will
be selected based upon the following areas of equal point
value: high school transcript (20 points), extracurricular activi-
ties/leadership activities within the community or church (20 American Association of Cosmetology
points), three letters of recommendation from a principal,
faculty member of staff, and a non-family member (20               School (AACS) - ACE Program are designed to help you
points), financial need (20 points), and a 300 word                begin your career in cosmetology. The ACE Program is the first ever
(maximum) essay outlining his/her leadership activities and        industry-wide effort to encourage highly motivated and qualified
future goals (20p points).                     individuals to join the world of cosmetology. For more information
                                                                   about scholarship opportunities :
Call Me Mister Program
Deadline to apply
The mission of the Call Me Mister Initiative is to increase the
pool of available teachers from a broader more diverse back-
ground particularly among the State’s lowest performing ele-
mentary schools. Student participant are largely selected
form among underserved, socio-economically disadvantaged
and educationally at risk communities. The project provides:
Tuition assistance through Loan Forgiveness programs for
admitted students pursuing approved of study in teacher edu-
cation at participating colleges. For more information and                                                                   5
Broome High School - Spartanburg School District 3
Scott and Kim Verplank                      Will receive a $1,000 scholarship.
                                                                    For additional information go to:
                        Foundation Scholarship            
Scholarships:           Deadline: April 15, 2021                    digital-privacy-scholarship
                        This scholarship provides annually, re-
Scholarship infor-      newable college scholarships to students
                                                                    Scholarship for Journal-
mation can be           beginning their undergraduate studies of
                        up to $10,000 to be used toward tuition,    ism Diversity
found under Guid-       student fees, and books. Scholarships are   (Deadline: March 1, 2021)
ance on our BHS         renewable for up to a maximum of four
                                                                    To be eligible for the scholarship a
                        years for any one recipient based on
website and also        completing the renewal requirements.        student must: Be a high school senior
by visiting our guid-   Some of the requirements are: A) High       with a grade point average of 3.0 or
ance department         School Senior                               better who is preparing to enter col-
                        B) Childhood diagnosis of Type 1 Dia-       lege and intends to become a journal-
and our CDF office.     betes C) Successfully managing diabe-       ist who will bring diversity to U.S.
This newsletter will    tes with proper medication, exercise        journalism. Applications can be found
include some of         and diet D) Commitment to educa-
                                                                    by going to: https://
                        tion by maintaining in excess of a 3.0
the scholarships        grade point average. For additional
we have to offer.       information:                                scholarship/12777/scholar
Some scholarships       Scholarships – Verplank Foundation          ship_for_journalism_diversity_schola
will not be listed in
                        Golden Door Scholarship
this newsletter. So
                        Application for Fall 2021 is Now            Spartanburg Community
please visit Guid-      Open!!
ance for additional     4-year tuition; room & board. Golden
                                                                    Aviation Program
                                                                    The Spartanburg Science center is not
scholarship infor-      Door Scholars provides scholarships
                                                                    taking application for six (6) scholarships,
                        for DACA & undocumented students.
mation.                 Students may be high school seniors
                                                                    for students 16-20 years of age, for the
                                                                    Spartanburg Community Aviation Pro-
                        or recent graduates. Preference will
                                                                    gram. This is a wonderful opportunity for
                        be given to high school graduates
                                                                    any student that is interested in Aviation.
                        from states that require undocu-
                                                                    To apply please visit: https://
                        mented students to pay out-of-state
                        Eligibility: DACA, undocumented             College Jumpstart
                        Digital Privacy                             Deadline: April 15, 2021
                        Scholarship                                 This is an annual, merit-based compe-
                        Deadline: June 30, 2021                     tition, open to 10th – 12th graders. The
                        You must be a high school freshman,         main requirement is that you are
                        sophomore, junior, or senior or a           committed to going to school and can
                        current or entering college or grad         express your goals for getting a high-
                        ate school student of any level.            er education.http://www.jumpstart-
                        Home schooled students are also   
                        eligible. There is no age limit. You
                        must also be a U.S. citizen or
                        legal resident. Awards: The winner
Broome High School - Spartanburg School District 3
$6,000, and the remaining Awards of Ex-

    Scholarships            South Carolina Coaches
                                                                         cellence are $2,000 each. For winning
                                                                         artists, one of the submitted artworks will
       Tips:                Association                                  be selected for a national exhibition.
                                                                         Artists attend professional development
                            of Women’s Sports                            activities provided by the Kennedy Center
Apply for local             Deadline to apply is March 2021              in Washington, D.C.
scholarships                The purpose of the SCCAWS and Trophies
                            by “M” Scholarship is to encourage stu-      During the COVID-19 pandemic, the appli-
Many communities            dent athletes to enter the field of medi-    cation deadline is extended. Professional
                            cine. To help us in selecting a recipient    development opportunities will take
offer local scholar-
                            for the award, eligibility requirements      place virtually and/or in-person as condi-
ships through clubs,
                            include:                                     tions allow.
organizations, small                                                     VSA Emerging Young Artists | Kennedy
                            Academic excellence (transcript, include
businesses, and bene-                                                    Center (
                            ing SAT and/or ACT scores required)
factors. The odds of        Recommendations from guidance coun
winning these schol-
arships are greater
                            selor and two teachers. Extra-curricular     South Carolina Associa-
                            activities involving athletic and non-
because they’re open        athletic participation (must be an eligi     tion of Licensed Trades
to a smaller group of       ble high school participant on one or        Deadline to apply varies
students.                   more high school league athletic             This scholarship is made available to
                            teams). Enrolling female college fresh       assist a student with plans to pursue a
Submit early                man who plans to enter the field of
                                                                         career in the heating and air condi-
                            medicine. A one-page essay (in the stu
                                                                         tioning industry. Applicants must be a
Don’t wait until the        dent’s handwriting) on the topic, “Why I
                            Want Enter the Medical Field and What        high school student, with a minimum
due date, just in case
                            Area of Specialization Do I Plan to En       of a 2.5 GPA, and plans to attend a
there’s a problem
                            ter.” SAT – minimum composite score of       vocational-tech school. https://
with the site, the In-
                            1000 and/or ACT – minimum composite
ternet connection, or
                            score of 22 Rank in class GPA (based on
your computer.
                            S.C. Uniform Grading Scale) Financial
                            need – income tax forms required
Apply for as                (previous year income tax forms will be
many scholar-               accepted) A list of colleges where you
ships as you                have been accepted. http://

The tip we hear the         VSA Emerging Young
most from scholarship       Artists Program -
winners is to apply for     Deadline: April 28, 2021
as many scholarships        Our programs for artists with disabilities
as you can. Treat it like   shape the future of the arts. The VSA
                            Emerging Young Artists Program, a Jean
a part-time job and set
                            Kennedy Smith Arts and Disability Pro-
aside several hours         gram, amplifies the voices of emerging
every month to look         artists with career development and pro-
for and apply for schol-    fessional empowerment. The competition
arships. You should         seeks excellent work from emerging
                            artists with disabilities residing in the
continue applying for
                            United States. Fifteen winning artists are
scholarships for as long    selected by jury. Grand Prize is $20,000,
as you’re in school.        First Prize is $10,000, Second Prize is

Broome High School - Spartanburg School District 3
Daughters of American Agriculture
                                                                   UNIGO Scholarships
Scholarship -                                                      If you are looking for money for college, check out the scholar-
(Deadline: March 1, 2021)                                          ships offered by UNIGO Scholarships at
To be eligible for the scholarship a student must:       
A) Be a woman planning on studying agriculture leadership,
communications, rural sociology, medicine, or any other cours-
es directly related to agriculture. Applications can be found by   National Restaurant Association
going to:       Deadline to apply is March 2021
daught                                                             Since 1987, the National Restaurant Association Educational
ers_of_american_agriculture_scholarship_scholarship.php            Foundation has provided merit-based scholarships for under-
                                                                   graduate students pursuing degrees related to the restaurant
                                                                   industry. They have awarded over 23 million in scholarships
Mark A. Gabis Scholarship                                          since 1987. If you are a student enrolled or is planning to major
Deadline: Rolling Deadline
                                                                   in a culinary arts program, apply for one of the National Res-
This scholarship is for high school seniors in their second quar-
                                                                   taurant Association Educational Foundation Scholarships now!
ter/semester who demonstrate academic achievement, finan-
cial need, community/volunteer service, and strong desire.
Applicants must be US citizens. Scholarship applications can be
submitted any time of year, but they are reviewed March, Au-
gust, October and December.                                       Delventhal Law Office LLC®                   Scholarship
scholarship                                                       DEADLINE: APRIL 15, 2021
                                                                  This scholarship is available to all high school seniors who are
BI-LO/SpiritFest Scholarship                                      planning to enter the law field. It is a one-time award of
Deadline: July 25, 2021                                           $1,000. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and plan to
Applicants must be minority high school seniors with a mini-      attend a four-year college/university or two-year community
mum 3.0 GPA. Applicants must complete an application which college for the fall of 2021. Although not required, applicants
including a 300-word autobiography which highlights volunteer are encouraged to submit recommendation letters and/or re-
activities, leadership experience, extracurricular activities,    sumes to substantiate their application. To apply visit https://
work experience, honors and special awards. Three letters of
recommendation and an official transcript must also be sub-       attorney/#scholarship-application
ERay Promotions                                                   Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship
Attention: Scholarship Committee                                  Due: March 10, 2020
342 Crepe Myrtle Drive                                            Award: $2,500
Greer, SC 29651                                                   Academic Level: High School Senior, Undergraduate Student
United States                                                     Region: National
Phone: (864) 420-7973                                             Field of Study: STEM                                     Eligibility: Enrolled at or accepted to an accredited college or
                                                                   university in the U.S. for the upcoming academic year. Intend-
                                                                   ing to study computer science GPA requirement: 3.3

Broome High School - Spartanburg School District 3
Barbara Wiedner and                        origin or descent (from a Spanish
                                                                      speaking country, first, generation)
                           Dorothy Vandercook                         B) Be in a public high school class of
    Scholarships           Peace Scholarship                          2021 C) Have a GPA of 3.8 or higher.
       Tips:               Due: March                                 For additional requirement and how to
                                                                      apply: AHAM Scholarship for Latino /
                           Award: $250 - $500
                                                                      Hispanic High School Students Upstate SC
                           Academic Level: High School Senior,
Apply for                  College Freshman
scholarships               Region: National                           The South Carolina
with smaller               Field of Study: Any                        Automobile Dealers
awards                     Eligibility: Have a background in
                                                                      Association (SCADA)
                           leadership or initiative relating to
                                                                      Deadline: June 1, 2021
Many students look for     peace, social justice, nuclear dis-
                                                                      The SCADA and its Board of Directors
scholarships that offer    armament and/or conflict resolution
                                                                      are pleased to award scholarships to
the biggest bucks—but      Link:
                                                                      deserving students pursuing an edu-
those are also the most    scholarship/Barbara- Wiedner-and-
                                                                      cation and career in automotive
competitive. Scholar-                                                 technology. Recipients enrolling in
                           Peace- Scholarship/bb099c90
ships with smaller                                                    degree programs at community col-
awards usually have                                                   leges, technical colleges or four year
                           Claes Nobel Women of                       colleges and universities will be eligi-
fewer applicants, so
your chances of win-       Tomorrow Leadership                        ble to receive awards up to $5,000.
ning may be higher.        Awards                                     Applicants must satisfy the criteria
                                                                      listed under the scholarship guide-
These scholarships can     Due: March
                                                                      lines for application and provide all
help with college costs    Award: $1,000
                                                                      requested information by the appli-
like books, supplies,      Academic Level: High School Senior
                                                                      cation deadline. The selection pro-
and living expenses.       Region: National
                                                                      cess is heavily weighted to those stu-
                           Field of Study: Any
Paying off those small-                                               dents who show a passion and ex-
                           Eligibility: Female high school senior
er expenses can quickly                                               citement for their education and a
                           who has demonstrated outstanding
add up to big savings.                                                career in the automotive industry.
                           leadership skills in their schools and
                                                                      2021 SCADA Scholarship for Automo-
                           communities GPA requirement: 3.5
                                                                      tive Excellence (
Proofread                  s/claes-nobel-women-of-tomorrow
Spelling and grammar
mistakes may get you
disqualified. Make sure    American Hispanic
to proofread your es-
say at least twice and
                           Women Association
ask your parents and       Scholarship
friends to look it over,   Deadline: March 5, 2021
                           We are pleased to announce our schol-
too. The more eyes,
                           arship award to eligible Hispanic high
the better.                school seniors in the following counties
                           of the Upstate: Abbeville, Anderson,
                           Cherokee, Greenwood, Greenville, Lau-
                           rens, Oconee, Pickens, Spartanburg, and
                           Union. Some of the requirements are:
                           A) Candidates must be of Hispanic
Junior Scholars Programs
Junior’s if you are interested in applying to a
junior scholar program, please stop by guid-
ance and see Mrs. Clary to determine if you are

            Application Procedure:
            1. Print application from SCLEOA web
                site at

      Don’t use
Your essay should be
about you. The best
essays are unique
and stand out from
the competition, so
be original and use
your own words.

Satisfy all the
You can write the
best essay in the
world, but if the
prompt asks for a list
of five things, and
you only list four, you
may be disqualified.
Make sure you an-
swer every question
and accurately meet
every requirement.

     Stick to the
     word limit
Get as close to the
word limit as you
can, but don’t go
over. Exceeding the
word limit may dis-
qualify you.

College Information:
                         SPARTANBURG METHODIST COLLEGE
Students graduating from a SC high school with a 3.0 or higher qualify for the Full Tuition Scholarship
Our 4 year programs are expanding! We now offer a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration and
our interdisciplinary Bachelors of Arts (English, History, Business, Religious Studies, Psychology, Crimi-
nal Justice). All students still start in one of our 6 associates degree programs (Arts, Science, Business,
Criminal Justice, Fine Arts, Religious Studies) We are Division 1 Athletics in the NJCAA (basketball, soc-
cer, volleyball, beach volleyball, softball, baseball, cross country, golf)
NO test scores & NO application fees required

                                       Winthrop University

                       Register at:

Winthrop College
Would like to inform you about 2 accounting/ business programs they are offering to high school minority stu-
dents; ACAP (free event offered every year) and AMPD (a college program for accounting students). I’ve bullet-
ed a few points about each program below and have also attached flyers. If you are able, please forward to
your students/ parents. I would love to answer any questions about either program.

ACAP- Accounting Career Awareness Program—Deadline is April 10th at 8pm.
•   Trademark program held every year by the National Association of Black Accountants
•   Students will learn from business professionals about professional development, accounting, finance and
financial literacy
• Students will have the opportunity to talk to admission counselors from Charlotte about college and what
to look for when applying for school
• Student will participate in a case competition
• This year the program will be virtual (usually a residency program on a college campus)
• Dates- June 14-16
• For rising sophomore, junior and senior students
• Scholarships will be given out to select students

AMPD- Accounting, Mentorship and Professional Development Program—No specific
• College academic program offered by Winthrop University (WU)
• Competitive program developed with an accounting firm to increase the number of minorities in the ac-
counting field
• Students get professional development from fortune 500 companies, special housing, scholarships, ac-
counting mentor, consideration for internships, externships and full-time positions
• To participate students must identify as an underrepresented minority, have a 3.0 GPA, specific MATH SAT
or ACT scores, come to WU for school, participate in extra-curricular activities and study accounting

                                     “Conquer and Prevail”
You can also read