Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C

Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C

Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C


Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 2 HISTORY Created in 1961, Youth Camp & Exchange (YCE) is one of Lions International’s longest running service programs. It was designed in response to Lions third purpose – to create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world. Districts and multiple districts that sponsor youth to go abroad, host youth in their own country, organise camps, or all of the above demonstrate their dedication to promoting peace and global understanding.

The Lions International Youth Camp and Exchange Program is life-changing. Participants have a unique cultural learning experience wether in their own country or travelling to another, living as individual with a host family and taking part in a camp where a larger group of these young adults are living together for two weeks and further explore the environnement and the country. This program is fully funded by Lions Belgium & Luxemburg, its districts and local clubs. The participation is free of charge for the campers.

The activities that fulfill the objectives of the program, which are to : • Bring people form different countries into meaningful contact with each other • Permit the sharing of ideas, ideals and cultural viewpoints • Promote international understanding and goodwill, and work towards the goals of world peace and human understanding • Encourage respect in young people for the thinking of others. The activities program that we offer will be a mixture of getting to discover Belgium and Luxemburg during visits to its main cities (i.e. Liège, Brussels, Luxemburg, Antwerp ) and places (Sea side, Mines, etc…) and sportive activities and games.

There are 35 campers with 22 different nationalities ! “MEETING AT THE HEART OF EUROPE IN BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018”

Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 3 LOCATION Base Camp located in the Youth Hostel « Hanenbos » a Provincial Residence Centrum near Beersel. Hanenbos is an accommodation centre for young people surrounded by nature. The location and facilities were the drivers to select this location. Hanenbos is a campsite near Beersel not far from Brussels located close to the Provincial Area of Huizingen with a swimming pool and other sport facilities. The capacity of the centrum is more than 110 personen for sleeping. The rooms are divided into 1, 2 and 6 places.

Hanenbos adjoins a 15-hectare nature area and is therefor a nice starting point for nature and environmental education. Web-site: Address : Lotsesteenweg, 103 Dworp (Beersel) GDPR In accordance with the provisions of the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION, by signing your Application Form, you agree that : - Prior to disclose any personal data all Lions and appointed Agents will enter into a confidential agreement protecting the Applicant’s data. - All personal data of the Youth Exchange Participants contained within these forms will only be disclosed to and sharing among those Lions and appointed Agents who are entitled to manage the Youth Exchange Program, and only to such extent that disclosing such information is essential to carry out duties and responsibilities connected to the implementation of the Touth Exchange Program.

- All personal information pertaining to the Participants will be erased upon the completion of the Youth Exchange Programs, except in countries where local regulations state that they must be retained for a certain period of time. After this time has paddes, Lions will ensure that all deferred personal data of the Participants will then be erased.

Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 4 CAMP RULES In order to have a good succesful camp, simply have an open mind for new people and situations as well as a positive approach to your new surroundings. Use common sens and judgement at all times. Keep in mind that the image you leave behind will represent your family, your country and your people. Staff members, Seniors and Junior Staff, are entitled to enforce the rules. Camp Management reserves the right to terminate a Camper’s participation for misconduct or not obeying the rules of the Staff. The Camper will be sent home immediately, his/her parent and the out sending Lions Club will be informed. The parents will be held fully responsible.

General rules for the entire Camp Program • All Campers are obliged to complete the entire program ; • Participate actively in our camp program ; • Speak ENGLISH with all participants and with the camp staff ; • Have a helpful, positive and friendly attitude towards each other ; • Respect different ethical, religious, political attitudes ; • Follow instructions and requests given by Camp Coordinators and Staff ; • Inform the Camp staff immediately if you are ill or feel not well ; • The bedroom is a private place : respect each other’s privacy • Smoking is by law not allowed inside the camp accomodations and inside any other (public) building or restaurant/café in Belgium. Smoking is only allowed on the reserved place outside and never in the forest.

• It is not allowed to be drunk or to possess or use drugs of any kind during the entire period of the camp : all kind of drugs (also cannabis) are illegal in Belgium. You will be sent home immediately on your own cost by the Multi-district Youth Exchange Chairperson in charge if you do possess or use any kind of drugs. • There will be arranged events where comsuption of alcohol can be allowed. Depending of your age you are allowed to drink light alcoholic beverages when the camp staff provides these. Liquor (any strong alcoholic beverages ≥15° ALC VOL) is not allowed. Drinking alcohol in the bedrooms without permission of the camp staff is not allowed. • You are not allowed to leave the camp and/or group without permission from the camp staff ; • It is neither permitted to ask for or to accept any hitchhike from unauthorized persons ; • It is strictly forbidden to drive motor vehicles/boats • It is strictly forbidden to make fire in and outside the camp place • Each participants is expected to keep his/her own bedroom clean and tidy ; • Make sure you have your camp T-shirt always with you. On some occasions you will be asked to wear it.

• Waking-up call by music – Breakfast close at 8 :30h. • Beverages except water consumed at the bar must be payed each evening.

Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 5 CAMP STAFF President – YEC Lions Belgium Camp organizer Frank Lauwers +32/473.222.004 Camp organizer Marie-Gabriële Clerens +32/497.466.777 Incomming Youth & treasurer Youth Camp & Exchange Paul Vanderhaegen +32/479.72.95.20

Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 6 CAMP COORDINATORS Coordinator Brian Verschoore +32/489.387.038 Coordinator Nathan Verschoore +32/489.387.010 Coordinator Mieke Roelandt +32/476.371.124 Coordinator Dries Deridder +32/472.788.957

Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 7 CAMP CALENDAR 2017 JULY 14th, SATURDAY - ARRIVAL DAY 14 :30 – 18 :00 Arrival participants/assign rooms + unpack Games/Speed Dating 18 :30 Official Welcome 19 :00 Dinner at the campsite 20 :00 Presentation Belgium, program & camp rules 23 :00 Closure of the day JULY 15th, SUNDAY - TEAMBUILDING 07 :45-09 :30 Breakfast 10 :00 – 12 :30 ART Team building (Valentina) 12 :30 Lunch 14 :00 – 16:00 Team Building 18:00 Dinner 19:30 Presentation of Countries Part 1 23:00 Night game: combination between drug war and living stratego JULY 16th, MONDAY - TEAMBUILDING 07 :45 Breakfast 10 :00 – 12 :30 Photo Rally 12 :30 Lunch 14 :00 - 17:00 Preparation Social Day 18 :00 Dinner 19:30 Presentation of Countries Part 2

Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 8 JULY 17th, TUESDAY - ANTWERP 07 :45 Breakfast 08 :30 Preparing Lunch-Pakket & Backpacks 09 :00 Departure to Antwerp 10 :30 Arrival at Antwerp + visit Central Station 11 :15 Site Seeing 13 :00 Mas 13 :30 Lunch 14 :30 Free Time in Antwerp 17 :15 Back in Central Station Antwerp 17 :30 Back to Hanenbos 19 :15 Dinner 20 :30 Presentation of Countries Part 3 JULY 18th, WEDNESDAY - SOCIAL ACTIVITIES - HANENBOS LC Bruxelles Saint Hubert Michel AMAND 07 :45 Breakfast 09 :15 Preparing the arrival of our guests 10 :00 Arrival of the guests from « Pensionat Henri Jaspar » 10 :00 Activities with our guests 12 :00 Lunch 14 :00 – 16 :00 Activities with our guests 17 :00 Free time 18 :00 Dinner 19 :30 Presentation Countries part 4

Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 9 JULY 19th, THURSDAY - DISTRICT A – BRUGGE + SEA-SIDE District A – Paul VANDERHAEGHEN 07 :00 Breakfast 08 :00 Departure to BRUGGE 09 :30 Arrival BARGE, BRUGGE 11 :15 Departure to SEA-SIDE KNOKKE 12 :30 Lunch in KNOKKE 13 :30 – 17 :00 Free time in KNOKKE, sport and/or lounge zone at the beachclub 18 :30 Dinner in KNOKKE 21 :00 Departure to Hanenbos JULY 20st, FRIDAY - BRUSSELS 07 :45 Breakfast 08 :30 Preparing Lunch-Pakket & Backpacks 08 :30 Departure to Brussels 10 :00 - 11 :30 Visit ATOMIUM 12 :00 – 13 :15 Lunch 16 :00 – 18 :30 Walk through city center 18 :30 Meeting train station Brussels Central 18 :59 Train to Gent 19 :35 Enjoy « Gentse Feesten » 21 :35 Back to Hanenbos

Brussels lions youth camp 2018 1 - Lions District 112C

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 10 JULY 21nd, SATURDAY - LUXEMBURG 07 :45 Breakfast Free Morning - Prepare suitcase for 2 nights Luxemburg Cleaning Rooms : all luggage on the bed 12 :00 – 13 :15 Lunch 13 :30 Swimming 15 : 30 Departure to Luxemburg 18 :30 Arrival Youth Hostel Luxemburg 19.15 Dinner in Youth Hostel 20.00 WALK BLUES & JAZZ FESTIVAL JULY 22TH, SUNDAY - LUXEMBOURG 08:00 Breakfast + Lunchbox 10:30 Visit of Vianden Castle 13.30 Swimming Hosingen / Lac d’Esch-sur-Sûre 15:30-16.00 Return to Luxembourg-City 18:30 Dinner in Youth Hostel with Governor & Representative Leo Luxembourg BBQ LUXEMBOURGEOIS

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 11 JULY 23TH, MONDAY – RETURN BELGIUM 08:00 Breakfast 09:15 Visit Luxembourg city (guided tour) 12:00 – 13:00 Lunch 13:00 – 15:00 Leisure / Shopping time option l visit of Casemates+ Kirchberg 16:00 Departure by bus to Belgium (before dinner) 18 :30 Dinner 20 :00 Free evening JULY 24th, TUESDAY - DISTRICT D- LIEGE 07 :00 Breakfast 07 :30 Departure to LIEGE, 09 :30 Arrival at LIEGE - quai de Wallonie 10 : 00 Mini Cruise on the MAAS – with the passage of the lock to the island Monsin 11 :30/11 :45 Arriving at VISé 12 :15/12 :30 Transfer to BLEGNY – MINE 13 :30 Lunch at the restaurant "Le Chalet" on the site BLEGNY Mine 15: 30 Visit of the Mine (2 h) 17 :45 Sandwiches at the cafetaria of BLEGNY Mine 18 : 15 Back to Hanenbos

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 12 JULY 25th, WEDNESDAY – DISTRICT B – LILSE BERGEN 07 :00 Breakfast 08 :45 Departure to GIERLE 10 :00 Arrival in GIERLE on Lilse Bergen 10 :15 – 12 :30 Highland Games in groepen 12:30 – 13:00 Lunch sandwiches 13:30 – 16:30 Trophy in groepen 16:30 Walk to the farm - 2km) 17:00 – 18:00 Farmers animation 18:00 – 19:30 BBQ 20:00 Departure to Hanenbos JULY 26th, THURSDAY - DISTRICT C - A DAY AT WALIBI 07 :45 Breakfast 08 :45 Departure to Walibi (Wavre) 10 :00 Arrival to Wavre 12 :00 Lunch 17 :00 Departure 18 :15 Dinner 19 :30 Free evening

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 13 JULY 27TH, FRIDAY - COOL DOWN – FAREWELL PARTY 11 :00 Brunch Sporting activities free choice on Site Huyzingen 14 :00 packing/relaxing 17 :00 Official closing reception 18 :00 Closing Dinner 20 :00 Farewell Party JULY 28TH, SATURDAY – END OF THE CAMP – GETTING ORDERED - TRAVEL No activities this day, participants returning home. Cleanup of youth hostel, farewell, checkout. All participants will be brought to the airport ; the charges are at expenses of the camp.

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 14 CAMP PARTICIPANTS Carolina Michelin Smaniotto Brazil Anton Turmanidze Georgia Boglarka Toth Hungary Alexandra Kisova Slovakia

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 15 Greicekelly Pereira De Sousa Brazil Karoline Hedels Setra Norway Konstantinos Katsaros Greece Nour Bayoudh Tunisia

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 16 Jasmina Adame Slovakia Radoslav Hristov Bulgaria Teodora Nedyalkova Bulgaria Emma Sondergaard Denmark

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 17 Marija Pavlovic Serbia Serhii Patskan Ukraine Paulius Vencius Lithuania Cristiana Paglietta Italy

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 18 Davide Chimenti Italy Simone Nives Digregorio Italy Daniela Czar Austria Carlotta Prandi Italy

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 19 Suma Shamshoum Israël Mer Mönkkönen Finland Mustafa Hussein Ali Norway Yi Shin Lin Taiwan

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 20 Jemina Välilä Finand Joseph Roou UK Julia Glock Austria Dovile Rutkauskaite Lithuania

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 21 Eveliina Lahti Finland Yessica Escarenoi Villanueva Mexico Francisco Luis Perez Gamero Spain Anant Singh Sodhi India

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 22 Berkay Toruntay Turkey Aymen Maalej Tunisia Alessandra Caragiuli Italy

BRUSSELS LIONS YOUTH CAMP 2018 23 NOTES : Have a great trip!