BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT 2018 - Undergraduate study guide

BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT 2018 - Undergraduate study guide

                  study guide
BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT 2018 - Undergraduate study guide

Welcome to Griffith                                01
                                                                            At Griffith,
Why choose Griffith?                               02                       we celebrate,
                                                                            believe in and
Industry connections                               04
Global opportunities                               05
Kick start your career
                                                   07                       strive for the
Top 5 reasons to choose business and
government at Griffith                             08                       remarkable.
Business degrees                                   10
Commerce degrees                                   14
Government and International Relations degrees     16
International Business and Asian Studies degrees   17
International Tourism and Hotel Management degrees 19
Double degrees                                     20
Double degrees with business and government        21
Double degrees with engineering                    22
Double degrees with health                         23
Double degrees with humanities                     26
Double degrees with information technology         28
Double degrees with law                            29
Double degrees with science                        33
Double degrees with visual and creative arts       35
Griffith Honours College                           38
Griffith Sports College                            39
Griffith College                                   40
Support to help you succeed                        41
How to apply                                       42
What’s next?                                       48
Key dates                                          49

G = Gold Coast             L = Logan
M = Mt Gravatt             N = Nathan
S = South Bank             O = Online
X = External
Applications information:
QTAC = Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre
UAC = Universities Admissions Centre (NSW-based)
OP   = Overall Position
ATAR = Australian Tertiary Admission Rank
In this guide, the ATAR cut-off is listed only for those
degrees offered through UAC
N/A = not applicable
CP = credit points
GPA = Grade Point Average
All GPAs in this publication are on a seven-point grading scale

       Important note. All information is correct as at April 2017,
       but is subject to change as content is reviewed and updated.
       Visit for the most up-to-date information.   Cover image: Enoch Pun Bachelor of Commerce
                                                                            (Economics and Finance) student
BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT 2018 - Undergraduate study guide

                                                                                                  Welcome to Griffith

Welcome to Griffith
Griffith was created to be a different kind   Since we started teaching, we’ve been deeply
of university, and we know success often      connected to the Asian region, socially conscious
comes from being an exception to the norm     and environmentally aware.
—challenging convention, adapting and
innovating, creating bold new trends and      Ranking in the top 3% of universities worldwide,
pioneering solutions ahead of their time.     we offer future-focused degrees that are
                                              developed in consultation with industry,
                                              based on cutting-edge research, and taught
                                              by Australia’s most awarded teachers.
BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT 2018 - Undergraduate study guide
Why choose

     Study in a world-class environment                                     Get the knowledge that matters

     Ranked in the top 3% worldwide                                         Work opportunities and industry placements
     With highly awarded teaching staff, expert researchers,                Griffith students put what they learn in the classroom into
     a comprehensive suite of degrees spanning all disciplines,             practice, with the opportunity for industry experience included
     and outstanding campus facilities, Griffith ranks among                in many of our degrees. Depending on what you study, you
     the world’s best universities. In five of the largest and most         could learn through work placements, overseas fieldtrips or
     credible world university rankings, we’re ranked in the top            industry projects for real clients.
     400—placing us in the top 3% worldwide.
                                                                            Global connections and overseas study
     •   Times HE World University Rankings: 251–300                        Our degrees have an international focus, preparing you for
     •   CWTS Leiden Ranking: 300                                           work almost anywhere in the world. What’s more, at Griffith
     •   QS World University Rankings: 336                                  you’ll have the opportunity to enrich and diversify your degree
     •   Academic Ranking of World Universities: 317                        with an overseas study experience or by learning a language.
     •   University Ranking by Academic Performance: 317
                                                                            Take control of your study
     Learn from the best
                                                                            Trimester academic calendar
     Australia’s top teachers                                               At Griffith, we teach across three 12-week trimesters, rather
     At Griffith, you’ll learn from some of the best teachers               than two semesters, each year. Our trimester system offers
     in the country. Our teachers have won more Australian                  you more flexibility and control, with the option to pace your
     Government awards, citations, fellowships and grants                   study to suit your needs, or fast-track your degree and get a
     than any other university. Three of our teachers have even             head start on your career.
     been named Australian University Teacher of the Year.
                                                                            Foundation first year
     Researchers at the cutting-edge                                        Our foundation first year, available for a range of degrees, is
     We regularly work with government, industry and the                    designed to help you find your feet at university and test out
     community to find practical solutions to some of the biggest           different study areas before you choose your specialisation.
     problems facing the world today, including climate change
     adaptation, chronic disease and crime prevention. Our degrees
     are informed by this cutting-edge research, which means
     students gain the latest knowledge, learning alongside people
     making history in a wide range of specialist research fields.

         Sport Management and International Business student Tan Nguyen
         secured an intern position working in the volunteer engagement
         functional area at Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation
         (GOLDOC). A native of Vietnam, he has targeted a career in the major
         sporting event sector. ‘This internship means so much to me because
         I understand how significant this opportunity is in relation to my future
         career,’ he said. ‘I have learnt a lot from the people in my team.’

         Tan Nguyen
         Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)/
         Bachelor of International Business

02   Business and government Undergraduate degrees guide 2018
BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT 2018 - Undergraduate study guide

Jodie Fox is co-founder and               03
Chief Creative Officer of Shoes
of Prey, a multimillion-dollar global

                                          Why choose Griffith?
business that allows customers
to design their own shoes. She is
also an international business and
law graduate.

‘We started Shoes of Prey as a
website in October 2009, and we
were the first people to do this
globally,’ Jodie said. Shoes of Prey
can now also be found in stores
across Australia and the US.

Jodie helps drive the company’s
strategic direction, and plays a
leading role in product design and
development, as well as human
resources and marketing. She says
her business and law degrees from
Griffith equipped her with the
vital skills she needs in a complex
business environment.

‘I chose Griffith because it was the
only university in Australia at that
time offering a degree in law and
international business. It had a global
focus and that was exactly what
I wanted.

‘Griffith taught me how to solve
problems and where to look for the
information to solve them well.’

Jodie Fox
International business
and law graduate
BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT 2018 - Undergraduate study guide

     Griffith offers a range of amazing learning
     opportunities through our industry connections.

     You’ll put what you learn in the classroom into                    Industry placements
     practice and graduate with valuable contacts and the               At Griffith, you’ll have the chance to gain practical experience
     skills, knowledge and experience employers want.                   working on projects for real clients. Our industry placements
                                                                        offer you the position to learn in a real-life setting, build your
     Relevant degrees and industry teachers                             portfolio and make critical contacts and networks through
     Griffith maintains strong links with industry to ensure we         our industry links. Griffith Business School has a dedicated
     develop and deliver relevant courses based on the latest market    Work-Integrated Learning team creating opportunities for
     trends and employer demand. When you study with Griffith,          students to undertake project-based internships with our
     you’ll gain insights from industry professionals and learn from    industry partners both locally and abroad. Depending on what
     teachers and guest lecturers with extensive industry experience.   you study, you’ll have access to tools like our financial trading
     At Griffith Business School alone, we have more than 90 adjunct    rooms—offering accounting, finance and economics students
     lecturers (industry professionals who teach students).             real-time access to global financial markets.

     High-profile partners                                              Careers and employment events
     Our partnerships and collaborations unlock all kinds of            A range of industry events and networking functions
     opportunities. Through our partners, we offer unique learning      throughout the year gives you the opportunity to meet
     experiences for students, and connect with government              professionals and potential employers from the field
     and industry to work on research projects, provide advice          you hope to enter. Enhance your profile in your industry
     and solve problems. Find out more about our industry               before you graduate and give yourself the best chance
     partners at                               of success. Events are listed at

          ‘Griffith University is,
          in my opinion, the best
          university in Australia for
          getting financial planning
          graduates. For us, it’s
          where we start if we are
          looking to hire someone.’
          Neil Kendall
          Chair of the Financial Planning Association Board and the
          Chair of the Financial Planning Standards Board Council
          and Certified Financial Planner – Tupicoffs

04   Business and government Undergraduate degrees guide 2018
BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT 2018 - Undergraduate study guide

Enrich and diversify your degree with
an international learning experience.                                                                                                 05

                                                                                                                                      Global opportunities
Study overseas                                                       Learn in the field
Challenge yourself, impress potential employers, learn a new         At Griffith we offer a range of flexible and innovative
language, make lasting international connections, expand your        international field trips, study tours and global internships
cultural horizons, discover amazing places and form lifelong         that get you out of the classroom and into the field.
memories. Through our Global Mobility program, we offer a            Some examples include:
variety of global learning experiences to diversify your degree      • Griffith Business School Global Mobility Internship,
and enhance your graduate outcomes. As a Griffith student,             a three to six-week full-time internship with an
you may have the opportunity to spend as little as one week,           international industry partner in China, France,
or as long as one year, participating in an overseas program as        Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea or Singapore.
a part of your study. Across over 50 countries, the following        • Griffith Business School International Community
programs are available to eligible students:                           Engagement Project, a trip to a developing country in
•   trimester, summer or winter exchange                               the Asia-Pacific that provides students with a unique
•   global internships                                                 opportunity to engage in valuable community work which
•   international volunteering                                         will have a long-term and positive impact on the local area.
•   overseas short courses                                           • Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management
•   academic-led study tours and field trips                           Tourism Field Study Tour, explore some of the world’s
•   clinical placements                                                most exciting tourism destinations such as Dubai, Rome,
•   research practicums                                                Florence and Venice.
•   overseas conferences and workshops
                                                                     Add a language to your degree
More information                                                     At Griffith, you can study a language through the Bachelor
Find out if you’re eligible, how to apply, where you                 of Asian Studies, Bachelor of Government and International
can go and what financial assistance is available at                 Relations or Bachelor of International Business and their or email          associated double degrees. You can also learn a language
                                                                     while studying overseas on exchange, or study a language
                                                                     through the Diploma of Languages, which you can undertake
                                                                     alongside any bachelor degree.

    Bachelor of Business graduate Lucy Frank says the flexibility at Griffith allowed
    her to really focus her study, to support her passion for travel as well as her
    career aspirations. Lucy easily swapped majors from real estate to a double major
    in Sustainable Tourism Management and Marketing. Through her studies, she
    gained a successful internship with the Gold Coast Adventure Travel Group, and
    completed an exchange to really experience global learning. ‘I feel extremely
    lucky to have been a part of the Griffith exchange program and would encourage
    other students to do it too. Why not go overseas, experience a different culture,
    expand networks and get credit for it? Griffith offers a number of funding and
    scholarship options that can make the dream of studying overseas a reality.’

    Lucy Frank
    Bachelor of Business (Sustainable Tourism Management and Marketing)
BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT 2018 - Undergraduate study guide
Kick start
     your career

     At Griffith, you don’t need to wait until
     you graduate to get started on your career.

     Mentoring                                                                Griffith Business School’s
     Mentoring is an important part of learning at Griffith.                  Student Leadership Program
     Depending on your study area, you may be able to find a                  If you’re a motivated student, you may be able to join
     mentor to support and guide your career development.                     one of our leadership programs. For example, the Griffith
     The Griffith Industry Mentoring Program can support                      Business School Student Leadership Program will give you
     your career development and improve your chances of                      the opportunity to participate in a range of leadership
     landing a job when you graduate by connecting you to                     development and mentoring activities and contribute to
     industry professionals around the world. Our mentors                     University events. You’ll have the chance to help communities
     will help you gain a deeper understanding of your                        through volunteering and receive formal recognition for
     study area, and connect you to a world of opportunity.                   participating in the program.

                                                                              Our eCareerCoach portal connects students with alumni,
                                                                              industry experts and resources to give them confidence as
                                                                              they enter their chosen career. Coaches ‘meet’ students
                                                                              online or in person to share tips and advice on career choices,
                                                                              career pathways and the realities of work. The eCareerCoach
                                                                              program also provides a forum for graduates to coach and
                                                                              mentor each other for career enhancement.

          Griffith’s Student Leadership Program gives students the skills to stand
          out from the competition through business-themed seminars, overseas
          experiences, camps, and volunteering opportunities. Georgia Newell and
          Kaustubh Mamdyal know first-hand just how beneficial the program has
          been to increasing their skill set as they progress through their degrees.
          ‘This program has really let me build that bridge between university and
          professional life,’ Georgia says. ‘I’ve really developed my professional skills
          having been to networking events and seminars, and interacted with
          Griffith alumni. I now know how to effectively interact with people in
          the workforce,’ she explains. Kaustubh agrees ‘The leadership program
          provides a level of support, a push and the skills to get ahead.’

          Student Leadership Program Students
          (L-R) DongJin You, Kaustubh Myamdal, Georgia Newell and Alvin Yap.

06   Business and government Undergraduate degrees guide 2018
BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT 2018 - Undergraduate study guide

Our scholarships are some of the most
rewarding and supportive in Australia                                                                                                  07
and make studying at university easier.

Each year Griffith University and its partners                     Find a scholarship for you
provide more than $40 million in direct financial                  Whether you’re starting new in 2018, returning after a break,
support to help new and continuing students                        or continuing your studies, there may be a scholarship that’s
successfully complete their degrees.                               right for you. Our website has an easy search tool that will help
                                                                   match you to the right scholarship. You can apply for and receive
More than 600 scholarships are available, and they can cover       more than one scholarship. To apply online, and for more details
tuition fees, education and related travel costs, and living       about scholarships, visit or
expenses. We offer academic scholarships (based largely on         email
grades), equity scholarships (that consider your background
and financial position) and sport scholarships (for high-level     If you are an international student studying high school in
athletes). We also offer some scholarships specifically            Australia, visit
to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.         or email for
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games scholarships                    scholarship information.
will also be available in 2018.
                                                                   Make sure you check the closing dates carefully, as these
Griffith Business School provides more than $1 million in          vary between scholarships. Most scholarship applications
financial support each year to new and continuing students to      open mid-July.
help make studying at university easier. Available scholarships
funded by the business school include: Pro Vice Chancellor
(Business Academic Excellence Scholarship valued at
$5,000; and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
Scholarships valued at $5,000 each per year.

     Commerce student Lauren Wallace was the inaugural recipient of the
     Griffith Business School/Sunsuper Scholarship, which is designed to
     support women working in the financial planning industry. ‘I was very
     proud to be the inaugural recipient of the scholarship, considering
     Sunsuper is an industry leader in my chosen career field,’ she said.
     ‘Not only does the scholarship money make it easier for me to focus
     on my studies rather than paying bills, but it also provides me with
     valuable experience and industry contacts, which will enhance my
     future career prospects.’

     Lauren Wallace
     Bachelor of Commerce
BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT 2018 - Undergraduate study guide
Top 5 reasons to choose
     business and government at Griffith

       1         Double your                                      3       Practical,
                 career options                                           hands-on learning
     At Griffith, you can double your options and design        Through industry placements and work-integrated
     the career that’s right for you. A double degree or        learning, you’ll be primed for the workplace as
     double major shows employers a highly motivated            you develop skills and gain experience to support
     graduate with a range of skills and perspectives.          your classroom studies. Through our mentoring
     Combine your studies in business, commerce or              programs, you’ll learn from industry professionals
     government with another area that’s important              and discover how business theory applies on the
     to you and build a career of distinction.                  job. You’ll also have the opportunity to develop
                                                                a global outlook and build international networks
                                                                through our overseas student exchange programs
                                                                and international internships.
       2         Learn from
                 the best                                                 State-of-the-art
                                                                  4       facilities
     When you study business and government at
     Griffith, you’re studying at a university that ranks
     among the world’s best. We’re accredited by                We’ve transformed business on the Gold Coast with
     the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools              our $38 million facility, including student commons
     of Business – International (AACSB), which means           for individual and group study, collaboration zones,
     your degree will be recognised globally for its            a coffee shop and digitally enabled teaching spaces.
     high quality. Our degrees are informed by our              Griffith Business School is setting new international
     world-class research and delivered by leading              standards for teaching and research providing
     lecturers. For the past three years, we have ranked        accounting, economics, finance and financial planning
     in the global top 100 for politics and international       students with access to live stock market data in our
     studies and Griffith also has a five-star rating for       trading rooms, allowing them to trade in real time and
     excellence, including its graduates’ employability,        put into practice the theory learnt in the classroom.
     from the prestigious QS Stars university ratings.
     This means you’ll graduate with the knowledge,
     skills and confidence needed to set you apart                5       experience
     in the job market.

                                                                Griffith is ranked above the national average for
                                                                student satisfaction in business and management.
                                                                You’ll benefit from high-quality teaching and learning
                                                                resources, advanced skills development and support
                                                                to help you succeed in your studies and beyond.

                 ‘We’re constantly applying the knowledge
                 we’ve learnt from our Griffith business degrees
                 on a day-to-day basis, especially in the key
                 areas of management and marketing.’
08   Business and government Undergraduate degrees guide 2018

Griffith business graduates Yiota        09
and Thessy Kouzoukas have enjoyed
international accolades, showcasing

                                         Our degrees
their Sabo Skirt label on the runway
at New York Fashion Week and
signing a deal with retail giant David
Jones. After recently being named
on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, the
online entrepreneurs say their
commercial success is due in no
small way to their business degrees,
after their fashion blog triggered
a phenomenal response while they
were students at Griffith.

‘When we created Sabo Skirt, we
started with a detailed business
plan, very similar to those we
completed throughout our business
degrees. This enabled us to predict,
prepare and plan what was required
in order to take our online store
from an idea to a working concept.

‘We began our business degrees
without a clear direction of where
we wanted to go with our career
paths, and it was such a blessing
that we were able to use our studies
in such a fulfilling way and so soon
after graduating.’

The founders of Sabo Skirt say
they capitalised on Instagram after
recognising its marketing potential
at a very early stage. ‘Our studies
provided us with the skills and
knowledge required to build our
Sabo Skirt label.’

Yiota and Thessy
Bachelor of Business graduates

           CODE                                                                PREREQUISITES                                 CUT‑OFFS 2017


       QTAC      UAC                                                    QTAC                          UAC                     OP     Rank     ATAR

      Bachelor of Business
      231851 283123          G       3F/6P       1/2/3       English (4,SA)             Assumed: any two units of English     15      67      63.55

      262951      N/A        L       2F/4P          1        English (4,SA)             N/A                                   15      67       N/A

      227621      N/A        N       3F/6P       1/2/3       English (4,SA)             N/A                                   15      67       N/A

      262955 283127          O       2F/4P          1        English (4,SA)             Assumed: any two units of English     15      67      63.55

     What you’ll study                                                          Degree structure
     A Bachelor of Business gives you a solid foundation in all                 You can choose one or two majors, or one major and one second
     aspects of business plus in-depth knowledge and experience                 major. See pages 11–16 for descriptions. Or, you can complete
     in your areas of interest. In your first year, you’ll study core           two advanced management courses and choose from a variety
     business subjects including management, accounting, business               of elective courses to provide a broad knowledge base for a
     statistics and marketing. In your second year you can choose to            career in business management.
     specialise by selecting one of our 13 diverse business majors,
     or expand your expertise with a second business, commerce                  Majors                              Second majors
     or politics and public policy major and build a degree to match            • Asian Business                    •   Accounting
     your career aspirations. If you don’t want to complete a major,            • Employment Relations              •   Economics
     you can choose from a range of courses that provide broad                  • Entrepreneurship and              •   Finance
     knowledge for a career in business management. If you’re not                 Self-Employment                   •   Financial Planning
     sure which majors to choose just yet, that’s OK. Once you enrol,           • Event Management                  •   Politics and Public Policy
     you can try some different courses before you choose the                   • Human Resource
     combination that’s right for you.                                            Management
                                                                                • International Business
     Hands-on learning                                                          • Logistics and Supply
     Put theory into practice with a local or global project-based                Chain Management
     internship or community internship. You’ll gain professional               • Management
     experience working on a project for a real organisation, plus              • Marketing
     credit towards your degree.                                                • Real Estate and
                                                                                  Property Development
     Study your way                                                             • Sport Management
     Build your business studies around the lifestyle that suits you.           • Sustainable Enterprise
     With the flexibility of studying on-campus, online, part-time              • Tourism Management
     or full-time, over two or three trimesters each year, you can
     manage your student life.                                                  No major
                                                                                If you want to gain general knowledge of business without
     Fast-track option                                                          a specialisation, the no major option is for you. You’ll study a
     At Logan, you will complete this degree in two years by                    diverse range of courses giving you a comprehensive basis for a
     studying on a three-trimester per year basis (four courses                 career in business management. You’ll develop broad knowledge
     per trimester). Fast-track options are also available at                   of current practices in business and future business directions
     Nathan and the Gold Coast by studying over three trimesters.               and have the flexibility to pursue your areas of interest through
                                                                                a range of elective courses, or by undertaking a double degree.
     If you are eligible, at the end of your third year you’ll have the         Career opportunities
     option of entering the honours program. Honours is a fourth                A business degree gives you the foundation to take your career
     year of study during which you’ll undertake a major research               just about anywhere. You’ll be prepared to use your extensive
     project under the supervision of an academic staff member.                 business skills in a range of increasingly diverse settings including
                                                                                not-for-profit, government and corporate organisations.

10   Business and government Undergraduate degrees guide 2018
Business majors                                                      EVENT MANAGEMENT
                                                                     Gold Coast and Nathan
ASIAN BUSINESS                                                       If you have ambitions to organise rock concerts, community
Gold Coast and Nathan                                                arts festivals, business conferences or sporting events, this
Asia is a vibrant and significant part of the globalised 21st        major is for you. Event management is an exciting and growing
century, particularly for Australia. Always ahead of the game,       industry. You’ll develop business skills and specialist knowledge
Griffith was the first Australian university to implement an Asian   about how to organise, manage and promote events that will          11
studies program and remains a pioneer in this field. A major in      put you at the forefront of this amazing industry.
Asian Business will provide a strong foundation for your future

                                                                                                                                         Our degrees
work and engagement with Asian business and management.              Career opportunities
                                                                     You’ll be well prepared for an exciting career working for event
Career opportunities                                                 and conference organisers in the sport, tourism, marketing,
You will find career opportunities in government, businesses         media and cultural sectors, as well as co-ordinating and
with overseas profiles, international aid and other non-             managing government event portfolios.
governmental organisations, news and media organisations,
and the education industry in Asia.                                  HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
                                                                     Gold Coast, Logan, Nathan and online
EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS                                                 Human resource management professionals work closely
Gold Coast and Nathan                                                with people to help them with their careers. In this major,
If you want to help people achieve a sense of happiness in           you’ll learn about selection and recruitment procedures,
their jobs by supporting their rights in the workplace, then         staff training, development and performance management,
studying employment relations will give you the skills to make       and organisational change. You’ll also be able to advise
a difference. In this major, you’ll learn about employment           organisations regarding their staffing needs to enable them
law, labour market issues, wage and payment systems, and             to deliver their core business effectively and efficiently.
occupational health and safety. You’ll also learn how to manage
the complex relationships between employers and employees.           Career opportunities
                                                                     You’ll graduate with a degree recognised by the Australian
Career opportunities                                                 Human Resources Institute and be prepared for a career as
You’ll be able to work as an employment relations manager            a human resource manager or consultant. Human resource
or consultant, or in roles dealing with workplace planning and       professionals work in many sectors including business
policy, managerial strategy, industrial advocacy, occupational       management, counselling, workforce planning and policy,
health and safety, and workplace negotiation.                        and recruiting and training staff for the public and private
                                                                     sectors and non-government organisations.
SELF-EMPLOYMENT                                                      INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS
Gold Coast, Logan, Nathan, South Bank and online                     Gold Coast and Nathan
Do you have a creative idea for a new product or service and         Griffith is a pioneer in international business, with a global
want to launch your own business? In this major, you’ll learn        reputation as a leader in the field. This major provides
how to be an effective, innovative and dynamic manager,              graduates with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the
and graduate with the skills, knowledge and confidence               increasingly global, modern business world. You’ll develop
needed to develop and manage a successful business.                  critical business skills and knowledge, with an international
                                                                     perspective and an understanding of the social, cultural and
Career opportunities                                                 political dimensions of international business.
As a graduate, you’ll have an understanding of the strategic
and operational issues involved in choosing a career in self-        Career opportunities
employment or in working for an entrepreneurial new business,        You’ll be prepared to work with international trade and
small business or family firm. Create a career by moving from        investment organisations or in the public and private sectors
employment to self-employment and back again, pursue the             in management, strategic planning, research, corporate–
long-term growth of a high-potential new business venture,           government relations, global operations and public relations.
or become a serial entrepreneur, starting and selling new
business ventures repeatedly.
LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN                                           MARKETING
     MANAGEMENT                                                           Gold Coast and Nathan
     Gold Coast and Nathan                                                If you’re creative, analytical, a good communicator and a quick
     Logistics and supply chain management plays a crucial role           thinker, marketing is a great career for you. In this major,
     in business. In this major, you’ll learn how to source the best      you’ll learn about identifying and understanding a market and
     materials for the best price, develop good relationships with        consumer behaviour. You’ll also learn about advertising and
     suppliers and customers, monitor the movement and storage            how to develop strategies for staying ahead of competitors.
     of raw materials, maintain inventories of stock, and track
     goods from their point of origin to the final customer.              Career opportunities
                                                                          You’ll be able to work in any industry or organisation that needs
     Career opportunities                                                 to promote its products or services, including entertainment
     You’ll be able to work as a logistics and supply chain manager,      and fashion, tourism, advertising, public relations, and business
     purchasing manager, business or strategy manager, or export          consulting. You might work as a brand manager, marketing
     and import operations manager. Career opportunities exist in         manager, advertising account manager, market research
     the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.                      analyst, public relations manager, or sales manager.

     MANAGEMENT                                                           REAL ESTATE AND PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT
     Gold Coast, Logan, Nathan and online                                 Gold Coast and Nathan
     If you like to plan, organise, lead and direct groups of people to   This major is delivered in close consultation with key industry
     achieve a specific goal, then studying management is a good          bodies including the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, the
     choice for you. In this major you’ll learn about management’s        Property Council of Australia and the Urban Development
     core functions: communication, planning, teamwork, strategy,         Institute of Australia. You’ll gain specialist financial and legal
     human resources and self-development. You’ll also develop            knowledge, as well as project management and negotiation
     analytical, communication and decision-making skills, which          skills. You can also complete the Real Estate licence as an
     will enable you to add value to any organisation.                    elective, entitling you to own or manage a real estate agency
                                                                          upon graduation.
     Career opportunities
     Good managers are needed across all sectors and in businesses        Career opportunities
     of all sizes. With this qualification, you can apply your business   The property sector is expanding in Australia and around the
     management knowledge to an area of personal interest and             world, creating a wide range of employment opportunities
     find work in roles as a business manager in human resources,         in the commercial, residential and tourism sectors of the real
     strategy, planning and policy, and training and development.         estate and property management industries. You’ll be prepared
                                                                          for a career in property finance, development and investment,
                                                                          real estate agency management, project management, and
                                                                          marketing and promoting real estate.

          Griffith business graduate Jeremy Hartley is making his mark on an
          international scale. His latest global enterprise, Hartley Watches,
          is attracting consumers from the United States, Germany, across
          Europe and throughout Australia. Combined with his successful Teatox
          Australia initiative, Jeremy’s business ventures turned over more than
          $1 million in 2016. All this before he turns 20. Studying a business
          degree at Griffith reinforced his formidable entrepreneurial savvy,
          and bolstered his confidence in taking new products overseas.

          Jeremy Hartley
          Bachelor of Business (Management)

12   Business and government Undergraduate degrees guide 2018
SPORT MANAGEMENT                                                 TOURISM MANAGEMENT
Gold Coast and Nathan                                            Gold Coast and Nathan
Are you a sport fan? Imagine turning your passion into a         Tourism is one of the world’s largest service industries and
fulfilling and exciting career. In this major, you’ll develop    a key driver of economic development in many destinations
specialist knowledge of the sport industry and gain solid        around the world, and with the skills you’ll gain in this major,
business skills to enable you to manage professional and         you can be part of it. Destination marketing and sustainable
not-for-profit sport organisations and clubs.                    management of tourism destinations are at the forefront of         13
                                                                 government and communities.
Career opportunities

                                                                                                                                    Our degrees
Sport is big business. You’ll find opportunities in government   Career opportunities
departments, local, national and international sporting clubs    With this qualification, you could travel the world.
and event management organisations. There are also positions     Tourism managers are employed by destination marketing
in sport tourism, marketing, media and athlete representation.   organisations and all levels of government throughout
                                                                 Australia and internationally. You’ll be able to work on major
SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISE                                           tourism infrastructure and planning projects, shaping the
Nathan                                                           visitor experience in tourism destinations.
You’ll develop the analytical, communication and decision
making skills to manage an organisation’s impact on social       Professional recognition
issues and the environment. You’ll learn about corporate         Depending on your major, you may be eligible for membership
social responsibility, sustainable business practices and        of one or more of these professional bodies:
the impact these issues have on a business’s finances.           •   Australian Human Resources Institute
                                                                 •   Australian Institute of Management
Career opportunities                                             •   Australian Market and Social Research Society
Increasingly, public and private sector organisations are        •   Australian Marketing Institute
hiring sustainability and corporate social responsibility        •   Australian Society of Sport Administrators
specialists. As this field continues to grow, you’ll find        •   International Special Events Society, Queensland Chapter
more and more career opportunities in a wide variety             •   Pacific Asia Travel Association
of organisations in the public and private sectors and           •   Sports Management Association of Australia and
with non-government organisations.                                   New Zealand

     After completing a double major in sport management and marketing,
     Liam Faithful started work as a sales and membership consultant
     for the North Queensland Cowboys in the NRL’s Fan Relationship
     Management Centre in Sydney. The role brings him closer to the
     game he loves after spending time as an intern for the Brisbane
     Broncos and Queensland Reds during his degree. ‘It’s pretty exciting
     to be given this opportunity. I love League and have been a Cowboys
     supporter all my life, so I couldn’t have asked for a better start.’

     Liam Faithful
     Bachelor of Business (Sport Management and Marketing)

          CODE                                                               PREREQUISITES                                CUT‑OFFS 2017


      QTAC       UAC                                                  QTAC                          UAC                   OP    Rank    ATAR

      Bachelor of Commerce
      231821 283121        G       3F/6P       1/2/3       English (4,SA)             Assumed: any two units of English   14      69    66.30

     262921      N/A       L       2F/4P          1        English (4,SA)             N/A                                 14      69      N/A

     227631      N/A       N       3F/6P       1/2/3       English (4,SA)             N/A                                 14      69      N/A

     What you’ll study                                                        Study your way
     You’ll gain the technical skills and knowledge to pursue a               You can fast-track your commerce degree and be ready for
     career in accounting, financial planning, finance or economics.          the job market sooner. At Logan, you will complete this degree
     In your first year, you’ll explore the core skills and concepts          in two years by studying on a three-trimester per year basis
     of commerce including accounting, economics, business                    (four courses per trimester). At the Gold Coast and Nathan,
     statistics, and management. In your second and third years,              you can also choose to fast-track your degree and finish in
     you’ll build on this knowledge with your chosen major.                   as little as two years. Alternatively, you can choose to study
                                                                              fewer subjects each trimester, giving you more time for work
     You can choose a single major, which will give you specialist            and other commitments.
     skills in one profession, or expand your expertise with an
     additional commerce, business or politics and public policy              Honours
     major, including management, marketing and international                 If you are eligible, at the end of your third year you’ll have the
     business. If you’re not sure which majors to choose just yet,            option of applying for the honours program. Honours is a fourth
     that’s okay. Once you enrol you can try some different courses           year of study during which you’ll undertake a major research
     before you choose the combination that’s right for you.                  project under the supervision of an academic staff member.

     Hands-on learning                                                        Degree structure
     Students at the Gold Coast and Nathan campuses are taught                You can choose one or two of the majors, or one major and
     in financial trading rooms featuring state-of-the-art desktops           one second major. See pages 11–13 and page 16 for the
     equipped with the Bloomberg Professional Service. Bloomberg              second major descriptions. You can also choose to complete
     LP is a global leader in business and financial information and          a Taxation minor and be on your way to becoming a
     the Bloomberg Professional Service is a software platform                Registered Tax Agent.
     that provides trusted real-time and historical data, and market
     news and analytics to help business and financial professionals          Majors                             Second majors
     make better informed investment decisions. You will have                 •   Accounting                     • Asian Business
     access to the exciting world of the stock market and be able             •   Economics                      • Employment Relations
     to put theory into practice from the start of your degree.               •   Finance                        • Entrepreneurship and
                                                                              •   Financial Planning               Self-Employment
     Industry connections                                                                                        • Event Management
     Get real experience with an internship or build on the knowledge                                            • Human Resource
     and skills you gain in the classroom with our professional                                                    Management
     development program, run jointly by Griffith Business School,                                               • International Business
     professional bodies and partner companies. You’ll learn about                                               • Logistics and Supply
     topics such as business etiquette and networking, and have                                                    Chain Management
     the opportunity to meet potential employers.                                                                • Management
                                                                                                                 • Marketing
                                                                                                                 • Politics and Public Policy
                                                                                                                 • Real Estate and
                                                                                                                   Property Development
                                                                                                                 • Sport Management
                                                                                                                 • Sustainable Enterprise
                                                                                                                 • Tourism Management

14   Business and government Undergraduate degrees guide 2018
Commerce majors                                                       FINANCE
                                                                      Gold Coast and Nathan
ACCOUNTING                                                            The finance industry is a global industry, and goes way beyond
Gold Coast, Logan and Nathan                                          handling money and balancing accounts. This major will help
If you have a sharp mind, an eye for detail, and enjoy                you understand how the Australian economy is influenced by
number crunching, accounting could be the career for you.             what happens internationally. You’ll study finance, banking and
Accountants are critical to ensuring the financial viability          the law, and learn about financial institutions’ management,           15
of every business, government department, not-for-profit              lending, financial risk management and sustainable investing.
organisation and sporting or social club. In this major,

                                                                                                                                             Our degrees
you’ll study areas such as corporate finance, strategic               Career opportunities
management accounting and company law.                                The Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) has been accepted into
                                                                      the CFA Institute University Recognition Program. This gives
Career opportunities                                                  you a solid grounding in the CFA Program Candidate Body of
Depending on the courses you complete, you can graduate               Knowledge (CBOK) and positions you well to undertake the
with a degree accredited by Chartered Accountants Australia           CFA exams. You’ll be prepared for work as a financial advisor
and New Zealand (CAANZ) and CPA Australia and be equipped             or controller, financial planner, or stockbroker. Opportunities
for a career in a range of private or public sector organisations.    also exist in insurance and superannuation, futures, options
You’ll even gain exemptions from the Association of Chartered         and foreign exchange trading.
Certified Accountants (ACCA) Foundation Level Exams F1-F9.
You’ll find work in areas such as accounting, administration,         FINANCIAL PLANNING
auditing, business management, commercial and taxation                Gold Coast, Logan and Nathan
law, managerial accounting and taxation. Opportunities exist          If you’re interested in wealth creation and want to learn how
for exciting and challenging careers locally, nationally and          to make people’s money work for them—not the other way
internationally—and aren’t limited to accounting firms.               around—this major is for you. Depending on the courses you
                                                                      complete you can graduate with a degree accredited under the
ECONOMICS                                                             new standards set out by the Financial Planning Association of
Gold Coast and Nathan                                                 Australia and the Financial Planning Education Council. Griffith
If you have ever wondered why the Australian dollar fluctuates        was the first university in Australia to receive this accreditation,
or what caused the Global Financial Crisis, this major is the ideal   giving you a competitive advantage in the job market.
choice for you. You’ll gain insights into the big issues facing
societies and learn how governments make decisions about              Career opportunities
what to spend on complex issues such as the environment,              You’ll be equipped for a career as a financial planner,
healthcare, infrastructure and resources. You’ll also learn           financial advisor or controller, or stockbroker. You’ll also find
how markets work, and how businesses make decisions about             opportunities in insurance and superannuation, futures, options
pricing, staffing and responding to competition.                      and foreign exchange trading. As a graduate, you’ll meet the
                                                                      relevant RG146 compliance requirement of the Australian
Career opportunities                                                  Securities and Investments Commission, and be eligible for
You’ll be prepared for work in the banking and finance industry       admission to the Financial Planning Association of Australia’s
as an analyst or advisor, in property development or real             CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Certification Program.
estate; in government policy in fields such as the environment,
health, education and transport; or in large mining companies         Professional recognition
analysing markets and investment opportunities. You may also          Depending on your major, you may be eligible for membership
find career opportunities in major international organisations        of one or more of these professional bodies:
such as the World Bank, the United Nations, the Organisation          •   Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the              •   Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
Asian Development Bank.                                               •   CPA Australia
                                                                      •   Financial Planning Association of Australia
                                                                      •   Institute of Public Accountants
                                                                      •   Taxation Institute of Australia
                                                                      •   The Economic Society of Australia (Queensland) Inc.

                                                                      Additionally, you may obtain RG146 compliance with the
                                                                      knowledge areas covered dependent on the courses/majors
                                                                      you choose.
Government and
     International Relations

           CODE                                                                    PREREQUISITES                                CUT‑OFFS 2017


         QTAC     UAC                                                      QTAC                           UAC                   OP      Rank    ATAR

         Bachelor of Government and International Relations
      231841 283125         G       3F/6P            1/2        English (4,SA)              Assumed: any two units of English    15      67     63.55

      227651      N/A       N       3F/6P            1/2        English (4,SA)              N/A                                  15      67       N/A

     What you’ll study                                                              Majors
     This degree will provide you with a deep understanding
     of policy, politics and power in the modern world and                          INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS
     the forces that shape these dynamics at the global and                          If you have strong interpersonal skills, an analytical mind and a
     domestic levels. You’ll learn about political institutions                     global outlook, a career in International Relations might be for
     and processes, business–government relations, and foreign                      you. This major helps you understand the role and dynamics
     policy and globalisation. In your first year, you’ll develop                   of global politics—how it works—and in some cases, why it
     your understanding of politics and international relations.                    doesn’t. You will study issues such as terrorism and global
     In your second and third years, you’ll expand this knowledge                   security, human rights, aid and development, and religion and
     by completing a major. You’ll complete your studies with                       identity politics in the context of local and international affairs.
     either a parliamentary internship or a work placement.
                                                                                    Career opportunities
     Honours                                                                        An International Relations qualification gives you a huge range
     If you are eligible, at the end of your third year you’ll have the             of employment options in Australia and internationally. You
     option of applying for the honours program. Honours is a fourth                could find a job in foreign ministries, defence departments,
     year of study during which you’ll undertake a major research                   intelligence and aid organisations. You could also work in
     project under the supervision of an academic staff member.                     political risk assessment and humanitarian logistics, or for
                                                                                    organisations such as the UN and its agencies.
     Degree structure
     You will complete a major in either International Relations,                   POLITICS AND PUBLIC POLICY
     or Politics and Public Policy. You can choose to complement                    Whether we realise it or not, politics are a central feature
     your major with a second major or broaden your expertise                       in our lives as the public policies that are made through the
     by completing a range of electives.                                            political process shape every aspect of how we live and how
                                                                                    we work. In this major, you will learn about the key political,
     Majors                                                                         social and economic forces that shape society. You will take an
     • International Relations                                                      in depth look at designing effective policies and the processes,
     • Politics and Public Policy                                                   structures and ideas that underpin political decision making.

     Second majors                                                                  Career opportunities
     •   Asian Business                         •   Italian Language                You’ll find opportunities providing advice to government and
     •   Chinese Language                       •   Japanese Language               business leaders, developing policy and managing programs
     •   Economics                              •   Korean Language*                in areas such as economic, environmental and social policy,
     •   French*                                •   Russian*                        diplomacy and trade relations.
     •   German*                                •   Spanish Language
     •   Indonesian*                                                                As a graduate with strong analytical and critical thinking skills,
                                                * Via cross-institutional study
     •   International Business                 at The University of Queensland.    you will be able to pursue work in a broad range of sectors
     •   Islam–West Relations                                                       including the government, international organisations, media,
                                                                                    political parties and a range of business environments.

                                                                                    Professional recognition
                                                                                    As a graduate, you may be eligible for membership of the
                                                                                    Institute of Public Administration Australia and the Australian
                                                                                    Institute of International Affairs.

16   Business and government Undergraduate degrees guide 2018
International Business
and Asian Studies

      CODE                                                                PREREQUISITES                                          CUT‑OFFS 2017


  QTAC       UAC                                                   QTAC                               UAC                         OP        Rank     ATAR
 Bachelor of International Business

                                                                                                                                                             Our degrees
 231152    283112       G       3F/6P       1/2/3       English (4,SA)              Assumed: any two units of English              15        67      63.55

 221122      N/A        N       3F/6P       1/2/3       English (4,SA)              N/A                                            15        67      N/A

What you’ll study                                                          •   French Language*
You’ll gain critical business skills and knowledge with an                 •   German Language*
international perspective and develop an understanding                     •   Human Resource Management
of the social, cultural and political dimensions of global business.       •   Indonesian Language*
You’ll learn from our award-winning teachers and benefit                   •   International Relations
from their knowledge, experience and connections. You’ll be                •   Italian Language
encouraged to get out of the lecture theatre and into the field            •   Japanese Language
with opportunities for overseas study exchanges and internships.           •   Korean Language*
                                                                           •   Logistics and Supply Chain Management
In your first year, you’ll learn about core concepts of                    •   Management
international business including accounting, economics                     •   Marketing
and marketing. In your second and third years, you’ll                      •   Modern Greek**
complete advanced international business courses, such                     •   Russian Language*
as International Trade and Competition, International                      •   Spanish Studies
Marketing and Comparative Management. You’ll also have
                                                                           * Via cross-institutional study at The University of Queensland.
the option to learn a language or supplement your studies                  ** Offered online via cross-institutional study at Flinders University.
with another area of interest.
                                                                           Career opportunities
Additional majors                                                          You’ll be prepared for work with internationally-oriented trade
You can choose to complement your studies with a major in:                 and investment organisations, or in the public and private
• Asian Business                                                           sectors in management, strategic planning, research, corporate–
• Chinese Language                                                         government relations, global operations and public relations.
• Finance

     Griffith Business School graduate Judd Armstrong harnessed Griffith
     University’s sports technology research and coupled it with his own
     knowledge and drive for success. The company was Jaybird and it took
     on big name brands such as FitBit, Garmin, Nike, Polar and Jawbone to
     become one of the world’s largest sellers of wireless audio wearables
     for sports and active lifestyles. The Bachelor of International Business
     graduate sold his wearable technology company, Jaybird, to Logitech
     in 2016 in a deal worth approximately US$95 million. ‘It has been an
     incredible journey. We love what we do, and we’re stoked to continue
     to innovate and bring amazing new products to our fans,’ Armstrong said.

     Judd Armstrong
     Bachelor of International Business graduate
          CODE                                                                PREREQUISITES                                       CUT‑OFFS 2017


      QTAC       UAC                                                   QTAC                             UAC                        OP       Rank   ATAR

      Bachelor of Asian Studies
     227821      N/A        N       3F/6P        1/2        English (4,SA)              N/A                                         15        67   N/A

     What you’ll study                                                         Degree structure
     Australia is fast becoming recognised as a crucial player in              You will complete two majors plus courses from the Griffith in
     Asia. Learning from leading experts, you’ll develop expertise             Asia Initiative.
     and an in-depth understanding of Asia’s political, economic
     and cultural environment and be prepared to take advantage                Majors
     of new and exciting opportunities working in Australia and                •   Asian Business
     overseas as an expert on Asian affairs.                                   •   Asian Societies and Cultures
                                                                               •   Chinese Language
     In your first year, you’ll learn about core concepts of Asian and         •   Indonesian Language*
     international studies, including intercultural communication,             •   International Relations and Security
     globalisation and Asian societies and culture. In your second             •   Japanese Language
     and third years, you’ll choose two majors and undertake                   •   Korean Language*
     courses from the Griffith in Asia Initiative.                             •   Politics, Law and Justice in Asia
                                                                               * Via cross-institutional study at The University of Queensland.
     Hands-on learning
     The Griffith in Asia Initiative provides opportunities to study           Professional recognition
     abroad and experience Asia first-hand through international               As a graduate, you’ll be eligible for membership of the Asian
     internships, study tours and semester exchange.                           Studies Association of Australia.

                                                                               Career opportunities
                                                                               You’ll be prepared for rewarding positions in government,
                                                                               business, travel and tourism, education, international agencies,
                                                                               training, and export consultancy, in Australia and overseas.
                                                                               You’ll find opportunities in foreign affairs, foreign trade,
                                                                               business consultancy, defence, security agencies and media.

        Studying a degree in Asian Studies has reinforced Estelle McCabe’s interest
        and appreciation of Asian business, culture and history and is positioning
        her strongly to pursue a career in Japan. Her ambition to work as a
        communications specialist fostering Japanese–Australian relations in the
        resources sector was also boosted by a New Colombo Plan Scholarship.
        ‘I’m confident that living, learning and working in Japan will improve and
        develop not only my Japanese language but also my negotiation skills by
        improving fluency and understanding of the spoken word.’ The scholarship
        enabled Estelle to spend a semester at Saitama University, near Tokyo,
        through which she gained credits for her Asian Studies degree at Griffith.

        Estelle McCabe
        Bachelor of Asian Studies

18   Business and government Undergraduate degrees guide 2018
International Tourism
and Hotel Management

     CODE                                                                PREREQUISITES                                CUT‑OFFS 2017


 QTAC       UAC                                                   QTAC                         UAC                    OP    Rank    ATAR
 Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management

                                                                                                                                             Our degrees
 235101   283126       G       3F/6P        1/2        English (4,SA)             Assumed: any two units of English   15     67     63.55

227851      N/A        N       3F/6P        1/2        English (4,SA)             N/A                                 15     67      N/A

What you’ll study                                                         Second majors
In this degree, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the              You can complement your studies with a second major in:
tourism sector, underscored by sustainability principles.                 •   Event Management (see page 11)
You’ll develop core business skills in areas such as financial            •   Human Resource Management (see page 11)
management, leadership, management, marketing and strategic               •   Management (see page 12)
management, and enhance these with an understanding of how                •   Marketing (see page 12)
to manage employment relations in a culturally diverse context.           •   Real Estate and Property Development (see page 12)
                                                                          •   Sport Management (see page 13)
Thanks to Griffith’s close working relationship with the major
hotel chains in South East Queensland and tourism operators,              Career opportunities
you’ll have the chance to gain knowledge from guest speakers              You’ll be prepared for work in a range of international tourism
and experience via a wide range of innovative work-integrated             and hotel management roles, including in hotel and resort
learning activities. You’ll learn industry-standard systems and           groups and the accommodation sector, in independent
graduate with the skills and knowledge employers want, and                restaurants and internationally recognised chains, with
be fully aware of the culture, service and competitive aspects            entertainment and leisure providers such as theme parks,
of international tourism and hotel corporations.                          with suppliers of goods and services to the hospitality
                                                                          industry, in airlines, and with local, state and federal tourism
Degree Structure                                                          and regional planning authorities.

• Tourism Management (see page 13)
• Hospitality Management

   When Gold Coast business student Gala Gordon-Burns graduated,
   she had already secured a full-time role as a guest service agent
   with Mantra. Along with her study major in International Tourism and
   Hotel Management, she also attributes her progress to an industry
   networking event she attended at university. ‘The advice I gained
   from the event made me think about my skillset and knowledge.
   I have worked cafes and restaurants, night clubs and banquet
   events and the skills I have gained could be applied in different jobs
   and I could make this my selling point in an interview process.’

   Gala Gordon-Burns
   Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management
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