Canada's Universities - A fact-filled guide for international students

Canada's Universities - A fact-filled guide for international students
 A fact-filled guide for international students
Canada's Universities - A fact-filled guide for international students
8           great reasons
             Choose Canada

                                                     Top quality programs
           Canadian universities are noted for offering the highest quality of education.
               A Canadian degree is recognized globally as being equivalent to degrees
                                from the United States and Commonwealth countries.

                Diverse peoples and cultures                                               YukoN
         Canada ranks among the most multicultural nations in                            territorY
          the world. Regardless of ethnic origin, students feel at
              home in our diverse communities and campuses.                                  • Whitehorse

                                                                                                             Northwest territories
                                   Warm summers, cool winters
            In summer, thousands of freshwater lakes and rivers hold our attention,                                          • Yellowknife
            and autumn foliage produces a stunning array of colours. Winter brings
          abundant opportunity to ice skate, ski and snowboard, while spring is the
        time to meet friends at sidewalk cafés in our numerous metropolitan cities.

                Healthy and safe communities
                             According to the World Bank, Canadian                            ColumBia
                              cities rank among the best places in the                                             alBerta
                                        world to live, work and study.
Study in English, étudier en français                                                                                9       saskatChewaN
   Canada has two official languages: English and French.
             You may choose to study in either language
                                                                                 2                 6
                               or at a bilingual university.                                                   Calgary
                                                                                         3                    10
                                                                                     1        4                               12
                                  Lower costs, higher value                                                     11
                                  Tuition and the cost of living in Canada are                                                     13
                                    lower than in countries such as Australia,                                                     Regina
                                              England and the United States.

                                        Thriving campus communities
                                       From libraries and sports facilities to concert halls and
                                      art galleries — Canada’s campuses have it all, including
                                student-run radio stations, newspapers and business ventures.

                                         We’re fully wired
               Canadian universities offer some of the most advanced
      learning environments in the world. Here, wired residences and
       classrooms and on-campus Web access are now commonplace.
Canada's Universities - A fact-filled guide for international students
Universities by Province
                                     Location on Map                                        Location on Map                                         Location on Map

                                                                                                              University of St. Michael’s College             20
    British ColumBia                                       manitoBa                                 
The University of British Columbia              3      Brandon University                             14      Saint Paul University                           26                                   
Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design          3      University of Manitoba                         15                                                                        University of Sudbury                           17
University College of the Fraser Valley         4      Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface        15                                                                              University of Toronto                           20
Malaspina University-College                    2      The University of Winnipeg                     15                                                                         Trent University                                19
University of Northern British Columbia         5                                                ontario                                            University of Trinity College                   20
Royal Roads University                          1      Brescia University College                     23                                                                 Victoria University                             20
Simon Fraser University                         3      Brock University                               24                                                                             University of Waterloo                          21
Thompson Rivers University                      6      Carleton University                            26                                                                           The University of Western Ontario               23
Trinity Western University                      4      Dominican College of Philosophy and                                               Theology (Dominican University College)      26      Wilfrid Laurier University                      21
University of Victoria                          1                                            University of Guelph                           21      University of Windsor                           22
    alBerta                                            Huron University College                       23      York University                                 20
University of Alberta                           9                                        King’s University College
Athabasca University                            8        (King’s University College at                            QueBeC                                        the University of Western Ontario)           23      Bishop’s University                             30
University of Calgary                          10                                        Lakehead University                            16      Concordia University                            28
Concordia University College of Alberta         8                                    Laurentian University of Sudbury               17      École des Hautes Études Commerciales
The King’s University College                   8                                        de Montréal (HEC Montréal)                    28                                                                                       
                                                       McMaster University                            24
The University of Lethbridge                   11                                        Université Laval                                31                                                                                        
                                                       Nipissing University                           18
                                                                                   McGill University                               28
    saskatChewan                                       Ontario College of Art and Design              19
Campion College                                13                                            Université de Montréal                          28                                                                               
                                                       University of Ontario Institute
First Nations University of Canada             13        of Technology                                19      École Polytechnique de Montréal                 28                                                  
Luther College                                 13      University of Ottawa                           26      Université du Québec                            31                                                       
University of Regina                           13      Queen’s University at Kingston                         Université du Québec à Montréal                 28                                                                                      
                                                         (Queen’s University)                         25
St. Thomas More College                        12                                         Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières           29                                                                                   
                                                       Redeemer University College                    24
University of Saskatchewan                     12                                        Université du Québec à Chicoutimi               32
                                                                                                                                               Royal Military College of Canada               25
                                                                                          Université du Québec à Rimouski                 33
                                                       Ryerson University                             20
                                                                                      Université du Québec en Outaouais               26
                                                       St. Jerome’s University                        21
Canada's Universities - A fact-filled guide for international students
Location on Map

Université du Québec en
 Abitibi-Témiscamingue                            27
Université du Québec :
 Institut national de la recherche scientifique   31
Université du Québec :
 École nationale d’administration publique        31
Université du Québec :
 École de technologie supérieure                  28                                                                           YukoN
Université de Sherbrooke                          30
                                                                                          • Whitehorse
    new BrunswiCk
                                                                                                           Northwest territories
Université de Moncton                             34
Mount Allison University                          34                                                                           • Yellowknife
University of New Brunswick                       35
St. Thomas University                             35

    nova sCotia
Acadia University                                 42                                       British                                                                            ColumBia
Cape Breton University                            40                                                              alBerta
Dalhousie University                              38                                           5                                                                                                             8
University of King’s College                      38                                                                                                      9         saskatChewaN
Mount Saint Vincent University                    38                                                                                    6
Nova Scotia Agricultural College                  37                                                          Calgary                                                                           3                      10
                                                                                  1        4                                    12
Nova Scotia College of Art and                                           Victoria                                                Saskatoon
  Design (NSCAD University)                       38                             Vancouver                                                                                                  11
Université Sainte-Anne                            41                                                                                                                   Regina
St. Francis Xavier University                     39
Saint Mary’s University                           38

    PrinCe edward island
University of Prince Edward Island                36
                                                       want to know more?
    newfoundland and laBrador
                                                       For an in-depth description of any university listed here, visit the institution’s
Memorial University of Newfoundland               43                                             website or order a copy of the Directory of Canadian Universities, an
                                                       invaluable resource published annually by the Association of Universities and
                                                       Colleges of Canada. (See ordering details on the back cover of this brochure.)
Canada's Universities - A fact-filled guide for international students



                                                                                                                St. John’s 43


14   15 Winnipeg                                                   32                           P.E.I.
                                                                                 New      36     40 Sydney
                Thunder Bay                   27                                              39
                                                             Quebec          Brunswick 34
                       16                                               31                 37
                                                                   29        Fredericton        42 38 Halifax
                                                Gatineau                                   41
                                        17 18           26    28    30
                                                 Ottawa 26                                  Scotia
                                                  19 25
                                       Toronto 20
                                            21 24
Canada's Universities - A fact-filled guide for international students
Canadian universities:
   Quality, value, Choice
Today’s “Global Village”               E    ach year, Canadian universities
                                            welcome more than 100,000
                                       new students from around the
began in Canada
                                       globe — and it is easy to see why.
Canada’s renowned                      Our institutions are home to a wide
communications theorist, the late      variety of internationally-respected
Marshall McLuhan, a longtime           programs offering incredible
University of Toronto professor,       educational value.
established himself as a visionary
nearly 40 years ago when he            Canada also offers wide-ranging
referred to the coming world as        academic choice. Currently there are
a “global village” — a community       more than 10,000 undergraduate
featuring the free exchange of ideas   and graduate degree programs
and a greater interdependency          available across the country.
across borders. Novelist Tom Wolfe
said that McLuhan sounded like,        Computer science, business,
“the most important thinker since      telecommunications, medicine,
Newton, Darwin, Freud, Einstein,       agriculture and environmental
and Pavlov … the oracle of             science are just a few of the areas
modern times.”                         in which our universities have
                                       earned a global reputation for
Today, as nations around the           teaching and research excellence.
world become increasingly
connected through media and
technology, McLuhan’s ideas
resound louder than ever.
Read more about him
                                                                              A Canadian degree is
at                                                   recognized globally as
McLuhan is perhaps the most
                                                                              equivalent to degrees
famous of a multitude of                                                      from the United States
Canadian researchers who
                                                                              and Commonwealth
have helped the country become
an international leader in fields                                             universities, while
such as telecommunications,                                                   Canada’s lower tuition
governance, computer science,
early childhood development,                                                  and living costs create
genomics and many others.                                                     exceptional value.
Canada's Universities - A fact-filled guide for international students
Some key advantages to                        of its academic programs.
Canada’s university system                    Each university is committed
• There’s an option to suit everyone          to ensuring that appropriate
  in the more than 90 universities            standards are achieved and
  across Canada. Study at a large,            maintained in its programs
  research-intensive campus in an             and that it is offering a high
  urban centre, or live in residence          quality education.
  at a small liberal arts institution
  with undergraduate emphasis.              • International students can save
                                              considerably by studying in
• Canadian university professors are          Canada. For instance, in a 2003
  of the highest calibre — experts            survey compiled by the Association
  who share their knowledge                   of Commonwealth Universities,
  clearly and effectively and make            Canada offered the lowest tuition
  themselves accessible to students.          rates for foreign students compared
                                              to the U.K., Australia and New
• You may study in either of                  Zealand. And, fees in U.S. public
                                                                                       • Multiculturalism makes
  Canada’s official languages                 universities were almost one-third
                                                                                         Canada a healthy and welcoming
  (English and French) or at                  higher than fees for bachelor’s
                                                                                         environment for global-minded
  a bilingual university.                     degrees in Canada, while U.S.
                                                                                         higher education. All of our
                                              private university fees were more
                                                                                         universities have staff advisers
• Each AUCC member institution                than double. Factor in Canada’s
                                                                                         and student services to help
  has a mission statement and                 low cost of living, and the overall
                                                                                         international visitors adjust
  objectives which underpin the               financial advantage becomes
                                                                                         to living in a new country.
  development and assessment                  even greater.

 For additional details about studying in Canada, consult these helpful online resources:                         
 This Government of Canada site features links to services,      Hosted by the Canadian Education Centre Network, this
 information and resources for citizens of other countries.      in-depth resource details the education system in Canada,
                                                                 including institutional requirements, costs, and information                          on obtaining a visa or study permit.
 This Citizenship and Immigration Canada site offers
 a host of important information for international students
 considering Canada, including visa and study permit details.    CanLearn Interactive is a comprehensive bilingual site
                                                                 containing practical advice and a variety of self-assessment                                 tools to guide your university decision-making process.
 The Web site of the CICIC (Canadian Information
 Centre for International Credentials) can help you assess
 your educational credentials by referring you to the            The official travel tourism site of the Canadian Tourism
 appropriate bodies.                                             Commission features numerous maps and a wide range
                                                                 of information to assist in your exploration of Canada.
Canada's Universities - A fact-filled guide for international students
In Canada, you’ll feel
welcomed — and amazed
        I  t’s no secret: Canadians and visitors
           to Canada enjoy a quality of life
        that is recognized worldwide. From
                                                   Bordered by the
                                                   Pacific, Atlantic
        safe neighbourhoods in some of             and Arctic oceans,
        North America’s most cosmopolitan
        cities to top-notch health care and        Canada crosses six
        public transportation, excellence          time zones and is home
        permeates every aspect of Canadian
        life — including a world-class higher      to 32 million people.
        education system.

        As the world’s second-largest
        country, Canada offers tremendous
        geographic variety in a climate not
        nearly as cold as you might think!
        Visitors discover Pacific coastal
        mountains, sweeping prairies,
        sparkling skylines in sophisticated
        cities, the rugged beauty of the
        Atlantic region and much more.

        In a country with an estimated
        one-seventh of the world’s fresh
        water supply, beaches, boating and
        waterfronts are always close at hand.
        Scores of parks and historic sites
        offer outdoor activities, while tennis,
        golf, swimming, skiing — and, of
        course, ice hockey — are among the
        vast array of sports and recreational
        pursuits enjoyed across Canada.
Canada's Universities - A fact-filled guide for international students
Canada: A snapshot
                                         Landscape: Mountains, prairies, desert, Arctic tundra,
                                         		 glaciers, valleys, foothills, rivers, lakes
                                            Population: 32 million
                                           Capital city: Ottawa, Ontario
                                          People:       British descent (28%), French descent (23%),
Thanks to a superior                     		             Italian descent (3%), Aboriginal peoples (2%),
telecommunications system,               		             plus significant groups of German, Ukrainian,
Canadians are extremely well             		             Dutch, Greek, Polish and Chinese descent
connected. More than half of all
                                           Languages: English, French and 53 Aboriginal languages
Canadians own a personal computer
and all universities offer students       Religions: Catholic (45%), Protestant (36%), Judaism,
high-speed Internet access.              		 Islam and most of the world’s major religions
                                          Government: Parliamentary democracy
A land of many cultures
                                                        Source: Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)
Canada is a bilingual nation
(French and English are the
official languages) but our roots
reach back to all five of the world’s   Besides outstanding
continents. In fact, one out of three   quality of life, Canada
Canadians has an ethnic background
other than English, French or           offers a stable,
Aboriginal. University campuses         progressive political
throughout the country reflect this
reality: a multitude of languages       environment and
are spoken and hundreds of              one of the healthiest
cultures interconnect.
                                        economies in the world.
Canada's Universities - A fact-filled guide for international students
	Applying to a Canadian university:
                elpful Guidelines
    Define your goals                                                                   Identify application
     Consult The Directory                                                              procedures
     of Canadian Universities                                                            In Canada, application
     (see ordering details at the end                                                    procedures vary by province.
of this brochure) and other resources                                            In some provinces, students can
to carefully identify the universities                                           apply through a central application
and programs that match your                                                     service; in others, applications
educational goals, language needs                                                must go directly to the chosen
and geographic preferences. Consider                                             institution. The majority of
applying to more than one program                                                Canadian universities accept
or institution in case you aren’t                                                applications via e-mail, and many
admitted to your first choice.                                                   have adopted a “rolling admissions”
                                                                                 procedure to consider international
                                                Meet language                    students on an ongoing basis
                                                requirements                     throughout the year. To find Web
                                                   International students in     site addresses for every Canadian
                                                   Canada must demonstrate       university, consult the map at
                                          proficiency in either English or       the front of this brochure or visit
                                          French, depending on the university, the web site of the
                                          where they apply. Many English         Association of Universities and
                                          universities require that you write    Colleges of Canada.
                                          the Test of English as a Foreign
                                          Language (TOEFL) or the Canadian
                                          Academic English Language
                                          Assessment (CAEL). To determine
                                          the language requirements of a
                                          specific university, check with
        Evaluate your eligibility         its registrar.
         There is no nationwide set of
         university entrance exams in
         Canada. Instead, applicants            Arrange to apply early
are assessed individually against the             Although application
particular institution’s entrance                 deadlines vary among
requirements. Graduation from a                   Canadian universities, you
secondary school and good academic        should generally apply eight months
standing are typically the minimum        in advance of your desired program
requirements for undergraduate study.     start date. The Canadian academic
Some universities require SAT I and/      year usually begins in September,
or II results to qualify for admission.   although some programs do allow
                                          students to begin in January or May.
What international
                                          students are saying
                                                            “I had heard that                       “I picked
                                                            the greatest                            UBC because
                                                            learning                                I wanted a
                                                            experience                              school that was
       Submit supporting                                    that can be                             just as good as
       documents                          found in a university comes              any in the States, but gave me
       Once you apply, you may be         not from textbooks but from              more bang for my buck. I feel as
       required to forward various        the classrooms. It’s the people          challenged at UBC as I would
supporting documentation such as:         and the spirit of the university         have at the schools I wanted
• Official secondary school transcripts   that count. York has given me            to go to back home, but I can
• Official postsecondary transcripts      the opportunity to come out of           graduate here without being
• Postsecondary course descriptions       myself, to meet people from all          in debt from student loans…
  (from institutions outside              over the world and, above all,           While there are many similarities
  North America)                          to learn what life is all about.”        between living in the States and
• Application for on-campus housing                                                Canada, the multitude of cultures
                                          Shumu Haque
                                          Home country: India                      I have found up here is amazing.
                                          Program: Humanities and Communications   You see so many people from
                                                   at York University
                                                                                   so many different nations
                                                                                   live, work and study together.
                                                           “The array of           It really opens your eyes
                                                           opportunities           to the world.”
                                                           available at
                                                                                   Nick Hersh
                                                           the University
                                                                                   Home country: USA (Pennsylvania)
                                                           of Alberta is           Program: Arts at the University
                                          incredible, from the diversity                    of British Columbia
                                          of classes, to sports, to
                                          volunteering, to conferences
                                          and seminars and workshops.
                                          Coming to Canada has opened
                                          my eyes and deepened my
                                          knowledge: it has changed
                                          my life.”
       Once admitted, apply               Luis Lopez Martinelli
       for a study permit                 Home country: Mexico
       If you are not a Canadian          Program: Commerce at the
                                                   University of Alberta
       citizen or permanent resident
of Canada you must obtain a study
permit when pursuing education
programs lasting longer than
six months. Visit the Web site of
Citizenship and Immigration
Canada for details:
Frequently asked

questions    And some enlightening answers

Will my Canadian                            complete an additional year to                $20,000 US) to cover all expenses
degree be recognized                        obtain an honours degree. An                  for an academic year. This includes
in other countries?                         honours degree requires a high                tuition and living expenses but
• A degree from a Canadian                  level of concentration in a major             not transportation to and from
  university is of high quality,            subject and is typically needed for           your home country. This figure is
  and is recognized as equivalent           admission into graduate studies.              an average only. Actual expenses
  to degrees from the United States       • Completion of a master’s degree               may vary with geographic region
  or Commonwealth countries.                usually requires at least one year            and will depend upon the specific
• While Canada does not have                of full-time study (beyond an                 tuition fees for the program you
  an institutional accreditation            honours degree) and includes a                choose and the university you attend.
  process similar to that found in          thesis, practicum or a research             • Because winters are cold in
  the U.S., the appropriate provincial      paper. A doctoral degree, or PhD,             most parts of Canada, a budget
  charter plus membership in                requires at least three years of              for warm clothing is strongly
  AUCC is deemed equivalent.                additional full-time study, usually           recommended. Expect to spend
  Professional and specialized              with at least one year on campus.             between $350 and $500 CDN
  programs (i.e., medicine, nursing         In most cases, a master’s degree              for winter clothes.
  and engineering) are accredited           is required for admission to a              • To calculate your expenses and
  by reliable and reputable agencies.       doctoral program, but some                    estimate the cost of living in
  To ensure high quality standards,         universities will accept PhD students         various communities across
  academic programs are subject to          who have completed an honours                 Canada, consult the Canadian
  regular review by the institutions        degree only for certain programs.             government’s CanLearn Interactive
  that offer them, and in some cases                                                      Web site:
  by provincial or regional bodies as     What is the cost of
  well. Proposals for new programs        living in Canada?                             Will I need
  are also reviewed to ensure their       • Compared to many other countries,           health insurance?
  quality prior to being launched.          the cost of living in Canada is very        • Yes, you must arrange for medical
• For specific details on degree            affordable. Approximate prices                health coverage before you arrive
  recognition, please consult with your     ($CDN) for basic goods and                    in Canada. Because medical
  country’s educational authorities.        services are as follows:                      coverage varies from province
                                          Monthly rent                                    to province and sometimes from
How long will it                            (2-bedroom apartment):   $500.00 – $1000      university to university, consult
                                          Bus fare, one way:                    $2.50     with an official at the Canadian
take to earn a degree?                    Lunch at restaurant:                $10.00
• Depending on the province,                                                              diplomatic post nearest you for
                                          Dinner at restaurant:               $18.00
  a bachelor’s (or undergraduate)         Admission to cinema:                $10.00
                                                                                          detailed information. You may
  degree requires either three                                                            also wish to determine whether
  or four years to complete. In           • As a rough guideline, you will                the universities you are applying
  provinces that grant three-year           need approximately $19,000                    to offer medical insurance plans
  bachelor’s degrees, students must         to $25,000 CDN ($15,000 to                    for international students.
Is financial                              for up to 20 hours a week during        What are the
      aid available?                            the school year and full-time           tuition fees?
      • Contact the Ministry of                 during study breaks. These              • Tuition fees for international
        Education in your home country          agreements make it easier for               students vary from province to
        for information on Canadian             students to gain work experience            province and will depend on your
        scholarships. Details may also          in the Canadian labour market and           academic program of choice. Fee
        be available from the financial         earn extra income while studying.           schedules are based on citizenship,
        aid office at your Canadian           • In order to be eligible for the             not country of origin or residence.
        university of choice.                   program, foreign students must              The following table indicates
      • To order a free copy of the helpful     have a valid study permit, and              the range of tuition fees for each
        booklet Awards for Study in             they must have• studied full-time at        province (in Canadian dollars) for
        Canada, contact:                        an eligible public, postsecondary           general arts and science programs.
        Canadian Bureau for                     institution for at least six months
        International Education                 out of the 12 months preceding          University tuition fees for full-time foreign students
        220 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 1550     their application. Institutions                             2006-2007               2006-2007
                                                                                        Province            Undergraduate           Graduate
        Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P 5Z9         must sign an agreement with the
                                                                                                            tuition fees (per       tuition fees (per
        Phone: (613) 237-4820                   province or territory in which they                         academic year) *        academic year) **
        Fax: (613) 237-1073                     are located in order to participate     British Columbia $9,248 – $17,667 $2,600 – $33,667

        Internet:                   in the program. The agreement           Alberta             $8,000 – $15,767 $5,550 – $21,546

                                                includes monitoring and reporting       Saskatchewan        $8,489 – $11,482 $2,000 – $7,078
                                                                                        Manitoba            $5,573 – $8,283         $4,170 – $7,937
      Am I qualified                            requirements to ensure that
                                                                                        Ontario             $6,900 – $16,800 $5,650 – $26,764
      to work in Canada?                        students retain their eligibility       Quebec
                                                                                                            $10,068 – $12,930 $9,078 – $20,000
     maNitoBa                                   for the program.
     • Full-time international students                                                 New Brunswick $7,843 – $12,810 $7,260 – $9,384

       may work on campus (for instance,      • Working in Canada is a                  Nova Scotia         $8,233 – $14,349 $5,735 – $19,467

       at the university library) without       possibility after your studies as       Prince Edward
                                                                  QueBeC                Island              $8,970                  $4,854 – $7,281
       obtaining a work permit. Graduate        an international student. Under                                                       St. John’s 43
       or research work completed at            certain circumstances, graduating       and Labrador        $8,780                  $1,896 – $3,549
       facilities associated with your          international students may apply        Source: Statistics Canada
       university is considered                 to work in Canada for up to two 33 * undergraduate programs in arts
14   15 Winnipeg                                                              32
                                                years after graduation. For more                    all faculties
                                                                                             ** graduate programs
       “on-campus” work.                                                                  New                 36            40 Sydney
     • The federal Thunder Bay
                     government’s               details on
                                                         27 part-time off-campus                                      39
                                                                         Quebec     BruNswiCk           34
                                                                                        • Remember: Tuition      37          fees make
                            16                  work as well as post-graduation31               35
       off-campus work program                                                              up only part
                                                employment, consult           29
                                                                    Montreal        Fredericton            42 of38your        total yearly
       allows eligible foreign students                    Gatineau                         expenses. 41 You should also budget
                                                  17 18                    28 30
       at public postsecondary                                                              for expenses  Nova such as books,
                                                work.htmlOttawa     26
                                                             and                          sCotia
       institutions to work off-campus                                                      student      activity    fees, food, housing,
                                                             19 25
                                                                                            travel/transportation, health care,
                                                Toronto 20
                                                                                            clothing, laundry and entertainment.
Take your next step toward university study in Canada by ordering the

       direCtory of
    Canadian Universities
                                                   The most current and complete guide to
                                                   institutions, programs, requirements and more
                                  e des
                   universi es
             of                                     The Directory of Canadian Universities is the authoritative source
 Canadia s         canadien
                            n                       on everything from scholarship information and fees, to program
Universi                                             descriptions and housing details, for more than 90 Canadian institutions
                                                     of higher learning.
                                                       Published annually by the Association of Universities and
                                                       Colleges of Canada, this 600+page bilingual volume includes:
                                                         • Up-to-date descriptions of each institution
                                                         • An index of the more than 10,000 academic programs
                                                            available in Canada
                                                           • Articles on undergraduate and graduate studies
                                                           • International student information
                                                            The Directory is currently available for $44.95 CDN.
                                                            Add shipping per copy ($7 in Canada; $9 USA; $15 elsewhere)
                                                              Canadian orders are subject to taxes:
                                                              • PST: Ontario residents only – 8%
                                                              • HST: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland – 14%
                                                              • GST: Ontario and rest of Canada – 6%

                                                           4 ways to order:
                                                1. By phone: (613) 563-3961, ext 205
                                                      2. By fax: (613) 563-9745
                                                  3. By e-mail:
                                                     4. Online:

                   If you have further questions about universities in Canada:
                            Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
                                                  350 Albert Street, Suite 600
                                            Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1R 1B1
                                      Te l : ( 6 1 3 ) 5 6 3 - 1 2 3 6     Fax: (613) 563-9745
                                                               w w w. a u c c . c a

                  Our Web site includes a searchable list of university programs and links to all universities in Canada.

                                                                                                                            REV 03-2007
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