Cayman's new Queen

Cayman's new Queen

Cayman's new Queen

By Lindsey Turnbull Showing a healthy surplus for the �irst six month’s of this year, government last week released its unaudited �inancial report on its �inances for 1st January to 30th June 2018, in line with its move to a 12-month �inancial year (1 January – 31 December). The surplus achieved by government was $201.1 million, 50 per cent higher ($67 million) than the $134.1 million budgeted for, attributed to increases in government revenues by 8 per cent ($38.4 million) and decreases in ex- penditure by 5 per cent ($15.5 million). Revenue on the up Notably, government gained increas- es in revenue from stamp duty on land transfers, import duties on items such as alcoholic beverages, gasoline and diesel duty and motor vehicle duty.

Tourism gave government �inances a boost due to record numbers of visitors during the �irst half of this year, with more cruise ship departure and tourist accommoda- tion charges increasing the coffers, as did government gain from the �inancial services industry by way of more bank and trust licenses and mutual fund ad- ministrators. On the down side, some company fees and work permit fees pro- duced a lower than expected income for government.

Government debt at the end of the pe- riod was $432.8 million, $35.4 million lower than the debt balance at 30 June 2017 and bank balances in cash and de- posits were $110.5 million greater than budgeted. Expenses down Government also bene�itted from lower than expected personnel costs, at a cost of $140.3 million, as compared to the budgeted amount of $150.5 million, School Orientation Dates Police Recruitment Highway Expansion Cannabis beer may be a big seller in Canada  COMMUNITY NOTICES . Page 2  OPPOSITION SPEAKS . Page 6  LOCAL NEWS . Page 7  GLOBAL NEWS BRIEFS . Page 8 INSIDE THIS ISSUE Government Surplus CIFA under 14 kicks off ...

Continued story on page 6  The New Miss Cayman Islands Universe Queen Caitlin Tyson Cayman's new Queen Full story on page 3 >>  Minister for Finance and Economic De- velopment Roy McTaggart The Cayman Islands Football Associ- ation (CIFA) will host Group D of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Boys’ Under 14 Challenge Series this week- end with double-header games on Sat- urday, August 18, Monday, August 20 and Wednesday, August 22 at the Ed Bush Field in West Bay.

Youth national teams participating include host country, the Cayman Is- lands, as well as Bermuda and Cuba. In addition, a Cayman Under 14 Select team will participate in the group of four as a replacement for the Unit- ed States Virgin Islands (USVI), who withdrew from the tournament late last week due to unforeseen circum- stances.  The Cayman Islands Boy’s Under 15 National Squad ... Continued story on page 7 Wednesday, August 15, 2018 Issue No 261 Caymanian Complimentary

Cayman's new Queen

COMMUNITY NOTICES When you're setting up a gym, it's important that you make the space your own, a refuge from all the hectic distractions of the home.

Check out our available fitness equipment! Find out more when you call us at 938-3487 or visit us at unit 8B Alexander Place Dorcy Drive (Next to Smiles Dental). Website: Email: #fitnessplus#caymanislands#fitness #health Human Rights Commission’s Statement on International Youth Day 2018 International Youth Day is cel- ebrated annually on 12 August and the Human Rights Commis- sion joins the United Nations (UN) and organisations around the world in recognising this date and drawing attention to issues concerning young people. The theme for 2018 is “Safe Spac- es for Youth”, which highlights the need for “safe spaces where [young people] can come togeth- er, engage in activities related to their diverse needs and interests, participate in decision making pro- cesses and freely express themselves.” The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs emphasises the impor- tance of safe spaces for young people to engage with each other so “they can effectively contribute to development, including peace and social cohesion.” Examples of safe spaces include civic (political/governance), public (social, sports and leisure), digital (virtual and international) and physical (urban and building design) spaces.

One of the Human Rights Commis- sion’s key objectives this year is to raise awareness about protection of young people, which corresponds with the right to the Protection of Chil- dren (section 17 of our Bill of Rights). Under this section of the Constitution children are de�ined as individuals under the age of 18. While most other rights in the Bill of Rights apply equal- ly to children and adults, section 17 focuses on rights that are speci�ic to children, such as the right to a name from birth, being cared for by a par- ent or guardian, being protected from maltreatment or abuse, and ensuring that the best interests of the child are the most important factor in matters concerning children.

The Commission encourages the ex- tension of these principles to all young people. Cayman’s National Youth Policy relates to individuals between the ages of 10 and 25, and targets especially thosemorevulnerablewhomayrequire additional support to achieve their full potential. Supporting the development of young people helps create a healthy society and a robust economy for the future. Ensuring young people have ac- cess to spaces that are safe is an essen- tial component to achieving this goal, and the Commission notes the work of several government and non-govern- mental organisations in Cayman which strive to provide safe spaces for young people including; Big Brothers Big Sis- ters, the Crisis Centre’s TAYA Lounge, the Red Cross and the Youth Services Unit.

The Commission continues to add to its list of organisations in Cayman of- fering youth protection services which includes these and other organisations providing safe spaces for youth: www. terestgroups.

For persons or groups interested in creating their own safe spaces for youth, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has partnered with the government of Guyana to compile a Guide for Establishing Community Youth Friendly Spaces which provides detailed guidance. There is also an In- ternational Youth Day Toolkit designed to support International Youth Day. The Commission encourages the use of these resources to develop new safe spaces, or to assist with developing es- tablished youth-focused programmes or organisations and contributing to the protection and development of children and young people across the Cayman Islands.

To �ind out more information on sec- tion 17 of the Bill of Rights, or other human rights in the Cayman Islands, visit www.humanrightscommission. ky. To add your organisation to the Commission’s growing list of youth protection services you can contact the Commission at info@human- or 244-3685.  Government School Orientation Dates The Ministry of Education and Department of Education Services (DES) wishes to inform all who attend Government schools of the upcoming orientation dates for the 2018-2019 school year.  NOTE: Orientation for the primary schools is for NEW students and they need to be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

Name of School Date & Time Sir. John A. Cumber Primary School August 24th - 9:00a.m to 11:30p.m George Town Primary School August 24th - 9:00a.m to 11:00a.m Red Bay Primary School August 24th - 9:00a.m to 12:00p.m Lighthouse School August 24th- 9:00a.m to 10:00a.m Savannah Primary School August 24th - 8:30a.m to 10:30a.m Prospect Primary School August 24th- 9:00a.m to 11:30a.m Bodden Town Primary School August 24th - 8:30a.m to 11:00a.m Edna M. Moyle Primary School August 24th – 9:00a.m to 10:00a.m East End Primary School August 24th - 8:30a.m to 12:00p.m West End Primary School August 24th - 11:00a.m to 12:00p.m Creek & Spot Bay Primary Schools August 24th - 9:00a.m to 10:30a.m Little Cayman Education Services August 24th - 9:30a.m.

to 10:30a.m. All Primary Schools (including the Little Cayman Education Service) reo- pen on Monday, August 27th at 8:30am.

John Gray High School August 27th- All NEW Year 7 students and all NEW Year 11 students ONLY report to school from 8:00a.m. – 2:50p.m. Any NEW students to the school/transfers in Years 8 to 10 please report to the main of�ice at 8:00a.m. for an induction that will �inish at 10:00a.m. August 28th – Years 7, 10 and 11 students ONLY 8:00a.m.-2:50p.m. August 29th - School reopens for all students at 8:00am. First day back for students in Years 8 and 9. Clifton Hunter High School August 27th – All NEW Year 7 and NEW Year 11 stu- dents ONLY- 8:00a.m. – 2:50p.m.

August 28th – Years 7, 10 and 11 students ONLY 8:00a.m.

- 2:50p.m. August 29th – School reopens for all students at 8:00a.m. First day back for students in Years 8 and 9. Layman E. Scott Sr. High School August 21st- Year 12 student induction 10:00a.m. - 12:00p.m. August 21st - Orientation for Transfer Students ONLY 1:00p.m. – 3:00p.m. August 27th – School reopens for Years 7 – 11 at 8:00a.m. August 27th – Classes begin for Year 12 students at 8:00a.m. C.I. Further Education Centre August 27th - Year 11 students collect exam results and receive initial consulting: 8:00am - 3:00pm. August 28th - Year 12 students collect exam results. August 31st – Class Induction for ALL Year 12 stu- dents.

September 3rd- School reopens for all students at 8:10am. Relax You’re with us. 180407-Ad-CaymanianTimes-EightPg1 1 4/16/18 9:40:59 PM C � T���� Wednesday, August 15, 2018 | Issue No 261 PAGE 2 COMMUNITY NOTICES

Cayman's new Queen

Caymanian Times Issue # 261 Publisher: Ralph Lewis Company: Lewis Cayman Islands Ltd #19 Walkers Road (next to Tomlinson Furniture) Telephone: 345 916 2000 Email:, or Website: By Christopher Tobutt The Cayman Islands has a new Queen. 24-year- old Caitlin Tyson from Bodden Town was crowned Miss Cayman Islands Universe 2018 by the ‘outgoing’ Queen, Anika Connolly, in front of a crowd of excited onlookers at the Westin’s Gov- ernors Ballroom on Saturday evening.

You could feel the tension in the air as the pageant neared its conclusion, end everyone was on the edge of their seats, chanting and clapping for their ‘favorite’ from the seven contestants: Keilen Jack- son, 19, from Bodden Town; Gabrielle Watler, 27, from West Bay; Vanessa Douglas, 20 from George Town; Natei- sha Foster, 26, from George Town, Josani Schneider, 24 from West Bay; Tiffany Conolly 20, from West Bay; and Caitlin Tyson, 24, from Bodden Town. After the National Song, sung by An- ika Connolly, The show started with a dance, with all the contestants onstage along with members of Dreamchasers dance group.

It was fun, and upbeat and exciting and it set a mood of expectancy for what was to follow.

MLA Hon Minister Austin Harris came to the stage to share a message from Premier, Hon Alden McLaughlin, who was unable to be there in person: “It is an honor to once more welcome the Miss Cayman Islands Universe pageant. Each time we hold this pageant it gives us a sense of national pride and provides us an opportunity to choose not only the young woman who will represent our Islands as a cultural ambassador here at home and abroad but also to provide a valuable opportunity for all the partic- ipants. This pageant, as those held in years past, gives the young women who are chosen to participate an opportunity to grow, present themselves and learn.

It’s about allowing their inner beauty to shine. In years past the Pageant Com- mittee has chosen various charitable or- ganizations on which to focus. This year it is the Alzheimer’s and Dementia As- sociation of the Cayman Islands, a very worthy cause that exists because of the generosity of the community. I congrat- ulate Anika Connolly for her hard work and dedication to Cayman. She has con- sistently made us proud.” There were many prizes, not just for the winner but for the runners up too. Winner of the title, Ms Tyson, received a CI 70,000 dollar scholarship, to cover a full three years; and of course a won- derful crown, too, compliments of FAB Cayman’s new Queen  Caymans new Queen: Caitlin Tyson is crowned by Anika Connolly  Erica Assai sang beautifully and got everyone clapping ...

Continued story on page 4  The opening dance was energetic and fun  First Runner Up, Josani Schneider C � T���� Wednesday, August 15, 2018 | Issue No 261 PAGE 3 MISS CAYMAN

Cayman's new Queen

Cayman, and matching jewelry from Finishing Touch, as well as a round-trip airfare from Cayman Airways to any of their destinations. Chairperson of the Miss Cayman Is- lands Universe Committee, Derri Da- cres-Lee said: “The Miss Cayman Islands Universe pageant is not just a beauty pageant, but an opportunity for young ladies to further their education and become leaders within our community. The experience and exposure gained from this journey is invaluable and will impact the young ladies positively for a lifetime.” There were swimwear and evening gown sections, and the last section was a question asked by MC for the evening, Joel Francis, Senior policy advisor at Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture.

The Question was about each contestant’s “purpose in life,” and the second part of it concerned how each contestant would use this purpose in their community. Each of the contestants answered it well, and thoughtfully.

Before the �inal results were present- ed to the announcers, the incredibly tal- ented Erica Assai sang a �inal song with her wonderful, strong soulful voice. Then it was the time everyone had been waiting for, as the envelope was opened and the winners read out. First Runner Up was Josani Schneider, and the Sec- ond Runner Up was Tiffany Conolly, who came and took their places on either side of the empty white throne. Finally, amid many cries of excitement and a few tears too, Caitlin Tyson was crowed and sashed, and gained the title, Miss Cay- man Islands Universe 2018. “It’s amaz- ing. It feels unreal right now, because I’ve been working so hard for this.

But I am so over-the-moon right now, I’m speechless,” she said.  Cayman’s new Queen  Beautiful gowns – Nateisha Foster, Josani Schneider, Tiffany Conolly, and Caitlin Tyson  Keilen Jackson  The Swimwear section – Nateisha Foster  Vanessa Douglas  Keilen Jackson ... Continued story from page 3 WORLD WATCH PAGE 10 Caymanian Times Wednesday, October 18, 2017 | Issue No 132 916-2000 | Email : Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3 DAYS PER WEEK ADVERTISE WITH US The unusual nature of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season is making its impact felt as far north as the British Isles.

Mainland UK and Northern Ireland are bracing for a pounding from the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia which has roared up through the North Atlantic and was battering the Irish Republic on Monday with gusts close to 100 miles an hour. Already three people have been killed in Ireland, and there have been power outages and other disruptions which might take over a week to return to normal. This is the most powerful storm to have hit Ireland in over 50 years. The storm was Monday evening ploughing its way north-eastwards through Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, before sweeping into Scotland.

Northern England, Wales as well as London and other areas in south- east England were expected to feel the effects of the storm with high winds and torrential rain forecast for some regions, especially those in the north. London was already noticing the effects of this weather phenomenon Monday afternoon with the skies turning an orange tint and the sun taking on an eerie glow. Weather experts explained that was due to dust from the Sahara desert that Ophelia had dragged through the atmosphere combined with haze caused by the glow of forest fires from as far away as Portugal.

The severe extra-tropical storm comes justafewdaysafterthe30thanniversary of another weather phenomenon in this part of the world.

In the early hours of October 1987 southern England was battered by the unannounced Great Storm (they didn’t have names then). The very experienced weather forecaster who under-estimated its impending ferocity has found as much notoriety as the storm itself which killed 18 people and caused extensive damage. Britain is better prepared this time around. It comes just a few days after the 25th anniversary of the now infamous Great Storm of 1987.

BRITAIN BRACES...for a hurricane Caribbean at a Glance  Beautiful gowns - Gabriella Watler C � T���� Wednesday, August 15, 2018 | Issue No 261 PAGE 4 MISS CAYMAN

Cayman's new Queen

C � T���� Wednesday, August 15, 2018 | Issue No 261 PAGE 5 ADVERTISEMENT

Cayman's new Queen

Members of the Opposition today re- jected the move by the Commissioner of Police to expand the pool of poten- tial new recruits in contravention of long-standing policy to limit eligibility to Caymanians and permanent residents. The Opposition therefore called upon Acting Governor Franz Manderson to deny the request to extend the drive to recruit foreigners into the police force.

“Once again, the Government is mak- ing it dif�icult for Caymanians to secure employment in their own country,” Mr. Miller said, adding: “We reject the Commissioner’s rationale that tran- sient groups in the community should have representation in the police force, particularly in view of the role of cul- tural awareness and knowledge in maintaining public safety and effective policing.” This follows today’s announcement by Commissioner of Police Derek Byrne that applications had already been re- ceived from “82 suitable applicants”. “We see no reason why this action would be necessary, given that they al- ready have ‘82 suitable’ applicants for a class that is normally around 12 or 15,” Mr.

Miller observed.

“It therefore should not be dif�icult” to select 15 from a pool of 82 to �ill the class. In fact, Mr. Miller recommended that the Commissioner looked to expand the class size to 25 to give more Caymani- ans the opportunity to serve in this im- portant area of law enforcement in their own country. Turning to the criteria for recruit- ment, Mr. Miller said that the current standards for recruitment included ba- sic educational quali�ications and back- ground screening. “If Commissioner Byrne wants to re- vise his recruitment criteria from the current educational standards and to review screening procedures and pro- tocols, he is free to do so, but the basic nationality and residency requirement should not be tampered with,” Mr.

Miller said.

“There is a reason that we have long limited recruitment to nationals and permanent residents and there is every reason that we should continue to main- tain that basic standard.” Chief among those reasons, Mr. Miller said, was the need for “strong relation- ships of mutual trust between police agencies and the communities they serve” and how that related to maintain- ing public safety and effective policing. He and his colleagues, Mr. Miller said, were concerned that, in addition to strong potential of sidelining suitable Caymanians, and robbing them of the chance to service their country in the noble �ield of policing, bringing tran- sients into the mix had the potential for negative impacts on the basic goals of any police service.

 resulting in a saving of $10.2 million. The report stated that this favourable variance was the result of several Min- istries and Portfolios having numerous vacant posts that still have not yet been �illed, including positions for the Fire Service, Prison, and WORC project. Statutory bodies show combined surplus Performance of Statutory Authorities and Government Owned Companies Public Entities recorded a combined net operating surplus of $10.4 million, which was $13.1 million more favour- able than budgeted for the period. The best performers included the Cayman Islands Airports Authority, Cayman Is- lands Monetary Authority, the Health Services Authority, the Water Authority and the Port Authority of the Cayman Is- lands.

These favourable variances were offset by unfavourable performances of Cayman Airways Limited, the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company and the Cayman Turtle Centre, the re- port stated.

Presenting the report to government last week, Minister for Finance and Economic Development Roy McTaggart stated: “As the trend for revenue is general- ly lower in the second half of the year, it is anticipated that the surplus will align closer to budgeted expectations by year-end. Government is con�ident it will achieve the budgeted Net Surplus of $81 million, at a minimum, by the end of this year.” As required by section 29 (1) of the Public Management and Finance Law (PMFL) (2018 Revision), the unaudited quarterly �inancial report will be pub- lished by notice in the Gazette, within six weeks after the end of each of the �irst three quarters in each �inancial year.

The Ministry aims to Gazette the remaining Third Quarter Report (1 July - 30 September 2018) by 12 November 2018, they said.  Government surplus for �irst half of year ... Continued story from page 1  Chairman of the Education Council for the improvement of the delivery of educational services, the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Ezzard Miller Opposition Rejects Move to Recruit Foreigners C � T���� Wednesday, August 15, 2018 | Issue No 261 PAGE 6 GOVERNMENT WATCH | OPPOSITION SPEAKS

Cayman's new Queen

CIFA President Alfredo Whittaker commented on the tournament by say- ing, “On the heels of the Under 15 girls returning from the recently concluded CONCACAF Under 15 Girls’ Champi- onships in Florida, the boys will have yet another chance to compete against top quality opposition in Bermuda and Cuba. This is a very exciting time for our national programmes. The play- ers representing the Cayman Islands and the Cayman Under 14 Select are all part of the Under 15 Boy’s nation- al squad and have been training since February of this year in preparation for the CONCACAF Under 15 Boys’ Cham- pionships scheduled for August 2019.

CIFA is excited to be hosting this tour- nament and we encourage the public to come out and support our boys and the games.” On Saturday, August 18, the Cayman Islands will play the Cayman Under 14 Select team at 6:00 p.m. while Bermuda face Cuba in the second game at 7:45 p.m. On Monday, August 20, Cuba play the Cayman Under 14 Select at 6:00 p.m. and the Cayman Islands play Bermuda at 7:45 p.m. In the �inal set of games on Wednesday, August 22, Bermuda go up against the Cayman Under 14 Select at 6:00 p.m. and at 7:45 p.m., the Cayman Islands face Cuba.

This will be the second tournament in a matter of months that players from the Cayman Islands Under 15 Boy’s na- tional squad will have the opportuni- ty to gain valuable experience against two of the better youth national pro- grammes in the Caribbean in Bermuda and Cuba. In May, the Under 15 Boy’s national team competed in the 2018 Cayman Airways Invitational Under 15 Youth Football Cup playing the Jamaica Under 15 national team, DC United from Washington DC and Portmore United from Jamaica. The Cayman Islands Under 15 Boy’s national team is coached by Lovane “Peelo” Joven and Garth Anderson.

 Under 14 Boys’ international football tournament kicks-off this weekend ... Continued story from page 1 “It’s a special morning for us,” said Joseph Hew, Minister for Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure at Phase One of the of�icial opening of the Linford Pierson Highway expansion, from Agnes Way to Silver Oaks. Although the �irst phase still hasn’t brought four lanes to all of the road, the improvement is very noticeable and very welcome for mo- torists, because that was one area that always used to get blocked with slow moving traf�ic at peak morning and evening times.

The new expansion has cost just over CI$ 10 million dollars in total, with just over 7 million for the road itself, plus just over three million for relocating the residents of two homes that were in the way of the extension. Early indications are that the new road will cut commute times in half, according to Edward How- ard, acting managing director of the NRA. In addition, Mr. Howard said, there has already been a signi�icant reduction in the number of accidents occurring along the new road, which stretches for just over one mile. More is planned for the future, at the George Town end of the highway, but has been put off until a problem with a landowner has been resolved.

Road users have been waiting for two years for the stretch to be completed, and part of the reason why it took longer than anticipated, Mr. Howard said, was because of the decision taken early on to keep the road open at all times, in view of its importance. Although the new ex- tension increases the number of lanes from two to four, in total, it will only be a matter of time before another two lanes, one on each side, are going to be needed, because traf�ic has increased by more than half since the Linford Pierson Highway was initially built in 2001. At that time there were 13,000 cars using the road every day, but now there are 21,000 – an increase of around 2.5% per year.

Fortunately, the present road has potential for two more lanes, Mr. How- ard said.

Outlining some of the nice features of the new road, Mr. Howard described the steel highway-standard crash bar- riers at the sides, to prevent motor- ists from crashing but running off the road. The barriers are equipped with the latest in high intensity reflectors, for greater visibility at night, too. In the middle of the road there is a raise area, to stop particularly dangerous head-on collisions, and both this area and the central islands in the round- abouts are equipped with the latest in cost-saving LED aluminum light- poles. Mr. Howard said. There have been a total of 85 drains added, which should greatly increase the possibility of flooding, and the level of the road it- self has been increased by several feet, too.

There have also been plenty of un- derground ducts, for future utility ca- bles added, so that when work needs to be done, the road will not have to be dug up.

Mr. Hew said that the Government was doing what it could to make the roads better, but he also indicated that road widening and expansions couldn’t go on forever. Sooner or later we would have to think more seriously about things like carpooling, or using more bi- cycles, too.  Highway expansion officially open for business  Linford Pierson Extension officially opens EDITORIAL | COMMUNITY NOTICES PAGE 2 Wednesday, October 18, 2017 | Issue No 132 Editorial Tips of the Week Motivational Tip The Power of Music Do not underestimate the power of music. Music can heal the sick, mend the broken heart, relieve stress and even help you to live longer.

Just ask some of our seniors who are still playing music and dancing. They will agree that music has added value to their life and also a few more years. After a long stressful day, close your eyes turn on your iPod or CD player and just enjoy the mellowing sounds of music. If you have energy left you may even dance a jig.

Live longer. Live happier. Live life to its fullest with MUSIC. Health Tip Drinking alcohol and Blood Pressure Drinking too much alcohol can raise blood pressure to unhealthy levels. Having more than three drinks in one sitting temporarily increases NoticEs Ai U A Em To help importers start using a system for entry declaration, the Department will start registering importers starting Monday, 16 October 2017. The registration is required by the implementation of a new online electronic system for entry declaration. Effective 1 November 2017, the Cayman Islands Customs Department will implement the new system.

This will require importers to complete and submit entries electronically to Customs using the new gateway portal COLS (Customs Online System). Importers will be able to access the portal through the website

For individuals who have not yet received training in the use of the system, Customs will However, before they can use COLS, importers will have to be formally registered and recog This will require each individual to come in and provide Customs with relevant informatio identification, e.g., driver’s licence or passport. Additionally, it will be necessary for comp their business licence and/or companies registration including directorship. As a result, Customs will begin the registration process starting Monday, 16 October throu to 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Registration will take place on the 1st floor of Customs Hea Roberts Drive (locally known as Airport Road).

However, if they miss this period to be registered, Customs will continue to register im hours. Although most importers were previously registered in the old system, it is necessary in the new system. Once registered with Customs, importers can then submit entries ele Customs, without having to attend in person. Cayman Islands Customs Management thanks importers for their cooperation and und continued partnership. Customs Registration of Importe Services: Work Permits, Trade and Business Applications & Renewal Annual Returns, General Letters Please call for other services Contact: Susan Cellular: 345 326-9953 Address: Unit #2, Grand Plaza (Opposite Hi-Tech Electronics) Email: Business Hours: 9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri Sea Grape Secretarial Services MMUNITY NOTICES Caymanian Times y, October 18, 2017 | Issue No 132 Advertise your l ower sick, ress Just still will ue to ears.

your ayer unds you fe to d can althy inks ases ated erm k to heir top ing) cury lood in a to 2 nt to owly over kers NoticEs Air-Conditioned Storage Units - Kingbird Drive Available for Immediate Rental Various Sizes from 80 sq. ft to 190 sq. ft Please call: 326-3800 or Email: To help importers start using a system for entry declaration, the Department will start registering importers starting Monday, 16 October 2017. The registration is required by the implementation of a new online electronic system for entry declaration. Effective 1 November 2017, the Cayman Islands Customs Department will implement the new system.

This will require importers to complete and submit entries electronically to Customs using the new gateway portal COLS (Customs Online System). Importers will be able to access the portal through the website

For individuals who have not yet received training in the use of the system, Customs will provide in-house training. However, before they can use COLS, importers will have to be formally registered and recognised as an importer by Customs. This will require each individual to come in and provide Customs with relevant information including a government-issued identification, e.g., driver’s licence or passport. Additionally, it will be necessary for companies and businesses to provide their business licence and/or companies registration including directorship.

As a result, Customs will begin the registration process starting Monday, 16 October through 27 October 2017, from 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

Registration will take place on the 1st floor of Customs Headquarters, located at #42 Owens Roberts Drive (locally known as Airport Road). However, if they miss this period to be registered, Customs will continue to register importers during normal business hours. Although most importers were previously registered in the old system, it is necessary for all importers to be registered in the new system. Once registered with Customs, importers can then submit entries electronically and do business with Customs, without having to attend in person.

Cayman Islands Customs Management thanks importers for their cooperation and understanding and looks forward to continued partnership. Customs Registration of Importers begins Services: Work Permits, Trade and Business Applications & Renewal Annual Returns, General Letters Please call for other services Contact: Susan Cellular: 345 326-9953 Address: Unit #2, Grand Plaza (Opposite Hi-Tech Electronics) Email: Business Hours: 9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri Sea Grape Secretarial Services l Free Consultation - New Clients Welcome l Full & Partial Dentures l Specializing in Cosmetic Dentures l Re-Lines/Soft Liners l Dentures Over Implants l Athletic mouthguards & night guards l Over 30 Yrs Experience l Denture Repairs while you wait! C � T���� Wednesday, August 15, 2018 | Issue No 261 PAGE 7 LOCAL SPORTS | LOCAL NEWS

Cayman's new Queen

G L O B A L N E W S B R I E F S A Honduran mother of a sev- en-month-old baby declared dead at the hospital discovered her little girl was still alive dur- ing her funeral. Ivis Montoya realised that her child was still breathing inside a church in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Baby Keilin Johanna Ortiz Montoya, had been admitted to the Rivas hospital in Villanue- va with convulsions, diarrhoea, severe hydration and blistered skin caused by a bacterial infec- tion on Aug. 3. Despite intensive treatment at the hospital's paediatric unit, Keilin was pronounced dead three days later at 9am, and the corresponding death cer- ti�icate was reportedly issued.

Following a candle lit vigil during the night Keilin was taken to the church in nearby Dos Caminos for her funeral. Ivis said that they placed her daugh- ter's body on a chair in the church be- cause “we had no money for a cof�in”. It was at this point that the moth- er noticed that her daughter was still breathing.

Reluctant to return to the hospital that had declared her baby dead, she rushed to a local clinic. Here, medical staff attended to the baby and a woman's support group per- suaded her to the infant back to the pae- diatric unit. Keilin was immediately taken to the intensive care unit where she is said to be in a serious condition. The head of the hospital's Paediatric Department, Elba Campos, said that the incident was being investigated, but that it was too early to reach any con- clusions.  A surge in sales of Cu- ba’s legendary cigars in China helped manu- facturer Habanos S.A.’s global revenue rise 12 percent to hit a record of around $500 million last year, the company said at the start of Cuba’s annual cigar festival.

Habanos S.A., a 50-50 joint venture between the Cuban state and Brit- ain’s Imperial Brands Plc, said sales in China, its third leading export market after Spain and France, jumped 33 per- cent in value in 2017. “Without doubt, there is potential for China to become the biggest market at a global level,” Habanos Vice President of Development Jose Marı́a Lopez said af- ter the company’s annual news confer- ence, while puf�ing on a smoke. The Cuban monopoly cigar compa- ny’s hand-rolled cigars, which include brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo and Partagas, are considered by many as the best in the world.

Cigars are one of the top exports for the struggling Cuban economy. The product has been the country’s signature product ever since Christo- pher Columbus saw natives smoking rolled up tobacco leaves when he �irst sailed to the Caribbean island in 1492. Late revolutionary leader Fidel Castro was often seen puf�ing on his favoured kind, the long and thin ‘lancero’, until he quit in 1985.  Slavery still exists in the UK, but plantations have been replaced by nail bars, factories, car washes, the sex trade and the cleaning indus- try.

That's according to prosecutor Eran Cutliffe, the person responsible for the UK's �irst mod- ern slavery prosecution involving children.

In January this year, three people from Bath were sentenced under the 2015 Mod- ern Slavery Act. Two were jailed for their part in traf�icking teenage girls from Vietnam to work in the UK's nail industry. "The overwhelming feeling by the time we got to the end was relief," said Ms Cutliffe who had spent two years working on the landmark case. She hopes the result (along with a BBC TV documentary) will bring more awareness to people who may not realise slavery is happening in many parts of the UK.

"Hopefully it will help people think," Ms Cutliffe said. "It's not just a case of going and getting your nails done and not giving it a second thought.” The girls involved in the Bath case were brought to the UK from Vietnam and were only given clothes and food by their captors, and slept in an attic.  Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has caused outrage again by threatening to kill dozens of Philippines National Police of�icers who are under investigation for crimes. In an expletive-laden rant targeting criminality in the force, he hauled 102 of�icers to the Malacañang -thePhilippinesPresiden- tial Palace - last Tuesday, calling them "useless...

and a menace to society.” Many of the of�icers presented to Mr Duterte are under investigation for serious crimes including rape, kidnap- ping, extortion and involvement in the drug trade. Others are accused of ad- ministrative lapses, like being absent without leave and failing to appear for court duties.

Mr Duterte warned the of�icers that if they continued their criminal acts, he'd have them killed. "Like what you do, it's easy to kill a person. Just follow him, �ire at his back, then walk away calmly," he said. The outrageous threats are in keep- ing with the president's hyperbolic style. Over a year ago Mr Duterte called for a total overhaul of the force in the wake of the alleged brutal killing of a South Korean businessman by corrupt police of�icials. "Cleanse your ranks. Review their cases. Give me a list of who the scala- wags are," Mr Duterte said. He extended the purge at the begin- ning of 2018, ordering the ranks be cleared of "graft and corruption."  Canada is preparing for the legalisa- tion of cannabis in a couple of months and one of the products expected to sell well is beer made from the herb.

Scientists in a small Ontario laborato- ry are testing enzymes and experiment- ing with fermentation. Their techniques are not new, but their focus is a �irst. They are developing what is being de- scribed as the world’s �irst beer brewed from cannabis.

Most cannabis beers on the market are brewed from barley and infused with marijuana oil, according to Doo- ma Wendschuh of Province Brands, the Toronto start up behind the product. “That’s not what we do. Our beer is brewed from the stalks, stem and roots of the cannabis plant.” It is a story playing out across Canada as entrepreneurs race to secure a foot- hold in what is expected to be a multibil- lion-dollar market. The country will become only the sec- ond in the world after the United States to legalise marijuana for recreational use on Oct. 17.

Analysts estimate that marijuana-re- lated products and services could eventually be worth between C$12bn and C$22bn (KY$8 and KY$14) in Can- ada.

 ‘Dead’ baby breathing at funeral Duterte threatens to ‘kill’ cops Cuban cigar sales puffed by China UK has problem with modern slavery  Cannabis beer may be a big seller in Canada Cannabis beer soon on market  Ivis Montoya noticed Keilin was still alive at the funeral  Some Filipino police are in fear of their lives  Cuban cigars are selling well in China  The sex trade is linked to modern slavery in the UK C � T���� Wednesday, August 15, 2018 | Issue No 261 PAGE 8 GLOBAL NEWS BRIEFS

Cayman's new Queen

The UK's adopted home team is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Doug Marrone's squad fell just shy of a Super Bowl ap- pearance last time out, narrowly losing out to Tom Brady and the Patriots in a closely fought AFC Championship game. The defence was elite on all three lev- els, and the running game with Leonard Fournette was strong. As with last year, much of their hopes in 2018 will hinge on the play of Blake Bortles at quarter- back. The Jaguars take on the Patriots in their regular season opener on Sept. 15. Last year was a breakthrough one for a roster that's brimming with high draft picks. After six straight years posting a record under .500, a 10-6 return was much needed in Jacksonville.

After years of bringing up the rear at the bottom of the AFC South, the Jags' talent �inally gelled and put together an impressive season. The defence fea- tured no fewer than six Pro Bowlers and �inished second in the NFL in both total sacks and total interceptions. The fearsome pass defence gave up the fewest yards through the air of any defence and the second few- est total yards, with young corners AJ Bouye and Jalen Ramsey proving to be amongst the best in the league at their position.

Up front Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue wrecked havoc to the tune of 14.5 and 12 sacks respectively, whilst former top �ive pick Dante Fowler Jr and Malik Jackson added each. Telvin Smith was everywhere on the second level, racking up an im- pressive 102 tack- les, three picks, a forced fumble and a sack to boot. The leader of the de- fence truly shone out as one of the elite middle line- backers in the league and tru- ly embodied the toughness, speed and versatility of the vaunted 'Sack- sonville' D. The impressive unit held opponents to single digit points on eight occasions and they'll be raring to go again in 2018 with even more �irepower after a strong draft.

On offense Fournette ripped off a promising rookie year with 1009 yards rushing and nine TD's on the ground whilst adding another 302 yards and a score in the air. Enigmatic Bortles man- aged to restrict the mistakes and put up big numbers in key games on his way to arguably his best year as a Pro. Bortles threw for 3,687 yards and 21 touchdowns against 13 picks, but com- pleted a career high 60.2 percent of his passes in a run-�irst offense. The Divisional Playoff matchup against the Steelers in Pittsburgh was a particularly impressive night for both men as Fournette put up 109 yards rush- ing and ran in three touchdowns whilst Bortles completed 14 of 26 passes for 204 yards and a score without throwing a pick and even added 35 valuable yards on the ground.

The two wins over the Steelers across the year were mightily impressive and proved the Jags can hang with anyone on their night, even in an offensive slug- fest. They eventually fell to Brady, Beli- chick and co. 24-20 in Foxborough, in a game they probably should've won hav- ing held the lead for long stretches of the game. All in all, it was a highly successful year and they'll certainly be looking to go one step further this time around.  Gennady Golovkin has launched a stinging attack on “dirty” and “unpleas- ant” Canelo Alvarez ahead of their re- match.

Undefeated GGG, 36, takes on his middleweight rival in Las Vegas on Sep- tember 15 after a controversial draw in their �irst outing.

The �ight was postponed in May after Alvarez, 28, tested positive for banned substance Clenbuterol while in training camp. There was mutual respect and little acrimony in the run up before their �irst �ight a year ago but this time round both �ighters have been abusive to the other. Golovkin roared: "He is one of the dirt- iest and most unpleasant �ighters. He's a dirty �ighter for using substances and blaming others for it, it's a dirty tactic. "We have two different styles of box- ing, probably he thinks that his style is boxing, but my style is completely differ- ent. I hope he comes out with a �ighting style that allows us to �inish the contest in less time.

"He is the one who has to change everything. I do not think about what he is going to do, I think about what I need to do." Golovkin and Canelo fought last Sep- tember and could not be separated by the judges. And after both greats claimed they had done enough to win, fans are des- perate to see them collide again in one of the sport's biggest grudges. Alvarez has denied he intentionally ingested Clenbuterol, insisting the pos- itive tests were caused by eating con- taminated meat in Mexico. He is angered that Golovkin accus- es him of being a doper and tries to under- mine his boxing ability.

Alvarez re- vealed he no longer eats meat, but will not be making changes to his team despite the controversy. This is ex- pected to be one of the most exciting �ights of the year, with the winner able to call himself the king of the middle- weights.  Paul Pogba said he needs to be happy to perform at his best for Manchester United, adding that he would be �ined if he spoke his true feelings. The mid�ielder, 25, won the World Cup with France in the summer and scored in United's 2-1 win over Leicester in Fri- day's Premier League opener. But Pogba fell out of favour during the 2017-18 campaign and this summer he was linked with a move to Barcelona.

"If you're not happy, you cannot give your best," Pogba said. "There are things I cannot say otherwise I will get �ined.” Asked about the differences between playing for France and playing for Unit- ed, Pogba said: "I am the same, but it's a different team, obviously. I still enjoying playing football but like I said, when you are comfortable or con�ident and are good in the head, it's going to be easier." Pogba joined United for a then-world record $110m in August 2016, but was left out of the starting line-up for both legs of United's Champions League last-16 defeat by Sevil- la last season.

But Pogba, who wore the captain's armband for Unit- ed on Friday, added: "I always love the club [United]. I came from the academy, I played for the �irst team. For me, it was a dream come true." He scored as France beat Croatia 4-2 in the �inal to win the World Cup in July for the second time. After France's victory, former Unit- ed defender Rio Ferdinand said it was "down to Jose [Mourinho] to unlock this Pogba we saw at the World Cup because he was responsible, he stood up to a lot of hard tests in mid�ield, and was a talisman for this team". United manager Mourinho praised Pogba for being "abso- lutely brilliant" in Les Bleus' �inal three matches in Russia.

"It's about him understanding why he was so good, especially in the second part of the competi- tion," said the Portuguese. Pogba said "everybody was on the same page" in the France dressing room, from manager Di- dier Deschamps to the staff and players. "When you have everybody with you, everybody next to you, you know they want to �ight for you, obviously it's going to be easier," he said.  Pogba is still unhappy at United  Paul Pogba is unsettled at Manchester United Golovkin taunts Alvarez as rematch looms  Canelo Alvarez, left, believes he can beat Golovkin this time Bortles can make Jaguars roar again  Leonard Fournette caused havoc in offence in 2017  Blake Bortles wants another brilliant season C � T���� Wednesday, August 15, 2018 | Issue No 261 PAGE 9 INTERNATIONAL SPORTS

Cayman's new Queen

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