2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

The official newsletter of Yishun Junior College JUNE 2018 04 Orientation with our freshman SNEAK PEEK 06 A-level results - congratulations to our 2017 graduates 09 Arts Fusion Celebrating Values Day A DAY TO HAVE FUN, WHILE SERVING OUR COMMUNITY! Yishun Junior College held its biennial Celebrating Values Day (CVD) on 7 April 2018. In the planning for, and execution of this event, students get a chance to display college values such as compassion, as well as leadership qualities and an entrepreneurial spirit. The festivities started with an opening ceremony graced by guest-of- honour, grassroots advisor for Nee Soon South, Er Dr Lee Bee Wah. The student-run bazaar has been the mainstay of CVD, complemented by activities like: the hot-meal programme for Nee Soon South residents, sports competitions for secondary students, an on-the-spot Art competition for Primary school children, student performances, and experiential booths by the Singapore Armed Forces and Singapore Police Force.

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2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

A look at some of the excitement & activities This year, we also welcomed clients from our beneficiaries – MINDS, Sree Narayana Mission, Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) – to the event, where our students hosted them for a fun and enriching day. As much as we are glad that we managed to raise a substantial sum for our beneficiaries through this event, we also relish the ties that have been forged between the college, residents of Nee Soon, and the wider community. Clockwise from left: Student interacting with a young visitor; teachers and students from My First Skool setting up stall; family and friends join us for the day; Er Dr Lee receiving a token of appreciation from Principal Mrs Neo; and staff, students, and visitors experiencing the fun to be had in the hall.

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2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

Open House 2018 Imagine stepping into college and being welcomed by lively music, vibrant student cheers, and tall columns of red, blue and white balloons. Well, that was the sight that visitors got to enjoy on 13 January 2018, when our college opened its gates for Yishun & Innova Junior Colleges’ Open House 2018. With the upcoming merger in 2019, Open House 2018 was a particularly significant occasion; in fact, teachers and Student Ambassadors of both colleges had been collaborating tirelessly since July 2017 to prepare for the event! Guided by our very own Student Ambassadors, visitors enjoyed a customised tour of the college and were also able to interact with our warm and friendly students and teachers to find out more about college life at YJC. Visitors gained greater insights into the JC experience through a presentation-cum-dialogue session hosted by our school leaders. Prospective students were also able to explore signature educational and co-curricular programmes such as our Talent Development Programme and Digital Literacies Programme. Open House 2018, which was featured on reputable Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao, was a resounding success, with over 1700 students and parents visiting the college. The Open House was attended by over 1700 visitors! Clockwise from top: Helpful exhibits were set up around the college; school leaders sharing on the key unique experiences students could look forward to at YIJC; a student ambassador with her visitors; a warm and colourful sight greeted all visitors.


2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

Orientation: Evolution Orientation was held across the first two weeks of February. With the upcoming merger in 2019, this year’s freshmen programme was an especially momentous one, as both Yishun and Innova Junior Colleges came together to collaborate on organising a joint Orientation experience for the freshmen. The programme aimed to allow our new JC 1s to feel warmly welcomed to the college, and to build new bonds with their peers and seniors, as they prepare to make the transition from secondary school to junior college.

The theme of this years’ orientation was “Evolution”, which signified our transition into a new merged college that is founded upon the strengths of both colleges. Student leaders and teachers of both colleges co-planned and successfully organised Orientation 2018, which was also featured on Channel NewsAsia! The highlights of the programme included activities such as ‘The Totem Trials’ and ‘The Outbreak’ which allowed the freshmen to forge new friendships whilst discovering more about the heritage of both colleges and their communities. Clockwise from top left: Freshmen getting into the spirit of things; Student Leaders from both colleges worked hand in hand; school pride ran high during the closing Jam & Hop. PAGE 4

2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

8th Global Perspectives Symposium The 8th edition of the symposium was organised around the theme “Future-Readiness”. It aimed to kick-start a series of conversations about the real world issues surrounding our efforts to better prepare ourselves and Singapore for a future characterised by its diverse range of social, cultural and technological transformations. For Learning Journeys, all the 30 orientation groups were allocated to 17 different organisations to hear from either industry, civic or educational experts. These visits provided insights into the unique experiences of these organisations in tackling the challenges and leveraging the opportunities afforded by the new economy.

Back in college, the Critical Inquiry Seminars offered another platform for broadening perspectives, as teachers from the various disciplines showcased how their subjects have inherent applications in the real world. The two-day GPS experience, given the issues and level of discussion, effectively served as an ‘orientation of the mind’. Clockwise from top right: Our students enjoying their learning journeys to National Gallery,Harmony Centre, 3M and Google offices. PAGE 5 8-9 January 2018

2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

2017 A-level Examinations The 2017 A-level examination results were released on 23 Feb 2018. Our students’ hard work and perseverance paid off, with many attaining results that would see them eligible for a range of university courses. When interviewed, many of our top scorers stressed the need for consistent and regular effort. They also expressed their appreciation for supportive family, friends, and tutors who were always ready to spend time and effort on consultations with their students. Reflecting on how he overcame the disappointment of initially poor results to emerge as one of our top scorers, Jonathan Chin Tze Kai from CTG211’2017 shared, "I tried to work hard every single day, and I had great teachers such as Mr Ho Wai Kin and Mr Lee Siu Kee, who were really there for me whenever I needed help with work." Well done, YJCians, and all the best in the next phase of your journey!

“I tried to work hard every single day, and I had great teachers such as Mr Ho Wai Kin and Mr Lee Siu Kee, who were really there for me whenever I needed help with work.” Clockwise from top left: The crowd streaming into the hall for their results; students nervous, then jubilant at their results; some of our top scorers with their proud Principal, Mrs Edelweis Neo. PAGE 6 - Jonathan Chin (CTG211'17) PROVING THAT HARD WORK PAYS OFF

2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

Student of the Term and Student Outstanding Contribution Awards Student Leaders' Investiture 2018 The award ceremonies for Student of the Term (SOT) and Student Outstanding Contribution Award (SOCA) for 2018 Term 1 were held during morning assembly on 9 and 10 May. 23 students were awarded SOT for displaying college values, while 65 students were awarded SOCA for exhibiting leadership in the planning and execution of college events or activities. Congratulations to all award recipients, you have done the college proud!

Our Student Leaders’ Investiture was held on 2 May 2018. This year’s investiture saw both Yishun and Innova Junior Colleges come together to jointly celebrate the achievements and contributions of the outgoing batch of Student Leaders from both colleges. It was also a momentous occasion as both colleges came together to initiate the new batch of 33rd Student Leaders who will continue to serve the new merged college in 2019. The theme for this year’s combined investiture was ‘Efflorescence’, which refers to the process of development and growth, much like the blossoming of a flower from a bud. This theme was chosen to symbolise the 33rd Student Leaders’ journey of self-development, as they strive to grow into confident leaders who will lead the merged college to achieve new possibilities. The highlight of the event was most definitely when both colleges witnessed the Handover Candlelight Ceremony, where our outgoing batch of Student Leaders passed their flames on to their juniors, officially welcoming them into the Student Leaders’ family! From top: YJC's 32nd Student Leaders step down after completing their term of duty; the baton is passed and Student Leaders from IJC and YJC solemnly pledge their service to the college. Above: Our students posing with their well-deserved awards.. PAGE 7

2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

Singapore Youth Festival 2018 The Chinese Cultural Society (CCS) put up a play titled “Growing Pains”. This play depicts how a girl named “Ningya” struggles with schizophrenia. As the play develops, she receives the treatment she needs and finally learns to move on with life. This thought-provoking and sensitive play earned our performers a Certificate of Commendation. The English Language Drama and Debate Society (ELDDS - Drama) presented a mystery about a man who goes missing on a train platform late at night, and the search by two detectives to find him. His disappearance leaves his wife distraught, causing her to take the search into her own hands. This compelling and emotional production earned our students a Certificate of Commendation.

“The preparations and rehearsals were not easy, but we learnt teamwork and communication. We are glad for this experience which has given us unforgettable memories with one another.” Clockwise from top left: The cast and crew with their teacher and drama coach; the actors posing with their props, and taking a bow after their performance. Left to right: The wife character in distress; the missing man tussles with mysterious elements; the two detectives in action. PAGE 8 Chinese Drama English Drama - Chew Zheng Yang (CTG102), CCS member

2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

Arts Fusion The response for Arts Fusion 2018: “Celebrating Memories, Creating Possibilities” was unexpectedly overwhelming and tickets were sold out by early April! The bout of heavy rain that evening did not deter the audience, and the house was quickly filled by the audience comprising of school leaders, staff, parents, alumni, and current students. Close to 300 students participated in Arts Fusion 2018, either as performers or crew. They were led by a team of enthusiastic student leaders from various aesthetics co-curricular activity groups, with the support of the Aesthetics Ambassadors from the RaDiAL Leadership structure.

On top of that, there were many alumni who came back to contribute to the last Arts Fusion in Yishun Junior College. Paul Huang and Tan Qi Ren (Class of 2005) expressed their happiness at having the opportunity to perform with their juniors on stage, making up for a chance they missed during their own school days. Clockwise from left: The harmonious Symphonic Band; a focused and precise performance by the Chorale; graceful dancers from the Malay Cultural Society; a song by our popular soloists, a dynamic dance by Indian Cultural Society; excellent form by our Modern Dancers. PAGE 9 28 April 2018

2018 Facets 1 - Yishun Junior College - Ministry of Education

Celebrating Memories, Creating Possibilities “ArtsFusionandDance wereimportanttomeas astudent,andimpacted meinmanyways.” From top: A melodious performance by the Chinese Orchestra; happy faces of our performances for pulling off a successful Arts Fusion; Florescat Concordia - let harmony abound as everyone joins their voices to sing the college anthem. PAGE 10 - Chuang Rui Ting (Class of 2012), producer of Arts Fusion video

19th Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition 2018 Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2018 (SSEF) From top: Mdm Jane Lim with her students; Kenny Seah receiving his Bronze award onstage. Kenny Seah with his research findings on a low cost and highly efficient solar cell. PAGE 11 Four teams of Yishun Junior College (YJC) students competed in the zonal Science research competition, the 19th Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition, in April 2018. All the teams gained deep scientific skills and thinking through first-hand experiences in Science research. Students also participated in an enrichment workshop on Arduino, robotics and 3D printing in the host college, Anderson Junior College.

Congratulations to the following students on their results: . The SSEF is a highly prestigious national competition organised by the Ministry of Education, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, and the Science Centre Singapore. The SSEF is affiliated to the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), which is regarded as the Olympics of science competitions. Students exhibit their projects at the fair, and are judged by a number of judges from local universities, polytechnics as well as research institutes. One of our Yishun Junior College teams successfully entered the final round of SSEF from the several hundred entries received. Well done, Kenny!

Immersion in YJC for Thai Visitors Tamil Pre-University Seminar From left: Our visitors on learning journeys to National University of Singapore, and Chinatown; they also got to enjoy a local meal at Chong Pang. PAGE 12 From 3-12 April, the college played host to fifteen Thai students and two accompanying teachers from Princess Chulabhorn's College Chiang Rai (PCCCR). The exchange activities included cultural immersion experiences like visits to Chinatown and Little India, as well as learning opportunities from in-house workshops by our science teachers and learning journeys to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and Newater Visitor Centre.

. Clockwise from left: Our hardworking participants pose after the Seminar; the college was honoured to host Padmashree Vivek; Principal Mrs Neo, VP Lim, and staff. The 30th Anniversary of the Tamil Language Pre-University Seminar 2018 was successfully held on 21 April. The guest of honour was Mr Murali Pillai (Grassroots Advisor to Bukit Batok SMC), while our special guest from India, Padmashree Vivek, celebrity and founder of ‘Green Kalam’ movement, presented an inspiring Keynote Speech. There were engaging presentations by students from Yishun JC, Anderson JC and Eunoia JC. In commemoration of the occasion, a website was launched by Tamil Language Learning Promotion Committee Chairperson Mr Manogaran, YJC pioneer teacher Mr VRP Manickam, and Keynote Speaker Padmashree Vivek.

Lunar New Year Celebrations Staff Learning Day at Gardens by the Bay “I appreciate the opportunity to bond with colleagues across departments outside of school. Our conversations while experiencing the beauty of the Gardens helped create and strengthen relationships.” Above and right: Our lovely staff giving the beautiful Gardens a run for its money. From left to right: The Chinese Orchestra bringing festive tunes to live; our talented students contributing a song to the celebrations. PAGE 13 - Mr Ben Neo, Economics tutor This year’s Lunar New Year celebrations featured a series of performances that included an exciting showcase by Wushu, a masterful performance by Chinese Orchestra, festive singing, and a funny skit by teachers! Students were also busy creating hampers for the hamper wrapping competition, with the end products gifted to our janitors and security guards in appreciation of their service to the college. On 27 February, the college had our Staff Learning Day at Gardens by the Bay. The experience aimed to provide staff with the opportunity to learn more about conservation and appreciate the unique plants grown during the period of visit.

Immersion Trip YJC-PCCCR Student Exchange Programme Chiang Rai, Thailand, 22 Nov - 1 Dec 2017 “My biggest takeaway from this trip is the spirit of endurance. This trip was indeed fruitful and insightful.” Clockwise from above: Students absorbed in a Food Science lesson, learning a Thai traditional dance, and excited to taste their creations after a Thai cooking lesson. PAGE 14 - Lois Tan (CTG223) 24 students accompanied by three teachers embarked on an immersion trip to Beijing and Fushun last year. The objectives of the trip were for our students to understand China’s transformation into a global power, to immerse in Chinese culture through the homestay experience, and to gain confidence to be independent thinkers in a globalized world. During the trip, the students were introduced to China’s rich heritage and history, visiting historic sites such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. The highlight of the trip was definitely the school exchange with our partner schools, Peking University, Beijing No. 24 Middle School, and Fushun No. 2 Senior High School. Our students enjoyed a three-night home-stay with their student buddies and attended lessons during the day. Left to right: Students enjoy a moment at Niujie Mosque, and pose for a group shot in Fushun.

Princess Chulabhorn’s College Chiang Rai (PCCCR) has been one of our college’s long-standing partners, and last year, 15 of our JC 1 students were selected to participate in the YJC-PCCCR Student Exchange Programme. This overseas student exchange programme offers student participants of both countries the opportunity to broaden their global perspectives by engaging in cultural immersion activities, and sharpen their scientific thinking skills through science enrichment activities. During the 10- day programme, our students experienced authentic Thai lessons with their Thai buddies and even visited the famous Chiang Rai Rajabhat University. Through the two-night homestay experience, our students could truly immerse themselves in the richness of traditional Thai culture.

Beijing & Fushun, China, 25 Nov - 2 Dec 2017

YJC-IJC Combined Student Leaders’ Overseas Learning Journey Service Learning Hanoi, Vietnam, 23 Nov - 2 Dec 2017 “The trip was a great opportunity for me to learn and have fun while forming close ties with our working partners for orientation.” Left to right: Our teachers and their Vietnamese compatriots; the service learning team gearing up for some construction work; happy faces are the best reward for a hard day's work. PAGE 15 - Muhammad Excel Muslim, Head of Liaison, YJC Students’ Council For the very first time, student leaders and teachers from Yishun JC and Innova JC took part in a combined student leaders’ overseas learning journey to Hong Kong and Macau. Besides growing their awareness of the world beyond Singapore’s shores, the participants bonded well with one another and held fruitful discussions about ideas for Orientation 2018.

. Left to right: Student leaders from both colleges pose in front of a famous facade; thumbs up for an enriching and eye-opening experience. From 23 November to 2 December 2017, Team Yêu (‘Love’ in Vietnamese) went on an overseas service learning journey for ten days to Ha Giang, in Hanoi, Vietnam. The team, consisting of 26 JC1 students and accompanied by Mr Chee Meng On, Miss Lim Wenting Janell and Mr Ricky Ng Wei Kee, were involved in teaching English and Mathematics, the construction of a traditional Vietnamese house for a family in need, and home visits to learn about life in Ha Giang.

Hong Kong and Macau, 24 - 30 Nov 2017

Humanities Cultural Immersion and Experiential Learning Journey Vietnam, 24 Nov - 2 Dec 2017 Between 24 November to 2 December 2017, Humanities students and teachers embarked on a journey to northern Vietnam for a Cultural Immersion and Experiential Learning Journey. Due to overwhelming response, the department conducted two separate trips. We travelled over 800km by bus around the northern region of Vietnam: from the mountainous rice terraces of Sapa, to picturesque Halong Bay, the bustling capital Hanoi, and the industrial centres in Hai Phong. The students gained invaluable insight into the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of Vietnamese life. Reporting by: Mrs Renee Low HOD/Humanities Clockwise from above: The teams visit a university campus, and bond over a hearty meal; participants also spent time with some underprivileged children.

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