Changing Lives by Meeting Today's Needs - 2019 Community Impact Report - Catholic Social ...

Changing Lives by Meeting Today's Needs - 2019 Community Impact Report - Catholic Social ...
2019 Community Impact Report

Changing Lives
by Meeting
Today’s Needs
Changing Lives by Meeting Today's Needs - 2019 Community Impact Report - Catholic Social ...
Our Core Values

                                              Faith                 Allow God’s love and teachings
                                                                    to inspire our work.

                                             Service       Seek to meet individual and family needs
                                                           through professional practice and advocacy.

                                               Charity             Encourage others to put
                                                                   faith into action through sharing
                                                                   their time, talent and treasure.

Inside                                              Our Mission
                                                          Catholic Social Services of the
Changing Lives by Meeting Today’s Needs 4
                                                           Miami Valley strengthens individuals
Long-Term Tornado Recovery 6                               and families through actions of faith,
Pregnancy & Parenting Support 8                            service and charity.
Senior Services 10
Professional Counseling 12
2019 Annual Giving 14
                                            Our Vision
Mobility Management 28                         Creating faithful partnerships to
                                               strengthen families and achieve a
Poverty Alleviation 30
                                               more hopeful community.
Supervised Visitation 32

                                                 Our Service Area
Refugee Resettlement 34
Financial Summary 36
From the Board Chair     38
                                                       Auglaize County, Champaign County, Darke County, Greene County,
From Archbishop Schnurr       39
                                                       Logan County, Mercer County, Miami County, Montgomery County,
Life Essentials Merges with CSS    40                  Preble County, Shelby County

2                                                                                  Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley
Changing Lives by Meeting Today's Needs - 2019 Community Impact Report - Catholic Social ...
from the chief executive officer

   To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
   												Ecclesiastes 3:1
             One of our great blessings at Catholic Social Services is the timelessness of our mission. Throughout
             our 99-year history we have seen our services evolve to meet the needs of the time.
                      In 2019, we experienced the bittersweet feeling of knowing that our community had changed
             to such a great extent that one of our programs was no longer needed. Dayton is now blessed with high
             quality preschools for all children, in all areas of our community. As a result, we closed Lincoln Academy,
             the preschool program that had been part of our organization for 40 years. Our intent was to direct
             those resources to community needs that remained unmet. Who could have predicted a new challenge
             would happen so abruptly, with such force, and impact so many people?
                      The tornadoes of Memorial Day weekend brought upheaval and suffering that literally
             happened overnight.The unexpected devastation of our community was met by an even greater
             response of outreach, generosity, friendship, and genuine caring. Immediate physical needs of food and
             shelter were quickly met, but it became apparent that long-term recovery for many families would take
             years. When Catholic Social Services was approached to lead the long-term recovery case management
             team for our community, we did not hesitate.The confidence in our staff and the Gospel call to serve
             inspired our response.
                      Since saying yes, Catholic Social Services has built a team of dedicated case managers and
             developed a system to assist survivors with everything from furniture and first-month deposits for new
             apartments to repair and rebuilding for homeowners. We have aided hundreds of households with
             emergency financial assistance and partnered with other organizations to provide trauma informed
             care for staff, volunteers, and those personally impacted. From Montgomery County north to Celina in
             Mercer County, the collaboration and generosity have been truly remarkable. It has been an honor to
             walk alongside so many survivors as they work to put the pieces of their lives back together and plan
             for the future.
                      Also in 2019, we saw growth and change in our organizational response to infant mortality,
             especially surrounding the racial disparities in birth outcomes for our African American infants;
             increased emphasis on programs that result in living wage jobs for those we serve; and additional
             resources to support school-based counseling, parenting and transportation services in our northern
                      As we began 2020, a new threat to our lives — the coronavirus pandemic — altered the
             delivery of our services and again reinforced our commitment to help our neighbors in need. Our
             food pantry became a lifeline for many families as they conserved resources and spent many weeks
                                   sheltered at home.
                                         As community needs continue to increase and change, our services must
                                     reflect our sincere commitment to be responsive, no matter what the challenge.
                                     Faithful stewardship requires the willingness to be nimble, the resolve to make
                                     hard decisions, and the insight to focus our energies and resources where they
                                     are most needed. Contributing to the greater good requires confidence as well as
                                     humility, boldness as well as patience, expertise as well as a culture of learning,
                                     and always the grace of God. We invite you to join us.

                                  Warm regards,

                                  Laura Roesch, Chief Executive Officer
                                  Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley

2019 Community Impact Report                                                                                               3
Changing Lives by Meeting Today's Needs - 2019 Community Impact Report - Catholic Social ...
Changing Lives by
    Meeting Today’s Needs

    As Catholic Social Services of the             Toward the end of the year, CSSMV welcomed
                                                   the unexpected opportunity to execute a
    Miami Valley (CSSMV) marks its 99th            merger with Life Essentials, a small but well-
    year of service, the community has come        established Dayton nonprofit that would
    to expect certain things from the agency,      immediately enhance and expand CSSMV’s
    including professionalism, dedication,         services and resources for a particularly
    compassion, and stability. But CSSMV has not   vulnerable population of seniors in
    allowed longevity to encourage complacency.    Montgomery and Greene Counties.
    An eye on the changing needs of the
    community, an openness to introspection,       And while taking on new challenges is always
    and a commitment to problem-solving are        exciting, CSSMV also continuously evaluates
    key to the agency’s ability to provide help    existing programs to determine whether
    and hope where they are needed most.           they are still needed in the community. Last
                                                   year saw the bittersweet ending of a beloved
    CSSMV’s strategic planning processes never     agency program, as Lincoln Academy closed
    anticipated the Memorial Day tornadoes of      its doors after 40 years of providing high-
    2019. But by that summer, the agency had       quality daycare and early learning services.
    stepped into the leadership role in long-      With the emergence of dozens of early
    term recovery case management. By the          learning centers in Dayton, it was time for
    end of the year, a new team was in place to    CSSMV’s resources to be directed to other,
    provide one-on-one assistance to hundreds      unmet community needs.
    of impacted households.
                                                   In recent years, CSSMV has had great success
    With a vision of “Creating faithful            in “finding the niche and filling it,” whether
    partnerships to strengthen families and        the need is on a large scale — like the
    achieve a more hopeful community,” Catholic    development of transportation plans for
    Social Services recognizes the need to         entire counties — or on a much smaller scale,
    always be vigilant in identifying emerging     like placing professional counselors in rural
    community needs as well as recognizing         schools to meet a need that’s beyond the
    when some needs begin to wane. Sometimes       scope of the traditional school counselor.
    the need arises for an entirely new program
    or service, while at other times an existing   In each case, Catholic Social Services looks
    program can be adapted to evolving needs.      for creative, collaborative ways to positively
                                                   impact individuals, families, and the overall

4                                                                                     Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley
Changing Lives by Meeting Today's Needs - 2019 Community Impact Report - Catholic Social ...
Catholic Social Services looks
                               for creative, collaborative ways
                               to positively impact individuals,
                               families, and the overall

2019 Community Impact Report                                       5
Changing Lives by Meeting Today's Needs - 2019 Community Impact Report - Catholic Social ...
Tornado Recovery
On Memorial Day 2019, the Miami                     Like many others in                               ???
Valley suffered devastating tornadoes               the community, Jamie
that besieged the region, flattening                and Tim Hall and
houses, uprooting trees, and destroying             their children are still
neighborhoods. Surprisingly, there was little       recovering from the
loss of life, but the lingering effects of trauma   impact of the Memorial
have impacted countless families, many of           Day tornadoes.
whom were displaced from their homes and
lost everything.
   In the aftermath of the natural disaster,
CSSMV received a spontaneous outpouring
of financial support to help neighbors in
need.The immediate focus was on providing
emergency food, clothing vouchers, and
housing-related expenses, but it soon became
obvious that total recovery would involve
long-term case management.                          with national and regional partners like             Housing has been the biggest challenge
   It is estimated that more than 850               Catholic Charities USA to develop the             as many rental units were leveled or are
households will need help over the next two         program.                                          uninhabitable.“The timing of the event was
years or more. CSSMV’s expertise in case               “When I came in September, most                advantageous,” said Perry,“in that UD was out
management and wrap-around services makes           tornado survivors were beginning to transition    for the summer and they were able to use
the agency an ideal partner for recovery            from emergency to recovery,” said Michael         their apartments for emergency housing while
efforts. With support from the Archdiocese          Perry, Long Term Recovery Program Manager.        people cleaned up, assessed damage, and
of Cincinnati and many generous donors, a           “Our case managers have had to have both          looked for options.”
program manager and several case managers           a head and a heart in dealing with impacted          Perry cited the Federal Home Loan Bank
were brought on board, through collaboration        families.”                                        of Cincinnati and four community partners
with the United Methodist Committee on                 Perry described a single mom with five         that have come together to meet housing
Relief (UMCOR), American Red Cross, and             children who had just moved into a new            needs: Rebuilding Dayton, Community Action
Salvation Army. CSSMV was able to consult           apartment when the tornado hit.The landlord       Partnership, County Corp, and Habitat for
                                                    made repairs but raised the rent significantly.   Humanity.
                                                    “We were able to get her out of her lease,           “Our work has touched hundreds of
Catholic Social Services’ director of finance       found her a new place, and supplied gift cards    impacted households,” said Perry,“and we
and administration was one of several agency        for food, clothing, and Christmas gifts for the   will serve hundreds more over the next
staff members whose homes were damaged or           children,” said Perry.                            couple of years.”
destroyed by the tornadoes.

6                                                                                                        Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley
Changing Lives by Meeting Today's Needs - 2019 Community Impact Report - Catholic Social ...
Archbishop Schnurr visited areas that had
                                   been damaged by the Memorial Day tornadoes,
                                   and spent time talking with both agency
                                   CEO Laura Roesch (at right) and Tamara
                                   Gaddis-Strozier (at left), who was CSSMV’s
                                   first tornado recovery case navigator.

                                             My wife Jamie and I were home with our children
Long-Term                                    when the tornado hit our house, but thankfully
Tornado                                      we were able to get to safety in our lower level.
Recovery                                     Afterward, a whole section of the front of our
                                             house was gone and there were trees on the house.
Service Stats                                Even so, we knew we were blessed in comparison
                                             to the damage around us. We spent the first few
Since long-term recovery case
                                             months trying to take care of things on our own, but
management officially began in
                                             ultimately we knew we needed some help. We called
the fall...
                                             2-1-1 in December and got a referral for help through
• 562 referrals received
                                             Catholic Social Services. Our disaster case manager,
• $178,000 in direct assistance             Rhonda, has been wonderful. She has communicated
   distributed to clients
                                             with us regularly with lots of calls and texts, and      Tim Hall
                                             we’re finally starting to get our home back to normal.   Long-Term Tornado Recovery
                                             Having someone who could connect us with the right       Program Client
                                             resources has made a huge difference for us.

2019 Community Impact Report                                                                                                       7
Changing Lives by Meeting Today's Needs - 2019 Community Impact Report - Catholic Social ...
Pregnancy &
Parenting Support

Catholic Social Services                                                                            Catholic Social Services’ programs help ensure
Teen Parents Learn program works with                                                               a healthy pregnancy for both parent and child,
young clients who are juggling school                                                               as well as helping mom and dad develop their
and parenting responsibilities. Because                                                             parenting skills.
transportation, childcare and finances can be
                                                                                                    in the Mothers Empowered program, which
barriers to attending school on a regular basis,
                                                                                                    provides soon-to-be mothers with nutrition,
many teen parents drop out.The goal of Teen
                                                                                                    healthy lifestyle, and medical support from
Parents Learn is to break down those barriers
                                                                                                    Lifestages Centers for Women.
so that teens can stay in school.
                                                                                                       CSSMV partners with other agencies
   “We are connecting these teens to
                                                                                                    to provide necessities like car seats, cribs,
resources throughout the community so
                                                                                                    diapers and other supplies when budgets are
they can graduate high school and pursue
                                                                                                    tight. As children grow, parents learn how to
a college education or complete a trade to
                                                                                                    develop routines for family time, chores, and
begin a career,” said Kendra Payton-Bell, Family
Life Coach.“We are also providing them with
                                                                                                       “Reinforcing good parenting skills is
tools so that they are equipped to be the best     Parenting program clients learn what to expect   critical to reversing the cycle of child abuse
parents they can be.”                              during children’s developmental stages.          and neglect,” said Donna O’Neill, CSSMV
   In one instance,Teen Parents Learn
                                                                                                    Pregnancy and Parenting Support Manager.
helped a young mother start an online              support. When she graduates, the program
                                                                                                    “It’s challenging to break negative patterns,
program to complete coursework for her             will help her prepare for job interviews and
                                                                                                    but to serve both children and parents well,
diploma, work from home with her baby, and         find child care options.
                                                                                                    nurturing must become a lifestyle.”
visit a local school to meet with teachers for        Many of CSSMV’s parenting clients begin
                                                                                                       Nurturing parenting programs help
                                                                                                    clients understand children’s needs at various
                                                                                                    age levels, appropriate use of discipline, and
                                                                                                    parent-child role responsibilities.
                                                                                                       “People need to understand that
                                                                                                    when they become parents, they are now
                                                                                                    entrusted with the huge task of molding a
                                                                                                    young life,” said Michelle Dilts-Gibson, Family
                                                                                                    Life Navigator in CSSMV’s Sidney office.
                                                                                                    “Unfortunately, some just don’t have skill sets
                                                                                                    because of how they were parented, so it’s
                                                                                                    our job to help them navigate the waters of
                                                                                                    life and parenting.”

                                                                                                    Mothers Empowered clients have monthly group
                                                                                                    meetings with other parents who have similar
                                                                                                    due dates. This helps them build a support
                                                                                                    network during pregnancy and after their babies
                                                                                                    are born.

8                                                                                                      Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley
Changing Lives by Meeting Today's Needs - 2019 Community Impact Report - Catholic Social ...
The Family Life Coaches from Catholic Social
Pregnancy                            Services really invest their emotional efforts
& Parenting                          into their clients and the work they do. They go
Service Stats                        out of their way to make you feel comfortable,
                                     so it’s not like having a formal meeting—it’s like
• 282 clients served through        spending time with an old family friend. I can’t
   Dayton-based parenting            drive because of a disability, and it means a lot
   groups and/or home visiting
• 22% of these clients were
                                     that Tori comes to see me at my house. She really
   teenagers (age 15-19)             connects with my kids, too! The parenting staff at
• 436 hours of Family Life          Catholic Social Services go out of their way to help
   Navigating Case Management        people find what they need. They helped me get a
   provided since this new           crib and mattress for my baby, and I don’t know
   service began in CSSMV’s
   Northern Counties office in       how I would have gotten that otherwise. You can        Katie Foskuhl
   April 2019                        tell they truly care.                                  Pregnancy & Parenting Client
• 124 individuals participated in
   twice-monthly, court-ordered
   parenting classes

2019 Community Impact Report                                                                                               9
Changing Lives by Meeting Today's Needs - 2019 Community Impact Report - Catholic Social ...

Growing older while “aging in place” can            their full attention to either.                     Some seniors need extra services and supports
be challenging. Distance from family members,          Caregiving for a loved one at home can           to be able to safely “age in place” in their own
safety issues, and loneliness force some seniors    be difficult, but adding even just a few helping    homes.
into nursing homes when it may not be               services can lighten the load. Prior often has
medically necessary.                                family members tell her how thankful they           enroll a senior living in Champaign, Darke,
   “One of my clients told me ‘I’ve outlived        are for CSSMV.“Without the services, my mom         Logan, Miami, Preble, or Shelby Counties
most of my family, and I just don’t know what       would have to go to a nursing facility,” said the   in PASSPORT, the State of Ohio’s Medicaid
I would do without you and Catholic Social          daughter of one client.                             Waiver for long-term services and supports.
Services,’” said Case Manager Michelle Prior.“I        Through the CSSMV Senior Outreach                CSSMV’s licensed professional care managers
thought this was kind of sad, and it just stuck     Program, volunteers provide companionship           then determine a care plan and contract for
with me.”                                           for seniors and respite for caregivers.Their        needed services.These can include personal
   Children of aging parents face                   weekly visits can help relieve loneliness, and      care assistance with bathing and dressing,
the dilemma of keeping mom and dad                  once a senior accepts a visitor in the home,        home-delivered meals, emergency response
independent, not wanting to admit they might        he or she becomes more open to other                and medical equipment, and minor home
need help, yet worrying about their safety.         supportive services.                                modifications.
Caught between raising their own children              When more care is needed, CSSMV                     “Help from Catholic Social Services has
and helping their parents, they enter an            provides free assessments of anyone over 60.        meant everything for me,” said one client.“I
exhaustive cycle of feeling guilty for not giving   After determining eligibility and the level         can’t get around very well and my case worker
                                                    of care and services needed, CSSMV can              is the best. She is always willing to listen and
                                                                                                        makes sure I have everything I need to keep
                                                                                                        me safe. My children really appreciate that too.”

                                                                                                        Case managers from Catholic Social Services help
                                                                                                        eligible seniors by identifying their specific needs
                                                                                                        and contracting for the appropriate services from
                                                                                                        area providers.

10                                                                                                         Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley
Senior Service                        After four years of extensive tests with several
                                      physicians, my mother was diagnosed with
Stats                                 Multiple Sclerosis when she was 63 years old. We
• 2,622 assessments provided         were driving 1 ½ hours to a highly recommended
• 1,156 service coordination         neurologist in Indianapolis. After years of
   cases managed monthly (on          monthly IV treatments, mom got to the point
   average) for clients over age 60   where the trip was just too much for her. With
• About 68% of cases managed         the help of Catholic Social Services, mom started
   were in rural areas                receiving services at home. I do not know what we
• 84 families served through         as a family would do without the love and support
   Senior Outreach (Senior Visiting
   and Caregiver Respite)             that we have received over the years. Mom is now
• 3,247 volunteer hours served in    in Assisted Living and still receiving services and it
    Senior Outreach                   is a Godsend for our family. We feel blessed to still    Rick Hocker
                                      have mom with us. Thank you for all that you do          Son of a Senior Services Client
                                      for families each and every day.

2019 Community Impact Report                                                                                                11

We all struggle from time to time with             Counselors at both locations are trained          CSSMV’s Dayton Counseling Center uses
personal challenges. But for some, these           therapists who have experience dealing with       biofeedback to help some young clients learn to
struggles can cause anxiety, depression, or        clients of varying ages.                          control their emotional reactions.
a feeling of hopelessness. Mental health can          For families who are fostering or adopting
affect relationships, jobs, and the ability to     a child, SAFE counseling helps them adjust to
function. Many people just need someone to         raising non-biological children. Since having     intentions because of trauma experienced
listen and guide them through the process of       an adopted or fostered child can provide          before she was adopted. With our guidance,
resolving their issues.                            challenges, CSSMV helps parents with issues       the mother was able to modify her parenting
   The social stigma of admitting that             that may arise as children go through different   style to address conflicts. Daughter is now
a problem exists often keeps suffering             stages of development, have attachment            home and they are communicating better.”
individuals from seeking counseling. Moreover,     issues, or experience the effects of previous        Counselors from the Sidney office
although 44 million American adults have a         trauma or neglect.The children benefit too as     also work in several school districts in
mental health condition, one in five report that   counselors can help them deal with different      Auglaize and Shelby Counties, to provide
treatment is not covered by their insurance,       feelings as they age. Working with the whole      support for children and teens who are
making getting help cost-prohibitive.              family helps solidify connections and trust       experiencing more issues than school staff
   CSSMV’s professional counseling services        between parents and their children.               has time or expertise to handle. Bullying,
offer assistance to individuals, families, and        “One case was a single mother and her          family tension, pressure to succeed in school,
children of all ages in Sidney and Dayton. Both    adopted daughter who had been removed             and relationship problems can push some
locations are certified as Ohio Outpatient         from the home for being violent,” said Cheryl     youngsters to feel depressed and out of
Mental Health Facilities. In addition to           Griffin, counseling and community services        control.These factors and others like them
accepting insurance, CSSMV uses fundraising        manager.“Much of the daughter’s resistance        are contributing to a rise in suicide rates
and United Way dollars to keep costs low.          was her inability to trust her mother’s good      among the young.The opportunity to talk to a
                                                                                                     counselor can be an outlet for young people,
                                                                                                     and in some cases may even save a life.

                                                                                                     Counseling sessions are typically held
                                                                                                     weekly or twice a month. Many people
                                                                                                     resolve their concerns in a few sessions,
                                                                                                     and most treatment is short-term, with 10
                                                                                                     or fewer sessions.

12                                                                                                      Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley
Professional                       Catholic Social Services has worked with many of
                                   our at-risk youth using a support group setting.
Counseling                         The support group meets weekly focused on real-
Service Stats                      life scenarios and healthy ways to address them.
                                   It is a game approach, and the students are very
• 415 clients served in           responsive. They look forward to their time each
   the Dayton and Sidney           week, and they leave for the day chatting about
   counseling centers              all the fun they had. All the while, they are gaining
• 60 individuals served through   crucial skills for life!
   school-based counseling in
   Auglaize and Shelby Counties        This partnership and program have helped our
                                   students gain a sense of purpose and a better
                                   ability to cope with life situations as they arise in
                                   age appropriate ways. We are so thankful for this       Jen Korte
                                   partnership, and the efforts of Catholic Social         Director of ACE Academy
                                   Services to continue to build stronger communities      Auglaize County
                                   through strengthening our youth.

2019 Community Impact Report                                                                                         13
Giving                 1921 Society
                                                    Individuals                         Mr. & Mrs. William J. Brogan
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Buckley
                                                                                                                           Dr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Ditzel
                                                                                                                           Ms. Regina A. Dixon
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Adam             Dr. & Mrs. James Budde             Mr. & Mrs. James M. Dodok
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Adler            Mr. David Burkardt                 Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Dowd
                       The 1921 Society             Dr. Mark T. Ahles                   Mr. & Mrs. James L. Butler         Mrs. Sara Duby
                       recognizes individuals       Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Allaire       Mr. Bruce E. & Col. Mary A.        Mr. & Mrs. John A. Dunlap
                                                    Mr. & Ms. Daniel A. Andrick          Callaway                          Mr. Melvin & Mrs. Sally † Eifert
                       and organizations who        Mr. Brian Andzik                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Carlile      Mr. & Mrs. William A. Enouen, Sr.
                       have made annual             Mr. Barrie Bentley & Mrs. Ann E.    Deacon & Mrs. John K. Carlin       Mr. & Mrs. Michael Esposito
                                                     Anzalone                           Mr. & Mrs. James J. Carroll, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Farrell
                       leadership gifts of $1,000                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Feighery
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Campion Armstrong        Mr.Timothy L. Cartwright
                       or more to Catholic          Mr.Thomas M. Bartsch                Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Catanzarita     Mr. & Mrs.Theodore J. Fink
                       Social Services of the       Mr. & Mrs.Thomas J. Becker          Dr. & Mrs. David J. Cavanaugh      Mrs. Judith L. Finke
                                                    Mr. & Mrs.Ted F. Beckman            Mr. Anthony M. Ciani               Mr. Gregory Foley
                       Miami Valley. The 1921       Mr. & Mrs. Robin Begley             Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Codeluppi       Mr. & Mrs. David B. Freimuth
                       Society was named in         Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Beinlich       Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cooper        Mr. Bernie H. & Mrs. Durelle
 Catholic Social                                    Mrs. Evelyn C. Bensman              Mr. Glenn Costie & Mrs.Tammy         Fullenkamp
                       honor of the year CSSMV      Dr. Alan P. Berens                   Thomas                            Mr. Jim Hausman & Ms. Mary L.
 Services of the       was founded and is           Mr. & Mrs. William P. Beyer         Mr. & Mrs. James Cross               Funke
 Miami Valley is       meant to recognize the       Mr. Joseph H. Bockelman & Mrs.      Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Crotty         Mr. & Mrs. Roger S. Furrer
                                                     Barbara Driehaus                   Dr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Danis    Sister Mary Garke
 grateful for the      generations of supporters    Mr. & Mrs. James J. Bolton          Ms. Karen L. Davis                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael I. Gearhardt
                       who have helped support      Mr. & Mrs. William Borger           Ms. Patricia Dempsey               Ms. Kay A. George
 thousands of                                       Mr. & Mrs. Randall M. Borgert                                          Mr. & Mrs. James E. Ghory, Jr.
                       the agency’s mission.                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gilardi, Jr.
 supporters who                                     Reverend David E.
                                                     Brinkmoeller †                                                        Mr. Roger S. Glass
 allow us to serve                                  Mr. & Mrs.Thomas                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Russell L.
                                                     A. Brockman                                                             Gottemoeller
 our community                                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Goubeaux
                                                    Mrs. Virginia                             CSSMV
                                                     Brockman †                                                              Dr. & Mrs. James Graham
 each year.                                                                              Board Chair Cara                     Mrs. Janet M. Graul
 The following                                                                        Powers provided strong                   Mr. & Mrs. Donald L.
                                                                               leadership throughout a challenging               Grieshop
 lists recognize                                                                year, and also made time to attend             Mr. & Mrs. William R.
                                                                                                                                Griffin, Jr.
 individuals and                                                                     numerous agency events.                  Mr. & Mrs.Timothy P. Grow
 organizations who                                                                                                           Dr. Sara Guerrero-Duby
                                                                                                                            Reverend Gerald R.
 have supported                                                                                                                Haemmerle
                                                                                                                            Mrs. Jane Haley †
 the Annual Fund,                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Hall
 made a gift at one                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Harlamert
                                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Harting
 of our events, or                                                                                                         Mr.Thomas Hartzell
                                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Haubert
 have given of their                                                                                                       Mrs. Lori A. Hausfeld
                                                                                                                           Mr.Thomas Henighan
 time in service                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Holmes
 to CSSMV during                                                                                                           Dr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Hood
                                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Franklin D. Howard
 2019. Thank you                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hutter
                                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Martin H. Hydell
 for the impact you                                                                                                        Mrs. Diane F. Imbrogno
 have had on our                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Chris B. Jacoby
                                                                                                                           Reverend Satish Joseph
 community!                                                                                                                Mr. Bruce A. Jump
                                                                                                                           Mr. Ed Kaiser
 † deceased                                                                                                                Mr. William F. Keck
                                                                                                                           Mr.Timothy Kelly
                                                                                                                           Mr.Thomas W. Kern †
                                                                                                                           Dr. Sameh Khouzam
                                                                                                                           Mr. Michael Kimutis
                                                                                                                           Mrs. Margaret M. Klein
                                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Knor
                                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Kohls

 14                                                                                              Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley
Mrs. & Mr. Elizabeth                Dr. Douglas E. & Dr. Nancy G.
 Konstantinidis                       Romer
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kramer            Mrs. Kathleen P. Rupp
Mr. & Mrs. Howard L. Krisher        Mr. & Mrs. Kurt P. Sanford
Mr. Joseph P. Krug                  Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Savage
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kummerer          Mr.Tom Scarpelli
Mr. & Mrs. Will Lakoff              Mr. Matthew J. Scarr
Mr. Andrew Larochelle               Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Schade
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas J.                 Mr. John L. Schaefer
 Laufersweiler                      Mr. & Mrs. Dennis G. Schimpf
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Laumann, Sr.   Mr. & Mrs. Glenn P. Schimpf
Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Lehner        Mr. & Mrs. John T. Schmitz
Dr. James T. & Senator Peggy B.     Mr. & Mrs.Thomas U. Schneider
 Lehner                             Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan J. Schoch
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Levine             Mr. & Mrs. David D. Schoeff
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Lunne            Mr. & Dr. Anthony Schoen
Mr. William E. Lyons                Mr. & Mrs. William C. Schuerman
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas D.                 Mr. & Mrs. Ben Scott, Sr.
 MacLeod, Jr.                       Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Scott, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Magro            Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Seboldt
Mr.Tom Maher                        Mr. & Mrs. John Sederstrand
Mr. & Mrs. Marco A. Marmolejo       Mr. & Mrs.Timothy S. Sell
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mathile          Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Seward
Mr. Ronald McDonald, Jr.            Mr. & Mrs. James R. Shenk                                       The planning
Mr. & Mrs. Page McGirr              Mr. James L. Sherman †                                    committees for Catholic
Mr. & Mrs. John J. McKeon           Mr. & Mrs. Richard Siefring                             Social Services’ fundraising                     SC Ministry Foundation
Mr. James † & Mrs. Mary Meixner     Lt. Col. & Mrs. Richard D.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Mergler         Simpson                                             events are comprised of some of                    Shelby County United Way
                                                                                                                                             Sidney Electric Company
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Meyer              The Honorable & Mrs. Norman                            the region’s most creative and                    Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
Mr. Lawrence E. Mick                  Smith
Mrs. Dorothy J. Miller              Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Smith                                  dedicated volunteers.                        Sisters of the Precious Blood
                                                                                                                                             The Society of the Precious
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Miner           Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey F. Solarek
Mr. Robert L. Mitsch                Mr. Will Sorensen
                                                                                                                                             St. Charles Borromeo Catholic
Mr. & Mrs. John Monnett             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Statt
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Mullins       Mr. & Mrs. Norman T. Staub
                                                                                                                                             St. Francis of Assisi Catholic
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Naveau           Mr. & Mrs. William Stoermer, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Neumeister     Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Stucke
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Nichols
Deacon & Mrs. Ralph F.
                                    Dr.Thomas A. Sudkamp
                                    Mr. Michael J. Suttman
                                                                       Organizations                     Flagel, Huber, Flagel & Co.
                                                                                                         Fully Alive Yoga
                                                                                                                                             St. Helen Parish
                                                                                                                                             St. Henry Tile Co., Inc.
                                                                                                                                             St. John the Baptist Catholic
 O’Bleness                          Mr. Bob Taft                       Air Force Chaplain Corps          GE Foundation                         Church
Mr. & Mrs. James L. O’Connell       Mr. & Mrs. John N.Taylor           AK Steel Foundation               The Gosiger Foundation              St. Joseph Catholic Church
Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. O’Donnell      Mr. & Mrs. William L.Thaler        All Saints Catholic Church        Harmony Systems & Services,         St. Luke Catholic Church
Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Olson            Dr. & Mrs.Thomas G.Thornton        Anne Soehner Memorial Fund           Inc.                             St. Mark Bookshop
Mr. & Mrs. John C. O’Malley         Mr. & Mrs. James G.Tillar          Archdiocese of Cincinnati         Heidelberg Distributing Co.         St. Peter Catholic Church
Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Paul           Mr. & Mrs. David J.Trentman        Benevity Community Impact         Illinois Tool Works Foundation      Stuart Rose Family Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Doug B. Paul             Mr. & Mrs. Donald J.Trentman         Fund                            The Kuntz Foundation                TelecomPioneers, Ohio
Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Penno          Mr. & Mrs. William G. Uhl, Sr.     Beyer Plumbing                    Louise Kramer Foundation              Chapter 2
Mr. & Mrs.Timothy Pepper            Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Walling       Bruns, Connell, Vollmar, &        Lunne Marketing Group               Terre’s Dance Workshop
Mrs. Maureen Perez                  Mr. & Mrs. Josef C. Wenker           Armstrong, LLC                  Manpower of Dayton, Inc.            Thermal Maintenance
Dr. & Mrs.Thomas Perry              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Whalen          Butler Heating & Air              Marathon Petroleum                  TW Advisors
Mr. Clovis L. Petrin, Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Wick           Conditioning                       Corporation Employees PAC        United Way of Auglaize County
Mr. Brian Pfeiffer                  Ms. Beth Wick                      C.H. Dean, LLC                    Maria-Joseph Council 4022           United Way of Clark, Champaign
Mr. & Mrs. James Phelan             Mr. & Mrs. Lee R. Wissman          Cardinal Pointe Financial Group   Marion’s Piazza                       & Madison Counties
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley B. Pitts         Mr. Kurt Wissman                   CareSource Foundation             Mathile Family Foundation           United Way of Greater Atlanta
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Pohl              Mr. Michael Witt                   Catholic Charities USA            Morgan Stanley Smith Barney,        United Way of Greater
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Powers          Mr. & Mrs.Thomas J. Wittmann       Catholic Charities, Diocese of       LLC                                Cincinnati
Mrs. Viola Powers                   Mr.Tedd S. Wood                      Toledo                          Our Lady of Grace Catholic          United Way of Metropolitan
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Prindle              Mr. & Mrs. Chuck O. Wright         Church of the Incarnation            Church                             Chicago
Mr. & Mrs. H. John Proud            Mr. & Mrs. John M.York             Combined Federal Campaign         Physicians’ Charitable              United Way of the Greater
Mr. Michael Pucke                                                      Community Foundation of              Foundation of the Miami Valley     Dayton Area
Mr. & Mrs. Jay E. Purpus                                                 Shelby County                   PlayCare Playground Specialists     University of Dayton
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Rankin                                            Corner Cupboard Charities Inc.    PNC Financial Services Group        Wahl Family Charitable Fund
Mrs. Carolyn B. Rathweg                                                Darke County United Way           PQ Systems                          The Wallace Foundation
Mr. Richard D. Reid                                                    Dayton Catholic Women’s Club      Premier Health                      YourCause, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Riazzi, Jr.                                         Dayton Dragons Baseball           Rahn Dental Group, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. David S. Richard                                            The Dayton Foundation             Rainsoft of Greater Columbus
Mr.Thomas J. Roesch & Mrs.                                             Dayton Liederkranz-Turner            Cincinnati & Dayton
 Patricia Blessing                                                     DeChristopher Family Trust        Regal Beloit Charitable
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Roesch                                              Enterprise Holdings Foundation       Foundation
Mr. & Mrs.Timothy Roesch                                               Enterprise Roofing                Reynolds & Reynolds Associate
Dr. David P. Romeo                                                                                          Foundation

2019 Community Impact Report                                                                                                                                              15
Contributors                         Mr. Joshua Baltes
                                     Ms. Shirley J. Barchent
                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. James M. Bellan, II
                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Randal J. Bellinger
                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey E. Bohrer
                                                                                                            Dr. & Mrs. Barrett H. Bolton
                                                                                                                                               Dr. & Mrs. Bradley L. Bruns
                                                                                                                                               Ms. Frances Bruns
 Cash gifts up to $999               Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold A. Barhorst    Mr. Andy Belt                        Mrs. Judith D. Bon                 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory P. Brush
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Douglas L. Barhorst    Mr. & Ms. Jim Bennett                Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Bonfiglio     Ms. Caroline J. Buckey
Individuals                          Ms. Dawn L. Barhorst              Dr. Barbara Bennett                  Mr. & Mrs. Eric J. Bonner          Mr. John A. Bucklew
                                     Mrs.Theresa Barksdale             Mr. & Mrs. Leonard F. Bensman, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. James D. Boos           Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Budde
Mr. & Mrs. Myron H. Achbach          Ms. Dorothy F. Barlage            Ms. Nancy Berardi                    Col. & Mrs. Howard R. Boose, III   Mr. & Mrs. Paul Buddendeck
Mr. & Mrs. Enrique Acuna             Mr. Michael A. Barlow             Mrs. Helen Bergman                   Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Borchers      Mr. & Mrs.Tom Buecker
Mr. Joshua Adams                     Mr.Thomas J. Barnell              Mr. Christian D. Bermick             Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Borchers      Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Bultman
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Adamson        Brother A. Joseph Barrish, S.M.   Ms. Christine S. Bernard             Mr. & Mrs. Christopher             Mr. & Mrs. Gene P. Burbey
Ms. Carol Adamson                    Ms. Maryann B. Barta              Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Bernhold          Borgerding                        Mr. & Mrs.Thomas E.
Ms. Kelly Adamson                    Ms. Brittany Bartone              Mr. & Mrs.Tim Berning                Mr. & Mrs. Cary T. Borgert          Burkhardt, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Albers            Mr. Kenneth J. Basista            Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Bertleff           Ms. Elizabeth Bork Johnson         Mr. & Mrs. Denny Burnell
Mr. Jefferson Alcott                 Mr. David Bates                   Mr. Aloysius J. Bertrams             Mr. Christopher Borland            Mrs. Liesel Buschelman
Ms. Kristina Aldora                  Mr. & Mrs. John V. Batista        Mr. Guy L. Besecker                  Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bornhorst       Mr. Mark E. Buzek
Ms. Becky Alejandrino                Mr. & Mrs. Laurence K. Bauer      Mr. & Mrs. Chris Beust               Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Bornhorst    Mrs. Mary E. Byrum
Ms. Cindy Alexander                  Mrs. Karen Beach                  Mr. & Mrs. John Beyer                Mr. Don Bornhorst                  Mrs.Terry Calcutt
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Allen               Mr. & Mrs. James D. Beach         Mr. Paul J. Beyerle                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bosl          Mr. & Mrs.Thomas M. Calderone
Mr. Kerry A. Allswede                Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Beach       Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Bibler         Mr. & Mrs. Nate Bosscher           Mrs. Marcia Calhoun
Ms. Karyn M. Alsip                   Ms. Mary H. Beach                 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Bieber            Reverend James V. Bosse            Mr. Frank Campanile
Dr. Evangeline C. Andarsio           Mr. & Mrs. Philip O. Beachler     Mr. & Mrs. Alan Biegel               Mrs. Cecilia A. Bosticco           Mrs. Molly M. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Paul N. Anderson          Dr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Beaulieu     Chief Richard Biehl                  Mrs. Mary C. Boswell               Mr. Kelvin Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Anderson        Mr. & Mrs. George A. Bebout       Mr. & Mrs. David Bignell             Mrs. Erica M. Bowden               Ms.Tara Cannon
Mrs. Joan Anderson                   Mr. & Mrs. William Becker         Mr. Donald Bizzarro                  Dr. John F. Bowling                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Caperna
Mr. & Mrs. William Andrews           Mr. & Mrs. J. Lawrence Becker     Ms.Theresa Blackmon                  Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Boyle         Mr. & Mrs. Jose Caramat
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Apple             Ms. Meg Becker                    Mrs. Judy L. Blair                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Brafford      Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Cardilino
Mr. & Mrs.Terry Applegate            Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Beckmann    Miss Brenda J. Blake                 Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Bramlage         Mr. & Mrs. James V. Carey
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Archibald      Mr.Thomas Behr                    Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Blakeley        Mrs. M Jean Brancheau Egan         Mr. & Mrs. Roy S. Carman
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Armbruster     Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Behr        Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Bleckmann      Ms. Peggy J. Braner                Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Carper
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Armstrong            Mr. James Behrman                 Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Boeckman          Mr. & Mrs. William L. Braun        Ms. Susan B. Carrafiello
Dr. & Mrs. Dwight Armstrong          Ms. Andrea Beiring                Ms. Shawna Bogart                    Dr. & Dr. Daniel E. Braunlin       Mr. Raphael Carranza
Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Arnold          Mr. Kenneth J. Belcher            Mr. David R. Bohardt & Ms. Jane      Ms. Anna Breidenbach               Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W.
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Artz              Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Bell           A. Applegate                        Ms. Melissa Bresemann               Carrigg
Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Asebrook, III                                                                          Ms. Amanda Brinkmeier              Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. Carroll
Mr. Mark Ashman                                                                                             Ms. Amy Brinkmoeller               Mr. & Mrs. Earl Carruthers
Ms. Erma T. Ashurst                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Brockman         Mr. & Mrs. Howard Carson
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Athmer                                In December, Lt.                                     Mrs. Dolores Broerman
                                                                                                            Mr. James Brooks & Mrs.
                                                                                                                                               Mrs. Annette D. Casella
                                                                                                                                               Mr. James M. Casey
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Aughe
Ms. Karen M. Averbeck
                                                 Governor Jon Husted came                                    Marguerite Regan                  Mr. Robert L. Caspar, Jr.
Mrs. Eileen Babineau                          to CSSMV’s Center for Families to                             Mr. Craig Brooks                   Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Cass
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R. Bach                  meet with the Miami Valley Long Term                            Mrs. Mary J. Brooks
                                                                                                            Mr. Jacques Brose
                                                                                                                                               Mrs. Maria E. Cata
                                                                                                                                               Ms. Diane Cathcart
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Bachmann
Mr. Zephyrin Bagambiki
                                            Recovery Operations Group and get an                            Mr. Leroy Brown                    Ms. Kathy Cavinder
Mr. Uzeyir Baghirov                        update on recovery efforts following the                         Mr. Larry Brown                    Dr. & Mrs. Matt Cavo
Mr. & Mrs. Steve M. Baker                  Memorial Day tornadoes. This group has                           Mr. Richard W. Brown               Mr. & Mrs. James R. Cengia
                                                                                                            Ms. Kathy Brown Wright             Ms. Bonnie Chadrick
Mr. Nathan Baldwin                          been working together to address the                            Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Brun            Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Chambers
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey G. Ballmann
Mr. James M. Balsamo                         region’s long-term recovery needs,                             Ms. Catherine Brunner              Ms. Rachel Chambers
                                                with CSSMV leading the case
                                                     management team.

16                                                                                                                          Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L.                Deacon & Mrs. Jonathan M.
  Chapman, Sr.                        Danner, II                         2020 Rising Star Award
Ms. Andria J. Chiodo
Mr. Brett A. Chmiel
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dapore
                                     Mr. John Davalos
                                                                         Kanitha Wood
Mr. David A. Chockey                 Mr. & Mrs. Bennett W. Davies
Mr. Bob Chodkowski                   Mrs. Carol Davis
Mr. Clark A. Christopher             Mr. & Mrs.Timothy J. Davis          Everyone impacted by the Memorial Day tornadoes of 2019 has
Ms. Mary M. Clancy                   Mr. & Mrs. Bill Davis               a story. For Kanitha Wood and her two daughters, the tornado
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Clark               Mr. Gregory Davis & Dr. Annette
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Clark             Chavez                             represented only a minor speedbump thanks to her resiliency
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Cleary            Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Davis             and hard work. When they lost power for 10 days, Kanitha had
Mr. & Mrs. Allen T. Cliffe           Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Davis           to put her online schooling on hold to take care of her number
Ms. Elizabeth A. Close               Mrs. Lois Davis
Ms. Joanne Cloud
                                                                         one priority – her family. Unemployed, and with limited time left
                                     Mrs. Shelia Davis
Ms. Charlotte L. Cloyd               Ms. Debbie Davis                    to complete her nursing degree, she reached out to CSSMV
Mr. Douglas Cluxton                  Mr. Russell Dean                    through the Next Steps program at Sinclair Community College
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Cobb           Mr. & Mrs.Thomas E. DeBrosse        for assistance. In six short months, Kanitha was able to stabilize
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory T. Coffey         Mr. John W. Decker
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Colaizzi, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Deger
                                                                         her family, earn her degree and earn a position as a nurse in the
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Cole                Mr. & Mrs. James Deime              Kettering Health Network.
Mr. Dave Coleman                     Ms. Karen Deime
Mr. Mark Colemen                     Mr. & Mrs. Paul Deis, Jr.
Mr. George Coles                     Mr. & Mrs. Harry Delaney
Ms. Nicole Collier                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Demko
Mr. & Mrs.Tim Collins                Ms.Tanya Dempsey
Mr. & Mrs.Tom Collins                Mr.Thomas J. Dempsey
Mr.Thomas M. Columbus                Mr. & Mrs. Henry Deneski, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Comer               Mrs. Emily Denlinger
Mr. Kenneth Compton                  Mr. Wes Denny
Mr. Joseph Conklin                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert D’Epiro
Mr.Timothy J. Connair                Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Derringer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Connell            Ms. Kirsten Desai
Ms. Mary Coomer                      Mr. Lawrence J. Detamore
Mr. & Mrs. G. Kenneth Copella        Mr. & Mrs. Eric Deutsch
Mr. Dave Corcoran                    Governor & Mrs. Michael
Mr. Michael Corcoran                  DeWine
Mr. Eugene Cordonnier                Mr. Jamie Dewing
Mr. & Mrs. Adam W. Cormier           Ms. Kathleen Diguardi
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Corpstein       Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Diller
Mr. William R. Corvin, Jr.           Mrs. Linda S. Dils
Sister Laura Coughlin                Mr. & Mrs. John H. Dirckx
Mr. Albert Courts, Jr.               Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Dockery, II
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney B. Cox             Ms. Amber Dodge
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Coy                Ms. Barbara M. Doerr
Ms. Denise L. Cozart                 Ms. Rosemary D. Domansky          Ms. Carole Dudley                  Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Engler, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Rob Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Craft             Dr. Maura S. Donahue              Ms. Joan Dues                      Mr. & Mrs. Julia E. Ernst         Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Ferguson
Ms. Elizabeth Craft                  Mr. & Mrs. James Donauer          Mr. Mark Dues                      Mr. Patrick Ernst                 Mr. Bruce E. Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. Roy J. Craig              Mr. & Mrs. Aram Donigian          Mr. & Mrs. William H. Duffy        Ms. Lynn Eshleman                 Mr. & Mrs. John R. Ferneding
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Crandall             Dr. Patrick & Dr. Brenda          Ms. Amy Dugan                      Dr. & Mrs. Brian Esselstein       Mr. & Mrs. Francesco A. Ferrante
Mr. & Mrs. Steve L. Crawford          Donnelly                         Ms. Janet Dugan                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Etter       Mr. Edward F. Fielek
Mr. & Mrs. J. Patrick Crippen        Mr. & Mrs. Eric A. Donofrio       Mrs. Jean M. Dugan                 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Evans           Mr. & Mrs. John Finke
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Crippen            Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Donoher      Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Dunn, Jr.     Ms. Jane E. Evans                 Mr. Michael Fischbach
Mr. Michael Cristofaro               Mr. James R. Donovan, Jr.         Mr. Jeff Dunn                      Ms. Jennifer Evans                Ms. Linda Fischbach
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Cronin           Ms. Suzanne Donovan               Mr. Dan Durocher                   Mr. Gary Evans                    Mr. Mark A. Fischer
Ms. Bonnie G. Crowe                  Mr.Thomas Dorenbusch              Mr. John Durocher                  Mr. & Mrs. Steven Everding        Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Fisher
Mr. Alan L. Cummings & Mrs.          Mr. & Mrs. Larry Dorman           Mr. John Dutro                     Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Everman       Mr. James B. Fisher
  Julia L. Hall                      Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Dorn        Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dworkin         Mr. Gerry H. Ewing                Mr. Joseph J. Fisher
Mr. Brian K. Cummings                Mr. & Mrs. David L. Dosky         Mr. Ronald E. Earhart              Ms. Morgan Fair                   Mr.Tim Fitzgerald
Mr. Neil Cunningham                  Mr. & Mrs. Steven Dougherty       Ms. Bridget Ebbert                 Mr. & Mrs. John Fantauzzo         Mr. & Mrs. James L. Flannery
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence L. Curk          Mr. Connor Dowd                   Mr. & Mrs. Mark Eckart             Mrs. Maryellen F. Fargey          Mr. & Mrs. Mike Fledderjohn
Mr. John Currell                     Ms. Jenna Downey                  Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Eckerle          Ms. Marian Farley                 Ms. Wendy Fleischer
Mr.Thomas R. Curtin                  Mr. & Mrs. Kendall A. Draeger     Mr. & Mrs. John D. Eckhart         Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Farrell, Sr.   Mr. & Mrs. Paul Fleitz
Ms. Jennifer G. Cypher               Mrs. Cynthia R. Drake             Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Eckley       Mr. & Mrs. Matt Farrell           Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Fleitz
Mr. Merle Cyphers                    Mr. Harry Drake, Jr.              Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Edsall          Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Fecher         Mr. Alexander T. Fletcher
Mrs. Joanne E. Daley                 Ms. Amy Draugelis                 Mrs. Jacqueline Edwards            Mr. John P. Feigleson             Mr. & Mrs. James Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Daley           Ms. Laura Drayton                 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Edwards           Ms. Barbara Feldmann              Ms. Eileen M. Flynn
Mr. George C. Dalton                 Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Dreety       Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Eifert   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Feller          Mr. & Mrs. William H. Focke, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs.Todd M. Dammeyer           Ms. Moira J. Dressel              Dr. Earl D. Eifert                 Mr.Thomas Feller                  Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fogarty
Mr. Ralph Daniszewski                Mrs. Mary Ann Drewry              Ms. Mary M. Elliott                Ms. Mary Ann R. Fenwick           Mr. Jon R. Folck
Mr. & Mrs. Brian G. Dannemiller      Mr. Charles W. Duckro             Ms. Sue Elsner                     Mr. Paul A. Fenzl
                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J.                                            Contnued on next page

2019 Community Impact Report                                                                                                                                             17
Contributors of cash gifts          Mr. & Mrs. Bradley T. Garmann      Mr. & Mrs. Harold M. Govan, Jr.      Mrs. Judith E. Heitkamp             Mr. & Mrs. Patrick
 up to $999 continued                Mr. John J. Garner                 Ms. Patricia K. Grab                 Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Heitkamp         Hornschemeier
                                     Mrs. Geraldine Gast                Ms. Amy Grady                        Mr. Gary Heitkamp                   Mr. Adam Horvath-Smith
The Honorable & Mrs. Patrick         Mr. & Mrs. John Gazzerro           Mr. Michael Graham                   Mr.Thomas W. Held                   Mr. Nicholas A. Hosford
  J. Foley                           Mr. & Mrs. John Geise              Mr. Robert J. Gran                   Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Helldoerfer   Mrs. Sue Howell
Mr. & Mrs.Timothy Ford               Mr. Charles Gels                   Ms. Sharon D. Gratto                 Mr.Thomas Heller                    Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hoying
Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Fornes            Dr. & Mrs. John Genovesi           Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gravunder           Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Hengehold      Mr. & Mrs.Thomas C. Hoying
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Fortkamp             Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Gentry        Mrs.Theresa A. Green                 Mr. Daniel Hennessy                 Mr. & Mrs.Thomas C. Hoyng
Mr. John J. Fortman                  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Geraghty         Mr. & Mrs.Tony L. Greene             Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Henry          Mr. Charles L. Huber
Mr. & Mrs. Russell E. Fox            Ms. Suzanne Geraghty               Mr. James R. Greene, Jr.             Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Heppner      Ms. Marlene P. Huber
Mr. Michael Franchina                Ms.Tina Gerami                     Mr. Kevin Greer                      Mr. & Mrs. James A. Herbig          Mr. & Mrs. Raymond D. Huck
Mrs. Suzanne Frankenberg             Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Gerken          Mr. Pete Greil                       Dr.Thomas E. & Dr. Marylynn B.      Ms. Nancy Hudecek
Mr. & Mrs. John Frantz               Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gerlach         Mr. & Mrs. Craig A. Grenko            Herchline                          Mr. Rick J. Huelskamp
Brother Bernard J. Frantz            Mr. & Mrs. James Ghory, III        Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Griffin        Mr. Dennis S. Hernit                Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Huelsman
Ms. Christie C. Frederick            Ms. April Ghory                    Mr. John M. Griffin                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Herrin         Mr. & Mrs. James W. Huether
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Freisthler     Mr. & Mrs. Albert R. Giambrone     Dr. & Mrs. David R. Grigg            Ms. Lucy Hess                       Ms. DeeDee Huffer
Mrs. Patricia Frericks               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Gill          Mr. & Mrs. Larry Grigsby             Mrs.Teresa Hester                   Mrs. Anne L. Huffman
Mr. Dean Freson                      Mrs. Cindy Gillotti                Ms. Angela Grilliot                  Mr. William G. Hibner, Jr.          Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hughes
Ms. Betsy A. Friedlander             Mr. Robert E. Ginnan               Sister Elizabeth Grismer, S.F.C.C.   Mr. & Mrs. James P. Hickey          Mr. Christopher Humphreville
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Fritsch        Mr. Frank Schweisthal & Mrs.       Mr. & Mrs. Dave Groendyk             Mr. Robert E. Hickey, Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. David J. Hunt
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas P. Frolo             Mary Gitzinger                    Ms. Kim M. Gros                      Mr. Sidney R. Hickman               Ms. Maryann Hunt
Mr. Joseph T. Fromm                  Mr. & Mrs. David E. Glancy         Mr. & Ms. Brad Gross                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Higgins       Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Hurr
Mr. & Mrs. James Frommeyer           Mr. Kenneth Gleason                Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Gruters              Dr. & Mrs. Andy Higgins             Mr. & Mrs. Keith Hutchison
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Frydryk              Ms. Mary E. Glowik                 Mr. & Mrs. James Grycza              Mr. Victor B. Hildebrand            Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Iannarino
Mr. & Mrs. Nicolas A. Fullenkamp     Mr. & Mrs.Thomas J. Gmeiner        Mr. Robert Guenther                  Mr. Vince Hinde                     Mr. & Mrs. William B. Idle, Sr.
Mr. Larry Funke                      Mr. & Mrs. James Gobrail           Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Guerrant       Mr. D. Kent Hinshaw                 Mr. & Mrs. Greg Ingersoll
Ms. Camela Furry                     Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Godman         Mr. Bruce D. Guindon                 Mr. Neil Katz & Ms. Karin           Mr. Danny Ingersoll
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Gabriel        The Honorable & Mrs. Duane A.      Mrs. Helen K. Gusching                Hirschkatz                         Ms. Patricia L. Ioas
Ms. Edna M. Gabriel                   Goettemoeller                     Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Gutman              Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C.               Mrs. Karen M. Ipsaro
Ms. Brianna Gabriel                  Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Gollings       Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Haas, Jr.       Hoagland                           Ms. Stephanie Ireland
Mr. Douglas C. Gage                  Mr. Steven Gondol                  Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Haemmerle       Ms. Patty Hobson                    Mr. Harold D. Issler
Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Gagnon           Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Gongora     Mr. & Mrs. David R. Hairston, Jr.    Mr. & Mrs. James R.                 Mr. & Mrs. John P. Jackson
Mr. Douglas A. Gaier                 Mr. Jeffery A. Gonya               Ms.Tara M. Hall                       Hochwalt                           Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. David K. Galbreath, Jr.   Mr. Jose Luis Gonzalez, Jr.        Ms. Deborah A. Haller                Mr. Robert J. Hodge                 Mr.Thomas D. Jackson
Mr. Michael Gallenstein              Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gorman             Mr. John Halushak                    Ms. Maureen R. Hodgson              Mrs. E. Healy Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Ganger            Mr. James T. & The Honorable       Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Hamilton        Mr. & Mrs. Donald R.                Mr. Robert Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Garcher           Barbara P. Gorman                 Mr. Kurt Hamler                       Hoendorf                           Mr. Joseph H. Jacobs
Mr.Thomas H. Gardner                 Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Gottschlich     Mr. & Mrs. William E. Hammond        Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hoendorf            Mr. Robert Jasko
Mr. & Mrs. Gary G. Garman            Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Gottschlich   Ms. Julia R. Hansen                  Mr. & Mrs. Dave Hoendorf            Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Jauch
                                                                        Mr. Larry Hansgen                    Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hoersten         Mr. & Mrs. John L. Jauch
                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Aaron K. Harris           Mr. Norbert A. Hoffman              Mr. & Mrs. James K. Jefferson
                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. John D. Harris            Mr. & Mrs. Franz J. Hoge            Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Jenkins
                                                                        Ms. Connie Harris                    Ms. Evelyn Hogenkamp                Ms. Denise U. Jenkins
                                                                        Mr. Alan Harshman                    Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Holden          Ms. Abigail E. Jenkins
                                                                        Mr. Joseph P. Hartzell               Mr. Nicolas Hollenkamp & Mrs.       Mr. Joseph Jerele
                                                                        Ms.Tricia Hawkins                     Donna Evick                        Ms. Lori Johnson
                                                                        Mr. Christopher Hayes                Ms. Dorothy A. Hollenkamp           Mrs. Patricia J. Johnson
                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Hays            Ms. Barbara A. Holmes               Mrs. Jeanette Johnson
                                                                        Ms. Janette Heberling                Ms. Lisa M. Holscher                Ms.Terri L. Johnson
                                                                        Ms. Sue Hebner                       Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Holtgreive    Mr. Matt Jokerst
                                                                        Dr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Hecht            Mr. & Mrs. Orval Homan              Ms. Kathleen Joly
                                                                        Mr. Kevin Heermans                   Mr. & Mrs. Louis Homan              Ms. Melba P. Jones
                                                                        Mr. Paul W. Heintz                   Mr. David M. Homan                  Mrs. Carolyn M. Joseph
                                                                                                             Mr.Timothy Honchel                  Dr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Joseph
                                                                                                             Mr. Robert Honkomp                  Commissioner & Mrs. Matthew
                                                                                                             Mr. Gary T. Honnert                  F. Joseph
                                                                                CSSMV                        Mr. & Mrs. Javier E. Hopun          Mrs. Dianne Judge
                                                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Jurick
                                                                        received the BBB’s                                                       Ms. Sara Jurkowitz Harrison
                                                                  2019 Nonprofit Eclipse Integrity                                               Dr. Donald Juszczyk
                                                               Award in the 75+ employees category.                                              Mr. & Mrs. Gregory S. Jutte
                                                              In presenting the award, the BBB noted                                             Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Kaiser
                                                                                                                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Kaminski
                                                           that, “The staff provides excellence through                                          Ms. Julie Kanak
                                                           professional expertise and the balance of a                                           Ms. Dana Kane
                                                             caring spirit. Collaboration and creativity                                         Ms. Wilma G. Karl
                                                                                                                                                 Mr. Bob Kaskocsak
                                                              are valued and welcomed because they                                               Mr. Guy Kaskocsak
                                                                 help the organization better meet                                               Ms. Deanna Kastan
                                                                   challenges faced by clients.”                                                 Mr. & Mrs.Terry D. Kasten
                                                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. John A. Kavanaugh

18                                                                                                                           Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley
Mr. & Mrs.Tim Kavanaugh
Mrs. Barbara E. Keehn
Ms. Sharon Keeley
Mr. Joseph W. Keim
Mrs. Doris Keiser
Mr. Larry Keller
Mr. Joseph Keller
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Kelly
Ms. Jan Kelly
Ms. Cheryl J. Kelly
Mr. Robert Kemper
Mrs. Christie Kemper
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Kendo
Mrs. Samantha Kennedy
Dr. & Mrs. Brian Kernan
Mr. John Ketchen
Dr. & Mrs.Tae W. Kim
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Kimes
Mrs. Susan L. King
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Kinninger
Mr. Philip Kirk
Mr. Kevin Kissinger
Ms. Beverly Kistler
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Kleinhenz
Ms. Adele L. Klenk
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas R. Klenke
Mr. Brian J. Klepacz
Mr. Michael L. & Dr. Donna
  Klingshirn                                                                                                                       Catholic Social
Pastor Douglas & Mrs. Sandra †                                                                                               Services was recognized as
  Klinsing                                                                                                                 Miami Valley Community Action
Mr. Lawrence T. Klueber
Mr. & Mrs.Terrance Knapke                                                                                               Partnership’s Nonprofit Sector Helping
Ms. Ida Knopp                    Mr. David A. Laengle                 Mr. Gary Lightner                                Hands Community Partner of the Year in
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Knoth, Jr.     Mr.Tim Lahmon                        Mr. & Mrs. William T. Lincoln                     2019. The award was accepted by FSS
Mr. Robert B. Koenig             Mr. Stephen P. Lake                  Ms. Denise Lindsey                                 Case Manager Megan Goettemoeller,
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Koesel        Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lammers
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Koesters    Mr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Lane
                                                                      Ms. Valerie A. Lindsey-Howard
                                                                      Ms. Stephanie Llacuna
                                                                                                                            accompanied by agency team
Mrs. Mary E. Kohler              Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Lane          Mrs. Judine T. Lohnes                              members (L-R) Brandon McLemore,
Ms. Paulette A. Kolakawski       Mrs. Celeste M. Lane                 Mrs. Rosemary Lombard                                    Mary Reid, and Justine
Mrs. Maria P. Kolb               Mr. & Mrs. Harry P. Lang             Mr. Mike Londo
                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Max
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Koons      Ms. Denise R. Langston               Mrs. Linda Long
Mr. Scott Koorndyk               Ms. Ruth E. Laprocina                Mr. Donald Loper †                 T. Malleck
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Kotter          Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Larcom            Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Lopez       Mr. Patrick Maloney
Mr. Mikel P. † & Mrs. Sue        Ms. Miranda Laubie                   Mrs. Anne E. Lopez                Mr. Michael A. Manfreda           Ms. Denise J. McCarty
  Koverman                       Mr. Darrell B. Lauderback            Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Lorenzetti   Dr. & Mrs. Frank Mannarino        Mr. Brian P. McCarty
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Kraft      Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Laumann, Jr.    Mr. & Mrs.Travis Lovely           Mr. Roy Manning                   Ms. Ellen McCloskey
Ms. Patricia L. Kraft            Ms. Rosemary A. Laux                 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin A. Lowden        Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Marcellus   The Honorable & Mrs. Michael
Mr. & Mrs.Terrence M. Kramer     Mr. Francis Laws, IV                 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Lowry       Mr. & Mrs. James K. March          McClurg
Ms. Linda Kramer                 Lt. Col. & Mrs. William L. Le Cain   Mr. & Mrs.Thomas P. Lubinski      Mr.Timothy J. Mark                Ms. Kathryn A. McConkey
Dr. & Mrs. Mark E. Krebs         Ms. Marianne LeButt                  Ms. Antonette Lucente             Mrs. Barbara J. Marriott          Mr. & Mrs.Timothy J. McCormick
Mr. & Mrs. Leo F. Krebs          Ms. Janet Leden                      Mrs. Kathryn J. Luckett           Ms. Barbara M. Marsh              Ms. Colleen McCormick
Ms. Jane Krebs                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Lee            Ms. Susan M. Lucking              Mrs. Jean C. Marten               Ms. Jackie McCormick
Mr. Jonathan Kregor              Ms. Rebecca Lefeld                   Ms. Nicole Luisi                  Ms. Debra A. Martin               Mrs. Meghan McCormick
Mr. & Mrs.Tony Kremer            Ms. Julie L. Lehman                  Ms. Marcella A. Lumpp             Ms. Sarah L. Martinek             Mr. & Mrs. James M. McCoy
Mr. John Kreusch                 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lehmann            Mr. Kenneth R. Lurz               Mr. & Mrs.Thomas E. Massie        Mr.Tyler B. McCoy
Mr. Robert Kriegbaum             Ms. Janet L. Lehmann                 Mrs. Diane Luteran & Mr. Paul     Reverend Joseph D. Massucci       Ms. Laura A. McCray
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Krimm      Ms. Mary T. Lehmann                    Spaeth                          Mrs. Betty Matacia                Mr. & Mrs. Steven McCrillis
Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Krolak       Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lehmkuhle         Mr. & Mrs. Robert W.              Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Mathes       Mr. & Mrs.Thomas W. McDermott
Mr. Kevin Krucki                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lehner                 MacClennan                      Mr. & Mrs. Phillip R. Mathes      Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McDonald
Mr. James F. Kuenle              Mr. & Mrs. William J. Leibold        Ms. Candida Mackell               Mr. Bernard P. Matley             Mrs. Armonde C. McElligott
Mr. Frank Kuhns                  Mr. Gregory Leingang                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mackenzie       Mr.Trent Matthews                 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McEntee
Ms. Barbara J. Kuhns             Mr. & Mrs. Regis J. Lekan            Dr. Gregory A. MacNealy           Mr. Kevin Matthews                Mr. & Mrs. John McFall
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Kunkel      Mr. & Mrs. John Lemming              Mr. Matthew J. Madges             Mr. Hubert Matumaini              Mr. Michael McFarland
Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Kuntz        Mrs. Heidi Lenzo                     Ms. Joanna Maehren                Mr. Joel A. Maurer                Ms. Patricia McGeorge
Mr. James Kurpiel                Mr. Scott Leverage                   Lt. Col. & Mrs.Timothy Magoto     Mr. & Mrs. Billy Mayo             Mrs. Alexa McGrady
Mr. David Kurtz                  Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Levy              Mr. & Mrs.Thomas A. Maher         Mr. Frank E. McBride, Jr.         Mr. Kenneth R. McHenry
Mr. Joseph Kwiatkowski           Mr. Robert W. Lewis                  Mr. & Mrs. C. Stanley Maher       Mr. John McCann                   Mrs. Marlene W. McLefresh
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Laage         Ms. Jane Lieberth                    Mr.Thomas M. Mahle                Mr. Michael W. McCann             Mr. & Mrs. Patrick D. McMahon
Ms. Christine A. Lachey          Ms. Melinda Liechty                  Dr.Theo J. Majka                  Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Lacon           Mr. Jason Liette                     Mr.Thomas A. Maleike                                                Contnued on next page
Mr. Marty Laengle

2019 Community Impact Report                                                                                                                                         19
Contributors of cash gifts                                           For                                                               Ms. Rosemary Picker
 up to $999 continued                                                                                                                   Mr. Ralph Pinney
                                                            her Girl Scouts Silver                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Pinti
Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. McManus                            Award Project, Diya Percy                                                      Mr. Michael Pitts
Maj. Gen. & Mrs. Edward G.                           from Incarnation Catholic School                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Allan J. Place
                                                                                                                                        Ms. Brittany Platt
 Mechenbier                                        organized students and parishioners                                                  Ms. Felicia Platzke
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Meixner
Mr. Daniel J. Menke                                    at Incarnation to put together                                                   Mr. Ronald R. Pleiman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Meyer                        hundreds of baby bags for CSSMV’s                                                    Mr. Michael J. Poelking
                                                                                                                                        Ms. Marcella Pope
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Michaud                         parenting programs, complete with                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Poplinski
Mr. & Mrs. Art Michelini
Ms. Lynda K. Middleton                                diapers, wipes, books, blankets,                                                  Mrs. Jacqueline Porter
Ms. Stephanie A. Midlam                                    shampoos, lotions and                                                        Mr. Michael J. Porter
                                                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Donald Pothast
Ms. Elena Mikalauskas                                                more.                                                              Mr. & Mrs. David Pottenger
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Milanese
Mr. LeRoy E. Miller                                                                                                                     Ms. Neta Potts
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Miller                                                                                                              Mrs. Pam Powers
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Miller                                                                                                             Mr. William M. Powers, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Miller                                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Dan Powers
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M. Miller                                                                                                             Mrs. Rita I. Prichard
Ms. Sarah Miller                                                                                                                        Mr. Paul J. Prisaznuk
Mrs. Jil W. Miller                                                                                                                      Mr. James E. Pritchard & Mrs.
Mr. William T. Miller                                                                                                                     Paula J. Klosterman
Mrs. Kelly A. Millhouse                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Puskar
Ms. Michelle M. Mills                                                                                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Quinttus
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Miltenberger                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Rex W. Raderstorf
Mr. Alexander Mingus                                                                                                                    Ms. Mary P. Rahilly
Mrs. Laura Minniear                                                                                                                     Mr. Gary L. Rammel
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas T. Miske                                                                                                               Mr. Robert Ramsey
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas S. Mitter                                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Darryl Randall
Ms. Rita A. Mix                                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Ratermann
Mr. Kenneth Monnier                                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Rawe
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas E. Monnig                                                                                                              Mr. David W. Rawers
Ms. Letitia M. Montavon                                                                                                                 Ms. Nora Rawn
Mr. Michael J. Montgomery                                                                                                               Ms. Susan M. Redmond
Mrs. Christine Montour                                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. James W. Reed
Ms. Beverly J. Moody                                                                                                                    Ms. Paige Reichard
Dr. & Mrs. William F. Moroney                                                                                                           Mr. Bill Reichert
Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Moser                                                                                                             Mr. Joseph Craig & Mrs. Mary
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Moser                                                                                                                E. Reid
Mr.Ted Moser                                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Reid
Mr. Robert L. Mott                                                                                                                      Ms. Mary L. Reid
Dr. & Mrs. Steven D. Mueller                                                                                                            Mr. Phillip A. Reid
Mr. Neal J. Muhlenkamp                                                                                                                  Ms. Karen Reigelsperger
Mrs. Dorothy Muhlhauser                                                                                                                 Ms. Phyllis J. Reinhard
Mr. Samuel Mullins                                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Jerry W. Reinstatler
Mr. Walter E. Murch                                                                                                                     Mr. Alessandro Rengan
Mrs. Jane Murphy                                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rethman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Murray, Jr.                                                                                                        Mr. William Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Murray                                                                                                           Mrs. & Mr. Jocelyn Rhynard
Mrs. Nikki Murray                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Bill Riddle
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin C. Myers                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ridenour
Deacon & Mrs. Philip B. Myers                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs.Tony Riegel
Ms. Leilani L. Myers               Mr. & Mrs.Timothy S. Nolan       Ms. Mary Ontko                     Mrs. Alisa Pauley                Mrs. Mary Jo Riegel
Ms. Karen I. Myers                 Ms. Irene Norris                 Ms. Carolyn Oppy                   Mr. Ron Paulick                  Mr. Maurice Rindler
Ms. Heather Navarre                Ms. Janet Noss                   Mrs. Mary A. Ording                Ms. Joan Paus                    Mr. & Mrs. John Risko
Dr. & Mrs. John J. Naveau          Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Nowak          Mr. Daniel T. Organisciak          Ms. Christina M. Pavlak          Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ritze
Ms. Mary A. Nelson                 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew T. Nuss        Mr. Luis A. Ortiz                  Mrs.Trina M. Pearson             Mr.Timothy J. Rizer
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Neroni         Ms. Karlee Nuttelman             Mrs. Donna Oshea                   Mrs. Beverly A. Pendergast       Mrs. Lila J. Roberts
Ms. Erin Nestor                    Robert E. Obach                  Mr. & Mrs.Thomas R. Otoski         Ms. Grace Pera                   Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Robillard
Mr. Jeremy Newton                  Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Obergefell   Mr. William Otteson                Mr. Dennis Percy                 Lt. Col. & Mrs. Samuel A.
Mr. Robert V. Nguyen               Mr. & Mrs. Kevin R. O’Brien      Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Pacheco           Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Perfilio     Robinson
Mr. Jerry Nickell                  Mr. & Mrs. John Obringer         Ms. Rosemary Padlo                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Permelia         Ms. Mary Ann Robinson
Mr. Robert Nicolls                 Mr. Daniel V. O’Callaghan        Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Palmer         Mr. Daniel J. Peters             Ms. Roberta Robinson
Mr. Mark Niederkohr                Mr. & Mrs. Carlo A. Odella       Ms. Barbara J. Palmer              Mr. Michael F. Petkus            Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Rockafellow
Mrs. Germaine Niedzielski          Mr. Francis Oglethorpe & Dr.     Mr. Gregory M. Paquette            Mr. Derek A. Petrey              Mr. Raymond Rodriquez
Mr. Robert Niekamp                  Catherine Laruffa               Ms. Lynda W. Passaretti            Ms. Linda L. Petric              Mr. & Mrs. Charles J.
Mr. Kirk Nienaber                  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O’Hara         Mr. Robert T. Passmore             Mr. & Mrs. John Petry              Roedersheimer
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy A. Nieport        Mr. Gregory J. Oldiges           Mr. & Mrs. William T. Paton, Jr.   Ms. Julia Pfeil                  Ms. Gretchen Rolf
Dr. Paul Nitz                      Mr. Kevin P. O’Leary             Mrs. Lori Patton                   Mr.Tan N. Pham                   Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Roll
                                   Ms. Patricia A. O’Malley         Mr.Tom Paul
                                   Mr.Timothy O’Neill

20                                                                                                                     Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley
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