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Chiang Mai ENLIGHTENMENT GOES GLOBAL - Information Evening 3 Thursday 1 February 2018 - My MLC School Portal
Chiang Mai
       Information Evening 3 • Thursday 1 February 2018
Chiang Mai ENLIGHTENMENT GOES GLOBAL - Information Evening 3 Thursday 1 February 2018 - My MLC School Portal
INCIPAL                                     FROM OUR STUDENTS
              FROM THE PR

To Year 10 Families,

The Year 10 Chiang Mai Service Learning Experience program
                                                                        ‘I am a better person after this experience.’
brings MLC School great pride. We are one of only a few schools
in Australia to send an entire year group on an immersive learning
experience of this kind. It is part of the MLC School experience.
                                                                           ‘The excitement and life experiences
                                                                             that occurred during service are
We have found that the students return with greater independence,                  unlike anything else.’
integrity, work ethic, compassion and empathy, with a personal
insight quite different from anything they may have gained from        ‘I grew as a person and the friendships made
family travel.
                                                                       in Chiang Mai will stay with me until the end
We expect and encourage each and every student to be part of                       of school and beyond.’
this unique culmination of our immersive learning approach which
begins in Year 6 and culminates in Year 10. We know the personal       ‘Even though it’s a small task, in the bigger
and academic benefits are considerable.                                   picture you are making an immediate
We also know from the 2015, 2016 and 2017 experiences that
                                                                         difference to the children at the school.’
deep and longstanding friendships will be made in Chiang Mai.
The year group bonds in new ways and your daughter may see a
new and different side of herself. While some students will
emerge as future leaders, each will learn to complain less
about the little things and make a big difference to the lives
of others. The cohort’s engagement in learning, and with each
other, through this unique experience prepares them well for the
challenges and group learning context of the Senior Years ahead.
Each cohort to date has done our community proud with their
willingness to work hard, collaborate and embrace new challenges.

Thank you for understanding that while the rhythm of life may be
altered during this period, your daughter is highly likely to return
with a new perspective on life and a renewed energy for her
contribution to family life, learning and school.

 Lisa Moloney

  ‘It’s hard to capture in words such transformative
  moments that take us out of our element and
  remind us of how lucky we are to have such
  great opportunities.’
Chiang Mai ENLIGHTENMENT GOES GLOBAL - Information Evening 3 Thursday 1 February 2018 - My MLC School Portal
HEALTH AND SAFETY                                                    CONTACT
The Traidhos Visiting Schools Program is well-rounded and            To ensure your daughter gains maximum benefit from this
meticulous in its planning, stretching the girls while supporting    rewarding, immersive experience, we advise that contact with
them. The ratio of MLC School staff to students will be              family back home be kept to a minimum. You will be advised of
approximately 1:10. Safety provisions are fastidious; for example,   allocated times to speak with your daughter via Skype. Parents
a safety car follows on bike riding adventures and there is          will be issued MLC School staff mobile numbers in case of
careful provision for students with even the most serious dietary    emergency and a Facebook group will be established for
requirements.                                                        regular updates.

On the whole, Thailand is a peaceful nation. Chiang Mai is located   THE EXPERIENCE
in the north of the country and the MLC School group will avoid
                                                                      Traidhos has been running community service projects for
the pockets of Bangkok that could be affected by demonstrations
                                                                      many years, in addition to their well known cultural immersion
or protests. The group will be covered by travel insurance.
                                                                      programs. Four groups will be working on projects at the school
                                                                      visited in 2016 and 2017, and two groups will go to a village
All Traidhos and MLC School staff are First Aid trained and have
                                                                      that MLC School visited in 2015. There are many schools from
the equivalent of a Working With Children Check. The centre has
                                                                      around the world who participate in the program and each
an onsite health clinic equipped with treatment rooms, isolation
                                                                      group’s work builds on that of others. This means that the
rooms, oxygen and a defibrillator and is staffed by two full-time
                                                                      projects have a well supervised, well managed manual labour
qualified nurses. Emergency doctors are on call and ambulances are
                                                                      component that results in a truly meaningful contribution to the
available for transport to Ram Chiang Mai Hospital. MLC School
                                                                      lives of others. In 2015, the villages our Year 10 girls worked in
staff will accompany students at all times.
                                                                      became the proud owners of a sports area and a new classroom.
                                                                      In 2016, all groups worked on a concrete driveway and retaining
                                                                      wall at an orphanage. In 2017, they extended the driveway up a
MLC School will subsidise the Chiang Mai trip, as is the case with    hill to the orphanage. Each Year 10 cohort gained a new sense of
the Year 9 Broken Hill excursion and other experiences. The cost      gratitude and a great sense of what they are capable of achieving
will be $1600 per student. All costs are fully inclusive and the      as a group. A typical program for this experience will consist of
opportunity for financial assistance exists. The girls will need $100 eight days based in Traidhos followed by five days working in
to $150 in spending money.                                            the villages.

TRAVEL                                                               WHERE TO NOW?

 QANTAS QF23 – Sunday 11 February 2018
                                                                       Inoculations                  See your GP
 Sydney to Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) 9.45am–3.35pm

 FLIGHT 1: Bangkok Airways PG906 – Sunday 11 February 2018
 Bangkok to Chiang Mai 5.10pm–6.25pm                                   Departure Date                Sunday 11 February 2018
 FLIGHT 2: Bangkok Airways PG227 – Sunday 11 February 2018
 Bangkok to Chiang Mai 7.35pm–8.50pm
                                                                       Email address       
 FLIGHT 1: Bangkok Airways PG224 – Friday 23 February 2018
 Chiang Mai to Bangkok 11.45am–1.05pm
 FLIGHT 2: Bangkok Airways PG907 – Friday 23 February 2018
 Chiang Mai to Bangkok 2.10pm–3.30pm

 QANTAS QF24 – Friday 23 February 2018
 Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) to Sydney 6pm–7.25am (next day)

All rooms have a kitchenette, lounge/dining and TV. Teachers
are housed in the same building. Water and sewage treatment is
in place and 24x7 onsite security is provided via CCTV cameras.
Communication is provided by a 3G mobile phone and internet
service as well as fixed phones. A power back up is installed.
Chiang Mai ENLIGHTENMENT GOES GLOBAL - Information Evening 3 Thursday 1 February 2018 - My MLC School Portal
                                                                      What will the weather be like?

                                                                                   TIME                       TEMPERATURE
Are parents able to come to Chiang Mai with Year 10?
                                                                                   9am                              20°C
Parents are not permitted to attend.
                                                                                  Midday                            30°C
Should my daughter take malaria tablets?
It is not the rainy season in Chiang Mai in February however as                    6pm                              21°C
an education provider we cannot give medical advice.                            Overnight                           16°C
Please see your GP.
                                                                                            No rain is forecast
Ask your doctor for a letter outlining your daughter’s medication.
                                                                      What is the time difference?
Ensure you have made contact with your daughter’s teachers to
explain administering time and dosage.                                Sydney is four hours ahead of Chiang Mai, so 7am Sydney is
                                                                      3am Chiang Mai, 6pm Sydney is 2pm in Chiang Mai, and 10pm
What is the accommodation like at Traidhos?                           Sydney is 6pm in Chiang Mai.
Traidhos is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school as well as a
                                                                      How much spending money should my daughter
centre for cultural awareness and education. Accommodation at
Traidhos is in villa-style accommodation with air conditioning and    take with her?
Western style bathrooms. Girls will be sharing accommodation          Traidhos recommend about A$100 (THB 2545). The only places
with other MLC School students.                                       to spend money are at the small shop in Traidhos, the airports
                                                                      and markets. Students should exchange their money at Sydney
What is the accommodation like in the villages?                       airport or at their local currency exchange before leaving.
Students and MLC School staff will stay together in the villages.
Students will not be billeted or in home stay. They will have         What dress is inappropriate in Chiang Mai?
access to a toilet and shower and be staying in camp-style            • Students should avoid wearing red and yellow as they are
accommodation.                                                           politically aligned. Red or yellow with other colours is fine.
                                                                      • Students must wear shorts, skirts and pants that are at least
                                                                         knee length.
                                                                      • Sleeveless tops, low necklines and short tops are unsuitable
                                                                         and considered offensive to the traditional conservative Thai
                                                                         communities we will be working with.
                                                                      • Leggings and yoga pants must not be worn.
                                                                      • Swimmers must be one piece and not revealing.
                                                                      • Pyjamas should be modest and cover the knees and
A UNITING CHURCH DAY SCHOOL FOR                                          shoulders.
Rowley Street, Burwood NSW 2134 Australia
Telephone 61 2 9747 1266
Facsimile 61 2 9745 3254
                                                  Emergency Contact Numbers
ABN 75 549 644 535                                0412471809
CRICOS No. 02328D                                 +61 4 12471809
PO Box 643 Burwood 1805
                                                  Traidhos                             66 53 301500
Chiang Mai ENLIGHTENMENT GOES GLOBAL - Information Evening 3 Thursday 1 February 2018 - My MLC School Portal Chiang Mai ENLIGHTENMENT GOES GLOBAL - Information Evening 3 Thursday 1 February 2018 - My MLC School Portal
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