CLASS OF 2021 ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL - Introducing the - St. Joseph High School

CLASS OF 2021 ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL - Introducing the - St. Joseph High School
Introducing the
  CLASS OF 2021
CLASS OF 2021 ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL - Introducing the - St. Joseph High School
St Joseph High School is the premier college preparatory school in Southern Connecticut. It
  is our students; however, that make us truly special. As we seek to continue our legacy of
  excellence, we have carefully chosen our incoming freshman class and we are honored to
   introduce them to you. Each student adds tremendous value to our spirited community.
                       Please take a minute to meet the Class of 2021!
    *We would like to extend our gratitude to the parents that sent in pictures and biographies to share!

                                                                  There are 203
                                                                   members of
                      There are 98                                 the Class of
                      male students                                  2021
                     and 105 female
                     students in this
                          class             The Class of 2021
                                            will travel from as
   The Class of 2021                       far as Stamford and
       has the most                        New Haven to get to         96% of the Class of
     students placed                         school every day          2021 shadowed at St
   in honors courses                                                   Joes before making
    after first review                                                   their enrollment
        in 5 years                                                           decision
CLASS OF 2021 ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL - Introducing the - St. Joseph High School
Graduates of All Saints   Graduates of Our Lady of
   Catholic School           Assumption School
    Bradley Barker             Claire Gardella
  James McCormack            Christella Maxamin
                               Madison Tiago

 Graduate of Amity
Middle School, Bethany
     Steven Ryan
                                                              Rafael Masbad ear ned
                                Madison Tiago (above)           second place in the
 Graduates of Amity          spent this summer exploring     Assumption School’s first
Middle School, Orange          the south of Portugal and      annual 3-point shooting
                                Spain. One of her stops        contest! He was also
 Mackenzie Gallagher                                        awarded Best Sport at his 8th
  Brady Hutchison           included a Toboggan (basket)
                                                                 grade class night!
                              ride in Funchal, Madeira in
    Preston Kral
                             Portugal that can travel one
   Maeve Malone
                                mile in just 10 minutes!

    Graduates of
 Assumption School,
                           Preston Kral (center ), was
   Brandon Ayers
                           named to the 2021 All Stars
    Janelle Cantil
                             team at the Battle of the
 Mackenzie Ceccarelli
                                Hot Beds Lacrosse
   Amelia Cirella          Tournament in Newark, DE
   Robert Lewicki                   this July!
   Rafael Masbad
  Taylor Pelatowski
   Mikayla Wiacek                                                                               Maeve Malone
                                                                                               (left) is a talented
                                                                                            soccer player. Her team
                                                                                                won the CT Cup
                                                                                              Championship this
CLASS OF 2021 ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL - Introducing the - St. Joseph High School
Graduates of Bailey Middle                                     Graduates of Fairfield
         School                                                Woods Middle School
        Laci Lewis                                                 Joseph Harrington                                             Over 15% of the
        Ava Ruxer                                                     Emma Kelly                                               Class of 2021 traveled
                                                                                                 Julia Wang is tr aveling
     Jacquelyn Tavella                                              Chloe Mattison                 to St Joes all the way
                                                                                                                               abroad this summer!
                                                                                                   from Beijing, China!
                                                                                                  Julia is a talented artist
Graduate of Beijing Haidian                                                                        who enjoys painting,
    Foreign Language                                                                                 fashion design and
     Shi Yan School                                                                                    playing guitar.
        Julia Wang                                               Marcus Landeen made it to the
                                                                 finals at Invention Convention at
                                                                   UCONN with his creation of a
  Graduate of Common                                             prototype for a citizen safety app
  Ground Magnet School                                         called SA4VE (Safety App 4 Victim
                                 Ava Ruxer (above) loves         Emergency). He also attended the
       Tyler DuBose            playing soccer and is looking     state finals in Manchester, CT for
                              forward to playing as a Cadet!    running the 100m in track. Marcus
                                                                plays the bass drum and his school
    Graduates of Derby                                            band won 1st place in the district
      Middle School            Graduate of East Shore           middle school Battle of the Bands
       Adam Bowlby                Middle School                                this year!
        Armin Zilic               Jacqueline Sullivan

  Graduate of Discovery          Graduate of Easton
     Magnet School                                                        Jacob Dawes (pictur ed top
                                 Country Day School                        far left and bottom far left)
      Marcus Landeen                 Andrea Weber                        traveled to Israel with his 8th
                                                                           grade class this spring! He
                                                                              visited museums and
                                  Graduate of Ezra                       historical sites throughout the
  Graduate of Eagle Hill                                                  country while bonding with
      Greenwich                      Academy
                                                                                  his classmates.
       Meredith Saba                 Jacob Dawes
CLASS OF 2021 ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL - Introducing the - St. Joseph High School
Graduates of Helen Keller
                                                                               Middle School
                                                 Graduates of Flood          Ashley Edwards-Gillis
                                                   Middle School               Maxwell Gregor
                                                  Jacquelyn Brown
                                                   Hailee Desalle            Graduates of Hillcrest
                                                    Dennis Elrod                Middle School
                                                   Matthew Guzzi
                                                    Justin Russo                Michael Brown
                                                  Cailyn Valentine          Christopher Cornell-Neal
                                                                                Megan Frattaroli
                                                                              Elizabeth LaFrance
                                               Graduates of Great Oak           Samantha Miller                 Max Kimmel (r ight)
                                                   Middle School                 Sophia Molnar                  was selected as a 2017
                                                                                   Ella Smith                      CONNY All-Star,
    Victoria Alves (above) has had an              Victoria Alves
                                                                                                                 representing Milford
      incredibly busy year! She was a              Madison Mizak           Graduate of Inner Mongol                  Youth Lacrosse
     participant in the 2017 Y ou Be the
                                                                            Agricultural University             at this summer’s game!
Chemist Connecticut State Challenge and
                                                                                Middle School
  was accepted into the Great Oak Honor        Graduate of Greenwich
Society in May, and received an Athletic          Catholic School                    Laura Zhao                               Geno Salvatore was
  Award for being a member of the track                                                                                        honored with the 8th
    team! This year she also earned the            Anthony Gerace
                                                                                                                                 grade Academic
Musical Leadership award for the Shelton                                                                                      Excellence in Reading
 Chamber Singers division of the United                                                                                            Award from
    Girls Choir. She has volunteered in a      Graduates of Harborside
                                                   Middle School                                                              Harborside this year!
variety of charities this year and served as
  co-president of the Immanuel Lutheran             Colin Buchner
  Church youth group. During the Great               Grace Cottle
     Oak Middle School “Moving Up”                Katherine Ganser                                                  Dennis Elrod was the Student
  ceremony, she received the President’s            Max Kimmel                                                         of the Month of May and
  Award for Educational Excellence and             Connor Larson                                                    received the President’s Award
   the Richard Canalori Performing Arts             Samir Rajani                                                      for Outstanding Academic
  Award. She was also acknowledged for                                                                                Achievement in 8th grade.
                                                   Geno Salvatore        Laura Zhao (above) is a talented
     Outstanding Academic Excellence,                                                                                Dennis won 1st Place in both
                                                  Natalie Violetta        musician; she plays the piano and         Shot Put and Disc Throw at the
 having achieved high honors throughout
                                                   Justin Williams        violin. In her free time she enjoys       League Championship for Boys
  middle school. After a such an eventful
 year, her summer hobbies have included                                   swimming and calligraphy. Laura           Track & Field at Flood Middle
  sleeping late, reading voraciously, and                                spent time in Thailand volunteering                    School!
 composing entertaining and spontaneous                                  with elementary school students this
            songs on her ukulele.                                                        spring.
CLASS OF 2021 ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL - Introducing the - St. Joseph High School
Graduates of Jockey
                                    Hollow Middle School      Bianca Espaillat (left) was the
                                                            Salutatorian of her graduating class!
                                       Adriana Cabral       She was also awarded the Academic
                                         Nia Christie       Achievement certificate in all subject
                                      Jonathan DiMaria        areas including Language Arts,
                                       Madeline Fried        Social Studies, Math and Science.
                                        Jessica Noce        Bianca’s brother Matthew will also
                                    Katherine Spangenberg    be joining the St Joes family this
                                                                         year in the               The Class of 2021
                                                                       Class of 2020!               graduated from
                                     Graduate of John C.                                          50 different
                                    Daniels Middle School                                        Middle Schools!
                                       Bianca Espaillat

                                                                            Jonathan DiMaria was
                                                                              recently selected for
                                                                           recognition by the Rotary
 Nia Christie (left) was voted                                               Club of Monroe for the
most athletic at Jockey Hollow                                            Service Above Self Award at
this year, and rightfully so! She                                         Jockey Hollow. This special
set new school records for High                                           designation is only awarded
   Jump, Low Jump and 55m                                                  to two students each year
    hurdles. In addition, she
 competed this July in 3 events
in New Britain and won 3 gold

   Graduates of Jockey
   Hollow Middle School
      Adriana Cabral
        Nia Christie
     Jonathan DiMaria
      Madeline Fried
       Jessica Noce
   Katherine Spangenberg
CLASS OF 2021 ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL - Introducing the - St. Joseph High School
Graduates of Madison                       Sofia Paolella (left) ear ned the
       Middle School                          Madison Middle School Award for            Graduate of Nathan Hale
                                           Academic Excellence, awarded to those             Middle School
        Brooke Eckhart                        with a GPA OF 4.0+ for 3 years of
       Andrew Eisenman                                                                          Joseph Snyder
                                           middle school! In addition, she received
         Grace Hickey                       the President's Award for Outstanding
       Brittany Mairano                                                                    Graduates of Newtown
                                           Academic Excellence and the Benjamin
        Alyssa Mancini                         Franklin Individual Award at the
                                                                                              Middle School
         Drew Morris                            Middle School We the People                     Eric Burbank
         Sofia Paolella                      Showcase. This award is particularly             Matthew Carpenter
        Nina Pizzicarola                   special because it was awarded to Sofia             Trevor Jacozzi
        Caitlin Vozzella                   for being able to eloquently speak on a
        Olivia Wilkins                        wide range of topics from history to
                                               modern day and commanded the
                                                     attention of the room

                                                                          Eric Burbank was selected by the
 Olivia Wilkins “Liv” is a r egular
                                                                           Principal and faculty at Newtown
  volunteer with the Trumbull Fire
                                                                       Middle School as the school’s Scholar-
   Company. She assists with their
                                                                        Leader at the Connecticut Association
    Annual 9/11 Blood Drive and
                                                                            of Schools. He was honored at a
   holiday parties. She also enjoys
                                                                         statewide awards banquet in June for
serving meals at the Thomas Merton
                                                                            his outstanding scholarship and
Center, and assisting her community
                                                                             distinguished leadership in his
with her youth group. At school, Liv
                                                                       community. Eric was also honored with
keeps busy with the Debate Club and
                                                                          the Newtown Rotary Club Personal
brings her talents to the orchestra as a
                                                                              Achievement Award recognizing
 violinist. She also loves helping her
                                                                                  outstanding young people!
    neighbors by providing a dog              Caitlin Vozzella (left) is
   walking service and babysitting!         the USA Gymnastics Level 7
                                            Connecticut State All Around
                                                 Champion and Bars
                                            Champion. She earned a spot                 Endless amounts of
                   55 Members of the         to represent Connecticut on              community   service and
                   Class of 2021 have       the Regional Team where she              volunteer work  has been
                  earned an academic          placed 3rd on the Balance             completed  by  the Class of
                      scholarship!                      Beam!                        2021—the   most  popular
                                                                                   service being animal rescue!
CLASS OF 2021 ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL - Introducing the - St. Joseph High School
Graduate of Northeast      Graduate of Peking
 Normal University       University Middle School
   Middle School             Benedict Zhang
     Hannah Liu

                          Graduate of Rodger
Graduate of Park City    Ludlowe Middle School
   Magnet School              Sven Morrison
    George Stewart

                          Graduates of Seymour
                                                                                                  Hannah Liu (pictur ed above, center
Graduates of Park City       Middle School             Benedict Zhang (above)
                                                                                                  and below) loves the performing arts;
 Preparatory School                                       is a talented piano
                              Justin Keeler                                                       dancing, singing and acting are some
                                                        player. He also enjoys
     Mia Alicea             Adriana Kolanovic                                                        of her favorite hobbies. Hannah
                                                       playing basketball and is
  Marquise Fernandes          Alyssa Moher                                                         played the Stepmother in her Drama
                                                             a Knicks fan.
                                                                                                   Club’s production of Cinderella this
                                                                                                   year. Her Drama Club received first
                                                                                                       place in their performing arts
                                           Mia Alicea (pictur ed                                        competition! In addition to
                                          below, far right) sang at                                     performing, Hannah loves
                                                this year’s                                        photography, painting, drawing and
                                             Barnumpalooza at                                       playing basketball, badminton and
                                               Seaside Park!

                                                     Justin Keeler gr aduated 8th gr ade with
                                                    High Honors. He was a member of Seymour
                                                    Middle School Glee Club, which performed
                                                     Christmas carols at Radio City Music Hall
                                                     as the opening act for the Christmas Show
                                                      this year! Justin was also Captain of the
                                                    Seymour Middle School baseball team and
                                                         now plays travel baseball with The
                                                       Clubhouse. Justin also took part in the
                                                     Turkey Drive to help families in need for
                                                                Thanksgiving dinner.
CLASS OF 2021 ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL - Introducing the - St. Joseph High School
Morgan Jose (left) r eceived high honor s
                                                                                         every marking period for 7th and 8th grade.
                                                                                         She received the Scholar Athlete Award for
                                                                                        softball, an award for Academic excellence in
                                                                                          Science, and was student of the month in
                                                                                             April. Morgan played on the Shelton
                                                                                         Intermediate School volleyball, basketball,
                                                                                        and softball teams, and also was a member of
                                                                                          the Shelton travel lacrosse team. She also
                                                                                        enjoys skiing, drawing, baking, traveling, and
                                                                                                         spending time
                                                                                                    with family and friends.

 Graduate of Shanghai
                                    Graduates of Shelton
Jianqing Experiemental
                                    Intermediate School
    Middle School
                                      Olivia Badeaux
       Oliver Zuo
                                     Karl Bruce-Tagoe
                                      Nikolas Charney
                                      Wyatt Chrisman
                                     Christian Colville
 Oliver Zuo is an avid r eader         Luana DaSilva
   and enjoys science fiction          Owen daSilva
   novels. He loves learning         Madison DeAngelo                                   Andrew Zhang (pictur ed above, far r ight)
 about physics and astronomy.       Alexander Dobrzycki                                 received two awards from SIS including
  Oliver likes acting and even          Morgan Jose                                     Student of the Year and Academic Excellence
  writes plays in his free time.     Celine Kilincoglu                                  in Algebra! The former award was given to
                                       Sydney Leifer                                    the top ten students in the eighth grade and the
                                      Ricky McFarren       Sydney Leifer (above)
                                                         received  two awards at this   latter to the top 5 students. Andrew also
                8 Students have       Jesse Rodgerson                                   placed 62nd out of 200 students in a statewide
                 traveled all the      Andrew Ross      year’s SIS  Awards Ceremony
                                                                                        Mathcounts Chapter Competition. Andrew
                way from China      Madison Trafecante for Academic Excellence in
                                                        Language Arts and French I!     was also one of three students named to the
                to join the Class      Andrew Zhang
                     of 2021!                                                           Fairfield County All-Star Band from SIS.
CLASS OF 2021 ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL - Introducing the - St. Joseph High School
Graduate of St Aloysius          Graduates of St James
         School                          School
      Helen Mahoney                      Ryan Doan
                                      Edward Fredericks
                                        AnNa Hughes
  Graduate of St Andrew                 Aislin Hynes
       Academy                        Amanda Manente
                                        Nathan Ortiz
       Manuel Santos                    Kristen Ruby

                                   Graduates of St Joseph
  Graduate of St Bernard                  School
                                     Alexandra Coleman
       Anabelle Titus                  LeeAnn Czujak
                                        Andy Nguyen
                                        Daniel Ramos
Graduates of St Catherine of
      Siena School
         Ryan Daly                                                                                                  Rick Liu is ver y close with
                                              Nathan Ortiz (r ight) is                                             his family. In his free time he
       Patrick Dineen                         a talented athlete; he has
     Brian Fitzsimmons                                                                                               likes to listen to music and
                                               already started football                                                play sports. His favorite
      Eleanor Higgins                         practice at SJ and looks                                              subject is English. His motto
      Kenneth Martin                              forward to playing                                               is “Do not put off the work of
      Patrick McCloat                                 basketball                                                        today till tomorrow.”
      Lauren McGraw
       Luke Morrisey
     Carson Rodriguez                                Helen Mahoney r eceived the St         87% of the Class
       Margaret Shea                                    Aloysius School “Award for             of 2021 are
        Jack Wallace                                 General Academic Achievement”         involved in at least
                                                       and the award for “Academic          one aspect of fine        The two most
                        Patrick Dineen was the             Achievement Award in              and performing        popular 8th grade
                           first member of the      History”. Helen also placed second             arts!          clubs from the Class
                         Class of 2021 and the        in the Connecticut History Day                              of 2021 were Student
                         only student to score a     competition for her documentary                              Council and Theater.
                         100 on the SJHS Math       entitled, “Taking a Stand: John Paul
                          Placement Exam this        II, Poland, and the Power of One
                                  June.                            Idea.”
Alexa Koletsos (pictur ed left) won the essay
                            Graduates of St Mary School,         contest from The Knights of Columbus "Keeping
                                      Milford                     Christ In Christmas” this year. She received the
                                                                   President's Education Award for Outstanding
Graduates of St Lawrence         Maximilian Acevedo
                                                                   Academic Achievement, The Charles Robert
        School                     Elijah Gonzalez
                                                                     Martin Award for her unfailing kindness,
                                   Mason Gregory                   perseverance, and her tremendous work ethic.
    Joseph Buccigross               Emily Haverl
    Kyla DeBenedetto                                                 She also earned a Certificate of academic
                                   Timothy Jaglal                 excellence for receiving high honors for all four
    Michael DeCesare             Jonathan Jazwinski
     Nicholas Dreyer                                               marking periods and an academic achievement
                                  Anthony Rainey                              award for mathematics.
       Ava Florczak               Brian Robertson
      Alexa Koletsos
     Chole Kozlowski
      William Lesko         Graduate of St Mary School,                                      The Class of 2021
       Angela Muir                    Bethel                                                   comes from 26
        Sean Reilly                                                                           different towns!
        Nicole Zito               Madison FitzGerald
                                                                  106 students in the Class of
                                                                  2021 have graduated from
  Graduates of St Mark                                             public middle schools and
        School                                                      96 from private middle
   Annika Del Rosario                                                      schools.
    Kaitlyn Feliciano
    Jenna Koonitsky
      Cristian Lino
    Matthew Morales
     Erin Parchinski
      Kimberly Wu                                                Nicole Zito (left) was an honor r oll student all
                                                                     through middle school. At graduation, she
                                                                   received the Charles and Marie Wilson Award
Graduates of St Martin de   Kyla DeBenedetto (pictur ed
                                                                    that is given to a student attending a Catholic
    Porres Academy          above) graduated from St
                                                                  School who displays leadership and always put
                            Lawrence with honors and
     Jiany DeJesus                                                 their best foot forward in academics and in the
                            received the President's Education
     Xiomara Freire                                                    community. She played volleyball and
                            Award for Outstanding Academic
                                                                   basketball and hopes to continue playing at St
                            Achievement. In addition to
                                                                    Joes. She is the youngest of three girls. Her
                            dancing competitively for many
                                                                 sister Alyssa graduated SJ in June and Kathryn is
                            years, she now enjoys playing
                                                                    a Junior. Nicole is excited to be part of the SJ
Blake Macklin (left) was awar ded the 2017
                                                                                             Cardinal Shehan Center honor of Boy of the
                                                                                            Year. The Boy of the Year Award recognizes
                          Graduates of St Thomas                                          superior leadership skills, outstanding service to
Graduates of St Rose of
                             Aquinas School                                                 the Shehan Center and the Community in the
    Lima School
                                Ava Arico                                                   area’s youth. Blake stood out in the selection
     Luke Braun                                                                               process for his longstanding service to his
                               Brady Beiser
    Liam Gelston                                                                            community, athletics and his commitment to
                             Caroline Berardo
  Dylan McDermott                                                                              academics. Blake’s photograph has been
                               Grace Brady
   Madeline Rader                                                                          permanently added to the Wall of Fame at the
                             Nicholas Cogoni
 Cameron Reichenbach                                                                       Cardinal Shehan Center in Bridgeport, CT. He
                              Evelyn Dooley
    Rosie Simms                                                                              has been an active member of the Cardinal
                              Teaghan Doyle
    Hunter Smith                                                                          Shehan Center for 10 years and has participated
                            Zachary Foust-Clark
   Kathleen Tokar                                                                               in numerous athletic, educational, and
                              Lauren Herley
    Liam Wolson                                                                            volunteering programs. Blake looks forward to
                                Dylan Kipp
                               Reagan Knauf                                               learning and contributing to the St Joseph High
                             Christina Nardone                                                    School family beginning this Fall!
Graduates of St Theresa
                          Graduates of Thurgood     Cameron Reichenbach (pictur ed below,
    Jack Donofrio         Marshall Middle School      left) was the St Rose School winner in
   Maria Tarantino                                   Geography Bee and qualified for the CT
                               Amy Escobar
  Chloe-Lyn Zalenski                                National Geography Bee. He received High
                               Blake Macklin
                                                     Honor Roll for the whole academic year!
                                                    Cameron played the Lead Role as Shrek in
                                                   Shrek Jr the Musical at St Rose and won the
                                                    Drama Award. He was also the recipient of
                                                   the Charles and Margaret Weiss Scholarship
                                                      for academic excellence, MVP for the
                                                     Varsity St Rose Basketball team and was
                                                      selected as an All Star for the Danbury
                                                           Parochial Basketball League!

                                                                    Nicholas Cogoni (bottom
                                                                    right and far right) played
                                                                      Scar in the St Thomas
                                                                   Aquinas drama production of
                                                                    The Lion King this spring!
                                                                   His hobbies include drawing
                                                                           and parkour
Jesse Ortiz (pictur ed far left) has
                                                                        spent this summer sailing and attending
                                                                            camps. Jesse attended Greenwood
 Graduate of Tomlinson                                                   Trails, a two week camp that does not
    Middle School                                                        allow any electronics on site, but Jesse
       Jesse Ortiz                                                            stayed busy outdoor camping,
                                                                          kayaking, swimming, playing tennis,
                                                                            and practicing archery. Jesse also
Graduate of West Shore                                                    attended computer camp at Fairfield
    Middle School                                                           University, where he learned Java
                                                                         coding and game programming. Jesse
    Zachary Yazdzik                                                     wants to be an engineer when he grows

Graduate of Wintergreen
    Middle School
     Christina Kratt

 Graduates of Wooster
    Middle School
    Jack Attanasio
     Hailey Cocca                                                                                                    Marcella Silberger (above) has many
     Mateo Cruz              Christina Kratt (pictur ed far left)            Lindsay Zhu (above) won the            warm weather hobbies because summer
    Kyle Shannon           recently participated in a mission trip to        first prize at the Global Natural           is her favorite time of year. This
   Thomas Shannon           Haiti as part of a choral group, Sound           History Day with her exhibition          summer, she has spent time sailing on
   Marcella Silberger        Affect International. During the trip,            and speech, but her favorite          the Long Island Sound and soaring the
                            Christina taught local children songs in           subject is biology. She likes        skies over Vermont in a Glider. She has
                            Haitian Creole leading up to a concert            doing oil paintings, recording             attended sailing school for three
Graduate of Xi'an Gaoxin      for the community at the end of the                videos and practicing her           summers and enjoys racing small boats
  No. 1 Middle School      week. During the afternoons, Christina            photography. She also loves to            along with sailing her family’s 19 ft
                           worked with younger children engaging               play tennis in her free time.          Cape Dory Typhoon Sailboat named,
      Lindsay Zhu          them with games and art. Christina was                                                   Tyny. As a Cadet Master Sergeant and a
                           among the youngest participants on this                                                      Flight Commander at the Stratford
                              trip that included 19 teenagers and                                                   Eagles Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, based
                                             adults                                                                  at Sikorsky Memorial Airport, she has
                                                                                                                     had the opportunity to learn how to fly
                                                                                                                       gliders in Vermont. She also enjoys
                                                                                                                          hiking, camping and kayaking!
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