Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

Clownie Connection The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter Volunteer sign up for The Parade will begin September 4. Watch your email! Clownie Call Out!! If you've ever dreamed of becoming our beloved mascot, Clownie, here's your chance! We are in need of volunteers to wear the Clownie mascot costume and represent TPC at events during Parade season. If you are interested, please email You'll need to come to the Studio to be fitted and receive training. In T his Issue Summer Kick-off! Cruise in Shoes 5K Volunteer Spotlight Thanks from the Rooftop! May/June 2019 Issue #3 JOIN US!

VOLUNTEER SUMMER KICKOFF EVENT & BBQ Saturday, July 27, 10:30 AM TPC Studio On Saturday, July 27, 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM, join us at The Parade Company Studio as we kickoff the summer float build season! Help with float washing, building, painting; or pull up a chair and help with sewing in the costume department. We will have food, beverages, fun raffles, and lots of laughs. Plus, Arlene will be selling vintage costumes starting at $5!!! Friends and family are welcome to join (remember volunteers must be 16 years old to volunteer)! To RSVP, go to: Summer Kickoff 2018

Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

6 AM - 10:30 AM Course Marshals Needed! To sign up: Log on to Volgistics: from=244046 Click "Sign Up" on the Home page. Go to the volunteer calendar and click "Help Wanted" on the August 17 date. If you have not joined Volgistics yet, you can sign up by sending an email to

Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

Dee w as a Float Spotter at th e Parade in 2 01 6 . Dee w orking on Henry Ford in th e A rt Stu dio in 2 01 3 . Dee at th e 2 01 9 V olu nteer Th ank You Party DEAIDRE (DEE) JONES Age: 46 years old (but my virtual age is 30...LOL) Occupation: Librarian in the Music, Arts, & Literature Department at the Detroit Public Library It takes hundreds of skilled, dedicated and big-hearted volunteers to help The Parade Company (TPC) successfully do what we do year-after-year.

This issue, we are shining the spotlight on one of those incredible volunteers: the always effervescent and energetic Dee Jones.

Anyone who has ever met Dee knows that she is adventurous and willing to try anything once. Her volunteer service at TPC is no exception - she's volunteered for just about everything! "I have been a banner carrier, balloon handler, float spotter, float driver, tour guide, float host, and last year I wore a Big Head (Rosa Parks) in the Parade," says Dee. "I have volunteered for special events such as the Auto Show, Ford Fireworks, several 5K walks, and Hob Nobble Gobble presented by Ford. I also have helped clean and paint floats." The only thing Dee hasn't tried yet is joining the Distinguished Clown Corps (DCC .

but give her time, and she'll probably add that to her bucket list.

Dee donates over 80 service hours each year while working a full-time job and being a super mom to eight adult children. Did I mention that she's also a published author? It takes real talent to wear so many hats and to wear them so well. We so appreciate Dee and all she does for our organization. Enjoy the following Q & A with one of TPC's super volunteers!

Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

Dee at Hob Nobble Gobble presented by Ford in 2 01 7 Dee w as a Banner Carrier at th e Parade in 2 01 2 Q: How long have you been a volunteer with TPC? A: I have been a TPC volunteer for almost eight years.

Q: How did you get involved with TPC? A: I got involved with TPC because my child was in the Parade performing with the Detroit Public School All City High School Marching Band. My other children wanted to get involved as well but were minors and could only do so if I was in the Parade with them, so my youngest son signed us up to volunteer.

Q: Are you from Michigan? Did you grow up watching the Parade? A: I am a native Michigander as well as a native Detroiter. I was born, bred, and educated within city limits. I indeed grew up watching the parade and got a chance to see the Parade in person a couple of times. When I became a parent, I made coming down to the Parade a yearly family tradition. Q: What is your favorite volunteer position? A: My favorite position is a tour guide. I really love seeing the faces of people when they walk into Studio A then realize how larger than life our beautiful floats are. I like it when our more mature guests share stories of Parades past.

I love it when the Brownie troops recognize something during the tour from watching the Parade on TV or online. Tour guides get the honor of highlighting how wonderful the Parade is and how many dedicated employees and volunteers work very hard to bring the Parade to life.

Q: What is your favorite TPC event? A: My favorite TPC event is the Hob Nobble Gobble presented by Ford! I have had the pleasure of volunteering and participating in this glorious event. You get a mini-parade, a carnival, great food, and concerts all in one night. You just can't beat that anywhere. Q: Best volunteer memory? A: My best volunteer memory has to be when I got the opportunity to dress up like an elf and dance with the WDIV Channel 4 News anchors for Christmas in July at the TV station. My mother didn't know I was there; she thought I was at work that day. When the show aired live on TV, she called my phone nonstop to tell me that there was a girl on television that looked just like me! I told her that it was me and she couldn't believe it.

I told my boss that I had very "important business" to attend to and needed the day off. Who knew that he watched "Live in the D" during his break! When he inquired about my business when I returned to work the next day, I told him that I was helping Santa out.

Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

Dee clow ning arou nd at th e Stu dio Q: Do you have any kids? A: I have six biological children and two additional children through marriage. Total is five boys and three girls, ages 21-28. I also have a grandson and a granddaughter who are one-yearold. Q: Do your kids volunteer? A: Most of my children have volunteered for TPC. They were banner carriers, clown helpers, and costume fitters. They volunteered with me when they were teenagers and have now come back as adults to volunteer when they are on break from college.

Q: Why do you volunteer? A: I volunteer because I enjoy giving back to the community.

What better way to give back than to put smiles on people's faces? We are all from very diverse backgrounds with the common goal of wanting to have fun and enjoy a holiday centered around being thankful. Q: Favorite song? A: My favorite song is Overjoyed by Motown's own Stevie Wonder. Q: Favorite place to eat: A: Sweet Potato Sensations!! They have the best sweet potato waffles and fried chicken. Yum! Q: Something cool about you that few know ... A: I like to take long rides with my husband on his motorcycle. It feels great to feel the wind in my hair and just for a few moments be fun and carefree.

I am a published author of several adult and children's books. I also sing in the Detroit Public Library Community Choir.

Q: Have you ever sang while volunteering? A: Yes! I've sung for a few of our special needs guests during their studio tour, and they loved it! Q: What other causes organizations do you support? A: I am passionate about literacy, domestic violence prevention, church, and local cultural events. I volunteer for the Detroit Jazz Festival, church, I have independently helped scores of students navigate the financial aid process, prepare for the G.E.D., and improve reading skills. I have also volunteered for Think Detroit Pal, Detroit Public Schools, and other local charter schools.

Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

Q: Have you won any awards or received recognition for community service or other talents? A: I won many volunteer awards in the past.

One that I am especially proud of is when I won a contest for banner design during the cheerleading competition at Think Detroit Pal more than 10 years ago. Q: Best place you've traveled ... A: The best place that I have visited was the National Museum of African American History and Culture. That was by far the best museum that I have ever been to from the interactive displays, the virtual car rides, and wonderful exhibitions throughout. We were there for several hours and were not able to get through half of the museum. I will definitely return because there is so much to learn and see.

Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

BIG HEADS & BASEBALL! July 25, 5:30 PM Jimmy Johns Stadium Utica We need more volunteers to wear papier-mâché heads (Big Heads) for the Big Heads & Baseball event on Thursday, July 25. Volunteers will pose for photos, hand out giveaways and brochures. We will also have a parade around the baseball field!! If you can help, let us know!! Sign up on Volgistics or send an email to _ _ SIGN UP TODAY! Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau Big Heads & Handlers Needed! Port Detroit 130 E Atwater St The Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau is scheduling a series of welcome events for the cruise ships that enter into the Port of Detroit now through the fall.

We are in need of volunteers to wear the Big Heads or serve as Handlers for each event. The volunteers will welcome guests and take photos between 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM. See the schedule below for dates. We Depend on YOU! Please do not sign up unless you know for sure that you can make it.

EVENT DATES 8/8/19 8/14/19 8/26/19 9/13/19 9/19/19 If you can help, please sign up on Volgistics If you have not joined Volgistics yet, you can sign up by sending an email to Volunteer Job Descriptions: In order to volunteer to be a Big Head, you must be able to wear one of our paper mache heads. If this is your first time wearing a head, you will need to come to our studio and try on the heads before the event. In order to sign up as a Handler, you must be able to lift about 10- 20lbs because you'll be helping your assigned Big Head put on their head and costume.

You will also assist with photo ops.

Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

T HANKS T O ALL OF OUR RIVER RUN VOLUNT EERS FOR ANOT HER GREAT EVENT !!! What action, if any, do you want your m embers to take? Add a "Find out

Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

MAY JUNE JULY Margaret Antushevich Lavette Benson Linda Bigger Cynthia Blackburn Margaret Boussum Jim Boylan Gwen Britton Shekinah Brown Doug Burton Sheila Butler Philip Campbell April Campbell-Williams Nancy Cataldo Ralph Cheney Jeffrey Coleman Kendria Cooper Jennifer Dale Susan Daron CC Davis Jacqueline Demmer Emoni Dickerson Mary Clare Duran Elayne Elliott Reuben Ellman Kyley Fleck Annalisa Fleming Tracy Fletcher Ricky Flowers Jordan Foz Sandy Gabel Tonya Garrette Suzanne Goldstein Jonas Goodwin Courtney Hammerle Deborah Harris Ilene Harris Patricia Harrison Kelsey Hatley Shardae Heard Rose Hepner Christine Hood Kristin Hoy Vivian Hunter Laurie Janick Kai Jones Janice Justice Peggy Kerr Angela Kirby Shirley Ledford Norm Levy Kristin Lewandowski Duvall Lewis Mary Lewis Charma Lovett Karen Abella Raina Aiello Robb Albrecht Tara Alexander Ryan Anklam Steven Avery Jennifer Bairley Sharon Bastianelli Irene Bialczak Viola Bryant Dalton Burleigh Cherish Calleja Suzanne Cantrell Ellen Carter Michael Caruso Janette Cavender Nancy Cepeda William Chilton Melody Coleman Sandra Curtis Karen Davis Eric Decker Maria Dekimpe Timothy D.

Deuby Shalonda Dunn Kimberly Durden Tori Duvall Tonie Forbes Parish Frazier Sandra French Carrie Gardner Thereatha Gaskins Cora Glenn Isaiah Grant Randy Grieser James Gruda Stephen Hackett Lynn Herrick Barbara Hines-Sturr Stacey Hinkle Alicia Hodge Terri Holderith Ericka Howell Kelley Hunter-Carey Mae Ingram Sharond Jakubus Timika Jefferson-Franklin Rayvonte Johnson Stefanie Karadian Amy Kauffman Sherrie Killebrew Eugenia Killian Jeffrey Kingsbury Heidi Kreindler Gul Ahmed Mesha Allen Brian Alvin Beatrice Anderson Beverly Atkins Rhonda Bailey Karen Bango Raquel Banks Jill Baran Leila Barrett Renee Bradley Waheeda Brandon Dorothy Brennan Sarah Bryant George Burgess Kay Burhans Tracey Burton Pamela Burton Johnson Ebony Carson Ken Chavis Darlene Chivinsky Rachel Collier Kathleen Copeland Jena Crafton Diane Czaplicki Robert Czaplicki Valencia Daniel Tamara Davies Nikishia Davis Larry Dean Mary Kay DeMayo Michael Dingeldey Gabrielle Dowdell Shanee Elerson Mark Ellena Ann Marie Ellis David Ellis E Essak Steve Ferrier Kevin Gorman Daniel Haggerty Cynthia L Heldt-Kitowski Kimberly Hoover Anton Horton Feana Humphrey

Clownie Connection - The Parade Company Volunteer Newsletter

MAY Kevin Machus Lisa Martin Gloria Mccollum Beth Mehr Linda Merkerson Michelle Morton Laurie Muellenhagen Kathy Niver Earnett Nolden Tammala Paige-Wigg Gloria Petty Debra Poole Evelyn Powell Madona Rascoe Yvonne Reed Jillian Rhind Matthew Rodeman Teresa Rodriguez Penny Ropp Donna Rubin John Scotto Wendy Seaton Dana Sharpe Sylvia Sharpe Deshonda Shorts Matthew Silski Enid Simmons James Slowik Daniel Smith JJ Smith Nishant Sood Carol Straub Nancy Swanson Jennifer Tedder Jackie Thomas Lorraine Thomas Marcel Thomas Rita Turner Diane Underwood Donna Voytush Jan Vuckov Rudy Vuckov Carol Washington Ken Wiktor Ruth Williams Doris Wilson Mary Ann Wojack Mary Wright JUNE Amy Long Peggy Losey Pat Lutz Rolanda Massey Ursula McCray Pat McDonald Harvey Miotke Barbara Mitchell Marie Morris Sherry Morton Venus Moses Patti Mueller Kim Naglich Kathy Nathan Bianca Nistor Leslie Pertz Susan Piccirilli Dawn Rapaport Loren Rascoe Debbie Reeves Darlene Rivers LeShauna Robinson Joanne Rodeman Lindie Rudover Azalea Saba Kathleen Schmidt Valerie Seccombe Robert Shephard Charles Sikora Erlean Smith Arneader Snowden Cynthia Straughn Heather Stupera Laura Sturdevant jennifer swann Sara Talabi David Templeton Treazure Terrell-Wilson Scott Terzich Patty Torrey Rachel Tuzinsky Michael Vogel Jamario Washington Shaticka Wesley Brad Williams Kinyotta Williams Ramon Williams JULY John Hunt Jordan Hunt Michelle Jackson James Jensen Kathleen Jezak Melissa Kaspari Nancy Kayne Marilyn Kiefer Suemarie Klimek Karen Knox Tom Laabs Julie Lazarz Denise Leonard Bill Love Christee Love Rick Mabe Michael Marsh Evelyn McClellan Payton McComsey Teresa McGuckin Jamie Meadows Matthew Millen Carolyn Miranda Kimberly Mizzi Nima Mokaram Tatum Mullins Lydia Munoz Amelia Norris Justin Obrien Pam Olech Bob Oren Staci Oseid Kena Parrish Vashun Patterson Lauren Penner Jennifer Poole Jeannette Pugliese Adriana Ramirez Maria Reyes Cynthia Roddie

JULY BIRTHDAYS CONT ... Mario Rossi Alexandria Rugenstein Debbie Schneider Tynique Shaw Tawana Simmons Teante Sims Paul Singleton Ron Smith Candace Snyder Alan Speed Timothy Sposito Mary Stroud Leslie Taylor Jennifer Tengler Danielle Tiernan Chedebrius Tiggs Jevon Tinsley Deborah Toles Susan Van Campen Andrew Vetting Rochelle Vitale Nicole Wade-Bell Kimberly Wallace LaVonne Walters Sharon Washington Marisa Weber Marilyn White Denine Wilber Cleo Wiley Mary Wilson Scott Wilson Kenya Winn Cathy Young Jochlynn Young VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! 16500 Tireman Detroit MI Volunteers are needed to help with a carnival happening on Saturday, August 17.

Report time is 10:30 AM. Event ends at 6:00 PM.

Volunteers are needed to help with line control, crafts and picnic area. Sign up on Volgistics or send an email to

Volunteers Ready, Set, Go! INCREDIBLE SHOW ... INCREDIBLE VOLUNTEERS!!!! Visit the following link to view more photos: THANK YOU!!!!! STAY CONNECTED!

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