SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2019 Viejas Arena, San Diego CA Commencement


FOUNDING The history of Ashford University begins in 1891, when Father John Murray invited the Sisters of St. Francis to help him teach students in Clinton, Iowa. By 1893, the Sisters were able to purchase some land in Clinton, on which they established their mother house and the Mount St. Clare Academy, a prep school for girls. The Academy and mother house quickly outgrew their old building. In 1910, the mother house and the academy moved into the newly constructed Mount St.



Seeing a need for teachers in Clinton County and the surrounding area, the Sisters founded Mount St. Clare College, the predecessor to Ashford University, in 1918. At that time, the Mount St. Clare Academy, College, and Convent were all housed in the same building.


6 EXPANSION In 1950, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools first accredited Mount St. Clare College. Following the accreditation, the school quickly began to expand. The sisters moved into an adjoining convent building in 1956. A new library and gym were opened a few years later.

During the ‘60s, the Science Hall was opened. And in 1967, the college became coeducational. For the 1979-1980 school year, the college received approval for its first four-year degree, a Bachelor’s degree program in business administration. The following year, the Mount St. Clare Academy merged with St. Mary’s High School in Clinton, forming Mater Dei High School (now known as Prince of Peace Academy). With the space freed by the academy’s merger, the school began to offer additional four-year programs.

In 1997, the sisters moved off campus into their new mother house, The Canticle. In 1998, the Durgin Educational Center was opened, which included new athletic facilities, including Kehl Arena.


BECOMING A UNIVERSITY In 2002, Mount St. Clare College began to offer a master’s degree program online. In conjunction with the expanded course offerings, the school changed its name to The Franciscan University, and the name of the athletic teams were changed from “The Mounties” to “The Saints.” In September 2004, the school modified its name to The Franciscan University of the Prairies in order to avoid confusion with similarly named schools.

In March 2005, the University was purchased by Bridgepoint Education, Inc. After the completion of the sale, the institution’s name was changed to Ashford University. The school also dropped its affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church and became a for-profit institution. For more details, see the Ashford Timeline on page 60.

PRESIDENTS Mother Mary Paul Carrico, OSF, 1918-1921 Mother Mary Fidelis Ruddy, OSF, 1921-1924 Mother Mary Paul Carrico, OSF, 1924-1936 Mother Mary John McKeever, OSF, 1936-1948 Mother Mary Regis Cleary, OSF, 1948-1958 Sister Mary Cortona Phelan, Ph.D., OSF, 1958-1968 Sister Mary Cecile Devereux, OSF, 1968-1971 Sister Eileen Smith, OSF, 1972-1976 Dr. Dan C. Johnson, 1976-1985 Rev. Charles E. Lang, Ph.D., 1986-1991 Dr. James J. Ross, 1991-2000 Sheila Smith, 2001-2002 Dr. Michael E. Kaelke, 2002-2005 James Chitwood, MBA, 2005-2007 Dr. Jane McAuliffe, 2007-2011 Dr. Elizabeth Tice, 2011-2012 Dr.

Richard Pattenaude, 2012-2016 Dr. Craig Swenson, 2016-present


9 DR. ANGIE TAYLOR Dr. Angie Taylor has a long history of excellent leadership, people development, and community service. She is the president and chief executive officer for Guardian Quest, Inc., an organization specializing in providing diversity/inclusion, leadership, and organizational development training and consulting solutions for education, government, corporate, and military clients across North America. In addition to her work speaking, training, and coaching, she continues to serve her community. In December 2014, she was appointed to the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees, becoming the first African American to serve in that capacity.

In January 2016, she was elected board president by her board colleagues and most recently, she was elected by the citizens in District E to serve a full four-year term beginning in January 2017. Her colleagues selected her to serve a second term as president through 2017.

Regardless of her role, she is committed to adding value and making a difference. She is passionate about a few things and has intentionally positioned herself to work within those areas. Education, diversity/inclusion, leadership, and faith are the areas that she loves and those that have driven her success. Dr. Taylor holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, a master’s degree in public administration and policy and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, all from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her background is in higher education where she completed a storied 20-year career at the University of Nevada.

While there, she served in several senior-level leadership positions for 17 years.

Dr. Taylor has served on numerous committees, task forces, and boards for the university, the local community, and nationally. She has received many awards and recognitions for her leadership and community service, including membership in four halls of fame and inclusion on two “people to watch” lists. Dr. Taylor is a passionate, energetic presenter and has dedicated her life to making people and organizations better. She has recently wrote her first book “Leadership Matters: Lessons that Shaped My Leadership,” which is highly sought after wherever she speaks. Dr. Taylor is also an ordained minister and serves as the administerative assistant pastor at Greater Light Christian Center in Reno, Nevada.



10 Commencement Ceremony STAGE PARTY . Dr. Jim Hardy, Faculty Senator Dr.CraigSwenson,PresidentandChiefExecutiveOfficer, MasterofCeremonies Dr.LauraPalmer-Noone,ChiefAcademicOfficer&Senior VicePresidentofAcademicAffairs Dr.PeterNegroni,BoardofTrustee, ChairforAcademicAffairsCommittee Dr.GreyEdwards,BoardofTrustee Mr.TyroneSmith,BoardofTrustee Dr.RichardPattenaude,PresidentEmeritus& ProfessorofPoliticalScience Dr.AngieTaylor,CommencementSpeaker Mr. Olumide Onanuga, Alumni Speaker Dr.CharlieMinnick,ClintonCampusPresident Dr.JustinHarrison,ExecutiveDean, DivisionofGeneralEducation Dr.LauraSliwinski,ExecutiveDean, CollegeofHealth,HumanServices&Science Dr.AdamSelhorst,ExecutiveDean,CollegeofLiberalArts Dr.TonyFarrell,ExecutiveDean,CollegeofEducation Mr.RobertDaugherty,ExecutiveDean, ForbesSchoolofBusiness&Technology Dr.IrisLafferty,ExecutiveDean, CollegeofDoctoralStudies Mrs.SheriJones,SeniorVicePresident, StrategicPlanning&UniversityServices Mr.JimSmith,SeniorVicePresident,Finance Dr.JenniferVogal,AssociateDean, DivisionofGeneralEducation Dr.PamelaHardy,AssociateDean, CollegeofHealth,HumanServices&Science Dr.GeneaStephens,AssociateDean, CollegeofLiberalArts Dr.NewtonMiller,AssociateDean,CollegeofEducation Dr.AvishaSadeghinejad,ProgramChair, ForbesSchoolofBusiness&Technology Dr.IreneStein,AssociateDean, CollegeofDoctoralStudies PROCESSIONAL .

Dr. Jim Hardy, Chair, Faculty Senate Executive Deans and Faculty, All Colleges College of Doctoral Studies Graduates Stage Party PRESENTATION OF COLORS NATIONAL ANTHEM WELCOME . Dr. Craig Swenson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Master of Ceremonies WELCOME FROM THE . Dr. Peter Negroni, Board of Trustee, BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chair for Academic Affairs Committee

11 Cords worn with academic apparel indicate recognition of membership in an honor society. Stoles worn with academic apparel indicate recognition of honors. Students who are participating in commencement before their official graduation date are eligible to wear honor regalia, based on their current grades and standing with the University. Actual earned honors are indicated on official University transcripts. ALUMNI SPEAKER . Mr. Olumide Onanuga, Alumni Speaker COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS . Dr. Angie Taylor, Motivational Speaker PRESENTATION OF CANDIDATES . . Dr. Laura Sliwinski, Executive Dean, CollegeofHealth,HumanServices&Science Dr.AdamSelhorst,ExecutiveDean,CollegeofLiberalArts Dr.TonyFarrell,ExecutiveDean,CollegeofEducation Mr.RobertDaugherty,ExecutiveDean, ForbesSchoolofBusiness&Technology Dr.IrisLafferty,ExecutiveDean,CollegeofDoctoralStudies Dr.PamelaHardy,AssociateDean, CollegeofHealth,HumanServices&Science Dr.GeneaStephens,AssociateDean,CollegeofLiberalArts Dr.NewtonMiller,AssociateDean,CollegeofEducation Dr.AvishaSadeghinejad,ProgramChair, ForbesSchoolofBusiness&Technology Dr.IreneStein,AssociateDean,CollegeofDoctoralStudies CONFERRING OF DEGREES .

Dr. Laura Palmer-Noone, Chief Academic Officer & SVP, Academic Affairs FAREWELL . Dr. Craig Swenson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Master of Ceremonies RECESSIONAL BOARD OF TRUSTEES . Dr. Gregory L. Geoffroy Dr. Craig Linebaugh Ms. Mary Jo Maydew Dr. Geri Malandra Dr. Carol Kasworm Dr. Midge Leahy Col. Paul Aguirre Dr. Merle Harris Dr. Peter Negroni Dr. Paula Kelly Dr. Leila Gonzalez Sullivan Dr. Grey Edwards Jr. Dr. Donald Bird Mr. Gordon Wishon Mr. Ty Smith Col. Earl Caleb

12 COLLEGE OF DOCTORAL STUDIES CANDIDATES FOR DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN EDUCATION DEGREES Kristina Lynn Bodamer, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Late Policies and Retention: A Perpetual Case Study Chair: Dr. Rebecca Wardlow Todd Douglas Fiore, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Academic Advising and Online Doctoral Student Persistence From Coursework to Independent Research: An Exploratory Multi-Case Study Chair: Dr. Keri Heitner Margaret Lacey Gaddis, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Training Citizen Scientists for Data Reliability: A Multiple Case Study to Identify Themes in Current Training Initiatives Chair: Dr.

Kimberly Fonteix Sharon Bryant Jarman, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Encouraging Older Adults Use of Technology for Healthcare Information Chair: Dr. Dana Shelton Alexandra Therese Schenck, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Obstacles and Enablers of Guided Reading Implementation: A Qualitative Explanatory Study for Elementary Level Reading Educators Chair: Dr. Rachel Nagel COLLEGE OF DOCTORAL STUDIES CANDIDATES FOR DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN HUMAN SERVICES DEGREES Natasha LaBeaud Anzures, Ph.D.

Dissertation/Project Title: What’s for Dinner? Evaluating Familial Food Consumption in Food Deserts Versus Nonfood Deserts Chair: Dr. James Gillespie Marketa L. Robinson, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Substance Use and Recidivism Among Municipal Court Offenders. How Can We Be More Proactive? A Modified Delphi Method Chair: Dr. Candace Mazze COLLEGE OF DOCTORAL STUDIES CANDIDATES FOR DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP DEGREES Aimee Elizabeth Aballo, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Lived Experiences of Frequent and Persistent Facebook Users: A Realistic Phenomenological Approach Chair: Dr.

Melanie Shaw Merril J. Alligood Jr., Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Communicating to Obtain Engagement in Change Projects with Employees from Different Cultural Backgrounds Chair: Dr. Dana Shelton Scott Thomas Barton, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: The Impact of Professional Association Involvement on Job Satisfaction in Academic Anatomical Materials Personnel Chair: Dr. Scott Burrus Kevin John Bessy, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Identifying Best Practices for Attracting and Retaining Skilled Labor in the Construction Industry: A Delphi Study Chair: Dr. Peggy Sundstrom Michael Bimpeh, Ph.D.

Dissertation/Project Title: Strategies to Promote Innovation for Performance and Profitability in Healthcare Organizations Chair: Dr. Jennie Walker Maceo Brayboy I, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Job Dissatisfaction for Police Officers and What Law Enforcement Leaders Might do to Enhance Climates: A Qualitative Delphi Study of Participants to Gain a Consensus of Opinion Chair: Dr. Frances Sirois David Lee Browning, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: A Qualitative Exploratory Case Study of Membership Loss in Freemasonry in North Carolina Chair: Dr. William Yaw Adufutse Duane Buchanan, Ph.D.

Dissertation/Project Title: Generational Cohort Membership and Gender Influence on Employee Engagement Chair: Dr. Larry Ellis Amy Centers, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Baby Boomer Perspectives of Millennial Leadership: A Multiple Exploratory Case Study Chair: Dr. Kathryn Kelly Michael D. Curtis, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: An Exploratory Thematic Analysis of Mindfulness Definitions, Test Instruments, and Methods Used in Current Research Chair: Dr. Scott Burrus Francesca Galarraga, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Women Entrepreneurs’ Digital Impression Management on LinkedIn Chair: Dr.

Michelle Post Wanda Latrese Goodnough, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Obstacles Women of Ethnicity Face While Obtaining Managerial Roles: A Qualitative Description Phenomenological Study Chair: Dr. Scott Burrus Kristen Eileen Hench, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Athlete Participation and Travel to Compete Motivations in Open-Water Swim Events Chair: Dr. Nancy Bostain Nancy Gianni Herbert, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Underrepresentation: Female Credit Union Board Directors Chair: Dr. Peggy Sundstrom Kisha D. Kean, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Understanding Millennial Perspectives Regarding Leadership Development Programs Chair: Dr.

Gina Hernez-Bromme

13 Ronald David Kurtzman, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Intergenerational Stress Among Professional Industrial Auditors Chair: Dr. Peggy Sundstrom Wendy M. Leone, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Perceptions of Disparate Treatment and Lack of Teamwork Between Military and Civilian Personnel Working in the 88th Communications Group at WrightPatterson AFB, OH Chair: Dr. Peggy Sundstrom Jeffrey Hal Levine, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Understanding E-Mentoring and Self -Efficacy in Telecommuters Chair: Dr. Melanie Shaw Charlena M. Morton, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Perceptions of Youth about how Cultural Art Programs Stop Them from Committing Crimes Chair: Dr.

Madeline Altabe Augustine Umeadi Mosindi, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: The Role of Risk Management Best Practice for the Prevention of Corruption and the Promotion of Ethical Leadership in Nigeria: A Modified Delphi Study Chair: Dr. Melanie Shaw Jacqueline Ann Pettit, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: The Influence of Organizational Culture on Proactive Followership Behaviors: Lived Experiences of Public-Sector Followers Chair: Dr. Peggy Sundstrom Torii Johnson Ramsey, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: The Perceptions of Career Experiences Among Women of Color in STEM: A Narrative Inquiry Chair: Dr.

Dana Shelton Nancy Reiter-Salisbury, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Corporate Social Responsibility Stakeholder Communication and Organization Development in Small and Medium-Size Enterprises Chair: Dr. Meena Clowes Shannan Leigh Simms, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: U.S. Women Managers at the Intersection of Work, Gender, and Chronic Pelvic Pain: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Power Dynamics at Work Chair: Dr. Jillian Skelton Ravneet Singh, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Leadership Personas in 35,647 Tweets from 2009- 2018 Using Artificial Intelligence Chair: Dr. Michelle Post Dorris Nyokabi Wangombe, Ph.D.

Dissertation/Project Title: The Effect of Training Managers on Employee Engagement: Why do Managers Decline Employee Engagement Training? Chair: Dr. Rachelle DisbennettLee Bruce L. Westfield, Ph.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Engagement Strategies for Managers of Millennial Generation Employees Chair: Dr. Sherry Lowrance COLLEGE OF DOCTORAL STUDIES CANDIDATES FOR DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY DEGREES Amanda Mahan Aguilera, Psy.D.

Dissertation/Project Title: The Dynamics of Shame and Power in the Justice System Chair: Dr. Heather Frederick Eric Austin Attard, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Addressing the Trauma Associated with a History of Sexual Assault Using a Multimodal Approach to Improve Relationship and Sexual Satisfaction Chair: Dr. Birgit Fisher David G. Bailey, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Mindfulness Interventions in High-Stress Occupations a Systematic Literature Review for Stress Reduction Chair: Dr. Heather Frederick Jacqueline Ingrid Barnette, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: The Role of Community Health Workers Chair: Dr.

Cynthia Loubier-Ricca Kimberly Laurel Barrieault, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Engaging Caregivers: A Case Study Examining the Correlation between Caring Culture, Job Embeddedness, Burnout and Nurse Retention Chair: Dr. Dana Shelton Jenny-Jo Bell, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: The Effects of Attentional Instruction on Skilled Golfers Performance Chair: Dr. Timothy Rice Wanda Kay Berg, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Evolution of Evidence Based Practice in Sex Offender Treatment Chair: Dr. Scott Burrus Haylee Elizabeth Campbell, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Sex Offender Experiences With Community Supervision Officers and Court-Ordered Supervision Conditions: A Phenomenological Study Chair: Dr.

Vincent Giordano Wanda L. Chaparro, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: A Case Study of the Criminal Justice Reform Act on Parole Officers Decisions Chair: Dr. Eric Muenks Melissa M. Chovan, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Lived Experiences Viewing Televised News and Resulting Individual Decision Making Chair: Dr. Rachelle Disbennett-Lee Joseph Paul Cumbie, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligences Applied to Workforce Readiness: A Qualitative Case Study Chair: Dr. Scott Burrus Nadine Marie Doughty, Psy.D.

Dissertation/Project Title: The Interaction Between Horses and Humans: Women, Sexual Trauma, and Equine Facilitated Group Psychotherapy Chair: Dr. Irene Stein Darran Michael Duchene, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: The Experience of Performance in Competitive Softball During the Collegiate Recruitment Process Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Thompson Sherry Lynn Foreman, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Defining the Role of Saudi Arabian Women in Educational Leadership in Higher Education Chair: Dr. Scott Burrus Kristel Gerow, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: A Therapists Guides for Treating Geriatric Patients with Dementia Chair: Dr.

Dana Shelton

14 Raymond E. Greene-Joyner, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Understanding the Perception of Professionals on the Needs of Previously Incarcerated Persons (PIPs) Males Chair: Dr Jacqueline Julien Merzudin Gurda, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Barriers that Prevent Correctional Officers from Seeking Help for Extreme Work Stress: A Qualitative Exploratory Study Chair: Dr. Dana Shelton Tina Cremer Hallidy, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Geriatric Depression: How Caregivers Learn to Recognize Symptoms and Facilitate Treatment Chair: Dr. Sheila Schmitz Amy E. Helfritz, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Potential Workplace Violence in Assumed LowRisk Environments: Library Employee Perceptions and Safety Concerns Chair: Dr.

Irene Stein Pualani Renee Jeffries, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: An Exploratory Study of Individuals Who Play Fantasy Tabletop Role-Playing Games A Heuristic Exploration Chair: Dr. Irene Stein Deborah J. Jenkins, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Christian Rites as RitesofPassageintoEmergingAdulthood Chair: Dr. Amy Hakim Reza Kashani, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: The Needs of At-Risk Residents and the Design of Community Policing in Detroit Chair: Dr. Thomas McLaughlin Lisa Larson, Psy.D.

Dissertation/Project Title: Increasing Teacher Success: Adding Gender Identity Training to Academic Professional Development Chair: Dr. Eric Muenks Autumn Joy Leal, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Evaluating the Impact Flexible Late Policy, Revision Opportunities, and Office Hours Have on Student Success Chair: Dr. Patrick Smith Stephanie Rose Lord, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Decisional Influence in Voters for Criminal Justice Practices Chair: Dr. Scott Burrus Stephanie Manion, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Creation of A Pre-Doctoral Internship Handbook for Brain and Body Integration Chair: Dr.

Heather Pederson Jaime Lyn Mann, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Life Skills Teaching in High School Sports: A Descriptive Case Study Chair: Dr. Timothy Rice Melissa L. Mayne, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Best Practices for Treating Police Officers Who Experience Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Systematic Literature Review Chair: Dr. Heather Frederick Miguel J. Messina, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Failed Dependency: Leadership Strategies to Prevent, Mitigate, and Heal Organizational Trauma in Behavioral Health Systems Chair: Dr. John Bryan Michael John Mulvany, Psy.D.

Dissertation/Project Title: Adoption of Project Management Methodologies Chair: Dr. Lani Robbins Diane L. Newsham, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Instructional needs of Today’s Post-secondary Student: Fostering Student Success Chair: Dr. Ella Benson Janess Anne Nimrod, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Participation in Extracurricular Activities and Black InnerCity High School Male Engagement Chair: Dr. Patricia D’Urso Zandra Lynette Norris, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: The Social Worker, Stress, and Burnout Development of A Self-Care Training Protocol Chair: Dr. Heather Frederick Robert Palmer Jr., Psy.D.

Dissertation/Project Title: A Cognitive-BehavioralIntervention andJuvenileRecidivism:AnAnalysisof Administrative Data Chair: Dr. Debrorah Simmons Nina Rathmann, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: End of Life Discussions: An Exploratory Case Study of Oncologists in Colorado Chair: Dr. Melanie Shaw Sandra Menges Rebeor, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: The Relationship between Physical Activity and Autism Severity in Youth, Ages 6-17 Chair: Dr. Robert Gregory James M. Reed, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Suggested Practices in the Supervision of Juveniles who have Committed Sexual Offenses: A Delphi Study Chair: Dr.

Nancy Bostain Jessica Lucilla Robinson, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Psychological Recovery Components For College Athletes with Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries: A Delphi Study Chair: Dr. Dana Shelton Donna M. Rowell, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Mandatory Divorce Mediation - Maximizing Effectiveness Chair: Dr. Scott Burrus Maria Alejandra Sanchez, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Return to Work After a Spinal Cord Injury: An Empirical Phenomenological Study Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Thompson Joseph H. Stahl, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Probation Officers’ Perceptions of Factors That Increase and Decrease Drug Court Participants’ Success: A Qualitive Exploratory Case Study Chair: Dr.

Doug McCoy James Craig Stone, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Elite-Level Football Players Experience of Peak Performance Chair: Dr. Andrew Gillham Eugeny Tilvaldiev, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Future Standards for Psychiatric Service Dogs Incorporated by Veterans Who Suffer From Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Thompson Boris Borisovich Valiev, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Public Stigmatization of Veterans with PTSD and Suicide: A Systematic Literature Review Chair: Dr. Heather Frederick Crystal A. Westfield, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Identifying Strategies Among Church Leaders to Improve Millennial Attendance in Church Chair: Dr.

Melanie Shaw

15 Janeena Jamison White, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Examining Evidence-Based Practices: Using the Level of Services Inventory-Revised in Sentencing Chair: Dr. Thomas McLaughlin Sarah Anne Wiemeyer, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and a Comorbid Mental Illness: The Existence and Quality of Clinical Insight in an Individual Counseling Setting Chair: Dr. Samantha Hickman Katrina Centell Woods, Psy.D. Dissertation/Project Title: Post-Abortion Experiences of African American College Women: A Phenomenological Heuristic Study Chair: Dr. Erick Aguilar COLLEGE OF EDUCATION CANDIDATES FOR ASSOCIATE OF ARTS DEGREES Ashley Ann Aguilar, A.A.

Linda Ann Alford, A.A. Desiree Allen, A.A. Natalie M. Amaral, A.A. Brittney Lauren Banks, A.A. Monique A. Banks, A.A. Amanda L. Barnes, A.A. Lashone Renee Bauer, A.A. Shandra Lakeisha Beans, A.A. Cameille S. Beckford, A.A. Lindsay Bell, A.A. Onshellean Clejon Bell, A.A. Erica Bender, A.A. Sheena E. Birks, A.A. Janette Milagros Bishop, A.A. Schewanda Blackburn, A.A. Deanna Renee Blanks, A.A. Tomasa Bonilla, A.A. Mary E. Brady, A.A. Chelsea R. Briner, A.A. Denise L. Brown, A.A. Margaret Burgos, A.A. Ariana Y. Butler, A.A. Gabrielle M. Butler, A.A. Leslie Michelle Calvin, A.A. Nicole Rose S. Camacho, A.A.

Sheenika Nikole Campbell, A.A. Kelsi Nicole Carlson, A.A. Tonya Annette Carter, A.A. Crystal Kathleen Chapin, A.A. Tiffany Y. Charleston, A.A. Donna Dolores Chavez, A.A. Hailey A. Cherry, A.A. Ponzella Cherrie Chiplin, A.A. Kate Lynn Christensen, A.A. Erica L. Clark, A.A. Chalorie Danine Clavelle, A.A. Courtney A. Clay, A.A. Jessica Rose Clingenpeel, A.A. Carrie Anne Cook, A.A. Nellie A. Cox, A.A. Laricia A. Cramer, A.A. Samantha Danyel Dear, A.A. Teresa M. DeHorn, A.A. Tanya Rae DePue, A.A. Amy S. Dethoudom, A.A. Efrocyne Mae Dillon, A.A. Vickie W. Doss, A.A. Kelly A. Dulin, A.A. Linda Peoples Duncan, A.A.

Laresica Eaton, A.A. Christina D. Eckman, A.A. Hailey M. Edwards, A.A. Reyna Ferrel, A.A. Karen Olivia Fields, A.A. Maxine D. Frantz, A.A. Mark Landrum Fulcher, A.A. Angelica Monic Garcia, A.A. Marina Michelle Garcia, A.A. Petra Garcia, A.A.

Cynthia Lashaun Gates-Morris, A.A. Edrienne Garrido Gatmen, A.A. Chantle C. Georgie, A.A. Karese Lynn Gerard, A.A. Kimberly Noel Gibson, A.A. Tanisha Sharell Gibson, A.A. Stephanie K. Gilbert, A.A. Josey Carol Gillis, A.A. Hannah Nicole Goldthrite, A.A. Cristina Yesenia M. Gonzalez, A.A. Carrie L. Gordon, A.A. Kimberly Parsons Graham, A.A. Margo Trechelle Guillory, A.A. Justin Gabriel Hale, A.A. Rachelle Marie Hall, A.A. Julia Brooke Hanson-Harlan, A.A. Chyanne Michelle Harris, A.A. Olivia Danielle Hatch, A.A. Tabitha Heinze, A.A. Maria A. Herrera, A.A. Margaret Mineyo Higa, A.A. Matresa L.

Hill, A.A. Serita L. Hillman, A.A. Regina G. Holten, A.A. Tasha Marie Hoover, A.A. Taisha Marie Howard, A.A. Shatari Antionette Hunt, A.A. Dawn C. Ibanez, A.A.

Stephanie C. Indalecio, A.A. Richelle Teresa Insognia, A.A. Queona James, A.A. Aliyah L. Johnson, A.A. Alysia Joanne Johnson, A.A. Autumn R. Johnson, A.A. Catherine Denise Johnson, A.A. LaTasha Shanta Johnson, A.A. Shamyka Y. Johnson, A.A. Chiquita Jones, A.A. Danielle Marissa Jones, A.A. Darnice Jones, A.A. Kyana Tanisha Jones, A.A. Nikki Densie Jones, A.A. Kavisha Joyner, A.A. Amber joy Kanouse, A.A. Colby M. Karns, A.A. Stacey L. Keel, A.A. Chealtzie Ann Keith-Bobbitt, A.A. Theresa M. Kent-Sanders, A.A. Kira Lynn Kick, A.A.

Cheyanne M. Kimble, A.A. Francis Emma King, A.A. DeAndrea Darlyn Kirk, A.A.

Barbara A. Krupack, A.A. Kenneth R. Langston, A.A. Robyn LaVette Lee, A.A. Meredith N. Leftwich, A.A. Tanya Lynn Littlefield, A.A. Thais Llitera, A.A. Tara Dishamon Lockhart, A.A. Tara M. Long, A.A. Ezra Lorraine Lopez, A.A. Shalini S. Loughran, A.A. Kerson Lubin, A.A. Paula Lujan, A.A. Kimberly Alice Mabry, A.A. Christine Marie Mackerty, A.A. Sarah T. Mapes, A.A. Krystal Lyn Martinez, A.A. Leonor M. Martinez, A.A. Shanquewa Tanze Mayes, A.A. Jennifer Marie McEuen, A.A. Lydia D. McHugh, A.A. Destany T. McKenzie, A.A. Victoria A. McNeil, A.A. Arlene Melendez, A.A. Carolyn Currie Miller, A.A.

Asia K. Molette, A.A. Sherrice N. Monroe, A.A. Danyl Renee Moore, A.A. Santresa Moore, A.A. Ashley N. Mora, A.A. Aubrey Miolen Morgan, A.A. Jacy Royce Moyer, A.A. Rhiannon Marie Nelson, A.A.

16 Candy Lajean Oglesby, A.A. Princess S. Okai, A.A. Sasha N. Otero, A.A. Kim Lorraine Peterson, A.A. Olivia M. Pettus-Wilkerson, A.A. LaKaya Shatay Pinkney, A.A. Arielle Briana Poindexter, A.A. Michelle Brandi Pope, A.A. Pamela B. Powell, A.A. Rodney J. Price Jr., A.A. Rokeisha S. Quarles, A.A. Melissa Jill Ramos Nevarez, A.A. Nicole R. Rebitski, A.A. Brittany N. Reed, A.A. Ana R. Reyes, A.A. Sarah Ann E. Rice, A.A. Christina R. Risch, A.A. Patricia G. Rivers, A.A. Chelsie Lin Robinson, A.A. Dialma Robles, A.A. Dawn L. Rocha-Davari, A.A. Courtney Lynne Rogers, A.A. Laura Ivett Rojas Aranda, A.A.

Loreal Rothchild, A.A. Amanda M. Sakowicz, A.A. Veronica E. Salgado, A.A. Jedidah A. Salik, A.A. Shantronota Sanders, A.A. Natalie C. Sandoval, A.A. Tiona Sansculotte, A.A. Laura Ann Saracino, A.A. Launie Naputi Sarmiento, A.A. Latanya Marie Saunders, A.A. Glennette Savoy, A.A. Jessica Lynn Scaliatine, A.A. Sarah Rose Schilt, A.A. Sharlene A. Schoeneck, A.A. Crystal Lee Schwake, A.A. Ashley L. Scott, A.A. Sheena M. Scott, A.A. Nikki-Lynn Elizabeth Seighman, A.A. Angela Shaw, A.A.

Melissa Shipman, A.A. Jodie Ann Silbaugh, A.A. Joann Smith, A.A. Sharon Denise Smith, A.A. Shawn R. Smith, A.A. Shaswaila Lashay Stone, A.A. Shyann Marie Stover, A.A. Linda D. Strickland, A.A. Carisa Annette Swinson, A.A. Melissa R. Tate, A.A. Marie A. Taylor, A.A. Pat D. Taylor, A.A. Ethel Marie Thomas, A.A. Tamika Natasha Thomas, A.A. Ashley N. Thurman, A.A. Freddy Lee Todd Jr., A.A. Kendra N. Upshaw, A.A. Latarsha Nicole Vann, A.A. Maria C. Vargas, A.A. Suzanne T. Vega, A.A. Veronica G. Verdugo, A.A. Kelly Anne Verrell, A.A. Pauline Victor, A.A. Evelisse Villanueva, A.A. Cecilia G. Villanueva Perez, A.A.

Jessica C. Vogel, A.A.

Julie Catherine Walker, A.A. Seqouia C. Walker, A.A. Kareema Marie Waltower, A.A. Ashley M. Weeden, A.A. Brenda Joyce Wells, A.A. Alexis Miesha White, A.A. Tiffany C. White, A.A. Oneika S. White-Dovlo, A.A. Kristine S. Whitley, A.A. Ryan Jon Whitsett, A.A. Christine L. Wilkinson, A.A. Brittany L. Williams, A.A. Donneasha Moneak Williams, A.A. Latonya Yvonne Williams, A.A. Samantha Elizabeth Williams, A.A. Tiesha Janee Williams, A.A. Glenee Wilson, A.A. Sequoria Latrice Wilson, A.A. Jasmine Angelle Winston, A.A. Johnetta Chiquita Wood, A.A. David L. Woods, A.A. Nyasia Wright-Neptune, A.A. Mercedes N.

Young, A.A. Sylvia A. Young, A.A. Catherine Rae Zudel, A.A. Jessica J. Zuna, A.A. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION CANDIDATES FOR BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREES Corinne Marie Abbe, B.A.

Jason Page Abel, B.A. Brooke R. Aberle, B.A. Henny Pangelinan Acfalle, B.A. Monica Lynn Ackley, B.A. Megan L. Adams, B.A. Meyanna Laquis Adams, B.A. LaTasha S. Adkins, B.A. Vian Basel Al-Baiati, B.A. Sara Marie Aldrich, B.A. Rashidah Ali, B.A. Ashley Alldredge, B.A. Annet Allen, B.A. Marquita Allen, B.A. StephanieAnneNoelAllen-Potupchik,B.A. Jacqueline S. Alonzo, B.A. Avigail Emilia Alvelo, B.A. Meagan Lauren Amaro, B.A. Kristy Amato, B.A. Kimberly Noreen Anastasi, B.A. Melody Lakeisha Anders, B.A. Margret J. Andersen, B.A. Misty Anderson, B.A. Patricia Nycole Anderson, B.A. Shannon Haley Anderson, B.A.

Kristy Lynn Andreasen, B.A. Virgie Anna Andrews, B.A. Magaly Gabrielle Anteola, B.A. Michelle Helen Applin, B.A. Dawnette M. Aquino, B.A. Kayla Marie Arbuckle, B.A. Aurora Arizmendi, B.A. Jamie Christina B. Armstrong, B.A. Taylor Lee Arner, B.A.

Kathryn L. Arnold, B.A. Phyllis L. Asinyanbi, B.A. Raquita V. Atkins, B.A. Gerard Jude Auriemma, B.A. Laura M. Austin, B.A. Rafael Ernesto Avalos, B.A. Shayla L. Averiette, B.A. Angelica Avery, B.A. Amber M. Avilez, B.A. Augustus A. Avilla, B.A. Jennifer Marie Avilla, B.A. Marisol Baez, B.A. Daniel Webster Baggett, B.A. Deborah Renee Bailey, B.A. Casey A. Baker, B.A. Cherron Cheri Baker, B.A. McClary A. Baker, B.A. Sandra Baldwin, B.A. Heather Louise Ballew, B.A. Lynnsey Midori Bandoy, B.A. Trinity Dawn Barajas, B.A. Katrina M. Barnes, B.A. Melissa A. Barnshaw, B.A. Yideira Barrera-Cordero, B.A.

Jessica Bates, B.A.

Leslie Nicole Bauer, B.A. Sarah Lynn Oyos Bayne, B.A. Dalal Bazzi, B.A. Christine Marie Beesmer, B.A. Janeen C. Belden, B.A. Vanessa M. Belenski, B.A. Carneshia Deanna Bell, B.A.

17 Darcy Christine Bellah, B.A. Tevin Bellamy, B.A. Agnes Agnita Bellot, B.A. Tina Marie Belmares, B.A. Veronica Alicia Benitez, B.A. Chemille D. Benton, B.A. Adam A. Best, B.A. Kizsha BeverlyHughes, B.A. Michelle Pielli Bezdicek, B.A. Lea C. Birdsong, B.A. Pamela Blake, B.A. Brittnii Felicia Blankenship, B.A. Tracy Blassingame, B.A. Sherelle L. Blunt, B.A. Katrina Boarden, B.A.

Julia Bojarski, B.A. Le’Cher Bolton-Mick, B.A. Terri Ann Boone, B.A. Jaclyn O. Boroczky, B.A. Amanda Louise Boscia, B.A. Barbara Denise Bostic, B.A. Jamie Lynn Bostwick, B.A. Nefeteria Mia Bourda-Bellaire, B.A. Brittany M. Boyd, B.A.

Courtney S. Brackins, B.A. Josephine L. Bradley, B.A. Julie Browning Brannon, B.A. Chase Mahlon Brattain, B.A. Annamarie Consuela Braveboy, B.A. Susana Bravo, B.A. Yasmine T. Brawner, B.A. Latoya Lynnette Braxton, B.A. Jessica Mae Brewington, B.A. Tameka Brewster, B.A. Christopher W. Bromm, B.A. Africa K. Brown, B.A. Aleshia Enniva Brown, B.A. Andriana E. Brown, B.A. Carinda JaLayne Brown, B.A. Chereese Clotel Brown, B.A. Katina Michelle Brown, B.A. Lucus Micheal Brown, B.A. Barbara Jane Bruce, B.A. Nancy Christine Brumley, B.A. Alexandria Paige Bruns, B.A. Jessica Linn Bryan, B.A. Sophia Annette Budd, B.A.

Beverly Jo Burkett, B.A. Heather Joy Buschmann, B.A. Napoleon Lorenzo Butler, B.A. Brittany Alice Byrd, B.A. Milagro Connie Santos Caballero, B.A. Sumaris Elizabeth Caban, B.A. Mayra I. Cabrera, B.A. Melissa Anne Cadle, B.A. Angelo L. Calayag, B.A. Yolanda Martinez Calderon, B.A. Samanntha Maria Call, B.A. Priscilla Lyn Calloway, B.A. Erica Jane Campbell, B.A. Summer S. Campbell, B.A. Ieshia Canada, B.A. Ashley Cansler, B.A. Shannon M. Cansler, B.A. Felicia R. Cantu, B.A. Yesiann Capeles, B.A. Magali Carbajal, B.A. Melissa J. Carmichael, B.A. Sonia Christina Carnero, B.A. Lora L. Carpenter-Treece, B.A.

Beatriz Solis Carter, B.A. Jennifer Cartiglia, B.A. Tishell S. Carty, B.A. Brandy Nicole Carver-Smithey, B.A. Christie A. Casey, B.A.

Delbria Jean Castelow, B.A. Cherrelle Castille, B.A. Melinda Guzman Castillo, B.A. Osvaldo Heriberto Castillo Alvarez, B.A. Betsy Dawn Cates, B.A. Christina L. Cavalier, B.A. Soledad Cavazos, B.A. Nereida Cavero, B.A. Alexis Yvette Cerrillo, B.A. Brenda Cervantes, B.A. Jason Michael Chambers, B.A. Shannon Shanell Chambers, B.A. Alton Chambliss, B.A. Shemera Nickole Chambliss, B.A. Jadyn Nicole Champagne, B.A. Cassandra Lee Chartier, B.A. Kim Cheatham, B.A. Rachel N. Childs-Matlock, B.A. Beatriz M. Chovert, B.A. Nicole Angelina Chubb, B.A. Veronica M. Cisneros, B.A. Katelyn Marie Clough, B.A.

Hinako S. Cobbin, B.A. Sandra D. Cody, B.A. Destani Michelle Comminie, B.A. Vanessa Lorraine Conlon, B.A. Chamris Cooper, B.A.

Robin Lynn Cooper, B.A. Vandora N. Cooper, B.A. Carolyn M. Corley, B.A. Alicia Eugenia Corona, B.A. Karen Correa, B.A. Jamie M. Corson, B.A. Christina Renee Cortez, B.A. Kelly Elizabeth Cotton, B.A. La-Faith Chantal-Bona Council, B.A. Aesha Marie Cowan, B.A. Courtney Coy, B.A. Ciera M. Craig, B.A. Conchetta Frances Crain, B.A. Kimberly A. Cratsley, B.A. Angela Crawford, B.A. Keelia Crockett, B.A. Twila Crockett, B.A. Alice Rebecca Crosby, B.A. Laura Katherine Cross, B.A. Jonathon Alfredo Cruz, B.A. Jessica Marie Cueva, B.A. Claudia Carolina Culbertson, B.A. Tonia Louise Culbreth, B.A. Charlene Cummings, B.A.

Stevon Renard Curry, B.A. Latasha Denise Curtis, B.A. Evelyn M. Dahl, B.A. Taylor Elizabeth Daley, B.A. Tiffany D’Alonzo, B.A. Tanya T. Dalton, B.A. Antonio H. Daniel, B.A. QuaNesha L. Daniels, B.A. Antonya Darcere Davis, B.A. Mechelle Yvette Davis, B.A. Perdina Wynette Davis, B.A. Sheila Davis, B.A.

Tamesha Davis, B.A. Tenesha Lachelle Davis, B.A. Tyffanie Davis, B.A. Emily L. Deal, B.A. Lynn Patrice Dean, B.A. Ariana DeChaine, B.A. Quiana Chantel Dejesus, B.A. Ashley N. Delgado, B.A. James D. Demartini, B.A. Heather Jade Deskins, B.A. Ernie Charles Devlin, B.A. Lindsey Dawn DiBlasi, B.A. Valerie N. Dominguez, B.A. Samantha Lynn Donohue, B.A. Riley Nicole Douglas, B.A. Heather G. Downey, B.A. Zorena Luul Duffie, B.A. Kayla E. Duggie, B.A. Niurka Belisa Duran, B.A. Krystal Ann Dzimiera, B.A. Krissy K. Ebb, B.A. Crystal G. Edgerton, B.A. Angela M. Edwards, B.A. Jessica Nicole Edwards, B.A.

Latora Ephriam Edwards, B.A. Stacey Cerise Edwards, B.A. Tamara Ekholm, B.A. Olivia Nicole Elceser, B.A. Mary S. Elias, B.A. Amanda A. Elkholy, B.A. Debbie Kay Eller, B.A. Jessica A. Elliott, B.A. Amira E. Elmoubaruk, B.A. Leatrice A. Emanuel, B.A. Ashlie Randi Nicole English, B.A. Melissa Erickson, B.A.

Frank Raymond Esparza IV, B.A. Tajmah Essex, B.A. Rachel Estell, B.A.

18 Mabel Ann Evangelista, B.A. Wendi Lynn Evans, B.A. Jasmine Everett, B.A. Pamela Marie Falta, B.A. Bonar Farrington Kyles, B.A. Chadeidra S. Favors, B.A. Crystal Nicole Featherstone, B.A. Maureen Catherine Ferguson, B.A. Shonda R. Ferguson, B.A. Vanessa Fernandez, B.A. Jene’ L. Fields, B.A. Bianca L. Figueroa, B.A. Deborah N. Figueroa, B.A. Kimberly June Filley, B.A. Megan Lyn Fitzgerald, B.A. Stephanie Flagg, B.A. Amanda Kay Fleming, B.A. Juliette Lymora Fleming, B.A. Andrea Theresa Flores, B.A.

Schaneka L. Floyd, B.A. XaZiera Lyn Fogle, B.A. Emily Theresa Fontenot, B.A. Jennae C. Fontenot, B.A. Laquinta A. Fontenot, B.A. Abby Marie Forsythe, B.A. Jasmin Sheree Fortune, B.A. Natoya M. Fournillier, B.A. Alison Joy Fowler, B.A. William Diego Franco-Rubio, B.A. Latrice LaConda Franklin, B.A. Brooke L. Frick, B.A. Wanotta Fulford, B.A. Sharon Eleanor Fuller, B.A. Shelby Corinna Furtado, B.A. Lindsey Carolyn Gabriel, B.A. Tabitha Lynn Gaffney, B.A. Steven Leslie Gaines, B.A. Amber E. Galbreath, B.A. Ashlee R. Galloway, B.A. JaErika Shena Gamble, B.A. Keith Evan Garber, B.A. Amy Victoria Garcia, B.A.

Kierra Shenee Garcia, B.A. Yesenia Gardner, B.A. Douglas Gascon, B.A. Chansonique Gatlin, B.A. Michele Gaudio, B.A. Natasha Lashawn George, B.A. Gary L. Gessendorf, B.A. Felicia M. Gholson, B.A. Mesha Lashay Gibbs, B.A. Larry P. Gibson, B.A. Racheal Denise Gill, B.A. Maxine Angulo Godfrey, B.A. Jennifer W. Gomez, B.A. Alycia M. Gonzales, B.A. Amber R. Gonzales, B.A. Vanessa Alicia Gonzalez, B.A. Jennifer Andrea Goran, B.A. Earlene J. Gordon, B.A. Tera Govina, B.A. Olivia A. Grady, B.A. LaShawn D. Graham, B.A. Devon Danielle Grant, B.A. Catherine Green, B.A. Tracy J. Green, B.A. Sherrill L.

Griffin, B.A. Lauren Elizabeth Groth, B.A. Marisol Guerra, B.A. Latangela T. Gully, B.A. Kentoya D. Gunter, B.A. Loriann M. Guzman, B.A. Rachel Lyn HagermanFletcher, B.A. Angela Michelle Haggard, B.A. Megan L. Hall, B.A.

Tina Marie Hall, B.A. Briana C. Hammond, B.A. Kawehilani Hanamaikai, B.A. Wynette L. Hardmon, B.A. Eunice M. Hardwick, B.A. Matthew R. Hargrove, B.A. Alydia Clayterica Monique Harrell, B.A. Twanda Harrington, B.A. Jessica M. Harris, B.A. Marie Alicia Harris, B.A. Porsha Lynette Harris, B.A. Gabrielle S. Hartman, B.A. Sharon C. Hartman, B.A. Sybil Symonia Heffner, B.A. Christopher W. Held, B.A. Dawn A. Hellmers, B.A. Amanda Kaye Henderson, B.A. Ashley L. Hennessy, B.A. Brittni Cheri Henning, B.A. Brandi S. Henry, B.A. Andrea Lynn Herendeen, B.A. DeAndra LaShawn Hernandez, B.A. Janey Hernandez, B.A.

Maria Hernandez, B.A. Marlene Hernandez, B.A. Alexandro Herrera, B.A. Stephany M. Herrera, B.A. Melissa T. Herrold, B.A. Crystal R. Higgins, B.A. Erin Rose Higgins, B.A. Angela D. Hill, B.A. Kenna D. Hill, B.A. Lee Ella Hill, B.A. Tammy Louise Hill, B.A. Rebecca Lynn Hixson, B.A. Paige Anne Hobbs, B.A. James B. Hogan Jr., B.A. Monique A. Hoilett, B.A. Lisa J. Hojnacki, B.A. Cathy Leigh Hoke Thatford, B.A. Stephanie M. Holdstock, B.A. Belinda Scruggs Holman, B.A. Cerolyn Holmes, B.A. Cheryl A. Honie-Toya, B.A. Alexandria Frances Hoper, B.A. Kaely Nicole Hopkins, B.A. Ashley L. Horak, B.A. Makia nasha Hoskey, B.A.

Debra A. House, B.A. Dominitie House, B.A. Melissa Louise Howe, B.A. Heather Rene Howse, B.A. Yolanda Nicole Hudson-Johnson, B.A. Amanda M. Huffman, B.A.

Madison A. Huffman, B.A. Aisha M. Hughes, B.A. Ronda L. Hull, B.A. Dana Hulse, B.A. Brendan Amos Hunt, B.A. Tiffany N. Hunt, B.A. Michelle Bishop Husband, B.A. Brittany A. Hutchinson, B.A. Sherlisha Ingram, B.A. Nicole Marie Intriago, B.A. Mandy Irizarry, B.A. Elizabeth Jacas, B.A. Angelique Danielle Jackson, B.A. Brittany Nicole Jackson, B.A. Demecia O. Jackson, B.A. Jasmine Lashay Jackson, B.A. Johnnishia Eave Jackson, B.A. LaTasha Monique Jackson, B.A. Latoya L. Jackson, B.A. Nicole Marie Jackson, B.A. Jorge Armando Jacobo-Baltazar, B.A. Colton S. James, B.A.

Shonna K. Jarman, B.A.

Ebony Angelique Jean, B.A. Shaniesa Roshel Jean Batiste, B.A. Tashundra S. Jeffers, B.A. Todd M. Jenkins, B.A. Hanna Noel Jensen, B.A. Teysha L. Jerels, B.A. Yasmin Aide Jimenez, B.A. Jennifer Ann Johansen, B.A. Brandy Johnson, B.A. Cambria Danai Johnson, B.A. Courtney L. Johnson, B.A. Crimzyn Johnson, B.A. Deborah Johnson, B.A. Feagin J. Johnson, B.A. Joyce Marie Johnson, B.A. LaQuisha M. Johnson, B.A. Samrawit Johnson, B.A. Sarah Elizabeth Johnson, B.A. Sierra E. Johnson, B.A. Tamara Andrea Johnson, B.A. Kimberlee Michelle Johnston, B.A. Lyndi Sue Johnston, B.A. Tina Louise Johnston, B.A.

Dannetria Marie Jones, B.A. Doris Simpson Jones, B.A.

19 Karina E. Jones, B.A. Natasha L. Jones, B.A. Rickey Lamond Jones, B.A. Shamikka Sharell Jones, B.A. Shyann Marie Jones, B.A. Tomeka Michelle Jones, B.A. Quiana Shavaughn Jordan, B.A. Kala Beth Jurik, B.A. Linda Katelynn Karugu, B.A. Rosa Keen, B.A. Kietria N. Keller, B.A. Jazzminn Michelle Kelley, B.A. Stephanie Taylor Kelley, B.A. Carol K. Kelly, B.A. Carmen S. Kennedy, B.A. Charlene Elaine Kennedy, B.A. Kisha Rochelle Keys, B.A. Kassi Joy Keyser, B.A. Whitney N. Kiessling, B.A. Mary Elizabeth Kimberland, B.A. Kayleigh Ann Kimberlin, B.A. Tisha K. King, B.A.

Amanda Rose Kinnaman, B.A.

Catherine Louise Kloess, B.A. Shannon F. Klotz, B.A. Rachel E. Knappenberger, B.A. Megan N. Kneipp, B.A. Daniella K. Knight, B.A. Shaquala Knight Wilson, B.A. Latosha Deann Knight-Gant, B.A. Loni Koument, B.A. Mary Elizabeth Kowalewski, B.A. Matthew Bryant Krichbaum, B.A. Jaclyn anne Krotenberg, B.A. Shera Lynn Krout, B.A. Anna Helene Krum, B.A. Karen Christine Kukowski, B.A. Katherine Kim LaMar, B.A. Krischendia Marie Lanier, B.A. Robert Louis LaPiccirella, B.A. Alyssa R. LaPorte, B.A. Jordan Cecelia Larsen, B.A. Clavel Marissa Larzeia, B.A. Shyaina M. Lasane, B.A. Naudia F. Lashley, B.A.

Gina Renea Lasiter, B.A. Simeon L. Law, B.A. Jessica Jana Lawrence, B.A. Johnny Martin Layton, B.A. Keoka Leach, B.A.

Teria Ledbetter, B.A. RaTosha Charnese LeDuff, B.A. Carrisia M. Lee, B.A. Kara Lyn Lemak, B.A. Joyce Marie Lennon, B.A. Tyetia N. Leonard, B.A. Sayronada Johnson Leopaul, B.A. Patricia Lessard, B.A. Shykesha Ann Lewis, B.A. Valerie Liles, B.A. Laterria M. Littles, B.A. Ashley London, B.A. Desiree Lopez, B.A. Regina Lee Lopez, B.A. Veronica Marie Lopez, B.A. Erick K. Loss, B.A. Kesha Lynelle Louis, B.A. Jocelynne Anne Lowans, B.A. Brooke Mackenzie Lucas, B.A. Leydi Laura Lucas, B.A. Vonquita Lumpkin, B.A. Samantha Christina Lusk, B.A. Susan R. Lynch, B.A.

Anatalie Faith MacLagan, B.A.

Marquita Anotinette Madison, B.A. Eddys M. Maestre, B.A. Joy D. Maier, B.A. Amanda Sanchez Maken, B.A. Clorinda Malloy, B.A. Ashlee Nikole Malterer, B.A. Brittany M. Mandy, B.A. Amanda M. Manis, B.A. Sherrene Arceo Mantanona, B.A. Kelsey Nicole Manuel, B.A. Dusti L. Marburger, B.A. Elindia Faith Marczewski, B.A. Sarah N. Marino, B.A. Thomas O. Martell, B.A. Jessica Leigh Martin, B.A. Elesa Antoinette Martinez, B.A. Joseph D. Martinez, B.A. Kaitlyn Amelia Louise Martinez, B.A. Lorena Martinez, B.A.

Sheila C. Martinez, B.A. Silvia Martinez, B.A. Jose Marcos Martinez III, B.A. Xochitl Veronica Martinez-Even, B.A. Natalie Anne Mason, B.A. Lauren D. Massey, B.A. Kelly Laurel Lynn Masters, B.A. Tiawna Renay Mata, B.A. Karen Mattox, B.A. Erica Lynn May, B.A. Nickel M. Mayhue, B.A. Lola Mayo, B.A. Sheran Y. McCain, B.A. Tonya McCall, B.A. Serinity Ciarra McCaskill, B.A. Brandi E. McCollum, B.A. Kimberly Sue McCormick, B.A. Marcia McCoy, B.A. Felicia McCranie, B.A. Marc A. McDaniel, B.A. Alisha Lynne McDevitt, B.A. Kendall R. McDowell, B.A. Wesley McFall, B.A. Lekesha E. McGee, B.A. Morgan Faye McGhee, B.A.

Sonja McIlvain, B.A. Melissa Lyn McLean, B.A. Marjorie Angella McLennon, B.A. Ana Elizabeth McMath, B.A. Pamela Ann McMillin, B.A. Edith Darlene Meador, B.A. Crystal Renee Meadows, B.A. Rusty D. Meadows, B.A. Tricia Meek, B.A. Barbara Ann Meeks, B.A. Christy Salinas Melendez, B.A. Whitney Lachell Metoyer, B.A. Mary Esther Metters, B.A. Jamilah Joy Miggins, B.A. Valin Ashraf Mikhail, B.A. Emilee J. Miller, B.A. Melanie Ann Miller, B.A. James Miller Jr., B.A. Camellia Marie Mills, B.A. Lisa M. Mitchell, B.A. Shameilla Mitchell, B.A. Stephen W. Modawell, B.A. Jessica Montanez, B.A. Candace L.

Montgomery, B.A. Nicole F. Moore, B.A. Stephanie Anne Moore, B.A. Erika Mora, B.A.

Jessica Morales, B.A. Cynthia J. Morgan, B.A. Grace Estrella Morris, B.A. Tabitha Nichole Morris, B.A. Ashley N. Morrison, B.A. Stephanie Allison Mosely, B.A. Michelle Jeustina Muckelvaney, B.A. Stacie Marie Mueller, B.A. Stephanie Allyson Mulkey, B.A. Lori Ann Muller, B.A. Anna Lee Degayo Muñoz, B.A. Jewel Dezziana Murphy, B.A. Natasha J. Murphy, B.A. Diana M. Murray, B.A. Jeanne Elizabeth Myrie, B.A. Olga Marie Nambo, B.A. Brandon Jerome Nance, B.A. Virginia Mildred Navarrete, B.A. Stephanie Ray Negrete, B.A. Charlotte Ashley Nelson, B.A. Kelly Ann Newton, B.A. Marylyn Linh Nguyen, B.A. Jerry G.

Nichols, B.A. Stacey Lynn Noble, B.A. Jacqueline Anita Noiseau, B.A. Tina O’Brien, B.A. Jessica Rae O’Dell, B.A. Angela U. Ojiaku, B.A. Shonneise N. Oliver, B.A. Tammie LaShawn Oliver, B.A. Rachel N. Olson, B.A. Zulma Iris Orellana, B.A.

20 Guadalupe Juana Ortiz, B.A. Maria Ortiz, B.A. Jessie Ann Osgood, B.A. Sarah Kathryn Ostrelich, B.A. Eric L. Owens, B.A. Wykesha Chakhan Brown, B.A. Heather Ann Pacheco, B.A. Tania Estefania Pacheco, B.A. Veronica Pacheco, B.A. Wanda Loretta Pacheco, B.A. Erica P. Paiz, B.A. Hemalatha Parameswaran, B.A. Dylan J. Parker, B.A. Melody Grace Partridge, B.A. Donisha Laray Patterson, B.A. Taylor S. Patterson, B.A. Jennifer R. Patton, B.A. Buffy Moriah Paveloff, B.A. LaVonjia Peavy, B.A. Bethany Marie Pelletier, B.A. Alejandra Perez, B.A. Carolina Perez, B.A. Cynthia L. Person, B.A. Amy L. Peterson, B.A.

Chariece Shanta Peterson, B.A. Jessica Peterson, B.A. Navneet Phagura, B.A. Tammy D. Phenix, B.A. Amberly F. Phillips, B.A. Cierra Rilda Philyaw, B.A. Jennifer Lindsay Phinney, B.A. Laura Marie Pierce, B.A. Oana Pierce, B.A. Gretchen Castillo Pimentel, B.A. Maria Leticia Pinales, B.A. Kimberly Pingle, B.A. Shanell D. Pinheiro, B.A. Kayla F. Pittman, B.A. Nicole T. Pokorzynski, B.A. Amy Nicole Polander, B.A. Stephanie L. Polt, B.A. Glenn Scott Poor, B.A. Serina Carrie Poore, B.A. Sacha Porter, B.A. Teresa Katherin Potter, B.A. Angila Aline Potts, B.A. Aleshia Michelle Powell, B.A. Tempestt Charmaine Powell, B.A.

Linda Denise Powell-Watts, B.A. Kellie M. Pranchke, B.A. Tara E. Pratt, B.A. Lisa Denise Preston, B.A. LaKeshia Nicole Price, B.A. Vanessa Price, B.A. Elisa Laurel Prichard, B.A. Kerronda Shellette Prince, B.A. Paulette Annette Proudfoot, B.A. Jennifer L. Pruitt, B.A. Kelly E. Pucillo, B.A. Skyler A. Pugh, B.A. Heather M. Pulliam, B.A. Austin R. Pulliams, B.A. Jackie R. Pumphrey, B.A. Angela Raglin, B.A. Tabatha M. Ralston, B.A. Veronica Maria Ramirez, B.A. Ashley K. Ramos, B.A. Natalie Marie Ramos, B.A. Kelly Denise Ramsey, B.A. Stacey Gwen Ramsey, B.A. Teresa Randazzo, B.A. Chanel F. Rangel, B.A.

Sachet Civet Ratulowski, B.A. Rachel Leigh Rausch, B.A. Brittany Nichole Ray, B.A. Alyssa Noelle Rayls, B.A. Lestorie Dorice Reaves, B.A. Jonetta Christina Redd, B.A. Angela Grace Reed, B.A. Jennifer Renee Reed, B.A. Ibreisha Reese, B.A. Briana J. Reid, B.A. Betty Reighard, B.A. Donna Lynne Reinhart, B.A. Jeannie B. Remo, B.A. Elisa I. Reyes, B.A. Melody Nova Reyes, B.A. Raquel N. Reyes, B.A. Kasiti Kay Rice, B.A. Raven Symone Richey, B.A. Chelsey Sheonn Riley, B.A. Esmeralda Rios, B.A. Leslee J. Ritchey, B.A. Jonathan E. Rivera, B.A. Kevin Rivera, B.A. Lashay Patrice Rivers, B.A. Misty Ann Robben, B.A.

Angela Quick Robertson, B.A. Carol A. Robertson, B.A. Brandon B. Robinson, B.A. Katiesue Robinson, B.A. Rhoda A. Robinson, B.A. Jacquelyn Marie Rodrigues Biskupski, B.A. Anginette Rodriguez, B.A.

Keila C. Rodriguez, B.A. Ana M. Rodriguez Romero, B.A. Shawntal Jacill Rogers, B.A. Ashly Megan Rolfe, B.A. Belen P. Roman, B.A. Ramon M. Romero, B.A. Stephanie Lynn Romines, B.A. Kristina Frances Root, B.A. Louis Anthony Rosario, B.A. Audrey Michelle Rose, B.A. Lavon Rosenbaum, B.A. Michelle Janette Ross, B.A. Reba Ross, B.A. Sherman Shamandre Royal, B.A. Rudi T. Rudolph, B.A. Michelle Darlene Ruesch, B.A. Brooks Gail Rush, B.A. Shuntia Latesa Rutherford, B.A. Bernadette Marie Sacksteder, B.A. Makayla Saltmarsh, B.A.

Kimberly Ann Sambrano, B.A. Caylin Ashley Samuel, B.A. Misty LaDawn Sanchez, B.A.

Crystal C. Sanders, B.A. Danielle Marie Sanderson, B.A. Yvette Santos, B.A. Saba Sattar, B.A. Teresa L. Sauls, B.A. Rachel D. Saunders, B.A. Brittany Dashae Scales, B.A. Paige Brianna Schlager, B.A. Debora Lee Schlueter, B.A. Lisa Yvette Schoenborn, B.A. Brittany Michelle Schoenmann, B.A. Ashley Nichole Schott, B.A. Brian Edward Schramm, B.A. David Gerome Scott, B.A. Mary Denise Scott, B.A. Tara Justine Scott, B.A. April Shealene Self, B.A. Nao Peng Seng, B.A. Julie Marie Senior, B.A. Elizabeth Serrano, B.A. Marquisha A. Sesson, B.A. Jillian L. Shadwell, B.A. Erica Michelle Shaeffer, B.A. Ashlyn Marie Shaffer, B.A.

Trina D. Shaffer, B.A. Eva Z. Shaw, B.A. Katherine W. Shearlock, B.A. Veraoletta M. Sheffield, B.A. Chardeni D. Shelton, B.A. Vernessa Lenora Shelton, B.A. Amy L. Shepard, B.A.

Brittany Sherece Sheridan, B.A. Courtney A. Short, B.A. Jennifer A. Sikora, B.A. Daciena Renee Simmons, B.A. Kris N. Simonds, B.A. Felicia Singleton, B.A. Laura Jane Skinner, B.A. Lila Beth Slayton, B.A. Cassandra Marissa Smail, B.A. Jessica Garcia Smith, B.A. Justina R. Smith, B.A. Latasha Smith, B.A. LeQuandra Issielle Smith, B.A. Lisa Kaye Smith, B.A. Marquita L. Smith, B.A. Sabrina D. Smith, B.A. Samantha P. Smith, B.A. Shanell N. Smith, B.A. Teri M. Smith, B.A.

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